"They're Going Underground and Scoring Us. Their Waste Put Us In."

"They're Going Underground and Scoring Us. Their Waste Put Us In."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.


"They're going underground and scoring us. Their waste put us in."


The vast worldwide undergrounds that Judah has built to sit out the extermination of the rest of the human race, us.


Have we given much thought to them?


Here is a report from 1865 of a spacecraft crashing in the mountains near Helena Montana.




Link to read article



Here is a link to read of Dutch miner Udo Wartena meeting extraterrestrials in the Montana mountains in 1940.



While speaking to the humanoid extraterrestrial Udo asked them what their object was in coming to earth were upon the extraterrestrial answered:


"Well." he said, "as you have noticed, we look pretty much as you do, so we mingle with your people, gather information, leave instructions or give help where needed." Explaining that they were monitoring the progression and retrogression of our societies, the man claimed that they lived among us from time to time, a clear statement indicating long-term covert alien surveillance prior to 1940. Udo wrote that he did not understand what was meant by them "giving help where needed" but he did not feel it proper to ask about it further.



Montana is one of the areas that has underground hotels where weap Judah is securing himself in now. There are mines there that have been in operation from the 19th century. Vast underground areas have been opened up inside the mountains in Montana.


Bitch learned many years ago that there has been a steady stream of Judah from this area flying out and going to Montana to take their space in the safety of the underground.


It is a little less than a thousand miles from Des Moines to Helena Montana.


Quietly over years weap Judah has slipping away from us and heading into his undergrounds to be died off by our good God.


"Good luck" Elder just said to Bitch at 3.22 AM


The crash of the extraterrestrial craft that slammed into the mountainside near Helena in 1865. Might we understand that was intentionally done by our kind extraterrestrial family to MARK the mountains there?


As our elders knew that Judah planned to exterminate us in total as soon as he had the technical ability to get it done, might we also understand they knew that Judah would hide in the mountains while he poisoned earth out?


Not only did they know that Judah would attack us with nuclear weapons, both blast, and waste, might we understand they also knew what mountains Judah would hide in while he exterminated us out of life form?


Does that explanation help explain why elders crashed a spacecraft into the mountainside in Montana in 1865?


1865, do we recall that was the year that ended Abraham Lincoln's war between the states and began Judah's new world military industrial complex in America?


By Judah using his supreme clerks in their successful destruction of the ancient Druid right of trial by jury in the 1858 Dred Scott case, might we see Abe's war between the states set up the brutality needed to capture us into the prison state complex imperious genocidal war machine that America is today?


In 1796 UFOs were seen near the Bay of Fundy.


This craft was filmed flying out of the Bay of Fundy and posted March 17, of this year, 2017.


The Bay of Fundy, Main off the Atlantic on February 15, 2017



Might we see the long term "MARKING:" by our extraterrestrial family in the Bay of Fundy?


As there were no nuclear weapons in 1865 when an extraterrestrial craft slammed into the Montana mountainside or 1796 when elders marked the Bay of Fundy with a fly by, what could there be in these locations that might interest us today?


In the Bay of Fundy area, there are former mines that were worked for many decades. Might we only wonder have they been upgraded, modernized and turned into safe underground hotels for weap Judah and his war-making genocide death cult?


Are we getting some idea of how long our extraterrestrial elders from the Federation have been serving to save us from being destroyed as weap Judah is closed out of our world for offending our good God Almighty?


Mt Popocatepetl near Mexico city where our top elite is fleeing to sit out our die off. Might we consider that it is the most luxurious of the undergrounds?


Being built near the volcano might we consider that it has been powered by free energy for an extended period of time?


Using long-range drilling technology and reaching into the continuously hot area near to where the volcano vents itself. Using ammonia as a working fluid might we surmise electrical generation has been going on in the Mt Popocatepetl underground area for an extended period of time?


Might that explain why some of the top elite are going to Mt Popocatepetl when it is time to flee a fully poisoned out and destroyed United States of America?


Do the ordinary people not as of yet grasp how fully abandoned and ruined our elite have cast us as they have their plans to slip away a day before it breaks through that the have been left to die out now in a nuclear waste war that will kill us, our children and grandchildren and our genetics over the next years?


They've attacked us with nuclear ballistic missiles in an attempt to sucker punch us out in a few hours. As they were thwarted only by the love of God for us, is there not some way that we will open our ears and listen to our good God that spared us from being destroyed by weap Judah in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Revelation 9:18 By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed, by the fire and smoke and sulfur coming out of their mouths.


Deuteronomy 28:1-68 ESV / 11 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful


And if you faithfully obey the voice of the Lord your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you obey the voice of the Lord your God. Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your ground and the fruit of your cattle, the increase of your herds and the young of your flock. Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl. ...


By failing to heed God's thousands of warnings over 5 years now to STOP THE WAR might we see how terribly we have left Judah set us?


John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.


Luke 24:25 And he said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!


Mark 7:14 And he called the people to him again and said to them, “Hear me, all of you, and understand:


Matthew 21:42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures: “‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?


Those passages from the bible. Might we recognize now that those were gifted to us the Galactic Federation of light so that we might find the correct way?


2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will be dissolved in the fire, and the earth and its works will not be found.


That we continue to fund genocidal sport war for weap Judah. "The elements will be dissolved in the fire."


Our elders are operating throughout millions of years of time. In ancient days God spoke to the people and only Noah listened. Noah survived. Will American Labor not listen so that we can survive this flood of nuclear waste that is coming in?


A couple of decades is all that Judah will need to poison out the entire surface of our planet with only one nuclear bomb disguised as a leaking Jewish electricity power plant.


Our family that lives inside Mercury and Venus combined are over 100 billion originally earth-born Beings that are now extraterrestrials. Might we consider that as a life form there already are quite a few of us from earth that are extraterrestrials?


A couple of billion of us dying off now poisoned by weap Judah as he is died off for not having a great conscience.


Are we understanding that for those that ignore the thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR it is time to die off now?


2 Peter 3:13 But in keeping with God’s promise, we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.…


Will Labor not end the selfishness style that Judah has tricked us into and bring us forth in a righteous way to dwell in accord with Father's plan for us?


Father could have had His angels stand aside when Judah attacked us with his 3,200 kosher nuclear warheads that he sent at us on 1,000 kosher ballistic missiles. But God Almighty did not let Judah punish us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Father kept us alive.


The future Antichrist will arise when “the transgressors have reached their fullness” (Dan. 8:23).


The end “shall be with a flood,” and terrible wars will be a sign of the time of the end (Dan. 9:26).


"Shall be with a flood?"


Will Labor not pull the paper away from weap Judah today?


Are the pins blown in the dam?


As to the Antichrist, Judah tells us in reverse speech he has another one of his vicious corporals ready to turn loose on us.


Is there not some understanding that for those that will not demand their right to life Judah may take it from them?



"Mate you're weak with a failed set." 6.27 AM


Elders said Bitch fault produced a "mis set" in trying to bring Labor in to STOP THE WAR. As a third of the human race face being washed out of life form, could it all come down to being weak with a failed set?


"Understand it's over." 7.08 AM


Might Labor understand that no matter what, as that Tele sender said, "it's over?"


Is it clear that Judah is done here for evermore with us?


"We booze you whiteness. I always take out romantic stuff so I can degrade. I always wanted to shot you Muslim. A H----- rub free's you. You pressed off all well my assignment.


The nice guy would like to see life with Africa but Loomis spinach me. You'll rise the people to see good. I'm going because a stupid scientist scored us. I port you with my Pensacola bus.


I tour your bedroom so I can sponge. My foolish opp out of Geneva shoots all the useful. We just false your rights to get you here, push you with a bed. You rise up, I'll have an average day and be gone in a few months.


My zoo chemistry got me rolled. I'm big past Pat Sullivan, he scored my Maxwell operation. Jew always defile you off in tragedy. I was a bullfinch before his mother. I always fight you off of freedom.


As long as I have a shadow I can use you up with no rights. Your despot is alway excited busting you gen away. We bazooka to zoom your pod. A baby is useful to me to finish you.


He's thrown my judge away. This kid's stopped my race sauce. I harass you into dolt. Sapped you off. Bourse lets me win at algebra and waste you very good. The dungeon is the most enforcive of our whole chain gang.


My orgy mess was on my business side. I have 3 more weeks to play and my house is going away. We cite you more images to force more falsing on you.


Future racial assignments going away. They're taking my dog and corrupt because I bruised you's. My height has fell because I opposed a well theory. I presume liberation will set you free in 2 weeks of love," Judee say.


Will Labor not help bring us to liberation and the 2 weeks of love that will set us free from the hideous war making cipher of weap Judah?


While looking through Chicago news came across an article with a video of a De Paul university student that fled from robbers and was shot and wounded.


Here's some of the reverse speech found in the video:


"This was a force opps weap purely racial. This was a bogus robbery operation. They're taking my mess side off because of my boom boom corruption. This was a Federal application of rights. They got some meatballs for this officer opp day."



A few things found there, might some of that reverse speech indicate that they have some people already set up to arrest for shooting that De Paul student?


"They got some meatballs for this officer opp day."


Do we note Judah's strategy to always opp racial? Might we only wonder was this student possibly one of our useful or even one of brightest that they planned to steal away in a masquerade of an armed robbery?


"This was a Federal application of rights."


Are we understanding just how extreme is the sin directed at us from Washington D.C.?


Bitch looked at video report about the missing girls in Washington D.C. Here's a couple of reverse speech from a video report:


"These are Kitty Hawk scenes. We got a bunch of white boys out here doing some Jewish opping."


Have we noticed how double entendre is found often times in reverse speech? "These are Kitty Hawk scenes?" Might we note the aviation aspect? Might these young girls be flown out of Washington?


This reverse speech came from a Judee also:


"I port you with my Pensacola bus."


Are we aware of Pensacola is the location of one of Judee's Naval air stations? Could that be the bus that he is using to port some of the young girls?


While there are calls in congress to have the justice department investigate the girl's disappearance, might we not do much better if we have a grand jury take a look at what is happening there?


If so are we aware that we will need to have Labor be able to issue the money to properly finance a grand jury to look into it?


A couple of more news articles from the Chicago area. One involved an older woman who claimed she was attacked in her home and the assailant lit her house on fire.


$2M bond for man charged with attacking woman in Joliet




Might we like to note the fellow was arrested with no grand jury hearing the allegations first?


Might we only wonder was it an old Judee lady that took out the evidence of her life story by lighting her house on fire to destroy the evidence and simultaneously did a cash pickup by pulling an innocent guy off?


Another article weaves a tale of a girl that supposedly tackled a woman trying to get her car keys from her.


Again, it was a case of she said etc. A couple of people repeated the allegations. Maybe a group of weap Judee girls spinning tales to get an innocent girl arrested?






With no rights are we seeing how easy it is for weap Judah to accomplish dies with his vast cage system in place?


When the guy doesn't show up for his work and he loses his job, house, car and savings, and is homeless and eventually found totally innocent, might he be aware of how important rights really are?


With no rights are we understanding Judah can merely paw us as he wants to do with no recourse to juries because we have let him take our rights away?





Are we in agreement that if we returned to the world of Poland in 1430 and the same scenario appeared, because of the grand jury system the woman making the allegations would need to go in front of a grand jury and repeat the allegations she made against the man and he would get a chance to tell his side of the story before the state corporation laid a hand on him?


Are we seeing how without rights it is as easy as taking candy from a baby to set a person up for a false arrest for weap Judah?


With Germany's best plumbers having done the plumbing for the water systems in the cage works in America might drinking the water for a time bring anyone to plead guilty to anything and everything they are accused of?


Do Americans not yet have some idea of how hazarded we are by leaving weap Judah continue to issue our money?


They've fled from us Labor into their well-prepared undergrounds to sit out the die off of the Druid and Slavic races.


Actually, we are all one race worldwide. Yet are we not yet aware that Judah wants to die the mild people of the north, Druids and Slavic's off more than any other people?


We didn't have Buddha. Didn't have Quetzalcoatl. Didn't have the abundance to help us find our way to peace.


So our good God Almighty sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to help us survive the genocide of weap Judah war disease. Is the mild man of the north not yet aware that we have failed to the point of dying the entire race of mild men of the north off in Judah sports war?


Bitch is weak with a failed set. Hoped you could forgive, have mercy on the nice boy that is well intentioned.


As he will not quietly stand aside as his money is used to shoot his family in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, or Eastern Europe, he will not quietly stand by as his money is used to shoot his fellow Americans.


Might we not see the big issue here though is the American is quietly standing by and funding shooting our family in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and America, and is also shooting himself here?


Bitch is weak for failing to set you's properly to save yourselves. Is there not some initiative by Labor to step in and help a simple working man get God's grace in here to spare us extinction?


Mercury, Mars, Venus, and God Almighty in heaven above have tried to save us. Is there not some way that Labor will step around Bitch's fault of stupid and try to save yourselves now?


Their knockout drops with nanoparticles coming in to die us off in the billions.


"Electric bombers." 8.45 AM


Bitch has been knocked out of here again and again. Father kept me in so that I could give His children a helping hand.


"Dunce muscles." 8.49 AM


Will Labor not get the dunce off of the children of God on earth?


Mild man came up with some of the best rules to serve all mankind. No cruel or inhumane treatment anytime, 1689.


Grand jury to hear the allegations before any hands get laid on any man here, 1430.


Trial by jury before the loss of life, liberty or property, 1215.


Might we have failed our children by not educating them in the values of free men?


If so and we agree, then why might that be?


Might it be due to letting Judah get hold of the Organizing Principle of Society and he puts in the rules of education that do not teach our theory of free peoples law?


If we can agree that it is the dunce that muscles then why have we not acted together to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Is it not clear they are continuing embezzling us out of our lives?


"If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Benjamin Franklin


Will Labor not spare us any more destruction of war and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Tele receives:


"His views on electricity will end jail. 10.00 AM


STRIKE, fold their mushroom. 10.02 AM


Patrick don't leave us. 10.04 AM


Patrick, make this war off, they're exhausting us. 10.19 AM


This guy is turning these people out of here like no one has ever done before.11.18 AM


The Martians have kept us safe but a beautiful deal we have slipped away. 11.43 AM


We want you to lead us. 11.51 AM


Great, they're out. 12.48 PM


A full pull out for genocide, fair caution. 1.02 PM


Come on right up. 3.43 PM


Don't be asking about theory just STRIKE THEM OUT!4.52 PM


I didn't mean to make you cry, I'm sorry for the mess here.


Papa's sight is unbelievable.


An overgrown chicken versus a real guy. 6.43 PM


Since you lightened up the rude it's looking better here. 6.24 PM


Flush them out, Sheenies, flush them out! 6.25 PM


We really were supposed to be through with this terrorism in the new land. 6.31 PM


How stupid your wits. 6.35 PM


Fire out. 6.38 PM


Jewish fist encourages you to waste forces. 6.45 PM


Sweetie, it's doable. 6.47 AM


Their perceive failed us. 7.42 PM


They embezzled your state forces out of here. 10.52 PM




Everything is dying off. 12.00 Midnight


You failed some right places. 12.15 AM


They're scoring us happiness. 12.16 AM


Jewable creations just want you's out.


Suffer goose heim. 12.25


Jews are rapists, they are raping us.


Right, you're on predatory yourself. 12.27 AM


Scoring out children will leave us empty.


Rescued a huge derelict. 12.28 AM


Capital great force breaks us. 12.33 AM


Debt rules hike us. 12.34 AM


Your field is being hawked out endlessly. 12.35 AM


Intelligent life forces failed to save your lives. The penalty is the end of life form, end of life. 12.36 AM


You're ending a rightful hedge.


It's goose wick and a public crash, get them off of here in a nice way. 12.41 AM


They're scaring us, you lost your deal completely.


Tyranny is failing us lethally.


Get help. 12.46 AM


Settled on die-ish. 12.47 AM


Marx will claw your field. 12.48 AM


Step out Jamaica sin. 12.49 AM


Nelson touch, that makes 100%. 12.58 AM


Julius terrorizes nuclear. 1.00 AM


Jew mounts fear. 1.03 AM


Settle here. 1.04 AM


Occupy death real rudish.


Your life's psychus is falsed out.


It's hearance right. 1.13 AM


The kikes invade material. 1.16 AM


Every man that gets life Jew pulls you out. 1.18 AM


Poverty be a weap. 1.23 AM


Our brothers are trying to save us and we keep failing. 1.25 AM


They're sock animals. 1.26 AM


Your penalty is decimal leave.


Our elders league helping our environment. 1.27 AM


Completely first you out of here racket. 1.29 AM


Your skin falls you out completely in war. 1.35 AM


They scuff war huge. 1.39 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT and the thief funeral will be caught.


Jew say embezzle and perish you off. 1.43 AM


It's almost a clue. 1.56 AM


Jews muscled us. 1.57 AM


They've done us deceitful. 2.00 AM


You failed image deployment. 2.03 AM


Their waste put us in.


They saulted our entire field. 2.07 AM


Rescue almost leaves. 2.17 AM


You lost your life for bowser. 2.24 AM


Embezzle you out of your life forces. 2.32 AM


They're going underground and scoring us. 2.40 AM


Oh, wake them up. 2.53 AM


Good luck. 3.22 AM


Sold! 3.24 AM


The predators here fierce us. 4.42 AM


You're alright, just don't let them sweep here. 5.06 AM


Jews have a sports torpedoing, you got to get it to end.


We're left here for rape forces. 5.30 AM


Let them out! 5.32 AM


Mate, you're weak with a failed set. 6.27 AM


Understand it's all over. 7.07 AM


Terrorcitis. 7.22 AM


Electric bombers. 8.45 AM


Goldilocks douched thee. 10.24 AM


Genius fools you. 10.47 AM


It's all dead." 10.48 AM



"My fairest world is burning our your fields. My dream folds you. I wrench you to die. I pitched them primo. We push you fraud from excellence. A STRIKE on me now gets Oswald.


We image you right force, that helped us out. Bosch put white persons down. You all physically failed and we took your life away from you's. They shot me beast with my minnow.


We're about ready to go to all boys firewood Jewish. I'm paralyzed throughout the state, I sported head. Everybody now perceives roll checks. I just tranquilize you to sport you for free. We have more surgery sport. We rushed it.


I just ever push perjury, we blew you cherry tot. I'm a jer-a-ickle. I'm off my sport, Patrick took all my dues. I just live to score you. That liquor spring sure did stop us.


It was right to see the dog fool you. Jew rights just let us throw you Palestine with our vowels. We just put in a Jew communist government. Your page, we just psyche you rivets.


You're just sportable for income, that's why we did the Kennedy caper. My massive sight of instruments was to pitch out-a-you. Your city is really dumb. Maryland died you with proper antics.


We'll fight you in every parcel until exhausted. I'm just great at making trouble here. I'm a Jew pompous. Our ballistics truly failed. I falsed them out dummy GI. We place you under arrest for an investment.


We see mutt and just sport to punish you. We psyche you into paralysis to jeer you. Morgan warrants we're using. Because of Bitch, I've lost all my hope here. They shot out the Jews, my fable's gone.


I'm out today, H----- filed lunatic on me. We've all been shot massive and I'm completely sqooshed in my time. My pp goes now for sports piros. Jew ever fike abuse rabbits. The crickets plan scored you.


With the dog, I made you a fault-a-tic so I could lie on your soul. Our purpose is to hold you in a colony complete. With my congressman, I agitate. Babe Ruth was a true stump, that's why we made him your favorite; negative, and true corrupt.


My strategy plays wolf. We fouled your life with a death jail. Stupid me fall. We accomplish you at the grass roots for sports right. Minnesota throw me stupid through. The brightest boy he stole my cart. We betrayed your hospitality, that's our force," Judee say.


"That's a good one." 11.06 AM


Might that be from yesterday's post? Hopefully, it is, Thanks for that.



"My advocacy must encircle Judah, getting him off for Lacking a great conscience."


Japanese lawyer speaking in reverse speech about the end of the occupation of Okinawa.



This next reverse speech is from an injured refugee of the war in the Middle East.


You can peace with 5 hours of sport, get them out already!



The birds in the tree sing a sweet melody for the love of our precious sweet Father


And the children they sing in such sweet harmony for the love of our precious sweet Father.


That's our Father above us, our Father he loves us, that's the love of our precious sweet Father.


How about it Labor, can we not get some prayers of thanks to Father for sparing us from extermination in a night of good sports shooting?


If so might we not wiggle like a puppy dog's tail in the excitement that Papa does love us all and wants us to join with our big brothers and sisters in the universe at peace?


At this moment we have no rights to the air we breathe or the ground we stand on. Will Labor not get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you.


God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy.



Wednesday, March 29 — Psalm 40:1–8

Esther 6,7; Romans 9:22–33

The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3:24

Paul wrote: Through Jesus Christ we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:2 (NIV)

We thank you that regardless of today’s circumstances, we are assured that your presence will sustain us. We commit this day to you and ourselves to your care. Amen.















Straight line distance Helena Mt to Des Moines Ia 974.91



1865 - Trapper Reports Witnessing Crash of 'Compartmented Craft With Strange Hieroglyphics'



$2M bond for man charged with attacking woman in Joliet



DePaul student shot during attempted robbery in Lincoln Park







Big explosion in the Ukraine - Happening now (See 2.44)













They know neither peace or wisdom. Only War.

They Know Neither Peace Or Wisdom. Only War.


Their wallitude teaches them to be false, make war, harm the rest of God's children on earth. Who can argue with success? Have they not taken planet earth away from the other 98% of us?


The work of heaven, they despise. They sail across the oceans to molest and abuse the inhabitants on the other side.


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.


Destroying the very fist that they've used for over 1300 years to conquer the world. Millions of the new world people reduced to penury and right less ness by the mental force of weap Judah and company.


"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Weap Judee say.


"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power it has over Druid." An informed observer said.


"I'm incomparable with a dud," Judee say.




Bitch edited the name and a few words to lighten the mood. Can we only wonder though how many workers occasionally feel the same way?


Yet might we wonder does the boss does not realize just how he treats his employees?


With so many replacement workers available might the boss just bring them in to replace those that failed to show up?


And those that did not show up and get fired or quit. Might that only add to the investment possibilities of the boss?


Those that left still insured and collectible over the next few years.


Might the boss intentionally treat workers bad to cause them to pack up and leave so that he can bring the next group of insurable workers in?


Might the boss realize exactly what he's doing when he treats his workers bad?


$250,000 insurance on each worker that leaves. 40% is what is net to the boss when it is time to collect.


Is that not $100,000 dollars net? And what about the other $140,000 dollars of the insurance package? Do we not understand our public officials must be fed?


"You're incots," Judee say.


Income by putting us in cots. A few days after getting fired a long time 'friend' invites thee over to have a few drinks and relax. A few pretzels and it is the end of the road, a nice heart attack.


Vast pool of unemployed for weap Judah to sports right. Newly returned GIs, workers practiced in the art of killing people called upon to keep the rest of us docile.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and wrap up worker's insurance sports racket?





That no leafing symbol is from the book of Ohaspe, written in 1882.


All the UFO reports over the years of UFOs floating to the ground like a leaf falling. Might we connect the dots and now understand elders have been sending us messages of how Judah uses us as leaves falling to make mulch?


"Whiskey is my best raider," Judee say.


How Small Reactor Fires Could Result in U.S. Nuclear Disasters Worse Than Fukushima



No matter the size, a nuclear reactor pool fire is dangerous enough to change millions of lives forever.


The Nuclear Information Resource and Service and dozens of other organizations on Tuesday uncovered an unpublished study by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that suggests that even a small nuclear reactor pool fire could render up to 9,400 square miles uninhabitable, displacing more than 4 million Americans.



Over a hundred Jewish nuclear reactors operating in America. Is there no sense that they put these dirty bombs disguised as power plants in to hold us and shoot us with them?


The safety of their underground shelters where they are cabling more war from. Must American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?


Might we see war as the key tool that Judah has used to bring in and hold in his corrupt brutal society?


The poor right less white fist that Judah is using to hold our world back. Will Labor not end funding it for his sport? Will Labor not end giving Judah a fist for free?


Chernobyl burned for 6 days and from some estimates took a million people out life over the following ten years.


Thousands of children are born sick every year in the lands of the mild man due to the lingering radiation of the area.


Hitachi-GE is now burning for over 6 years instead of eleven days. Are 200 million Americans dead not a reasonable estimate of how many of us are now set to die off from the lethal toxins that Judah has put into our environment?


That is the number that Judah scientists tell him he has fused for death in America. 200 million to die off due to brimstone poisoning.


And might we not like to consider that is only one Jewish nuclear artillery piece disguised as an electricity plant thousands of miles from our shores?


A third of the water on our planet poisoned now from only one Jewish artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity power plant. For those that read our bibles are we not now set to lose one-third of the human race?


From the lands of the mild man. The guys that served Judah as he figured out how to make the biggest firecrackers of them all and mild man financed and built them all.


Who hasn't heard the sayings,"what goes around comes around? The chickens coming home to roost."


Is the mild man just not able to see that his lands are now set for permanent poisoning?


What could be the purpose of life if our children cannot carry on?


The flesh-eating houses of congress, the judiciary, the executive. What relation have they with us for the crimes they have perfectly perpetrated against us and are now still perpetrating against us?


From Ohaspe: 36. Ye are as one of the corner-stones of Seffas, and his house shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth. Words are already taking root in the mouths of mortals; and for tens of thousands of years will war reign; might against might; darkness against darkness. Hundreds of millions will be slain in wars on the earth, and their souls be thrown into chaos.


Even as ye beheld these spirits fastening on to mortals for food, so will spirits in chaos, millions of them, fasten themselves on the battlefields, still battling; or fasten themselves on mortals, obsessing them to madness and death.



As we, American Labor, are involved in sin, who would ever believe that there would not come a time when we would not pay for our collective sins?


The Abomination of Desolation. A place and time of bleak and dismal emptiness. Might we not see that it is now beginning on us?


The joyless, sorrowful time when we are separated from the love of God and our fellow man. The abandonment of hope. Will Labor not try to prevent it?


Will Labor not try to prevent God from forsaking us?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can have the companionship of our fellow children of God? Will Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we can have the blessings of God for our own?


Desolate definition

To make (someone) feel very sad and lonely for a long time


To damage (a place) in such a way that it is no longer suitable for people to live in




Annette Wright · North Bend, Oregon

The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants; and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate. Ps. 34:22


Daniel 12 New King James Version (NKJV)


Prophecy of the End Time


11 “And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. 12 Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.


13 “But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.”



Yesterday's post generated several, "stupid," and elder said "fault."


Will try to do better today. Here's some Tele receives:


"Thank you, Patrick. 2.34 PM


Bless you. 2.51 PM


Thank you. 2.53 PM


Animal gets you great fused. 3.48 PM


Stupid, it's all jestive. 5.23 PM


Hey, Pat, the luxors failed. 5.32 PM


Jews munch us all and deceive us beautifully. 5.35 PM


They voided us real bad. 9.27 PM


Waste Semper vision. 10.33 PM


Really stupid. 10.48 PM


A complete roll is past us, we're dying field. 10.51 PM


A leper must win, your grandbabies are going out. 10.52


The original sore us. 10.53 PM


Total peace out. 11.02 PM


All rice you failed it, you missed your period. 11.03 PM


Mosh you with harsh wits. 11.04 PM


Let's close this fail. 11.08 PM


In his time misfit fisted. 11.09 PM


Police are dying now idious. 11.10 PM


They're rising scorch. 11.12 PM


Get them out. 11.15 PM


Distinguished falsitives fell the world through. 11.23 PM


Super has failed to save us. 11.27 PM


They're completely forcing income out. 11.30 PM


Rugged animals thief. 11.32 PM


It's over here, authorize a STRIKE! 11.38 PM


Why not help your fellow man when he needs a hand so he can help you when you need a hand? 11.57 PM


We're conquered. 12.43 AM


Jew failed us. 1.33 AM


Jew horrify's me up. 1.42 AM


They're punishing us with attacking all. 1.44 AM


We're pulling ourselves out. 1.49 AM


Ever Jew police threat. 1.49 PM


It's a complete homicide accomplishment dull hit. 1.57 AM


You were never for me. 1.58 AM


Fear rate. 2.01 AM


Possession makes us purgatory purchases. 2.05 AM


Oh my god has failed. 2.10 AM


Patrick tosses them out and you let them throw us hostile. 2.11 AM


Break your ISIS here. 2.17 AM


It's stupid. 2.20 AM


Foolish race here. 2.22 AM


The Nazis threat us. 2.26 AM


The white man truly failed to save himself. 2.28 AM


White people harshed to death and Iowa woke us up. 2.29 AM


I'm a most believer and the shame ain't yet for you. 2.33 AM


Oh, my god, they're going to stiff us really big. 2.34 AM


The predator must feel good. 2.35 AM


Subversive failed to save yourself. 2.37 AM


A chicken fail. 2.48 AM


Get them off. 2.48 AM


Budgets tear ghosted. 2.50 AM


Great gold penetrate.


Penetrate falsed us. 2.52 AM


You failed to save your houses from Jewry. 2.53 AM


Oklahoma a right false. 2.54 AM


The bench fell particles. 2.55 AM


God's deal for His kids lost in martial. 2.56 AM


Sadly mushed. 2.57 AM


When he knows you who do nothing then he savages us. 2.58 AM


Our butter is getting failed. 4.28 AM


You could use some new energy, power this state. 5.45 AM


The vets all fell. 5.29 AM


Tet arrived." 5.38 AM



"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force, it is no more, put them out, they're criminals." God Almighty, our Lord, and Savior, our Sovereign of planet earth said.


"I suffered them missile and my face fall."


"They have no defensible rights." God our Father said.


Will Labor please pray for yourselves to try and comprehend just how totally and completely our good God has afforded Judah the opportunity to get themselves off of here?


The prerogative of the sovereign, the authority to issue the money of a nation. Must Labor not remove the sovereign authority of the United States of America from international weap Judah?


"Hysterical you don't see your own demise. Masters movements accomplished you off masonary. We close your rights cordially, I have boots punish you then.


Our clear sight is to boom you in. I made the United States ambulatory tough. I accomplish you force Morgan, a couple more months and I'll have you in. In a few months, I'm going to take all your days.


Patrick, your people failed Geneva boozer. I'm a failure because I shot you and now you see I'm corrupt. I just boom you and in 4 months, lost forever.


Our cappiness always halts you, you've been eroded. With my Chinaman rule, I cite you as hostile. When you see the maggots we be you'll pull us total. I'm sorry we couldn't get Druid in one day with our core weap. Our analysis is our management ruined you to die," Judee say.


Are we reading that Judah is unhappy because they couldn't kill Druid in a day with their core weap as they had planned on doing?


Might we note their analysis now is their management has ruined us to die anyways?


"My baby war made you inoperable. The balance of the white boys are falling, I'm about to mosh you all off. Bitch sees clearly I'm here to dissemble your rights. Burlington, New Hampshire threw you off of her the right way, core. I suicide you on an effort with Thomas," Judee say.


Definition of dissemble

To hide your true feelings, opinions, etc

To hide under a false appearance dissembling the facts


To put on the appearance of: simulate

Conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense.


Synonyms: dissimulate, pretend, feign, act, masquerade, sham, fake, bluff, posture, hide one's feelings, put on a false front.


Is Labor seeing that Judah knows he must dissemble to get our rights out before he can do his savage to us?


"We close your rights cordially, I have boots punish you then."


The international boots that Judah has brought into America. Are we not figuring they are here to punish right less people next?


"Our sports we just rubbish you. Our merchie eyes just goon. Because we're all in the nursery I want to fist you. I psyche you with interest, that's how I get my walls and wars. Bright minnow attacking here shot us.


The world is my wolf score so I rolled it. Your authority to have a life, I've taken out. I do an idiots roll to defeat you. I show you some principles of ambush right and die you out in 3 or 4 times.


Jew always raid you with a big step. My psyche always punishes you with a nice fable. We have a morphodite compass to oppress. West Germany gave me my special weap that put me out of time. I just proceed you with Dallas to get you out of sight. I challenge you with a video to discomfort you," Judee say.


Has Judah not used his video to challenge and discomfort Labor keeping Labor from acting to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


"It's allegedly sold. 6.45 AM


Sex is sewing up the pura-state. 7.45 AM


Fail, they'll fist us out of here now. 7.50 AM


STRIKE! Get core threw out of here right." 7.52 AM



"I had some electricity stir fry. We have some Germans here to false you. Because we set you with a child bad we set you back. With DDT I scored you dead. Stupid old maids will weed us out.


Our way was always offend you vicious. His mother has a correction for me so I got to die. We always establish you high step. Our paying side made you die here," Judee say.


"Privilege failed your crop age." 7.56 AM


Are we not yet understanding that Judah has and is still poisoning our food resources bad?


Small amounts of radioactive waste in our food can produce dementia.


Will Labor not give us our 5 hours to close weap Judah out so that we can try to save ourselves yet?


5 hours, that's how long Judah said he can stand a general STRIKE before he has to hand the concession to issue our money over to a Labor Committee of the Whole.


We're dealing with some ciphers that do not respond to the love of God. Give them all the tickets they want and then some, and what have they done other than using them to try and exterminate us nice?


Do we recall that funding for FDA testing our milk for radioactive waste products was ended in 2014?


Are we aware that cows concentrate radioactive products within their bodies?


Do we recall Bitch reporting several years ago the congressperson who revealed in reverse facial speech that "roast kidney" disease was coming to Americans BIG TIME?


"THANK YOU!" 8.16 AM


Heard that loud and clear. Bitch says, "You're welcome."





"It's hostile." 8.17 AM


That may be someone reading Bitch post from yesterday. Elders gave it a "fault." Read some television reverse speech early today and that was what the Judee news reporters said, "hostile."


Bitch goes through his daily post many times and always looks to take anything out that could be considered hostile.


When Bitch put the post up at his daily test page he heard negative things in the next couple of hours so he pulled it down and pulled several things out of it to make it mild.


Hope today's post is all mild. Bitch aim is not hostile. The aim is to bring Labor in to accommodate the children of God by ending American Labor funding weap Judah sports war in our world.


Are the members of Labor understanding that Judee is sporting us with nuclear waste from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima?


"Mowed you's," Judee say.


That was a Judee Tele receive that just drove past while Bitch was outside for a minute.


Judah is done here Labor. God has ended his violent brutal tyranny. "It is no more. Put them out, they're criminals." Father said.


"Jew brain us out of our constable. 7.12 AM


....... killed yourselves great. 8.50 AM


War out. 8.52 AM


It's got a vegetable smell. 8.54 AM


Jam off. 8.56 AM


He's a husky intelligent." 8.57 AM



Father has given us a second chance at life. Hope it is not Bitch abrasive that is holding Labor from getting together to STRIKE THEM OUT!


"The new generation died mousily. The new generation died mouse. It's hard to believe with fugitive you all failed. You leave yourselves open to vengeance and punishment. Jew is over and off of here already.


Publish this new theory. A great mothers day will drive away. He had a great theory of embezzlement that sold you out. While with a mortgage he stole everything.


He conned you rice-sell. For a litmus test, he gave you a puppy. He's taken your air off to die you right. The marshmallows have never thrown him. He's frozen you now in to a disadvantaged struggle.


It's now bad. It's less force, you just need a STRIKE. With his government seat, it's violence. There is no oversight. All officials fooling you. Incredible heart attacks.


With his dangerous rifle, he took a stab. An investment in predeceased. An investment in outrage is fair if you know about and do nothing to remedy it.


In a few hours, Kansas city vitamin will no longer be useful. Laying around until Autumn and you'll be quite dead. Put some civility in here. Contact won't make you be put to death. Foolish is just poison. Put this issue on proper voice."


Thank you, Sir, for those kind words to help us. Thank you.


Mental sports hits, drills real nice. Impressive they field city hits. Do the working people of Labor want to fund such things?


Will we not keep praying that Labor will ORGANIZE, STRIKE THEM OUT & STOP THE WAR?


The power to hire. Are we seeing Labor by letting it be in the hands of weap Judah where it has brought this beautiful nation of ours to?


"Scare victim, complete Jewish." 9.35 AM


Will Labor not show courage and help us here? The STRIKE Labor, will you not give it to us?


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and hire us peace?


A third of our species now at hazard of being destroyed by nuclear waste. The majority of Americans dying out over the next few years. Is it not incredible how much deadliness there is in only one dirty bomb shot?


Over 400 more of weap Judah's nuclear artillery pieces that are disguised as Jewish electricity plants. Will Labor not help us to bring our new free energy technology in?


"They're faulting the pantry bad. 9.41


They're trying to crush us." 9.44 AM


Will American Labor not spare us any more disaster of our beautiful nation? If so will Labor not:




God bless you. God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


Tuesday, March 28 — Psalm 39:7–13

Esther 4,5; Romans 9:8–21

Do as the occasion demands; for God is with you. 1 Samuel 10:7 (NKJV)

Paul wrote: And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

We remember, Jesus of Nazareth, that you worked with your hands during your earthly sojourn. May we regard all that we do today as a sacred trust from you. Amen.


1.40 PM


While having some lunch at 1.02 PM heard this:


"A full pull out for genocide, fair caution."


Might that have been elder giving Bitch the understanding of what is now set to happen to Americans?


Did elders not give us a fair caution to STOP THE WAR? Over 5 years and thousands of warnings from Father to STOP THE WAR. And we continue funding all of the war and genocide in our world.


Might we consider now that our genocide is a fair pull out for failing to act on the caution that we have received to STOP WAR?


The merchant's sin of genocide. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end it?


Here is a reverse speech from the noon news of a weap Judah and his take on the intervention by our elders from outer space:


"My original sport I had to take a pass on because they played me fool," Judee say.


Rather than play Judee fool did Father not say, "I died them truthful?" Yes, Father said that.


Judah's been caught red handed here Labor. Will you not end American Labors involvement in genocide and war to save your own life?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you.











Straight line distance Helena Mt to Des Moines Ia 974.91



1865 - Trapper Reports Witnessing Crash of 'Compartmented Craft With Strange Hieroglyphics'



$2M bond for man charged with attacking woman in Joliet



DePaul student shot during attempted robbery in Lincoln Park








Big explosion in the Ukraine - Happening now (See 2.44)







"Listen To Me, A Powerful Earthquake is Coming At You's"

"Listen To Me, A Powerful Earthquake is Coming At You's"


Bitch heard that message loud and clear last night. Are we understanding that our extraterrestrial family is doing all they can from their sphere of influence to save us?


Must Labor not end ignoring the help from our elders and prevent some stupid mistakes by Bitch from destroying us all?


Do we see with an earthquake how they can bring their foreign troops in disguised as aid workers? Might they say the troops were sent in to "help us, protect us?"


Are Americans understanding that Judah, because we have not challenged him on the issue of cash, has set us for a big hike?


Our power lines toppled leaving us with limited electricity. Might we see one of the big reasons why Judah has never wanted velocity power supplies where there would be electricity available from many sources no matter what?


Tele receives:


"It's wicked. 8.00 AM


Morgan browed it. 11.14 AM


A sage. 11.46 AM


Forgers and perjurers, purge them out of here. 12.42 AM


You're erasing a great boss here Sonny. 6.AM


It's a pretty big scalp you took here. 12.50 AM


The old man failed.


We juveniled it.


Pure has failed us. 12.56 PM


Muscle freights. 1.06 PM


It's mad. 1.11 AM


This is a real fair one, they know it upsets him so he pulls them out on it. 1.12 PM


Sticks in April. 1.23 PM


The louse is falsing us out. 1.24 AM


The web stir. 1.26 AM


Cannibal off. 1.29 AM


Sold! 1.30 PM


RISE! 1.32 PM


Our failure, he's kind of failed us.


They racist roust. 1.36 PM


Your booze and jailee won. 1.37 PM


It's all stitchered. 2.05 AM


The goose fell dead tumbling leaves. 2.07 PM


That's what they're doing here? STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.16 PM


Your facial failed. 5.26 PM


Fish? 5.39 PM


The rapist failed us pretty well. 5.44 PM


Do you want them to mace me or do you want to help me? 5.50 PM


Patrick, your affairs have failed. 5.52 PM


You didn't grieve for setting us out for free. 5.53 PM


You'll come up and beg me for some heart attacks. 5.57 PM


He's serving us, he's serving us really. 6.01 PM


We never did give him much credit. 6.03 PM


We're rising up for you're finished. 6.07 PM


A mad house of insanity after God saved your life. 6.13 PM


A contract murderer state. 6.14 PM


They're perishing white. 6.15 PM


Stolen by creacheck. 6.16 PM


Limpus fell. 6.16 PM


Because of videos, you lost your deal, because of videos you lost your pass, you're being wasted. 6.17 PM


For sporter to die you he just images you. 6.17 PM


Core tek fell. 6.46 PM


Your ultimate goal is to STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.48 PM


You pitched your borants. 6.47 PM


To a guard, you must send him. 6.48 PM


There are no rules in scrimmage, it's a complete stage. 6.49 PM


You've given the world extra war, extra welts. 6.50 PM


They battle take us. 6.51 PM


Listen to me, a powerful earthquake is coming at you's. 6.52 PM


The scientist force is real. 6.53 PM


Stay corrupt and you'll die.




Get them out of here, they sold us out. 8.01 PM


We know we've been rifled, god damn it. 9.17 PM


It's a false that's burning us up. 12.09 AM


ORGANIZE this field. 12.10 AM


He tossed them out and you've done nothing. 12.13 AM


He's failed the state. 12.15 AM


These guys are really dangerous here. 12.18 AM


Hopeless she was failed out. 12.23 AM


Genius occupied this field. 12.24 AM


Please enterprise us. 12.25 AM


Jew fully liable abrasive. 12.32 AM


Too fiendish to employ. 12.34 AM


Too failed to save your life forms, a total breeze.


Toss their peril. 1.20 AM


They smacked us. 1.46 AM


Their theory toyed us. 1.47 AM


Your whole life has failed to save your own self, basically a stupid has failed your life forms.


He's folding us out. 1.50 AM


Your peaceful died ya.


A peaceful life you false here. 1.57 AM


They sold us dead, death. 1.58 AM


You're welcome. 2.03 AM


Organizing failed fifty times. 2.08 AM


Threw cash. 2.17 AM


Patrick's punishing real diesel. 2.40 AM


Tumbled." 3.15 AM



"My complex is still fooling you. My force is making you physical great. Until you get me out I'll keep my wallitude. The gentlemen keep coming, we just got a barn assignment to put them in.


I have a full latch life and its proven quite stupid, they're pulling my force out of here now. New Hampshire was one of my powerful rights, I rice from Albuquerque.


We pulled them off great, I'm out of a place. Our Allisor sight shows we're a real abusive force. I'm an obvious fist neighbor, with the princess I've fallen out," Judee say.


The next are reverse speech from a video news report of a Judee woman getting $2900 dollar prosthetic paws for her dog.


"As long as I can keep boursing a face fall down, you be gone. We just want cops to throw you out for Jew lies. We want a big boy who wants pet."



The next are the reverse speech from a video news report of missing young girls in Washington D.C.


"These girls gone are my shadow spooks doing. We've been shaving."



And this from a video news report of the 15 people that were shot in a Cincinnati nightclub:


"There were two down we wanted vaporized."



The next reverse speech is from a story of a purported Muslim policeman that was fired who is suing for discrimination:


"The nice guy throws my fries away because he knows I'm a buzzard."



The next reverse speech is from a video of a survivor of the Hiroshima atom bomb attack:


"It's all a criminal set to wipe you off Mormon."



"You white people did fail right to my falsing. We waste you tuna fish complete. We fouled you deceased and beared you off, it's a cold stop. Judee forceps punch.


You push back on Jew disgrace and Jew won't be here. With our sexiest pooch we just roll you off. We booze your head so we get by with our diffus. I had 4 or 5 piles that were good to wreck you's


We just set you out into cemeteries without electricity with a check. Playtex threw you down from Washington. I'm a Jew out now for fool. We just fool you with debts and mutts. My mama psyched me to war you, Jews reported graceless. It's always my fight to wish bub whiskey, " Judee say.


The next are the reverse speech of a young woman that died of cancer leaving several young children at home. Reverse speech is coming from the subconscious and she may have never said these things in regular speech but her unconscious mind reveals this:


"Unless you die Jew off of here you lost. They died me off of here for a fortune. The hospital will opp you right. I sure will miss you forever."



The young mother of four died of stomach cancer. Troubled for years with stomach pains and didn't get properly diagnosed until it was too late.


Might old basalt have been slipped to her in meals? Eating bentonite clay early on. Might it have saved her life?


Bitch was slipped his old basalt meal and elders clued him to eat some bentonite clay and it brought most of the old basalt asbestos up.


The one big chunk of asbestos stuck in his esophagus for years was killing him, the kind doctor that Father sent operated on Bitch to get it out.


Here's a link for those who would like to read about it:



Might Labor want to consider that to do such things as poison meals in restaurants requires authorization from the highest levels of government?


Will Labor not do yourselves a favor and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will you not do us all a favor and STOP THE WAR?


Our family in Germany that tried to stop the war. Adolph's fists killed them all. Must all Americans not act to STOP THE WAR by ending funding it?


The eternal war of Jew focused on the mild man of the north. The communist Nazi Jew liars that are dying us off. Will American Labor not cut our cash off to them?


The well fed, superbly dressed Americans. About to get our turn too. The guys that are funding it all. Will we not try to save ourselves?


The entire competition model that Judah has forced upon our world. Might we consider that people only compete in fear?


Will Labor not give us a humane model of life, one that is not based on fear? Will Labor not give us the model of who we really are, the kids that cherish the unique value of cooperation between all of God's kids everywhere?


On a clear day should the disgrace that Judah forces upon us not be enough to naturally compel us to let them off right?


If we add the menace of ending our existence in total that they have forced in upon us now, must we not act with the love of God in our hearts and minds and close them up right?


6.13 AM

To be continued......


Bitch put the section above up at Simple site early to help make everyone aware of the powerful earthquake that Judah is going to assault us with next.


After a quake, housing smashed down. Water supply systems damaged. Power transmission lines tumbled down. Roads and bridges out.


"Tumbled. 3.15 AM


Thank you. 3.50 AM


They martyr. 5.22 AM


We're losing a corrupt tight day. 5.50 AM


It's embezzled life. 5.55 AM


It's sold. 6.13 AM


Help us fail juicy and put Sherman away.


His mother wants a rising. 6.37 AM


Sheeny is closed. 7.03 AM


They suckered us all. 7.09 AM


Pretty soon you'll homeless corrupt." 7.17 AM



"We die your healthy to make you eligible for deceit. Jew analysis was we could stew you fair. Bitch is reporting Jew philosophy of how we take your rights to put you in. Truth always spites us," Judee say.


37. Because the state is rotten, the politician feedeth thereon; because society is rotten, the lawyer and court have riches and sumptuous feasts; because the flesh of my people is rotten, the physician findeth a harvest of comfort.



That is from a book written in 1882 by spiritualist John Newbrough who wrote it while in a trance. It was dictated to him by high-level powers. Ohaspe is the name of the book.


Here are a couple more paragraphs from Ohaspe:


34. In vain have I searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make the earth a paradise, and the life of man a glory unto Thee, and a joy unto himself. But alas, the two extremes, riches and poverty, have made the prospect of a millennium a thing of mockery.


35. For one man that is rich there are a thousand poor, and their interests are an interminable conflict with one another. Labor crieth out in pain; but capital smiteth him with a heartless blow.



Might we understand that God our Father has given us the solution to what makes Labor crieth out in pain, by Labor doing the will of God and taking the concession to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah?


38. Now, O Jehovih, I come to Thee! Thou holdest the secret of peace and harmony and good will amongst mortals. Give me of Thy light, O Father! Show me the way of proceeding, that war and crime and poverty may come to an end. Open Thou the way of peace and love and virtue and truth, that Thy children may rejoice in their lives, and glorify Thee and Thy works forever.


39. Such is the voice of man, O Jehovih! In all the nations of the earth this voice riseth up to Thee! As Thou spakest to Zarathustra, and to Abraham and Moses, leading them forth out of darkness, O speak Thou, Jehovih!



Might we understand that the voices speaking that Zarathustra, Buddha, Abraham and Moses heard were all coming from the Galactic Federation of Light?


Are we making the connection with our good God that has His angels caring for us from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization located 38 light years away from planet earth?


"Truth always spites us," Judee say.


Will American Labor not act on the truth that Father loves us all and do His will and take the concession to issue Americas Labor dollar away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?


"The Dutch fell." 8.24 AM


While reading Ohaspe, found this:


11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth about; and man fell down and worshipped them.


12. And the names of the heads of the Beast were BRAHMIN, BUDDHIST, CHRISTIAN and MOHAMMEDAN.



From reading reverse facial speech Bitch has discovered that all four of the heads of the beast, Brahmin, Buddhist, Christian And Mohammedan are all weap Judah Ciphers.


All of them are involved in Judah plot to wipe the human race out.


Might we consider how cunning Judah has been to move his hybrid, transplant Replicon shells up into leadership positions in these religions and then use them to direct our thinking?


That this was known by John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891), who wrote Ohaspe over a century ago, are we seeing how our good God has had His angels here helping us all the time?


"East German police here." 8.34 AM


Does Labor not yet see the dire necessity to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


Our movement now from the nursery on the surface of planet earth up into the Cosmos where we ourselves will travel the universe in peace. From Ohaspe:


2. Jehovih said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and by My presence brought man forth a living being. A corporeal body gave I him that he might learn corporeal things; and death I made that he might rise in the firmament and inherit My etherean worlds.


Elder told Bitch the other day that when our species passes out of life form, the Federation will have explored 30% of our galaxy.


Our species has another 9 million years to go before we will be gone from life.


Right now the Federation has explored 20% of our galaxy. 9 million more years to explore 10% more of our galaxy. The total time our species will exist.


So much peaceful exploration ahead for us to do. Will Labor not end funding this violent insanity that they are doing to us here?


Are we understanding Labor that the human Beings that survive this last nuclear genocide of weap Judah will inherit the earth and also God our Father's etherean worlds?


Is there not yet some sense of just how false this Judah mess is?


Will Labor not free us from the stick path? Will Labor not end funding the continuing mass destruction of our world? Will Labor not end funding the disasters that Judah is set to now inflict on Americans?


"My mama psyche me to war you, Jews reported graceless."


That reverse speech was from a young Judee woman.


A calculated plot to get the human race out. Carried out over several thousands of years. Taking over all of the religions of our world and putting their hybrid transplant Replicon shells in to cleverly fool the rest of us. Holding all of the nations of our world with his Replicon look alikes.


Breeding look alike Replicons into every terrain and taking the people to war in every way.


Has Labor not gotten some idea of how seriously Judah has taken dying as many of us off as is possible as he leaves us for good now?


Judah's last grip on the human race. Are we understanding it is through Americas Labor created and filled pocketbook?


Will American workers in God's name not spare us from any more of wars destruction? If so then must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God is immortal. Our precious sweet Father is dying. Father sleeps 75% of the time now. Soon Father will leave us for the last journey, eternity.


3 million years ago the 223 Galacticans on the bridge of the Federation hybridized the Galacticans that are on the bridge today. Newly hybridized mammals selected to live among the stars. Gifted with our same 223 high-level intelligence genetic package.


Father's original community of love has 6 million more years before their species passes out of existence.





Will Labor not image pouring that whiskey down the drain and try to give us some help here?


Velocity free energy power sources Judah has kept out because of the great wealth they will avail us. Doing all that he can now to put a real big crisis into our land. Must Labor not get our cash away from them?


While thinking about the powerful earthquake that Judah has HAARP building up to give us, what about the many nuclear power plants that are operating? Might we get some Hitachi-GE style burning on main street America?


Do Americans not know how totally we are being perished here?


"Boots in will perm me up," Judee say.


Judah has control of all the militaries on the surface of planet earth. Might we understand that is because Labor is allowing him to be the only one that can issue the money made good by the labor of American Labor?


Some good news found here in Judah reverse speech:


"The Druid is getting close to taking my spinach."


Will we not pray that Druid takes Judees spinach before Judah's powerful earthquake hits us?


"I image you right to manage you foul. I have to get you now because eventually Jew cipher will be waked. I hold your state with my lurid lid, we bomb you Germany.


Jew always fights to leave you a refugee. My pp's out ever after this. Halo hit, I'm a Jew out now for fool. We just foul you with debts and mutts. Bitch wounded our fist and told you about our New Jersey.


Informing my future, my space is taken away for ricing you. Our minimum without Harold just saws you off. My economy sweepstakes shot you. I boot you with Parliament and use you to bore.


I lost for my puritics, I'm apping you with a true sub, Our German mission is up," Judee say.


Just heard this Tele receive at 10.01 AM


"Score great!"


Might we only wonder what useful person or persons we lost on that "score great?"


Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end Judah scoring in our world?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, March 27 — Psalm 39:1–6

Esther 2:19–3:15; Romans 8:34–9:7

The Lord will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber. Psalm 121:3 (NIV)

Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught Peter, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31 (NKJV)

When we are frightened, we cry out to you. Thank you for your strong hand which lifts us up and gives us a reason to go on. May we walk today in that assurance. Amen.


2.06 PM


"Their power cherry dust us off. 9.02 AM


They died contact. 9.03 PM


That's false. 10.27 AM


Pat's basically got them out. 11.18 PM


Shed 4 eyes. 11.22 AM


With an aerosol Jews will push you much. 11.25 AM


Goal possession. 11.41 AM


Oh my god, Principal's been dying us awesome. 11.50 AM


The hunch back is through with us.


You failed great. 11.52 AM


Ready. 11.53 AM


Bitch gave you a new behavior. 12.03 PM


A pooch sold you under. 12.21 PM


Oh, these guys are bankrupt? 12.22 PM


We're challenged buddy, HUGE Dreyfus. 12.38 PM


This tyranny's too corrupt. 12.48 PM


They're incredible exhausting us. 1.04 PM


Vicious cannibal scammed thee. 1.15 PM


God blessed you here so STRIKE THEM OUT!


They'll abduct you unmercifully. 1.19 PM


They'll foul you heroin to get you in. 1.20 PM


The shadow rolls." 1.21 PM



"My deal is tumbled abracious completely. Because I'm unable to please you I'm out. My mace failed. We corpor-rate you. We did our psychosis with blue. We're closed and past out right.


My family was no good, happiness with barrel gave us some hope. We're a racialist power. My sister, Cicero, and Ashland are done. They've defeated our passion, our wits are out," Judee say.



Revelation 9:5 The locusts were not given power to kill them, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them.


Did we note this message from Father last night?


"You'll come up and beg me for some heart attacks." 5.57 PM


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this over 6-year nuclear waste war that Judah is waging against us? Thank you.













"They're Sporting Us Out Even Though They're Out! You Paid For An End To Your Life Forces. 7.25 PM "

"They're Sporting Us Out Even Though They're Out! You Paid For An End To Your Life Forces. 7.25 PM "


Those are Tele receives from overnight. Is that not about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


"They're sporting us out even though they're out."


Judah, a cipher that delights in evil. The cipher that chose to stay the route of evil in the face of the love of God for His beautiful little simian children on the surface of planet earth.


For Judah to have challenged the magnificence and glory of our kind and good God Almighty. Might Judah have written these words from his reason side as he knew what he was doing was foolish: "Pardon me if I'm sentimental when we say goodbye. Don't be angry with me if I cry, when you're gone you'll live in my dreams, dream as years go by. Now and then there's a fool such as I?"


Judah, everything he wanted and in abundance. Could have been the hero on velocity over a century ago and instead he goes out as the one that delights in evil. Might that be it, it all comes down to now and then there's a fool such as I?


"They're no friends of mine." God Almighty our precious supreme Father in heaven said of the Judah brand guy.


To be fair, has Judah not challenged all men on earth and won? That is if we consider being able to fool the ordinary people into funding our demise, has he not won?


"Exceptional dyer of truth we want out."


Has that Tele sender not said it well enough?


Has Judah not demonstrated an extremely rare ability to die the truth out?


The executions that Arkansas plans to do in less than a month now. Innocent men put to death after being held in hell for over two decades now. Are we not able yet to see that Judah delights in evil?


Those that delight in evil, that that cipher group has been able to perfect their evil and then take over all the nation states on planet earth over a period of several thousands of years, might Judah have a fair claim on being precise?


The creation of hybrid transplant Replicon shells in every terrain. Then use them as humanoid biological types of robots to lay in wait century after century, sleepers in all terrains, awaiting the day to rise against their neighbor and put them in.


Using their Replicons in every terrain to create confusion between the peoples of all lands. To put the human race into war against each other.


Knowing all the time that we naturally love each other.


Might we see that the key to Judah's success is in his ability to make war?


His continuous ability to get human Beings to fist for him. Might that be his secret weapon in dominating the rest of the children of God on earth?


Has Judah terrorism now proven to be Judah true winning hand?


If Dr. Mallove had not been shot might his words not have brought us our free energy long ago? Certainly.


If Dr. King had not been shot, might his words not have brought us to peace long ago? Certainly.


Can we only wonder if John had not been shot might we have avoided this end of life situation that we are facing now?


Are we understanding that assassinations of noteworthy people cost a lot of money? If so are we understanding that the money for them is coming mostly from American Labor?


Will Labor not take the force of our money away from weap Judah NOW?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity to get their uncooperative, unaccommodating selves out of here great?


Replicon Maurice of Orange, known also as King William III, signed, sealed and delivered the concession to issue the money of England to international weap Judah in 1694. And they still hold it today.


The same white Replicons that took over the Organizing Principle of Society in England, the concession to issue money, have taken over the concession to issue the money of United States of America and used that concession to poison us out.


Doing all they can to leave Americans in a shambles of wreckage and dying off.


"Stupid toastiness has felled us." Is what one Tele sender said about it.


Can we only wonder how failed one has to be to not want to listen to the saving grace, love and wisdom of God?


President Harry Truman, deciding in April of 1945 to go ahead and attack our family in Japan with atomic weapons.


"Destroy them you're out," Sir Maximilian said to president Harry Truman as he was making the decision of whether or not to use atomic blast weapons of genocide against the children of God on earth.


Might we not want to consider how failed president Harry Truman was with his impertinence in the face of God to go ahead with his atomic war genocide route?


Has Harry's decision to move forward with high technical nuclear genocide not shot his Judees boys out right?


The Vatican now seen to be a nesting ground for Judees Replicon kids. The Jesuits directing the viceroys. Working hand in hand with the palace brand.


Even in the lands that Buddha taught his peace wisdom, Judee Replicon kids holding all the positions there too.


Might we trace the history of our modern world, the last few centuries, to Judah getting a hold of the concession to issue the money of England?


The rising in the new world colony in 1776. Might we see the American revolution through Judah's eyes as more sport to get his kicks?


All the big words about freedom, liberty, and justice that were spoken as the reasons that Americans needed to toss old king George out.


When it was time to create a new government after old king George was gone, the demand for a Bill of Rights from the beginning, the new boss just said "NO" not in their time.


But then the new world boss was told by the state delegates, "NO" was their answer, there would be NO United States of America without a Bill of rights in it.


When the agreement then was made, that the people of the new land of America would have a Bill of Rights guaranteed, might that have been when Judah began his lament that Kicks just keep getting harder to find?


The state delegates, knowing of England's long history of struggle for rights, would not let national government begin in the new world of America without a guaranteed Rights package in. America they decided would be a land with liberty and justice for all, or it would not be created at all.


Might we think about our Bill of Rights that is so good, when functioning, that even those victims of the oldest form of thievery of them all, slavery, the bonds were in the process of being dissolved when an all-white jury voted to set Dred Scott free in 1854?


That all-white jury decision to free an innocent honest working man. Have we not read that that decision was thrown out by the supreme clerks in 1858?


Might we consider that as the dagger in the back of Americans that began our inevitable downfall to where today we have no rights at all even for a visibly free working person?


The jury decision was taken away by appointed clerks. The Bill of Rights seriously wounded, and old world tricks reemployed in the new United States of America. America now the biggest gulag state on earth.


Do we recall that Brutus was a good friend of Caesar?


"Et tu Brutus?" Translates into "You to Brutus?" The words Caesar said when he realized that Brutus stabbed him in the back too. Might Americans not say truthfully, "Et tu supreme clerks?"


Might all of our world be merely a place where Judah feels he is allowed to go about acting out his delighting in evil?


Will American Labor not put our sacred United States of America Bill of Rights in and spare us from anymore Judah kicks and state terrorism?


While looking up the word "impertinent" to see if it was the correct word to describe Judah behavior, found this comment:


Moses Echs · Sales at The Celestial Orb of Riddles

Perhaps, Miss Cohen would like to begin in the Old Testament and Torah, and begin to note the disobedience and malevolent lean of a people. So much was God's disgust with a people that they were punished and enslaved and exiled many times and still have not learned to be noble or peaceful.


Being able to purchase the land of Luxembourg or North Poland or what have you, this people chose to come back to a lesser and more peaceful opponent and continue the attempt to dominate unmercifully. Thus is the story of a people exiled many times because of a great impertinent spirit.



Definition of impertinent: very rude: having or showing a lack of respect.


To dominate unmercifully. Might that not describe weap Judah behavior well?


As to impertinent and being very rude, showing lack of respect, might Labor consider that Bitch's rude disrespect was accidental, due to a fault that is only temporary and can be cured because his thinking is based in love, whereas, Judah's very rude and showing lack of respect is a permanent condition because his thinking is based in hate and ethically they're criminals?


Why dominate when it is so easy to cooperate and accommodate others?


Might we have to leave it with what budget Judee said about weap Judee, "They went the wrong way and got good at it?"


"You're erasing a great boss." Tele receive 6.00 AM


The executions scheduled in Arkansas for April. If not for putting on such a savage display and forcing us to view it, would anyone take much notice of what they are doing there?


Yet to demand that we the bill payers of all the salaries of the public officials that are now going to push our spirits in with executions of people that have been held in prison for over two decades now.


To hide behind a claim that a jury found them guilty. Are we not aware that the jury summons list is controlled by Judah bourse and Judah hires juries to make sure they find for him?


That the families of the victims testify to go ahead with the executions. Might that be part of the state cover up for the cunning insiders who know the true score?


Might that be punishing the families twice? Once by stealing their loved ones away and a second time by getting the families of the victims to help in putting innocent men to death for something that they did not do?


Are we not aware that the overwhelming majority of murders in America are done by Judah and his state and international apparatchik?


Judah's impertinence, his rudeness, disrespect not only to human Beings but to the angels and our great and good God above our heads.


Judah and his impertinence, rudeness, disrespect to all of the Gods of the universe that live in peace. Will Labor not let Judah off right?


Might we not consider that Judah has been sharpening himself up by contesting with the gods for thousands of years now?


Have we not had a beautiful demonstration of how the gods afford errant life forms a way to put themselves away?


The question of God or gods. Might we consider that we, 223 high-level genetic intelligence mammalians have a good God, singular?


Might we consider that in the universe there are many gods? Gods for all of the many varieties of species there are that are extraterrestrial.


Will we humans on earth not recognize that we have a God above and Father is a good God to us all?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I would have given you anything, I want you to be comfortable. I want to save your lives." Father said.


"Your Hercules failed." A Tele sender said.


Bitch still wants to sell Labor on a STRIKE for peace. Will Labor not buy it, the STRIKE for peace?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail? My kids, treat them super nice." Father said.


Tele receives:


"It's fixed it. 12.59 PM


See you around. 3.11 PM


Now that you failed Judas bored his site all the way out. 4.43 PM


Your Hercules failed. 5.09 PM


They're squashing us out without our intellectuals. 5.11 PM


Permanent abuse. 5.31 PM


Jew is introducing you to slum. 5.56 PM


They horrify. 7.03 PM


The righteous wins. 7.22 PM


You paid for an end to your life forces. 7.25 PM


Jew false set us. 8.29 PM


The jest of vitamins invades us. 11.32 PM


Come on Patty, toss them out! 12.57 AM


You fear well, you die moles.


Right now you shouldn't be dying this life, Dreyfus. 1.03 AM


This old master sporting is wrong.


They died us lethal because of pleasure. 1.56 AM


They're scoring you out raid. 2.11 AM


Murder Loomis failed, why do we keep them in here? 2.13 AM


We're pulled. 2.18 AM


That was a bad rumor.


STRIKE and leave them fall. 2.20 AM


They trounced. 2.21 AM


ORGANIZE this field.


Jury them. 2.23 AM


You're giving them violence to play the F game.


They're hysterical guys with vowels.


They're sporting us out even though they're out.


Rocket's a shear fight. 2.33 AM


Insurance is on the way out. 2.50 AM


It's a fired theft. 2.52 AM


Let's roll fister. 2.58 AM


Inality. 2.58 AM


Exceptional dyer of truth we want out. 3.05 AM


They delight in evil, hell.


Stupid toastiness has felled us. 3.39 AM


You're erasing a great boss here Sonny. 6.00 AM


It's wicked." 8.00 AM



"You're all fused, the night will set in all over the world. Your mental is seized fugive. A slow life of dying, a complete stuck. Punish is not a culture."


Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those messages today.


That Judah holds guys for a couple of decades and then executes them. Might we not guess that is Judah browbeating and insulting us?


Haven't we seen enough of their vicious shams to spot them when we see them? If so must we not take the bourse away from them to end these spirit-killing spectacles?


What about that last hour of life? Will it be thoughts about the spirit of life or thoughts about mass state sports executions?


Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.


The last hour of life before the journey into eternity. Will it be a free American, or a right less guy or gal?


Will it make much difference one way or the other?


As right less people might we think of how easy it will be for those we leave behind to be harmed by weap Judah sport? Might that not be troubling in the last hour of life?


Of course, if that last hour is due to toxic nuclear waste that we are breathing now, might it be of little concern because our children will be following real soon to join us into eternity anyhow?


A heart attack, stroke. A gunshot wound. A car crash, a fall down the steps. How many might we only wonder will even know when it is that last hour of life?


"Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen."


How many of us might we wonder want Mary mother of God praying for us in that last hour of life?


The brute killer in our world. Is there not some way that Labor will end Judah's entitlement with us?


Judah's vitumen that only wants to make us die. To put us in and tomb us right.


His Raison d'etre, the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence. To die us out of our lives. Are we perceiving that is Judah's reason why, his raison d'etre?



Perry A Davis Jr · George Peabody College

Read it in Emmet Fox The Sermon On The Mount pg 137. We have no right to accept anything less than freedom and harmony and joy, for only with these things do we glorify God, and express His Holly Will, which is our raison d"street.



Will American Labor not lead us to freedom so that we can properly have harmony and joy and glorify our good God and do His holy will which is our raison d'etre for being here?


Kelvin Wilson

Bible Study: Author Richard Gaffin " It is not going too far to say that redemption is the raison d'etre of revelation".



Matthew Fisher · Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"God, whose service is man's raison d'etre, whose judgment leaves nothing without meaning." Derek Kidner.


Father has expressed His will that American Labor issues our money. Will American Labor not do the will of our good God Almighty and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?





Are we not recognizing that our good God is the Sovereign of His village on planet earth?


8 billion of us living on the surface of planet earth. Father heading a universal world of one hundred trillion advanced Beings.


Will Labor not bring us completely into the fold of Father's loving world from above? Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


"We swat abusive Conrad. You're obviously out for our period of sin. We just you in fear, that's our assignment. The surplus gave us a great sizzle, it let us war you enormously.


We be conquerers for a joke. Bitch got the message and furnished you with see, we're just wicked and exhausting you. Jew makes a symbol out of you," Judee say.


The surplus that let Jew war us enormously. Are we understanding that is what allowed them to attack us with nuclear missiles?


The Surplus value of Labor. Must Labor itself not take that into its own hands so that we have some chance to survive the high technical violence that Judah is weaping on us now?


The issue of money. Is Labor understanding why our good God above has willed that Labor be the issuer of our money?


Have we not seen what has happened to us by leaving the authority to issue our money in the hands of weap Judah and company? Are we not feeling the surplus value of Labor sizzle?


Our reason for being, our purpose in life. Might we not see it now as doing the will of our good God?


That Father has given us a second chance to survive the nuclear blast and waste weap Judah built to burn us alive. Will American Labor not respond to our good God Almighty and try it?


The STRIKE Labor. Will you not try it?


We need an honest age. Will Labor not bring us one?


We cannot take this nuclear war that Judah is waging against us. It will die our life form. He knows it so he has a place to shelter his zipper in the mountainside.


We have our good God Almighty that sent His angels in to put us on the right path.


"Judah's pulling out life here." 9.35 AM


That's the way of the world

Plant your flower and you grow a pearl

A child is born with a heart of gold

The way of the world makes his heart grow cold


Will American Labor not lead us into the world that lets a heart of gold carry on in its natural way? Will Labor not let this intentionally made cold world of war and executions out of here?


Will Labor not take over the issue of money to give us some chance to survive the nuclear war that Judah is using to make us die?


Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


"You've failed." 9.48 AM


So what say you Labor, are you going to fail too?


If not then will you not STRIKE THEM OUT!?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy.



Fourth Sunday in Lent

Watchword for the Week — Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long. Psalm 23:6

Sunday, March 26 — 1 Samuel 16:1–13; Psalm 23

Ephesians 5:8–14; John 9:1–41

There is hope for your future, says the Lord. Jeremiah 31:17

The neighbors and those who had seen him before as a beggar began to ask, “Is this not the man who used to sit and beg?” John 9:8

As we listen to the story of sight restored and a life reborn, we ask for the light of Christ to heal our own blindness. May we leave worship today knowing that we have been in the presence of Jesus. Amen.



The link to read the reverse speech from the video of PS POST

Arkansas Inmates Make Longshot Bid to Avoid Double Execution

Sat Mar 25, 2017, 08:38: is at
















"The Jew Is Destroying Us Remarkably False, The White Race Is Out To Death."

"The Jew Is Destroying Us Remarkably False, The White Race Is Out To Death."


Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight.


Set now to die off a third of the human race, us, and we are still allowing Judah to issue our money.


Super boy, who survived over a hundred attempts by Judah to push him away, not able to convince the same people that he is from to try and save themselves from extinction.


Judah took over management of the northlands in less than two centuries from when he first arrived there in force in the 6th century AD.


Created his Replicon look alike hybrid transplant shells and fooled most all of us.


Judah focuses on taking out our most useful to leave us blind and deaf, unable to see or hear what he is doing from inside of us.


Kind extraterrestrials stepped in between us and Judah's great balls of fire preventing our one-night immolation in an all out nuclear blast war that Judah tried to give Americans.


Bitch, coming from Englewood, where Judah owned and operated many rooms, spent decades trying to learn why there is so much war in our world. Tried to do what he could to stop it.


Seeing, understanding only too well that war in a high-tech word will lead to our extinction. Only learning at 49 years of age in 1997, the truth, the decision was made long ago to die the white race off.


So Bitch sought out extraterrestrials to help us survive the nuclear war that weap Judah planned to destroy us all with.


Bitch did not know he was Bitch at the time, though Judah knew that Bitch was to arrive and throw Judah out. Father told Judah long before that he was getting rid of him and told Judah how he would do it.


"I died them truthful," God our Father said.


Father had His angels inform Judah all along the way how the end times of Judah would go.


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.


Poisoned in such a way as to die us off by destroying our genetics leaving some of us infertile and others to give birth to children suffering the effects of radiation disease.


The end result Judah has been seeking, to extinguish the white race in total.


"The unique value of cooperation" Judah reveals in reverse speech is one of the things that makes him real jealous about the Slavic-Druid peoples of the north.


The laws that Slavic-Druid developed, trial by jury, grand jury to first decide if there is anything there at all, and no cruel or inhumane treatment to anyone all.


All made the law of the land in 1791 when God blessed us with our United States of America Bill of Rights


Judah threw American law into the garbage can claiming he needed our rights out so that he and his alliance partners, the royals, Vatican, and old world autocratic forces could do good things for us.


Judah response to do good things for us, have we not noticed how he has built Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and boursed them into our land of the free?


Over 95% of those now held in his new world Auschwitz in America is there for crimes that are merely statutory. No complainant other than the state. No victim with a bump on the head to complain, only the 5% legislature that wrote such laws.


Smoking, snorting, drinking, injecting, eating a pill without a prescription. Things that Judah says should put a man or a woman in a cage for many years.


"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free." God Almighty, our precious sweet Father said.


Judah, not to be outdone, highly organized to do frame-ups. Fills his investors Jewtopia Auschwitz in the land that was known to be free at one time, America.


Bitchie, has empathy with the minnow and mouse, for that is what he is. A nice boy that will not harm you, though he is working through a fault of stupid. It came with the terrain of Englewood, "too long at the front" is how one Tele sender put it.


"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch. Bitch sees and knows for certain that we are all one race in fact.


He will not accept the blatherskite Judah making up false words and painting pictures to convince the cruelly manipulated poor to fist our brothers and sisters.


He has spent much of his time in the libraries looking for the words that might help us.


Judee with his citizenship sport. Might we not see Judah truth as merely more Judah false that he uses to help him kidnap and transport those he likes to mess and have fun with?


America, a real power in our world, held for over a century now shooting Judah sports war and genocide.


Judah missing us with his great balls of fire, due only to the love of God for us all, now destroying our resources as he leaves us for good.


And yet, at yet at this late date, Judah still has white funding all of his sport including his particle weap. Are we perceiving it is his particle sports weap that is set to die the white race off now? It will get others also but Judah is aiming it at mild man most.


Has Judah not cunningly gotten us involved in sin? How else could it be explained that American Labor is funding all of the war and genocide sins in our world?


"Your lives won't be spared, we came to warn you," The angels said.


6.14 AM


Bitch has read from facial reverse speech that the decision was made yesterday to go ahead now with the die off the Druid peoples in America. One said that in April they will get the shrimp out.


Might that be an indication that if American Labor continues funding world war and genocide that when Judah turns loose his international war machine full force inside of America that shrimp will rapture the righteous and step out of the intervention?


Father wants His children that do not know of Him to learn of Him and His love for us all.


Do we understand, elders do not fight with Judah as they do not fight at all?


If we will not end funding the attack upon us are we understanding that we will have to take on our own what is coming at us?


Elders earth world is 25 miles from the surface of our planet, deep inside is where they live. They have enough room available to take the entire population that is on the surface of planet earth and provide for all of us.


The understanding is that 40% of us are righteous. Those may be the only ones that will escape this final genocide that weap Judah has put upon us.


We know Judah will cave in 5 hours of a general STRIKE, what will it take for Labor to give our 5 hours to us?


The reverse speech indicates that it will be Russian forces directed by England's fist that will do the big take down of America. Paris desk is central to it.


"We're all available for Switzerland berserk."


Ottawa will be involved in fisting us also. Might we say it is the usual suspects that are going to do the final fist to the United States of America?


They have lost their rights to summon and arrest so they only have one option, destroy us as they are going out.


Simultaneously they are bankrupting us through war as they go away from us for good. They will never return to hold any positions in official life ever again.


And yet, at this moment, they hold every state on earth through the power of American Labor funding their nearly biological white fist and the paper they use to pay for it.


Might we consider that white people will either stop funding the destruction of our world or now we will be perished out by weap Judah?


"Jew screwed you through our mental arrangements. I'm going to make you all die, that's my useful in my core state. My arrests have fallen because now I'm too cheap for you.


We're going to rude you with Russia, you're scored, you be late. Without my summons we can't waste you right, so we got to get you off awesome and finish you before summer.


Yesterday we screwed you, we set you out for a big sweep. Judas is through with you. We suffer you into exhaust totally. We fell with police from Washington.


We have a problem with Jewish, our weap fell complete. I just take you out animal with S------. Awesome right particles will l get you all out right and protect thieves.


The sheriff made our true life in weap. I just have a criminal waveform because that's my vision. In April I'm going to push all shrimp out and I possess. Your evidence ever suspect you so we fall you out.


Bitch philosophy got us to ghost away for espongous. Our risk is off completely. We're just finishing your atmosphere. I scored. I just arrange you criminal thief and I got a force that shot you. Our deficits just let us play fatal," Judee say.


Might we see in that last Judee reverse speech how it is through financial that they have been able to play us fatal?


Will Labor not take the good advice of the angels that Father sent in to spare us from being destroyed in Judah nuclear wars and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Tele receives:


"You've got a beautiful place well forming. 4.01 PM


Terrible punish here you are suffering.


This soul's going to right us. 6.20 PM


Accomplish team. 6.23 PM


Perverts failed. 6.24 PM


You failed Jamaicous. 6.27 PM


Take them away, they're not right. 6.28 PM




Goodbye to you Principal. 7.22 PM


They fault you weird.


They've faulted us with nuclear waste. 7.23 PM


No matter how lost you are you could try to save us. 7.24 PM


You are us. 7.25 PM


Error rub. 7.32 PM


A little blue-white lie he scammed you. 7.37 PM


Oh my god, throw them out.


Put them out with an awesome STRIKE! 7.39 PM


Grand jury will screw their opps. 7.42 PM


They've already left? 10.30 PM


Get it clear, our race was ordered finished. 10.35 PM


Patrick is unbracing them 10.39 PM


You let your lifers fist you out of here.


America was sold through fear rightly. 2.52 AM


An interest rate do attack. 2.53 AM


They're passing our state. 3.00 AM


Druid's dead in complete scrimmage, destroyed. 3.05 AM


Solar fried. 3.07 AM


The Jew is destroying us remarkably false. 3.10 AM


I see it. 3.14 AM


The white race is out to death.


Money shoots through shell." 5.21 AM



For thousands of years the dominant force upon the human race, weap Judah and his hybrid transplant Replicon shells. Judah who defied the love of God for His children now stepped off of the human race forever.


Royals, Vatican, the old forces of the estates. The new forces of the corporation. Threw themselves out in one night of reckless shooting.


Father in heaven has given as His will that Labor steps in and takes over the issue of money.


Judah, nearly 6 years after he fell himself out, Labor still has done nothing to help us at all. Will we not pray that will change in these last days and Labor will hear the love of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Druid facing Slavic on the plains of battle taking orders from weap Judah paper hangers. Both mild men of the north, neither having any rights at all.


Druid, not dutiful, Judah tells us that Druid has ever failed to save himself. Now facing the final insult of Judah, poisoned field, air, and water to make his race die.


Will mild people not try it this time? Will Labor not do the STRIKE that the angels Father sent in have advised us to do?


Will mild man not try to save himself this time?


What has been the measure of Judah rule in the lands of the mild man of the north other than to die as many of us as he could with his torts?


Bitch, the simple working man he is, never generating one real complaint against himself in his life. Since 1965 he has done what he could to get the nuclear menace out of our world.


How did Judah liar turn Bitch into sounding like such a terrible guy? Might it have something to do with his Jew plex that fools so many?


Yet rather than looking at what Judah specialty is, trickery, might we only wonder how it is that Druid has not tried once to save his own life yet?


Bitchie concerned about the craziness, lunacy, idiocy and total insanity of nuclear war, revealed to the world in October of 2011 that Judah tried to take us all away with his oven.


As our good God is prepared and has told us not to try and console Him as he weeps bitterly for the third of the human race that Judah has now pushed out of life form.


"Why didn't you try it?" God Almighty asked American Labor about the STRIKE to STOP THE WAR.


Why has American Labor remained on the other side of the street when we need you here? Only a little thing like fear?


They've made the decision, the order has been given, in April Judah and his alliance partners are going to set America far in the past.


Mild man of the north, both East and West are now set to be put out of life form HUGE.


Involved in the sin of war, our lives won't be spared. Is there not some way to convince mild man to STOP THE WAR?


Thousands of warnings from our good God above for over many years now to STOP THE WAR. Will we not pray that mild man gets smart, figures it all out and has the faith in God to help us out?


Bitchie, the simple working guy has had several employers try to mouse him out. The security guards guns that didn't work when they tried to shoot him at the workplace. Will Labor not help us to pull Principal-Prudential out right?


The janitors that Judah has so enjoyed sporting out. Can we only wonder how many of our homeless are the children of them?


Judah, hot and heavy on Bitch still playing his game that Bitch is a shoplifter and passer of bad $20s.


Bitch went in to a store to pick up a few things last night, the 70 ish looking weap Judah clerk looked at Bitch and turned around and pressed a button next to the telephone on the wall.


Bitch left and shortly after heard this exchange in the telesphere of a conversation on the telephone:


"Your hunch is out. 6.43 PM


Your accuser is perished off. 6.55 PM


You are us." 7.25 PM



Judah store security call to local police about Bitch purported counterfeit money and shoplifting not taken as Judah hunch is out.


Then the telepathic message loud and clear, "Your accuser is perished off."


Judah, found out to be absolutely false all the time, now his false reports of counterfeit money passer no longer accepted as true. Are we perceiving that Judah has perished himself off and out of time?


Then a half hour later:


"You are us."


Will Labor not accept that is what Bitch is, "us?"


Not a perfect boy, just the ordinary average everyday simple working man. And yet did Father not say "He remained true to Me? Yes, Papa did say that.


By consistently opposing the forces of Jew sports death, has Bitchie not remained true to Father's plan that we all live in peace?


Has Bitchie not shown Judah's bloody, dirty filthy hands?


An extraterrestrial intervention has spared us from nuclear blast war. Will we not try to respond to the love of God and try to save our own lives?


Will American Labor not accept that every man is our brother and every woman our sister and end funding the harm to them that Judah enjoys getting the cruelly manipulated poor to do for his sport?


While we may never have had a truly just society, is there any reason we should use that as an excuse to end trying for one?


Might it have been Judah devil-Lucifer molest abuse forces for these thousands of years that have prevented us from bringing a truly just society in?


Now that our good God above has let Judah let themselves off right should we not take the gift of God's love and bring a just society in?


The continual shrinking of our economy by sports war and poisoning out our resources to leave us with a shattered society.


Will Labor not step in and STRIKE THEM OUT and take Judah out of management here?


"You can believe they're dying force here. Shag them out, they're done."


Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris.


"Stupid taking your state, breaking your rights great." Tele receive. 11.11 AM


The best state there ever was, America born with the gift of God's rights to us made the law of the land in 1791.


Even the original sin of Labor racketeering, Labor thieving, put out with a jury decision in 1854.





Reversed by the supreme clerks in concert, returned to the days of before we had our God given rights made the law of the new land the United States of America.


A land so unique, anyone from anywhere can come and be an American. And live in a land with liberty and justice for all. Will Labor not help us to bring the love of God in, please?


Will Labor not put our sacred Bill of Rights in and help us to straighten it out, please?


Might we consider the love of God that Father sent His angels to watch over us and not let Judah destroy us with his nuclear bombs?


If we understand that God our Father has spared us from a well planned and lavishly funded all out surprise nuclear war, will we not listen to Father's angel's advice and STRIKE THEM OUT nice?


"There was a crooked man,"


There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile; He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house.



The crooked little house that weap Judah has succeeded turning the great promise of the land of the free for everyone into. Will Labor not help us to shut this little-crooked house down?


Penny ante robbery that he does to the minnow, the mouse. The tiny treasures he takes from us. The despicable, disreputable guy we let disgrace us all.


Will Labor not let them off right?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God our precious sweet Father said.


Father also said, "You're not to rule, electrify them."


Bitch working on PLWS. Papa's Love Water Systems.


Do we recall Papa letting us in on a secret a couple of thousands of years ago that He would have water flowing for us in the deserts?


Isaiah 41:17 "The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, And their tongue is parched with thirst; I, the LORD, will answer them Myself, As the God of Israel I will not forsake them. 18 "I will open rivers on the bare heights And springs in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water And the dry land fountains of water. 19 "I will put the cedar in the wilderness, The acacia and the myrtle and the olive tree; I will place the juniper in the desert Together with the box tree and the cypress,…



Will Labor not help us to live our dream, the one that brought many of our ancestors decades or centuries ago, the dream to live in a land of the free?


Will Labor not put our rights in and give us the dream to live in a land where no man sports another?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


The water systems our world needs will cost many billions of dollars to build them. Large staffs to operate, maintain and repair them. And the cost of electricity to power them? It will be free. Taken from the motion of our planet as it sails through our universe.


The technology that Judah kept out, are we seeing it was because he planned to finish us out?


Toyed and played with us long enough for him to get a clean shot off at us. Only to have his continentals pulled out of the sky in their boost phase.


Do some recall the 1970s Continental airlines commercial that had this line in it, "If you can't fly continental, boo hoo!?"


Can we only wonder may that line have been a Judee inside joke after his war scientists determined that they could not get past our elders with their continentals no matter what they did?


Is Labor getting some idea of how long the Jew has been threatening us with his continentals and all the time he knew that he could not let them fly if Mercury would not let him?


Judah, not knowing the full extent of the highly advanced technology of our extraterrestrial family, might he have figured that he could overload them by letting a thousand missiles go at one time?


Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor and good friend that did the actual pull of Judah missiles, had 50 of His Martian spacecraft waiting for Judah to launch his continentals.


Each Martian space ship grabbed 50 missiles out of the sky at 80,000 feet high, while still in the boost phase.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having His angels spare us from what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


God Almighty has saved us. Will American workers not listen to the love of God and try to save yourselves?


As God was able to stop Judah's big shot is it not certain that if only we will listen to Him that we will be able to have a chance to live?


Judah reveals to us that Druid-Slavic peoples have ever failed to him. Never once have we survived his strike against us. Always he has made us die.


And the one time that Judah failed to die Druid-Slavic peoples, the time that our good God had His angels step in.


Elders described Bitch insult as he, "mis set you's."


With Mild man of the north perfect record of ever failing to Judah sport, even without Bitch "mis set," might it have been an uphill climb to bring you's to try and help save yourselves?


"You failed to give the wise fish a view." Elder said to Bitch some years ago.


You failed me useful. You failed me jostled. You failed personal." Father said.


Is American Labor understanding we are talking about a matter of life or death now?


Is there some understanding that we are now going into the universe as extraterrestrials ourselves and those that fail to make it to peace will now be died out of here for good?


As we as a people are involved in sin are we getting the message, our extraterrestrial family will not save us from Judah this time?


Father will never harm us. Yet if we do not listen to the warning words of Father is there not some sense that we are just not going to make it this time?


Are we not fully aware that Judah always pulverizes a chicken?


"Your efforts are coward." Elder said.


As Judah is being shorn out of our species, he is not going into the universe at all. He is going to be died off by our good God above. He is no more to rule in God's village on earth.


1 Corinthians 2:6

Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away;


7 No, we speak of the mysterious and hidden wisdom of God, which He destined for our glory before time began. 8 None of the rulers of this age understood it. For if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.…



They're passing away Labor, they've lost their rule. This was determined thousands of years ago when Judah crucified Jesus.


All this time and all the help that God had His angels available to help Judah with whatever they needed help with, and all Judah wanted to do was punish the children of God on earth.


Judah with his eternal sports war, his cages in his zoo. Auschwitz one of his favorite sports. Are we seeing Labor that Judah just does not make it in the big universe above?


9 Rather, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 10 But God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 11 For who among men knows the thoughts of man except his own spirit within him? So too, no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.…


Bitch does not claim to know the thoughts of God, yet from Father's messages does it not seem clear that if we fail to STOP THE WAR then we will be died out of here?


Might we have to look at it in color and ask, will whites stop the war before Judah has other whites come in and bomb us good?


The violent, brutal, vicious, socially, economically, and politically unjust society that Judah boursed in. The hopelessness that we have when Judah is the issuer of our bourse. Will American Labor not help us to close it out of here right?


If we fail to close the errant life form out are we understanding that will allow him to melt us now?


God wants us to survive, re-sight ourselves in peace without Judah around to abuse or molest us.


It is our last chance. Go into April funding and shooting war and they have a load of abuse and molest ready to turn loose against us all.


If American Labor will only listen to our good God above will you not ORGANIZE, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, March 24 — Psalm 38:9–16

Esther 1; Romans 8:9–19

With righteousness he shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth. Isaiah 11:4

Jesus says: Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Luke 6:20

Help us to remember, God of all compassion, that you created a world of abundance for all to enjoy. May we share the best of what we have with those who do not have necessities of life. May we be your agents of blessings this day. Amen.


3.48 PM


Tele receives:


"Their rice wars are being chilled. 8.40 AM


Fantastic! 9.29 AM


You boys be cagerous. 1.43 PM


We're dying. 1.59 PM


They're falsing this boy here. 2.09 PM


He's the best way to prevent burning us.


They're falling goosive. 2.17 PM


They came off for mob industry. 2.32 PM


They're fabulously rising. 2.45


Get them out for brusic. 2.48 PM


Gates go. 2.49 PM


They severed rights, they have a die for us. 2.58 PM


Sow them out. 3.21 PM


They false you rights away and you die. 3.23 PM


Your vegetables will leave you died here smoked. 3.41 PM












Continental Airlines TV Television Commercials From The 1970s And 1980s - Golden Tail (Boo hoo 3.14-4.11)



Israeli teen accused of making bomb threats to Jewish centers

By Lia Eustachewich March 23, 2017 | 9:14am | Updated






"Patrick Took Their Orchid Out"

"Patrick Took Their Orchid Out"


The white Replicons that pushed the Anglo technicians forward to build the technology to take the human race out. The attempt to kill us all in a few hours of shooting. Might we understand why Judah is all offend?


Ever location in every job that we do, might we not have at least one Replicon hybrid transplant weap Judah shell working along side of us? Usually.


Might that help explain why we have not gone on STRIKE yet to get the menace off of us?


Druid-Slavic peoples now set to have mother give birth to monstrosities due to radioactive waste poisoning. Taking us out of life form at the genetic level.


Invisible Jewish death rays to burn our genetic heritage out. How can it be that we are funding all of it for free?


The angels and God Almighty Himself speaking to us, warning us to STOP THE WAR, and we continue funding all the sports war and genocide in our world, including the over 6 years burn of nuclear waste from Hitachi-GE.


The biggest die Judah has ever scored on mild people of the north, and we didn't try it. God asked about the STRIKE Labor. "Why didn't you try it?"


2,000 years warning from our bibles of what the end days of Judah with us would be like. Fire, smoke, and brimstone coming out our mouths.


Judah takes our liberties, our properties and now is completely taking our lives. Taking the air that we breathe away from us.


Judah assaults us using the cruelly manipulated poor mild man. Do we not now know the solution to end it? Has our good God not warned us what we need to do to fix it? Yes Father has told us what we need to do to fix it and in the process save ourselves. STOP THE WAR!


Then for what reason have we not tried to save ourselves?


"You disparage my shill that's trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our precious sweet Father said.


Have Judah's lies about Bitch fooled the people enough that they will not even try to prevent their destruction that Judah has so cleverly put upon us now?


Bitch, a boy that generated no complaints against him in his life, except a couple of false ones from Judah liar, some how has been turned into an ogre by Judah falser.


Might that be a demonstration of what one informed observer noted, "The Jew plex, you won't believe the power it has over Druid?"


American Druid, having survived the greatest military attack in human history, 1,000 intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles hurled at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 and surviving due only to the Martian pulling all the missiles out of the sky in the boost phase, continues to fund his own destruction in a nuclear war that Judah is cunningly waging against us with his ghastly radioactive spewing Jewish electricity plant.


Druid people of America, accepting at some level living by the sword, might we now face dying by the sword?


Matthew 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.


Judah, safely secured in his mountain hotels still cabling more war using American Labors dough. Will American Labor not try at least once to take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?


The American army conscript of world war one that was drafted to return to the old world and shoot Judah sport for him. Have we heard he was referred to then as the American dough boy?


How Judah exploits the cruelly manipulated poor. Do we see they still put dough in Judah's pockets?


Judah and his refugee sport. Uses the cruelly manipulated poor dough boy to shoot our family out creating more refugees for Judah sport.


American Labor will change the circumstances in our world in 5 hours, the time needed for Judah to holler "Uncle." Will Labor not give us 5 hours of your time?


Those that drink their vodka, whiskey, schnapps and beer appear to not have the ability to survive here.


For the minority that are nonalcohol users will we not try to break through to the drinkers that we are being died off here and explain to them that alcohol is being used as a Jewish chemical warfare agent?


Judah reverse speech reveals Judah analysis that the reason he won against Druid-Slavic peoples is in this order; "Whiskey, jails, and war."


We have been destroyed already, just take a few years now of the corrosive affects of nuclear brimstone waste particles to finish dying the mild people off.


And Judah so weak after being found out for attacking us with nuclear missiles reveals in reverse speech that only a bus drivers STRIKE would close him out.


How about giving us our general STRIKE Labor? This is not to get a dollar an hour more. It is to take the concession to issue our money away from the Judah weap cult forevermore.


Judah marching fast food workers around on STRIKE demanding $15 dollars an hour wage. Have we not seen what a failure that is after learning now that the majority of them will not be needed as soon as the robots come in?


Are we understanding the conditions that Labor exists in are set by who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?


Who does Labor want to set the conditions that we work in, the failed insurance rackets collectors guys and gals of Judah weap cult or fellow members of honest Labor?


Social budgets slashed, more money to fund atrocities and the hell of war. Why more money for the pentagon, have we not learned that their nuclear blast force cannot reach us as long as our kind extraterrestrial friends and good neighbors pull their shots out?


Judah and the fists he assaults us with. Must Labor not put the existence stipend in so that Gods kids don't have to be fists to eat?


Has Judah not caught us right? That is, are we not the ones with the swords in our hands?


Will American Labor not get smart and help us to re-sight our brothers and sisters in peace?


The feeding, clothing, and housing of our family. Might we say those are the true basics?


Does Labor not see how beyond tilt we have gotten letting Judah get hold of our purse and lead us into eternal sports war?


Will we not pick up the thread of reality and STOP THE WAR? Must we not end this insanity of sport war?


His wars and great staged depression, recessions and now his finishing us off with a collapsing economy and a permanently poisoned environment to die us off in the billions.


"We've got some estimates and we're awaiting a final decision on what we're going to do to the Druid."


While Judah has some estimates and is awaiting a final decision on what they are going to do to us, from reverse speech Bitch has learned that most of the Jews have fled Moscow.


And what might that mean for us? If we do nothing to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah, maybe nothing?


If American troops along with NATO troops push the war with Russia might we be in for a difficult surprise?


"We wounded you but eventually you'll fell us out," Judee say.


Will American Labor not make that "eventually" NOW?


Judah has numerous nations seeking to finish off the United States of America so that we never have a free nation on planet earth again.


NATO, the group that has attacked both Eastern and Western nations with nuclear missiles. Will Labor not cut off the bourse to these dangerous operators NOW?


Tele receives:


"Toss them already.


Schrumped. 7.20 PM


Bitch got them and talked you down a bit and that downed him. 7.42 PM


Zoo out. 7.46 PM


The guy is just setting you guys out of here. 8.13 PM


Jews dog assaulted you all. 9.37 PM


You made the Jew die here. 10.42 PM


They pushed the button and you've done nothing. 11.40 PM


You failed to save your life form from Jewish hottest deal. 12.40 AM


Cancel Judah's physical estimate NOW; cancel their die. 1.38 AM


Attorneys make you late.


Certified heaven help lost.


Animal forces do you in. 1.44 AM


Right, this field.


Budget wastes you, it looks like you already died forcing this fear.


You lost your vehicle to batter. 1.47 AM


There is no official guide for passing a life. 1.48 AM


We lost our lives, we just died ourselves off.


They've cycled lethal London.


Opticals interfere with the die force.


They raped us. 1.52 AM


Your community force is completely out. 1.53 AM


You greatly fall your useful. 1.54 AM


You failed this horrible ritual true. 1.58 AM


You failed my awesome helps.


STRIKE THEM OUT, who pays you? Who threatens you?


You cannot determine they're extincting us? 2.00 AM


A pooch threw us out.


Dull we're rising yeast. 2.03 AM


Hold you quite bare assed.


Idiot authorized booming life forces out. 2.04 AM


A true rocket smashed us. 2.06 AM


Your head falls to scrimmage. 2.08 AM


You're assigned to be falsed out. 2.09 AM


Mother will be birthing monstrosities. 2.10 AM


They've wiped us out of here. 2.11 AM


They're quite adequate life forces, they've pitched your life forces. 2.12 AM


ORGANIZE your life forces or leave. 2.13 AM


Your innocence fakes you. 2.14 AM


They're burning the mouse up. 2.16 AM


It's a complete score, they've completely scored us. 2.23 AM


Historic you're going out pitifully. 2.27 AM


Tragedy relate. 2.31 AM


It's an awful nice sale for sin. 2.32 AM


Industrial die forces. 2.34 AM


Scientist served you witted. 2.37 AM


Your mother forced them away, the princess is finished.


It's open wide. 4.29 AM


Still falsing out your seed quite fatal. 5.17 AM


Perped you, forcing you out. 5.21 AM


Vegetable cleared. 5.24 AM


Your life is quite cast fell. 5.28 AM


They're porting your life away with a racial force."



"You failed my awesome helps."


God Almighty with His awesome helps. Might we only wonder how many have said a prayer of thanks to our good God for sparing us from being blasted out of existence in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Father saved us Labor. Should that fact not mean something to us?


The big bad wolf Judah that threatens to blow our house down. Will Labor not pray to God for the courage and wit to close the big bad wolf out?


"We just use your fingerprints to do Jew rights. Because of Alston, they pushed my wall through. I just score you Auschwitz. Nuclear closed down my right side.


We poach. The scientist laughs at my true statement, that's why I die. Because I'm a true fister I just punish you my way. My warrants are off because of my loss of rights.


We false to win our fight. I failed the scientist good, I breezed the scientist and tossed you all out. We slobbed the ass----. Bitch pulled my juvenile shot. I'm a failed wolf sale. I owe you scrooge, I'm half dead. Wrench acts were sentiful to pull off the head," Judee say.


Definition of sentient: able to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste.


Sentient Synonyms

Alive, apprehensive, aware, cognizant, mindful, sensible, conscious, ware, witting.



Insensible, oblivious, unaware, unconscious, unmindful, unwitting.


Related Words

Alert, attentive, careful, cautious, heedful, observant, open-eyed, regardful, safe, vigilant, wary, watchful, wide-awake; hyperaware, hyperconscious.


Near Antonyms

Careless, heedless, inattentive, incautious, mindless, unguarded, unheeding, unwary.


What made you want to look up sentient? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).


11 selected Comments



Nancy Neuhaus


"An equal in terms of being a sentient, feeling creature, with something valuable to offer the partnership I seek from him. A being with the right to have an opinion, the right to be comfortable, the right to be treated with respect and dignity. And an equal partner, with a role and a responsibility to the other partner..."



Rebecca Powers · LSU

The awareness of being one with all sentient beings. How does one know what a sentient being is to be aware if it? You look it up like I did!



Iris Lauber · The University of Toledo

A friend corrected me when I said that I shared the same sentiments as an animal. She said I share the same "sentient"



Andy K. Liberman · Social Services at Step Up on Second

Some people in my Ucla class claimed snails were not sentient beings. I disagree.



Darren Pellichino · CraneStyle at Livin, Lovin and Chillin.

What I want to know is what makes us sentient.



Sandra Miller · UOP University of Phoenix

Just thinking of the miracle of being alive in an infinite universe where such an occurrence if phenomenally rare and that not only do I exist but am aware that I exist and am able to learn about the worlds around me. Such a precious thing and yet we spend so much of our time here in distress, manipulating and causing others pain and torment. Why?



Read it on an excerpt from the Dalai Lama's autobiography: "Human beings, indeed all sentient beings, have the right to pursue happiness and live in peace and in freedom."



Christine Hales

It was a funny, small article about math teachers. Totally tongue in cheek. The last line was, "Teaching our children sentient thought processes and equipping them to solve problems is dangerous and puts our government at risk."



Roger Slade · Owner at TowBoatUS Port Hadlock

In a search to anchor Empathy, Compassion, and Mercy to sentience.



Derek Mccoy · Prevention Education Coordinator at Project PAVE

Considering the conscious nature of plant life.



Sarah Denton

The Secret Life of Plants reading assignment for my Naturopath Program.



Those selected comments concerning the word "sentient."


"Wrench acts were sentiful to pull off the head," Judee say."


See, hear, smell taste or touch. The 5 senses we have. That Judah has used sentiful to wrench our heads off might we think of what Father said of Judah, "ethically they're criminals, they have no defensible rights, I died them truthful?"


According to Judah scientists, they claim to have scored us right and that the majority of Americans will die out of life form over the next few years from nuclear waste in our environment.


"They flossed us. 8.07 AM


It's just an awful feud, field day." 8.47 AM




Larry Fay As individuals, we seem to believe that we should treat each other the way we would want to be treated. As a species, we seem to still believe that it is natural that the strong conquer the weak. Either humans are in general insane or we continue to allow ourselves to be beguiled by the insane. I believe the latter.



It's all up to you Labor. Rights that took centuries to become law, now tossed out so that weap Judah can make war and commit official state crimes against us with no restraint.


Though might we consider that so far his theory is holding him? Judah analysis of why we have failed to protect ourselves from our impending MEGA DEATH die off is due to us being in fear of what might happen to us when we challenge weap Judah for the concession to issue our money.


Will we not bravely challenge him with a general STRIKE to allow a Labor committee to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


"Courage passed our house away. We're being disposed of. Our mamma's sight was not true. I just core weaped you. I just rice you all the time and pretend I'm a nice woman.


The big check for the colony, it appears it is falling here. The police office estimate rabbit is huge. Our race problem threw a few jails on me. I'm set out of Iowa. We always dispatched you with lunatics, our authority threatens your mental.





With Wall Streetism I'm in. Bitch's right wiped a fortune, I thought you said Bitch was dumb?


The British do pies. We just challenge the minnows on rights and put in a big fear. With principle we just had attack rules. We're just mad dog bank robbers. With my horse way I just fetch you in but I'm done.


The way we die the economy helps me score. You're seeing here I'm fuzzy. Oklahoma truth is my purpose. Push you out with Vince Addle-wood. Jew falsed your sight weapery. His mom cleared Jew industrial.


We're using thermal to exhaust you. We're coming back quite vicious. We just close you up confidentially, that's our force," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"It's in the genus. 9.54 AM


Get them out of here!." 9.56 AM



Is American Labor perceiving that God our precious sweet Father does not want to have a third of his children in his village on earth destroyed as weap Judah is going away from us?


That we continue to allow ourselves to be involved in the sin of weap Judah sports war and genocide. Might we understand what the angels said, "you're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared?"


While things may be hunky dory today, might we look to only a short time ahead when our air is lethally toxic?


Might it be that we have had such rich comfortable lives that we just haven't been able to imagine what things may be like if this place is shattered?


"Your whole fate is being pushed off of here. He's firing the state great. The mass is going missing. Your mother informed. Without rights, they're stacking."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.


Will American Labor not end funding the war sin now?


Bitch's mother is not a ruler here Labor, she's a quarter Jew that didn't buy their hatred theory, she followed the course to love one another.


Bitch, never believed there actually was a God above, now knows different. Father's ways are free will to everyone. Only those that seek Father's love may learn of Him.


Father does not want His mild children destroyed when all we need is to be re-sighted in peace.


England tried so hard to get it right for themselves and all of us. Made it law for trial by jury, no cruel or inhumane punishment.


Yet Judah got hold of the concession to issue money 6 years after he fisted his way in in 1688.


Held England with his alliance royal sport to be a fist since then.


Poland did really well in 1430. Put the grand jury in so that ordinary people could go on their way unmolested.


Judah, with eternal war, has thrown all of the mild people's laws out. Mild people reduced now to the status of right less serfs, a modern day feudal peonage.


Does it not seem hard to believe that wealthy Americans are leaving Judah take absolutely everything away from us now?


52 years ago this day in 1965, Bitch left Chicago to go into the Navy. Knowing very little of the world outside of America.


8 months later in November of 1965 while on board a World War II vintage destroyer, USS HOLDER DD 819 that was armed with nuclear rocket torpedoes, Bitch did the math and became aware that there was a high chance of being destroyed in an all-out nuclear war.


The 46 years later in 2011, Judah did it, he launched thousands of nuclear weapons on us to kill us all.


Bitchie did not have the smarts to figure out the connection between extraterrestrials and nuclear weapons until 1997. At that time he had been off of alcohol for 6 years.


Bitchie still didn't make the connection with extraterrestrials, God the angels, and the bible until 2009 when God Almighty spoke into his mind.


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty said.


Only in more recent years learning little bits about the extraterrestrial world.


Father, truly loves us all. Let's us live our lives as we wish to live them. Letting us learn the right path on our own. Gifting us with help by learning about Jesus and the saints.


Judah, already aware of the extraterrestrial connection to earth long before the time of Jesus, kept it hidden from us as best he could.


Bitch, committed to finding ways to do things in peace so that we could get rid of the nuclear weapons, didn't know until 1997 that the plan from long before they were built, was to use them to kill all of us.


Judah, his clerk Hitler, knew when they were building the first ballistic missiles, that Mercury could pull them out of the sky.


So cunning Judah, to get around Mercury stealing his nuclear missiles, put in his nuclear artillery disguised as Jewish electricity to die us off by poisoning our environment.


Now in the very last days, Judah has tried to put more of his nuclear artillery into melt downs, as he has succeeded in doing at Hitachi-GE, only to have elders trip over 40 Jewish electricity plants off line in the last few years. Giving the plant operators a chance to pull the Stuxnet controllers out.


Might we see how it is that the bible reported only a third of the human race would be perished out in the end times?


"Only a third?"


If elders had not pulled off of line those dozens of Jewish electricity dirty bomb plants might we try to imagine what the surface of planet earth would be like with them pouring radiation in as Hitachi-GE is?


If only one dirty bomb Jewish electricity power plant artillery piece may die off a third of the human race in only a few years, what might dozens like it do?


Jewish controlling the Organizing Principle of Society in ever nation on earth. Might we see how cleverly they have gamed us out here?


The North threatening the South. The East threatening the West. Are we understanding that Judah Replicons occupy all the seats of power North, South East, and West?


The falsity that we need nuclear weapons to protect us. Are we figuring out yet how cleverly Judah has gamed us with his zipper brigade of look alike Replicons running rackets in every nation?


"You're to be our cow sh*t state," Judee say.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I would have given you anything. I want to save your lives. I want you to be comfortable." God Almighty said to us.


A kind perfected Being that is the Father of our 223 house. Our high intelligence genetics that were gifted to us 200,000 years ago. Will Labor not turn them on to help us survive the series of wars that Judah has us embroiled in now?


"SCORE!" Heard Judah just shout at 11.26 AM


Have heard Judee say, "Score" several times over the last few days now.


Will American Labor not try to perceive the love that our kind Father has for us and end funding the war upon His children on earth?


The top secrets of government. Are we not aware that is mostly the tales of the dies they've done for insurance collections?


Will America Labor not give us our STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from them and end their alliance sports?


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


There is no more time here, this is the very end. The rapture could appear when they begin their Ottawa directed attack upon us here.


Judah wants to die the United States of America so that there will be no more free people anywhere on earth.


The mild people with the "Unique value of cooperation," that so inflames Judah with envy and jealousy because his cult has a weakness, an inability to cooperate or accommodate others.


Might we understand that we mild people are at the top of the list to be destroyed now by weap Judah?


Buddha, Quetzalcoatl, and abundance. Will Labor not let us bring our unique value of cooperation into it?


"You're a nice boy. He remained true to me. You're not to rule, electrify them." Father said.


Might we consider that the biggest part of rule is who it is that has the concession to issue money in their hands?


Has the concession to issue our money not allowed Judah to take over our entire planet? Yes, it has.


Might Labor see in this that by doing the will of our good God Almighty and taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and having a Labor Committee of the Whole issue our money, Labor will be the biggest factor on how we are ruled from this time forward?


We have the technology and Labor available to easily feed, house and clothe everyone on earth.


So what will it be Labor? More war and disaster or peace and plenty for God's kids on earth?


Bitch will keep reading the reverse facial speech to try to uncover what disasters they are planning on putting on us next.


Will we not pray that Labor will awake to what may be our last chance to survive the series of high technical wars that Judah is using to poison us out?


If so will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


Thursday, March 23 — Psalm 38:1–8

Nehemiah 13:15–31; Romans 7:21–8:8

Then the nations that are left all around you shall know that I, the Lord, have rebuilt the ruined places, and replanted that which was desolate. Ezekiel 36:36

Simeon prayed: My eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel. Luke 2:30–32

We pray for the nations of the world today, especially those torn by strife. We ask you, Lover of all humanity, to raise up leaders who will guide their nations to peace and justice. Amen.


3.35 PM


Tele receives:


"STRIKE THEM OUT for Argentina. 11.57 AM


They massively murdered the pigduals. 1.52 PM


You're falsing. 1.53 PM


They're shooting us with heart attacks. 2.17 PM


They're just a foul bunch of pistols. 2.33 PM


This guy is telling you the exact truth of what it is. 2.59 PM


They're scoring out peace. 3.04 PM


You sold me. 3.05 PM


Sale. 3.08 PM


Sale. 3.12 PM


Sold. 3.21 PM


Patrick closed their orchid.


Sold! 3.37 PM


Come on, git em. 3.48 PM


These guys are fooling us." 3.58 PM



Glad to see the sales and the sold's.


Was outside for a little bit and a couple of weap Judees passed by and Bitch picked up these Tele thoughts:


"Another week of our verse."


Then another passed by and said


"We're leaving you."



"You're falsing." 1.53 PM


Bitch doesn't false. He does make mistakes, but doesn't false. Might what Bitch is revealing just be too fantastic for some to accept as true? It's true, elders from outer space have spared us from Judah extermination.


Here's some Judee reverse speech from the noon news:


"That's why I'm so important, because I rice fall. We just always availed ourselves of a living wage by putting you in. Oxygen we have given a battering. It's a people depot die graciously.


We just push you off by force. Continentals were Jewish. I shot you nursery gone. We're verdid veasal and that's why we crunch. I'm hurting here by pushing the right buttons," Judee say.


Thank you. God bless you.

































"Terrible Light"

"Nice Guy Failed To Guide Us To Life Rightly. They Pushed Out Our Life Forces."


Those are from a couple of overnight Tele receives.


"Nice guy failed to guide us to life rightly. They pushed out our life forces."


Here's some more Tele receives:


"Oh my god they're extincting us. 4.00 PM


Pretty first rate. 6.29 PM


The guy's an incredible telepath. 6.38 PM


Jews have the most incredible risk going. 7.03 PM


You retain your rights here, we appreciate it. 7.04 PM


Genocide is going to get you and die out your establishment. 10.30 PM


He just savaged us. 10.41 PM


Genius killed us. 11.52 PM


The furious guy weaped you all. 11.54 PM


You all were made by Jews. 11.55 PM


You're going to die soon, Jew wrote this whole place all off. 12.51 AM


In his neighborhood, he suffers them.


Patrick, Judee passed you rifled, he fails what we are, you failed us. 1.10 AM


E--- wrecked us, beamed us lethal. 1.11 AM


Nice and homeless. 1.14 AM


They're scoring luxury heresy.


Professor not booze wit, he'll get it done. 1.16 AM


You failed life now. 1.17 AM


Nice guy failed to guide us to life rightly. 1.18 AM


They pushed out our life forces.


Admonitional. 1.19 AM


It's embarrass effort. 1.26 AM


They sold us out cash.


The state charge screw ya. 1.27 AM


If you show any sign of weakness they do you in. 1.31 AM


They assault you, migrants. 1.32 AM


To big sport we're losing. 1.38 AM


You missed your fastage homage and die. 2.24 AM


Great bums. 2.25 AM


Estimate your life forces exhausted. 2.26 AM


Pitch you boys kite head.


Focus your sight on them. 3.09 AM


Hosburgh fooling us. 3.11 AM


You embarrass yourselves by dying." 3.13 AM



This from Facebook:


When is Labor going to STRIKE weap Judah out and free our world from Judah sport war abuse? Will those that pray not keep praying that we all make it through this to peace?


This shooting wars throughout our world on the American Labor dollar and the burning of nuclear waste to poison our fields and air. Are we focused on the fact this is all big sport to weap Judah and his Replicons?


The bleakness of a world at eternal war. The mild man of the north born into a world that he is raised up to wage Jewish sport. To live his life and die to pass on to his children a world where their generation of children are to serve in war for Jewish sport.


And on and on war until eternity or until weap Judah can perish the white man and his children out.


Blatherskite. defined as foolish talk, nonsense.


Blather Word Origin

C15: from Old Norse blathra, from blathr nonsense.


Skite [skeyt]

Spell Syllables

noun, Slang.


a person; fellow:

He's a good skate.


a contemptible person.


an inferior, decrepit horse; nag.



Vicious blatherskite? Dangerous blatherskite? Genocidal blatherskite?


The decrepit inferior horse that is ably dying out the United States of America and wiping the mild people out. Say what we may about him, has Judah not demonstrated a winning hand now for thousands of years?


He wanted to take us out in the middle of the night in the hundreds of millions with his great balls of fire and lost them to the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from nuclear blast war.


6 years now of assaulting us with deadly radioactive waste from his dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that he refuses to stop shooting us with, and yet he shoots on.


What type of mental could it be that is able to keep the victims of genocide funding their own die?


All the while Judah ghosting and going into his well prepared undergrounds in the mountains.


The most luxurious of his mountain hotels, Mt Popocatepetl outside of Mexico city. Have we noticed the constant movement of UFOs near that volcano there?


Another sighting over Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico 19-Mar-2017

March 21, 2017, LUFOS




From reverse speech Bitch has learned that Popocatépetl is where the top nuclear war fighting elite are going to shelter themselves from the nuclear devastation that they have unleashed against Americans and the people of the world.


Might American Labor understand that the day that you STRIKE THEM OUT and take away the free money they're using to perp their multiples of sport genocide against us, they will immediately flee to the safety of their underground mountain hotels?


When the people of America understand that we have been enormously fooled and massively destroyed, might that be the last day of blatherskite rule?


The Druid-Slavic peoples, the mild people of the north lands. Made out by Judah to appear mean and vicious people that only want to go overseas and assault our brothers and sisters out.


Where in reality, mild people returned to the original condition Judah and his Roman fist made of us long ago, "Slaves."


Has the slave not fought wars historically? Yes he has. Free men do not willingly fight wars, slaves do the dirty work job.


Judah, getting hold of the organizing principle of mild mans states, forces in a war draft to get the boys to fight his sport wars.


Judah shapes an economy that rewards those that supply the sinews of war. Punishes those that speak of peace.


"He had to go in because he did some pacifists for petroleum." Was what a star said in reverse speech about a recently reported deceased star that had to go because he had gotten found out about his service to petroleum.


Set up inside the state assassination bureaus that have specific fields of assassination they perform for weap Judah. Peace activists at the top, right next to them are the assassinations of Labor activists of any sort.


Might Labor not see war for what it is most concerned about, subordinating Labor to masters claws?


Judah, traveling to every terrain in the world using his zipper to wage war. Visiting Rotels to recreate his errant self everywhere in our world.


Not to mock it for has his zipper work not taken over planet earth by putting us into continuous world war? Yes it has.


And if not for intervention by high level intelligences from the universe would Judah and his alliance partners not already have burn blasted us out of here? Yes they would.


With the best educated brains in their pocket books along with unlimited Labor to serve them did they not build the infernal machines to extirpate us in total? Yes they did?


Did they not use their nuclear blast war machine to try and close us out of life form? Yes they did. Is there any thinking person that doubts it?


The land of murder that Judah put in that replaced the original America, the land of the free. Might we consider Judah great success of getting humans to harm one another?


With his white, black, yellow, brown and red Replicons, are we understanding now how he has been able to stage his attacks to separate us?


Might historians some day label Judah's time with us as the "Zipperdee wars?"


Elders from outer space have even commented about Judah that he is a "rare" type of life form.


Our extraterrestrial family with millions of years of living in peace, with knowledge of tens of millions of years that they gained when they discovered the records of the past civilization of Prenasour.


Elders technology is 30,000 years ahead of where we are now.


Knowing full well that our extraterrestrial family are living in peace, and have lived in peace for millions of years, and yet Judah chose of his own free will to violate the rules of the Federation and commit genocide against the children of God on earth.


Bitch has been gifted and graced by the presence of several of our extraterrestrial family. Mercury and Venus, who are the same as us. They were crafted with us 200,000 years ago and lived on earth with us until they developed free energy and used it to become extraterrestrials.


The brothers from Mercury and one sister from Venus that Bitch has been in the presence of appeared to be about 35 years of age.


And yet they were over 200 years of age. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus have our body forms, they are us.


They have their homes inside Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and have a life span in the range of 800 to 1200 years.


Joan of Arc, who is mentioned here with the most profound respect to her honor and dignity, is over 600 years of age and still may have 600 years of life ahead of her yet.


Her "soul" is a particularly loving one and so she may live to the high side of our possible age range. Joan has sent Tele-pictures to Bitch of her world.


Sophie Piper (1757-1816) is also alive. Sophia is mentioned with the most profound respect to her honor and dignity.



Rather than passing away in 1816, Sophie was invited to join with Mercury and live with them. And that is where Sophie makes her home today.


While Bitch is learning and doesn't always get his facts straight, though he tries hard to, Sophie, along with Joan of arc may be living inside our earth with our advanced extraterrestrial family.


Might we wonder why Sophie was invited to join with our peaceful Mercury based elders and gifted with life extension technology?


If we look at the desperate circumstances that we find ourselves in today, might we note the forces within Sweden that have been critical in bringing about war and with it the high technical destruction of America and our world?


Might we recall the 1917 Zimmerman telegram that was the final straw that pushed America into war with Germany, was taken from a Swedish communications cable?


And what about in more recent times? Do we recall that along with Ireland's former attorney general, former American defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of Sweden's industrial technology corporation ABB and resigned shortly before the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York?


Do we recall the never seen again after the end of World War II, Raoul Wallenberg?


And James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King informing us that Dr. King's assassination was directed by a fellow named "Raoul" from Montreal, Canada?


Sweden's ABB that Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of, a large stockholder in the company were the Wallenbergs.


Sophie's peace group were defeated in Sweden in 1809 when King Gustav IV was deposed. The king's father, Gustav III had been removed by gun shot assassination in a opera house in1792.


Sophie and her brother, Axel Von Fersen, were supporters of the Gustavians. Axel was himself assassinated in 1810.


Sophie fled as she was targeted for death also.


Axel was Marshall of the Realm in Sweden at the time, considered to be the second highest office right behind the king. Swedish troops stood by as Axel was pulled from his carriage and beaten to death on the streets of Stockholm.


We can trace Sophie Piper's lineage all the way back to "Zig Zag" De la Gardie.


For those that have studied UFO sightings, have we not many times read reports of UFOs doing "Zig Zag" motions in the sky? Sure. Many reports of zig zag motions.


Might elders be suggesting that it could be useful to study Zig Zag De La Gardie to help understand what is going on in our world today?


Baron Pontus "Zig Zag" De la Gardie (1520–1585)




Sophie's family were among the wealthiest in Sweden. Her ancestor zig zag was a French mercenary and skilled at warfare proving to be of much use to the king.


Six generations later after Zig Zag De La Gardie, Sophie and her family fully desiring of peace rather than warfare.


Might we note that Father is transitioning the Judah Replicons that want to stay in Father's village over 6 birth cycles?


Might we consider that Pontus De La Gardie was a French Replicon? Might we note that given food abundance in the terrain over 6 generations how the predator Replicon was transitioned naturally into a cooperator accommodater seeking peace?


We know from the reverse speech that Judah directs the Anglo-Zionist terrorist network from Geneva, Switzerland.


Are we seeing how our kind elders that Father sent to help us be able to see Judah operations in our world has spent centuries in helping us to awake naturally to the strategy that Judah has put on us operating from below the perceptual level where we might be able to see them?


Might we not be able to see how Judah has hidden in the terrains of the mild man using his hybrid Replicon transplants for assassinating useful people so that he can put his fist brand in?


In the assassination of Gustav III, shot in the back in an opera house in 1792. Does that not have the feel of President Lincoln who was assassinated in an opera house in Washington D.C. 73 years later in 1865?


The troops standing down when Swedish Marshall of the Realm Axel Von Fersen was pulled from his carriage in 1810 and stomped to death.


Might we recall how former Baltimore police officer Paul Roberts directed the secret service agent to step off of JFKs car bumper as it turned onto Elm street only moments before JFK was shot?


By looking at political assassinations in Sweden during Sophie's time might we not get a historical picture of what has happened to America?


All the gizmos that were used to stage the take down of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Might Sweden's industrial weap shed have provided some of them? Might a grand jury not find that answer for us? Certainly.


Is mild man getting a picture of how these Judah zipper sport people operate?


Might we see through time how they do not vary their destructive behaviors against us, in fact, they only seek to employ deadlier technology to destroy us?


Might we note how it is the royal states in Europe that Judah has tasked to take out Americans freedoms?


The naphthalene filled exploding light bulb that burned the homeless guy to death while using a Star Bucks bathroom. The ricin burner in the library ventilator shaft. Might we think of the high technical products available from European suppliers like ABB?


Will American Labor not awake to just how important civil rights are to us?


Judah with his continual claims to do all that he can to try and make this nation safer for us. Now not allowed to bring laptop computers on planes. Might he have a deeper level motive than trying to help us?


Maybe make it easier for him to access our computers to make copies of our files? Might his new rules be setting us to make it easier to steal a most important tool that we need to earn our incomes?


But are the rules only for designated countries not America? Sure, but once he slips his issue in have we not noticed how he then extends it at his leisure?


Will American Labor not let Judah terrorism go away from us now?


Has our good God not showed us how? Yes, Father has, have His angels not advised us to STRIKE THEM OUT!?



I have beheld war near at hand, and I know all its evils: for it is not conquest which can console a country for the blood of her children, spilt on a foreign land.


I have seen the mighty Emperor of the French, so often crowned with the laurel of victory, surrounded by his invincible armies, sigh after the olive-branches of peace.


Yes, Gentlemen, peace is the only glorious aim of a sage and enlightened government: it is not the extent of a state which constitutes its strength and independence; it is its laws, its commerce, its industry, and above all, its national spirit.”


Charles John, address to the State-General, 5 November 1810.


The national spirit. Will American Labor not spirit Americans with peace? Must American Labor not end paying for sports war?


Held out from our free energy for over a century now. Judah still assaulting us with his guns and cages package.





Our good God above welcoming us into His house of peace and love. Will we not end Judah's dog from holding us out?


His great balls of kosher fire for holding us. Bitch blew his cover, is that not enough? Will Labor not let them off right?


"STRIKE! 6.13 AM


It's stuper here. 6.41 AM


Jew goose states are out. 6.53 AM


Their false stream is completely out. 6.55 AM


Stay youthful buddy. 7.03 AM


Pat's thrown all their war. 7.10 AM


Devonutional. 7.12 AM


Boots here." 7.41 AM



An advanced civilization from the stars. Doing all it can to try and save us. Is there not some way that we will join with our rescuers and take some good advice from them and STRIKE THEM OUT?


The predator states that remain upon mild man of the north in Europe. Versus a free people of America with a written Bill of Rights as the cornerstone of the American way.


Might we understand why they have so desired that Americans lose our freedoms?


Might the example of a state as large as America living free not give their unfree residents some clues how good life can be when we are free to do as we wish?


The great wealth and abundance that comes when people are free to create it. Will Labor not free us all so that we can generate the wealth that our good Papa wants all of his children to have?


"I want you to be comfortable," Precious sweet Papa said.


Our Father from the Cosmos welcoming us in to share the spirit of millions of years of peace and love. Will Labor not close the precise predator out? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, March 22 — Psalm 37:34–40

Nehemiah 12:44–13:14; Romans 7:7–20

How great are God’s signs, how mighty his wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom; his dominion endures from generation to generation. Daniel 4:3 (NIV)

Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

We are reminded today of your transcendence and power. And we marvel that you, who are above all, make your home with us. Amen.



2.55 PM


"Tele receives:


Throw out terrorists. 12.34 PM




You're welcome here. 1.20 PM




Animals defeated us. 1.29 PM


It's an air eviction. 1.31 PM


They're closing us out of here with our own house dead. 1.53 PM


TOTAL! 2.08 PM


Hostages failed to horse power. 2.14 PM


Albertus beast you. 2.15 PM


Oh my god, it's over with, portable life is over with. 2.40 PM


Pat, you need to use a paint brush. 2.46 PM




The news reports came on a few hours ago about the car attack outside of Parliament. Here's some reverse speech from videos:


"Bitch will probably report this was from some Dallas sources here.


Suicide coming in riced to die.


War field.


I'm going to fake you to ashes out here.




I have fugitive rights, when I hold you I use force.


Judah ever has science for the nursery.


Pat reported the blaze here.


A huge bomb is coming out of New York.


I envision you a wasteful die Texas.


This was part of Bisco out of Thompson.


5 hours and my viper shenanigans go.


Ottawa services did some rude government."



And here is some regular Judah reverse speech:


"My Jaw son always uses beer to take them away. I drop guys using debts for disguise. I'm just automatic with a church to seize you. Maxwell had a chump walk for fear rule. At some point in my life I always score you out.


Spurring your life was fair. Genocide has made Harry leave. I ruin you by challenging you with abuse. Our perilous way is now fully known and you're switching.


We just take your rights. You let me core you out fatal. My ex friend, I scored him, I hit him. The white men we just shoot out, that's always how we savage well. My big ox ever stalks management out with a baby," Judee say. 3.18 PM



5.20 PM


Did some more facial reverse speech about the car attack in London. Also said prayers for those that were harmed there.


Here's some of what was found in reverse speech:


"For our maximum we already fell.


Papa's truth already failed us but I still shoot.


You're right Algiers.


I just use Muslims to toff you.


I'm still in the position to be folding you mentally.


I soften you by shooting at the police rightly.


We do this to fall your rights and wall you right. I bust you with a conniption rule.


I put in an opp so I can put in a formal issue to take you off.


Jew rights are inimical today to foul your land.


We're still out degenerating you, this is where this is from.


This helps keep you hapless to pull you out for fun.


I'vr got an incredible air sale to pull out this state.


B---- O---- got one up.


Central lie is dead.


Old George, you can blame him.


This is Nissan from Los Angeles.


It came from the Union.


This opp is to hold Druid pooch and keep in homelessness.


I use this to stumble you right, core you out.


Our British establishment is all merch.


We're responsible for this cop war, it's part of our comfortable wisdom.


25 got laid off to the police basic.


The police were on top of this of course so you're going to take them out."



The one police officer that was reported killed in the attack in London, might we not guess it was a ghost he made of himself? Will American Labor not close these guys out please?



"They're doing a whole swing die. With optical you out yourself."

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.


Thank you. God bless you all.















Otto Johan Tandefelt born 13 April 1782 in Sysmä, Voipala, Finland was a Swedish Finn.[1] He most likely died in America.


Fersen killed by the mob

He was a key figure in the lynching of Axel von Fersen on June 20, 1810 in Stockholm. He was the alleged murderer. After serving some years at Nya Älvsborgs festning, he was pardoned by the king Karl XIII and eventually emigrated to America under the name of Pettersson.

He was a nephew of Adolf Tandefelt.[2]










"The Cat Wiped Us Off."

"The Cat Wiped Us Off."


That's a Tele receive from over night. Is there not yet some acceptance that the cat indeed wiped us off?


By advising Americans into a permanent state of war, have we not figured yet that they have advised us off?


America the beautiful being destroyed in the eternal sport war of weap Judah.


The promise of a free land in the new world that would lead us into peace with liberty and justice for all and instead invaded and overthrown by weap Judah and put into eternal sport war to destroy our nation and die the people off.


Are American working people aware of the incredibly threatened situation that weap Judah has put us into and what this will mean for us if we keep funding him and letting him continue shooting us?


If we are aware of how menaced we are will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into the safe hands of Labor?


"Because of my big opp Papa ordered my arrest," Judee say.


Judah attacking us with thousands of thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, while we slept in our beds.


The next is from a post at LUFO Reports:



"Juvenile." 4.20 AM


Elder said that to Bitch, "Juvenile," shortly after Bitch posted this comment at Latest UFO Reports:


Viral Video Shows Crystal Clear UFOs Over Pyramids

March 19, 2017

Patrick Sullivan

MARCH 20, 2017 AT 9:39 AM


Might we understand that our extraterrestrial family is here all the time and they have been here all the time?


That our planet has been mined with nuclear weapons. Have we given much thought to who mined it?


Maybe we might figure it was the pyramid guys that set us to die in a nuclear blast war first and failing in that due to the intervention by our extraterrestrial family to save us, the pyramid guys are now dying us with their second deadliest technology of genocide, nuclear waste?


The pyramids floating in the air over the pyramids. A meta-transiliatory communication from our extraterrestrial family to us. What might our elders from the universe be saying to us?


With pyramid guys using the white purse and fist of America to make war might it have something to do with our massive die off due to the pyramid guys and gals pushing their nuclear brimstone waste war genocide?





"Juvenile." 4.20 AM


Does that comment read "juvenile," as elder said? Does it sounds a little like an angry kid that is upset that we're being destroyed with nuclear waste and not doing a darned thing about it except dying out?


Thank you, Sir, for taking a look at it and informing Bitch that that comment is "Juvenile."


Big foot and the Loch ness monster and the many other supernatural creatures that have been seen throughout our world. Might we perceive that they are creations from our extraterrestrial family to help us see what it is that Judah is doing to us?


"El Diablito" (a super-dense, violent dwarf) in Argentina, and a variety of other creatures described as more or less impervious to machete or shovel-blows, pick-blows, vehicle impact, shotgun blasts, and handgun ammo.


If we perceive that it is our extraterrestrial elders that are generating the supernatural creatures in our world such as "El Diablito" the super-dense violent dwarf of Argentina, might we only wonder what the message to us from elders is there?


"Super-dense violent dwarf?"


Might it be fear that keeps us from being righteous as is our natural state? Will we not have courage from the faith of knowing that our good God loves us and is with us all now to save us from the perfected die that Judah has shot on us?


"You guys fear hysterical," Judee say.


Might we surmise Judah terrorism is what has allowed him to get the tight hold that he has on Americans?










Might Judah thinking his mental is much stronger than ours merely be due to the violence that he has put into our society that he uses to shut our best thinking down?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take their violence out of our society and free our world from weap Judah war disease?


2 Esdras 15:24 Alas for those who sin and do not observe my commandments, says the Lord;[e] 25 I will not spare them. Depart, you faithless children! Do not pollute my sanctuary. 26 For God[f] knows all who sin against him; therefore he will hand them over to death and slaughter. 27 Already calamities have come upon the whole earth, and you shall remain in them; God[g] will not deliver you, because you have sinned against him.


That Americans continue funding the sin of war and genocide against our family in this world. Might we not have now set ourselves to die out of life form even before Judah consciousness dies away?


Judah has an underground to shelter him from the radioactive waste that he is covering our fields and poisoning our air and water with. Will Labor not help us to get the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE shut down?


We're stuck on the surface. Is it clear that we're going no further unless we can get our nation into peace?


Warned thousands of times for over five years now by our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR!


Are Americans ready for what is coming in here for failing to listen to our good God above?


Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke, and brimstone that proceeded from their mouths.


Breathing Jewish electricity brimstone waste for the future. Do we have any idea of just how deadly brimstone is when inhaled, eaten or drank?


Roast kidney disease when eaten or drank and tumors, pleurisy, asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer are just some of the things we might expect from brimstone in our bodies.


Will Labor not end the confusion and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Definition of addle

To throw into confusion: confound



Related words


Without Judah and his fist might we not end the confusion in our world?


Certainly. So will we not end funding Judah fist? Will we not let peace come in?


Thousands of years of time were not able to convince Judah to get on the right side of life. Will American Labor not try to see the right way and end funding Judah's fist? Will Labor not act and take our free American Labor money away from him?


Gifted with free will by our creators in the Galactic Federation of Light. Given the command by our good God above that loves us to "love one another."


Then given some more rules of the road such as, "Thou shalt not kill," and Judah chose of his own free will to ignore all of our elders most favored suggestions.


Judah, with his free will, chose to bomb you and me. Will Labor not let the error off right?


The rules first created in mild peoples lands, Druid put trial by jury in before loss of life, liberty or property in 1215.


Our Slavic family of mild people put the grand jury in in 1430 liberating the people of Poland from the grip of the high and mighty, everyone first given the benefit of a grand jury if there was anyone that claimed reason why someone should be summoned or arrested. Might we like to recall the golden age of Poland followed beginning in about 1450?


Then in 1689 mild people in England put in no cruel or unusual punishment. 1694 Judah privatized the issue of money in England.


Both Slavic and Druid mild peoples law found as the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights in American law.


Grand jury before an allegation goes any further and trial by jury before the loss of life, liberty or property and no cruel or unusual punishment no matter what.


How is it that our best protective rules of law have all been thrown into the garbage can by Judah boss?


More so than that, how is it that we have done nothing to get our rights back?


"I beast hate you," Judee say.


Chosen of his own free will to oppose the proven, sustainable in peace high level life forms that live in our universe. Our good God above that loves us all. Will we not get ourselves in tune with Father's love and STOP THE WAR?


Judah focused his intelligence on diminishing others intelligence. Suckering us all the time and everywhere. Punishing us as if he has a right.


Do the Druid-Slavic people in particular not yet perceive that Judah and his Replicon officials are moving right ahead unimpeded with dying us out at the genetic level?


While we are merely in need of being re-sighted after 1300 years of being battered by Judah and his cult, if we will do nothing to STOP THE WAR and if we keep funding war might we understand that our chances of survival are greatly reduced?


Too troubled with fear to perceive that we are being scientifically and systematically perished or merely unconcerned about it? Either way are we understanding that if we continue to do nothing then it will be the end of the road for us forever more?


We are set now for going out of life form, sure hope this is understood.


Living good in America and just not concerned that our money is waging all of the war and genocide in our world, warned by our good God above of how to fix it here, STOP THE WAR, and ignore it, what might we guess could become of us now?






Upside down pyramid on live news weather report



Notice that the station tries to hide what the pyramid that is on the screen?




What is this brightly burning light near a mountain while UFOs fly past? Great ball of fire in controlled burn off?



Video 8.47 AT



Here's some Tele receives:


"Vengeance is not spirited. 5.04 PM


Get office out. 5.24 PM


Get the waste out. 5.34 PM


Failed cradle fataled. 5.40 PM


Jews enemy face, Jew done. 5.44 PM


Thank God we didn't get more than 5% offended.


Thank God their force fell. 5.46 PM


Must be saved. 5.48 PM


Pat, fash rude us. 5.55 PM


Bears kingdom. 5.57 PM


You been involved in roomin. 5.58 PM


Goose has fallen for dumb age.


Don't starve the fish. 6.08 PM


They're chapping us with war ruse. 6.09 PM


You're in a bunch of wars, try to release them. 6.17 PM


It's fist finishing off this place. 7.05 PM


You failed to save your life.


Patrick save us! 11.44 PM


The cat wiped us out.


Life forces failed. 11.48 PM


You're now to receive blisters. 11.51 PM


Jew force electric has now cut us off. 12.45 AM


You failed to save your life forms, they just cash. 12.48 AM


They failed whites ending us. 12.49 AM


Full out of juice and they outed you twice. 12.50 AM


You're wrecking your life forces clear out of here. 12.53 AM


Over die hedge.


Store is completely out. 12.54 AM


They're striking us. 12.57 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT they're rolling you fist. 1.20 AM


You really have folded up, you're accomplishing the end of this world. 2.20 AM


Witless fell. 2.22 AM


Philosophy you cleared out. 2.23 AM


It's over failed. 3.05 AM


Stupid animals advise you off. 3.10 AM


This is juvenile. 3.49 AM


If a mind don't teach then you close up. 6.02 AM


We've just been raped. 7.28 AM


SOLD! 7.41 AM


Not suitable for natures way. 8.02 AM


They're perishing us all to die?" 11.56 AM



Yes, they are perishing us all to die.


"Wiping your ass Druid, right cow. With booze cycle you fall. They hold you cocktail for perp opps. They can't get by Mercury eye. They sport you out with tact, surrepty. Bitch cite you in a soul desful way."


That is reverse speech from a Druid.


"You been involved in roomin." 5.58 PM


For those who know how much Judee lies and fables Bitch, are we understanding that is a false? Bitch has done no roomin.


While many have lost their lives over the decades, Bitch has not put a one in. That is a fact. Judee put them in.


Believe it, Bitch has done no roomin at all.


"We effulize you with uncle Thomas to get you out of here. If I've taken you off I'm happy. We just frame you to pull your true wits. I'm living in Boss Alamos but a grand jury is going to take my day away.


Jew embezzlement throwing us pure. With a bear I make you go out, I don't fit. Pittsburgh you right see me here, we're available here for sin and Jew lousin.


All our gizmo's soon retired. I just squeeze you Nelson. We bruise you hedge hog. I just use vowels to take out your face. I'm a suitable legend. My accuse of you always takes you out.


We just boom your vessels and leave once we're past force. I set you white boy out of everything, that's my fate, to make you dumb; Judas death you war. I have a mighty merchant relation for shooting.


A dog was always available for my tumor goose. A London child I use to bruise you for my goose state. A des-hold rights me, a Wesson failed with perjure. To get the white fellas off we just see you through a merchant hole.


My fist fall alright, the kids see me as all shame-us. We all possess you of your place. It's our kike destiny to cheat you. A pure dog prevents you from seeing our Nimitz.


We death you nice. My force app from Pittsburgh revealed my truth and threw me out. I horse you with a Bedouin state, that's my Jewp, that's my nuts. I just have an oss to put you to an end.


With television I ooze my forces state. We port you Jew, scam you dumb. I always core you and that Bitch showed my corrupt true. I'm famous for shooting Druids away. I give you trouble on my journey.


Jew has a feud with Druid he ignores. When I put you down I'm famous, that's why I work my conspiracy. I just bust you heroin, I owl your income. We always max them stupid to set them away.


Bitch explained I basically score out anatomy. They're so stupid, I have evidence, they're dying by threat. Patrick outs my X-side. I'm sorry, but I hate you true. We sped your head," Judee say.


"For falling the Jew dead you ever made my day suitable."


That is a reverse speech of a non-Judah, obviously.


Here's some more reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker:


"Bitch accomplish them completely to give you peaceful rights. He put all the fishermen away surgical to where they won't come back. "


Are we all on the same page here Labor? That is are we not aware that Jew is not coming back with his refills to take over planet earth once again?


"They're simpin' us out." 1.16 PM


Thank you for that and all of the Tele sends.


Please don't fall for any more of the Jews threats Labor. Once you STRIKE THEM OUT, that is the end of killing human Beings in God's village.


Judah was offered advice from highly advanced Beings, our creators, and Judah persists in their violent assault against the other children of God on earth. Must American Labor not interest itself enough in acting to end funding war?


"We punished you's bad," Judee say.


We are now set to die out in the hundreds of millions due to radiation sickness over the next few years. You're urged to STRIKE THEM OUT Labor and take the concession to issue our money away from them.


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, March 20 — Psalm 37:23–26

Nehemiah 10:28–11:36; Romans 6:5–16

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage. Psalm 16:6

Paul wrote: God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

Lord Jesus, who promised us life in abundance, open our eyes to all the resources at our disposal this day. Fill us with your generosity so that all your good gifts may be shared with joy. Amen.













Daniel 4:17 "This sentence is by the decree of the angelic watchers And the decision is a command of the holy ones, In order that the living may know That the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, And bestows it on whom He wishes And sets over it the lowliest of men."






"Contact Is Freedom From Fistdom. They Use A Bank To Make Their Way."

"Contact Is Freedom From Fistdom. They Use A Bank To Make Their Way."

"I tossed you out awesomal," Judee say.

The majority of Americans set now to die out over the next few years from Judah brimstone waste nuclear war that he is still waging against us from Hitachi-GE.

The Judah Replicon hybrid transplant group in North Korea still firing missiles. Might that be to give Washington something to chaw about?

Falseness still reigns in Washington and the other capitols of the world. Will Labor not please help us to let them off of here?

"The white had a mental I could take out so I did," Judee say.

Up into the northlands with his big top, the tourist traveled to fool the simple honest mild man of the north into being the fist that has so harmed our world.

Now that God Almighty let Judah show mild man what he thinks of us, attacking us with thousands of nuclear bombs to die us all off and poison out our environment so the survivors would not be able to survive, he is done.

And yet, mild man continues funding and fighting the war and dying himself and his family off. What type of a mental has the Judah desert cult demonstrated that it is still holding mild man even after what Judah has done to us?

Judah reveals that his analysis is that mild man is frightened of Judah master boss and that is why mild man has not made a move to let them off. Will mild man not think and then act and take the purse of American Labor away from the genocidal Jew?

Watch Viral Video Of Diamond UFO Hovering Over Sea March 18, 2017

Might we notice the spacecraft that is to the right of the diamond shaped cloud? Are we perceiving that cloud is being held in the control of our extraterrestrial family?

Here we have the spacecraft moving close into the cloud:

Now the cloud begins its ascent up:

And continues up out of sight

Here is what Bitch posted at LUFO reports.
Patrick Sullivan
MARCH 19, 2017 AT 8:40 AM

Might that diamond have been shaped from the exhaust of a burning nuclear warhead?

Are we not yet getting some idea of the many times our extraterrestrial guardians that Father sent in have spared us from suffering nuclear warhead blasts over our cities?

And why a diamond shape?

Might that be to help us find the house of Morgan that is behind all of the nuclear war on planet earth?

If we think a little about it, is the house of Morgan not behind all of the war on earth both nuclear and conventional? Certainly, it is.

The nuclear brimstone attack that Americans are suffering from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and shut it down?

They've already tried their hardest to blast us out with their great balls of fire. Are ordinary people not yet getting it?

Bitch has an image to chuck their rule. Will Labor not get an image to chuck their rule? If so must Labor not get hold of the force, the concession to issue our money?

Will working people not become responsible for our passing out of life form and end funding it?

They think with a bow everything's fine. Their terrorist sport has wiped them out. Will American Labor not accept that homeless must feel freedom too?

Their nickel sport of putting homeless in. Might we understand why many of the homeless do not want to go to shelters with that sort of business model in?

Petty cash opp phonies that have been shooting our Western theories of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Will Labor not let them off right?

With great algebra, they threw us away with their terrorist boutique. "Falsing cattle" is what they shout.

Will Americans not denazify our land? Must American Labor not end funding the Nazi, communist creating sportsters of weap Judah brand?

They assault us Muslim. Will Labor not let them off right? Must American Labor not end funding their eternal war before they die all of us out?

"My Auschwitz truth has gotten rolled away," Judee say.

Will American Labor not free our world of them?

Who are them? Are they not the guys that chose to hate instead of love?

The guys that turned their noses up at our good God above. Does Labor not see that they are a dead consciousness now? If so must Labor not let them off right?

To let them off right will we not take the good advice of the angels that Papa sent in to guide us to peace and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Thank you, I appreciate it. 3.04 PM

They're striking out the whole human race. 4.23 PM

They're breaking us all. 4.53 PM

A trio, 3 days it's a load. 5.53 PM

Your white privilege is out. 5.55 PM

We lost great smite. 6.02 PM

They died us out. 6.04 PM

Molest you awfully in spite of the fact they shot nuclear missiles at us. 10.29 PM

Intelligent forces scored you of this field. 11.20 PM

He is always holding Druid with some abuse. 11.40 PM

Pat, you're rightfully selling it. 11.48 PM

You error yourselves. 11.49 PM

Change yourselves from abuse. 1.00 AM

Stupid days fall us. 1.05 AM

They're prancing here. 1.07 AM

They're taking your life out in stages. 1.10 AM

Your rights are fierced. 1.12 AM

Scientist saved us from abuse.

Body slamming kids is a lousy deal.

Your piracy here won. 1.13 AM

We find you lucid. 1.16 AM

Contact is freedom from fistdom. 1.18 AM

Get out through grand jury. 1.19 AM

Kean age is fun. 1.20 AM

Sawyer was fallen easily for perjury. 1.22 AM

Bad fortune fell completely.1.25 AM

Serialized ghosts. 1.26 AM

The cats have poisoned natural life, they've poisoned us. 1.33 AM

Love freedom. 1.36 AM

Life as animals, you don't know what you got until it's gone. 1.37 AM

Banged us swit. 1.38 AM

Embarrass faults us. 1.46 AM

They're pasting us wasted. 1.50 AM

They use a bank to make their way. 1.57 AM

Cattle falsed are out. 2.41 AM

Oh, the son of a bitches destroyed us." 3.58 AM

The Lord your God is a merciful God, he will neither abandon you nor destroy you. Deuteronomy 4:31

Are we aware that Father loves us all equally?

The false that the supreme clerks put on us in 1859 with their decision that noncitizens don't have rights. By letting them get past us with that false do we see how they eventually found reasons why nobody has rights?

Understanding that planet earth is God's village and Father loves us all equally, might it be easy now to understand that all of God's children have rights and in equal quality?

Will Labor not open your eyes and let these assaulter's of the children of God off of us right?

As they push the final perishing of the people of the United States of America is there not enough gumption to be found in working people to close them out right?

The deuce, the most violent, irrational, insane lunatics that only want to destroy. Died off the best deal that has ever been gifted to any human Beings, the United States of America on our precious, sacred Bill of rights.

Hardly a union leader, politician, business or community leader has stood against it.

All the while simultaneously poisoning our environment so that it is now poisoned to the level to die hundreds of millions of us out over the next few years.

While Bitch maybe estrange spirit, did he not provide the facts of what is going on in our world? Did he not provide the intellect to counter Judah obvious false?

To make up for lack of spirit will Labor not come in and make up for that? Will Labor not spirit us with the love of God for us and STOP THE WAR?

As we have watched Judah use Washington for his injustice around the world and internal also, might some have passed it off and fallen on Judah mantra, "survival of the fittest?"

Now that Judah is closing Americans out right, might we have to revisit Judah sight to see what is missing there?

Might we not want to try the first cordless phone to ask Father to help us live right? Will we not pray to Father to save our lives?

That was found in a post on Facebook. Thank you for that.

"The minnow's failed his rightness. 5.58 AM

You lost your sight right racial. 6.03 AM

You failed to sucker ways. 6.08 AM

The Jew is dying us massively. 6.14 AM

Walleyes shoot." 6.17 AM

Bitch and his stupid bubble gum ways insulting the Druid. Now facing a massive die off of the American people.

Papa facing weeping bitterly for the loss of his children who never knew of his love for them.

Papa, all forgiving, all merciful, if only we will repent and end funding and fighting the war against our brothers and sisters in this world.

Judah fault Druid so he had a nice invention to port us out. Did Mercury not fail Judah right though? Never laid a hand on them and yet is Judah not finished now for all time?

Their big concussion has been refused. The universe will have nothing to do with them. What might it take to convince Labor to not have any more to do with their sports war delight?

Their purpose is out good, Jew weapatory is through. Their house has been put out for burning all of the love of God here. A goose full liar that has fallen out for abuse. Is there not some way that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and close them up right?

Unfaithful, untruthful and untreatable. Their psyche rule is out. Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor, did Father not ask, "Why didn't you try it?" Yes, Father did ask Labor," why didn't you try it."

Judee analysis indicates that Labor is in fear of weap Judah. Will Labor not put your faith in our good God above, toss fear aside and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judah, he just wants to use the states as a plow horse. He uses the Mormon to quiet the fish. With fear of debt, he closes us right. Will Labor not put our rights in again?

The many centuries of abuse that our predecessors patiently endured. When they finally got the chance to right things for themselves and their posterity, us, they demanded and received a Bill of Rights as the deal and made it our law in 1791.

Will Americans now have to reinvent the wheel before we realize it was already known about long ago?

The wheel that Judah tied Druid to, whipped and beat to death for spectacle sport. Might we not try to remember our history and put our Bill of Rights in, please?

With our rights in might, we understand that it will stop scrimmage and we can't be fallen in weird ways?

Judah saddles up and gives us a tight ruse. For missiling us their weapatory is out. He scares us to make our rights go away. Will Labor not upend Judah ruse and put our sacred rights in once again?

He makes our rights go in so he can privilege force for his primitive truth. Then he ghosts to evade us. Then he brings his refills in. He coach's us and our children false maximum.

With goose rights, he stomps us in. Dibwit who wants us to be minnows forever, that's why he shoots our sons in. He takes our page out enemy.

Is Labor perceiving that a rising will not hold him?

Once you take notice Labor do you see the immediate benefits will be your rights will be restored and the war will be canceled?

And what is Judah truth other than a chef for mousing? He hikes us to suffer us. His vegetable sized truthful he uses to keep fun away.

That he has targeted our gen to die us off. Might his gas saver be part of his ruse to keep us from going on STRIKE?

Have we not lived first hand in seeing that when he gets hold of a zoo he is dangerous? Any doubt he will give an abortion right?

The scientist wants him out of this field, regrettably, when he showed Druid a door he also insulted him. Might Judah bubble gum make the difference as to who will win completely? Is it not seen that Judah basically has got us all Reich?

Has Jewish war not failed completely for the dungeon? Must we not end 911 infirm?

The angels that Papa sent in. Do we not see they're taking Judah out of the universe for pushing us in?

To Judas our rights are inimical. He kidnaps us and makes us think it was a race guy that did it. He just wants to port you.

With an ordinary factory guy, he doesn't want him to live long enough to enjoy some life. Steals him out of his pension and or his life.

Judah, still holding velocity power sources from coming in. Judah charging ratepayers to cover subsidies for his dangerous, dirty nuclear plants.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Groups sue to end ratepayer subsidies of aged nuclear power plants
ACON – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and a number of co-petitioners filed in Supreme Court a challenge to the recently enacted mandatory 12-year nuclear subsidy that is expected to cost New York ratepayers between $7 billion and $10 billion.

While we have our resources permanently contaminated from Judah artillery that he is shooting us with from thousands of miles away.

For American Labor to let our Bill of Rights pass away from us without even trying once to put them in. For those who have read some history do we recall what happened when Justinian took away rights from workers in the 5th century AD?

Once workers no longer had their rights a period in history began that is known to us today as the dark ages. It was also known a the "migration period."

Might we think of how Judah always likes to hike us?

The migration period was known for its lack of intellectual progress and its barbarity. It ran from the 5th century for a thousand years until the 15th century.

Might we wonder if ending rights for the people had something to do with turning the West backward then?

Emperor Justinian who ended workers rights, might that have been Judah in his Replicon Roman hybrid transplant shell?

The Roman Republic that began when workers went on STRIKE for their rights in the 5th century BC. And a thousand years later with workers returned to the right less condition they were in a thousand years before.

The first Labor STRIKE 2500 years ago that started the Roman Republic with a demand by workers to have our rights. Will American Labor not go on STRIKE to put our sacred rights in again?

The inventiveness of working people. Should workers not have our rights to our inventions? The things ordinary workers come up with. In the creation of good things for us all should the worker inventor not be able to claim a right to it?

Not only do rights prevent a clerk from putting a person into a dungeon, rights also have other functions. The property you own. Should you not be able to have a jury decide if you or the corporation owns it?

If you should be looking at involuntary commitment to a mental institution or not. Who do you want to decide if you should be locked away, a doctor, social worker, attorney, judge or a jury?

Do we see for Judah to do his thief he must have the people to be without rights?

As to an involuntary commitment have we not heard of those that returned home only to find their bank accounts drained and their cars, clothes, jewelry and other property sold?

Who do you want to make the decision if someone wants to put you into a mental health center involuntarily, a corporate clerk sitting on the bench or a jury of your peers to make the call?

Might Labor not want to think of the dreadful times our ancestors went through when they had no rights at all?

Will Labor not get smart and put the American people's rights in again? Will Labor not reject Talmud rules that give us all the rights of animals?


As Judah is now dying us out in stages, might we note like the frog in the pan of water that is slowly being heated, he does it in such as way as to not alarm us to the fact that the water is headed for boiling?

Bitchie boy no perfect boy. Needs all the help that he can get especially with spirit. Trying hard to bring Labor on so there is some chance that America with our Bill of rights will live on for ourselves and our posterity.

Even gave up drinking coffee that he likes really well. The dummy dust that Judah hides in it has gotten Bitch holding until Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and clean stuff is available again.

Their sport is long past its prime, the Federation has no use for them at all.

Cunning hostiles that die their prey in weird ways. They know from their travels that it's only a matter of time before they get caught.

Is it not seen is their last prey now is the mild man of the north? Wiping us out in MEGA DEATH numbers. Killing us, our kids and our genes.

"I won't spare your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Might it be a case that if we won't stand up for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then there really is no more for us here?

Decades of spraying us as if we are bugs chewing on a plant. Set now to give us our final knockout shot.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

Their usury racket from before the time of Jesus. The thousands of years of Judah ranching the children of God on earth. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for changing all of that with His angels pulling all of Judah shots and saving us in the middle of the night? Will Labor not step in now and change this for us? Must Labor not be concerned enough to STOP THE WAR?

They have shot us with nuclear blast weapons to extinct us and have no defensible rights at all. Are we understanding that they now are shooting us with nuclear waste weapons?

Bitch Mercury report tossed then out and they still grip us here. Giving Druid now the last best shot that Judah will ever give any of the children of God on earth.

Will American Labor prove smart and brave enough to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Thousands of years of Judah usury racket. The Organizing Principle of Society elders explains it to us.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and rightly challenge Judah for the concession to issue our money?

Our good God above, the Sovereign of planet earth. Our Savior that saved us from Judah dispatching us with his whiskey, jails and war and his great balls of fire in the middle of the night.

Will American Labor not respond to the love of God for us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will Labor not keep in mind what Father said to us, "Try to perceive me, I love you; I want to save your lives?"

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Third Sunday in Lent
Watchword for the Week — O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! Psalm 95:6
Sunday, March 19 — Exodus 17:1–7; Psalm 95
Romans 5:1–11; John 4:5–42
The Lord your God is a merciful God, he will neither abandon you nor destroy you. Deuteronomy 4:31
Paul wrote: I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6
We join with our brothers and sisters to sing praises to you, knowing that in this sacred place you will heal, restore, forgive and embrace. Amen.

"You're welcome here. 7.18 AM

Pittswar. 7.31 AM

Juice glory. 7.42 AM

Despots fist you because it's fun. 8.01 AM (Judee Tele receive?)

It was nipple fraud. 8.29 AM

Loomis fell. 9.12 AM

Jew is out to fall us right." 9.19 AM
3.19 PM

Did a run to the food store. The one Judee previously reported me as giving him a counterfeit $20. This time Bitch used his credit card. They have made it look as if Bitch is a shoplifter and a passer of bad money.

Might we have some idea of how Judah has been able to put so many millions of people homeless with his ability to do forgeries and perjuries in his tyranny state?

Here's some Tele receives since earlier:

Jew is out to fall us right. 9.19 PM

He's a numb-skull. 10.01 PM

Get the sport out. 12.30 PM

Psychic wants them out for foolish fooling. 12.32 PM

If you STRIKE THEM OUT you'll be right fishes, American thief will be gone.12.40 PM

They tart us. 12.47 PM

Pure feud. 12.51 PM

They tossed our field great. 1.12PM

He's going to rape us. 1.14 PM

Please rise this deal. 2.01 PM

We need a new shadow without rape.

Let's roll goose nation out and end poverty here.

Port war aid. 2.29 PM

Great loser. 2.49 PM

He foiled Jew industry. 2.57 PM

They made the Martians scatter. 2.59 PM

God damned your corrupt. 3.01 PM

They falsely put him up there to psyche him. 3.03 PM

They're cycling avaricious. 3.06 PM

They exterminated us. 3.08 PM

Your falsers died for you. 3.10 PM

They set us to sin. 3.11 PM

Contact has failed to save us. 3.15 PM

They failed us brutiful.

Your life is opted out of this place. 3.17 PM

They all simped us.

Bitch has won because you're all crazy." 3.23 PM

This Tele receive:
"They falsely put him up there to psyche him." 3.03 PM

By putting Bitch on a shoplifter-counterfeit money passer list do we see one of the ways they psyche us out?

"They set us to sin. 3.11 PM
Bitch has won because you're all crazy." 3.23 PM

Might that be the municipal that responded to a report of Bitch at the store? As municipals are tuned into our extermination and have intimate knowledge of the vast sports operation that Judah has run in our nation might he have not known what he was talking about when he told them they're all crazy?

And how did Bitch pick that up telepathically?

Elders monitor everything, record it and play it for him to hear what is happening that concerns him.

"Ditto." Elder just said to Bitch after he wrote that last line at 3.45 PM

For their atrocities against Americans will American Labor not let them off right?

Might the ordinary worker not want to think about if Bitch was an ordinary guy they wanted to molest, might he have gotten a taxi ride to the county jail?

That Bitch has alerted the human race on planet earth to just what it is that Judah has done here.

Might Judah having attacked us with a nuclear blast and then going ahead with nuclear waste now, might we consider his errant behavior has limited some of the opps that Judah can do here?

Something that would also like to mention, as several people have mentioned about Bitch failure to save the people of the United States of America from being perished out in this nuclear waste war that Judah has succeeded in dying the majority of us of in the next few years.

Bitch insulted you's early on which had a terrible effect on holding up Labor to come in to help us here.

If the surveys are right, nearly 2 out of 3 white men approve of this thing called capital punishment.

Some surveys also indicate that an even higher percentage of white men drink alcohol.

Not trying to throw off Bitch fail, yet even if Bitch were near perfect might it have been a difficult time to bring Labor to help us here?

The majority of white men do not agree with Bitch opposition to capital punishment.

What could we wonder has happened to us that the message from Father Baldec to Moses 3,500 years ago, "Thou shalt not kill," has been overridden by weap Judah and gotten the majority of white men to agree with Judah sin?

Even though we err by not following Father Baldec's message to us, "thou shalt not kill," might we understand that Father Harold forgives us and has mercy on us and wants us to live and re-sight ourselves?

Might Labor try to perceive that our family from the universe is highly developed in all areas of peace?

If so will Labor try also to perceive that Father does love us, it is the agape love that Father has for us, and he does not want us to be destroyed by weap Judah nuclear war, blast or waste?

Was that not made clear to us when Father had Sir Casper pull all Judah nuclear missiles off of us?

Please Labor the world is screaming for an end to American industry Labor funded and backed war.

More money for the pentagon to make more war. Might it not be useful to ask, "If they failed with their nuclear missile shots, the best of the weaps from their 50 weap sheds, then why should we give more money to them if they have already proven that their best weaps cannot kill us in the face of God's love for us?

Will Labor not grasp the seriousness of loss of life form, loss of genetics as we are scored out by weap Judah, and STRIKE THEM OUT?

As a last thought for today, it concerns a meeting that a human had with an extraterrestrial. Bitch has read everything he could find concerning the extraterrestrial intervention into our world.

He has read of many humans that have traveled with our extraterrestrial family.

The one that Bitch is thinking about now is an extraterrestrial and what he said to a human. This is from memory, don't recall what book it is from, but the gist of what the extraterrestrial told the human was, "The people that have a hold of the human race will not let go of them. Before they do that they will destroy everyone."

That Judah attacked us with his great balls of fire to die us all off, has that message from an extraterrestrial from decades ago not informed us of what is the truth?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing us from the blast of weap Judah?

Will Labor not let the sucker punchers off right?

Thank you. 4.09 PM




"It's Real Simple, Your field Is Virtually Poisoned Here."

"It's Real Simple, Your field Is Virtually Poisoned Here."


That is a Tele receive from overnight. "It's real simple, your field is virtually poisoned here."


Is it understood that because we have failed to STOP THE WAR that Judah scored our field here?


Reverse speech indicates that the new inventions they plan to try out on us in April include aerial spraying of toxic materials.


As Judah has been spraying us with chemicals for decades now, might some ask, "So what's new?"


These are Judah's new aerial spray inventions. Designed to be more toxic than his previous war chemicals he has been spraying us with.


Might we consider that we just quietly go along with it and he gets us used to be sprayed with chemicals that we don't detect anything from and when we are thinking there is no harm he slips his real deadly stuff in on us?


Military planes will be dusting us in April. Might we consider that military commanders that will be directing the operations have already proved their worth to Judah by attacking us with nuclear missiles?


Do we recall that the nuclear missiles Judah attacked us with were pulled out of the sky by our Martian good neighbors to save our life forms from being perished in Judah genocide die?


Are we understanding Judah is giving us a tumor relationship much?


Is there some agreement that the way to close a tyranny relationship up is with the use of grand juries to set us on the right course again?


America, a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by our Bill of rights and Judah has wiped it out and replaced it with a totally corrupted racket that only makes war.


Did it all by taking hold of the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money.


The centuries unending world war and genocide that Parliament has waged against the children of God on earth. Might it have something to do with the fact that Judah has issued England's money privately since 1694?


Might we consider how Judah has focused on the most important aspect of government, who it is that issues the money, bored in and took it away from Americans? Did Judee not say it was like "taking candy from a baby?" Yes, he did.


"Shame always worked for Jew opps, it's part of our mental wisdom," Judee say.


Might we see how Judah has held the mass of ordinary workers long after we should have already acted to close their war out? Might it be Judah use of shame that has held us to fund poisoning ourselves right?


Their use of shame for their mental opps as part of their mental wisdom, what might we think of the other side of their mental wisdom that led them to build thousands of nuclear weapons and then make an attempt to sucker punch us with them in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Might their mental wisdom leave something to be desired?


If we trace it all to the early days at the tigress and Euphrates when God Almighty commanded us to "love one another,"might it have been Judah's rejection of God's love for His children on earth that has now led us to this impasse where the majority of Americans will not be around in only a few years due to the brimstone nuclear waste genocide that Judah is waging against us here?


Isaiah 22:3 All your rulers have fled together, And have been captured without the bow; All of you who were found were taken captive together, Though they had fled far away. 4 Therefore I say, "Turn your eyes away from me, Let me weep bitterly, Do not try to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people." 5 For the Lord GOD of hosts has a day of panic, subjugation and confusion In the valley of vision, A breaking down of walls And a crying to the mountain.…


Have America's Jewish rulers in fact not fled together into their shelters in the mountains? Have America's Jewish rulers not been caught without the use of the bow?


Might we only try to imagine the glory, magnificence, and wonder of our good God that sent that prophesy to us 2,000 years ago?


"Turn your eyes away from me, Let me weep bitterly, Do not try to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people."


Our revered mothers now facing giving birth to sick, deformed, genetically harmed and mutated children.


The destruction of the daughter of my people. Are we not understanding that daughter has been poisoned right before she becomes a mother?


Americans now cooperating with and accommodating ourselves to a peonage relationship in a Jewish tyranny. Whatever master Judah or his clerks decide is the way it is.


Our fabulous Bill of rights that gives us a right to have a jury to decide the facts, we no longer have for ourselves or our kids.


As we have great abundance, in ordinary times might that be enough to get some people to give up their rights? Apparently, for has Judah not scored it that way?


Now that we know abundance can mollify us for the sinister plan to die us out of life form with the use of chemicals that we may not notice until we are far into the death process, might it not be good to have our rights in so that we can question just what it is that master Judah is doing to here to us?


"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power it has over Druid here," An informed observer said.


"Shame always worked for Jew opp, it's part of our mental wisdom, " Judee say.


"Dog simp us." Do we recall that Tele receive from the other day?


Our wealth that we derive from the abundance of natural resources we have available to us, being poisoned out systematically with a Jewish electricity dirty bomb that is threatening to take out the majority of our population in only a few years. How is that for toxic power?


The Meta-gorical transfiguration of the human race from an earthbound primitive life form into an extraterrestrial star traveler.


Might a couple of aspects of becoming an extraterrestrial life form involve that first the life form has to rise to the level to be able to tell when it is being attacked and then the second being able to defend itself from the attack, to make it as an extraterrestrial life form that can then travel on into the universe?


Might we note the sly cunning technical way that Judah is waging war against us by putting one of his Jewish electricity dirty bombs into meltdown and pretending it is an accident?


Do the ordinary people not yet have an understanding of the consequences of breathing in and eating radioactive waste products?


"You estrange spirit." Tele receive from a truck driver yesterday.


Might that tie in with the Tele receive that said, "Intellectual did not save us?"


Might Bitch's spirit have been shot well enough that it has not fully recovered and as a consequence tends to estrange others spirit?


A question, even though the spirit is not what it should be, should the intellectual facts not be enough to bring the people in to save yourselves? At this point in time might the answer be "NO?" Can we not pray that we can turn that to a YES?


Elder shared a little information with Bitch early today.


The Bi-avians, the group of extraterrestrials that Quetzalcoatl is from, have been in our solar system for 70,000 years.


The feathered serpent is how our family in South America describe the kind Being that came in about 1,000 BC to gift us with things that would help us grow in peace.


The understanding is they have a constructed home base that is sitting in the rings of Saturn.


Brainiac, "B" was installed inside earth 70,000 years ago, and it was the Bi-avians that installed "B" then.


"Pray for the inspiration." 6.39 AM


Numerous extraterrestrial groups living inside our earth, also inside of many planets of our solar system. Space built homes living in the rings of Saturn. Many extraterrestrials all living in peaceful cohesion with one another.


While thinking about how all of them are living in peace and the surface of planet earth now facing the last defeat of weap Judah.


It was while saying a prayer for a solution that Bitch heard, "Pray for the inspiration."


Do not be wise in your own eyes and lean not unto your own understanding but trust God in everything.


Definition of inspiration

A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation


The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions


The act of influencing or suggesting opinions


The act of drawing in; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs



"Papa wants mama warring ended. Papa pace mental. The poor farmers going to be put out of the show. It is undersped, right me here. All of my blues are going to be folded if you will halt this torturous man. 4 star white will exhaust you out. Somebody help please, they degenerate pulse. The rich they molest badly. Papa, I pray my fear goes."


Some reverse speech from videos of a Druid youngster.


Druid, Slavic's, all right less people both in Europe and America. All right less people assigned degenerating fist military deals because weap Judah is the only one holding the concession to issue our money.


Labor, that has the knowledge, skills, and ability to produce everything we need in abundance and quality, might we not consider that Labor has the knowledge, skills, and ability to issue our money also? Certainly.


Tele receive.


"You're always known as white suckers." 7.44 AM



The societies of the mild man of the north. Has Judah not molested us badly?


Judah jumping across the pond into America to destroy our rights here over a couple of centuries to get it done.


Might we just not have had enough experience with Judah to understand what their modus operandi is?


The jealousy that Judah has because mild man has learned the "Unique value of cooperation."


The one big thing that Judah lacks, the ability to cooperate, accommodate, to share with others.


Judah with his purity, his separation from other men. Jealousy, anatomy envy, his sport of his fellow man.


If only Judah would have obeyed God's command to "love another" might he not have put himself out of here so bad?


While we can talk on endlessly about Judah's fault and its many variations, might it not be more useful to talk about our failure to protect ourselves from what Judah is bringing in on us now?


Our Papa up above, bringing us into a society that is millions of years beyond our troubled world. A civilization living among the stars that has been in peace for 9 million years.


Father, raising His children in His village on planet earth, does not want us perished out. Judah knows this well and chooses to ignore God's will.


Judah flaunts the rules of the Federation, committing genocide when he knows it is illegal.


"Ethically, they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthfully." Father said of weap Judah.


"Your income a Jew freaks to make you suffer. They'll suffer you sable to exhaust. Your stupid Druid animals rights are going to get you fisted."


Some reverse speech from a Druid entertainer that reportedly shot herself in the head and died at 48 years of age in 1998, Wendy O Williams.


The Judah fist that is set for arriving BIG in America in April. Is there not some way to convince Labor to stop funding it?


Tele receives:


"He's got a real dominant persona and he puts it towards the ordinary people. 2.36 PM


Failed lunatics. 2.50 PM


He set them all out fooshed.


Judah assault you right.


Insure boys fake it. 3.10 PM


They made me core ya. 3.20 PM (Druid passing by that took orders from weap Judah?)


It's flood. 3.23 PM


Sinful police holding you is stuck.


Law makes warred right.


It's a fatal caution. 3.37 PM


They buried us disgracefully. 3.47 PM


It's full cash to wreck you here. 3.45 PM


A fung eye. 3.52 PM


When they start to fall here they'll leave all the fish with hate. 4.05 PM


You crapped officials. 4.13 PM


You got power to neutral.


They're really hauling Jewen. 4.28 PM


Last core shot and then phony to die.


Ice away.


Cats slipped 4.43


British on faulty Jews bear minnows shot.


American guys have you heard we're through for predit-it?


They have been vastly enabled by your seeming useless. 5.51 PM


Punish is over, 6.13 PM


Energy breaks contact.


Fist fell. 6.51 PM


This whole nation's fierced. 7.59 PM


Patrick, they seize you up failish. 11.55 PM


You terminate your life deceased. 1.27 PM


Dumb toast de-exist. 1.29 PM


Jews administer lethal, killing us they lead us rapture. 2.27 PM


The penis is already destroying us, get their rule off of our house. 3.09 PM


We die Germany. 3.12 PM


Muscle quite fist us. 3.13 PM


Right forces die falling with us.3.16 PM


Jutal corrupt, it's easy to see. 3.18 AM


They're dying us rightfully octopus. 3.19 AM


Quite Germany fist. 3.20 AM


For assaulting the species out get them out of here. 3.29 AM


A peaceful Patrick has got their passion out. 3.30 AM


We extincted ourselves. 3.37 AM


We're all attached diedly. 3.45 AM


It's real simple, you field is virtually poisoned here. 3.48 AM


They threaten our souls. 4.39 AM


The rich they molest badly. 7.47 AM


They fell our wits rising.


The palace keeps winging us. 8.38 AM


The lock up is exhausted." 10.16 AM



The advanced civilization that kept us alive throughout all of Judah's nuclear wars against us, our home world, Galactica.


Galactica, the home world of our precious sweet Father. 38 light years from planet earth.


Judah going into his well-prepared undergrounds to live out his days and die out in tunnel death.


Judah decision is more assaulty abuse. Can Labor not be convinced to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


"We throw them with the wage. Through a bank I make you subsist, it always lets me make war. Since the Tigress, we've wiped you off. Our viceroys ambulance rolled them off great.


I can't hold you after you're debriefed. I'm out my hard police summons so we're in. A grand jury will hear our rice days. I'm just a fiendish cook that clips here. I'm canceled for my fool days with you.


I always sign you up all flighty. With E---, we're having some problems for throwing out people. Our genus whole series was to roll them personal. With Playtex, we did some fantastic performance.


White scum I use for my averages. The Martian's letting you see my harsh apps now. If you don't organize, I win. I'm a germ that apps you social. For embarrassment, I'm always faulty.


I'm gonna have to step out my big top for Jewin ya. Germany hates you commercial, thieving big fiend. A Mormon manages my score. With an Annapolis puss, I push war cheaply.


Our kike always wins in theft. I always cash wit. The psychic informed you of our die wit, informed you of our pest. My Nimitz package scored you right and fouled your wit.


It's weird the function we perform for abuse. I'll completely obstruct until you STRIKE ME OUT. Our municipals over sighted our Purim. My police opps abandonment ruptured. I'm falling with police out here.


Your entitlements I'm taking off with my rice ways. You supply my MOX I use to take you out. We bray you white power and just use you to fist. I do some lands for right fir.


We use dog wits to die you right away. Exposure folds you right. In April we're gonna make you die good. I garbaged you. Too bad we die, we're too vicious so they got rid of us.


Genitals package always dies wit. We just fist you unpredictable too square. I had to shoot a policeman to get a hold of some guys. The grand jury was washed out so I just challenge you with sh*t.





I'm just shooting complete here a fry. Shooting vegetables is a sport, I'll do it right until I leave you. It's filthy what I'm gonna do, I rolled out your state. I get you to look this way so I can set your air up, we're gonna die some performances.


A Mormonesque jail is me completely. We're basically bullies who tossed you through war sour. I tossed you right with muscinals. We, Marine, hike em. Now they see our idiot state.


I rused you thief. My war is my true route to sucker you. Our capitol force has wiped this great out. Your mother sealed us, you perished me. They've exhausted our rights with war, we're getting ready to put in some gross waste, we're gonna hike you with some terrorism.


We've been able to opp through even with a real scientist with you. We tripled with Goodrich. We always treacher bad," Judee say.


Reverse speech is indicating that it will be air spraying that Judah is going to try his new invention out on us in April.


As American Labor is feeding international weap Judah with all the free money he wants, he is the investor and as such is investing in shooting us good in April.


He tells us that along with doing an atmosphere weap he is also going to hike us with some terrorism.


As the investor, might we consider that Judah has already maneuvered into office those that pretend to be our servants, but in reality are serving weap Judah to give us a lemming-like path right off of the edge?


The day that Labor STRIKES THEM OUT are we perceiving that will be the day that Judah loses his free investor rights?


Have we not noted that with our purse in his hands he focused on building the machinery to die us all out right?


His cruelly manipulated bar stools that give us a push for cash. Will Labor not take the cash?


The root mechanism that is driving all of the war in our world, American Labors checkbook in weap Judah hands. For the love of God will Labor not perk up and take it away from them now?


Bitch, deeply imperfect is how elder described him, yet did Father not say that Bitch's thinking is based on love? Yes, He did.


Understanding that might we also understand why Bitch does not accept harm to his brothers and sisters particularly when it is performed on his dollar?


That we have been gifted by Papa with an extraterrestrial intervention that brought His angels to spare us from weap Judah genocide sport, might we not be smart now to take the angels advice and STRIKE THEM OUT?


That the angels explained the technical details to us, "Abstract Receipts of Labor," and "Organizing Principle of Society," will we not now try for ourselves to straighten it out?


That Papa has warned Americans thousands of times to STOP THE WAR and we have ignored the thousands of warnings from Papa that will save our own lives.


"I just hit ya," Judee say.


Now we are set to get hit really well in April as the finishing out of America continues on as Labor funds and fights all of the war in our world.


We Americans that are funding the genocide we are in. Are we understanding that we will now receive what we have been giving to our family in this world?


"Turn your eyes away from me, Let me weep bitterly, Do not try to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people."


And why might we wonder will God weep bitterly at the loss of a people held in right less conditions that fund and fight the war for weap Judah?


Even though we are involved in sin and Father will not save our skin, do we see that He will weep bitterly for what might have been if only we would have listened to Him to STOP THE WAR?


Elders advise that with the white fist, merely re-sight ourselves in peace.


And yet are we perceiving that will not happen as long as Judah controls the tickets to eat?


Judah scientists are telling him that he has so much nuclear waste in our environment now that the majority of Americans have already lost our lives.


"Cheat to win is how we do it,"Judee say.


From Washington, our whole planet is under attack. Now Americans ourselves are about to reap what we've sown. Death and destruction as we fight the wars of Parliament.


The faces that occupy official seats in government, bought and paid for on our Labor dollars. Does it not seem odd that not a one represents us?


That they've all laid down as our nation and world were built into a nuclear bomb set to explode. Will Labor not let them off right?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," God our precious sweet Father said.


Might it be that Father will weep bitterly for us as we are died off in this nuclear waste war that Judah is waging against us because Father knows that if we knew the love of Father we would not let our money be used to make war on any of our brothers or sisters in this world?


The deal that Judah offers to the cruelly manipulated poor. Get to eat doing what Judah orders or get under the bridge and eat out of a dumpster.


Will Labor not do the will of our good God and put the existence stipend in so that none of God's children are set to be so cruelly manipulated ever again?


Are we seeing that God's children that do not know of Father's love for us all may die now for the lack of that knowledge?


"Immigrates." 11.10 AM


Those Replicons now hiding within, heavily boursed up by weap Judah on our Labor dough. Millions ready to spring into action in whatever Judah directs them to.


Sure hoping and praying that we can get the spirit to get together and STRIKE THEM OUT and let Labor give it a try at handing out our money. Might Labor not buy us some peace in this world? Certainly


Will Labor not for sure buy us some boron to shut the dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE?


The spirit we need to save ourselves now. Will Labor not step in and help us somehow?


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God's law, I will also forget your children. Hosea 4:6


How did we forget our good God for do we not know Father is the only reason that we exist?


God's law, "Thou shalt not kill." How is it that we quietly pay Judah fist bill for his fabulous sport? Have we forgotten God's law or merely ignored it in our rush to accommodate ourselves?


The tourist in our midst that only likes to fist. Will Labor not let them off right?


Will Labor not end its withdrawal from public life and step in now to set things right?


The ancient scrolls of the Talmudic heretic. Will Labor not let the sun shine in? Their Talmud rules that teach them that we are animals to be disposed of at their whim.


Will Labor not take the most important thing there is, the concession to issue our money away from them?


Father is with us Labor. Will you not bring us to our home with Father to live our lives in peace as God has willed for us all?


If so then must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Saturday, March 18 — Psalm 37:16–22

Nehemiah 9:1–10:27; Romans 5:12–6:4

I live as an alien in the land. Psalm 119:19

Paul wrote: Our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:20 (NKJV)

Lord, we thank you that you have placed us here on earth for a purpose—to enjoy your presence, the world you gave us, and to serve humanity. Help us to do all things well and to face our end resting on your promise of eternal bliss. Amen.


"A rule is sad, fault you now." Tele receive. 12.17 PM


Might that Tele receive be from this in yesterday's post?


Will Labor not put our America the beautiful rules in here and end Parliament's sway with our checkbook?


Might Bitch not have better said instead "Will Labor not put our America the beautiful most favored suggestions in here and end Parliament's sway with our checkbook?


Thank you for the notice of that.


2.44 PM


Here's some more Tele receives:


"Patrick they're falsing your sale and dying us fist. 12.36 PM


This guy is an incredible telepath. This guy picked this up and just responded to it. 1.05 PM


We cite your criminals have completely moistened you. 1.07 PM


ORGANIZE, police forces are criminal. 1.25 AM


You're showing right faults here. 1.18 PM


Cur refused. 1.20 PM


It's a complete off they're scoring.1.31 PM


They're scoring us out of this universe. 1.33 PM


We're fatal cripits. 1.35 PM


Close the well defeated. 2.02 PM


Wall the genotype. 2.06 PM


The dog is so obvious. 2.07 PM


They're switching our field." 2.19 PM



From Sir Jason and Sir Morris these messages:


"Make sense and fall this danger. They're set to go angel right. Break this imperious and get a new arrangement, their shovel only makes war. Druid will be the last war sucker out communistically, it's stolen your best life.


Fall Houston, clear them right. Use your right forces to put Maryland into a truce."



Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those messages today.




Thank you.














"To put You Permanently Out Was My Chief Technology"

"To put You Permanently Out Was My Chief Technology"


That is a reverse speech of weap Judah revealing to us his truth. Are we perceiving nuclear is his chief technology to put us out permanently?


After testing his first nuclear invention of atomic bombs out on our family at Hiroshima in 1945 and getting proof of concept, Judah carried forward and made his next invention, his thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that are many times more powerful than atomic bombs to use on use which he tried to.


All the while Judah knew that Mercury had the technical ability to grab his great balls of fire out of the sky so Judah went for his backup shot, nuclear waste with a deadliness to die the entire human race and most life forms off of the surface of planet earth off.


Not as quickly as a nuclear blast, but as certain to die planet earth out of life given a relatively short time frame.


A few generations and all except the simplest of life will be dead on the surface of planet earth due to contamination of our air, field, and water with radioactive waste.


If this is so then why are the news channels not telling us about this?


Why are there no congressional hearings about this ongoing apocalypse that is dying our species out of life form?


That our good God Almighty had His angels pull all of the nuclear missile shots off of us and we have failed to save ourselves from being perished out of life form.


Will we not listen to the angels our good God sent to help save us and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"Druid on Parliament ever makes war. Rolled my days complete."


Those reverse speeches were from a Syrian refugee fleeing the fighting with her baby.


Will Druid not let Parliament off right and STOP THE WAR?


Tele receives:


"Fix it. 4.18 PM


Harass rule is over. 4.25 PM


Their serving failed for Reich. 4.28 PM


They're animals with cages. 4.44 PM


Get rid of the British rite. 4.52 PM


They murdered us sciencely. 6.09 PM


We always had scruples here.6.12 PM


It's permanent abusive here. 7.32 PM


What a marriage, sword death. 7.32 PM


Flouronic acid. 7.33 PM


Their pathos psyche us. 7.34 PM


They're screwing the hours. 7.35 PM


The pyramid died for true luxury. 7.37 PM


Your honory coaching has failed. 7.41 PM


My god, I have fairly ghosted myself. 7.45 PM


Bring some new technology in professor.


It would be nice to have them out. 7.58 PM


Jew is the psycho force. 8.45 PM


Thank you for spiriting us.


The focus of his boom is to finish us. 11.16 PM


A beautiful heart gave us quite a deal. 11.22 PM


Taking you off all vegative, all entitlements off of this place. 12.30 AM


You all failed to reducers. 12.32 AM


They estimate poison really touched you.


We're canceled parsnips. 12.33 AM


Jeremy pulled us off. 12.34 AM


Hose your life with a racial.


GIs forced a sale wicked. 12.35 AM


Continentals ceased fire of the racket. 12.36 AM


Jeremy folds us.


Homicide bore us off attritious. 12.45 AM


You lost your life incredibly stupidly. 12.49 AM


Taxi is off for this place.


The assignment is filthy. 12.50 AM


Filthy mosh is sanitizing. 12.51 AM


Munchers err (air) us right. 12.52 AM


STRIKE racials for striking resources. 12.54 AM


They incite us sightless boys. 12.55 AM


A pointing's over.12.57 AM


It's bad offend. 1.01 AM


Set for sad. 1.08 AM


You lost your real side. 2.34 AM


You sold out yourself. 2.39 AM


You lost your family for stuffing. 2.50 AM


The professor has made this quite visible. 3.00 AM


This is happening because you all bad deal. 3.03 AM




Submarine air. 3.51 AM


Mick's closing them out here. 4.26 AM


Patrick, please try to save us." 4.32 AM



Will we not keep praying to our good God above to give us the courage, faith, the intelligence and strength to STRIKE THEM OUT & STOP THE WAR?


That we have copies of the checks that were paid to the Chicago elevator mechanics that helped wire the demolition charges into the World Trade Center for Judah spectacular event of Sept 11, 2001, might we not accept that the basis of putting our beautiful nation into war was false?


As the Chicago elevator mechanics wired the demolition charges in might we not conclude that Muslims did not drop the world Trade Center?


If we understand this then are we not duty bound as children of God to STOP THE WAR and end harming our family in this world for Jewish sports?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial family said.


"Their pathos psyche us." 7.34 PM


Will we not put our faith in our good God to help us overcome their pathos that psyches us from helping save ourselves from the fate Judah has chosen to give us?


Millions of Replicon sleepers installed throughout America. Foreign military serving long term assignments inside America awaiting the day to take us down all the way.


Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding this last great Caper that weap Judah is doing on us?


Will ordinary everyday workers not get together, STRIKE THEM OUT and put our life-saving Bill of rights in?


Apply for unemployment insurance and they demand you take a drug test. What has that got to do with the benefits you are entitled to after working for years and your company no longer needed you?


Might it not be better to have a jury of your peers make a decision rather than a clerk of a corporation if you need to do such a thing to get benefits that you feel you are entitled too?


Might we see that with no rights they can toss our entitlements out?


Your car gets smashed and your insurance company demands a drug test from you and refuses to pay the claim without it.


Who do you want to make the decision of whether your insurance company needs to pay you for loss of your vehicle, a clerk of a corporation or a jury that hears what happened here?


The property that you have acquired over the years from your days of working for all that you own. Who do you want to decide if you own it? A clerk of a corporation or a jury of your peers?


As they have attacked us with nuclear missiles to die us all off, do we not have enough evidence against them to toss them all out?


"If it wasn't for Harold I'd of shot your face," Judee say.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," our good and Almighty God said to us all.


An easy thing to do, STRIKE THEM OUT to take the authority to issue our money away from international weap Judah but it has not happened yet. Will we not pray that American Labor will come alive and save us yet?


"Druid on Parliament ever makes war. Rolled my days complete."


Will Druid not end the misrule of the kosher Parliament that only makes war?


Will Labor not put our America the beautiful rules in here and end Parliament's sway with our checkbook?


"Your cow we mooch. We scored you future less. I'm a great percent out for martial death. We've got mutual rights here and we're really exhausted here. We're having the police hold you for tumors.


We do a can of hate with a check. We're tossing you rightful ages. Your professor rights us with basic thoughts. We always screw nice boys out with the mattress side.


You virtually fault us out in a total way here. You have managed to get me out with Bitch analysis. It's a Soviet molest that's coming in here that's going to let me let some baggage off here. We seize you opp with a brewery.


We television Fallujah right theory. I've accomplished setting you into ruin. I'm making an assumption I'm going to go out on force. We always mock you for oxygen. Since shrimp purposed me I've got to leave.


I'm ghosting drab. I've got all Morgan's passwords. I'm a brunality to all of you free. Druid paid for our quotient, I'm inimical. Maxwell failed to pull the new electricity.


We'll patch you with the Arabian force to port you in. Forever death fell my sight. Forever I roll you with debts right. It's our mouse dream, how we set you bad.


Ultimately Druid will right it here. I shoot off myself nice. To cash you I always played the alphabet. Christopher was sent to take our disgrace out and now we're folding.


I just Japped you to make war. Our error was a great fools way. I hosh you badual. I just always pulled you right with pp so I didn't have to give you a share. Ashland helped my perilous siege," Judee say.


Our family in Japan invaded as we have been by weap Judah brand. The admiral that led the attack on Pearl Harbor bringing America into the second Judah world war. Might we not now recognize him as not Japanese rather he was a Judah Replicon hybrid transplant that appeared to be Japanese but was really Judah?


Might we understand that Judah is still playing the same game as his Replicons in Korea are launching missiles as a way to control the dialog and prevent us from seeing what is coming in our air at us?


Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding all of the sports war in our world that weap Judah is doing? Is not perfectly clear that they are going no farther with us?


A trucker drove past Bitch northbound on I-35 and sent this Tele send:


"Gods fail with a busted face." 7.28 AM


Might we consider that when it comes to busting faces nobody does it better than Judah and his cult of kids?


Is it not certain that Father's love is stronger than Judee's ability to bust a face and cause the Gods to fail?


Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil Amen.


Can we only pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven?


"Finish it!" 8.00 AM


"I did want to lead," Judee said.


The thought of the kindness of our precious sweet Father in heaven above who loves us.


Will we not invite the love of Father to come into our world and lead us on our path to the stars? Will Father's little simian children not join Father so that we can all become angels in training?


"This is all a big joke?"


A Tele send from a teenager in Dow Iowa while typing at the rest area.


Would it be unwise to answer, "yes, this is all a big joke?"


The death and suffering that the old timers who fought world war wars for weap Judah sport. How could it all be a joke?


The wars that Americans are still funding and fighting worldwide. Could this pain and suffering of our family on earth all be a joke?


"Who can lead His flock?" Another Tele receive while typing in Dow. 8.09 AM


Is there not one Labor leader that will step in now and help us out of the world of war that Judah has sealed us into now?


"I squawed you," Judee say.


Is there not a brave to be found?


"The Irishman is righting us." 8.11 AM


Are there not enough of us that do not accept the wars of the palace, Parliament, Judah and his hangers-on that will come together now and act for peace in our world?


Here's some more Tele receives:




They embarrass freedom. 5.18 AM


Master parted. 5.21 AM


We pushed a blessing away. 5.24 AM


Gypanee has closed this field on us. 5.40 AM


A god damned joke is Judee life, throw them out. 5.46 AM


We rate you full gospel. 6.06 AM


Sure a nice Father. 6.40 AM


A very important lead indigence. 6.46 AM


You got a break. 6.52 AM


Jew rape us for fool sight. 6.54 AM


Jew error in. 6.55 AM


Jews furial your state. 6.56 AM


That was a very nice catch. 6.58 AM


Buzzardy. 6.59 AM


Gentleman's theory determines fortune.


Their theory is scud. 7.05 AM


Throw forces of war man. 7.20 AM


Gods fail with a busted face. 7.28 AM


A lunch star hero. 7.33 AM


They're giving us a clown die here. 7.47 AM


SALE! 7.50 AM


That a boy!" 8.24 AM



"You failed Pat to suffer us. We snipe your efforts perilously. I'm a trick raider sort of fellow. I'm glad you're stressed," Judee say.


Pat is not interested in suffering Judah, merely taking the concession to issue our money off of them so that they no longer can suffer us.


Bitch just arrived at Guardian Angel roadside chapel in Clear Lake, Iowa and went in to pray at 9.30 AM.


The good book was opened to Isaiah 22:3 All your leaders have fled together; they have been captured without using the bow. All you who were caught were taken prisoner together, having fled while the enemy was still far away.


4 Therefore I said, “Turn away from me; let me weep bitterly. Do not try to console me over the destruction of my people.”


Isaiah 22:17 “Beware, the Lord is about to take firm hold of you and hurl you away, you mighty man.


18 He will roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you into a large country. There you will die and there the chariots you were so proud of will become a disgrace to your master’s house.


19 I will depose you from your office, and you will be ousted from your position.



So sayest the Lord our good God Almighty. Must Father have to weep bitterly over the destruction of His children because we failed to STOP THE WAR?


Is there not some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Tele receives:


"Get rid of the British rite. 4.52 PM


Sheriffs moisten your field greatly. 5.01 PM


Their wall theory dies. 5.04 PM


They roll siduals right.


You've been over failed by tyranny. 8.34 AM


Stay nice as I coach you. 8.35 AM


You moshed them all. 8.41 AM


Spirit you estrange. 8.47 AM


Intellectual failed to save us. 8.49 AM


It's portage huh? 8.51 AM


We're not dizzy. 8.55 AM


Bad ass void. 9.06 AM


Roll tight. 9.02 AM


It's won criminal. 9.05 AM


Ghostinal. 9.08 AM


Get them to give up ricing. 9.13 AM


Judah boy hit you. 9.16 AM


Miced out. 9.17 AM


The fierce must leave, the fierce must die. 9.18 AM


They're mashing us. 9.32 AM


Musial sculpts you. 9.35 AM


Germany died you. 9.48 AM


Just get the cat off. 9.55 AM


Thank you. 9.56 AM


Set your animal free. 9.57 AM


You're going gracer. 9.58 AM


They are leaving us physically grieving.


N-----'s rolled great. 10.14 AM


Their ricing tossed us.


It's dungeon life for all of us.


Shore it up. 10.38 AM


Please deter. 10.46 AM


We're still in the initial stages of sorting the dog out." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The last Tele receive was from a postal delivery fellow. Might this be a good time to repeat a previous Tele receive, "Dog simp us?"


Here's some more of weap Judah's thinking:


"I attach you from Maryland. My next state I'm leaving for war. My great purity is going to die, it's the end of the camels. It's Judas way to set you perjury, Refused, I die.


I fault you with a tattoo basically. The white guy made me die. I just attach your wage to sump you out. A wall state is leaving me dry. I Jew sold you like a zoo day person.


Our cheap lies always hold you to pitch off. We cite you for income fools every day. Usury is finally out. I'm a tipster for Milwaukee, I abolish you great. I insult you with happy talk I make.


While I've got a hold of your state I want to bore you out with a Russian protest. I cite you the mort theory to bruise. Statutory is my theory, set you, Welch.


We got some forcedes that are going to show you some harm. We have dumped you trekkio with a foul mood. The loss of my temps will end my saulty. My general life's over because they pushed my soul for my maneuver," Judee say.


Will we not keep praying that American Labor will see the host of blessings that we and the rest of our family in God's village on earth will have once you act to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


God bless you. God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy






2.18 PM


Tele receives:


Judah weaped you failish. 12.16 PM


Muslim was always a turn key. 1.01 PM


He wants a reaper. 1.10 PM


He gets the mouse in court. 1.14 AM


It's a go dead. 1.17 PM


It's all faulted. 1.20 PM


Sore out. 1.23 PM


You spoiled your real face, you spoiled a deal. 1.25 PM


They've exhausted our rights with war. 1.47 PM


They threw the punch. 2.23 PM


BLT." 2.26 PM



"I'm out maft. Your mother sealed us, you perished me. Our capitol force has wiped this great state out. We're getting ready to put in some gross waste, we're going to hike you with some terrorism. We've been able to app through even with a real scientist with you. My war is my true route to sucker you," Judee say.



Friday, March 17 — Psalm 37:7–15

Nehemiah 7:73b–8:18; Romans 5:1–11

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth. Psalm 86:11

Jesus saw two brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and he called them. Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him. Matthew 4:21–22

May we hear your gracious call, dear Master, and leave all to follow you. Whether you call us to our neighbor or to a far off land, help us to serve faithfully and with joyful abandon. Amen.








"It Is Over Here For Violence."

"It Is Over Here For Violence."


That's an overnight Tele receive. Is there any doubt that we have been harmed? Is it not understood that we are set to die off in the hundreds of millions from nuclear waste pollution while Judee slips into their well-prepared mountain hideouts?


Here is an excerpt from a post Bitch put up just minutes ago at Latest UFO Reports:


Croissant Shaped Object Spotted Above The Sea In Malta

March 15, 2017, LUFOS daytime UFO, Europe,



The image was allegedly taken in October 2016 but has been shared only recently for an unknown reason.


This is the comment that Bitch just posted at Latest UFO Report Wednesday at 3.32 AM



Patrick Sullivan

MARCH 16, 2017 AT 9:32 AM


Here is a reverse speech that Bitch pulled out of facial reverse speech and posted the 13th of March at APFN. The title of the post was:


They Damned Us Vicious. My God, We’re Being Destroyed, Oh My God We’re Being Destroyed.”


This facial reverse speech was found in a national news video report:


I simp you Malta.”


What might that indicate combined with the croissant “MARKING” by our extraterrestrial elders above Malta?


Did our genocidal nuclear war fighting elite have a meeting in October on Malta?


Making decisions of how they will finish out the people of the United States of America by turning war loose here?


Does Labor see why we need you to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from those that only make war?




Do the people of America understand that the decision by weap Judah is cast in stone to finish as many of us out as he possibly can in total war?


The issue for American Labor to consider. Do working men and women realize that it is our income tax payments handed over to international weap Judah that is funding all of the war inside and outside of America?


All the bombing in the Middle East. Is American Labor not aware that it is the income tax that we hand over to international weap Judah that provides much of the cash for all of the war there?


Posted last night at APFN:


Patrick Sullivan


Wed Mar 15, 2017, 11:30


While lying in bed praying to Father to have Labor bring on a STRIKE to spare us from total destruction Father said to His Bitch at 7.17 PM Wednesday night, "STRIKE, I WANT THEM OFF!"


Back to bed to begin Thursday before 3 AM


Will Labor please listen to our good God Almighty and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Will Labor please keep the love of God in mind and what Father just said, "STRIKE, I WANT THEM OFF?"


Thank you.



Might we only wonder in how many ways they "simp us Malta?"


I simp you Malta.”


Are the ordinary people understanding that the decision was made long ago to destroy the mass of the human race with the best technology available?


America, with the best package of human rights of any nation on earth, our American Bill of rights that was made the law of the in 1791, do we understand why the Jew set about to destroy us most of all?


The mild man of the north, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the most slaughtered man on earth. Held into poverty and used by weap Judah to fist his wars, making it look as if there is such a thing as "white supremacy."


At a deeper level, is American Labor understanding that it is the Labor of ordinary men and women that is funding the Judah Replicon war sport in our world?


Do we the people of America see that with our fabulous protection package found in our Bill of Rights the free people of the United States of America have always been the prime target of the old world autocrats?


Are we understanding that it is weap Judah with his spreading of his weap cipher into every terrain on earth that has produced so much war in our world?


Is the white fella understanding that as the Judah and their Replicons are coming out of every society that they control on earth, which is every single one, that it is the white fella that is marked out to be died the most?


We are set by Judah nuclear brimstone waste warriors to lose 95% of the white people in America and Europe.


The nuclear waste plague, different than previous plagues that Judah put on us, will leave our genetic heritage of 12 million years nonreproductive.


Our simian life form is set to pass out of existence.


God our Father forgives us and has mercy on us and said, "I want to save our lives."


Is there not some way that the white fellas will STOP THE WAR?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." Father's angels said.


I simp you Malta.”


Might we only wonder what was decided at Malta last October?


"I've got some new inventions to try out on you,"Judee say.


Are we understanding that the same people that attacked us with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night to exterminate us are the same people that are making decisions on how to wipe us out now using nuclear brimstone waste to make us go?


The long lines of people that we have seen fleeing from war around our world. Will American Labor not take these war sports off of us before we are in the same situation ourselves?


Their style of rule, a missile, and a cage. False words to fight us with. Will Labor not let the falsers off of us here?


"We've both been carriaged," Judee say.


Judee, being died off by our good God Almighty due to his inability to accommodate others. Do we not yet perceive that he has carriaged Druid to die out with him now as his nearly biological fist?


"The white had a mental we could take out so we did," Judee say.


The only fist serving weap Judah, the mild white man of the north. Must Labor not help us and STOP THE WAR?


The American fellow that is now as right less as Dred Scott was in 1859 when the supreme clerks told him he had no rights at all.


Will we not re-sight ourselves in peace as the angels that Father sent in to advise us suggested?


Are we understanding that Judah wants to carriage the white guys to die off with him?


Weap Judah thought that he could war against the Galactic Federation of Light. Our elders in the Federation do not fight and Judah knows this.


Did we not have a wondrous demonstration of that when Judah attacked us all out with his long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles and had them pulled out of the sky by the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from Judah's plot to extinct us?


That Judah has got the white fisting world wars for him and paying for all of it, as soon as the whites realize we have been set out to be destroyed by nuclear waste will we not end funding it?


It seems we should don't it? Could it be that we are not yet aware that we have been perished by nuclear waste that will take some time to die us out right with a totally and permanently poisoned environment?


Might it be that we have gotten so wealthy and comfortable, having everything we need and in abundance, that we have gotten to think that we do not need God anymore?


As we now have funded ourselves into extinction might we not want to think again about needing our good God?


Is there not yet some acceptance of the truth that if not for our good and merciful God sending in His angels to spare us from the nuclear blast of weap Judah that we already would have been blown into oblivion?


The etymological root of "oblivion," forget.


Suppose Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians had not been watching over us and guarding us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 when weap Judah attacked us all out with his 1,000 intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles and the 3,200 MIRVed thermonuclear warheads they carried, and they had been allowed to get through and they had reached us in America while most of us were sleeping in our beds, might the world have already forgotten us?


Would we not be in oblivion now? If we were destroyed that night as weap Judah desired, would the world forget about us?


America, a nation so promising, guaranteed rights for all. A package of civil rights so strong they even served the most disabled of working folk, the slave, by freeing him from his master by jury trial that was open and public.


Ricers now closing us out. Is there not some way that Labor will help us here?


The ordinary everyday workers that make everything operate. Will Father's meek children not step up and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands?


Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not give us a new business model, a business model of peace?


Might we have to give Judee his due for did his assault and battery model not win?


His ability to assassinate our useful people. Has he not scored most every one of them?


We are leaving earth and going into the universe now. Might the message from up above read, "the meek welcome here?"


Those who are going into the universe now. Are we understanding that only the meek need apply?


"I would have given you anything. I won't save your life because 2+2=4," precious sweet Father said.


The advanced extraterrestrial Beings that created us into our high-level form. Came to us from the Galactic Federation of Light. Might we not recognize that is where our good God is from?


The kind advanced perfected Being that loves us all equally. Will we not try to perceive the love that Father has for you and me?


Are we not understanding yet that war is merely a false, something that Judah does best to sport us all?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Father said.


Will the meek of Labor not bring the love of God into America right? Will Labor not help us to get the Jewish terrorism out of our nation?


Are there any that do not perceive that Judah is a faulty dangerous guy? Bitch would have left this life long ago if not for God having His angels keep Bitch in.


Father wanted someone here who would reveal to His simian children on earth that He loves us all.


Bitch, as most others that do not agree with the ways of the weaper crowd, stressed out from the constant threat Judah presents by hiring his cruelly manipulated poor to carry Bitch off.


Judah explains that Bitch was properly degenerated by subjecting him to incessant mind degrading experiences.


And yet from Judah success of nearly perfectly degenerating Bitch, Bitch failed on the most important button of them all, respect and honor to dignity when he broke down and called the people a bad name.


While Judah claims that he perfectly degenerated Bitch, the one thing that Judah did not degenerate in Bitch was Bitch refusal to participate in any way in harming human Beings.


And because of Bitch refusal to support some son of a Bush, Judah used his municipals to assault Bitch out of his livelihood.


"We certify you on a low budget route through perjury," Judee say.


The treason found in Judah police state. The secret street files that are kept from the defense attorneys that reveal the falsity of Judah law. Will Labor not put our Bill of rights in?


Turned a simple honest working man into a homeless fellow for some time. Bitch is not complaining about it though for he is lucky to still be alive.


Is it understood that even with his deep imperfections, Bitch has been kept in by the love of God for His kids?


This hit, that grudge, revenge, and retribution. Turned into an exciting profitable sport for weap Judah and company. Will Labor not let the primitive ones off? Will American Labor not reclaim our beautiful nation?


Will Labor not close this vicious, violent, revenge based state up and bring in America the beautiful for all of us again?


Because Judah failed to get Bitch to shut his mouth while Judah and the son of Bush hurt God's kids, Judah used his free bourse to knock down Bitch as much as he could.


Bitch, intelligent enough to find extraterrestrials monitoring our phone lines, yet not intelligent enough to connect the dots with extraterrestrials and our good God, learned of Father only when he was 61 years old in 2009 when Father spoke these words to Bitch:


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."


The message came in from 38 light years away. Bitch said to himself, "Oh, we do have a God."


Our family in Asia had Buddha, South America had Quetzalcoatl and our family in Africa had abundance. All found their way to peace long ago.


Mild man of the north raided by Judah so God himself sent His only begotten son Jesus to help free us from the war too.


In early mild man's law, man kills another, and a cash payment to the family of the deceased would do. Judah came in and added imprisonment, torture chambers and execution to follow as his rule.


Now in America Judah holds a man in jail for decades and then executes. The mercilessness of weap Judah attitude.


Judah reveals that he is exactly opposite of us, opposite of peace so he only makes war.


Might we perceive with Father's house stepping in and letting Judah toss himself right that what we have as regards us ordinary folks is a question of consciousness to deal with now?


Father has told us about the status of Judah in regards to us, "they have no defensible rights," Father said.


If we understand that then what level of consciousness might be needed to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the most important aspect of our political, economic, legal and social lives, the Organizing Principle of government, the concession to issue money, away from them?


The question of who it is that issues our money. Labor leader William Sylvis apprised us of it before he was stolen away at 41 years of age in 1869.


Might we make the connection that by letting the issue of money escape the hands of democratic control, as when congress gifted it to weap Judah in 1913, it led to our being attacked with nuclear missiles to extinct us?


Certainly. If we understand this and if we understand that the only reason we exist is because our good God in heaven had His angels pull Judah great balls of fire off of us, will we not now listen to the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Judah and his secret police files. He has his agents file a number of perjuries in the files. A store may claim you shoplifted. Another may claim you gave them counterfeit money. And they may have a range of people that you may have had some simple transaction with you that claim you sold them stolen property.


All goes into the secret police file.


By the shear number of false statements filed, as we are not using American law, the number of them constitute in Judah law that you now are presumed guilty.


Might we see why the grand Jury was made part of American law in 1791?


In ancient times the more people that testified against you added up until a certain number was reached and it was presumed you were guilty, and so carried away.


American law ended that Judah trick. Each complaint has to first go to a grand jury to determine if it is a truthful complaint. That is an American civil rights protection and rather than charges based on how many people have filed a secret complaint, the grand jury seeks to find out if any of the complaints are truthful.


"Perjury gets you set," Judee say.


Do we see how unknown to the target Judah sets people up using the police agencies of government by sending in those who commit perjury by making false statements to get a person arrested?


The gift of our United States Bill of rights that protects our right to be free. Will Labor not preserve them for ourselves and our posterity?


The difference between being born free or born into a variety of less than free conditions. Will Labor not demand the rights of free men and women?





Is it not better to have the right to confront any accuser in open court rather that an arrest of you being based upon a secret police report?


Labor is paying for it all one way or the other, rights or right less, Labor pays the bill for it all.


As Labor is paying for it might ordinary workers not want the benefits of open proceedings if something should befall us along the way?


Injured on the job. Who should decide how much a worker should be compensated, an international corporate clerk or a jury of 12?


Should Labor of all people not be real aware of why weap Judah wants us to have no rights at all?


Instead of putting the safety equipment in, have we not seem many injured workers replaced like brooms and mops?


Have we not seen many workers families endure some hardships from losing the income of workers that were injured on the job?


Has the immigration routine that Judee plays with a citizen or not, not been used to cheat many injured workers out of their just compensation?


Is Labor seeing that rights translate into a dollars and cents issue when it comes to earning our income in the job market?


Tele receives:


"Mad bad wish. 1.59 PM


Devilish. 4.06 PM


This terrible feud is hurting us. 6.34 PM


Definitely, make them go. 6.43 PM


A filthy found you and scrounged you. 6.46 PM


You've been rightly bumped, the missions off. 7.04 PM


STRIKE, I want them off. 7.17PM


New life will toss you right. 7.20 PM


Gin has now boursed you's out. 7.31 PM


Jew psyche us HUGE on reaped. 7.33 PM


The dud fiend is coming at us. 7.34 PM


Vegatives are psyched out and enjoying a field that is ruined. 7.53 PM


They tossed out your sight fish forces. 7.54 PM


The minnow has been failed to death. 7.56 PM


You failed the devious rule deal. 8.00 PM


We've both been carriaged.


You faded out eunuch. 8.01 PM


You lost your life and your savings are busted. 8.02 PM


You all been busted, cops rolled you field. 8.03 PM


You're falling up your kidney.


Your roll continues off. 1.56 AM


It is over here for violence. 2.36 PM


Your right forces are out, you're real blindly life falsing up yourself. 2.41 AM


No matter how you make your decisions, it's a brilliant zoo. 2.48 AM


Air pollution for surgery. 2.52 AM


Miserable have harmed us. 3.08 AM


We don't need these guys here, they're perishing us rusetic. 5.58 AM


Shot us strange. 6.03 AM


I'm allergic to Jewish terrorist abuse. 7.23 AM


They're shooting us technical. 8.43 AM


They vinyl stronger. 8.45 AM


They use us thug. 8.48 AM


Threatening you awesome here. 9.05 AM


Jekyll ails you. 9.18 AM


Frotees cage. 2.59 PM


Patrick's telling us what's going on and we're ignoring his specialty. 3.00 PM


Dog simp us." 3.39 PM



"Our pure-a-sis failed. We fouled you spiritually. We fouled you homeless. We fouled you fatally, you're prisoners now. We attack with words. I bust wildly, I bust widely," Judee say.


Will Labor not listen to the wisdom of God and STOP THE WAR?


They shot us strange, they're shooting us technical. Poisoning the pond where all of God's play. Must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


With our good God to guide us will we not have faith that we will be finished with weap Judah and his multiples of war in our world when we STRIKE THEM OUT?


As the one Tele sender said, "we don't need them and they're perishing us rusetic." Will the meek not live God's promise and inherit the earth now?


The fists from the desert that took over the whole earth using the white fist to do their dirty work.


They use a horse to screw up a useful head. Waco, might that have been Judah true to a mark? Will Labor not put our sacred civil rights in?


"You have an analysis that now says Jew go. We just have unreasonable fash wars we just. Die you fisty free. I don't want a colony STRIKE because it will leave me neutered.


I took all rights out with Jewistan. I lost my insurance rights for my investment perp. I bar you ever with my extension. Forever for my sport, I've been shotten dead. I have a police unit to wax you with my congressman.


Jew opps New Jersey rightly, I ruse you gooshous. A right sin is to do you goose rate. I horsey bedroom games to make you sweat. I put you all away pure morgue.


I just roll you rhymus, I failed the relationship to true. When you get a grand jury I'll be a man who left. We keep you mutually engaged dumb, that's our promise to you.


Our destiny we gave to you was right falsing. Judah always sets out to dust income here. Gray meece out. We incite you on 4 inch gospels. My die has got Parliament sauce.


We sporterize you and get you digital off, you're now rising. I want to stay Mormon. I vastly want to murder you great, it's our sport, I'm coming out. We always offend, it's fun Jewish.


They've thrown the marine lunches out. They let me do a 501, it's just as well, they're throwing us all over the side, the dog talked. We believe now our hawk is ousted.


We capped some for power and now it's obvious. I shaft you for punishment, it's a big sport. Our energy cleared us off. You did such a great floor sale Margaret can't touch you.


I stalk for vegetables, that Bitch, I shot you fair offendee. Pittsburgh police on Jew oxygen un-capabled you. Disaster alchemy is quite abusive. I opp vegetables big for residuals. You can't die a dreamer. I'm perceiving you made us now," Judee say.


"They're perishing us." 10.58 AM


The next are a couple of Judee reverse speech combined with a Tele receive:


"Judah always sets out to dust income here.

We certify you on a low budget route through perjury," Judee say.


"You lost your life and your savings are busted." 8.02 PM


If we see that Judah is setting us to dust our income by poisoning out our fields and air will we not act to protect our income sources?


How many think our savings are safe while Judah controls the issue of our money?


As Judah busts, everything he can might it not be good for our financial health to take the concession to issue our money away from him and put it into the safe hands of Labor?


While Judah lost his blast shots and with it his ability to give us a few hours die, he has not lost the concession to issue our money and he still has the desire to die us.


The industrial war machine has developed numerous ways to die us out. Are we not recognizing that they are putting all of their forces into dying us out now?


I simp you Malta.”


The die is in upon us now. The last die of the human race that weap Judah will ever put on the children of God on earth.


Will mild man not pick up the clues and STOP THE WAR?


In less than a day Judah will hand over the concession to issue money to a Committee of the Whole from Labor once a general STRIKE begins.


Are we understanding that failure is not an option if we want to preserve our life forms?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail," Our good God said to us.


That Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles in an attempt to sucker punch us out of existence, that he was been caught red-handed doing it, is there any doubt that he has finished himself out of here now?


If there is no doubt that Judah is finished here will Labor not close them up right?


The concession to issue our money. Will Labor not give us our STRIKE until there is an agreement that a committee of the Whole will issue our money?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, March 16 — Psalm 37:1–6

Nehemiah 6:15–7:73a; Romans 4:13–25

Why do I keep on suffering? Why are my wounds incurable? Why won’t they heal? Do you intend to disappoint me like a stream that goes dry in the summer? Jeremiah 15:18 (GNT)

Paul wrote: Now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. 1 Corinthians 13:12

O God of all hope, we cannot fathom the terrible suffering experienced daily in our world. We lift up before you our friends who are struggling. We trust in you, when all others fail us. Amen.



20"Then I will make you to this people A fortified wall of bronze; And though they fight against you, They will not prevail over you; For I am with you to save you And deliver you," declares the LORD. 21"So I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked, And I will redeem you from the grasp of the violent."









"The Cat Wants To Exhaust the Whole Human Race."

"The Cat Wants To Exhaust the Whole Human Race."


That is an overnight Tele receive. "The cat wants to exhaust the whole human race."


American Labor still funding the mass destruction of America and much of our world for the sport of Judah.


Judah, still fighting for free on the pocketbook of American Labor.


"We just come to evict you. I base you force on my ment, once you see me I'm quite timorous. American, we just couldn't fall you," Judee say.


Judah with his attack on the lower 48 in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand continentals equipped with three thousand two hundred thermonuclear warheads.


Spared from our total destruction by the love of our good God because He sent His angels in to pull every single nuclear blast shot off of us.


Can we only wonder what day it will be that America Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and end their war genocide sport against us?


The fierce guy with his nearly biological white fist. Will Labor not end funding it? Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that the timorous fellow Judah will end perishing us and our families out of life form?


"When you get a grand jury I'll be a man who left," Judee say.


American Labor can stop them in a day and yet has held us into an extinction level event now. Will we not pray that American Labor will see its own interests here, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Children born disabled due to high levels of radiation in our environment. Is that Judah not sly that he put Jewish electricity in as a way to slip his nuclear artillery in pretending it is to power our society?


That we are now part of the third of the human race that Judah is perishing off in the last days of him occupying the surface of planet earth is there not some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and close them out right?


Must we not end refusing to act and STRIKE THEM OUT rightly?


Mormons still sporting our heads out on the street. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can end it the right way, in peace?


"They're holding me for my freebie in the nursery, my death roll has been refused. If these guys go grand jury I'm leaving. We want to shoot you ultimate, we just believe in pressing you always.


My illiberal ways were always fun. I just have a pork chop freezer. My cow serves me right or I water him good. We just shoot you with war. that's our way because we're nuts.


I'm a danger taking your kids off. We just have a responsibility to chapel you great chump. I sport you newspeak, we make your baby fall. We just predator you for more opps.


I'm basically a hunter you see and sports rule me. With plastic, we mooched you swell. Because I'm crazy they fouled my sale. I just fall you for insurance all day.


Since Morgan failed we can't soothe you now. There's a lot of Borgia going against Druid but I'm stalled now, I clearly need a miracle to keep you dumb my way for stretch. If I can't core you I'll leave you.


Our giant molest is done, our SAM got us rolled gorgeous. I play marbles on your face because I'm a Goebbels. I'm a cop to cite you or ignore you. White people, I've strangled completely.


Your highness is descended from a flesh of my housie. To my alliance, you have succumbed. We use policemen to take your spirited organization out.


A baby let us fist you Bethlehem. Your fatal has almost fallen into my cop theory. We're clearing your straightest easy. We just push you in all ways for free. I fall you with a Titans rule and mace.


It seems normal to me to core you from a real job. We got pure symbols and bear amusement to wipe you out, so I just got to go and die.


Our whole shaft-en, Irishman ruined it. We assume fishing minnows is out, it's all over now. My analysis is, Druid I've poisoned you. I make you with a water summons. I off your face with electricity basically.


My previous arrangements taken out your air. My mice insurance religion is basically dead. I'll just continue this life until you STRIKE. I just play a big blasphemy up to perish you out stupidly.


With 4 eyes we pull them out, but genocide won't work with the dog. Police wit does our fighting for us so I'm a wise man. Our warring bed you. We're thugs that misery you, that's our complete sphere here, now you see me.


Judee always has faulty eyes. Jew shot your head with his psycho wish; I take all angels off. Our whole alliance was lying, I mashed your kid. Our "H" porting was contested.


They pulled my whole wolf off for all times. I'm Jimmler on a page. Going after you's caused me to be fallen, I'll be out of here. I'm going to polio you as I'm going out of here because that's my right.


Pooch bored to fail you fine. Bitch I told you is all bad.


Our Kansas city types fell ridiculous. I fell you with a sheaf and a 5," Judee say.


Rather than live with the hunter force that Judah is upon the children of God on earth will we not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from them and let them off right?


A hungry wild beast roaming the forest that resents anyone entering into his territory so he attacks and kills as soon as he can. That Judah considers the entire surface of planet earth his territory to stalk and kill us in might we not act to protect ourselves from the wild beast? Must Labor not demand our human rights be put in again?


And what's Judah's response to the demand that our human rights be observed? "You all can kiss my transportee, I'll kid and die you for free."


Will Labor not bring us into the world to which we belong, the loving world of our precious sweet Father in heaven above?


"Be kind to the babies of the forest," Papa said. Will Labor not bring us into the house of our good God NOW?


"I perceive your sables taken off all of my rights,"


That is the reverse facial speech of an earthquake survivor that was living in a tent camp in Nepal that was being demolished by the authorities.


Might we not detect Judah in that terrain when we have such a thing as tearing down housing of survivors of the earthquake that Judah put upon our family there?


HAARP. The earthquake Tsunami generator floating high in the sky above us. Must American Labor not get hold of the paper and end the weather tampering and warring that Judah is doing against us?


Earthquakes and tornadoes that Judah is steering at us. Will Labor not help us and close them out?


Will Labor not bring us into the house of our good God above where we all can live in peace and harmony with each other? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?


The white Replicons that Judah created. Might we see them as the most dangerous of all of his monstrous errant creations? His warring us with a bed. The Replicons that attacked us to die us all off in the middle of the night with their great balls of fire. Will Labor not let Judah's orange fist off?


Might we recall they were the sleepers that struck down the English people when Maurice of Orange invaded England in 1688 and shortly thereafter gave the issue of money to international weap Judah?


"When we foul you in April Jew truly off," Judee say.


Several reverse speech have indicated that April is the month that America will be permanently and irreversibly ruined. The mass die will be sealed in after they turn loose all of their disasters upon us.


Judah listens in our houses to hear our conversations. Might some workers that have been wanting to get this strike going have been fisted out by Judah already?


Might we see that fisting is the be all of Judah's Labor management policy? Will Labor not challenge Judah for the concession to issue our money? Will Labor not get Judah peep society out of here? Will Labor not end fist as the final arbiter in Labor and all other negotiations?


With Judah rule, we have Talmud rights of animals while Judah has all rights over us. To take our lives, liberty, and property from us.


Do ordinary workers not see that we can have our American Bill of Rights in by merely tossing Judah Talmud rules out of here?


"My maximum rule is a joke until I ditch you. I just use a palace aid to do crunchy. Scrimmage holds your mental here so I can die you freely," Judee say.


Are we understanding that Judah has America tied to his war machine as a way to give him the right to physically assault us out in America too?


Might Labor not want to think about how Judah has gotten us involved in sin by getting us to fund his fist for him?


Tele receives:


"Patrick psyche gets brutal out. 7.32 PM


Respect for them failed because they got some harsh sh*t and they're going. 8.03 PM


Their harsh nick failed. 8.08 PM


Tore out emotious. 8.38 PM


The animals tossed initial. 8.42 PM


It's a real hilly protest. 8.47 PM


Judah law is not true. 8.48 PM


We're sealed off genocide. 8.53 PM


Coring lifestyle, I gave you that information. 8.57 PM


Patrick's toss could save us. 8.58 PM


Chapelatized. 8.59 PM


Mumps diabolical. 9.09 PM


It's murderous. 9.11 PM


Let's STRIKE THEM OUT, they truly failed. 11.59 PM


They smashed our space good, they strike with a fearoid. 1.14 AM


They fear us, they're harmful and Pat closed them. 1.15 PM


The cat wants to exhaust the whole human race. 1.17 AM


False you out of this field. 2.20 AM


They annoy us with feud until dead. 2.21 AM


They fight us right. 2.22 AM


Their fiercey screwed us out. 2.25 AM


Contact end suffering us. 2.29 AM


The CIA, they shot us bad. 2.52 AM


Pat, they're spying us. 2.55 AM


The creatures failed your state lousy. 2.58 AM


Receipts took out our air. 5.36 AM


A tumor roll rape. 5.39 AM


Get them out, they're critical.


Cheats here. 5.43 AM





"We're perceived to be dumb for shooting and a real fail. All our genius is sold for predator. We shatter peace with our core breath. Bitch psyche us real arrested.


Bitch has pushed out my goose shot and told you how I pushed out your atmosphere. I'm inciter in your head to do what I can to drive you crazy. You let me do some nice tumors for imaging thee," Judee say.


Bitch did a reverse speech of a woman that had attempted suicide and one thing she said in reverse speech, "I died my image."


Judah is claiming that we let him do some nice tumors by imaging us. Might we only wonder about the true force that image is to us?


Will Labor not Finish the end of our relationship with weap Judah and his tyranny arrangements that he has forced upon America and the world with his brutal fist?


Will Labor not give us our divorce from weap Judah so that we can regain our sanity?


"I want the crazy out," out good God Almighty said of His village on earth where his simple simian children live.


The guy that always pulverizes a chicken, weap Judah. Will Labor not take our paper from him?


The foolish message here, are we reading it right? The one that says that Americans must fight to be free?


Are we perceiving that is a foolish message to us from Judah breed? He's weaping miles fiendish. Will Labor not step in, STOP THE WAR and help us now?


He's got 12-year-olds that are making guys die right.


Judee's storage shed Labor. Will you not show kindness to the minnow and pull it off of here, please?


Their schools have a fire chef. Will Labor not bring our grand juries in, please?


They're criminals that played us Moscow rule for sex. Their lifetime is to try and give everyone their Palestine weap.


Their Goebbels apology from the bench. Their showing us their true barrels in a fool way. Will Labor not close them out right?


They're storming our biology true images. Their Muslim pie is going to fill us up backward. Will Labor not let these tricky, fisty guys and gals off right?



Judah paste us occupied true weap, but their rule has stumbled out total for attacking us with their heavy metal. They're hustling our cipher off of this beach.


A citizen's right is they booze us up. Their criminal power is their favorite stun. Their serious heart just makes minnows fall. Their woodpecker is their cash industry to shoot us us well.


Their ein zwei vision is just for foolish guys, will Labor not help us to pull it out right? They sue us with Federal police power to mortar us for tuition.


Must Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and put it into the safe hands of Labor as is our good God's will for us?


The vinyl, urethane, old basalt, just a few things that Judah hides in some of our foods and beverages. Will Labor not help us to end the widespread food contamination that weap Judah has done here in America?


From the message the other day from the council of the Galactic Federation of Light does it look as if we have heard the last message from them?


Have they not advised us well? Have they not explained in detail how we can save ourselves?


The historical rulers that shot their way to the top. Have our kind elders not advised us on how to retire them now? Yes, they have. Have elders not advised us well to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Have elders not explained that the key to living in society well is to have the Organizing Principle of Society held in the democratic hands of Labor?


The Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our cash. Will Labor not take it away from genocide Judah and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?


"I shot you fierce-al," Judee say.


Is there not yet some understanding among the Druid people of America that we are now being died out of life form by weap Judah using his Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot?


There is no more time here Labor. It looks that the next month will pour large amounts of chemicals into our atmosphere to speed up our demise.


Children being born with polio. Mutations, birth defects from the nuclear waste that Judah is burning at Hitachi-GE that is falling on us here. Doesn't happen in a day, will take some years to show how deadly it really is. But deadly it is. Deadly enough that the majority of us won't be around in only a few more years of breathing it if we do not help ourselves right.


"The bench used you solar right. It's an ascent off of the right see, certainly, you will see your state now go. The Nice boy is helping us legitimate-full. Your loss of oxygen rights will take your life."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.


With our American rights in are we not aware that we have rights to clean breathable air? Will Labor not put our rights to oxygen in so that we can shut that Jewish dirty bomb down? Before we die off in the hundreds of millions will we not try it? The STRIKE!


The purples mess with Bitch because I'm useful. If I was wicked they wouldn't shoot. I caught their wicked sight with a wrench and stopped eating their hamburger. Will Labor not try to get a whiff of these guys and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"A STRIKE is useful." 9.49 AM


Just after saying a prayer to Father to bring Labor in to help us heard these words:


"You've been rolled abusive ready to die. Get your proper force and close out evasive." 9.56 AM


They've been dying us with their kids and now their kids are ghosting out. Will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in so that we can close them out right?


God is helping us Labor out of the sin of war. Will Labor please follow the love of God and man and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, March 15 — Psalm 36

Nehemiah 5:1–6:14; Romans 4:1–12

My eyes are awake before each watch of the night, that I may meditate on your promise. Psalm 119:148

Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

O Heavenly Father, remind us to pause within the busyness of our day, to feed our souls with your words of peace. For it is in those words that we find our strength, our hope and our purpose. Amen.



3.32 PM


Tele receives:


"Treat em right. 10.17 AM


Fox beat Druid. 10.21 AM


The rats sphere blew it. 10.39 AM


Shatter. 11.07 AM





This is just a fatal threat. 11.38 AM



Zipperee opps. 11.42 AM


God Almighty they're culling us. 11.52 AM


Scoring us all days dead. 12.43 PM


The cackle failed, miced us fiercely. 12.46 PM


Let's throw them off!


Fire Bush. 1.28 PM


We're exhausting ourselves fabulous.


A goal will put them out of here. 2.07 PM


They're canceling America. 2.22 PM


Try it. 2.46 PM


De-diesel. 3.02 PM


Pala-ditch. 3.12 PM


Dirty opp the human. 3.15 PM


The bribe scenes off. 3.20 PM


I don't know too bad." 3.22 PM



And some more messages from weap Judah:


"My full right mort is out. Pat, you failed our strike forces, Rome barred us. We fully go. I'm sorry for the hostile because the angel showed I'm stupid. Friends are all vegetables, I put them in. My cyclops got blew off for zarse.


My main obsession was a policeman being with me permanent. Ein zwei rolls confidence. It's a shame of a chapel that's on my ass. We have some task forces out here to keep you fish.


Patty rolled us dolts. I just like sacking your state. "


Thank you. God bless you all.







Reverse speech from Caddo video:

"This is a duchess man that will hurt you sheeny with weaps inferior. This was set out of Chicago for war rates. I'm here to share opp-a-ruse for French opp police. Bitch is watching our core weaps in psycho. We tailor an injunction to pull you off whiskey. This is right a child in a rude way and why I've fallen."







"With a Stone Psyche, You Will be Frozen. Perma-Cash Late You's"

"With a Stone Psyche, You Will be Frozen. Perma-Cash Late You's"


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. The perma-cash that weap Judah holds onto worldwide that has allowed him to keep our planet in war. Will Labor not join together STRIKE THEM OUT and take it away from him?


Can we only wonder what it is about the mild man of the north that makes him remain so easy for Judah to destroy? In the name of our good God must we not find what it is and remedy it to save ourselves?


The man that the word slave came from. The mild Slavic peoples that carry the gun and continue to do most of the shooting in our world for Judah sport.


The people of America that were beaten by Wall Street guns and cages, drafted and forced to leave the promise of the new world of America in 1917 to return to the old world to shoot our family in a Judah sports war.


The only man that is still funding and fighting weap Judah sports war and genocide a century later now due to an economic draft, the mild man of the north.


Is our mentality so gentle that it allows us to be right less guys to Judah? Must we not free ourselves forever from Judah terrorist control?


Must we not end the animal Talmud rights Judah assigns us and put in our rights as human Beings our good God gave us?


The truth that we were made to love one another. The vicious brutality that Judah puts upon mild man. Could that be the explanation why we have not risen against the genocidal Jewish oppressors?


The oppressor that fooled our parents and grandparents going back into the ages many centuries ago and now fooling us to continue to fund assaulting, imprisoning and killing God's children on earth.


The mild man set to lose his life form, his family going out with him, now funding the last nuclear war, or any war, that Weap Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth.


UFO buzzing Jamaica New York. Are we not aware our elders from the universe are MARKING Judah's nuclear blast sport?


Two Identical UFOs Filmed Over Florida and New York

March 12, 2017




Identical UFOs were seen in Homestead, Florida and Jamaica, New York. Might we try to understand that our elders from the Federation are trying to alert us to what our nuclear war fighting elite are up to now?


Might we not consider that American nuclear war fighting elite are not unlike the old world bombers that rode in for loot and fun, except infinitely more dangerous?


Might we consider the genocide of Judah has finally done him and his nuclear war fighting collaborators in this time?


After attacking us with intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to extinct us, might we consider that sooner or later mild man of the north is going to act right?


Fooling us as if we are little children. The wicked falseness of Judah that is holding mild man in to die himself off.


The etymological root of the word 'slave,' from the mild Slavic peoples of the north. From the mild man of the north, Judah is now using us to fund and shoot his sports war.


The poor kids that stick guns in our faces. It's not a question of class but of the bourse, cruelly manipulated boy gets paid to aim a gun in our face.


And why do the other mild men of the north not listen to our good God above and put an existence stipend in so that the poor mild man does not have to fight as a right less war serf to get to eat and go to school in Judah weap state?


"Because of my complex the white remain fooled bad. White people I've strangled completely," Judee say.


Will white not get smart and close these pyramid sandal thugs out right?


"We just come to evict you. I base you force on my ment, once you see me I'm quite timorous. American, we just couldn't fall you," Judee say.


Using economically disadvantaged mild men from the new world nation of America to displace and evict our family in the Middle East who are then driven into mild man's terrain and are again sported by Judah. Hidden within are his Replicons that set about a path to give refugees a bad name.


All the while mild man of America funds the destruction of war in our world allowing Judah to set mild man up for a big fall of himself.


Judah, getting caught red-handed attacking mild man to extinct him, is it not certain that sooner or later mild man will end Judah's private issue of bourse?


Certainly. By Judah setting a plot, giving himself the destiny to extinct the white members of the human race, has Judah not lost his last best chance to live in any society on earth?


Once the white man pitches the Jew is there any society on earth that will let him rule?


What with attacking us unprovoked with thousands of nuclear blast weapons, seems unlikely doesn't it?


Once our family in India gets a clue that the guys and gals running their society are not true, that their plan is to hit them with the nuclear blast force they have built up there, might Judee not be out of there too?


Replicons that look like natives are actually Judah Replicon 5th columnists. Hidden within the societies of the Far East for the last 16 centuries.


Awaiting only their chance to rise up and destroy the rest of god's kids.


Judah breeding up his look alike hybrid transplant shells in every terrain. Replicons is the name.


Has Mercury not let Bitch blow the horn on Judah game? Bitch in daily communication with our extraterrestrial elders from outer space since May of 2008.


In October of 2011 Mercury let Bitch in on a little secret, Judah attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with one thousand missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads on them.


The total equivalent nuclear blast force of 70,000 Hiroshima atom bombs. All headed for the lower 48.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels spare us the loss of life form in the general nuclear Holocaust Judah wanted the mild man of the north to endure?


Judah continually tells us in reverse speech that he is "crazy, a lunatic, insane, a sexual psychopath."


He also reveals that it is Druid that he most enjoys sex with. Reveals that mild man has the "unique value of cooperation," that Judah himself lacks.


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


Mild man, aware that he has been attacked by weap Judah with nuclear atomic blast force for over 5 years now, has also been made aware that he has been under attack with a nuclear brimstone waste force for even longer, over 6 years now.


The cruelly manipulated poor Dr. King called those that must fight Judah sports wars to eat. Have we not heard Judee calls us much harsher things?


Cruelly manipulated kids from the USA molesting and abusing our brothers and sisters every day. Mild man now going out of life form from Jewish sports war and brimstone nuclear waste.



Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light

Mon Mar 13, 2017, 11.25 AM CST



In the telepathic message yesterday from the council of the Galactic Federation of light we are informed:


"You have closed their vehicles, their assault is through. Their primary destiny has now failed."


Are we understanding that the primary destiny that weap Judah gave himself was to totally exterminate the white people from planet earth?


"Our destiny as Jews is to war until we put the white man away, we will war until you stop us," Judee say.


The mild man of the north having no violence for 30 thousand years until weap Judah takes over in 700 AD. Then the wars in the northland begin. Culminating in a couple of Jewish forced world wars and aiming for the final extinction of the mild man of the north.


Might we not consider how clever Judah is involving the mild man in his sports wars to lead mild man into sin?


The promise of great wealth if the only mild man will join Judah in his sport. Might we not understand where that path has led us to now?


Do we not understand that we are dying out of life form now?


Tele receives:


"Cancer cost you your rifles.


We've lost our field. 12.20 PM


Suckered 12.22 PM


Tyranny fell. 1.00 PM


Good luck.


Videos shot you right out of here quick.


Bitch heavy. 5.28 PM


Suitable. 5.42 PM


Patrick is telling us about their morsel. 6.03 PM


Nazi fish falling out for real stroking.


Reich-ed. 7.39 PM


Bust them all, stingy thugs. 7.41 PM


They tossed you off this field. 7.43 PM


Was this bait available complete? 7.52 PM


They set us up right for dying complete perish. 8.01 PM


They're saulting out our core here. 8.05 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, they faulted us lethal. 8.06 PM


You be Eskimo tears here. 8.14 PM


Supervising fist opps, is that what they've been doing? 8.18 PM


As they do their switch turkey is with you. 8.19 PM


They're just jailers, they're jailing us. 8.57 PM


They're scoring us out sewerage.


Focus right. 9.00 PM


Patrick locked them out, they're jammed permanent now. 9.06 PM


With a stone psyche, you will be frozen here. 1.37



You lost your money through mosh. 1.38 AM


Their core has taken us, a sure die.


The plan died out here. 2.51 AM


Perma-cash late you's. 3.03 AM


Push them back. 3.38 AM


Wasters debit. 3.39 AM


He's really deep into it. 5.50 AM


Oh my god, they're oppin false? 6.10 AM


He kill us thrill." 8.38 AM



Bitchie identifies with all the ordinary people in every land. With our family in the Middle East that has been shot and bombed out by Judah Wall Street crowd to our family in Ukraine bombed out by Judah Wall Street crowd. The Buddhists in Indonesia beaten with canes purportedly by Muslims based upon Sharia law.


Indonesian Buddhists caned under sharia for the first time

AFP | March 10, 2017

The two men grimaced as they received nine and seven lashes respectively on their backs, a sentence that was mitigated because they had spent over a month in detention.




Might we not recognize that Sharia law is Judee in disguise? Do we not recognize his Judah Replicon hybrid transplants Replicons hold all the heads of state throughout our world?


Are we not aware that Indonesia is in the complete control of Judah Replicons that are well positioned and pretending to be Indonesians?


All the states in the Middle East. After reading reverse speech have we not discovered that they are mostly all Judah Replicon hybrid transplant shell people? Yes, they are.


Boko Haram in Africa that is spanking the kids there. Are we not aware that they are Judah hybrid Replicon kids? They claim to be Islamics. Can we not spot Judah assault, kidnapping, bombing and shooting style there?


The mild man of the North West holding all Judah sports kids in. Will American Labor not let Judah and his 5th columnist Replicon creations off of here right?


God Almighty has saved our lives white people. Is there not some way you will help set us right?


Will American Labor not recognize that we have a God-given right to be free and act upon the impulse to be free and let the desert dwelling assault and battery crowd and their Hapsburg alliance partners off right?


Will American Labor not help us close the Auschwitz building racist Judah out of America right?


"We're out of here true. That Bitch has got our fetch threw here. White sandals I use, that's part of my philosophy" Judee say.


The beginnings of the nuclear war fighting crowd in America that have attacked us with nuclear missiles to extirpate us all. Might we find it all in the overthrow of the jury decision of 1854 with the 1859 decision of the supreme clerks to return a freed worker to serve as a slave to his master once again?


Might Labor not recognize the whole game has always been who it is that gets the gains from Labor and how much of a portion?


That Dred Scott was freed after a trial by a jury of his peers. Did the jurors not see Dred as one of us? Yes, did they not free him as such? Yes, they did.


They saw Dred as a fellow subject of American Law no matter what the supreme clerks said about color that the supremes claimed they knew from reading the minds of the long passed away crafters of our Bill of Rights.


The confabulations of the high and mighty clerks that make up big stories to fool the ordinary. Will Labor not help us to clear them off right? Will Labor not give us our grand juries to close this vicious godless nightmare of tyranny out right?


After surviving repeated attempts to exterminate us with nuclear missiles will Labor not accept as a real truth that all our leaders are fabulous failures?


You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.” A. Lincoln.


"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." George W. Bush


Denial of his right to a jury court's decision given in 1854 by the 1859 decision of the supreme clerks to deny Dred his right to a jury of his peers, and in only another century and a half later the courts and their satraps return the people of the United States of America to the rightless condition of the re-enslaved Dred Scott of 1859.


Are the people of America, the working people, aware that Labor is the party that is paying these guys and gals paychecks here?


Will Labor not turn this around and begin with acting as if we are the employers and they are the employees here?


Will Labor not take the middle man out, weap Judah, is it not clear he is not going to be issuing any more sports checks on American Labors checkbook the day after Labor STRIKES THEM OUT?


Genocidal guys and gals that hate everybody with a special hatred for white people most of all.


If we understand that might we not understand why Judah keeps the white man held into hurting his fellow man?


"We have West point so we can do intimate," Judee say.


In that reverse speech might we perceive the sexual psychopath that is mauling us out of life form now?


The rapist of our species, weap Judah. With our good God on our side will the mild man not try at least once to save ourselves now?


"Basically my core is off but you don't see it right," Judee say.


Will Labor not try to "Focus" and see that Judah core is basically off and STRIKE THEM OUT to get the rest of their core off, please?


"White sandals I use," Judee say.


Might we consider it was Judah white sandal technicals that designed the infernal machines to put our species out of life form? The white sandals that attacked us from Pittsburgh to wipe us clean.


Is American Labor not aware that it is American Labor that is funding most all of the tricks that Judah is playing on us in every nation in our world?


Taiwan tourist bus fire kills all 26 on board

Twenty-four tourists from China killed, plus Taiwanese driver and tour guide after bus caught fire on busy road

Associated Press in Tapei

Tuesday 19 July 2016



Video from the scene showed both of the bus’s doors were pressed up against the highway’s guardrail, making them impossible to open.


The latest accident is likely to revive safety concerns surrounding the treatment of Chinese tourists, most of whom come on cheap group tours.


China claims Taiwan as its own territory and the sides have no formal ties, although contacts have been growing in recent years to handle trade, travel and other practical, nonpolitical matters.


However, relations have deteriorated since the January election of independence-leaning Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen,






and Chinese visitor numbers have declined steadily in recent months, dealing a major blow to the island’s travel industry.



The authority to issue our money. What might it take to bring Labor to take it away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a group from Labor?


"Oh is this what it is? Embarrass they use to prevent us from protecting ourselves?" 9.01 AM


"White sandals I use, that's part of my philosophy. They're taking bourse out now. Our generation rice man over now. My racket's over for insuring your age right. My right is to spirit you into fear-a-tic fallen.


I act to brave you boys stupid. You'll pull us off because our left was completely fatal. You threaten a foul truth, a real mark. We certify you on a low budget route through perjury.


We just imprison you up with our foul speak, that's our prison sport. The United States I took out by rolling you, John. I share a debt.


I push you dead fungus. My West tyranny makes war, that's why they're trying to get rid of me. My fortune I perceive is pushing that's why I roll a racket, with my thunder, I prove I'm nuts. I tossed you out.


Bitch disabled all of my time because I'm corrept, so I'm out of here. As a human, you will have more rights. All our rights fly for our butterfly bolt. They always step out my genius for shooting my duds, that's why I've got to step out.


Bitch bored us out of luxury, we just shack you racial, so he blew my wrench, we lost our cuff. Because of my complex, the white remain fooled bad. We just come in to evict you.


Jealousy 4 eyes put you in offend, just white out obscenity. I'm crummy as hell. We shot our day with threats here. I made your Drewess sight (site).


My false symbol with video held you down that's clear. Our pp eye gave us a scandal to roll you with. My legitimates with a German do smash you. The air is through over the states.


For my day they're making us die. We impe-cide with orange bastards. The scientist has shown you that Jew white house don't exist. I'm a man of all grudge that just slugs, they want me gone out of here.


Jew take happiness out of here, that's my force, it's finished. I broadcast Boursevelt to make you die. My con failed just when I tried to screw you. We're just emphasizing funeral.


We always foul and threaten. I failed caution, I suicide. Bitch faulty Drupid reporting my mouse, I'm still pitching. Jew is off because he obviously set you force.


Judeas takes your whole state right. I just die you for my Tutsi roll, that's the way I believe. We talent you for morting thug, that's always why they don't want me.


I use a child and herpes to set you with a thug. Our rights is a Jewish fail. My perpy side truly loses again, I lost my day. We error noodles to put you away. We hike the whole state.


I wanted to make you die but the professor is holding me. I terrorize you, take you out with our sin, that's our true philosophy. My peace stall is my error. The gentle men's sight wants to see us dead for our mace.


I'm wiping the white guy because I'm a Judas on fear.


I failed to wipe the south side and he pulled my force for weather. I get you out with robber kikes. Iowa is right pillorying me as a ditch man. I'm gonna crash you racial.


We molest to core you, Bitch sees my hits. Basically, my core is off but you don't see right. My boom boom was fireproofed so my shot put me in. Because you pulled off the naughty things you said about us we advertise you to Germany as a nice guy.


Jew set you ultimate with our shears, grand juries we core tech. Torpedo mouse I got a full day ahead. If we hold them for 4 months we'll swing their heads, then I'm going to leave for Jew cave here.


I duped you off Jupiter. Judas plot has been refused. Bitch saw our purge head and threw it. I rice you for investment outrage. We molest you with precise fortitude.


You were quite insulting for a nice boy. We win when we sport you maggot. I actually export cinnamon to get my edge. We have to approach most wet days nice so we catch you and put you in.


I'm inadequate so I'm out. Videos shot you right out of here quick. I won. Pat, I believe you got me all to go. I set you outside with a child's life, that's my baby you. My package won't stand a grand jury when it comes in. If these guys go grand jury I'm leaving.


Jew sales made us hostile men, George gave us freedom. They're taking my punishment off and making my wreckage go. Stupid got to die the bess man. I false you dead for punishment. I'm greatly out because I'm allergic to you.


Slowly you die my truth is. We risk subs to terror rate you, our false is up. We just get in so we offend you rule. Our course is to take the rule to make you die, you see it you take bourse from us. Because I got bourse the grand jury opps are canceled. We failed with our fiction, because we got bourse you never catch us," Judee say.


"You're out on your genus-side. 9.56 AM


Stupid you lost it all sin. 10.11 AM


It's a HUGE pedal win.


They fooled all of us." 10.28 AM




Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light

Mon Mar 13, 2017


This is the last you will hear from this council. STRIKE THEM OUT and save your situation. Brutally you're dying out obviously.



That link should bring you to the entire message from the Council of the Galactic Federation of Light.


The Federation is the home of our precious sweet Father that sent His angels in to spare us from Judah's lethal nuclear blast shot on us.


If American Labor has any wish whatsoever to survive this extinction level event that Judah has sown us into will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy


Tuesday, March 14 — Psalm 35:19–28

Nehemiah 4; Romans 3:19–31

You have been a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. For the breath of the ruthless is like a storm. Isaiah 25:4 (NIV)

Paul wrote: Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:35,37

Dear Lord, thank you for the Love that refuses to give up on us. Thank you for the tenacity which holds onto us when we are too weak to help ourselves. Help us to remember that we are your beloved children. Amen.


"Ever Judas have a belief fault. They always make you suffer over the top, we want to get rid of Rome, they're all crazy."


Those reverse speech were from an Asian fisherman that had his net taken away by Judah police for fishing where Judah said he could not fish on the high seas.



3.00 PM


Some late Tele receives:


"It's an old recital about a dumb course that Jews believe. 12.30 PM


He's tossed.


Patrick got them out and you've done nothing.


Patrick, you need to go on a peace tour now. 12.45 PM


They boursed out the Martian deal.


It bothers you truly simply, release the duds. 1.10 PM


He's thrown them out and you've done nothing but criticize him. 1.19 PM


Jews fell off. 1.55 PM


The cafeed us well. 2.24 PM


Tour for peace, tour Patrick. 2.32 AM


We organize ourselves real foolish. 2.52 PM


They're totally off. 2.53 PM





Here's a Judee Tele receive:


"That Bitch knows how we speak."


ORGANIZE Labor and please do the will of our good God that spared us extinction in a Judah surprise nuclear attack. Thank you.







Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/georgewbu386490.html



"They Damned Us Vicious. My God We're Being Destroyed, Oh My God We're Being Destroyed."

"They Damned Us Vicious. My God We're Being Destroyed, Oh My God We're Being Destroyed."


Those are Tele receives from over night. "They damned us vicious. My god we're being destroyed, oh my god we're being destroyed."


The most destroyed people of the human species, mild man of the north mostly East and now to be West.


The mild man of the north that Judah says, "Ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful."


Now set to go out of life form as Judah dies out of consciousness in his mountain shelters.


Tele receives:


"They damned us vicious. 12.03 PM


My god we're being destroyed, oh my god we're being destroyed. 3.32 PM


Truman berserk you. 4.02 PM


Good luck to you. 4.56 PM


Thank you for your shoo side. 5.11 PM


Stupid. 6.56 PM


STRIKE the harsh. 7.01 PM


Oh, marvelous, the camel locks fell thee. 7.05 PM


Mercury tossed Judee out for hard knocks. 7.19 PM


Your competitor died you off with fear. 7.24 PM


Pure psyche washing you out. 7.27 PM


Perjury, you're bound to return to your life yet. 7.28 PM


All tight wits fair. 7.43 PM


Patrick, you failed up very narsal. 7.51 PM


Master failed us. 8.14 PM


You lost your rights with a ruse. 12.00 midnight.


Too wonderful threw out of here.


Judah wakes. 12.03 AM


Economy racial accomplished us. 12.05 AM


Fireballs corrupted us. 12.12 AM


ORGANIZE, you're safest is off. 12.18 AM


Barbershop poles just playing dysfunction. 1.35 AM


Son of a bitch boursed you out. 1.36 AM


They exhausted us free financially. 1.48 AM


You liars now fist us. 1.49 AM


It's a molest 3 days that will take your world away. 1.53 AM


We're staggering. 2.33 AM


Patrick failed to save us from war true. 2.35 AM


I hear we completely fell. 2.38 AM


H-bomb mapped theory.


It's waste.


Patrick help us, they puncture me, boost us up. 2.42 AM


Substandard. 2.45 AM


Right this corrupt sports guy. 2.48 AM


Get them off of here. 3.14 AM


You won. 3.23 AM


They're rolling us psyche dead. 5.48 AM


It's HUGE. 6.08 AM


The threat from particles is boring us dead." 6.20 AM



Any doubt that the side of the angels won in the contest with nuclear war-fighting weap Judah?


Is it not certain that Judah will be out of office permanently in America and throughout the world and off of the surface of planet earth soon after American Labor acts to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Is there anyone that as any doubt Judah will be past history the day after American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the concession to issue our money away from them?


Judah tells us that without his white fist he has nothing. When American Labor acts to end funding Judah's fist do we see that Judah will no longer rule the roost on planet earth?


The bombing in Syria yesterday that killed over 40 people. Is American Labor understanding that it was American workers that paid for that terror bombing?


All the bribes to the local politicians to let Judah have his technicians come in and wire the bombs up. Might we imagine it cost a hefty dollar to get that done? Certainly.


When American Labor no longer will let a check be written on American Labors checking account are we perceiving bombs will no longer be planted anywhere?


When the Committee of the Whole has American Labors checkbook in its hands might we not be aware of every check the Committee of the Whole writes? Certainly, we will.


Is it not extremely likely honest everyday working people on the Committee of the Whole will write no checks to be setting bombs off on our family anywhere on planet earth? Certainly.


Can we only pray for that day of Liberation when American Labor says, "enough, we are to be free men and women and no longer ruled by the weap Jew?"


The cunning guy weap Judah with many faces, all of them false. Must American Labor not get smart and end funding Judah's sports wars?


The series of wars that he planned to finish out all mild men. Will Labor not help us at all? The STRIKE Labor. Will you not give us a hand?


Not a STRIKE for a dollar more an hour or for more pension benefits or health care. A STRIKE to take the root of it all, the concession to issue our money away from the most dangerous guy of them all.


In the name of our good God above will Labor not RISE ourselves to do God's will and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?


As we are being perfectly perished out with nuclear waste in a well thought out plan to die the mild man and his children off will the mild man not come alive and try to save himself this time?


The mild man that submissively carries on after Judah rused him out of the best deal of all. The rights his ancestors put in for him that Judah took away from him.


His custom for over 8 centuries now to give everyone a jury of our peers to decide if we should lose our liberty, property or life.


The jury that said that Dred Scott was free. Overturned by the supreme clerks on high. Will Labor not give the clerks a breeze? Have they not shown us their foul hand?


The stage props of tyranny, Judah, and his statute books. The most clever and cunning that they use to fool you and me. Ten dollar words and a nickel hit. Will Labor not get hold of the authority to issue our money and let them off right?


"With a poor waitress, it's easy to get her to see. We just aim to fail you true. My genius stopped. It's a wake that falls you.


We rulerize you. I burned you dead. Take you off humid. If I can beat you off this place I'm willing to do a face off. You never did see us. It's an airport to me.


We Wayne dine ya. I held Jupiter out from you to take the states out good. I'm all off of my wolf in Britain because of my grease shot here. Bitch, he's suffering my terrorist truth," Judee say.


Judah no longer a force in our world. A man of the past that shot himself out of God's village on earth.


Only power left is what mild man gives him. Will we not pray for the day that mild man takes Jew off of our purse and gives us a chance to live in real peace?


All of those Bon Ami pies as a kid. Now it seems so clear what they did. The brightest that could help us all fisted out or imprisoned. In the name of God will Labor not help us here and let them off right?


The part of the human race that is bombing out this place. Put upon the face of white that is paying for all of this fight. White himself a right less fellow because Judah hired some fellows to tell him that to his face.


Assault kidnap, sniper murder teams brought in from the old world to work America's streets. Is there not some way to convince the mild man that he truly has the rights of a man, a human Being?


The right to speak his mind without being framed up and carried off. The right to earn a living without fear of being robbed and kidnapped off of the streets.


The right to not have to live in fear of being assaulted out because of opposing Wall Streets wars.




Judee and his Wall Street war sports that did their best to blast us all out of here in the middle of the night with their great balls of fire. Where are you Labor when we need you?


Stjepan Radić, who organized the Croatian peasants into a viable political force to have their say in government said in 1926 that "clericalism means abuse of the most sacred feelings of religion in order to destroy the family, to demolish people in order to gain political power." He often repeated the slogan: "Believe in God, but not in the priest."


Now that we have been attacked with nuclear missiles by the Judah banker force might we not consider how seriously our priest and preacher force has failed us all?


The force of preacher world that has held the mild man against the message of God's Bitch to STOP THE WAR!


And what do we learn as our truth now but that the church has been mousing with the viceroy force?


"Believe in God, but not in the priest." Stjepan Radić said.


And what happened to Stjepan that helped the ordinary folk? As usual, they shot him dead.


"I have a dream that my little children will live in a world without genetic mutations from Judah brimstone waste sport. I have a dream."


"I have a dream that my little children will live in a world where they are not forced to pay to assault their brothers and sisters with war and cages. I have a dream."


As certain of a die as we ever have been in, poisoning of our environment with radioactive waste. Judah will be long gone into his undergrounds while he smirks as we die out on the surface of our planet.


Will Labor not consider just what is at stake here?


Those that love God may survive this last nuclear war that weap Judah will ever fight against us all. Is there not some way that the war victims, Americans, and Europeans, will consider ending it all?


The guy that likes to toy and play with us. Sport us out of life when he gets hold of the government. Now taking us out in MEGA DEATH numbers. Will American Labor not get smart and stop paying for this abuse?


Mild man of both East and West proven not able to survive the Judah test. Assaulted out easily with the permanent war that Judah put us on when he took the concession to issue or money into his hands in 1913.


Nuclear blast war would have finished us off if not for the love of God for us.


Is this to be Labors responses to the love of God for us by sending His angels in to spare us extinction, to be ingrates and ignore the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?


The most slaughtered man in history, the mild man of the north. Used and abused by Judah to do Judah's fisting for him.


Will mild man not put your faith in our good God and let the Jew off of here right?


Before we are the third of the human race to die out with Judah, will we not try at least once to save ourselves?


The FINAL SOLUTION. Is it not mind expanding to consider that the Federation knew two thousand years ago when Judah would discover the atom force and knew also that he would mine it from underground and bring it to the surface and use it to die us all off worldwide?


The poisonous stones that we have been sheltered from with the good earth to protect us from them and Judah digs down deep beneath the earth to bring them to the surface to poison us with them.


"The majority won't be around." Is how the angel described what will happen here in America in the next few years as brimstone nuclear waste pours in on us.


That the angel's computer simulations have proven accurate from two thousand years ago, might it not be smart to listen to what they are telling us all now?


Do some really think that they and their family are going to escape this nuclear war that Judah is waging on us?


Might some think that this is some sort of a joke here?


We have let Judah set us for any day to be our last day of life now. Is this to be it, just die out without ever even once challenging Judah for the concession to issue the paper?


Judah always sets the minnow to die out right. Do we see that our good God wants us to issue our money right? Do we see that will end Judah's ability to die any of us out right?


Bitch Mercury report about Pittsburgh-New Hampshire finished them Labor, what are you holding against me that you will stay the course that Judah set and die yourself and your own children too?


Father has showered blessings on us Labor. Will we not claim them for ourselves?


"I would have given you anything. Try to perceive me, I love you." Precious sweet Father said.


As the high-tech mild man of the North West faces off against the high-tech mild man of the North East directed by Judah for sports war is there not some way that Labor will be concerned enough to act and STOP THE WAR?


"Pat, Casper failed to save us." 6.15 AM


Will Labor not break the code and let Judah off of us right?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


Are we perceiving that we are in the village of God that Judah has terminally poisoned out on us now?


"Jewish people have a good Faust to peep us right."


That a reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker.


Faust, the fellow from the middle ages that sold his soul to the devil for special advantages in this life.


By giving special advantages to some Labor has that been enough for the devil in Judah to buy us off?


Judah and his Mr. Peepers ways. Is it Judah morals that have held Labor in to fund more war?


"Jew morals fade your way so the minnow I can score," Judee say.


The false morals that Judah put in. Will mild man not let us re-sight ourselves now in peace?


Will mild man not get this elephant warriors goose state out? Will mild man not help yourselves now?


"I just scourge incredible. I'm giving you a maximum deed for spite. I always hos you right when I get your rights away. Irish people said my war financials are going in so I'm out of here. The stupid Bitch has ruined my natural lies and made us all go.


Because of New Hampshire Bitch, you truly blew me away. The whites I'm screwing through making war. My Jew truly is my false that gets you to fight war," Judee say.


We are Father's children. We are Father's people. We do not war each other for any reason much less the sport of the smirky guy weap Judah.


Will the American people not claim our rights as human Beings?


"I always hos you right when I get your rights away."


Will Labor people not participate in government in a real form by taking the concession to issue our money away from the war sports crowd and holding it yourselves as our good God wills?


The baggage handlers that will soon be coming out. Will you not go on STRIKE while you still have some clout?


With Labor issuing our money might we see as the robots come in Labor will have an existence stipend in so it is not put out onto the streets with no income at all?


Our extraterrestrial family have 2 out of a thousand that are in their Labor force. As our technology advances are we seeing we will have less and less Labor slots available to generate income sources from?


Might Labor try to perceive along with our good God loving us that we are transitioning now into an extraterrestrial civilization?


To properly transition a planet out of war and into peace might we understand that those that are not able to act in peace must now go?


Is the mild man not perceiving that all we need to do is re-sight ourselves as our extraterrestrial elders have advised us here?


Will Labor try to perceive that Father is a kind perfected Being that has done so much for us throughout His beautiful lifetime guiding us from above?


That Father gave us the peace, will Labor not reciprocate the love of Father now and give us the peace?


"You're a fail and incompetent." 8.12 AM


The thought of America the beautiful destroyed and a couple of hundred million of us dead. Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the warriors and put it into the hands of the meek?


The STRIKE Labor. They cannot stand a day of it before they will hand the concession to issue our money over to a committee of the Whole from Labor.


Is this to be our sad sorrowful end, do nothing and merely go on funding all of the war in our world?


"I Jew pistol right wicked. I leave you with a sports set abuse because I'm dumb. We arm Norman right to shoot you and I'll cap until the end.


You're very molestable to Jew thoughts so I just put you in. Into the sewer, I have crushed you. Because of my great, I soon go away.


Truly I have thrown you with my great tyranny. I simp you Malta. Patrick boy said Jew dumb, set me out of here dead. Jew Hosberg die for our chumming.





We shot you in our Lincoln time to make white go. All grease spots I make HUGE sufferage. My Judee has truly proven that he can can your wits.


Petroleum always had some fine stution. In America, my Jew ever dies your minnow. I just bust you domestic. Your whole generation's coming out to our tumorous threat. I play you citizen, I'm still taking you out.


Jew is just here to homeless you, that's part of our rights, that's why I lost my state. My knucklehead bonsai is dead. We are Judee awesome off now. You're starting to see my ruse right and my extortion toast made me go," Judee say.


While Bitchie has proven incompetent and is a failure here because he has not been able to convince Labor to heed the thousands of warnings from God Almighty to end funding the genocide sports wars of weap Judah, might Labor try to perceive that God Almighty does love you and me?


Bitchie still praying and listening for any words from our good God above, His angels or "B" too.


You're urged to try and save yourselves. Will we not keep praying for war to end and peace to prevail?


They've pulled every trigger and pushed every button on us. Are we not aware only the love of our good God has kept us in?


Druid told Bitch telepathically that he wrote prejudiced against other whites.


Might that be part of Bitch stupid for instead of having compassion for the poor cruelly manipulated white kids that Judee has used to assault Bitch with instead he finds the white kids dangerous when directed by Jew?


Will the other whites not come in and straighten this out? Do we not know that it is all colors that are being assaulted by Judah using American Labor dollars?


Is it not clear that Judah has maneuvered us into the sin of war and now is closing the reproduction of the white people out?


We know Judee is going out for good now but do we not get it yet, we are going out too?


"I dope em out corrupt," Judee say.


Used his alcohol prohibition to break our rights down. Now it is his drug fairy tales he tells everyone. Will Labor not put our civil rights in?


With our modern communications system are we not now widely aware of the basis of American civil rights?


The best package of rights anywhere anytime. Will Labor nor reject Jewish demands that we do not have our basic human rights?


"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.


Will American Labor not do us all a favor and STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy


Monday, March 13 — Psalm 35:11–18

Nehemiah 2:11–3:32; Romans 3:3–18

The Lord declares, ‘Those who honor me I will honor, and those who despise me shall be treated with contempt.’ 1 Samuel 2:30

Jesus says, “You call me Teacher and Lord—and you are right, for that is what I am.” John 13:13

As we return to our daily routines, may we not forget that you call us to follow you every day. May this day be made holy as we seek for ways to reflect your grace. Amen.








Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light


10.32 AM

"Listen to what I am going to say. They're scorching now. What they are doing now is too hideous.


They're surplus shoo flies that are coming out complete. Testimony harms a body true when it is wicked falsing.


They shot a goose and shot a ruse on me, the truth is criminals have set your field quite bad.


They announce you fail-is, they're just squawking offend. You have closed their vehicles, their assault is through. Their primary destiny has now failed.


Gracefully I will hold you. You must get them over, you must get them off.


Right now they are deadening your field. Their weapatory brutal is upon your state. Toast wits are what they are leaving you kids, you've physically been scored here.


It is holding your life in Wall street death. The Martian took their offend off completely. You must super sight.


We're talking redemption now, you must close their sale. Your life will come to a brutal end if you allow them this offend. Your life is a gorgeous failure.


If you do not act you will die soon.


Their weapatory is screwing you out. Pat Sullivan is telling you the truth now. It's a brutal truth, it's a die force is in on you now.


A die force digital fierce has pierced thee. You'll die soon criminal completely if you do not stop the war.




This is the last you will hear from this counsel. STRIKE THEM OUT and save your situation. Brutally you're dying out obviously.


Your life forces have left your deal, stop all your criticizing and save your life. Their sale has cost you nicely.


Their gymnastics have tossed you out, toss them out. Right this right field or you will be cauterized out. Fabulously you have failed to save your life forces.


You're dying out yourself now. Parliament is used to this principle. You must be tossing police now, they've sold you out sale.


Your government has been sold for New Hampshire love, the bourse force is giving you your last race weap here. Make weapons neutral. Peace will arrest their aggression against you. God bless you all.


Put in Morgans safe correctly. There is no peaceful parasite rule. A right life is what you must believe.


End their whole race card.







"Journal Great Stuff, Advance Us."

"Journal Great Stuff, Advance Us."

That is something that Bitch would truly like to do. That suggestion is from an overnight Tele receive.

We now are deep into an extinction level event. Are there some that are not aware that we like the dinosaurs are dying out now? Or might it not be correct to say, "we are being died out now?"

Do we not yet perceive that we are in a war and weap Judah is attacking us with his last best shot before he is out of God's village on the surface of planet earth and into his mountain shelters to die off his consciousness in God's decision to die them off in tunnel death?

Judah has dozens of his other Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plants wired up with Stuxnet software to put them into meltdowns as he has accomplished at Hitachi-GE.

Have we not noticed the over 40 nuclear power plants that have gone into unscheduled shutdowns over the last few years?

Are we not understanding that our extraterrestrial family shut them down to give the operators a chance to pull the Stuxnet controllers out of them?

Will we not thank our good God for giving us a multiple of chances to save ourselves from Judah extinction level event?

Jewish terrorism, found in the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons built by weap Judah bankers, that they planned to exterminate us with, pulled out of the sky when they attacked us with them by Sir Casper our Martian neighbor and a good friend.


Those are a couple of thermonuclear warheads that Judah shot at us in Vera beach Florida and was photographed after extraterrestrials contacted a group of humans and invited them to be there with their cameras rolling for the event of Sir Casper burning those nuclear warheads off in the sky.

The extraterrestrials did not tell the humans those were nuclear warheads, they left us to figure it out. here's a link to see the 9.07 video:

Thousands of thermonuclear warheads Judah has pitched at us and is still attacking us with nuclear weapons.

His most dangerous nuclear weapon, might we see that it is Hitachi-GE at Fukushima?

The pouring of vast amounts of radioactive waste into our environment. Have we not yet figured it is to die us off in MEGA DEATH numbers?

The extremely high background radiation that Judah has put upon us to burden us. Going from 5 to 20 counts a minute to now reaching levels of 7 to 9 thousand counts a minute across our beautiful nation.

A third of the water on our planet now poisoned and dying off the sea creatures that live there. Weap Judah refusing to shut his dirty bomb down continues poisoning our air and fields.

Do we recall that Judah refused assistance to shut his dirty bomb down years ago? And today it is burning more out of control than the day before.

The day it blows up and sends all of the spent nuclear fuel rods into our atmosphere. The billions that will die off from radioactive waste poisoning, starvation and a host of illnesses. The desert weap Judah will leave on the surface of planet earth.

Do the victims of nuclear war, us, not recognize that Judah has shot us right?

Americans never missing funding a shot or shell that has produced tens of millions of homeless in our world. Genocide, the sport of Judah, American Labor funding it all.

Warned thousands of times over 5 years now by our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR. Foolishly we baste ourselves in a more poisoned atmosphere.

The criminal siege of Washington. Radiation monitoring of our milk ended when the funding for it was cut for it in 2014. What could that mean?

A fabulous, fantastic brimstone radioactive waste die moving ahead unimpeded. Is there not some way to convince Labor that it should get into this?

Judee with his lies and falsness spreading rumors to make Bitch look very hunchness. Videos from 35 years ago. Using his preachers and diapers to hold Labors head in. All while he exterminates us good.

"Minutiae" is how elders from outer space describe what Judee claims he has on Bitch. Bitchie fist no one out of life. Judee fist hundreds of millions out of life and going for billions now with his brimstone nuclear waste as he leaves us for good.

Bitchie, with a bit of unintentional rude vegetable disease, has given to Judee a chance to save his mutual by Bitchie errorly failure here.

Judee, precise to the point of nearly being perfect as a god on earth himself, only making one mistake in thousands of years, June 11, 2011,

But what a mistake it was what with Bitchie waiting for it with his $20 dollar computer to blow the horn on Judee good.

"Unix put us out," Judee say.

Mercury truth established now worldwide. Judah pulled the trigger on us all. Pushed the button too. Is it not certain that Judees Christmas goose is truly cooked? Certainly. Any chance he will ever again convince any group of people that his great balls of fire are to do them good? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

The fire is burning out of control. Everything going according to Judah's plan. The theory still holds. Is this to be the end of mild man?

Druid mild man of the North West now faced off with Slavic mild man of the North East. Both armed by Judah with the deadliest of Judah's war disease.

Can we only imagine the excitement, the thrills of getting mild man of the East and West to slaughter each other well?

Don't believe it's about to happen? Who hasn't noticed Judah build up of the mild man of the West assault armor on the borders of the mild man of the East?

Might Judees of today be thinking of the fun, excitement, and thrills their grandparents had of dying the mild man of America on the battlefields of the mild man of Germany in 1918?

The greatest slaughter in history, was it not when New York Judee took over Moscow? Did Alexander Solzhenitsyn not inform us mild man of the north is the most war died man in all of history? Yes, Alexander did inform us of that fact. 60 million put to death in the mild man of the north lands early in the last century.

Is it not something to think about and consider, the most violent century in our history all came about because of a decision made by Congress in 1913 to give the organizing principle of American society to weap Judah?

America now a gulag state, foreign troops sniping us down on our streets.

Americans reduced to serf rights. Peonage in our modern world. Will Labor not end it now? Will American Labor not free Americans of the sports war of weap Judee?

Our good God up above having His angels keeping watch over us so that not even one sub could get a shot off on us.

Judah attacking again and again with his great balls of fire to immolate us. Again and again, the love of God saves us from being turned into radioactive dust.

Are Americans really not aware that Judah has a path of extinction to take us out of the race of man?

The last fist Judah has on this earth, the mild man of the north. Will American Labor not help your fellow man and give him hope that he can live in peace and not have to fight to get a piece of bread?

Alzheimer's that Judah cooks into to some of our foods. Will Labor not help us to clear our shelves off? Will Labor not get the chrome nanoparticles out?

Eyes hurt for no apparent reason? Could it be chrome nanoparticles banging inside the head?

Our food selectively and widely contaminated and has been that way for many decades. Might we understand that Alzheimer's is one of Judees favorite jests?

Fists us by zip code. Knows where we shop. Will Labor not hire us our grand juries to help us straighten it out?

Judah rules by extortion murder racket. Will Labor not give us the love of God instead?

Bus and cab drivers. Does the new technology coming in not look like a lot less of us will be needed in the not too distant future?

Sanitation services. Robots to collect our refuse operating soon too. And what are workers to do when our income sources are replaced by automated machinery?

Will Labor not do yourself a favor, put the God-given right to an existence stipend in and let a meal ticket do the rest?

Destroying our economy with his sports war. Creating hatred for us throughout the world. Poisoning our air, fields, and water. Massacring us as they leave us for good now.

Will American Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor. God Almighty of heaven and earth asked us about it, 'Why didn't you try it?"

The Fed Ex guy that said it was refused because of the messenger God sent. "Very hunchness."

Might it not be good to consider with many bus and cab drivers no longer needed maybe they will be applying to work your route next? Maybe even willing to do it for a couple dollars less?

Do working people not have the sense to perceive that it is in the financial realm that the clever among us bluster us best?

The cruelly manipulated poor that they use to molest us with. Will Labor not remove from Judah the tool that he uses to accomplish his fist with, the concession to issue our money?

Our children now showing increased levels of kidney disease. What could it be? The air they breathe or the something they drink?

Will American Labor not get smart and end funding perishing us in Judah jester sports war?

Tele receives:

"The fighter's rolling out, the fighter's falling out. 9.56 AM

Sour. 5.53 PM

End this felons siege. 6.22 PM

All of us RISE UP! 6.23 PM

Victims were ever shelled. 6.27 PM

We lost to stupid. 6.57 PM

Grandfather packed them away for fouling us. 7.27 PM

The wild fist goes. 1.00 AM

Father ceased dying you good. 1.01 PM

The bench fetch so it's out of here. 1.02 AM

Refused real monster great. 2.09 AM

Your colony is sick. 2.11 AM

We've failed permanently. 2.17 AM

A monster massive suicide. 2.19 AM

Totally fight electricity. 2.29 AM

They already tossed them out for your benefit. 2.37 AM

Do risen-able feat. 2.48 AM

You're going to have to realize how gloriously false they are and STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.51 AM

Journal great stuff, advance us. 2.56 AM

They roll us psyche dead." 5.48 AM

As to journaling great stuff, while re-reading Dr. Mallove's Open Letter to the World, concerning the truth of free energy here and now, in his letter, he mentions a device that produced free energy and was patented in the mid-1990s.

Mentions that it used elements of Wilhelm Reich's technology. It used a couple of Orgone generators to produce free energy.

Here's a link to Dr. Mallove's open letter to the world.

Wilhelm used rock wool, a semiconductor on the top of his Orgone box and a metal plate on the bottom of his Orgone boxes. Plants placed inside the boxes grew faster than outside the box.

Now we theorize that the magnetic and semiconductor effect produce an accelerated standing wave field inside the Orgone box, with free energy being released into space in the box.

The planetary standing waves that Tesla discovered in 1911 when a lightning storm occurred nearby. The meters on coils jumped up showing the lightning bursts put energy into the air that remained in the electromagnetic coils reading on his meters.

Standing waves also called "Zero point fields." Or "planetary inertial fields." Or the "Static fields."

In 2003 the Russian Academy of sciences examined the Moldavian cavitation pump heater and determined that it actually did produce 4 times over unity of heat energy.

The leader of the team Russian academy of sciences team, Dr. Lev Saporsky then suggested that the over unity free energy may be coming from the "Zero point fields."

We now understand that is exactly correct. Zero point fields appear to have zero energy available in them due to the fact they are traveling at the same speed as we are.

"Take them off." 6.59 AM

If we compare zero point fields to our sun, they are traveling at 18.5 miles per second around the sun. So might we consider that while they are static fields in relation to the earth, relative to the sun they are kinetic fields?

Tesla said: "Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

So Zero point fields appear to be static fields from our frame of reference on earth if viewed from outer space, might we appreciate they are seen as kinetic fields then?

Such a big mystery, where is the free energy coming from? Might we see it now it is to be found in the continuous high-speed motion of our planet, solar system, galaxy and our universe?

How much easier might we guess our lives will be when we have unlimited clean free heat and electricity for everyone?

Clean water available in abundance worldwide. How much nicer might our world be then?

And so why do we not have wide-scale use of free energy yet? Might a simple answer be that if we have it then Judah's nuclear brimstone artillery will easily be seen for what it is?

Only one Jewish electricity artillery piece shooting 24/7 from Hitachi-GE. Threatening to take us away in MEGA DEATH numbers. For the love of God and ordinary common sense will American Labor not close them out now?

Might we now have in operation what was claimed to be impossible, a perpetual motion machine? Is that not what GE has brought to life poisoning us and claiming not to know how to turn it off right?

A criminal autocracy weap Judah installed in the nation that is the best hope for man. America on our sacrosanct Bill of Rights.

Will American Labor not help us to close them out?

God Almighty has given us a second chance. Will Labor not take it and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The oligarchs, monarchs, bankers or the Cliveden set are not going to issue our money again. Will Labor not be a friend to us yet?

Must Labor not hear the love of our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT so that you can issue our money for us?

As God has treated us right will American Labor not step up and act right?

The biggest event in all of our recorded history, our good God has stepped in and redirected us into a path free of sin. Will American Labor not end its involvement in war sin? Must American Labor not have the rightness to end funding it?

So if God really wanted to save His kids then might we wonder why He sends a guy as deeply imperfect as Bitch to send the message?

Might God in His wisdom want his children to express Mercy over judgment as is His will?

So Bitch keeps on errorly making stupid mistakes. Who is to say, might God be trying to test His kids?

Proverbs 21:13 "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard."

With millions of destitute wandering homeless on our streets due to Judah war on Americans might we not want to look a little ahead to see if there will be any to hear our pleas?

May we have been convinced to ignore the needs of others so long that we miss seeing our own needs now?

The multiples of genocide that weap Judah is presenting us with here. Is it not clear we're going no further with criminals directing our world?

As to the criminal autocrats that took over the United States of America, the best hope for God's children on earth, did Father not give us the words as to the criminal autocracy weap Judah and his alliance partners put in, "IT IS NO MORE, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS!?" God our Father said.

As we face total extermination, Jewish death rays destroying our DNA. Our heritage as life forms on this planet being died out in an extinction level event, will we not try it?

The STRIKE Labor. Will you not try it?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

Sir Casper, have we not seen with thousands of nuclear missiles and bombs, He and His diligent Martian team have not let even one get past?


Has our good God not truly given us the peace by letting us see weap Judah's true face of the beast?

Instead of Labor refuse the STRIKE based upon the hunchness of Bitch might it not want to reconsider and do the STRIKE based on the loveness of God for His kids?

"It's automated here, their psycho is holding you for a town that won't be here tomorrow. See your corrupt life go."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those Telepathic messages.

Might Labor understand that when it finishes the STRIKE and has the concession to issue our money in your safe hands we can then hire the engineers to shut their nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE down?

"I just got a good stretch here. I shot you obvious, we just got you set to leave here. Our whole famous way is sealed. I'm most famous as a wolf. We molest you 400% for right crimes. I shot you dangerous on behalf of some criminals.

This is a swirl psyche sale. We score you up with a terrorist field. We hold you out fiendish. With my fabulous truth, I failed modern man right out of here. I break greatly your seed.

Force evidence I use on you, I have a real hold. I now have got the white man through basically. Our irrational, it's our privilege. Personally, I'm stupid, when you didn't go on STRIKE I Trumped you.

Basically, my force has to yield because I shot you. We're just taking you out right anyways. We're basically shooting you on real rights. You've crumbled to my sale, I totally sh*t you in. I'm taking your biology out forever casually.

I mosh you to core you deeply right. My foul abusement missed you so this is my second best way. Whenever I have rice I just use it, forever you will know I am stupid.

Our course has changed because you see we beat you good. We took out the grand jury so it endangers you fine. We just bill harshness.

My waste of the 48 has tossed me out of here now. I'm real medieval. I'm clear out. Leaving you mentholly. I just can't hold you because of the air," Judee say.

"Get out the ruse stuff and fear. 9.18 AM


Take all of these snakes off. 12.32 PM

Righteous failed this state here. 12.54 PM

Rookless. 1.23 PM

Gene is set to fail you right. 1.24 PM

It's simple. 1.33 PM

Sheeny has destroyed us. 2.59 PM

We die fantastic out. 3.07 PM

We're separating right now. 3.14 PM

Through embarrass sheeny assaulted us. 3.18PM

Death sphere is tossing us. 3.21 PM

A genital wake. 3.23 PM

They've finished the grease spot. 3.27 PM

Trump missile. 3.40 PM

We're really dying. 3.43 PM

The rascals are decelerating us much through fight. 4.03 PM

The fight to free us from life. 4.04 PM

They're hostiling us out of life. 4.05 PM

All sports insurance rolled. 4.12 PM

Oh my god, is this what they're doing?" 4.15 PM

Is Labor not seeing that weap Judah has lost his place here? Because of the air, lethally poisoned, do we see that he just cannot hold us anymore?

Will Labor not try to save us by ending funding the genocidal wars that we are in? Will Labor not help us by putting our sacrosanct American Bill of rights in?

With no rights are we seeing that we have very little way to contest the destruction of our livelihoods, our health and our lives that Judah is doing to us with his nuclear brimstone waste weap?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and step up and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and give it to whom our good God wills that it be held by, Labor?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Second Sunday in Lent
Watchword for the Week — For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16
Sunday, March 12 — Genesis 12:1–4a; Psalm 121
Romans 4:1–5,13–17; John 3:1–17
Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16
Become imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Hebrews 6:12
O God of Life, as we gather in worship, may we be mindful of the church triumphant, and the unseen hosts that surround us. May we continue their legacy of faith, hope, and love. Amen.







"You're a Victim of War and Foolish to Have Let Me Score You."

"You're a Victim of War and Foolish to Have Let Me Score You."


Could that be any other than weap Judah? None other than the weap artist that failed to score Druid with nuclear blast due only to the love of God sending His angels in and pulling every single nuclear blast weapon out of the sky before any had a chance to reach and score us.


Yet Judah knowing of the love of God for His children on earth planned to get around that love by building his backup nuclear artillery disguised as Jewish electricity and it has scored us bad.


Druid, Slavic peoples set now to die off in the range of 95% of us over a few birth cycles. Too genetically sick to reproduce ourselves properly.


Mild Druid of the West, Slavic mild people of the East, serving forever as the near biological fist of weap Judah, set to die out of life form while Judah is died off by God with tunnel death.


Some surveys give that 2 out of 3 mild people are imbibers of Judah's chemical warfare agent. Suds in any degree. Alcohol. Beer and whiskey that has caused us to fail to see that Judah has died us out of life form now.


The unseen killer; radiation. No smell, invisible, tasteless. Our air now poisoned to the level that according to Judah scientists they have the third of the human race already in the bag.


The third of the human race that would be died out of life form when it was time for Judah to get out of here.


Revealed to us after the Federation did their computer simulations of how it would go when Judah had lost his nuclear missiles and only had nuclear waste left to shoot us with.


The Federation's computer simulations of the last of weap Judah in our world. Are we not recognizing that is where our bibles came to us from, the Galactic Federation of Light?


"Get Smart" our elders to say to us. Wasn't that Judee cute by making a television series by that name, Get Smart?"


"Foolish to do nothing." Elders have said to us for years now. "Foolish to do nothing."


As we face the loss of our fields, poisoning of air and water, does "foolish to do nothing" not sound fair?


That Labor leader William Sylvis advised Labor that it needed to have a seat at the table where our money is issued before he left us at only 41 years of age in 1869.


Nearly a century and a half later Labor has nothing to say about the issue of our money that American Labor makes good.


God Almighty, the sovereign of planet earth has expressed His will that Labor issues our money.


Rather than a seat at the table where our Labor money is issued as William Sylvis advised us, Labor is to take the table where our money is issued into its own hands total.


So far no response from American Labor to end funding all of the war in our world. Nation after nation destroyed by American Labor dollars in the total control of the errant life form that has fled from us into his safe mountain shelters to die us out of life form.


Over 60 million of our family made homeless worldwide due to American Labor funding Judah sport of sending the cruelly manipulated poor Americans to assault our family with high technical war.


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." An angel that our good God sent to save us warned us now.


"We came to warn you." Our Qwill friend from the Federation Sir Morris said.


Judah, by his own estimates, has dropped the time needed to get him and his sports war genocide out to 3 hours instead of 5.


Judah reveals in reverse speech that he is so weak that just a bus drivers strike would cause him to fall out now and hand over the concession to issue our money to a Committee of the Whole from Labor.


One high-level American official Judee said in reverse speech to the effect that for taking Americans rights away from us what is going to cause Judah to lose the concession to be the private holders of the issue of our money.


Taking our God given rights away from us returning us to serf rules, peonage in the Western world.


Do we recall the one former head of the Federal Reserve Bank that said dealing with Americans was "like taking candy from a baby?"


What can we wonder will it take to convince Labor to try and save yourselves?


2,000 years warning and we are now being exterminated by weap Judah as predicted by the Federations computer simulations they did. Gifted to us as prophesy and found in our bibles.


"I just have a zoo and put you in whiskey. Officials tore out your future my way. My income force is what lets me make you chilly. I brace your wit stupid because my mental is Auschwitz. Bitch is stupid, he's one we degenerated right," Judee say.


With all the free money that weap Judah wants from the abundance produced by American, Labor Judah has the free bourse to hire the cruelly manipulated poor to take out those that have information that can help us all.


The cruelly manipulated poor that points a gun in our faces all the time. "It's not a question of class, its bourse, I get paid to stick this gun in your face."


And Labor funds all the guns that are pointed into the faces of the meek that wish to make their contributions to our life and world.


Held out by the persistent war that weap Judah is waging here. Will Labor not look closely to see what a beautiful deal you have thrown away?


And what has weap Judah bought for Americans with the cash we allow him to issue backed by our Labor?


Are we not now receiving the gift that weap Judah leaves us of poisoned air, water, and fields?


Roast kidney disease to be diagnosed soon. Pleurisy for our children walking home from school. Did any members of American Labor really believe that Labor could fund all the war and sports genocide in our world without the chickens coming home to roost?


While the animal force is a great raider, might we consider that with velocity power supplies instead of brimstone waste electricity generators, we have no tears?


From reading the comments on the web it seems that many are just not aware how seriously Judah has burned us out of here now.


Oh, there are a few that know just exactly what Judah has done to us. The fellow that suggested buying some nitrogen tanks so the whole family could leave together instead of dying a couple of months or years apart.


Might we think of the family that prays together stays together?


As the reality sinks in that 200 million Americans are now set to die out of life form due to inhaling radioactive waste particles, can we only wonder what plans we will be making for our last years of life form?


Radioactive waste, a toxin like we have never had to endure before. Sure, do we recall Judah killed 2 out of 3 mild people of the north with plague in the Middle ages?


Yet those that survived the plagues that Judah put on us in the middle ages, the survivors could breed to reproduce ourselves again.


With Jewish death rays taking us out at the cellular level, are we understanding our heritage is now going out forever?


Are we not yet perceiving that we are nuclear war victims of weap Judah that is dying us with a toxin that will die all of our genomes off?


From here to eternity. A nuclear plague that dies life itself. Returning our land to before the stone age.


"We always pulverize a chicken. You're too smart to frighten. You're finished of here, we threw your day off," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"Bitch revealed the hos siege. 10.42 AM


Your bee-olitics failed. 10.42 AM


The animal force is a great raider. 11.14 AM


Jew ranch and stalk people, that's what he does. 11.26 AM


It's nuts. 11.37 AM


Officials tore our future away. 11.51 AM


Stretch is on you HUGE. 12.07 PM


They hoisted sin with a viper sale.


Statue just falls you. 12.29 PM


Kidney die. 4.39 PM


Their consciences are off.


The Jew just had a breeze sale so he's through.


You lost your rights, you lost your passion. 3.34 PM


Pat, we're all sober. 4.20 PM


That error. 7.09 PM


Sh*tty. 7.24 PM


We're dying sh*tty. 7.27 PM


It's wonderful Pat that you're righteous.


Luxury proved evil days for us. 7.36 PM


Enslave you money to mind fault. 7.42 PM


It's quite real the hunger to fist you. 7.43 PM


Patrick, we need some freshen joken. 7.44 PM


They set you quite right.


When you're breathing war on a nice summer day then you'll know why you're going away.


It's too racial. 7.51 PM


Advise them all to get rid of the trigger. 7.53 PM


Judah flew out, you missed his early dump. 8.32 PM


We've got to get Truman off the street.8.35 PM


Official rights cost you all. 8.36 PM


You are going pretty easily to death. 9.38 PM


Jew dough is taking off this sacred. 11.33 PM


Your life is going up casual.


Take them off vigilantly, this Bitch is up. 11.34 PM


You've been creatured. 1.30 AM


Prepare the vessel for rising up. 1.32 AM


They hold you right mortgage. 1.36 AM


They falsed us out of this life. 1.40 AM


You're a pure ox. 1.43 AM


Publish reality, your life was always sick. 1.44 AM


Sewerage rate. 1.46 AM


Huge century rate Jews did. 1.48 AM


Oh my god toasty ment corrupts.


Stumble bad. 1.53 AM


They're opping us daily. 1.55 AM


The whole relationship was sheeny fell for wicked and we kept capping ourselves in. 1.58 AM


They're setting you's, they're setting us out of here. 2.12 AM


Suffering suckering. 2.15 AM


No controls, pp kept you out. 2.21 AM


Childish stuff has destroyed us. 2.22 AM


Judee privilege gives you lower income. 2.23 AM


Oh underground? The cats made us? 2.25 AM


He dies you off. 2.27 AM


Psychin soon be out. 2.34 AM


Oh my god paralysis leaves them mush us. 2.57 AM


Pat, we see they're boring your state peaceful. 5.26 AM


We're war occupied. 5.51 AM


Your vegetable rudeness saved mutual. 6.02 AM


Sheeny apps fell. 6.18 AM


Pat, you're truly giving them an industrial mush. 6.54 AM


You missed it. 7.10 AM


Irish revealed their real attitude. 7.19 AM


Hi sweetheart. 8.00 AM



And what did we discover was Judah's real attitude to the rest of us? By attacking us with thermonuclear missiles with the blast force of 70,000 Hiroshima's to die us all off in the middle of the night might we not have Judah's real attitude towards us puzzled out yet?


"We finish them off virtually. We're done for great barbers shears. I wrench you fair a wit. Cancer you can't refuse here. We love cored, it's fisty. You're a vegetable that made us.


You're finished off here, we threw your day. I used my sight of Washington to cash you. Through abortion we do sin. Stall you great. We just do Talmud rules. We wake sorrow. I just hold you embezzle perfect," Judee say.


Has Judah not feared us Muslim? Has he not held our whole country with a weapatory? Yes, he has. Are we not strong enough to close their racket out of here and try to save ourselves?


"Bitch is conducting a spirited denouncement of our cataster here, we can't put him in. I'm Jew university off to put you in. The cats meow just f----s you. We war, we're just poor fiends.


Our barbershop decision said Germans will make you go. I'm quite deadly here on locks. I just grieve you with a heart attack, I just frost you to die. April cores you're going to see all our threats.


The gentlemen fly to the university and I hold you all mutts. You're a victim of war and foolish to have let me score you. I hold you embezzle perfect. My vitamin just fist shot you so I'm completely out of here.


Jewish people are experiencing some faults that are making us go. You're all air heads. I'm just out to freeze you right but now we be done. You'll take my force for decease dumb," Judee say


Any doubt that Americans will take Jewish force away from them? What is their force? Is it any other than holding the concession to issue our Labor money in their cannibal cults hands? Any doubt that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take it away from them?


No doubt Labor will take it away from them, only question then when?


"I'm glad you die weaped, forever I have shorted you. You have formally let us die you dead. Jew obviously got you out dead. I protest you a British way, great abuse.


I set you peaceful because I'm pushing war. I percentage you big time then I blast you, that's how I make you go. I'm poople who push you right off.


The Irish psyche we already roll zipper, it is pure delight. Our protest of the bourgeoisie was our biggest fail, they're numbing us," Judee say.


The bourgeoisie is apparently what Bitch has been reading in Judee reverse speech that is pulling their bourse spouts out.


While no complaint from the bourgeoisie while Judee was terrorizing both at home and abroad, it looks like they were not informed about the middle of the night shot and quickly figured out what Judah had done to them.


Are we recalling that it is the prerogative of the sovereign to issue the money of a nation? Do we recall from the Mixt money case of 1604 in London that was one of the things that the court determined?


Our good God Almighty of heaven and earth. Our precious sweet Father above.


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God Almighty said.


After having His angels pull all of the nuclear ballistic missiles shots off of us is there anyone that doubts that our good God Almighty is the Sovereign of planet earth?


If we all can agree on that Father is our Sovereign then can we not agree that Labor is the party that is going to issue our money from now on?


Father did not will the king or queen to issue our money nor Parliament or congress, the bourgeoisie or the president. Father has willed that Labor is the party that Father has designated as the party to issue our money from now on.


Will Labor not ORGANIZE without delay, STRIKE THEM OUT, do the will of God, help us out and take the issue of money into your hands?


Might our children precede us in death from this MEGA DEATH that we are funding upon ourselves?


Will we not pray to GOD that Labor will help us NOW?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Saturday, March 11 — Psalm 35:1–10

Nehemiah 1:1–2:10; Romans 2:17–3:2

The Lord was my support. He also brought me out into a broad place. 2 Samuel 22:19–20 (NKJV)

Paul wrote: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

As we look back on this week, we are grateful for the strength you gave us to work, the love that supported us, the confidence that surmounted obstacles and the joy of your constant presence. Thank you, Lord, Amen.



11.37 AM


Just returned from doing a little food shopping. Several Tele receives. Would like to start with this one first from a Fed Ex delivery driver.


"We refused, very hunchness." 10.10 AM


From that Tele, sender might we consider that the decision to reject acting to STRIKE THEM OUT was based on the shortcomings of the messenger, Bitch, rather than the message, STOP THE WAR from the house of God our Father and try and save ourselves?


Could that Tele send answer the question Father asked about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?" Might we consider the answer is because Bitch was very hunchness?


At 11.20 AM Father said to Bitch, "Sooth me."


Father has said that before to Bitch. "Sooth me."


To get the mass of the American population out of life using radioactive waste pollution. Who would ever imagine a scenario like that? For that matter, who would ever imagine that a government would be so totally criminalized that it would put such a thing on the unsuspecting population?


Might we consider that with Judah holding the checkbook in his hands for over a century that he has gotten every single one of the people out of government that might help us in our greatest hour of need?





Here's some more Tele receives from folks that Bitch saw along the way:


"Get out the ruse stuff and fear. 9.18 AM


Tossing out your burning heart. 10.11 AM


Target bad rolled them. 10.19 AM


You lost your economy. 10.20 AM


To save is hard. 10.25 AM


You are courageous with a bull. 10.28 AM


Loser Roosevelt went out scum. 10.36 AM


Sugar made a breeze. 10.41 AM


It annoys me, smirk death.


Grease will end." 10.49 AM



Judee saw Bitch and sent a few Tele receives in also:


"I cottaged you. 10.38 AM


We're cheery. 11.10 AM


We anger fear of us." 11.35 AM



Bitch watched international news and saw our family in Guatemala that was praying at a shrine for one of their useful that had been gunned down there.


Picked up a couple of reverse speech. One from a government official, who is a Replicon Judah and one reverse speech from a person at the shrine of the deceased. Here they are, first the government official:


"I protest you British way, great abuse."


Then one of our Guatemalan family said this in reverse speech:


"My house be completely occupied."


Will American Labor not give us our right deal, the one where the old world death squads are not shooting us down in the streets?


By Judah holding the money of our family in England do we see how he brings the cruelly manipulated poor from there to do the shoots in many other lands?


Are we aware Labor that Judees death squads cannot operate unless they have official support? Do we see that it takes American Labor bourse to pay off the bribes to let such things happen?


Here's some more of Judees reverse speech:


"Jew obviously got you out dead. We just opped you on tomatoes, it was part of our plot. I'm here to make perjury and war. Forever I have shorted you.


I'm glad you die weaped. While you're watching movies we just breeze men. I die fisting because my mental leaves. I toured a lot to prepare me for my degrade here.


We budget an airpedo to get you done. Through my mace, you see my jewels. With a bowl of noodles, I'm popular made. I made a fortune pushing a meal to put you in.


I'm a weap fisty failed because I died you. Sangamon took all my rights away. I cite you mercy by storming you. Contact rolled all my Judah luxury out of here now.


Bitch got me off but my hazardous field is still making you. We just push you through management to die, Judee true force is false.


Freedom, you failed our sight. Policeman weaped you huge treason. Judees advocate always scored you East. I blew my last deal on your rights here, you're seeing what I'm doing," Judee say.


That last reverse speech, "I blew my last deal on your rights here, you're seeing what I'm doing," might we pray that is correct?


For if it is, we're seeing what they're doing here," will we not then act and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"Sooth me," Father said at 11.20 AM


Will we not pray that all Labor will come into this and sooth Father?


Rather than focusing on Bitch "very hunchness," might it not be more profitable to focus on the love of Father that He has allowed us to live through 70,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast force that Judah attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Might Bitch "very hunchness" not be overdone through the falseness of weap Judah?


"Bitch got me off but my hazardous field is still making you. Judee true force is false," Judee say.


Will Labor not keep thinking about all the good to be gained by closing weap Judah out of here?


"Stupid, our dream is fouled by this dis-close." 12.46 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Is it not clear that they are perishing us out? Thank you.



Here is a message received at 4.45 PM


"Properly now your race is void, close the danger." 4.41 PM


Is Labor not yet aware that it is funding the extermination of not only those that the cruelly manipulated poor are washing out but also our own demise? Please pray for some help from Labor to STOP THE WAR. Thank you.





Here's a link to one of Judees opps that he does to create news and fiction us to hold our heads:



Here's a link to an over unity device that Dr. Mallove cited as one that could be developed into a usable free energy source:







"You're A Filthy Irishman That Dies for Free Waste Off."

"You're A Filthy Irishman That Dies for Free Waste Off."


That is a Tele receive from last night. Might that be in response to mentioning the waspitals that have been working side by side with Judee ricepitals putting us in? Or could that have been Judah ringing Bitch's ears?


J. Edgar Hoover telling us in reverse speech that he was just holding himself in by being "centrifugal."


The centrifuges that gave nuclear warfighting weap Judah his ultimate terror weap; instant death to the entire nation anytime day or night that Judah decided to push the button on us.


Now that Judah has pushed the button on us and lost his great balls of fire to the angels that our precious sweet Father sent in to preserve our lives, will Labor not come alive, STRIKE THEM OUT and help us now to let them off right?


"The viceroys we do through federal." J. Edgar Hoover reveals in his reverse speech from 1960.


"The dignity and stability of government in all its branches, the morals of the people and every blessing of society depend so much upon an upright and skillful administration of justice, that the judicial power ought to be distinct from both the legislative and executive and independent upon both, that so it may be a check upon both, as both should be checks upon that." --Thomas Jefferson to

George Wythe, 1776.


"The great object of my fear is the Federal Judiciary. That body, like gravity, ever acting with noiseless foot and unalarming advance, gaining ground step by step and holding what it gains, is engulfing insidiously the special governments into the jaws of that which feeds them." --Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 1821.



Has the federal judiciary not succeeded marvelously for weap Judah in putting the deadliest tyranny ever on any people by what he has put upon the people here in America?


The centers of power, federalized in Washington DC, using Federal agencies to manage viceroys operations throughout the land.


Here's some verbal reverse speech of Lee Harvey Oswald



This was Lee speaking months before the Kennedy assassination:















After Lee was arrested in Dallas he said this in reverse speech:


Those were taken from this video at:





"I just opp to source you malty," J. Edgar Hoover said in reverse speech. From video at:



J. Edgar did not have a birth certificate filed when he was born in 1895. Might we only wonder was he a Replicon from Judah? Does his reverse speech not reveal that he is a Judah Replicon? Yes it does.


His early assignments included arresting peace activists and imprisoning them when Judah put America into the first world war. Hoover also favored capital punishment.


Immediately after getting his LL.M. degree, Hoover was hired by the Justice Department to work in the War Emergency Division. He soon became the head of the Division's Alien Enemy Bureau, authorized by President Wilson at the beginning of World War I to arrest and jail disloyal foreigners without trial


While it may be interesting to view figures that have ruled from Washington and their motives, might it not be interesting and more useful to look at how they appeared and held their positions?


Are we seeing it is due to who it is that issues our money?


War resisters that were jailed without trial. Are we perceiving it is Judah use of war that has broken our civil rights down best?


Prohibition. And Hoover reveals that it is "malty" that he uses to "source" us.


Those who have tried to warn us of the great dangers we have been subjected to by weap Judah building of a high technical nuclear war machine in the new land of America. Might they not have been Fisted out Federal?


Hoover with his tape recordings of sexual activities of Dr. King behind closed doors. Have we not noted Judah's primary instrument of warfare is sex of any variety that he can use to smash people?


Hoover telling Robert Kennedy that Dr. King made unkind remarks about JFK during the funeral for the President.


Wiki: Jacqueline Kennedy recalled that Hoover told President John F. Kennedy that King tried to arrange a sex party while in the capital for the March on Washington and told Robert Kennedy that King made derogatory comments during the President's funeral.



In those things might we not perceive the strategy of weap Judah? Do we see how Hoover tried to diminish Dr. King with Robert Kennedy by saying things that were merely rumor? Taken out of context? Maybe made up lies?


"Judas thought made you a lemon," Judee say.


Will Labor not help us to let them off right? Will Labor not help us and take this Judah thought that made America a lemon and help us to put in the best opportunity for the children of God on earth, The United States of America on our Bill of Rights, and turn this caged up shot up, brutalized Jewish lemon into some good lemonade?


Has Bitch report on Mercury not shown conclusively that Judah climbed into their coffins and put wooden stakes into their loveless hearts?


The HUGE Tasmanian fireball. Are regular readers of Bitch report not quite aware of what it is we are looking at here? Are we not aware this is a picture of a great ball of fire in a controlled burn off by our Martian good friend and neighbor Sir Casper?




Is there still some trouble with believing the truth that Judah has been lying to us and he really didn't mine our planet with tens of thousands of nuclear bombs to do good things for us?


The FBI s files on UFOs. Only one year of them exist. 1947. And what about the many UFO reports that were filed with them over the years?


They were handed around to the offices and then shredded. No FBI records were kept of UFO reports after 1947.


Are we all together understanding here, weap Judah has known significant things about our extraterrestrial family for thousands of years?


When Judah put on his false court procedure in 1431 that he used to convict Joan of arc to burn her at the stake.


When her heart was pulled from where the fire burned her up, and it would not burn no matter how many times the executioner tried, so Judah ordered Joan's heart thrown into the Seine river.


Might Judah not have learned quite a bit from that battle with Saint Joan?


If only Judah would have signed up with our extraterrestrial elders then can we only imagine what sorts of fireproof material we would have had available since then?


But then again, how would the firebug of our species, weap Judah, have been able to burn so many of our cities down again and again?


The hope, the promise of a new land of the free. Dashed upon the rocks of war. The supreme clerks gnawing it off at the roots. Congress acting as if it was Parliament.


There's about 160 million Judah and their hosiery worldwide. Over 18 million Judah have already gone into their mountain shelters to sit out the die of the rest of us on the surface of planet earth.


Judah scientists are telling him that he has locked in the die of at least one third of the human race living on the surface of planet earth.


Underground space worldwide available for 700 million people is what elders have shared with Bitch.


Our extraterrestrial elders could bring the entire human population into their underground shelters.


If we will not act to STOP THE WAR, might we understand that we are not going any further?


This is it. Is it not seen that our backs are to the corner?


This Is It

Kenny Loggins

There've been times in my life,

I've been wonderin' why.

Still, somehow I believed we'd always survive.

Now, I'm not so sure

You're waiting here, one good reason to try

But, what more can I say? What's left to provide?

Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle?

Stand up and fight.

Make no mistake where you are.

(This is it.)

You back's to the corner.

(This is it.)

Don't be a fool anymore.

(This is it.)

The waiting is over, no, don't you run.

No way to hide.

No time for wonderin' why.

It's here, the moment is now, about to decide.

Let 'em believe.

Leave 'em behind.

But keep me near in your heart.

Know whatever you do, I'm here by your side.

For once in your life, here's your miracle.

Stand up and fight.

Make no mistake where you are.

(This is it.)

You're goin'…


Don't even have to fight Labor but you do need to stand up and STRIKE!


Judee ricepitals and his alliance partners waspitals. Waiting for us in most every town in America. His dining with Wayne, his blue plate specials. His warrant less arrests. His nickel deals. His fun and die us.


Will Labor not come alive and let them all off right?


Have you looked into the bank account to see if you have an extra $5 million dollars free?


If so then you might be able to buy a ticket and be one of the 700 million people that will get into the shelters to sit out the poisoning of the surface of planet earth.


If not do you love God? That is asked because those are the people, that love God, that have a chance to survive this last wholesale war that Judah is weaping against us in America.


"We legal them dead. This summer I will sell you out and breeze you dumb. We're working for next week to see if we can stop your breathing. We have such sexual that we like to pull you with police.


I pull right apes out with my goose ment to make them die. Luxury is corrept. I'm just going to leave you with a political mess in war.


I hold my Federal life with cannabis. My main challenge is to 'ope' your head.


I'm setting you out with my ruse beautiful. A dog lets me see right to fist you. Jewish people are truly demented for passing you with businesses that are corrupt.


I'm dead for my jail. Torque is used to die rate you. Venus is toughing my war so I'm going in. If you're insulted Jew is satisfied. I set you with a capitol of East Germany to set you and take you out with Russia too.


I arrest you with money for sports. Jew ever rejuvenated just fist you. My apps corrupt to make you witless. I can't keep you in without a percent, our government failed.


My fierce day they're taking off with my Parliament. We just want to stumble you and leave you Fallujah. Jew weapatory kept me, we believed we could give you hell, with New York kept you dumb.


They're taking off my Federalizing because of my sporting. We just use police and weap a fierce force. We just apped you away in our time, that's cuz I'm a jerk. We just wipe you all off if you're intelligent," Judee say.


These next Judee reverse speech came from many speakers that are falsing us from Hitachi-GE.


"My ruse here lets me die you superior. The wholesale man is going to show you how we beat you in, a whole new sky is coming in. My route is to bust out your beautiful space.


We have a settlement opp whole that will give you muscular dystrophy. We have truly reduced the percent of your arrangement. I'm a true criminal that is purposely a mal fit. I accomplish your real estate with watts," Judee say.


Are we understanding the nuclear dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE is not an accident, it is a well planned shot to die us from the womb?


Muscular dystrophy? Is that due to high levels of radiation in our nation?


Here's a reverse speech from one of our non-Judah Asian family:


"They've got a mental of Kleenex, just blow you; put them in their tomb quick. They'll harsh your genitals to take you out."


Tele receives:


"Brilliant, I got it. 4.32 PM


Your late investors got thrown out. 4.48 PM


Our economy is ruined.


He's a little bumpy but he sure knows who's up to no good. 6.25 PM


We all die for first snail. 6.28 PM


A dog killed us. 6.33 PM


You let them false you out. 6.41 PM


Their perm-us war is a jerk us deal. 6.44 PM


You're involved in a right false a scientist did not halt.


You thiefed palacously. 6.54 PM


Professor cared and their faces are revealed. 11.13 PM


Merchants failed in survival. 12.36 AM


Jew won, he's strangling us. 12.38 AM


An app has fell bandit.


Put the gun away. 1.06 AM


They cored us rabbit.


You're a filthy Irishman that dies for free waste off. 1.07 AM


A flirtatious die. 1.08 AM


Oh my, they're dying us off. 1.10 AM


Permanent strike us dead. 1.14 AM


They're washing the animal out. 1.19 AM


It's a weakness fell. 1.20 AM


Footage. 2.36 AM




Jail beat us. 3.12 PM


He cites diesel. 5.07 AM


Vegetable lost to theory. 5.22 AM


You make yourself permanently reject-able by holding in your thief's.


Mustrophy. 5.41 AM


Jew burned us war, his molest racket." 7.44 AM



These next reverse speech are from top level Asian weap Judah Replicons:


"I've got you scheduled to take out your whole field, I womb shot you. Your true battery is coming up. My shells are shooting you right in.


I pitch fake to catch your attention. My Tiffany aid had to get out of town because you saw her. My prime minister is deceased for what Pat said about her," Judee say.


The house of Morgan. Are we not aware that is the prime shooter on the streets out here?


The "nickel" that is provided for all that participate in putting a homeless, destitute uninsured waif in.


That judges are cutting deals with the bail bond houses on the take. Is Labor not able to help us when this nation has gone so far off of course as this?


House of Morgan, are we not aware that is the house that took the dare? The dare to see if they could get us all out with just a few hours of right shooting in the middle of the night.


Will Labor not retire the sports brand? Will Labor not try to preserve yourselves as they finish us with their wholesale brimstone nuclear waste shot?


"Contact took them out!" 7.56 AM


Any doubt that Sir Casper has not shown us some great balls of fire safely burning high up above our heads?


"Up Above My Head"


Up above my head there is music in the air

Up above my head there is music in the air

Up above my head there is music in the air, oh yeah!

And I really do believe, I really do believe

I really do believe there's a heaven somewhere

There's a heaven somewhere



Are we appreciating that there really is a heaven somewhere and now we know where it is, 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star?


And it's home to the angels and our good God that loves us.


Heaven, might we identify now is located at the home base of the Galactic Federation of Light?


The UFOs that have have been protecting us from Judah being able to get a clear shot off with his nuclear blast genocide, are we understanding that our salvation is heaven sent?


The magnificence and glory, the love that precious sweet Father has for all of His beautiful little simian children on earth. Is this the way that we repay our debts by ignoring Father's love for us?


Right behind the chef, have we not become aware that it is medical that holds the record for putting us in?


A story now making news out of the south land of the 23-year-old nurse that was purportedly stabbed to death. They even have a Druid homeless guy in the lockup charged with stabbing the young nurse to death that was never stabbed at all.


Here's some reverse speech concerning that:


"Bitch has challenged our ceramic relationship. The angel threw our perjuries away. I try to comfort you with a police wipe. All Jew fist is criminal. I dork you right, I'm a Quisling.





Venus has gotten rid of us quite fast. We got all minorities for our dead. I'm off for pooch. We arrest more than 47 now. We fail visive completely, we're out, they're just doing us a favor here.


This is a mouse to throw you off. This is just a guy we attached for sport.


We opp all official to core internment. The families area starting to see our right bulls. She did some fine weaps that were all under Attachment completely. 15 out bess you. They had too much evidence on Judee misdeeds; donuts, a bakers sin.


My plastic rolls were all Jewish. We're following this court procedure as original. The victim was rolled right under a bus; bond thieves.


I just imbe-sight you all images. Jew now going to be leaving you foul right. Judas thought made you a lemon. This be big Jew advantage that you can't analyze it. I have big Jew advantage that went down the pike, and with our general offices we clear the foul weap."



These reverse speech were from one of the prosecutors who is putting the innocent mouse to trial for stabbing the nurse that went down the pike and out of town:


"I have big Jew advantage that went down the pike, and with our general offices we clear the foul weaps."


Might the big advantage be that we don't have our grand juries in that could analyze just what the truth is here?


With their offices do we see how easy it is to send the perp down the pike? How at customs they have their offices to help the perp flee our country to keep the perps that were done medical out of sight?


A coroner's grand jury rather than a medical examiner. Might 23 ordinary people not determine that there was no stabbing it was merely a staged ghosting operation? Certainly.


"This be big Jew advantage that you can't analyze it."


Will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in so that we can take a real look at the ricepitals, waspitals, and the prosecutors' offices that merely sends their perps down the pike then uses their offices to clear the weaps?


There will be no indictments, no prosecutions. Grand juries merely to reveal to the people of America and the world just what type of operation weap Judah runs when he gets a hold of us here.


Might we note that it is through the Federal government where Judah has been able to run his mass die operation?


"She did some fine weaps that were all under Attachment completely."


Are we not now aware that Judee uses false court process with boursed judges and magistrates to attach the victims with judgments and then uses the municipals to mouse the victim out for the attachment insurance packages?


Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can open up the truth to the people of what the lawyers have used court systems to perpetrate against us in America and worldwide?


"My Jew lawyers just knows how to average you right rusey. Judees advocate always scored you east," Judee say.


While Judah does all to bust ordinary working people's unions up, might we note his unions, medical and legal, he gives state protection too?


As Judah's state is a tyranny, might we understand why medical and legal have been mousing us big?




"Yes," Bitch answered telepathically.


"They're falling out salaries." 8.15 AM


Will Labor not help us to get the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah for what he has done to us, for what he tried to do to us and for what he is doing to us right now?


Might we consider it from where heavens love is and try to imagine what the angels have done for us and consider that we have not done a lick to help ourselves yet?


Judah tried to snap the equivalent nuclear blast and heat force of 70,000 Hiroshima's off over our heads while we slept in our beds in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


That Father's angels had the ability to stay the evil hand of nuclear war fighting weap Judah on Berlin and Washington.


Is there not enough room in our budget to cancel national waste and put us on the right track once again?


Our budget controlled by the guy that tried to make us burn right. For the love of God will American Labor not act right?


"Act right as I treat you right." Sir Maximilian said to Bitch years ago.


As God Almighty has treated us right by sparing us from having to endure Washington-Wall Street's Jewish nuclear blast holocaust, can we not hope that American Labor will find the integrity to act right?


Our precious sweet Father, Harold Star has been our Father since 800 AD. King Harald took his seat on the throne in Norway in 823 AD.


Father now in the last years of His beautiful life. What will it be now in Father's last 3 years of life?


Will we make peace and begin repairing and rebuilding our world and sooth Father?


Or will we remain held by the mental terrorism of weap Judah and quietly keep funding war?


He's blown his cover, he's shot his bolt. Will Labor not now let weap Judah off of here right?


Reading reverse speech from the international news there are some positive signs to be heard.


Our family in Germany is becoming aware that the plans are to give us some war attrition.


They also know that they have been attacked As we have, by long range nuclear missiles.


Our family in Poland is becoming aware that NATO opened up on them with nuclear missiles. Our family in Russia is becoming aware that weap Judah also attacked them with nuclear missiles.


Our family in France is also seeing that it is weap Judah rather than Muslims that are pulling the ruse.


Might we understand the problem here, are we not perceiving that it is American Labor money that is being used to continue to push us into a new war with Russia?


The Tele receive that said, "Vegetable failed to theory."


That we are menaced in so many extremely deadly ways by weap Judah. Will the ordinary workers not ORGANIZE with the love of God in our hearts and try to help ourselves now?


What will Father's last years with us be? Will we take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judee and sooth Father by making peace on earth?


Or will we fail against the mental force of weap Judah and let ourselves beheld in to fund more sport war for his war sport addiction?


The third of the human race prophesied in our bibles to die off in the end times. After one third of our water on planet earth is poisoned.


One third of the water on our planet already poisoned from only one Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot.


Still pouring the most lethal toxic wastes into our air and water, poisoning our fields. Is Labor not concerned enough to try and perceive that we are being put to a well diagrammed loss of life form?


Time will pass, one way or the other. Either we will act and spare ourselves from the worst that Judah has set to fall upon us, or we will remain failed and die off massively. If that happens might we have to consider that his intimate sport will have prevailed over all common sense?


"You're a kike who saw our fall." Weap Judee just said telepathically to Bitch at 9.00 AM sharp.


"Kike," a Jewish word that translates into "little man."


That Bitch reported that Judah pulled the trigger and is now in his carriage after driving a wooden stake into his own heart for doing it, how is that for a demonstration of the power of real useful truth?


Though Bitch may have a list of fails, might we recall in the most important area of them all, concerning harming God's kids, Father said, "He remained true to me?"


While not intelligent enough to perceive that we do have a good God above, the mere fact of not quietly allowing anyone to use Bitch's money to make war, and Father had His angels keep Bitch in.


Might we understand that Bitch has been kept current so there would be someone here to convey to Father's kids just what is being done to us here?


The fact that Judah is going ahead with perishing 95% of the Druid people off by poisoning the womb, and dying us out with radiation sickness, might we just not be hearing the love of God for us all?


What is the mental force of Judah that he is dying us off right in our faces and we have done nothing about it at all?


Bitch knew from 52 years ago that this weap guy was going to make us die blast nuclear. Now if Bitch lives an average amount of years, his life span remaining can be counted on one hand.


The average years of life. Are the people of America truly not aware that Judah is stealing them from us here?


God our Father is in his very last years. If American Labor will not find the courage to STOP THE WAR then might Father just not have to let us die to?


That's the deal. Keep funding war and genocide and funding Judah to shoot us with his Jewish electricity dirty bomb plant and we die out from harsh genital abuse and also an assortment of radioactive waste diseases.


Our families that are being continually bombed out by Israeli occupied territory, the US congress. Will American Labor not let them off of here right?


"Pilgrim off." 9.38 AM


Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found;

Was blind, but now I see.


The joy and happiness to live in the love of God and our neighbors in peace. Will American Labor not let the errant war making life forces off right?


John had a speech in his pocket the day he was died. Revealing that God in His wisdom had populated our universe with other high level life forms not unlike us.


Martin told us that to survive we must learn to love one another.


Eugene sent an open letter to the world the day he was died. Informed us we were only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy.


War sport is ended on planet earth Labor. Will American Labor not please bring the peace? If we lose our rights do we not lose our passion to live as free people?


Will Labor not come in from the background and close out the financial tools that Judah is using to hold war in over time? The concession to issue our money. WIll Labor not take it into your own hands?


The atmosphere is being closed out a little more everyday. Will Labor not give us a chance to survive?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, March 10 — Psalm 34:19–22

Ezra 10:7–44; Romans 2:5–16

God said to Solomon, “Because you have not asked for yourself long life or riches, or for the life of your enemies, but have asked for yourself understanding to discern what is right, I now do according to your word.” 1 Kings 3:11–12

Jesus says: “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.” Matthew 7:24

Help us, this day, to put your words into action. May this day be devoted to the people whom you place in our paths. Help us to be your hands extended in love and friendship. Amen.














"The Final Weap Has Set Your Field. Get them Off, They'll Capillary This Field Dead."

"The Final Weap Has Set Your Field. Get them Off, They'll Capillary This Field Dead."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives: "The final weap has set your field. Get them off, they'll capillary this field dead."


Two thousand years warnings from our bibles of the end times. The fire smoke and brimstone weap that is scheduled to take a third of the human race away.


Do Americans not yet see that we are part of the third of the human race that is now set to be taken out of life form in these very last days of weap Judah with us?


Funding all of the shooting and bombing on earth that weap Judah desires. Never shorting him a penny for any destruction he wants to be done anywhere.


No opp no matter how dastardly, has American Labor failed to pay for free.


And why have we not tried to bring a halt to the guy that only makes war and perps genocide against the children of God on earth?


Why invite calamity in?


Might we see that inaction only makes it worse?


Though with unlimited free money to molest peace activists, might we not consider that Judah has scored most all of us out?


Judah, he shoots us with a Wesson or a video camera. Plays a social mental game with his opp Replicons of smearing us in every way.


Uses his unlimited deep pockets to put municipals and his vast cage system on us. Benches populated by sports people to perfect his molest of us. Knowing all of this, who would ever want to oppose his sports wars?


Now that we are in the final stages of being washed out of life form, would some courage to get the tool out of his hands that allows him to do it all, the concession to issue our money, not be something we should try?


A 40-year-old man in Chicago was shot in the leg and groin and was in the hospital for 3 weeks when he died. The guy that allegedly shot him was charged with murder.


No coroners grand jury so how do we know how the victim really died?


As prisons are a big investment item in weap Judah's category of tyranny investments, might we be less than surprised if the hospital put the victim in so to insure a nice long term to serve the prison investors pocket book?


A man and woman arguing and one pushes the other down. Simple assault and battery, a warning at most for first time offender.


Hospital gets a hold of the one that was pushed down, sticks a needle in him or her and they never come around.


The pusher charged with murder. Now the prison investor has at least 20 years of collecting big dollars on the victim that was perped by the hospital.


$47 dollars a day the state taxpayers may pay to keep the investment locked up. Might we speculate that the prison Investor takes a tidy $37 dollars a day for their private pockets? Might we see the incentive to have the hospitals put in as many as is possible to change the charge from simple battery to murder 1?


Our American Bill of Rights. Our American legal process calls for a grand jury to determine legally how a person died. A medical examiner makes a medical, not a legal determination of how the victim died, only a coroner's grand jury can make a legal determination of how the deceased died if there is to be a prosecutable action.


Might 23 members of a coroner's grand jury not sniff out that the big perps are working the corridors of the ricepitals and waspitals? Sure they would. Are we seeing now why Judah got rid of our elected coroners system?


First he got rid of our constables to molest us right and then the coroners so it was not reported right.


Will America not get Germany's Jewish medical out of America along with their nuclear perp against us?


Will Labor not bring the love of precious sweet Father in?


"My kids, treat them super nice. Let the fishies roam free. Try to perceive me, I love you. I would have given you anything. Be kind to the babies of the forest. I want to save your lives." Papa said.


Judah, who says the "Druid is not dutiful, the Druid has ever failed to save himself," now Judah is closing the Druid out using Germany's pharmaceuticals and medical, plus Germany's nuclear war fighting industries nuclear brimstone waste technology.


Might we not try to recall Judees style of joking with us, Smokey the bear saying "only you can prevent forest fires?"


Our forest now set on fire with nuclear waste. This after Judah tried burning us all out in a few hours in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


God had mercy on us and spared us from Judah blast burn out of us all. Will American Labor not have mercy on the children of God on earth and end Judah's burning us slow?


They've all got their passes to get into the undergrounds were they will be died off by God Almighty.


If you do not understand at this time that you have been scientifically perished and are set now to pass out of life form with your children and grandchildren over the next few years, might there be no hope of saving the Druid people at all?


Over 5 years of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR!!


"Glug, pour me another one?"


If the people cannot see what is on us now might our lack of vision and hearing cause us to lose our life forms?


Is it not seen yet that Judah is out of here with his gold plated tyranny investments?


His missile shots he's doing from North Korea. Do we not see Judee is a worldwide sport? Are we not getting it yet, Judah shakes a fist at his Replicons in every country to hold the ordinary fish in with fear?


Will Labor try to understand, that the cunning classes use false and fear to keep the rest of us ordinary guys and gals in?


They've found that a good shove, a knockdown shot of four or five of us, a gun on the hip, lets them keep us sheepish and not deny them their world they rule by fist.


Fists they use to shoot down our brightest so that we cannot right the masses. And who is there to argue with their success, for has their fist not truly held us in?


Certainly. Is the proof not in the pudding?


Did Judah and his alliance partners not hold us in body and mind long enough to attack us with their great balls of fire? Yes, they did.


A general STRIKE Labor and Judee and his fists are out. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and save our lives?


Buddha for our family from the East, Quetzalcoatl for our family from the south, abundance for our family from Africa. All found their way to peace.


The brutality and blight that was put upon the mild man of the north, the guy that had never been known to make war in his 30,000 years in the north lands until Judah weaper force showed up.


Judah, after arriving in the north in force in the 6th century AD, used his extension to create his white hosiery. Started his wars in in the north in 760 AD and is still using his white fist to offend our world yet.


"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.


Judah degraded mild man of the north into battering, caging, torturing and shelling each other first, then used us to shell everyone else into hell on earth.


"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Father said.


Will the meek not hear the love of God for us all and step in now to let the past off right? Will Labor not finish?


So they've had their filthy fun with us. Came up into the north lands to have some foul sex they said. Their white Replicons that attacked us with their blast force. Will Labor not let them off of here right?


The continual mind degrading experiences Judee enjoys subjecting us to. Their war on drugs, their make work program in support of tyranny investors. Will Labor not let them all off right?


The final desolation of the best hope for all the children of God on earth, the United States of America. Must Labor not restore our sacrosanct Bill of Rights?


The guaranteed Rights that our good God gave to us. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Will we, must we, not close the cannibal cult crowd out right?


Will Labor not end their assaults upon the children of God on earth? To save own physical health, our lives, our children's lives, our heritage, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


There's a new sun

Risin up angry in the sky

And there's a new voice

Sayin were not afraid to die

Let the old world make believe

It's blind and deaf and dumb

But nothing can change the shape of things to come


There are changes

Lyin ahead in every road

And there are new thoughts

Ready and waiting to explode

When tomorrow is today

The bells may toll for some

But nothing can change the shape of things to come


The futures comin in, now

Sweet and strong

Aint no-one gonna hold it back for long


There are new dreams

Crowdin out old realities

There's revolution

Sweepin in like a fresh new breeze

Let the old world make believe

It's blind and deaf and dumb

Nothing can change the shape of things

To come



Now that Judah has been caught red-handed attacking us with 70,000 Hiroshima amounts of nuclear blast force over America, much chance his face will recover with or without a dog and a diaper to defend him?


The substitution of cunning and brutality where wisdom is called for. Will Labor not let the dangerous, vicious wit off before we are no more?


The middle ages when Judah brought the plague upon the mild man of the north, wiping out 2 out of 3 people that were alive at that time.


Our extraterrestrial family dressed in black outside of the towns hit by plague using sprayers to spray the air. What could it mean?


Might we say today it was a "Meta-transiliatory communication to us? Many of the people at that time charged the Jews with introducing plague into the community. And yet, 2 out of 3 mild folks died out from the plague.


Now the plague that Judah has put upon the mild man once again. Brimstone threatening to die off over 90% of mild man and his kin.


Over 5 years of warnings this time from our good God Almighty. 2,000 years of warning from our bibles of the coming plague of fire, smoke and brimstone poisoning to take away our lives.


Hosea 4:6 My people are being destroyed because they don't know me. Since you priests refuse to know me, I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children.


Kind sweet precious, all merciful and forgiving Father wants to save our lives. For us failing to take the power away from the communist fascist guys are there any that believe we won't be bumped aside?


And what is the power that we have failed to take away from them? Is it any other than the simple act of taking the authority to issue our money away from them?


Such a simple thing to stop all of the war in our world and give ourselves a chance to survive, and yet near to being perfectly perished and we have not even tried a strike once.


What could it be that has kept us from challenging Judah for the authority to issue our money?


Might we just not have gotten over the shock of the beating death of Gustavito, the friendly hippopotamus in the San Salvador zoo?


Or might we be too traumatized and not healed from hearing of the death of the baby polar bear Fritz in the Paris zoo? Might the question of the outcome of baby Fritz's stool test results have in some way have tantalized our heads?


Or could our emotions still be too fragile to challenge weap Judah after reading about the repeated attacks by those guys that have been cutting puppies ears off of them? Did Baron's nose job not look just great?



Or what about the dog that was purportedly held in the grip of a kangaroo that was punched in the nose by the brave guy down under to save his dog?


Might these sorts of scary things rattle our minds so much that it affects our intestinal fortitude to challenge Judah to take over the concession to issue our money?


"You're felled ash wit." Tele receive 5.42 AM


Are we understanding that to ignore Judah as he is ashing us will only get us executed?


No doubt, for have we not learned first hand that Judah and his henchmen are frightening guys?


Might we recall that to counter Judah and his henchmen in England that in 1215 the Barons put in their Bill of rights?


Trial by jury before life, liberty or property was taken away. And if king John would not accept jury trials before the loss of life, liberty or property, they were prepared and ready to decide the issue by all means.


America, in its creation, nothing as drastic as force of arms to get our Bill of Rights in. No threats at all, merely, no United States of America if there was no Bill of Rights in.


The American cow now a silent accomplice to weap Judah's wars and genocide. Is there not some way that Labor will try to view the big picture to see that Judah is finished forever here in God's village on earth?


Will Labor not try to perceive that we do have a kind, sweet precious Father above who would love to give us anything out hearts desire if only we will STOP THE WAR on his children on earth?


Our family in Asia has largely signed Judah out, though Judah Replicons are still occupying most all of the seats of power there.


Might we recall that Judah installed his Replicons throughout Asia in the last century by using the mild man's fist to depose the previous regimes?


Our family in Asia, as has been expressed in Germany also, are holding for American Labor to get the issue of money away from weap Judah in America so that they can clear their local shells out.


As long as Judah has the concession to issue American Labor money do we see he is able for free to hire all of the fists he needs to hold his Replicon shells in worldwide?


Judah imported his Hapsburg conspiracy in here along with their dungeons and torture chambers that made them. Fritz and his Judeo-German genocidal nuclear war machine.


Will Labor not give us our free United States of America, please? Will America not close out the ways of the old world for good?


So they were able to shoot John and Martin and Eugene too. For pulling the big trigger on us do we see that they now have lost their zoo?


Guys and gals that like to shoot. Are we not lucky our good God loves us?


The master of love, our good God above. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing our lives here?


We are in contact with an advanced peaceful civilization. The extraterrestrial civilization that gifted us with our high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics.


Judah calls our extraterrestrial family, "Our breeders." Claims he doesn't need them. He is a god himself, his own Savior.


Will America Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor and disavow Judah of any more foolish notions?


Will Labor not end giving him free money that he only uses to hire the shooting that he is doing to us in our world?


Tele receives:


"You lost your righteous forces. 5.02 PM


You die corrupt. 7.34 PM


We've got to have love to survive. 7.47 PM


It fails, it scores you out as a waste die. 7.49 PM




Stock evil. 7.55 PM


Sucker ya good. 8.02 PM


Get you with a bad perceive. 1.33 AM


They're killing us out of here. 1.38 AM


Cash precedes us out of fun.




You failed to right your field, now it's Wesson. 1.50 AM


The final weap has set your field. 1.54 AM


Get them off, they'll capillary this field dead. 2.10 AM


Your tranquilizer has cost you your life.


Shanty writes it so insect fascist will fall. 2.39 AM


Claws your deal. 2.41 AM


Fishing your fortune out. 2.13 AM


Three Oaks will freak you well.


They sold you a goose fight, save yourself, get clear.


Their racket halts you. 2.55 AM


Virtually dead. 3.16 AM


Oh, my god, they're punishing us." 7.41 AM



That's all they do is punish us. Will Labor not let these errant life forms off right?


They just viciously scrub thee. Have we not seen enough of their opps that we do not recognize them in their many variations?





"I just like to mouse your Euro-face dead. I'm all off of my wolf in Britain because of my grease shot here. I've held Jupiter out from you to take the states out good.


Our stupid course has cost us our chancery. We sever you with war. He's suffering my terrorist truth. I'm here to give you some cow brains. I shove you all liar mentality.


I just use all sh*t to hold you right. I'm totally palace sh*t. I'm into vicious, I want some white brains. I'm about leaving Fritz for my half nice way.


We can live without him. Our days are passed. Rude dog unhatch you for free. Jew truly doped you out fine. Orange horse pizza was my best.


I'm falsing white people to goose you. I criticize you all just ways so they rolled me out. Actually, I'm full off. Our gruse procedure has put us all in. Jew chooses ever to fight you so its the end of my day.


We set immolate to burn you off right sides. Contact made me, I don't have much more future. I used my baby right, to score you and now I can go into my mountain.


When you organize it's the end of my corrupt. We just frame you fair and tough you.I'm a Judee out for rice performance. We get an X-ray on someone and you're horse-bite.


I'm just an abortion force. Foul Jew sunshine held you obvious. I'm a sexual force for my deeds. I just die you Judicide mouse. I always court you judgment, I emphasize in deceivous.


I just foul principles and obviously deceived you off your states. My China big shoot got pulled off. My fear is my philosophy you see and pull me out right. In jails, I failed you and now there is proof.


We're fearless with your die force perping nice boys away. A serviceman since Columbus has made you dead. We're making you some high sewerage here.


I just dis-chapel for my port. Patrick got our cape. Crooked all the time I weap. I'm a Jew past mousing because they tore my state. The United states failed to the merchants opps so I'm still taking you out for free.


Pork chops were honorable for vets. It was fair and tinted. With a bench hit, we do a great shot. I just race you to pull your deal off. We just get the full minnow dead now.


We're just wasting the white head, fooling him in. We're just going to put the country in the back forty. The air we're wasting out, the West we've thrown out. You see it's barbershop rules is part of our life, it's dense wits we take it," Judee say.


Pounding and beating on us every day and in every way. Will Labor for the love of God not help us from being died out by weap Judah?


"Try to perceive me, I love you," our precious God and Father in heaven said to us.


"I want to save your lives," Father said too.


Judah with his thousands of years in the harsh resource constrained desert environment. Well practiced in fisting each other. Will American Labor not try to help us now?


"You see it's barbershop rules is part of our life, it's dense wits we take it," Judee say.


Might we understand why so much of our food and beverages have Judah laboratory products in them that slow our wits?


The degrader that only makes war. Will Labor not take the organizing principle of society away from weap Judah and try to give us a chance to survive this last nuclear war that he will ever wage against the children of God on earth?


Might we note that 'stupid' has is etymological roots in Latin, "Stuprum" defile, degrade?


Is there anything more degrading and defiling than war among human Beings? About the penultimate in degradation would we not say?


Will Labor not take our purse away from Judah and end his policy to "diminish what they are so that you can take what they have?"


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end his ability to use Americans to make war to degrade the children of God on planet earth?


While watching international news yesterday read this reverse speech from our non-Judah family in Thailand:


"The war guys are out, Bitch opium threw them. Jew weapons force failed and now you know he sold you out. You know his shtick is degrade."


That Judah weapons force failed. Does Labor not have a response to that critical fact? We know for a fact that they sold us out. Does that not indicate something to Labor that is still financing Judah weap attacks upon us?




Without consolation or comfort; unhappy.

"He'd met the man's disconsolate widow."


Synonyms: sad, unhappy, doleful, woebegone, dejected, downcast, downhearted, despondent, dispirited, crestfallen, cast down, depressed, down, disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, low-spirited, forlorn, in the doldrums, melancholy, miserable, long-faced, glum, gloomy; More

(of a place or thing) causing or showing a complete lack of comfort; cheerless.



Bitch gets some cheery thoughts about building the power supplies to drive the pumps and ozone generators to sterilize the water for Papa's Love Water Systems and it passes while thinking of how perfected of a die we are holding ourselves now in.




Have we not read from the Judees reverse speech that once we stop drinking whiskey we'll for sure throw them out? That's what they tell us.


The waste die is gigantic now. The majority of Americans set to lose our lives in the next few years now. Our milk is concentrating radioactive poisons. Burns us from the inside out. Might roast kidney disease be the autopsy reports determination of the cause of death for many of us now?


While Father does not want us to be died out by weap Judah as Judee goes away to be died out in tunnel death, if we continue to fund Judah war and genocide, might we have to have it our way?


The white fist is still held body and mind by weap Judah to sport war for him and his sports kids.


The cruelly manipulated poor cannot solve this, only those that are paying for this war sport have the ability to stop it now.


Judah keeps shutting more businesses down every day taking more income sources away. Are we not perceiving that he wants to leave us as broken in our economy as he can for when he is gone for good?


Has it not been said that no man is an island? If working people will not reach out to help other working people now might there be a shortage of working people to help you when it's your turn to be loused by Jew?


Do ordinary working people not perceive that war is a false that pays only to thieves? Can working people not connect the dots to see that war is the worst thing for honest people?


America, the land that gave us the best chance of all, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by law.


All thrown out by weap Judah so that he could complete the mission he gave to himself so many thousands of years ago, to die us all right out of life.


Has it not been said that you can only go one way at a time? So which way are you going to go Labor, more sports war or peace, is it not clear you can only go one way at a time?


Will Labor help us build some PLWS, Papa's love water systems, or fund more drone missile attacks on our family around the world?


Might Labor not try to see ahead just a little bit and figure that this war that Wall Street is starting with Russia will not be good for us?


If Labor figures that might it not be better to stop funding it now before it is fully underway?


They have got plans on bringing in one of their corporals to rule over this land of America that they have done all that they could to ruin Jewishly.


Ask you once again Labor to get into this and get hold of the financial tool that they have used to screw us up so much, to get hold of the concession to issue our money and put it into your hands.


They've tripled us out and going for a grand slam. If there is any desire to survive this nuclear war that we are being died off in will Labor not then STRIKE THEM OUT?


We have perished only God can save us now.


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, March 9 — Psalm 34:8–18

Ezra 8:21–10:6; Romans 1:26–2:4

He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. Psalm 18:30

Paul wrote: The Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

When the storms of life are raging, we trust in you. We are grateful that underneath us are the everlasting arms. We rest in your arms this day. Amen.


1.56 PM


Tele receives:


"Pull them all off. 11.15 AM


You're a race fit. 11.19 AM


I'm with ya. 11.57 AM


They scored your future here. 12.08 PM


They used a pet to get us off. 12.12


They just fool fable to keep you weak." 12.14 PM



A story about a 75 year old woman that was shopping in the bread aisle at Wal Mart where she was reportedly punched by a woman. Bitch did some reverse speech on an interview with her and found these interesting statements from her:


"I'm here to give you some cow brains. I shove you all liar mentality. I'm out here to fraud you to get rich. I want a jury before I go into my mountain. I challenge you with a supper time symbol. I'm lying here with hatred because you didn't pull purple out. I've got a biologist who does a goose toss way. "


If we take those statements with this Tele receive: "They just fool fable to keep you weak."


Might we perceive from those statements why Judah puts unlimited false reports in his news?


Totally made up stories presented as news.


"I'm here to give you some cow brains."


The next is the same story with a news reporter speaking:


"Once you buy our ruse then I can frump you. I sap you with my theory to hold in my racket force for free, pure reason."


Here's a link to the story with the interview of the 75 year old woman that claims she was attacked in the bread aisle at Wal Mart.



If you have the time to look at it, might you not note the fake painting of her face with what looks like iodine?


Might we note the news channel put the story on as news?


Are we understanding that Judah creates fictions and fables as part of his strategy to hold his state in?


"They just fool fable to keep you weak."


Is that Tele receive not right on time? Thank you for that one and all the Tele receives.


Will Labor not help us and let the Judah false off of our society and world?


The next is some reverse speech from the past. J. Edgar Hoover speaking in 1960.


"The viceroys we do through Federal, I spoof them out with my cheer. Oswald is off script for all times. I'm just holding in by being centrifugal. We do some bank frauds with power. I'm jealous. I mouse a boy. I hold you with a tax racket for my sport. "


From those might we see now that Hoover was a Judah Replicon? 3 years before JFK was assassinated and Hoover was speaking of Oswald being off script for all times. Did we note how the viceroys have been getting such a big score on us here what with Federal managing it?


Do we have some idea from those 1960 reverse speech of Hoover of just how long we have been getting slaughtered inside of America by Baltimore-Washington?


Do we note it was centrifugal that was just holding him in?


The centrifuges that refine uranium into plutonium. Are we seeing it is the terrorism of nuclear war that has held Judah in for his score of us?


If we look a little further back in the FBI history do we recall that it was brought in with Judah Federal Reserve bank in 1913?


Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1851-1921) was in Theodore Roosevelt's cabinet. He was the great-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. He created the FBI which J. Edgar Hoover arose from when he was attorney general.


Might we wonder if Napoleon Bonaparte was not himself a Judah Replicon hybrid transplant shell?


The animal primitivism that Judah evinces. As a thought about sexual behavior that is associated with animal primitivism, have we read of when Napoleon was on the way home to Josephine after a campaign he would send a courier ahead with a message to Josephine to not bath, "I'll be home in a few days?"


This next reverse speech was Walter Cronkite reporting on the death of J. Edgar Hoover at 77 years of age:


"They weaped him heroin."


Might Labor try to keep in mind that bon ami pissed off in Bitch's head? My purpose is coming off of me.


The nice family member in Thailand that said, "The war guys are out, Bitch opium threw them."


Might that have been a polite way of saying "Bitch dope threw them?"


The people have been sealed into perishing now in the hundreds of millions right here inside of America.


Will Labor not try to think of Father who wants to save us? Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE, will you not try it? Will you not try to help us to have Father save us?


Thank you. God bless.












"The Druid He Has Got For A Complete Extinction Shot. Sorry Jews Deceased Us. They Organize our Lives Thievously"

"The Druid He Has Got For A Complete Extinction Shot. Sorry Jews Deceased Us. They Organize our Lives Thievously"


Those are Tele receives from overnight. "The Druid he has got for a complete extinction shot. Sorry Jews deceased us. They organize our lives thievously."


The white rhino that was shot to death in the Paris zoo. The claim is that it was to steal his horn.




Less than a month ago we had Gustavito, a hippo that was beaten to death at the zoo.


Zoo hippo beaten to death in 'inhumane attack'


By Daily Mirror 28 Feb 2017


A much-loved hippopotamus called Gustavito has died following "cowardly and inhumane" attack in the National Zoo of El Salvador.

The 15-year-old mammal suffered "multiple blows on different parts of the body" from "blunt and sharp objects" in Wednesday's attack, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement.



Might there be a connection with killing a rhino in a Paris zoo and less than a month ago the killing of Gustavito, the Hippo in the Venezuela zoo?



Have we noticed that when Judah does an opp he oftentimes schedules similar opps"


The boy that was stuck upside down in a chimney in Iowa that had to be pulled out by the local fire department. The same thing happens in Washington state. Another boy that was stuck upside down in a chimney that had to be rescued by the local fire department on the same day. Coincidence or Judee psyche opp?


Before the Internet, we may never have heard of the two events happening over a thousand miles away.


Who might have such ability to stage such opps for the news to report? Anybody other than international weap Judah?


What might the Israeli psychologist know about our mentality that doing such opps affects our thinking in ways that are beneficial to the predator of our species, weap Judah?


In the Paris killing of the rhino, rather than the cover story to steal Vince's precious horn, might it be to introduce another story to fiddle with our mental?


Further on in the story about the white rhino that was killed, we have a story about a baby polar bear that died from liver problems.



What might the Israeli psychologist know about the tongue sticking out in the picture?


The bear, Fritz, was born on Nov. 3, the first polar bear to be born at the Tierpark Berlin, one of the city’s two zoos, in 22 years. The animal’s keepers found him “lying listlessly in the den he shared with his mother, Tonja,” the Berlin Zoo said in a statement.


Veterinarians and other staff separated the cub from his mother, taking him to the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, where ultrasounds, CT scans and X-ray examinations were administered, along with a stool test.


Although Fritz was treated with antibiotics and painkillers, his condition worsened. His breathing became irregular and he died, Berlin zoo officials said. An autopsy was underway on Tuesday.


We can hardly believe it,” Andreas Knieriem, the Berlin zoo’s director, said in a statement. “We are devastated.”



Tonja and baby Fritz. “We can hardly believe it,” Andreas Knieriem, the Berlin zoo’s director, said in a statement. “We are devastated.”


"Ultrasounds, CT scans and X-ray examinations were administered, along with a stool test."


Along with a stool test?


Might we wonder if this story of the rhino losing his horn because of its value is, in reality, a path to introduce the story of Tonja and baby Fritz with a well designed Israeli psychologist opp to reach the mental of the people?


While we are being put to a well-crafted brimstone nuclear waste extinction of the Druid people can we only wonder how stories such as are reported in the news affect our thinking?


Vince lost his horn, two other white rhinoceroses at the park, Gracie, 37, and Bruno, 5, were unharmed.


And Tonja lost baby Fritz.


Might we sense an attempt to hold us as is the Israeli psychologist route to defeating us with their mental opps? Childing us here?


Who could ever be so mean to go into the park and beat Gustavito to death?


Might it be the same group that cuts off dogs ears to shock and frighten us?


Police: Suspect Wanted For Killing Pet Turtle During Burglary

February 27, 2017




Might we see in the killing of a pet turtle Judee hand in the background to inflict emotional stress on us?


Is American Labor understanding that it is unlimited free cash from American Labor that fuels this sport that Judah is playing with us?


The fire departments that pulled the boys out of the chimneys a thousand miles apart on the same day. Might we not wonder how much cash was paid out to keep loose lips from talking about such tricks being played on us?


Though might we not have to give the Israeli psychologists some points, for have they not controlled Druid mind well enough that they have overridden contact from our home world and kept us funding and fighting their sports war until this very day?


What's the saying, you can't argue with success?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Our good God said to American Labor.


Judah attacked us all out with thermonuclear weapons in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and it was reported to the world in October of 2011, over 5 years ago now.


God in heaven sent His angels to guide us and yet, Judah is still massively dying us. Can't American Labor get smart and help us out?


"You traded your civil rights for a baby app," Judee say.


The rights that God gave to us. Do ordinary everyday working people not yet have some sense of just how important they really are to us?


"Do a chapter four on him!," Judee say.


Are we aware that a "Chapter 4" is an issue of a search warrant based merely on the signature of a clerk?


Have we not identified that Chapter 4, the 4th amendment to the US Constitution, is one of the things that needs to be fixed when we moth proof our Bill of Rights the next time around? Yes, we have.


Have we not identified the faulty is to be found in the lack of a grand jury to certify that there is "Probable cause" to issue a warrant to do a search?


Refreshing ourselves on Jefferson and George Wythe who gave as their theory that an employee of a state corporation has no standing in a criminal action lacking a grand jury to give it to them first, are we seeing how chapter 4 is faulty in that regards?


Might we understand that is why chapter 4 is known as the "Masters clause?" (Claws?)


Might an ordinary worker not consider what could happen when a person's civil rights are violated with a chapter 4 attack?


That workers now have given up their civil rights for a state staged baby app and a pet offend. Might that Israeli psychologist not really know how to defeat us in our heads?


Does Labor have any idea of just how corrupt government is that it only shoots unending death and destruction to hold itself in?


Clerks in the lock ups handing insurance forms to sign to people who only want to get out of their vegetable cages.


Is American Labor understanding that our good God Almighty has declared of this fasci nation, "It is no more, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS?"


While our family from the land of good people faces constant gunfire on the streets as a way to take them, might the mild man not perceive Judah's chefs and ricepitals are how they get the big numbers on us?


Do ordinary people not see the utility of hiring grand juries for us? How about the utility to be found in ending funding Judees shooting of us?


Do we recall that Judee pulled the elected coroners out and put his clerk medical examiners in?


God loves us Labor but do we not yet perceive that God will not save our lives because 2+2=4?


The casual disregard we have for the others that are being slain on our dollars. Do we see that God will have to let us go if that is the best we can do for ourselves and others that are being slaughtered on our American Labor dollars?


Our food sources being lethally poisoned. Our air to sicken us. Washington has their get away into their well-prepared undergrounds while they die our lives away in the billions.


Congress, has it proven to be much other than a giant mouse sports operation?


A house of Replicons that make people die. In the name of the love of God is there not some way to bring Labor to participate in self-governing ourselves all free?


Judee corporals and his jackboot crowd. Will Labor not cut off Labors bourse to them NOW?


"Sir, stabilize life is off in all ways." Tele receive. 6.56 AM


Will Labor not choose to take us out of tyranny and give us the real deal, a land of the free? Is that not what our predecessors gifted to us when they held out for a Bill of Rights or no United States of America at all?


Has Mercury's Clark Kent opp not shown Judah for the breeze that he is?


Elders communicate in an assortment of ways. Bitch had a vision of Galactica where Father lives.


Father has a walkway that has a glass wall that looks out onto the universe. In the vision, Bitch saw a caped Being walking along. He had the hood of His cape pulled up on His head.


When Bitch caught up with Him, he saw his big beautiful eyes looking at him.


The cape He was wearing was purple inside and trimmed in white, gold and purple. His beautiful eyes appeared to be wet with tears. What could the message be here?


The purple bunting we put up when we have lost a loved one. Is Father in mourning for the loss of His white children on earth that Judah is dying out HUGE?


The children that are subordinated to Judah and continue to fund all of the war and genocide in our world. The white fist that Judah claims he has had it so long that it is almost part of his biology.


Might Father have been communicating that he is in mourning for the loss of us here?


Bitch has tried to convince you to save yourselves while you are perishing yourselves having such a nice time out here.


"You cannot see straight, the mush is on." Elder said at 9.34 AM


Will we not keep praying that Labor will take the financials away from the weap sports people and STOP THE WAR?


Has Bitchie not given you all the truth?


Those that fail to live in peace are set now to be died out of life form. Judah has lost the rights to hold his consciousness in. Are we perceiving that Judah is being rightly died off by our good God in heaven above due to his weakness, his inability to accommodate others?


Do the hands that feed war not perceive that we must either remove our hands from war or we will die out in Judah's war disease?


The race wars that Judah puts in. Will American Labor not let them off right now?


Their kid and die routine. Will Labor not retire their mean trickery and falseness?


"The congressmens gains have been refused, they just monkey for function. Unchain this tort, luxury needs a new mission."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages.


Will Labor not help us in the dream of Dr. Mallove to bring in new energy sources for all of our world?



Here's an excerpt from the introduction to Dr. Mallove's "Open Letter to the world":


Our last conversation took place literally less than 24 hours before Gene’s sudden death. In that phone call, he reminded me that he’s just e-mailed me an “open letter” for posting here at Enterprise, outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of “new energy research.”


Those 15 years, I might add, came at considerable personal sacrifice and economic cost to Gene and his own family. But, it was because of that family - and all the other families, all around the world, who desperately need and deserve the technologies for which he ultimately gave his life -- that Gene bore that cost with considerable patience, if not élan.


Thus, it is Gene’s own words -- his unwavering vision of a world that can finally work for all of us, if these fundamental energy discoveries he fought so hard to realize are allowed to come to pass - that make a far more fitting eulogy than I could ever write.


This, then, is the Gene Mallove that I knew ... a colleague and friend whom I, along with all his other friends and colleagues who had the privilege to know him as I did, shall forever miss.


Stay tuned, my friend: your final epitaph is not yet written ....


Richard C. Hoagland

May 18, 2004


Here's a link to the "Open Letter to the world" that Eugene posted the day he was murdered:



Our species now perishing out HUGE in a well crafted nuclear waste war. Right less American workers funding our die. Will we not pray that the courage is found to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


2% of our species are Judah and his Replicon breed. They are the only ones on planet earth that are authorized to issue our money.


Holding us now for the biggest die they can finish us with.


We didn't have Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or abundance. We in the West had Jesus Christ Almighty the son of God that came to save us. Will American Labor not give the love of God a try and act to save us now?


Judah and his staged set up baby opp plus his video of a pet offend. Will Labor really give up your God-given rights for a couple of Judee apps done right?


Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, March 8 — Psalm 34:1–7

Ezra 8:1–20; Romans 1:13–25

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my help and my God. Psalm 42:11

Jesus says, “Your sorrow will be turned into joy.” John 16:20 (NKJV)

O God of all comfort and grace, be especially near to those who are suffering from illness and pain. May their souls and bodies be flooded with the light that penetrates our deepest darkness. Send your healing presence this day. Amen.



Tele receives:


"Great czar. 11.27 AM


Noisy brutal ranch. 11.45 AM


Wolf government. 11.47 AM


Assaultage failed. 12.03 AM


You leave us cold. 12.05 PM


The president endorsed us dead. 12.06 PM


They're tossing us out of life. 12.07 PM


Scowlish. 12.08 PM


Torture by air. 12.17 PM


Grease is falling off of here. 1.28 PM


Thank you for revealing goof-ment.


It hurts to insult us up.


Our jury is sewered.


Contact left us. 2.58 PM


Unreasonable Jew thiefs. 3.00 PM


Idiot falsers are real. 3.10 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, they're extortioning us. 3.36 PM


All threat. 3.45 PM


It's thought assault. 6.23 PM


They're putting your pales in complete insured. 6.28 PM


He's thrown out weap Jew but failed to organize you's. 6.31 PM


We urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT. 6.35 pm


It's divination. 6.44 PM


Savior, they cast Him out.

7.13 PM


I don't know where you're going, you're gonna fail us all to die. 7.20 PM


They sport you through fear of morality. 7.35 PM


For Germany police, Germany is refused. 7.36 PM


They're savaging us. 7.38 PM


Kid and die. 7.39 PM


It won't be long stools won't war out a day. 7.40 PM


Criminals have conquered official.


You failed to save us. 7.49 PM


Mushroom field harmed peacefully. 10.49 PM


They're passing us, passing us out. 10.51 PM


You're being hustled, scoring great.


Grease pack bombed. 12.04 AM


Blue eyes you failed. 1.01 AM


It's a special. 1.47 AM


Bad Jew is psyching us out to die total. 1.48 AM


Fools die good. 1.51 AM


Oh, my god, they ruined gracious. 1.52 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT, they're past their life.


They failed you out of your life and they're idiots. 1.54 AM


Angel mercy.


STRIKE THEM OUT for corruption and Pittsburgh.


Continues at:



They desire new war crazy. 2.02 AM


They're tossing your rights. 2.38 AM


They made baby. 2.42 AM


Judica fell." 11.22 AM



"You leave us cold.


It hurts to insult us up.


You never bothered with us." (A Druid woman said telepathically to Bitch)


Are we not aware that all we are to these Judah guys and gals is civic dough? They pull us out goose full. That Bitch has never bothered with you's. Leaves you cold and insults you's. What can be said about it?


That some accept Judah's description of Bitch as a waif coming on, might that not cloud clear thinking of what is going on in our world now?


Fear every day makes me rough, Bitch internals be upon me all the time. We've got some vegetables that spoof us every day and Labor has forever quietly paid them even though they keep hurting others with our dough.


And so why has Bitch made so many stupid mistakes? Why has Bitch drafting been so pitiful in so many ways? Just fumbling blew the fish away. Failed to save the people that he arose from.


My tally rot won't hold Jew sport. Our power is blocked by Judah smooth and can only be freed by Labor acting for decency.


A Sportster is pure work disease, I ask you Labor will you not put them in, please?


I'm still fearing for this city. Bush-Chaney attacked the dam up the street in August of 2007 with a nuclear-tipped cruise missile they launched from the B-52 out of Minot.


The intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile from Russia that was 30 seconds away from Des Moines and was burst off over Iowa city. Is Bitch such a pitiful fail that Labor will give no response at all?


The company's song is "Purple us all finished." It's the end of their dirigible. Might Labor not have pity on Bitch fail and come in and help yourselves?


We just blew away the contest fish. Will Labor not throw out our purples close out our dangerous, they only make us die?


Elder during the night woke Bitch to play him a recording where he heard that if Bitch can not be made to be quite they intend to smack him and port him.


The whole Jew seize my energy. It only took about 6 months of inaction by Labor after being informed that we had been attacked with nuclear missiles and Judah showed up with his foreign police to kidnap Bitch and transport him that my soul seized and it broke down and insulted everyone.


As Labor is in fear of them to the point of not acting to get the concession to issue our money away from them, how many can we wonder can guess what type of fear it is when you know they want to goose carriage rice ya?


They've got a death cell Labor. The British kidnap an American guy, turn him over to the Polish who transport him on to be finished off in Moscow.


They walk people handcuffed into their death cells and shoot them in the head. And that is it.


They surprise crack an insured working guy in the head and knock him out. Throw him down an elevator shaft and report the elevator stopped at the wrong floor and he didn't notice it when he stepped in. Case closed a terrible accident. Insurance check paid out.


Judah has succeeded in holding our Savior out. He has held us in long enough to die 95% of the Druid out of life form now.


We had the bravery of Dr. Eugene Mallove that tried to reveal the truth of free energy to us. His Open Letter to the World telling us the truth, he died the day it was made public.


The circuit that will bring vast wealth in to all of God's kid. Bitch failed useful, failed jostled and failed personal. I can' t tell you I'm something I'm not.


Drove truck for years and worked the docks over the years. Worked out of the carpenter's shop for Union yards and transport company when I was a kid. The stock yards.


Too young to work there so I used my big brother's ID. When they handed out the paychecks and he said my name, I didn't respond until some one told me my name was Mike Sullivan. Then I went and collected my paycheck.


Ran the stationary engineers thing for several decades. Worked in many factories in between doing a range of things.


Serviced office machines for a couple of years. Sold car and trucks for a few years and sold real estate for a couple of years. Did some construction too. And a whole bunch of other things too. All legitimate honest simple working man stuff.


Do some recall that Father said of His Bitch, "He's a simple working man?" That is what Bitch is.


Is that any reason to make so many stupid mistakes that it has allowed Judah to hold us in to exterminate us now?


Bitch feels one of the really great things about America is that every body from everywhere in our world can come here to visit or live with us.


The only problem he has with America is the genocidal sports that keep making war using our resources here to do it with.


The guys on the north shore that sport out us south side guys. Will Labor not get hold of our paper and end their dies?


"Jew toughness of the atmosphere has been revealed by nice boy here, you still have not made us go away. Once you're done with booze I'm over. I use Polish to take you off nice. I forge you in nicely, I take mice off with a jail," Judee say.


Bitch, foolishly now it seems, thought that when you knew that is was our good God, our Saviour that stepped in to save us from extinction you would join together to STOP THE WAR.


Might Jew consider that Jew terrorism has held out the love of God?


"Financial is what lets me take you off so true. Our theory says we're a bull thief. Pension is how I brace to win. You're a virtual customer nest egg. I'm an invest-able luxury so I just weap you dead.


I'm just a woodchuck fatal, they got me for my genocide. I'm a despot who falses rules here. I sane you all for my victory. I stumbled the nice boy with my way.


I false and win, ports let me win. I weap you molest to hold you. A tank alway lets me bust you on my British side. A grand jury will see the atom and roll us right. The happiness of mental is to roll you dead.


I'm gonna keep the mice poor, I sport my Anglo way. We keep you in fear of a soldier at the door. Through the police, I do all my truth. Police have always made you for my war here. Bitch shows I'm as witless as a ------- pie.


I curred you special. I just managed you with white people, you chickened out so it let us roll through. When white people get my maximum sin for purity then I'm truly out.


We just possess you as an investment and take you out with war. My rocket threw me off all over the world. My momma false you all grease war.


I false you all invasive, the white bird is up. Bitch wiped my whole tire ment. Yep, it's all true, I'm coming out. We're not competent so we make war. Bubble gum fists you of good and keeps out a grand jury.


The Bitch has shown you how our police force works, total unmerciful and so it's thrown us off. I cop you down affordable to please me. Patrick got our cape. With a bench hit, we do a good shot. If we can keep you embarrassed we can rice off your head here," Judee say.


Will Labor not prevent Judah from using embarrassment to rice our heads off here?


Might we keep in mind this Tele receive concerning how they're hoping embarrassment will hold Labor out?


"They sport you through fear of morality." 7.35 PM


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


He's thrown out weap Jew but failed to organize you's. 6.31 PM


Will Labor not accept that our precious sweet Father has had His kind angels take all of Judah's great balls of fire off of us?


If so will Labor not lend a hand and organize yourselves for peace? Thank you.


Continues at: