Swedish 19-year-old Tove Johansson was attacked while the Israeli military stood by. Chanting "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too,"
members of the mob broke her cheekbone and spat on her.http://alisonweir.org/journal/2014/7/13/which-came-first-palestinian-rockets-or-israeli-violence.html


Investigation continues in death, mutilation of bulls
By Sierra Dawn McClain EO Media Group Aug 7, 2019 death-mutilation-of-bulls/article_12c8f2b2-af5b-53a0-aad8-0cf7286fca01.html


Your Idiots Bumped Your Safe. Aspersions Cast You Out.”


Those a couple of overnight Tele receives. The amazing and incredible near extraterrestrial facility of mind of the Jews that has kept Europeans in war since the Jews took over management in the lands of the north 1,300 years ago.


Europeans, as the rest of our family worldwide, fooled by the Jews ability to operate as chameleons in our midst with out us noticing who is pestering all of our societies.


The ability they have demonstrated to keep us from responding to the brimstone genocide they are moving right ahead with using Hitachi-GE that has been poisoning us extinction level event for 9 years this next March 11, 2020.


While simultaneously getting American workers to keep funding from our workers pay packages the immense amount of suffering, death and destruction. Does that bring some to recall what the late Ellie Wiesel said about Jews and gentiles, that there is an “ontological difference” between us?


The thirty minute break through the Tele sender sent in years ago. Will we not keep praying for that to happen so that we will not now be put out of existence by the Jews on nuclear waste?


The angels of our extraterrestrial powers that our good God Almighty sent in to spare us from extinction in the well laid plans of the Jews on Rhine industrial investors and their legion of nuclear war fighting scientists. Blast and waste, all disgrace all of the time.


Boom boom,bang bang bang, bark bark, I control your purse and now you have lost your children to my force.” Might we guess that is what Judah is thinking?


Can we only wonder what day Druid is going to take their force out?

And what is their force? Is it any other than than the authority to issue our money? That’s it. That’s their force. Our money. Any doubters out there?


Abstract receipts of labor. Organizing principle of society,” our extraterrestrial elders clue us as to what we need to help ourselves here.


Zapata's lament. Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919) who wanted to serve the community he came from. He worked to bring in a land bank and lamented that the time was early and it was the technical he needed to find to bring the real bank that would serve all of the people all of the time.


He was assassinated as a young man so his plans came to an end. Yet he did recognize the need for the ordinary people to have a bank to serve them.


Might we want to think about the different time it is now a hundred years after Emiliano was stolen away when he gave the bank a try and today we are highly technically advanced with no shortage of technical specialists available to operate the bank’s most important function in our society, the authority to issue our money?


Is it not a certainty that we have the tools and ability to operate a bank for all of our people? Cell phones and computers to communicate with each other. Will workers not step up here and stop the war so that we can bring our advanced world of peace and plenty in for all of God’s children on earth?


They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off,” God Almighty said as to the Jews who are absolutely destroying economy, our health, our property and our lives.




That word, “wheat,” Bitch has pulled out of the Jews reverse facial speech for years. What could it indicate? He just pulled it yesterday in connection with the the word, “disease.”


Bitch just checked and apparently it is not genetically modified, so what could the genocidal Jews be mentioning “wheat” in reverse speech for?


Might it be absorbing the radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE? Could that be why they have been mentioning “wheat” for years? Will our bread be no longer safe to eat because of brimstone radioactive pollution from Hitachi-GE?


With our advanced technology in are we aware that we can pull radioactive waste out of not only food products but also our own bodies? Will American workers not act and end the Jews issuing our money?


Elon Musk being sued because he called a cave diver a “pedo.” Are we not aware the cave boys rescue was a Jew staged mental operation? Are we seeing one of the ways they use the courts to fool the people by dragging the story on longer to get the most bounce out of their cave boys rescue staged opp?


But how do our courts let themselves be used this way? Might it be the big paychecks they get paid to put the show on?


The authority to issue bourse. The issue that will determine now who will live and who will die inhaling brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE.


Our good God Almighty who decides who lives and who dies. Is there an understanding that God decided the Jews are to die out now?


I will never harm you,” God said. If that is the case then why are we dying now?


Might it be the same reason the Jews are dying out now, they chose to not listen to God’s warnings?


While God will never harm us as He has never harmed the Jews, but do we see when His Martian angels pulled the thermonuclear missiles out of the sky He let them shoot themselves out permanently?


Father could have had His angels turn off the ability to launch and saved the Jews from themselves but He let them launch and then His angels pulled the missiles out which has caused them to perish themselves now.


2 Kings 19:34 The Lord said, “I will defend this city to save it, for my own sake.”


While mild people have failed our rights and now have opened the door to the Jews finishing dying us massively, do we see there is hope that God will save us even though we failed to save ourselves from the powerful wolf mental that has already sterilized our youngsters?


And what might God’s purpose be in saving our nation if we won’t even try to save it ourselves? Might God’s own sake be so that our wonderful bill of rights will come in again and be part of our system so that it will be implemented worldwide?


Will Father not be soothed by His children being protected by our wonderful Philadelphia freedom? For His own sake are we seeing that Father will save this wonderful God blessed nation and it will go into peace for His sake?


But what about our children who have already been sterilized by the radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE?


As God let the Jews suicide themselves might it be the same for us if we act like Jews and ignore the thousands of warnings from God to stop the war?


You have the right to die,” Mercury said to Bitch years ago. Might we consider that is how it is right now, we have the right to die and if we take no action to save ourselves then many of us will die out now and the Jews will continue to live on in the safety of their undergrounds? The STRIKE American workers, will you not give it to us to take the concession to issue our money away from the errant Jews


Tele receives:


Bitch fall the parasite.


Their mental wash us chopping around.


They’re threatening off all available life.


You launched them out because you’re faithful. 8.52 am


It’s caliberish.


Let them off.


They had a nice peeve time.


Get out their hike clear and get rid of London.


That was tabby ass gruntin.


You run us because you’re a psychic.


Our tumors are frosted true falling us.


Nice score let them do a nice punch.


Their goose package let them do a nice savage away.


Hey Pat, the fiends gone bearish.


Score detective.


They’re out their locks here. 9.32 am


Your sight is clouded.


You did listen to our fiend.


Shot you with funeral greasers.


You’re so weird, you’re basic talk.


Patrick how you fail with great emphasis. 11.42 am


It’s quite a risk you shot.


Juveniles always score us right away.


Your inheritance you botched.


They’re planning to cancel us cancer here in a big way.


Hero felled you.


Never could you defeat all sin.


You hurt.


You set them out right here. 1.56 pm


You’re a goose image that repels us.


You talk kind of physical.


Just keep moving it forward Patrick.


Get out, you’ve abolished me now.


Father’s turning this into a workers paradise.


They make you soft moe-hee-gus continually.


Weaper failed with fails to indict you Ronald proceed. 3.18 pm


Your peace theory has died you and failed us.


He’s goaling you failtish.


God won’t save the beast.


They defeat with rumpus wit.


We cheated.


Let them off for puritics.


Nice boy he’s got it out of there.


He hears his faithful.


78 but that may be high enough to do it.


They’re through all offender.


They fouled you Nevada.


Hip to their dedication.


Erratic booze scourge ya.


Lets finish it. 5.17 pm


Missed you.


These are preposterous frauds.


Chair. 6.40 pm


Regressive grease force.


About 30, 40, 50 Muslims they got here. 6.53 pm


It’s resource base struggle they’ve got us in.


True thatchery.


Lets compare wits here, the Martians will teach us.


The upper Saxon turkey outed loud.


Muslims swept away our peace block here.


They’ve bored us lethal.


It’s a motley score.


Progressive Western here murderous cheat us.


You started at the top and busting failed your life force.


I accomplished ya’s surveilling ya’s.


Finish it.


Oh Patrick save us here.


Treachery to kill useful.


An armed dis-ratty kills and folds complete right forces.


The Jew folds out your rights.


I lost a fine perish.


I think they’ll sweep the states off of us making us fast humbles.


H----- gave receipt apps to you.


You lost your peak failed.


Get rid of this tyranny.


We’ve been sold this fight fisty packet.


I should stop failing.


Patrick died for his sick trip.


Christ has failed to save us Patrick.


A right psychology has banned us closed.


It’s a leaderless state quite brutal.


Druids will be decimated, desecrated with true weapons here.


They scored ya lacking a survival function to their force.


One dog story after another that’s aimed to shoot the messenger.


This whole things an electrical mess.


We’re going sales, we’re out.


They just succumb victims.




Sarah Fawcett died for thee cash.


Patrick they’re dying us for siege-ous.


Get rid of their threats.


Daddy let them roast everyone here.


A sensitive white fails.


Dinner lost his pass.


The state is a criminal with a passion for falsing.


Terror assault.


They average you mortgages.


You’re welcome for the sight you lead.


Aspersions cast you out.


Your idiot bumped your safe.


I urge you to phase them out and let the minnow stay in. 7.46 am


He’s interior fault.


Hey nice guy now I leave you corrupt. 8.34 am


Circious will rue em.


It’ s folded.” 8.49 am



Aspersions cast you out. You’re a goose image that repels us.”


As Bitch is not an intentional wrongdoer here except talking violently due to temporary inanity from being put to death so many times. And his sin of accidentally insulting the white force due to his fault. Though have his angry words not been used well by the psychology of the Jews and has helped their false aspersions to give the minnows a false impression of who Bitch is? Looks that way doesn’t it?


This whole things an electrical mess.”


The significance of the killing of our top scientist, Dr. Mallove, who informed us in 2004 that we were only months away from unlimited clean free energy. From such a fact might we try to plumb the depths of the plotting that went in to build Jewish electricity that is closing our breed out of existence at this moment?


Does this not sound like Father here?


I urge you to phase them out and let the minnow stay in.” 7.46 am


Those who are well financially positioned will miss the big die in the north lands by heading to South America for some years. Are we seeing it will be the minnows that will take the megadeath depopulation the Jews have put on us here? Will we not listen to Father's urging to phase the genocidal nuclear war fighting hobbyists out of here and let the minnow stay in?


The minnows that run our economy. Will workers not save your own lives with a STRIKE?


The industrial dust bowl they have accomplished here. What dust bowl? The one the Jews tell us we all will be aware of by April only months away from now. And what might we know then? Might we be seeing the numbers of our children with polio has greatly risen by then? Might roast kidney disease be showing itself large by then?


Here’s is merely another sample of some more of the thoughts in their subconscious that show up in their reverse facial speech:


I cored you on nice bayonets mellow. Because of Judas sight the bourse is obviously at an end. Treachery is coming after you rightly poacher. H----- wants our screw shaft pulled back. Bitch truly caved us because I fouled you French. I waste your honor system. We’re savages on welfare.


My love transplant faulty pitched you all in. Jew cot all fast balls. We just set your day and push them all in. Our GM oxed your source. Jews core awful suda-bite. My mouse I just pull big acid warfare, Irish won because I shoot a man and waste hell. We just have Dudley to keep you chummin. I sport you West Point way, just fear. I just roll you Yousef credit cards right. I just have to raidister your wits and now forever I’m thrown.


I fouled you in a risky scheme but you still let us mess this field. (Newly elected young Jew)


This is to give you more anguish fear rightly. I was paid from marfulin. This is my great philosophy out you Federal. For Pat it makes it harder for him to play you true. (Found from speakers concerning Zimmerman filing suit against Trayvon’s family)


I’m a Jewies prop. (Reporter)


We’re still force felina with our deadliest joke. A new vicious went well. You see me as a dopey man who lost my force tomorrow. It’s sad our bruise ends. My nest egg I put on all your heads. Jew mind got a sane to sink your ship here. I’m a weap urges Jew. In the beginning I’m a pest guy that makes you die. Because of weakness we just involve you in scoundrel. We just continue on our way to make you homeless until you fold from bad diseases.

I’m a screw force but I’m detected. Pat Sullivan wants to set you out of war ways and I couldn’t attack. My age deployments made me, after you see GM you see me. With our error we just expose people. With our college I jew gruesome people. We want to give you Fatwa for an end. Our stupid rights, Harry rights atom, we falsed you all off. We have dishonorable rights to leave you homeless.


This white boy sees our frivolous and foreigners see our sport. I had a swat to go take him but he reported our atom. I’m a Jew-losophy hydrogen offend. Jew, for sweepin waste we’re out. I’m a big Stacy oafer, I punished you with war. We have pretty mussed you hell, I’m gone. Principal right of justice was gorgeous. Bitch has talked about our weapon shooting houses, our conspear.


We’re just forcing exhausting you out. Bitch is on me half shell because I died-you Judah fish. Once I constitution break I make war. I despise you for all Jew days muggery. Jew passed you orgy. I’m a gem Raymond. I just goof you off Orvidas true. This nervous man made me fail. I just used Missouri for my better day. Religiously I’m pulling out shrimp. Mormons do some wonderful things out here. We pitched Bitch as a fraud in Iowa state, I’m out for insure. I just had a vortec to fold you dead. Bitch saw my bench sin-apee side. On mortgage money I’m done. I purpose the white boy weap opperty. I score you animals for a fine day. You all faulted to our conspear so we ditch you for truth,” Judee say.


And some non-Judah reverse facial speech:


It’s imperative you get the abuse off the mouse official. Your psych has revealed Japanese are foolish guys. You were in Federal cuffs but the police said you’re out now for their war.”


We were just new merchandise.” (Woman abuse survivor speaking about Bishop that was removed for sex abuse)


Rather than Bitch psych revealing “Japanese are foolish guys,” might it not better read “Bitch psych revealed Japanese Judah Replicon shells are foolish guys?”

Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and end all of these foolish Jews guys and gals in their shells?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, December 5 — Psalm 139:13–16 Amos 3,4; Revelation 8 Now there was a great wind, so strong that it was splitting mountains and breaking rocks in pieces before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of sheer silence. 1 Kings 19:11-12 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4:24 God of truth, we thank you, that in the midst of our world’s chaos, you come to us day after day in unique and special ways. Grant us eyes and ears that see and hear you moving in our lives. Amen.






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28 OCTOBER 2018

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius say

"You Failed My Son's Virtue."

Patrick Sullivan
"You Failed My Son's Virtue." Bitch was already in bed afte
Mon Apr 17, 2017 13:32

"You Failed My Son's Virtue."

Bitch was already in bed after posting today's post and shortly after 8.00 pm Father spoke to him. Here is the message from Father to His simian children on earth:

"You failed My son's virtue. I've given you an end to masters abuse. Pat is with us.

A complete foul I threw and closed their market. Fantastic they took a free shot to make you's and abused history good.

You failed industrial, a stupid fail. You lost your field. I gave you your life for free. My ornament pressed much abuse off of this ship.

What you receive now will fail you human. The pest force brings jeopardy. Guilty I have them caught, completely stupid to let them fist you.

So into a cage you'll leave, insect fused. A painful decision, been tossed. Casually new officials will toast you usury. The pyramid degrades and left you dead.

They master baited for big incomes. It's a dying relationship without Maryland closing. Their force has been resigned, they're leaving for being nuts with Germany.

Generals and colonels are invested to pest you dead. Their enzyme is fatally failed. Their disease schemes us. Kidney stumps you for peace.

They're through with you, you're on death's doorstep. Apparently, you're going out of here in pursuit of Majors. They encouraged you thieves without revealing they're dangerous.

Rich men embarrassed you, you fish have a chance for a rich life here and England still molests you. The home to Dulles men bishops conspear away.

They've died this field, you've been scummed, really you've been scummed. They're leaving you incredible X-rays. They encourage you to field with Germany.

They're circling you fish. The desert doesn't fail. A new head will fall off this street. Deceit was ever refused.

A faulty MOX has stole you out. A terrible dumpsee. Chimp is now going to give you strange. STRIKE THEM OUT if you want to stay voluptuous.

They're hosting you into deep creek. Toss them out, they're passed. Toss them out for victory. They've failed your lives vicious. Eternally they use a real fish.

Eventually, they will mosh you failed, STRIKE THEM OUT and save your life. Pat is a nice guy that wants rules that all can live by peaceably, safely without a source failure.

Judah is giving you a die, refuse it. He's behind you and wants to court you with his wee fist. He's too dangerous, too course and physically needs cocaine.

I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big. Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. More war will steal you.

RISE UP Yourselves, serve peacefully. Bitch wants peacefully. They tried to put him in, tried to roll the guy. He put their company in. The guy rolls for us.

Peacefully he made the fortune show as piracy. We warned you, we warned all states about the moose field. If you have respect for life, his mother is holding you in.

Minnows will bake and eat your puss in. American rights have failed fistic fisty. We're leaving, purge them out of here. They've unevaded. Save yourself, God bless you.

Their smoothing is what makes you seriously dead.


Their league has no ment except SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL.

They failed you one time as their dangerous client, you are all held failed. Their assigned is to finish you off.

Ready, set, STRIKE THEM OUT! Humble Freud, make them leave. They'll only fist and make you die."

Will Labor not listen to the words of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will we not pray for peace? Thank you.

9.22 pm

"All RISE, They're Holding Us Fail-A-Fish: The Atomic Die Canceled Us"