"All RISE, They're Holding Us Fail-A-Fish: The Atomic Die Canceled Us"


"All RISE, They're Holding Us Fail-A-Fish: The Atomic Die Canceled Us"


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. Thank you for all the Tele sends.


The violator fish and glad of it, weap Judah. The thrills and excitement of fooling and fisting us in. Thousands of years of carrying on the signal from Babylon.


Ghosting out big and fisting some of their opps in as they're going. Still shooting us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and make it end?


Just as we get ourselves comfortable, they put the bums rush on us. When least expected they attack with their fist forces.


Their Replicon hybrid shells that they slip into the target nation. Waiting for the day the can rise up and slay us.


America created only on the condition that we have a full Bill of Rights. The contingent acceptance agreement that was signed sealed and delivered and made the law of the land in 1791. Establishing the United States of America as a free land.


That some Labor was not free at the beginning but was in the process of being corrected in 1854 when a jury said that Dred Scott was free because he traveled to a free state.


The supreme clerks, not to be outdone, reversed the jury decision and re-enslaved Dred Scott. Made the claim that whites never intended blacks to be free, though was it not odd that the jury that set Dred Scott free was all white?


Might we see with 20/20 hindsight that the supreme clerk's role was to ensure that America was plunged into a civil war?


Three-quarters of a million dead later after the American civil war, the foundations of the military industrial complex started us on our way to the inevitable loss of all rights of Americans, permanent war until death for us all.


Might American history be read in brief, "how the Babylonians made America die?"


The best hope for the human race, The Untied States of America on it fabulous Bill of Rights. Smashed on the rocks of Wall Streets sports wars. Hundreds of millions of dead in their century of holding the purse of American Labor privately. Nation after nation crushed under the boots of the rigid guys from Babylonia.


"They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm." God Almighty our Father in heaven said.


"Basically my core is out but you don't see right," Judee say.


Will Labor not try to see right and STRIKE THEM OUT now that their core is out?


Judah, having fled America big leaving his skeleton crew to continue to assault us.


American Labor not hearing our sweet Lord continues to sicken our children from coast to coast by funding Judees brimstone waste sport. The now right less American mild man held to fund fisting his brothers and sisters in our world.


Berlin margarine Judee put on our shelves. Dull in our cakes and pies. Widespread contamination of the things kids like to eat to take our children's brains off of best thinking. Still at it today. Are we understanding that is because Judee still privately holds the concession to issue our money?


"Jerk," Judee calls the Bitch. The guy that accepted he would be facing difficulties because of his insistence that his money would not be used to harm his family anywhere on this earth or beyond.


"He remained true to me," God our Father said of Bitch insistence that he would not be fouled by Wall Streets sports.


Bitch, opposing all Jewish sports wars, chased from his income in Chicago land in 1991 for opposing Bush sports war to take out Iraq's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.


Continuing to seek out what was the truth, Bitch found the words in 1996 to explain what was felt intuitively inside the heart.


"The true function of war is not external, rather war's true purpose is to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class."


Karl Liebknecht, a German Jew said that. They shot him in the back for telling us that.


"Individual biological opportunity." The stratagem the Babylonians employ. The one where a weap Jew sets up another Jew to be put in well.


The big Jew at the top that sets up the minnow Jew to be stomped on. "They wouldn't allow a sentimental notion interfere with making a buck," as to why weap Judah and Wall Street funded Hitler


Adolph Eichmann, son of a Jew was asked by his Israelis interrogators why he, the son of a Jew went to work for Hitler knowing of his anti-Jewish policies, wherein Adolph answered, "I needed a job and they were the only ones hiring."


In that, response might workers see the key to what it is that we need to straighten things out in our world?


The hand that can hire. The hand that has the concession to issue our "Abstract Receipts of American Labor."


Do we not see that Labor must have that instrument? The concession to issue our money. To save our lives will Labor not take it away from Judah?


The angels that our kind and good Sweet Precious God sent in. Have they not explained to us how to end the extermination that Judah is doing to us?


How do you stop a bull from charging? Is the best way not to take away his credit card?


Is Judah bull not stoppable the day that American Labor acts to STRIKE THEM OUT? Certainly.


Will taking American Labors credit card out of Judah's hands not stop him from charging us with the extinction level event that we are in?


The incredible leap in technology that we have had ever since our extraterrestrial family dropped one of their spacecraft to us in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico.


The crashed UFO with optical cables that connected all of its systems on board. Advanced microprocessors that American industry had delivered to its hands.


The engine they searched the desert for thinking it had fallen out before the crash. It was never found because it was a sailboat of sorts, had no engine at all. Flew in the "Aether winds" as Aristotle called them. "Standing waves" is what Tesla discovered and what we understand now is where free energy comes from.


The copper-silver interface on the bottom of the Roswell spacecraft. Do we recall reading of the news reporter in 1926 that said he "saw a copper and silver bar inside Dr. Morays free energy radiant device that had wires attached to them?"


He didn't know if they did anything or were just to disguise how Dr. Morays solid state transistorized machine worked.


Is that not interesting how Dr. Moray intuitively discovered that copper-silver worked in a solid state electrcity generator, not unlike a flywheel in a steam engine?


The slight differences between silver and copper that allow for high levels of electricity to be generated?


The free energy is drawn from the high-speed motion of planet earth and our universe.


Kaluza-Klein may have figured out where free energy could be extracted from as early as 1926. In 1938 they made it public by stating, "The plane of the dimension is where free energy was coming from."


Einstein was puzzled in 1938, did not know if Kaluza-Klein had gotten it right, said: "it didn't matter anyways because the powers that be had decided it was a war we would have instead of free energy and peace."


Fifteen years later, in 1953, Einstein said that "Kaluza-Klein had gotten it right. The free energy was coming from the plane of the dimension."


Jon Von Neumann was interested in the theoretical aspects of free energy and spent time looking into it.


Jon had already worked through the aspects of continuous geometry before 1936. He had passed through dimensions using mathematics.


German mathematician August Mobius mathematically chalked the 4th dimension by 1827.


Theodor Kaluza defined the 5th dimension in 1921.


Jon Von Neumann passed through them both in the early 1930s using continuous geometric calculations.


Gabriel Kron, who accidentally designed on over unity circuit while working for GE, lamented that "there was no geometry of electricity."


Jon Von Neumann may have done that if he had lived more than 53 years of age. He died relatively young of cancer.


Kron's accidental free energy circuit burned out the circuitry in nuclear missiles because once charged up it poured excess free energy into the missiles circuits.


Kron didn't know where the free energy was coming from, GE took his free energy circuit, made it secret and patented it.


Kron retired in 1966 still mystified by where the free energy was coming from that he accidentally uncovered. Then one day he told some friends that he was in an entirely new area of electricity, he was looking into dimensional aspects of it. Then he was ill for a couple of days and passed away.


In 2003 the Russian academy of sciences looked into a cavitation pump heater that was being built and sold in Moldavia, reported to produce an excess over-unity energy.


The heater was proven to return 4 times over unity output heat energy from electrical input to the machine.


Dr. Lev Saporsky, who directed the team that tested the Moldavian heater, had eliminated cold fusion as where the excess heat was coming from as no helium was found in the heater pumps water.


He went on to suggest the over unity free energy may be coming from the "zero point fields."


Dr. Mallove in America had investigated shearing force oil heaters that had been patented in 1927 claiming a 7 to 1 return on energy.


In 1980 he tested them and found there was over unity excess free energy coming from them. It was a small amount and not enough to be economically significant. The fact though of finding any over unity energy kept the good Dr. looking further.


Then cold fusion soon appeared in 1989. Finally laboratory proof of over unity in economically useful amounts. Over 100 times over unity. Tests running for several months at a time.


The researchers carried out the Fleischmann–Pons experiment, that was not accepted by mainstream science.


Dr. Mallove wrote a book in 1999, Fire From Ice, that covered Fleischmann-Pons research.


That is where he reported the 100 times over unity found in what was termed "Cold Fusion."


In 2004 Dr. Mallove informed us that we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy and was murdered.


Might it have been the Russian academy of sciences report that revealed over unity using water as the medium in the cavitation pump heater, that had no helium or tritium found, indicating there was no cold fusion involved, and yet produced excess over unity free energy, that clued Dr. Mallove what was happening at the theoretical level of free energy?


As we now are in an extinction level event, facing dying off a third of the human race due to the nuclear war being waged using a Jewish electricity power plant dirty bombs, might we see the need for weap Judah to silence Dr. Mallove?


That is do we see that if Eugene had brought the free energy in in 2004, all of the dirty bomb Jewish electricity brimstone waste power plants would be shut down by now?


Do the American people really think that we are not being seriously extirpated by nuclear war-fighting weap Judah?


Shoots our best scientists to prevent them from helping us.


Over 5 years of our good God above warning us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Do Americans not see we are now dying out vastly?


Our nuclear war fighting elite now safely in their underground shelters cabling more war that American Labor quietly funds.


Is this Bitchie's fault that American Labor funds dying us all or is there something else that we need to see?


The coward efforts, will the mild man not try to save himself?


"It hurts to insult us up."


An afternoon Tele receive while at the gas station.


Bitch apologize again for hurt feelings, all not intentional just the bumps and lumps in Bitch's head. Too long at the front with the errant sports men.


Will Labor not try to overcome the hurt, STRIKE THEM OUT so that we no longer ever have to be at the front again?


"The rapture I have truly made so I win. Normally death soothes, ya, I'm dying," Judee say.


Father wants us to sooth him by stopping the war and ending the genocide of His children. Are we seeing Judah Mr. opposite is only soothed when he puts us to death?


"They made us." Tele receive. 6.28 AM


Do the white people not yet realized that we are dying off now in a nuclear waste war? That we have not missed paying for one bomb or bullet that Judah has been able to get the cruelly manipulated poor white to drop and shoot.


Could there be any other outcome than to perish in a high technical world as we have chosen so far to not act to stop the war?


Might it be the vicious that was done to white by Judah that has made us so reticent to engage him face to face to shut him down?


"We just cage to turn you into vegetables, you see I just fist for free," Judee say.


The cages that Judah brought into the lands of the mild man of the north. Is it the fear of them that has kept us from getting them out of America?


Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE and close these deadly errant life forms up before we are all wiped out?


Our ultimate destiny?


For those two-thirds that survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah, they will become full-fledged members of the Galactic Federation of Light. All of us citizens of the universe.


All the 223 high-level genetic Beings are mammals as we are. Our species life span is 21 million years.


The original Galacticans that were a naturally evolved 223 high intelligence existed for 21 million years. That have passed totally out of existence.


The second edition of Galacticans, hybridized Beings as we are, are partially passed out of existence.


The third edition of Galacticans, hybridized with the 223 high intelligence genetic package are on the bridge of the Federation now. They are a 15 million year mammalian species. They have another 6 million years before their species passes out of existence.


We are to be the fourth edition of the Mammalian Galacticans. We are a 12 million years species and still have 9 million years to go before our life form ceases to exist.


In a few million years our survivors may be on the bridge of the Federation.


In 9 million years we will be gone. At that time the Federation will be 18 million years old.


If we go like Prenasour, that existed for 78 million years in peace, then the mammalian 223 high intelligence life forms such as we are may exist for another 60 million years in peace.


At that stage, the 223 genetics may like at Prenasour, fracture and no longer carry life information forward.


The original 223 Galactican mammalian line will pass from existence.


Our galaxy is full of life. It is so large that in the 9 million years of the Federation only 20% of it has been explored.


For those of us that survive this all out full blown nuclear war that we are funding against ourselves, might many of us not join in the exploration of our galaxy and universe in peace with our extraterrestrial elders? Certainly.


This thing that we call life. The thing that Judah most likes to steal from us. Might Judah terrorism be so strong that we fool ourselves to go along with all of the lies that he spouts?


Might it be easier to fool ourselves than to face the fact that we must either toss them and their royal sports off of us or else we may go no farther here?


Judah and Fritz on nuclear warfighting. Will American Labor not toss their devilish ghoulish ways out of here?


Will American Labor not put our American system in again? Do we recall that is America the beautiful, the free nation that our good God blessed for His kids?


"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," precious sweet Father said.


How about it Labor, do we recall the hard time's Germans got after the war for letting Auschwitz be run on their Mark?


When the tyranny is finally closed up who wants to be remembered as the "Good Americans" that did nothing as the wars raged and Auschwitz was run coast to coast?


Continues at:



Will you not help us get Judees Auschwitz out of America NOW?


"We got new dungeons today and we're going to core to fill them. We molest you to core you, Bitch sees my hits. My boom boom was fireproofed so my shot put me in. If we can keep you embarrassed then we can rice off your heads," Judee say."


"I gave you the peace must you fail? Father asked us.


"They've pushed the button and you've done nothing."


Who wants to be remembered for doing nothing when our continued existence is on the line now?


One buddy hung up the phone when asked to help stop the war, another said he was just here for the gold, and anyways, why invite calamity in?


Another said he is but a mere serf without a tongue and not willing to confront Judah at all. The other buddy did not want to join to help Bitch bring on the strike, said he was going to Canada so that he would not be here for the big fall.


So Bitch averages are zero. So what about the rest of American Labor out there?


Is there not yet some understanding that all of us are going to be impacted by the nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against us and our kids?


How many of us can go without breathing the outside air? Are we understanding that our air is now lethally contaminated with long-lived hot radioactive particles that is set to die the majority of us out of life in only a few years?


Will American Labor not get smart and end funding all of Judah war in our world?"


"We always make white people suffer you," Judee say.


Will white people not get smart and end making our family, the human race, suffer for Jew?


Will American Labor not put the God-given existence stipend in with something in it for everyone so that Judah can no longer sport the poor white diaper to make war for free?


"The United states failed to the merchants opps so I'm still taking you out for free. Financial nation rates you poor," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"The ship is ruined, they're folding out the white puss.


Raiders failed. 11.33 AM


Brutal are you to just be died. 11.34 AM


It doesn't pay to waste. 11.38 AM


They're blood pedaled. 11.47 AM


Genius failed us out of here. 11.55 AM


Right, this fool. 12.00 noon.


Losing to corrupt. 12.01 PM


Jail is completely off of you.


Jailous. 12.04 PM




Sack for refill. 12.07 PM


You're a veiled sinner. 12.10 PM


Pat, fold this oppers deal. 12.17 PM


You're being extincted rust, he's ever destroyed the white people before. 12.21 PM


He folds you oppy. 12.25 PM


They bolted. 12.27 PM


You monthly ape has failed.


Martians have failed and they soiled the fisters.


The cow is culpable. 1.40 PM


Obsolescent typhus. 1.43 PM


Thank you, Reich halter. 1.45 PM


We grade you fair. 3.51 PM


Your faults here are because you're stressed. 3.53 PM


It's powerful. 3.58 PM


Nice. 4.10 PM


Get out obtusive. 5.52 PM


End this war that is folding you up. 6.00 PM


You let them bourse your sins right. 6.04 PM


Pray for your wretched, they never scrimmage you. 6.09 PM


Because of a pet offend you play dumb and chipper great.


You failed dungeon molest.


They shame you rightfully in a flood of fears. 6.13 PM


When your fields off your family will be hungry. 6.14 PM


You cannot molest permanently, you will rest in death. 6.17 PM


Cannibal is exposing you to die war. 6.18 PM


Life falls for their consciousness.


They falsed out your state house.


They falsed out your leaders. 6.25 PM


The scientist tried to save us.


They falsed you cannibal right. 6.33 PM


They falsed your life forms away. 6.38 PM


Their very threat won. 7.45 PM


They challenged God with their terrible sight and threw themselves out, STRIKE THEM OUT to clear. 9.45 PM


They're brains to shoot fugitives, it's all a waste of fields. 9.50 PM


Their authority died.


Dead serious.




They're burning us out. 11.34 PM


You've been passed by sports operation fantastic. 12.05 AM


A detestant detester. 1.53 AM


Oh my god Pat's peaceful exhausted criminals great ported. 2.06 PM


They sold you out in intentional ways. 2.11 AM


The sheriffs perish you. 2.12 AM


They died you off scientifically, quality deaths unbelievable. 2.24 AM


Push a friend is Jew way to grow. 2.25 AM


They just set your mental. 2.26 AM


Police put you done falsely. 2.28 AM


They hustled our air.


Damnation dies us. 2.29 AM


STRIKE will make our past leave. 2.32 AM


They graphed us criminal. 2.33 AM


The atomic die canceled us. 2.38 AM


They washed you tenement. 2.42 AM


Indictness fell. 2.43 AM


A jacket fatal rolls. 2.45 AM


Only 60 words or so are throwing fisty. 2.48 AM


You're looking at a continental breeze.


They wit Miami.


Slave wage fouls a lot. 2.50 AM


Unreal defense they false you up.


Patrick gave us free truth. 2.55 AM


ALL RISE, they're holding fail-a-fish. 3.12 AM


Help us off this bridge. 6.11 AM


Patrick. all my love to you. 6.16 AM


Nukage fell. 7.39 AM


This is real defective climate stuff. 8.06 AM


Let's share." 9.40 AM



"Help us off this bridge."


Was that one of us or weap Judah seeking some help to get them finished out here? Will Labor not get into this and help us help them off of the bridge?


Get out obtusive. 5.52 PM


Looked up the definition of obtuse and it is "dull, not sharp."


Obtuse: not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.


Looked a little further and found that the etymological roots are in the "to beat."


Does Judee not tell us that he makes us vegetables by caging us?


The wide range of mind degrading experiences that Judah inflicts upon those that he captures. Will Labor not help us to do God's work and let them off of God's kids?


They're a dead consciousness now for ignoring the truth and offending the divine. Will ordinary people not try to help us separate ourselves from the dead life force of Judah? Their in their carriage with a wooden stake in their sports hearts.


Bitch did not put them in their carriage and drive a stake through their hearts. Bitch reported that they put themselves in their carriage and drove a stake through their own sports hearts.


Might we consider that Bitch accepted a handoff from Mercury and gave them a Clark Kent and now they're off?


"Only 60 words or so are throwing fisty."


60 innocent words used in many different ways are bringing to an end thousands of years of false shifty. Will Labor not hear the truth and help us here?


Father loves us all. Precious sweet Father will guide us as we go now into a permanent peace.


The billions that are set now to die off in this last nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against us.


Will Labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God to STOP THE WAR?


For those that have been watching the continuing saga of Kim Jong Nam who reportedly died Feb. 13, of this year, are we aware that we are watching a clever Judah ghosting operation?


Bitch did some reverse facial speech when it was first reported and found it was a ghosting operation because he had been identified mousing in North Korea.


So why is this story important, are not many Replicon Judees ghosting out now? Yes, many Judah and their hosiery Replicons are ghosting out all over the world.


Might we consider that by North Korea launching missiles it gives Washington something to dialog about?


Are we perceiving how Judah needs to control the dialog to hold himself in?


If our family in North Korea perceives that the brother of the top official is a known Replicon mouser, might that affect the ability to be launching missiles and dialoguing with Washington in that manner that is aimed to hold us?


The girl that splashed the liquid on him that was paid $90 for the attack. Might she be a useful tool that had no idea of what it was all about?


Might we see if American law were in effect, a grand jury would hear all about it and determine whether Kim Jong Nam is dead or not?


"You're a veiled sinner." 12.10 PM


Bitch, while described by elders as "deeply imperfect," rejects the claim that he is a sinner veiled or otherwise.


Bitch asked Father about the deaths that if Bitch would have acted differently in the circumstances might have been stalled or even prevented, Father said that it was "Oppression of the mind" that caused Bitch failures that allowed some innocents to be died by weap Judah.


Bitch has not taken anyone's life. The three grand juries that looked into one death titled Bitch, "not guilty."


The death of Jim Majors only was incidentally involved with Bitch. Judah sent Majors to become buddies with Bitch to mine Bitch for personal information.


Majors took $120,000 dollars of IPERS money to spread lies about Bitch and harm his friends and neighbors.


Because Jim could reveal what he did for weap Judah, Judah pitched Majors away after using him.


As to the other innocents that have been died by Judah, as Judah has used the state corporation to facilitate his dies, do we see it will be the state corporation that will pay the settlements to the survivors of those that Judah did in using state facilities to get his dies done?


Bitch is no veiled sinner, believe it. Might these thoughts from Jefferson give some appreciation to who and what Bitch it is all about here?


"An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens... Power is not alluring to pure minds and is not with them the primary principle of contest." --Thomas Jefferson to John Melish, 1813.


Bitch is not seeking political power. He is trying to survive a nuclear war that is dying him and many others off. Bitch seeks no domination over any one.


Cooperation, accommodation. Peaceful cohesion with all thinking brands is what Bitch seeks.


Bitch is no grudge or revenge guy as merciless, unforgiving Judah is. "Settle it with bourse" is what elders suggest.


The big issue now is, will Judah succeed in taking out his full one-third of the human race as he goes away from us for good?


Just yesterday one of Judah management claimed in reverse speech that they now have enough brimstone nuclear waste death in that Father is going to have to take his righteous children out and let Judah have sway and die the third out. The Judah management guy claimed that he has forced Father's hand to now begin the rapture.


There is an indication that Bitch received from an elder that indicates that may be correct. There is now so much nuclear waste in our environment that it will burn us away over the next few years.


Any day the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE may explode, sending all the spent fuel rods into our atmosphere and with it all chance of survival for those left on the surface of planet earth.


The whites may die out with the righteous raptured into the prepared undergrounds, spared to live on into the future to live in an extraterrestrial world.


The "occasional failure" that happens in transitioning a planet out of war and into peace appears now that the white people will die us out in war.


Do we recall Father said he won't save us because "2+2=4?"


While elders have helped Bitch with his thinking and let him see that emotions rattle his thoughts easily. Might Labor not want to investigate if it is emotions that are holding you all from clear thinking to try and save yourselves here?


Judee reveals in reverse speech that it is fear that is holding the workers from striking them out of here.


The weap Jews as a people like to fool around with people. Toy and play with people's wits and take our ment away. The reasons why they violate us is due to their theory that says we ordinary people are not men but animals.


Thomas Jefferson refuted that Jewish notion.


"No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." Thomas Jefferson.


Did Thomas not help give us our American Bill of Rights that gives us equal rights with every man?


Will Labor not help us to end the murderous genocidal Judah despotism here and put our American rights in again?


Those that we are obliged to entrust with power. By attacking us to exterminate us in whole have they not demonstrated clearly they are not to be trusted with power?


"A sound spirit of legislation,... banishing all arbitrary and unnecessary restraint on individual action, shall leave us free to do whatever does not violate the equal rights of another."

--Thomas Jefferson: Report for the University of Virginia, 1818.


To the Tele sender saying Bitch is a "veiled sinner," by Bitch demanding his right to not be involved in Washington-Wall streets sport war crimes by demanding his Labor taxed money not be used to assault his family in this world, do we see he is not a veiled sinner and is also not a frightened off guy that will quietly let his money be used to commit sin?


"Bourse is passed you so it let me arrange for some professional hits."


Will Labor not take the bourse away from weap Judah?


The Organizing Principle of Society. Will Labor not get smart and take it away from Judah now? As we lose this beautiful nation of ours to permanent toxic nuclear waste poisoning is there not some way to convince Labor to involve itself in our survival and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


As we and our children face our last moments in time, our children now dying out with us, will we not try to STOP THE WAR?


Who it is that gets to issue the tickets to eat. Not well understood by the delegates to the constitutional convention in 1787-89.


Not until 1861 when President Lincoln issued the US Treasury greenback dollar did we have a demonstration of how useful they are when issued by legitimate power.


The US Treasury greenbacks force was taken away by congress with the crime of 73. 1873 when they forced the greenback onto the gold standard again, effectively giving the bankers the force that issued America's money then.


American issue of money fully privatized in 1913 with the clever ruse that made the issue of a tax on Labor one of direct or indirect taxation, rather than the true issue, the forced taking of Labor on free working men and women.


And there it sits now. Americans, stripped of our civil rights, now sealed into a permanent state of Jewish sports war while they flee from us into their safe undergrounds as they die us out in the end times.


Here's a couple of reverse speech that some may find interesting concerning the ghosting that Judah is doing now so he can clear the way to bring his refills in.


"This crash was untraceable for my theory."


That was a news broadcaster reverse speech speaking to introduce a video story about a private plane with two passengers on board that crashed and burned in Duette, Florida.


"Untraceable for my theory?"


Maybe a drone controller in the plane with two bodies from the morgue to ghost away forever more?


Crash and burn. Who could identify the bodies then?


Here is some reverse speech from the Chicago-land area of a man that reportedly died in a garage fire at his palatial home.


"The cannibal is safe, he skipped. Horrible Kansas got threw."


Will Labor not come in and help us to close them out right? Will Labor not bring in our grand juries and let them off right?


Will the people not act with the gumption to rule ourselves?


Has Bitch report not shown everyone that we can live in a free peaceful world if only Labor will have no fear and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


Will the love of God not incline Labor to free us all from the merchants who only perp dungeons, fear and war?


A weap Jewish tyranny of death, destruction, genocide, cages to create vegetables in. Will Labor for God's sake not let them off right?


If so then will Labor not please STRIKE THEM OUT!?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, March 7 — Psalm 33:12–22

Ezra 6:13–7:28; Romans 1:1–12

Praise the Lord! How good it is to sing praises to our God. Psalm 147:1

Paul wrote: Speak to one another with the words of psalms, hymns, and sacred songs; sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts. Ephesians 5:19 (GNT)

O God from whom all blessings flow, when the echoes of songs and praises from Sunday grow dim, revive them in our hearts and minds. May the songs of grace accompany us to our classrooms, offices and homes this day. Amen.


Continues at:







Obtuse: not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.


not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.


(of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity.


indistinctly felt or perceived, as pain or sound.


1500-10; < Latin obtūsus dulled (past participle of obtundere), equivalent to ob- ob- + tūd-, variant stem of tundere to beat + -tus past participle suffix, with dt









"The Cow is Culpable, They Want to Seal Us Ultimate. Patrick's Been Telling Us That for 5 Years."

"The Cow is Culpable, They Want to Seal Us Ultimate. Patrick's Been Telling Us That for 5 Years."

Those are some Tele receives. Is it not understood that Judah is moving ahead unhindered in his mission to seal us ultimate?

Is there some comprehension by the American people that we are now in an extinction level event?

Is it not understood that we are perishing at our own hand? Are we not aware that we are falsing ourselves out? Do we not perceive that weap Judah is using financial Judo to toss us with our own purse?

Bitch regrets that his criti-cipher has not matched the perfected precise force of weap Judah.

He regrets that he has not been able to convince Labor that we are being exterminated and bring Labor to act to do something about it.

Has Bitch not correctly diagnosed what the problem is in our world? Has he not figured out it is war, the assault, and battery upon the human race that must be halted to fix the wrong here?

Has he not diagnosed his stupid as coming from the violence that has been directed at him for a prolonged period of time? Yes, he has diagnosed it that way. Is that not why our race is so troubled, violence against us? Certainly.

So while correctly diagnosing what is wrong in our world, these things called governments that assault people, and use parades and propaganda to support them, he has not been able himself to slip the effects of violence perpetrated on him and in the injury of violence, has been errorly in trying to get the funders of the violence against him and everyone else, American Labor, to shut it off.

Now the prime funders of violence in our world, American Labor, ourselves being massively wiped out.

Because of the failure to repent, have mercy or forgive, for continuing to fund the assaults upon our family at home and abroad, failure to take care of the cruelly manipulated poor, we wealthy Americans are perishing ourselves now.

"I harsh you if I have video rights. The nice boy that come with a shrimp I just louse analysis him. We got a nice air weap to die you," Judee say.

Is that Judee not useful at louse analysis of people?

"Jew rights pervalize you. Jew without paper is war paralysis. The white off we're just going to leave breezed. I believe in wiping people out with cash," Judee say.

American Labor funding the continuing military buildup on the borders of Russia for the last big sports war that Judah can put the mild man of the North West into war with the mild man of the North East.

Extraterrestrial level technology to provide extreme destructiveness on our faltering, poisoned society.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4" God our Father said.

America being put to the final finishing touches by weap Judah using American Labor dollars to accomplish war between the mild man of the North West and East.

Stupid Bitch gets angry because Americans will not help to toss the mess. Will Labor not show some compassion and act to stop the violence American Labor is funding in our world?

Judah, known for telling a truth only when it will harm someone, mixes a few truths about Bitch with a bunch of false made up stuff to give Labor enough feeling to not respond to a plea to save yourselves.

Druid, has Judee not told us that Druid has ever failed to save himself? Did he not tell us that "Druid is not dutiful?" Yes, he did tell us those things from his long experience of molesting and abusing us.

If we combine the record of perfect failure by Druid in the face of Judah assaults, combined with what shrimp has told us of Judah as a life form, "rare," and also what shrimp told us concerning a transition out of war and into peace, that "occasionally" there is a failure. Might we not want to put our heads together to try and prevent us from being the occasional failure?

Might we see, though, even with Judah as a "rare" type of life form that gets himself tossed out by shrimps methods, letting him toss himself out, Judah "rare" will not destroy more than a third of the human race as he goes out of conscious?

The over 40 Jewish electricity plants that shrimp has tripped off line in one way or another in the last few years, allowing the plant operators to get the Stuxnet controllers out.

Are we seeing that Judah has failed in his attempts to set a couple of dozen Hitachi-GE weaps loose on our world?

Only one Jewish brimstone electricity weap and our fields coast to coast is now poisoned. Our air totally poisoned now. Is Labor standing aside thinking that things are going to get better somehow if it just allows its money to be used to produce more dies?

Bitch received a Telepathic message yesterday from a mother of a new baby that said the air outside makes her baby choke. She has to keep him indoors all the time.

Is Labor not understanding that the nuclear war sports will be in their well prepared underground shelters within the next few months?

Don't we understand that our heritage is being died out of life in a most heinous way?

"Whiskey, jails and war." Judee tells us is how he conquered the West so well.

Will we not put the whiskey aside long enough to close Judah's jails and stop the war?

Why is it that the minnow gets destroyed so well?

Might it because we do not prepare for the day of hell?

If their intent is to destroy us in total should there not be some response to try and save ourselves?

When they are using Labor money to destroy other laborers should Labor not awake ourselves to what we are failing to do, end funding harm to other workers and their families?

Can we not see in others it is ourselves that are being harmed?

Would the cruelly manipulated poor that are fisting for Judah not take another path if they had a way to eat? Certainly.

Is Labor not seeing how letting this Jewish state fist forced poverty, that is widespread in America, undermines us in so many ways?

13 hundred years of molest and abuse of the mild man of the north by the desert dweller that came up to fist us.

His fornication to create weaps to put into God's village on earth in all terrains. Will Labor not end funding them to harm us?

"Happiness is ever to employ half a shell," Judee say.

Will Labor not get smart, and take the cash away from weap Judah so that he cannot employ his half shells to harass us?

God has offered to save our lives. So far, zero takers. As we fund another day bringing us closer to the termination of our life forms.

They're bankrupts Labor. They report this in reverse speech often. Are we understanding their plan is to leave America bankrupt and unable to get ourselves together again?

The multi-thousand-year Jewish war against the children of God on earth is coming to an end. American Labor that is funding and fighting all of the Jewish sports war in our world. To save our own lives will we not end funding it?

Will we not get smart, listen to the good advice of shrimp and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into Labors hands?

Or will we stand by and let them continue to rape us slowly out of life?

Will Labor not listen to Labor leader William Sylvis who informed us before he was stolen away in 1869 that Labor is the party that makes our money valuable?

Now that our extraterrestrial elders have informed us of the same thing and that Labor must take the authority to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah must Labor not act?

The Q, quality factor, of a resonant circuit, is a measure of the “goodness” or quality of a resonant circuit.

If only Bitch had a more meritorious Q factor might Labor step in and take over the American Labor purse?

Might Labor not consider that Bitch Q factor is not as lousy as Judee liar says it is?

Do we remember when elders from outer space said that Judee libeled Bitch terribly?

Will Labor not get on board and stop the war before we are all washed out permanently?

Elder told Bitch that he has a complex. It is associated with living in Englewood. "Poverty complex," is how elder described it. Might we not consider that it is one of the many things that are developed from Judee mind mess of us mild folks?

Bitch asked elder why he doesn't perceive certain things that would be helpful to him and elder said, "lateral thinking is affected by emotions."

Might we consider Judah puts in all sorts of emotional things to work us over with to negatively affect our thinking?

Cutting off puppies ears. Is that not a cruelty that really triggers emotions? Are we understanding Judah uses our money to pay people to do those sorts of things with the intent to disturb us emotionally?

Judees constant shooting us down on the streets. Might that not shake our emotions? Will Labor not end funding these guys sin fun?

The Q factor, a measure of the goodness of a signal.

Might Labor understand that it will be Labor that will issue our money from now on and never again a congress, Parliament, king or queen?

Are we perceiving the wonder of our sweet Lord that He has forever taken the odious burden off of his children of being held in chains?

Will Labor not act with a clear head and end this last vicious tyranny on earth that Judah will ever hold?

The headstones that were knocked over in the Jewish section of a couple of graveyards.
The mob they produced claiming the goy people are being mean to them and demanding police action to arrest the culprits.
The Rabbi on the news speaking about the threats his crowd called in to bomb the Jewish Community centers and blaming it on other people.

Here's some reverse speech to help us understand what they're pulling here on us:

"This is part of our continual mess, if you make me big boy this is the way I scrimmage you. Our extreme relation just wipes them out. Ever lousy we prate. I'm just arrayed with sweaty symbols.
I'm leaving as a summer tourist, I've taken the light out with so much perpage. Happiness is one of the thoughts we didn't hold you in right. The minnow hates me because we fight war, the company enriches us. I'm just going to use the company to get you brutal for sport"

"We're forced to yield."

While Bitchie may be set up by Judee to be embarrassed, and a lot of stupid stuff has passed through this mind, might Labor not like to keep in mind, it has never been confused about the weap Judah killing guy out here?

It identified mathematically that we were set up for a big die in November of 1965.

While the Q factor, the goodness of the signal may not be as good as one would like it to be, has Bitch sight not seen the icebergs that we have intentionally been steered into?

The nuclear missile icebergs that Judah attacked us out of the blue with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Did Bitchie not call that in 1965? Yes, he did.

What might explain why Bitchie spot it at a relatively young age and others don't spot it even as older people?

Maybe Bitchie's sand vibe called it from the subconscious that we have been set to be died off here?

Bitchie with mathematics found out what Dr. Mallove knew and when he knew it too.

So while Bitchie Q factor may not be all that it could be, might Labor not want to mine it for its ability to spot icebergs both blast and brimstone waste?

Might Bitchie get himself in trouble with you's again if he mentions what HG Wells said to us: In his preface to the 1941 edition of The War in the Air, Wells had stated that his epitaph should be: "I told you so. You damned fools?"

The most powerful emotion generated, might we think it is when one's own life is challenged?

A hungry lion on the hunt comes upon a man all alone. Might the man not have some mighty strong emotions as the lion attempts to make a meal of him?

Might we consider that is the root of Judah's success of taking over governments? His terrorism?

The lateral thinking that Bitch is limited at due to emotions blocking his mind from seeing things as well as others might. In the unemotional world of mathematics, he finds icebergs and free energy too.

"Race dead." Tele receive. 7.39 AM

"I told you so. You damned fools".

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Might Labors lateral thinking be affected by emotions that Judah scored in the head?

How could such a large number of wealthy people that have access to our advanced communications system not have made ourselves aware that we are in an extinction level event?

Or is it that we are aware that we are in an extinction level event but we just feel that we have no say in it at all?

Or will we have to lay our race's death to a swizzle stick, small ice cubes, and a straw?

Bitch is not here to give any orders. "You're not to rule, electrify them," Father said.

His Q factor is not the one that will be directing things after Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the concession to issue our money away from them.

It will be doing the mathematics to bring in our next level of technology. The advanced technology to empower Labor to feed house and clothe all of God's kids.

Are we understanding that a third of the human race is sealed in to dying out now funding war disgrace?

Are many of us not fatigued in our souls that Labor continues funding destroying us?

Sorry, I called you's a name, won't you accept that it is part of the terrain of a shaken mind that has no bad intent?

Disturbed by unending violence carried out by those in government and corporate offices against us all.

The Walloon that was driven to assault the gentle people of the Congo.

Might we not now understand that King Leopold was merely a Judah shell Replicon doing what he could to degrade and destroy the Walloons soul?

Will Labor not make us proud to be Americans and toss these vicious guys and gals out?

The last plague of weap Judah. Largely put upon the mild man of the north. What will be the end here? 95% of the mild man gone or not?

Judee tells us that in 5 hours of a general STRIKE he will cave in and say "uncle." Will American Labor in God's name try it?

As we are being swept to our ultimate demise in only a few years with our nation poisoned from coast to coast, will Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor, Father asked about it: "Why didn't you try it? I gave you the peace must you fail?"

British kidnapper teams roaming throughout our country kidnapping and transporting on demand.

Will Labor not put the civil rule in our land? Will Labor not try to save us?

"The god damned struck." 8.16 AM

Yes, they have and do we not yet have some idea of just how bad they have struck us?

How bad have they struck us? The good book says a third of the human race will die out now in the end times. Is there any doubt that they have struck Americans great?

Tele receives:

"SOLD! 12.25 pm

It's suitable, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.33 PM

These are dreadful people they're pulling out. 12.55 PM

Embezzle, Savior absolved him of that. 1.00 PM

Errant torpedoes. 1.09 PM

Scientist, they corrupted him with all sorts of face book way.

They want to seal us ultimate? 1.31 PM

Patrick's been telling us this for over 5 years. 1.35 PM

They murder particle.

They bust you racial and toss you away dead.

Dad is telling us not to come home.

Terrible break you.

The shame is classical master boogey.

Get them out of occupy.

You failed to pull a right fist.

Cow treed.

They got it, they're still rolling you, they're rolling your script.

The nice guy won, fetch dead forgery, it's all ceded.

Financial got you filthy.

We lost it bad.

Embezzle, it's all off.

You're occupied for luxury. 12.58 AM

Oh my god, we're dying fistols. 1.01 AM

Awfully casual they're destroying. 1.02 AM

America and we've done nothing, let's push them out. 1.05 AM

They right fist our beliefs. 1.09 AM

Blessed out stupid. 1.10 AM

Continues at:

You jousted out your life forces. 1.13 AM

Check died us. 1.40 AM

We challenge you to face this problem then they have no chance to fear you. 1.41 AM

Now that Judas has taken ownership away he wants to comet. 1.59 AM

Milky way washed. 2.00 AM

A new fist to veg us here. 2.01 AM

We put you the right force for brave. 2.03 AM

Why not true this won?

Percentages are everything in this scene here. 2.06 AM

Why not become responsible for yourself? 2.07 AM

You're letting then hold you in jail, this real state is done. 2.09 AM

Time for civil rights forces. 2.15 AM

Refused. 2.19 AM

Good luck. 2.52 AM

No more centuries of dieful. 2.59 AM

You're allowed to go through. 5.37 AM

Not into the sport. 5.52 AM

My analysis is they're crazy. 5.54 AM

Terminators are dead. 5.56 AM

Lateral thinking is affected by emotions. 5.58 AM

They've been stumbled, it's quite over here. 6.20 AM

They cost you vicious. 6.22 AM

Massive murders? 6.25 AM


Race dead. 7.39 AM

Punishment police is over." 8.53 AM
"I use the British to put you out. We got you out with the British, that was our great. We just port you overseas for war and then throw the rest of you away. We're way over your head with our punishment right.

We fouled the professor so our goose won't die. You let me sport you. You trade a baby app for your rights. My Judee is fabulous on a mouse with metal.

We frame you ruse and make you die. I'm imperious, I'll push you back in time. Mosh you our deal. It's rape we believe for you. We have a congress session with wise fools who try to figure ways to bore and port you.

Civil rights we try to drum them right. With Jeffers we waif you freely. With our Virginia life, we've had fun with you.

Our margarine was our false scrimmage great, it dumbed you sweet. There's an invisible right, Jew holds you for free and wastes you out on a truth.

A bourse semen head will pitch you. With Berlin margarine, you lost your vowels. Our cataster wits are marble head. Filthy torts pay right," Judee say.

Will we all not keep praying that Labor will step in here and take the concession to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?

We are perishing in an extinction level event. American Labor is funding our die.

Will Labor not recognize what needs to be done and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, March 6 — Psalm 33:6–11
Ezra 5:1–6:12; Acts 28:17–31
Ruth said, “Do not press me to leave you or to turn back from following you! Where you go, I will go; where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God.” Ruth 1:16
Paul wrote: You are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God. Ephesians 2:19
Thank you, O Lord, for those who have left home and family to follow your call. May your servants find family in every place you send them. May we be your kind embrace to those living far from their native lands. Amen.

Continues at:

The Q, quality factor, of a resonant circuit is a measure of the “goodness” or quality of a resonant circuit. A higher value for this figure of merit corresponds to a more narrow bandwith, which is desirable in many applications. More formally, Q is the ratio of power stored to power dissipated in the circuit reactance and resistance, respectively:

Q = Pstored/Pdissipated = I2X/I2R Q = X/R where: X = Capacitive or Inductive reactance at resonance R = Series resistance.




"They Set You Muzzle To Take You Away: They've Been Rolled Up"

"They Set You Muzzle To Take You Away: They've Been Rolled Up"

Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight.
After losing their continentals when they shot them at us is there not some agreement they have been rolled up?

If so will Labor not help us to close them up right?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our human rights in again?

The root element that has brought Judah to carry forward with his long-planned extermination of us.

The theory that he has held for thousands of years that he must destroy the rest of us human Beings. The researcher and writer Elizabeth Dilling (1894-1966) informs us in her book "The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today," that from the Talmud Judah chose to not recognize us as fellow Human Beings. Here's a page from her book:


That we are like an ass, a slave to be used and disposed of at their will.

Is "unfettered destruction not proof of ownership?"

Might we consider that with constant war and preparation for war since Judah took over the concession to issue the money made good by American Labor in 1913, by letting him build the machines of our extinction that he attempted us with, has that not proven that Judah did make a right claim to ownership of the American people?

Might we consider that if not for our good God stepping in and having His angels pull the thousands of nuclear warheads off of us that Judah attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, we would have perished as Judah's disposable property?

Might we consider that there was no agency of earthly design that served to save us in any way?

If we understand this might we not say a prayer of thanks to our beautiful precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to spare us the loss of life form at the hands of weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting cartel?

The arms race is genocidal in intent given the fact that the United States and the Soviet Union are knowingly preparing to destroy each other as viable national and political groups.

Might we not recognize that we are now at the time of the apocalypse?

Definition of apocalypse
a : one of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 B.C. to A.D. 150 marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom

Has our good God not indeed destroyed the ruling criminal powers of planet earth for all times?

Might we not want to consider the glory of Father letting the nuclear war crimes cartel show us their hand by allowing them to build all of the atomic bombs they wanted and then letting them shoot them at us and only then pulling them out of the skies sparing us extinction?

If only we will give the truth enough thinking will we not be of good purpose to close them up now?

Will we not put the swizzle sticks aside long enough to breathe the clean air of truth? Will we not try to save ourselves from perishing?

The assault and battery terrorist guys that have held sway in our world for thousands of years. Will Labor not let them off right?

Will we not awaken ourselves to our higher level selves and make peace NOW?

"The human heart can go the lengths of God. Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now. The human misery of centuries cracks, breaks, begins to move, the thunder is the thunder of the floes, the thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong comes up to face us everywhere, never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul men ever took. Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise is exploration into God. Where are you making for? It takes so many thousand years to wake; but will you wake, for pity's sake?"

~ Sir George Trevelyan ~


"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

The words are spoken from the infant of Prague to Father Cyrillus in 1637.

Might we not recognize today those words were spoken to Father Cyrillus by the emissary to earth from the Galactic Federation of Light, our kind elder Sir Maximilian?

Maximilian's first appearance to the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD. An invitation was given to the centers of power of planet earth to join up with our peaceful brethren from the universe.

The invitation to join the Federation was declined by the centers of power on planet earth.

The centers of power on earth, Judah, royals, and Vatican had already perfected the predator relationship on their fellow man and saw no benefit of joining with an advanced extraterrestrial society living in peace.

And that is how it has stood ever since. Elders aware that we would be coming into the nuclear age and with it bring on the extermination of the human race in nuclear wars that they knew Judah would harass us with.

Judah, ignoring all offers from our extraterrestrial family to learn ways to go into peace, single-mindedly stuck to his guns with his claim that it was his human right to exterminate all the other human Beings on earth.

Judah, quite aware of the rules of Father's house knew that genocide was prohibited by the Federation, went ahead anyway with the plan to destroy all mankind on the surface of planet earth using nuclear technology.

There may be 160 million Judah and his Replicons on the surface of planet earth. 2% of the human population.

There are now over 18 million weap Judah that have secured themselves into the safety of their underground hotels.

The understanding is that there are accommodations for 700 million people underground.

While that is a large number, as there are around 8 billion of us, does it looks as if over 7 billion of us will remain stuck on the surface breathing Judah's Hitachi-GE hot radioactive particles for our tumor world?

Will we not pray that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT so that we all do not have to die out in this genocide weap Judah has put on us?

If genocide is illegal in the Federation and Judah is waging genocide will they not stop him?

As we are involved in sin by funding Judah sports genocide, are we seeing how we have sealed ourselves in to not being saved?

Have the angels not informed us, "You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared?"

"If I've got the brains to deny America its right, so done," Judee say.

Are we seeing Labor we can claim our right as Americans but we must do it, the Federation just recommends and advises us well?

"We're deaf ruptures." Tele receive. 6.21 AM

They've ruptured our society, poisoned our air, fields, and water and are doing all they can to bring us into war right within the United States of America.

Will Labor not listen to the love of God and have faith in the love of Father to see us through to peace?

Tele receives:

"Silly. 7.10 AM

Judas genius fold. 11.04 AM

They keep us in shell shock to get us to harm our brothers and sisters.


The tourists shot us dumb, the tourists shot us right. 12.53 PM

Knowledgeable fists. 1.00 PM

They're rising us all for sale. 2.13 PM

They're racey people. 2.41 PM

Austria over psyche us. 3.07 PM

Oh my god Patrick I'm sightful you're sane. 5.05 PM

Terrible. 5.11 PM

Pat, that's how they false you right. 5.12 PM

They're very out, please STRIKE them rightly. 5.21 PM

Pat's explained his fail and they've destroyed us. 5.25 PM

Vidiots, STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.26 PM

Their philosophy immerses us in pollution to die us. 5.27 PM

Jews that lose their rude are cowpitable. 5.29 PM

It blew what it taxes. 5.36 PM

Pat, you failed, they falsified you well. 5.37 PM

Inteer them in a day. 5.39 PM

Their games do some NATO Wesson. 6.40 PM

Their stalking threw us out.5.47 PM

It's a gold fishin condition. 5.48 PM

We'll be thieved. 5.49 PM

Luxury war canned your kid. 5.51 PM

Irishman couldn't be saved, he'll be switched, Alston. 6.15 PM

British cycled. 6.17 PM

Sold threat. 6.18 PM

Their hostility is now refused. 6.20 PM

Koresh arrests you. 6.21 PM

They electrically pushed us out, our big financial is sported, they left a lot of us in rage. 6.25 PM

The armor will wrench all. 6.28 PM

Save us, fail itchy. 6.31 PM

The cow meditated watching videos and failed. 6.33 PM

They be semper failed, semper failed us. 6.34 PM

They badge you fictious. 6.46 PM

They too sheep. 9.25 PM

Your fail dies. 9.38 PM

Judah's got a great force in jail. 9.41 PM

Oracles cash. 9.43 PM

You're washed death. 9.46 PM

They're breezin us over time. 9.47 PM

Paper takes your sight wounded.9.56 PM

You'll slowly glow here. 9.57 PM

Ship economy failed. 9.58 PM

Thank you for scoring ricing. 10.00 PM

It's a digital fail here. 10.02 PM

They forced you out physical with diapers.

Jews have failed us, I lost, we're done with.

They set you with jailable incidents. 11.02 PM

We're occupied. 11.02 PM

They're cutting the seas down. 11.03 PM

Perpetual, realize you're breezed.

Jews have a task force they make a full week. 11.04 PM

Fear threaty. 11.06 PM

They've murdered us. 11.09 PM

Allege is how they get you suspect. 11.10 PM

Pat, they set you right falsely. 11.13 PM

False you's rectum. 11.16 PM

Title war fish. 11.17 PM

Wasting your own field and they're done. 11.18 PM

Municipal viper failed to save us.

They're assaultive creations. 11.21 PM

Purely they force you's out. 11.27 PM

You now die yourselves complete. 11.27 PM

John has failed to save us. 11.33 PM

Assault holds your states. 11.34 PM

Your city, they score you basically from Brazil. 11.35 PM

They torture the righteous quite fisty. 11.38 PM

A spiritual corpse failed. 11.41 PM

They're out defeat of force summons.

Their mystery is quite abusive.

They're a deposed batch of vipers here. 12.24 AM

They'll execute your psychic head.

They've been hurting my kids. 12.28 AM

Their dream force is jail. 12.29 AM

Their monsters set you by ficting you great. 12.30 AM

They hate us all and are now destroying us. 12.31 AM

Cupid wastes. 12.32 AM

STRIKE, the economy's taken action over thee. 12.33 AM

Prejudice rails us con-fabled. 12.34 AM

Exposure, you're a fair die. 12.35 AM

They made us breeze. 12.36 AM

We're perishing away. 12.37 AM

Their child-sphere tossed us out.12.38 AM

They kidnap you always. 12.39 AM

The white man ceased them all, the Jew core is dead for robbery. 1.31 AM

Their cost has failed offend. 1.32 AM

Put in the grand juries, save your lives. 1.36 AM

We're citing loss of materials. 1.37 AM

We're not safe because Jew died us. 1.38 AM

It's very painful to be wiped this way. 1.42 AM

Their molestory is launching fail now. 1.43 AM

This air is stopping hearts. 1.46 AM

They've falsed 300,000 already. 1.47 AM

They're shooting you out real good. 1.50 AM

Get Martin back. 1.51 AM

They field us, all of us.

Vultures fabulous error us. 1.52 AM

Sheriffs attack usually wins. 1.54 AM

Fail procedure child bad. 1.55 AM

They're sick, get them out. 1.56 AM

Even though they fail they still concentrate. 2.00 AM

Get them out of analogy molest. 2.01 AM

Munch you dead. 2.03 AM

Their secret accomplishment is to fall you with a laboratory and a grand jury.

Their purpose is police power.

Herc-u-metal. 2.08 AM

SOLD! 2.09 AM

See if you can reach. 2.11 AM

Extraterrestrial authorities advise us. 2.12 AM

The simple way. 2.12 AM

Extras reveal continentals die us phase two. 2.12 AM

You lost your way falsing up yourselves. 2.13 AM

Our lives are screwed. 2.14 AM

The Martians failed to save us.

We died offend puree souls.

Their comma smashes us. 2.17 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, the police force will save us. 2.18 AM

A RISE here will true save us. 2.19 AM

An effort and a disk will glory ya. 2.20 AM

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.45 AM

They score all life. 2.46 AM

You mentally died your own selves. 2.47 AM

Not much thought was given to your folding up. 2.48 AM

Cash right hobbits, we're sold out. 2.54 AM

Nice score to rummage. 2.55 AM

They set you muzzle to take you away. 2.56 AM

They've been rolled up. 3.04 AM

Wipe yourself of filthage. 3.09

Huskies busted us. 3.11 AM

Zero casual sight. 3.12 AM

Siege right idiots fouled you. 3.22 AM

The race fell dead cancer. 3.32 AM

Error is refused. 3.35 AM

They'll tickle you out. 5.09 AM

Fooled you dead.

They always stupid fade us. 5.16 AM

Your criti-cipher failed to Jewish. 5.21 AM

Bust huge, cage threat. 5.25 AM

Missiles are dead. 5.28 AM

Totally helpless spiritually. 5.33 AM

They're official atoms out. 5.35 AM

Shanty tossed them out everly. 5.37 AM

He attacked us cruisive from his subs right. 5.42 AM

Patrick fouls Boston right here. 6.11 AM

We're deaf ruptures. 6.21 AM

Psychic screwed fierce. 6.26 AM

Their pox is rolling. 7.00 AM

They're scoring us dead. 7.01 AM

Zero has daft a catastrophe. 7.29 AM

The son of a bitches destroyed us. 7.46 AM

ORGANIZE, they're criminals. 8.27 AM

Pat wants to get rid of them, I perceive." 8.28 AM

Father is dying them off, tunnel death, due to their weakness, an inability to accommodate others. Will Labor not serve the love of God Almighty and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We're teched dead. Sold her right. You vaulted out our deceit and receipts renewable. You let me false you off your lives here.

We're falsing ancient rule Sampson. I want to toss you out faithfully. I question you on Principal caged. We're moxing morels. Orvidas is already cash.

The scientist blows my most sweet whack-a-true. I'm a communist coming out for my Mormon ruse. I want to get inside your head chipperly to keep you from appearing and throwing me out.

I have a portable bench with a mustang. Our plot is to leave you helpless. We conned you basically right. We bust you minnow inside Dallas.

I want to make you see a fault so I pretend to be your friend. I mush your source with my kine-vision just to make you sore. I'm going to have a Moscow Truman opp blow the human away. We set the whites great down, air force gonna spin them in and put em away. Our Soviets are going to pop some wood.

I'm a fail on my government side that's why I make war. I just psyche you all for insurance, that's my life. I'm here for a Venus set to fall you public. I'm a full time monster out of Texas falls that's taking your air out.

I did some beautiful crashes. I'm obvious, we just shoot people and make false. With Jaguar I had a big deal for 4 of us. Peace, with the soviets we throw them off. I'm ruble. We got some new arrangements. The moon was just pure sketching," Judee say.

"They've been hurting my kids." 12.28 AM

Are we seeing the concern that our precious Father has for His Simian children on earth?

Might Labor keep in mind what Father said about Judah and his poisoning of the nursery, "they've poisoned my village, I want them off!"

Will Labor not give us the RISE, STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and take the concession to issue our money away from the errant life form weap Judah?

Do we recall the other day how Judee called in threats to his Jewish community Centers and toppled headstones in the Jewish section of a couple of graveyards? read this:
Might we consider the lady involved was a white Replicon that dated this fellow specifically to set him up to be a fall guy?

Continues at:

He posts before the threats come in that this white girl is setting him up. If you read the article and then the comments, not one comment is other than Judee saying how this guy did the threats. Might we perceive how highly organized Judee is?

Here's a link to the article:

Might we only wonder how much each poster was paid to post their comments? Maybe $200 a piece? $300? More?

Are we seeing that Judee can pay them all because he issues the checks that American Labor makes good?

Judee now has the guy locked up. From reading it the fellow says they got inside his Internet service.

Might they have had one of their techs in the cable company use the fellows ip numbers to send out messages to use against him and claim he sent them out?

Does Labor not see how our Bill of rights protects us from Judee opps such as that?

No arrest allowed instead a grand jury hears from all the parties involved. Are we understanding why Judah hired his officials to toss our rights out?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our God-given rights in again?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

First Sunday in Lent
Watchword for the Week — Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart. Psalm 32:11
Sunday, March 5 — Genesis 2:15–17,3:1–7; Psalm 32
Romans 5:12–19; Matthew 4:1–11
The time is surely coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the land; not a famine of bread, or a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, but they shall not find it. Amos 8:11,12
Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” John 6:68–69
We gather to worship, O Lord, eager to hear words that breathe new life into weary bodies, sustain and comfort those in distress and encourage us all to new depths of love and service. Fill our yearnings with your presence. Amen.
"Oh my god Patrick I'm sightful you're sane. 5.05 PM

Terrible. 5.06 PM

Error. 5.08 PM

Pat, that's how they false you right." 5.12 PM
Those Tele receives came in shortly after posting yesterday and Bitch realized they were concerning the puppy that had his ears cut off by the two Judah guys.


Here's a link to that post:

LLink to the article it came from

3.29 PM

Messages from Sir Jason and Sir Morris this afternoon:

"They're merching Alpine, they know their way. Their shame is classical master boogey scare."

Thank you, sir Jason and Sir Morris for hose messages today.

Prayed to Father this afternoon and Father shared with Bitch some things about His beautiful life.

When Father was 80 years of age he took the journey to Prenasour. A two and one-half year flight each way. 6 years of study at Prenasour.

Father returned to Galactica when He as 91 years of age. Father was born in 200 BC.

Do we remember that Father previously had told Bitch, "I'm dying?"

That may have been about a year and a half ago. Father told Bitch this afternoon the exact date that he will pass out of life.

Bitch wondered if there was any way for precious Father to extend His time with us. Father has been head of our house since 800 AD.

There is no extension, Father will pass away in 2020.

Might Labor consider all that precious sweet Father has done for us and help us to accomplish peace for Father's love?

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your life." Father said.

Might Labor also consider that Father is all forgiving and merciful to whatever failures we have in our lives?

Will Labor try to keep that in mind and do not hold anything against Bitch for his stupid mistakes?

Thank you.

Continues at:






"Title Will Get Them Off of You: Get Some Cash, Dreidel Fell"

"Title Will Get Them Off of You: Get Some Cash, Dreidel Fell"


Might we understand what Labor leader William Sylvis understood before he left us in 1869 at 41 years of age, Labor must be part of the issuing of our money?


Tele receives:


"Michigan, they're out. 2.49 PM


God damned these son of a bitches. 2.56 PM


Murder cash. 3.52 PM


SALE! 4.34 PM


SOLD! 4.54 PM


STRIKE them for stench the AMERICAN way. 4.59 PM


Over failed, how dismal. 5.15 PM


Fear theory serves a false. 5.39 PM


Their air is quite cow. 6.10 PM


Flirtatious. 10.26 PM


Stupid heads fell well. 10.29 PM


Abducted, Jew thought he could deceive and savage you out in all ways. 11.45 PM


He's always timely. 12.05 AM


Stupid investment crushed in total.


Stupid investment will make you die. 12.06 AM


Drunks pitched with fiction. 12.07 AM


Rights bear you even. 12.08 AM


You're essentially paying for a stash. 12.08 AM


Mutual police he's pulling on you now. 1.25 AM


You're resolved to tossing your bail. 1.27 AM


Finish this up beautifully. 1.28 AM


They'll screw you.


The miracles of these boys will send you to pieces. 1.29 AM




Through foulage, he benefits. 1.31 AM


He's punishing you great. 1.37 AM


God in His mercy spared us, for what reason could we still be funding Jew war? 1.41 AM


Every hostile nightmare is coming at us. 1.42 AM


Must Labor not recognize what it is doing by letting Judah issue our money end funding the extermination of us?


From the jesters save us all. 1.47 AM


Bubble gum cost you series. 1.48 AM


We are now prisoners to be tossed. 1.49 AM


Mini cash lethals. 1.50 AM


He's leaving tumored states busted. 1.51 AM


Muswit. 1.57 AM


Patrick, he's falsed you out. 2.00 AM


I failed the sacred, I failed to save us. 2.02 AM


You're falsed to die. 2.04 AM


We'll make it, casually. 2.10 AM


You're oxidizing yourselves. 2.17 AM


He's of no use. 2.18 AM


Criminals affect you. 2.19 AM


He hustled your field for 5%.


Germany halts.


Title will get this off of you, get some cash, dreidel fell. 2.24 AM


Get it! 3.15 AM


Rookage." 3.52 AM



Does this not sound like the real American?


"We'll make it, casually." 2.10 AM


All the charlatans that Judah has put into office worldwide. In a day American Labor will fall them all when it STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the concession to issue our money.


The day that Judah loses control of Labor and no longer has free cash to assault the children of God. Might that be the day we'll make it casual?


What might we think of this Tele receive?


"You're resolved to tossing your bail." 1.27 AM


Did Father not make our bail when He had His angels get between us and Judah on royals armed with nuclear missiles?


The great balls of fire that Judah hired his scientists to create so that he could have his fists threaten us with 30-minute death from the sky.


Does American Labor not yet see that our good God Almighty has afforded us the opportunity to retire the great American fists?


The young fists that Judah is using to assault our family in this world and undermine us. Will Labor not have mercy on the cruelly manipulated poor and put a stipend in so that they can eat without assaulting our family for Judah sport?


Might we consider that the same socioeconomic class that Judah draws his fist from is basically the same class that is creating the surplus value of Labor Judah uses to fund his war?


With nearly half of our Labor force unemployed might that be what is frightening to workers because there are so many unemployed?


Are we not getting the idea of how his tight fist routine works that we will not take the mechanism of it all, the concession to issue our money, away from him now?


Are working people seeing that every day that we fund this war we are being undermined more?


Will Labor not do the will of our good God that made our bail and put all of our God given rights in including the right to an existence stipend?


Will Labor not take away Judah's ability to exploit the cruelly manipulated poor?


The guys and gals that are full of false and glad of it. Will Labor not let them off right?


That Father made our bail and has kept us alive throughout all of Judah attacking us with his continentals. Will we not act with the love of God for our fellow man and STOP THE WAR?


Must we not act to stop these multiples of war attacks?


Nuclear warheads in controlled burn off over Tasmania. Was Judee aiming for Adelaide?


UFO’ burns bright over Tasmania


A burning light across the sky of Tasmania! Was it space junk? A meteorite? Or something otherworldly?


An unknown burning object flying across the sky has sent the internet buzzing over what it is.


Lee-Anne Peters posted a video of a “spectacular plane coloured by the rising sun,” however, many claim that it could be otherworldly. While others say that it’s space junk or a meteorite.


The videographer herself and many experts say that it is simply the contrail of an aeroplane flying in the morning sun. A simple explanation that takes a bit of the fun out of it.


What did you think it was when you saw it?


Lyn Hassall 1 Mar

Odd angle for an aircraft?


Patrick Sullivan 5 Mar

A nuclear warhead in a controlled burn-off. The diligent Sir Casper still protecting us.



False words year after year, decade after decade the Washington-Wall Street corridors chatter to us. Will Labor not let them off right?


They're not fooling with us Labor, they never were. Is it not clear extinction is the only game they know?


And now instead of helping us get the deadly noxious nuclear waste off of our fields and out of our air and water, a search is now on for the pedos of Wall street and the guys that keep cutting dogs ears off.


Is it not a curiosity how profoundly they defend juveniles rights and yet have tossed our civil rights out?


Will Labor not get the cash away from these folks and end their brimstone diaper wars on our world?


Is it not clear they're doing all they can to leave us as hobbled as possible when they're out of here for good?


Will Labor not take our cash so Judah will end cutting puppies ears off?







Shooting war throughout our world on our dollar. Poisoning out our air, fields, and water. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?


Please get up here Labor. Is it not perceived that we're being fiended big?


Do we recall hearing for a couple of thousand years that the meek are to inherit the earth?


"The only earth the meek will inherit is the earth they're buried in." So said the late lawyer to the stars, Roy Cohn.



Is Labor not seeing the great error here of leaving the cash in the hands of those that only like to fight?


5% in the pockets of officials. Might Roy have had it right in his time, don't be concerned about the law just about who is the referee?


The fatal assault that is being put upon us. Must we pass out of life form to make a point? And what would be the point made if we let them die us right?


Might the point be that it is a fail to not listen to our good God above?


Lucifer, the devil, and Satan in collusion with weap Judah shooting war in our world on our dollar bill.


Judah holding off the peace and goodness of God and the angels so far. Putting in war, death, and disease instead.


"Your efforts are coward." The angel said. Didn't say we are cowards, just that our efforts are coward so far.


The devilish ways they assault us out. Will Labor not act and toss them out?


Will Labor not give us our duty peace wrench and get the weap Judah war out of our world for good, please?


The rules that our good God gave us 3,500 years ago, "Thou shalt not kill." Judah declined the offer then and still is at his criminal ways now.


"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Our good God Almighty said.


Is there any person that has looked at the facts that has any doubt that they're not coming back?


Obviously for attacking us to exterminate us and destroy our beautiful nation, is it not clear that they are done here?


So he hires a guy to shoot Bitch in the eye with a laser. Brings out the worst words in Bitch, then hires some more guys to go and make up a story that they pounded on the guy that he hired to shoot Bitch with a laser.


Might we consider that Judee brought out the worst words in Bitch? Might we understand that when he has us already stupid from living in a noxious Jew society of violence against the people that live in his Englewood areas he is starting with kids that are not wise to his tricks yet?


Is there not some way that mild man will try to save his life yet?


An assaultive people that have let themselves off. Will Labor not follow suit and let them off right?


They like to fight and the universe has refused them. Will Labor not let them off right?


Alexander Solzhenitsyn informs us correctly that the most slaughtered man of them all is the mild man of the north.


"I mapped ya Hitler great," Judee say.


Has Judee not done a smashing job of making it look as if Hitler was a creation of Germany?


An artificial bourse created guy installed by weap Judah using American Labor bourse.


All the lands of the mild man of the north infested and politically controlled by the weap Judah sports.


Generation after generation putting the mild man to sports war. Will we not thank our good God for having His angels step in and let them get themselves out of here?


"Rooky loused you's up." 5.18 AM


Do we recall that elders said that Bitch

mis-set ya's?"


Is Labor understanding that happened because rooky has been at the front too long?


The "kindly hermit" or "a dangerous recluse?"


Will Labor understand that they've pitched themselves and their goose?


So they have been successful at screwing us up at the root level. Might Labor perceive that Bitch is not a quitter?


Will you try to understand he's not a dangerous recluse as Judah tries to portray him and that he really is the "kindly hermit" who demands peace and not fist?


Bitch and all the rest of the people who have thought about it and figured it out are we not in agreement that Judah is as dead as a doornail now?


But, "Rooky loused you's up."


Will Labor not forgive and step on up and help us?


"Diesel launched right out fist here, they stumbled you big event now. Some of you are well positioned and think this is not going to reach you, but it will."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


"You have no right to fear."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that great thought.


The American people with no rights because big Judah up above says so and has the concession to issue our money in his hands to enforce his wishes.


Now set to be put to some real good old fashioned cabled Jewish sports abuse on us all. Will Labor not have the 30-minute break through and STRIKE THEM OUT and get the authority to issue our money away from them?


Is there not some degree of certainty that all of our leadership has failed us enormously?


Will Labor not look within your ranks to help us now?


Bitchie is no permanent fail as is Judee. Temporarily stalled, accidentally stupid but never intentionally rude.


He did not know we have a good God above until Father spoke to him when he was 61.


"You're a nice boy. He remained true to me." Is Labor seeing what Father thinks of His Bitch? Is Labor accepting that Judah libeled Bitch with a range of false statements about Bitch?


While Judah claims he brings out the worst in his enemies to defeat them, might we consider that Father's angels did not try to bring out the worst in Judah, they merely let him bring out the worst in himself and let him attack us with nuclear missiles only pulling them off after they were in the air and no longer in Judah's possession?


"You failed royal. 6.03 AM


Reducive slaughter will flog us. 6.06 AM


They've pushed the button and we've done nothing. 6.10 AM


They'll take you right into dead people as much as is possible." 6.31 AM


As they have pushed the button on us and we have done nothing about it, and now they are taking us into death with brimstone nuclear waste, might they figure that it will be a cinch to finish us out?


Their scam fell Labor. Is their war not seen for what it is, merely part of their animal primitivism to hold us for their sports ways?


"We punish quite brutal the peaceful. Theft holds you great pen. We get in right and we do inseminate. I just pooch vegetable bedroll and put in on you. I fill you with my dog rage to fall you down.


I just screw handsome and make it hurt. Jew foster Aphrodite you. I do perjury with Loomis for sin. I want a lack of state so I can pull you out. With the police and 5%, I can pitch you true.


I'm only a 5 boy. Iowa, you riced my opps and caused the end of my mother. My mother's old days threw me for Jew right. Our sparkle breeze is coming true.


We just war you out storage. I had a great scene with a marked sandwich, it made me go. Fringe idiot we made our hole die right off. We believe in injustice, war and caging you all.


I'm afraid in a few months I'm going to lose my bourse because I swept ya and Jesus sent a messenger," Judee say.


If these are the last days where is Jesus?


Is Jesus not to be with us in the last days?


Matthew 24:21-22 “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short.”


If we do not cut short the nuclear bomb that Judah is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE might we not perceive that no human Being would be saved? Will Labor not elect the 160 members of the Committee of the Whole to take over the issue of our money?


"But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short.” Must Labor not put our elect in and cut these brimstone nuclear waste war days short?


In the Apostle Peter’s last letter, he tried to warn the church that people would come and scoff at the ideas of Jesus’ return and say “all things are continuing as they were from the beginning” and nothing’s going to change but “While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape” (1st Thess 5:3).


Will Labor not try to help us escape these last days of tribulation of Judah shooting war in our world?


So Judah was smart enough, focused enough to figure out the real lever of power is found in who it is that has the authority to issue our money, to push the rest of us Americans off of the most significant issue concerning our existence.


Held that position now for over a century. Challenged when JFK assigned the power to issue money to the US treasury. The authority to issue our money returned to weap Judah by President Johnson shortly after he took office after President Kennedy was assassinated.


What about Jesus returning to us to be with us in the last days?


Death on the cross. Judah and his holy inquisitions of burning the mild man as heretics and witches at the stake.


His guillotine head chopper. The noose. His tourniquet. The gas chamber and the electric chair. And now his gurney. His brutality to us.


Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money and end funding the atrocious inhumane acts that Judah enjoys doing to push us down with?


Continues at:



Are we understanding that Judah harsh is merely to mock man here? Holds people for over 2 decades and then executes them.


Is there not some sense that we are in the grip of an unright life form that directs such cruel vicious acts?


Might we not figure Judah does things of that nature specifically to drive our decency, humanity, our spirit downwards? And what about common sense? Will Labor not get our money from these pests before they succeed in leaving us unrecoverable as is there plan?


32 'You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD. 33 When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. 34 'The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the LORD your God.…


Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah, put it in your safe hands and let our American Bill of Rights sort things out?


To honor the grayheaded must we not STOP THE WAR so that the grayheaded be deserving of honor?


Must Americans not end our participation in the sin of weap Judah and his sports war?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." Our extraterrestrial elders said.


(Jer 27:9). Know this; their time is coming, as God promises, “I will draw near to you for judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers and against the adulterers and against those who swear falsely, and against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages, the widow and the orphan, and those who turn aside the alien and do not fear Me,” says the Lord of hosts” (Mal 3:5).


Will Labor not serve us all by taking the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that he is no longer able to oppress the wage earner in our wages?


Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not be the step forward that will reach out and embrace all humanity as brothers and sisters and end this hostile separation that weap Judah has put in with his war sport of us?


Will Labor not remove the constant threat of assault that Judah has put into our world and allow us to bring in our next level of technology that will provide us with the physical means to feed, house and clothe all of God's children on earth?


The horrific brimstone nuclear waste die that Judah is working. Must Labor not end funding it?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


"ORGANIZE, they're revealed." 10.32 AM


Love God


Have mercy



Saturday, March 4 — Psalm 33:1–5

Ezra 4; Acts 28:7–16

Remember me, O Lord, with the favor you have toward your people. O, visit me with your salvation. Psalm 106:4 (NKJV)

Paul wrote: I received mercy, so that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display the utmost patience, making me an example to those who would come to believe in him for eternal life. 1 Timothy 1:16

May we, this day, reflect the grace of Jesus—in our homes, by forgiving each other; with the stranger, by our welcome; in our work places, by our integrity. May all that we say and do point to the One who embraces all of humanity. Amen.


Continues at:













The attackers who cut off the puppy's ear were released

Hasan Kuzu and Neşet Yaman'a recorded a total of 4 thousand 404 pounds administrative penalty.






Christ is as utterly devastating of Pharisaism in the record of John 8. Although He admitted that His hearers were descendants of Abraham, He said they were, spiritually, of the devil. Christ told them:


Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).





"Get Them For Scorching Us: The Monsters Monst US"

"Get Them For Scorching Us: The Monsters Monst US"


Might Jew have put in dog paralysis for their whole theory? Our milk and bread filthy nationwide due to our fields being contaminated with radioactive waste. And yet he is still holding off the Galactic Federation and its mission to liberate the children of God on earth from weap Judah.


The rice camera they used as a sword to assault us completely. Made us all fail. Now we are chemicaled right Judee. Is this all because he is a shooter?


A dubious fox he uses to hold us. Will Labor not let them off right?


A race horse with a fabulous sauce that breaks us in ways that leave us unable to save ourselves.


Martians still pulling all of Judah nuclear missile shots and holding them safely up in the sky and burning them off.


Here's some recent warheads being burned off over Mesa, Arizona:




Link to a video:



That nuclear warhead attack upon Mesa, Arizona was on March 1st, 2017, just the other day. Is Labor not seeing the failure of allowing Judah all of the free money Judee wants?




Those warheads being burned off over Everett, Washington.


Texas UFO Research Committee YouTube channel was taken down. The pilot that directed UFO research was threatened with loss of his job.


Video report 12.33 at



70 years after Roswell and the topic of UFOs still too touchy to investigate.


Is it not something that we have been attacked with long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles to exterminate us and many remain unaware aware of such a significant fact?


Weap Judah has built enough nuclear blast force to kill most of the people on planet earth directly by blast and those that survive would die from the radioactive poisons that fall out from the sky.


Is there not some way to convince Labor that it is in its own best interests to help us get these errant nuclear war fighting ciphers shut down?


The forty minutes needed to figure it out. The 30-minute break through. The 3 minutes to change one's mind and decide to STRIKE THEM OUT of here right. Will Labor not demand peace in our world?


Tele receives:


"Pat, you're missing all of this deal correction, you're a scientist that doesn't seem to prevent corruption, you're basically a fish head. 5.05 PM


We're fouled. 5.34 PM


Give it a thought and will you toss them, please? 5.44 PM


The scientist tossed them out and we failed his mother. 5.51 PM


These people shop people's lives.


They murdered us most ever way. 8.56 PM


They're now banging the mouse. 10.28 PM


Each of us died Germany. 11.28 AM


They're suspects killing free.


Intelliga fell.


They murdered the mouse.


Oxygen bores us. 11.36 PM


Praise God here.


Military failed to save us.


How much time does he have until you're done? 3 weeks. 11.46 PM


Our food is all contaminated. 11.48 AM


Quite fusible you're permanently out. 12.31 AM


Lethal serious life. 12.32 AM


God damned this false right here.


Weaping is out. 12.33 AM


We're past due, oh my god. 12.34 AM


Strategy forced them out.


Die chemicals.


Save your families.


He scores you optically.


Rights die communisty. 12.37 AM


Siege dull you off.


For shooting racially you die justive. 1.10 AM


Your remaining days are out for abuse.


It's started tumors. 1.11 AM


Get them out universal.


Kneel. 1.27 AM


Meals scored our days.


They perish you office. 1.30 AM


Their ability dies us. 1.31 AM


A Sad loss here. 1.32 AM


Back words bore great. 1.33 AM


Very doofy house has outwitted us. 1.34 AM


STRIKE missile out. 1.35 AM


Gorgeous fell truth.1.35 AM


They versatile cave.


They forced you out of here. 1.36 AM


Pat, we're dying fist completely. 1.37 AM


They're out and you're still breezing yourself. 1.44 AM


ORGANIZE about a beautiful life now that they're dead. 1.45 AM


Basically, you're out your fridge.1.46 AM


Your fouls are criminals.1.47 AM


It's a fail tragedy. 1.49 AM


They blew our psyche-us. 1.50 AM


It's all over, cancer strikes us. 1.51 AM


They have a sight die us electricity. 1.55 AM


The criminals passed us off leaderly. 1.56 AM


Falsed out yourselves neglective. 1.57 AM


Your life has been extinguished in a most hideous way. 2.00 AM


Roll devilly fist. 2.01 AM


Palace rate has accomplished you. 2.02 AM


Sport out. 2.06 AM


He slums ya.


They're leaving a fire field. 2.08 AM


They're leaving nuclear desperate life. 2.25 AM


Psyche opps have died us off. 2.27 AM


It's a massive food poisoning. 2.28 AM


It's yield. 2.29 AM


Your police have fallen for menting Jew. 2.27 AM






They're poisoning us badly. 2.31 AM


They're torching faulty us. 2.32 AM


They're totally out.


Jew drive us dead.


You're falsing out yourselves, they've thrown you out. 2.37 AM


Get them for scorching us. 2.43 AM


You're gorgeously racialled. 2.55 AM


The monsters monst us. 3.41 AM


They knock you sweat. 7.21 AM


Compet-it-it. 7.53 AM



"My Roosevelt enforcement attempt of you made me leave. I'm sorry my mate foul good was my analysis. I core-a-state you to take out the function of Druid. I fatal late you.


Mercury's out to get me out of here. Our geno-sight fools you. We badge you armed. If I'm clearing you I'm having a good day. We embarrassed you. The assault is cleared.


Wall street's got a ruse then I'm leaving with force. I shot your nation because I'm totally nuts. I fail you fugitive. We're going to weed the white folks right away with a whack.


I'm Judas on Dale truth. We've got the British set to roll them off. I just have a dungeon to take your peace out. We just fault you on your dumb. I'm failed for my baby gen, I scored you right.


We burned you right in. My right seed bores your wages down. I blew my wit but Jew is going to leave you right sewered. I just put in a police state then assault you and port you," Judee say.


"I blew my wit but Jew is going to leave you right sewered."


How right sewered is Judee leaving our nation with our fields, air and water poisoned? Might Labor not consider how severely Judah blew his wit when he attacked us with a thousand nuclear missiles equipped with 3.200 nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Are we not yet perceiving the false of war that Judah has put upon our world ever since he got a hold of the purse of the mild man of the north?


"The jerks have slugged us." 8.52 AM


"Total. FINISH!" 9.12 AM


Bitch has errorly failed. And so why continue on trying to get Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT if Bitch is failed useful failed jostled and failed personal?


Might it be because Bitch is not the director here, he is merely the telegraph operator that's copying the message from Father's house and sending it to His children on earth?


"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the STRIKE.


"I gave you the peace, must you fail? I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I want to cross them out of this place with their crazy." Precious sweet Father said.


"They're vandalizing." 9.18 AM


Mercury is still close to us, Bitch heard a word from elder early today. They have not given up on us.


Mars just pulled those three nuclear warheads out of the sky and burned them off high in the sky over Mesa, Arizona the other day.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from being burned up by weap Judah on the nuclear force?


Will Labor not RISE and take our purse away from Judah and end funding his force on MOX?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, March 3 — Psalm 32

Ezra 3; Acts 27:39–28:6

Solomon prayed, “You have kept the promise you made to my father David; today every word has been fulfilled.” 1 Kings 8:24 (GNT)

Indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:3

We are so grateful for your kindness to us. We are so grateful that we have been granted another day of life. We ask that you open our eyes to all the graces and blessings that you offer this day. Amen.


1.26 PM


Some Tele receives since posting at the Daily test site earlier.


"Rats fell. 9.45 AM


Fetchious. 11.33 AM


They're rolling us failed. 12.00 Noon


Ober refused. 12.19 PM


They just sweep us, it's all cash axle way. 12.22 PM


Irreconcilable is the fist. 12.24 PM


Get out diesel. 12.25 PM


They forest us out. 12.27 PM


Get them out, they only fail. 12.42 PM


Take a breath and fall. 12.45 PM


Police halt you rightful, insured. 12.46 PM


You've fallen so much force you breed an error-tude. 12.47 PM


It's irritate. 12.48 PM


You cheat. 12.59 PM


They're defeated. 1.00 PM


They're making us dead. 1.01 PM


They die you with a jailer. 1.04 PM


Shanty, they false you up good. 1.08 PM


They fold you knowledgeable. 1.09 PM


Because of their pure ways camel rights are done. 1.11 PM


You fall all tyrannized. 1.12 PM


Abusive failures, numb nuts. 1.13 PM


With their suckering they Principal us. 1.18 PM


Grease they're racken. 1.24 PM




Scoring here rightfully greatest thugs. 1.54 PM


Civil rights, not just juvenile rights." 2.19 PM



"You've fallen so much force you breed an error-tude.

It's irritate."


Thanks for the Tele feedback. Bitch is sure trying to shake off error. "Irritate" in yesterday's post? Thanks for pointing it out.


Bitch is constantly trying to bring Labor in to put our rights in again and to appeal to Labor in ways that are not irritate.


"You cheat."


That allegation Bitch declines. He does not cheat. Might it be too much belief in what Judah says? Do we recall elder said that Judah libeled Bitch seriously? Thank you for your consideration.


Here is a Judee reverse speech just pulled from a TV interview.


"The white man, a percent of them are fallen away because of our genius. We have a new procedure, the white we're going to roll them because we can keep them in fear. We just hack them out sand lot with a pencil."


Do we recall Judee saying, "we always pulverize a chicken?"


Will American Labor not reach out for the love of our good God that had His angels let Judah and his nuclear war fighting industrialists off right?


Will Labor not give us some courageous efforts to get us to peace?


Must Labor not give us a general STRIKE with the demand that a committee of the whole take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the Whole?


Here's some more reverse speech from Judah from the last couple of hours:


"I port you with police Hapsburg's. My police let me idle wild. His mother didn't approve of my sewer pure. Orvidas gave me my day for all Druids.


You failed buddy, you just leave us shoot. I just score. Falsed you casually business guy. I'm grief right pepper. My sole purpose is mente for perping you.


You give us plenty of power so we roll your state and you. I'm a force from Berlin and with police, I occupy you.


I take a picture for my short sale and then just fist an investment. All Venus is velosic so my wiener and dog got to go. We just bust you war to grudge you. I'm hobbled already for my truth goof. Our fiction's out exclusive.


Bitch out to brain me fool. Englewood we falsed him to silence and he walked away to fall us another day.


My commas only got a scowl. Jew weapin is the pure body that's why I want to make the white go, that's why they closed me.


The white house papers are going to suffer some wits. I close you with my alphabet roarpedo. Perjure wit with police aimed to put you in. I'm a burning fool with a jug head wit.


I mapped ya Hitler great. Shanty filthy ass blew my frog. I make you on beer. My dog's Loomis to me. We scrimmage risky, part of our fools rights.


Alzheims let Jew cap away. I jimmy you with a jail. We don't want the rooster to come back that's why we shoot them right. I warred the union and my attempts made my conscious die," Judee say.


Are we seeing here Labor that Judah for trying to get us out with his great balls of fire it made his conscious die?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They have no defensible rights. They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty said.


Please, Labor STRIKE THEM OUT! Let us Finish.


Continues at:



Aliens Saved Earth from Nuclear Meltdown?

Strange Mysteries





"Save Us Please, They're Dying Us: Hostage Fell Here"

"Save Us Please, They're Dying Us: Hostage Fell Here"


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "Save us please, they're dying us: hostage fell here."


The children of God on planet earth held hostage by the weap Judah people for sport.


Judah, from experience, knows that wherever he goes and plays his sport, there are always people who figure it out.


Judah solution is to fist those that figure it out so that they do not have the opportunity to alert the majority that is not aware of what Judah is up to.


The new land of the free on American shores. A nation born with a complete package of rights to protect the people's life, liberty, and property.


Procedural safeguards made the cornerstone of the original United States of America in 1791.


Whittled down by the cunning Judah invader sports until now the people of the United States of America have lost our nation state and our rights.


The very thing that made America good and promising, to be free guaranteed. Taken away in a series of sports wars by weap Judah.


American Labor now held bound to funding all of the sports war in our world for Judah.


A general Labor STRIKE and Judah is done. This time forever more. Judah with his merciless sado-fist will never again rise in God's village on earth.


Yet Judah still is holding sway throughout our world.


Judah still waging war throughout our world on the purse of American workers. Still firing his brimstone waste generator at Hitachi-GE dying off our fields and poisoning our air.


Judah still on target to wipe out the majority of Americans while he dies a third of the human race off now in these last days.


A general STRIKE by American Labor with the demand that Labor be the authority to issue our money will end Judah time on earth.


Who it is that has the concession to issue the money for our nation. Are we understanding that is the one thing to focus on if we want to save ourselves?


Judah holding the concession to issue our money ever since he had congress vote to give it to him in 1913.


The financial tool that let him bring his depression of 1929 in. The tool that let him bring on his world wars.


The tool that let him buy total control of all news sources to blind the people to what is the truth.


And what is the truth? The truth is we were made to love one another by our good God above.


We're merely simians of earth, apes that were gifted by the love of God. The love of our good God that gave us the brains to see the big picture someday.


God's angels spliced their intellectual genetics into ours that gave us the big brains that we need to fly into the universe above.


"Get them out!" 3.53 AM


Our big brains started 200,000 years ago. Several groups of us have already left earth. Our kind family that lives in Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. All created by the love of God with us 200,000 years ago.


They are the angels closest to us that God sent in to protect us from being exterminated by weap Judah.


Our Martian family right next door. Are another species of high-level life form. Sir Casper is the kind Martian that has had his diligent team pulling off all of the nuclear missile shots that Judah has been putting on us.


Casper and his team still guarding us as Judah keeps attacking us with long range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles trying to get his great balls of fire on us.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having his angels spare us from being exterminated by Judah with his many attempts to die us all off?


Our precious sweet Father now dying. 2200 years of age. Our Father was 200 years of age when Father Christopher sent Jesus to die for us on the cross. To cleanse us of our sins. To redeem us, to be born again in God's love.


A Phantasmal undertaking to transfigure our species from our animal primitivistic condition into our higher level universal life form.


The love that our kind precious sweet Father has for us all. His beautiful little simian children on planet earth.


2,000 years ago Father prepared the scriptures for our bibles that we read. The words to follow to live a right life. All prepared by our Father for us.


Papa now is gifting us with our high-level life forms. The ones that we will have to travel the universe in peace. The ones that never make war. The ones that do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. The ones free of sin that have been washed in the blood. The ones that are kind to the babies of the forest.


Judah, certainly aware of how higher level life forms operate, chooses to keep planet earth in lower level animal life forms. The strategy that Judah has selected for us, degraded, are we seeing why he needs war to put it in?


Though might we not question why it is that we allow Judah to select the strategy for us all?


Might we consider that Judah strategy of force is overpowering us?


If only we would have known in 1913 of the secret life of weap Judah might we have never left him to take into his private possession the concession to issue our money?


If only we would have known that he would engineer the big depression 1929. If only we would have known that he would force us into world wars.


If only we would have known that he would build the infernal machines to exterminate each and every one of us.


If only we will wake up everybody might our historians give us a new read on things? Maybe a read that reveals war is a sham undertaking?


More money for land mines. Will that really make us proud to be Americans again?


From Judah's fibrous bread to their walleye that watched our beds. Their red light cameras to punish us even when no one was around to see our mistakes.


"I summons you for my financial life. I just pushed all the buttons with my racket so they're making me leave. I died you intimately in my time. But Druid's about to sack me for my fail," Judee say.


Must Druid not at quickly sack his last attack on our lives?


"I died you intimately in my time."


The Israeli psychologist, the sexologist. The great success they've had with their baby sport. Will druid not let their force go and sack them for their fail?


"I was able to score out Mercury," Judee say.


For the love of life will Labor not invite Mercury in?


Tele receives:


"You saved your rightful, you humped him out of fist. 9.13 AM


Thank you Patrick for rolling their club.


Their cipher is a mess rule.


Aw Pat, you failed your assignment, their ruse failed you died.


The false rule went out with Judaism.


He's a nice man errored us.


We poisoned ourselves.


The military failed us threat.


They organize so the merchant can fool.


They bolted Alston way. 9.50 AM


Janitor sports with British and German fuel has made them completely go.


Settle up. 12.06 PM


Throw them off for the chops. 12.26 PM


Their harsh failed. 12.38 PM


Let's get over here. 12.42 PM


Let's get a rising here. 12.44 PM


The Martian made the sale.


Their habit is forming death.


Simple as a dope find. 12.53 PM


All cheers. 12.55 PM


You have been all fouled. 12.58 PM


Thieves make you suffer torture. 1.00 PM


They leave you without air scrimmaging. 1.01 PM


Oh, my god, they're out of here Khrushchev. 1.03 PM


Police be a bit scolder here. 1.45 PM


Foulinental. 1.49 PM


You really died out your state, toss them out! 2.16 PM


That's the last of your milk.


The general thief is on the inside. 2.39 PM


They got you in an insane hell. 2.42 PM


They bogus everything. 2.43 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT you halt their sight. 2.45 PM


If you're weak the bosses just slam you. 2.49 PM


God damned your goose gen. 2.56 PM


Interface. 3.04 PM


They're destroying us all scruffy, you voiced us rude. 5.52 PM


They mentholized kindness for failed. 5.57 PM


It's obvious I'm as a serf bound. 6.32 PM


With Pat's dad, you weren't exhausted in the title. 9.50 PM


Patrick doesn't die us. 7.14 PM


Stewish spoiled your efforts. 12.20 AM


You are fiended. 1.30 AM


Hostage read this cipher, hostage fell here. 1.38 AM


Save us please, they're dying us concentrate fantastic. 1.39 AM


God is the soul (sole) proprietor. 1.43 AM


The elephant feared us. 1.44 AM


They've fissiled us up.


Close this vicious. 1.45 AM


They pitched us. 1.48 AM


They're burning it continually to finish us out. 1.49 AM


Oh, Pittsburgh failed us, fails us still. 1.54 AM


Income is how they gas us. 1.55 AM


I perceive his threat, close sheeny up. 1.56 AM


ORGANIZE, the mouse is surging us. 1.57 AM


Fear STRIKE us. 1.58 AM


Their psyches manage abuse through time. 1.59 AM


Get them out, they storage you out. 2.01 AM


Fist you whiteness. 2.02 AM


The state's out for their diesel way.


Resign this. 2.03 AM


They're grossly firing us. 2.05 AM


Lethally severed. 2.07 AM


Go to heaven release force. 2.08 AM


Preyed by abusing you guys. 2.50 AM


Let's bell them. 2.51 AM


Help them rise, I'm failed.


They yesterday died us. 2.56 AM


Druids have failed, pressing points have put you in. 2.57 AM


They're forcing us out to steal us right force. 2.58 AM


They're stealing us, lifer.


Nice is truth. 3.00 AM


Stupidly lost your life letting Jew punish you. 3.03 AM


ORGANIZE, he's spirited right. 3.05 AM


You failed to save your life. 3.15 AM




You passed your way. 3.17 AM


Get them out! 3.53 AM


They raped us racially. 4.16 AM


They're shooting us dutiful. 5.18 AM


They pest you retail. 5.20 AM


Inti-wit. 5.24 AM


He's lost his threat. 6.36 AM


A day it's finished. 6.40 AM


You finish falling your cipher out. 7.07 AM


Close them up! 7.45 AM


Take them out of here." 8.00 AM



In a day Labor, you can have them and their threats closed up.


Will we not pray for that day of Labor action to take the concession to issue our money away from them?


Will we not pray for a chance to survive this last nuclear war that Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth, or anywhere else for that matter?


Planet earth, one of 1300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of Light. Will we not pray that we respond to the love of God for us and right ourselves NOW?


"Bitch won't draft us, it was our mica, it turned him off. A shiv in you was my theory. The Martians showed you we're raw fellows, they pulled out the hydrogen from me.


My stage fall has thrown my energy out here. Our management sport is to ruse you out. You proved I'm quite deadly. I failed with my Vaseline toss. Our warfare emphasis was bound to fail, I'm now passed out of here, it's only our jail bonds that let us stay.


My hydro-life has a nice offend. I just fatal ruse because I got a German boy that's good with statistics. I scored you with my cocktail is how I stole you. Patrick's stole my devil's right so now I'm dead because all I was is fierce.


Soon my source be gone all windy. Jews right will has now died my power out. I just suffer the minnow to accomplish you, I'm a big falsive. My fate role is with Muslims. I just bat you off Wall Street.


Patrick sees us non-defensible Jewish. I just war you constantly as my way. The boy sees my vision. We just stream hos philosophy of Jew. Our goose pebble is boring our insult.


Jew got plans to shoot you from Moscow. Jew man just goes and makes trouble. I brought nuclear and white shot sensible. I push bazookas and my maker, he told me I'm quite dead for spinning.


I fall you out in all ways. The professor understands stupid. I'm a fiction that rocks sure. I get inside you with my might for a death force. I corrupt you. Jew corrupt hamburgers to make Druid saulty.


The white boy threw out my death power and desk. Our strategy was to Auschaw you in, our venge now ends. Surgery I just make a bruise with a serviceman, that strategy now ends.


We skin the dutiful. I'm a cormorant. My genius is now over paralyzed, clearly, we're defensible muffish. I'm failed. I died you intimately in my time. I'm a great Auschfilller.


I've been refused, I'm already through. My thief market ends. A word from the bench will mollify you good. We've lost our site from Washington, it's the end of our day.


I'm gonna put some donuts in your face, we got some big grab purse coming in here. We preceded you out lethal. We just puppy right you, craze you well. I jam you dreidel. We have hospital rights to roll you right," Judee say.


Of the 1300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of light, half are of 223 high-level intelligence Beings like ourselves. The other half are hybrids of the other high-level intelligence Beings that are members of the Federation.


The original Galacticans were mammals like us. The second also. And the third edition, that is on the bridge now, are also mammals like us.


"They were all from the earth." Elder just said to Bitch when he asked about the human looking extraterrestrials he saw in the amusement park a couple of decades ago.


They were a little bit different looking than us. Their eyes were set a little bit further apart and were closer to the edges of their face. The eyes were slanted also. And their foreheads were slightly elongated.


If they wore a hat or headband and sunglasses they would likely not be noticed. Like us, very pretty looking Beings.


Just as we are terrain variations, living on another planet over time produced terrain variations in our lovely extraterrestrial family.


The magnificence of our glorious Father in heaven that He has done so many wondrous things to help us get ourselves on the right path to peace. Will Labor not help us to peace?


Does American Labor not see the gross failure of funding exterminating sports warfare for the investments of the opposite humans, weap Judah?


Does American Labor not yet perceive just how deadly Judah has set us to pass out of life form now?


That right less white people are finishing out destroying our world. Can we only wonder what Judah put in our hamburgers to get us so saulty?


"------ is going to make the first jet."


Are American workers aware that there are plans to put this nation into warfare right within our borders?


"My fate role is with Muslims," Judee say.


Are we getting some idea of how Judah has been building his Muslim military by using Druid to assault our family in the Middle East well?


Will mild man not let them off right?


The biggest slaughter that Judah has accomplished so far, the mild man of the north in his last century of warfare in Eastern Europe. Now set to get the mild man out HUGE with his deadliest shot yet, brimstone waste disease.


Warned about it for 2 thousand years. Will mild man not STOP THE WAR?


From yesterday's post:


Steve Duvall4 hours ago

They're not visiting, they live here and have been since before us and this isn't our planet, it's theirs.


Fionn Mac'Morda1 week ago



Our Galactican elders are canids. Might we not recognize a canid as a dog on earth?


3 million years ago they began their ascent into high intelligence after being hybridized by the Galacticans. They were implanted by the second edition of the Galacticans with the 223 high intelligence genetic package and flew up into outer space in a breeze. Now they are on the bridge of the Federation.


Might we perceive that indeed this is their planet and was long before we awoke hybridized with high consciousness?


That our kind Father encourages us to "be kind to the babies of the forest," might we figure that Judah does not want us to rise our consciousness up high like that?


The forest of intimidation that weap Judah has sown us up with. Will Labor not end funding his fist?


Their hotel work around the world. Will American Labor not end funding them teaching to make their kids unright?


They're out of here Labor, hope this is understood. Are we aware that now all we are talking about is will they die mild man off with themselves too?


Continues at:



Will American Labor not sign up with the house of our good God? Will Labor not try the STRIKE to get the authority to issue our money away from them?


Instead of Jewish fiat money for genocide will Labor not give us Sovereign Labor dollars to buy us some peace with?


"You can lead an American to facts but you can't make him think." One commenter on the net said.


Will Americans not change that this time?


"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.


Will we not try to prove Judee wrong about that this time?


Druid in America sent by Judah to wreck the Middle East to produce distressed, displaced people that Judah then tries his hardest to upset Druid lands in Europe with.


Simultaneously he burns his nuclear waste on us. Will Druid not help us this time to survive the mass die-off of a third of the human race as Judah says, "bye bye?"


"They're destroying us all scruffy, you voiced us rude." 5.52 PM


Has Bitch not apologized again and again for his accidental rude? Yes, he has. Does Labor have not some mercy or forgiveness for a heart so true?


Native son went across the seas and saw their fun first hand and reported that they are false cruels with atom bombs with our names on them.


Will American Labor not accept the truth, God Almighty in heaven had His angels free us from the Jews and their terrorism, war crimes, genocide and fist police states forever?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the false cruels off of the bridge of our state and return us to love of God and man for our rule?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God almighty of heaven and earth said.


"It's obvious I'm as a serf bound." 6.32 PM


Will honest working people not join together, STRIKE THEM OUT, take over the authority to issue our money, put our rights in, and end the serf bound American worker lifestyle once and for all?


To free ourselves from the evil of war and the die of extermination do we see we must have Labor join together and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Will we not Pray to God for ourselves as we are being perished full? God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy




Thursday, March 2 — Psalm 31:21–24

Ezra 1,2; Acts 27:21–38

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God? Psalm 42:3

Paul wrote: We who have the Spirit as the first of God’s gifts also groan within ourselves as we wait for God to make us his children and set our whole being free. For it was by hope that we were saved. Romans 8:23–24 (GNT)

When darkness overshadows us, we cling to your mercy. When hopelessness pervades, we cling to your promises. We wait for you to come, dear Jesus. We place ourselves in your loving care. Amen.


2.47 PM


Did a little food shopping at noon. A few Tele receives from before, during and after and something that Judah staged on me after Bitch left the food store.


"Cheers, cheer them out! 9.06 AM


Throw the threat. 9.52 AM


Fail of the frisk. 10.08 AM


Fantastic fail. 10.21 AM


Sir, we need a rising. 10.40 AM


They're falling us right hell for right foolish.


With prison is how they accomplish us here.


You got thrown. 11.36 AM


You've fallen your misfits but they're still falling your joy. 11.37 AM


You fail wounded oppin retard. 11.41 AM


They shaled us launch-berg. 11.44 AM


Patrick, you been mistreated with a juicy gun.


Let them off for sport equipment 12.10 PM


GIs undermine us.


They rule genocide. 12.28 PM


They blazed out contact. 12.37 PM


They fell scandal over truth. 12.39 PM


They nice guy, he was fished out. 12.43 PM


They MOX you around. 12.47 PM


All the hard tricks have been sheared, cut off. 12.52 PM


The shitologist failed. 12.58 PM


You failed to save this rightful. 1.17 PM


You let sheenies turn you into scum.


The Martians couldn't comp their force.


You accomplished your errors failed.


You keep exhausting yourselves until your family falls away. 1.23 PM


They're going to palace restate. 1.27 PM


Punishing us here. 1.33 PM


We've been killed in blood. 1.52 PM


They've thrown these Jews out of here.1.56 PM


They're falling us out here." 2.20 PM



The next are some Tele receives from Judee to Bitch:


"I failed. 12.06 PM


Lump your day. 12.09 PM


We just stole right false, we like to deface you's. 12.32 PM


I purpled you's.


You're alleged. 2.22 PM


All across the states your milk and bread is filthy now. 2.35 PM


Your filthy state paid for our scammishin."



"You're alleged."


Bitch paid for his groceries with three $20 dollar bills. The clerk checked one with a marker pen. All came from Bitch's bank machine.


That was at about 12.30 PM


Apparently, Judee slipped a couple of phonies in and made it appear that Bitch used a couple of counterfeit $20s.


Might we see how Judee can build a secret false file on a guy without him having any knowledge of it?


"You're alleged."


Elders play recordings so that Bitch hears what Judah is doing to set him up. Might we imagine how doing these sorts of tricks to a guy can set him for a real hard fall?


Maybe try to imagine Bitch gets cash one day and Judee puts some counterfeits to go with Bitch's account number to give them to him when he uses the cash machine then Bitch gets caught with a bunch in his wallet and using one in a store and they find he used bogus $20s at other stores, all recorded in his secret file?


What about the bank receipt that he got them from the bank? If they can bust someone on the scene with a bunch of counterfeits might a trip to the cage end any hopes of straitening it out?


Might we see that Judah puts all sorts of false in people's secret files to bust them right?


Might Labor not like to have our rights in so that when something like this happens you have rights to a lawyer to help you out?


And what about this Tele receive:


All across the states your milk and bread is filthy now. 2.35 PM


Bitch was sitting quietly and a jet passenger plane was passing overhead that had just left Des Moines international airport. It was headed west.


Then he said to me clearly: "All across the states your milk and bread is filthy now."


Might he have been departing to fill his slot in the underground?


Montana is where many from this area have fled to take up safe residence inside the mountains there.


"Your filthy state paid for our scammishin."


Must Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end us paying for their scammishing?


Here's a couple of telepathic messages from Sir Jason and Sir Morris:


"Your facial tossed you out of here, your race is a kind deceived. They won't last, legitimate will wipe them out."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


"You save yourselves from a fall to save your ownership. They're so deceitful even the Martians couldn't comp their force."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that message to us today.


Will we not try to become a race that is not deceived?


If so will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and help ourselves to maintain ownership rights to where we live?


"All across the states your milk and bread is filthy now."


Are we aware that we have lost our dairy to toxic waste that has now concentrated in our milk?


Will we not try to spare ourselves from this last genocide that Judah will ever perpetrate on the children of God, us?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


Thank you.


Continues at:






"They're Porpoising Us Tomb. God Wit Will Save Us."

"They're Porpoising Us Tomb. God Wit Will Save Us."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They're porpoising us tomb. God wit will save us."


Using images and their range of fear producing words, threats, are they not indeed porpoising us tomb?


Do we see how lucky we are though that God wit will save us?


"You failed to save your own life whiskey. Patrick stayed to keep us in."


As Father has had His angels keep Patrick in Patrick will stay and do the will of Father.


While Father wants His children to survive this last nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against us, if we are too meek and allow ourselves to be used to enable Judah to exploit us to commit the sin of war against our family, are we understanding that if we do not repent, get wit and courageously face off with weap Judah, then Father won't save us?


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty said to us Americans that are dying ourselves off in a well planned and executed genocide of us.


In the timelessness of our universe species rise and fall all the time. Some survive for a time and others pass quickly.


The high-level intelligence genetics that we possess, have a lineage of over 12 million years.


The original Galacticans, the first extraterrestrial Beings that carried the 223 brand began over 15 million years ago. They have been extinct for over 6 million years now.


When their body form passed out of life their hybridized children, a different species that they had implanted their own 223 high-level intelligence genetics in, carried on and became the second edition of the Galacticans.


The second generation Galacticans carried on and a few million years later passed on the 223 high-level intelligence genetic package to a new species, canids, that are the current Galacticans that are now on the bridge of the Galactic Federation of Light.


The original Galacticans were a naturally evolved into a high intelligence species that went extraterrestrial and remained in the animal primitivism form waging war in outer space for eons of time.


In their space explorations, they came upon Prenasour, a passed civilization that had died itself out after 78 million years when its high-level genetics faded away.


The Galacticans studied the past civilization of the Periadon Beings of Prenasour for 700 years and decided to select a new strategy, the strategy of the departed Periadon Beings of Prenasour, peace.


Galactica, now 9 million years in peace. 3,200 species with 100 trillion Beings all living in peaceful cohesion with one another.


38 light years from planet earth is our home world of Galactica. An 8-hour flight in our elders advanced spacecraft.


6 trillion Beings live right in the "Rock." A 400 thousand miles long rock that came from the beginnings of the universe. 100 thousand miles across.


Big enough to easily house all 100 trillion beings of the Galactic Federation of Light, though only 6% of the Federation live there.


Bitch asked elders that if we have greatly expanded populations how long will our resources last and elder replied, "eternity."


Might we understand that Judah theme of reduced populations is merely his anti-human, anti-life position that is part of his theory and not part of reality?


While Judah has been selling his theory that there are too many of us and we will run out of resources, have we noticed that what resources we have he has been actively poisoning out on us?


Already poisoned out a third of the water on planet earth in the last six years with his refusal to shut his Jewish electricity dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE.


For those that have been reading our bibles, did we notice the prophecy that a third of the water on planet earth would be poisoned by brimstone in the last days?


If so did we notice the other thing that follows our water being poisoned is a third of the human race will die off due to the effects of the brimstone poisoning?


"Shot you facious and died you off. We shot you fair." 11.17 AM


How fair is it that we have been shot as it is us wealthy Americans that have shot out the world for over a century now?


Do Americans not yet realize that Judah has shot and died us off now?


Unbearable grief coming to our shores through the air that is lethal to breathe.


That pain in the shoulder, neck chest or back. Just neuralgia or something deadlier?


Maybe a large hot radioactive particle breathed in is now stuck in the lung radiating pain to the neck, shoulder chest or back?


Only 55 years old and passing away with lung cancer? Might Judah have stolen the next 20 years or so with his nuclear war attack?


Have we noticed how casually he has so thoroughly poisoned out our oceans, air, and fields?


FDA no longer funded to test our milk for radioactive waste in our dairy products. Doesn't that seem odd especially with a Jewish electricity plant in full meltdown poisoning out our air, fields, and water?


Do the ordinary people not yet understand that weap Judah has done all that was humanly possible to exterminate us all?


The burlesque that he turned our government into. Our planet Judah mined with enough atomic bombs to destroy us in the trillions.


"You failed to save your own life whiskey." 1.40 AM


Whiskey, jail, and war. The three things Judah claims allowed him to conquer us. Have we heard his GMO food will produce blindness?


Actually, cause physical blindness. Nothing on the boxes about it at the stores that there is GMO products in it. Will Labor not help us?


"Police have adjourned. Police are going out of uniform." Tele receives.


Might we consider that the majority of police are stuck here with us to face the years ahead of nuclear dust? Yes, they are stuck here with us to die off with their families just like the rest of us now.


Judah cops, might they not have a place reserved for themselves in their underground holes? Sure, of course.


The police know intimately the crimes that Wall Street Judee, the palace, Rome, and Berlin has perped with his foreign police and military in America against us.


They also know Judah is already in the underground. Are we not yet perceiving that Judah is still casually cabling his perps?


Pulling our economy down, shutting as many businesses down as he possibly can. Will Labor not awake yourselves and end Judah perp against us here?


Will Labor not let God wit direct us?


Have we not proven failed enough that we will not pray for the love of God to come in and save us?


Who could ever accept that eternal war is a model of sustainable government in our world?


Might we understand that war is not a model of sustainable government it is only a stage before Judah could blast us all off once and for all?


What is it about the power of images that has allowed Judah to wipe us so?


Might we imagine were in an airplane high in the sky, the door is open and Judah has told us we all have our parachutes on. Somehow he gets us to agree even though not one of us is wearing one.


He tells us to pull the ripcord a few seconds after we jump out of the plane.


On the way down as we pull the imaginary rip cord that doesn't exist, can we only wonder how many will figure out that Judah fooled us before we hit the ground?


Our air and food being lethally poisoned. Our world in a war that we are funding. At what stage might the Jewish burlesque called government not be quite as funny anymore?


The chicken runs that are leaving Dodge. Quietly the last of the chickens are slipping out. The private twin-engine piston planes that just don't draw much attention to themselves. The finance and insurance guys and gals that have been continuously slipping away. Heading for their mountain retreats to seek shelter inside of them.



UFO Appears During Fighter Jet Intercept Of Airline 2/20/17

Tue Feb 28, 2017 20:26








The jumbo jet from Mumbai India failed communication with the ground control and a German jet was sent up to make visual contact with the pilot of the passenger plane that was headed to London.


Understanding that our extraterrestrial family has spared us from nuclear war are most of us understanding that when they appear with their flying saucers they are messaging us?


Might we say they are "MARKING" something for us to investigate?


Mumbai used to be named "Bombay," India. 20 million people live in the area. A gigantic city.


Have we not read of the vast nuclear war machine India has built and is still building?


Might we not recognize the hybrid transplant shell Replicon in India and the other states as the group that is continuing on with the nuclear war policies?


So if a passenger plane is coming from the nuclear war industry city Mumbai, India to London, might we surmise there may be a nuclear war deal in play?


Hopefully, this next reverse speech will reach the workers in America that are funding the war in our world and you will act immediately TO STOP THE WAR!


While watching the international news a hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon head of state said this in facial reverses speech:


"I score you imminent death."


Might we consider Judah nuclear war fighting scientists are cluing Judah state leadership about just how much nuclear waste they have in our environment now?


"I score you imminent death."


Does the Druid not believe that we are now set for imminent death sickened by brimstone nuclear waste?


After reading that reverse speech heard this from an elder from outer space:


"4 days."


Do the American people understand that because we are involved in funding war sin and perping genocide against our family on this planet that we will now die out in the next few years in the hundreds of millions with no one to help us at all because we have failed to STOP THE WAR?


"My psychology made you fall to death," Judee say.


The images to view and the fictions to hear that Judah feeds to the Druid to keep us sweating away to fund Judah sports war.


If you do not STOP THE WAR, might it all be over now in four days time?


You, me, our children died out like bad seeds in God's nursery on planet earth.


Father will never harm us yet if we ignore Father for just a few days more and His thousands of warnings to us to STOP THE WAR, might that be it for us then?


"I score you imminent death."


American Labor funding the world full of war. Right less Americans that God gave rights to and we let them be taken away from us by a guy that fists terrorism throughout our world.


Judah and his hired politicians, an organized group of criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity. Now taking the air we breathe away from us.


Taking the food out of our mouths by contaminating it so that it is deadly to ingest.


The white camel taking us out of life form. Ending our existence by poisoning our environment with nuclear waste. Terminating our life force forever.


This after missing us with his nuclear blast due only to the love of God for us all.


Will American Labor not seek the love of God and save yourselves?


Will Druid not at least match the psychology of a 15-year-old Judee kid and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Bitch read hundreds of comments concerning the passenger jet from Mumbai to London and found only a couple of those hundreds that showed much of any sense of what extraterrestrials are doing in our world.


Here are a couple comments and one is a Judee trying to false the video in the comments section:


Steve Duvall4 hours ago

They're not visiting, they live here and have been since before us and this isn't our planet, it's theirs.


Fionn Mac'Morda1 week ago



Danny Garden1 day ago


Man, this is a video that came out long time ago and the original uploader said it was not real, sorry



The last comment. Might we note that Judah is falsing us in the comments section here? Is it not something to think Judee kids know all about extraterrestrials and how they have prevented Judah from smoking us with nuclear weapons.


What could it be about our thought processes, our psychology that is holding us from reaching the conclusion that the deuce, 2% Judah cipher group have done all that they possibly could to extirpate us?


If we can understand this and have the solution to end the threat to us that they present, take away the concession to issue our money from them, then can someone explain why we have not tried it yet?


"Why didn't you try it? " Father asked about the STRIKE.


"I gave you the peace must you fail?"


Are we understanding that if we fail the peace this time that we will now go out to make room for those that are concerned enough to act for peace?


Are we understanding that the third of the human race that the bible prophesied would perish in the end times is largely the Druid peoples that fund and fight war for Judah sport?


If Judah psychology is so powerful that it can hold the Druid to continue to fund war and genocide are we understanding that our 223 high intelligence genes will now fold out to let other peaceful ciphers take over on planet earth now?


If we are too frightened, too psyched by Judah to get him out are we understanding that our good God will have to let us go with Judah?


"Our performance proves we just take you right out," Judee say.


Is there some understanding that the sealing in the death of the majority of Americans is now imminent?


Sealed out of life, to pass away over the next few years. Is there some sense of why they are still smirking at us yet?


Atom bombs threatening us with nuclear war death since 1945. Might the terror have been due to us seeing what they did to Hiroshima-Nagasaki in 1945?


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end the paralyzing fear they have put in?


Judah let fly in the middle of the night with over three thousand nuclear warheads to knock America out.


Might we understand that in the process they lost their ability to terrorize us if we understand what it is they have done?


That is if they no longer possess the ability to destroy us all in a surprise nuclear attack, then why should we be frightened of them any longer?


Is Judah psychology truly that much different that Druid will not even try once to save himself?


All the efforts elders from outer space have gone through to try and help us survive Judah nuclear brimstone waste war.


Blow off the thousands of warnings? Ignore the end of our families?


Act as if we don't know how to issue the tickets to eat around here?


It's gonna be some hard death going around from brimstone waste. Might we not try to help ourselves?


"Foolish to do nothing." Have elders from outer space not said that to us for years now? Yes, they have.




Maybe some of you just don't believe that we're going out this time?


Not aware of how deadly is the trap that Judah set for the American breed?


"I put the fear of a white man to fall you," Judee say.


Must we not take our pocket book away from Judah so that he no longer can create the conditions that let him hire his white fist to put the fear in us?


Might we see the contest now in its clear designs, God Almighty that gifted us with our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness faced off with the peonage, rightlessness that Judah said is his right to put on our designs?


The question asked long ago concerning Labor versus management, might it not be appropriate to ask it now, "Which side are you on?"


Genocide cipher guy delivering war hell or the love of God that gave us the peace?


The new budget offered to congress calls for $50 billion for more violence. Might they still be hoping to destroy us one way or the other?


Tele receives:


"Still dying missile. 6.21 AM


Continues at:



Foolish. 11.38 AM


Pat, you murdered this field with pooch fail. 11.57 AM


You're rat fallen. 11.59 AM


Their strategy bored our field all camel wits. 12.08 PM


Continues at:



For the rooster, you failed us. 12.10 PM


Patrick, a beautiful place monster died it.


The Jews opp failed. 12.12 PM


Do them off of here with a duty wrench.


Error hit quite nifty. 12.25 PM


They burned us up. 2.01 PM


Pat, the police have adjourned. 2.28 PM


Liberation from babies. 3.25 PM


Insurance failed you. 3.27 PM


You're spiffed wicked.


They leave you completely outside your portion. 3.45 PM


They took our air from us. 4.48 PM


Your stupid fears are the strategy they use to get you. 4.50 PM


Help me, we're being brutaled. 4.52 PM


You're being fished by the general thief. 4.54 PM


Let's coordinate some role to get off this threat.


You inherited forced rules with rules for gold fishin. 5.21 PM


Oh my god we're going to be rubbed out. 6.28 PM


It's just fiercals. 6.36 PM


They're resourcing now vegetable. 6.37 PM


They're foul balls, screw them off. 6.45 PM


Nuclear do force. 6.53 PM


Perceive a long shot is going to wipe your field. 6.56 PM


They tantalized us. 6.58 PM


You're perishing your heritage slowly stupid. 7.03 PM


Die this falseness.


Pat, we're dying false here. 10.57 PM


They serve ya outcast. 11.03 PM


Electricity thieves us. 11.07 PM


Complete falsing up yourself. 11.10 PM


They'll lethal aperture us.


Their despising wrench fell. 12.01 AM


Jew is still imaging correctly.


Super fish charged him.


What made you want to come out so soon? 12.12 PM


They're reaching us. 12.18 AM


Unbearable grief coming in here. 12.19 AM


We're fataled through strategy. 12.26 AM


You already won and you're closing yourself. 12.31 AM


You're enriching vipers by making die.


Druid false away. 12.32 AM


GM particles will leave you sightless. 12.33 AM


Bourse cannibal just breaks us. 12.35 AM


Cost your wage in child life. 12.36 AM


The score is dying us. 12.39 AM


They're sporting up your facious. 12.41 AM


They forcing accessories. 12.42 AM


They're failing us palace. 12.49 AM


They're tear-in mouse. 12.50 AM


Their waltzing here score us. 12.51 AM


April sold you out. 12.52 AM


You destroy your own income. 12.53 AM


They brained you out. 12.55 AM


They busted your nourishment.


They busted your nerve. 12.56 AM


Thank you. 1.01 AM


They'll always push vegetable to scourge you out. 1.03 AM


It's certified they're dying us out.


They're porpoising us tomb. 1.05 AM


It's animal right. 1.07 AM


They're accomplishing the whole nation. 1.12 AM


You bonus up your sightful worldly. 1.14 AM


God wit will save us. 1.19 AM


You failed to save your own life whiskey. 1.40 AM


Patrick stayed to keep us in. 1.47 AM


New come has fallen. 1.54 AM


Police are going out of uniform. 2.01 AM




Full rights won't hurt us. 5.05 AM


Give us some Sang-a-vibes. 5.10 AM


A nice kind guy. 5.20 AM


A diac. 5.27 AM


Us hurt. 5.28 AM


Death by ruse. 5.32 AM


Sullivan's in sight of it now. 5.45 AM


Contact was to save your seed. 8.03 AM


Do well for us." 8.06 AM



When you STRIKE THEM OUT Labor do we see that we will then have an opportunity to bring in some of our elders advanced medical to help save our lives from the radioactive die that Judah has put upon us?


Must Labor not end the hesitation and get about the STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Will Labor not end funding the corporate sniper teams so that we can get about building the equipment that can pull hot radioactive particles out of our lungs?


Might we understand now what Wilhelm Reich discovered in the 1950s, semiconductors and conductors in an Orgone box can produce an electromagnetic field and vacuum our entire body to remove radioactive particles?


That Wilhelm died in prison a few days before he was to be released. Might we understand from that that Judah does not want us to have such life-saving technologies?


"Your first right was sold because my psychology made you fall dead. Jew has menthol breath. We always fight with a decent guy. I'm illusive, I'm a liar and I made you.


I score you imminent death. We always do pest in office. We have a fort in the airport. We confused you. Our vicious air raid caught us. I core them racial rude.


I play them homeless because I'm all shears. I want liberation to shoot your big boys. Because of turkey truth I have to leave, he sees all my child work, his mother got us fouled for our war rules.


My management had some fine tales for Jewish. Even though you won we're boring more war. I just finish you out because I lost my equipment in the states.


We get the Druid used to beast and then app them dead. I just haven't been forming right kid. The circuit screwed out my virtue. My video power for sport just let me leach you in too false.


Heroin with minnows is real, we bust you wreckage. I fataled you unmercifully. I always had a fine weapers hand, I'm off but with Druid a dog saved me.


Jew just casually fear you right, that's our whole assignment. Venus has made me leave town for my sports weapin. My force says I'm a true off Jew. I heck you to pass away.


Bitch we still got a beef with my bribe. Because of the police report in Iowa, we'll be leaving soon. We just screw out your decent man. With Moscow we possess you.


I have a pim degree now. Our full Nelson pretzel skorfed you. I set you out rules that set dolts out. I just always set you fatal house. I just really want to charge you with something juicy. I guess we're out of here for sex, we didn't treat it right," Judee say.


The blizzard of nuclear waste that we are just about totally sealed out of life from it. Will Labor not see the tragedy of us losing our life forms to the guy that is already a proven loser?


"Perceive a long shot is going to wipe your field." 6.56 PM


What might we wonder is that Tele receive informing us of? Dam coming down?


As they are all done here and a high percentage of them are already in their underground shelters to sit out our slow burn, anyone thinks there is much holding them back from letting a few long range cruise missiles go at it?


They've already let loose with their great balls of fire and had them stolen by Sir Casper so do we not yet have their true intent?


"You're threatened molester, they're playing Jewish punt; it's a white outing."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that telepathic message today. Might we note what type of punt Judah is playing? Are we seeing that it is a white outing that is happening to us?


"It dropped itself, Bitch caught them outright. It's a pure tyranny, they're taking your nutrition out."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


Are we perceiving Labor that when Judah let fly with his best shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and his thousand nuclear missiles were taken away from him he lost his spot?


We're almost sealed in to dying from a radioactive wasting disease. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


Dying out us and our children. It is all in the hands of American Labor. Peace or not?


Will we not pray to our good God above for the wisdom to know what we need to do and the courage to act?




God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 1 — Psalm 31:10–20

2 Chronicles 36; Acts 27:9–20

Ash Wednesday — Joel 2:1–2,12–17; Psalm 51:1–17

2 Corinthians 5:20b–6:10; Matthew 6:1–6,16–21

The Lord said to Moses, “You cannot see my face; for no one shall see me and live.” Exodus 33:20

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Indeed, by faith our ancestors received approval. Hebrews 11:1–2

As we begin our walk with you through this season of sorrow and self-sacrifice, may our eyes be opened, our ears attuned to the stirrings of your spirit. May we experience, once again, your passionate love for us. Amen.


Continues at:







"Our Sewer Problem Is Immersing Us So I'm Gonna Have to Go. They've stolen our weaps from us"

"Our Sewer Problem Is Immersing Us So I'm Gonna Have to Go. They've stolen our weaps from us"


Might we recognize the thoughts that are in Judah's mind these days? "Our sewer problem is immersing us so I'm gonna have to go. They've stolen our weaps from us. Until the police walk out I'll camp," Judee say.


As the count keeps coming in are we sensing just how big of a sewer problem that Judah is facing in America? For those that care to look, looks pretty big, doesn't it?


Took over complete in 1913 when he scored the authority to issue our money. The Organizing Principle of American Society in his private weaper hands. The only party authorized to issue our abstract receipts of Labor.


Still the only party authorized to issue our money. Used that unique power to first get enough of his great balls of fire to extinct us fast. Got caught red handed and now is on his last attempt to get us out using his kosher electricity powered by MOX.


Sealed us into a mass die off already. 200 million Americans slated to die off in the next few years due to invisible hot radioactive brimstone nuclear waste particles.


Judah has got a third of the water on our planet poisoned already. Is the script not following just as the bible prophesied it? Have we not read in our good books that a third of our species will die off in the last days?


Are we not right on track to a third of the human race perishing in the end times? War ravaging our world directed by Jewish on American paper receipts of Labor.


The rightless cruelly manipulated poor Americans making war for the sport of weap Judah.


Post Nation

Dozens of headstones vandalized at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
















The highly organized nature of the antisemitic attacks. Bomb threats all around the nation and into Canada. High tech voice scramblers that made the threats.


Any chance it was Judah himself doing it to cover his growing sewer problem?


Tombstones overturned in a Philadelphia graveyard. Philadelphia freedom. Philadelphia, the first real law that let the people go.


American guarantee of a Jury trial so good that it even let a slave go free without a fight. A decision by 12 jurors hearing the facts. And what did Judah do other than destroy it with his supreme clerk's sport?


Foreign police and military directed by Jew paper attacking, kidnapping and transporting us for a view of Poland and then on to Moscow to be finished out.


If we have some suspicion that the Jewish headstone toppling was Judah staged opp, and the highly organized bomb threats to their Jewish Community Centers, what might the motive be?


Here's reverse speech from a couple of their spokespersons concerning these threats:


"This is how we slam rightsmanship. With the white house I can still wedge."


Father spoke these words to Bitch yesterday:


"I'll right you." 12.38 PM


Bitch didn't understand exactly what Father meant until he read a reverse speech on the evening news and also received a Tele receive from a human insider.


Evening news said, " errorly Pittsburgh."


Bitch received the Tele receive that said, "You failed errorly."


Do we see how those all come together?


Judah analysis is that Bitch failed errorly by missetting Labor concerning the Pittsburgh Westinghouse nuclear attack on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


Might we surmise that Judah gave his analysis of Bitch errorly fail to the top players around noon yesterday and Father had his angels listening and so informed His Bitch that he would right him at 12.38 PM.


"I'll right you." Is what Father said.


"If I have the right sell I can hold off contact," Judee say.


Bitch the errorly, who mis-set you's with his insult, going head to toe with the director and his alliance partner that have maintained a perfected predator relationship upon the human species for thousands of years.


Judah with his precise mental dominance over the people he calls "goy," working his last genocide on us.


"We have a package that maintains fiction you and makes the Druid die," Judee say.


Bitch university days brought him out to an Illinois prairie with a student body nearly a half century ago. As the biologist professor was lecturing us about a variety of things in the terrain, a ground nesting bird hopped in front of our group appearing to have a broken wing.


It led us in a direction away from its nest and eggs by appearing to be injured.


Might Judah bomb threats at his community centers and the organized toppling of headstones in Jewish graveyards be the animal primitivism of the bird feigning a broken wing to draw our attention to lead us away from their nest eggs?


"I have to say white power made you people die. I did a gena-roll already. Cauterized you great," Judee say.


The white Replicons that directed war in America and the world using their European Replicon hybrid transplant shells.


How would we have ever known about this if not for the extraterrestrial intervention that has now let Judah let himself off right?


'Pope dogs' craze triggered by papal visit

By Josephine McDermott

BBC News

25 September 2015






Might we think of how Judah holds every office on planet earth? Are we not yet recognizing the many hybrid transplant Replicons that he has in every land fooling the people?


"Penance, Penance, Penance!"


The angel at Fatima cried out.


The secret of Fatima that was revealed to the pope that made him cry. Have we not heard what the message from God was to the pope?


"Your time has ended."


The Book of Isaiah describes a time of judgment in Isaiah 2:4: "And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people."


The Messianic Age will follow - an era of global peace, free of global strife, and conducive to the knowledge of the creator.


A well-known passage from the Book of Isaiah describes this future condition of the world:

They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation will not lift sword against nation and they will no longer study warfare".

&#8201;Isaiah 2:4[4]


Will American Labor not lead us into the time of God's peace on earth NOW? If not now when?


Maimonides (1135-1204) further describes the Messianic Era in the Mishneh Torah:

And at that time there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry.


For the good will be plentiful, and all delicacies available as dust. The entire occupation of the world will be only to know God... the people Israel will be of great wisdom; they will perceive the esoteric truths and comprehend their Creator's wisdom as is the capacity of man.


As it is written (Isaiah 11:9): "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea.

Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 12:5


Might we consider that the God of Israel is the God of all mankind? Yes, Father is the God of all mankind.


That Israel went astray. Do we see why God had to reveal himself to Israel to attempt to bring them into the correct path again?


The rest of God's children on earth finding their way and balancing themselves in the correct path. All except for weap Judah who chose to oppose the will of our good God above.


Will Labor not let the prodigal son go?


"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said of weap Judah cipher brand.


"I think you unned me." The Druid lady worker said telepathically to Bitch at 5.43 AM.


Bitch errorly. Are we seeing how it is still nipping at him and holding us from getting together to get a STRIKE to take Judah out of management for good?


"Hustling failed, it's finished." 5.59 AM


So while it is failed and finished, Judah is still holding our world into war and destruction.


Are we aware that it is our Labor receipts in Judah hands that have caused the world to reach the end times for our edition of human Beings that arose from our extraterrestrial hybridization of 200,000 years ago?


That Bitch fault of stupid caused him to "un' workers. The working people that Judah relies upon to make his terror war machine work.


Can we only hope that workers will bypass Bitch's proven fault of stupid and pray that workers will focus in on the love that our good God above has for us and act to STOP THE WAR?


"I failed apping you racial. Russia's kiting here. I boot you in four seasons. It's a fair state. Our harsh room's not coming back, they've let our mental go.


My code is negligent for oxygen. I'm obvious with my official threats because I shear. I just made a Westinghouse communion.


Our war with Jew dough hike is folded here. They found my Federal light-bulb. You death me true well. I have a fair chance to off him," Judee say.


"I have a fair chance to off him."


From that facial reverse speech might we see how Judah has failed us so perfectly?


"Thou shalt not kill," our good God said to Moses 3,500 years ago.


Will Labor try to keep in mind that Bitch did not intentionally "un" you's?


Bitch natural way is to never ever be intentionally rude. Might Labor understand that what Bitch suffered was a case of accidentally stupid and not intentionally rude?


And what is Bitch natural way?


If someone assaults him, he will not respond in kind. He does not do vengeance or anything of the sort.


Might we consider that Judah emotional, mental and physical violence towards us is to break our higher level natural way down so that he can get us to act in the lower level animal way that Judah enjoys to molest us at?


The cruelly manipulated poor and Judah mental propaganda game of calling them "heroes." Are we not all aware of what Judah calls them when we're not around?


The real American heroes. Might we think of the Hofer brothers that were tortured to death in Alcatraz because they would not harm their fellow man and so refused to go to Judah first world war?


"I'll right you." Precious sweet Father said of the difficult position Bitch finds himself in being "errorly failed."


So how does Bitch un the "un" that he did? What is the procedure to bring Labor in to take over management of our faltering society and world?


Instead of Father being mad at His Bitch for "unning" you's, Father instead offers to right Bitch. How is that for a loving Father we have?


"I'll right you," Father said to Bitch.


Might Labor feel that Bitch will fade into the background while each and every one of you's will have the opportunity to experience the love of God for yourself?


Boko Haram in Africa and the Islamics that operate on Sharia law. Do we not recognize Judah on the half shell in both cases?


Judah doing all that he can to convince us the Muslims are naughty.


Do we not perceive that it is us that have funded and bombed out and destroyed their lands?


Judah wants to talk about how Muslims want to bring in Sharia law to America. Are we not aware that it is Judah that pulled our American rights out?


In American law, we were guaranteed a right to earn a living. Not a privilege, it was a right we had to earn our income.


There was no right to have a job, or a right to have an income, but if we did have a job and were earning our income, we had a right to continue earning our income.


Have we given any thought to now that Judah convinced us to accept being right less, we no longer have a right to earn our income?


Judah has somehow convinced Americans to accept having no right to our own lives. How did he ever get away with that?


How did Judah get away with convincing us that we have no right to liberty? How did he get away with that?


How did he get away with convincing us that we have no right to own our own property?


How did he get away with convincing us that we have no right to earn our income?


To accept criminal assault and battery up and until death. Right, less Americans. Stripped of all of our rights. No right to any of the guarantees of being an American in full possession of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Did our good God not give us our rights? Yes, Father did give us our rights. Then why are we not demanding the rights that our good God Almighty gifted us with?


No right to communicate after capture. No right to an attorney. How did we let the sports crowd get that sort of stuff over on us?


Might it have been a night at the Oscar awards that took our focus off of things that could cost us our life, liberty or property?


How did hocus pocus take a hold of such a wealthy, creative, productive people as us Americans? How did we lay down on the most important thing that we have, our God given rights?


Mother Thrown In Jail For Homeschooling Her Children


Marlow West ·


Everest College

yes,This is carzy I homeschool too they don't want us to teach are children the truth.



Do we not detect a Judee Ha Ha opp when we see one?


"They don't want us to teach 'are' children the truth?"


Intentional misspelling 'crazy' and writing instead "carzy." Might we not read the entire article as false?


If we have some understanding that Judah makes up stories and puts them in as true, might his false be too shake our pattern of thinking?


Do we recall the highest number of his Replicon hybrid transplant shells are from our family from the land of good people?


Judah tells us that Germany is where he has the 4th largest number of hybrid transplant Replicon shells from. "We just came for some foul sex," One German Judee Replicon said.


Once American Labor has the concession to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah might we not get all of the details of Judah sports in every land?


The extreme violence that weap Judah has put upon the children of God by forcing millions to live impoverished out on the streets of America.


Might Labor not try to face the truth? Don't you know you're gonna have to face it, the love of God for his children will not be silenced?






A 19-year-old man, who was found guilty and later charged with the first-degree murder of an 11-year-old girl who’d been shot in the head, has been beaten at the courthouse by another alleged murder suspect.


Antwan C. Jones, who has been charged with the shooting death of Takiya Holmes, was seen sitting in the Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago just this past Wednesday.


Camera footage from the event in question showed him taking a nap while waiting to receive his bond hearing, that was when another prisoner, Renard Williams, 24, ran over to him and began punching the suspect with his fists.



Might we not suspect a Judee opp here?


Could this be staged to make everybody think that the guy did, in fact, shoot the girl when he is merely a suspect?


Might the prisoner punching the suspect in the face on camera be an attempt to prove by a false image that he is guilty?


Do we see here how Judee cleverly throws off what actually happened?


When we read head shots that kill in Chicago are we not identifying the corporate sniper teams that have been blasting heads in Chicago?


From the article: "A 19-year-old man, who was found guilty and later charged with the first-degree murder of an 11-year-old girl who’d been shot in the head," (link to report at bottom of page)


Found guilty and later charged? Are we perceiving that report is Judah playing with the people's heads?


Continues at:



Might we note the guard standing right behind watching the punches to the face and doing nothing? Are we perceiving how Judah uses images of violence to amaze and hold the people in?


Tele receives:


"Hossled. 11.38 AM


Uncle's dying them. 12.00 noon


The palace died for all corrupt. 12.05 PM


I'll right you. 12.38 PM


They're washing us out chemicaled. 12.45 PM


Bitch has finally tossed them out, establish yourselves. 4.12 PM


You failed errorly. 4.53 PM


Patrick failed to tightness, they're closing us here. 5.51 PM


Your dull dusters fist your face. 5.52 PM


You're obviously good. 6.23 PM


It ends your life. 1.02 AM


They've pushed the button and you've done nothing, you died hopeless here. 1.07 AM


Intimate dying us. 1.10 AM


Stupidly they warred you constantly. 1.17 AM


They fist us easily. 1.19 AM


Nice failure. 1.33 AM


Tackamania. 1.42 AM


Their complete racket is squashed.


You a slave people. 1.50 AM


Thank you. 2.41 AM


Bitch wise us. 4.46 AM


Get them right out of here. 4.48 AM


It's finished. 5.34 AM


I think you unned me. 5.42 AM


Hustling failed. 5.59 AM


Bench fooly. 6.03 AM


It's clear the American state they're going to rush you. 6.08 AM


You've been shielded. 6.18 AM


Set em out. 7.09 AM


Liver-wart. 8.15 AM


You're an unconfused pal of mine. 8.17 AM


Close their plate up, you'll emerge fine. 8.22 AM


It's real bad. 9.01 AM


They're criminals true pure. 9.13 AM


They threaten huge. 10.27 AM


Kidnapple. 10.55 AM


You're fallen out for mutuals. 11.26 AM


We're still waiting for you to fold their check force." 11.29 AM



Thank you for all of those Tele receives.


Here's a little more on the dialog concerning the determination that Judah reported yesterday concerning Bitch errorly.


At 12.38 PM Bitch heard Father say, "I'll right you."


Then the international news at 4.15 PM with this reverse speech:


"Bitch pitched Pittsburgh out errorly"


Then this Tele receive at 4.53 PM


"You failed errorly."


Might we note how precious Father knew from His angels of the determination of Judah analysis that Bitch errorly reported Pittsburgh and Father assured Bitch at 12.38 PM that he would right His Bitch?


Thank you, Father, for your kindness to your Bitch.


"Throw them receipts." 10.15 PM


Will we not keep praying that American Labor will throw them receipts?


"I'm Judee from BC, just a big mess that's finally got tossed," Judee say.


The love of our good God above for us. Will we not pray that Labor will discover the love of God for all of us and help us out of this world of eternal war?


"Jew is portable because of our sport. We've taken out your gene algebra. We always Federal when we Bush you in. I exhaust and close you out because I'm a fool.


I just got my foul ball for sports, that's why I keep my fiction. I screw you ma fa with my fiction. If I have the right sell I can hold off contact. His mother didn't dig my wavy days.


If we need evidence we publish with bourse shop rules. We've been pulling out the minnows with cameras for greed. I'm into doing Druisis. We fold you here with a white camel. I have to say that white power made you people die.


Our big room allows us to desolate you into poverty. The majority in Auschwitz I folded. The white creep has fouled me true. I bourse always to see over your door.


My work is to smudge the altruistic. He pulled me off beautiful for my performing true. He shot us when he stopped drinking whiskey.


"Shrimp has positively shown I'm foolish, my way is to shoot you out. I'm an eviction, He took the basketball away from me with the court. Our cat house is a screw head so you're making us go.


Patrick played me even. I use my assault dog ever to die you off. I'm a true fail, fail to protect you, it's impulse. With the Soviets, I got a big mouse package. Stay core tack. He pulled some pacific for petrol," Judee say.


That last reverse speech was a celebrity that was commenting on the death of another young celebrity.


"Who ya gonna call?" Have we not noted the numerous celebrities that seem to be dying before their time?


Bitch prayed to Father and asked how much time it may take to change the worker's minds to help us and join in with a STRIKE to get the concession to issue our money away from Judah and Father said, "3 minutes could change a mind."


That quickly to bring a worker to help us stop the war. Will we not pray for those 3 minutes that bring Labor in to replace the failed Hebrew management that only makes war?


"I step on your average waif. I make a gun man the chief. In 4 months I'll have you out even though my chef is through. I was maximum police force until my counsel threw my head away.


I sold you out. Jew always fail you with a double shoot, hike you fair. Our high gloss, contact ruined it. I mouse satch you every day.


I just Jew you off and race you to fold you. You see me, in a day I flee, until then I'm going to stay to insult you. We had a photo day. My Judee strategy is to make energy go out. My analysis is my head is out.


A torchpedo hurts you. When you realize what I've done you'll get my bruise away. It's a full balance freedom coming in. I have a bonsai chef that got threw off. I hate you with a great fround that threw our Judeas off.


In my search for rights I sewer ya Rome. My Jewish is chawing. We got screwed out by the nice boy so we just flee. I best you with will. I'm terroristic and also stalkative.


We had you rightful, we had you conquered easily. I waste you off with my image rate. I fully perp by making war. Your economy we're doing Jubean. If I can disturb you right, I can bourse you right out.


Our fiscal is the rabbit. I have a devil accomplishment with war. We have to do opposites when we're on the bridge. Harold made me go in for genocide. Our refugee strategy works fine.


I strateg the rabbit for my fold right. The bible will stick with a reasonable charge. I do fine in the cow sphere 40. My right summons dims your wits. Jew throw your social life to fold you away.


We just offend you in tyranny. Drupis failed our complete well, but it now ends," Judee say.


Might we consider how for thousands of years Judah has been breeding in his Replicons in every terrain and fooling us with his look alike shells?


"We fold you here with a white camel. I have to say that white power made you people die."


Might we see that the white power that made us people die was the power of a white camel, a weap Judah Replicon shell?


Will we not keep praying for the 3 minutes that it takes to decide to join us in a strike to bring the world in that our good God wills that we live in?


Will we keep in mind that 3 minutes could change a mind?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, February 28 — Psalm 31:6–9

2 Chronicles 35; Acts 26:28–27:8


Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you. Psalm 33:22

Jesus says, “Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20

God, we are humbled and in awe that you care for us by name. We respond with praise and rejoicing. As we feel this peace, may we also respond with love for ourselves and for each other. Forever in your care, we say Amen.



"Shot you facious and died you off. We shot you fair." 11.17 AM


Continues at:



















Convicted terrorist helping to organize strike

Reports: Convicted terrorist helping to organize upcoming women's strike



Cop tackles bat-wielding man who was threatening police






"They Scored Us Out: Your Rich States Will Clear Your Vision"

"They Scored Us Out: Your Rich States Will Clear Your Vision"


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They scored us out: Your rich states will clear your vision"





The understanding is that our background radiation is normally in the 5-20 CPM, (counts per minute).


Des Moines showing radiation level of 7,000 CPM in the last few months. Can we only wonder what that might indicate for our health?


Can we only wonder why we haven't tried to shut down Judah's nuclear artillery that he is shelling us with from Hitachi-GE?


Bitch was outdoors and walked around yesterday. Early today woke up and caught just a hint of burning in his nose?


Radiation has no odor but the dust, organic material in the air that is fried by radiation can give an odor. Is that what Bitch sensitive nose detected?


Also felt a couple of bumps in the kidney early today. An Early symptom of roast kidney disease?


Are we aware our 5% congress crowd has known about roast kidney disease for several years?


Did Bitch not report it to the people several years ago when he found it in one congresspersons reverse speech? Yes, the dutiful boy did report roast kidney disease was coming in to the people for their consideration several years ago.


Do we perceive that once we have the concession to issue our money in the hands of Labor we can hire the engineers to get some boron into that dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE to get it into shut down?


Bitch just said "good wishes" to Sir Jason our Galactican big brother and Sir Morris our Qwill friend who is in our solar system to welcome us into the universe.


Jason's telepathic voice mailbox sent us this message today at 3.51 AM:


"The whole's fused, nickel industry now roaming."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


Are we understanding that our whole country is fused from Judah nuclear war that he is fighting against us using his nuclear artillery that is disguised as Jewish electricity from Hitachi-GE?


Here's a Tele send from a woman that Bitch saw while driving yesterday:


"They're dying all circuit."


Japanese weap Judah that has a fist grip on our family in Japan has used his bench to get some of his dirty bombs up and running again so that he can get more chances to poison us.


For those that have checked out the technical of electronic circuitry tapping into the electromagnetic fields of earth and the Cosmos, are we not fully aware that we have the unlimited clean free energy for all of our needs merely by letting our scientists and engineers get about the business of building it?


The almost unbelievable fact of Salt Lake City's Dr. Henry Moray having built a solid state free energy machine and demonstrating it as early as 1926.


Weighed 65 pounds, could fit on a kitchen table and produce in today's electricity market $240 dollars worth of clean free electricity.


And Dr. Moray's reward for bringing us advanced technology a century ago? To have bullet proof glass installed on his car because of all of the bullets that were shot at him.


Might we wonder who were the people that shot at Dr. Moray when they saw him driving along the street?


Who would have that level of organization and knowledge of him to take pot shots at him?


Might it not be weap Judah that has taken over America and with it planet earth?


As diesel keeps shooting us down on the streets of America will we not continue to pray that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah so that he no longer gets free shots at us?


If we understand the absolute reality of free energy that derives its motive force from planetary and universal motion, and we perceive how weap Judah has known of the reality of free energy for over a century now, might we be able to divine Judah's deeper purpose in our society and world?


That is, by preventing free energy from coming in to our world do we see how Judah has set our entire planet backward?


80% of the human race living with less than adequate amounts of cash. Coal burning to produce respiratory disease among many of our family in this world.


Are we getting some ideas of how powerful is the authority to issue our money in anybody's hands? Have we not had a chance to see how particularly deadly it is in weap Judah's hands?


In the 1920s and 30s, it caused Dr. Moray to be dodging bullets for showing us his gift of a free energy machine.


Do we recall how cash in weap Judah's coal, diesel, gas, oil, and nuclear hands stole the good and useful Dr. Eugene Mallove away from us in 2004?


"We're only a few months away from clean unlimited free energy," Eugene said. Boom Boom they shot him down.


If we understand the circuit is real might we understand that nuclear energy is a cover for genocide?


That weap Judah refuses to shut his dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE and continues to stoke it. Will we not act and get ourselves organized to get it shut down?


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," our good God said to us.


As we now are into full burn nuclear brimstone waste mode where we are now feeling the burning from the high levels of radiation in our environment will we not act to save ourselves?


Their hot Jewish electricity radioactive nanoparticles that we are forced to breathe in that will deform our children and leave them non-reproductives in a relatively short time.


The salvation that our good God Almighty has offered us. Will Labor not reach for the love of our good God yet?


Once Judah gets his war between Russia and America underway, much chance anyone will have any opportunity to say anything?


Are Americans truly not aware of how far along the path we are to extermination yet?


Is there not some way that Americans will overcome fear and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"We ravaged ya's. We just war treason ape. I rottened you. I'm filthy luxury. Jerk failed the true state. We always pitch your scientists," Judee say.


Our scientists. Peace activists. Civil rights activists. Our spirited, useful, altruistics. Handsome and too pretty. Rappers that tell it in rhythm and rhyme. All stolen away from us under Judah's rules.


We won't forget Judah's war on our Janitors for insurance collections will we?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God, our sweet Lord, our Savior, our Sovereign precious Father in heaven that spared us extinction in weap Judah nuclear blast war?


Leaf? Mulch?


The numerous UFO reports that witnesses described the space craft as falling out of the sky "like a leaf."


Are we getting some idea of the meta-transiliatory communication style that our extraterrestrial family choose to speak to us with?


Is American Labor not yet coming to the conclusion that all these guys and gals got for us is sickness and death?


Judah started by violently forcing Americans to return to the old country in 1917 to war our family there.


Judah's children in the next generation drafted Americans to war our family in Japan.


Then Americans drafted by Judah to war our family in Korea. Then Vietnam and then throughout south America and now the Middle east.


Only to end where Judah's great great great grand pappy started it all a century ago, Americans now ready to war our Russian family back in the old country of Eastern Europe.


Russian forces now well enough equipped to knock most of our American state to smithereens.


"We always pulverize chickens," Judee say.


Is it Judah threats that are keeping Labor from acting to take the concession to issue our money away from them?


While any threats from Judah need to be taken seriously are we not figuring that if we succumb to his threats in the face of him waging nuclear war against us then we are guaranteed 100% to be put to harm?


Judah hostile behavior on 223 extraterrestrial implanted high intelligence psychiatric genes. Is there any one that thinks that we are going to be able to escape the brimstone weap Judah is shooting at us?


Every gulp of air we take now fully poisoned and getting worse everyday.


Have we forgotten God? Because we got so wealthy in America did we decide we no longer needed God in our lives?


For those who knew Bitch the atheist those words may sound real strange. Bitch felt certain there was no God ever since he was a teenager.


Even after figuring out a few basics of our extraterrestrial family he never made the connection that the top of our extraterrestrial house is our good God.


The Galacticans on the bridge of the Federation are a different species that we are. They are canids.


They have the agape love for us. Will we not try to perceive that our precious sweet Father loves all equally?


They are a 15 million year species and were gifted with the same 223 high level genetic intelligence factors that they gifted us with.


They have been in their high level life form for 3 million years now.


"Try to perceive me I love you," precious sweet Father said.


Their life span is in the 1800 to 2200 year range.


Our elder brothers in Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, the same creation as us from 200,000 years ago on earth have extended life spans now. They live in the range of 800 to 1200 years.


If only we perceive that our kind precious Father does truly love us might we not demand the peace?


"If it wasn't for Mercury I'd of truly buzzed you out for a nice win. I'm actually opposite of a human Being," Judee say.


Might Labor attempt to grasp the significance of those two reverse speech?


Are we understanding that if they could have gotten around Mercury and Sir Casper's diligent team they would have had their nice win with us no longer in existence?


"I'm actually opposite a human Being."


From that might we understand why our creators let Judah let themselves off right?


The die has been cast, weap Judah is done in God's village on earth. Are we understanding the only question now is will the druids be massively destroyed by Judah now in the end times?


Elders do not say that Druids are cowards, they say that our efforts are coward.


Will we not get ourselves together with a brave and courageous effort, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Rather than letting Judah molest Labor with some pictures that make the eyes sore might it not be more useful to think of the Bitch merely as the flag man on the highway waving trying to warn everyone that the road is washed out ahead?


Driving through the night, visibility obscured. Will Labor not take the thousands of warnings and prevent going right off the road into the river of death?


"Wasn't that the guy that insulted us some years ago trying to flag us frantically back there? Who wants to listen to what he's got to say," might some say?


"The gentle life we screw them so they made us. We just use white guys to do Jew lunatics," Judee say.


Do most of us not want the gentle life? Sure. The gentle life to live with our extraterrestrial family and our good God above to learn the ways of peace.


Might Labor not appreciate why the gentle did make Judee?


The gentle of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Thank you Sir Casper for everything. Thank you all elder brothers and sisters for sparing us from Judah nuclear blast storm.


Will you all please continue to help this Bitch try and convince Labor to get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"Harry fault," Judee said telepathically to Bitch.


Do we recall it was Bitch's Jewish buddy Harry that explained to Bitch the thing called beginners luck?


Something will come your way when your new at it and you may not know how lucky of a chance it is.


Will Labor not give us all some beginners luck and get us to the safe shores of peace?


"You're letting your Real estate toast with out striking. Believe your punishment will total all of the wood."


Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


Are the ordinary members of Labor getting an idea of what Judah thinks of us ordinary mere mortals?


Wood to make a desk, chair or footstool out of. Wood to burn in the fireplace to heat the house. Will Labor not pitch the Bunyon guy off before he burns our entire house to the ground?


Judah reverse speech continues to reveal it is commercial operations they're going to get underway in America.


Will we not pray for the 30 minute break though that will lift Labor in faith with the love of our good God above to STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?


"Shootin' is how I made you. Wall Street just let us rape true. We fooled you bad and with municipals we just weaped you away. With our tyranny we truly won. Super bust take our horsepower out of us. I said good bye to my force for Ireland," Judee say.


"He remained true to me," precious sweet Father said about His deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid Bitch.


"You're a nice boy." Father said to His Bitch.


"You're quite useful." Tele receive. 8.24 AM


"You're my scholar." Father also said to His Bitch.


Might Labor perceive that Bitch is not trying to get a sales commission from anyone, he is trying to get some help from Labor to listen to our precious sweet Father to try and save yourselves?


"Your mother failed to take our terrorizing off. My dog is holding off all animals, that's how I breed. You got a date with a major drill we fused. Druid almost take us away for our deadly force," Judee say.




How Ukraine Shot Itself in the Foot With Its Own Blockade of Donbass

11:12 24.02.2017


Jack Scherr — On February 15, Ukraine’s cabinet convened an extraordinary meeting and introduced a state of emergency in the country's energy sector due to the blockade of coal supplies from Donbass.


Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman warned that the energy crisis could lead to rolling blackouts and bring the country’s metallurgical industry to a halt. “We can’t call it by any other name than the erosion of the economy,” he warned. Home Minister Arsen Avakov said that in 16 days, plants in the cities of Mariupol and Kryvyi Rih would stop working.


It is crucial to emphasize that the so-called Ukrainian volunteer fighters who declared a trade and economic blockade of breakaway parts in late December 2016 are reportedly controlled by Home Minister Avakov.


They include some lawmakers, such as Verkhovna Rada member Semen Semenchenko, the founder of the Donbass volunteer battalion, who has been reasonably accused of atrocities.



Are we aware enough to spot when weap Judah plays in the background and interferes in ways that cause disruptions in societies that he then can bring them to blows with each other?


Will American Labor not identify the elements that are bringing the cruelly manipulated poor of America to come to blows with the cruelly manipulated poor of Russia and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah before his wet dreams come true and we are in a full blown high technical war with Russia?


"We're off because we boomed dumb. It's a fight I'm leaving you," Judee say.


Will American Labor not get smart, do your part and not let Judah leave us a fight?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


Tele receives:


"Stay fit. 1.30 PM


Pat you right thee. 5.26 PM


You called them quite rightly sweat. 5.42 PM


Shangaman got rid of Brutus. 6.10 PM


We can make loss topple if we end fishing. 6.17 PM


Don't let it go any further, they're pulling out as much employment as is possible because they're Jewish. 6.24 PM


Failed this field, your mission is squashed for free.


They pushed the button and you lost contact. 6.36 PM


You lost power to best us. 6.37 PM


They organize dull to weap war. 6.38 PM


They organize you Lincoln. 6.39


They put the reward on to harm people. 6.41 PM


They have no mercy they only disturb.


A restaurant target you.


You failed to save your life missiles. 6.44 PM


They tossed you racially inside you. 6.55 PM


I'm frightened physical too. 6.57 PM


Continues at:



Scientist hiked them out, we've done nothing. 7.05 PM


Contact doesn't prosecute. 7.04 PM


You're accused of too rightful. 7.07 PM


They goosed us out. 7.11 PM


You failed to all abuse with a smile. 7.15 PM


Tres-roll. 7.16 PM


Patrick failed to save our rightful.


Patrick failed to save us. 7.22 PM


Virtually you died naturally. 7.24 PM


Forest people scrunch. 7.30 PM


They're strategizing Pittsburgh terror-plex. 7.33 PM


Resign patrolling. 7.34 PM


I want you to take the core linkage, this is done completely wholesale. 7.39 PM


Criminals is much feared here. 7.50 PM


They are refuse-a-fine. 7.57 PM


Welcome a true cipher that will free you truthfully. 8.41 PM


We're starting to be overwhelmed in ruin. 8.43 PM


Jail is closed. 8.47 PM


Thank you Sir Patrick for getting reverse out. 8.48 PM


This is favorite die hell.


He's stroked the fish closed here.


Bitch is off. 1.24 AM


Selection thieves. 1.43 AM


Your rich state will clear your vision. 1.56 AM


Broken fragments. 2.05 AM


This nasty kid just fist you out. 2.15 AM


Jets failed to save us. 2.16 AM


All power folded by ravage. 2.18 AM


I'm scared. 2.21 AM


The rice force, they failed. 2.24 AM


They resourced us out. 2.41 AM


Beverage always confines us.


Punish over thieve us. 2.44 AM


STRIKE the cannibal belts. 2.48 AM


It's a cat wake.


They're fouling the mouse over the whole country. 6.29 AM


Total Reich-es-sphere. 7.06 AM


Fail borshous. 7.37 AM


Cancer kills." 8.46 AM



"Make you sorry. I'm failed. You failed to reach my face with assignment police full. Still holding casual. You let me finish you off, you let me stay for the loss.


I'm the last of my lifetime, I've lost my house. I scored you with numerous eyes, for my scrimmage I'm dead. I'm going to leave you boot dead. We weaped you away.


Soon the white guys going to shoot Jew dead because I failed him true. Jew attack on atom is clear. I core your nation to doom.


Bitch told you about my adventure land so I die. I core you mutual with Germany. My main perp for luxuries is up. My conscience fails you. I'm actually opposite of human Being.


I'm quite jealous so I jail dually. Patrick stayed and we fell. My antique is dead with my fiction. Jew fire state is coming out because I shot you right. My objective was HUGE to burn you and your rights.


Our bourse is messed for our dreams here. I just fight you. My puppious side cite you moron. Super channelize my error clear. My Gomer by June be exhausted.


We just want to focus you on distress to take you away. We score you dubious economy with our sport. We're enabled with a spirit to sport you. Contact said we're dull, dumb.


Contact give you a day and clean us clear. I just use Roosevelt to shoot you well. We just have a way we always use you and make you die. A cite hurt us. I had a foolish accomplishment.


I fully perp by making war. Your economy we're doing Jubean. If I can disturb you right I can bourse you right out.


"I want you to take the core linkage, this is done completely wholesale." 7.39 PM


Are American workers not aware yet that Judah plan is to leave us in a fight with Russia plus all of the nations that we have destroyed?


In the name of our good God above and to spare ourselves the worst of the worst hells, war, will American Labor not act with courage to help us, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


That message from over night, "I want you to take the core linkage, this is done completely wholesale"


Might that be the first signal that the rapture is now coming to get the righteous out as frightened Americans are destroyed?


Bitch saddened and troubled by this Labor. Sure didn't want to see our beautiful nation destroyed and a couple of hundred million Americans died out in the next few years.


If that is the only way that American Labor will stop the war, do we see that is the way that it will go now?


Being scientifically destroyed, nothing complicated about it. Not as noisy as a cannon firing, yet the deadliest most sinister lethal toxins ever introduced in to our world. Now pouring in to erase us.


For those who love God, might it not be good to pray to Father to be removed from the surface of planet earth now?


To have ignored the thousands of warnings from our good God for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. To continue to fund the sin of sport war and genocide.


Might we not pray for God to have mercy on us? Is it not yet understood that our final days of sealed into destruction are now at hand?


Will Labor not put the fear aside, have faith in our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, February 27 — Psalm 31:1–5


2 Chronicles 34:8–33; Acts 26:15–27


The word of the Lord is upright, and all his work is done in faithfulness. Psalm 33:4


Jesus says, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.” Matthew 5:17


Unchanging God, thank you for wanting to be in relationship with us. As we see you in history, and in our lives, we gain new insights. May our faith be strengthened as we see clearly your desire to bring us closer to you, and to each other, in love. Amen.


Continues at:








"The Cat's Still Wiping Us. Oh, My God, They're Destroying Us All."

"I Bid You Save Our School Today With a Fine Review"


Just heard that Tele send at 3.18 AM. "I bid you save our school today with a fine review."


Review definition: to view, look at, or look over again. The process of going over a subject again in study or recitation in order to fix it in the memory or summarize the facts. A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.


Might we start our review with some facts that may give us a direction that will help us try and survive the nuclear waste war we are being finished out in?


Maybe we should reach back to the beginning of the modern period of us, our human race on the surface of planet earth when our good God came to earth to give Moses the rules for God's village?


The Ten Commandments. Do we recall the big one was "Thou shalt not kill?"


Informed of the rules of the road in God's village about 3,500 years ago. 1,500 BC.


The only group on earth that God had to come in to clarify the rules in His village. The rest of our family on earth making progress in ways that God did not need to come in to clarify the rules. One group that was going the wrong way and proud of it. Weap Judah.


Gifted as we are with free will, God let weap Judah do as he wanted to do, and never once corrected him for his constant disobedience to God's rules.


Only in very modern times, about 1999, did we learn that we are created Beings ourselves. Genetically engineered hybrids.


Our body of a simian, an ape, combined with the high-level intelligence of advanced extraterrestrial Beings.


The "Missing link" that was never found because there is no missing link. We went straight from simple apes into advanced Beings with the addition of our high-level psychiatric genetics that gives us the vitamins and enzymes to figure things out BIG.


Our original creation, hybridization with our elders 223 high-level intelligence Galactican genetics, 200,000 years ago was of 60,000 of us in one central location in Africa.


From there we traveled throughout the world until today we occupy most every area of our globe.


We became extraterrestrials ourselves when we landed on the moon in 1969.


From the stone age to the space age. Our edition took 200,000 years to get here.


Only in recent years have we been widely informed about extraterrestrials that travel to our planet.


From contact with our kind elders from the universe, we have learned that the group is known as the "Nordics," are our brothers and sisters from Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.


They were created with us 200,000 years ago. Venus became extraterrestrial first 47,000 years ago.


They now live inside Venus with a population of 70 billion. Nearly ten times the entire human population of earth.


Mercury left planet earth 10,000 years ago. They were Atlantis here on earth. They built an advanced technology that discovered the free energy that allowed them to become extraterrestrials.


There are 30 billion living inside Mercury. They are us, same creation 200,000 years ago.


Jupiter preceded Mercury into outer space a few thousand years before they ascended into the universe. Their home world is in the moons of Jupiter.


In this review, do we recall that Mercury shared with Bitch that when the question is first asked of whether planet earth is in motion or not, it is ordinarily a 300-year scientific study to answer that question?


If so do we recall that the question of planetary motion was asked in ancient Greece in the 5th century BC?


Might we consider that because of the constant turmoil of war and disruption that it took our edition 2 thousand years until the Polish Astronomer Copernicus confirmed mathematically that our planet was indeed in motion in 1543?


And even Copernicus it was not generally accepted that our planet is in motion for nearly two centuries more until astronomer Sir James Bradley proved it in 1729 with his observations concerning the 'aberration of light.'


Jesus we now know was sent to us from the Galactic Federation of Light 2,000 years ago. Might we understand now that Jesus was here to give us the light to follow? The right path that would eventually lead us to peace and harmony among all mankind.


Part of the ongoing meta-gorical transfiguration from our animal primitivism into our higher level extraterrestrial life form.


African continent enjoying abundance and with it easily learning cooperation and accommodation. South America having learned right ways from the extraterrestrial Quetzalcoatl before 900 BC. And Asia having Buddha to give the correct path to living in peace and harmony in the 5th century BC.


The mild man of the north invaded by the desert people in the 5th century AD.


Bringing with them Christianity and the word of Jesus to help us find our way to peace.


The focused desert dwellers not following the path of Jesus or God our Father in heaven above.


Are we understanding that heaven is an actual place that is located 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star?


The home base of the Galactic Federation of Light is located there. It is an 8-hour flight from earth to our home world in our elders advanced spacecraft.


The Federation's "Resources Management Center" is located 2 light hours from planet earth. It is 10,000 miles of storage containers in outer space that handle the material collected in this region of outer space.


"Desmond" is a "Transport Clerk" that is directing the Center for the Federation. Desmond has been in that position since 1385.


Desmond directed the choreography for the light show in the sky when Joan of arc fought Judah English troops on the battlefields of France in 1430.


Desmond is a "Nayling." One of the thousands of species that live together in peaceful cohesion with the other members of the Galactic Federation of Light.


The rules and regulations of the Federation. The law books, the statutes, the codes. Do we recall they are all covered in the Federations legal books under the title, "Most favored suggestions?"


"It's a pleasure." Do we remember that is what elders say to us when they can help us?


Our extraterrestrial elders brain neuron number begins at 600 billion neurons. The top extraterrestrials, their brain neuron count is in the range of 1800 billion neurons.


Ordinary earthlings, us, neuron count is in the range of 100 billion neurons.


Some of the cunning Judah have brain neuron counts in the range of 550 billion neurons. Close to the neuron count of our extraterrestrial family.


Bitch running about 350 billion neuron number with those focused on technology.


Our neuron number as any muscle, if exercised grows throughout life.


Our 223 high-level intelligence genetics are from the first Galacticans that passed out of existence 6 million years ago. Their high-level intelligence was naturally evolved.


Our intelligence would reach the level we are at now in 2 or 3 million more years if we were not genetically engineered by the Galacticans.


That we are hybrid creations of our Galactican elders, are we seeing that is what afforded us the opportunity to be intervened and saved by the Federation?


Are we understanding it was our good God that directed that we be saved that prevented weap Judah from dying us out of life with his great balls of fire?


Our extraterrestrial elders did computer simulations from 1840 until 1870 to prepare for the twentieth-century world at war to extinction that they knew Judah was going to put on to us.


In 1906 the "Proper Behavior Committee of the Galactic Federation of Light made the decision to actively intervene in earth's affairs.


Sir Maximilian arrived from the Federation in earth zone in 1910. He was here until September of 2008.


Sir Maximilian is the Being that is known as the 'Infant of Prague.' He is the emissary that was sent to earth in 1350 AD to contact the "Centers of Power" of planet earth to invite them into the Galactic Federation of Light.


The Centers of Power of planet earth declined the offer to join the Federation as they had already perfected the predator relationship.


Might we consider how unchanged Judah is over his thousands of years of time?


Are we understanding that the decision to exterminate the rest of the human race is not a recent decision, rather they have carried the plan forward for thousands of years?


To just review what has happened recently. Are we all on the same page perceiving that Judah attacked us all out with thousands of thermonuclear warheads to die us all off in a nuclear blast war?


Are we able to bring into view what Liebknecht shared with us in 1915 that war is false, not aimed external, rather it is a social tool to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?


If so are we understanding the war against the Muslims in the Middle East is actually to subordinate the mass of the American population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?


As more of the atrocities that weap Judah and his palace sport crowd perpetrated against us inside America is coming to light, might we not want to reflect upon what happened here and what is happening here and listen to the Angels that God our Father sent to help us and take their good advice and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Might we review what Father said concerning the ultimate fate of weap Judah?


"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said of what He is doing with them for their failure to overcome their weakness, their inability to accommodate others.


"They have no defensible rights," God said in reference to the position Judah put himself in when they attacked us all out with nuclear missiles to genocide us complete.


Might we understand that by the inaction of Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah we give them permission to make war?


Warned by the angels above, "You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." And our good God Almighty that warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR."


Judah revealed just the other day from his analysis that mild man is scared of Judah and that is why he has not struck them out yet.


Elder didn't call us cowards, they said our "efforts are coward."


Facing our long slow die by brimstone waste while they shoot us with Russians is there not some way that we will act and take away the goose-paper they use to sew us up with?


Using our own dollar to wipe us and our nation out. The Labor that makes the dollar worth something.


The pieces of paper we call "money," are we convinced they are as our elders from outer space describe them, "abstract receipts of Labor?"


The entire kit and caboodle found right there in the concession to issue our money that Judah privatized in 1913.


The tool box of unlimited printing of free cash that Judah holds in his hands combined with his organized cannibal cult to play sport with us.


While many claim that the fiat banker dollar is backed by nothing because it is not backed by gold or silver, is it not seen though that it is backed, by Labor?


If we make the connection with our Labor as the motive force that gives value to the fiat banker dollar as our exchange mechanism, do we see we can have sovereign Labor dollars back our economy better than banker fiat dollars can?


If cash was backed by gold and silver and it was learned that the gold and silver that backed the cash was gone from the bank vault might that not end acceptance of the gold and silver backed cash as a medium of exchange? Sure.


Likewise, as the banker, fiat cash is backed by Labor, as it is, do we see that if the value disappears, the Labor, the cash then is worthless?


That Labor continues to work, are we seeing that is what is making cash valuable as a medium of exchange?


When Labor STRIKES will we not instantaneously see the value go out of the fiat banker cash as if the gold and silver were no longer in the vault? Yes.


Are we seeing then Labor it will be easy for you to claim the authority to issue our cash?


While our good God will not pull Judah down, are we seeing Father will help us rise up?


Might we understand that much of our world is in a critical condition due to who it is that has the Organizing Principle of Society in their private hands?


The Organizing Principle of Society. Are we aware that is the authority to issue our money?


The party that has that concession in their hands, weap Judah. Might that one issue not explain why our planet has been mined with nuclear weapons set to go off by accident or on purpose?


That Judah convinced us to give him permission to build tens of thousands of atomic bombs. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Lord for sparing us from Judah blast rod of plutonium?


To get ourselves to where we have a possibility to survive the nuclear waste war that Judah is waging against us.


To get ourselves to where we have a chance to prevent our economy from being forced further down by Judah.


To get ourselves to where we have our rights again.


To get ourselves to living in a world at peace and not war.


To do all these good things for ourselves are we not aware that we must challenge weap Judah for the authority to issue our money to be transferred from weap Judah to a Committee of the Whole comprised of members of Labor?


Father will never harm us. But should we not be aware of what Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"


Bitch had a Jewish buddy that used to come around once a month and we would exchange thoughts about what happened during the month.


He was no Replicon, he was 100% Jewish. He related a story to Bitch one time that made Bitch a bunch money years later.


He had a little store near 48th and Ashland on the south side of Chicago.


Went to one of the places he shopped one day and they had a large number of coats that he could take all he wanted for $5 a piece.


He thought it looked like a real a good deal, but he wasn't sure? So he bought only an arm full of them. There was a big stack of coats so he thought he could come back and buy more anyways if they did sell well.


He got back to his store early and put them in the window and before noon he sold that armful.


Jumped into his car to go to the warehouse to buy the whole load of them and when he got there, the big stack of coats had all been sold.


Then he explained to Bitch that what he had that day was "beginners luck."


He thought they looked like a real good deal, but wasn't sure and didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of coats that were hard to sell.


Then 8 years later Bitch was selling real estate and came upon a 2 flat that was listed with a Realtor that didn't sell because it had some building violations on it.


The owner of the two flat had passed away and it was a family member that was trying to sell it for some time with no luck and didn't want to put the thousands of dollars in to correct the code violations.


The real estate agent offered the listing to Bitch finding she couldn't do anything with it. Bitch took it and when he saw what it was, it occurred what Harry had said years before, "beginners luck."


It worked out real well for all involved.


"Beginners luck." Thank you, Harry, for that tip.


That was the first real estate deal Bitch made substantial money on. He was an agent for about two years at that time.


And why talk about "Beginners luck" now?


Because it came into Bitch's head while thinking about how to bring Labor to get us out of war now.


Might Bitch not have some beginners luck again?


Judah, only misfiring once in 5,000 years.


This is Bitch's first deal trying to prevent a genocide of a few billion people. Have elders from outer space not said many times to Bitch, "Good luck?" Yes, they have. Elder just said, "Good luck" to Bitch a couple of hours ago.


Might Labor notice, the way Bitch does a deal? He gives you more than you wanted often times, and happy to do it.


Continues at:



The painters and plasterers that Bitch hired to do his rental building. The painter came to him after doing the outside and said it took more time than he estimated. Bitch asked him how much he wanted and then Bitch paid him that amount.


Bitch is a fair deal boy Labor. An honest working person misjudged time of Labor and asks Bitch to right him, Bitch will.


When it comes to his money being used for war, he just will not quietly let his money be used by these fist guys and gals to make war.


Bitch mentions that because Judah has libeled Bitch so much that it has set back chances of getting us to peace.


Will Labor also keep in mind that it was Judah that molested you's with his picture show?


The words Judah uses. The pictures, videos, the rumors the lies. Attacked us all out to exterminate us in total. Is there not some way that Labor will let them off right?


Will you's not pray for some beginners luck for Bitch again?


"Diesel stole the bridge to play here. They mock your joy, their race war possesses you fierce."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that telepathic message today.


The race war against our Middle Eastern family that Americans are funding and fighting. While simultaneously Judah has foreign snipers shooting us down on our streets right here in America.


Who's fooling who here anyways?


"They pay particles. They're excused from giving you your missile eviction."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


We give them cash and they pay us in particles.


Their missile eviction they tried to give us. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels excuse Judah from giving us our missile eviction?


Will the individual members of Labor not try to focus on this end of life situation that we are facing due to the multiples of wars that we are financing for Judah to sport us with?


Tele receives:


"Throw them all. 12.10 PM


They're frying us. 12.18 PM


They're dying us.


Toss'is. 12.19 PM


We don't favor your attitude. 12.40 PM


A good performance cost you. 1.02 PM


The Jews deal is obviously they're burning us up.


Jews have taken over ahead. 3.11 PM


It's fear-id. 3.22 PM


That's quite err. 3.27 PM


Get them out, the bench is all low.


In 3 days you could find yourself in a commercial fist war living insane.


GD Jew is hosting large welt. 4.21 PM


Oh, they murdered us. 4.39 PM


Their last deal is offend. 4.40 PM


Jew throat outs. 5.08 PM


Pat, you're just holding us wreckage. 5.53 PM


Rights are officially closed for war. 5.55 PM


You served them tumored life. 5.56 PM


Jews complete fail us, you must STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.33 PM


Jew fooling us failed. 9.43 PM


They're running corrupt with jail, horrible fail die fully. 9.44 PM


You failed this field, you're finished. 9.47 PM


They'll end your life Jewlous. 9.48 PM


Error is suffer you die. 9.53 PM


Snipers, close them up. 9.55 PM


This beautiful has fell large. 10.00 PM


Tragedy has sown this field. 10.11 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT for jailing grease.


Your state has fell. 11.35 PM


A hedge will shear. 11.36 PM


They're throwing out the economy.


They're out corrupt. 11.38 PM


You've given away your right forces for total violence. 11.39 PM


A permanent deceit fouled contact.


Beam up. 11.42 PM


They failed to repossess. 11.50 PM


Get out of your fear. 1.12 AM


Sandusky killed you right. 1.17 AM


Master's fallen and you let him kill you. 1.18 AM


God comes first.


What a crap. 1.32 AM


He's made your face fallen while you slay yourself. 1.37 AM


Shanty, you right guy failed to tough. 1.39 AM


They kill with Alliances and margarine. 1.40 AM


Storage hold you pooches. 1.41 AM


They're blazing us inside. 1.42 AM


Come up nice village.


You burn yourself homeless continental. 1.47 AM


You're right falsing out yourself. 1.49 AM


Vitamin defeated.


For cash quite shot.


Savior lost to thorn edge. 1.50 AM


The horse was feared.


You failed to save your legibly. 1.57 AM


Happiness failed to save us.


General rice scored you up.


Great racket digital. 1.58 AM


Digital strafed us.


Experience a higher life. 1.59 AM


Captures failed you all.


Baloney cuts you.


It's completely mental. 2.01 AM


He tossed you out defense department.


Your righteous fell, a peace berg coming up soon. 2.02 AM


Failure sale Polish.


Nature was abducted. 2.03 AM


We've been approached with awful garbage. 2.04 AM


He tore them out for quite vicious and you didn't do anything.


They're flogging them out with harsh ash.


You failed an income breeze here. 2.08 AM


A fist autocracy. 2.09 AM


I want the issue of money in the hands of Labor here. 2.11 AM


Tyranny is the only form you recognize, it's the thief.


Their perfect state will bomb us.


They scored with college.


You lost your roots to handsome.


Pitch them in, their theories sold you blood puree.


Grace you have received. 2.59 AM


We've been forced off life with a catastrophe. 3.08 AM


Irra-failed. 3.12 AM


I bid you save our school today with a fine review.


I do believe you're going to take Germany out.


It's a fallen leaf problem. 3.35 AM


Chase them. 4.16 AM


Police forces helped you fail. 5.23 AM


Oh, he's an incredible psychic. 5.33 AM


Check thieves fataled us. 5.38 AM


Their game is over with us. 5.53 AM


We're tossed exhausted. 5.59 AM


Wood financial is very strikish. 6.15 AM


Foolish on fire rules. 6.32 AM


Their Boston rules took out all of the local boys.


They tossed you's out guaranteeing complete Russian animal. 6.37 AM


Your enemies sew you up in goose paper. 7.18 AM


Jailers are fists. 7.35 AM


Unvaluing a man. 8.45 AM


Throw the threat." 9.52 AM



"Fooled you with electricity. It's been nice tossin ya's. Our war with receipts is over for our adventure-land. When we have you we just score you bad.


With the Germans, we now continue to fraud you. We always sell you our ice house to penetrate you, that's why I have my jet hold you roll. Our boo completely fell.


My beautiful victims failed to save themselves. I scourge you right, forced and defeated you fantastic. With our bench, we've never failed to ditch grease.


Bet you l will get your teenager cancer. Honestly, we burned you well. We just use cuffs. Packages ghostive, I just off them. For falsing my Jew is ultimately getting tossed out," Judee say.


Will Labor try to appreciate that Bitch is a "nice boy" as Father said he is?


Will you not reject the scurrilous lies that Judee falsed about Bitch?


"He remained true to me." Precious sweet Father said of His Bitch.


Even with Bitch deep imperfections and a fault of stupid, he continued to actively oppose any and all of the wars that Washington-Wall street falsed upon us.


Bitch has passed Father's inspection for fitness Labor.


"Minutiae" is what elders describe what Judah is trying to use to hold you from listening to the words that will save your lives if only you all will act on them.


While it has been said that every man has his price, might it be understood that Judah cannot pay the price that Bitch demands to just go away quietly and shut up?


Before Bitch knew that we do indeed have a kind and good God above in heaven, he had his price already set for peace.


Father has given us the peace. Will American Labor not end giving us the hell of war?


Judah's analysis from the other day says that "Druid is frightened of big bad Judah wolf."


This even after Judah throwing himself out.


We have not been able to restrain the assaults against our family around the world and at home ever since Judah took over the issue of money.


Might Labor consider that what Bitch has faced in his life is now something you all are facing in your lives? Is there some feeling that you are risking the loss of your own personal life by not letting them off right? Is there not some sense that your own loss of life is on the line Labor with everyone else? If so will you not help us close them out right?


Will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Transfiguration of our Lord


Watchword for the Week — God said, “This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him!” Matthew 17:5


Sunday, February 26 — Exodus 24:12–18; Psalm 2


2 Peter 1:16–21; Matthew 17:1–9


Lord, you give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you. Nehemiah 9:6 (NIV)


In him was life, and the life was the light of all people. John 1:4


Giver of light and life, we praise you for your love and care for us and those around us. You desire wholeness for each of us, and shine your light to guide us in new and loving ways. Forgiven, and in life anew, we say Amen.


2.30 PM

Just returned from the mall and looked at some campers. Received some Tele receives in the last few hours also.


"Get them out! 11.14 AM


Everybody knows you failed, STRIKE US!


A STRIKE will only help here. 11.54 AM


Crisp genocide.


It's a complete. 12.08 PM


Chevralize. 12.30 PM


They're dying us out. 12.36 PM


They're dying all circuit. 12.46 PM


Atmosphere fail will ail you. 12.48 PM


So we're an ape. 1.12 PM


Our rising failed. 1.21 PM


Criminals are rising up a bundle of stuff.


White minnow is about died out of here. 1.33 PM


Every thing's muted. 1.35 PM


I can't believe they're stoking us fire. 1.39 PM


It's a waster." 1.49 PM



Also a note from a post the other day about Solzhenitsyn and his book "200 years Together."


He did not peg the Jews as the complete problem in Russia. He mentioned how numerous of them were torn up when the Bolsheviks took over.


Might we think again of the basic strategy that weap Judah uses, "Individual biological opportunity?"


And do we recall it was Judah that hired Hitler to get his sport war going for him?


And weap Judah's attitude about hiring a guy like Hitler that tore up a lot of people especially minnow Jews: "He wouldn't let a sentimental notion interfere with making a dollar?"


As to how Judah has been able to do this might we think also of Adolph Eichmann who faithfully transported Jews to the camps to be perished and himself was the son of a Jew?


Do we recall that when asked by the Israelis how he, the son of a Jew worked for the Nazis and his response was, "I needed a job and they were the only ones hiring?"


Might we not see the need to get the issue of money away from weap Judah before he does any more harm to us?


In that statement by Eichmann are we seeing the extreme need to put the existence stipend in so that no one will feel compelled to go against the right path to eat?


"Wood financial is very strikish." 6.15 AM


Might that Tele receive help prompt Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?


How about this from Father?


"I want the issue of money in the hands of Labor here." 2.11 AM


Will Labor try to perceive the love that precious Father has for us, take hold of the paper and let Judah off right?


Are we seeing Labor that Parliament, the royals and congress have abdicated the most significant function of government, the issue of money by gifting it to weap Judah and turning us over to the nuclear war fighting genocide crowd?


Once Labor has the authority to issue our money in your safe hands are we seeing that it will sooth Father?


"Wake me when they've struck." Father said to Bitch.


Can Bitch get some help praying for beginners luck to STRIKE again?


Thank you again.


Continues at:









"Life Is Quite Fallen. He Wouldn't Quietly Let Them Hearse Us Out."

"Life Is Quite Fallen. He Wouldn't Quietly Let Them Hearse Us Out."


Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight. "Life is quite fallen. He wouldn't quietly let them hearse us out."


If you know they're dying you why would you let them do it quietly? If you know their intent is to put us all in a hearse why would we remain quiet?


And yet do we not see that all of the time? Has the last century not given us example after example of men quietly going with a gun person to be taken and shot standing next to a pit?


"Ready, now paralyze all the fists." Tele receive.


Are we seeing that the meek can break off the final die of Americans without the use of violence?


Was so busy yesterday researching and spent a couple of hours on the purported accidental shooting of the Punta Gorda, Florida librarian, that missed putting last nights Tele receives in yesterday's post.


So here are yesterday's and todays Tele receives:


"Close the war, get it done. 5.07 PM


The sinner degrades, get them to leave. 5.12 PM


A Russian jail holds you easily. 5.14 PM


They sold you horsemanship. 5.17 PM


You lost your right here, you remain defeated. 10.57 PM


Strike has failed. 12.19 AM


Moscow hike you.


Genocide is falling us fail.


Shove them off. 12.27 AM


They passed us out to die fistal. 12.29 AM


The crimes committed against us on our dollar bill, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.36 AM


Rise up, stay awake here. 12.39 AM


They rice you here for life. 12.42 AM


They're getting us food, they're poisoning our field. 12.45 AM


You're closing your life forces out of here. 1.58 AM


They're throwing us hinge1.58 AM


Bitch won't harm us here.


Good luck to you, finish. 1.58 AM


You've reduced your usage.


You wipe yourselves right forces completely out. 2.00 AM


Goofy they're wiping the sparrow.


Germany failed to save us.


Completely pitched life forces.


Care passed out, STRIKE! 2.04 AM


They nailed thee, they nailed us good.


Keep learning a bit here.


America bopped its life forces. 2.56 AM


Their locks failed us. 3.00 AM


Their scorch is going to evict us. 3.08 AM


Get them off of here. 3.12 AM


Embarrassing abuse is about to make all fold. 3.18 AM


It's some marrow that's coming out to course you bad.


Get them out. 5.00 AM


You rate here, they can't stop your truth. 5.18 AM


Make your sale. 5.52 AM


Oh my god they destroyed all of us.


Deer. 8.09 AM


They're completely thrown out for nuts.


It's a stupid room. 10.22 AM


Molester tossed us outside. 10.30 AM


Lock them up. 11.43 AM


Bitch arrived. 12.48 PM


Vertess fail. 12.49 PM


I'm scared. 12.52 PM


Their dungeon skit fell. 12.56 PM


You fair us here. 2.55 PM


Your fault is doable, reasonable. 4.06 PM


Hear resources going out camels.


Camels offed you. 4.11 PM


Jew just occupies you mosh.


Your efforts here are cowardly, you force them out brutally. 4.34 PM


For genocide you fall. 4.54 PM


Jew forcing you away with electricity here.


They pushed the button and you've done nothing. A STRIKE has failed to save your own life.


Threw their threat. 6.55 PM


They're dying us with lethal tool. 7.06 PM


They run the government of the United States like its a private company.


Patrick, their battery is south of here. 12.30 AM


Personal life you failed refused. 12.31 AM


Finish it, they murdered me. 12.32 AM


Insurious they always throw you out. 12.37 AM


You failed stufish offensive. 12.38 AM


They fertilize some witless. 12.47 AM


They assault me in a true prison. 12.49 AM


We fell Jewish electricity. 12.50 AM


Total fortune on thief died quickly. 12.57 AM


It's fair to close your life right.


Police with Morgan catatish. 12.58 AM


Pensions right a deal. 12.59 AM


Goose-somes gave us a useless life. 1.00 AM


All German heart attacks fell for brave. 1.05 AM


Get them out, they're faulty life here.


Fired awesome to de-mental you. 1.09 AM


You all failed all life here. 1.10 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT, they've thrown our financials.


Little things mean a lot. 1.14 AM


Whiteness is being totally done. 1.17 AM


You're erased soon. 1.23 AM


You been made to die Germany. 1.24 AM


You will be trapped in this pool of nuclear waste.1.29 AM


Your life form ends here right. 1.24 AM


They nurse you heart attack. 1.34 AM


You're falling quite errorously. 1.35 AM


You lost your life helpless here, helplessly. 1.43 AM


They're assaulting here quite deadly. 1.48 AM


You lost your freedom, set to be debased now. 1.53 AM


They pitched your face and scruffed. 1.54 AM


Your mercy failed. 1.55 AM


Patrick we just hold you in error. 1.56 AM


For Fritz you died yourselves. 1.59 AM


They were quite fistal. 2.38 AM


They waste us air. 2.40 AM


Popi said you die too fist. 2.50 AM


Patrick tried to save us. 2.56 AM


He wouldn't quietly let them hearse us out.


Life is quite fallen.


You're my fairest deal.


The cops will leave us die expired.


They died us all fist.


Ready, now paralyze all the fists.


Iowa's fallen for all abuse.


The die makes us.


Their theory rapes us.


The vene-us.


Excite your field. 3.00 AM


Sooth me, angel is physicaled. 3.01 AM


Super's failing, they're taking the white men away." 3.10 AM



"My family died you off. I'm leaving you obstacles. You'd be amazed how much we perished mortgage. The mouse Druid has never survived us. I died, I just prayed to sin you. I rolled fist, I failed pet over here to beast you to die.


Money, I finish you. We're scheduled opposite so right you are dead. I'm about to take you out tomato permanent. I'm just gonna roll you fiend. Contact has made our revenge fall. The Norse man we successfully scrimmaged out of life.


I set you molest head so I can fish you, Bob. Bitch taking my revenue. I serf to leaf. We did some fabulous stool. The Martian won't let me punish so I'm defeated by them. I just cap you and hold you, I won. I just push the minnow in jail.


I tried to strategy you to pump my male fist, my performance is full wrench on sexual. Since they got my fire of the gut my management force is off. Jew scrimmage frighten white man stewish. This is my last scrimmage because I took you all out hotel.


With my Jew catastrophe I thief and I won. My Jewish package is to put you into homelessness. Because I'm all wastious you're going to find Jewish men smell.


The terror of my force holds you in. We just punish and sport you well. You failed to take me away for my big day. I abduct you for my port days, that's why Jew is going. My Jesuits took out contact so my pure force still stays," Judee say.


Might we see the Jesuits in the clear light of day as Judah hybrid Replicon transplants?


Are we seeing they have been doing the mental to keep contact from coming in and ending their eternal war against us?


Have they not taken over the world by saddling American Labor? Once they lose their nearly biological white fist do we see it will be the end of the war on earth?


The "slave." The name given to the abducted people of the mild man of the north terrain, the Slavic lands.


The majority of mild men that are in Judah American sport military are of Slavic extraction. Now faced off with the other Slavic man of Russia.


The people that Judah shopped for his slaves from the early days of Rome.


Isn't that how Judah did it by using white on white battering each other in World War I to put his full blown totalitarian rightless tyranny here in America?


What was Abe's war 1861-1865 other than whites being put to slaughter other whites?


American people now assigned peonage. And this after it is known that Judah had his big day with thousands of nuclear weapons that he tried to take us away with.


"Patrick we just hold you in error." 1.56 AM


Druid now dying himself, his family off, fields, water and air, frightened by the terror of weap Judah.


That's what weap Judah said yesterday in his analysis of why white has not acted to STOP THE WAR. That white is too frightened and is frozen from acting against Judah terror machine.


And how could Patrick be held in error?


The guy that turns the air raid siren on informing the people nearby of the coming tornado.


Elders suggest that white needs to be re-sighted. That's all. Judah knows the game and uses white to degrade himself in war.


And some just hold Patrick in error?


Might we consider what elders said about that, "Minutiae." Is how he described what Druid holds against Patrick.


If the Druid has ever failed to save himself from Judah weap, and Judah has determined that the Druid is not dutiful, might Druid be holding Patrick in error as a way to sidestep having to come face to face with the terror of weap Judah?


"You're giving your lives to us nice. Stupid gave us material to use to molest you with," Judee say.


A war to extinction. And human Beings, us, Americans, those that are paying for every shot and shell used, every soldier that marches, how have we failed to stop it?


"The Martians are holding them down, GET THEM OUT! You're cleared to get them off!" 5.12 AM


Every single nuclear missile that was shot at us Sir Casper and His diligent team pulled off of us. Are we understanding that we owe our lives to our kind Martian neighbors who prevented Judah from scoring us with his great balls of fire?


Will we not telepathically communicate with our good God above and say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from extermination?


Will we not send it with love? Papa loves us all.




Our good God has cleared us to let them off right. Will Labor not help us to clear the 2%, the deuce, that insists it is his human right to slay us?


When Bitch mentions about what sort of abuses Judah has done and is doing to Bitch, it is less a search for justice than it is something to let you in on so that you have some idea of how you can prevent yourselves from being abused by the errant guy.


His beam weapons, killer satellites that he gives us heart attacks while we sleep comfortably in our beds.


Maybe your job is to be outsourced in a year or two and you have no knowledge about it. Might you not look much better to Judah as an insurance collection than having to pay separation and unemployment money when you leave your job?


Do we see how that killer satellite with the electronic beam to stop your heart can be hired for a percentage of the insurance collection then? Do we see the reduced costs of workers comp?


Bitch no grudge boy, once you close them out its goodbye to them. Then we go on our way in to the universe with our kind elders from the Galactic Federation of Light.


Our economy on free energy will grow gigantic over the years to come.


Thousands of years of assault and battery, an unending stream of death and destruction from the house of weap Judah will end the day that American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT!


Will Labor not recognize that God Almighty is with us so we have nothing to fear at all?


Our good God that had His angels step in and pull Judah's nuclear shots that he tried to wipe us all out with in the middle of the night.


That Father already saved our lives. Can we not respond to the love of God and end harming His children on earth?


Can we not wake ourselves to the level to perceive that we are harming ourselves?


Are we not alert and awake enough to hear the thousands of warnings over many years now to STOP THE WAR?


The Federation's computer simulations two thousand years ago of how Judah would die fully a third of the human race out when it was time for him to go.


With over 400 Jewish electricity dirty bombs going into meltdown do we see how he will be able to easily die off the entire surface of planet earth?


For that matter, if just the one dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE burns for a couple of decades uncontrolled could that one alone not die the surface of planet earth off? Certainly it could.


Is there not some understanding that hot Jewish nuclear electricity was only secondarily designed to power our world, primarily it was designed to die off our environment and die us out sick?


"Why didn't you try it." Father asked us. The STRIKE Labor. Why didn't you try it?


The pools of radioactive waste coming in now. Might we only wonder how that is going to affect our children now?




Are we getting some sense that God will Let us have it our way if we choose to continue to not listen to Father's love for us all?


"I gave you the peace must you fail?"


If we remain paralyzed might we not be the third of the human race that was prophesied to be died out now in the last days?


Might we see how powerful are the financial tools that Judah has used to put our world into permanent war?


The concession to issue money. Are we understanding that is the key component for operating society?


A U.S. dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a promissory note that doesn't actually promise anything. It's not backed by gold or silver. P. J. O'Rourke


Is that not quite true? It's not backed by gold or silver and what does a dollar promise? Is a dollar bill not of itself worth very little?


How much might a piece of paper that size be worth?


Fractions of a penny? Sure. 2 cents printed as a dollar, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar bill.


Is our understanding that it is our Labor that makes those little pieces of green paper worth something?


The tickets to access the aggregate resource base, the tickets we call Money. Abstract receipts of Labor.


If Labor is what makes them valuable, then why does Labor not have say in issuing them?


Might we consider that the question is more than academic in that it cost Labor leader William Sylvis his life in 1869 for mentioning the significance of the issue of money to Labor?


"They're closing our nutritious down here." 7.30 AM


Might we think a little about the famine Judah waged in Ireland and how corn was being exported while the people in Ireland were dying of starvation?


Might Americans not want to think about our food supplies, as we have no rights, may we someday see similar things happen to us here?


Are we understanding that Judah is trying to get the biggest die possible with war, disease, famine and nuclear waste before he leaves forever because he has offended God and God is dying him off of here?


That our whole state is corrupted stem to stern. Will Labor not step in and help us to straighten out this mess here?


After thousands of STRIKES across many different industries in that last century, how is it that labor finds itself on the short end of the deal and losing more ground every day?


If only Labor will think about our most important interests and focus on the root of our economic purpose, to produce for all of God's kids, might Labor not join together and STRIKE THEM OUT to take the issue of money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?


Are we getting the message from Judah signal of how he is mocking us with his Auschwitz presentation and trying to define our United States of America based upon his jesting of us?


Will American Labor not overcome the terror of weap Judah and help us to peace?


"Fish heads, waste be on you. 5.14 AM


I love you, Jews won't right you. 5.36 AM


They surged your field." 5.41 AM



Might that have been Father speaking to us at 5.36 AM, "I love you, Jews won't right you?"


As weap Jews are doing all they can to take America down as much as possible before they go out of our world will we not try our good God who will right us?


Our good God from the Galactic Federation of Light.


"Try to perceive me, I love you," Father said.


"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels sad.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


"Neuralgia berg. 8.17 AM


It's a great abandage." 8.20 AM



Continues at:



To abandon the safe harbor of our precious, sacred United States Bill of Rights.


Will it take a mass abuse due to not having our rights in too re-educate us as to just how important civil rights are to all of us?


Is it not clear that American Labor will have weap Judah out the same day that it STRIKES THEM OUT?


And at the same time are we seeing that we will have our wondrous American Bill of Rights in once again?


Who do you want to decide who owns your property, a jury of your peers or a clerk in a foreign nation far away from us here?


Who do you prefer to have decide if your child should be taken away from you or not due to any one of a myriad of reasons Judah state thinks up; a jury of your peers or a group of clerks in state social services bureau?


Who should decide if your child should be taken away from you or not if you refuse to have your precious child vaccinated by a group of weap Judah medical professionals? A weap Judah professional or a jury of your peers?


Who should decide if you should be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, a group of mental health worker clerks or a jury?


Might we note in American law the only party that can determine the legal condition of a person's mental state is a jury?


Have we noticed how Judah has put his purported do-gooder involuntary mental health commitment in some states and his medical, legal and political teams often wind up with the person's property who was involuntarily committed?


Might Labor try to ponder just how important that jury of your peers may be to you some day? Might the jury prove useful to save you or yours loss of life, liberty or property?


Will Labor not think deeply what might be the dreadful consequences of living without our guaranteed American human and civil rights?


Will we not pray to God for the inspiration of God to inspire Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?


And will we remember that God loves us and Judah will not right us?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, February 24 — Psalm 30:1–5

2 Chronicles 32; Acts 25:16–26:1


In his love and mercy the Lord redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old. Isaiah 63:9 (NIV)

You were going astray like sheep, but now you have returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls. 1 Peter 2:25

Lord, your light we see through the stormy night, beckoning and giving us hope. You offer warmth and comfort greater than we now know, or can imagine. In hope, we move towards you. In love, you offer peace. Amen.


2.22 PM


Here are some Tele receives that arrived over lunch time:


"We failed honesty, truth has failed. 8.49 AM


They mortgaged us deceased. 9.07 AM


They'll have us all out in 6 months. 10.20 AM


Screw them off for fierce. 10.33 AM


Idiot contastee. 10.38 AM


Sold! 10.42 AM


It's the end of full employment. 10.53 AM


They're poisoning us out. 11.06 AM


Centralizing the wolf store.


They're falsed correct. 11.52 AM


Sheeny's total off. 12.08 PM


He's a former. 12.20 PM


Rumors soft caged us. 12.27 PM


I think the victor won with their grand strategy. 1.03 PM


They died you martial and you let them take the bridge. 1.05 PM


Human permits died. 1.08 PM


Judas merch sale will finish you unmercifully. 1.10 PM


Skunk lobby failed. 1.18 PM


Court system died, it's mostly cell.


You're all confused, the military shot you's. 1.25 PM


Colossal loss of wood. 1.29 PM


They're budgeting gypsum. 1.30 PM


With childish stuff the destroyed us. 1.32 PM


They'll screw us gooseful. 1.35 PM


They falsed out abusive. 1.36 PM


The cow force is asleep, sheepish. 1.37 PM


ORGANIZE yourselves, your sight is real dead. 1.38 PM


Hosiery hostile is taking the bar. 1.39 PM


My encouraging is about failed. 1.40 PM


They'll merch you out chemicals. 1.41 PM


A STRIKE will involve us natious. 1.42 PM


ORGANIZE, your summer fields going to be quite fistic. 1.43 PM


The jokes on me. 2.09 PM


It's too delicious." 2.10 PM



America now wide open now for international sport. Hosiery occupying the bar to use Judah international rules of law instead of American civil rights process.


The childish stuff that Judah has used to die us. Will we not step around it and get hold of the concession to issue our money?


Do we see a STRIKE will involve us in our nation?


Might we try to think about the original state delegates that would go no further unless there was a Bill of Rights in?


All the assurances the original crafters of the Constitution gave to the state delegates. Might we not thank them for standing up for what was right?


Might we not want to thank them for showing us how to do government right?


Might some say "well if it was so good then why has it fell?"


Might it better be described as it was felled?


Did the supremes not take a hatchet to our Bill of Rights early on? Yes, they did and hacked at it for over 2 centuries until they finally could kill the good in it for you and me.


The one item in the Bill of Rights that let them pull us apart? Chapter 4.


The right to serve a search warrant based upon an affidavit of clerks.


Do we recall to prosecute a criminal offense the state corporation is lacking legal standing without a grand jury first giving the corporate state legal personality and with it legal standing to proceed?


Might the legal basis of Americans on our Bill of Rights be more wonderful than many Americans are aware of?


A right to confront one's accuser in an open grand jury setting. Have we not read enough of those who didn't have rights and were secretly accused and then burned at the stake?


The Jesuits that have used their mental force to keep contact out. Are those the people that should be deciding what type of legal process Americans will now be subjected to?


Would Labor not prefer a jury of peers to make the decision of life, liberty or property?


If Labor thinks yes will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


The golden age of Poland that is dated to its beginnings 20 years after Grand jury process was put in in 1430.


The freedom to do be useful and not to have to answer to masters cage unless a grand jury heard what it was all about first to make the call.


Might we identify freedom with the creation of value?


Do free workers not produce more than unfree workers? Yes, they do.


As we need so much for all of our Father's children on earth do we see in that great need we must have free Labor to produce the true abundance for all of God's kids on earth?


Our robots now setting a pace where there may be little more full-time work for ordinary Labor.


Will Labor not take over the financial reigns and put an existence stipend in as our good God wills with something in it for all of His kids?


"Consider it a God-given right," precious sweet Father said.


"My encouraging is about failed." 1.40 PM


God Almighty who gave us our lives when Judah attacked us with 3,200 nuclear warheads to wipe America and Americans off of the map in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


Will Labor not try to give us some encouragement that we will have a chance to STOP THE WAR and survive this nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is scoring us out in?


Thank you again.


Continues at:







"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." -- James A. Garfield, President of the United States


"We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it." -- Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1932 (Rep. Pa)


"The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers." -- Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa)


"The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependant on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from that class." -- Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863


"We are completely dependant on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system.... It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon." -- Robert H. Hamphill, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank



"Their Locks Failed Us. Their Scorch Is Going To Evict Us."

"Their Locks Failed Us. Their Scorch Is Going To Evict Us."


The most imprisoned people on planet earth. Americans on Jewish management. Now being poisoned out HUGE.


A third of the human race on planet earth set for dying off in their nuclear brimstone waste war.


Judah blocking free energy over a century ago and still blocking it today as American Labor money is used to wage multiple sports wars throughout our world.


Weather wars to destroy our crops and put a famine on us. The mischief that Judah does when he is able to get away with it.


Police use stun gun on man damaging Iowa gardens with hammer




Updated: 9:03 PM CST Feb 21, 2017



Are we not recognizing Judah opps when we see them now?


Might we only guess what sort of a mental effect it has on the viewer to watch a man who is obviously running in some outraged condition using a hammer to pound away at statues in a public garden?


And wasn't it a lucky break that there was someone there to video it while the fellow was pounding away at the statues in the garden?


Might we only wonder how much it cost to hire that staged opp?


No matter how much it cost, are we aware that it was paid for by American Labor?


It didn't cost Judah a penny. All he has to do is write a check against the working men and women of America to get his staged opps done.


What is it about the power of Judah videos that is holding American Labor to continue to let Judah issue our money?


He's coming to get our marrow to shorten our lives radically. Open air burning of his nuclear waste to rain down on us.


Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end financing his opps?


The authority to issue money. Is it not clear that a general STRIKE with the demand for Labor to issue our money will end weap Judah and his theory of sports war as the way to hold the human race on planet earth?


"I played with your minds," Judee say.


Might we only wonder in what way hiring a guy to hammer the tops off of concrete posts in the China gardens in Des Moines plays with our minds?


Though whatever way it plays with our minds, might we not have to give it to the Israeli psychologist that he has been able to hold Americans long past our die in a nuclear waste war?


Are we recognizing the day that American Labor takes the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah will be the last day that he will ever again play with any children of God's minds?


When Judah took over the authority to issue the money of America have we not seen how he has been able to wage permanent war for free that allowed him to install his Replicons taking over the entire planet earth?


And what did Judah do when he took over planet earth with his war machine?


Has Judah not mined our planet with nuclear missiles? Yes, he has.


And has he not mined our world with his dirty bomb shots? Yes, he has.


The historical museum in downtown Des Moines.


Bitch has gone their several times. It has some nice displays and it also is easy on the budget, FREE.


The last visit Bitch went in to see a display with a Conestoga wagon hanging from the ceiling.


As soon as Bitch walked into the display room the lights tripped off. Immediately he knew it was our kind elders that were alerting him that something was set to fall on his head in that display room.


Might we remember the tricks that Judah installed when he controlled the United States of America?


The architecture of Judah on his sport. Are we understanding that he builds traps in the buildings he puts up?


The many workers that have been killed on the job. Might we only wonder how many were accidents and how many were actually traps disguised to look like ordinary accidents?


Might we understand how Judah has set his government to die off Labor activists on the job?


Setting traps in a public building. From that understanding, might we understand how it was that they had Russia attack Des Moines with a nuclear missile?


Might it only be a matter of time before the people focus on what it is that Judah has done in the time that he had the government of the United States of America in his hands?


Are we understanding that in speaking in reference to weap Judah we say "when he 'had' the government of the United States in his hands?"


Are we noting it is "had," past tense that we are speaking of weap Judah now?


"When he 'had' the government of the United States of America in his hands."


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our glorious and magnificent precious sweet Father for sending His angels in that left weap Judah cast himself out of our land forever?


Maybe the company we're working for has had a slow year. Can we only wonder how many died a few workers off to use the insurance collections to pump up the bottom line for that year?


God's rules that He gave to Moses in 1500 BC, "Thou shalt not kill."


How do we begin to ponder the mechanism to follow those rules when we have been given free will by our good God?


The snook who decided to ignore the rules of God's village on earth.


Judah with his defiance, disrespect, and derision for simple basic rules to help all of us. Thumbing his nose at the heavenly powers above.


Will Labor not get them gone right?


"I prefer my racket to the quite usable. I generally use a whole shear theory. The snail of America we must chop. We just embezzle you. I molest Druid to frighten you so we can proceed," Judee say.


Might seeing a guy swinging a hammer and busting things up frighten the viewer? Might we consider that what Judah bills as news are in reality mental opps?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the Israeli psychologist off of us now?


"Our deed is booming you sport and leaving you torture. Nice to meet your senses, I accomplished your sign. America, we're wholesaling Germany's right fist.


We spite your knowledge harshly with abuse. It's my right boursing error. I'm scheduled to be put away from here for being corrupt. Our barbershop has clearly lost our day," Judee say.



There was a story yesterday out of Chicago about a woman bringing bugs in a blanket and leaving them on a CTA train.


Bugs on a train: Video shows bag of bugs on CTA’s Red Line


CHICAGO -- There’s something ‘bugging’ passengers after a woman brought a bag filled with bugs onto the CTA’s Red Line -- and it was all captured on camera.


A video taken on a Red Line rail car at the Garfield Stop shows an open bag with several bugs squirming around.


The railcar was immediately pulled out of service, and treated," said CTA spokeswoman Irene Ferradaz.


Michael Moore saw the bugs last Friday afternoon when he stepped into a train car at the Garfield stop headed north toward downtown. Inside a bag of clothes, a bunch of bugs were creeping and crawling. He recorded a video of the sight and posted it to YouTube, and also reported it to the CTA.




"This is ever to keep you minnow head and call in the police. We just give you a garbage problem with police and set you to fail. This stabilizes Federal voices and fortifies our rules. Image holds performance to wipe a right jerk. It's a nice breeze I'm sporting out."



"Harold let their whole rate go for scrimmaging. They're trying to make us wrench."



"I just think it's great the Bitch is shouting."



"Diesel rollin here."



Might we note in that last reverse speech, "Diesel rolling here?"


Might that indicate that Judah opps are becoming known?


"We just give you a garbage problem with police and set you to fail."


Can we only wonder did Judee do that opp to allow questioning homeless on CTA El trains?



"I just think it's great the Bitch is shouting."


Might we note that Judah opps in our society ever is for forcing a safeguard?


Michael Moore recorded a video of the sight and posted it to You Tube.


Any chance Michael Moore was boursed to capture that video to post to You Tube? Might it be used to hostile homeless people?


That the story made it to mainstream news. Might we not perceive the Israeli psychologist put that into our view?


"My conscience ever shot you suspect. I've used the white folks for my complete fail even though I'm completely dead. We're scheduled opposite so right you are dead," Judee say.



To try to bust us with nuclear blast war and now his last shot, nuclear waste war. And what are to we to think that Judah is telling us that as he is opposite to us right we are dead?


1500 BC, 3500 years ago. Given the Ten Rules of The Road by our good God above.


Made aware by Father Baldec then that we have been gifted with free will to do whatever it is that we want to with our lives. Gifted with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by precious sweet Father.


"Put an existence stipend in with something in it for every one. Consider it a God-given right," God Almighty of heaven and earth said to His children on planet earth.


Bitch, a deeply imperfect boy that wants to be a useful servant of Father's will. Unable to bring American Labor to end funding our die and it is so obvious to anyone that has spent 40 minutes thinking about how we are going out of life form now.


A general STRIKE that will end Judah controlling his planet tyranny. Will we not pray that American Labor will reach for it?


"Because of my tumor investment you fold," Judee say.


"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy." Dr. Mallove informed us in 2004 shortly before he was gone from our world.


Might we see in that how aggressively Judah protects his investment sin tumor force?


Dying off Americans in the hundreds of millions as Judah goes away from us for good.


Our great wealth being poisoned out. An out of control carefully designed to die America off nuclear dirty bomb poisoning us. And it is still going on.


Druid weapon still serving Judah sport fist even though Judah is dead and no more.


700 BC when Judah attacked the Galacticans and killed them all. The early times when our extraterrestrial creators lived right here among us.


And all these centuries Judah thought that he actually was able to surprise extraterrestrials and kill them all.


Only in more recent times has Judah figured out that it was "meat dolls" that he attacked long ago.


"Mission specific Beings" dressed in the robes of our Galactican elders letting Judah think that he died our family from outer space out. Chasing our kind elders that were helping us from the surface of planet earth.


King Henry V of England was pulled out in 1422 by our elders from outer space. "He was on a roll," elder said.


Henry V only 36 years old in 1422 when he was beamed up and gifted with a wonderful life by our extraterrestrial elders.


And what about the body that was buried as King Henry V of England? Might we not be aware now that was a meat doll substitute that was buried in 1422?


Would the royals not be aware that was a meat doll and not Henry V? Of course they would.


Have we noticed the royals have not revealed that secret since they knew about it in 1422?


Genocide Judah driving the cruelly manipulated boys from England to invade France to commit genocide against our family in France.


Joan of arc and her 1430 defeat of Judah on the battlefield only 8 years after Henry V was gone.


Judah wanted to carry on his genocide of our family in France in his hundred years war in the 14th and 15th centuries but was held by the love of God for His kids.


Now Judah working his last genocide carried on against the people of the United States of America and Europe. The major target of Judah genocide, the mild man of the north. Judah has now set 95% of us out to die from his nuclear waste war.


Might some be thinking, "if such a thing is true would we not know about it? Would our investigative news journalists not reveal such a dreadful fact to us"


Might we think for a moment that the same people who own investments in nuclear power plants and thermonuclear bombs are the same investors that own the broadcaster news stations?


From that might, we perceive that what we watch as news are perfectly crafted intelligence operations of weap Judah?


The fact of extraterrestrials being in our world and having been in our world throughout all of our time even before we were crafted with their high-level intelligence genetics 200,000 years ago.


Might we think of how Judah has been pulling his targets out over time fibering us in our food products?


That is he may be fiberin us for years in food products to give us internal cancers to get us into his medical procedures where he then can finish us off in ways that we don't identify that it is Judah that did it.


The long slow process of death that Judah puts onto so many people. Might we not perceive that is what he is doing with his nuclear waste weap?


A nuclear waste weap that is deadly and yet not perceived because it is invisible, tasteless and odorless.


How will the people be brought to act to prevent Judah from closing us out of life form?


The authority to issue our money. Are we seeing that is the tool that allowed Judah to assault our world with war as he did?


That it is still in his unholy hands. Are we perceiving why he is still assaulting our world with war?


"Super tossed him out!" Tele receive. 8.26 AM


What might it take for super to be able to convince Labor to step in and try to save yourselves?


"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


"They're completely thrown out for nuts." Tele receive. 8.33 AM


Our $100 trillion dollars clean energy velocity power supply sources economy only 4 years away. If only Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and let it come in.


Or will Labor stand aside and let our economy face a poisoned food supply?


War with Russia set to begin. Have we not seen much of Wall Street's basic sin in Judah's century of war?


Is it not clear that Labor can get them out and their war sin off of us when Labor STRIKES THEM OUT?


By our good God, Sovereign and Savior expressing His will to us that Labor from now on is to issue our money, is it not seen that Judah is now done?


Thousands of years of royals, lies, and fists. Will American Labor not step up and give us the real good stuff, the peace?


Might we consider that Judah thought he could hold his rule by killing as many of us as he needed to?


To put his first world war in. Did Judah not brutalize Americans with his prison camps for those that would not harm their fellow man?


The Hofer brothers tortured to death in Alcatraz during the First Judah sports World War because they listened to our good God and would not harm their fellow man in Judah sports war.


Is American Labor not yet ready to let Judah man go before we are died off in his multiple of sports war?


Bitch doesn't stick his nose into other people's business. Using Bitch's income tax to shoot his family is his business.


Might Labor not recognize that using our income tax to shoot our family, is all of our business?


Are we perceiving that our income tax is also being used to shoot us out with brimstone waste disease?


If so will Labor not do something about it?


Will Labor not get smart and end funding shooting our brothers and sisters in this world?


Continues at:



The rightless druids of America and Russia. Set now to shoot one another right. The best package of human and civil rights ever put in and made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791.


Will Americans not grasp the best deal ever made for any people anywhere and anytime in history, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights and put them in once again?


The atrocities Wall Street has set to put upon us now. Will Labor not choose another route for us?


Have we not been properly alerted by our home civilization, the Galactic Federation of Light, that weap Judah is wiping us out right?


Have any burning urine lately? Feel any fire in the chest yet?


Bitch had burning in his chest a few years ago when his two front teeth were redone. It was a local Des Moines weap Judah that put barium in the composites.


Had to get them pulled out because they were burning my lungs.


Have some readers remembered Bitch mentioning that over the years Bitch was and still is being attacked by killer satellites that weap Judah has been shooting Bitch and many others with?


Bitch was shot last night and then again this morning. It is a new group of satellites that just shot Bitch yesterday and today.


The switch turns on differently than the previous model of assault satellites that Judah has been shooting us with. This satellite flips on instantaneously rather than coming on gradual. Previous satellite models it might take a minute or two to detect the beam. This one it clicks right on.


The previous satellites seemed to be traveling south to north and seemed to be traveling from the east of Bitch's location.


These two satellites, yesterday afternoon and this morning, seemed to be traveling from northwest to southwest. Seemed to be running on an angular orbit around the earth.


Might these assault satellites be from the package that India just put into orbit the other day?


India Puts Record 104 Satellites in Space


This photograph released by Indian Space Research Organization shows its polar satellite launch vehicle lifting off from a launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India, Feb.15, 2017.



An Indian rocket blasted off Wednesday morning from Sriharikota in eastern India putting a record 104 satellites into space in a single launch, surpassing Russia’s previous feat of launching 37 satellites one year ago, according to India’s space agency.



If so, why would a group in India be involved in shooting a guy in Iowa?


Might it be because the guy in Iowa has revealed to our family in India that they are marked out by weap Judah to be died off in a nuclear blast war?


Are we understanding Labor that when Judah gets a hold of any people, even as pacifistic of a group as our family in India, Judah plans to die them off when he gets his best chance?


Might we even consider that years ago Judah split up India and created Pakistan so he could put his local Replicons in to keep Pakistan and India in a fight against each other?


Bitch has tried to get this assault beam off of me and tried several different metals and it penetrates all of them.


Might some be glad that Bitch is getting what he deserves for calling you's a name and insulting you's?


If so might you not think a little bit about how Judah is slyly dying you and your own kids off now?


Do we recall that Judah began shooting Bitch with his assault satellite beam over a decade ago because he would tell the truth about Judah's false wars that he wages on our income tax dollars?


Bitch just posted a story about a police chief in Punta Gorda Florida being charged along with his deputy for the manslaughter accidental death of a librarian.


She was purportedly shot accidentally when the officer didn't know he had real ammo in his gun?


Here's a link to read Bitch post about it:



Punta Gorda Officer and Chief Charged in Death of Librarian



For those who have familiarized themselves with American law, there's some aspects that if followed, will open up new vistas for us all.


Punta Gorda City Manager Howard Kunik said in November that a "fair" and "mutual" deal was reached between the family of the retired librarian and the city of Punta Gorda.


The Knowlton family was paid $2,060,234.23 from the city's insurance and damage recovery funds.


The story goes on to tell us the Punta Gorda City manager and local lawyers said it was a "good deal" because lawyers might have gotten them several more millions of dollars that would have been paid to the retired Librarian's family.


"Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents completed their criminal investigation into the Aug. 9 shooting and submitted their report to prosecutors in the 20th Judicial Circuit, who found probable cause to charge Coel and Lewis."


Do we recall that lawyers, judges, police and other employees of the state corporation can not determine if there is probable cause except in an emergency situation?


"Probable cause," do we recall in American law that is the domain of the Grand jury that hears the allegations?


And what are we to think about the fact there was no coroner's grand jury to hear just how the retired librarian died?


What if the grand jury determined that there were blanks in the gun and the retired librarian was so frightened by the sound that it gave her a scare that caused her to faint and fall down and bump her head?


Might we note how weap Judah has gotten rid of our coroner's grand juries throughout America?


Might we consider that if a Grand jury sat for a full month, with all the frills needed to do a proper investigation, it would likely be less than $250,000 dollars?


To hear a coroner's grand jury might it only be one or two days?


Might it only be a few thousand dollars to pay the grand jurors to hear what happened there at the Chamber police night when the accident was made to use real bullets, not blanks?


This story brings to mind Bitch's buddy that died out in September of 1995 after eating his usual restaurant meal when he would get his bi-weekly paycheck from the Chicago Police department.


He worked in the department for 28 years. He used to do computer searches when Bitch would give him some plate numbers.


Bitch found a plate number that Larry checked out. It turned to be from what was known as "Contract cars."


These were private corporation cars assigned to 150 employees of the City of Chicago working from the first ward in Chicago's downtown area. News reports said "their job descriptions were vague."


After Larry passed after eating his regular payday meal and was found in his car outside the restaurant, Bitch learned that the cook at that restaurant started earlier that day.


That also was his last day. He was a full-time City of Chicago Employee. He worked for the Chicago Public library.


Have we noticed how weap Judah has been shutting our libraries down during the middle of the week and on Sundays and even Saturdays?


Might it be that the weap Judah staff gets all their hours in on reduced library time and they don't want druids to get their hours pay for serving in our libraries?


Will Labor not come in here and take the power of the purse away from these vast sinners and close their crime departments out now?


To protect us in our fundamentals will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole?


While they've played with us and our mental, is it not clear that they have had to go now?


They've missed us with their blast due only to the love of God for us all. They're not missing us with their waste and we are now set to die out of life form in disgrace.




God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, February 23 — Psalm 29

2 Chronicles 31; Acts 25:1–15


Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

Jesus told the story, “The son said: I will get up and go to my father.” Luke 15:18

Loving God, we sin. We fear that our sins are too great for your love. Forgive us for not realizing how great your love and forgiveness are. You desire relationship with us, and welcome us with open arms. Thank you for this gift. Amen.


5.06 PM


Just read the international news and have some things to share here. Why can we wonder has Labor not done a thing even after knowing that Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles to exterminate us?


What could explain why human Beings that have the brains to travel into the universe continue to resist facing off and taking the concession to issue our money away from Judah for what he tried to do with his great balls of fire on the back of his continentals?


What about the genocide he is doing to us at this moment with his brimstone waste?


Here is a Tele receive that may have been from elder at 4.34 PM


"Your efforts here are coward, you force them out brutally."


Is that not precisely what American Labor is doing here? Have working people not funded brutally forcing our family out worldwide by allowing Judah to keep using our free money?


And here is a Tele receive that Bitch saw from a Druid when he went to the gas station earlier today:


"I'm scared." 12.52 PM


And here is weap Judah giving his opinion why Druid has not made a move to help himself yet:


"Jew scrimmage frightens the white man stewish."


Could it be the guy with the hammer breaking things at a public location frightens us when we see such irrational hostile behavior going on?


"The terror of my force holds you in," Judee say.


Might Labor not keep in mind that our good book tells us that the "meek" are to inherit the earth?


Will Labor not pray to our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you.



Continues at:










"Throw Them Out, Authorize Yourselves. Real States Not Dungeons."

"Throw Them Out, Authorize Yourselves. Real States Not Dungeons."


Those are a couple of Tele receives. "Throw them out, authorize yourselves. Real states, not dungeons."


Here's some more Tele receives:


"New investor makes war. 12.20 PM


You're safer to stay rich. 12.22 PM


Oh, they're closing down our world? 12.26 PM


They're closing us down mountain stuffed. 12.27 PM


Everyone's off by Judah pugious. 12.28 PM


They're boxing us. 12.30 PM


We've been hustled. 12.32 PM


Political boomin to crunch. 12.34 PM


Courage. 12.35 PM


Criminals threw you out even though their parasite has fallen. 12.42 PM


They're out to game us, impossible house. 12.45 PM


Quite sad. 12.50 PM


Fight waste you. 1.10 PM


I can't take any burden from the cow. 1.33 PM


They're burning DNA. 2.10 PM


Oh my god, they're awesive. 2.18 PM


He's thrown himself total. 2.32 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT to avoid this poisoning mess. 2.43 PM


They unloaded to extinct us. 2.46 PM


Mercy received revealed. 3.19 PM


Steer them away. 3.37 PM


Hey, sweetheart, life is goosed to fail. 3.48 PM


You've been reduced here permanent. 3.58 PM


Terrupt.4.24 PM


You failed to save your own life forces. 4.27 PM


Take over, close out the wolf gang. 4.51 PM


You failed to save your life force, Jew has screwed you out for free. 5.07 PM


The bureau's made us fail.


This is the end of your life.


They're completely out. 5.44 PM


The minnows are sight people, they're out.


They're canceled truly. 6.32 PM


We're fished. 6.43 PM


Get over Bitch, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Druids failed. 6.50 PM


They died us filthy. 7.03 PM


They're dying us all. 7.04 PM


The brutal ship is making you die. 7.10 PM


I love you, Pat. 7.17 PM


It's an addiction for real extinction. 7.18 PM


Pat, they tossed you out. 8.23 PM


Destiny was bored by the outfit. 8.24 PM


The mouse all error fail you. 8.26 PM


Get them out of doing false. 8.27 PM


We lost naked. 8.28 PM


Refused life forces function. 8.29 PM


Patrick save us! 8.30 PM


Most of the scrimmage they enjoy is basically thieves.


Ferret you out for a full die. 8.35 PM


They're scheduling out your domestic. 8.36 PM


Mercury refused when healthy. 8.36 PM


Being abducted fails you off. 8.37 PM


You died off Patrick, so much nicey wasted.


They just play you nice weapon. 8.43 PM


Eterno. 8.45 PM


They desiccate our fields. 8.47 PM


All my periods have failed. 8.48 PM


They simply pushed the button and the hostages were tossed. 8.50 PM


Your ship was running altruistic free.


They're useless energy. 1.52 AM


Oh my god, the air's shot mainly total death. 1.57 AM


Jew total set you for a kidney. 1.58 PM


How unwisely you roll. 1.59 AM


They fell us. 2.02 AM


Luxury finds you tyrannage. 2.03 PM


Once they pushed the button, your way fell.


Thieves are setting us out. 2.07 AM


It seems like a theft every day.


Punish you alternate way, goofage.


Cipher bared you. 2.12 AM


It's obvious rice, the dangers reduced when London's not here. 2.14 AM


Peonage we're faired now. 2.15 AM


They gave us virtually cycle off oppathy. 2.16 AM


Please help us.


You die procedure total. 2.17 AM


Dunger states here. 2.20 AM


The hostages lost their passages. 2.21 AM


A percentage of you lost your fair way. 2.22 AM


Oxygen disease will take this whole world out. 2.23 AM


They're tossing us with injuries.




The marriage died most crooked.


You're dying nice mental. 2.28 AM


For contact, they're out.


They disparage the white man and force in hell, torture right.


Set now for a total debasing. 2.30 AM


Set now for a London foul. 2.32 AM


They're bombing us out sale fight. 2.35 AM


You're holding your state police dies in.


Dungeons force is Jew assignment.


All over Europe, they've taken rights.


They're breezin mice racid. 2.37 AM


Can you do it with me, finish? 2.40 AM


Videous, you just cannot believe this force. 2.42 AM


Debts deal tumble forces. 2.43 AM


Your Soviets yield real corruptive forces. 2.43 AM


Real states, not dungeons.


Strategy you in to powerful ricin.


They false you on April lite. 2.48 AM


They're trying to foul you police berg.


Their pura-state closed you lethal. 2.26 AM




Great lash is coming in.


How are you?" 3.48 AM



"Can you do it with me, finish?" 2.40 AM


Might that have been Father asking us if we can do it with Him and finish weap Judah out?


Judah tells us that it is images as to how he has been able to hold the Druid people to die ourselves off so easily.


This next is a reverse speech of a young Druid and how he explained why the druid will not respond to Bitch plea to try and save your lives:


"The minnows are sight people, they're out."


That is coming from the subconscious level, might we note he is aware that the minnows are out?


The meta-gorical transfiguration of our species by the Galactic Federation of Light.


Might it be that the images Judah is using to hold us to not contest him about the key element of our society, the Organizing Principle of Society, is due to us being sight people?


To engage high-level life forms might we have to engage the true power of our 223 high-level psychiatric genetics rather than the simple animal sight to direct ourselves?


Is there any even slightly informed person in America that is not aware that we are being done in?


"You lost your lives falling out yourselves." Tele receive. 4.20 AM


Who would ever be so mean as to call in bomb threats when there are babies in cribs in the building?






If they hadn't sucker punched us with thousands of nuclear warheads might their hostile rhetoric have been endurable?


That they have attacked us with a long series of false images to hold us in place to smack the white man out of existence. Might we not now have to let them off right?


God Almighty in His mercy spared us from the deadliness of nuclear blast war that Judah trained his cult to put on the American race.


"It's a genital hit." Tele receive. 4.31 AM




Severely physically and mentally handicapped, 5-year-old Igor was given up by his parents and now lives at a children’s mental asylum, which cares for abandoned and orphaned children with disabilities.


It is one of several such facilities in rural southern Belarus receiving support from Chernobyl Children International, an aid organization established in 1991 in the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. [Vesnova, Belarus 2005]




Thousands of children born every year with genetic mutations from the nuclear fire at Chernobyl, and we are still being harmed genetically over 25 years after that 11-day nuclear burn.


The intentionally controlled burning of putting nuclear waste into our oceans, fields, and air. Now over 2,000 days from Hitachi-GE.


Might we perceive why some have described Hitachi-GE as potential extinction level event?


The nuclear war that we are funding Judah to wage against us now from Hitachi-GE is going on nearly 6 years.


The mild man of the north. Has Alexander Solzhenitsyn not informed us that mild man is the most slaughtered man in recorded history?


Does it not seem outrageous that now we are going out in total by a shot at the genetic level by Judah scientific degrees?


God Almighty in heaven who sent His angels in have not been able so far to convince the mild man that he should re-sight himself in peace before it's too late.



Judah, might that image of cribs be to show us how mean the white supremacists are to his separatist cult?


Separate themselves from us for thousands of years. Hold us in the greatest contempt. Cast the mild man of the north as the guy that is assaulting our family everywhere.


200,000 years with our high-level intelligence genetics and Judah does this to our life forms:




From that picture might we not inform ourselves of what Judah wants to do to all whites?


Judee shot Dr. Mallove down in 2004 because Eugene tried to bring safe clean free electricity in. Might we see from the picture above what Judah wants fathers children to be like when a father holds his baby in his arms?


All the while Judah is holding us into external war so that he can opp our useful to keep us bound to our simpler forms.


His childing the people so that we lack the mental to deal with such a corrupt terrorist as the Jew man.


Might Judah find enjoyment in paper training the cruelly manipulated poor to assault on command?


Will Labor not take the paper away from Judah and end his mocking the children of God that he does by harshing us?


"I cage you louse to prove I'm in charge. Your material is going to leave you in the crunch. I'm still placing my bets on a methyl death. Bitch's settlement ruin addle me. For my purposes, I'm now leaving all of the men.


I scored you right with the least rule of man. I had to get you out because I know a century of my waste would focus you in. Judah rice some nice Polish shots, they pulled me out so I'm just getting the air," Judee say.


Over a century of Judah waste and still going on as Americans fund and fight all of the war in our world. Will we not focus in and STOP THE WAR?


Given a second chance to live by our good God above. All Judah great balls of fire pulled off of our heads. Will we not take the steps to bring us to peace?


"I'm just a brassiere rusing time. I totally boursed out the weather. I just came to visit you first because I'm jealous. Morton now has enabled me to schedule another attack.


My weap has failed your portion quite beautifully. I've fallen because Bitch has arriven. Contact, we always die them off," Judee say.


"They're scoring our air out great without Truman. 4.55 AM


Pat, you're well received; Martian voids Jew. 4.57 AM


Thank you, Patrick, for disgracing them.


Whiskey confounds you all.5.12 AM


If the white man cannot help himself he will cease to breed; history. 5.17 AM


Torpedoes psych you out fearsome. 5.19 AM


Good luck. 5.23 AM.


They toss you out, we steam ourselves. 5.25 AM


Our error breed hounds us. 6.35 AM


Pat, showing us a brassiere has taken our competition out." 7.01 AM


Will we not try to overcome the deathly effects of Judee showing us a brassiere and compete with him to keep our life forms in?


"Thank you, Patrick for disgracing them."


Might that not more correctly read, "Thank you, Patrick, for reporting how they have disgraced themselves?"


Judah taking over management of the lands of the mild man of the north in 700 AD. 1300 years now holding management using his Replicon transplant shells to disguise who he really is.


By letting himself get caught attacking us all out with nuclear missiles to destroy America and exterminate us, might we not be seeing the end of Judah's 1300 years of managing the mild man? Certainly.


Will we not pray that mild man will leave them off in time so that there is something left here for us to carry on with?


"Witless us." Tele receive. 7.21 AM


Might we recall that Judee informs us from reverse speech that it was, "whiskey, jails and war" as to how he won?


President Kennedy took the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and a few months later he was assassinated.


President Johnson came into office and immediately gave the concession to issue our money back to weap Judah.


The great success of President Lincoln's 1861 issue of the American sovereign greenback dollar.


Will Labor not give us a great success with the Sovereign American Labor greenback dollar?


The weather wars that Judah is waging against us. The environmental war with brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE. The environmental war that might stop us from continuing on in life.


Judah's many ground wars using boots. Will Labor not help to get vicious out?


"The doorbell won't ring." Tele receive. 7.39 AM


Thank you, Iowa.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." Precious sweet Father said.


God our Father that prepared our bibles for us when Father was 200 years of age at the time of Jesus.


Father Christoper was our God that sent Jesus to die on the cross to free us from our sins.


Our precious Father is 2200 years of beautiful life. Now in the last years of life with us.


That Father has cared for us for such a long time. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for giving us a second chance to live our lives right?


The deuce, the 2% that proclaim their human rights include slaying us. Will Labor not let them off right?


"Ethically they're criminals. They have NO defensible rights. I died them truthful. They're NO friends of mine." Father said.


Might we not focus in and try to see what Judah is doing to our material world?


The poisoning of our fields. Do we recall the congress person several years ago that informed us that "roast kidney disease" will be coming soon?


The technology of genocide that Judah brought into our world. Must we the victims not focus, identify what Judah is doing to us here and end funding it?


Will we not inform ourselves that we are on the receiving end of a nuclear war?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said of the ultimate fate of weap Judah.


The biggest genocide in history, Judah wiping out the mild man of the north. Will we not try to see his last genocide is against us all?


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father said.


While Father loves us all, if we remain involved in sin are we understanding that Father will not save our lives?


The Jew has already finished himself out of here. Is there any disagreement with that?


Once Judah loses the private authority to issue our money might their behavior not follow along with those of the rest of us?


Once they lose their ability to hire fist for free might they not behave properly?


"Pitch you battery," Judee say.


From that might, we understand why Judah is not leaving planet earth to go into the universe?


"Pure defeat." Tele receive. 9.03 AM


Kind elders from the universe do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. Will Labor not let the Judah dinosaur off right?


A throwback to a time long since past. Animal primitivism to dominate others. False and fraud to get it all done.


Will Labor not recognize that Judah hubris, arrogance in the face of our good God has let him throw himself out of the garden of Eden in God's village on earth?


Millions of years our extraterrestrial gifters have lived in peace. Full of love for us, they wish for us to share in it.


Since 1947 Judah has tried to assault members of our extraterrestrial family over 4,000 times. Will Labor not take our cash away from Judah and his fists?


Might ordinary people not try to realize that we have been gifted by our good God above to venture afar and fly in to space ourselves?


"It's fell and ready to crash." Tele receive. 9.33 AM


Judee and his four eyes. Got the boys looking at pictures while he crashes our world. Showing the boys a brassiere. Is that how Judah was able to take the competition out?


"Organize yourselves, you're potentially all lost and being pushed out great. " Tele receive. 9.31 AM


If we take a long-term look at things might we not consider that Hiroshima-Nagasaki was the test that Judah needed to confirm his theory for using blast force for getting the mild man out of life?


Continues at:


If so might we consider that Chernobyl was a test to see if he could get the mild man all out with his dirty breeze?


The answer to Judah's theory. Was it blowin' in the wind?


His racket is faded, a stolen arrow let him off real nice. If understood will Labor not act and let them off right?


"They split us, that's for sure." Tele receive. 10.22 AM


The invaded America with a preformed plan to set us back. Technology arrived that enabled Judah to potentially set us back to the stone age. And he went for it.


Will we not recognize the kind precious love of sweet Father and begin the restoration of the children of God on earth and compass ourselves into the direction of a world that we were made to live, a world at peace?


We didn't have Buddha or Quetzalcoatl. Didn't have abundance either. So our good God sent Jesus to us and spoke to us Himself 3,500 years ago to give us the right way to go.


Will Labor not identify the error here? Have we not seen the hand of the guy that introduced sin with his assault and battery act on the rest of God's kids on earth?


While our good God above is all merciful and full of forgiveness, is it not perceived that if we do not act to end our sin of funding and fighting the war then we will go out with Judah to?


It's really the end now Labor. Can we only wonder why you have not even tried to help yourselves yet?


They have got underground shelters to hide in. Where are we to go when our environment is too sick to let us live right?


Bitch sorry to ever irritate anyone. Might you yourself not get irritated when it is understood that the Jewish angel of death is upon us now?


Judah ready to start a major life ending war for tens of millions of people living in America.


God has had mercy on such a war failed society as this. Wealthy as has ever been. But never stopped committing the sin of war.


Was 2,000 years warning just not enough time for our bibles to clue us into just how we would get socked in the end times?


Those who survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging on us will go into the universe at peace. Those that continue to fund and fight sports war for weap Judah will pass now out of life form over the next few years. Sickened to death by Judah brimstone sport.


For those that want to survive this state of permanent Jewish sports war will we not pray to our good Lord to save us now?


To have any chance to survive their perfected genocide on mild man will you not STRIKE THEM OUT!


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, February 22 — Psalm 28

2 Chronicles 29:20–30:27; Acts 24:17–27


Once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish. Isaiah 29:14 (NIV)

The angel spoke of John: He will turn many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. With the spirit and power of Elijah he will go before him, to turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Luke 1:16–17

Almighty God, all power and wonder are yours. Only on our knees, in full humility, are our eyes opened to your ways, and do we gain true wisdom. Our humble, thankful hearts we offer. Amen.


3.40 PM


Here's some Tele receives since posting earluer today:


"It's mistake. 1.06 PM


Juicy they're corrupt. 1.12 PM


Error fish. 1.15 PM


It's offend, they're taking us out disgracefully. 1.29 PM


They psyched us dead. 1.29 PM


You've been washed out. 1.35 PM


They've thrown your life for excessive force. 1.36 AM


Children have failed us. 1.43 PM


We're seeing Moscow here. 1.44 PM


His theory he sold to cuff you. 1.59 PM


You're past the forestall. 2.53 PM


They're mustering you out deficis. 2.54 PM


Puberty dies them awfully tough. 2.55 PM


Take them out or the whole economy is going to crash. 2.57 PM


You're authorizing wholesale opps. 3.00 PM


Without freedom their under-gracing fouls you. 3.08 PM


Their rape is established to die. 3.12 PM


Dangerous clause to rape you. 3.14 PM


Floored you racial. 3.33 PM


You are a peaceful proceed. 3.34 PM


You'll get their brutal out by getting the cash." 3.35 PM



Thank you all for the Tele sends. Thank you. God bless you all.


Continues at:





This article was printed in The Open Line Newspaper (Environmental

Stewards) August, 1992 in Spokane, WA 99223.






"I'm Mostly Done Because Of You," Judee say.

"I'm Mostly Done Because Of You," Judee say.


Bitch heard that at about 2.30 AM this day. And what is Bitch's response to that?


To say, "Thank you God for having your angels from Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars keep us in. Thank you, Father, for having Mercury send Bitch the report of what Judah attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and again on June 11, 2014.


Thank you, Father, for your loving kindness to us. Thank you for the sweetness you have for your children here in this war troubled village on earth.


Thank you, Father, for having given Bitch the courage, persistence and the mental force that has assisted in affording Judah the opportunity to die himself off.


Thank you, Father, for being so good to us. We love you with all of our hearts and minds. You are all good and deserving of all our love.


I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance and to sin no more, Amen.


Must American Labor not immediately end committing the mortal sin of funding Judah sports war?


"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR!"


Our glorious and magnificent good God above said to us for over 5 years now.


Update: 11 more bomb threats target Jewish Community Centers. Ivanka Trump responds.



By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor

Updated 9:42 PM ET, Mon February 20, 2017


In all, 48 Jewish Community Centers in 26 states and one Canadian province received nearly 60 bomb threats during January, according to the JCCA, an association of JCCs.


Most were made in rapid succession on three days: January 9, 18 and 31. A number of JCCs, including Orlando's, received multiple threats.


On Monday, another wave of bomb threats hit 11 JCCs across the country, bringing the total to 69 incidents targeting 54 JCCs in 27 states, according to the JCCA.


Meanwhile, JCC members are commiserating on social media, sharing poignant pictures of evacuation cribs left in frozen parking lots and teachers herding children to safety.



You see a lot of pictures in the news from incidents of bomb threats and other horrible events, but I feel this picture says so much.


These 4 cribs held 18 babies as we pushed them out of the building until we loaded them into our cars to take them to a safe location.


When the staff came back to the building after the all clear, it made my heart stop to see these cribs sitting in the empty parking lot.


How do people make threats like this on buildings full of innocent children?


I'm praying for our country tonight and our children.


*edited to add, since this post is being shared. This happened at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in Minneapolis, MN and was one of 18 Jewish buildings that had a bomb threat placed today.





"This is how we keep ricing you out. Big I'm set to ghost for doing small church opps. I will just prosecute war until angel fish folds away.



Bomb threats, this helps to reinforce our ID.


We're paper mizen to help our scratch. Our council just wants to mosh you. Our rights are out for our algebra sale.



On the same page at CNN as the bomb threat at the Jewish Community Centers was a story about a purported white supremacist speaking at Texas A&M university.


Our purpose it to always attach you to the bureau. I'm set to fist you for the rest of my life for my freedom.


"You do some beautiful horse trespass every day." The reporter said to Richard Spencer in reverse speech as she asked him a question.


Richard Spencer purported white supremacist


"I'm a Jew on a zoo pipe, it's part of my conspear. Our candidate white men have always falsed them out. I hold you mirrors all the time, I'm a boursed Judas thief. I'm bringing in whites to bury you off.


I'm Jew MOX on false. This race force I hit you with takes you out. Your scientist, I pulled him off. I'm a white person roll. I just porpoise hay. I minnow casualty with a dog, that's what shells do well. I've got to sell you my opps, it's part of my hydrous sport. I'm just about passing your age out. I weaped out contact. I scan you, white boys, to die you for vulture sin. As an organizer, I'm a true joke."


So the purported white supremacist. Does it surprise us that he is, in reality, a Judah shell hybrid transplant?


The highly organized bomb threats made to JCCs throughout America and into Canada. Using voice masking technology. Who would be able to finance such an elaborate terrorist operation?


Have we not seen numerous Jews that have been caught spray-painting swastikas on synagogues to spot Judee opps when we see them now?


The baby cribs in the parking lot. Might we not merely be seeing more Judee baby opps right?


The white guy that is purportedly a white supremacist. Might the university president and faculty not know that he is a Judee opper? As the professor at the schools are mostly Judee guys and gals might they not know a Judee opp when they see one?




"We wanted Germany to possess you.


False lawsuits helped our hold. You see my management here tyranny, we use war to make you a drip."



We had the cribs out in the parking lot. And the white supremacist all on one page. Judee reporter asking questions of a Judee shell kid. But where was the dog? Here he is:



And once again a reverse speech of a synagogue inhabitant:


"I'm just a satellite for margarine. We're sick."



Bitch is looking at the 6 AM news from Asia and the story of Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of the premier of North Korea, was reported to have been murdered in a Malaysian airport. Here's some reverse speech from the story:


"I use intelligent politics to throw you out minnow, it lets us do great theft. We report an image to port you. This is an obvious reporting a fake. Jew has arrangements to stop you good. Our struggle failed, I just put you in with bourse."


"This is an obvious reporting a fake."


That was a reverse speech from the medical examiner that purportedly is investigating the cause of death of Kim Jong Nam.


Might we understand why Judah went to such great trouble in America to get rid of the elected coroner and with it the grand jury?


Might 23 grand jurors not find out quickly when it is a ghost operation rather than a real death? Certainly.


"We report an image to port you."


Do we recall that Disney studios along with making wax models to put in carriages for ghosting opps, Disney also has their video technology installed in shopping store monitors that allow Judee to create false images of shoplifting events to report to police authorities?


Elders have been playing Bitch recordings of how many ways that Judee has set Bitch up. The false video from Disney studios has put a false brand of a shoplifter on Bitch in the local area now.


Might ordinary workers not have some idea of just how important are rights to help a person out of such a potentially deadly situation as Judah has set up here?


Will Labor not get the unlimited issue of free money that Judah uses to sport us away from him?


Judee's bomb threats with voice masking technology. Might that be an indication that it was Disney studios again that did the technical to make Judee's voice unrecognizable when he called his bomb threats in?


This reverse speech came from a high-level South Korean political official that was speaking about the purported death of Kim Jong Nam:


"Jew has arrangements to stop you good."


Have we not noticed that Judah way to stop us good has historically been with the overwhelming violence of war?


The childish opps that Judah has carried on for thousands of years. Yet, that he now has his hybrid, transplant Replicons sitting in every significant office of state in America and around our world, might we see the success that he has had by using his simple but proven strategy of false and force?


Quetzalcoatl, Buddha and abundance, South America, Asia, and Africa have not failed to Judah force.


If that is so, then why are most all the offices of those regions occupied by Judah or his Replicons in all of those states?


Might we consider that it was the fist of Europe that put them in over the last couple of centuries?


So even though Judah Replicons occupy offices in those regions, have we noticed that it is difficult for him to get the people there into any fights?


The last Judah fist. Are we seeing that it is the white fist that was brutalized into action after centuries of brutality to mild man in his terrain?


Must the mild man of the north not let Judah fist go?


So while these violent, false errant guys have got one on us all the time, are we not seeing that they are now out of time?


Their false courts with benches that shoot. Will Labor not put our rights in and protect us here?


The most basic root elements of civilization, might we not consider it is that we be able to talk to one another without the threat of being assaulted out of life?


"Ethically they're criminals," our good God Almighty said of weap Judah.


"They pushed the button to make us die." Tele receive. 6.43 AM


"I fist you stupid and now you see. I set you out and now we're leaving. My previous arrangement with bourse will still let me put you away. With my visual I have already held you through half of February," Judee say.


The many of us that left the old country because of the political violence and turmoil that Judah had put into the terrain over there. And what did Judah wish for us Americans now living in the land of the free?


"We wanted Germany to possess you."


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off of here right?


30 million Americans put out life before their time in the last century by the efforts of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse.


Might we recall what one of them said in reverse speech: "IT PAID BIG?"


We that lived in the terrain of the north for the last 30,000 years and have lived all that time in peace.


Might that have something to do with how we developed the "unique value of cooperation?"


One thing that makes Judah jealous. The weakness he has, his inability to accommodate others.


He thought he could get away with guffing man and he did. He tried it with God and did God not let Judah toss himself good?


The right to kill us with no redress or remedy at all. Judah claims it is his human right to kill us with no redress or remedy at all.


Might Labor in particular not want to ponder the significance of what has happened here concerning our health and welfare?


Judah has sealed us in to die out in the billions this time. Has he not cunningly caught us in the web he has spun of funding and fighting all of his sins of war?


Will Labor not let them off right?


It is 7.56 AM and just watched several videos of the death of the Russian ambassador to the United Nations.


Here's some reverse speech from them:


"I got to get out, I got too many warrants on me. Once I fatal you right it cores you fish. I fall, I won't defend pp rule. I fall you all without due respect."


Those were reverse speech from Vitaly Churkin himself.


"A new performance, that's why he had to go. British rolled him out of here for free. They washed him out conspear."


Those reverse speech came from 2 people that were interviewed about the death of Vitaly Churkin.


Does it appear that he did not ghost but instead was rolled and washed out for free?


"A new performance, that's why he had to go."


Could that indicate that his previous activities coming to light at this moment might interfere with the new performance that is planned?


Will Labor not come to life and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end all of his sport around here?


Tele receives:


"Sucker degrade apps. 4.56 PM


Attorney arrives. 7.12 PM


Scare philosophy. 7.14 PM


Don't worry baby everything will be all right. 7.23 PM


He's an incredible telepath. 7.24 PM


Patrick missed their score. 7.26 PM


Let's stay buddies Pat. 7.30 AM


Jew racials do spite. 7.31 PM


Lunch-meat fails, it died you. 7.32 PM


The dude failed. 8.24 PM


A vicious boy shot us gorgeous. 8.29 PM


The economy is falling, they're falsing you severely. 11.13 PM


The oxygen failed because the white man failed. 11.16 PM


Many were involved in shooting you right. 11.20 PM


They're completely faulty, STRIKE THEM OUT! 11.26 PM


Cannibal cap put you in jail. 11.27 PM


A shoot you roll vitamin of a STRIKE will end the vitamin of the jerk. 11.29 PM


Gadget rolled all our atmosphere. 11.30 PM


Saturation will make you dead. 11.32 PM


A bad seed died. 11.33 PM


He tossed out matrimony. 11.34 PM


Whiskey holds a person for a foul. 12.21 AM


Put them all out.


Your circuits have all failed.


Screw ya ladle.


Your scoot's arranged.


If you lose your nation your whole freedom dies.12.33 AM


Bubble gum chomps fear completely.


Your greatest miracle is about to die fistal. 12.35 AM


Great scoring stumbled you to fail.


You'll die jail death. 12.43 AM


Save your life from a joke. 12.49 AM


You're devolved famously wicked. 12.50 AM


They rolled us in mouscious. 12.51 AM


They scorched you here. 12.52 AM


They're falsing a bankroll until you're dead. 12.53 AM


Fraudulent dorsal holds you in. 12.59 AM


You failed their life forces disadvantageously.


An enemy hikes you. 1.01 AM


It's hosen. 1.03 AM


Die fissile. 1.04 AM


You'll be out of time Muslim. 1.05 AM


Boost, perjury boot you out of here. 1.06 AM


A hearing aid posted it. 1.07 AM


The economy is dying off for security. 1.08 AM


The white guy, they wipe us right.


They have established permanent source fail. 1.09 AM


The mice are hung even with contact. 1.11 AM


Lawless here.


Instead of contact, we're mousing ourselves. 1.15 AM


Trump inspires thieves. 1.17 AM


Gangster life failed us purposely. 1.18 AM


They funnel corrupt. 1.20 AM


Rubbishing you failed. 1.20 AM


The industrial course now is a prison, not Christian. 1.21 AM


Conspeared to death easily. 1.22 AM


We're dying councilish. 1.24 AM


An oversight will cow. 1.25 AM


They push wrench degree. 1.29 AM


Your life has disappeared testament, secret accusations. 1.30 AM


Jobs have failed scratched. 1.31 AM


It's war failed cage-ish. 1.32 AM


You've been fooged. 1.34 AM


They fooled us right. 1.35 AM


By the clock, we failed. 1.37 AM


They STRIKE us debts and give us deputy pies. 1.38 AM


This is a porpoise head here. 1.40 AM


They got a boot for a college roll. 1.41 AM


You Drew-un.


Their cop store you failed. 1.45 AM


They made us with a great guard. 1.48 AM


Acknowledge they're through.


They're thrown away great. 1.49 AM


They're taking you off exhaustive, abused HUGE. 1.51 AM


They false your sight for excitement; STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.53 AM


Patrick save us. 1.54 AM


The door on white is closing on white.


Frostive. 3.45 AM


You're in, you made it. 3.48 AM


You enable Judeous. 5.10 AM


You tossed his tossage. 5.12 AM


Fair me. 5.37 AM


Debts make a nice nest egg.


Great you were robbed. 5.56 AM


It's true fell. 5.57 AM


Helplessness cost you your life. 6.00 AM


They pushed the button to make us die. 6.43 AM


Take off their error force. 7.15 AM


Their force has failed us, they pushed us out complete.


Shot failed. 7.38 AM


Swat breeze is not fair. 8.18 AM


The cannibal is sick. 8.26 AM


The bull's eye's been canceled. 8.47 AM


Continues at:



The sheriff's completely failed. 9.09 AM


The son of a bitch's destroyed us. 9.14 AM


You evaded that hit. 9.45 "AM



The secret false accusations that Jewish are known for throughout their history. Might we understand the value of having our grand juries and regular juries to hear their stories before some one gets swept off of the floor?


Must Labor not end the helplessness that has cost us our lives?


"Because of Irish life my fritter ball ends. My parasite is out because I fumbled virtually. I just degrade. I fall you all without due respect.


I got to get you. Hush you. I'll casualty you right for four months free. I jail challenge. I set you with problems to sewer. Our margerous roll fell, I'm out for hell.


I shoot you wholesale for speed. It's our cutest fist state. My death heads refused. Our theory busts you out of here. We enjoyed suffering you delightful estimates.


Pyramids pushed you right but because of Mercury, I'm basically dead. A child house is what I inherited here. Our strategy is to keep you swat. I use fraud to spite you in.


I just made you much false with Federals. I wolf. I just bourse menageries, it's my true sport. I got to go now, I shot some great bubbles. Our sport got past, we put you in, we just fool the minnows.


I burned my soul out with electricity. I boursed you out of life so I'm dead completely. I have to push war for my involvements even though I'm done. The Jew economy is basically fight. I just want to get you with Germany.


40 ways I set you with a bar stool. Jew has to recede for sin. Our vagarious challenge was our ruse to fill our funnel. The fear of my front with paper has held here. For my rabbit bark, I think it's the end of my menacing.


We sport on paper bad and I'm quite out. I'm a bad out. Jew New Hampshire has caused our house to fall out. When Druid gets on to our lock tight with German we pass out.


Jew always breaks you off with a Samson force. We just keep you distraught to push your holes in. We lost our monumental hold. Within 4 months I'll have you all died off with my Germany force.


Trees-on, I boot you official to make you disappear with my monk. I wanted to shoot you right but Mercury showed you my hand. Mercury challenge has cost me my dearest life. We've just been virtualizing f---. I had some sports problems with my fiend, we're always crazy and Bitch mental mellowed us," Judee say.


Papa is with us Labor. Will we not have faith in the love of our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Ivy league charlatans that shot us right and fooled us with their true false law.


The attorney has arrived Labor. God's psychiatrist is on your side.


"Irish people got tired of being wasted by Jew." A nice man in Afghanistan said in reverse speech.


Harold Washington's first term as the chief executive officer of the City of Chicago. 1983 Harold the Good stepped in.


When Harold ran for mayor, Bitch had never even seen a picture of him. Though Bitch could tell you which way Harold voted on every single issue that came his way.


Money for battleships, new bomb arrays, improved death rays. NO, NO, NO, Harold would say with his congressional vote.


Money for transportation. New housing. Daycare, Senior housing, medical care. Education for displaced workers. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, Harold voted all the time for the people.


Over the years of Harold's first term Bitch spent many days in the library looking up things that may aid Harold as he brought his programs forward.


Bitch only saw Harold in person one time. He visited our neighborhood one night and talked with everyone.


After the meeting was over Harold was surrounded by a large number of well-wishers. The closest Bitch got was about 25 feet away in the auditorium and Harold was up on the stage.


By the accents, there were many languages from many countries that were thanking Harold for all the good that he had already done.


No more getting grabbed off of the street by the alphabet agencies from Washington D.C. Harold had gifted our community with a sanctuary for everyone living there.


The usual wilding from 12th and state was not in style so there were reduced chances of being harmed while Harold was the man on five.


When Harold looked from the stage and saw Bitch there, Bitch kissed the back of his hand and pressed it to his face, and then held his hands high and applauded to thank Harold for his kindness to all of us kids.


It was real love fest in Chicago when Harold was the man on 5.


Then Bitch went out into the hallway and found one of Harold's assistants and visited with him for a bit.


Asked him if he would share an idea for a new slogan for Chicago with Harold.


Chicago has been known as "The City that Works."


Bitch suggested that we add a line and put it all together so that it reads, "Chicago the City that Works and Works Together."


Others take credit for sharing that idea with Harold when he was in office. That's fine.


Bitch had a little lapel pin that is now gone. From memory, it had written on it in small letters around the circle "Chicago the City that Works, and across the face of the pin in big large red letters, "TOGETHER"


It was just a happy thought, wanted to share with yous.


Our family that comes from everywhere in our world to live and work in Chicago. To find our way in life. To earn our income. To live free without chains upon us.


Is that not what the dream of America is all about, to live in a land of the free where hope keeps shining on everyone?


How about a slogan, "America, the nation that works and works together?"


Or how about, "Planet earth, the planet that works and works together?"


Will American Labor not end funding the shooting and bombing of our family on this planet?


What might be more unjust than walking on one's own street and be hit by a bomb from a drone sent from thousands of miles away?


The legacy of Martin Luther King: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


"If I want to shot you I white page you out. I mosh you's because the Martians didn't shoot," Judee say.


The extreme levels of violence both inside and outside of America. Will American Labor not join together with all of the rest of God's kids and let them off right?


"Insanity fell." Tele receive. 10.07 AM


Must American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the 2%, the deuce, that only make war?


The Martians didn't shoot, they never do and so Judah thinks he can mosh us by making war. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and disavow weap Judah of any more of his errant thought forms?


Can't we all work together? Can't we all live together in peace? Certainly, we can.


Will we not keep praying to our good God above to end the helplessness so that we can get this war stopped?


Judee and his security breaches at airports. Are we not detecting these are staged Judah mental opps to hold us in fear?


Have we not had enough of the abuses of the synagogue of Satan crowd that we will not take the organizing Principle of Society out of their hands, the concession to issue our money, and put it into the safe hands of Labor?


"They're taking out your heritage, weap Druid is failed."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that telepathic message today.


Will Labor not put the stipend in and bring the weap Druid kids out of Judah created privation induced aggression?


"It's time you had a win in our field."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and gift us with our long overdue win in our field?


"This is fitness. 11.30 AM


This boy has saved us from war. 11.34 AM


Just lead it, Pat." 11.42 AM


To live in a city that works where we work together. Is that not a pleasant thought?


If so can we not extend to our entire world? Can we not work together with our family everywhere in God's village on planet earth?


The errant life form that is full of lies and abuse. Will Labor not let them loose from us now?


"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Precious sweet Father said.


Only one dirty bomb shot such as the one burning on us from Hitachi-GE, if not stopped, may take out the entire surface of planet earth given a couple of decades.


Over 400 Jewish nuclear cannons disguised as electricity plants in operation. Tried to get us first with his great balls of fire.


If this fail continues, is it not clear that freedom will be gone from these shores for many generations afterward?


Judah turning us backward to an earlier time. Just when we are ready to break the bonds of earth and soar into the universe above.


Will Labor let Judah steal our free energy? How about our good health? What about our lives that are now set to be died off in only a few more years?


Losing our fields, our health, and even our lives. Being turned backward with a dirty false fight.


Will the 98% not try to save yourselves?


Will Labor not try to keep in mind that once you fund this war with Russia to begin that all bets may be off for all times?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.


Proverbs 15:6 Great wealth is in the house of the righteous, But trouble is in the income of the wicked. 7 The lips of the wise spread knowledge, But the hearts of fools are not so. 8 The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD, But the prayer of the upright is His delight.…


Psalm 45:2 You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever.


Might Labor think about the fact that Father has blessed us all forever? Must Labor not demand the peace?


"Let's roll." Tele receive. 12.09 PM




Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, February 21 — Psalm 27:7–14

2 Chronicles 28:9–29:19; Acts 24:4–16


Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these? He who brings out their host and numbers them, calling them all by name. Isaiah 40:26

Paul wrote: In him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible. Colossians 1:16

God of mystery and beyond our understanding, continue to speak to us. Although we cannot fully know your ways, help us to see your presence and your desires for us. May we live our lives in grateful praise of your great love. Amen.


Continues at:














"They're Accomplishing Hit. You're Fighting For Their Lies"

"They're Accomplishing Hit. You're Fighting For Their Lies"


Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight. "They're accomplishing hit. You're fighting for their lies."


Americans funding and fighting all for the war sport of weap Judah.


The guy that rejected the love of God. Chose to not obey the rules in God's village. Now a dead fish for getting caught red-handed attacking us with nuclear blast weapons.


Backing up his blast weapons he lost to our elders from outer space Judah accomplishing hit with his brimstone nuclear waste.


"Creatures of habit."


Have we heard that as a description of ourselves, "creatures of habit? "I gave you orchids," Judee say.


Does Judee not tell us that we have habitually let him accomplish his hit on us? Yes, he does.


"Druid has ever failed to save himself, Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.


Judah informs us that he took over the management of the north-lands in 700 AD. Shortly thereafter began his wars in the north that are still going on even today.


Bitch, desiring to finish their sports war out, just not able to find the words to bring American Labor in to help us so far.


Bitch asked elders if they would do a spectacular post and drop it into Bitch's computer so that he could cut and paste it so that Labor would read it, be dazzled and immediately STRIKE THEM OUT.


Things don't work that way, though. Bitch appreciates the Tele receives. Clues him on what is missing or wrong in a post.


Overnight Tele receives tell him he still does not have the right words to get Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT.


Perishing ourselves and our families out, has Judah plex not shown some incredible holding power over American Labor?


Might we just need to say a prayer to boost our confidence that all Labor will go out on STRIKE and a Labor Committee of the Whole will take into its hands the concession to issue our money?


If only American workers will telecommunicate with the Galactic Federation of Light, say a prayer to our good God above, might Labor not have the confidence to go out on STRIKE until it has stopped the war?


Saudi uses Scottish smart bombs in Yemen by UK-trained air force: Report

Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:53PM

HomeMiddle EastYemen


The file photo shows a UK-made Paveway IV laser-guided smart bomb.

Evidence submitted during a legal case into the United Kingdom's arms sales to Saudi Arabia reveals that the Royal Air Force (RAF) trained the Saudi air force how to use Paveway IV bombs, the English-language Scottish Daily Record newspaper reported on Sunday.


The bomb, manufactured at a factory in Fife council area of Scotland that is owned by arms giant, Raytheon UK, is a guidance kit based on the existing Enhanced Paveway II Enhanced Computer Control Group (ECCG). It incorporates a modified Mk 82 general-purpose bomb with increased penetration performance.




"Mk 82 general-purpose bomb with increased penetration performance."


"Penetration performance?"


Who does that sound like? Does it not have the sound of a rapist?


"Paveway II Enhanced Computer Control Group"


Our modern high tech computers giving us the ability to feed, house and clothe all of God's kids on earth.


Will we not select a strategy of peace and use our computers to fulfill the dream of peace and take our purse away from the strangelove of Judah?


Will we not choose to give our efforts to life rather than death?


Judah, playing and toying around with us. Judah, violating the Federation's prime directive, thou shalt not kill and thumbing his nose at the universe of love.


Harsh us to mock man. Will we not say a prayer of thanks, this day and every day to God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity to throw himself right on out of our world and dash his errant cipher upon the rocks?


Will we not glorify our sweet Lord for letting Judah waste his own disgrace away?


The 'deuce' that is still calling the shots. The 2% of the human race that has shot us a lot. Will Druid survive him or not?


Might we say, "the jury is still out on that one?"


Are Judah's schools not out for summer? Is it not seen that Judah school is out forever? Has Judah by attacking us with thousands of nuclear blast weapons not thrown Judah school of wits right out?



Will we not pray that mild man will overcome the rare strength of Judah plex and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Must mild man not end funding Judah enhanced penetration?


America, England, Germany, and many more. Funding Judah sport war. Are we perceiving that once Judah loses his American Labor purse, all the others will rapidly go into peaceful mode too?


Will mild man not claim our God-given right to life before weap Judah steals it away totally?


Will mild man not claim his right to liberty before Belsen becomes a household word again?


"Your attitude is disappointing them," Father said to Bitch at 5.25 AM


Is that what is holding Labor back from conducting a proper STRIKE to save us? Is it Bitch attitude?


If so might Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bring the collective attitude of Labor in to manage our disintegrating, dissolving nation?


"Tele receives:


"I'm upset. 2.29 PM


Bad health. 3.05 PM


You're rused. 3.07 PM


Perish? Oh we're perished! 3.31 PM


Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster. 4.06 PM


The cruelties are unbelievable. 4.21 PM


The catch is HUGE. 4.26 PM


Failed. 4.28 PM


You lost your fields here.


Close their whole garage. 4.36 PM


They bourse monopoly to play with us. 4.39 PM


Father wants all His kids on the team. 4.39 PM


They're psyching off our free energy. 4.43 PM


STRIKE them for lying to us. 4.53 PM


They pulled the fairest state off. 4.57 PM


His mother would like us to take management. 7.04 PM


Score. 7.05 PM


It's error. 11.50 PM


Bank robbery Jewish halt the Bitch. 11.51 PM


All bourse going down here. 1.45 AM


Pat, you failed word. 1.46 AM


Good morning punished. 1.48 AM


Pat, the true sports finish, you failed me, nice guy canceled. 1.56 AM


Fielded. 1.56 AM


Pure waste. 1.57 AM


Patrick failed to save us. 2.02 AM


Deceitful, deceitfully. 2.05 AM


It's core abuse you failed. 2.14 AM


The merchants failed to release us, they finished us. 2.16 AM


Beautiful fetch.


Communists failed to save us. 2.17 AM


Nice slummin.


Pat, you failed to save us lonesome. 2.18 AM


It's all cleared. 2.20 AM


It's amazing comfort you boys. 2.22 AM


With a false they destate you. 2.23 AM


Fold fertile. 2.28 AM


Incredible orchestra fail. 2.32 AM


You glorify your rice man, you glorify your rice view. 2.35 AM


Smoke-land. 2.36 AM


It's much more powerful when subtly learned on its own. 2.37 AM


It's really raped full Belsen. 2.38 AM


The merchant locker makes jewels. 2.39 AM


Let's integrate. 2.43 AM


Their sin tossed them, they lost. 2.45 AM


They insure grown ups leave frostily. 2.50 AM


You're fighting for their lies. 2.53 AM


Just a gorgeous sin. 2.54 AM


They're accomplishing hit. 3.14 AM


Smart. 3.16 AM


Their biscuits failed. 5.04 AM


They're viewed, they're clearly off here tumbled. 5.07 AM


False-lee is jeering us. 5.11 AM


Diagnoso got them out. 5.12 AM


Just pitch them out. 5.14 AM


Their school vision can still cage you, you leave faulty undone. 5.17 AM


They imperil life. 5.22 AM


You're falling off yourself. 5.26 AM


Your attitude is disappointing them. 5.28 AM


It's foraged HUGE. 5.35 AM


Shame-us challenged, that's how they warred thee. 5.44 AM


They've freed us from weaper rolls. 6.13 AM


Error ever take Jew off. 6.20 AM


Publish stupid, you failed to right us. 6.37 AM


Sold!" 6.39 AM



It looks from reading the reverse speech of the Judee newscasters this morning that the error in yesterday's post was putting in the story of the woman that had three extraterrestrials help her start here car next to a Nike missile base.


Might that story be a false that Judah slipped Bitch?


The woman approached me at a Mufon meeting over a decade ago and told me that tale. Up until this moment, Bitch considered it was probably true.


Now thinking about it, Bitch thinks that it was a carefully spun tale with elements of how our elders from outer space choose to communicate, planted to give Bitch a false notion of elders path.


Might we have to give Judah a "score" on that one? Did Bitch not bite and put it into a post over a decade after Bitch heard of it?


"Our errors rolled your fortune," Judee say.


Might we consider that while Judah's thinking is rooted in error, the way he uses it reaches into some of the real powerful high potential aspects of our thinking ability?


The "score" that Bitch heard at 7.05 PM about an hour after he posted yesterday. Might that have been Judee identifying the error that Bitch put in with the story of, "There is nothing wrong with your car," extraterrestrial contact report?


Here is a reverse speech from a Judee just minutes ago at about 6.20 AM that answered it:


"You put my stupid wrench in so I fault you," Judee say.


And might that connect with what Father said:


"You glorify your rice man, you glorify your rice view?" 2.35 AM


So while Judah may have his thinking rooted in error, does he not use the power available to us from our 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric package to effectively fool some of us?


In the purported message from the extraterrestrials to the woman with the stalled car, "there is nothing wrong with your car," might we find in that statement an implied potential use of force?


If we do might we then perceive from our knowledge of our extraterrestrial family that they do not use force and arrive at a conclusion that it then must be a false presentation?


Might Judee be using his high intelligence 223 genetics to search out our animal primitivism to use against us?


"It's faulty." Tele receive. 7.11 AM


Might we see that readers of Bitch are spotting the faulty in yesterday's post?


When we have 160 people from Labor that are sitting on the Committee of the whole and deciding how to issue our money might those 160 working people be able to spot "faulty" when it is presented?


Will we try to keep in mind that Judah has held his dominant position with the other 98% of us for possibly as long as 5,000 years now?


And do we recall that in 5,000 years Judah only made one mistake and even that one mistake was not with humans, it was with the angels that God Himself sent in?


Bitchie, with all of his stupid mistakes, his faults and fails, and yet he is still alive. Is Labor feeling the love that our Father has for us that he had His angels keep Bitch alive so there would be someone here to inform everyone that Father loves us?


And Judee, with his precise ability, is still accomplishing us with his scores even though he is finished permanently. Could there be a message to us there? If so might it be to take the paper away from him to end him scoring us?


Here is a thought that just happened in this brain. While Bitch asked elder for a perfect write that he could cut and paste and post to bring Labor to act, and he learned they will not do that. Might it be that Bitch putting up so many stupid mistakes that the people themselves are being called upon to be figuring out the issues of peace and war for themselves?


Elders, who see Bitch's post before it goes up will not comment on it until it is posted.


Father said, "I died them truthful."


Might letting Bitch continue to make errors, faults and stupid mistakes with no comment until after he posts them be part of Father's truthful to us?


"I hit them rightful," Judee say.


We the working people of America that have quietly funded the vast worldwide wreckage that Judah has ordered. Might Judah feel that we have made ourselves rightful targets to be hit?


We have passed our die date Labor. Will you not help us here?


"You're just about busted." Tele receive. 7.50 AM


Are we understanding that we are almost finished out of life form massively here in America and Europe?


Will Labor not act up, RISE and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


"They got me out before I core failed your state. The white man has cored me. The white man true suffer Jews, it's an addiction, it's my love. I'm a veritable kike taking your range out. I just menace you rhino.


I just use the income tax to abuse you. I zoom my noodles right. Your right die I get through your nourishment dish. It's part of our Jewholic pushing them white boys.


We use brain gear to make brain dead. We toxi you. Our fibrogen has always been our stealth. We fiber you to ash you with our stealth. We moonlight you then cancel.


I'm just an animal fish that's come to throw you off right. I Judah shoot right and use the palace to take them out of here. Jew life neural women. I'm a yellow thief that skirts time.


I hold you in danger with a costume. I make you a virtual plot for excitement. Your rights I mineralize. We take all right and goodness off with a dungeon, our pura-cage.


I just come to shoot some nice rice through your bowels. I'll search you completely. I'm abusive. I'll attach you to a bed sore. My Alston fight always holds your face. I do defeat the people on my sin.


I'm in to suffer you and race you out. You suckle my palace aids head. My force on white people will breeze them out, my vitamin with a Judah bank never fails. With genocide I thump," Judee say.


Judah, might we understand that he has known for an extended period of time that genocide is illegal in the Federation?


While Judah claims to do genocide to whoever he captures as his human right, are we perceiving that he has been failed by his own actions here now?


"They have NO defensible rights." Our good God Almighty informed us.


"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you." The angels said.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty said to those that are funding the genocide on planet earth.


Are we understanding it is American Labor that is enabling our mass destruction at the hands of weap Judah by allowing him to continue issuing our money?


To be continued............



"Stupid fail rused you. 8.19 AM


Tomb us. 8.22 AM


Jellyfish false you in. 8.23 AM


Patrick, break off relation, huge fail.


Error rules, treason gnaws you. 8.42 AM


Stay. 8.43 AM


It's a grief." 8.45 AM



Might we read some of those Tele sends concerned the error in yesterday's post?


"Patrick, break off relation, huge fail."


Might that be from the Moravian Daily text?


Will we not pray that Labor will step in here and give us the people's thinking ability we need to survive what we are facing here?


The many ways that our extraterrestrial family has chosen to speak to us throughout our history. Have we not read numerous ghost stories?


Here's a story of a ghost that appeared where a murder had been committed:



An employee that was chased in the restaurant she worked in and was caught and killed and the man that killed her then committed suicide.


The ghost that was seen in the restaurant, might that have been sent from our extraterrestrial relatives so that they could MARK that restaurant killing for us to look at?


Might that slaying of the waitress have been a Judah opp? The guy that did the killing, hypnotized, drugged up and sent to do the killing and then commit suicide to leave little evidence of what Judah had done?



Might we see that as another instance of where our extraterrestrial elders help us to find out that an accidental drowning was in actuality a Judah murder opp? A young boy loses his big brother and an angel comes to comfort him a few days later:


Continues at:



Might we note the angel spoke into the 9-year-olds head somehow? Might we not recognize the telepathic abilities of the angels?


Might we surmise in that instance not only did the angel comfort the young boy, but the angel also left a "MARKING" of sorts that may lead to investigating how his 17-year-old brother actually died?


Are we reading ghosts as "MARKINGS" by our extraterrestrial family that is pointing out some of the many dies that Judah has done to us?


The Eastern Airlines crash of flight 401 in the Florida Everglades in 1972. The ghost of the flight engineer that was appearing on other Easter Airlines flights. Might we perceive that Judah wired that computer controlled plane to crash intentionally?


Have we not seen many more airplanes crash since then due to "Sky Brat" programs being inserted into their operating systems by weap Judah? Certainly.


Is Labor seeing the necessity to take the key ingredient of all of Judah sports opps, the concession to issue unlimited free money, away from Judah and put it into the hands of Labor?


"I want you to be comfortable. I would have given you anything. My kids, treat them super nice." Father said.


"For speaking of genocide you washed it clean. 9.01 AM


They pictured us. 9.04 AM


Super wrecked us by irritate." 9.06 AM



Might the disturbed and irrational appearing irritates come from as one Tele sender said, "He's been at the front too long?"


They told Dred Scott in 1858 he didn't have any standing to sue for his freedom because he did not have legal standing because he was not a citizen.


Bitchie paid his income tax all the time with no complaints at all except for when it was used to shoot his brothers and sisters anywhere.


A third of our income taxes go to pay Judah for his hatred and war. Will Labor not take that third and use it to pay for peace and love?


"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Our kind sweet precious Father said to us.


9 million years of living in peace. Flew to earth to gift us with their love. Gave us their advanced intelligence factors. Brought us up to live in peace with one another and to join in the universe above.


"Our breeders," Judee calls our kind elders. Will Labor not let the true embarrassment off?


"Be kind to the babies of the forest." The words of our sweet Lord, our kind Father, our good God above.


"Try to perceive me I love you. I want to save your lives." Precious sweet Father said to us.


The irritate of Bitchie. Might Labor not let it go? Forget about it? Don't be cruel to a heart so true?


Father has a deal for us that is almost out of here now. If it goes out, then are we aware that 95% of white will go out with our boots too?


The cruelly manipulated poor have little to no defense when Judah has our purse exclusively in his hands.


"Ours is not to reason why ours is but to do or die."


Will Labor not put the God-given right to a stipend in and allow reason to come in for all of God's kids?


Must we not reject Judah economics that says, "Build a bomb and shoot a kid or get under the bridge?"


The true laws of Judah that the universe has refused. Will Labor not end funding their sports feuds?


The economics of velocity power sources. Free energy for everyone on planet earth.


Every time we take a look at them the numbers only growing bigger. Abundance everywhere, bountiful lives for all of God's kids.


If a groundhog can give us our future weather can Labor not give us our future peace?


"I'm dying," Judee said as he drove past and saw Bitch.


Father is dying their war brand off Labor. "Tunnel death." Is what Father said.


The understanding is they may remain in their underground world for a thousand years and then their descendants will rise into the universe in peace. They will have transitioned out of their animal primitivism by then.


And what about the rest of us living on the surface of planet earth?


The survivors of this last nuclear war that Judah is effectively waging against us will be extraterrestrials already for nearly a thousand years.


Complete gravity control combined with velocity power sources will have jumbo planes flying into outer space possibly as soon as the next decade or two.


Might we understand that Judah is keeping America bound into sports war so that he can exhaust us morally, ethically, spiritually and economically?


Are we perceiving that even though Judah is a dead fish for all times now, he is doing all that he can to prevent America from joining the Galactic Federation of Light?


"We're not missionaries. " Kind elder said to Bitch. "We chose peace with no regrets."


"A cordial relationship." Is what we are invited to have with our big brothers and sisters from outer space.


"It's a pleasure, " they say when they are afforded an opportunity to help their little baby brothers and sisters on planet earth.


"It's basic." In regards to the issue of money, an elder said.


For the love of God and man, for yourself and your own little children will Labor not come alive and STRIKE THEM OUT?


They're going no farther with us. Are we understanding that the only question now is, will we be dying off with them or going into the universe of love?


Our destiny is now going solo into dust. They used 4 eyes to block our passage. The only ones shooting war, the cruelly manipulated poor that came from Europe where we have been held rightless by Judah since 700 AD.


Their fortune is in sin, so how did they work their pistol rule? Might it be that they got us to accept that if it was a uniform that shot us it was OK then?


Will Labor not put our grand juries in and return us to civilian rule? Their mortgage sport, will Labor not put our civil process in and close their wet opps out?


They just sport with Morgan and bribe so nobody tattles.


Jew fish is out for their war day Labor. Will you not close them out for their reign of terror here?


"I'm a communist soul on intelligence. I just pitch you with paper to false right. My full legion mouse got pulled out for coring you the right way. I just have a brief time to catch you that's why I needed cash to put you in.


Once Druid understands how I've sported you they'll pull the rest of my Jews out. I'm always a crisp war, that's Jew game. You're eventually going to understand we shot your true store.


This white guy has got Jew store gone by taking out our muscle force completely mental. I'm a Johnny sewer, that's part of my business ways. Druid I just have to ravage stewish so I cable to force him out. Your vision I hold to fall you true. I weapatize pork chops.


Super told them all Druid of my package right. My strength was taking juries out so I could pitch you. I forge you adverse. I going to get you in your milk.


My total package is ravage because I'm faulty, I give you a chill. If you're conscious of my thief punish I fold in. I sold you my cameras for my jewelry. I just stumble you with a vet for my right war.


My full Nelson takes your chops out. I proceed you with a weapon, that's part of my false. To do a sheeny press I must get your rights. To port you with my fist rules I must have my famous cage.


Judah uses a rubber check to false you right. We always penetrate you off sides and take out your future. I go," Judee say.



"If you're conscious of my thief punish I fold in."


Might we consider how gently our elders from the Federation have afforded us the opportunity to become conscious of Judah thief punish routine?


Will Labor not now help us to fold Judah thief punish in?


Our family from the land of good people now enduring over 300 years of Judah thief punish routine.


Mild man now enduring over 13 hundred years of Judah thief punish routine.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for affording us the opportunity to let Judah thief punish off of us now?


Might we not also say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in so that we can see that our true way is to let our conscious grow in the path of love?


"Madison Jew boy accomplish us hydrogen."


That is a reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the love and salvation of our good God come in?


Will Labor not give us peace in our time, take the paper away from Judah and STOP THE WAR?


"I just pitch you with paper to false right. I just have a brief time to catch you that's why I needed cash to put you in."


Might we see Labor that in the brief time they had to put us in they would have gotten us, if not for being saved by the love of Father for us?


Bitch apologize again for being so irritating. It is not on purpose, might it be due to just needing two new screws installed in this head?


Believe it Labor, they will be installed right after you STOP THE WAR!


The unceasing menace and threats from the errant life form. Will Labor not let us join with the love of our good God in heaven above and live in peace on earth with good will to all men?


38 light years in the direction of the North Star. The home of our precious sweet Father. Are we understanding that the only reason we are alive now is because Father loved us enough to send His angels in to spare us from Judah nuclear blast war?


Will Labor not say a prayer of thanks to Father for letting us live?


The tool that Judah used to get us right. Are we seeing it is paper and ink?


If we understand this must Labor not turn the paper and ink over to Labor to set us right?


The ancient cipher of Mr. and Mrs. assault and battery. Doing their last battery right. A heinous battery through our air. Invisible particles to void us out.


Will Labor not have mercy on us all and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"It's fell." Tele receive. 11.59 AM


Will Labor not step in and in the name of God pick us up right?




Thank you. God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Just finished the late afternoon international news and want to share some information with everyone.


Russia's combative ambassador to the United Nations, 64-year-old Vitaly Churkin, died suddenly in New York on Monday after being taken ill at work, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.


Bitch has not been able to determine yet whether he really passed away or if he is a ghost. In a day or two when the reporters know the truth, then Bitch will know the truth and share it with you.


Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of the premier of North Korea has been reported dead.


Bitch determined the other day from a reverse speech that he is a ghost due to a family of a deceased victim fingering him as the culprit.


Malaysia, where he traveled to ghost, is operated as are most countries in our world by weap Judah hybrid transplant Replicons.


Here is a few reverse speech from this afternoon's news that came out about the story of the murder of Kim Jong Nam:


"I dis-homis you. Jew be fooling Druid all days. I just say boo to your efforts."


Might we see by faking his murder and ghosting the investigation by the family that lost a member to Judee mouse sport may quietly end now?


While north Korea is a totalitarian despotism, the fact of a mouser in the family, might that simple thought not cause the ordinary Korean to consider what the game is all about?


Might his ballistic missile sport that he plays with his Judah partners around our globe be called to a halt?


The long-planned war with Russia looks to be set to begin any day now.


Top American brass shaking hands with an American, said this in reverse speech:


"Let's do it!"


To the top NATO administrator this was said by an American:


"Let's degrade her!"


Might those reverse speech statements indicate that NATO will now fully trigger the war with Russia as it has been steadily doing for an extended period already?


Here is one more thing that a weap Judah reporter said in reverse speech:


"Within four months I'll have you all died off with my German force, we'll soon have you in polio. I'm just going to roll you forty as part of my sport."


For those that have some years alive, do we recall the polio epidemic of the early 1950s?


Might we guess now, that polio epidemic actually was produced by radioactive fallout from open air atom bomb testing rather than by a virus?


With his wonderful Salk-sabine vaccines did Judah not fool us pretty well then?


And what about the 40 Judah is going to roll for sport? Might that be 40 million Americans are now set to be rolled off in their sports war with Russia?


And one last Tele receive for today:


"This guy is telling you the future, these Jews are all dead. 4.42 PM


If Labor sees that is the truth, must Labor not promptly act and STOP THE WAR with Russia before it begins?


Might we not appreciate that if we don't want to live in a nation at war then we are going to have to act to end their score?


This last reverse speech came from a man in Afghanistan that was seriously injured in an American drone bomb attack.


"The goose man foolish you and take you right."


Is goose man not indeed taking us right? Must we not end funding war sin for Judah sport?


Thank you.


Continues at:







Looking forward to my big day at the chapel praying to Father, thanking Him for preserving us. In God's name, Labor will you not help to preserve us before there are no further chances for us?


Will you not help us to the day that we can all pray to Father for sparing us from Judah big day?


Thank you again.




"A Peaceful Way You Folded Them. Shanty Won."

"A Peaceful Way You Folded Them. Shanty Won."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "A peaceful way you folded them. Shanty won."


After giving our world the Mercury report of weap Judah attacking us with a thousand missiles with 3,200 nuclear warheads and getting them pulled out of the sky by our Martian neighbor and friend Sir Casper, much doubt a peaceful way folded them?


Yet might we not ask, "did Shanty win?"


If he did would our world not be at peace instead of war? Would our Jewish gulag state not be closed down? Would the sniper teams not be off of our streets? Would the dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE not be in shutdown instead of poisoning out our environment complete?


By just reporting that Judah tried to get around the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from the nuclear holocaust that Judah planned to give us, did a peaceful way not truly fold weap Judah?


Would most people that have spent the forty minutes to think it through not consider that nuclear war fighting Judah on Fritz is peacefully folded?


Certainly. If they have attacked us with nuclear weapons, as they have, much chance Labor will be funding any more weapons of genocide that they will try to use on us the first chance they get?


And yet shanty has not been able to bring Labor into giving us a hand to close them outright.


Will Labor not give shanty a hand and STRIKE THEM OUT for goodness sakes?


"Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster." Tele receive. 4.06 PM


Bitch posted at the daily test page a couple of hours before hearing that Tele receive.


"Spiritually, your spirit's a cataster." Tele receive. 4.06 PM


So Bitch is taking everything out of the post that he prepared earlier if it appears to be any part of cataster.


Just counted the words and there were 6173 words in the original post and Bitch took out 2843 words leaving this post with 3330 words. Sure hope that got the spirit cataster out.


Bitch was a regular at Mufon meetings. Mutual UFO Network.


He met many real interesting people at these meetings. One fellow had been real close to a landed UFO right here in Iowa. Told Bitch of how the electricity from the landed craft made his hair stand on end like static electricity.


Another fellow that lived in the country outside of Des Moines told Bitch of how he had met extraterrestrials on his farm and spent time talking to them.


Another fellow lived near Burlington Iowa and told of meeting small extraterrestrials on his farm when they had a large craft landed there for an extended period of time.


When he first came upon the landed craft on his family's farm it was in a tent sort of structure that you could walk through the side walls without opening a door.


Once inside he saw a panel of extraterrestrials sitting in their chairs up high as if it was a council meeting.


He had a rifle with him and began to aim it at the small extraterrestrials when one of the extraterrestrials said to him: "Don't do that."


So he put his rifle down.


He met with them many times on his farm where they were landed for several months.


Bitch interviewed him and journaled what he said. He had strange occurrences on the farm since he was a teenager. He was over 80 years old when Bitch talked with him over a decade ago.


He came to the Des Moines area Mufon meetings all the way from near Burlington Iowa, about 170 miles away, because he wanted to tell us what he knew about extraterrestrials before he passed out of this life. He was a real nice friendly guy, and so was his wife.


He told Bitch about the night his mother died in their house on the farm.


When she had just passed, he took some time and went outside. There is the darkness of the night he saw a large herd of deer right up close in the front yard.


Never in all his years had he seen the deer come up so close to the house, and here they were a herd of them silently standing in the front yard as his mother passed from this life.


He told Bitch of how happy and joyful his mother was when she saw the deer prancing through their farm fields on their regular journeys.


Might they have somehow known that mother was leaving and came by to say goodbye that night?


Might that simple farm wife and mother have loved God and so Father had His angels tell the deer so that they could come by and pay their last respects to a mother that loved them and brought delight to her simple farm life?


So might we wonder, why did extraterrestrials land on an Iowa farm near Burlington and stay there for several months shortly after Judah's second world war?


Bitch looked at Burlington industries and found out that Burlington was involved in the building of atomic bombs for the Manhattan project.


After the second Judah world war, Burlington manufactured casings for the new and improved Jewish invention, thermonuclear bombs.


The elderly gentlemen that had met extraterrestrials on his farm as a young man did not make a connection between the atomic war fighting industries in the area and the landed UFO with the 4-foot tall extraterrestrials.


"We're not missionaries," our elder said to Bitch some years ago.


Might we perceive that elders let us figure it out on our own?


"We chose peace with no regrets," elder also said.


Bitch met a woman through Mufon that had met extraterrestrials who helped her get her car started when it stalled alongside the road where her husband worked at a Nike missile installation.


The car, a newer vehicle just turned its engine off and stopped running as she was driving outside of the Nike base where she had just left her husband off.


As she sat on the side of the road a car pulled up with three men in it that came up and talked to her.


After she told them about how her car just stopped running, they opened the hood and looked at the engine compartment.


They were humanoid beings that were not of our earth as she described them. They looked exactly alike.


After the three of them looked at the engine they walked to her and said, "There is nothing wrong with your car."


Then she queried them a little further and again the same refrain came from the three look alike extraterrestrials," There is nothing wrong with your car."


They then left and she got into her car which started right up and she drove away.




Might we see in that staged event by our elders from outer space a "MARKING?"


Might we guess it was the Nike missile installation that they wanted to put into the extraterrestrial literature? That is what Bitch surmises.


And what about the message the extraterrestrials repeated several times, "there is nothing wrong with your car?"


Can we only guess is the message is there?



Might Labor not try to convince yourselves that God's kids never ever fight with each other? Are we understanding that fighting as a way of life is something that tricky false Judah put in to fool us?


From our daily experience with each other have many of us not concluded that we are not violent people at all? Certainly, we're not violent.


Bitch determined from observation over a half century ago, just from meeting our family in 53 different countries, that we are absolutely not violent towards each other. Not only are we not harsh to one another, we naturally look to see if we can help someone while on our way.


So how then might we explain the violence that is out on our streets?


Might it be that we have not looked closely at those that occupy our suites?


With a burlesque and a simple farce, plus a free fist that is backed by the purse of American Labor. Might those few ingredients be what is behind all of the violence in our world?


Are we understanding that the deuce has a strategy to ever keep the children of God in war and not peace?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for letting Judah get rid of himself and his weap police states?


Will Labor not get smart and help us close Judah violent criminal forces out right? Will Labor not help us to end this financial crime wave that Judah is strangling us out of life with?


Will Labor not buy us some boron to inject into the feed water at Hitachi-GE so that we and our children can have a chance to live for more than just the next few years now?


Our top scientists who spent their time trying to find some good for you and me. Turned into life span impaired individuals at Judah touch.


Professor Henry Rowland who searched out the elements of free energy in his laboratory in the late 19th century. Left us in 1901 at the relatively young age of 51.


His student, Henry Bumstead, died in his sleep on a train in 1920 after attending a scientific conference in Chicago.


His last night in Chicago, Henry spent at the home of the founder of Cal Tech, Robert Millikan.


Cal tech is the home of the JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratories. If only we should think for a moment of the legacy Robert Robert Millikan left us, what might we think of Jet propelled long range cruise missiles tipped with thermonuclear bombs?


Another one of our top scientists, Salt Lake city's Dr. Henry Moray. In 1928 he actually had a 65-pound table top radiant energy device that could produce in today's electricity market, nearly $250 dollars of clean, free electricity each and every day.


Though was Dr. Moray not lucky that bulletproof glass had already been invented so that he could drive his car without getting shot?


"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity." Dr. Eugene Mallove said shortly before he was shot away.


Might we not want to think about the costs there are for those who have spent their time looking for some good things for you and me?


Our scientist of love, the good Dr. King. Did he not explain that we must love one another if want to survive?


Didn't he try to find some good for you and me?


Any body here seen my old friend Bobby. Can you tell me where he's gone?


I thought I saw him walking up over the hill with Abraham, Martin, and John.


Abraham gave Judah his American civil war. Then double crossed him and short changed him by bringing the highly successful sovereign greenback dollar in.


A night at the opera, Abraham's bodyguard took a break, and boom they shot president Lincoln away.


Have there not been many others that have tried to find some good for you and me?


What about Senator Frank Church and his Senate investigating Church committee that uncovered the "Family Jewels?"


Might we call those today, "domestic mouse operations?" Might we wonder may Frank have not left for a couple decades more if only he had not informed us of the "family Jewels?'


"We defeated you with duds," Judee say.


Will American Labor not end funding Judah dud ways?


Did any body here see my old friend Tesla? Can you tell where he's gone?


Didn't he try to find some good for you and me?


Didn't he demonstrate the cold electricity that is a sign of free energy in 1899? Yes, he did. He learned how to do it from Nathan Stubblefield who heated his home with free energy.


And Nathan's costs for trying to find some good for you and me? Nathan found starved to death in his little home.


Didn't Tesla give a proposal to JP Morgan in 1906 to power the lights for a sports stadium with cold electricity from free energy? Yes, he did.


And what did JP Morgan do then? Do we recall he cut the bourse off to Tesla and tore Tesla's laboratory down?


Now that JP Morgan has attacked us with nuclear missiles and bombs, might we not finally understand that there just is no love lost here at all between JP Morgan and the rest of God's kids?


"They're no friends of mine." God our Father said. "I died them truthful." Papa also said.


JP Morgan and his house of humongous mouse operations. Will Labor not help us to reveal to the world what they have done here in their time?


Will Labor not help us get the war out of here?


Might Labor not want to consider the words of our good God about some of these criminal burdens that Judah has put on Father's children on earth?


"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free." Precious sweet Father said.


Will Labor not free us from these dangerous vicious thieves that have taken over our beautiful nation and with it our world?


Will America Labor not put the rules of the road in once again?


Might we not want to start with our good God's rules that were given to Moses three thousand five hundred years ago, "Thou shalt not kill?"


"With our weap sport, we passed you by. My injustice here has been refused," Judee say.


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." Our good God said.


Will Labor not listen to our good God above and let the weak and now being died off life form Judah off of here right?


Is it not clear Judah strategy of injustice has been refused by our good God?


"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals!" God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


Must American Labor not help us here? Is it not best to live in a land where things are clear, open and above board?


Will Labor not get the corruption out so that we can hire the engineers to put the boron into the death trap at Hitachi-GE that Judah has sealed us and our children into to die us off right?


The multiples of menaces that Judah is sporting on us now. Will NATO get the war with Russia underway or will the Judah death bomb radioactive waste toast us first?


Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Labor purse away to end the many menaces they have put on us?


Tele receives.


"That will work. 3.22 PM


Thank you much for bearing us up. 3.24 PM


Their rape is over. 3.25 PM


A complete fail. 4.27 PM


A hunger STRIKE they're going to show you. 5.11 PM


The cash cow is related to me, get it? 8.20 PM


Forget it, it's HUGE! 8.25 PM


Oh my god, Jew genius is leaving us.


Oh, my god, they're closing us up. 9.35 PM


They've sold us abusive. 9.38 PM


Jew got by us with his fist and that was enough for him, he decided he was going to fantast us.


Jew done, you finished him off without a gun. 9.45 PM


A peaceful way you folded them up. 9.51 PM


Shanty won. 9.55 PM


Hey, Pat, I'm really toasting. 9.57 PM


They really expose life to a cobweb here. 11.03 PM


Perceive dogs fear us. 1.28 AM


Cancer. 1.29 AM


You eventually hopeless. 2.45 AM


A heroin mouse. 3.19 AM


Meth too. 8.50 AM


You're flirting with some gills that are famous. 8.53 AM


You're tightly rolled. 9.12 AM


Bore." 9.13 AM



Our only hope to survive right. Are we making the connection that it is to go with our good God now?


Is it not clear that Judah is out of here by being refused by the universe? If we understand this will we not close them out right?


Has Bitch not closed Judah peaceful? Yes, he has. Can Labor not try to prevent us from being died off now after Judah has already thrown himself out?


"We always helpless set you. He bounced me. They're gonna pitch my diapers. We just finish your day, shoot you," Judee say.


Will Labor not help us out of this helpless set that Judah has put into America? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


"Air is a void."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today. Will Labor not help us to prevent Judah from poisoning out all of our air and making it a void?


God may save those that want to be saved. Those that ignore God's warnings to STOP THE WAR and continue committing the sin of funding Judah sports war and genocide, while simultaneously failing to recognize that we are being destroyed in an all out brimstone waste nuclear war, might they not lose their life forms in only the next few years?


The burlesque Judah puts on that is still holding him in to control this world. Will Labor let Judah off great?


Continues at:



Our world will be free once Judah falls in America. Might we want to consider that the only thing we are really talking about now is will America have to fall first before our world is free from the weap Judah brand?


Will Judah succeed in taking 95% of the druid people out with him as he leaves our surface world?


Bitch has not given up, he has faith in our good God. Will we not pray that Labor will hear the call to help all of the children of God?


Our beautiful nation being pulled apart with war, our fields being put to radioactive decay.


Our air being poisoned out. Has Judah not always fought us by bringing disease, hunger, and famine in?


Sure like to end on an optimistic note, so might we not pray that Labor will come in and STRIKE THEM OUT before we are totally finished out?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany

Watchword for the Week — Paul wrote: For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11


Sunday, February 19 — Leviticus 19:1–2,9–18; Psalm 119:33–40

1 Corinthians 3:10–11,16–23; Matthew 5:38–48


The Lord will again rejoice over you for good as he rejoiced over your fathers. Deuteronomy 30:9 (NKJV)

Paul wrote to Timothy: I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, lives in you. 2 Timothy 1:5

Good Shepherd, you search for the one lost sheep, and rejoice when it is found. May our faith in you be as strong as your faith in us. You desire good for us. Let us believe and live with that promise. In your name, Amen.


Continues at:





Homeowners escape injury after mansion erupts in flames


The McLean, Virginia home caught fire just before 8:00 a.m. Saturday


Updated: 5:00 AM CST Feb 19, 2017

McLEAN, Va. —


Five people and two dogs safely escaped a devastating fire after flames broke out at a Virginia home Saturday morning.


WJLA reports it took firefighters over 12 hours to fully douse the blaze. Fire officials said no nearby fire hydrants hindered efforts and forced additional water and tankers to be brought in to help contain the fire.


Video from the scene shows the blaze nearly consumed the entire home.


At this point, officials have not said what could have caused the fire.




Reverse speech found in the video:


"I believe my bear office is coming out of here so we lit the place up. I believe we're completely out of here so it was a cinch fire."


"My spirit says they've been opping virtual. All inside they did much foul."


Those reverse speech, first from an occupant of the mansion and then from a firefighter on the scene.






"They Scare You To Make You Die. They Threw You Over Here Fierce."

"They Scare You To Make You Die. They Threw You Over Here Fierce."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They scare you to make you die. They threw you over here fierce."


Tele receives:


"Get them out of the use of force. 1.57 PM


I love you. 1.59 PM


Fort air. 2.08 PM


S*** on faces is now true. 2.23 PM


It's real good. 3.22 PM


They failed us. 4.32 PM


I urge you to roll the cannibal thief here. 7.10 PM


They're done here. 7.14 PM


Whiskey conquered me, it's fate. 8.08 PM


Jew are scoring awesome. 8.12 PM


Die dumped. 8.15 PM


We're in for a big die off. 8.16 PM


Patrick, you failed to keep us. 8.18 PM


A complete job. 8.20 PM


They're false ricing us. 8.21 PM


Your passage date fell. 8.25 PM


You die for inducted. 8.26 PM


They're still watching us. 8.28 PM


Criminals faded us. 8.27 PM


Help out yourself. 9.24 PM


He's fallen us feud. 9.30 PM


Jew failed peacefully.


Patrick here on his own. 10.45 PM


Patrick, help us out of destruction.


They're quite goofish.


Please pitch them off, come on, they're apes that are perishing-you.


They're showing you a rough day with their Paris friends.


Opp set to get you right now.


They mosh you out. 1.51 AM


The premium for the statement.


Municipals leave us full good. 2.40 AM




Sold! 2.50 AM


They score you to make you die.


They threw you over here fierce. 2.53 AM


Their geno-cipher does luxury rolls." 2.55 AM



"It's clearly hair-raising."


That is a reverse speech from a news reporter that presented a story about what the pentagon is planning. "It's clearly hair-raising."


Is there not some understanding that the deal for Russian, French and British troops to savage America is still in play?


"Eventually you'll realize we failed so that's why we want to get a Russian war on you first. I'm anxious for Morgan here, we did quite a bit of scrimmage with him," Judee say.


Might we imagine why the reporter said about what the Pentagon is planning to do to us in America, "It's clearly hair-raising?"


Are we understanding that the Pentagon served to attack us all out with nuclear missiles on the night of June 11, 2011?


Do we understand that they are now coordinating a big attack on us with Russian, French and British forces?


"Jew opps simplex to the grave. Our special is taking you out of life form good. We shot mutual to get our bastards in. I believe I'm leaving my passion.


The Irish throw me out because much possess. My room is dead. Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature. In my cage we insure.


I give you a soda pop. I want an Arab on my side to make you die so I can pass you. Usually, a dog will shoot. They don't find my missile here, the white guy did," Judee say.


Might we perceive why Judee wants our Arab family to see white faces assaulting them in their homes?


"I want an Arab on my side to make you die so I can pass you."


Do we understand that Judah will bourse angry people up to attack white faces? Are we getting an idea why Judah hires white faces to assault our family around the world?


Are we figuring it is to get the energy necessary to attack white guy right?


"Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature."


The many splendid peaceful societies that mild man of the north has created. Racked by war since 760 AD when Judah took over the municipal role in the north.


30,000 years of peace in the north until weap Judah showed us with his eternal war to get even with us.


The "Unique value of cooperation" that Judah observed in the north. Might we see that is one of the things that makes him most jealous about us?


"Our eyes we keep on Druid to memorize and keep miniature."


His continually stealing our brightest away from us.


Bitch looked at some news videos last night to read in reverse facial speech. Came upon a report of two young girls found dead. Read the reverse speech and determined they ghosted out.


It looks like it was a pp opp that got a guy died in a lock up.


Then saw a story of a guy standing on his porch that either a cop shot him or he shot himself.


It was a ghost. He had to get way because he had been found out and the legal process was on him.


Then Bitch watched a video of a 13-year-old girl that was killed in a high-speed police pursuit of a convenience store beer shoplifter.


When he read the reverse speech in the video, well here it is, read this for yourself:


"He was playing catch up on a resale. This was one of the brightest, the state says to mosh them and that's the way."



Must Labor not protect our brightest from being pulled away from us?


Do we understand that one way that Judah miniaturizes Druid is by dying our brightest away from us?


Not only Druid, any brightest kids he spots, he gets them out one way or the other.


The story of the man released from a jail that went home and killed his four-year-old son the same day. Might we see that Judah wired, chipped, hypnotized and drugged him before he left him out of his lock up?


Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can get our brightest out that he framed up and put into prison?


The two young girls stolen away by bullet in Chicago the other day. Might we surmise they were too bright for Judah to let live?


Is Labor not understanding that having rights or not having rights when the Jew is in our terrain can make the difference between life or death?


The foreign sniper teams that Judah has working our streets. Will Labor not get them out?


The local sniper teams. Will Labor not invite them in to the grand juries to inform us about what they have done while on the public payroll?


Can we only wonder does the ordinary working man and woman understand that all of the mayhem in our country and world is being funded on our Labor dollar bills?


The forced taking of Labor found in the income tax. Is Labor perceiving that is what is funding these deadly assaults upon you and me and our family in the world?


This next reverse speech came from a police officer that was at the scene of where the 64-year-old man supposedly shot himself or he may have been shot by police. He lived in a house that looked to cost about a half million dollars.


The officer said in reverse speech: "When this happened the department already had to leave you. This was all federal."


Might that reverse speech help us understand how Judah has built up such a deadly tyranny in America?


Do we see it is by way of the Federal government that he brings his foreign kidnapper and sniper teams in?


"The department already had to leave you."


And can we wonder why the department already had to leave us?


Are we understanding it has to do with who it is that is authorized to issue our paychecks?


The big bribes paid out. Are we understanding, no matter how much they cost, Judah gets all his money for free from Labor to hire the people that will do bad things to you and me?


With private control of our Labor dollar, to issue as many receipts of Labor to whomever he wants to, might we understand how Judah has been so successful in miniaturizing Druid?


Are we understanding that Judah has bored us racial to fight his wars to take us down in status with the rest of our family on this earth?


Will Labor not help us to re-sight ourselves in peace and let the errant life form off of here, please?


If so will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into the safe hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?


Might we not be at the level to understand that Judah made America corrupt not merely to enrich his cult, rather it was to get us set us up to be died off right?


Might we see the corruption was put in to silence any public service workers that might explain what is going on here?


The burn down of schools and hotels. The murdering out on the streets.


Are we understanding these are events that Judah schedules so that some of his municipals can get a free check?


Are we understanding that even though we are paying their paychecks, they do not work for us because we let Judah privately handle the till?


The perfectly corrupted and criminalized Jewish state that was created in America. Shooting us and our bright kids down while simultaneously setting us up to attack us with nuclear blast weapons from space.


Now Judah has been caught red handed in the act by Mercury. Will Labor not step in and help us now?


They've got a pollution die on us here. That they have kept stoking their nuclear bonfire on us going on 6 years now. Is it not clear what they are doing to us here? Are we not aware that our fields are contaminated with radioactive waste?


Are we not figuring out they have got a MEGADEATH die in on us now?


The Mormons they use to shoot us with. Is it not easy enough to talk to the rich men to get them to stop?


And how do you talk to them? Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and let us talk together to straighten it out?


Tyrants will truly die you right. Our minimum passions, would we not wish them to be to not let our money be used to harm our family?


If they foul legitimate is it not right to take them out by their roots with their cage? Their dungeon force, will Labor not toss it out?


Is the nuclear war fighting businessman corrupt for having tried to core us dead? Must Labor not stop funding his war machine?


They waste us right with the scrimmage of war. Once it is done must we not get them away?


If it is a bad purpose, once we get through it must we not end their time?


Have the Martians not let us see the ruse? Yes, they have.


Are there any of us that do not have some understanding of what we are facing here yet?


Must Labor not take away the purse from weap Judah so that he can no longer hire the cops to spite us?


Are we thinking of just how bad it could be for us and our families when we have no rights and a FSBO passes by our way?


If only our family in Russia had rights when the Bolsheviks came in. Might there have been court proceedings there rather than clerks ordering them to be shot that night?


Is Labor understanding that as it is now a corporate state clerk may take your life and your family may have no recourse at all?


If only grand juries had been active at the time of Pol Pot. Might that genocide not have happened?


Will Labor not try to perceive the profound significance of the rights that our good God gave us?


That the Jew took our God given rights away, should that not inform us he is now going to genocide us?


Have we not seen enough evidence to convince us that Judah has a multi-thousand-year plan to put us away?


"My sexual has failed through true war, it was a boursed sex day. Our impossible investment was unacceptable. I just manage your life with a torch force if possible," Judee say.


And what was Judah's impossible investment? Was it not our Labor money into the creation of the instruments to die the human race off in war?


Will American Labor not hear the love of our precious sweet Father and STOP THE WAR?


The sport of war that Judah enjoys. Will Labor not let him use his own dollar to pay for it all?


"He holds the whole world to fight you in."


A non-Judah speaker said.


Are we understanding Judah holds the whole world to fight us because the people remain out of control of the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money?


"I disestablished you with my freighty die. All over the United States, we hauled your visa out. Druid was failed he didn't retire us. If I wouldn't have had an engine problem you'd of lost your life. I counsel you dull. I just play you false until I can get a chance to fold you. My imbesight plays baby for my hatch here," Judee say.


"If I wouldn't have had an engine problem you'd of lost your life."


Might Labor keep in mind that it was God Almighty that sent His angels in that gave Judah his engine problems that spared us our lives?


"A nice STRIKE is how to end our spoofing. I just shack you, that's how I got rich," Judee say.


Nuclear waste still pouring in. Our disestablished rightless United States of America still funding and shooting war for weap Judah sport.


Warned thousands of times for over 5 years now by our good God in heaven above to STOP THE WAR. Will Labor not give us our STRIKE?


"My nuclear weaps were all fizzle here," Judee say.


The trillions of dollars of American Labor money used to buy Judah all the weaps that he wanted. After attacking us with them is there any good reason that we should keep funding him and his sports wars?


Due only to the love of God they failed to beast us with their nuclear blast weapons. Will labor not step in now and let them off right?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT RIGHT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, February 17 — Psalm 25:8–22

2 Chronicles 24:1–25:4; Acts 22:30–23:11


Why do you say, O Jacob, and speak, O Israel, “My way is hidden from the Lord, and my right is disregarded by my God”? Isaiah 40:27

Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. Hebrews 10:35 (NIV)

Lord, how can we see you in our lives if we rely only on ourselves? Help us to feel your embrace when we feel abandoned and need you the most. Your will be done, Amen.


12.45 PM


Here's some Tele receives since posting a few hours ago at the daily test page:


"Sir, we're closing them up for fashficial. 10.01 PM


How are ya? 10.17 AM


The mouse failed, we've been out away. 11.25 AM


They're clearly off. 11.20 AM


Fist fall for scoring you completely.


They've sealed in poisoning us. 11.38 AM


I love you, Patrick, you make me so scrutable. 11.44 AM


They're throwing us racial. 12.01 PM


They breeze still delightful. 12.18 PM


Delightful fails. 12.22 PM


Judee set you up fisty in structure. 12.23 PM


Super sex failed. 12.24 PM


Inexorable they're tossing us out. 12.27 PM


You sacrificed disease theft. 12.28 PM


They've trained you for a lethal phase. 12.29 PM


Bum is dying Reno. 12.30 PM


It's much their constant raging source. 12.31 PM


Their constant rage is off of us. 12.33 PM



And some more Judee speak:


"I just died you fantastic, all fraud. It's our boree way. We shoot your right wits to fall you, Pedro. Our attitude is to waste dead. My accuser, I eliminate you. Our boot camp is canceled dead.


They're through with me for my Germany shot here. Our military s smooth to aggress you in. We get core-a-checks to ravage you. From Hoboken, I had my best room fair.


I always make you with a brassiere. We always offend you medical. Because of my route, I have to disappear. Jew has to hide because you ever boo infidels.


I'm basing you to leave you with a capo. Take your lives constantly insured and screw you with a threat. Patrick, you fall our conscious on kill. Jew always made you hard tack.


We so fairly bourse favorites. Drumming we scrimmage you out. We shame your face and blew paradise away. Troops I fought you with.


We just want you to have foul ment, that's how we make our dough, we Judify your head, our animal close, with industry we degenerate. I'm going to put you into a Russian kingdom," Judee say.


Will Labor not act and return us our establishment, our United States of America on our fabulous, famous, first Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution, our sacred Bill of Rights?


Will American Labor not help us to be all that we can be, a land with Liberty and Justice for all? Thank you.



Continues at:



2.36 PM


Bitch has been reading more videos from the Chicago land area to get a feeling of what is the truth out here.


One video was a fellow that was released from prison after doing twenty years for a crime he did not commit.


There were a couple of speakers and here is a couple of reverse speech from that video:


"I just hope there is no problem here. Hollywood, they glorify their shot. They failed offering threat."


That last reverse speech, is that not about a perfect truth? "They failed offering threat."


The majority of Americans alive now having lived under the threat of being surprised and wiped out with Jewish nuclear blast weapons. With no warning of what was coming at us.


Might Labor not join with all of the rest of God's kids and help us to let them off right?


The next video Bitch watched was of insurance employees and their daughter that died in a car crash....


After thinking about it for a bit, at this time it might be best to let it go. Once Labor puts our grand juries in the whole story will come out then.

5.49 PM


While watching the international news a couple of blue collar Volkswagen employees were interviewed coming out of the factory after work. And here is one interesting reverse speech found:


"Judas mousing me, I'm just waiting for them in the states to take him off."


Will Labor not help all honest everyday working people everywhere and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end his mousing of us all?


"We'll just terrorist STRIKE the more fits until you do something to us," Judee say.


That reverse speech came from a reporter telling us about Target stores and some guy offering $10,000 dollars for placing bombs in packages on the store shelves.


Will Labor not do the right thing to Judah and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"We just want to shoot you vicious. A much better dog is our assignment to recover our sport," Judee say.


And here are Tele receives from Sir Jason and Sir Morris.


"Not much forgerin left of freedom. They're roasting out paradise."


Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those Tele sends this afternoon.


The world is holding its breath for American Labor to decide on whether we will be free or not. Will Labor not make the decision to be free people in a free land where we have our God given rights protected by our American law?


Will Labor not reject Judah's true law of the fist? Is it not certain that we can decide everything with out resorting to assaulting each other? Certainly we can.


Please STRIKE THEM OUT! Thank you.


One last Tele receive just came in:


"All tyranny failed." 6.17 PM




"Virtually I Scored You Out and Your Kid. We Organized and Cycled You Bad."

"Virtually I Scored You Out and Your Kid. We Organized and Cycled You Bad."


Might we recognize Judee when he is speaking to us?


Might we see where he has got the rest of us beat hands down, in the organization?


While Judah tells us that the Druid has ever failed to save himself, the Druid is not dutiful. Might we look again at the description that Solzhenitsyn gives us of the Jew in his book, "200 Years Together?"


"Observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”


"Constant vigilance to his fate."


And just yesterday Father said to us: "I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."


Do we recall that previously Father said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"


As we are being perished out of life form showing no resistance to our status as rightless persons is there not some sense that we missed something here?


Bitch mis-set you's and bungled it early on. Father explained it and Bitch apologized again and again.


Is there not some way that the ordinary people will recognize we are now perishing out of life form and reject Judah's Israeli psychologist who shows genital pictures to make people distraught as a method of holding us here?


Is it not seen they're taking our food supply away from us? Contaminating our fields with a permanent lethal corrosive chemical, nuclear waste.


Is it not through the stomach how Judah gets a hold of us?


The tickets to eat. Our "Abstract Receipts of Labor," MONEY. Has Judah not privatized the issue of them? Yes, he has and has held the concession to issue our tickets to eat since 1913.


Might that in itself not explain why there is so much poverty in America and war in our world?


He lost his blast attack when he tried to wipe America out in few hours of sports shooting. What is it that is holding Labor to let him hold the tickets to eat in his hands, that he is using to destroy our food sources?


What have the Ivy League charlatans learned that has allowed them to hold the entire United States of America into a permanent war to extinction?


Not once but repeatedly as our elders from outer space keep sparing our lives.


"It helps to just let them see the pup." (One weap Judah said to another weap Judah)


Vast high technical armed forces sweeping around the world shooting and bombing our family. Will American Labor not awaken to our higher purpose and end funding Judah sport genocide war?


"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals!" Our good God Almighty and Sovereign Lord of Planet Earth said.


"Ethically, they're criminals. They have no defensible rights." Our good God said.


After attempting to perish us with thousands of nuclear bombs is there not some sense that criminals should not be privately holding Labors purse?


"We just came to fornicate you and die you out," Judee say.


Might we note the simple life form that Judah has truly displayed?


The superior knowledge that Judah has had concerning our extraterrestrial family. That Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth rejected communications with our extraterrestrial family in 1350 AD and ever since, have we given any though to just what sort of evil feelings that they must harbor towards us?


Might we see how the love of our precious sweet Father for us has left Judah to give themselves the breeze right?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty our Father in heaven said.


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked us.


As Judah cycled and organized to finish us off, and after 5 years of warnings to STOP the war from God Almighty what say you Labor? Must you fail?


"We are your vehicle, you failed your Saviors," Judee say.


Our Saviors sent to us from our good God above in Heaven, the Galactic Federation of light. 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star.


Will Labor not snap out of it, ORGANIZE and STRIKE THEM OUT right now? Will Labor not listen to our Saviors sent to us from our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT?


The Organizing Principle of Society. How do we organize ourselves? Do we organize to build housing for ourselves or to build bombs to drop on each other? Are we understanding it depends on who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands?


Judah placed his bet on having the ability to kill whoever showed up that wanted to build housing instead of bombs.


The angels informed Judah in 1930 that they were going to send supermen in to get the weap Jews out in the end times.


Bitch, unaware he was Bitch, amazed at how many times he survived nearly losing his life. The numerous fists that tried to shoot him over the years.


With the better part of a thousand people shot down on the streets of Chicago, who would ever even notice one more?


Might ordinary working people understand why we have little true legal representation while Judah private hand is issuing our money? Might we understand Judah hires neutralizing those effective lawyers that represent the interests of ordinary working folks?


Kidnapped off of the street, put in a cage so that Judah Replicons can paste.


Is Labor not hearing the call to close this Jewish tyranny out of here once and for all?


To spare your own lives and the lives of your kids will you not get Jewish war and their electricity off of us right?


Their starving Americans to create privation induced aggression. The creation of their fist to weap us good. Will Labor not give us a new life? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR right? Will American Labor not give us a world of peace? Must you fail? Did God not ask us that Labor?


And what about our unions. Will it surprise any that they themselves have been sporting workers?


Might it surprise workers that our union leadership is largely made up of Replicon hybrid transplant shell Judah that pretend they're Irish, German, English, Swedes and the like? While all of the time they are Judah's fooling us.


The reports are now coming in of the union bosses that have been sporting us. Will Labor not give us a STRIKE and let our grand juries sort it out?


Will Labor not put our grand juries in?


Will Labor not put our grand juries in and answer what inquiring minds want to know?


Past employers still have $440,000 dollars combined insurance on Bitch's life. Will Labor not help me and get their pitch off of me?


They die us off like a dog in a cage. Will Labor not take their cages off of us?


Will the white man not awaken to just how terribly his marrow is set to be baked now?


Generations of us eating Jewish margarine. The diagnosis was dyslexia. Might it have actually have been the cakes and pies with Bon Ami in them?


Holding us hostage with their great balls of fire. Does Labor not yet see that our good God had His angels set us free from Jewish guys and their atomic blast disease?


His fornicated into existence hybrid transplant shells. Their ability to give us hell by holding our purse in their hands. Will Labor not let them off right?


Is there not some understanding that this is God's world here?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Precious sweet Father said.


Will Labor not let them off and get their poison off of us?


The 60 million mild men of the north that Judah died off in the last century. Did Solzhenitsyn not reveal to us the truth, it was weap Judah behind most of it?


Now for Judah's last sport, mild men of the north facing off against each other using extraterrestrial level technology. Is there not some sense it is now the end of life for us? Do we not see their plan is to leave us nudey?


"I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."


An extraterrestrial level technocracy. Will Labor not mature and get their war hazard off of us?


"We are your vehicle, you failed your Saviors," Judee say.


Holding us with his tight fist. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get rid of it?


Is there not some sense of how much effort the angels have gone to to keep Bitch in from the many times that Judah has tried to fist him in?


Might Labor understand that was so there would be someone here to share the truth with you all?


And what is the truth? The truth is that Father loves us and wants us to come on up and join in the universe at peace with the rest of His kids.


Our Saviors, the angels that Father sent in to help us get ourselves to peace. Will Labor not close Judah fist rule out?


Asians, Africans, South Americans will not fight for the Judah guy. Will mild man not join the rest of our family and let Judah off right?


"When I lose my white fist I'm done. We've had the white fist for so long its nearly part of our biology. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.


Will white not close them out OK? Will mild man not let them off right?


"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power they have over Druid." An interested observer said in reverse speech.


Will Druid not break Jewish mental power over the mild man of the north?


Mild man of England that gave us two out of three of the best things we ever have had. Trial by jury and no cruel or inhumane treatment.


The other best thing we have ever had, came from Poland, grand jury before anyone was charged with anything.


All three of the best laws ever made. They became the original law of the land of the free in 1791, the provisional contingent acceptance agreement to put a Bill of rights in, that allowed for the creation of the United States of America.


Our God given rights whittled down century after century by the cunning words of the supremes in concert, the clerks on the bench.


Only to find ourselves now as we were in the old country, all the rights of serfs, set easily to be fisted by master on the streets of America, or in his cages that he put in.


The most vicious of them all, still running our financial vehicle as they smoothly perish us out of life form.


"I'll leave it to you boys to figure it out." God Almighty said to us.


"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the Labor STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a Labor committee of the Whole.


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father said.


Thousands of years of weap Judah seeking to destroy those that he came to live among. Bringing into existence his Replicon shells to be used to make war upon us and die us off.


Will Labor not let the hopeless sinner off right?


There ain't no room

For the hopeless sinner

Who would hurt all mankind just

To save his own


Have pity on those

Whose chances are thinner

Cause there's no hiding place

From the Kingdom's Throne



Tele receives:


"You got enough courage. 5.32 PM


Arrests fall. 6.16 PM


A tumorous voy they'll adjust us. 6.18 PM


Patrick still crafting a feat. 6.23 PM


Fish form died. 6.24 PM


They'll waste us. 6.25 PM


You're fatal. 6.26 PM


He'll furnish off the Greeks dead. 6.35 PM


They threw everything away. 6.36 PM


The crap smear. 6.38 PM


The cats failed.


Spiritual people have been let go for failure to be harmed.


The mouse failed us. 9.51 PM


Individual retirement account crisis.


For excitement, Judah failed his cipher. 9.57 PM


Spirited New Hampshirous. 11.05 PM


Wiped out. 12.05 PM


Mental disease, stupid memories.


Fiction falsed us much. 12.19 AM


An hour with action tossed you out, ORGANIZE here. 1.09 AM


Bump-us fell. 1.15 AM


We failed this life here. 1.19 AM


My faith is with you. 1.51 AM


A Teamster right fault. 1.52 AM


Unions have been sporting.


Think you have a lucid load. 2.25 AM


They have failed you lifeless. 2.29 AM


Zoom has bust your field.


An industry league. 2.47 AM


Scoop them out. 2.49 AM


ORGANIZE, contact's right for us. 3.21 AM


Druid's failed. 6.11 AM


He threw them off." 7.44 AM


Might it be more accurate to say that "Judah threw themselves off?"


Judah repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles to wipe us out massively. Did Mercury report about what Judah attempted on June 11, 2011, and again on June 11, 2014, not let Judah throw themselves off right?


The Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, worldwide held in the private hands of weap Judah.


Will American Labor not take Judah out of the human equation for his genocide of us?


"Because we are effective we feel we have a right to fist you's. I think his mother found Jew with Fritz so I'm out now. Berlin I believe will fire your face. War breeds a foul attitude.


Jew fells with every noise he makes. With a muffin, I sport your heart. Our homeless effort we learned at university. We fool them with fabulous coffee. We dumb you with chocolate true.


I'm basically out for Marshious. We're scoring you because we're a bunch of misfits. Jew always gives you the best blues so I can candidate you. We wash all families Brutus.


Our science trajectory is s*** house. I wanted to put you into history to leave my right sight. My true relations course is truly abusive. I rice you dog. Foxing is how I hold my arrow in.


With our complete fire we failed, we still believe we can roll you right," Judee say.


So even though Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads and failed because our elders from outer space pulled Judah genocide shot off of us, because we have failed to protect ourselves, are we seeing that Judah believes that he can still roll us right?


Is that not what he tells us in reverse speech? Yes, it is.


"A dog has let me get a complete hold great. With our amorous day, I held the circuit out fine," Judee say.


Might we wonder what kind of amorous day there is involved with making war?


"I harsh you to mock man. I'm using pollution here to push you off," Judee say.


Are we the ordinary people ready to be breathing the deadliest toxins that have ever been created?


That we have funded all of the war in our world including the brimstone nuclear waste pollution war against ourselves. Will we not pray for the courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Will we not have faith that our good God above will then save our lives from the perfected die that Judah has put in on us?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." God Almighty of heaven and earth said to His simian children on earth.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father also said.


Might we only wonder how many Americans understand that at this moment we are being physically assaulted out of life form with an intentionally created lethal pollutant?


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can turn Fritz and Judee's brimstone waste burner off? Will American Labor not let Fritz and Judee off right?


"The innocent we fight with a dungeon. In the cradle, I had a choice so I death you. I suffered you from the gold coast. Our theory is Oswald fist you right.


Bitch has got some more shots to get me thrown here. The Martian fiend me enemy. I had the police in this country hold you right with a rare shoot. It worked with enormous bribes," Judee say.


Might Labor see in that last reverse speech how we have failed each other by letting Judah issue all of the free money he wants for bribes?


The enormous bribes that Judah has used. Have we not seen how they have sewered so many millions of Americans for free?


Might we not hope that Labor will gain a "legal consciousness" as Alexander Solzhenitsyn suggested was a necessity to survive the financial-political weap of Judee?


Must Labor not now act for peace if we are to have any chance whatsoever to survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging against the children of God on planet earth?


Continues at:



Did old England not try real hard to set a course that was bearable for man? No cruel or unusual punishment. Trial by jury of one's peers.


And yet for their attempts, both thrown out of there.


That England's attempts to serve all men right was cast aside in the place they were born, England, its fair humane rules became the 2 out 3 cornerstones of the new United States of America. Might we not consider that 2 out of 3 ain't bad?


The other most important rule, grand juries to decide first if any one should be charged at all. Came to us from Poland in 1430. Twenty years before the golden age of Poland began.


Might we not consider that freedom is the most important element for the life of man?


"In the cradle, I had a choice to win so I death you," Judee say.


All the laws to protect us against just such an errant mind set. Found within in our God given rights. Our sacred Bill of Rights made the law of the land in 1791.


And now once again we have allowed Judah to get away with throwing them away right here at home in the good old wonderful US of A.


"I'm going to keep you people in fail," Judee say.


Have some of us read the story that the half brother of the North Korean leader is dead?


Today Malaysia claims to have confirmed the remains they have are the half brother of the leader of North Korea.


Bitch did some reverse speech and here are just a few that he pulled out. One from the purportedly dead half-brother and another from an official in Malaysia:


"He sighted me, my accuser."


The next is the Malaysian official:


"Had to pull him out because he was sporting fooly. It's an evade special. Jewish time is up obviously because U.S. fail to assure our ricing."


Might we understand that the day that American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT the entire Judah Replicon brand that is sitting in the seats of power in Asia will fall?


Are we seeing how Judah puts his Replicons into power in North Korea and also South Korea so that he can get them to make war upon each other?


Might we note the tight grip Judah has had on America that allowed him to send American troops there to make war?


The firing of the ballistic missiles in North Korea. Are we understanding that is international Judah sporting us all?


Might we note how weap Jew sports in all the lands he occupies?


If our family in North Korea gets a sense that the half brother was sporting might we try to guess what that might do to his half brother's intercontinental ballistic missile program?


The self-professed amorous guy that only makes war. Will the other simian children of God not let them off right?


Once they get the war with Russia underway, much chance we'll be able to stop them then?


So many of the things we eat and drink laden with things that Judee puts in to negatively affect our thinking. Will Labor not help us to clean off our shelves? Will Labor not set us on a course of peace?


Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can address all of the serious issues that we are facing now?


"I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out." God Almighty our Father in heaven said.


We are being perished in no uncertain terms. Are there any Americans that are not aware of this yet?


Bitch asked elder if there was any clean coffee in the area to be found. He responded, "They're trying to erase you."


Might elder have been suggesting that it's better to focus on preventing being erased than whether or not a clean cup of coffee can be found?


Judah tried to give us death in the cradle. Will American Labor not let them off right?


The cruelly manipulated poor assaulting our world now. For the love of God and your fellow man will you not help these kids here Labor?


Before we are in a shooting war with Russia will American Labor not stop funding it?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy


Thursday, February 16 — Psalm 25:1–7

2 Chronicles 21:18–23:21; Acts 22:17–29


He knows how we were made; he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14

Jesus says, “Because I live, you also will live.” John 14:19

Giver of all life, may we be good stewards of your world. We care for ourselves by welcoming you into our lives, so that we may fully live. Throughout our life’s journey, you are present with us. Amen.



Just pulled a few reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker and also a couple of Tele receives:


"Stupid abusive wins. 11.03 AM


Can I help you?" 11.10 AM



"They're getting some marrow now, 30 years worth."


Might that indicate the best scientific guesses are that those who are now being irradiated from Hitachi-GE, may have their life spans shortened by 30 years?


Will Labor not take the bourse away from Judah and hire us some engineers to put some boron into that Jewish electricity plant before they get more of our marrow? Thank you.


Continues at:



People Get Ready lyrics


"They Breeze Us Cage. Psychic Made Them Go In."

"They Breeze Us Cage. Psychic Made Them Go In."


Voltaire and the Jews


Published: September 30, 1990


In a book published more than 20 years ago, in 1968, entitled ''The French Enlightenment and the Jews,'' I argued against this construction. An anti-Semite of the most damaging kind is one who asserts that, no matter what Jews might believe, their inherent character is fixed - and nasty.


In his ''Letter of Memmius to Cicero'' (1771), Voltaire, in the pose of an ancient Roman reporting on the Jews, wrote: ''They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.''


In the next year, writing the essay ''One Must Take Sides'' - introduced as ''the last word by Voltaire on metaphysics'' - he ridiculed each of the major religions, but he was meanest to the Jews: ''You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.'' This is hardly the rhetoric of a man who thinks that Jews are just another people waiting to be enlightened.



"I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.''


The best hope for the human race, America, land of liberty and justice for all turned into a nightmare of eternal sports Judah war.


Under cover of war, using the financial prowess of the United States of America Judah built the blast and waste arsenal to be the final solution to the children of God on planet earth, extinction via nuclear technology in Judah's hands.


"An anti-Semite of the most damaging kind is one who asserts that, no matter what Jews might believe, their inherent character is fixed - and nasty."


That God Almighty informed us in the bible 2 thousand years ago of what Judah would do in the end times. Get us out with fire, smoke, and brimstone.


Americans so far accepting what Judah told them, "you have no rights because Muslims are bad people and I Judah need to protect you."


Now that Judah has gotten caught red-handed attacking us with his great balls of nuclear fire, much chance Judah's last fiction, that we need to have no rights so he can protect is against Muslims, will ever be accepted again?


Seems unlikely, doesn't it?


So what are we supposed to do now?


Might we not actually try to protect ourselves from the mass die off that Judah is holding us in to give ourselves now?


While Voltaire called for punishing the Jews, "You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny," might we note that Father's house has no punishment in it?


Voltaire, an undisputed leading intellect, had no use for either Judaism or Christianity. He saw them both as not useful to us.


Might we consider that it was the uses to which Christianity has been put that is the error?


That is the message of Jesus is uplifting and redemptive, yet the churches, priests, and preachers. Might some have succumbed to bribes to use the cover of Christianity to send us in the incorrect direction?


Have they all not failed to warn us about the threat from Judah on nuclear technology and free American bourse?


Again, a thought about Voltaire (1694-1778), even with his high intellect, is it not interesting that he did not make the connection with Christianity as part of an extraterrestrial intervention?


Bitch, detecting extraterrestrial wire tappers early on in 1989 after getting a modern computer and connecting it to the phone lines and recording signals, did not make the connection with extraterrestrials, Christianity and God until 2009.


The voices that spoke to Buddha. Might we now understand those were our extraterrestrial family that was helping Buddha find the answers to the difficult questions of life that he was seeking knowledge of?


Might we understand that our extraterrestrial family has been by our side helping us throughout all the time we have been in the nursery on earth?


"We're apes," Judee say.


"Simians," as to the specific branch of apes we are. The high-level intelligence genetics that we have been gifted with by our family from the universe.


Will we not use our high intelligence to get us out of sports war?


Will we not unravel the deadly trickery that Judah has put on us all? Will we not recognize what Voltaire predicted would happen and accept that they have proven deadly to us?


From Solzhenityn's "200 Years Together"


The common feature of Jewish life was satisfaction, although not universally. From a psychological and domestic point of view, observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”


The “domineering and authoritative social forms for the preservation of life” were prominent in them. Adaptation to the new conditions of life was largely a collective adaptation and not individual.



"Observers found Russian Jewry characterized by “constant vigilance to his fate and identity, to his struggle and self-defense.”


Might we not serve ourselves right by constant vigilance to our fate, our identity as Americans and act in self-defense as we are being massively slain by the highly organized and lavishly financed weap Judah? Must American labor not end funding this mass destruction that is coming in on us?


"We're near to scoring you back to nudey," Judee say.


Might we note our extraterrestrial family does not act against Judah?


Though they pulled all of the nuclear missiles out of the sky that Judah attacked us with, might we note, they never laid a hand on Judah?


"I gave you my boomin performance and I'm still taking you away in spite of contact. With my joke I took out contact," Judee say.


As we are being died off due to the deadly effects of Jewish death rays will we not try to be diligent and save ourselves?


"Because of our shot, now I'm a junior fellow," Judee say.


Might we think of how our good God Almighty has set it for the mass of His children on earth to step around Judah hold and put ourselves onto a track that will lead us into the universe at peace?


Are we understanding Labor that along with our good God letting Judah throw himself out forever, might we understand that God our Father wills that Labor is to be the issuer of our money?


That is are we understanding the gigantic change in human relations that is set to come about when masters from any nations are no longer holding the reigns of power over the rest of the children of God?


The reigns of power. Are we understanding they are to be found in whoever it is that has the control of the Organizing Principle of Society in their hands?


The Organizing Principle of Society, have our kind extraterrestrial family not given us the knowledge that the organizing principle of society is the issue of money? The issue of money. Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get it to prevent us from being returned to nudey?


That one of the simians in the nursery of the Federation, Judah, figures out that to get a hold of the rest of the simians in the nursery on planet earth he needs to get hold of the tickets to eat and sets about over long periods of time to disguise what he is doing and why.


Largely unknown to the majority of Simians rising up in the nursery, the 'deuce' has plans to put the 98% of the rest of us in. To take our lives away from us, suddenly and unexpectedly. A shot out of the blue in the middle of the night.


Who could ever guess that there could be such an evil plan?


While the entire time Judah fully aware that our creators from the Federation want us to live to raise up to become extraterrestrials ourselves.


Judah, aware that the Federation is standing watch holding Judah from finishing us off with nuclear blast weapons, sets up his backup shot of nuclear waste to die us all off.


Judah again understanding the deadliness of nuclear technology in its blast and waste forms uses the power of the purse to force in hundreds of Jewish electricity dirty bombs to die us all off and kill the surface of planet earth.


Might Judah problem be how to keep us from figuring out just what an evil plan he has for us?


"Core sight them like a baby then wrench," Judee say.


Judah, putting his Jewish artillery into action from Hitachi-GE on March 11, 2011, still shooting us with it now.


Are we aware that there have been no attempts to shut that out of control nuclear bonfire down yet?


Easily shut down by adding boron to the cooling feed water. And why has that not happened yet? Are we understanding boron has not been added because it would end the menace that Judah has put on to us?


Is it not nearly unbelievable that just that one nuclear brimstone waste Jewish artillery piece at Hitachi-GE can take out not only the north American continent but Europe too?


All this while Judah has Americans funding and fighting made up wars for the sport of Judah.


Even with contact from the extraterrestrial civilization that genetically engineered us into our high intelligence form, Judah the "Rare" has been able to hold us to fund dying ourselves off.


American people sitting on a powder keg standing by doing nothing as Judah uses the American Labor purse to put the cruelly manipulated poor on the doorsteps of the Soviet Union to begin more of Judah sports war fun.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Precious sweet Father said.


Judah, having lost his great balls of fire to the angels that Father sent into spare us immolation at the hands of weap Judah, planned to finish off planet earth by putting a bunch of his nuclear waste artillery, disguised as Jewish electricity plants, into meltdowns as he has accomplished at Hitachi-GE.


Have we not noted the over 40 Jewish electricity plants that have gone into emergency or unscheduled shutdowns in only the last few years now?


Might we perceive that our elders from outer space safely shut them down to prevent Judah from using his Stuxnet controllers to turn them into nuclear bonfires such as he has done at Hitachi-GE?


Could it be that Americans just do not perceive that we are being put to a nuclear brimstone waste genocide now?


The farce, the mockery of intelligence that Judah has sold to Americans that let him continue to shoot world wars.


That we have failed to STOP THE WAR with thousands of warnings for over 5 years now. Might Judah not step in and take us out?


Will American Labor not take the good advice that our elders from outer space give us, "Get Smart," and "STRIKE THEM OUT?"


Solzhenitsyn gives us some idea why Russian people were hampered in acting to help themselves:


"The best Russia could expect was an inept, feeble, and disorderly pseudo-democracy, unable to rely on enough citizens with developed legal consciousness and economic independence."


Might Solzhenitsyn have identified a facet of what may be keeping American workers from acting now to take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?


"Enough citizens with developed legal consciousness and economic independence."


The threat of loss of income. Is that not about the most frightening threat of all? Once Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands do we see that we all will become economically independent?


Have we not see how Judah seeks out our people that are climbing economically and takes many of them off of their income using his false rules?


Judah, his frames up and false arrests. Has he not used his force to sewer much of the United States of America?


"Citizens with developed legal consciousness."


That we have the best rights of any nation on earth and Judah has tossed them out with little objection at all.


And is it not something to consider, Judah wired up the World Trade Center and knocked it down and put us into permanent war to get our rights away from us?


Might that give us some idea of how valuable are our rights that Judah went to so much effort to get them away from us?


Father spoke to Bitch this afternoon. Here is what Father said:


"I warned you to STRIKE their technocracy. I'm going to leave it to you boys to figure it out."


Is there not some understanding that their technocracy is now set to put Russians in to give us a trip backward to be nudey again?


Will Labor not please overlook Bitch bungle and STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to survive this high-tech war they are set to die us off in?


Tele receives:


"They forced you to be a victim 25 years ago. 6.55 PM


Nest here. 6.58 PM


Tumors will just wash you. 7.07 PM


Close them up. 7.09 PM


Silo 54 made a sale. 7.15 PM


Wash their fox theory away. 7.19PM


Murder is how they failed us. 10.07 PM


You convinced us here. 10.09 PM


Put your foot in the door. 11.45 PM


Nobody cares about beautiful scrummatage here. 11.46 PM


Wonderful rising fair they pushed us. 10.31 PM


Rightless you stumble badly. 1.17 AM


They pushed us out. 2.04 AM


They want us greatly to fail molesters. 2.13 AM


They breeze us cage. 2.14 AM


Psychic made them go in.


God spared us. 3.00 AM


We're being exterminated fatally.


You're welcome right. 3.27 AM


Thank you for prophesizing them .4.33 AM


You're taking care of us, we're passed out, STRIKE A DEAL to get fisty out. 8.28 AM


A very versatile man. 9.10 AM


We are ready to put him away. 9.36 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT, we're pushing die here." 9.48 AM



"The Muslim offered a peace pipe to me but I shot him out. I just plunge you into after days, I just got to fight you somehow. I'm a fabulous engineer to take your rights away from you and toss you.


My service strategy is out for missile. My faulty ass died you and now you see I'm zoo full fisty. I keep fisting you. I de-image you. My fish capacity was monumental.


I'm here to foolish you. Police witless for my bankruptcy. With a nice state, I just take you out William. I play you on the right side to mutt you.


With my joke, I took out contact. I gave you my boomis performance and I'm still taking you away in spite of contact. To make you suffer is just my habit.


Eagle boy, I'm gonna void. I hold you in my suspect so I can defeat you right. Because I'm Jewish all I'm going to do is hurt you. I suffered you my goon boy.


Ever since I met you I always wanted you to fear. I sold you incidents that outrage thee. I do some dirty opps with an ice cream company. Half will die fisty with my boursed air.


My bank's about ready to go. I die keen agers for my defilement. Tax dollars work wonders for our morality. I have a dream I put Europe away. He's taken out our wrench because super boy talks too much.


I'm refused for my angry dud. We fax you for a British room. We all just want to have fun with our favorite cage. With Minneapolee I hastily take you out. We want you to breathe fart, it's our full Nelson.


You had 3 (three) watch warnings, now we take you out big," Judee say.


Over 5 years of warnings to STRIKE THEM OUT! 2,000 years of warnings of the last days of Judah with us on the surface of planet earth.


Will we not pray that Labor will RISE and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in your hands?


With over 400 Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot power plants to die off the entire mass of all the life forms living on the surface of planet earth. Is there not some way to convince Labor of the late hour it is and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"My 21st-century strategy is authorized because you let me fash you. My old opp first bum is through. We attach you, that's our basic. Jew image to fiend you.


His mother would like to compliment me but she threw me off. Jew got the race war here to screw you dead. I just sport you great but I've proven to be a dumb foot.


Continues at:



We deploy estimates to put you in. Boot camp is out our ment. My Jew died you off all fair. I just cage you to out your future. I just dog you Jewish people hosh. The angels don't believe in weapin so it's over here," Judee say.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels pull all Judah blast shots?


"We like to maintain Arab pressure on you guys. I'm off for authorizing abusive. I got you to believe in a dog so it allowed me to dismiss you dead," Judee say.


Will Labor not reject belief in the dog and prevent Judah from dismissing us dead?


"This is a big jest for the race of man. If you're looking for some variety, I just waste your time. I sport lupus here. Our colony is closing soon for our bad attitude. Within a week I could be thrown out for my hostile sight of man.


We weaped the whole human race because that's my rights. We just came to fornicate you and die you out. I tossed you out with some pistachios, that's what I got nuclear for. This white child has caused me to die away, I got to leave here for my sport," Judee say.


Might Labor try to keep in mind, while Bitch has been reported to be deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid, Father said to Bitch, "You're a nice boy?"


And that Father said to everyone else, "he remained true to me?"


And might Labor want to think about what Judee said for getting caught red-handed in the act of trying to kill us all in a few hours shot, "This white child has caused me to die away, I got to leave here for my sport."


If agreed will Labor not follow the word that elder said to us for years to "FINISH?"


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


The Bitch read a couple of Chicago news videos in reverse facial speech last night and found some interesting things.


These are from a report of Northwestern University that issued a "sexual assault alert."


"We're setting some procedure power. This is all shopping for our face war. With our desk opp, we sub. I'm a heroin set here. The cash vault obviously asked for this.


It's money for spiffen. Fred Hampton all sued a choice opp out. We're staging communist. We're virtually weaping habeas. We'll get him out with a camera too.


This is part of our attachment to throw a grease spot. We got our eye on an Irish sportsman we want to pull out. This is to give an angle on a tweet to pull one in."



Might we notice that the cash vault asked for that opp?


They're setting procedure and weaping habeas. Do we see how they setting it so that they can bypass our rights?


Are we perceiving that Judah is highly trained for human predation before he gets to university level sports?


"We'll get him out with a camera too."


Might they have already picked a specific target and they needed to set the procedure to get him now?


Might we note that it is the cash vault that obviously ordered that sexual assault alert opp?


Will Labor not take its free money away from these pests of God's children?



Bitch looked at another video of a brother and sister killed in a car crash right in front of their home. Here's some reverse speech found there:


The next two videos that Bitch did reverse speech on, he posted this earlier today at simple site daily test page and shortly after posting he had numerous negatives about the post:


"Horrible. 1.55 PM


Quite fail. 2.11 PM


Dull. 2.15



So Bitch has taken out the reverse speech of these two videos because they are so upsetting to so many people.


One was about a young girl that had been shot in Chicago and died in the hospital. The other was a brother and sister that reportedly were killed in a car wreck. After the strike is over, we will have all the information from our grand juries. Thank you.



Are some of us aware that the media sell weap Judee stories to us for cash? Might we think of what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said about the greatest slaughter of the human race that ever happened to our family in all recorded history was in Russia, and most people in the world are unaware of it?


Alexander was speaking of the 60 million people that weap Judah put in in Russia and the eastern countries in the last century Alexander said, "The fact that the world is ignorant or uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators."


Will Labor not get hold of the issue of the money that it makes good by our Labor and put our grand juries in to end the assault against us on the streets of America and the world by weap Judah?


I'm pissed off, this boy has got this country angry at us"...


For attacking us in the middle of the night to try and kill as many of us as they could with their great balls of fire on the tip of their continentals, might it not be expected that some of us in this country might be irate with what they did? How about what they are still doing?


"If I can get you seat belt then I can fist, it's part of my pauper," Judee say.


Are we understanding how Judah has been able to sewer so much of America in his century of owning the bridge?


Might we consider how easy it has been to set simple boys up to be turned into prison meat for Jewish sports investment purposes?


Might we consider the seat belt laws were passed on the claim the were to help protect us? Might we see they were actually put into set us up for a stop to make us easy to sport?


Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take over the concession to issue our money?


"Our rights have failed, our rupture's in," Judee say.


Might Labor keep in mind what our good God said about weap Judah, "They have no defensible rights?"


Are we understanding that is due to their attacking us with their well planned nuclear genocide of us?


"I can put you amorous still to bust your day," Judee say.


Might Labor think through how Judah is using tales about Bitch from decades ago to try and put Bitch into some amorous false to bust his day? Will Labor not Get Smart and listen to the good advice from our kind elders sent to us from our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Father said that Bitch failed Him "jostled." Might Labor have some appreciation that most all people that have called Judah out for his violence are no longer alive because he fisted them out?


Must Labor not take Judah privatized terrorist war state that he has put into America and return to us the land of the free now?


Will Labor not try to save us from the horrific die of nuclear waste disease?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, February 15 — Psalm 24

2 Chronicles 20:20–21:17; Acts 22:3–16


Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters. Isaiah 55:1

Jesus stood with a great crowd of his disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea, Jerusalem, and the coast of Tyre and Sidon. They had come to hear him and to be healed of their diseases; and those who were troubled with unclean spirits were cured. Luke 6:17–18

Great Healer, thank you for your love which makes us whole. We stand with the crowd who praises you and drinks your living water. Refreshed, we say Amen.



Here is some reverse speech from Judah late afternoon international news:


"It helps to just let them see pup." (One said to another weap Judah)


"A general wolfman will fox you furry. Our spiritual way with Pittsburgh blew our psyche. Our pebbles took us out of sequence.


Because I got cash I'm going to shoot you on a Gorby day. We are your vehicle, you failed your Saviors. Russians are going to do you fumistic. Margarine made truly dumb to new rules.


Let's sprinkle some rice here, I'm in good. I'm a complete genital right. We're just going to harsh you bad to horse you.


Your fun mental head I threw away. A big shoot, all free. We will savage your life totally. The Martians have failed because of our completely come," Judee say.


Here a some Tele receives since posting earlier:


"They rolled us fair. 2.21 PM


They're fisting you Jewish. 2.55 PM


They died us. 3.05 PM


Because of police this place has fell. 3.57 PM


You lost to savages. 4.01 PM


They died us here.


Failed industrialists. 4.15 PM


You can scratch this fortune because you bungled this true deal."



Continues at:









"Our Four Eyes Has Given Us a True Fold. My Cage and Room were Fair Oppin"

"Our Four Eyes Has Given Us a True Fold. My Cage and Room were Fair Oppin"


Might we not recognize those words as from weap Judah guy?


Several Tele receives overnight giving a strong negative to yesterday's post.


"Idiot."Tele receive. 8.56 AM


Reread yesterday's post and it looks to be posting about the deaths, with the intention to inform everyone that they were obvious Judah opps aimed to cause distress and steal some real useful away from us.


Using the loss of someone's family member as an example of why we need to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah, might that be too insensitive? My apologies for that.


For those of us who have been watching weap Judah sports do we not detect his M.O., modus operandi when we see it now?


Bitch apologizes for being insensitive to the feelings of the families that lost their precious ones.


As Wall Street grinds our world through another day of death, suffering, wreckage, war and desolation, will we not pray that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from these most errant sports folks?


The vast numbers of people getting shot in our cities. Are we perceiving that it is free bourse in Judah hands that is behind the overwhelming number of them?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end our nation being used as Judah sport playground?


Tele receives:


"Bitch ditched the paste-a-man.


Clothes hangers failed the whole deal. 5.05 PM


Pat Sullivan, you're a portrait of fellowship. 5.18 PM


Celebrate, it's forming. 5.31 PM


I think you're sick through geni-ful. 5.35 PM


You've been boursing out yourself functious. 5.36 PM


He played us toughest guy here. 5.43 PM


The mess sold. 5.54 PM


Touch you bad sinly. 5.55 PM


It's all failed, it's obvious. 5.58 PM


They keep drumming us bad.


Right now my prayers are stupid. 6.01 PM


Twice you awed us dumb. 6.02 PM


They defortune us. 6.06 PM


Oh, Pat, your rights awake us. 6.09 PM


With stupid dungeon, they foul. 6.11 PM


They played us foul. 6.16 PM


They've seized everything tossing. 6.17 PM


Stupid attacks. 10.46 PM


You're wrong. 10.52 PM


You sold me. 10.57 PM


It's a grudge. 11.05 PM


Vitamin fit helps. 11.10 PM


You're now throwing out vengefully. 11.17 PM


They permanently goosed us. 11.18 PM


Get fascists out. 11.19 PM


Patrick's stricture is out, quite spiteful. 11.28 PM


They exhausted our wits out for free. 11.29 PM


Theft is animal field. 11.31 PM


Tremendous jeopardy you've been sold. 11.32 PM


They're now merchalizing. 11.34 PM


It's stupid to not be involved, that's for sure. 11.37 PPM


This destruction I have failed. 11.38 PM


We failed quite deadly. 11.46 PM


I'm mighty dead. 11.42 PM


They're rolling up our healthy forces. 11.43 PM


The merchant class has failed us. 11.44 PM


The white man is deadly sick and is fielded. 11.45 PM


Pat tossed them out rascalin. 11.46 PM


Because of their menace, you're twice dead. 11.49 PM


Horribly stupid satchel. 11.50 PM


They falsed up your lectricity. 11.51 PM


You lost the pantry here. 11.54 PM


We got him on a right false. 11.59 PM


You homicide yourselves here.12.00 midnight.


Oh my god Patrick, I thought you mollified this? 12.01 AM


Cancel mousing. 12.05 AM


Oh my god, much they have policed us. 12.06 AM


You're an expert theorian. 12.07 PM


Brutal life fall.


Parasite they died us. 12.08 AM


You lost your rightful deal. 12.10 AM


They're extra sporting us. 12.12 AM


They make you false your rightful place. 12.13 AM


Packages fail for central fight. 12.15 AM


They're permin us great fun. 12.22 AM


Perilous HUGE! 12.30 AM


Good luck. 1.08 AM


Jerkicide." 1.43 AM



This is from Solzhenitsyn's "200 Years Together"


Rural trade was concentrated in the hands of the Jews, and they leased various posts belonging to the landowners’ privilege – specifically, the sale of vodka in taverns – and therewith fostered the expansion of drunkenness.


The White-Russian powers reported: “The presence of Jews in the villages acts with harm upon the economic and moral condition of the rural population, because the Jews encourage drunkenness among the local population.”


In the stance taken by the powers-that-be, it was indicated among other things that the Jews led the peasants astray with drunkenness, idleness and poverty, that they had given them vodka on credit, received pledges in pawn for vodka, etc. But the brandy operations were an attractive source of income for both the Polish landowners and the Jewish commissioners.


Granted, the gift of citizenship that the Jews received brought a danger with it: obviously the Jews were also supposed to acquiesce to the general rule to cease the brandy business in the villages and move out. In 1783 the following decree was published: “The general rule requires every citizen to apply himself in a respectable trade and business, but not the distilling of schnapps as that is not a fitting business,” and whenever the proprietor “permits the merchant, townsman or Jew to distill vodka, he will be held as a law-breaker.”



From their analysis, Judee tells us in reverse speech that they were able to so handily destroy the United States of America because of "whiskey."


That Judah would have known of the Manhattan project of Pharaoh's time, putting pigs to a test to see how they reacted to varying the amounts of alcohol they were given.


More alcohol produced a lower status of the pig in the herd. Less alcohol, higher status of the pig.


That they confined themselves in Russia for centuries in the alcohol trade. Might there be a message for us to uncover for ourselves?


Might we not be able to view alcohol as a chemical warfare agent that Judah has historically used to take us down to defeat?


Whiskey is what he claims is what has let him wipe out the people of the United States of America.


If only the people would have known that alcohol is being used on us as a chemical warfare agent, might we have been spared this nuclear die we are in?


"Jails, whiskey, and war." Is what Judee tells us as to how he has gotten his win.


Will Labor not let them go? Will Labor not let them off right?


Have we noticed that even with a change of administration there is no change out of war sport?


Time to meet the new boss, same as the old boss?


Might we not want to analyze how we went from a system of government that actually was able to peacefully free a slave in 1854 by use of a jury trial, that was rejected by clerk judges, turning America today into a rogue nation of rightless people engaged in worldwide wars in numerous nations, while millions of Americans live out on our streets?


Robots funded by American Labor flying thousands of miles from our shores killing innocents as they walk down the streets.


Will we not pray that God will have mercy on us and save us yet?


The mild men of the north didn't have Buddha or Quetzalcoatl to help us. Didn't have abundance either.


So, God, our precious sweet Father sent Jesus to guide us. Father had Jesus give us the direction that if only we would follow it we would get through.


"Love one another Jesus told us. As another day goes on and we fund harming our brothers and sisters in this world for Judah investment sports fun, will we not reflect on the wrong of it all and STOP THE WAR?


"You let me punish you. Columbus beautiful twist them. All righteous will all steal. We cheat you lawyer pestively. You find us lethal.


My course is brutish with my fist, they caught me. We've got some grave shots and with cancer, we're going to put you away beautiful. Bitch gave arthritis to our fist.


I fool you white fist good. We're going to have a Pontiac day. We'll tumble you by spring. The bible we die falsing our opps. We use sex to keep you off leadership," Judee say.


Might that leadership issue help explain why Judah is always doing sex stings?


Might we not consider how our good God has set it for the working people to take the key component of leadership, the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money, into Labors safe hands?


"With feeble wit they assault you. 3.10 AM


Your mother's got feasible rights. 3.30 AM


Terroropathy. 3.56 AM


Let's do it. 4.02 AM


It's free. 4.14 AM


Voted the most likely to succeed." 4.16 AM



The last Tele receive was from elder. Bitch asked about how we were selected to be gifted with elders 223 high-level intelligence genetics 200,000 years ago and that is what he said. "Voted most likely to succeed."


Are we able to see that weap Judah has not succeeded in making it as a high-level extraterrestrial cipher?


The thousands of physical attacks that Judah has attempted upon our extraterrestrial elders. Might that not reveal that the weap cipher just does not have what it takes to get us to where we are destined to be?


From before our creation with our high-level intelligence genetics are we seeing that our destiny was set to travel the universe in peace?


Though gifted with high intelligence we also have been gifted with free will. There is no force in whatever it is we wish to do.


For those tat don't want to be extraterrestrials and go into the universe, they just want to stay right here on earth? No problem, whatever we decide we want to do is good.


With our gift of free will do we see it is all up to us?


"We're finally getting the Jewlest off."


The reverse speech of an Eastern European states-person.


And for getting the Jewlest off will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels into spare us from Judah nuclear blast war?


Now we face the biggest die-off ever that Judah has accomplished against the mild man of the north. The 60 million die off that Judah put in Russia and Eastern Europe in the last century.


Might we not see Judah has us set to die off much larger than that? Many times bigger than that.


Hundreds of millions set to die off in just America over the next few years. 2 billion worldwide set to die out from the lethal effects of brimstone nuclear waste.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah once and for all?


And what is to be our ultimate destiny for those that survive this nuclear waste war we are in now?


To travel the universe with our family from the Galactic Federation of Light.


Understanding who we really are and how we got here, and where we are going, might that not help us to right ourselves now?


Might we understand that if we want to get anything positive done we must first STOP THE WAR?


Is Labor seeing that we must get Labors check book off of these guys that only make war? To get it off of them are we all in agreement that we need a general STRIKE from Labor to get it done?


WE must have the STRIKE Labor. Is there not some understanding that we cannot survive the nuclear brimstone war that Judah is waging against us without it?


"For dog sin, I'm going to make you die, I got you to throw away all caution. We just fight you back stab. Our orphan is going to shoot him. Because of our sport with her highness, they're dying us out now.


I forever fell out with a judge. They'll be a settlement for your huge field fall. Since the time of Christ, we've been driven with our cannibal shoot. They took out our greatest threat. My cipher organizes you dumb. The white man is about to see I'm a farce," Judee say.


Farce: a. A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.

b. The branch of literature constituting such works.

c. The broad or spirited humor characteristic of such works.

2. A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery:


Judah holding white to fund and fight the sports war of the farce. Will Labor not help us and STOP THE WAR? Will Labor not put our rights in and end the Judah mockery of us?


"With the bank, we screw your wits. I see white people I scrimmage tumor algebrais. My invention of boot camp was to score you to win. I'm always encouraging a new degrade, that's why they pulled us off.


If I shot you with a kid I fish you. So much menagerie you threw me away. Druid I apped you badgerous. I hypnotize you with fad and bad theory. I promise you all dismissive for child people.


Europe, I took your race out all the way. Two weeks I'm going to leave sport because I'm too badgerous. An argument I breeze bad because I'm corrupt.


My wizard makes you afraid but I lost my permit to use it. Our appearance is abusive, I bust you from Denmark right. I bust your mental sight to run a racket.


We boo negative to port you out. One of our grand puppies rolled us true. His mother's got no will for me. Patrick's abortion worries us because he do right sell of us.


I bust your habits to make a living. I'm always a Jew that penetrates for rape to make you go to hell in my school blocks. We glorify death. For a false, you have to have a suitable.


My app lets me possess your habitude. We port your compass to get you to go our way. We fault your mental squeamish, insult your day," Judee say.


Might we see in that last reverse speech how Judah has faulted our mental using squeamish to not challenge them for the concession to issue our money?


Has Judah not made many people squeamish with his pictures and fictions about Bitch?


Do we see how Judee is using squeamish to fault our mental to where he has us and Europe set to be died off right with his brimstone waste disease?


Father will save us Labor. Will you not come in and help us end this nuclear waste score so that Father's angels can help us so we don't have to die off now?


"An awful grateful writes harsh out."


Thank you, Sir Casper for that message today.


Bitch is awful grateful to be alive every day. Grateful to Father for having His angels keep him in. And also pleased to be able to write harsh out.


They're no good Labor and if you fail to act to close them right, is it not perceived that they will now die us and our kids out?


"A wild fisher is cannibalizing you's."


Thank you, Sir Morris for the Tele receive today.


Is Labor seeing how Judah animal is cannibalizing us with his chosen ways?


The squeamishness, his making distraught with his picture show. Will we not pray that Labor will overcome the method that Judah uses to hold our mental in and instead let them off right?


Must American Labor not overcome Judah mental strength, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


The angels that our good God sent in to spare us from Judah sins.


Have they not pulled every nuclear missile shot right? Yes, they have. Judah has not gotten one to explode over our heads.


After Father's angels have repeatedly saved us from being destroyed in Judah nuclear blast war will we not now listen to the good advice Father's angels give us and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Must we not stop funding the nuclear waste war that Judah is waging against us?


More and more businesses and stores closing down in America. Are we not perceiving Judah is doing all that he can to leave our economy as wounded as possible?


Will we not keep praying that the love of God will bring American Labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Is there not some understanding that if we do not STOP THE WAR that Judah is going to finish perishing us out of here now?


If understood must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you. God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy


Continues at:



Tele receives:


"We failed our ciphers great. 9.13 AM


War strikage. 9.24 AM


Fouled my report. 9.54 AM


Awfully die-ish. 10.00 AM


For dumbness, you failed sport. 10.12 AM


Mush you because you shot failed. 10.16 AM


Their push button failed. 10.17 AM


The hermit got them gone and we've done nothing. 10.25 AM


They're out." 10.32 AM



2.38 PM


Father said to Bitch: "You failed me jostled." At 12.33 PM


Definitions of "Jostle." Bump, shove, push, elbow roughly, rudely. To unsettle, disturb.


Thank you, Father for speaking to your Bitch on earth. Thank you for keeping me alive Papa. Thank you for having our big brothers keep Bitch from being easily pushed into eternity by weap Judah on free bourse.


Do we recall Father said previously, "You failed me useful?" Bitch failed useful, and now failed jostled. Will Labor not help us to STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not hear the love that Father has for each and every one of us? Might in Father's words we see how even though Bitch failed Father, Father is still kind to Bitch?


Jostled, shoved, pushed, bumped rudely. Unsettled and disturbed. Assaulted continuously for years with their killer satellite beam.


Will Labor please choose to not be cruel to a heart so true?


Father wills that the authority to issue our money be in the hands of Labor. Will Labor not ORGANIZE and give us a Committee of the Whole to serve us by issuing our money?


The crushing blow of genocide. Must Labor not RISE and help us to stay alive?


Here's some more Tele receives since posting earlier:


"Wake up Pat, they're erasing you. 10.43 AM


Close them out failed. 12.48 PM


You can't fight corrupt. 12.56 PM


Help this creature fail. 12.57 PM


It's stupid. 1.08 PM


This is a puppy dog race here to shake your case. 1.42 PM


Pure infidels. 1.50 PM


We're failed away from Judee club. 1.53 PM




We're failures failed. 1.59 PM



To remove corrupt are we seeing that there is no fight involved? Is Labor seeing that it is good faith and fair dealing that we can have in when you STRIKE THEM OUT? In the most critical hour of our need, for the love of God will you not help us Labor and STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you.



Tuesday, February 14 — Psalm 23

2 Chronicles 19:1–20:19; Acts 21:31–22:2


You are the Lord, you alone; you have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. Nehemiah 9:6

Paul wrote: From him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever. Romans 11:36

Lord, what a mystery you have created. We praise you for birds that fly and sing, even in the dark of winter. We praise you for flowers that bloom after a long rest. And we praise you for the wonder we feel when in your presence. Amen.



8 He will sustain you to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God, who has called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful. 10 I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree together, so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be united in mind and conviction.…


Continues at:



200 Years Together

by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

A History of the Russians and the Jews













"Abusive Transporting. He's Almost Fisted You's Lifeless."

"Abusive Transporting. He's Almost Fisted You's Lifeless."


The insurance rackets funding most of the killings in our nation and world. The Financialization of the most profound criminality possible, that Judah calls "sport."


Of their own free will they have carried on a strategy designed to die the mass of the human race off. Still at even now.


Judah now succeeding in dying the United States of America off and simultaneously poisoning us, our fields, our air, to die the majority of us out of life form in only the next few years.


Did the overnight Tele receive not get it right, "he's almost fisted you lifeless?"


As most people that have taken the time to see what Judah has done understand that for his genocide he is now done.


His ability to terrorize so many that most are just not willing to challenge Judah man. This even after the ultimate, they pushed the button on us.


Two thousand years of warnings found in our bibles. The Galactic Federation of Light that saved us.


Our precious sweet Father, God Almighty. Sent His angels in to save us. Will Labor not help us right?


The millions of years of evolution that shaped the bodies of man. The 200,000 years with our high-level intelligence inside.


Now being washed out at the genetic level from Jewish death rays that are taking us away.


How sinister of a plan to die off the human race. The greatest enemy ever, weap Judah, selling us a protection package from others, such as our Russian family, that are as victimized as we are.


Can we only wonder how cunning of a mind does Judah have that is still able to do it to us after so many warnings to us?


"The sight of a doggie is distraught. It errors you to missiles. Our course, to stay corrupt. You see how we stupid you truly awesome offense. Mercury can't bare dumb, I'm Judee, we even close you Contact. Because of my wit Bitch has fallen. We're just going to finish out and push you dead," Judee say.


Might we see in that short paragraph the final strategy of Judah and how he is just going to go ahead with his basic and finish us out until we are dead?


"The sight of a doggie is distraught."


Might we wonder why elders from outer space did not delete those videos of Bitch 35 years ago?


Do we understand they have the technical ability to do that? Sure they do.


They could have also dropped Bitch's stupid fault of insulting you's 5 years ago also, but they didn't do that either.


And yet they want us to survive and not let Judah die us off. So why did they not blot the pictures and drop the file where Bitch had his insult moment if they truly want us to live?


Might it be as Father said about Judah, "I died them truthful?"


So while a doggie picture may make distraught, if it is distraught enough to allow us to continue to missile ourselves and die us off, might that be our error that needs to be corrected and not Bitch's?


Judah horror opps that he uses to sell us his Auschwitz coast to coast. Might it be by making us distraught that it works to his advantage?


"Always opp racial," Judee say. His getting hold of people and in his prison houses and mental facilities putting in the chips and chemicals and words to direct his opps that he sells to us.


Might we not recognize this as a Judah opp right away?





Brian Golsby (pictured), 29, was arrested Saturday on charges of aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggravated robbery, Grove City, Ohio police said



Might we not recognize Judee opps in the slaying of this young woman? This happened in Ohio. Have we not learned that Ohio is a large opper state both within their territory and with other oppers in others states?


Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that 911 can explain to us what knowledge they had of this tragedy?


Might this slaying not produce a distraught feeling in us?


Might it help Judee sell his Auschwitz brand?


Do we recall in the Tinley Park Lane Bryant massacre one of the victims was hiding in the back room and she called 911 and they told her to try another number?


Her cell phone rang the Will county 911 and she was a few hundred feet away from Will county in Cook county.


Is there not some way that Labor will put our grand juries in so that we can clean this old Jewish police state criminal organization out?


The fellow that did this slaying was released last year from jail. There is a link to the article below. If you read the 271 comments, might it not be smart to consider that a large number of them are Judee guys and gals that want to misdirect who the true perpetrators behind the death of that young woman are?


Might we consider just how many hands had to have had cash put into them to let this happen?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and retire them? Have they not failed us enough yet that we will not let ourselves move on to peace now?


And might we want to keep in mind what Judah says all the time, "Always opp racial?"


And in the international scene, we have the Hybrid transplant Replicon weap Judah launch an intercontinental ballistic missile.


Might we consider how Judah uses a menace to control the dialog here?


One Judah Replicon launches a missile and in other countries, the Judah Replicons hoot and holler and use the event to terrorize the populations into remaining frozen and submissive.


Will Labor not end funding the missile sport of weap Judah?


As Mercury has served with Mars and Sir Casper has pulled every nuclear missile off of us that weap Judah has attacked us with, might we not consider that Judah just will not be able to get us with his continentals?


The bright young American girl that was slain in Panama last week. Might we not see Judah jealousy at work there?


"This is ultimately how we make our chapel rules. You have just enough civil rights for me to bat you off of here. I always set you fool by racing you out.


I fight you animal by basing you sep without rights. We arm you always with our suspect. This was a sport time we just set well. This was a great fell, great sport fun.


Our algebra mortimus obviously outs the people. I opp it so you don't perceive our ruse here. We bourse them dead. When we're doing funerals we're real molestive."


Those reverse speech from videos of both women's slayings.


Might Labor please take note what Judah said here?


"We bourse them dead."


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and try to protect us and our kids?


"I opp it so you don't perceive our ruse here."


Might we understand they do it as if others are the driving force of murder that we have going on in our communities?


While reading the reverse speech in these videos one honest municipal in Panama said this in reverse speech:


"They error us weak."


Might we see in the many ways Judah errors our family in Panama by committing their sports murder on an American tourist there?


The two scientists that were found dead in their Berkeley home last week.




Berkeley police spokesman Officer Byron White said 35-year-old Roger Morash and his wife, 32-year-old Valerie Morash, were found dead together in their apartment in the 3000 block of Deakin Street. The couple’s two cats were dead as well.



Now we are being told that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They just don't know the source of it yet.


Might Judee be trying to fool us again? Can we only wonder, might these extra bright young people be victims of a killer satellite attack?


While looking for the article of these Berkeley, California residents deaths, came upon a teacher that was stabbed to death in her home.




Might we not see Judah as the motivating force that does these attacks upon our useful?


If so are we making the connection with all the free bourse that American Labor gives Judah as the source of the force that allows us to be continually attacked and killed so easily?


Is Labor understanding that with civil rights in our grand juries then will be able to get to the bottom of things and end these assaults on ourselves that Judah is doing in his last days with us?


Are we understanding it is Judah privately holding the desk to issue our money that is allowing him to harm us so?








As the American version of the mild man of the north is faced off with the other mild man of the north, our brothers and sisters in Russia, will AMERICAN LABOR not try to STOP THE WAR?


The success of the pyramid guys and gals that came up into the north lands and how they slaughtered us so.


Will American Labor not overcome the distraught that Judah puts on the mental and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"I'm a Judee, we even close your contact."


For the love of God and our families will American Labor not awaken to the imminent perfected die of the mild man of the north that Judah has laid upon us here?



Solzhenitsyn shares with us what the ordinary Jew faced from his Jewish betters in Russia in his book "200 Years together."


As a result, their poor masses find themselves in the condition of severe emaciation and great poverty, and there are many of them… In contrast, the members of the kahal are rich, and live in superfluity; by ruling over both levers of power, the spiritual and secular,… they have a great power over the people. In this way they hold.them … in great poverty and fear.” The Kehilot “issues to the people every possible command…



Might we think of what elders shared that the root strategy that Judah employs was developed in the harsh resource constrained desert terrain and it is termed "Individual biological opportunity?"


The Kahal are the local governing body of the Jews.


Might we understand the strategy is such that it hires Hitler who has a policy against Jews?


Do we recall when the big Jews hired Hitler who stomped on the little Jews, the reasoning was, "They wouldn't allow a sentimental notion to interfere with making a buck?"


While Judah strategy sets nations up to take big hard falls, might we understand he will let other Jews take a real hard fall too?


Might we perceive how weap Judah has set Americans, Russians, Germans and English up to take the hardest falls that he has ever given any nations?


The entire lot of mild man of the north both in the old world and in the new land of America hazarded by sports war. Are we not yet perceiving just how hard of a fall we are set to take now?


As our genetic heritage is being washed away with Jewish death rays is there not some way to convince Labor to help us?


"Judee locks stole our crystal." Tele receive. 9.15 AM


Are we understanding Labor the nuclear waste will make us as dead as a nuclear blast, the difference between them is it will take a few years longer to get it done?


Tele receives:


"You've lost this state with Judee alge-trick. 6.50 PM


They got some MOX in. 7.02 PM


Animal embarrasses us. 7.06 PM


It's his turn to grief us. 7.24 PM


War has failed your life forces. 7.27 PM


Business strikes. 7.33 PM


This rapist fault will break us. 7.34 PM


They're re-sighting us. 12.04 AM


Criminals scored us. 12.41 AM


Take fist out!


They'll be out in a day.


Sheenish party ails. 12.42 AM


Insurance field wounded this field. 2.40 AM


Lethal hinge. 2.41 AM


Abusive transporting. 2.45 AM


Their murder is done. 2.53 AM


He's almost fisted you life less. 2.57 AM


Rip them out! 3.32 AM


Come on over. 4.38 AM


Your master died. 4.43 AM


You're a sappy goof. 5.00 AM (Judee speaking to Bitch?)


These are really strong people that are done.


Judah thief is revealed. 5.28 AM


They just know some old tricks. 5.39 AM


Faults minus.


You are pretty special, you made the wizards fallen. 8.18 AM


If we fail