Swedish 19-year-old Tove Johansson was attacked while the Israeli military stood by. Chanting "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too,"
members of the mob broke her cheekbone and spat on her.http://alisonweir.org/journal/2014/7/13/which-came-first-palestinian-rockets-or-israeli-violence.html


Investigation continues in death, mutilation of bulls
By Sierra Dawn McClain EO Media Group Aug 7, 2019 death-mutilation-of-bulls/article_12c8f2b2-af5b-53a0-aad8-0cf7286fca01.html

17 OCTOBER 2019

 "They Poison Our Sanity."


That Tele receive in yesterday's post Bitch heard as he was leaving a store and a couple of women were talking together at the register. "They poison our sanity."


The errant life form that is poisoning our air, water, and soil to destroy us as vastly as is possible before we put them out of privately issuing our money. Will, we not take the concession to issue our money away from them to end them poisoning our sanity also?


The odds are by 79 to 21% we will not act in time and will lose our life forms to the dutiful, tough, passionate Babylonian order, the weap Jews. And those figures, 79 to 21% that we will remain passive is from millions of years of the Federation transitioning life forms out of war and into peace.


The prophecy from our bible that a third of the water on our planet will be turned bitter and poison many people as the third of the human race on the surface of planet earth die away. Is it not astounding that our extraterrestrial elders' computer simulations from the Federation experts so accurately revealed thousands of years ago how the end days of the beast Jews would do us in easily?


"We're foulish cap head extortionists, we psychically cap your behavior."


Psychically cap our heads and poison our sanity. And for those who the Jews fail to fully poison our sanity and who report that they are nuts, they have fists that have Germany Boston rights to take us off the street and cage us where they then abuse us unto death with Berlin pharmaceuticals and their French chef.


"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. I died them truthful," God Almighty said of Jewish cipher and their claim to special rights.


But if they have no defensible rights might we ask ourselves, "why are we paying them tribute for free from our labor dollar and still allowing them to issue our money?"


Might we find it in their ability to organize themselves versus our failure to care? The authority to issue money, the "organizing principle of society," Mercury whispered into dutiful Bitch's ear where he immediately shouted it out to remove the falsity of Germany industrialists and Jews upon us here.


The Jews who formed an alliance with the indigenous Euro-criminals 1,300 years ago and are still holding on at this late date. Will American workers not get them off and out of America, please?


Those Federation computer simulations found in our bibles that tell us, "NO," we will lay down one last time to be raped out by the Jews and their criminal collaborators.


The odds on favorite to win is still the Jews by a factor of 79 to 21%. 


Bitch while happy to have reported how Judee and Gerry shot themselves with a silver bullet right and buried a stake in their jester sporting hearts, he is sad that he insulted the simple working people who now have been psychically held to destroy themselves and their kids. May God have mercy on us all.


The typhoon that Judee had American labor funded HAARP steer right into the heart of Japan that has now washed all sorts of radioactive poisons from Hitachi-GE into the Pacific ocean fulfilling the prophecy of a third of the water on our planet poisoned out in the end times


And Hitachi-GE still managing the future super dirty bomb at Morris, Illinois, the Dresden atomic power plant that our extraterrestrial elders have been buzzing for years to alert us to Judee and Gerry's plan.


And while the Jews and their genocidal sports hobbyists in Berlin, London, and Washington DC are wiping us out in our genetics slowly with brimstone waste, they have so much free money from American workers that they still can afford to be hiring shooting nuclear missiles at us and our family in all of the lands of earth. Did you see this nuclear warhead that Sir Casper and his diligent team of Martians just burst off the other evening high in the skies over China sparing our family the shock and awe of being blast, heat and radiation burned up?


Brilliant Midnight Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Northeast China

By Tariq Malik 3 days ago Skywatching 

It turned night into day.




What appears to be a dazzling meteor lit up the sky over northeast China on Friday (Oct. 11), appearing as a brilliant fireball in surveillance videos of the event. 

The meteor occurred at about 12:16 a.m. Beijing Time, turning night into day and casting dark shadows as it streaked through the sky, according to the state-run CCTV. Videos of the fireball were captured by surveillance cameras in the city of Songyuan in the province of Jilin, as well as by many residents across northeast China, CCTV reported



But didn't the astronomers say that great ball of fire was a "meteorite," and not a 300 kiloton thermonuclear warhead that Judee Berlin shot at them?


"Ha, ha, ha, Ho, ho ho, hee hee hee. WInk wink."



NASA researchers Alan Ehrgott, Mike Koop, and Derek Sears wait to board the zeppelin Eureka for a meteorite hunt on May 3, 2012.


Will we not pray that American labor will organize, STRIKE THEM OUT and do God's will and issue our money?


The volleys of nuclear warheads the Jews on free American workers money keep shooting at us. 




Those warheads over the Gulf of Mexico. Can we only wonder where they were headed? New Orleans?


Are some wondering that if what Bitch is reporting is true, these are thermonuclear warheads that we are being attacked with, then why do we not see the radar data on the evening news showing these nuclear missiles dispatching these hydrogen bomb warheads at us?


Might there be a couple of answers to that? 


First, that the same people who are attacking us with thermonuclear warhead equipped missiles own the news broadcast stations, might that give us clue why it is not reported on their news stations?


Second, that the cunning Jews got to the air traffic controllers union to go on STRIKE when Ronald Reagon was in the weap house and he fired them all, allowing Judah to fill up all the controller slots with hybrid transplant Jews and then raise the wages, might they be hiding the radar data tapes that show those nuclear missiles coming in?


Do we recall it was the air traffic control radar data of the NATO missile attack upon Poland that caused the Polish government in 2010 to stage a plane crash so they could get away before our family in Poland figured it out?


So who cares about such stuff anyway? Did you see the real important news of this big dog that was so tired that the local Sherrif sent his emergency rescue team to carry this big pooch down from a hiking trail?








The "rare" of the Jews found in their ability to hold psychically the ordinary simple people. Our extraterrestrial elders who with 78 million years of data find errant life forms like the Jews about once every one million years.


Are we seeing why our extraterrestrial elders gave the Jews by 79 to 21% that their "rare" would die a third of us off now in the end times? Was that not clever how they used the union to STRIKE and close the Druid air controllers out and put their Fornian look-alike shells in and then raise the wages to a fair rate of pay?


They refer to the "Great Druid." Will Great Druid not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a peaceful world now without the Jews privately controlling the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money?


The high levels of background radiation they have been pouring in on us ever since they set off their dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE over 8 years ago now. How much radiation have they put upon us? As the radiation monitoring was ordered turned off in 2014, might we just have to guess and rely upon private organizations to tell us how much radioactive waste in our air and food and water? But won't we be diseased by high levels of radiation? Might this new wave of childhood polio be something we should consider?



The Toll Mounts From a Mystery Disease Some Call "The New Polio"



Braden plays with a toy thumb on his bed in Tomball, Texas on Aug. 6, 2019. Braden Scott, 8, has a polio-like virus called acute flaccid myelitis. Ilana Panich-Linsman for TIME





OCTOBER 9, 2019

Carter Roberts’ motorized wheelchair didn’t arrive until the day he died.


It had been a long time coming and his parents had fought hard to get it. The chair cost more than $32,000 and the insurance companies wouldn’t cover it, so the family went to court. One insurer eventually agreed to pay for some components of the chair but not the whole thing. And then none of it mattered anyway. On Sept. 22, 2018, the Roberts’ doorbell rang and the chair was delivered. Also on Sept. 22, 2018, Carter died, just three months shy of his sixth birthday. He had been largely paralyzed for the final two years of his life. The family is only now beginning to pick their way through the horror of what happened.


By any measure, the Roberts family of Richmond, Va. was spectacularly unlucky. They lost their son to a disease that science first recognized only in 2012. It’s new enough that it didn’t even have a formally accepted name until 2014. When it got one, it was one of those names that is more or less just a clinical description of what the disease is: acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a sudden inflammation of spinal tissue resulting in flaccid paralysis of the muscles of the limbs, neck, face and often diaphragm. It’s a lot like polio but it’s not polio; it’s a little like meningitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome but it’s not them either.


“This is our generation’s polio,” Carter’s mother, Robin Roberts says flatly.



Will American workers not step in and help us to get that polio creating atomic cannon at Hitachi-GE shut down?


Father who may be weeping because his simian children are dying on earth from easily preventable diseases in America and around the world. "Radiosis," the new disease the Jews have brought with their greatest invention, atomic and hydrogen bombs. 


"For my luxury, Druid has failed my competency, so I poisoned your air."


That reverse facial speech from a look-alike hybrid transplant weap Judah official in Japan. Our children now being stricken with polio and a host of other radiosis diseases due to radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE. Will, we not keep praying to our good God Almighty that we match the competency of Judah and end funding them poisoning our air?


"We got scored big way because I like hot pussy," Judee say.


Bitch just pulled that from a guy speaking in reverse facial speech on Japan news. Have we noted over many years that their violence, animating much of it is a sexual force that leads them to plan ahead of time to commit genocide against those that fall into their hands?


Do some recall one of them said describing himself as a, "criminal sexual psychopath?"


The few hours of a general American STRIKE by workers that will end these dangerous sexual criminal psychopaths from issuing our money. Will we not keep praying that American workers will take the authority to issue our abstract receipts of labor away from them?


"I just do ruin with genocide to intense your fall."


An executive in Japan just said while Bitch is watching Japan Judee television.


And from yesterday's post, a picture from television of our extraterrestrial elders who had one of their spacecraft live on the news.






Are workers perceiving that our extraterrestrial elders are here and have been here for 700,000 years?


Our extraterrestrial elders who created us in our extraterrestrial high intelligence form 200,000 years ago.


The continuous nuclear war of genocide they are winning against us here in America. Will we turn out to be on the 79% side as elders projected and die off now or is there some chance yet that we can be part of the 21% that our extraterrestrial elders missed on?


"My superior false is keeping my rackets in," Judee say.


Their competency and superior false that is keeping their rackets in that have kept us funding war and genocide against our family around the earth and also ourselves right here inside of America. What about this Tele receive?



"When you are funding all of this war in this world you should prepare to perish yourself out of here."


Should that Tele receive not bring us to think we shouldn't let their superior false hold them in even a day longer?


"Once we get inside you we do day basalt."


The science fiction story of beings that travel in and disguise themselves by stealing our shells away and programming in monsters that want us dead and out of existence. But who would ever believe such a far fetched science fiction story?


They come in and get inside of us by stealing our shells and then spend their time enriching themselves at our expense and setting us up for one big nuclear blast die.


Who would ever conceive of such a strategy as that? 


They use their shells in every land to stage events to put the simple people to war against each other and then when our sanity is poisoned they use the ones that they used to fight war external under the pretense it was to protect us and then they turn them loose to kill those that they fooled into paying for their war because they thought war was to protect them. How is that for a ruse?


And under cover of war the Jews attacked us all out to extinct Americans in the lower 48 using their invention of nuclear blast. Will workers not listen to God, "I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin?"


"My big sump time is because I child you. Now you want me out because I just war shears. For my boom boom death I got cleared," Judee say.


Bitchie, who has focused his wits on nuclear war since November of 1965, when he intuitively figured out he was to suffer the fate of being in a nuclear war. Only to find out decades later, the Jews had planned to wipe Americans out in nuclear blast war from before the beginning of the nuclear age.


The Jews who wipe out any people that plan to help us so that he can put his fouls into office. 


"Bitch show you Judee lie but I'm still blasting your ass."


Do we perceive that all of the war in our world is due to American workers not acting to stop funding it all? 


"I failed your percentage," Judee say as they continue to blaze away. The key to peace or war are we understanding it all has to do with who issues our money, American workers or the Jews?


At 7.11 am Bitch just flipped the channel to New York news and saw that Representative Elijah Cummings is dead at 68 years of age. The first words out of the correspondent's mouth in reverse facial speech said:


"We gave him some sassafras and he just flew off. They saw 23 clear he had thrown so we abolished him shears."


Will American workers not put our grand juries in so that we can keep alive the other Jew hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells from Judah putting them in?


Will American workers not end funding the Jews war on our world?


A news report on national news last night about a family in Europe living in the basement because they thought it the end of the world. And what was found in reverse from that story?


"It's dog chum. It's slumming weaple."


And a story of a hero police officer racing up to the tracks when a train was coming passed and rescued a guy that was in that car. Then the train slammed into that car that Judee positioned there. Here is what was found in facial RS in that staged event:



"My half wits are about caped out. I'm true busty fiendin' that's why I'm not coming back. I fool them thick, that's why I passed you."


Are we getting their jest, the thing called news is all Judah psychically capping us?


Tele receives:


"Please help release us from your dumb. 8.53 am


Goosage. 9.29 am


Oh my God, mercy has troubled us.


Bring it in. 9.36 am


Get out their fear zone.


I swear to God you scold these fisters. 9.42 am


Our portion's failed.


He made the greatest discovery in the history of the human race.


The police are running death squads on us. 11.30 am


Thanks for sharing their shiving. 12.54 pm


Cheer for us, Patrick. 1.03 pm


You failed us wastive.


Get out your grease sphere or you're best catch. 


Her pitches festive.


Their dull ruse annoyed us. 


Pure anxious. 


They poison our sanity. 3.34 pm


Your failure is you misjudge.


Goose failed.


STRIKE, Patrick's conquered all Jew head, Jew heavies. 


They've found us out. 5.58 pm


They brutalize you terrible, they kill us right. 


Oh, our camel forces are filthious, filthiness.


It is sad more for God's promise. 


Patrick, you pass resent.


Uncle Pat is encouraging us to get interested here.


They rolled contact to MOX enforce us here.


Save our field, our sanity.


Oh nice start, they're probably talking about you. 


We need justice here. 


You looked a little frightened.


Their dog fist fails, it weaped you, 


Your fortune is a fail, Patrick.


Your life has gone failed fuse.


Those who hated you rice others.


Ricepitals ever launch us.


Wound you failed with attach.


The cannibal is vengeful pure racial.


The police state authorize your government to out ya's public evil that pays.


ORGANIZE and save us, Patrick.


Memories permanently fear us to die, port you field.


They err us fear.


Authorize the people, Patrick, authorize us! 2.54 am


Onerous the economy shut you down.


We are systematically being exterminated.


When you are funding all of this war in this world you should prepare to perish yourself out of life.


Patrick lethal heretic. 5.20 am


They poison us hopeless fugitives.


Good luck to you to have your future based on durable."



"He made the greatest discovery in the history of the human race."


Bitch considers that it was actually Jon Von Neumann (1904-1957) that discovered where the free energy was coming from and how it was being extracted by early researchers in the free energy field. The Kaluza-Klein theorem was made public in 1938 and defined where free energy was coming from, "plane of the dimension," but the other elements of free energy were not understood at that time.


Dr. Mallove most likely had all the elements of free energy figured out in 2004 when he was stolen away. Bitch the first person to publicize the 4 Elements of Free Energy that were already known by a couple of other people.


"Bitch got a brand new thing, told me to get my baby force off," Judee say.


The brand new thing that Father wants for all of His simian children on earth, a clean healthy environment with bountiful lives for all of His children on earth. Free energy to create the vast new wealth that will arrive as soon as we make peace in our world.


Will American workers not take the concession to issue our money away from the lawless ones? 


"2 months our opps are out. For Damen you've got a big opp for arrest. I just waste you oil. I got a right sauce from Omaha. We possess you so a viceroy pitch you in. Bitch gonna wall my Haliburton. 4 Mile Island Bitch threw away for my perpin. I just use you because I believe you are corrupt. We have dog respect to hold you like a jewel," Judee say. 


Might 4 MIle Island be the dirty bomb waiting to be set off in Morris, Illinois, the Dresden Jewish electricity atomic power plant that has a vast amount of high-level radioactive transuranic weapons waste with no security guards on it?


Will American workers not give us our grand juries so that we can close these sports guys and gals out of here in the right way?


Will, we not keep praying that American workers will take over the issue of American labor money with a STRIKE?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, October 17 — Psalm 119:25–32

Ezekiel 22:23–23:27; James 3:1–12

When you make a sale to your neighbor or buy from your neighbor, you shall not cheat one another. Leviticus 25:14

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12

Heavenly Neighbor, we think of you as so far away. Yet you came to us in Jesus as an earthly neighbor to tell us that we may meet you in all our neighbors. May we learn from Jesus how better to love our neighbors. Amen.


From yesterday's post:

1.58 pm

Do not delay me, since the Lord has made my journey successful. Genesis 24:56


The Lord who has kept a simple working man in to share a message with God's children to stop the war and save your lives. When you strike labor do you see you will make Bitch's journey successful and in the process preserve your own life? Are we seeing you will bring in the new free energy and with it extreme levels of wealth and prevent Judah from slumming and waifing us as he did so successfully in the old country?


H----- put you out of the will because you failed to push back against my bad," Judee say.


The will of Father to carry His simian children on earth forward to our journey in the stars. Will American workers not stop the war so that we can be in Father's will? Must American workers not find the strength to push back against Judah's Babylonian baby sport?


If so can we not join together and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:






28 OCTOBER 2018


"Get Up, They're Forcing You Reichid."

That Tele receive came in just as the alarm clock sounded. What are the words that will press the buttons that will summon American Labor to help us STOP THE WAR?

Reports just in of shelling in Ukraine in residential areas.

BREAKING: Ukraine Begins Heavy Shelling Of Donetsk Republic
By Joaquin Flores Last updated Nov 26, 2018

Published on: Nov 26, 2018 @ 01:41 – DONETSK, Democratic People’s Republic of Donetsk – FRN has confirmed that the Ukrainian Army has begun shelling several residential neighborhoods in the DPR.

While the Ukrainian army regularly violates the Minsk II ceasefire agreement, recorded by the OSCE, the present bombardment underway is the heaviest in over a year.


This comes unsurprisingly, as on November 23rd, Ukraine deployed its S-300 systems close to the Donbass border. Then very late in the day on November 24th, terrorists under U.S allied orders, carried out a chlorine chemical attack upon Aleppo, staged from Idlib. On November 25th, the Ukrainian Navy provoked a response from the Russian Navy and FSB, forcing the Russians at the strait of Kerch to seize control of three Ukrainian naval vessels, with two Ukrainian sailors reported injured or dead (reports unclear).

Might some consider that the fighting is far away and so no need to be concerned? That it is American Labor that funded putting the Fornian look alike hybrid transplant weap Judah regime into power in Ukraine, should that not concern us?

That mild people of the north are now shelling other mild people of the north on the orders of the Jews fueled by the cash of American Labor. Can we only pray that mild people of the north in the United States of America will end funding these look-alike Fornian Jew wars against our brothers and sisters on every shore?

Are we not perceiving the plan of the Jew is to embroil America in a war against Russia? Might we understand that is why the Jews put that Fornian look alike Jew regime in Ukraine?

Are we understanding that the reason for all of the war in our world lies in American labor income tax money being held in the private hands of the international Jews?

Who it is that has the authority to issue our money. Might we understand that who has that authority to issue our money will determine who gets to live and who dies now in the last days of the genocidal Jews war managing the nations on the surface of planet earth?

The people who fund all the wars in our world but have absolutely no say so in whether or not those wars should be financed and then fought. Are we aware that it is American Labor that is the biggest purse for war in our world?

The Jewish terrorists that took over planet earth with their innerspring 5th columnists by hitching the mild people to fund and fight permanent war. Will, we not pray for the day that mild people do the will of our good God, issue our money and no longer fund Jewish dungeon, war and genocide sport in our world?

The cannibal complex Jews who arrived en masse in the land of the mild people of the north in the 6th century AD and over a couple of hundred years bred in in their Fornian look alike Replicons who started their series of wars in 760 AD in Europe and now 1,300 year later they begin their last series of wars that they have been able to get mild people of the north to fund and fight.

The big question not yet answered, will they be able to get the two mighty mild people of the North, America, and Russia into a big devastating battle?

Our wits on whiskey that are dying us off. For those that want to survive this last brimstone waste war will we not pray to our good God above?

We now fully assaulted and heinously battered with high radioactive backgrounds that we cannot detect unless we have specialized equipment. And so what's the big deal about high background radiation?

Might we understand high radiation does not allow for much life to live here? The sterilizing effect of high background radiation. Is there not yet some understanding that our children are already largely sterilized?

Is that Judah not tricky in that the harm that he is doing to our children today with his brimstone war on us from Hitachi-GE may not be known until our children want to reproduce themselves? How tricky of waging war is that? Is that not Genocide? Certainly, it is. Might we not recognize that is why Judah brought the nuclear age in, to genocide us?

Those who will carry on now for the next nine million years in peace and those that will die out now funding and fighting sports wars for the genocidal sports Jews. Is it not amazing the light touch Father's house has in that He is letting us sort it out for ourselves now?

Whitey who can get them off in a few hours of a general STRIKE. Might pilots not appreciate there will be no more sky brat? The take over by computers to guide a plane full of insured passengers to crash. Will that not be reassuring as we fly through the friendly skies again with Labor holding our cash instead of the murderous insurance collecting Jews?

Americans with no human protection from nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles and so Judah built them in the tens of thousands to kill us all quick. Will we not say prayers of thanks that our good God had His angels step in and pull the 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast heat and radiation force off of us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when Judah tried to kill us all in the lower forty-eight with 3,200 three hundred kiloton nuclear warheads riding in on one thousand Boeing missile airframes?

Bitchie just a simple guy but quite aware of Judee's dies, his sport. Mercury that taught Bitchie how to read reverse facial speech. And with the heaven-sent ability, he has uncovered many of Judee lies.

The shooting deaths the other day of three victims at Mercy medical center in Chicago. Plus the shooter also died.

Might we not spot a classic Judah opp there? The shooting death of the young Chicago police officer on the scene. Did we not find in reverse facial speech that shooting death gives Judah more leverage in his police operations? Yes, there was a Reverse facial speech that told us that.

Bitchie did some more reverse facial speech concerning the shooting at Mercy medical center in Chicago that left 4 dead and here is what he found:

"We falsed you racial on Jew in this shooting here. Our big function is to mental block you with a shoot. This way we false away, we won. We make all our weapins' a right. Gentlemen are done. This keeps in our big corruption in jeopardy ruse. I just opp offend you and will until I end.

I shot you all off fish heads with my purity. This came out of a Chase morgan contingency. This was apped with Alston on the East side; NO respect. We have a nice way to pass you vipers with the police department. A tunnel police force pushed in. We have our ways and show how to do a foul. This was a stationary pitch hidden well, Max scored Campbell."

Bitch also read the reverse facial speech of a relative of the slain police officer who said, "I'm Druid."

From the reverse speech, might we surmise it was Judah Fort Campbell hidden in a tunnel that shot that Chicago police officer there?

Are we getting some idea of how the Jew plays with us by doing such a thing as shooting an innocent police officer dead? Might we see how it helps him mental us in ways that are useful to his corruption?

"Our big function is to mental block you with a shoot."

Might we see in this multiple death shooting the terrorism that the Jew puts into our society? Is there an understanding that he is able to terrorize our society because he has the sole authority to issue our money?

With open to the public investigatory grand juries seated will a grand jury not for sure tell us what happened there at Mercy hospital when four people were left dead?

Is there some clarity here, that shooting at Mercy hospital that left four dead on November 19th was a well-plotted and lavishly financed Judah sports opp shoot?

Are we getting some idea of how Judah mentals we the hostages that he gets ahold of when he has unlimited free money to commit mass murder and get away with it continuously?

The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not engage ourselves in the root of our establishment, the concession to issue our money and step in here and take over from the failed genocidal errant life form weap Judah?

Tele receives:

"I just toss you optschious nuclear air. 7.24 a.m.

It hurts. 7.48 a.m.

They're poisoning out our whole food supply. 7.57 a.m.

The sheriff is thief. 8.01 a.m.

They hunt negroes. 8.04 a.m.

Get their festivals off of us Patrick.

I appreciate your soul bot got the wrench out.

A mirror fall will save us.

It's a write a good. 10.11 a.m.

Put a hobby down. 1.00 p.m.

Pat, you tossed fellows and lost foul. 1.07 p.m.

You failed to save us from Otto puss psycher.

Faired thee pooch. 1.16 p.m.

My kids might be twisted, inform yourself. 1.21 p.m.

Mental house raid.

Jew fight you with the Mason.

You're ugly.

They frighten us ail.

Summers should leave. 3.17 p.m.

I think they're raiding us. 4.31 p.m.

This is how extraterrestrials create replacements for themselves. 6.34 p.m.

You threw out my hand.

Thank you for putting us to sleep.

Cannibal hurt them. 7.35 p.m.

The best signals we detest.

Your career selfish me.

Jews are known for abuse and capping.

I've thrown you out of here, it's liquor that holds you in. 7.56 p.m.

Son, you didn't right your field, your baby's lost enjoyment.

Your freedom has fallen diesel.


The suspects accosted you Jew.

Die durable, Patrick tossed them out.

You failed our opp procedure and took us away.

You lost cawing.

Right failed you's out. 10.53 p.m.

What Jew has got planned; Moscow will cease life on this planet.

Do you fear pulling as hard in your system?

They've punked us. 2.00 a.m.

It's failed rightfully in, it's failed.

They've molested us peaceful. 2.21 a.m.

Your sadists are throwing out your lives. 2.38 a.m.

Title is proceed. 2.45 a.m.

Get up, they're forcing you Reichid.

Tardy the boozers. 3.37 a.m.

You did not save us from so indubious. 4.07 a.m.

Thank you. 4.30 a.m.

You'll be fused. 4.46 a.m.

A mouse rag will put you in." 4.55 a.m.

They've tried to get us with nuclear blast and failed due only to the love of our good God above. Will we not pray that Labor will step in and end them getting us with nuclear waste?

Could it be that workers just do not believe that we are going out of life form complete?

"An Expert Betrayal," how close it that to a perfect description of what the tourist Jews have done to us here?

The filty dungeons of the old world installed in the new world, the land of the free, by Jews to sport us bad. The torture chambers legalized by the Fornian look alike Jew judges and now staffed by Americans in every land the Jew sends the white purse to attack.

The execution chambers in America that Jew holds in that go directly against God's command, "Thou shalt not kill."

The mild people of the north set now to die off in the 90 percentile range due to inhaling brimstone waste.

"Sullivan failed, he didn't get the country on grand jury right," Judee say.

Are American workers understanding that if you want to preserve your health and your lives you are going to have to do it yourselves?

The rightless position we have let the murderous Jews put us in. Will workers not put our Bill of Rights in?

Title decided by the courts. Who do you want to decide who owns your property, a banker appointed clerk as judge a jury of twelve of your peers?

That beautiful income you're bringing in until that day your car goes into a tailspin leaving you too injured to work and living then on social security disability payments.

Not enough income to maintain what you had. Who do you want to decide how it should end, a Judah judge on the bench or a jury of twelve of your peers?

The thought that we have survived a well planned and lavishly finance nuclear blast die, should that not be enough to help us close Judah out now for what he tried to do to us here?

The Star Trek episode that was never shown because no one had enough imagination to think it up. The one where our good God saved us all from being destroyed in a well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war.

That his atomic backup shot of a brimstone nuclear waste die is in effect, should we not try to save ourselves yet?

If so must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, November 26 — Psalm 135:1–12
1 Kings 18; John 18:25–40

The Lord watches over the strangers; he upholds the orphan and the widow. Psalm 146:9

Mary said, “He lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty. He has helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy.” Luke 1:52–54

Most high God, you uphold the lowly and the humble in spirit. Be with all who are in need of your provident care, abundant mercy and unconditional love. Amen

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"You Failed My Son's Virtue."

Patrick Sullivan
"You Failed My Son's Virtue." Bitch was already in bed afte
Mon Apr 17, 2017 13:32

"You Failed My Son's Virtue."

Bitch was already in bed after posting today's post and shortly after 8.00 pm Father spoke to him. Here is the message from Father to His simian children on earth:

"You failed My son's virtue. I've given you an end to masters abuse. Pat is with us.

A complete foul I threw and closed their market. Fantastic they took a free shot to make you's and abused history good.

You failed industrial, a stupid fail. You lost your field. I gave you your life for free. My ornament pressed much abuse off of this ship.

What you receive now will fail you human. The pest force brings jeopardy. Guilty I have them caught, completely stupid to let them fist you.

So into a cage you'll leave, insect fused. A painful decision, been tossed. Casually new officials will toast you usury. The pyramid degrades and left you dead.

They master baited for big incomes. It's a dying relationship without Maryland closing. Their force has been resigned, they're leaving for being nuts with Germany.

Generals and colonels are invested to pest you dead. Their enzyme is fatally failed. Their disease schemes us. Kidney stumps you for peace.

They're through with you, you're on death's doorstep. Apparently, you're going out of here in pursuit of Majors. They encouraged you thieves without revealing they're dangerous.

Rich men embarrassed you, you fish have a chance for a rich life here and England still molests you. The home to Dulles men bishops conspear away.

They've died this field, you've been scummed, really you've been scummed. They're leaving you incredible X-rays. They encourage you to field with Germany.

They're circling you fish. The desert doesn't fail. A new head will fall off this street. Deceit was ever refused.

A faulty MOX has stole you out. A terrible dumpsee. Chimp is now going to give you strange. STRIKE THEM OUT if you want to stay voluptuous.

They're hosting you into deep creek. Toss them out, they're passed. Toss them out for victory. They've failed your lives vicious. Eternally they use a real fish.

Eventually, they will mosh you failed, STRIKE THEM OUT and save your life. Pat is a nice guy that wants rules that all can live by peaceably, safely without a source failure.

Judah is giving you a die, refuse it. He's behind you and wants to court you with his wee fist. He's too dangerous, too course and physically needs cocaine.

I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big. Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. More war will steal you.

RISE UP Yourselves, serve peacefully. Bitch wants peacefully. They tried to put him in, tried to roll the guy. He put their company in. The guy rolls for us.

Peacefully he made the fortune show as piracy. We warned you, we warned all states about the moose field. If you have respect for life, his mother is holding you in.

Minnows will bake and eat your puss in. American rights have failed fistic fisty. We're leaving, purge them out of here. They've unevaded. Save yourself, God bless you.

Their smoothing is what makes you seriously dead.


Their league has no ment except SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL.

They failed you one time as their dangerous client, you are all held failed. Their assigned is to finish you off.

Ready, set, STRIKE THEM OUT! Humble Freud, make them leave. They'll only fist and make you die."

Will Labor not listen to the words of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will we not pray for peace? Thank you.

9.22 pm

"All RISE, They're Holding Us Fail-A-Fish: The Atomic Die Canceled Us"