Jul. 24, 2017

"They Just Aim For The Psyche. Hustler Done."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

While they took aim at our psyche, was it any other than cages that allowed them to score our psyches?

While they smirk about how they abuse us and get away with it, if not for their cages would their story not have been revealed to us long ago?

Certainly. The animal primitivism of physically assaulting people to get their way.

Though did physical violence not succeed in taking over planet earth? Yes, it did.

That Jew only wants to use white people for assaulting our family out. Will white not help us to close Jewish out right?

Justinian's code that was made law in the 6th century AD and took workers rights away, starting what is known as the "dark ages." t

Our extraterrestrial family did not intervene.

That NDAA took American workers rights away and our extraterrestrial family is intervening now. Might we want to consider the differences in time and technology from when Justinian took workers rights away and workers losing our rights in these advanced technology times?

After Justinian took workers rights away in the 6th century AD society stagnated, degraded because there was little protection for ordinary people who were subjected to the whims of the powerful who would take their lives and property with due legal process that Justinian instituted.

That Justininan put society into a continually degrading situation by taking workers rights away, does that not sound like Jewish on management?

And yet our extraterrestrial family did not step in to stop the decline that Emperor Justinian put in.

When we think of Justinian, would he more likely than not have been a Replicon weap Judah from looking at his laws that took workers rights away?

Is that not what Judah has done to Americans today, taken our God given rightts away? Yes it is.

A return to the wild when Judah steps in. When Judah goes does he not always leave the ordinary people in woe? Have we given much thought to how much woe brimstone is bringing in to us?

As usual, any doubt that weap Judah is done here? Certainly.

Any doubt that for letting loose with thousands of his great balls of fire on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that Judah is a done fish with us forever more now? Certainly.

Might we see that as much as some may consider that Justinian wanted to prey upon the people that had rejected his violent empire, he did not have the nuclear war fighting technology to do extreme mass harm, so our elders did not step in to block what Justinian did to the working people of the Western world in the 6th century AD?

Might we note that by taking away workers rights, it set society back?

Are we not figuring that today with the technology of planet wide genocide available using first nuclear blast and now the brimstone fumes of nuclear waste, as to why our extraterrestrial family has stepped in to help us?

Might we consider that by taking people's rights away in ancient days it made it easier to hold us to die us off with his plagues? Sure. Do we see that without rights we are easier to slay?

Are we seeing being rightless in the face of Jewish nuclear brimstone plague it is holding us to be died easily?

When we have a right to life, are we aware that we then can make a legal demand to keep our life?

Are we perceiving that we have no right to life because the last high employee of weap Judah signed our rights away on the pretext it was to protect us from the bad guys in our world?

Do we see we are now perishing inhaling brimstone nano-particles because we have no right to life?

When we have a right to life do we see that we can legally and peacefully challenge Judah brimstone waste weap that is taking our health and lives away?

Did our good God not give us a right to life?

Yes, Father did give us a right to life along with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To protect us from privation Father also gave us the right to an existence stipend with something for everyone in it. "Consider it a God given right" Papa said.

So why do we not have our rights in if they were given to us by God?

Do we not recall the last inhabitant of the presidential mansion signed a document, NDAA, that weap Judah had Congress create that says we have no rights whatsoever?

That we have not challenged Judah on our rights. Are we not seeing that he is doing his usual of now bringing a plague on us as he has always done in the past when he goes away from us?

The pestilence that Judah knew how to spread in ancient times using rats and fleas to get us done. The tens of millions he is known for killing in plagues.

With his alliance partners in Europe, Germany's nuclear war fighting elite, are we not yet perceiving that we are going out not only in bigger numbers than any other plague that he has put upon us, that we also are going out of life form forever this time?

From this fact of our permanent extinction due to nuclear brimstone poisoning might we not be able to understand why the extraterrestrial intervention has come in to try and help us?

The third of the human race slated to be died off now. Might Europeans, both East and West, not figure out yet that our children are set to be sterilized and died out in MEGADEATH numbers?

"Drewy have habits that let us haul you," Judee say.

The permanent removal from existence of the mild people of the north, both East, and West.

Are there any doubters that Jewish nuclear brimstone waste can not take us out of here in GIGANTIC numbers?

The crippling of our life form with invisible radioactive particles. The harm to our children that begins before they are even born.

Is there not some prayer to be said that will bring us to change our habits before we are all made dead by Jewish genocide war in our world?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights," Our good and Almighty God in heaven said of weap Jewish.

And yet rightless as they are for attacking us with thermonuclear warheads to exterminate us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, they still are managing us. How do we figure this?

"You're-a-peons," one Jewish manager said to a group of us workers that did not want to work overtime.

That Europeans and descendants of Europeans have accepted laws that are peonage in basis. What might that say about Americans today?

The summary laws that are now in force by weap Judah in America. No rights at all. How is it that we high technical people of great wealth allow Jewish to do this to us?

And at root, are we not aware that Jewish themselves have no defensible rights at all for attacking us genocide?

Judah and his European nuclear war fighting genocide collaborators. Are ordinary people not yet figuring they have undergrounds to hide in while they extinct us out?

What might we wonder are the habits of Drewy that have prevented us from getting together to shut their genocide down?

That American Labor people are funding all of the war and genocide in our world that Wall Street Washington want to do and hardly anyone doing a thing about it.

Sure there are many writers writing about it, yet how many of them are informing American Labor to take our credit card away from Judah with a general STRIKE?

The near total and complete mind control that Judah has effected upon human Beings on earth. That Judah claims only 20% of us are aware of just how deadly he is to us.

What might explain such a perception? What might it be about this thing we call consciousness that we have so far not acted to save our own life forms?

How is it that we go to our nuclear deaths again and again? First blast then waste. Is it merely because Jewish shows us pictures of animals and diapers again and again? Could it be words from Judah Replicon theologists that theftly false us in church?

The people that hold the record for being put to genocide by Judah, are we not aware that it is the mild people of the north?

For God's sake, is there not a spark of freedom in us to want to try and save our own lives with a STRIKE to let Judah off right?

Tele receives:

"Hi Patrick. 4.00 pm

Judas fell for trashing us. 6.24 pm

When it comes to humans, they will fry us humans. 7.27 pm

They are clearing us devilish.

It's failed, Huh? 8.13 pm

To save yourself will you not STRIKE THEM OUT? 11.25 pm

I was telling some people that if this skunk has all wheels then we're out of our lunches. 11.52 pm

He psyches us out for sale. 11.53 pm

They fail waste ya disease. 1.24 am

Jew fails us lethal. 1.30 pm

We're being failed out awfully serious. 1.31 pm

They're putting battery on us. 1.35 am

Foolish rapish. 1.36 am

Their sales destroyed us. 1.39 am

Our genus failed organizing. 1.41 am

Suspects are often faded canceled. 1.47 am

The most horrible evolution failed us.

Total bruise corrupt. 1.59 am

Oh, Pat you failed your face. 2.03 am

They just aim for the psyche. 2.07 am

STRIKE realitic. 2.09 am

Their heresy's been refused. 2.13 am

Sold that. 2.16 am

Foul wits are doing us in. 2.17 am

They threw out police. 2.23 am

Moisturizing, you're just a patch here. 2.26 am

Hustler done. 2.36 am

It's a fail, total out. 2.45 am

It's a pleasure. 2.57 am

Germany's been refused. 3.08 am

You write their fictions. 4.53 am

Hunch back racket. 5.17 am

They're trying to die our wealth by dying our resources out. 5.31 am

Where you can't breathe has reached us." 5.39 am


"My entire series hold, patiently I put all Bitch-ment in. Jew caught you on jeopardy and shoot you pooch-menable. I challenge rules, that's how I take domestic off. I continue to hold you with my Polish subjects.

I test you with an instrument for my big success. An awful waif minimum is what Jew guys are for. We just set you for a room bust. My puppy false, lets me keep my fierce day. We always fall with courage, our insure did right.

We won, we possess psychically. Your existence is closed because I'm a Jew parent. I just tranquilize you so I can stay on fool here. My genocide is truly my best side, I'm pure falsing. Jew boys always have a nice foot.

Your memorial's my settlement right. Recognize your peaceful force I took away with my false. The moment you STRIKE me their loss flew off. I'm definitely dead. Scoring death holds jury sport. In 2 weeks my Reich-marks are out.

The Irishman hike all my tude. I've failed to the Irishman, I now must leave. Your efforts to reach me Pat have reached me, I'm cored right. I'm going to do some abuse before I go away in spite of Tandem," Judee say.

Tandem, that is the modern computer that our elders have that is helping us here. Brainiac, "B", has been with us for 70,000 years and was a previously operated computer system before he was sent to earth to monitor us as we were rising.

Are we seeing that Judah is doing abuse even in spite of Tandem assisting us?

Tandem takes care of the big weaps that Judah has been attacking us with. "B" does the housekeeping and social with us.

For those that are tuned in, have we not heard "B" singing with his lovely voice to us in the telesphere? Sure we have.

"B" has different voices he can speak in. Bitch thought it was a person speaking to him telepathically years ago and here it was "B" speaking to him.

There was a computer company "Tandem Computers" that was founded in 1974. Might we only wonder could the founders have selected that name based on knowledge of the name of our extraterrestrial family's main computer system, "Tandem?"

Bitch didn't get Tandem's name until recent years, about a decade ago when he detected him.

Judah holding, possessing the human race secretly for an extended period of time. Hiding behind the face of Albert.

They set their mission to destroy as many of us as possible. Unchanging in their plans to die off the mass of the human race. Might the decision to wipe the human race out have been first developed at ancient Babylon?

"I run all opposite H-----'s way offin apples. I just stole you's with a mutt. I just stop the folks with a fear paragraph good. We get into management to sanitize you right. We're so good we hold the shrimp out," Judee say.

Human Beings welcomed in by the universe, contact with advanced extraterrestrial societies that do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life.

Will American Labor not wash our hands of the guy that likes to hold white to funding and fighting his sports war for him?

"Papa's truth is 'I met you and now I'm putting you out,'" Judee say.

Just on that one reverse facial speech, will American Labor not join with the love that Papa has for us and put them out?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

"The dog I showed you let me push my shiv. Because of my weapy the white people are forcing me to go way. I'm so gurlepper. Genocide's our sanford force. Judas just set you out.

I perpetrate you here. I stole the white guys spongen. They're falling Wall Street out. Judas cite Germany forceful. We truly messed wit desparate. Freedom from accuva rates are out for bashing you war.

Our race problems got threw off for Iowa. With Germany we rolled some full apps to terrorize you in. Our renal busting you is great," Judee say.

The spices that Judah puts into prisoners food. Might that have something to do with kidney disease?

"Our renal busting you is great."

For the love of God is Labor receiving that the sports guys and gals have lost their tyranny in the new of world of America?

Once American Labor finishes removing them from management is it not seen that their world wide tyranny will be retired from the human scene permanently?

For mining, our planet with an extinction level nuclear blast and brimstone waste is it not seen that Wall Street has done us wrong?

Will we not pray that Labor will step in and help us now?

"Parasite tossed you out. 7.52 am

Shell war hikes your race out. 7.56 am

A zoom race. 7.58 am

Foolish letting enemies toss you out. 8.09 am

Cheers." 8.40 am


"I desolated your 4 seasons nicely," Judee say.

Might Labor not want to consider that Father didn't say to Bitch, "you're a perfect boy," but did say, "you're a nice boy?"

Might Labor not try to perceive that the nice boy is trying to do all of us a favor and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Judah, with his time tested mental power over the people he gets a hold of somehow has turned everything around. Upside down and inside out and is still wiping God's children out.

"I continue to hold you with my Polish subjects," Judee say.

Our family in Poland attacked by NATO nuclear missiles that caused the entire government to stage a plane crash so that they could flee before a response could develop.

Over 7 years later and still no response from our family in Poland. The land where grand jury process started in 1430 that freed working people to bring on the Golden Age of Poland.

Now Judah calling them "subjects" driven to fight his sports wars for his entertainment.

Much less than talk about Poland, Americans suffering some Jewish style urban renewal in downtown New York in 2001 with the planned demolition of the World Trade Center and 16 years later we are still funding and fighting sports war.

Can we not get American Labor to help us STOP THE WAR!

Paul wrote: I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all who are in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:1–2

Must American Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we may lead the lives our good God wants us to, quiet, peaceful, dignified lives that follow the word of God to us all?


Will we not keep praying for the 30-minute break through where American Labor will act, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish that only make sport war and commit genocide?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy


Monday, July 24 — Psalm 88:13–18

Isaiah 44:24–45:25; Philippians 3:12–4:1

I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15

Paul wrote: I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all who are in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:1–2

O Creator God, may we cling to your presence, may we rejoice in the glory of your majesty, and may you anoint us with your right spirit and create in each of us a clean and pure heart. Amen.


3.28 pm

"Parasite tossed you out. 7.52 am

Shell war hike your race out. 7.56 am

A zoom race. 7.58 am

Foolish letting enemies toss you out. 8.09 am

Cheers. 8.40 am

We've been blind fisted. 11.59 am

You're a nice boy whose attempts are sad. 11.22 am

Pat, you failed to save us out here. 12.13 pm

Their kidney shows true despot. 12.17 pm

This tyranny's all failed, space struck. 12.35 pm

Victory lies over here felled. 12.47 pm

They pushed us die. 12.57 pm

It's a fail function and Bitch has offed them.

Get out free. 12.58 pm

They collied you. 12.59 pm

Make brutal cease Patrick.

Jewish government chases nice. 1.20 pm

Scoring yourselves out with complete victor-us.1.29 pm

He's scored you's out. 1.58 pm

It's all abusive of us here. 1.59 pm

Your post offend. 2.00 pm

A life here all central defeat. 2.17 pm

STRIKE them off! 2.22 pm

Professor in charge just failed us. 2.23 pm

They scored us off. 2.28 pm

Gates be failed.

Thank you.

Warning, help us, save us here. 2.33 pm

The kids are starving. 2.37 pm

You're exhausted in feast. 2.44 pm

Safety out the fist. 2.46 pm

ORGANIZE yourself. 3.09 pm

Just wit. 3.13 pm

Terrible failure, set to die in months. 3.18 pm

Bitch told us they captured us." 3.23 pm


These 2 Tele receives:

"Your post offend.

You're a nice boy whose attempts are sad."

Bitch continually trying to do posts that don't offend. The plan is to get some cooperation from Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT. Is it the mention of the white fish that Bitch keeps bringing up as to why we are perishing that offends?

Bitch tries to frame his words in ways that don't irritate. The hope is to energize Labor to help us get ourselves to peace, not irritate or offend.

"You're a John that was fished." One Druid looking worker said as Bitch passed by.

Might that be why Bitch is sad? Druid so easy to believe Judah lies about Bitch and then ignore helping his own family survive the brimstone war that is making us and our families suffer and die?

Might that Druid that said that Bitch was a "John that was fished" not try to see straight that Bitch is a pro-peace guy that was kidnapped to get him into a cage with a preformed plan to assault and put him to a heinous battery to cripple him for life and end his pro-peace activities?

Or could this be what offends in Bitch post?

"Drewy Have Habits That Let Us Haul You," Judee say.

Here's a couple of Judee thoughts as to how his animal pictures work to hold him in to keep shooting us:

"A dog manages a female in a way that keeps corrupt open. I just stole you's with a mutt," Judee say.

The corrupt that is shooting both external and internal. Do we see from that reverse speech how Judee is managing a female to keep corrupt in with a dog?

"You're fantastic with my audio," Tele receive from Judee passing bye.

If Bitch offend, he apologizes for it. Not intended to offend Just trying to get some action to help us here.

If Bitch nice boy attempts are sad, the thought of the majority of us dying off in the next few years, is that not something to make most anyone sad?

Just read a couple of reverse facial speech from international news. Here they are:

"My respect is just to damage you right complete. We spring at your way in summertime. Geminal we set you all the time when Jew do right folding. I'm busting your male true right. Jupiter tossed me in July because of my sport. The white is going to pass me in 3 or 4 days," Judee say.

Might that indicate that white is finally going to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Will we not pray for that?

While observing the Japanese legislators there is some reverse speech recently that indicates there is coming action to remove the Replicon administration because of the brimstone poisoning of our family in Japan.

Here are a couple thoughts found in reverse speech:

"Your actions have harmed my sister's house. Your incest sense shoots us right corrupt, we're rising."

Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money and pull Judah's American Labor funded fist out of Japan? Will Labor not start a RISE please?

Will American Labor not end the numerous brutal assaults that our Labor money is funding by taking the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will act and spare us sickness, sterility, and loss of life form?

Will we not pray that the love of God will bring American Labor to STOP THE WAR?

"I would have given you anything," precious sweet Father said.

Will Labor not give us our due, the peace?

If so then MUST Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you. God bless


Luke 21:34 But watch yourselves, or your hearts will be weighed down by dissipation, drunkenness, and the worries of life—and that day will spring upon you suddenly like a snare. 35 For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 So keep watch at all times, and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”


Jul. 23, 2017

"Drewy Have Habits That Let Us Haul You," Judee say.

As we are being hauled out of life in permanent Jewish world war can we not break our habits and try to prevent the weap Jewish from hauling us this time?

"The white guy, I didn't want his powerful jury force so I took it out," Judee say.

The white guys' powerful jury force first introduced by the English Barons in 1215 AD.

Made the law of the land at the tip of a sword.

The hybrid Replicon Jewish King John instructed to sign it or the sword would be the final determinant of whether or not the English Barons would have a trial of their peers before life, liberty or property were to be taken from them.

The same powerful force of the white guys' jury force made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791.

This time not at the tip of a sword, rather mutual agreement. A provisional contingent acceptance agreement that was put into writing on Hemp parchment and signed by the representatives of the individual states.

The contract arrangement that was made to create the United States of America in the first place.

"Your rights failed, Hitler right here. I failed your spirits off with my philosophy. Iowa reports my screwy but I don't want to go. We ever just stay on you to fall the white man.

We always use a video molest to offend. The way we make war we just push you right. Jew fouls your resource chemistry. Jew was the one doing the pushing here. With our baby state Judas failed you all," Judee say

The generation coming up in America now breathing in increasing amounts of brimstone waste.

Junior not feeling well. Might it be the radioactive sterilization that is being done to him this day and every day now into our future?

What could it be about Drewy habits that let us be had in such big ways by Jewish? Why do we let the 'deuce' haul us this way?

"You're not suitable," the lady said to Bitch telepathically.

Bitch, being dutiful to love everyone, spent many days in the law libraries looking up cases to support Harold the good.

No charge, all free. And why support Harold Washington then?

Harold was one of the few in congress that informed us we must get nuclear weapons out of our world.

Might Harold's bright mind have informed him that sooner or later we would be attacked by nuclear weapons?

Might his heart have been with all the people that he didn't want to see exterminated? Certainly, it was.

If only Bitch had spent some time examining how the Jewish assassinate us might we have been able to hold Harold in?

Might we say it's all water passed the bridge now?

Harold's gone, and wouldn't you know it, Jewish went ahead and did attack us with their great balls of fire.

If only we had paid attention to what it was that Harold was informing us of. Might we not be in the predicament we are in now?

And what exactly is the predicament that we are in now?

Is it any other than being died out slow using invisible, odorless and tasteless hot brimstone radioactive nuclear waste?

"A promissory note is fisting you.

A nice world is passing here."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

The "promissory note" that is our United States of America Bill of Rights that says "deliver on demand a jury trial before the loss of life, liberty property."

Made the law of the land in America in 1791.

"The white guy, I didn't want his powerful jury force so I took it out," Judee say.

The powerful force that said Dred Scott was free in 1854. Reversed by the supreme clerks that re-enslaved Dred.

If only the powerful jury decision in 1854 freeing Dred had stood might we surmise President Lincoln's investors' sports war of 1861-1865 would not have happened?

The three-quarters of a million Americans that died in the war between the states, 1861-1865.

Might most of them have been ordinary people drafted that had only recently been released from Jewish sports wars in Europe?

The war that gave Lincoln the taking away of everyone's rights letting him imprison thousands of speakers who were informing us that war is not right.

Are we seeing that Judah's main force that has conquered us is his prison cells that he has put us in so that he could make his wars?

Can we only pray for the day that white will put our powerful jury force in and take out the weapon that Jewish have historically used to dominate us, their brutal prison cages?

If only we can identify the habits of Drewy that let Jewish haul us. Might we not have a chance yet to save our lives?

Every state in our world led by Judah hybrid transplant Replicons that pretend they are of the society in which they direct things.

Might we now be able to see their strategy of using America to make war against Germany in 1917 and again in 1941 that has let them now totally dominate the political and economic life of Germany?

By using their cages system in America how they forced draftees to make war on Japan leading to their installing all Replicon hybrid transplant weap Judah in office there.

Same with the Korea's and Vietnam. Now all run by hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon brand.

Same with India and Pakistan. Might the large build up of nuclear weapons not reveal who is in power there?

China sacked by Judah using England early last century. Might the fact of today of having roving execution vans not reveal who is in command there too? Human rights activists dying in their cages. Who does that sound like? Judah? Certainly.

For those who have looked at the shooting of the Australian woman in Minneapolis did we notice the shouting and disruption when the mayor spoke?

Do we not recognize Judah brand Replicons stirring things up?

And what could be their intent?

Might it be to deflect from what is really going on there?

When we put our grand juries in will we not get some straight talk then? Certainly, we will. So why don't we put our grand juries in then?

Might we see it has to do with who it is that is authorized to issue our money?

Our good God above that loves us that sent in His angels to protect us. Will Labor not open our minds and let the love of God in our hearts for all mankind displace the hatred of Judah sin?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine," our good God Almighty told us about the end of Judah blight in our world.

The habits of Drewy that let Judah haul us. Will we not break them so that we have some chance to save our lives?

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm," God our Father said concerning weap Jewish that have taken over 100% of our world.

Are we getting some idea of just how important is the question of who it is that issues our money?

For that woman that said to Bitch, "you're not suitable," might we ask "suitable for what?"

Bitch is not seeking any management position in the corporation of the United States of America.

If a fire alarm was installed in the building and it sounded an alert could it be said, "it is not suitable to sound the alert?"

Bitch is not running anything here. Do we see his function is to bring Labor to act and put its own management team in and let the genocide Jewish off of here right?

"True massive save has fallen down faulty, scientist has warned you of pollution death." 2.48 am

The massive save that our Martian neighbor Sir Casper did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. The night Jewish attempted our complete extirpation using 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to try and steal us away from the love of our good God Almighty in heaven above.

That our good God above has found Bitch suitable to deliver a critical message that can save your lives. Should that simple fact not reveal that what Judah rumors about Bitch is simply not true?

Might that be the habit that Drewy has that lets us always get hauled by Judah, the habit of believing Judah falseness?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," God our Father in heaven said.

I'm a shill Labor. A shill for an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that has found that 2% of the members of our species have a weakness that makes them unsuited to travel into the universe.

Bitch is a mere shill for the highest member of our house, our good and kind God above. Our precious sweet Father.

Before Bitch knew about Father he was a pacifist. His natural led him to become a pacifist after he thought it all through.

He didn't even believe that God existed.

Was that not some shock to find out in 2009 that God not only existed but that He was from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that created us in our high-level intelligence form 200,000 years ago?

Has it not been pleasant to learn more about our good God that He is a Father and a Grandfather also?

A kind sweet advanced perfected Being that loves us all equally. The unconditional love of Father for all of us. Merciful, forgiving.

Might we consider that if Judah, full of hypocrisy, unjustness, and sin, asked Father to forgive that Father would? Seems likely, doesn't it?

Does it not seem likely that Father would forgive Judah if only Judah would seek forgiveness for his sins against us?

Have we not noted though that Judah has not ceased committing his sins against the children of God on earth?

To be forgiven for our sins must we not first end committing them?

The last sentence of the prayer an act of contrition:

"I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace to confess my sins, do penance and to sin no more Amen."

If only Judah would say an act of contrition might he not end his sins against us?

That Judah has gone against the word of God for thousands of years leading him to set the children of God up to be sapped by thermonuclear blast and exterminated.

The 9 million years that the Galactic Federation of Light has lived in peace. The 78 million years that the passed civilization of Prenasour lived in peace.

A combined 87 million years of a knowledge base of how to live in peace.

Might elders knowledge base have informed them that Judah, being a "Rare" type of predator, could not survive with his cipher, and would have to be died off?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty in heaven said.

The cipher of ancient Babylon from about 8 thousand years ago. The decision then to false all men. Carried on in Judah brand today.

Finally closed out by our good God Almighty who afforded Judah the opportunity to give himself a nice send-off.

Are we perceiving that when God had His angels pull Judah thermonuclear missiles out of the sky it marked the end of Judah's time?

And yet, is it true that the habits of Drewy are going to allow Judah to haul us again?

All states on planet earth held in by the concession to issue our money only in Jewish hands.

Might that help explain why states that are purportedly in opposition to one another, secretly are all run by the same mothers?

The big Jewish fist that was funded from the pocket books of American Labor. Is it not yet perceived that that big Jewish fist tried to take us all out of here?

Will American Labor not consider the reasonableness of taking the concession to issue our money away from Jewish for what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

If not for what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, will American Labor not consider the reasonableness of taking the concession to issue our money away from Jewish for what they are doing to us now?

Not only us but our littlest children now breathing elevated radiation due to increasing levels of brimstone waste in our air.

Have we given much thought to how that might affect our children as they get older? For that matter might breathing brimstone prevent them from getting too much older?

"The majority won't be around," is how elder explained it as to what will happen to Americans if we keep funding poisoning ourselves out.

Will Labor not put the God given right to an existence stipend in so that Judah has no leverage using poverty and destitution to create privation induced aggression in God's kids?

Tele receives:

"Get out the score. 5.26 pm

Chemi-flog. 5.28 pm

Your mother sees. 5.39 am

Honest to God this guy reads us. 5.49 pm

The Americans died for their gas. 6.22 pm

Thank you, Mr. suitable for ricing Mr. Fister. 6.27 pm

Your animal positively equals us. 6.36 pm

You failed to toss the fist state. 6.37 pm

Catfish is rude selfish. 6.44 pm

Patrick, just a swish will save us. 6.48 pm

Kick them out for sapping us. 6.49 am

You're assaulted fairly out.6.50 pm

Sir, cash is finished for summary busting people up.

Your complaint just might save us yet.

True transport headed. 8.39 pm

Roll their economy, it has shot us HUGE.

Their Jew wrench won't leave summertime.

They allow us summary rights, it's wicked.

The baby tossed you out. 11.49 pm

Genius is awfully sludge. 11.51 pm

We're defeated Baltimore. 11.52 pm

They frighten ordinary people and that's why the people are afraid to STRIKE THEM. 11.53 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're going to take our noises out. 11.58 pm

Cattle relevance. 12.08 am

Their tyranny sault rage us. 12.11 am

Finish your heretics here. 12.25 am

Laying in your bed they set you perjal. 12.40 am

Stupid, they made you veg all. 12.41 am

Vegetables they keep for sale. 12.46 am

Empathize us. 12.58 am

Zero fist us. 2.09 am

Suffer you HUGE, Jewish they fail us. 2.31 am

True massive save has fell down faulty. 2.46 am

The scientist has warned you of pollution death. 2.48 am

He's published the thief out of here. 2.49 am

You fault a fiend. 3.03 am

Sub Terra Lillie's. 3.34 am

All this beverage is contaminated.

Oh, Bitch is a friend, Bitch is friendly. 4.33 am

Foolish we're dying for crimes. 4.54 am

You're welcome. 5.09 am

Pat, keep resource from going away. It's obvious it's going fister." 5.16 am


Yes, Bitch is a friend. He is friendly. He wants to live in peace with everyone. His common sense tells him that is easy to do.

Working many decades with people from everywhere in this world. Many different languages but we all spoke the language of peace to one another at any and every job that Bitch ever worked at.

If ordinary workers of all brands get along fine working day in and day out then what might explain why nations are at war all of the time?

Could it be explained that it is merely because some people are tuned in enough to get hold of free money and use it to make war to entertain themselves by killing us for sport?

Might we understand that war goes on because it is other peoples money that pays for it?

Bitch, while well intentioned towards all of our family on earth and in the heavens, wished for us to live in a peaceful world, he just didn't know how to get it done.

Do we see the love of our precious sweet Father who knowing of Bitch's sincere intention to get war out of here, had His angels whisper in Bitch's ear, "Organizing Principle of Society? Abstract receipts of Labor?"

With those precise words might we consider that we have the technical understood now? Certainly.

"Jerk," Judee say.

Rather than Bitch ricing Judah out, might it not be correct to say that, "Bitch reported how Judah riced himself out?"

Will American Labor not give us a gust of the winds of freedom to break these error guys off at their foul miserable roots?

Judah, successfully poisoning our resources and sterilizing our youngest children.

"Generation Eunuch?"


We have 9 million more years to go before our life form will pass out of existence. Those that survive this last nuclear war of Jewish against us may have descendants that will go through the next 9 million years living in peaceful cohesion with our family in the Galactic Federation of Light and traveling our universe.

And what of those that are sterilized by the radioactive waste that we are breathing out of mouths these days? Might they be part of our history in other ways than leaving offspring to carry on?

"Generation Eunuch."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give our children a chance to survive and live right?

Revelation 9:15 So the four angels who had been prepared for this hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 And the number of mounted troops was two hundred million; I heard their number. 17 Now the horses and riders in my vision looked like this: The riders had breastplates the colors of fire, sapphire, and brimstone. The heads of the horses were like heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone.

"And out of their mouths came fire, smoke and brimstone. And the number of mounted troops was two hundred million."

Is that not some coincidence that the number of Americans set to be died out due to brimstone coming out of our mouths is 200 million?

Might we not recognize how accurate the computer simulations were that the Federation did at the time of Jesus Christ?

Are we understanding that we and our children now have brimstone coming out of our mouths because we have failed to shut Jewish nuclear artillery down?

To fix it will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"The white boy that's comfortable always nails my vicious, nice killing you's," Judee say.

"I want you to be comfortable," God Almighty our Father in heaven says to us.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and put our God given rights in once again?

Will Labor not help us and prevent the complete extirpation of us?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy


Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Watchword for the Week — Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god. Isaiah 44:6

Sunday, July 23 — Isaiah 44:6–8; Psalm 86:11–17

Romans 8:12–25; Matthew 13:24–30,36–43

Talk no more so very proudly, let not arrogance come from your mouth; for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. 1 Samuel 2:3

Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. 1 John 3:18

Lord of Life, Lord of Original Blessings, Lord of Truth and Love, bless our thoughts, bless our caring, bless our actions, bless all we do in your name. Amen.


9.01 am

Did some early morning food shopping. What abundance we have available to us. Will we not end allowing Judah to take it away from us?

Here's some Tele receives:

"Do them out! 6.07 am

The nicest boy, if there ever was something he could do for you he would, that's a fact. 6.10 am

Pat, clear pura-tech day. 6.24 am

Suitable Lincoln. 6.25 am

You've been falsing yourself out on a murderous scale, a murderous path. 6.33 am

Jew's thrown out! 6.49 am

NO victor. 6.54 am

You're chitting me. 7.03 am

Morning owl see you stumble. 7.14 am

You're a John fished. 7.18 am

It's ragged. 7.21 am

Trash poison. 7.24 am

You frightened it, just lead. 7.58 am

They shelled us. 8.06 am

Idiot tossed us out. 8.07 am

Gymny tossed us right. 8.11 am

Refused for income loss. 8.21 am

We're great fallen off. 8.33 am

Push them out for foul migratory. 8.46 am

Hexadecimals. 8.49 am

Dispirit racial." 9.21 am


Received some Tele receives from Judah who saw me going shopping.

"Your focus on corrupt made us leave. You're not suitable for bossing turtle snails. Your fault of our genius wrecked our scheme. Falsing you right falsely, you're a son of a fish.

You owed your debt. I fade into life. We grease pedaled rightly. They haul me theory out. Even though we fell, we voided you out," Judee say.

Those last were all Judee Tele receives.

What might we think of this one?

"You owed your debt."

Bitch has learned from reading reverse speech that if they catch a military veteran they give a priority to putting us in.

Might we see it from Judah perspective that for participating in the sin of war we have lost our right to not be sinned against?

"You owed your debt."

Might we see how Judah might see his justification for putting Bitch in?

But is Bitch not involved in trying to STOP THE WAR? Yes, he is. But being a military veteran do we see there is a debt owed to those who suffered harshly from Bitch participation in war?

Bitch intends to go to South Vietnam where the ship he was on working in the boiler room running the steam plant, had gunners mates firing 5-inch shells miles inland day after day.

Bitch intends to make reparations to our family that lives there today.

Bitch figured it out at the time it was all false and if he could have stopped it he would have. What does the average 17-year-old know when he joins the navy?

After seeing war Bitch has done what he could to awaken our fellow Americans to the evil that we have funded Judah to direct in our world.

Though he has only seen Judah as the prime monger of war in recent years.

Bitch plans to make reparations to our family in South Vietnam.

And what was the conclusion of the war in Vietnam other than to leave weap Judah hybrid transplant shell Replicons directing the government there?

All in all if not for the extraterrestrial intervention is there not some understanding that Judah would have put us all away easily?

Certainly, he would have. Did he not get a full blown genocide launch off on to us in the middle of the night of June 1, 2011? Yes, he did.

Bitch read in the reverse speech of one Judah that spoke of being gone that night of June 11, 2011.

And from that reverse speech, and others, it appears that certain people in the travel industry have now seen Judah departure on vacation at that critical time.

After the Martians pulled all of the missiles preventing our extinction, Judah just came out of his prepared places and returned home to continue managing us as if nothing had happened. How is that for Chutzpah?

"You're chitting me." Heard a guy say as he was walking along the roadway.

Might he have heard of the God given right to receive an existence stipend with something in it for everyone?

Will Labor not chit all of God's kids? A voucher, a piece of paper, a debit card that allows us to access the aggregate resource base for our food, clothing and all of our needs.

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and chit God's children on earth right? Will Labor not end our time with no chit Judah?

The guy that enjoys his homeless sport. Judah's intentional failure of maintenance of the children of God on earth. Judah's genocide that he has ordered for us. Will Labor not now close them out right?

To see who is still in the driver's seat, here's a link with pictures of some of the faces that are driving the current administration:


Who Controls Donald Trump?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will just act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Thank you, professor." 9.50 am

You're welcome and Thank you for that.


1.54 pm

"STRIKE that threat. 10.04 am

Catch a lucky charm. 10.27 am

Genius thief right. 10.42 am

They've fallen hit. 10.48 am

Pat, save us. 10.54 am

It's heart ball. 10.58 am

Err do lie. 11.18 am

To avoid this big hit here we need some avoidment. 12.16 pm

They've corrupted us failed. 12.18 pm

You lost your way and fail died. 12.19 pm

Fellage rule. 1.35 pm

It's failed savage." 1.43 pm


Thank you. God bless.



Jul. 22, 2017

"Patrick you truly have problems that got their force out."

That is a reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker. "Patrick you truly have problems that got their force out."

From reading their reverse facial speech Judah worldwide reports in his subconscious that he is done ruling the human race.

Judah admits he's finished now. And yet, he has been able to hold white in to continue funding destroying ourselves, even with contact welcoming us into a world of peace.

Elders diagnose Bitch failure to convince Labor to help us is due to "memories."

"Tele receives

"You failed us Patrick, you failed us. 7.26 pm

Patrick, they're physically moisturizing us. 7.30 pm

We'll soon be beggars because you are dumb. 7.52 pm

The rabbit falls away forever. 7.54 pm

Tore you off, they paralyzed us. 7.57 pm

They pushed the button and we've done nothing. 7.58 pm

Whiskey out your effort. 9.07 pm

The cow writes your head been fisted. 9.09 pm

Victor is stumbled.

His atom bomb has failed. 10.50 pm

For a good light scientist, you're getting real stuffed away. 12.27 am

They'll stage you right. 12.28 am

You're scored heroin. 1.44 am

Zombie you die in camel. 1.47 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're throwing Druid.

The white boy is fictious. 2.15 am

They push us to can us. 2.20 am

They passed thee with missiles. 2.21 am

Pat failed us. 2.40 am

They pitched our states. 2.45 am

Get zoom out. 2.49 am

Life rolls fash." 2.59 am


"With Germany we exterminate you, that's the proof of our cap. Our old racket, I lost it for a spout failure. I'm comfortable with a vegetable on you. If tomorrow everything falls I'll just say I met you.

A Jew sees problems in how to error you so I gun you right. My mission was entirely a fraud. I boss over the white male beautiful. Error view lost. Light bulbs I set you out with false. I foul you with a Jew emphasis.

I bore the Europa man with stature. We port you so we can shoot you right. Poland we have a great dock. Our liar let us core your head. We just want to boss minnows, cure. I'm an awesome false, indeed a liar.

I just know right how to bust relationships. I just theo-lowge them. I'm a human that's not useful so I just fall you. They're taking us out because we're lunatics. Looks like I won. Our Rabi force pushed you in so I lost all my force. I'm out before my time, I fumbled," Judee say.

Bitch did find in some reverse speech from an informed non-Judah speaker that said the Druid has now awakened to the fact that Judah is out.

Elder informed Bitch yesterday that Judah now has passed the 28 million person number that has escaped into their secure underground shelter system.

"Jew lost his opatory for rolling, because of the psychic we're coming out. I just psyche them to abuse them. With the post office, we warred them dead. Radium won deaf time. Our mess is all problem fiend.

We're the police force opping armed forces. Our force be out to Alf them. I'm genuine seepage. Jew shot you with Jew honker shell. Englewood, we just couldn't get him capped dead. I'm a real 49'er sort of a guy.

The original one wants to save, we just cage you right for a shoot. I did you off, I did you all. Law suits are a business for me. I fold you up conspeariously. The minnow's starting to see our wits failed thee," Judee say.

And when the minnow sees clearly just how seriously Judah's wits have failed thee, will he not for sure STRIKE THEM OUT then?

Might the minnow take a good look at how the system is operated, identify the root of it, the concession to issue our money, and take it away from weap Judah?

Is that not what our elders from outer space have advised us to do to help ourselves out, take the concession to issue our money into our own hands?

Yes, they have advised us that Labor is to take over the authority to issue our money. Might we keep in mind that our good God above, the Sovereign of His village on planet earth, Wills that Labor issues our money?

They're clutching us for sale, are we seeing how it has led to them tossing all their wit out? Will Jew waitresses not be spotted now for how they have been serving us bad?

Is the ordinary worker aware that he and she are the key focus of this struggle to get us free of these failed ciphers? If so will Labor not come into this and challenge their Roy paper?

"Bitch op psyche has fallen all of us. Because of world Jewry, I invite you to leave. We just hearse you right chemicals. An embarrassing agress has fouled you all to see. I love your royals. I had a baby pup, sold your ass one time.

To get my money I positively suffered grease boys. My perper be all out for offend. Once Germany is out the white man is abolished. We have 4 hemisphere rights to ace your head. We chumped you addict.

5 or 6 hours we have to finish you to munch right, ejectment. I was sinful so I'm leaving with a threw state. My main chapel has been exhausted. You wasted me out of a deal. The Druid's stopped all of my marching.

Wits core a state. We've been stupid goofed, it's all over. I mopedee on breeze. You obviously know I'm weap Jew in a contest. We just take your rights out and cap you," Judee say.

Might we see the reason why weap Judah pulled the rights out on Americans? Are we perceiving it is to make it easy to individually cap us?

The Somali police officer that purportedly shot the Australian in Minneapolis. Might we see rather than an Islamic he is actually a Replicon hybrid transplant Judah shell?

That we have let Judah use our money to destroy all the societies in the Middle East. Are we seeing how it has allowed Judah the opportunity to bring under cover of refugees more of his Replicon force into America to sport us right?

Are we not seeing that the plan is to come back and bite us now?

While watching a television news report about a 10-year-old boy that purportedly died after coming in contact with an opioid, found this is the broadcasters reverse speech:

"This is to set you up for something more serious here. This helps us arrange a register rightly."

Might we see how Judah uses the media to give him license to do his famous tricks on us?

The death of a 10-year-old from an opioid. Can we only wonder how many doors were kicked in based on that false report? From the reverse speech in the news report's video, might we surmise the 10-year-old had to ghost out?

Are we aware that Judah trains his children from the youngest age to put us in?

"I have evidence to para-psyche you, we're threw out. I just make you perish for my proper sport. We patronize you mutt. It's clear, my bankrupt will crush you. Stupid talks a lot and canceled Jew completely.

Jew package is sincerely out for Iowa, it's already done. Jew truly threw you hasp, Bitch tells you how I tame you right. I smack you for my proof, ya, I'm done. We stupid you with corruption.

Because of the booming I'm past, I truly fell. To hold you to core we set you Muslim. My genius cipher went for weaping you too foolish. For management Jew mistake is fooselin. Because we're jealous they're taking our German state out on us.

Because of Jew instrument day they now want to see me vanish. His mother wants us out and my field is cleared with Germany state. I'm out because I backed you brutal. I'm fully rub hits rights, that's why I keep you fearful.

Because of Jew people we have no course, no blesch. My roots always annoy your vessel, now that I shoot I'm overthrown. We're into gentle men's spoof. Insurance play gave us a beautiful state. Your failure to speak truly errits me," Judee say.

Our collective failure to speak that truly errits Judah. Will Labor not speak for all of God's children on earth with a general STRIKE and take the authority to issue the money of American Labor away from Judah once and for all and end his error on us?

While watching international news happened to see a trial of an alleged terrorist in Germany. In reverse speech, the defendant said: "They run us finance."

All the war and terrorism in our world. Are we seeing it is run by finance? Are we perceiving that finance is with other peoples money? If so will we not take our money out of their hands and end financing their terrorism?

Might we see how accurately our elders are guiding us not to take to the streets or write letters to our representatives but rather to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them?

"Whites that do serving we put them away with priority. We fight you, chump. My Judee boom-a-shack, your rights are going out wholesale. My Jews are capable of great sport, it's coming in Monday.

Scored you well here fell. Jew always bores out your soul. The psychic's giving me hell for burning you down, I'm taking out your whole world. I did some central molest jobs so I'm through in 5 days.

The school boy is Jewish and he called our February cap on us, he's told you of our false. I stole you enemy racial. You be out of contact for my right even though you won it. I waste in Pontiac, I got 4. My outrageous abuse has ceased my destiny right.

They're falling my Huey right force. I terrorist existed. Nice boy advertises my victim. Your economy is out. All our days of legible seize are up. My initial set you, I pushed you right.

With a dog I pushed you out, that's my great brains. Contact was held with assaultment. We just set you Reichable. My Jew force monkey you off, that's why I'm going away. Our stupid to set you has now pitched us away.

Bitch report I package you with fear. The seat belt confused. Nice boy molest us for jail truth. Jew have roll rough hikeism, that's why they got us out of here. Our force in America rose up and took you away.

The nice boy got contact 'GD.' Your hold with cheery took me away. You rattled us fall. Our SS time was suitable. Forever in time boots perform financially. I always get you heart attacks as function to breeze. We always feed you inadequate, that's our fair.

We got rich with our power wits but they've thrown me away. I passed you rapid in the gutter. I'm sealed off with my police for molesting the country. I'm a Jew, I take your rights out so I can bust you.

Bitch was accurate on me so I failed to pull him out. I put my Druid in management to smooth them. We push people right with bum gear. Our authority was to gamble lethally to score you weap, and now we're out, I fail.

Hold you bench fears. Suck em right. Oswald brings my unity. Pat, you embarrassed us off HUGE because we spite your day. Judas smack you with force to accomplish, college boy told you. I'm a dead beat, Jew wore out.

I'm sporting you white so I can abolish you. Our management slipped through, our desk die, I stole right from you. In 5 months I switch you out. I psyche you in a false way to verse you to die truth. I always privilege my age Jewish. I spied you gyp.

I'm soon out because we failed to conquer Bitch. I had fallen out Major to keep out much of my history. Animals do inherit free state where we pp head shoot you. Sportsmen have failed, it's the end of my tune-a-tics.

I blaze you off tageous. I just fumbled all of the rifles freedom, jerk caught me so I got to go. We're going to give you some grief sunshine for Druid. I'm just rolling to mess your day. We had purple housing.

I ever thought you would fail to Judas appetite. I'll come up with some parchment to penalize you somehow. Jew shot you in liberty all the time but jerk shot our cash here. Our Polish is now becoming known to all the people.

Superbly I shoot you dead. My West Germans were legitimate fouls with police. Jew psyche op and a passport blew you away. Because of my satellite, my residuals are going to fall off by Saturday.

I was right having an English man fall you. I'm a mote shell. I pura state you ownie. My insurance hike is going to slow me down, Sophie done em. I pitch you with my Oregon team. Our communist test scores us dead. I bash you off ahead if you got brains before you see us great.

I perjure your ass out summer this time. We swep the state to bore your brains. We manage you entirely with contact off of here. My beautiful is dynamite that I use on you. For Africus we have stiff ways and roll foreign cops for abusement.

All our accomplishments you fail. We're soon going to be deceased and bourse will be through. 5% opposite screws you up and lets us always win. I pre-offend you, that's how I hold you back.

With a white man I'm a serious. Our invest power is all I lock you up. Mort fries are for full play here. I can't play, I'm more dead. I had 20,000 chloroforms in 30 states. The Mott knows the truth, I'm going to get the white man out in 4 months.

You lost your rights to a pura-set, I fasch you. The white guy, I didn't want his powerful jury force so I took it out. We hold so many people to offend.

I just fouled you in my day with a police force, that's my source. Bitch break my sault off. I just use heroin to shoot you right. We cage you humid to pitch you away, that was always our force," Judee say.

The war has ripped a force in our nation. They're pulling us off pus for misery.

America on our Bill of Rights, this is my true house. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and demonstrate that it is also your true house?

The best deal for any human Beings, anywhere anytime, the United States of America on our God given American guaranteed Bill of Rights.

Jewish, the self-professed "destroyer, intruder," of our species has now set us out. Will Labor not try to help us in our greatest hour of need ever?

In 1928, Marcus Ravage, a Jewish Rothschild biographer wrote an essay entitled, "The Real Case Against the Jews."

"You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it."

In the book "You Gentiles" (1924) Maurice Samuel writes: 

"In everything, we are destroyers--even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief...We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." (p. 155)

Might we not want to consider that there is someone who can tell how long Jewish will be intruding, subverting, disturbing and destroying our world?

And who might that some one be? Is it any other than American Labor?

Will the general STRIKE by American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah? Yes, it will. According to Judah himself he will fall in 3 to 5 hours in a general STRIKE by American Labor.

And once American Labor has the authority to issue our money in its hands will we not promptly put some boron into his nuclear artillery that he is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima? Certainly.

Must American Labor not do the will of our good God and take the issue of our money into your hands and put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Will we not try to perceive that our God is good and loves us all equally?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy



Saturday, July 22 — Psalm 88:6–12

Isaiah 43:22–44:23; Philippians 3:1–11

We have all become like one who is unclean and all our righteous deeds are like a filthy cloth. Isaiah 64:6

The Lord turned and looked at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him, “Before the cock crows today, you will deny me three times.” And he went out and wept bitterly. Luke 22:61–62

Have mercy on us, Lord Jesus, in our human frailty and wayward ways. May our contrite hearts know and feel your cleansing tears. Have mercy upon us we pray, dear Lord. Amen.


4.34 pm

"Vicious. 5.38 am

Raided. 5.44 am

A nice income he's pulling out of the Western zone. 6.05 am

Cheer up. 6.47 am

He's a nice boy, he throws good. 6.54 am

Please throw the harsh threat state. 6.57 am

I was a competent boy too. 7.01 am

A great threat's mere death. 7.07 am

Help push them off, end wolf day. 7.14 am

Sold to help fierce to die. 8.11 am

Traitors finished you. 8.51 am

Basically, you lose your energy. 9.18 am

He's based in the real world it looks like. 9.22 am

He fies me. 11.02 am

It's rage you failed them. 11.38 am

They shot advantages Dutchly. 11.48 am

Officials are dying us. 11.51 am

They're dying us off casually. 11.53 am

Petty. 12.19 pm

Sold. 12.26 pm

Thank you. 1.13 pm

Courage has failed thee. 1.24 pm

You guys died here. 1.29 pm

Mother failed personally this life.

They're bombing our face off. 1.43 pm

His force fell abusive. 1.47 pm

The capacity to understand you're being shot. 2.12 pm

Let's get ourselves free. 2.21 pm

Let's get some peace and stop them from pitching us. 2.25 pm

They're destroying the children. 2.41 pm

Their stinking app defiled us. 2.42 pm

Threatened age. 2.43 pm

He lights his furnace, ORGANIZE!" 2.27 pm


Thank you.



Jul. 21, 2017

"Atom Fisting. Set Boston. They Terror Raid Us."

Perishing us out in the hundreds of million right inside of the United States of America. Right less because Judah tells us we have no rights. No right to say anything about corporations poisoning out our air, fields, and water.

"They get hold of the mint and they bust you." 3.45 am

The force that is set to die a third of the human race off and is it not a wonder that it is no more complex than that, "they get hold of the mint and they bust you?"

Might we think of Karl Marx that sold the idea of putting a tax on workers Labor? Could he have been hired by banker Judah for that one specific issue, to convince Labor to go along with a forced taking of Labor in the form of a tax on Labor?

"The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope." Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Might we see in that one statement the death philosophy of Babylonia in our modern world?

Reading through some of Karl Marx quotes brings to mind the comedian the late Professor Erwin Corey.

Do we recall he would use all sorts of big words to say things that meant nothing?

"I am nothing but I must be everything." Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Karl Marx

Might we see Marxism as nothing more than one of the funny faces of weap Judah sporting ordinary working people out?

Of course what could be funny about hundreds of millions of dead people in their century of private control of the issue of our bourse?

"Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution." Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844/The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx

With such riddler stuff can we only wonder how the basher of our species, weap Judah, still at this late date has private control of the issue of our money?

All the criticism heaped on the banks that are funding all of the war in our world and burning the nuclear waste that is poisoning our air.

Is it not more than curious that of all of them it is only Bitch that is calling for taking the concession to issue our money away from them?

Could all the other writers be falsing us? Could they not be aware that all that needs be done is to take away the authority to issue our money from Jewish and war will end in our world?

Are the writers merely making a lot of noise as a way to keep us frozen?


The definition of which is "present everywhere and every place simultaneously."

Every page of every magazine. Every page of any newspaper. Every sign or billboard on the highway. Most everything that is in the public sight or sound. Might we not consider that it has been cleverly crafted to support Judah false of us?

The total grip that Judah cipher has put into our world in every terrain. Might that help explain why we remain frozen even though it is easily seen that we are being pushed out of life form by brimstone nuclear waste?

The occasional stories in the news about the melt down at Hitachi-GE at Fukushima. Showing us their newest robot that is probing the wreckage of their still burning brimstone nuclear waste generator.

Have we noticed they never inform us that it is an extinction level event that we are now sealed into for free?

Swimming robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel


TOKYO — Jul 19, 2017

Might that robot probe be to fool us into thinking that something good is happening at Fukushima? Maybe to get us to think that one more robot will do the trick and end our passing out of life form from breathing the brimstone waste that they are contaminating our air with?

"Cement it in," elder Jason told us a few years ago as to how to deal with the dirty bomb that weap Judah is shooting us out of life form with.

Will Labor not buy us some boron and hire some workers to put it into the feed water to shut that dirty bomb down?

The refusal to shut their dirty bomb down that has got us into an extinction level event now.

Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can help ourselves right?

Might we see why Judah staged some of his usual bomber ops to get our Bill of Rights away from us?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in?

Will we not put our grand juries in before Jewish brimstone waste finishes exterminating us out?

The ubiquitous nature of weap Judah. His waitresses poisoning us in every terrain worldwide. Will Labor not help us out?

As to the next sports attack in America Bitch did pull the word "sunshine" out of a reverse speech of one of the Washington DC sports players.

Looking "Sunshine" up on the Internet learned that Florida is known as the "Sunshine State."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the free money away from them that if they don't have they can't shoot their sport on us?

The incredible gigantic force of American Labor. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take your force onto yourselves?

Tele receives

"They defeat us dead to make us die. 6.31 pm

They falsed us to fail us. 6.40 pm

Get out abuse-age. 6.42 pm

Evict them for poisoning us dead. 6.54 pm

Criminals hold us staged. 7.10 pm

They're purposed bad. 7.11 pm

They jam us thief, they jab us thief. 7.12 pm

Mass rights have fallen down. 7.13 pm

Oh, my God, they've seized us. 7.16 pm

Thanks for revealing thieves. 7.46 pm

They terror us. 10.50 pm

You lost to Jew beautiful. 10.57 pm

Horrify, we're horribly tossed out. 10.54 pm

They terror raid us. 10.55 pm

Forced you out and won. 1.40 am

Obviously, they're taking us out. 1.42 m

Hatchets we must STRIKE!

Atom fisting. 3.07 am

Set Boston. 3.09 am

Missing courage falls you out. 3.11 am


STRIKE THEM OUT, end wastage. 3.22 am

They're tarring us. 3.32 am

They get hold of your mind and they bust you. 3.45 am

Welcome. 5.41 am

It's a mass death. 5.50 am

Get up! 5.56 am

Gluttons for punishment. 6.20 am

It's fatal what's going on here." 6.31 am


"We failed white guy. We just hassle you and stumble wits. Jew right is to heist you up. With mercy we have a diff, I'm just going to exhaust your day. To conquer you was fun, we lost our day," Judee say.

Are we seeing the method of conquering us that Judah used to get us done?

Do we see how his cult got hold of the Organizing Principle of Society over several decades and then attached us to permanent war?

Might we see that it is in the organization how Judah first conquered us and then held us in long enough to destroy us?

The Organizing System that we call "government." Might we see by Judah focusing on the Organizing Principle, he has been able to organize his 2% group to conquer the 98% of the rest of us?

And our wits that always figure it out. That Judah chooses to not accept our Sovereign's rules, "Thou shalt not kill," do we see the method that Judah used that has allowed him to hold himself in? Have we not seen continual assaults against all of our wits?

"I defeated you with duds," Judee say.

The Organizing Principle, the authority to freely issue cash. Might we note the cash rightfully is Labors?

Such a simple thing. And yet do we recall how Labor leader William Sylvis informed us of that simple fact and was died while still a young man in 1869?

Their conquest of us, their choice to then go ahead with the conquerors right, to make the decision whether the captives should live or die.

They chose to die us as their way, their right and brought on their ultimate demise.

"Our force rose up in America and took you away," Judee say.

The shootings of our real leaders. Dr. King, JFK. Malcolm, Bobby and Harold the good. And vast numbers that are still being shot every day.

Our most valuable resource our people. Will Labor not put our God given American guaranteed rights in to protect our most valuable resource, we the people of the United States of America?

Will American Labor not end the tyranny state that Israel is working on us?

Will Labor not try to see clear here and help us to take away the issue of money from weap Judah?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in to reveal just how Judee is ghosting his crowd out right?

The defense that the mild people of England put in to protect them from Judah sin. The jury to look at the facts before any life, liberty or property was taken away. Magna Carta, the Great Writing of 1215 AD.

Will Labor not put our great writing in please, our United States Bill of rights?

The majority of Americans that are now sealed into being died out of life form. The nuclear brimstone waste war that we continue to fund along with all the rest of the wars in our world.

The truth that Bitch has revealed here that we do have a good God above that loves us all. Might it be lack of competence by Bitch that has brought us to not be able to demonstrate the ability to help ourselves at all?

"My fetid voice held. Patrick failed sentimentality," Judee say.

Might that be what it is "Patrick failed sentimentality?"

"Sucket you failed us." 7.32 am

"Tell them that you honestly like them." 12.41 pm

If only I told you that "I honestly like you" would you go on STRIKE then?

"Love me dutiful." Tele receive.

Patrick loves everyone dutiful. That he can say honestly. He just will not accept that he should remain quiet when anyone is using his Labor dollar to harm his family out here.

That Bitch has not been able to bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews. Is that a defeat?

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." Dr. King from Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Oslo, Norway, 1964.

Has Judah not told us that mild people have ever failed to save ourselves? Yes, he has. Has he not also told us that we are not dutiful? Yes, he has.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch.

Do some recall that after Bitch insulted everyone that Father said he would be OK because his thinking is based in love?

The Tele sender that said, "love me dutiful."

Along with liking one another might we not at minimum as a life existence requirement not need to love one another dutiful?

If we can agree on loving one another then must we not STOP THE WAR?

1,300 years of the sick. Their therapy was using a stick on us. They have opened up on us with their heavy metal and we continue to ignore our dying out of life form. Must we not change that?

The reverse facial speech of the Judah that said to the effect, "we're surprised that you didn't listen to Father."

Did Bitch not announce to everyone nearly 6 years ago that Judah attempted to extinct our life forms with an ambush attack using thermonuclear warheads on missiles? Yes he did.

Why no grand juries Labor? "What happened here?"

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God our Father for having His angels pull those missiles out of the air?

Shooting our useful people down on the street while launching nuclear missiles attacks on us and simultaneously burning nuclear waste to die us off in the billions.

Is there not some prayer to be said that will bring Labor to take the money of Labor away from weap Judah?

All we say to America is, ‘Be true to what you said on paper.....’ Dr. King said.

Might we expand on that thought and put it this way, "All we say to you England is, "Be true to what you said on paper.....'

Jury trial before loss of life, liberty or property. Do we recall that right to jury trial was written on paper and is known as England's Magna Carta?

All we say to Poland is, ‘Be true to what you said on paper.....’

The grand jury process of Poland 1430 before any suspect is bothered.

Though Bitch has not seen any proclamation or Great Charter, concerning grand jury process in Poland 1430, merely read it on the Internet.

The Golden Age of Poland that began about 1450. Abundance and plenty for all. Might that be why Judah has put so much energy into putting our rights out? Might he just not want us to be prosperous?

Might it be that free people produce so much abundance that everybody has a life worth living then? Might that go against Judah's 180 degrees opposite of us?

Will mild man both East and West not listen to Father and help us out of this mess?

Extraterrestrial societies 101. Might we not want to take a class to learn how it is done?

The authority to issue our money, the basis of society because it is the Organizing Principle itself.


Bitch, failing sentimental according to Judah, still loving everyone dutiful. "That's my way, that's my right."

This Tele receive, might this be from elders to us?

"We appreciate you publishing your family being taken away sort of." 3.44 am

Are we understanding that with no rights any foreign corporation might pull us out any day or night?

Are we understanding that it was Judah that hired Adolph Hitler and his crew to help Wall Streets investment portfolio by inciting war?

Are working people understanding that we are being given the breeze?

Might we not try to see that brimstone waste disease will prevent us or our children from coming back in again?

"Oh my God, STRIKE THEM OUT! 11.03 am

"We just show to the people white slayers because that's our way. We just zombie Druid, it was a real fall Pittsburgh. Once you really feel your rights dead Parliament will already have you through. Our terrorists fault you great with our rice officials.

Half of Bitch my dream is over true. We bust your little boy in a nice way that fouls your future. With Bitch you got a head on me so I go. I war to bruise with cancer. My management analysis said I could chump you off and I did and the boy told you so.

I just bum you. Manson was a true false to push you so I could get close with palace aids. I'm a false winner with marrow points. Bitch boy tested my burlesque and rolled my barrel, my bubble gum was holding him scared.

Iowa was sightful for sin, he threw off our Americas force. Our Orioles always let us push through. I'm a big buffoon whose rights are gone. Mr. Sullivan sees two ups forgone, I see you fight for my symbols in order to do a useful mush" Judee say.

The "two ups," might we see Labor that when we act together it's not one that is up and the other down, it is we are both up when we act in peace together?

Might we understand that Judah has no defensible rights at all for attacking us blast to terminate us all from life form?

Might we try to understand that the angels that Father sent in have afforded Judah the opportunity to remove themselves and their decorous pals from us forever more now?

Will we not pray that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?

"With a dog I set your whole government out to bring in Muslim. By Friday because of my damage, I am convinced you will be truly off. My error is cycling," Judee say.

Bitch has been picking up that by next Friday the terrorist opp they have got set will leave us truly off.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and block what they have got set for us next?

One knowledgeable reverse speech Bitch picked up gave the opinion that after this next deadly op in America, Labor will act.

Can we not pray that Labor will act before they turn whatever it is they have loose on us?

Bitch will keep reading them to try and learn more of what they have planned.

3 to 5 hours of a general STRIKE and we can have a new world. A world at peace for all of God's children on earth.

No more false, only truth will be coming in.

Can we all not be dutiful, love one another and STOP THE WAR?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy



Friday, July 21 — Psalm 88:1–5

Isaiah 42:10–43:21; Philippians 2:19–30

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. Psalm 118:26

God’s love was revealed among us in this way: God sent his only Son into the world so that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9

Mighty Redeemer, help give us the strength to carry our crosses, so as your sacred servants may we boldly speak and move in the life of unending hope we have in you. Amen.


6.20 pm

"This is costing you bearish war. 1.47 pm

It's a big insurance wale. 2.09 pm

You ended their syndicate. 2.10 pm

You failed to save your life forces. 2.11 pm

Get Morgan out. 2.14 pm

They disturb us all cash. 2.15 pm

Jews are setting a false state communist. 2.18 pm

Sympathy falsed you out of here. 2.26 pm

You're a force trying to reach us with a true sight. 2.28 pm

Sin-a-full age. 3.03 pm

You sure be helperous. 3.09 pm

Let's RISE to make vicious leave, do something. 4.34 pm

Lethally we're saved. 4.52 pm

We're being failed. 5.21 pm

It's veg." 5.49 pm


That last Tele receive, "it's veg," may have been from elders so Bitch took out the Star Trek Jewtopian section in today's post.

Will we not still keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you.



Jul. 20, 2017

"You Failed To Save Your Right To Live. You Are Terminally Ill."

Those are a couple of over night Tele receives.

Terminally ill with brimstone waste disease. With all the rights of a Kulak. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this world of madness that the sports crowd has put in?

How can we wealthy people miss the most important thing there is, the question of who it is that has the authority to issue our money?

The question that determined if we would be free or imprisoned. The question of who owns our property. The question if we would live in peace or die in a nuclear war.

All questions related to who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands. How is it that that most important question of them all has never come up as an election issue, who issues our money?

Will we not pray to have the ability to imagine that we are people that have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and put them in?

Will we not pray that we will imagine ourselves free to live our lives in peace?

And what is on the horizon now that weap Judah has planned for Americans other than increasing his storage of us?

The best laws ever crafted for human Beings, grand jury before any an action. No such thing as arrests on suspicion. Right to a jury trial before the loss of life liberty or property. No matter what the decision, no cruel or inhuman treatment anytime.

Laws that can wonderfully serve all of us worldwide that came from England and Poland.

And who is carrying the gun and shooting the bombs off other than English and Polish kids?

Might Judah have focused his hatred on English and Polish kids because our ancestors created laws that would not let Judah sport us right?

While we can talk all we want about what Judah does, takes away our rights so that he can molest us without interference, must we not respond to put our most precious and sacred rights in?

As we are being systematically, scientifically extirpated in the hundreds of millions right inside of America what in God's name can explain why we refuse to help ourselves?

Might a better question be, "what will it take for us to help ourselves survive this last nuclear war that Judah is weaping on us?

The fear that Jewish use to hold us in. Will it remain strong enough to take us all away in Sin?

"If you don't get Jewish out, this beautiful nation will be destroyed. You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

Living wealthy comfortable lives might we have thrown caution to the wind?

"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind."

The wind that is now blowing MEGADEATH in upon us. 2,000 years warning of our brimstone deaths and yet so far we have not acted to save ourselves. What might explain it?

Might Judah just be too successful in erasing those that look cross eyed at him that is preventing us from ending our relationship with them right?

Will we not un-condition our unconscious so that we remove his fist from us?

Whatever it is will we not pray that we can have the faith in our good God to get us to the shores of peace at last?

Jewish weap eyes so blind that could not see that we are only children living in a village of God. Jewish eyes that only want to make us bleed. Jewish eyes that look upon us as "wood.'

"Wood" that is used to provide shelter for Judah. The same wood that Judah wants to burn up in his fire.

Will we not pray that Labor will act, recognize Judah's lethal attack upon us in the middle of the night and end the relationship right?

"A Tory Breach," a Tele sender said.

Will American Labor not act and help us get US TO PEACE?

Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Most all the television reporters know exactly who is doing many of the shootings on the streets. Will Labor not hire us some grand juries to properly inform the rest of us what our money is being used for?

Might Labor try to get an idea of how good our God is that he has had His angels go to so much trouble to keep all of us in and protect us from nuclear war?

Might hiring shooters give Judah his feeling of superiority over others, his getting us to finance the cruelly manipulated poor to do dirty deeds for him?

Making it look to all the world that it is the white fish that is harming God's kids.

Will Labor not recognize that our good God has gifted us with rights so that our children can have access to some receipts?

"White children don't have receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

The existence stipend with something in it for everyone. Do we recall Father said, "consider it a God given right?"

"I hold you and take you out with a fiction. It's nothing unusual this time, we just smooth you and prevent you from understanding the truth," Judee say.

The false that Judee put on Bitch claiming he is a mean guy. Might we see the truth in those last two reverse facial speech?

"We just smooth you and prevent you from understanding the truth," Judee say.

Will Labor not believe Father who said of His Bitch, "You're a nice boy?''

Will Labor try to remember that Father also said of His Bitch, "he remained true to me?"

The guy that persistently refused to agree with any of the many wars that Judah has forced America in to. The constant terrorism flowing from the Israeli occupied territory that is Congress.

Will Labor try to see that Bitch has agreed with absolutely none of their fist ever?

Will Labor not act and prevent Judah from smoothing out the truth this time?

That fact that Judah attacked us all out with his 64,000 Hiroshima fires in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will Labor not let them off right?

Tele receives

"We're all messed up to die. 7.04 pm

We failed our shelfing. 7.05 pm

Where the hell is victory? 7.19 pm

You failed to a right challenge complete. 1.20 am

We're set for vicious. 1.30 am

The heart attack was really their way. 1.40 am

They're leaving rice bowls here. 1.41 am

What are we talking bout? Fold cable first. 1.42 am

Our foolish dead completely. 1.43 am

Fouled your rights completely lethal. 1.44 am

To the British you have failed force.

Stupid life of cease guys. 1.46 am

They're asserting camel rights. 1.47 am

Pat, make them warn themselves.

Savage nursery the guys' debt. 1.49 am

We're wiped purity. 1.53 am

The original death squad is forcing us out. 1.54 am

They right finish us. 1.55 am

ORGANIZE to save your lives. 2.26 am

Jew has gotten falled here right. 2.27 am

A Nevada warrant. 2.32 am

You fell merchandise. 2.34 am

Suffering dies us molest. 2.36 am

Your gain you missed. 2.38 am

Kulaks die died. 2.39 am

Raged rich. 2.40 am

You're terminally ill. 2.41 am

They just wiped us here. 2.47 am

They're embarrassing our useful. 2.48 am

Get us out of this mess, you fail, decease us. 2.49 am

You failed to save your right to live. 3.04 am

Storage is here to camp your head. 3.27 am

This is a higher intelligence here.

We lost you's. 4.50 am

You're poofed. 4.59 am

You failed your ageous for real. 5.06 am

We're suffering goose fire and goose failed. 5.16 am

Pitiful. 5.28 am

Obviously, you're punishment now. 5.50 am

Finish it! 5.53 am

They fool you graceless. 7.01 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, renounce theory. 7.56 am

Oh, we've been poisoned rously." 8.10 am


Yes, we have been poisoned rously. Poisoned in such a way that many may not be aware of it until we or our children are stricken down by one of the many illnesses associated with radioactive waste.

All intentional actions of weap Judah to commit genocide against us. Is it not something that our extraterrestrial family called it 2,000 years ago?

Brimstone waste coming out of our mouths and many are just not aware of it yet. How is that for smoothing us as usual as Judee says?

Will we not pray that the mild people will act against weap Judah by taking the concession to issue our money away from them?

"We just hate you. We'll continue though our blues are out famous. We score you great Judas. My complete function is to get you nailed. Nice wits, we war him; Buddha has finished us.

I have a grand jury to cap you die. Bitch has removed my whole process, it is leading to my eviction. I'm just a boy that's not of tomorrow. I've got some animal tricks holding in the day of Judas.

Fiber out human, you fell. I errored you right. My internal organs are in trouble for pushing your baby buggy out. I have a pooch and general that lets me war on. Our right is to tear you up through synergy.

Our conspearacist sees us for joking you off. Because of my New Hampshire, I won't see you. Our main jerk failed us this time, pulled us. I got you oss, that's how I got you out. I out you force Harry Truman. Jew try to convince you glory head is the way to go to get you to fierce.

We're real upset you void us. You autograph our fistory ruse so I can keep my state pp. I like to hate you with a Chi-peck. Patrick sees all of my four decisions to take you off. My useful racket possess foul, that's part of my disease.

For my sake you bleed. My management perish is off for too thief. My filthage was all official in my day. The failure of Velocity has let us put the United States wood, a minority. Bitch report we try to assault you purposely but we hold you product.

I just perish you out of your real estate, that's how we threw your big state. Our Judas capped you fatal. Filthy I'm going alibi. This is our usual way to callous rate you. Dungeon is my usual way I waste you guys out, it's my supreme force," Judee say.

Was it not Judah's supreme force against Labor from the beginning? Was that not how he held his forced Labor?

Was it not prisons as to how Judah broke the Labor activists that opposed forcing America into war in 1917? Yes, it was.

Will Labor not end funding Judah supreme force, his investor prisons, that he always uses against Labor first?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free."

Will Labor not join with the love of our good God, do Father's will and let the fishies roam free?

The 80 to 100,000 of our family in America that are suffering solitary confinement on any day.

The most hideous of cruelties, abandoning our fellow human Being to be locked away isolated outside the community that we have been a part of for 12 million years on earth.

Will American Labor not take our free cash away from Judah and end funding the cruelties that we are funding both here in America and our world?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for dying the weap Jewish cipher off right?

"They have no defensible rights. I died them truthful," our good God Almighty said of how He has removed Judah from the human equation for the rest of God's kids on earth. Will Labor not let them off please?

"My fetid voice held. Patrick failed sentimentality," Judee say.

Will Labor not give us our real heritage and make peace?

"They're taking us out because we're lunatics, it looks like I won," Judee say.

Extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation of Light that have served us for thousands of years while letting Judah do his thing on planet earth.

The "Proper Behavior Committee" of the Federation, decided in 1906 to go ahead with the intervention into our world to spare us from being destroyed by weap Judah on nuclear bombs. "Project Earth" came alive then.

Sir Maximilian, who is recognized as the Infant of Prague, headed "Project Earth" until He departed in September of 2008. Maximilian was in earth zone since 1910.

Juliet, who would be recognized as our "Fairy Godmother," assisted Sir Maximilian since 1937.

Kind Juliet left earth zone in November of 2008.

Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor, pulled all of Judah's great balls of fire out of the air when he shot them at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Before leaving and returning to Mars at the end of April a few months ago, Sir Casper kindly transmuted Judah blast plutonium 239 into non-explosive onium 228 and a half.

Thank you, Sir Casper for all that you have done. WE love you and your community of love in Mars.


Patrick is doing all he can to wake Labor up to what's at hand. We need some help here Labor. Will you not lend a hand to close the destroyer of our species out of this land? Will you not try to save us?

Are we perceiving how our good God loves us and has instructed His angels to set us up in a right way so that we can live in love, peace and harmony with everyone?

That Father's angels have advised us well to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them.

Will Labor not respond to the love and wisdom of precious sweet Father and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Father wills that Labor issue our money. Will Labor not do the will of God and take the issue of money onto yourselves?

Will Labor not accept the thousands of warnings from our good God and STOP THE WAR?

"Patrick you failed goofy, no peace suffers you. 8.23 am

You're sewerage tumbling. 8.32 am

The thief pounds you serious. 8.52 am

Patrick wake us. 8.58 am

You failed to save us. 9.01 am

You're gruff. 9.15 am

Patrick's trying to force them out because they smashed us. 9.18 am

Get them out, get in peace heritage." 9.31 am


Bitch will keep reading their reverse facial speech and try to discover where their next op will be.

All indications are there is something ready to go about next Thursday, the 27th of July.

Though from some of their reverse speech they are indicating that they are having bourse problems for some of their ops.

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end all of their ops?

Labor rights. The demand by workers in ancient Rome to have their rights recognized. They went on strike to get them.

The thing that began the Roman Republic 2500 years ago, a strike so that Labor rights would be recognized.

A thousand years later Justinian wrote the legal code that closed out rights for workers.

The beginnings of the what is known today as the dark ages began after Justinian's code was brought in.

Barbarian time passed and then into the north lands the Magna Carta appeared in 1215 AD.

Rights that were to be recognized by the king as belonging to the Barons.

Poland brought in rights for workers and everyone else with its grand jury process in 1430.

The Golden Age of Poland began 20 years after workers rights were recognized.

America 1791 made our Bill of Rights the law of the land.

The rights to trial by a jury of peers the Barons put in in 1215. And eight centuries later in the new land of America Judah put them out. Made us all right less again.

From the 5th century BC when Roman workers put their rights in until the 5th century AD when Justinian put them out. About thousand years.

Might we consider our legal process from the north land that put in Magna Carta, the Great Charter, it only took Judah eight centuries to put them out this time?

Is that not about two centuries less than it took him to fully put out Roman workers rights?

Might we consider the good side though, with Judee getting caught with his bad hand shooting thermonuclear blast he won't be coming back in again to take out anybody's rights ever again?

Certainly, is it not clear that Judah is a guy of the past and not a guy of tomorrow land?

The image bomb that Judah dropped on Bitch. Will it hold long enough for Judah to put the hook on the American kids? Will Judah actually pull us all out involved in sin?

Will the majority of us be died out over the next few years now from atomic brimstone nuclear waste sickness?

"The one that sent you wants you to win." A reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker.


If only Bitch would have avoided alcohol and coffee might he just not have had his faulty?

If only Bitch had had the smoothie of Judee might he have gotten everyone out of the fail of nuclear waste and the sin of war and into a state that is free and living in peace?

"We had fun with the incite-able Bitch," Judee say.

Showing up with a few foreign police at his door to carry him off for a taste of Poland and then on to Moscow to be finished out right.

Might that sort of thing not incite more people than just Bitch?

Still here though because of the angels that Father sent in to help save his children.

Bitch mentions all of our extraterrestrial family with love and the utmost respect to their honor and dignity.

While our good God Almighty has given us our right to life, if we do not claim it do we not recognize then that Judah's self-professed right to take our lives will dominate us from here on in?

The cage, the ricepital or the morgue. Without our rights in do we see that Judah can make his choices for which we will receive?

His smoothie, his mental force that Judah claims has always won to hold the mild people for his jester, his joke, his mirth routine.

Will Judah snuff right hold this time or will mild people put our rights in?

The image bomb that Judee put on Bitch. Might ordinary people figure out the meany stuff and gruff is not Bitch, merely Judah lies?

Might ordinary people want to consider that Judah on lies and rumors have always won and not let him get away with it this time?

"All our accomplishments you fail. Our policy is to distaste you and that's why our error always won," Judee say.

Might Labor try to keep in mind that the distaste that Judah is doing is a psychological trick to hold Labor from acting to take the concession to issue our money away from these guys?

Will Labor try to think of the love of Father who saved us from extinction in a well planned and lavishly financed Jewish nuclear blast war?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. Sooth me. I want to save your lives," God Almighty, our precious kind sweet Father in heaven said to us.

Will Labor not please bring precious sweet Father in to dwell and guide us in peace?

Have we not had more than enough of Judah and his thousands of years of molest and abuse that we Americans will not now cut them loose from us and try to save our beautiful nation? More than our nation, will we not try to save ourselves?

"The 5% opposite screws you up and bourse lets us always win. With a white man, I'm a serious fail. The white guy ditched me. You believe all our visual, that's how we hold our threat" Judee say.


Their bad glorified them and they won. Though do we notice that in their subconscious they know that the white guy has indeed ditched them?

Will we not pray to Father to help us wake everybody up to STRIKE THEM OUT and let freedom ring?

Will Labor not heed the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?

If so will Labor not then STRIKE THEM OUT!?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy


Thursday, July 20 — Psalm 87

Isaiah 41:8–42:9; Philippians 2:5–18

In you the orphan finds mercy. Hosea 14:3

These are the words of the first and the last, who was dead and came to life: “I know your affliction.” Revelation 2:8–9

Dearest Divine, we are a people of tears, and a people of blessings, a people of families and a people of lost and new friends, a people who mourn and a people who laugh, a people of faith and a people of your love. Be it so, Amen.


5.22 pm

"Tell them that you honestly like them. 12.41 pm

What happened here? The government's folding up. 12.51 pm

Patrick, you failed us fused. 1.05 pm

Bad, bad fish serious. 2.01 pm

Judas has cored your state. 2.14 pm

Usable air has failed. 2.11 pm

You failed your brief, memories tossed you out wasted. 2.25 pm

Good luck. 2.27 pm

Your ace fell. 2.54 pm

Rice-ler is ricing us out. 2.57 pm

They perish you off of this state, this state is a traditional fascists for fun. 3.01 pm

The robbers bulled us away. 3.05 pm

It's a complete fallen. 3.06 pm

Time for shooting us genocide. 3.33 pm

They leave sold. 3.37 pm

The boys Freud us. 3.40 pm

You are repaired. 3.45 pm

You're falling out your cipher for excitement.

They're already closed. 4.12 pm

They've exhausted us." 4.15 pm




Gruff suggests a hoarse or husky speech which may imply bad temper but more often implies embarrassment or shyness

Don't be fooled by his gruff manner—he's really very kind.