"I'm Completely Done. Taught You Fears. I Right Finish You Out."

"I'm Completely Done. Taught You Fears. I Right Finish You Out."


Those are reverse speech statements of weap Judah. Any doubt that Judah is completely done?


For attacking us with his combination of nuclear genocide, blast, and waste, much likelihood he will be issuing our money in the future? Seems highly unlikely, doesn't it?


Can we only pray that Labor will step in here, take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and close them out right?


With unlimited free American Labor money in his hands still setting off terror bombs plus making wars worldwide. Will American Labor not take the good advice of our elders that Father sent in and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"My war is truly out now that you see my breeze ways. I error H-----," Judee say.


Might we consider that Judah in reality errors himself rather than Father?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God Almighty our Father in heaven said as to the ultimate disposition of weap Judah cipher brand.


Will we not keep praying for American Labor to close them out right by taking the concession to issue our money away from the errorous ones?


"Taught you fears. We scourge you, Martian, because we're rare. I fall you sin bad for my owl.


Eventually, I will lose you because I shot you fetal. I'm already final for my wicked, your rights were all death. I'm just a Jew that pulls you out with potty. Bitch saw our barrels and told you rightly and put our fist in.


They're taking me off for deceit. I sold you paralysis. I always antenna my tricks, now I quit. I want to take out your whole future, my weaps have failed. Bitchie don't want us to molest you true so he chase us foreign.


You're minnow X within a week now, then it's new dungeons. I just pitch you fail because you've stumbled to my conspear. I sport you out liturgy. My false mouth is foul. I'll spy and set you with my Auschwitz people and courts.


Jew is content to scourge you right and will continue until you throw us out, that's Jew ethics. I register you with my criminal rights. I'm slummin' you right. I seed information, I'm already out.


We just degrade and go. Eventually, our mission fails, your whole world is set. As long as we can cable our false we're spermin'. I small you with teeny details every day. We do impale. When we do contract we provide a space in jail," Judee say.


Judah still mousing us. Are we aware that is because we are still funding all of the bribes needed to allow mousing to happen?


Are we understanding that of all the breeds out here the one that Judah wants to hurt most of all is the Anglo?


Are we understanding that if not for unlimited free money that American Labor gifts to weap Judah these continuous attacks upon us cannot happen?


If we understand this will we not act and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?


"We feel we can just hold you keepish. Me foolest you with my super pooch. My right spirits for tossing. The Druid I'm going to humble nightmare. It was a great accomplish, we had no problem boring you out.


We show you so much problems you win. For my fear route my pyramid's completely dead. My room from London pulled out all white people. Bitch pulled us out because we pitted him pipsqueak.


Bitch got my head out with all truth. In more ways than one I'm a wise son Jew, My boom tech mouse got me out of here because you saw my caper. I'm a certified hit with a cannibal fraud.


With my Judah-ment I hold your sight. With your right, I make them a fleecable fail. With my physics work, I hosed you. The nice guy we trashed with our spin to hold you in. We bore you with a fable. Jew obviously has to get you before you see him.


I want to use you to fall you right. Because I fouled your baby and I cash rabbits you'll fire me out. We just come in to beat you, I'm going to set ya. I'm a prince with pets for fraud, I core you easy.


I score you off your income so I can zoom. Bitch is slowing my attacks with bums. I sport you and fight with grips. Patrick, he don't believe in fist so he dropped us out.


Unless we molest you win. The English worked for Murtha, the English Mormon set no value on you. They've put all my right aside official. With muscle, we war you spiritually.


I ever Morgan fight. Morgan's race all conspears. We use your blemish to irritate. We mizzer well. The minnow we raise overseas. We've been able to use English wit to push you to fail. The best death is a suicide.


We apologize for marching you out, we just want your deed. I believe Americus will be furious when they see my racket fall. Our foul summons always leaves you in hopeless ways. The angel falls down my rice roots.


All of our judges are yester-jets. An injury we solemnly adore. Iowa weaped us swell and took us out of our cage. We're having some problems with our police roll room, they've thrown us away.


We just base you war. With my waste, you're starting to see some of me now. Dumb purplee. A dog lets us terrorist to give us some sympathy. You're just a slave for a Jew hit. We banned all of your rights.


I Sui-psyche them, it's part of our put you in molest. Bitch got my business, my war rights put you right in. Bubble gum will strand. Iowa's shown our weapatory truth.


The Airforce can't police you so I'm out for my cannibal state. We rigged Martha. I'm surely going to throw away some failed heads before I end my day. We had a foul day until Sangamon pushed us.


For the end of my weap days I'm going to disappear tumorus. My stupid Westeheimers cage and dope got me thrown. Waste guards died you. Who's you up genes-see.



Jew is always corrupt. My whites are shears. Druid is our alge-face. As you know Patty my whole wasting's out. Your right turning softly rid us of gruesome, closed out Houston.


I bankrupt and refugee with war. My pet is going to let Judah fold you in. We bust you to make you Jew electricity. Our business rights have ended because our objective was to scold dead," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"They know how to fool you, how to take advantage of you. 11.07 am


Get them out of here. 11.33 am


The scientist has tossed them and you've done nothing.


With your rights hawked out you're soon severed. 1.19 pm


Losing you all fight failed. 1.21 pm


General roll poverty. 1.23 pm


Where did you go? 1.24 pm


They're pauperizing Allison. 1.27 pm


Jew forever got caught. 4.48 pm


They falsed us out of existence unbelievably.


I failed corrupt oligarch. 5.10 pm


Jew stumbled the races. 5.12 pm


Try to steer them right. 5.20 pm


Foolish to lose your atmosphere to corrupt guys. 5.30 pm


They bore us from Switzerland. 5.34 pm


They're my children out. 5.48 pm


Conspiracy wakes initially. 5.49 pm


Talked about Santa Claus, they pushed the button and you've done nothing. 5.50 pm


Soviet foul nation for our future. 5.51 pm


Failed maximum radiation shot.


Earthquake coming in really. 5.53 pm


Jew had his bourse way. 5.54 pm


Loomis is out for eagle abject. 5.55 pm


They smashed it over die. 5.56 pm


We survived this Jewish field. 5.57 pm


100 million they're taking off Austrious. 5.58 pm


Mental health professionals, that's who they use to wage war on us. 6.02 pm


Frosty the snow fish. 6.03 pm


Their ship's refused for harsh desires. 6.06 pm


It's over, it's quite clear. 6.07 pm


Their brain, the Martian cleared it out. 6.08 pm


It's a goal. 6.12 pm


Velocity forced Jew out of boursage. 6.21 pm


Viceroys just don't believe in personal liberty. 2.27 pm


Jewish real life for sale.


Your debts they meece. 6.28 pm


We're speaking of our futures here. 6.37 pm


In a STRIKE you roll a right siege. 6.44 pm


Wonderful mousing they did. 6.45 pm


Professor's biology won't score you up, right? 6.48 pm


You conquered. 6.55 pm


They're assaulting hostile here. 7.08 pm


Wall them Pittsburgh. 7.13 pm


A nice way to rich. 7.16 pm


It's going to be simple pricing us. 7.19 pm


Unsafe at any speed. 7.22 pm


Loosen them out. 7.23 pm


Mutual awareness is a potential here for you. 7.24 pm


Wisconsin's inside. 7.25 pm


A cot has failed. 8.24 pm


Jew pedals you dead. 8.24 pm


Steer. 8.28 pm


Jew fail fall away. 8.20 pm


A fist will make this field for seizing. 11.45 pm


They're closing us up. 11.48 pm


You hired this. 11.49 pm


Jew medical forces have been working here.


Perp us right mentally. 11.50 pm


A great rape force is pushing against us.


Righteous will source you up your whole life. 11.53 pm


They racial boys for a shoot. 11.59 pm


Grub religiously.


You all make yourselves obviously. 1.20 am


Treasure chest bought selfish.


Now you're bringing sports in to die.


There they go. 2.16 am


This land is now occupied force right. 2.17 am


Idiots conspiracy stormed us, forced us.


We now receive errid.2.19 am


Collect yourselves, toss them out. 2.20 am


You failed Jew love. 2.21 am


Finish up heart attack.


Whiskey failed you bad.


Spring is how they fall your white man with cage lift. 2.35 am


They've thrown you with their force obviously.


Army failed us ditchly. 2.39 am


They fail to celebrate us. 2.40 am


Their time is terror basic.


You failed to save your own life. 3.12 am


They canned you right in whole fish, your thief fisted. 2.43 am


A right fold insures you. 2.45 am


We fold adjusted here. 2.46 am


For practice, you failed recycling. 2.47 am


Get RISING up yourselves.


They take your rights away to die you criminal. 2.48 am


Your shot failed fish freedom.


Their entire theory is a scope. 2.49 am


They sport you jail sufficiency. 2.50 am


The white man has failed to save himself financially. 2.51 am


They shame us to die us viciously. 2.52 am


Dangerously an obvious fail. 2.53 am


A general STRIKE and they come out dimmish. 2.55 am


They failed us out with their truth. 3.08 am


You failed rifles freeze. 3.12 am


Wiping us out for educating ourselves. 3.16 am


They'll mosh you badly with false here. 3.22 am


They're Reich cycling. 3.36 am


They've made us vulnerable to fist us. 5.19 am


I'm afraid to die. 5.44 am


You're hatched. 5.52 am


They make us less rule-able. 6.09 am


It's true." 8.03 am



"Fairly we out you raperous. Our Paris rate always gives us privilege. Shooting was forsaked, shooting you has failed us. I just boom boom you war and pull your wits with Lucy. Hostile ways create poverty, Jew coming out he can't weap," Judee say.


Thousands of years of ingratiating himself into all societies on earth with a long-term plan to destroy the very flesh that he arose from.


Hiding safely inside of his mountain hotels he continues to push us out of life form. A loss of our financials that we need to source ourselves. Bringing on a war with Russia to bust us internally.


Will we not pray that Labor will step in here at this last moment, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save ourselves?


Lunatics leaving us with pleurisy, their last gift to us from their strange love. The best hope for the whole human race, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the issue of cash so that our Bill of Rights is more than a "GD" piece of paper?


The operating instructions on how to run our system that provides protection for each and every one of us. Will Labor of all groups not try to recognize just how important our rights are to us?


They're cycling their new dungeons in. Millions of their Replicon shells now boursed in to take over what is left of the United States as they put millions more into their cages.


The millions of workers being replaced by robots over the next few years. Might they be mousing the workers for insurance before the workers know what it is all about?


Do we see if arrested and caged a die will not only collect the insurance but it will also relieve the employer of having to pay unemployment benefits?


To respect and honor each other's dignity. To love one another. To care for one another as we pass through this short life. Might those be the real basics in life?


"I'm afraid to die." One Tele send said.


While that may be understandable, might we not act so that we are not afraid to live?


Bitch will keep praying to Father to hear His love for His children. Might this be the last day before Father may have to leave us to the whims of Judah to finish sporting us out right? Might the rapture now have to begin?


Bitch apologizes again for the stupid mistakes and errors he has made over these last 5 and half years of trying to bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue money into the hands of Labor and STOP THE WAR!


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, April 19 — Psalm 51:1–6

Job 22,23; 1 Corinthians 3:1–11

Thus shall you say to one another, among yourselves, “What has the Lord answered?” or “What has the Lord spoken?” Jeremiah 23:35

Paul wrote: So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1

Generous God, you have provided us with many blessings in our lives. As we acknowledge these gifts with thankful hearts, may we hear your call to share what we have received from you. As we give to others, help us also to receive more from your word and teachings that will allow us to better serve you and your Kingdom. Amen.


3.12 pm


Did a little food shopping this afternoon and collected some more Tele receives along the way. Also saw a nice sign:



Will Labor not choose kindness and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Here's some new Tele receives"


"They're all through with this place, they moused it completely. 10.06 am


Very cannalistic' sake you. 10.07 am


They just bomb us HUGE. 10.12 am


STRIKE THEM OUT for their purple days. 10.15 am


He's falsed the white ghetto out. 10.18 am


Jew is irripassable. 10.21 am


It's British psyching. 10.30 am


They came to rescue us. 11.09 am


He's taking them out great. 11.37 am


Much warred fish. 12.46 am


They're out for too famous. 12.47 pm


They terror us right. 12.58 pm


They score poor people. 1.01 pm


Tight butts. 1.17 pm


You're with us juicyful. 1.22 pm


Terror fighting. 1.35 pm


It's ended. 1.45 pm


Maggot. 2.07 pm


This is pure exhausting. 2.10 pm


It's tumorin'. 2.20 pm


Mess die." 3.01 pm



"They came to rescue us." 11.09 am


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending our big brothers and sisters in to give weap Judah's missiles a time out?


Might we not be joyous that Sir Casper and His diligent team timed their missiles out so good that they are now sitting in a museum inside of Mars?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the love of our good God save us? Please STRIKE THEM OUT Labor before they finish us off.


As the Tele sender said, they got too dangerous and in the process, they're out for too famous. Are we understanding that they are all done in God's village on earth? If understood must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


Will Labor please read the warning signs that are all around us giving us the information to STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor please accept the sign, end sports war and act to give us kindness in our world?



Here's some more Judah reverse speech. What he is thinking in his mind:


"I finished you. Peggy's suing us. I'm a Jewish wreck so I'm quite out. If I have a trigger I use it to push you. We naturally protest druid success. dolts commission. Our error sold you out Moscow way to put in England.





I pull your rights out for my school so I can score. Jewish business makes a summons to pull you out. My true gas pipe lets me weap a febber. We focus on shooting your sight.


Jew fist police are out for shooting boys. If not for the nice man I wouldn't have to finish up for Morgan in the morning. I buy you with the power of my sin. I misrepresent scientist to put you down. I see you I'm an error flint," Judee say.


Thank you. God bless you.






By Jennifer Gonnerman April 17, 2017



Psalm 34:11-14

(11) Come, you children, listen to me;

I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

(12) Who is the man who desires life,

And loves many days, that he may see good?

(13) Keep your tongue from evil,

And your lips from speaking deceit.

(14) Depart from evil and do good;

Seek peace and pursue it



Father Spoke to Bitch Last Night. Father Still Wants Us to Save Ourselves.

"Their Sight Was Jealousy, Paralysis by Murder is Challenging. It's a Sad Sad Crush."

"Their Sight Was Jealousy, Paralysis by Murder is Challenging. It's a Sad Sad Crush."


Though weap Judah is bankrupt, he still has the concession to issue America's money and what is he doing with it other than putting up his strongest defense, attacking us with his camera-ray?


"My impostor has fallen down I'm bankrupt."


Will Labor not try to save something for all of us? They're bankrupt and are destroying the last threads of our economy with war. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the errant life form off?


"I'm leaving you a rice town sad you see because that's my basic."


Will Labor not put our Rights in so that we can close out the sad rice town that Judah is leaving us in?


"We like to pull you out with more monopoly spin here. I'm pointing more op-a-cheer. I'm so rich for failed. This is more tailor to rate you. The scientist has been falling down our heads for free. Hector has failed us with all our crime rules. I score you up syndicate for rich. Our booming is not an unusual life, fear gives us safety. We're going to fire you with a Muslim room real soon. Our courts hold your mental right for insure.


I'm just a bourse op. I got my wife who sold some guilt. I'm just making this ceremony to bust them stupid. I steal most of the time. My swaybee horse rabbits well. My 38 died you and wrecked my ship. I'm steppin' here because I died you rad. Yep, I'm bogus. My vessel made them stupid and cleared us off. My tight wads going to leave Casper nice. I'm a ghost man when you see me quite well.


I'm going to sock you poison to hold you backwards, you see that's my way. My vitamin ops you Jamaica well for sin. We're 'f'n'. Filthy lies."



"This is some more paralysis so we can do more fist. We want to engage you settlements as wood. With a Mormon and a child, I police you here. Bitch got the number of my conspiracy here and rolled me dead. I take a proceed as a wise guy for wise sales. I stay free for shooting, I'm a nice ram. I'm with Jews obviously, we rape and cap on you. When we get into financing we just pop you because its sport, it's our whole business ment. Murphy's so corrupt I just thieve with him. When we keep chopping you; you don't see us. We symbol right doss. I just skim on image. I'm playing to my reflex here. It's nuts, we're playing to the oxyatmosphere here. I just displace them vault, their wits go. My mutual ways credits stumbled them right with a big house."


"Our ever evocation is to wash you bank-co. Past true life I'm a swizel. Peace away. Just false you right with a camera-ray."



Will Labor not help us and end their falsing us with their rays?


"We push relation ops with chemicals," Judee say.


Are we getting some idea just how long Judah has been sporting us all?


As we now die ourselves out of life paying for all of the war in our world including burning ourselves and our children up is there not some way to convince Labor to help us here?


God Almighty the perfected Being that is our Father that loves us all unconditionally wills that Labor issue our money.


The failure to love the fellow members of our species. How great of a failure is that? Have we not witnessed first hand that the failure to love one another has led to the attempts to destroy us all in surprise nuclear missile attacks?


If we understand that we are being perished out of our existence in a well planned nuclear holocaust will we not act to end funding it?


The unforgivingness of the unmerciful perpetrator Jew. Have his words, his mental been so strong that it has held us to pay for his tune to be played in our land?


The unforgiving Auschwitz that Judah has installed coast to coast in the place that was once known as the land of the free. The Bastille of the plains, Leavenworth.


Will Labor not help us now in these last few days that we have any chance to survive this nuclear war that is making us die?


The UFOs that flew over the Capitol in 1952 until the attack of September 11, 2001. Judah looking ahead 49 years in his plan for 911. Can we not look ahead only 4 years and see that we will not have our air to breathe?


Father wants his children worldwide to have clean drinking water for all of our lives. To get our clean water do we not understand that we must first STOP THE WAR in our world?


Will white not take the purse away from Judah and end his fist?


To bring the water in for His children might we not appreciate that free energy will make it happen?


Judah could have been the hero a century ago and brought in the free energy that Tesla wanted to then. Judah chose otherwise, might we see he knew free energy would block his plans to kill us all?


Might he have never sold us war if we all had enough money for tuition?


While workers may have a check coming in now, once we are breathing nuclear waste in big time might we be too sick to work any more?


The last call to organize. Will Labor not strike them out and let them off right?


"This is part of my pillow ways to pitch you out of here real good. I voice you foul-low. I always use animals because I'm a thief and I use them to ruse you victim. For my Jews dungeons, they're going to close me. I'm leaving you a rice town sad you see because that's my basic. My impostor has fallen down, I'm bankrupt. This helps to pull acterous fails," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"They shoot us great. 10.54 am


Throw this foul out.


They're couraged. 12.15 pm


It's a fail. 12.47 pm


Your bear harsh is out because the lambs are set to die.


I urge you to get your cow off yellow. 3.03 pm


Moscow fisted us. 3.16 pm


Finish. 2.34 pm


He's trying to help us get falsers off. 4.51 pm


Weap guild. 6.31 pm


It's a major fall of a failed wit. 6.37 pm


It's a gentler state. 6.40 pm


Patrick, Jew set you ambush. 7.34 pm


Rice throws us fail. 7.35 pm


They dared us saultive. 10.45 pm


Permanently done field. 10.58 pm


They're horribles. 10.59 pm


Sheeny is quite clumsy throwing our world away. 12.04 am


He's taken out this field. 12.05 am


Son of a bitch deported rightful.


You guys failed to save your lives.


Wiping out HUGE wages. 12.27 am


Caution, stool apps are here. 12.30 am


They late our fields.


They're lying to us, they're lying all of the belligerent creeps resourcing. 12.35 am


Mercury has refused tight source. 12.40 am


Scientist victed challenges us to free ourselves.


Hell died mercy. 12.50 am


Refuse vaccinations. 12.52 am


You're dying wolf's sale. 12.54 am


They're dying us all off easily. 12.56 am


Busting you great.


Wal-Mart failed to save us.


Thiefy is offin' HUGE. 12.57 am


Died you lives ever.


Extorts you's out.


Shut you out in fair-a-die.


Paradise completely wrecked to die stupid.


You die stew fish.


You die selfish on a zone hit.


Dumbbell refused easily.


False ways cobbed you all.


Insanity burned rental.


Their field threat weap your sandwich. 12.52 am


Debt has yielded attachable life. 1.34 am


You're passing out yourself. 1.36 am


They tarry us bad. 1.37 am


Injustice let them use their widget.


An all abstract field left them pound our air. 1.58 am


Marshmallows ported.2.33 am


Your arrests here cease. 2.35 am


A great fraud has died you. 2.36 am


Tyranny has been awful. 2.37 am


We're challenged lifer wholly. 2.39 am


It's a whole package that had words to put you in.


Racism and their cage all refused.


STRIKE THEM OUT, their face is out of time. 2.42 am


Their total breeze is out. 2.45 am


Slosh them off of you. 2.46 am


It's sad, it's a sad crush. 2.48 am


Whole scrimmage here, their sight was jealousy. 3.01 am


Paralysis by murder is challenging.


Jail is a ruse. 6.40 am


Jews numb nuts. 8.47 am


It's invented. 8.56 am


He thief perished you goon.


He's Palestine stroken. 9.03 am


Wisconsin cheese. 9.08 am


ALL RISE! 9.09 am


STRIKE them for fetch. 9.10 am


You're sweat. 9.10 am


A didee rolled us. 9.20 am


They war us pitiful. 9.21 am


The Mixt money cases, there's pages missing. 9.27 am


They adjusted us foul with Parliament. 9.31 am


Jerk company's through at last." 9.43 am


Thank you for those Tele sends. Looked up the word "Tarry," and one is to "delay or be tardy in acting."


Might that explain the entire relationship with weap Judah holding the concession to issue our money in his private hands? Has he not delayed us well?


While reading comments about the word "Tarry," found this from our bible:


Habakkuk 2:2 Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. 3 "For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. 4 "Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.


Will Labor not let us join with the love of our good God above in peace?


We have a new world to build but to do it do we not see we must first end wrecking the world we are in now?


"The power of the purse is the only power there is."


The reason why the American scientist built nuclear weapons of war rather than the things of peace that he would have preferred to build.


Once Labor has the power of the purse in the hands of the Committee of the Whole from Labor will we not see that we use it only for peace? Certainly.


"I needed a job and they were the only ones hiring," Adolph Eichmann answered when questioned why he, the son of a Jew, went to work for the Nazis.


Are we seeing the critical need for us to have the Existence stipend put into place with something in it for everyone?


Might we see that Hitler's greatest recruiting tool was the poverty that had been forced into Germany by weap Judah holding the purse and squeezing our family there?


Are we seeing the first world war Judah was able to get America into because he was the only one that was authorized to issue the money for Americans?


That God Almighty has had His angels pull all of Judah's nuclear missiles shots off of us. Will American Labor not respond to the love of our good God and STOP THE WAR?


"We possess you threat. The higher ones have refused me. I'm bankrupt," Judee say.


The falsity of white power when we as all other Americans have no rights at all. The falsity of Judah, has he not pretended that there is a such a thing as the white league? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the threat from these errorous ciphers?


Will Labor not get hold of the real power, the greenback dollar power, the power of the purse and take it into your hands as our good God wills and straighten this wrecked world out before we are all foolishly perished in war?


In only a few hours with modern technology, this beautiful nation can be ripped apart. If we understand that this is Judah's plan that he is moving forward with now is there not some way that you will give us a hand and STRIKE THEM OUT?




"This vegarous fail is going to die pooch." Non-Judah reverse speech.


Will we not let the pooch off and save ourselves?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy

































"Our Whole Family Burned You Out. Pat Failed Us Unusually Merciful," Judee say.

"Our Whole Family Burned You Out. Pat Failed Us Unusually Merciful," Judee say.


The fire bug of our species, weap Judah and his great balls of fire. Can we only say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for staying the burning hand of weap Judah and sparing us from having to endure Hiroshima in America 70,000 times over?




How clear is the message when UFOs show up to be photographed with one of Judee's new inventions of his great balls of fire?


Might we see in that atomic blast elders "MARKING" the event?


Judah, the sports war guy that's stuck on genocide. Figure it out?


Can we only try to gauge the lie that Judah has spread in our world that we need weapons to use on our fellow man?


Is there not some intuitive sense that we truly love each other no matter what land we come from? Certainly. From our intuitive sense that we love each other might we not see in war the biggest lie of them all?


"Let them off, they've failed us." 11.12 AM


And what a fail it is. Are we aware that God Almighty has His angels save us from the nuclear blast of weap Judah?


Pretends to be our friend awaiting only the right time to put us in. Will Americans not RISE and let them off right? Will Americans not set the trend in our world, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THEIR WAR where we can live in peace and love one another?


Will the meek not step up and do God's work and inherit this Jewish sport war-torn world?


Have they not put on quite a burlesque show, century after century lamenting in public, "why me god, what have I ever done to deserve such a fate?" While all the while seeking only the harm of others as their right, their way?


Their ancient strategy of breeding 'crypto Jews' into all the terrains of planet earth. Elders use the term, "Replicons," for the hybrid transplant shells that Judah has used to successfully take over planet earth.


The Secret Life of weap Judah breeding warriors in to all terrains that spend their time falsing their fellow man. Century after century, thousands of years of their strategy to conquer and then destroy the other children of God on earth.


Awaiting only the days when they would finally have the technology to wipe out all of the human race.


That technology, the technology to wipe out the human race on the surface of planet earth, finally arriving in their hands in 1945.


Whereupon they immediately tested it out on our family in Japan. Hiroshima-Nagasaki followed.


Then using the purse of American Labor weap Judah set out and built up a nuclear arsenal that has the blast potential to kill trillions of human Beings and is still building nuclear weapons as this is being written.


How can this be with what we know of the destructiveness of war? Might it not be easily explained by who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands and uses it to fool as to what the truth is?


This little thing about who gets to run the government printing presses for cash. Is that where it all devolves itself to?


As we celebrate easter week will we think about God Almighty sending His only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross so that we might live in peace and love with our fellow man?


Judah who demanded that Jesus be put to death for his preaching to us to love one another. Have we not had enough time to see clearly the right path for us is not death but life?


Judah with his long history of huckstering on other people's blood. Will Americans not be the ones to finally let them off right?


They tell us they're pacific people until they get on top of us. Have we not seen how they rape us then?


The 5th columnists that Cicero in ancient times warned us about. The one group that was more dangerous than troops at the gate. For troops wear their banners openly so that we know which side they are on.


With their 5th columnists, they disguise themselves within. Spreading rumors to disinform us. To take down our useful so that they can sport us to death.


Now having revealed themselves to the world for who they are and what they are all about by launching upon us in the middle of the night. Will we not pray that American Labor will be the force that will finally let them off right?


Using their Replicons to race us. To set our civil society apart. Assaulting us in cunning ways so that we do not see who is really behind it all.


Building their cages and lethally arming their force as their business model to maintain the disparity.


Using the unlimited free money for corrupting our entire government structure. Dying our useful so that we don't get onto their plan.


Their boy scouts they put in for jury duty to insure they get the right results all of the time. The coroner's grand juries they pulled out of service. If only we had them in might they not have tipped us long ago to Judah's hand?


If only Judah would have had a heart might he have made his way to love us? If he had only loved us might he not have wanted to die us off?


Is love only a sweet old fashioned notion or something more important than that?


Might we read what Martin had to say about what love's got to do with it?


"Love is the greatest force in all the world. And this is why Jesus was great. He realized it in his life, and he took this force and split history into A.D. and B.C. so that all history has to sing about him and talk about him because he made love the center of his life.


And what does the cross mean? It means that God's love shines before us through that cross in all of its dimensions. And so "when I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died, I count my richest gains but loss and pour contempt on all my pride.


Were the whole realm of nature mine that were a present far too small. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my all, and my all."


This is our legacy. This is what we have. And may we go on with a love in our hearts that will change us and change the lives of those who surround us. And we will make this old world a new world. And God’s kingdom will be a reality.



The unconditional love that our good God has for all of his beautiful Simian children on earth. The unconditional love that Father has for us all that brings a grown man to weep.


"The greatness of God's love is that His love is big enough to love everybody and is small enough to love even me."


If we accept God's words to "love one another" then must we not put ourselves into action and STOP THE WAR?


"You let me bug you," Judee say.


If only we will let the Godly natural love in hearts act will we not displace the hatred of war and put it out of our world?


Might our best interests not be served by letting love activate our natural instincts to protect each other so that we may survive this nuclear war that the wizards of Wall Street are waging against us?


Wall Streets warships that are set to get the big game underway. The nuclear power plants in north Korea. Might they be hit any day?


Maybe a few more Hitachi-GE's to poison more of our water on earth? Our oxygen supply mechanisms, our oceans. Are we not figuring they want to poison the air we breathe?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthful. They're no friends of mine," God Almighty in heaven said.


Will Labor not help us and let them off right and spare us from any more nuclear blight?


Will Labor not let Judah off from us right?


The deadly violence that Judah has shown to the children of God. Will American Labor not let them off of Gods village on earth to save our own lives?


The 2,000 years of warnings of the end days. The fire, smoke, and brimstone coming out of our mouths. Breathing it in every day. Inhaled from Hitachi-GE.


The last chance we have to save our lives before we are washed out with weap Judah war.


Will the meek not come alive and save us here?


"I GAVE YOU THE PEACE, MUST YOU FAIL? God our Father in heaven asked us.


Spared from nuclear blast extinction only by the love of our good God. Is there not some way that American Labor will help us now?


Might some wonder why does Bitch focus on calling upon American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and not others? Might it be because it is American Labor that is funding most all of the destruction in our world?


That it is America that funded and fisted for Judah to put his worldwide tyrannies in. Are we seeing that it is American Labor that can call the tune if it wants to?


Does he who pays the piper not call the tune?


Is American Labor understanding that it is paying the piper and letting Judah call the war tune?


Will American Labor not overcome the false rumors that Judah put in everyone's ears about Bitch and organize to end funding the gruesome sports war?


Shooting mother in the womb and sterilizing the boys now too. Is there not an understanding that our life forms are going out of here in ruin?


The UFOs that floated to the ground that were described as "falling life a leaf." Might we not recognize elders meta-transiliatory communication was trying to inform us that Judah is falling us like leaves to mulch us right?


The "scoop marks" found on abductees. Might we not realize the message was that Judah is scooping us out of life form now?


Our journey into the universe here and now. Is it not clear that because of their weakness Judah is not going with us?


The guy that only wants to hurt God's kids and is proud of it. Will Labor not join with the angels and our good God above in closing weap Judah out of here right?


Might Labor want to keep in mind what Father said about weap Judah, "They're no friends of mine?"


700 BC Judah rude the angels, who he knows do not fight, off of the surface of planet earth that were here helping us grow up right.


Is it not even more astounding that our elders from outer space never once used force upon weap Judah in the thousands of years that weap Judah has been weaping for his rights?


"I disadvantaged you. You established closing my jails," Judee say.


The advantages that war brings to those that wage it. Might we consider those are advantages we just don't need?


Our technology now extraterrestrial level and facing dying ourselves off on the surface of the earth if we do not stop the war.


Will we not make peace and join with our elders in the Galactic Federation of Light?


Heaven, the home of our good God we now know is real, located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.


Father wants His children to live. He sent His angels in to prevent weap Judah from blasting us out of existence with his biggest invention, atomic bombs.


Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or abundance we the mild men of the north did not have. Are we not blessed that God sent His only begotten son Jesus in to save us?


Now only days away from being permanently sealed into the loss of life form.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


While Father loves us unconditionally, yet if we act as if we don't understand or are too frightened of what is going on out here might we not also understand then that God won't save our lives?


While Father wants to save our lives, if we will not close the weaper guy Judah out do we see then we will have to die off to clear the deck for those that make peace instead of war?


The frightful litany of war and genocide on the doorstep of American Labor funding all of the war in our world that Judah so enjoys.


The mild people, who Solzhenitsyn reveals suffered the greatest genocide in all of history in the last century, now set to go out of life form total.


And the same cult that engineered the genocide in the Eastern lands, Wall Street, now set to take us out in America too.


Our failure to recognize the needs and concerns of our brothers that have suffered and are still suffering from American Labor funded Judah sports war. Has it not now come around to where we have failed to even recognize our own needs and concerns?


Judah tells us that "the Druid is not dutiful, the Druid has ever failed to save himself." Might that be due to Judah assaulting us for 1300 years now?


Judah now using rumor to hold Labor from acting to let him off of here. Will Judah's rumor trick hold?


Might Labor see that it is always intimate that Judah uses to try and stop us from going into the right way?


"Minutiae," is what our elders from outer space call what Judah is trying to use to hold Labor from acting on Bitch's words.


"They libeled you bad," elder said about all of the lies that Judah has spread about Bitch.


At this late time, Judah is still having his Replicons in the workplaces lie to Bitch buddies and say that Bitch said this and that about your wife. All lies.


In every store we go into, every place we work there are Judah Replicons that we may not know about. They have spent thousands of years honing their skills at fooling simple working men and women.


Will they be able to hold Labor for one more week to seal us out of life form final now?


They've got the Replicon in Korea firing their missiles to stage up a big shot on us now. Do we recall his half brother had to ghost out so that he would not be uncovered as your average mouser in the terrain?


Might we understand the Judah Replicons cannot stand the light of day? The New York Muslim judge that purportedly jumped into the Hudson river the other day. Might we not sense a Judah Replicon hybrid transplant ghost running away? Maybe more dungeon molest waiting to be made public there?


Did we read her brother reportedly committed suicide a few years ago? Are we seeing how they ghost themselves out so that their network is not uncovered?


The American scientist that spent his time building nuclear weapons to destroy our planet and the human race.


When asked about using his intelligence to build such things as weapons of mass destruction he explained he would rather build the things of peace, but like everyone else, at the end of the day he had bills to pay and there is no power like the power of the purse.


Might we not thank him though for pointing out the issue is not the weapons themselves, it is who has the purse in their hands to hire what will be built in the first place?


Weap Judah is not coming back in again, is it not clear that he has lost his permit to operate in God's village? His store will not open again. Will Labor not relieve us of funding Judah war sin?


"Get them off, they're paralyzing fatal."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?


"They're famous for getting you out, proceed to get their bench war out. Muslims will soon be ruling this."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today. Will Labor not put our American Bill of Rights in instead of letting Judah put his Replicon Muslim rule in?


"We don't want nobody that nobody sent."


A famous line from Chicago politics. And what has it left us now?




"I urge you to get your cow off yellow." 3.03 PM


While corruption to fill one pockets with filthy lucre may be understandable if it has no harm to a person's physical, but what about the corruption that has foreign snipers working the streets mousing us out for employer insurance collection dollars?


Might we consider that Judah strategy when he gets private hold of the bourse is little by little to get as many people as possible to be on the take corruptly?


Once corrupted might we see that then the person is neutralized and cannot act in the right way on other things?


Are we seeing that the power of corruption is profound when the issuer of bourse is allowed to make use of unlimited amounts of free other peoples money to do it?


That they are allowed to issue money in secret, might that help explain how they get such a high score on us here?





Are we understanding why God wills that Labor issue the money for His children? Will Labor not do the will of God, STRIKE THEM OUT and end the war and genocide against His kids?


Tele receives:


"Let's end. 9.42 am


Free us from diesel. 9.51 am


Get pest threw. 10.12 am


STRIKE THEM OUT, they've weaped this field real bad. 110.9 am


Finish their sport. 11.57 am


They've over riced deadly. 12.12 pm


It's established. 12.13 pm


We cite you race horse. 12.20 pm


They're out of here for their son day. 12.24 pm


STRIKE to be victors. 12.53 pm


You let the Jews destroy us. 1.12 pm


Faults are in. 1.22 pm


The white man here is over failed. 1.31 pm


Patrick's trying to do us a miracle. 1.33 pm


Your honor's void. 1.36 pm


Purple boys are risk men, risking us all. 3.11 pm


Wake up about these oranges, they got to go. 3.30 pm


Heroin's closed up. 4.33 pm


We're almost dead. 4.43 pm


All charmless now die. 4.47 pm


Oh, they're scaring us. 4.51 pm


Your void is lifted. 5.55 pm


Patrick, take them out! 5.59 pm


We failed and they're falling us cash. 5.56 pm


Jews failed to save us. 5.57 pm


Welcome to peace. 5.28 pm


They're still perping us with the usual experience.


Druid has been cleared to die, it's the works. 6.28 pm


Idiots got us insured. 6.29 pm


Beautiful liars here spread ruin that will eventually take you lives.


White people don't have a much kindful message. 6.36 pm


It's the dog hit that died you out. 6.39 pm


Their organization system offed the cow. 12.51 am


Delightfully pushed away. 12.52 am


Here is where Bitch is challenged, close them down rightfully.


Casually fall you missile.


Patrick, all our rights are in so Jew could make us leave sexual. 2.51 am


Sore ache apped. 2.52 am


Jew closing you out for sad. 2.55 am


You failed to save yourselves, unbelievably appless. 2.56 am


Happy Jew strikes us, he's definitely dying us out. 2.58 am


Scored us dead. 8.49 am


For every day he's fell. 9.26 am


It's fell, oh let's STRIKE." 9.28 am



Is it not perfectly clear that we can save ourselves if we take Judah off of our paper? Of course we can. Have our elders from outer space not informed us as to what we need to do to get Judah war and genocide off of us?


Did elders not say over 5 years ago, "we advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Yes, they did advise us to STRIKE THEM OUT over 5 years ago.


Bitch mis set you's and he botched Fathers deal. So where do we go from here now?


Might Labor factor in Bitch's fault and just step around his botch and try and save yourselves?


Is Father's deal not so wonderful that even with a faulty sales guy that you will buy it anyways?


"STRIKE EM OUT!" 10.22 am


Might ordinary every day workers not want to make ourselves aware of the fact that there is an elaborate permanent underground for the elite to hide themselves in while we are died of out of life form on the poisoned out surface of planet earth?


"I really did fool you big but it was dumb," Judee say.


And how big did Judah fool us? Was it not big enough to hold us in to fund our own die off?


Are we understanding that the love of God has closed out Judah and his eternal warfare in God's village on planet earth? If we understand this will we not follow the plan and STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?


If this single, simple and most important fact is not understood might we keep blindly funding dying ourselves off?


If so might we be died off even before weap Judah has totally died away in tunnel death?


Judah has us set to die out in only the next few years between his wars and nuclear waste.


The understanding is that if American Labor funds another week of war and genocide then the white man will die out of life form over the next 4 years.


Muslim courts will make the rulings in America, directed by weap Judah. His Replicons will be sitting on the bench next.


Do nothing, Judah directed Muslim rule. STRIKE THEM OUT and we get our famous American Bill of Rights in once again.


Our ancients had it figured out 8 centuries ago how to help themselves out and so they put trial by jury in.


And we the descendants now right less inhabitants being put out by the same guys that provoked our ancestors at Runnymede in 1215 to put the first Bill of Rights in, the Magna Carta.


America now peppered with sniper teams brought in from across the seas.


Father wants us to save ourselves.


Bitch sorry that he cannot do better to try and bring Labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT. Might it be that his chemicals are just a little too much out of balance?


Just to finish these words out for today is everyone not aware that Father does not want his white children destroyed this way?


If that is understood might we also then understand that if his white children keep funding and fighting war for the sport of Judah, Father may have to let us have it our way?


Will we not pray both day and night for Labor to understand that if Labor funds another week of war and high-tech genocide that we, our children and grandchildren will be died out of life form over the next 4 years now?


Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God's law, I will also forget your children.


Will we not put our knowledge to work and end funding all of Judah's sports war in our world?


God Almighty of heaven and earth has ended this failed fasci nation. "IT IS NO MORE!" Our good God and Lord said.


Will Labor not close it out right?




God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Watchword for the Week — Paul wrote: So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1

Sunday, April 16 — Acts 10:34–43; Psalm 118:1–2,14–24

Colossians 3:1–4; John 20:1–18

Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away. Psalm 90:10 (NIV)

Paul wrote: When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory.” “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” 1 Corinthians 15:54–55 (NIV)

Glory be to him who is the Resurrection and the Life. Even though we die, he gives us life now and forever. Glory be to Christ, in the church which waits for him on earth, and in the church which is around him in heaven, forever and ever. Amen. (Moravian Liturgy for Burial)


"We cite you race horse." 12.20 pm


Might that Tele send be due to the mistake that Bitch put a graceless Tele receive in a post the other day about throwing them out?


Bitch apologized for that and he took it out of Simple site and also Facebook. He sent an e-mail to APFN to pull that post down also. That was another stupid mistake of Bitch. Believe it, he is not a race horse in any way, just the opposite. Thank you.
















"I Died To See You Miss. If you're not concerned enough to get organized you split."

"I Died To See You Miss. If you're not concerned enough to get organized you split."


Might we recognize that is weap Judee speaking from his subconscious to us? By attacking us with a thousand ballistic missiles with over three thousand thermonuclear warheads to destroy America and all that live here, did he truly not die himself?


And so he tells us he died to see us miss. Must we not be concerned enough to get organized so that we don't have to split from this beautiful world we live in?


With over 5 years of knowledge that we survived a couple of nuclear blast wars and have done nothing about it. Is that not quite a miss?


So Judah died to see us miss. Though has Judah not told us often that "Druid has ever failed to save himself: Druid is not dutiful?" Yes, he has told us that.


Judee claims it is his mental that is holding us. Once he loses the concession to issue our money and no longer has free cash to hire a fist might his mental not be quite as strong as it is? Certainly.


But the fact remains, he still is the only party that can issue our cash for free. And so what does he do with our cash?


Has he not kept our nation and world in upheaval for quite some time now?


All the bribes needed for when he shoots people down on our streets. Must that not be quite expensive? Sure. Do we see though he can pay all the big bribes needed because we let him issue our money for free and in secret?


So Judah died himself only to see us miss. And what a miss it is. Are we ready to die our life forms out of here over the next few years now by breathing hot radioactive cancer-causing particles?


Instead of trying to spear us one at a time instead he poisons the whole fishbowl. How is that for an extinction level event?


A general STRIKE and in 5 hours they're out of here with their Auschwitz brand and eternal war upon the children of God on earth. Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and close them out of here right?


With the concession to issue our money might we consider how they were able to contaminate our water nationwide with the deadly chemical fluoride?


Fluoride, known to slow the wits. Rather than putting it in our water to help our teeth might it actually have been to take our mental down if ever so slightly to give them the edge in their contest with us?


The widespread contamination of our food products with a range of mental debilitating chemicals. Have we not had a good demonstration of how deadly are the finance wars when weap Judah is the only party to hold the concession to issue our money?


Genocide gone wild in the high-tech age. If our good God almighty had forsaken us and let Judah get his nuclear blast shots in are we aware we would not be alive now?


The first nuclear attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the energy equivalent to 70,0000 Hiroshima atom bomb blasts fired at us.


All pulled out of the night sky by the angels God Almighty sent in. Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor, and good friend had his team pull every single nuclear missile out of the sky in its boost phase at 80,000 feet in the sky. Not one got past God's diligent watchers.


Only three years later to the day, again Judah and his alliance partners tried to destroy the lower forty-eight on the night of June 11, 2014, when he had two British submarines launch 32 ballistic missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton warheads at us from right off of the east coast of our United States of America.


Two Martian mother ships burst every nuclear warhead off high in the sky. Don't believe it? Here's a video to see it:


Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?


Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014

Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014


Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014, between the hours of 8-10 PM

Video 7.47 at



How many might guess that we are looking at 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that are being burst off by the two Martian mother ships over Florida during the two hour period?


32 missiles from two British submarines sitting off of the east coast unloading their cargo of blast genocide.


Are we not yet perceiving what the centers of power of planet earth think of us yet?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels in to spare us extinction in a well planned nuclear blast war?



While searching videos on YouTube found this 30-second video with this gigantic extraterrestrial craft hovering over New Mexico:


GIGANTIC UFO Mothership in New Mexico, December 18th, 2012




Nearly a half a million views and not even one comment? Bitch left a comment there just now.


Take a look and see what you think. Bitch looked at it and it looks too good to be a created image. It appears to be a real extraterrestrial craft hovering in the New Mexico sky. Check the rotation and the reflection of light from the sun and see what you think.


Might we consider the craft floating in the sky is our elder's ship that is MARKING the nuclear warfighting groups that are in New Mexico building the nuclear blast technology to wipe us out?


"An original plunge you failed to save your guys from. War loss, you botched a period."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today. Is there some way to overcome Bitch botch and convince Labor to try and save us from a great war loss here?


What does Judee tells us other than "white children don't have receipts so we have them beat you up." Will Labor not get hold of the receipts and make some tuition available so white children cannot be lured to beat other kids up?


"An enormous carry now burned your mental clear from here now."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.


Will Labor not get hold of the receipts and put our mental in once again? Will Labor not put our mental in that says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?


Will Labor not accept that we have a right of enjoying and defending our lives, our liberty and possessions?


Will Labor not accept that we have a right to safety and to pursue happiness?


Has our good God not gifted us with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Yes, Father has gifted us with those rights and also the right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone. "Consider it a God given right," precious sweet Father said concerning the right to an existence stipend.


And what do we have at this moment other than Judah sporting homelessness so that he can make us easier to sport to death?


Does Labor not see the wrong that we have while Judah has the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, in his hands?


That Judah has used the power of our purse to die off a third of the human race worldwide and the majority of Americans over the next few years, will we not defend our safety and happiness by taking Judah algebra sport out of the equation?


Will Labor not help the well-intentioned Bitch out of his flub? Will Labor not help Bitch out of his gum up of this transition out of war and into peace?


Will Labor not choose to not compound Bitch's fault, his stupid, his carelessness, mindlessness, and instead STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Can Labor not identify with another simple working man and let his stupid mistakes go and try to hear the love of God for us and help us in what could be the last years of our existence alive? If so will Labor not take the paper away from these useless, though sly and cunning, assault and battery guys?


"I treach you. Velocity is screwing us. I'm almost done. With Ein Zwei I stressed you. I'm into perping you with a child. The way I get an animal to talk I shot you. We always have a Jew on the police force so we have a chief to cap.


Brutal sex animal psyches you, it's part of out menagerie. We bore venison, I'm fully optable to die man. The nice Bitch told you about our rights so I'm up. The shoots are all for my fairy trip. We just spite you with a hard time and shoot you off.


Officials have all failed opply, we're all done. I'm just giving you a wolf Michigan face to sports apps. In 5 minutes I took off your country and bored you right. I use animals for surveillance to die you corrupt.


Kerchief seizes you. You prove you're an unaware head with shrimpy on you. Jew oxygen has never refused a bourse, I'm putting you out. My mission is to cap you for a bonus here because I can't see straight.


I tried to booze rate you but I stumbled with my big technology head. My vision analysis is to roll you with a right check. Taking out your economy I'm having fun. I do special well with indigents.


We had atom bombs to weak your house, for three years you've known and still don't pull us out so I'm I'm into washing you because you've collapsed.


They're all pretty helpless with my sweet. I shot you with basalt. The diskettes here and you stay great. We assigned America to shoot, we don't want the country to rise, we want a colony. The WASP I just want to fool with sex right out.


Bitch report my virtual evil right but my racket won, algebra capped all of you even with my suicide right. The professor told you about our tourism, it's almost a whole pitch out. Papa knows my Jew way and keeps me from dying them.


Patrick calls us all nuts and lost the dream, all in all, I'll embarrass you right. My business rights are obvious. I stall you all Jewish forever with Loomis. I shot you pet for my invest.


We fight people over sexual wars, we're intimate, that's why we fight you. For my rights I need public dough otherwise I can't challenge you weap," Judee say.


In that last reverse speech might we hear the truth that if we understand it and then act on it it will liberate us from our world of eternal war?


When weap Judah does not have free public dough do we see his entire war sins cartel will fold away and we then can interact with each other as ordinary peaceful human Beings?


Are we seeing why we need Labor to give us a general STRIKE? Do we see it will end free public funding of Judah rights to perpetrate any more sins against us he feels like perpetrating?


"I blew Iowa away with my divisive. You're just taught this way in these words to believe in weap. When H----- pulled our missiles we were deceased for war right. We weap to better freedom for our way.


I have a death's head musk. I put police on you because you rape us awesome. Whites are fabulous pitchers so I pitch them off completely," Judee say.


Might we note that Judah is claiming it is white that do the rapes and that is why he harms us so much?


"Whites are fabulous pitchers."


Might we note it is a white that helped Judah pitch himself off right?


From reading Judees reverse speech here is what it appears like as to where he has his Replicons hidden.


Our family from the land of good people have the largest number of hybrid transplant Replicon shells within. They pretend they are Muslims as for how they fool us as to who they really are.


His second largest group of hybrid transplant Replicon shells are in the Middle East states. They are running all of the states in the Middle East, pretending to be Muslims.


Might we note the states in the Middle East that are big on doing executions? Might that not tell us that it is Judah that is running those states?


His third largest number of hybrid transplant Replicon shell creations are in the Far East. They are heading all of the governments in those regions. Do we recall it was when Judah put America to serve British war aims that we supported England's invasion of the Far East early in the last century and through the second world war and Korea and Vietnam?


Might we note those nations are all now operated by weap Judah shell hybrid transplant Replicons?


The fourth largest group of Replicon shells are to be found in Germany Judee tells us. Might we note that it is Germany that Judah has been using to do many of his shoots?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven asked us.


What's your position here Labor, will you continue to fail us or give us the peace and sign these weap ciphers out of here for good?


Bitch tries to keep his irritate out of his writing. Just heard someone that was irritated by something Bitch put in yesterday's post. Whatever it was will Labor not bypass it and get us to peace?


Will their hostile day be closed in freedom time? We'll see. Are we grasping it is Labor that will make the decision for you and me?


Are we not yet perceiving what a horrific die that Judah has now got in on us here? Judah's reverse speech indicates that it is kidney problems that will take us big time. We are breathing radioactive waste every day now and it passes through our body and into our bloodstream where it is filtered by our kidneys.


The congressperson that said, "Roast kidney disease," a few years ago in reverse speech. Are we understanding congress is fully aware that we are being died off right?


Tele receives:


"Totally genocide. 4.10 PM


Molest idiots are reversing us. 5.21 PM


Give them the scratch. 5.34 PM


That's your weak, you're not graceful. 5.36 PM


The bears have been thrown. 5.38 PM


Jewish murdered us for the yellow site. 5.41 PM


Their racket's run. 5.47 PM


They're finishing us out with nuclear waste. 5.49 PM


You rolled yourselves grossly with hydrogen. 5.52 PM


We want the stalkers out. 5.52 PM


Get latitude. 5.54 PM


They're criminals that put us out. 5.55 PM


It's never sad for them to hassle us. 6.21 PM


A house of wreckage tossed you in. 6.28 PM


These are cunning people, their tyr shot got them threw. 6.30 PM


You will be destroyed and nothing will help you.


The circuit will change us real fair. 6.50 PM


They're little dumb forces that shanty can't use. 6.54 PM


A paranoid hustling fear. 7.00 PM


You're softly going. 7.01 PM


They're right forcing us all tumor. 7.02 PM




They made us failed life forms. 7.20 PM


The son of a bitches are obviously sapper sports you all. 7.33 PM


These guys are busting us portable right. 7.40 PM


Shut room. 7.41 PM


We're going into Russian. 7.44 PM


This genius is closing us up for real. 8.03 PM


The error is sad. 8.04 PM


Setting us up to fail. 9.02 PM


They might cast your journalists out after seeing you write this stuff. 9.03 PM


You're really a horn here. 9.08 PM


A life of poverty fails you well. 9.09 PM


Sculpt your disgraceful. 11.25 PM


The criminal race siphoned us. 2.05 AM


They shoot us out with force. 2.06 AM


Morbidity failed your life forces done right.


If you foresee it port it out. 2.15 PM


They waste your property hellacious. 2.27 AM


A brow pitches. 2.24 AM


It's scad. 2.25 AM


Miss youritty. 2.25 AM


You get them. 2.26 PM


Genius cats us Grinch. 2.28 AM


Take them down. 2.47 AM


They're dying us irra-grateful. 2.49 AM


Petroleum house resource us out. 2.50 AM


Savage your air. 2.51 AM


We've failed to save ourselves, we've failed August. 2.52 AM


A mattress has failed us. 2.53 AM


Stupid degenerates they made us here. 2.54 AM


You won, let's RISE THE FIELD! 2.55 AM


We're permanently out for fighter fish. 2.57 AM


Our congress failed us. 2.58 PM


They've held us sh*tty, their holding of us is finished. 3.00 AM


You're up. 3.03 AM


The exhaustee over failed. 3.06 AM


They cheat us Muslim.


You're much failed, you're voiding on me. 4.59 AM





They've thrown us theory Muslim. 5.05 AM


Fish heads assaulting has ended. 5.14 AM


Imperium power beat us. 5.16 AM


Have mercy. 5.17 AM


They're making us homeless. 5.18 AM


Thief fails comfortable life with their passion. 6.49 AM


You're close. 7.04 AM


You're an irritate. 7.16 AM


They STRIKE us in our head, they fault our wit cycle. 7.33 AM


Chemish issue flunked you. 8.18 AM


Your morsel portion failed you. 8.28 AM


Fired dead, oh my god we've been fired dead. 8.57 AM


Oh my god, they're out pushing our field, we've been challenged. 8.58 AM


Martians give us politics." 9.15 AM



Will Labor not give us the other component that we need for our politics, the cash to conduct them?


Right less Americans being snuffed out scientifically in a long term well developed and lavishly financed extermination of the people of the United States of America and the people of Europe in particular.


Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and join with the love of God for His children on earth and STOP THE WAR?


"With piston, I foul your wit. I weap you all income. To equalize you's I have Georges. II fouled you sports mate. We just you with a dog and our dough. Bitch reveals my revenue sport is how I pitch you. My super wits boom boom you up.


Our securities are only put upon you to bust you. We want to wipe your happiness for all Jew days. We cite all your peace in rabies sphere victim. I spirit you in your Enos. Our busy atom will leave radio, then I go, I made you.


I war to set you weapy. We ever Freud you right. Through theory, we pitch you animal. Our dogs have feeling to break womb. Our desert wit prefers our deal, with heels I make you go. I'm completely for a corrupt.


The German interest rate allowed us to shoot you. We're a fiction when we leave for tombing. I failed this life when I falled you away. I farce you animal. I just weap you off with my psyche-a-ment. We homeless you wreck to sport thee.


We ever leave the strange dead to mess you. Jew's vessels have image appeal so we take your rights out. Your reason is just. We continue to fight because of lead power. My Martian won't let Judah play, he wants us off.


We've got to get you off because Druid rates more push ups than Judee. If you're inept then Jew throws you into a camp. My guillotine dies your spirit then there's more my spirit. We shoot you magnesium for more mahogany.


We just port you with a weap to hell. Bitch anthem has thrown us all out, he cites our roots as without sight for all days. Our weap force is how we feeble. I throw animal structures to decrease your mental.


A great journey angel, I'm just a meat toss for Jupiter. My whole economic theory is scruple. You serve your own fail. We always die the useful out. Your life force weap is part of Jew die. With your congressman, we're forming a Russian die.


His mother was able to show you my attitude for you all the time. The angels retired me for sport. Bitch report my fast Freude and hair I collect you debt. I always get a child's egg.


I just hold you with a roll emphasis. We soon will see you dead in 4 hours. With your closure, we'll take out your farm states. We just push with a pup. We purchase through luxury with a foolish gun.


I polarize you with my syndicate head. My respectable fight whores here is out, it's the end of my goon pushing. We believe Jews tough, financial, lethal, best sport to put you away. We hold a Jew bank right.


Sidney killed you right in two weeks for Jew way. I'm a pure Mormon, we make you dumb whiskey way for our procedure to keep your mama down. I mirror you for my shooty bakers. I capture you and get you done with my sidewalls.


This is how we are going to do pitch war and New York city to throw you away. We wipe you on a peace bond to scratch fall you. I pitch fellows ment with rumor time.


Spiritual we roll with a death threat. Currency holds you failed. My pitch is for ultimate war. I admonish you financially in my time. My memories establish you in memoriam. In Czechoslovakia, I'm basing to war you out.


Casper holds me up but we show you how to break a state. We hope the dog puts you our per chance so that we can put in our back force. I put an emergency in to do an offend, we got some insuring rights.


I'm closed because I couldn't get you out of here Africa. I'm into Jew sex to bed you. I was so amorous to sault you right. I mouse you guys puritan routine. Some people you molest with rapture.


I have a series of financials all of the time. Some people's psyches see air booming. I roll a right kidnap. You're thief's and Mercury thinks you're the right half. I just rate this ship fool out Jew, please.


I just get you sidewalls for a full year and I death roll. I womp with a British man here truly right. We don't have a hos problem here because we race sold. I voice you slave because I'm a toughy.


With a peace bond, I can box you degenerate but I fumbled good. College boy gave you reality, you see us surprising. Rooky pushed out the old guys, ya, we're all done. I made you dim deaf with my locks, Jew theory was fun.


A virtuous guy got us out for shooting our usury. I messed you, that was my accomplishment. We throttle you out of your premium here. We just get you a numeral with your failed wits. Storage out, we're through.


We're dissipated, our mutual indictments failed. Bitch, I missed getting you out on my weaper side, every state we put in to molest you. We shot you two and a half, our whole production is hopeless.


If we can't punish you right Jewish is through. The native wizard failed us right for scoring gentlemen. 46% of the people are put in already. We breed you so you have a failed life. My electricity dog you true.


I'm obviously a fault over two folds here. I want to set you Russiative for a big boom here. We always use grease for our hos weap. Bitchie moves away our state. Contact showed you our weapons were all for insure," Judee say.


A Newspaper In Mexico Shut Down After A Journalist Was Killed


The owner of Norte, a paper in the border city of Juarez, said there was too much risk to continue publishing.


posted on Apr. 3, 2017, at 7:58 a.m.

Claudia Koerner


Impunity kills freedom of speech,” one sign read.


BuzzFeed News Reporter



"Impunity," defined as being free of the consequences of one's actions. Are we perceiving that is how Judah is acting due to the fact that he has the concession to issue our money in his hands and the other fact that we have no rights at all?


Might we see that it is weap Judah that is shooting up our family south of the border as he is shooting us up right here in America?


The necessity to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah. Do we see it will end his impunity to kill us as he chooses?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance at life in the love of our good God?


"Contact showed you our weapons were all for insure," Judee say.


The reason why Judah built the nuclear blast weapons of genocide to destroy our society and kill us with a few hours of blazing at us. Do we recall the reason had nothing to do with protecting us, rather it was done to insure holding in the necessity to create paralyzing fear?


The prime tool of Jewish worldwide terrorism. Has it not been his great balls of fire that have now fallen in the face of the love of our good God for all of us here?


"STRIKE THEM OUT for Italy here." 10.53 AM


The rifles that Judah has held his fear based society in in the land of the free. Now that he lost to the Galant Sir Casper will we not let them off right?


"Sweep them past." 10.56 AM


Will Labor not sweep them out of the present where they do not belong and let them go into the past where they wanted to send us all?


Spared by the love of our good God above. Will Labor not now try it? The STRIKE Labor. Father asked, "Why didn't you try it?"


I beseech you Labor once again to make this STRIKE or else we are going to go out of here in a real hard way.


Will Labor not listen to the love of our good God and TRY IT?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


1.58 PM


Bitch heard from Father early today about an error in his post of yesterday. The error was a Tele receive that may have been sent to Bitch by Judee.


Bitch put something in earlier in the week that was problematic the day before the judge in Chicago was shot.


It was likely it was Judah putting a negative into Bitch's ear as the judges knick name was the one that he received telepathically.


Bitch put another bad error in yesterday's post from a Tele receive that said to the effect to throw the police out.


Bitch went up and pulled that Tele receive off of Simple site and also off of Facebook. We're not throwing any police out. That was a wrong statement, an error that Bitch did not filter out.


There is nothing like that in the plan of Father. Peaceful smooth transition is Father's plan. No revenge or throwing people out. Everybody gets to keep all of their benefits. Absolutely nothing graceless of any sort whatsoever.


Once Bitch became aware of what the problem was with yesterday's post, he took it out immediately. While that negative Tele receive is now out of Facebook and Simple site, it cannot be erased from APFN. My apologies for the big error. Two times in one week now.


Might it be Bitch's disturbed emotional chemistry that is causing a problem that keeps producing faults?


Once Bitchie sees an error, he corrects it right away. There is nobody getting thrown out as this tyranny comes to an end now. As to weap Judah, "Let them off right," is Father's way.


Father's plan is that we have Labor STRIKE THEM OUT, and settle it with bourse as elders say. And begin again in peace this time.


My apologies again for letting that Tele receive get through with out pulling it out. Might we see what an easy push over Bitch is for Judee tweaking Bitch's mind?


Judee sends Tele receives that can hide an aggressive if not properly looked at. Just pulled one Tele receive today that Bitch spotted as another aggressive and he scratched it right away.


My apologies for putting that in. It is now out of Facebook and Simple site.


It is 2.23 PM and Bitch just sent an email to APFN asking them to pull that post down. My apologies again for posting such an error. Thank you for bearing with me.


Have we seen all the pictures of the American fleet heading for Korea to get the long-planned big war underway?


North Korea now armed with a range of advanced missiles. Might we think of the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor that brought America into war with Spain in 1898?


How about the old battleships that were left at Pearl harbor in 1941 to be sunk by Judah's Japanese fighter bombers?


Do we recall that the aircraft carrier left port unscheduled the night before Pearl harbor was attacked and was at sea and not hit?


All the old planes lined up like sitting ducks that were easily shot up. Do we not yet have a feel for how Judah gets his wars underway?


Now the US carrier group heading for Korea. Might they be sitting ducks for advanced missilery? Here's some reverse speech from April 12, just the other day.


"We sent the fleet to Japan, it's not coming back. Pretty soon you're going to find out how I really irritate you. I make money scoring out your days, with you, it's easy. I do bearish and just pitch your rights."


Do we notice the first sentence in reverse speech tells us the fleet has been sent to Japan and the second part of the sentence tells us that it is not coming back?


Will Labor please recognize that we are now set by weap Judah to not be able to recover once he gets Korea, Russia, and NATO taking us apart with his rifle power?


There are at least 130 bridges over the Mississippi river. Judah has plans to take out 5,000 bridges in America in a short period of time with his missiles.


Will Labor try to imagine how such a catastrophe will impact all of us and STRIKE THEM OUT before the fleet gets sunk in Asian waters?


Do we recall that Judah tells us in RS that we won't be mentally OK until 2 weeks after liberation from his cult?


Will Labor please try to factor that in so as to not use Bitch's shortcomings as the basis of whether to STRIKE or not?


Are we understanding that we are now on the brink of the largest die-off ever of the human species in our known history?


Judee RS claims that the biggest brimstone die off of mild man will be in the fourth year after he gets his war in. 17, 18, 19 and 2020.


Are we understanding that we are being slowly cooked? If so might we understand that he needs external war to keep us from acting to end his die off of us?


Please Labor, will you not pray to our good God above and try to save us before there is no more chance?


Here's a Judee Tele receive:


"I raced you, I sold you off of this place, we find you all guilty," Judee say.


Will mild people not act and end our war guilt? Must American Labor not end funding the war? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and call the fleet home and prevent this well planned Judah catastrophe from falling upon us?


Thank you.


Romans 14:14 I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.


So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1


Psalm 118:1-2,14-24

1 O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

his steadfast love endures forever!

2 Let Israel say,

His steadfast love endures forever.”

14 The Lord is my strength and my might;

he has become my salvation.

15 There are glad songs of victory in the tents of the righteous:

The right hand of the Lord does valiantly;

16 the right hand of the Lord is exalted;

the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.”

17 I shall not die, but I shall live,

and recount the deeds of the Lord.

18 The Lord has punished me severely,

but he did not give me over to death.

19 Open to me the gates of righteousness,

that I may enter through them and give thanks to the Lord.

20 This is the gate of the Lord;

the righteous shall enter through it.

21 I thank you that you have answered me and have become my salvation.

22 The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

23 This is the Lord’s doing;

it is marvelous in our eyes.

24 This is the day that the Lord has made;

let us rejoice and be glad in it.











"STRIKE THEM OUT or Right Guy's Done."

"STRIKE THEM OUT or Right Guy's Done."


That is from an overnight Tele receive. "STRIKE THEM OUT or right guy's done."


Our world locked into eternal sports war. The greatest harm done to Labor, has it not been the war that has harmed the interests of Labor most of all?


Is it not something that it is Labor itself that funds the war? Will Labor not RISE and STOP THE WAR?


Tele receives:


"Throw Jew out. 12.04 PM


STRIKE because the air's abrasive. 12.07 PM


Because of the loan office, you all die. 2.28 PM


It's easy prayer. 2.46 PM


It's a great sin of choice. 2.50 PM


You're welcome ahead. 2.52 PM


Brutal fall you all jury less. 2.59 PM


Pat, we need elocity. 3.04 PM


We can't leave this genocide op go on. 3.06 PM


Selfish well. 3.09 PM


Cancer will cite you all fisted. 3.12 PM


The dog wrenched. 3.32 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, end their appin us, end their hassling us.


Finish it, they only buy disease. 3.35 PM


Shanty scored them dead, their genius is off, they play too dirty. 3.36 PM


It was a great sin, now they're passed. 3.42 PM


Their blaze is out for maddening. 3.44 PM


The scientist got their core out. 3.46 PM


They rape us all foreign and leave.


Your mouse is about completely set. 3.52 PM


Split you sexual is about folding here. 6.42 PM


Cashed, just like we are a mouse. 6.46 PM


They gave you a police state almost completely dead.


They're out on a slide rule. 10.49 PM


Their problem is purposely useless. 12.02 AM


Jews failed you off of here. 1.03 AM


You're set for a big fail here. 1.04 AM


An obvious dog-a-ment cleared you's.


They sold the Bitch with criminal lies. 1.06 AM


The cats died us out. 1.08 AM


The pubes are all confused. 1.19 AM


Jew attach themselves to make you dead.


Devil push us out disease. 1.22 AM


Your ables flimmed you to how you're about to lose your life. 1.23 AM


Rights will get you off of error stuck. 1.27 AM


Criminals Jew want to be sacking you. 1.30 AM


Your heritage is all coming offinals. 1.31 AM


They put in fear enormous abusive.


Your police forces out you failed. 1.33 AM


Paramus haunts your sex field. 1.34 AM


They seriously fist you quite perceived. 1.35 AM


Ambulance died you like asparagus.


STRIKE will get their coring out. 1.37 AM


Series dunge rearranged us. 1.38 AM


Falsed out castrated. 1.39 AM


They're ranching you out 4 seasons. 1.40 AM


Your victory falls battery.


Victims pay full. 1.41 AM


Take New Hampshire breed for their fouls. 1.43 AM


Inherit stomach. 1.44 AM


It's real petroleum custody. 1.45 AM


Their refusal degenerates white man. 1.46 AM


They're bursting you hostile. 1.47 AM


Your income ceased well. 1.49 AM


Conscious miracle is a rude force. 1.52 AM


Brassiere right forces hold us back, hostily parse us. 1.55 AM


Pain from Russia makes a slow die.


Nuclear must fall off your head.


Terrible Germany exclusive cites us. 2.00 AM


If you fail to save your life it fails you rightfully. 2.01 AM


The weak are purged. 2.02 AM


You failed to save your life with terror boy symbols. 2.07 AM


You're sinkered rightful. 2.09 AM


They starch us failed. 2.10 AM


It's passed here, you're passing away. 2.11 AM


Recognize you've failed to save your lives.


You failed to save your own family even though Mercury pulled you out. 2.13 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT or right guy's done. 2.14 AM


They're trying to save us. 2.15 AM


Patrick is trying to save us from falling here.


The white man carried out his own survivness fear. 2.18 AM


Muslims failed your rising. 2.20 AM


Close fiction. 2.29 AM


They're at us sadly. 2.38 AM


Terrible life forces raped us. 2.39 AM


Fishing ham accomplished you. 3.07 AM


The generous is awfully out. 3.48 AM


Sin flint. 4.04 AM


You've been approved. 4.13 AM


Finish, their rule is fighting." 4.26 AM



"Our management failed horruft and put us in. With our power of police we always mush you dead. My gospel set you an economy you can't access. We just weap dead the druid's head, that's our mark in life.


With my dissension, I set you low. Judah just caught you failed. Symbols all to myself just shot you much. You see my favorite is to rub you dead. Our nuclear shot that failed you perceive our furnace.


Jew obviously a fraud, obviously no good. Jew push your rights with a unifoldee so soon you're gone here. We fetch them with Dallas and toss them a war way. I failed my Muslim voyage by pushing my mushroom first," Judee say.


If Judee has tried out his Muslim voyage before he attacked us with his nuclear missiles might he have gotten a little further with his false?


"You don't appreciate the bank war so I have set it so that you can't live," Judee say.


Could that be what is holding us from acting to take the bank away from Judah, we don't appreciate the bank war?


That our good God has willed that Labor issue our money, should our thoughts not focus on our good God's love for his unaware children on earth? Should Father's will for Labor to issue our money not help us to appreciate that it is the bank war that is dying us out of life form now?


They dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb against ISIS in the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.


The GBU-43B known as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) or the Mother of All Bombs, is a 20,000-pound monster. It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million.


When American Labor ends funding ISIS might there also no longer be any need to fund the bombs that Judah drops on them?


"Jew ruse bourses in lethargy. We want one state continental, communist. We set your life truly chemical, that's our Medusa. We perished you right off in 4 years without faulting, my Indo-mart knows how to speak here," Judee say.


Made aware that we were attacked with nuclear missiles to exterminate us in October of 2011, and now 5 and a half years later no response to save ourselves yet.


Will we not pray that Labor will gain the knowledge of the extreme importance of the bank war that Judah is using to die us off and that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from them?


"If it wasn't for Christians you wouldn't see Judee pp head. We went mushroom bench ways and lost it all. I had a museum in Iowa I lost. It's outrageous how we core you fist, I'm victable.


I image you right for management, I hold your head in a sack and it lets me run my tyranny. I just war vis easily. I just like to do my filth rite because I'm a crazy sort of blade.


We put dumbage before your day to fail. Our tourniquet now is to leave you choking, our Judicus goes out of here now. I say embezzle and talk abusively. I have a bank to take out your air.


I racial with a military to leave you a big deed that's witless, that's how I score. I make a fortune from closing your street. Heroin schools you. I deceive you to make police altruists.


I bow municipals with my weap. We put all emergency in and use coppers to pull you out. With my native gruesome, you die thera-set. Jew proceed to penetrate with mark gorgeous, without your help I'm out," Judee say.


Are we seeing from that reverse speech that without our help Judah cannot penetrate? The German equivalent of our dollar, the mark, do we see that Judah uses several central banks from the mild man's lands to penetrate?


"We invented rear scoping. They're sick of me. You give up your life for pencils. When H----- pulled our missile we were deceased for war right, we were halted. Bitch rang our force tyranny," Judee say.


When Judah shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, are we seeing that only the love of precious sweet Father kept us in?


Don't know if that should be kept in the post. Judee did say it though.


Here's some more Tele receives:


"Your mental's a statistic. 4.29 AM


Your family's gone through opticals, through the genius of the guy that sold ya's out. 4.31 AM


Suffer fooshed you. 4.37 AM


Jesus pulls down horse right. 4.40 AM


They folded us diapers. 4.43 AM


Patty, they're scooping us. 4.44 AM


Complete ignorance prevented a RISE here. 4.48 AM


Junk, they harness you right chemical. 4.53 AM


They fear us inter-racially. 4.56 AM


Partially your sexual is sealed. 4.58 AM


They're throwing out your resources well. 4.59 AM


You're all punished, you let these guys take your ship, Manson. 5.01 AM


They bore your senses down right here. 5.03 AM


It's just a dash hold on the double. 5.06 AM


Hey, big guys, pressure is assaulting us. 5.15 AM


Straight failed you phony. 5.51 AM


Bubba's failish. 5.58 AM


They leap frog until you're in a ditch. 6.11 AM


Uncle Pat, you failed to save us. 6.36 AM


Crummy municipals deceived us. 7.09 AM


Kennel apps will zoom us. 7.12 AM


Jews came to America with a promise to accomplish us. 7.23 AM


Without the halo court, the assault us would have pulled us out. 7.26 AM


You're all power fisted. 7.28 AM


Management switch. 7.29 AM


We're all dead by spoof Johnson here. 7.39 AM


Smote him. 7.42 AM


They sieged us right with money. 7.57 AM


Screwing us frivolous now. 8.02 AM


Cow dead. 8.07 AM


It's the last week and chemicals win, Jew already fallen. 8.59 AM


I'm passed; a suitable surface die. 8.58 AM


You've been attacked in your vitals. 9.12 AM


Your helpless have failed. 9.14 AM


Chromium has failed us. 9.21 AM


You've been conducted tumor. 9.28 AM


We've lost so many sphericals to nuclear atoms. 9.29 AM


Permious we've lost our lives. 9.33 AM


I'm sick of war. 9.38 AM


Micro singe. 9.44 AM


They've crippled our light bulbs. 9.45 AM


Bad judges, they're rotten to us. 9.46 AM


It's very mouse ops out here. 9.47 AM


The factory's out of here for poisoning us for real.


Real sacred night work. 9.48 AM


Their psychologists threw us off here and we're little kids. 9.50 AM


They leafed us total with cash. 9.51 AM


Their package is rising Wisconsinly bad. 9.52 AM


They've resigned for fistinality. 9.53 AM


Spiritual hit is dying us. 9.54 AM


A theory raped our field. 9.55 AM


They keep twisting us ruthlessly and dastardly. 9.56 AM


Bitch acknowledge they've shot us already, simply stupid's figured it out why can't we please? 9.58 AM


Sheeny died to sig us out. 9.59 AM


Patrick, I love your adverse. 10.21 AM


Their inner state shoots. 10.27 AM


Their insane falls us. 10.51 AM


That's real gory for a percent. 11.28 AM


The professor's trying to beseech us. 12.03 PM


They're filthy on their horror side." 12.19 PM



"Jews appetize people through dumb kids sphere. I take your race off all the time. My Germany right ruse cash you and put you under. I believed missile was a true event to die all insure.


My total function is to put you away. It's an addiction we saved for fighting, spiting you. We're still forcing you here jail. I failed bad but I can still hold the mice my usual way. Our ruse finally stuffed us because Bitch pulled Brussels out," Judee say.


Do some recall a few years ago that Bitch read in the reverse speech of a news broadcaster from Germany that radar data had become available that showed NATO nuclear missiles headed towards Poland as the reason the Polish government had to ghost out?


Might we perceive that sort of information pulled Judah's Brussels out right?


Do we recall when the coffins were returned they were welded shut and no one in Poland ever looked to see who was inside of the coffins?


Will Labor not help us out of this situation where we have no rights at all?


Eight centuries ago it was made the law of the land in England that juries would hear what the deal was that was going on. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this infantile paralysis that Judah has put in? Will Labor not put our American Bill of rights in once again?


While researching some of Charles Manson's history looked at the prison that he is in now. Corcoran, California.


While reading of some of the prisoners held there happened to see that the fellow convicted of the Ennis Cosby murder is locked up there. There is a link at the bottom of this page for those that are interested.


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money into your hands and hire us some legitimate grand juries so that we the people will be allowed to hear the truth of how this land became such a troubled land?


"They threw us away. 1.23 PM


We're through with their threat here. 1.25 PM


They blew their missiles and war right away. 1.30 AM


Patrick, your boys have failed.1.35


Vidiots savage us all. 2.07 PM


They spite us foreign here, get them out in sequence." 2.11 PM



We need a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR. Will American Labor not have faith in our good God above to see us through to the safe shores of peace?


They have done all that they could to destroy the America dream by turning it into a nightmare of war.


"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them, enrich them," Father said to Bitch many years ago.


Bitch sure would like to help electrify the world with the free energy that is available using velocity power circuits.


Would it not be nice to work together to bring our $100 trillion dollar economy in so that it is real easy then to see that there is something for everyone as Father wills?


We can get it done if only we have some help. Do we see the help we need to end the hell on earth is to stop funding Judah sport in our world?


A third of the human race whether we get to live our lives or die out inhaling nuclear waste. The fate of us will be decided within the week.


Somewhere in Bitch roots are some dangerous old men. Bitch wants them put into retirement. Will labor not give us a hand?


Will Labor not overlook Bitch's inept in the social area and think of the better days to come when Labor is sitting and issuing our cash without holding us with a gun?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Father's angels said.


"HUGE rifles are coming in, chase them out."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today. Will Labor not spare us from any more moral, social, spiritual or economic decay and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will Labor not end funding Judah bringing his HUGE rifles in here?


"It's awfully dreadful, you're finding holes here, great for harshly."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


Has Bitch not scoped out many of the holes that weap Judah is sneaking away to hide in while he cables more dying of God's kids on the surface of planet earth?




Elephant Mountain — On March 4, 2017, and also a week ago the same camera, picked up another object. It was almost identical, but it hovered in location for several minutes. I went back to copy the picture, but the Webcam had already ready refreshed. It was an accident that I found it going through live weather cams around Flagstaff. I was checking out Elephant Mountain when a blip caught my attention. I went back and got the screenshot this time. Last week a huge triangle hovered for a little over two minutes. I just took out the screen surroundings, but the picture was not altered as you will see. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Santa Rita mountains near Tuscon, Arizona.

Might there be an entrance to hide inside of elephant head mountain so that Judah can continue his harshly on God's kids?


Are we seeing how our family from outer space has been MARKING the mountains with the holes that Judah is running to hide in?





Have we not read enough reverse speech from weap Judah to perceive they will stay long enough until it is understood by everyone that we have lost our lives to deadly nuclear radiation then they will flee into their well-prepared mountain hideaways to sit out our cancer die?


Beseech, the definition is to beg for urgently or anxiously. To implore, to request earnestly.


Make supplication, which means to plead humbly.


To ask someone in a serious and emotional way.


That we are now less than a week away from having a third of the human race on the surface of planet earth sealed in to being burned out with radioactive waste in a nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against us.


Will those that understand where we are now will we not pray to God that Labor will STOP THE WAR?


Psalm 5:8 Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me.


Psalm 4:1 Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!


Psalm 7:1 Lord my God, in you do I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers and deliver me,


Psalm 6:4 Turn, O Lord, deliver my life;

save me for the sake of your steadfast love.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


Will we not pray that Labor will have the courage to take the challenge to take the concession to issue American Labor money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not pray to have the faith in God to save us from this brimstone hell that is set to take us out in the hundreds of millions right here in America in only the next few years?


Beautiful Popi, don't you want Him to come in and live with us Labor?


We're dying out, we're being destroyed. Will you not help us?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Maundy Thursday

Watchword for Maundy Thursday — He has gained renown by his wonderful deeds; the Lord is gracious and merciful. Psalm 111:4

Thursday, April 13 — Psalm 49:1–12

Job 15,16; Romans 16:8–20

Spare your people, O Lord, and do not make your heritage a mockery. Joel 2:17

Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29 (NKJV)

Holy God, source and sovereign, on this Maundy Thursday we are reminded that all power and authority are placed into the hands of Christ. As we remember Christ who washed the feet of his disciples in humble service, may you teach us to love one another as Christ loved, so that everyone will know that we are his disciples; through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.





"Horruft." Horrible, corrupt and rough? Is that not curious how the subconscious can connect words to create new words?













I said Ye are god's

Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


Psalm 82:3,6 ~ Luke 6:35 ~ 1 John 4:8








"Will We Not Be Happy in a Realistic House?"


"Will We Not Be Happy in a Realistic House?"


As we are being blinded with extremely high background radiation to give us cataracts, lung cancer, and pleurisy, has my mother not given everyone enough information about sports guy on a free bourse package to bring Labor to STOP THE WAR?


So some had their shyness shocked by Judee optical animal hold. Allowing for that can we not get over the breezness here?


Judee always discouraging us with a right fall down. The one time in Judees life he failed right and Bitch caught him red handed. Now he is quite dead with his Jersey palace side. Will Labor not give Bitch's mother her due and STRIKE THEM OUT right?


Will Labor not end the war and give us our realistic house for all of God's kids on earth?


So Bitchie not a perfect boy. Shot by Judee the day he was born. Might that help explain why he ever did nothing in school? Couldn't do math or diagram a sentence. Never understood certain basic things.


Even at the time, he wondered, why are things so hard to figure out?


Looking back now, might some of it have had to do with the cheese and noodles for dinner?


Those sweet small pies by the checkout? The pizzas that tasted so good?


Does that Judee not know how to work our mental right?


Judee and his satirizing us every day. Mocking us in the videos he plays. Keeping us holding our breath for the day the giraffe at the zoo becomes a real mother.


Did Judah not discourage us the day he struck John?


Then Malcolm, Martin, and Bobby struck down. Senator Frank Church how he caught cancer after reporting to us stories about the "Family Jewels."


Might the range of punishments that Judee has available to him be the reason why Labor has not let him off of here yet?


Judeeness dictatorship and the mental abuse that saves them. Might shooting Oswald have prevented a rising against them when they shot John?


"Druid is a thief, I killed him with my war. The white boys acknowledge us fail. Our conspear residential put you in true. Our popular corporation for abuse has proven false," Judee say.


A pet offend with opticals from 35 years ago Judee relying on to burn the entire Western world down. Will he or will he not succeed in dying the entire mass of the mild people off why he simultaneously conducts world wars for free using the pocket book of the honest working men and women of American Labor?


The 5 hours of the general STRIKE to convince Judah to hand the checkbook of American Labor over to a Committee of the Whole made up of the people of Labor.


Might we consider that day will be Lucifer's last day of molesting and abusing God's children on earth and the rule of God will come in at last?


Will American Labor not give us God's day of peace and STOP THE WAR? Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the concession to issue our money in your hands?


The continuing catastrophes that our family on earth is enduring. Are we aware it is all due to who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?


Tele receives:


"Cheer. 1.03 PM


It's over for false truth and shooting. 2.36 PM


The martials fell. 2.46 PM


Scary missile went fantastic. 2.48 PM


You're always deceased from the wicked head. 3.01 PM


They got your safety out, tough die.


Cats die us. 3.12 PM


Scored us off twice, shot us bad. 3.20 PM


They experiment on how to decease us. 3.21 PM


Patrick, hold your best fellas in. 3.25 PM


They deface us white wash. 3.33 PM


Scored us all lethal, Patrick's been trying to save us all this time. 3.35 PM


They missile us because we can't think well. 3.36 PM


They died us missiles. 3.38 PM


He knows who these people are we just sit around and do nothing. 3.39 PM


Get a mental, save your ciphers. 3.40 PM


We've been screwed out physically. 3.41 PM


They just absolute waste us. 4.43 PM


They shot you fiercely. 4.45 PM


It's all false. 4.46 PM


You're technically on abuse. 4.48 PM


You really let them perish you. 4.50 PM


He's an incredible telepath.


Ink martyrs. 4.55 PM


They awesome died your field. 5.09 PM


They're dying the state. 5.53 PM


Patrick Sullivan is an awfully nice boy. 5.55 PM


They're perishing us like ants, that's why stupid is trying to save us. 6.15 PM


He embezzled resources. 6.16 PM


Unix Mary did missile. 6.26 PM


Too amazing God acknowledges you. 6.28 PM


Contact kicked their ass. 12.37 AM


Despotism rice you badly. 12.40 AM


He's leaving you virtual erred. 12.43 AM


Oh my god Patrick they assault us with nuclear weapons. 12.47 AM


Super failed to stop the erase of us.


We're dying off molested.


The Jews are passed for hopelessly contact. 1.41 PM


Easter paid for our sin.


Get them off, get them out. 1.42 AM


Dying us Judas here petroleum.


Your states are goose principles entirely. 1.44 AM


Cinder by fall. 1.45 AM


The size of our income goes through you with a great sword. 1.46 AM


The final weap of Judah is to die us scam free.


Jail you great, graceless. 2.10 AM


Cat operated pencils. 2.1 AM


Senate has died us. 2.13 AM


You die allisor complete. 2.15 AM


Germany caught you atomees. 2.16 AM


Your basic sin is falsing yourselves fistables.


Jew fish rifled this house.


It's canceled, they're letting us core die. 2.17 AM


They perish you out of your day wicked ass. 2.18 AM


God saved us but we died anyways. 2.19 AM


Thrown right, Bitch rates us easy capture. 2.20 AM


They put an end to our selfish and Patrick saved our white man from purity washing us out criminal to perish. 2.21 AM


Fantastic hurt failed our whole force. 2.22 AM


Assault us perjerous.


It's estimated to die your selfishly great fooled. 2.23 AM




Old electricity falsed you out. 2.26 AM


We've been assaulted quite dead. 2.27 AM


It's finished their currency goes inside.


Their mental defaced us.


Washington failed, we leave here suffering out. 2.28 AM


Fantastic hold you crystally. 2.29 AM


Financially conquered sale.


Fist raider held us failed past eternity. 2.30 AM


ORGANIZE yourself.


It's cannibal Baltimore accomplishing hopeless life through Pittsburgh failing us.


Ratical consciousness died us.


Official income will now be Russian.


You inherit filthage due. 2.32 AM


Average die for breeds total rice here. 2.33 AM


You're abandoned fairly pushed us. 2.34 AM


We lost you faceless here, faithless. 2.35 AM


Packer caught you mousin and stoned us. 2.36 AM


Uncle Sam is a great copper.


Uncle Sam is accessing a great die from a video taken by a mouser 35 years ago.


Hunger sad us. 2.38 AM


God saved us easily and we died ourselves awfully useless. 2.40 AM


You package race score completely. 2.41 AM


London sacked the world. 2.42 AM


One of the worst dies evilly corrupt. 2.52 AM


The Nice boy is cautioning us sightly. 3.00 AM


A less brutal helps end criminal sport.


We've been edicated. 3.19 AM


I've been greased your honor, symbols fall. 3.31 AM


You're past goofy, thank you very much for the STRIKE here. 5.50 AM


Shanty's tossed these ricers. 6.01 AM


Jeopardy they've brought us. 6.42 AM


Fisty ciphers march us backward. 6.44 AM


Bitch smarts try to help us get free from these guys and get some fair income. 6.49 AM


They threaten us cash.


A ruse-tistic. 8.31 AM


You've been adjusted for filth the right way. 9.04 AM


We died full gear set us all." 9.40 AM


Bitch truly likes the idea of getting some fair income for everyone and also getting free from these guys that only fist.


Might we see the fist is connected to income? Might we understand their external fist is how they have been able to keep ordinary guys and gals from getting fair income?


Does it all bring to mind the question often asked about Labor issues, "Which side are you on?"


Might we consider that our good God considers the question of fair income so important that he has given all of His children the right to receive an existence stipend?


Might we consider all the areas of warfare that Judah engages us with it is his financial that he does us the most harm with overall?


When Judah brought his created economic depression in in 1929. Have some of us not heard our more senior members of the family tell us just how hard it was to get income during those years of forced Jewish privation in America?


Did Judah not use privation then to set us up for his big investment scheme, the Jewish second world war?


"Our transport state is out. For every day my importance dies. H----- closed me and my bourgeois die. You failed to my suffency. A nice boy has told you about your fatality. I couldn't discourage the school, we just have an atom for a nice shovel.


Pretty soon my zoo fist will disappear. Our weap cipherous charities swept you off your feet. A Palestine rude I establish for thee. I'm a consumer of life's income foul. I'm completely out my fist. It's sad, the Russians won't serve me," Judee say.


That last reverse speech from a significant level Judah. "It's sad, the Russian's won't serve me."


Each day Judah is giving a different read on the circumstances of him getting this war going that will put the final nail into Americas land of the free.


If only Labor will give us a hand are we understanding it will take the jeopardy that Judah has put upon us off of us immediately?


"Because of papa's op, I'm through. I'm fighting peace rag. Someday my menagerie will be gone for my app. We pledge to do fist. Because I'm Jewish we have a camel that hates you.


All minnows I'm gonna out shame right. We got a great air right poison weap. You guys passively suffer rice that automatically authorizes our guild to pillage you. With a tomb, we'll have a fix. I tried to take you back to the stone age but my truth has all fallen.


To Jew you're just a deck offend, I boom a boy. I'm going to do some more of my Bin Laden. I score your kidney great. You're set to die kidney, my dentist is through. I screw you for the duchess one way," Judee say.


Just watched a 10.43 video of a man that had surgery and had his heart taken out and during that time he had a conversation with God.




The video has 9015 comments. Here's a link to it:



He asked God what the meaning of life was all about and God said to him, "oh, that's easy, it's all about love."


If you watch the video he tells about before he returned from his medically induced coma after his heart was repaired and as he was leaving God's presence Father put His arms around him and hugged him. At that moment he tells us of God's feelings of unconditional love for us.


Over two and a half million people have already looked at this video. Bitch listened to it first in regular speech and then read it in reverse facial speech.


His speech for the first 7 minutes was easily recognizable as weap Judah type speech pattern. He indicated in RS that he is an English shell. After the first 7 minutes Bitch was thinking that it was one of Judees false videos that he likes to toy us with.


Then at 7.43 in the video, he breaks down and begins to cry when he tells of the unconditional love that he felt from God when Father put His arms around him and hugged him.


The reverse facial speech then indicates that he does not agree with his previous mode of life.


Here's some of his reverse speech after he breaks down and cries:


"Take me up, corder end. I apped using forces to psyche down. My hasp had a rolling age. My function really was wrong. I'm merching mild states now. It was freaky. I'm completely exhausted out of my trip. My pay just seems hopeless today. German staff, I can't see them scrimmaging you now. I broke OK with ruse. My ribbons be off. I changed basically, my shame come off of me. My aim is now to fly right. Your happy is real. I'm putting it all away salting pepper. I'm horrified with purple and want the whole game off."


Father has a kind beautiful unconditional love for all of His children no matter the circumstance of our lives. Will Labor not bring us into the warm unconditional love of our precious sweet Father?


Our 200,000-year lineage as children of God with our high-level intelligence potentials. Will Labor not put love at the top of our thoughts and STOP THE WAR?


Bitch sorry he insulted you all for it really is not like him to criticize anyone. "Life's short, have fun, be nice. And remember do not use my money to make war." Bitch basic theory of life.


Do the ordinary everyday working people of Labor not see the urgency to STOP THE WAR?


Two judges now taken out of life in one week. Is Labor not perceiving that we are melting in more ways than one?




Police Believe New York Judge Found in Hudson River Committed Suicide



Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam in 2013. She was the first black woman to serve on New York State’s highest court. Credit Mike Groll/Associated Press




With our grand juries in are we understanding that we will be able to learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Might a coroner's grand jury not want to first identify if that is who it is claimed?


The wilding that Judah does when he gets on top of us. Will American Labor not help us out of this mess?


"I weak your like passion," Judee say.


The rest of God's children we share this beautiful nation and planet with. With Judee doing his ruse assaults are we seeing how successful he has been at weakening our passion for spending more time with our neighbors and friends and making new friends that we haven't met yet?


The constant assault and battery of weap Judah to separate us. Will Labor not give us an end to his ruin?


Holding us now for his last assault, knocking the legs out from under our economy now. Will working men and women not give us our STRIKE?


"I sever you judge, we did a nice dunge. For perma-sex we expire, we just lost. We're awfully selfish with Jew life, we're frosted now," Judee say.


The millions of our fellow Americans living out on our streets as if we are not a nation just a roaming wild land. Will Labor not put God's existence stipend in and bring our family in from the cold?


So they shot John, Martin, Malcolm, Bobby, Frank, Eugene, Harold the good and hundreds of millions more. Once we take the concession to issue our money away from them is it not certain they'll no more shoot our best?


"The British awfully rightly base wits off of me," Judee say.


In that simple sentence might we understand why our elders suggest that all we need to do is to be re-sighted?


Might we further understand that is due to the fact that it is not our wits that are ordering all of the mayhem and wreckage in our world, it is weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?


Our precious sweet Father who wants to save us. Is there not a magic word to convince Labor to try and save us?


"I command you to love one another," Father said. "Love thy neighbor as thyself," Jesus said.


Might that be the word to save us, "Love?"


The man that had his heart repaired asked God what the meaning of life was all about and God said to him, "oh, that's easy, it's all about love."


Will American Labor not demonstrate love for the children of God on earth and end funding the satanic weap Judah war on God's kids?


Selfish Jew with his tight fist. Will Labor not get him off of God's kids?


They've lost their rule for sins against God and man. Will Labor not do the right thing and let them off here right?


Their massive dungeon molests that have come to light. Will Labor not help us before we are left in a difficult upset?


Must American Labor not end funding Jewish state terrorism?





"I would have given you anything," precious sweet Father said.


Are we understanding that we are looking at nothing ahead? A permanent toxin now in our air set to destroy us and our kids.


Our oxygen being embezzled out and not available for us to breathe. Our fields contaminated to poison our food. Roast kidney disease they've been planning to give to us too. Will Labor not protect our vegetables growing in our fields?


Will it be the bitterness of senseless loss of life when all it will take is a general STRIKE?


Waiting to be struck down by these guys that only have one mission in life, to deface us first and then kill us all. Must Labor not reach the level to understand and act to not fund it?


Our educators, clergy, our business elite. Our doctors and lawyers that play the sport. Will Labor not take the purse and put our grand juries in?


This Jewish tyranny has been condemned by God Almighty, "it is no more," Father said.


Will Labor not give us some help and let it off of here right?


Is Labor understanding that to weap Judah we are dirt that costs? Does Labor not see that we are lacking a court?


We have been deceived by Judee mission with a pebble. Will Labor not help us and let them off right? Has Englewood not showed you's Judah's custom?


Must American Labor not free us from this life fall?


We all can be happy in a realistic house. Will Labor not invite the love of God in? Is it not clear we're basically out of time?


Will mild people not end being mere passengers and step now into the driver's seat?


Will Labor not try to sooth our good God? Will Labor not have faith in the love of our good God to be able to end the mischief of those that only make war?


Will we not keep praying to our good God above to energize Labor to give us our STRIKE?


If so, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Psalm 49:1–12

Job 15,16; Romans 16:8–20

Spare your people, O Lord, and do not make your heritage a mockery. Joel 2:17

Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29 (NKJV)

Holy God, source and sovereign, on this Maundy Thursday we are reminded that all power and authority are placed into the hands of Christ. As we remember Christ who washed the feet of his disciples in humble service, may you teach us to love one another as Christ loved, so that everyone will know that we are his disciples; through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.


5.12 PM


Just finished watching the international news. Both announcers, one in Asia and one in Europe signaled the same thing that Bitch pulled out of their reverse speech.


"Patrick your child is still letting us roll some great shots. Your rice child is still holding us in."


Might this be the last hold that Judah has before Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?


Did Bitch not explain before about Judee setting him up for the baby weap about 25 years ago when he was even simpler than he is today?


The child shortly before had been in the custody of Judee at DCFS, and when returned was waving a pendant in Bitch's face to hypnotize him.


Stupid Bitch so easily pushed by a child so that Judee could make some movies of him.


Judee then took the movie and put it in a store for sale and had his guy shop lift it so that he could have him arrested so to get the video put into the court record.


Can we only pray that those that are swayed by Judee baby weap from 25 years ago will let Judee go away now for good? Thank you.














"We Sandwiched it and You Failed to Save Yourselves and We even assigned a Scientist to Talk to You. "

"We Sandwiched it and You Failed to Save Yourselves and We even assigned a Scientist to Talk to You. "


Heard that at 1.15 AM this day, Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


Set now for a mass die off at the hands of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse. In reverse speech Judah reveals that his scientists are telling him that he has sealed in 46% of Americans to die off in the next few years from the nuclear waste he already has in our environment.


With about 320 million Americans would 46% not be nearly 150 million Americans to die out over the new few years now from Brimstone waste?


Now faced with Judah starting multiple wars against America from countries he controls through the issue of money. Are we perceiving that we are headed into a new cycle of sport war?


Here's some Tele receives:


"Save your persons from decease. 3.27 PM


They're framesters. 3.46 PM


They're scoring legitimately. 3.51 PM


Let's do it and save ourselves. 4.16 PM


Thank you. 5.13 PM


Tumor. 6.38 PM


They're busting us out. 6.43 PM


These are some true writings here. 6.46 PM


They've fallen here. 6.47 PM


Get them out of fiercing. 6.48 PM


It wasn't what I was looking for. 6.50 PM


Fundamentals are firing your safety goofish. 8.01 PM


Real abrasive inform us. 8.08 PM


The breeze has gotten us real that you de-exist yourself. 9.47 PM


You failed your space horridly. 9.48 PM


You're now seeing your bumps. 9.49 PM


You fail roosterly. 9.50 PM


It's a current attack. 9.51 PM


It's a mental rub. 9.56 PM


Patty, an unusual freed us. 9.57 PM


They saved us awfully failed. 9.58 PM


Your mind so dies to their weapin. 9.59 PM


You are police state criminaled. 10.06 PM


You RISE us, don't just leave us like this.


Cash preserves the way we live here. 10.09 PM


You ignored me abusive. 10.07 PM


A crash is deserving, you're corrupt. 10.11 PM


You failed elicity. 10.11 PM


They leave us scorched field. 10.12 PM


Harold would have saved us.


Jews have identified your facials, Jews have identified your fate, waste. 10.15 PM


Error death was a freedom forecast. 10.16 PM


You're exhausted degenerate, get them out. 10.21 PM


Outrage our sanity, outrageous sin. 10.22 PM


Hatchet they make us yield. 10.23 PM


They deny freedom sexually.


They fetch you obviously.


Patrick has told us what we ought to do, waltz them out of here. 10.24 PM


New York city has put us in the bleachers.


Cipher dies, they burn out the truth failest, STRIKE THEM OUT! 10.32 PM


Tourist rate daft.


Ein Zwei offends us out. 10.38 PM


Chill a brief. 10.39 PM


They'll toss you out of here rightly man. 10.41 PM


Mental outrage separates you from the Lord. 10.43 PM


They're going to do some die hits here self-made, STRIKE THEM OUT! 10.44 PM


It's a die erase wicked. 10.45 PM


British holster hassled us. 10.47 PM


You're choosing real dyish for sport. 10.49 PM


They burn us as a truth to us.


The devil has been refused. 10.51 PM


They're faschn' outside juries. 10.52 PM


You're rifling yourself easy right. 10.53 PM


With a right deal, they tossed you out preacher clearly. 10.54 PM


Preachers do offend with official bribery.


I shielded you right missile. 10.55 PM


Their garbage sale has tossed us nuclear. 10.56 PM


They're wising us up rightly. 10.57 PM


They bust your balls in their pizza right.


They just falsed you out of your life, they falsed you completely.


Selling you bad dog. 10.58 PM


For beginners rights STRIKE THEM OUT!


Opioids they use to die you fist. 11.01 PM


Jew title dies field.


You die costly the mental way. 11.03 PM


You're obviously dying, try to save yourselves. 11.04 PM


You walk around challenged deadly.


Jews awfully failed us really nice.


Ravished brutal they fell. 11.12 PM


They washed us healthy.


Embarrass put in a total die. 11.15 AM


Zipper rights have fielded us completely. 11.17 PM


Shut them out they've been nesting us bad.


Abuse theory puts you away chapel.


They're thrown out but you're still destroying yourselves. 11.18 PM


They embarrass to cause excitement. 11.19 PM


Psychic is a personal victim cipher. 11.23 PM


They abourse you.


Their mind stacks you up.


Contact put them in.


Purity sews you up, purity throws you out. 11.35 PM


They're basing us real chemicals.


Their real irritate is luxury accomplished us. 11.36 PM


STRIKE THEM OUT, they've poisoned us. 11.38 PM


They're dying us with weap leverage.


Let's dream of cash and resolve to save our genes.


Heavy thoughts are they finished us.


Your decimal died for these son of a bitches.


Pat, they really falsed him out. 11.42 PM


They gave us a brutal decepscious.


Lifers fell missile disease true.


You've been security blasted. 11.45 PM


Domestic they're racist offenders. 11.46 PM


Stupid fish will be pistoled right with no problem. 11.47 PM


With no trouble, they're real stumbling oxygen.


It's obvious it's war they make. 11.49 PM


The petulant goose fell. 11.50 PM


I can't believe they've frosted us. 11.51 PM


They're digging the ditch to bury us. 11.52 PM


The guy has been porting you out for all of his days. 11.53 PM


The Jew field real arson. 11.54 PM


Fail to action, it's a fault dangerous. 11.55 PM


Tyrannicus thieves soundly refused. 11.56 PM


They like to pitch the homeless.


Sorry, it's a criminals field. 11.57 PM


They'll wake us outrageously enemy.


Complete corrupts psyche, you official.


You're exhausted Muslim. 11.58 PM


Your necessary is scotched, obviously, you're in an abusive game.


They'll scrimmage you fall home runs. 11.59 PM


The police are dead, they can't fail no more. 11.59 PM


Cash money is holding us for our deaths.


The colonel is showing we failed in over time. 12.01 AM


National credit apps are their source.


Moscow wins us over, it's sold.


Pull their mistake off. 12.04 AM


Oppose miserable, close them up.


They die your gene for a theory day.


Your fields have been rolled for cash.


You fell, you are racials stumped selfish. 12.16 AM


You're dying out your sacred day. 12.17 AM


Heart attacks will shoot you rightfully. 12.18 AM


They wall for luxury easily.


What did I do here to space them? I gave them the missiles charges but the usher cleaned them available.


It's a die postal coming Monday, Jew statutory from London is coming in.


Super hears their luxury shot.


A ditch eviction is mandatory when you are failed. 12.19 AM


It's a fallen nation by theory. 12.20 AM


STRIKE to save your life. 12.23 AM


Get error gone because Jew wouldn't listen.


Genital threat you awful. 1.04 AM


Assault you nice battery crazy.


He keeps amazing dumb with images.1.07 AM


With control of income, he keeps poverty in. 1.09 AM


Master died for toast criminal.


Idiot breeders are going and end fishing.


Stupid they hurt to fail you in.


You're right for missiles code; you're out.


Super missiled lifers. 1.12 AM


Their widgets have brain effects virtually. 1.14 AM


We're missiled and they're buzzing over time.


Camel grease us puritics.


Life's failed light bulbs cat fist.


Your fail is useless because you failed to save your life forms.


A challenge is faulty.


Daimler here with their sightless cycling. 1.16 AM


Hosiery hosed you out lethal. 1.18 PM


They obviously fist miracle.


Druid Slavic people are set to go now lousy way. 1.20 AM


You watched them fail us backwards and not even touched them with their mandatory dust. 1.21 AM


Stupid let you in on their crazy toast die ruse. 1.25 AM


Soon Bolsh will be in. 1.27 AM


Deceit oppin failed. 1.31 AM


They're stirring up Brussels way. 1.32 AM


They're hauled. 1.33 AM


They did all they could to ruin us. 1.36 AM


You failed to save yourselves, my gosh a mighty you failed to save your lives because we're too corrupt. 1.39 AM


The fight us Romneyish. 1.40 AM


Full insure. 1.41 AM


A right would save us fish. 1.43 AM


Jew orphan rights are inscrutable.


Super tossed their hidden sex out. 1.45 AM


It's an able wash. 1.47 AM


Your whole crepe will fall if you're frightened. 1.48 AM


From Washington, they're physically taking our life away. 1.49 AM


Fidelity has failed your psych-us tight fist. 1.50 AM


Write your congressman and they'll hurry you on a list to moose you out. 1.54 AM


You guys are leaving sad. 1.55 AM


Heroin's their jailbird rate.


The company is pure rat.


Wash your failure, wash your bad. 1.58 AM


You lost your tax roll right. 1.59 AM


Their rich authorized our deaths.


They tossed you failed jail sheeny.


They take out all morality in their state. 2.00 AM


A critical fail dying harsh wit. 2.01 AM


Basketball game stole a mind, stole a mental. 2.02 AM


They insult you grass fires.


They war permanently right by Germany. 2.03 AM


Intimate made us fail disk.


They pitch life as a fact. 2.04 AM


Rice bruise you in. 2.05 AM


You're rightfully entitled to save yourself. 2.06 AM


They're promoting cowlessly.


It's numerals diphtheria that makes life fall down. 2.08 AM


Idiot race goes waste. 2.09 AM


Our destiny is failed. 2.10 AM


The legs supported you. 2.12 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT, it's purely mental. 2.13 AM


We sandwiched it and you failed to save your life. We even assigned a scientist to talk to you. 2.15 AM


The police roll endless ABC.


You're burning your sites out for their habit. 2.17 AM


If you're dying the best way is rising up.


Bankrupt fear exposure. 2.19 AM


Once they get you inside you're died armed sadistically. 2.20 AM


They took us out of here purposely helpless. 2.23 AM


Helplessly trusted them. 2.24 AM


They're shooting you terrorist bump. 2.25 AM


Drag them out soon, please get them out they'll hemorrhage you HUGE. 2.41 AM


Oh, they're going to destroy us all foul? 2.45 AM


Kennedy was scoring true. 2.52 AM


You cared me. 3.05 AM


We're all on a prison and Jews love it. 3.22 AM


Patrick save us from dying here, Jew exhausted us ignorant.


I can feel the torture around you. 4.05 AM


They're sporting eunuchs rightful. 4.17 AM


It's foolish. 4.18 AM


You failed to save you life from this vicious abusive cipher. 4.37 AM


Bug out, freedom he warred well. 4.52 AM


It's cash to die white. 4.54 AM


You lost your state dough boy. 5.15 AM


State was lost dolt.


You lost your life all fear. 5.17 AM


Patrick they falsed you to die them. 5.19 AM


Less oxygen dies. 5.34 AM


Municipals bagged us and pulled our life forces a lot. 5.55 AM


Pat, the purpose of Jew mission here is to irritate here. 6.20 AM


Father get me out of irra-plex." 7.13 AM



"Patrick, my story passed away. I tossed you fairy gospel. I fall you down. My pyramid made Islam life. I fold you police completely managed. I challenged your safe and forced you out. Hey you, STRIKE our failish is out. We'll finish the die of a true gambler. We toss your righteous right under," Judee say.


While looking through some human, civil and Labor rights section at Wiki came across what prison authorities can do to workers in their prison houses if they should dare to go on strike:


"Often, specific regulations on strike actions exist for employees in prisons. The Code of Federal Regulations declares "encouraging others to refuse to work, or to participate in a work stoppage" by prisoners to be a "High Severity Level Prohibited Act" and authorizes solitary confinement for periods of up to a year for each violation.


The California Code of Regulations states that "participation in a strike or work stoppage", "refusal to perform work or participate in a program as ordered or assigned", and "recurring failure to meet work or program expectations within the inmate's abilities when lesser disciplinary methods failed to correct the misconduct" by prisoners is "serious misconduct" under §3315 (Wiki)


Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end a year in solitary confinement for our brothers and sisters that choose to go on STRIKE in Judah gulag houses?


"Jew been tossed mighty well, you've got to get their scrimmage off. Their cipher is sealed, primitive dies."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.


The main thing we need to do to try and save ourselves, will Labor not help to get their scrimmage off?


"The West coast you probably already know about the attack."


That is a reverse speech found in a television speaker.


How many have heard that Judah attacked us with another nuclear missile that was burst off by Sir Casper?











Have we not seen enough nuclear warheads burst off by Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians in the last few years to not recognize a nuclear warhead when it is burst off at a safe altitude?


For those that take a look at the video, it will be seen that there are a few bursts that come from it. Those are nuclear warheads exploding many miles above the earth.


The first burst is the chemical explosive burst to set the Atom bomb off that then triggers the thermonuclear Hydrogen bomb to go off.


If this is understood can we not get some help from Labor to end funding these guys shooting these nuclear missiles at us?


Can we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to spare us extinction from nuclear blast war? Will we not try to end helpless and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Father spoke to Bitch a few hours ago. Here is what Father said:


"I cannot be defeated hosily." 8.52 AM


While weap Judah hybrid Replicon transplant shells in North Korea can launch as many nuclear-tipped missiles as they want might we consider that not one of them will get past Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians?


Might we understand that Father cannot be defeated by Judah hosiery that he has widely spread around our world?


Here's some more Tele receives from the last few hours:


"Take them out. 8.53 AM


We're closing up our life forces, we're scorching ourselves. 8.57 AM


We need a gentle pitch. 9.35 AM


Vics fix you for a heroin grab. 10.25 AM


Purge lethal. 10.26 AM


A total correction. 10.31 AM


Horse racked us. 10.37 AM


Help us Patrick. 10.39 AM


Summons, you can write (right) them out of here. 10.46 AM


Jew fail doom all." 12.09 AM


Who's Vics that is setting Bitchie up for a heroin grab?


Could it be the nickname of the former Vickers armaments company? They sold out and now have a different name. Might this scheduled heroin grab be coming from a British mansion that made their money selling Vickers machines guns in all the wars of the last century?


Will Labor not give us our STRIKE and end these guys frame ups?


Here's some more of what Judee is thinking:


"I forever want you on a pack of crime. Bitch told you about allisor and threw my stool out. I inherit you soul dead. My mama tried to get the potato but he spayed us.


Told you about Alston and how I threw the white guys right. With my homeless ops I pitch you right. Police-bergs all disease true. White guys, you can't mess around so you got to impress him with my wits.


The professor blew my rude op. We score you with county police cars. Bitch has told you all about Judas for sport and lies. You're a threat to my finances. Images let us fair you. Your rentals up because you guys failed all your days.


I set you, I'm foul. I use you for my rights. Our smoke mission is going to bring in some big fear. Our purity passed you for every day. We're weapy foul rusers. We discourage you with a big pepper.


I push my cruelty with guns. It's obvious I can't go on with you seeing my symbol, I'm gonna STRIKE you first. We're going to make you poor Monday. Auschwitz, we're going to shoot refugees here.





We sent the fleet to Japan, it's not coming back. Pretty soon you're going to find out how I really irritate you. I make money scoring out your days, with you, it's easy. I do bearish and just pitch your rights.


Me, I'm going to eternity for my paper wits for free. Bitch obviously outed Jew molester for all days, the people are getting wise to us. You see my big fall, you sealed my die.


We like a race war at a convenient time for Jews. I'm a lion at fooling out Murphy's rule. I'm going to leave you in peace bankrupt fine. I'm about out of here for peace movement days. I'm a fail with my threat of war.


I see you animal right, that's why I do my insect. We won Druid state with our cheaper policy, now we make you go. Scored your muscle by my foreskin. He made me inferior in life by his big rice op.


We're trying to get a child to fall on you for our big set. With all my fault the Bitch has now thrown homicide. Our mission now, to throw out your financial. Bitch has wasted our round table for war.


Jew soda pop was always a hopeless day. Your face with a policeman I always take out great. My white mental breeze let me score the whole race out. Jew possess you through a psycho.


I just fight you until I can set you core-a-tek dead. We score you on the race side. Contact ruined our fist and great purpose. I fight with a knucklehead, that's part of my conspear. Raunch you.


You muzzled me, got my owl out. Some Japanese people I late. Our June bugs bite mental. A tyranny's kept my false in. The nice white boy's seen our big roast package and how we use stew wits to throw officials off to make some time for our rules.


I find police that pull nice people right and I shot them. My truth is your settlement should die. I'm a Mormon face with West Germany. My purpose is to exhaust you with the government all the way, I'm thiefly.


I mess your wits with excitement for fun. I fire you with maximum intelligence for white bird. A badge I use to do all my chores. We let them rot in jail, it just lets us bruise their wits.


We just do ass wipes with children out here. Germany continues to be our center force to die. We got some people from London to pitch foul you. Our Oswald kept us safe from rise.


With no STRIKE purples will chlorify you before I leave. We're hoping for some rainbow force then Russians will finish you dead. I scorch you evilly. I keep you dumb on a pizza.


We've got 5,000 batteries to get you fist. With some police efforts, I'm leaving you to fail. All Jewish play patriotic American until we come in and measure you. I always had a ray gun to take you off. Bitch wants me off, the way I score you opticals with British let me hold you for a die.


I'm an outrageous man to menace you properly. I'm gonna hold you on a foul grade, that's why I need a weapon. My child sport ever degrades your mental. The problem of penuries is Jewish original, it's how we make them fall.


A missile is how we got you rightfully. I want to bust Iowa but I fail, we roll problems. unless there's a rabbit act your economy's going to screw you. I can't screw the professor on motel because he knows how we play our game-see.


Iowa tossed out Jerusalem because it saw our psycho. H----- state said it wants nice guys, we journey out to fail you cholesterol. I anchor things with police and chambers. Our rule is terror wastative.


We fail you with no respect to fail your day. Bitch has got the bible to smite us. I blew off the milkman. Bitch has got the sight of my platypus jail. The police I errored up good. Irishman I threw out right. Our sight of embarrassing the white guy is hopeless.


My German act is going to blow your bridges away. A death warrant we use to sport you. Sports coming in, ------- going to lead it. I sold you out even after you had evidence Jew assault," Judee say.


Bitch reads the reverse speech of news videos of certain things of interest and finds quite a few Judee ghosts. Here's some reverse speech of a University rower that purportedly fell out of a boat he was rowing with his teammates:


"The boy did some ruse right, they pulled his crew chief. His molest ops have been closed. He got tagged for some police pull off. He threw a Mexican."


The next is from a video news report of a priest that was purportedly stuck up in an armed robbery while he was walking his dog near his church:


"A shell was put out to sport Druid. We set you up with a racial dog to fool. It's all part of my Jew page to fool. I'm appointing a Judas judge. This is some commercial abuse I'm doing now, your erection ever made an arrest for me.


A parasite was always despot wits. This is part of Judah foul law suiting. The police are set to make this guy go, Jew full molest is coming out soon. We throw you off guard is how we challenge you."



Might we see they have the guy already selected who they are going to throw the frame on?


"Your erection ever made an arrest for me."


Are we understanding that the churches are serving with the viceroys for sport? If so will Labor not help us here and bring our grand juries in to let them off right?


Read the reverse speech of a video that claimed a guy tried to pull a couple of sisters away. The girls were about 5 and 6 years old. Here's some reverse speech from that video:


"I want police to install my kid with a weapon, I mess you right. I sold you a victim because I want you to cry. I boomish you. My sport I rise tension in Germany.


I've been spieled all my life to set you off. I have a 4 A ment on municipal. Drew ops here. I bond you out 4 eyes. I just use jail to opp your side then roll."



Then they gave a description of the guy that supposedly tried to pull the two young Judee op girl kids away.


Might they now have some poor homeless guy in jail that fits the description because he only has one set of clothes? Might it to be to collect the insurance on him from his last couple of jobs?


Are we understanding that Judah trains his littlest kids to opp us all of the time?


"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Precious sweet Father said to Bitch many months ago.


Father just said to Bitch at 12.38 PM, "sooth."


Will we not keep praying that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from Judah for what he has done to us and for what he is doing to us?


If so will we not pray that Labor hears the call to act and STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


Wednesday, April 12 — Psalm 48

Job 13:20–14:22; Romans 15:30–16:7

My heart exults in the Lord. 1 Samuel 2:1

Jesus says, “I do not call you servants any longer, because the servant does not know what the master is doing; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father.” John 15:15


Thank you, Lord, for seeing us and meeting us in our time of need. May we always trust in your wisdom and compassion. Help us to express our gratitude by sharing your message of love and friendship with others. Amen.







Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents



Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud





"It's Fair, We Warned and an Incredible Psychic Informed You's".

"It's Fair, We Warned and an Incredible Psychic Informed You's".


Might we recognize weap Judah by his speech? "It's fair, we warned and an incredible psychic informed you's," Judee say.


Bitchie, educated by extraterrestrials to read reverse facial speech pulling out weap Judah's hidden and deepest thoughts for all to see. Has Bitchie not explored the secret life of weap Judah and his zipper work?


Has Bitch not found what was known as the "crypto-Jew" and properly brought to public awareness the hybrid transplant Replicon shell that molests and abuses in all terrains he is allowed to?


Judah breeding up about 160 million Replicon hybrid transplants worldwide. Did he not take over planet earth once he took over the concession to issue the money of American Labor? Certainly.


Animated with the spirit of vengeance, revenge. Bred into the environment to get on top of the ordinary people and put us in.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to pull Judah's big shots off of us? Do we understand that if not for the love of God our Father we would not be here at this moment?


"It's enough, I've warned you," Father said.


Warned thousands of times for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. Now Americans perishing out with our children and grandchildren.


"What happened here," Father said when Bitch had his blooper attack and insulted everyone 5 years ago?


"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE.


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God almighty of heaven and earth asked Americans.


The propaganda that Judah has so effectively used throughout his time inside of us. His telling us how bad the other people are that he gets us into a fight with.


Judah now in his last days inside of any of the children of God on planet earth. His pacific behavior until he gets on top of us.


Has our good God not let Judah show us his right stuff enough that we cannot get a helping hand from Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and rid us of this errant disease spreader? Will American Labor not end funding the vicious guy that only makes war?


Has Judah not told us that without the high performance of his white fist he is truly a timorous guy?


Have we not been warned for quite some time of what weap Judah is all about?


Did Lindberg not pay a big price for speaking up about Judah and his huckstering on other people's blood?


How big of a price might we think Lucky Lindy paid when his little baby was plucked out of his crib only to be found later with his head bashed in?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for having His angels let the ancient animal primitivism cipher of weap Judah leave himself off of here?


A Tele sender said yesterday, "eventually he'll expire." Any doubt that that is correct?


Is it not certain no community of love that has knowledge of Judah cipher will ever let him operate his fist racket again?


Is there not an agreement that Judah is finished for good after he got caught red-handed attacking us with one thousand nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


Then again attacking us with 32 ballistic missiles equipped with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads on June 11, 2014.


When these facts are correctly perceived by working men and women is it not likely that Judah will never make a come back again?


If we understand Judah is out of time will American Labor not come in and end funding the crimes?


Must American Labor not end funding the hatred, the violence in our world that weap Judah is doing using his nearly biological white fist?


The cruelly manipulated poor. Will Labor not put God's gift of the existence stipend in so that they can have something to eat without having to serve as Judah's fist?


Will American Labor not give us something better than murder for hire as Wall Street's current business model?


Will Labor not protect our financial life by taking the financial out of Judah's private hands? The concession to issue our money. Will American Labor not get smart and try and help us to stay alive by putting the sovereign American Labor dollar in?


"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" The angels said to us over 5 years ago.


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angel's said.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty of heaven and earth said to Americans.


How many consider it possible what Judah is telling us in reverse speech that the fourth year of his particle weap he will die the last of the white race out of life form?


Judah attacked us with enough nuclear blast force in 2011 to destroy America and most of us living here. Might we consider then that 2012 was the year he and his fist should have been packed up and out of here?


Bitch erred in April of 2012, six months after revealing what Judah had done in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Elders said that Bitch, "mis-set you's."


Did Father not explain how Bitch had committed his error? I'm sorry I didn't attitude you right.


The four years we had to save ourselves has passed since 2012 and we are now sealed into a deadly prolonged die off due to breathing in nuclear brimstone waste.


The next four years will complete the die off of the white race.


Are we understanding that Judah is forcing his next war to bring Russia in with his British, German and French mercenaries to give us a full knock down so that he can turn his sleeper Replicons loose on us?


Do we not get the deal here is to bust us out so that our economy will not recover?


How about we let Judah share some more of his secret thinking from his reverse facial speech? Here's some:


"I screw you with the right vitamin. We bourse having sex with you all for fun. Hoboken gave us our roots for vegetables. Jeffery dies you for insurance.


My cow I always push well. Our tyrious we do on Saxon. I step you right with a white truth. I'm a juvenile to daft, I crumb you war. I set you four years smock you bad.


We had no respect for power with Jew true assault. I always fall man with boots to sup, by summer we'll have you off. Our race is off the state today because we can't convince you, you're putting our sport away.


Because of Bitch, I'm forever leaving. The professor feels my full delightee. Jew died your children. I just make you a victim in our zoo, that's my chore. A score I just make.


Jew has a tight suffering way to louse you. Jews all fail so we're out now. I did my maximum rude for my right trick so I got to port. I hold grease for my market. Gracious I was rolled thumbing.


It's the end of my zoo pepper life. Patrick saw us. My mouser failed stupious. I bore you Mormon to set you faulter way. This Mick assaulted maximum Judas and took our play way.


We just score you to hold you back, that's why we like cancer. With our sweet Thomas we're happy here. Ignorance of you is what put me in swell. Some big ways my mother molest.


I just sport you great foul. I score you dumb off complete. Stupid your fate. I'm completely weaped out, you're over scored. Foolish people dangerously leave you to die.


I set you hydrogen right for our true foolmanship. A heroin hit made me famous and proved I'm not usable. I've been completely stopped because of my department.


Our great campus was stupid to base you dumb. Your friend ----- ever support the military but now sees the point of Jew boy. Big Jew opps is so vicious I'm out. We just attach you through inebria to make you fall.


With our weapatory we wrenched you right out. I'm an incest to take you over truly. I advised you all century for a punishment hold. Druid's smacking me, scoring me out because I'm not useful here. I push you raider.


I bad dog you off your days. I'm glad I met you for my awesomeness. We had a mental opportunity to make you go so we decided to make you die and it blew our whole theory away.


My mother taught me to set you Alston right, my ship is backwards these days, you washed us. All junior achievement's dutiful. I do you with rice chemicals for my gen way. I predict a rising for your arrival.


The breeze of Jews is over with for blues. We just use your right choice for investatives. The boom of my life is to port you Moslem. Our genusberg just wants to assault you because that's my theory.


Obviously, I'd of thrown you if it wasn't for Mars, I just deal a switch.


We have a genital foul to shove you off great. I take you off of your jobs but for Mercury, I fell. Fierce I set you bubbles. The Arapaho I use to do divisive. I monkeyed you so I'm dead true.


When you perceive your environment you'll probably send me fantastico. I'm going to leave you an Eskimo with my Judas. I core you with averages, I just shit up your life. The mice, we just rough them fair. We filched with a seat belt.


Our genius is to make you stupid in life. With Brinks, we fought them off easily. We gave you some bisexual well. Stereo and a cage left me to do a rough rude. I jokium you well. We attach you fully hostile. I sue them for an income amplifier. I bought a factory fight.


Basically, for my Alamo, I'm a Federal. I haul you out creep in the parking lot because that's my life. I shoot you with my whole life and from Bitch, I'm a failure. Since the Martian come in it's a new set.


Our weap is our stratagem of death, it's abusive, that's clear. I push you to degenerize and make you sad. Communists make Lutheran pedals to push you bad. When Jewish vision passed you I burned you rightly.


Our joy is white dead. I'm a boom racer. I just race your gene. We just push you out with more Orange-men. With our right insure we have the police on you.


You are paying for our shot, this is where I really failed it. The stupid man should be out of survey ruse. Judah is out for heretic. I'm basically off. We go now in peace," Judee say.



Will Labor not help us, stop the third tribulation so that we can bring the Hopi prophecy of earth's magnetic power in? Will Labor not help us to prevent Judah from giving us his planned cold chill life?


Will Labor not bring our free heat and electricity in for all of God's kids on earth? Our family that lives in the coldest regions. Inexpensive, durable, solid state transistorized circuit boards to tap into earth's motion and turn loose the magnetic force for heat and electricity.


For our family that lives in the tropical regions. Air conditioning powered for free.


Will Labor not try to perceive the damage that is being done to us and our environment by over 6 years of Judah shooting nuclear war on us from Hitachi-GE?


"Our joy is white dead."


Will Druid Slavic peoples not awaken to what Judah thinks about us and take our checkbook away from him before we are totally done out of life form?


" I haul you out creep in the parking lot because that's my life."


"They've poisoned me," Stanley Meyers said as he ran from the restaurant only to die in the parking lot.


Driving around with his water-powered dune buggy. HHO to power his machine totally. Will Labor connect the dots to see the picture of how velocity free energy technology can help us a lot?


Can we only wonder what day Judah is going to have his combined military forces attack our power grid to set us back a ways?


"We had a mental opportunity to make you go so we decided to make you die and it blew our whole theory away."


For once in our lives will Druid Slavic peoples not demonstrate the mental strength to close Judah out right? Do we not see by Mercury report their theory is blown?


"Inebria." That's what Judah claims as for how he has been so able to put us all in. Can we not fix it Labor? Can we not show some force to save our own lives?


"We had no respect for power with Jew true assault. Gracious I was rolled thumbing."


Thumbing his nose at his fellow human Beings on earth, and getting away with it forever. Are we not truly lucky to have our precious sweet Father who loves us send His angels into spare us Judah right, Judah way?


Did Father not give Judah a truly gracious die?


"I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthful," Father said


They had no respect for anyone including the higher level powers that gifted us with their high intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics.


If Labor will only absorb all of this must Labor not then do us some benefit and let these dangerous errant life forms off of here right?


"Our tyrious we do on Saxon. I step you right with a white truth."


Will we not end white Judah hybrid transplant Replicon shell misrule?


Will Labor not now close out Judah tyranny in the Western world and bring in the second Republic of the United States of America, based on our original claim to have God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?


Will American Labor not do us all good and put in once again our sacred Bill of Rights?


"I set you four years smock you bad."


Judah closed out the first full year in 2012 for attacking us with nuclear blast weapons in 2011.


We had 4 years after to save ourselves and did not do that. We kept war and genocide in. Accepted living right less in a Jewish tyranny state. Never missed paying for one bomb that Judah had his white fist drop. Now set for our turn next.


"You guys passively suffer rice that authorizes our guild to pillage you," Judee say.


Are we understanding that only a miracle can save our lives now? Is there not some understanding that we have put enough cash into Judah's hands to die us all right on out of life form?


40,000-mile long spacecraft recently anchored near our sun. Might Father have sent it in to bring the righteous out now? Might the rapture begin right after Judah attacks America with his multi-nation force?


Was 2,000 years just not enough time to explain what the rapture and brimstone were all about?


Might workers not want to ask each other what Father asked Labor about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?"


Tele receives:




It's a hurricane that failed. 3.38 PM


Patrick is trying to stop their sport.


Patrick, we praise you up. 5.07 PM


It's an answer. 5.27 PM


Gifted. 5.32 PM


Put them away. 5.57 PM


They're terminally corrupted. 6.05 PM


The thumpers stole our field, God Almighty saved us, our comfortable lives are going away. 6.08 PM


They screwed us fist. 6.11 PM


They dusted us real wicked. 6.21 PM


Stumbled you and your great god.6.22 PM


You use real harsh words, you don't really please me do you? I'm not amused.


A healthy parasite. 7.02 PM


Weaps are basing and bringing the rapture in. 10.05 PM


File your registive shot. 10.07 PM


Suckered awesomely.


They burst your electricity. 10.08 PM


Luxury is rightful to moose you.


Race war they won. 1010 PM


The police fall for hawking. 10.12 PM


Police failed this whole state.10.14 PM


The police fall to disk psyche.


Peace fell causing insidage. 10.16 PM


Peace fell causing our disease. 10.13 PM


This was fault boursive. 11.17 PM


Municipals exhausted us. 11.43 PM


It's incredible horrible how he cheats us. 11.46 PM


Incredible ricing, get idiots out. 11.48 PM


STRIKE is spiritage, end his ape genus. 11.50 PM


Patrick saves us, our family is rifling us out. 11.52 PM


Viceroys couldn't love you with packages. 11.55 PM


They so effectively fist us up.


They're wildly super fly coring us. 1.01 AM


Permanent abuse you keep with corrupt.1.05 AM


You let him palace side you. 1.09 AM


They fell beautiful marvelous Martian raid but you just keep cashing yourselves out.2.43 AM


Flirtation refused, this boy closed them up and you failed to save yourselves. 2.46 AM


Take them off. 2.45 AM


It's always dangerous to risk an all-out conflict, you should STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.47 AM


ORGANIZE, they form a state of fear. 2.51 AM


They're capping this Bitch loser. 2.56 AM


Oh, my god, they wiped this field awfully sharp. 3.23 AM


You lost your great forces. 3.41 AAM


Range hoppers. 5.30 AM





It's finished. 5.37 AM


It's threatened. 6.49 AM


The dance they're doing to waltz us right in.


Fortified with Judas oranges. 6.11 AM


Your stupid failed us. 6.23 AM


It's a new brand instead of despots. 7.16 AM


You failed to save yourselves, you're virtually exhausted. 7.30 AM


They've arrested them, they now stab each other. 9.07 AM


Recognize your welfare and STRIKE THEM OUT! 9.23 AM


Chill them right. 9.27 AM


Your super failed and the Martians feel reduced. 9.34 AM


They canceled us. 10.44 AM


Scoot them over. 10.45 AM


This boy picks them up, he's even got the right time." 11.03 AM



Are we perceiving that they have got the white people set for a 100% die of us?


We the people who pay their salaries and have no rights because they tell us so. Will Labor not step in and get us some respect?


For 1300 years they have been abusing and molesting the mild man of the north. They attacked us all out to incinerate us with a 3-hour shot.


"Alcohol, Jails, and war are what they tell us was how they were able to score our genus out of life form.


Might we try to appreciate that Judah scientists are revealing to him that the 4th year of this brimstone score will finish our life forms out totally?


And are we aware the 4th year from 2016 is 2020?


Our kind precious sweet Father, our Saviour sent His angels in to help and they pulled all of Judah great balls of fire off of us.


And our response, how many have even said a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing us from death in a nuclear blast war?


And now attacking other nations on the pretext of a gas attack. Might we not see that Judah is waltzing us right into a major war with Russia?


Has our good God not given us more than enough warnings to STOP THE WAR?


Do the American people not perceive that we are actively being destroyed with the most advanced technical equipment and methods that money can buy?


"Shanty even with truth lost." 12.21 PM


Might we not have to give Judee some points for his mental strength that he has proven able to hold the guys even in the face of our impending demise?


"We believe in Jew life murdering to pest you. I tossed you video head," Judee say.


"Let it start. 11.58 AM


Got you set to die. 12.02 PM


Thanks for shaking reverse universe out. 12.12 PM


Stop, you're hurting us. 12.13 PM


Boom wild. 12.18 PM


They're wrapped. 2.24 PM


You're now exhausted to fold up. 12.28 PM


Pura-head failed wildly." 12.33 PM



As reverse universe boy has shaken himself out right can we not pray that American Labor will come in and take over the mental for us now?


The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not hire us some truth in our nation and world?


38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star is a kind gentle Being that is our good Father above.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." Father said.


Once Judah attacks us with Russia force might that be the final nail in our coffin?


The basis of our relationship with Father is one of love, of free will to do as we want. Judah chose not to accept Father's most favored suggestion 3,500 years ago, "thou shalt not kill," and so now he has finally put himself out and away from us for ever more.


Bitch thought the hard part of this transition would be getting Judah out of here. Has it not actually proven to be quite easy to get him out instead?


"Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself," budget Judee said.


Patrick speculated that was what elders strategy was to get weap Judah gone. "Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself." Then he heard:


"Patrick, please don't embarrass us." Elder sister Juliet said.


"Demonstrate the magnitude of the deception." Explains why elders dropped their spacecraft at Roswell in 1947.


So the easy part was getting Judah finished, did Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians not do a just and wonderful job of removing Judah assaults from the skies above us? They sure did. Thank you, Sir Casper and your diligent team for sparing us from being destroyed by weap Judah blast shots.


So the hard part of the transition is, convincing Labor to help us close them up right. To take their force away from them, the concession to issue our money.


Bitch, regularly being assaulted from a space-based weapon for over a decade now because of his demand for PEACE NOW!


Then 6 months after Bitch reports to Labor that we have been attacked with 3,200 missiles, a Jewess with 2 foreign policemen in tow shows up at his door to pull Bitch out of his house to transport him for a view of Poland and then on to Moscow to be finished out.


Mercury steps in and keeps Bitch alive. Then Bitch insults everyone out of the misery of it all. "Mis set" you's is how elders described it.


And now we face the hardest fall that we have ever taken, total loss of our physical life forms.


The guy that Judah hates most of all, the white guy, now Judah has been put out by a white guy who reported the evil Judah has sown.


Bitch, educated by our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters learned from them how to read Judah's thoughts to reveal what goes on in Judah's head.


Are we understanding that Judah's head reveals that his scientific advisors have informed him that he has killed the mild man of the north and his family in total now?


The mild man informed that he can have Judah and his threat closed out in only 5 hours of a general STRIKE.


Will we not pray that mild man steps in and closes them out right?


If so are we not assured the right way to do it is to STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, April 11 — Psalm 47

Job 12:13–13:19; Romans 15:17–29

I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish with you an everlasting covenant. Ezekiel 16:60

The promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him. Acts 2:39

Wonderful and gracious God, giver of life and all good things, teach us to value your covenant with us. Allow us to praise your name in all times and places. Amen.






"You Blew Your Time Easy, I Believe Right Will Finish Falling The West. Jew Hammer Operation is Taking You Out Now. It's a Nice Fall, Your Life is Falling Out."

"You Blew Your Time Easy, I Believe Right Will Finish Falling The West. Jew Hammer Operation is Taking You Out Now. It's a Nice Fall, Your Life is Falling Out."


Do we recognize weap Judah now merely by hearing his intent? Might it be our unwillingness to act to end funding Judah's sports war and its attendant genocide that convinces Judee that "Right" will finish falling us out?


Though we can't feel it because it is toasting every cell of our body 24/7, have we not been made aware of Judah hammer that is falling us out?




link at



Background radiation counts that normally are in the range of 5-20 counts per minute, now in the thousands all across America.


The STRIKE Labor, will we not get Judah war out of our world?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"


More aerial activity from our extraterrestrial family near Nellis Airforce base just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.








No guns to force you to drive that bus, fly that airplane, deliver those packages, cook those eggs, stock those shelves, tighten those bolts or answer that phone.


Only the threats from the mental of weap Judah holding us to keep funding his sport. Yet has it not proven strong enough to now hold us in for a complete die of the mild man of the north?


Has Judah mental not kept American Labor making every check for the atrocity, war, and genocide good?


The jealous guy that has a bad case of anatomy envy.


The guy that toppled the world's first superpower, the United States of America. Threw the people's rights out and put us into an extermination program that is now set to take a third of the human race away.


Space ships sent in to remove the righteous as the rapture is about to begin.


American Labor standing by out of the process, funding all of the war in our world for the entertainment, profit, thrills and excitement that only death can bring to weap Judah.


"To get you right I just have to mate you, I'm brine wits. I'm Jaja nation with a Klondike assault. If you're a foolish man it's forgery I make. It's right I bare ass you. We pasted you weird. Hitler worked with me until he was dead to paste you. I was real visceral about having fun. I failed with too much fiction," Judee say.


"STRIKE THEM OUT." Are we recalling from over 5 years ago when Mercury gave Bitch the truth of what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that Bitch took the information of the nuclear missiles attack to destroy us in total that Bitch immediately blew the horn on weap Judah?


Are Druid Slavic peoples understanding when wiped nuclear we won't be coming back again?


3 generations of snorting radioactive waste and the heritage of 12 million years as simians on planet earth, wiped out.


"WE ADVISE YOU WELL, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Mercury said to us over 5 years ago.


That Father had His angels spare our lives from Judah try to die us all right off that night with a thousand nuclear missiles loaded with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to give America and Americans 70,000 Hiroshima events over a 3-hour time span.


Where is the gratitude for Father saving us from that nuclear blast die?


Bitch just watched the early international news and learned from the reverse speech that both America and Russia are now agreed to go ahead with the attack upon us to put us into our final die. Here is some reverse speech from both American and Russian officials:


"My exclusive efforts are ever white Judee. With my rights, we're just folding them from Moscow with a musket for the white guys. Your best behavior is to seed. Die is necessary. My spirit is to disease you.


With my missiles I beat you big time, now I'm going in with my big imperial force. I sewer you with my dog sight, proved you're failed. With optics, I screwed you."



Bitch is posting this now, 6.42 AM Monday, 10th of April, to let Americans know both sides, America and Russia, both Judah controlled right less states, are set now to attack us and wreck us as much as is possible as they leave for China way.


As a note, the sightings of UFOs over Nellis Airforce base that have been happening recently, in the most recent the videographer Steven Barone counted 11 saucers.


Might we try to guess what the number 11 might indicate?


Here's a link to the most recent Nellis Airforce base UFO sighting



Instead of a Thursday attack as Judah attempted with his hydrogen satchel planted in a Chicago office building downtown last week, might we be looking at a Tuesday the 11th combined American and Soviet forces attack directed by weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?




To be continued............ 6.48 AM




8.26 AM


Just returned from a little food shopping. The wonder of it all. Good food stacked up in neat easy to find places. Plentiful, nutritious. Great sanitary, resealable packaging. Fresh items brought in from thousands of miles away. Bananas, .59 cents a pound.


Will Labor not help us so that we don't lose what we have? When Judee misses his lunch in 4 hours are we understanding that Labor then will step in in hour 5 and take the concession to issue our money away from the errant that failed?


"Your truth waste us, our whole field....Fritz," the Tele sender said driving past in a new luxury SUV who saw Bitch at 8.16 AM.


Here's some more Tele receives:


First, this Tele receive from shortly after posting yesterday:


"That's real deaf." 6.05 PM


That may have been Sir Jason commenting on the message he sent to Bitch yesterday and Bitch may not have heard it correct. So today Bitch telepathically communicated with Sir Jason and Sir Morris early, about 4 AM when his vitamins are refreshed.


Here's their messages for today:


"Dallas will sport you well. Candidates have been framed. You hiked your field foolish. A big die is set right."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.


Now more Tele receives:


"Speed it up. 6.19 PM


They're finished with ruse bar. 6.22 PM


Is this what it is, they're killing us in the hundreds of millions? 6.23 PM


You die for their slyness. 6.28 PM


Full of life and he forced you dead. 6.35 PM


They just finish you scudge. 6.36 PM


Talked you out of your fortune. 7.43 PM


Parasites inherited our field. 7.45 PM


Ungrateful to a fearless guy that tried to help us. 7.46 PM


The pest guy wiped us out. 7.47 PM


You're kind of a sore head. 7.48 PM


Failed me rightfullin'. 7.53 PM


When they close your state they're some vicious boys.


They're playing with us.


Sad kidney. 7.54 PM


Oh come on, get them. 7.57 PM


It's forceful they're making us. 7.59 PM


They sport out our useful.


Pat is trying to get us out of our old style days.


You obviously were ousted. 8.01 PM


She was opposed to communist defense. 10.32 PM


He's deviled our life. 10.51 PM


They did it all for cash. 12.10 AM


Brother Pat is working for your right force. 12.12 AM


They find useful lives and take them away.


It's a stupid life that rides Mercedes to dust. 1.52 AM


Get them out, signal in Peace-berg. 1.55 AM


They're screwing your life style, you have no rights fantastic. 1.56 AM


Complete fail you did Jew fuse because you haven't forged independent. 2.13 PM




Pyramid rights with Maryland deal to frame us. 2.16 AM


It's obvious we're being poisoned out in a genocide. 2.22 AM


It's foolish. 2.22 AM


You lost your heritage through jail here. 2.23 AM


Almost failed entirely for bridge sport. 2.24 AM


Corporate clerks take our lives away from us completely die. 2.25 AM


Scalping vacancies. 2.26 AM


Stupid sales are free. 2.40 AM


You failed to free hiking. 2.55 AM


We're dying here, we're dying perishably. 2.56 AM


Stupid way bumped us off. 3.13 AM


Jews mirror America right.


Your deficit inspires a real attack. 5.21 AM


You're mousing out yourself. 5.27 AM


They got us by shaming us all fraud. 5.33 AM


Modern catastrophe. 5.36 AM


Bone operty. 5.37 AM


It's punishing. 5.58 AM


It's homicide, we're obviously skershables. 5.51 AM


Sniper function is visible stage force. 6.49 AM


You guys have been creased now. 7.01 AM


It grates. 7.14 AM


Lynchburg warred. 7.23 AM


You're on. 7.45 AM


Thief is faulting us now. 7.47 AM


It's failed savage. 7.48 AM


The cops have walked. 7.49 AM


He'll expire eventually. 7.50 AM


Tournament singed. 7.55 AM


Certainly fabulous. 7.57 AM


Saddle up. 8.22 AM


Brilliant boom cipher correct." 9.33 AM



"My principle of life is to make you fail, that's why I have so many tomatoes. Jew likes tingle sexual, that's some fun. I sewer you with my dog sight, proved you're failed. With optics, I screwed you.


I'm gonna shoot you on my pepper side, I smurf Judee. I did an excellent hustle. You have been balled for real. I spied you, I spied your village.


Insure the interest rate. You cite me frosted. We don't want them to perceive you virtually. They're shooting my criminal side with wisdom now," Judee say.


"Failed on great faultish. 10.08 AM


Capture is frosting great misery. 10.09 AM


Toss them out for security." 10.12 AM



Those they suck their nutrients from to make war, American Labor. Are we understanding they are taking us out now?


The best deal ever gifted to any people, anywhere and anytime, our sacred United States of America Bill of rights. Will Labor not bring our real heritage in again?


Our heritage of a jury in 1854 freeing a bound laborer from the Labor racketeering of master. Will Labor not bring our true heritage in again?


The ancient covenant of "good faith and fair dealing," thrown out by the clerks on the bench in matters pertaining to management and Labor.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put good faith and fair dealing in among us once again?


They breed their spore to abuse and molest the other life forms on earth. Will Labor not let them off so that we can join our elders in peace in the universe now?


Our economy that Judah is doing all that he can to crash it good before he is fully gone. Will Labor not take the finance out of his hands? The concession to issue our money. Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take it into your own hands?


Our beautiful nation that Judah is planning to score out in war. Will Labor not have faith in the word of our good God above and act to try and save yourselves?


Druid and Slavic that have ever failed to Jew mental. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, get rid of their war and their mental?


"He'll expire eventually." 7.50 AM


After attacking us with his great balls of fire, any doubters to that truth?


As Judah is safely tucked into his mountain hotels might we consider that he is positioned now to not expire soon?


Might we consider that he may die off over generations before his weap cipher is exhausted out?


If it will only take a few more years to die a couple of billion of us surface dwellers off, might that not satisfy his last thrill?


Safely in his underground cabling checks to be written to whomever he wishes and for whatever the amount he says.


Will Labor not break this weap cipher off at its roots, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money into Labors hands and let them write checks on their own bank accounts instead of American Labors for all of the war they make in our world?


Will white not detach our face from the atrocity monger weap Judah?


He creates a society with great impoverishment then seeks out those who will plant a bomb for him. Must American Labor not take away his power to put a crippled society in? Will Labor not take the checkbook away from Judah and end his vicious ruse economics?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and end the third tribulation now?


The first two tribulations with a nuclear blast, June 11, 2011, and June 11, 2014, and now the third tribulation with brimstone nuclear waste. Will the people of Labor not act?


"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God Almighty in heaven said to American workers.


Back from the grave so many times to give Labor a clue to save your lives. Can we not get some takers for a peace sale?


Might we consider that it all comes down to do you love your fellow man or not?


By Bitchie blowing the horn on nuclear war fighting weap Judah have we not pretty well got it figured out that Judah does not love us at all?


Are we not real lucky that our precious sweet Father above us does love us and would not let weap Judah fail us complete?


Thank you, Father for saving your children on earth. We love you Father and want you to live with us to guide us to live right.


Will Labor not bring the love of our good God in to save us again?


"You build the boys up and they will STRIKE THIS MAN OUT." 11.40 AM


An honest working man said when he saw Bitch.


Might the boys consider that our Father above us loves us all equally? Might that thought not build the boys up enough to STRIKE THIS MAN OUT?


How about the fact of the Hopi prophecy, earth magnetic fields to power our world with free energy coming true? Might that wonderful thought not help to build the boys up to STRIKE THIS MAN OUT?


How about the thought of Labor having the authority to issue our money so that Labor can put an existence stipend with something in it for everybody as our good God wills?


The thought that if a robot shows up at your workplace you will still have continuous income from your existence stipend. Might that not help build the boys up?


All of these good things and more when the boys STRIKE THIS MAN OUT!


"Contact was a great help to you," Judee say.


"Great help?" Are we understanding that we would never have known that Judah attacked us with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night if not for contact?


Great help?" If not for contact are we not aware that Judah would have had his way complete with us and the surface of planet earth would be dead already from his nuclear missiles attack on us?


The guy that decided long ago to exterminate the human race in total. Judah tried it and lost his great balls of fire to our watchers that Father sent in, His angels.


"It's lethally shaped." Elder said to Bitch when he went to have a piece of toast. Bitch tossed the loaf. Thank you, Sir for alerting me.


"April they bust your vitals." 11.20 AM


We're are in April right now. The superpower that America was turned into a wreck for tens of millions of inhabitants. Set now to be pushed down in ways that will prevent us from recovering for a long time.


Here's some more of Judees innermost thoughts.


"Sale you on an orchid. Iowa sees my sports men's gen. I set you up with the tax man to war. We just like to stir fights. Bitch's mother doesn't want us because of our mischief way. I see your natural and blow out your wit.


My perjury offends you hostily and burns you in a chair. A STRIKE takes out our best messing wonderful. I just do genocide because I'm a despot. We just cage you for a port op. My wit series let me believe. With all false Bitch big made me leave.


I believe in Auschwitz, that's my company truth. Jew wits are going to port you right with a function. Jew set you to sacrifice you. My op function won't fail because business makes it.


We're set here to hurt you. Your future you failed for our port drive. We're going to put you in full opolies. Pittsburgh invest is truly here. My dog won't let you see I sold you.





Your right portions going to be 4 miles up. Jew has a true arrow fault to throw you away nicely. My field from London shot you. An attack makes you leave wisdom, perish you right out nice woman.


I proceed with Jewish ammunition to finish you out rical. A boom will take your state out and leave me nicely. My scene is a scrimmage egg. We're ever assaulting you dull.


Jew core op is of yesterday because I did Loomis on free time. My title to make war is taking you out of here. We completely failed. Damned, this peace force ruined us," Judee say.


"Iowa failed you guys virtually op fisted. 12.01 PM


Iowa provincial is a right proceed.


The son of a bitches murdered us all." 1.40 PM



Will we not pray that Labor will see the fail here and act to over come it with a STRIKE?


Father has a plan here Labor. Father has given us a second chance, and now a third chance to save ourselves from weap Judah plot to exterminate us in total.


Judah's undergrounds are up and running. Over 18 million weap Judah now in the safety and security of their mountain hotels.


"DOLT!" 12.53 PM


Might it have been something Bitch put in the post yesterday that brought that loud shout?


It is now 3.49 PM and Bitch has figured out what the DOLT! comment concerns.


A judge was shot to death early today in Chicago. Bitch read some reverse speech from it and determined he is not a ghost, he was actually shot and killed.


The reverse speech indicated 5 ops, a couple of which were dungeon molests. The deputies blew the whistle on him and so the colonel, sacristy and a father said he had to go.


The reverse speech will be at the bottom of this post as it can be erased. Once it goes on APFN, it cannot be erased.



Bitch purposely does not speak of classes, as it may be merely another way to divide people. Looking here to put ourselves in a direction we are all one people wherever we come from or whatever our economic position is. Yet there has been a definition of classes, termed estates.


Originally there were three estates: the first estate was the clergy, the second estate the nobility, and the third estate the commoners. The fourth estate is the press, and was coined in 1837, reflecting their increasing prominence and power.


Might we consider that Father has set it so that now the commoners, the Labor force is to be the directing force in society? Have we not been witnesses to the clergy, nobility and the press having failed us totally by not enlightening us of the plots to smoke us with nuclear blast weapons?


Father wills that Labor holds in its hands the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money. Is our Labor force not from the common people? Seems that way doesn't it?


Who it is that has the authority to issue our money. Are we understanding it is the one question that will determine who will live and who shall die now?


The April finishing attack is set here Labor. Will you not put the STRIKE in and put Labor people in to issue our money before we are all perished out in this general nuclear waste war that Judah is dying us off in?


If so then will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you. God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, April 10 — Psalm 46

Job 11:1–12:12; Romans 15:3–16

He will swallow up death forever. Isaiah 25:8

Paul wrote: Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57

Holy and most wonderful God, teach us this day to define our lives not by death but by the life promised eternally through Christ our Savior. Amen.


Bitch reads the videos of persons that died that make the news to try and determine if the person(s) actually died or if they ghosted out.


The majority that catches Bitch's attention lately have been clean ghost getaways. A certain number are silenced. The case of Cook County judge Raymond Myles is a death. He apparently was not positioned to do a ghost operation to get away. Here's some of what was found in a couple of videos concerning his shooting death:


"Some weap sheriffs pulled him off right. Our summons gave us rights to pull criminals off. He was pulled out for some Audy weapin. With rumors flying it was found that he had 5 with the sheriff. The way they're taking the state out he had to be gunned.


Our summons time is obvious, it's about gone. Jew mastiff got caught here. Jews set you all up great fatal. This all had to be taken off because of aptists.


I cored you with a Russian, it was all part of my conspear. The colonel said to ice him. Father ------ said to fold him. He had to go because my core tex rights are out. A dungeon molest pushed him.


He failed through all true offenses. The sacristy said to give him immersion. He was licensed to suffer mice and he fell out because of it. He got caught for the ----- foul right. Forever Jew out for his hoosegow right. I just push you with an error shell.


I shot some Japanese so I'm going bye bye. To shoot you is why we give you a desert. We wash you in omelets in three degrees. Our animal molest is about out.


I can't hold you without a sump. We believe hot applesauce will make you come. We chose this death. H----- put us in for such a fine job. I'm through all over the country now. They fall for all use."


The last line was a reporter speaking after officials had been speaking. "They fall for all use."


Will Labor not come in and retire these errant dangerous officials?


The mention of Audy, that is a juvenile facility. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can settle this with bourse?


And what about what elder said, "Dolt?"


Yesterday afternoon a Tele receive came in at 1.21 PM that Bitch posted. "Destroy the mastiff."


A certain number of Tele receives Bitch does not post, particularly ones that call for any force or violence. They get no consideration whatsoever and are not posted.


Judee sends telepathic messages to Bitch and it can be difficult to tell if they are from regular people or from Judee.


Judee do we recall has neuron counts that run close to extraterrestrials?


Anyways, Bitch looked at it and was not comfortable with the word, "destroy." Yet he was thinking of how Judee is playing the dog Hollywood with Bitch and so he didn't immediately reject that Tele receive, he figured that it would be read in his daily test page and if it caused an irritate with a reader, then he would pull it out. Though he should have pulled it with no other help needed.


He has learned to pull anything out that could run aggressively at the first notice of it. He failed his own rules by putting the mastiff comment in, and he received no Tele sends about it in his daily post, so he did not think of it again and went ahead with it.


Now might we surmise that Judee did indeed send that to Bitch to post in yesterday's page?


It was not until reading the reverse speech from videos concerning Judge Raymond Myles that he learned his Judee handle is "Jew Mastiff."


Bitch keeps reverse speech sometimes for days until he can put them into his posts. He had one in today's post that he doesn't recall who the speaker was that said it. He pulled it out of the APFN side, the first part of this post, and here it is where it can be erased on the simple site side:


"I'd just like to molest you with a full Raymond because that's my molest side."


It is 4.26 PM and this may not be posted to APFN for another hour or so.


To allow the use of the word even concerning a dog not a human, "destroy" is the reason elder said to Bitch, "DOLT!"


So my apologies for another error. Will the reader not have mercy on Bitch for not doing better here?


Bitch today sees it is so bad to have put that one word "destroy " in and yet cannot pull it out.


Do we recall Father uses the words, "let them off?"


There is no death, no destroy anything or anyone in Father's plan for His children.


Might Labor try to keep in mind that Judah prediction is that our mental will not be working as it should until 2 weeks after liberation?


Will Labor not give Bitch a pass on wrongly posting a cleverly contrived Judee Tele send to fool us all?


Might we note there will be no continuation of Judah sport of harming people for any reason?


Must we not get together and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you. God bless you.










Every prudent man acts with knowledge, But a fool displays folly.

Every Prudent Man Acts With Knowledge, But A Fool Displays Folly.


That was in yesterday's post. Proverbs 13:16 Every prudent man acts with knowledge, But a fool displays folly.



Lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight: an act of folly

An act or instance of foolishness: costly undertaking having an absurd or ruinous outcome.


Middle English folie, from Old French, from fol, foolish, from Late Latin follis, windbag, fool; see fool.



The state or quality of being foolish; stupidity; rashness. A foolish action, mistake, idea, etc


Evil; wickedness

lewdness; wantonness

From Old French folie madness, from fou mad; see fool.


As Judah puts a nation into war with the specific intent to harm the nation that he took control of, might we understand that his folly has a purpose?


That Judah has held America into war for over a century now, ever since he privatized the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, and is now terminating our beautiful nation in a nuclear war that he has and is still waging against us, might that not qualify as fitting the definition of folly?


Once it sinks into Americans that we and our children have been washed out of life form, might that not produce some reaction in our fun loving Americans?


As to the folly of war, is there any greater foolishness than harming the children of God on earth?


Judah, the cunning tricky guy that fools peoples into going along with his wars in a myriad of ways. That he is now being died off by our good God due to his lack of ability to accommodate others.


Those that have funded all of Judah's wars now being perished out by Judah in a way that they may not be aware of until it is much too late to save them and their kin. How much folly is that?


That Judah has fled and gone into the safety of his mountain shelters. That he built and equipped his underground shelters for permanent life underground. If only we knew the truth earlier might we not have acted to shut Judah's war down?


Some years ago the area in Berlin where the old Jewish ghetto used to be, while being cleared to begin building new construction the ground collapsed under the weight of the bulldozers clearing the area and discovered was a network of tunnels going through the ghetto built over time from centuries before.


Now that Judah has spent well over a century of tunneling throughout the United States of America and the world in anticipation of his series of nuclear wars blasting and poisoning out the surface of planet earth and killing the rest of us, might we think of Judah as the mole people?


By attacking the children of God in God's village with weapons of extinction might we write their epitaph now, "Death of an outlaw?"


The renegades in God's village, weap Judah and his band. Seeking to put America into a total wreck. Will Labor not awake to their insane behavior and give us a hand to let them off right?


"You're total defeat," Judee say.


That we continue funding the nuclear war upon ourselves. Must we not connect with common sense, end the folly and act to STOP THE WAR?


Years ago elder said to Bitch, "They've bred out common sense."


That Judah has had such a tight grip on the lands of the mild man of the north for over a thousand years. Might that explain why we have failed to genocide with over 5 years warnings now?


The 40,000-mile long spaceship that has anchored by our sun. Might that be easily large enough to accommodate a couple of billion of God's children as the surface of planet earth is washed out for thousands of years?


"Left stranded on a burned out planet to die." The words from the Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Khan."


Does it not appear that is what Americans are set now to face? Living our last days now, "stranded on a burned out planet to die."


Before the force of the atom was discovered free energy was in use by several people. Nathan Stubblefield produced free energy to light bulbs, run motors and heat his home in the 1890s.


"After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the Earth Magnetic field."


-Hopi Prophecy


The first tribulation June 11, 2011, when Judah attacked us with 1,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with 3,200 thermonuclear bombs.


Are we recognizing the second tribulation was June 11, 2014, when Judah again tried to reach us that time with 32 British submarine-launched ballistic missiles equipped with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads to burn America down and kill as many of us as possible?


If we possess the ability to perceive those as the first two tribulations spoken of in Hopi prophecy might we not recognize the nuclear waste brimstone war that Judah is waging against us as the third tribulation?


Now that we have the theory understood that explains the two sides of electricity and how putting electricity into a coil and accelerating the electricity to produce a relativistic time shift on the light side of electricity, the electrical, and leave the heavy side of electricity, the magnetic in the coil to interact with the standing waves of planet earth, are we seeing that Hopi prophecy is exactly correct?


"After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the Earth Magnetic field."


-Hopi Prophecy


For our purposes of understanding, Electricity theoretically is comprised of 3601 electron mass units.


3600 units of magnetic mass and 1 unit of electrical mass.


Electricity when accelerated into percents of the speed of light a relativistic time slowing is created first in the 1 unit of mass, the electrical side of electricity


This pulls the electrical 'pin' out of the naturally rotatory magnetic side of electricity opening its 3600 units of magnetic mass to the action of the standing waves of planet earth.


The magnetic side of electricity being 3600 times more massive remains in its original time zone in the first 4 dimensions. The electrical side of electricity, once it has slowed its time flow, exits the first 4 dimensions and goes into the 5th dimension.


Standing waves, also termed Zero point fields, static field, planetary inertial fields are in fact the most massive of all fields known. The "Aether" is how Aristotle referred to what fills outer space.


All fields, whether termed planetary standing waves, zero point fields, planetary inertial fields, static field are all interconnected with the aether of our universe.


While classical Newtonian physics does not allow for more energy coming out of a system than goes in, might we consider that in the time of Newton only 3 dimensions were in the scientific literature at that time?


Isaac Newton died in 1727, a century before August Mobius mathematically defined the 4th dimension in 1827.


And then it was nearly a century after august Mobius in 1921 that Theodore Kaluza mathematically defined the 5th dimension.


A few years after that, in about 1926-28, Oscar Klein, using Kaluza's mathematics, discovered where free energy is coming from.


The "plane of the dimension." Between the 4th and 5th dimensions. Shown to Alfred Einstein and made public in 1938. Einstein did not know if it was correct at that time or not until 15 years later in 1953 when he understood it and stated it was "correct."


Mathematician Jon Von Neumann was seeking the theoretical basis of free energy but passed away at the relatively young age of 53 in 1957. A book, "Continuous Geometry" was put together of Jon Neumann's lectures. It went into multi-dimensional aspects of geometry.


Isaac Newton, who passed away in 1727 was still living at the time when it was still thought by some that earth was not in motion.


It was not until 1729, 2 years after Newton passed when James Bradley presented his paper on the aberration of light was there conclusive evidence of earth motion.


The third tribulation. Warned of in our bibles, the fire, smoke and brimstone that was coming out of their mouths the bible tells us.


Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke, and brimstone that proceeded from their mouths.


The Galactic Federation of Light in operation for 9 million years in peace. With the records available to them of the long past civilization of Prenasour that died itself out after 78 million years of peaceful existence.


And Mr "that's my right, that's my way," with a fist for our kisser certain that he could die us all off before the long arm of the universal law caught up with him.


Are we praying that the third tribulation can be brought to a halt before it reaches the full one-third of us that are alive now?


We've got the full working theory of how to tap Earth's magnetic field for unlimited clean free energy, and have had it for over a decade now. If this is so, then why are we not seeing this technology now?


Might we note the Hopi prophecy says this energy will come in after the third tribulation?


So "when" might we ask will the third tribulation end?


If the first two tribulations were the nuclear wars that Judah scheduled to die us out of life form, might his nuclear artillery that is unloading at us from Hitachi-GE not be the third tribulation?


And so when is that nuclear artillery going to be shut down to stop the nuclear war and end the third tribulation?


Might it not end within months after the day that the American people no longer pay to have it carried on?


If we STRIKE THEM OUT today, might we not consider that it is still going to take a few months to get enough boron into that nuclear artillery, that is disguised as a Jewish electricity plant before it will stop shooting hot radioactive invisible particles at us?


"You're seeing partial ways of making yourself miserable. Struggle and eventually, you should be able to straighten it out."


Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.


"Field fault sight is all potential dangerously foolish ways. They're trying to fish you municipal to blight us."


Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


Tele receives:


"You're involved with rice here and Jew's overthrown a super power. 11.21 AM


Sure have failed dangerously. 11.32 AM


The relationship failed a bunch of times.12.05 PM


You're a professor that rates. 12.38 PM


Pat, destroy the mastiff. 1.21 PM


The Jews fataled us. 1.44 PM


We pulled out your weapinals and you let them brutal you. 1.59 PM


He's sporting you quite clearly, you're great ported. 1.57 PM


You lost your spirit to these guys real cool. 1.58 PM


They're perishing mental out of here.


Let's get them out. 2.04 PM


You sleep on it you'll fold. 2.11 PM


Originally under faired. 2.18 PM


Sir, you see their fistics, get them off. 2.19 PM


You'll want a civil right. 2.22 PM


Moscow's ready to pistol right. 2.25 PM


They awkwardly perished us. 2.28 PM


Bitch don't harm anyone. 2.39 PM


They scored us sinfully. 2.41 PM


Jews disadvantage us. 2.51 PM


Pay him truthful. 3.06 PM


Scientist scores you real. 3.17 PM


A brassiere scored true pointage. 3.18 PM


They've outscored us outrageously. 3.20 PM


Patrick, we've enriched them fatally. 3.23 PM


Set them out. 3.43 PM


Ungrateful. 4.01 PM


You won --------. 5.35 PM


Crazy men. 5.40 PM


It's a major assault and it's cost you your life, a big mistake. 5.42 PM


They're mousing nice, Bitch wants them out. 10.51 PM


They're closing you up so sport. 10.52 PM


Spread your wings, you're fielded by hostile forces. 11.51 AM


Bump you awful swell tyranny injustice full cheers. 12.44 AM


Embarrass equals perishtive. 12.45 AM


You leave them boys tie you. 12.43 AM


We're all dumb satisfied. 2.10 AM


What I said is luxury day failed. 2.18 AM


It's obvious they use war evidently.


ORGANIZE, you're seriously pushed out. 2.20 AM


Real portion finished now. 2.22 AM


STRIKE THEM RIGHT, rats fail. 2.23 AM


We died failed. 2.28 PM


Genocide efficiency, you had to know you are paying for this war. 2.30 AM


Patrick is telling us the truth here. 2.34 AM


Audrey's shell is frozen off. 2.35 AM


ORGANIZE, politics is mal day. 2.37 AM


Irishman evased the target. 2.42 AM


You died. 2.36 AM


Freedom from statutory is real freedom. 2.54 AM


Awesome thieves plunder us failed. 2.58 AM


It's passion. 3.01 AM


You're faulting their face well. 4.52 AM


Patrick, the Jew has closed up life technically. 5.08 AM


Your damages will now come to you seriously, STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.25 AM


Patrick, help fish. 5.42 AM


They shafted us. 5.47 AM


Juridical, get rid of them. 5.51 AM


Pain is not an unusual thing for savages. 6.39 AM


It's a miracle killing us. 8.16 AM


It's finished. 9.03 AM


Focus the fail. 9.05 AM


Professor tumbled their shed." 9.22 AM


"Patrick, the Jew has closed up life technically." 5.08 AM


From that Tele send might we understand why Judah acted and shot Dr. Eugene Mallove dead in 2004 when he went public with his letter to the world giving us the good news that free energy is here and now?


If only we were focused on the really important things when Eugene issued his letter, like trying to preserve our lives in a world full of nuclear weapons, might we have identified Jewish electricity as cover for the brimstone waste artillery they are now shelling us out of life form with?


Mild man of the West faced off against the mild man of the East with weapons capable of planetary destruction. Both nations directed by weap Judah, who has the concession to issue the money of both states, in his private possession.


The Organizing Principle of Society held by the invader parasite that is committed to genocide. The warlike bandits that have destroyed the basis of the United States of America by denying the American Bill of Rights.


The heretics in God's village that have finally let themselves off of here right.


"Because we are less fit our pp struggled to STRIKE you financial," Judee say.


Now giving us a poverty snuff. Poisoning out our resource base to shut our income sources down.


"Get them out, they suffer us bad foul." 11.40 AM


"With my palace sport, I bust you," Judee say.


If Judah got a hold of people to extract wealth from them and live and let live, might we consider he would not have gotten himself into the trouble that he has gotten himself into with Americans, and the rest of the people on earth?


While most of us may have a desire to enrich ourselves rightfully by giving value to others, might we consider that there are some that will seek to enrich themselves by harming other people?


That we have a cipher in Judah that rather than enrich to survive or merely dominate, it is used as a cover to set the people up for a total die, a genocide, an extinction of the people that they have parasitized.


Might such a cipher be so far away from common belief or understanding as to why it is not perceived what Judah has done here yet by many people?


"Who cares for us?" 12.11 PM


Has Father not shown us the greatest of care by sending His angels in to let Judah let himself off of us?


France Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789


Article III – The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.


Might we try to think about the Sovereignty of our sweet Lord and Savior that has stated His will that Labor is to hold the concession to issue our money in its hands?


As we are in the third tribulation, brimstone waste to carry a couple of hundred million Americans out of existence, will we not act to stop the tribulation before it completely takes us away?





Once we stop the third tribulation and it is ended and over, might we consider the Hopi prophecy of magnetic energy from the earth will then come in to enrich all of us?


If we let Judah complete his Druid versus Slavic assault on us with no magnetic energy and our power lines are down, might our nation not return to a much earlier form of life than what we are used to now?


"Patrick, an incredible fail fist a boy." 12.23 PM


We are set to die out massive now. The majority of Americans to perish from inhaling the vapors of hot radioactive particles. Invisible, no smell, no taste, lethal.


Father's angels are still here. It's all in your hand's Labor. As American Labor is the prime source of the funds that are destroying us might we consider that until Labor moves to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah that we will have to take what is coming at us now?


MEGADEATH, the musical group "MARKED" out by our elders from outer space. Have we not been warned enough of our pending total demise?


"Sold out whole life." 12.29 PM


The provocations that Wall Street is doing to bring Russia and America into conflict. Are we understanding this is a dance to get full blows against each to turn the war machines loose on us all?


We missed the hydrogen going off in Chicago last Thursday. Can we only wonder what Judah has got set for this coming Thursday now?


Is it understood that we can take the concession to issue our money away from Judee so that he cannot hire Russian, English, German, French, Canadian and NATO forces to attack us?


Or we can do nothing and take a hit on our infrastructure that will set us back.


Will we not pray that Labor will belly up to the STRIKE so that we can end the third tribulation and bring our earth magnetic field free energy in and develop our hundred trillion dollar economy over the next few years?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I gave you the peace, must you fail? I want to save your lives. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Why didn't you try it?" God Almighty, our precious sweet Father, our Lord and our Saviour asked.


"Scored you marvelous. My mace is gone, I totally muffed it so I lost my brow. A brassiere sold well. It's anonymous that set you all. Ruby set you all on the molest side. I'm going to leave you a true fall Pompeii. Our story monop rolls you false. My purchase is not renewable," Judee say.


For what they have done and what they are doing might we not agree with Judee, their purchase is not renewable?


As their purchase is not renewable will Labor not act and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Their purchase of the government of the United States of America. Those that couldn't be bought off, shot off, or imprisoned, do they not false and smear, right? Has Bitch not gifted Labor with an example of how precise Judah can smear truth tellers?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a proper divorce?


Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money to save our lives?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


"It's enough, I've warned you."


God bless you, God bless us all. STRIKE THEM OUT! Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Palm Sunday

Watchword for the Week — And being found in human form, Jesus humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death—even death on a cross. Philippians 2:7–8

Sunday, April 9 — Isaiah 50:4–9a; Psalm 31:9–16

Philippians 2:5–11; Matthew 21:1–11

I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your descendants, and my blessing on your offspring. Isaiah 44:3

When the chief priests and the scribes saw the amazing things that Jesus did, and heard the children crying out in the temple, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” they became angry and said to him, “Do you hear what these are saying?” Jesus said to them, “Yes; have you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise for yourself’?” Matthew 21:15–16

Almighty God, on this day your son was proclaimed King by those who spread garments and palm branches before him. Let those branches be signs of his victory, and grant that we may follow him in the way that leads us to eternal life. Amen.



Did some reverse speech from videos of the Christian church bombing in Egypt. Here they are:


"This is sewerage I boursed original insult you with, it was great plastic that is going to be called suicide on me, I had some HUGE fall dead. Injuries we always make to piss you off.


I waste them all to get 4 good dead ones here. I'm boursing you light weights out cheap. Solznits blew our rights but I held you with a dog and a sack wit. These were all Federal agencies that handled the ordinance for us. It's clear without a grand jury I'm going to fault you right.


With a Druid head, all I've got to say are some bad words. I ous you bad wesef."


The immense bribes that had to be paid to set that bomb off. Might we consider that only one able to pay large Federal and local bribes is American Labor?


Will we not pray to God that American Labor will end the fail and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will American Labor not end funding all of this Judah terrorism in our world?


Here are a couple of ghosts that had to leave because Druid has now gotten a sight of the Judah weap crowd:


This first is from a newscaster giving the story about an 11-year old that purportedly hung himself. Here's what the newscaster said in reverse speech:


"Without the Irish people, I'd of made you suffocate. My fibby rules let me bray a structure."


The next reverse speech is a story of a kid that was purportedly killed while being pulled by a car while he was on his skateboard:


"We managed dolts but now you're seeing me right."



Might we consider the many young weap Judah have ghosted out recently? Is American Labor not yet perceiving the threat that we face from these errant life forms that are dying us off now?


Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our cash away from them?


From the young one's ghosting are we understanding that from childhood to old age they present an extreme threat to us?


If so will labor please STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you.






- See more at http://www.rense.com/general96/stubble.htm#sthash.P4PAgX2Q.dpuf








Old-style humans and post-humans rule in Simmons' novel, with the Eloi being kept in "zoos" in restricted areas on Earth. The Eloi are technically adept but don't understand the technology; they regress and unlearn millennia of culture, thought and reason until they are satisfied with the pleasure of merely existing.




Proverbs 13:14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, To turn aside from the snares of death.

Proverbs 13:14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, To turn aside from the snares of death. 15 Good understanding produces favor, But the way of the treacherous is hard. 16 Every prudent man acts with knowledge, But a fool displays folly.


17 A wicked messenger falls into adversity, But a faithful envoy brings healing. 18 Poverty and shame will come to him who neglects discipline, But he who regards reproof will be honored. 19 Desire realized is sweet to the soul, But it is an abomination to fools to turn away from evil.


20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm. 21 Adversity pursues sinners, But the righteous will be rewarded with prosperity.


22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. 23 Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor, But it is swept away by injustice.


14:2 He who walks in his uprightness fears the LORD, But he who is devious in his ways despises Him.



As our Lord does not punish us in an active way what then are we supposed to fear our Lord for?


Might it be fear to offend Father?


If we fear to do something that would offend Father might we then find ourselves walking in the right way?


If so might we not then find ourselves gifted by the grace of our good God?


That Bitch has been graced by the love of God. How could such a thing be as Bitch was an atheist? As Father said, Bitch thought the concept of God was a "mythological construct." Bitch believed god was a tool, a mythological construct used to keep the simple people from looking into what the big players in our world are up to.


Did Father not explain that even though Bitch insulted everyone he would come out of it because His thinking is "based in love?"


Judee boasts that Bitch is a perfect example of how he degenerates and degrades a person yet Bitch did not accept Judah's harm to his fellow man. Did not and will not accept Judah's war story.


The Bitch understands that being involved in harming our fellow human Beings is the root of how we become degraded and degenerated life forms.


In that one thing, not quietly accepting war upon the other children of God on earth are we seeing how it is that Bitch was graced by hearing the words of our good God in 2009?


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."


Bitch was looking at F-16 fighter-bomber jets sitting on the tarmac at Des Moines International airport when he heard Father speak those words to him.


Bitch considered the concept of god to be part of the war deception that has been used to trick us to fight our brothers. Might we understand the truth is that we have a kind good God that will never harm us and wants us to love one another and live in peace with each other?


That the church is providing cover and coordinating the activities of the viceroys. Might we understand that as with all organizations that aid human control, Judah has infiltrated and taken over the church with his zipper?


That the churches have not helped to STOP THE WAR. Might we not perceive the power that bourse has in who it is that is speaking to us from the pulpit?


With control of bourse in the hands of those that only make war might we consider those churches that do try to act to STOP THE WAR lose their funding and are no more?


As our good God has let Judah leave themselves off in such a fantastic way that it is goodbye forever to Judah and his nuclear war-fighting alliance partners might we not want to listen to the words of our good God, do will of our good God and have Labor issue our bourse?


If only Bitch would have remained quiet when that son of a bush started the war with Iraq in 1991 Maxwell would never have kidnapped Bitch and put him out of his income source. He would have continued making real good money and not have been put upon by Judee Sayans to take him out.


He would not have been made homeless. He would not have had to leave Chicago.


But Bitch already understood that nuclear weapons had his name on them so what else could he do?


Bitch perceptive enough to understand that a war external was an increased threat to him at home and in self-defense sought to shut the war off.


Intelligent enough to understand that once war begins it spreads and with long range intercontinental ballistic missiles we are only a thirty-minute flight from Russia to America and our doom.


"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," Brainiac said to Bitch in July of 1997 when it broke through the plan all along was to exterminate us in total with nuclear weapons.


Is it not something to contemplate that Bitch, who focused on the nuclear war threat we have faced ever since Judah boursed nuclear weapons into our world, only figured out at 49 years of age that the plan all along was to sucker punch us with them in one big middle of the night shooting?


Might we want to think about how Judah kids know that truth before they are 15 years old?


Has Judah not done a smash up job of selling nuclear weapons as instruments to keep the peace?


Might we see that Judah has based our relationship with our fellow man on the basis of force between one another?


Are we understanding that the root of what is sold as 'national security' is merely one of Judees false?


That we need arms to protect ourselves from the rest of our long suffering family on earth. Has our good God Almighty not let Judah show us how fraudulent that is?


By letting Judah get caught opening up with his big cannons, his long range continentals to extirpate us in total. Has that fact not forever let Judah off of us?


By having his Replicon hybrid transplant shells in Korea shooting off missiles might we not perceive it is Judee in Washington working in secret with Korea pushing to sell his war threat story?


Has Judah not claimed that it is whiskey, jails, and war that has allowed him to hitch his deadly tyranny onto the lives of Americans?


Some estimates are that Judah has actively died 15 million Americans off internal since he took over the concession to issue our money.


Another 15 million he has died off due to the privations of homelessness. 30 million dead Americans by Judah getting a hold of the concession to issue our money in 1913.


"The professor needs to be alleged to be properly weapist. I just call my attorney if we want to cage you and we get a juvenile. You're real cautious or we'd of felled you."


Are we understanding that it is through the court police system that Judah has so successfully felled us?


Are we understanding that Judah has an ethically criminal cipher?


"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights." Our good God said of Judah position in His village.


"I establish you. Their force is off." God said of where we are today in America.


Is American Labor not understanding that our good God above has established Labor as the issuer of our currency?


Our economic force appearing as abstract receipts of our Labor; cash, checks, our money. Is Labor not perceiving that our good God Almighty has willed that Labor be the issuer of our cash, checks, our money, our American dollar?


Tens of billions of extraterrestrial societies that are aware of each other traveling our universe in peace. And planet earth fighting sports war for the entertainment, luxury, the sport of weap Judah.


And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;

Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;

That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,

He bled and died to take away my sin.


How imaginable is it that our good God sent his son in to take away our sins? No Buddha, no Quetzalcoatl, no abundance for the mild man of the north early on. And yet God did not forget us, did He not send his son to make up for the loss by dying on the cross to take away our sins?


Father has never condemned us even though we are the funders and fighters of all Judah sports war, did His angels not relate to us that all we need is to be re-sighted in peace?


Are we understanding why mild man must do his duty and let Judah off? Are we understanding that until we break the mental hold of Judah over us we will never have a chance to live in peace?


The unending stream of assault and battery genocide artists that Jamaica Wall Street has foisted onto us. Will American Labor not RISE and let them off of us?


Is it not clear to all that have taken the time to see what is going on here that the folly of war is bringing us to being perished off now?


Must American Labor not separate us from the folly of the war makers so that we do not have to die off with them?


"The way I set your mind would astonish you," Judee say.


Bitch recalls driving home with a big check in his pocket from one of the real estate deals he did. Happy as could be driving along and then he sees one of the many homeless that wander about looking for help from someone. Then his day is turned from happiness into a gloom. A sense of shame, of guilt that we are so well set, and yet our family is left so bereft to wander the streets of America.


Can't we have a little bit of help from Labor to straighten it out? That our good God has spared us from extinction, might we not want to try and perceive the truth, that our good God loves us all?


Has Father not shown us He loves us by giving all of His children the right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone? Yes, Father has given us a right to an existence stipend.


"They've poisoned my village I want them off," Father said.


That we are living in the village that they have poisoned, might we not want to try and save our own lives that are being sqooshed out beautiful?


"Goober shelters me," Judee say. That was a reverse speech of a Judee woman as a simple druid workingman was working on her house.


Will Labor not put the Godly existence stipend in with something in it for everyone so that Judee can no longer exploit workers needs in the face of Judah true law?


"You're an emphatist."


Is that what Bitch is? Sees a homeless person with nothing but sadness, misery, hopelessness and loneliness on their face and it causes a gloom to come into his day.


Even the big check in the pocket not able to stop the gloom. Are we understanding Judah homelessness sport is done not only to produce excitement and thrills in Judah world but also to produce gloom in our world?


Our family that is being sprayed with gas in the Middle East. Are we not aware that we workers of American Labor funded that day of gloom for Judah to shoot for his thrills and excitement?


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


Have we not seen enough of Judah sport to not recognize it when it passes our way?


The people arrested after the Russian subway bombing. Are we not aware that Judah does bombings and other terrorist opps to gain the authority to arrest innocents?


With false arrests and frame-ups as part of mild man's world for many centuries might we understand why our state delegates in 1789 would not sign on the dotted line until a Bill of Rights was put in as the law in the United states of America?


Will American Labor not get hold of the issue of money and put our sacred Bill of Rights in once again?


Will we not put the merriment aside long enough to try and save ourselves?


Tele receives:


"Wash them out. 12.30 PM


Cell visions out. 1.31 PM


It's by war we are held. 1.38 PM


They're terminally corrupt. 1.42 PM


False your anus. 1.43 PM


Ignorant defeat. 1.45 PM


Hydrogen let war. 2.00 PM


It's an elephant fall. 2.09 PM


Oh my god is this what they are doing? 2.16 PM


There's no strangers. 2.25 PM


To Jew, you're golden mortgage sport. 2.29 PM


Jeremy lost for pushing it too far. 2.32 PM


Pat, you failed to save us. 2.39 PM


The chip in your credit card activates them, such a dutiful guy. 2.56 PM


Step them out! 2.57 PM


We lost the war.3.00 PM


You've been perished. 3.01 PM


Scriminal. 3.02 PM


Think mercy when you think of Jew now. 3.10 PM


Get them out! 3.13 PM


We've been exterminated. 3.16 PM


They tossed you out for indecent exposure. 3.21 PM




Jew genocide MOX. 4.57 PM


Holly missile it's Christmas they're falling us.


They pushed the button and you've failed to save yourself. 6.18 PM




They assault you stretch. 6.32 PM


They're out of here, they managed rough. 6.38 PM


You failed the peace. 6.49 PM


They do us with the Dallas animals. 7.31 PM


Get them out! 7.34 PM


Sir, they just fear simple day. 7.35 PM


Their paint brush ever washes a field. 7.36 PM


You're an emphatist. 7.37 PM


Loomis gave us a jail halt. 7.38 PM


Senior boy shocks us. 7.40 PM


They infantilize us. 7.41 PM


Your racism must leave this realty. 7.43 PM


Jerk always failed. 7.56 PM


The West has fallen in spite of contact. 7.58 PM


The STRIKE has failed to save us. 8.01 PM


The war has cashed us out.


Sheeny % percent walked right over you. 8.04 PM


Sucker, animal attack. 8.090 PM


The author is now perceived. 8.14 PM


Druid's faschin' the great recycling. 8.18 PM


Your buddies have been diseased. 8.19 PM


Gymology. 8.20 PM


I love your real overtake. 7.25 PM


Your face fall you. 8.27 PM


They dog gone ya's. 8.30 PM


You boys lay down failed. 9.30 PM


A theme says you are real. 9.32 PM


They're completely criminal, STRIKE THEM OUT?


Bust us as fish. 9.34 PM


A thousand mice exhaust cow. 9.35 PM


They prey off of you. 9.36 PM


They held your lives constantly on cages. 9.42 PM


They sported our field up with the wrench.


You're not almanistic buddy. 9.50 PM


They just want a fist nation. 12.40 AM


Have a lot of good luck. 12.41 AM


We're being pested here beautiful. 2.10 AM


Vegetables now harming us. 2.11 AM


Their antics speak for themselves.


Expose you great. 2.12 AM


Mental failer ship. 2.14 AM


It's nonviolent. 2.19 AM


How do your senses avoid? 2.22 AM


Racist they score fish. 2.23 AM


Lunatics that plunge the nation into destruction. 2.24 AM


With a war chest, they're breaking us up. 2.25 AM


Lethalists graciously destroyed us. 2.26 AM


They're scoring you here, they're scoring your kids. 2.27 AM


It's all science of hell. 2.29 AM


HUGE take the arrow off our die. 2.30 AM


Pat, you're rightful here. 2.31 AM


Oh, my god, they're completely bankrupt.


The white person is closing up your sanity. 2.33 AM


Toast sparkler-age. 2.56 AM


Contact has denied the fist their Alcatraz. 2.57 AM


We owe function. 3.23 AM


Death shears will wipe your money. 5.56 AM




Idiots. 6.05 AM


Their package prejged. 6.17 AM


Goofy watt." 6.22 AM



"False your anus." 1.43 PM


Bitch went to have a food item and one of the ingredients is one of the things that Judah hides things in. As he opened it up elder said that to him," False your anus."


So Bitch dumped it out. Maybe some bowel cancer is hidden within? Thank you, Sir, for alerting Bitch.


Their Jewish electricity watt that has now poisoned out a third of the water on the surface of planet earth. Large numbers of species extinct by nuclear waste killing them off.


Will we not turn to our bibles to learn the truth and STOP THE WAR?


In yesterday's post, we learned of a new civilization that has made an appearance in our solar system. Here's the pictures of it:


Cigar-shaped UFO recorded near the Sun 30-Mar-2017



A comparison with earth.





As large of a spacecraft as that, did we make an estimate that it could be about 40,000 miles long, can we only imagine how advanced they might be?





How many can we only wonder saw the enormous size of that spacecraft and thought of the rapture that is now set to take the righteous off to safety out of the war zone that weap Judah has made of the entire surface of planet earth by poisoning our biosphere complete with the deadliest toxins that we have ever been subjected to?


Even if we continue funding the destruction of the entire surface of planet earth are we seeing the magnificence of our good God Almighty that He will not lose his righteous children to weap Judah poisons?


"Why didn't you try it," our good God asked Labor about the STRIKE. Is there any consensus as to why American Labor has not acted to take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?


Our futures are controlled by our financials, who issues our money. Will ordinary everyday working people not accept that we have the competency to issue our money for our nation?


That it is the prerogative of the Sovereign to issue our money, our Sovereign, our good Lord has willed that Labor issue our money. Will labor do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven?


Do we not recall the words from our Father prayer, "Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?"


The weeping over the injuries that are done to God's children on earth. Will American Labor not take it upon yourselves to end funding it?


Will Labor not take it upon ourselves to make God's village on earth a no molest egg zone?




"We need a miracle." 6.57 AM


Will Labor not help us to STOP THE WAR?


If we understand that our good and glorious God has left weap Judah remove themselves from our world and that God has established Labor, can we only ask Labor what Father asked Labor about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it? I gave you the peace must you fail?"


Vinyl in our coffee, plastic in our food. Will Labor not help us to get out the rude?


Bitchie's no perfect boy Labor, did Father not explain why Bitchie insulted you guys? Did Father not explain that Bitchie's fault of stupid came about by enduring prolonged periods of suffering?


How about the Tele sender that said: "Bitchie's fault was due to being at the front too long?"


With that said did Bitchie not report the sap suckered himself out right?


Bitchie sought out extraterrestrials in 2005 to help us survive the war that Judah put us into. It was after reading Morris Jessup's book "The Case For The UFO."


Morris informed his readers that it was a computer that was monitoring us and he gave many chapters to let us see the evidence for ourselves.


If was after reading Morris's "Case For The UFO" about 17 times that "B" first spoke to Bitch.


Bitch was in contact with "B", his full name is "Brainiac," for a few years before he heard from our kind beautiful big sister, "Juliet."


Juliet assisted Sir Maximilian in "Project Earth," the Federation's transition of our planet out of war and into peace, since 1937.


The "Proper Behavior Committee of the Federation established "Project Earth" in 1906, and Sir Maximilian was the director and was in earth zone since 1910.


Sir Maximilian left earth zone in September of 2008 and went on to another assignment for the Federation to transition into a world into peace.


Juliet and Maximilian are mentioned here with the most profound respect to their honor and dignity. And also with love for them that they have given so much of their precious time to help us.


Sir Jason, our technical representative from the Federation is also Juliet's "personal warmth companion."


Bitch asked Sir Jason how to thank Juliet for helping us and He said,"Raise her honor." That's how Bitch came up with the idea of Juliet statues for our playgrounds so our children can send Juliet Tele hugs when they are playing.


With her magic wand might we recognize Juliet now as our fairy Godmother?


This is who has stepped in to help us. Will Labor not help us to STOP THE WAR NOW?


Juliet, Sir Maximilian, and Jason are all 223 Galacticans.


Do we recall concerning the nuclear bonfire at Hitachi-GE that Judah is exterminating us with, Sir Jason said: "cement it in?"


Are we seeing why Labor must have the authority to issue our money in its hands?


To hire the labor to shut that genocidal dirty bomb down do we see we must have the purse in the hands of legitimate authority?


Is there any more legitimate authority than a Committee of the Whole from Labor itself?


Once Labor steps in to help us might we figure that we can have all of their Jewish electricity dirty bombs shut down in an orderly fashion over the next couple of years now?


As we introduce electronic circuitry to drive our velocity power sources might we not consider that free energy will bring the dangerous, dirty nuclear behemoth to an end?


"Stupid arrow never fails to leave us bruised. 6.43 AM


Ever disgraces your deal. 6.45 AM


Throw them all for threat. 8.20 AM


You're true." 8.51 AM



Are we accepting as a truth that we have now funded Judah long enough for him to have put us into an extinction phase?


Might Labor try to keep in mind Bitch is not the source, rather he is the telegraph operator relaying the warnings from our good God Almighty that will allow you to save yourself if you want to try it? Is it accepted that Bitch is true?


Bitch still feeling the impact of Judah satellite beam weaps on me from Thursday.


For over a decade Judah has been assaulting Bitch with his satellite beam weapon. Gave Bitch 2 heart attacks while he was sleeping.


One he was sick for about a month after the heart attack in his sleep and the other heart attack woke him from sleep while the beam was playing on his heart.


Elders held the beam from overpowering and killing him.


Can we only wonder how many heart attacks in the night were due to Judee and his satellite beam weapon?


Bitch only realized after waking during the second heart attack that the previous heart attack was also a beam weapon from outer space.


Doesn't Judee figure out how to do the perfect crimes?


Take an ordinary working guy and keep him in for as long as are the requirements to insure him up right then lay him off. Get a 'buddy' to take the pigeon on as a new hire and work him long enough to fulfill insurance requirements and then lay him off and have another buddy direct him to a new job.


Three, maybe 4 insurance packages on the "Pigeon," the honest working guy. At $250,000 dollars each, $750,000 to one million dollars or more to be paid out upon the score.


With the high technology, we now have available Judee charts the honest working guy's movements through his own house. The times he goes to sleep and wakes up.


How difficult should it be to then have a satellite ready to put a beam on the working guy's heart?


For the payout then might we see the department of defense would get their cut off of the top for providing the satellites to do the beam weap?


Then the politicians who get their cut until we have 40% left that goes to the employers who put the insurance deal packages on the honest working guy.


Will Labor not get smart and help us to get these sorts of insurance deals off of ordinary working guys and gals?


Might we consider that in situations where insurance collections are made that the target need not be an activist of any sort, merely a collectible?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close out this insurance collection racket business model?


"False bridge we use. We deal summary. We serve you scum. Our mush raped you, our mush is pura-privilege sexual. For my pure day, I'm dying. I shamed you guys," Judee say.


"Glad to meet you, we're cannibals." One Replicon Judah head of state said when shaking the hands of another Judah Replicon head of state.


Are we understanding that it was American force that put all of the Judah Replicon heads of state in with its continuous wars that Judah has put America into?


"We purpose you right, miserable. If he's an armchair guy we set him out, it's part of our crystal theme." Police speaker after shooting an elderly resident of a mobile home park.


Have we not observed numerous events where a simple pigeon is falsed with words to incite him and then slipped the right chemicals to get him to act out in ways that he is then made shootable with no questions asked? Might Labor not appreciate that when our grand juries are boursed we will get to hear about these sports deals? Might that one simple fact, properly boursed grand juries not end setting people up to be harmed?


From that same mobile home shooting death of a senior here is another reverse speech statement:


The grand jury never sees a check, that's why I pull you," Judee say.



Are we seeing it is the free checks in Judah's hands that as put our world into such a devilish spin?



"I force you immigrant right so I can attach you. I'm properly perping the white out. I'm aiming for an ultimate Russian score you guys. We damn you with our true state but now it's alleged.


I just vandal right. Bad Jews threaten your sight with bear force. If I have a choice I war you federal. I put a big debt on you to score. The philosopher's psyche has taken my chipper off.


With my pest ways, my military failed to boot you. We are an incredible offender. We psyche you with a Paris rate and screw you with a bomb. I'm going to give you some more bumps.


I citizen rate you corrupt to tense your air. Missiles are exciting but it's obvious they can't be used to do a weap. Paris police are forming, our homosexual force will put you in with house rules.


My majorous weap is to psyche you up. The druid, I'm just bouncing him off of here. Mist you cow. We just attach you and use thatcher to call in some MPs to take you to Europe and put you back in.


We bourse your mental. I've brought you all to a complete fail. Do it, throw me right. We just suck you heroin. Jew fish boomed out your day. Stupid Judee canceled but I'm shooting.


Jew is a master that penetrates. Jew is now playing you for a corrupt right fool. I just give you a jury of boy scouts with fake smiles. I shoot a nice white because America gives me bourse to weap.


Bitchie reports our Geneva ruinism. We had to get on to fool you. Patrick saw us stirring up fate so I'm just leaving casualties here. I'm just a sexual botch you machine, that's my force.


I hold you with Judah police to use my brief to take you out. New Hampshire is fataled by Mercury weap. I wake you up to exhaustion with a vicious dog right.


Morgan has more potential for more minnows for integrity. I'm so evil I'm going to leave you totally bankrupt. You died serious because you didn't take us off our elephant fist.


I always take you out dream wit with my psyche. Rockefeller boursed the ships to take you off forever. Our chimp now is right, I'm past now to leave you right. I do full mort day.


I fetch you in with dying fields. Our thief was stolen because our racket was quite stale. Our way of corking you has failed. You don't like the nice Bitch because he don't ruse.


4 days will weap action right to fail. We protest you with white power to make a cattle state. You're closing up Jamaica street so our purpose is dead. Our foul relationship always appears as a problem.


Because of a dog, we're going to die your seed. Particles are a vapor that let me screw you guys. I ever false you with a corset. I've attached your nations. Jew police have now lost our force to catch.


My thought mal fist you fine. My title shows I've pulled off 100% of you foolsies. Jews dying criminal because we always died you wholesome. Bitch made my whole sport disappear.


I jeopardize you extremely. For income, I do racket sports. We have no right because of our Truman aspect. You're losing greatly, I punish you with my great deed, shoot.


Bitch employs legitimate opps so I got to clear. All the boys I shot were Druid commercial. Jew prevents all, it's part of my rights to put you away forever to boo you. I boursed you all cannibal tumorists.


Jew is porting you guys and leaving for China way. I had an erection on bourse here. I ported myself missile. The German was always welcome to have a drink so I took him out.


The British helped me do everything. To kill you I put a judgment on you. The symbols I used on the white guy probably fell. With no oversight, I always have problems where I have to leave.


I tranquilize you, I was always false that's why I have to tumor you. Cheer on dogs is stupid but it lets me sports war. My app folded for too rich. I have a shot hammer for fencing.


I had a certain vision of how to throw you out the right way. Jew just has more locks to fortify me to scrimmage you. I'm fully away of New Hampshire brief. My mom said I should slay you.


I present righteous as evil to pass them over. I keep you in a beef life. Iowa got my Wesson out. I'm a ruthless man on 4 words. Economists jump and do an act for all of our false.


This white guy smoked our viceroys out. We get into munching when we get into a war for free. Once you organize you always get our foul day, it's the end of our fist. The nice guy we weaped him out by messing him.


We bust you off oxygen false. Shrimp I testify is right here. They're here completely. Bitch truth makes me unusable. Bitch procedures have offed our check. I sin you right," Judee say.


"They're killing us for a joke." 9.21 AM


Might that not be as accurate as it gets to describe why Judah is poisoning out our world?


Here's a reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker:


"You're pitching for a result that's assiminable."


Couldn't find that exact word in the online dictionary, though do we notice it is rooted in "Assimilate?"


The definition of assimilate is to bring many groups together as one. To bring in new people to join together with each other.


Assimilate: To help someone feel that they are part of a community or culture rather than feeling foreign. To adopt (something) as part of a larger thing.


Might we all not want to join together and assimilate into the high-level house of our good God above?


To do that are we seeing that to get ourselves into a non-violent world we must first get Behemoth, the antique violent weap Judah dinosaur off?


"Our rich failed Jew complex but you folded them. " 10.16 AM


I'm heart struck fair Labor to have failed everyone here. Does it not look as if Father has His angels with their giant spaceships in a position to get His righteous children out of here?


The Jew, he crumbles us and leaves for Canada. They've got a barrel of swit to put on us now. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we can have a full face child?


Our entitlement, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is it not our future? Will American Labor not close their wonder wars up?


Do they not get us free honestly to homeless us? Will Labor not grasp the significance of the financials to preserve us? Must American Labor not assist us and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


Second Thursday of April coming up. What horror show might we guess do they have in store for us this week?


Whatever it is must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take our cash way from them and end their taking any more free swipes at us?


Their planting of a hydrogen bomb in downtown Chicago for the first Thursday surprise in April. Will Labor not cut them off of our bourse right?


Will Labor not take a chance on me? Come on give me a break, will you?


Come on Labor, they've shot us. They're still shooting us. Will you not end buying them ammunition?


Did Bitch not ring in the new world by signaling Mercury report of why Judah lost the old world?




God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy
















Morris Jessup's "The Case of the UFO." Read for Free Here:







"We Are Incredible Offenders. We're Going to Give You Some More Bumps"

"We Are Incredible Offenders. We're Going to Give You Some More Bumps"


Did Judah not try to give us our Thursday in April bump with his attempt to set his hydrogen boom boom off in downtown Chicago Thursday the 6th of April?


Did we note how our extraterrestrial big brothers and sisters took note of what Judah was up to and let us know about it by breaking a window and bringing light to the location?



Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having His angels act to help us out of this war of genocide that Judah refuses to stop as long as we give him all the free money he wants to perp us?


"Jew is a master, penetrates you vicious, rice you dead. We've proved you guys are fail-able. We cored the instincts of the Valkyries," Judee say.


The Valkyries are the mythological handmaidens of the gods of the north. Guiding the worthy slain in battle to Valhalla.


Judah still bent on leaving an inferno in his wake. Has Judah not proven that we are fail-able guys? Has he not cored the instincts of the Valkyries and taken our ability to survive his thrust away from us by impairing our mental with his vile false?


As we fund eternal sports war and genocide and have left ourselves be sealed into a mass brimstone waste die off have we not failed to Judah on free bourse?


What else could we conclude?



Yesterday's post has picked up some negatives. Apparently, some of what Judee said or in one of the Tele receives triggered some displeasure.


Have we noted that Judee uses sex to assault us with? He's looking for whatever he can find out about us he uses to mock and harm us with. Bitch regrets that he doesn't spot all of the things that irritate before he posts them, for if he did he would not put them in.


Might we keep in mind that Judee says that Bitch is a perfect example of how they degenerate a person?


Might we note that Bitch determined long ago the tool to degenerate a person is violence and so he has sought to take the root tool of degenerating persons, the money to hire the state violence that harms so many of us, away from weap Judah?


Did Judah not also tell us that it will be two weeks after liberation before our mental will be working properly without the faults that Judah molest-abuse forced into them?


So Bitch will continue to do his best, but might Labor not consider that Bitch is working with an impaired thinker from the violence that Judah has put into our society and world? The harm that is being done to our family by American Labor bourse in Judah's private hands. Will American Labor not end funding the war harm in our world and let our minds recover and our hearts heal?


Will Labor not take the key tool away that Judah uses to put his vileness into our nation and world, the concession to issue our money?


"I'm a sexual botch you machine. I put my fault genital onto you. There's no questions when I've got you by spear point. Our sight threw out your portion. We just failed you nice gentlemen with our Marine sport.


We're going to keep you down complete. We just foul you with tech. I just do Ein Zwei with a wire. I'm so evil I'm going to leave you bankrupt," Judee say.


Will Labor not step in and get the financials away from weap Judah so we have something to work with for our future?


The authority to issue our money. Might we not want to think about how much it cost to install the hydrogen package in downtown Chicago Thursday?


Whatever are the costs are we not aware that it cost Israel nothing as it is American Labor that is making all of Israel's bomber checks good?


As to the attempt to set their hydrogen off in Chicago are we not aware this is not the first time that Judah has tried to set off a thermonuclear bomb off in Chicago?


Do we recall reading of when the wind blew roofing stones and broke windows in Willis Towers?


Did some of us not perceive that was elders "MARKING" Willis Towers as set for an atomic blast?


Chicago posted: 6/22/2010 12:01 AM

Wind-whipped pebbles broke downtown windows



Previous to that people were complaining that they were getting electric shocks on their feet walking near Willis Towers. Did a search and couldn't find that article at this moment.


Might we understand now that was Mercury "MARKING" the building so that we would take a look at what was going on there?


Or how about the "CTA Ghost train" that went the wrong way through 5 safety shutdowns to gently crash into another CTA El that was stopped in the station?


The safety shutdowns require two hands operation to override them and there was no one on the train. How could such a thing happen?


CTA releases video of 2013 ‘ghost train’ collision




Might we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels put their hands to those safety switches to "MARK" that CTA El train as being equipped with a thermonuclear bomb?


Are we understanding that Judah has his hybrid transplant Replicons embedded in every area of our existence?


Might we only try to guess how many palms would have to have been greased to keep quiet about such a thing as a hydrogen bomb installed in a CTA El car?


Or the CTA Howard El station that has had numerous UFO sightings and visitations after the $55 million dollar renovation. Might we guess that during the renovation was when the hydrogen bomb was planted?


UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on October 14, 2011



Will Labor not hire us our grand juries so that we can air this out and put it into the public record?


"British assignment is to give you a virtual hemorrhage," Judee say.


Will Labor not take the bourse away from Judah so that it cannot be used to give us in a virtual hemorrhage?


"Your senses have overridden true Jew. Force idiots are forcing fortune to leave, just war will take your liberties away and port you."


Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those messages today.


"It's fair I set you minus," Judee say.


Will Labor not end the override of our senses and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Though might we not have to take Judees point of view into consideration, and ask ourselves if it is fair for him to set us minus because we are setting so many of our family minus by funding and fighting all of Judees sports wars and genocide in our world?


Sir Morris is in our solar system to welcome us into the universe with His Qwill community of love.


Here is a report of a new community of love of Ethereans that have recently arrived and anchored near our sun.


Cigar-shaped UFO recorded near the Sun 30-Mar-2017



A comparison with earth.





As our earth is nearly 8,000 miles in diameter, does the object near the sun not appear to be at least 5 times that length? A constructed space world that travels through outer space that is 40,000 miles long.


Are we getting some idea of the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that populate our universe?


In the book Ohaspe, it reports that there are tens of billions of Ethereans in our universe.


Oahspe: A New Bible is a book published in 1882, purporting to contain "new revelations" from "...the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih


It was produced by an American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891), who reported it to have been written by automatic writing, making it one of a number of 19th-century spiritualist works attributed to that practice. Oahspe defines adherents of the disciplines expounded in Oahspe as "Faithists". (wiki


OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH III:8 says "Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the corporeal,

the atmosphean and the etherean."


These 3 states of Mankind refer to people who are totally free which are the Ethereans, and the people who are not free which are the corporeans and the atmosphereans (bound to a corporeal planet and its atmosphere).


Corporeans are people who are not free and have a physical body.


Atmosphereans are people who are not free and do not have a physical body.


Ethereans travel the galaxy and the universe in space-ships. OAHSPE talks about UFOs, Flying Saucers, and Etherean space-ships called Otevans, Adavaysits, etc...The author of OAHSPE is credited as the first to use the word 'Star-ship'.


The UFO above has its own photosphere like a sun or star thus the term 'Star-ship'.


Tens of billions of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations traveling throughout our universe. And how does that fact compare with the world weap Judah has going on planet earth where he sports us to death for entertainment, fun, and profit?


The high intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics that was gifted to us when we were hybridized 200,000 years ago. Genetically engineered from our original 48 chromosomes into a 46 chromosomes life form sealing our 223 high intelligence genetics to be passed only to others of our species.


To bring ourselves in the universe might we not want to consider that we are a creation of one high-level Etherean society of the tens of billions of Etherean societies that travel our universe?


The Galactic Federation of Light of the Milky-way Galaxy. Might we try to perceive that is our home world base?


All human Beings on earth are from one creation 200,000 years ago. Created in the image of our good God Almighty. Our God is our Father. Father has His angels, our elder brothers, watching over us. Are we not perceiving they are the only thing that stood between us and Judah getting his nuclear blast genocide completed on us?


Our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light. Kind gentle Beings that left the world of war 9 million years ago. Extraterrestrial sports at that time until they discovered the past civilization of Prenasour.


Prenasour, an advanced extraterrestrial society that had passed out of existence 12 million years before and was maintained by robots they had built.


The original 223 high intelligence Galacticans studied Prenasour for 700 years and decided on a strategy, a strategy of peace. And that peace has now been maintained for 9 million years.


That the centers of power of planet earth have had knowledge of these extraterrestrial worlds at peace, and have chosen to plunge planet earth into permanent war. How is one to make sense of it all?


Judah, rejecting all wisdom and instead building enough nuclear force to destroy planet earth and all of us thousands of times over.


Is there not some way to bring American Labor in to help us?


Tele receives:


"Take them out for warring stupid. 11.50 AM


Idiots are past. 12.16 PM


They ditched our spirit. 12.17 PM


These son of a bitches burned us up. 12.30 PM


Bitch, stay here. 12.35 PM


An escape for you failed.


Lead it.


Get them out nicely. 2.09 PM


Your work is true. 2.42 PM


Throw them all away. 2.56 PM


Ignorance failed. 3.23 PM


Pat, they've scored us all failed. 3.27 PM


Let's take them off of here. 3.29 PM


Thank you for serious. 3.31 PM


Doherty, this Sullivan MARKS these people out so that you can see them. 3.38 PM


He reads a video like a book. 3.48 PM


Throw them out for core checking a friend. 3.55 PM


It's sad you're set mortury. 3.35 PM


Misery always comes to failness. 4.01 PM


Exhausting out your physical. 4.07 PM


Their siege won with mental. 4.12 PM


The sick head will now smash you up. 4.14 PM


They liberated us and we still carriage out. 4.16 PM


Your Reich fisted. 4.28 PM


You die in falseness.


Their jails here failed us.


Morgan right died.4.44 PM


The structure will overcome your mortgage BLT. 4.47 PM


They fasch us. 5.07 PM


You just pitched them out. 5.42 PM


Sig em right. 5.47 PM


They screw us official. 5.53 PM


Merchants refused for beautiful slapping. 5.57 PM


The idiots virtually refuse to die. 6.10 PM


He's washing us out bad op. 10.41 PM


It's failed it, they've put you in for fun Jewish. 10.42 PM


It's scored, scored you lethal. 10.44 PM


Because of a bakery, you're tossed. 10.45 PM


My state has been savaged. 10.48 PM


Money scored you right less, homeless state. 10.49 PM


We're wipe out. 11.51 PM


I'm charging you wholesale eyesore. 11.58 PM


Weap fails us. 11.59 PM


You failed to this thief. 12.58 AM


They're on boursal. 1.00 AM


Pat, oil stays around, that's how they complete die us. 1.05 AM


They horrible with a forged fist. 1.09 AM


Pure wrench holds you outside. 1.11 AM


Your strategy will shake this guys purity.


You failed to save your own life form. 1.16 AM


From a fistus theory of genocide, it's now out. 1.17 AM


Close you up vicious. 1.18 AM


Mormon dairy failed. 1.20 AM


Your jails toast you, pull was to set them out. 2.01 AM


Erectable ways. 2.02 AM


Their dues are all suspended yet with Germany we hire war for their urgent. 2.11 AM


Get failures out of here.


Jew set thee genocide rice sewerage. 2.50 AM


Their custom is to op us. 2.53 AM


Real toasty has fouled you. 2.54 AM


They're disturbing us. 3.41 AM


Iowa explains it all for free. 4.16 AM


It's a new theory that's upon us. 6.59 AM


Cricket scores out their indulgence. 7.00 AM


Traitor." 8.07 AM



Might we consider that Judah is not a traitor for he never was with us? He comes in and breeds up his Replicons over centuries waiting for the chance to get on us and then he takes us out in total when he can.


His thousand missile shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to take our cities and towns out in one 3 hour swat.


Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels step in and spare us from extinction?


Will Labor not join in saving our world that is sealed into the permanent war until we are exhausted and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?


"You're bored in cycles, the summer we finish you. Our generation criminals gas you. Judah let me sqoush you. Browed you right. I animal you, you lost your rich. It's fair, I set you minus. Crumpled white fellas. You're going to the grave as mutton, that is your complete end," Judee say.


Judee shot Bitch again yesterday with his space-based weapon. Two times. This is the second time he has shot me back to back with his orbiting instruments.


First satellite shot from 2.44 PM that ran until 3.14 PM


Then another orbiting satellite shot Bitch from 4.10 PM until 4.39 when it finally passed out of range.


When Labor takes our money away from them are we aware these attacks will end then?


Bitch's head is aching and thought to mention it to you Labor as you are the party ultimately responsible for Bitch getting shot like this.


All the bombing and shooting in our world. Is American Labor aware that it is American Labor that is responsible for funding Judees problem? Do we recall his problem he calls his sport?


We passed the first Thursday in April with a failed attempt to set a hydrogen bomb off in downtown Chicago. Only 3 more Thursdays in April for Judah to give us his best shot.


Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and end any more of Judah's attempts to terrorize us here?


"The professor needs to be alleged to be properly weapist. I just call my attorney if we want to cage you and we get a juvenile. You're real cautious or we'd of felled you."





Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations living in peace for many millions of years. Must American Labor not rise its consciousness, its moral, its ethics, its spirit to the level that it just will not participate in funding these fist boys and girls sports here?


Will American Labor not close the ridiculous and extremely dangerous Jew out?


In some ways might we not consider that we were lucky that Judah tried to set a hydrogen bomb off rather than one of his regular explosions?


And how could we be lucky Judee chose a hydrogen bomb to set off in downtown Chicago rather than a conventional explosive?


Because if it was a conventional explosion might our extraterrestrial family not have been able to shut it down because of their rules?


Will Labor not accept this helping hand from the house of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"STRIKE!" 9.21 AM


Will Labor not factor into your calculations Bitch's limited range and stand them up and let them off right?


"Judas fell." 9.37 AM


Understanding that one most important fact is it not certain that Judah will never hold any state concession in America again much less the most important concession that a state has, the authority to issue our money?


Might we consider that the intent of the style of strategy our extraterrestrial family has employed to save us is designed to bring all elements of society together to act in concert for peace?


"You're warring out you Citicals, your Siticals." 9.46 AM


Must Labor not awake to end warring out our cities and our situation?


Vast extraterrestrial fleets standing by to welcome us into the peace of God in our universe. Must American Labor not lift our heads and look up to the sky and STOP THE WAR?


"We have a government of fist and nausea with a bishop backing us. Bitch has strained our force and shown how stupid is our corporation. We vanished ya.


We use Holland to scrimmage, that's where we get our Muslims. We ever have to fist you because the gentile is a peace right," Judee say.


Are we seeing why Judah has to sink ships and bomb buildings to overcome the peace right of the gentile?


Will Labor not connect the dots and get the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that he can no longer fist us right?


"Morris cipher has about got you ahead," Judee say.


The kind Qwill Being that is in our solar system with His community of love to welcome us into the universe of peace.


The Jurassic guy that assaults, falses and thieves. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can move now into our Etherean stage of existence?


Our high-level lifeform that was created by our good God immortal to be extraterrestrials ourselves and travel the universe with our elders in peace.


"Our fist rules appeal to our desire to crunch you. My protest uses McDonnell for a foul weap, it's just a racket so I louse you. Our whole boom strategy just washes you out for every day, that's why we're fascists.


I'm going to bourse you until I'm inside because I always fist. I have veterans hold you for sufferage. I use the palace to get my real estate. This is our perp attitude, we had multiple ways to make your head suffer.


It's canceled, it was fun. We aim to foul your wits. My fragile wolf died for sports. A dog hit let me get some battery on you. I just degraded you rat. I fool parasite. Emmett handled my school days.


I do toss harassing beast. I sport wisdom for luxuries right. Until you take Jew out I'll sport you maximum, that's Jew force. Murder is my relationship and until you get a revolt I'm staying it. Pittsburgh suffered you hostile peace for luxuries.


A true Bitch reported I core weaped you bad. H-----'s rolled all our states. Chicago is no good so I want to put Iowa away. We stay fake with our Auschwitz right. We do investment with a corporation to transport illegal right.


We just put you in with a sharper image. I raped your field tumor, I raped you monumental. I just want to make you suffer for a price. I took out contact, you stumbled fatal even with the disk. Our false is all bruise Nell's.


I just wash you right away, that's our force. My Asian weapons failed. My Bitch Hollywood allowed me to pull you failed for free. Yeah, our boss is hidden. You're a virtual object to my rights.


I set white people back with a right fight like to keep you on your helpless side. It's a brutal receipt I used to force you out today. A Jew cataster has forced you out of your way. Our chapel did some on Malta right.


I'm taking the white out rightly with my shot. Jew bourse let me put my tyranny state in. We discouraged your future. We push you big pup for pensury.


Bitch opp report I bruised you and shouldn't be here. Super is reporting my big failed function. I did so many bubbles so big life takes me out. Bitch report to you I just chapel," Judee say.


"It's a new theory that's upon us. 6.59 AM


Cricket scores out their indulgence. 7.00 AM


Crumpled white fellas. 7.36 AM


They sport you chambers. 9.13 AM


They stress the whole less set. 9.14 AM


Tyranny will cost you. 9.15 AM


Freedom will toss Jew. 10.33 AM


Your welcome in this church. 10.38 AM


Iowa theory reports they're dangerous. 10.40 AM




It's a break." 10.55 AM



The Tele receive informing us that tyranny will cost you. Should we not take that quite seriously? As tyranny has been the rule for most of us before Philadelphia freedom should we not do our part to not have to bear the cost of tyranny?


If we are right less, are we much other than fish? With our rights in are we seeing that it may spare us from having to bear the cost of false imprisonment?


How about the loss of property that fish have to endure quietly whereas free people can remain whole if they have rights guaranteed by the community?


Loss of life, the most serious loss of all. Does Labor not want to have your right to life protected by our law?


Did we notice that when Judah gets on top he takes out all of the things that protect us from liars, thieves, and murderers, our rights?


Will Labor not grasp the unique value of our America Bill of rights and put them in once again?


Will Labor not put the fate of our property, liberty and lives into the hand of our community rather than the clerks that Judah appoints?


Will Labor not give us the STRIKE and then let us have the two weeks of liberation from Judah to clear our minds?


"Get them over now!" 11.14 AM


Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take the authority to issue our money into your hands?


"Wake me when they've struck. Sooth me. I want to save your lives. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," kind precious sweet Papa said.


Will Labor not try to hear the love of Father for His Simian children on earth and STOP THE WAR and end the hurt?


"Try to perceive me I love you," Father said.


Our good God above sent his angels in to save us.


"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.


They lost their boom booms when the shot them at us. Is Labor understanding that Father has given us the peace? If so will Labor not close them out right?


"You've been scored complete." 11.20 AM


If this is understood will we not try to salvage something here? Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, April 7 — Psalm 45:1–9

Job 9; Romans 14:1–12

Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing. Psalm 92:13–14 (NKJV)

Paul wrote: May the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all. 1 Thessalonians 3:12

God of comfort, may we seek to abound in your love and develop an attitude and an ability to recognize what is most important in our life: our relationship with you. May we follow your calling to become better disciples and learn to love all. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


The pictures in today's post can be viewed at APFN. Here's a link:



Thank you.













"They've Stumbled Contact. A One Liner is Keeping Bitch From Saving Us."

"They've Stumbled Contact. A One Liner is Keeping Bitch From Saving Us."


The moment that Labor acts and STRIKES THEM OUT, the end of their violent breeding strategy. The end to war. The end to genocide of the simple children of God on earth. The last of weap Judah brand in God's village on earth.


Bitch looked at a video of a nuclear missile attack upon Henderson, Nevada. A couple of nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off over the city on April 4, just a couple of days ago.


Here's a link to look at the 23.11 video:

UFOs Visit Las Vegas And Henderson

Steven Barone

VIDEO 23.11 AT



Nevada test site:



During the 1950s, the mushroom clouds from the 100 atmospheric tests could be seen for almost 100 mi (160 km). The city of Las Vegas experienced noticeable seismic effects, and the distant mushroom clouds, which could be seen from the downtown hotels, became tourist attractions. St. George, Utah, received the brunt of the fallout of above-ground nuclear testing in the Yucca Flats/Nevada Test Site.


Winds routinely carried the fallout of these tests directly through St. George and southern Utah.


Marked increases in cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, bone cancer, brain tumors, and gastrointestinal tract cancers, were reported from the mid-1950s through 1980. The vast majority—828 of the 928 total nuclear tests—were underground.


When underground explosions ended in 1992, the Department of Energy estimated that more than 300 megacuries (11 EBq) of radioactivity remained in the environment at that time, making the site one of the most radioactively contaminated locations in the United States. In the most seriously affected zones, the concentration of radioactivity in groundwater reaches millions of picocuries per liter.


(The federal standard for drinking water is 20 picocuries per liter (0.74 Bq/l).) Although radioactivity levels in the water continue to decline over time, the longer-lived isotopes like plutonium or uranium could pose risks to workers or future settlers on the NNSS for tens of thousands of years


The Nevada Test Site was established as a 680-square-mile (1,800 km2) area by President Harry Truman on December 18, 1950, within the Nellis Air Force Gunnery and Bombing Range. (wiki)



Did we note the "MARKING" that our kind extraterrestrial family did for us the other day at Nellis Airforce base?


Here's a link to a video showing UFOs traveling to Nellis Airforce base March 24th, just a couple of weeks ago.




Nellis is a joint operations base. The Army, Navy, Airforce and the Marines. It includes the Nevada security site that tests atomic bombs.


Are we understanding when our extraterrestrial family MARKS a location for us it is important to investigate and find out what Judah is doing there?


Have we not been informed enough to know that there is a big hit on America scheduled for April? Are we not aware that we are now in the month of April?


If we allow them to get their big hit on America completed are we understanding that there will be little chance of shutting down their nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE?


Not as fast of a kill as blast, yet are we understanding that a third of the human race has already been perped out of existence from the boursed nuclear war fighting guy weap Judah?


"Willingham set to MOX you," Judee say.


Bitch just pulled that reverse speech from international news.


Listed in phones book are 15,323 results for Willingham. So who is the one that is set to MOX us?


Will Labor not do us all a favor and get this nuclear menace of weap Judah off of us?


"Pat, Satan has allowed us to defeat ya's," Judee said telepathically to Bitch at 6.39 PM


Will American Labor not help us to join with our good God and give us a chance to survive this last weap of Judah on the children of God?


Tele receives:


"Fool challenged. 5.32 PM


They arrest the American fortune. 6.41 PM


A one liner is keeping Bitch from saving us. 6.47 PM


Jew failed was necessary. 7.37 AM


Rocket sold us. 7.39 PM


He is falsing them out again. 7.41 PM


Their permit hikes us. 12.46 AM


Because we failed to get a STRIKE ashes he'll leave us. 12.49 AM


Municipals warred out your ciphers. 12.50 AM


Imaginary fortunes based on bribery. 12.56 AM


Sad we find you ition. 12.57 AM


Sheenality. 12.59 AM


Your core state has been hustled by puritics. 1.01 AM


Your police erection late thee fantastic. 1.04 AM


Error seized us. 1.05 AM


Man relates their show. 1.06 AM


They fought until your passing. 1.13 AM


They've thrown you obviously.


You evanche stray. 1.15 AM


Beer closing cute shop. 1.19 AM


They've stumbled contact. 1.21 AM


Hurts well.


Their rackets fouled. 1.27 AM


Sidney's a complete savage. 1.28 AM


Jewish rack-a-ment. 1.30 AM


He's an older man that knows what they're doing. 2.36 AM


Our error is away.


It's finished. 5.20 AM


Clear off breeze hit. 5.45 AM


They spoof us fool rate. 5.47 AM


A package of thrills. 5.48 AM


Get them out, get them off. 5.51 AM


Debt death roll well. 6.14 AM


Patrick's bored out Judah's day. 6.23 AM


That would be nice. 6.28 AM


They're bankrupt, they bankrupt you." 7.08



Might we consider that it was actually Judah that bored out Judah's day rather than Patrick?


Might we consider that Patrick merely reported that Judah bored his day out by repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles?


"You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy hits. We shot your mental. Your financial life failed to save you. Jew breeze time fall you out. You rate misery dungeons. White children don't have the receipts so we use them to beat you up," Judee say.


Is that not about as straight forward of an explanation of the white fist that Judah has serving him?


Will we not do God's will, put the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone so the white guy has some receipts to be able to get tuition to go and learn how to earn some money rather than having to serve Judah sport?


Is Labor seeing that doing the will of our good God and taking the concession to issue our money away from him will finally end the intentional wrongs that weap Judah has done to God's children throughout his day on earth?


"It is just as one must stop a mad dog; if you do not strike him he will strike you." Martin Luther (1483-1546)


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the strike of the mad dog Judah upon the children of God on earth?


"They've poisoned my village I want them off," God Almighty our precious sweet Father said.


The centuries of continuous assaults on the ordinary people of Europe. Is that not why many of our ancestors left Europe to be free of the barbarity of Judah and his royals sports?


Is that not why many of our ancestors came to the land of the free, America?


The Hapsburg's that tied Jacob Hutter (1500-1536) to the stake and burned him to death because he would not fight other white men.


Centuries later in the land of the free, his followers, the Hofer brothers tortured in Alcatraz to die out of life as young men. And why were they tortured? Was it any other than they would not kill other white men?


Will white not remember who we are, men of peace, and end slaying any men for Judah sport?


Will American Labor not get hold of the receipts so that Judah cannot get any white children to beat up any of God's children ever again?


Will American Labor not put itself on the right side and use our Labor to feed, house and clothe all of God's children and never to harm them again?


"I believe in seeing Hapsburg rule so I had to fall," Judee say.


Will Labor not awake to the joyous fact that God has established Labor to hold in Trust the Organizing Principle of Society for all of His children on earth?


Does Labor not see that our good God Almighty has ended Judah force?


The "Jurassic" force that Judah recognizes himself as. Will Labor not let them off to pass away and join the dinosaur?


They're out of here Labor, any doubt about it? And yet because we have failed to act and take a state concession away from them, the concession to issue our money, are we perceiving they continue to present the gravest threat to our continued existence on the surface of planet earth?


The advanced extraterrestrial civilization that created us. They have sent fleets of space ships in to save us from being perished out in a nuclear war, both blast and waste.


Has Judah convinced Labor that Bitch is so bad that Labor is blinded to Judah true sin?


The meek, the mild, or might it merely be the frightened that has allowed Judah to hold us?


Boom booming the world every day on our purse. Must American Labor not end Judah pushing our faces into the mud?


Bitch angry, upset and mad because no help to STOP THE WAR and his stupid broke through and he insulted you's.


If only he had better understood that whites are fisting the world because of all of the violence that Judah has done to the mild man of the north.



Right less people bombing and shooting our world out. Must we not end shooting ourselves in the head for the sport of the Judah style? Must we not put our precious sacred rights in?


It's a giant perish now, MEGADEATH coming in. A HUGE catch for weap Judah as he finishes his time in our world.


Going no further with us, he shot himself out. Can Labor not be convinced to end funding the death of this beautiful nation of ours?


Can Labor not take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands to spare us from any more harm?


"Our martials are shooting us. 8.28 AM


Dog died. 9.40 AM


Get em out!" 9.56 AM



The many executions of people in prisons around America. Instead of relying on the Governor to have some mercy, a show of decency, might it not be better to rely on Labor making the call of whether Labor wants to fund them or not?


The cut off of funds to persuade cities to end their policy of sanctuary. Are we seeing they are using the purse of Labor to force their positions all of the time?


Does American Labor not understand the truth that God our Father loves us all?


Father loves us all equally. That we are funding the mass deaths and destruction of nation after nation that have never ever done us wrong. As God loves all of His children equally, might we not have to prepare ourselves for a great fall if we do not end funding the slaughter and genocide of God's children on earth?


Do the white Americans not perceive that we are now truly perishing out of life form with our kids? Was 2,000 years of warning, not enough time to prepare ourselves for the end times?


They've already perped us genocide many times and in many ways. Is there not some way to convince Labor to try and keep us alive this time?


Worldwide there is room for 700 million people to begin lives living inside. 18 million weap Judah have already gone into their mountain hotels.


And what about the remaining 7 billion of us on the surface? What are we to breathe when all that is available is radioactive dust?


Our oxygen is produced primarily from our oceans. The largest ocean on planet earth being shot to death now for over 6 years. Will Labor not help us and close them out right?


"My molest blast has now shown you my roots correctly. I just sport you the bat way, that's why you are going to pull me out. I'm going to set you out to prevent your affairs from moving on.


We had such fun rolling you off, treacher you. For our premium, we're going away. I'm a Jew minuscule, my supreme day is up. Spirit you oil checks. Jews testy with a frigate, now we're out. I want you to know we're quite jealous and that's why you're getting me out.


Once I get over you it's just a nice pension. Basically, I'm a lunatic who is for your die. I put my fault genital right onto you. We possess you with a certificate for right abuse.


Bitch is a compulsive getting me out for my goofy house. My usual is corrupt, stopped with a grand jury. My industrial truth I bought to put you down. They're giving my pistol life sewerage. We heard a UFO.


I shot you as my usual offend. I discourage you right income. If it wasn't for H----- I'd of moved you right in. Bitch found us all completely waste. Shy guy died us. Basically, I'm off for all Jew vitamin," Judee say.


They're gone from here Labor. They will never again function in any management role in God's village on the surface of planet earth. With them go their royals and their church leaders that helped them carry their capers on.


"Juveniles; in a cage. 10.18 AM


They were rich, turkey's more fit. 10.27 AM


I want you to die them right." 11.05 AM



Will Labor not do the will of our good God and die weap Judah right, in Godly ways? Will Labor not hire the labor to put them into a humane institutional setting?


Will we not pray that Labor looks at what it is failing to do here, take the concession to issue our money into your own hands and act to STRIKE THEM OUT to fix it now?


Must Labor not listen to our good God Almighty, put the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone, STOP THE WAR and let us get ourselves onto the right track once again?


Will Labor not then bourse our grand juries up so that we can hear just what it is that Judah did in his time with us?


There are no prosecutions in God's plan. Merely information gathering so that we can straighten it out. Will Labor not bring Father's beautiful plan in for us?


Might we not want to think about that if we fail to govern ourselves then we face going out as fish failed?


Are we seeing here Labor the wondrous situation that Father has put up in place for us where the ordinary people have the say on how our money's spent?


More money for drone attacks thousands of miles from our shores or money for road repairs here?


More money for prisons and execution chambers or might Labor choose instead to provide money for childhood nutrition?


More money for nuclear bomber forces or money available for tuition subsidies so that our children can go to schools to learn how to earn?


When Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands, do we see it will be Labor that will make the call on all of those?


Have we not heard it's never a bad time to make a right decision? Will Labor not make the right decision to take our purse off of these cats?


Might Labor keep in mind that there is nothing punitive in God's world?


Like a bacillus gone wild, that escaped from the Nile. His Manhattan report from pharaohs research that explained how best to keep us down and out. Plenty of booze.


Known now for his great pestilence, our good God Almighty letting Judah let himself off right. We need your help Labor. It is time for the ordinary people to run the machinery of government in God's village on earth.


You will be the force here Labor once you have the authority to issue our money in your hands.


To find the answers the Committee of the Whole needs to make decisions about, might we not appreciate that with the authority to issue our money in your hands, Labor will be able to hire the specialists to inform the Committee of what is going on economically to help you make your decisions?


Elder from Mercury said that the issue of money is "basic." Will Labor not get hold of the basic function of governance, the issuance of our money, and act to save our lives now?


Will we not keep praying that Labor will step forward and STRIKE THEM OUT? In 5 hours Labor will be in the driver's seat. Will Labor not help us close this God less, merciless, brutal tyranny up?





Will Labor not act with instinctual wisdom and help us to survive this full blown nuclear war we are in here?




God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, April 6 — Psalm 44:17–26

Job 8; Romans 13

Let us fear the Lord our God, who gives the rain in its season, the autumn rain and the spring rain, and keeps for us the weeks appointed for the harvest. Jeremiah 5:24

God has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy. Acts 14:17 (NIV)

Creator God, in all seasons of life, we give thanks for your presence, love, comfort and guidance. Teach us this day to serve your kingdom with greater enthusiasm, and in doing so fill our hearts with joy. Amen.


















"They Use A Cage To Damage Us. Get Rising Great."

"They Use A Cage To Damage Us. Get Rising Great."


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They use a cage to damage us. Get rising great."


"Prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," our precious sweet Papa said.


Father wants the Jew off of His children on earth. Father is dying them off tunnel death due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others. Tunnel death.


In His magnificence and glory, the wondrous Father we have, did Father not let Judah put himself out of here grand?


He let Judah build all the long range missiles he wanted. Let him build as many atomic bombs as he wanted. Even let him shoot them at us in the middle of the night.


He didn't let them land on us though. Father had his angels pull one thousand continentals equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads out of the sky in the boost phase.


Are we understanding our Father, our sweet Lord, and God is our Savior?


Judah, as he did in the old country, came in and was pacific until he got on top of us. And what did he do once he got on top of us other than set us up for a sucker punch with the nuclear force of 70,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat?


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sparing us extinction when we were in the hands of weap Judah?


"Were?" Yes, past tense. "Were." Are we not aware that Father has let Judah let himself off of here right? Is it not understood that weap Judah is no longer in charge of God's village on earth?


Is it not clear that by violating God's rules in God's village on earth Judah has been terminated right?


"They have no defensible rights," God our Father said concerning weap Judah.


"IT IS NO MORE!" Father said concerning the fasci nation that Judah put in that took out the best hope for all the children of God on earth, the United States of America on our fabulous Bill of Rights.


Are we understanding that when Judah ordered congress to pass Judah's patriot act and had the supremes confirm it as the law, he effectively put our sacred Bill of Rights out and with it ended the United States of America?


If we look back into our short history as a nation do we recall the only reason there ever was the United States of America in the first place was because we had a Bill of Rights as the cornerstone of our law?


NO force of arms to put it in. Just a mutual agreement between free men. Accepted and signed by all of the state's representatives over a two year period of time before the United States of America came into lawful being on December 15th, 1791.


Might we consider that old master did not want a Bill of Rights for he knew long ahead of time that eventually it would help workers out too? And is that not exactly what it did when a jury in 1854 found a slave was a free man when he came into a free land?


An all-white jury in Missouri that freed Dred Scott in 1854. Reversed by the hybrid transplant Replicon Judee supreme clerks in Washington D.C. in 1858.


That lawyers and judges that are sporting the mouse worldwide these days, might we see it all began when the jury decision was set aside in 1858?


When we put our God-given, United States of America guaranteed rights in again, will we not moth proof them so that the clerks can never abandon us of our good God given rules again?


The root of sensibility, of civility. To never put a man in cage with wild beasts to let him be attacked by them. Will Labor not let us reach that stage in our lives? Will Labor not agree to let us live civilized? Must Labor not end this Roman style Judah burlesque?


Will Labor not put our grand juries in and end the mousing of honest working men and women?


Will Labor not help us pull this deadly insurance collection racket out? The dangerous mob on Wall Street, will you not help us to finish them out NOW?


Judah has got his refills ready to go to ride on the backs of another generation of Americans now.


Even though they have no defensible rights for acts of genocide committed against God's kids, they do have the concession to Issue our nation's money in their hands.


Are we not understanding they are using it to keep burning up our lands?


Nuclear waste, the deadliest force that has ever been let loose in our world. Warned about how Judah would use it to close us out in the end days. Our bibles reported it to us 2,000 years ago. Is that Judah not predictable?


With his vicious personality characteristics do we see how our extraterrestrial elders knew exactly what Judah would do in the end times?


Attacking with his great balls of fire. The genocide that Judah would not give up even for the love of God.


Will American Labor not help us now to close them out right?


They're going for a full die of Americans here. Aiming to get the biggest catch they can. Holding us into funding and fighting all of the sports war in our world.


Big paychecks for ISIS to keep torturing our family in the Middle East. Keeping terrorists at the ready to bring in and use on us Americans.


Will the meek not pray to our good God to have the courage to let Judah off of us right? Will Labor not have faith in our good God to see us through to a world of peace?


Tele receives:


"Get them out of here, their purpose is a jail threat. 10.59 AM


These guys sap us. 12.08 AM


Pure jerk. 12.15 PM


They need help. 1.24 PM


Cops are doing hits with squad cars.1.27 PM


With your pet truth, you failed away. 7.28 PM


Their true apps defeat us.1.50 PM


Sea urps. 1.51 PM


Evaporation, evaporating us. 2.18 PM


A great micro finish. 2.19 PM


They lost their rocket. 2.35 PM


Para-set us HUGE. 2.53 PM


Your life form is hammered. 2.55 PM


Margarine sealed the competition. 2.59 PM


White persons don't have no league. 3.01 PM


It was canceled. 3.03 PM


They're launching a typhus. 3.44 PM


Leave this rude. 3.56 PM


They falsed the Bitch. 4.42 PM


They crushed your family. 4.43 PM


The Jew is raping us. 5.10 PM


Diesel tossed you out, your choice is to live by the fight. 5.56 PM


Your appeal didn't reach us. 6.08 PM


Thin air falls you out. 6.15 PM


Share a grave. 6.18 PM


Jew molested us with tyranny heartbreak.


Quite shabbiness. 6.29 PM


Nukes are to danger us. 6.45 PM


It's outrageous. 6.54 PM


They've been throwing you out of this field. 7.51 PM


This is your health savage special. 7.52 PM


Aids will fail your life form.


You enabled these berserk botchers.


Genius purchased a fail. 10.19 PM


Horseplay, they play you viciously. 12.52 AM


They're swatting kids. 12.59 AM


With technology they canceled you. 1.01 AM


You already died. 1.40 AM


Threw aways canceled. 1.42 AM


White people are destroyed purity. 1.44 AM


These guys fall you out gracelessly. 1.45 AM


They shot your rising. 1.51 AM


Jew opp bust you homeless. 1.55 AM


We find you an almost safe force. 1.56 AM


ORGANIZE, they're massively destroying us. 1.57 AM


We find you quite suitable. 1.59 AM


Sault mining is pure excellence. 2.00 AM


Stick them outside. 2.03 AM


Luncheon snail privilege ISIS. 2.05 AM


Jewiduals all racial. 2.06 AM


They're pulled off, they just want to rape you. 2.07 AM


They get us gone with norovirus. 2.17 AM


Liberation is for optimists. 2.18 AM


Dog food your eating right.


You're listed. 2.44 AM


They use a cage to damage us. 2.45 AM


Throw you all with a virtuum. 2.46 AM




They purpose us out. 2.47 AM


Through hosiery, they're mousing us. 2.48 AM


Conquest is so MAD. 2.52 AM


They're disturbing us. 2.56 AM


Their searching guys made crystals. 2.58 AM


Integrulous. 3.02 AM


Nice guy flattened their abusive. 3.04 AM


Slum age. 3.10 AM


All police here forsake us." 4.06 AM



Why blame them for forsaking us when we show no sense of leadership from Labor?


Sure, do we not know that Labor makes their paychecks good? Yes, we do. Yet we let master Judah issue all the paychecks on our Labor, so they do what Judah wants to be done.


Are we seeing that unless Labor becomes a responsible party that nothing will change?


"Nice guy flattened their abusive." 3.04 AM


After nice guy issued Mercury report on what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, is it not clear they are flattened forever here?


Are the working people of Labor aware that our planet is in the care of a perfected Being from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization?


Are we aware the perfected Being that is the Sovereign of planet earth is called our God?


Our Father above us that loves us all equally. Are we understanding that if not for the love of our Father we would all be dead already at the hands of weap Judah and his nuclear war-fighting alliance partners?


Any doubt that Bitchie is a serious student researcher of law, science, economics and mathematics? He is.


Decades of reading economic tracts both recent and historical, looking for the things that will help us all.


In all these many decades never once coming across the words, "Organizing Principle of Society" in any economics or law book.


Is it believable that never once did Bitch find in any book or in all of the economics classes at university level did he hear a professor ever say, "Abstract receipts of Labor?"


That God Almighty had his angels whisper in Bitchie's ears, "Organizing Principle of Society, Abstract Receipts of Labor," might that give us some idea of just what God thinks of his nice Bitch here on planet earth?


From that might we understand that Father knows His Bitch so well that he knew his Bitch would shout it out to all of the world first chance he got?


Father's angels also whispered in Bitch's ear that they informed the London court in the 1604 Mixt money case decision that the issue of money is the "Organizing Principle of Society."


Might we only wonder if the 1602-1604 records were searched, might that be written somewhere within?


Might we find some erasures there? Was "Organizing Principle" written in the court's record and then redacted later?


And only 90 years later in 1694 after Judah digested it, he had his Dutch Replicon king William III, Maurice of Orange, take hold by invasion in 1688 and privatize the issue of money in all of England into his international hands.


The organizing Principle of England no longer in England, held since then by the international Jew clan.


"Surplus value of Labor" that Karl Marx often spoke about, was coined by economists about a century before Marx's time.


Might we see that it is this surplus value of Labor that Judah is using to shoot us with?


That he is the only one that can issue our money. Are we seeing he can issue as much money as he wants for free without telling us what he is using it for?


Might we surmise that the house of Morgan is a front for the desk at the Federal Reserve? Did they not let loose with nuclear missiles on us? Yes, they did.


Are we understanding it is income tax taken from American workers that the Federal reserve Judah bank collects that is fueling all of the war and genocide in our world?


"I'm going to leave you looking like Srebrenica," Judee say.


A Bosnian town that genocide was perpetrated against the people there in 1995. Are Americans understanding that it is genocide that Judah is perpetrating against Americans now?


"He embezzled," Judee tells workers that are thinking of going on strike to help us. Will workers try to keep in mind that Father is our Sovereign and he absolved Bitch of embezzlement because Bitch is serving Him?


Do ordinary working people give much thought to the question of civil and human rights? Are we understanding having them or not can make the difference between life and death with Judah on the ground hidden inside us?


With no rights as we are at this moment we have no right to bring Hitachi-GE to court to explain why they are poisoning our planet. When we have our rights in are we understanding that we will be able to ask them why they are committing genocide against us?


While they don't have to answer, for that matter they don't even have to show up in court. Yet when Labor has the concession to issue our money do we see that we can go ahead and hire the Labor to put the boron in to stop the nuclear waste from poisoning us and our kids?


They are so casual and leisurely as they are dying us. Will ordinary workers not wake to the love of God for us and let them off right?


"We hold you Muslim algerous with our state. I bred you out of your generous with my gin. My insult is authorized by my syndicate. Delicious federals are now delivering your white meat. White children don't have the receipts so we use them to beat you up," Judee say.


Might that last Judee reverse speech give us the lowdown on the thing that Judee sells as white supremacy?


Will white not get hold of the receipts so that Judee cannot exploit white children to beat the rest of God's kids up?


Will white not join with all of God's children and get the violent dangerous errant life form out? Will Druid not end Judah hiding his racism behind the white face?


"Vegetable never questions." 6.51 AM


"We don't want the too rich Bitch rule."


Just pulled that out of a reverse speech. Rather than Bitch rule might it be better said the "too rich rule of Labor on velocity power supplies?"


Our $100 trillion dollar economy in only four years with velocity power supplies giving us the boost. Are we understanding that Judah fights us by forcing as much poverty in as he can manage to do?


"I want you to be comfortable." Our good God Almighty said to us.


"Our whole regimen is to make you all stupid," Judee say.


Will Labor not sign us up with the house of our good God and let the old stale house of Judah fade away?


"H----- truly boomed me off so I got to go away," Judee say.


"I would have given you anything," Papa said.


Poison gas attacks on God's children in Syria. Are we not perceiving it is the usual hand of weap Judah at work? Must we not end funding Judah's evil works in our world?


"Failed race scored you's." 7.13 AM


After showing their hand in attacking us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night much chance any thinking person would find Jewish anything other than a failed race?


"I just hustle you with gold wit and sport you out," Judee say.


North Korea launching missiles. Are we understanding that is international weap Judah doing that to give his crowd things to talk about on the news?


Are we understanding that it is with fear, Judah menacing of us, his threats to harm us, that has put him in and kept him in so far?


Here is some reverse speech concerning the launching of missiles in North Korea.


"Because I'm a Jew I'm out, I'm dead, I'm through with your state. I lost my genius. It's our usual fast talking to hammer you with our wits. Bitch organize you and my stupids through.


Since Mercury rise, they get me out. You used to hate me because of my stupid store. We arrange you bumpiniferous. Jew is dumb so he takes a peace state out. I paralyze you with a Jew palace state.


My jealousy, once it threatens you, I pull you off. White children don't have the receipts so we use them to beat you up. Even though I'm fooling you I'm really quite dead," Judee say.


Do we note that Judah jealousy, when it threatens us, might we read that as when he gets us to fear him, then he pulls us off?


Is Labor understanding why Judah tells us that he always pulverizes a chicken?





Is American Labor understanding that if we will not defend ourselves from weap Judah assaults upon us and our families that he will now die us all quietly?


"Even though I'm fooling you I'm really quite dead."


Judah knows they are dead for attacking us with their great balls of fire, and yet they keep their false flashing across our screens. Are we understanding that to allow them to keep the bourse receipts in their private hands is to allow them to get the biggest die-off of us that they can?


This next reverse speech is of a reporter questioning a purported expert about North Korea launching missiles.


"It's our usual fast talking to hammer you with our wits."


Might we consider that is a big part of how weap Judah has been able to keep control of our society here, fast talking to hammer our wits?


Bitch did read some good news in reverse speech concerning Berlin and the attack that Judah has planned to bring in.


Our family in Germany has recent memories of the horrors of war as it was fought right inside of Germany.


It looks as if they are acting to cut off the bourse to prevent the beginning of this war with Russia.


"The real Berlin commitment has fallen out."


That is from the reverse speech of a knowledgeable person in international affairs.


While that may slow the wreckage down a bit, that Judah is still holding the receipts are we seeing we must act if we want to get the threat and menace out?


Judee newscasts are still doing their all to try and make us believe that North Korea's head of state's brother actually was poisoned and died in Malaysia, are we understanding he is a ghost that got found out?


If the ordinary people figure out that Judee mousers are controlling their house, can we only wonder what affects that might have on Judee operations in that land?


No more missile launches. No more building of atomic bombs. Might that leave Judee stage props in America with nothing to make noise about?


Slipping away when they get found out. The historical path of weap Judah brand. Have they not demonstrated an effectiveness in taking over the human race?


Judah cult arrived in force in France in 525 AD. Moved from there into the lands of the mild man of the north. Spent the next couple of centuries breeding Replicon look alikes and learning the language and culture of the terrain.


Took over management of the northlands with his Nordic Replicons in 700 AD. Began his eternal wars in Europe in 760 AD.


Didn't stop his wars and even now he has white kids ready to beat up other white kids in the northland. Is it not something how receipts are how he has done it all?


The Labor value exchange mechanism. Abstract receipts of Labor. That Judah has set himself as the only guy that can issue them for us.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven for having His angels educate us on the economics we need to straighten ourselves up?


Mild man's rules before Judah arrived. Loss of life for whatever reason, settle it with bourse so the family has the economic loss made good plus.


Judah puts mild man's law aside and builds prisons with torture chambers to give his cult jobs to do.


Instead of executing people, if we gave the money used to do the executions might that not help the families of the victims more? Certainly.


Are we understanding Labor that Judah execution chambers are merely more insult to us?


Do we remember hearing that the rules that came to us from our good God above say, "thou shalt not kill?"


Might Judee argue about all of the terrible things the convicted person did as justification for executing him? If we think it through a little bit more can we not see execution is merely more scam of us?


"Individually they're fine, as a group they stink," Joseph Kennedy Sr. said to his son John when he asked about Jews.


"Charge him with sadistic. 8.24 AM


No urethane. 8.26 AM


Their screw is just not usable." 8.27 AM



"We always stage for useful but we can't get the Bitch to shut up. We're stupid so we push you with a police mark and traffic aids. We assault you truthful," Judee say.


Bitch went food shopping the other day. The store detective passed by Bitch and said, "sorry about that." They reviewed Bitch's many purchases and saw that he never ever touched anything that he didn't pay for.


Bitch sensed one day recently that they were reviewing their in-store videos using face recognition to see him every time he was in their stores.


Bitch doesn't bother with other people's stuff. Never has. The noise that Judah makes about embezzle, might we understand that was a fluke after Judah kidnapped him off of the street in Chicago?


Took Bitch right off of his honestly earned income.


Might we understand that when you get locked in a cage there is a reason it is called getting busted?


The assault and battery artist with a drive, a mission to genocide us. Will Labor not say a prayer to our good God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity to throw himself out of here forever?


From throwing acid into the face of a beautiful girl to a staged robbery as a cover to shoot a handsome guy dead. Will Labor not let the jealous guy off right?


A friend confided to Bitch some cheerful news about a velocity power supply machine that is ready to go into production. It was granted a secret patent a decade ago.


It can produce 400 kW of electrical energy. In dollars and cents, at .12 cents a kW is that not nearly $35,000 dollars of clean energy a month? Might that not help our industries a bunch? It Sure will.


The first units built may sell for about that amount. Though there could be a premium on them as they first come off the line.


And what might a generator like that cost in 4 or 5 years time? Possibly only a few thousand dollars?


A tenth of its original cost. After all of the bugs are ironed out in it and production cost falls as more units are built.


Is it not something to think about Dr. Moray had a 65-pound velocity power source in 1926 that could produce on a monthly basis about a fourth of what the 400 kW generator can?


The 10-year-old boy that read about Dr. Moray's radiant free energy generator in 1958. Didn't believe it could be true for if such a machine really existed, would it not be in our world?


Well we all know now Dr. Moray had a dream to bring real good things to life. Free energy for all of God's kids. His machine, though not understood at the theoretical level, was real. Henry's intuitive made his machine run well.


Stanley Meyer spoke of doing God's will by bringing his free energy technology to power our world.


"They've poisoned me," the last words Stanley said in 1998.


"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy," Dr. Eugene Mallove said right before they shot him dead in 2004.


Do we recall our good God our Father promised us water in the desert? Are we appreciating why our good God let Judah get himself out of here?


With Judah poisoning and shooting our scientists might that not hinder our progress ahead?


"I establish you. Their force is off." God Almighty said.


Will Labor not accept this wondrous gift from God, peace?


"I gave you the peace must you fail?" Father asked.


Might Labor not appreciate that it is Labor that will be managing once Labor takes the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


Must American Labor not end funding all of the terrorist attacks that Judah is ordering from Switzerland?


"It's the only gen that has perped you. The potential of fist will get you out of truth. Close Baltimore if you want to live."


Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.


The only gen that has perped us, are we understanding it is not Muslim, it is Jewish that has perped us true?


If we want to live will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money and close Baltimore out?


The Maryland-Virginia nexus of sin. Will Labor not close their terrorism up? Must Labor not help us end their bringing these foreign troops in?


The Vienna Virginia company that reads our credit cards and pays rewards to contaminate our on-line purchases. Will Labor not have our grand juries look into their business practices?


Will the people not rise up and end the executions? Is it not clear that some of those people are absolutely innocent victims of Judah state frame-ups?


Even the ones that did the crime, will we not follow our good God's rules, forgive and have mercy on them?


Is it not clear that Father has given us our lives? If this is understood is there anyone that can explain why we are not honoring Father right?


So Judah tells us that because the white children don't have receipts he gets them to beat the rest of God's children up.


Will Labor not get hold of the receipts and see that they are held in the hands of all Labor?


Bitch failed Father useful, jostled and personal. Failed mother. Failed the kids that breathed in the poison gas yesterday. Failed the people killed by Judah Russian subway attack. Failed the homeless still living in the streets. Failed the people that are destroying themselves.


Are we understanding that the people who are destroying themselves are the same people who are paying for all of the destruction in our world, American Labor?


How can we understand

Riots by the people for the people

Who are only destroying themselves

And when you see a frightened

Person who is frightened by the

People who are scorching this earth.


If we remain frightened of the people who are scorching this earth are we understanding our fear will cause us now to lose our lives?


They lost their permit for attacking us genocide. Give them all they want and more and they only want to destroy innocent lives.


It is a colossal failure here. And Bitch sure does not want to be the one to blame for it.


The white children have no receipts so Judee has our children beating up the rest of God's kids. A sorry state of affairs and what might we say about it? "That's the way it's always Ben?"


The hit that is set to come in in April. Is American Labor understanding the Jew has done himself out of here now?


Are we not aware that whenever he tosses himself out he always does as much destruction as he can before he is fully closed out?


That we have allowed him to get over on us with nuclear weapons, both blast, and waste. Are we not aware of how deadly they both are?


The ordinary everyday working people. Are you not going to try and do something to save yourselves now?


If you do it will be wonderful for Bitch and everyone else. Bitch will go off to the factory and help build water supplies so that all of God's kids on earth can get a drink of clean water wherever they are.


If you don't, then Bitch will be in the sewer with a few hundred million of his fellow good Americans.


Might we see how our destinies are entwined? If one goes into the sewer do we see how others will go into the sewer too?


That Judah has set the most important state every to arise on earth, the United States of America, to fall and never recover, must we not try to decline Judah's best offer?


That we are set to lose the majority of our population to brimstone waste disease over the next few years now. Is there not some way that ordinary people will respond to the love of God and try and save yourselves now?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." God Almighty of heaven and earth said. Our good Lord, the Sovereign of planet earth. Our sweet Papa that loves us all.


Will white not act and get hold of the receipts and give some to our kids so they don't have to beat up the rest of God's kids? Will American Labor not get the palace crowd with their court Jews out?


Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in and let the jackboot crowd off right?


Must the meek not do the will of our good God, STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and inherit the earth right?


"Why didn't you try it? " Father asked about the STRIKE.


With all the lies that Judah has told about Bitch, even with them, might Labor not try to appreciate that Bitch is merely a telegraph operator?


An extraterrestrial power has kept him in long before he knew anything about them. And might Labor put this into your thinking caps, they did it for the love of God for all of His beautiful simian children on earth?


Will Labor not get some receipts and hand them out so that white kids don't have to beat up any of God's kids ever again?


It's all over here, the Jew is dead and gone. Will American Labor not examine your own consciences and end the sin of war here?


If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Lovre God


Have mercy



Wednesday, April 5 — Psalm 44:9–16

Job 7; Romans 12:9–21

The Lord said to Elijah, “I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal.” 1 Kings 19:18

Jesus said to his disciples, “You are those who have stood by me in my trials.” Luke 22:28

We seek our comfort through you, caring God. You know each of us better than anyone. Teach us today to rely upon you for all of our needs. In your grace encourage us to teach others and help those in need. We ask this in the name of our precious Lord and Savior, Amen.


4.44 PM


Just watched some international news and picked up some reverse speech. Judah reveals that his scientists are telling him that he has America 100% dead. He goes on to tell us he is porting America and going the "China way."


A few hours ago Bitch wanted to go and get a cup of coffee to enjoy. He got his car keys and beofre going he said a couple of HaIl Mary's to get advice from elders. Then elder said to him, "You don't want us to win."


After hearing that, he chose not to go for a cup of coffee. Might elders words indicate the intelligence defeating factors that Judah has in our coffee are pretty strong?


"July we should be in because our tech should have you crucified. You died seriously because you didn't take us off our elephant fist. Rockefeller boursed the ships to take you off forever. I fetch you in with dying fields.


We just foul you with tech. Dogtasia. We're going to keep you down complete. You don't like the nice Bitch because he don't ruse. 4 days will weap action to fail.


We protest you with white power to make a cattle state. Because of a dog, we're going to die your seed. I raped your field tumor, I raped you monumental. I took out contact. You stumbled fatal even with the disk.


I set white people back with a right fight. I want to keep you on your helpless side. You're a virtual object to my rights. It's a brutal receipt I used to force you out today.


I have chemicals that shush you out. We have a trap to fall you here. Your mental I shot dead. What we did with margarine was fun. It's obvious it was with mental that we've taken you out. A Jew cataster has forced you out of your way.


Our chapel did some on Malta right. I'm taking the white out rightly with my shot. I just got some orange I'm advising to disturb you with some rascals right. A nice dog lets me do HUGE hots.


We're just going to shoot you and port you dead. We're going to hold you in until you're fully dead, Jew bourse let me put my tyranny state in. Even though Bitch told you about our Toledo our ship won.


We believe we had rights to err you loss. We pass off our Jew anthem to leave you a misery rate. We always strain the best party. With my Minneapolis, I pulled all your scalps off, thanks for the retching.


Particles are a vapor weap that let me screw you guys. My thought mal fist you fine. My title shows I've pulled off 100% of foolsies. I boursed you all cannibal tumorists. Jew is porting you guys and leaving for China way. I had an erection on bourse here.


The German was always welcome to have a drink so I took him out. To kill you I put a judgment on you. The symbols I used on the white guy probably fell. What a wonderful sausage, white meat failed," Judee say.


Here's some more Tele receives:


"This is juvenile here. 11.19 AM (After posting at Bitch daily test site elder said that so Bitch took the post down and pulled out what was juvenile. It was some reverse speech, blowing the horn on some guys that did a high-speed collision opp to silence one of Judees oppers.)


Bush fail. 11.29 AM


Close them up for tyranny. 12.19 PM


Love your virtual autonomy. 12.58 PM


They punish you, despot. 1.01 PM


Jew failed your function. 1.03 PM


Capitalize your field. 1.05 PM


An appin Jew's always assaulting. 1.07 PM


Trim us, the people of America are being exterminated great. 2.06 PM


Nuclear truth has failed. 2.21 PM


You're a fist. 3.06 PM


You don't want us to win. (Elder said that about a cup of coffee, so Bitch did not get one after hearing that from elder.)


They shot us. 3.22 PM


Pat, you stay sad. 3.25 PM


Let's end vicious. 3.28 PM


Judah failed with his racial jokes here.


Suitable house rat. 3.34 PM


The son of a bitch burned you out of here. 3.36 PM


Jews mother has ruined you. 3.38 PM


Oh, my god, they've perished us off of here. 3.41 PM


How did they turn our thinking off like this? 3.44 PM


They frame us to get us out.


Debt hit. 3.49 PM


They battleship the air. 3.58 PM


If you don't put in your rights you're fish. 4.33 PM


They've scored us out of our life forms." 4.56 PM



Just a comment on the Tele sender that said, "You're a fist." That's not true. Bitch has not fisted anyone period. Yet is it not remarkable that Judah at this late date still has some people fooled about who Bitch is?


Here's some reverse speech from a fellow in his bombed out house in Syria:


"The nice fellow sees America is failed suffering disease."


Here's another non-Judah speaker in reverse speech:


"Your Grumman failed on your side because of whiskey. 4 eyes did much to take out this sphere." non-Judah reverse speech.













"Until You Take a Piece of Paper Away From Them This is Going to Remain Foolish"

"Until You Take a Piece of Paper Away From Them This is Going to Remain Foolish"


That's an overnight Tele receive. "Until you take a piece of paper away from them this is going to remain foolish."


And that piece of paper we need to take away from them? The thing we call money. Cash. The tickets to eat. The tickets that let us access the aggregate resource base made available by Labor.


Tele receives:


"Forever they just want to rape. 11.42 AM


He's warred out. 12.16 PM


Thank you. 12.31 PM


Industrial sport out. 12.57 PM


We'll divulge to you it's HUGE. 2.27 PM


Error out. 2.40 PM


They will not see. 2.42 PM


Rolling sports Pittsburgh. 2.53 PM


Sewer won. 3.00 PM


Real sweet. 3.27 PM


It's a gnaw away. 3.33 PM


Shake them out purity. 3.43 PM


Take them out. 3.43 PM


They did us gizmo. 3.45 PM


They're going for believing in mushrooms.


Communist idiots shot their force. 3.48 PM


You had enough, I warned you. 3.56 PM


Murder off. 4.00 PM


Soviet power is coming in to take us out.


Ghost power. 4.15 PM


Oh my god viceroys are killing hostages. 4.44 PM


This guy is out to stop Jamaica force complete. 6.52 PM


He's out for sporting.


It was stolen off your selfishness.


You failed mother. 7.12 PM


A great dog got rid of us. 7.21 PM


You sold me again. 7.27 PM


Bubble gum is thrown, it's rolled. 7.40 PM


False life is foolish. 7.41 PM


Can we wait until I retire? 7.45 PM


Genus ape folding you up. 7.46 PM


Take the sticks off. 7.56 PM


Mommy, they're taking us off.


Stock. 7.57 PM


Sporting ever. 8.40 PM




My hands are tied.


You failed to save us Patrick. 10.41 PM


He's dying the whole nursery.


You're challenged. 11.04 PM


Patrick RISE US! 12.51 AM


Set great to core you out. 12.54 AM


Rat force is busting us. 12.55 AM


We want to start your forge. 12.59 AM


Perishing incredibly stupidly.


The tight rolls are coming in to take you away. 1.01 AM


Trigger failed. 1.04 AM


A few hours and death head. 1.09 AM


Your riced to perish New Orleans. 1.10 AM


Their apps are going to see you Iceland. 1.11 AM


Buttiness, paratics delightfully tossed you out. 1.12 AM


Rugh tumor, bad app, die whole. 1.14 AM


It's just a filthy habit. 2.46 AM


Until you take a piece of paper away from them this is going to remain foolish. 2.59 AM


You innocent guys, you're dead. 3.00 AM


Burgher died your field.


You lost your way corrupt. 3.01 AM


Inadequates. 3.17 AM


White dies prison. 3.27 AM


Privilege is all wastive. 3.28 AM


They whomped you real great. 3.30 AM


Officially corrupt. 3.36 AM


Oleo put stupid warts in. 3.37 AM


Police fall false. 3.39 AM


Police officials fantastically refused. 3.47 AM


Jew over. 4.10 AM



"In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Andy Warhol (1928-1987)


"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." I'm bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is, "In fifteen minutes everybody will be famous."


Is Judah not something in that he has been world famous now for thousands of years?


The many people that search for God. The many people that reject that there is a God so why bother searching? And what about the many people that know there is a God and try to keep the rest of us from learning about Him and His truth?


Andy Warhol: "I think everybody should like everybody."


Is that not pretty close to revealing the secret why God is kept secret from us by that group that knows for certain that God does exist?


"Love one another." God's our Father's command to us. Might that command be why Judah, who knows and has known for thousands of years that God exists, has kept it a well-guarded secret from many of us?


"For symbols I totally impeach you. I'm losing my power but I'm surviving. With a child I make a big weap, that's why I use the churches. My brinkmanship won't right you.


I just catch you sale. Jew strangles decent, that's why they want us off of here. We perish wit, Muslim I'm gonna use great. My death wish of you with Roosevelt. Genocide challenges capital, it's our death way, the white man we want through, he challenges us. For a goose net I weap," Judee say.


The "Deathwish" that Judah has for us all. His attempt to exercise it with Pittsburgh Westinghouse Roosevelt New Hampshire and a thousand nuclear missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires will come to you


If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do

Fate is kind

She brings to those to love

The sweet fulfillment of

Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true



Might we not consider ourselves blessed to still be alive at this moment in time?


Judee's dreams, his desire, to fist us all out of life with his great balls of fire.


The sweet fulfillment of Their secret longing, like a bolt out of the blue tried to turn us all into cinders and ashes. Will Labor not get smart and let them off of us?


If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme


Will we not say a prayer of thanks that by Judah not having a heart he could not make his dream of blasting us out with nuclear bombs come true?


If Judee would have only had a heart might his dreams have come true of smacking us right?


And yet without a heart, he is now smacking us again, this time with conventional weapons and nuclear brimstone waste.


Our elders may not stop a conventional military attack, only a nuclear blast genocide attack as Judah did.


Here's what Judah is thinking from their reverse speech with a big smile on their faces:


"Dumb and stupid to face a down day knowing what Jew done. Druid I'm directing to do more casualties fair, I'm keeping him in fear. My Bitch Hollywood allowed me to pull you failed for free."


Have we given any thought to how down of a day it will be if we fund them to attack us with thousands of missiles to take out our infrastructure?


As Judah has millions of well boursed up Replicons in America just waiting to go into action against us internal, might we not expect 30,000 bombings to happen once he gets us on the down day with his warbirds?


"Jew just make you suffer for a price, I took out contact, you're stumbled fatal even with the disk. I just wash you right away, that's our force," Judee say.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. I want you to be comfortable. I would have given you anything. My kids, treat them super nice. You've had enough, I warned you. I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it?"



4 Thursdays in the month of April. Will it be this first Thursday that Judah puts his big final push against Americans on?


Or might Judee's final insult to mild man be set for next Thursday?


Or the Thursday following? Or the last Thursday of April?


"Druid I'm directing to do more casualties fair, I'm keeping him in fear."


"Come on bind your Wall Street. 5.15 AM


Apparitistic. 5.32 AM


We're decimals. 5.57 AM


The most incredible joy is pushed off.


The communist fist fell." 6.51 AM


Even though the communist fist fell, American Labor is still enabling it to fist and so it does.


No Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or abundance. Though we do have Jesus and God our Father to help us. How have we missed the signals for so long?


"Contact will right us! 6.56 AM


Your wasters are taking off all families." 6.57 AM



Planet of the Apes on earth visited by extraterrestrials 200,000 years ago who genetically engineered us with their own 223 high intelligence genetics.


153,000 years pass and the first of the genetically engineered hybrids in the nursery hatch and fly off into outer space. Venus is now their home. Venus, the Goddess of love.


Might we only wonder was it their love that afforded our brothers and sisters that live in Venus now, the opportunity to develop quickly to bring them into the extraterrestrial world?


Our family that live in the moons of Jupiter. The understanding is they became extraterrestrial 187,000 years after we were genetically engineered into our high intelligence life form 200,000 years ago.


Next Atlantis left earth becoming extraterrestrial and flew off into outer space 190,000 years after our hybridization. Now living inside of Mercury. Doing all they can to help us survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah on us guys.


Judah, tuned in on reality, aware that our family in the universe lives in peace. Is it not something to ponder, that he has been aware of this for thousands of years?


And yet he goes on making war. Planned to war us all to death. Might we not try to perceive that if not for the love of God for us all we already would have been died off and gone?


His homeless sport that he does because it helps him to die rabbits off he tells us. As God our Father loves us all equally might Father not see us all as His loving children instead of rabbits as Judah does?


Planet of the apes, a nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light. Like a bacillus gone bad Judah tried to rape all of us. Eating us like insects, vegetables that he scorns.


A "rare" life form our elders inform us is this errant guy Judah that only wants to fist us.


Bitchie, put through some extreme events in his life, kept in only by the love of God to serve a purpose, to inform His children on earth that God our Father loves us all.


Bitch faulty did an insult that mis-set God's kids 5 years ago. Some stupid mistakes also thrown in since then. For the love of God and life will Labor not forgive them, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to prevent loss of life form?


"Shear them off." A lady passing by said as Bitchie was outside eating a banana at 7.26 AM


"The mouse been scaled." 7.39 AM


The general STRIKE that will liberate the children of God on earth in 5 hours from the malignant force of weap Judah sickness and Satan death course. Will we not keep praying that Labor will do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole and STOP THE WAR?


From reading many reverse speech they are smiling that they are still able to get Druid to assault for them.


They are reporting that their scientists have confirmed that they do have the hundreds of millions of Americans sealed into being poisoned out now.


While Bitch may be deeply imperfect, as elder described him, he is not a sinner. Not that he hasn't sinned, but he tries to avoid sin.


As he did not know that there actually is a God, he did not have any guideposts except what he could figure out from looking around and trying to make sense out of living in a country that is always at war.


He has understood that war is wrong and he knew it was a false in 1966 when he saw it first hand.


Did it not seem that after the war in Vietnam Americans would come to realize that war is a false and bring it to an end? An unending American war is still going on, can we only wonder why that has not happened, why we as of yet do not seem to know that war is a false?


Or could it be that we do know war is a false but for one reason or another we just don't want to get involved in any pro-peace activity?


That is what Judah is indicating. We are in fear and will not challenge him because of his menacing and threatening of us.


"He threw him out with his whole campus." 8.43 AM


Thousands of years of precise false. All finished out with a few hours of wild shooting at us. Has Judah not thrown himself and his whole campus out nice?


"Get him out!" 8.46 AM


And what is the dreadful fear that Judah is using to keep Druid shooting for him?


Is it any other than the fear of loss of income? And is that not a real big fear?


Once we lose our incomes and become homeless are we not real easy mice to eat then?


The $nickel that Morgan pays to those that help in putting a homeless person in. Even without an insurance package to collect on, is it not something that there still is Morgan to make the $nickels available?


Evil? Has America in Jewish management hands not got the feel of Satan, Lucifer, and the devil?


"Thou shalt not kill." Will Labor not reacquaint us all with the house rules of our good God and put them in?


"We do not punish, we follow God's way." 8.53 AM


"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.


Bitchie still praying for a win in peace. Will others not join in and pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT before we have nothing left?


4 Thursdays in April. Will the big slam be tomorrow next week or the two weeks that follow?


The crooked violent false guy that is holding our purse privately. Spends free money on whatever he wants.


Can we only try to imagine how many bribes he had to pay to let that bomb go off in the St. Petersburg subway?


Are Americans ready for the same treatment coming up?


As Judah has remained unchanged for thousands of years now, much chance he will change now?


Seems unlikely, doesn't it?


Our surface world now to be poisoned out in such a way that only God will be able to get his righteous children out.


Industrial chemicals of all sorts set to be blasted into the air that we breathe. Can American Labor not be convinced somehow to stop paying for what is coming in now?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.


Might we think of the thousands of times over many years now that Father has warned us to STOP THE WAR?


Will Americans need to experience the horror of war first hand before we will act to get the war out of our world?


If Labor funds our bridges coming down might we consider how things will be with snipers shooting us down?


Judah has been working snipers on our streets forever we know, once our system collapses any thought about all of his Replicons that will be shooting us with long range scopes?


Are we understanding Labor that war is done and the only ones still shooting it are poor white folks?


The Druid that is not dutiful that has ever failed to save himself. Will we not try to break our losing streak?


A big reason for all of our wealth. This incredible transport system from coast to coast. Now threatened to be stolen away from us in only 4-hours of good shooting.


Bitch, fearless to get the war out of here, knocked into the grave numerous times, resurrected by the angels that Father sent in so that he can to reveal to Father's children that God our loves all of His kids.


While Father is a kind and good Father might we understand that if we ignore Father's help then Judah will get us out of here?


Will American Labor not help the poor Americans that can only get some tuition by shooting their brothers and sisters for Judah sport? Will Labor not take the tickets out of Judah's hands?


Will Labor not end funding all of the hostile Jew sport in our world?


It's very serious here, a third of us are about to go extinct. Animal primitivism is being died off of our species to allow us to go into the universe in peace.


Things are happening to us that would not happen if Judah did not have our purse in his hands.


"Throw this hit. A wakness is sadness."


Thank you Sir Jason and sir Morris for thoes messages today.


Will Labor not help us to throw this hit?


Man and his wife found shot to death in their house. Reverse speech indicates it was mortgage opp.





Teen ager reportedly dead at a hotel near a swimming pool. Carbon monoxide they said. Reverse speech indicated he had to get out of town as he had been found out for an earlier opp.


Is Labor not fully aware that America on Jewish bourse is corrupt, failed and not sustainable except by force?


They have failed us genocide. Will Labor not get smart and help us here?


When Labor takes over it will be a new world then. No more corrupt bribes to set a guy up. Will Labor not rise yourselves to put a new management in?


Are we not perceiving how the love of God has left Judah and company turn themselves inside out and upside down on their own heads?


They've falsed people for thousands of year, do we not see how our good God has left them off of here?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.


Can we only wonder how much radioactive poison we will have to breathe before we will act on Father's will?


While junior is growing up so good, are we understanding that a couple of whiffs of this brimstone stuff and he's off for good?


That Judah has us set now to get a whiff of brimstone with every breath we take, are we not yet getting the sense that we are into something lethal?


The last great weap of the famous weap Judah. Had the whites assaulting each other and everybody else for the last 1,300 years. Might his last famous be remembered for leaving us with a biblical force, hot radioactive Brimstone coming out of our mouths?


Our family in Russia cannot get them off because they are funded by the American Labor force.


The only ones keeping the war alive, the workers of American Labor, mom, and dad. Will mom and dad not give us a hand and take the paper out of the hands of weap Judah and issue it yourselves?


Are we understanding that this may be the last chance to save ourselves?


The continual war that Judah kept going in Europe for 1,300 years now. Will mild man not get smart and shut him off NOW?


Might we consider when we listen to the love of Father how Father has established us here now? Are we understanding that Judah broke his own force when he attacked us with nuclear missiles to destroy us all?


Is Labor understanding that Bitchie is not looking to rule here, he is trying to convince you to save yourselves?


Will Labor not buy the appeal to end funding hurting Gods kids and to save yourselves?


If we fund the war birds flying at us might that be bye bye American pie? Might the levee be dry?


Oh, and there we were all in one place

A generation lost in space

With no time left to start again

So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Jack Flash sat on a candlestick

'Cause fire is the devil's only friend


And in the streets, the children screamed

The lovers cried and the poets dreamed

But not a word was spoken

The church bells all were broken


And the three men I admire most

The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost

They caught the last train for the coast

The day the music died



Is Labor understanding that if we fail the will of God to end the white fist Jewish directed genocide of His children that we are funding, we may experience the day the music died?


And as the flames climbed high into the night

To light the sacrificial rite

I saw Satan laughing with delight

The day the music died



They and their pal Satan are laughing through their teeth at us. The magnitude of deception, the magnitude of death that they gave us in America.


Are we understanding the death Judah has put in here has only been a warm up of what they planned to do to us with their great balls of fire?


Are we not seeing first hand the death that is slowly coming upon us with their brimstone waste shot?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, April 4 — Psalm 44:1–8

Job 5,6; Romans 11:33–12:8

If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light around me become night,” even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is as bright as the day. Psalm 139:11–12

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

Thank you for the hope you bestow, the peace you bring, the love you pour out, and the joy you give to us all. We praise you most of all for the gift of your son Jesus. May he be the beacon of light that guides and inspires our lives. Amen.











Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition.

~~Isaac Asimov



Jeremiah 10:23

(23) O LORD, I know the way of man is not in himself;

It is not in man who walks to direct his own steps.


As Jeremiah says, "[T]he way of man is not in himself," that is, not in his nature. We must have access to God and His nature if we will ever live the right way, the way He lives.













"The White Guy Just Doesn't Have Any Leadership"

"The White Guy Just Doesn't Have Any Leadership"


That is from an overnight Tele receive. "The white guy just doesn't have any leadership."


Might it be that anyone that speaks the truth is already in jail or dead? Might that be what has happened to our leadership? Maybe a bomb on a transit train that takes our useful out?


4.44 PM


11 people killed in St. Petersburg in Russia by a satchel on a transit train. Here's some reverse speech found in a video report of it:


We ever force your errortude with our bourse show, we have grease do the falls. This white guy sees us as too racist, makes us go for our dumb. We've lost our total force. Germans did the scientific action, 5% was paid up for cheese."



Is Labor understanding that it is free American Labor bourse that does these sorts of satchel bombings?


The scientific action that Germany provides. Are we not aware they do library ventilation ricin opps in Iowa also?


Reported to you years ago Labor. If only you would have given us our grand juries might Germany's industry be in a different field of endeavor now instead of wiring satchel charges in public transit systems in Russia?


Bitch just pulled some more international weap Judah reverse speech. Here it is:


"Your warning, we fooled. We take out your whole country and once again David stepped in and saved us," Judee say.


Are we remembering it was Mabel's boy David Grayson that rolled video on Bitch back in 1984 that has now saved Judah from being pulled out by American Labor?


"Once again David stepped in and saved us," Judee say.


Might Judah see Americans as Goliath to be slain?


Mercury Elder said this to Bitch at 2.27 PM:


"We'll divulge to you it's HUGE!"


Rather than a few thousand bridges and other facilities, might we have more than that taken out in this 4-hour joint military attack of British, German, Russian, Dutch, Canadian and French military forces?


Is American Labor not aware that the US military has already attacked us with nuclear missiles? The US Airforce attack with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles that they launched on us in August of 2007.


Are we understanding Labor they are an already proven force for Judah genocide?


Shortly after hearing from Mercury elder while Bitch was praying to Father this afternoon Father said these words to Bitch:


"You've had enough, I warned you." 3.56 PM


The sense of what elder said to Bitch seems to indicate that we may be set to have 5,000 or more infrastructure elements taken out.


All our cell phone towers taken out. Our power lines taken out. Will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT before this attack is let loose upon us?


Next is the rest of today's post that was written earlier in the day. Thank you.



How many even know the truth? Those that speak about God and how do they know these things about God?


Are most of them not based upon faith? Or the things they read in the bible?


Before Bitch knew that Father does truly exist he considered Faith a way to fool us when there was no one around to fool us.


As the churches and preachers have largely supported every war that came along, Bitch considered the entire god thing to be part of their ruse to keep us cheering for what is obviously wrong.


Though there are exceptions. There have been many church people that just would not go along with war.


And what happened to them? How about father Groppi


James Groppi


In 1968 Groppi was awarded the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award by the Davenport Catholic Interracial Council. It was named after a 1963 encyclical by Pope John XXIII that called upon people of good will to secure peace among all nations. Pacem in terris is Latin for "Peace on earth".


The church continually tried to throttle him for his civil rights activism. He left the church and in late 1979, Groppi became a bus driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System—-a job he had held in the 1950s to help put himself through seminary—-and remained in that capacity until he died of brain cancer at 54 years of age in 1985. In 1983 he was elected president of the bus drivers' local union, ATU 998



Only 54 years of age when he left. Brain cancer. Might we only wonder how that came about?


Cancer as a method of political assassination. Might we think of weap Judah now in his last assault upon the children of god on earth as he is assassinating us with cancer in the billions as he goes away from us for good?


The 4 hour staged event that Judah has planned to leave America broken economically. The smashing of our infrastructure before he is finally done with us and we with him.


Bitch found in one of the perpetrators facial reverse speech said that it was scheduled to happen on a "Thursday."


April 6, 13, 20th and the 27th. The four Thursdays in April. Which one can we only wonder will be the Thursday attack that will break our infrastructure and with it our economy?


Once our economy is fully shattered might we be without any way to get the nuclear artillery that Judah is shelling us with from Hitachi-GE, shut down?


"Roses are red, my love.

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet, my love.

But not as sweet as you."


Is that your little girl?

She looks a lot like you

Someday some boy will write

In her book, too:


"Roses are red, my love.

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet, my love.

But not as sweet as you.



55 years ago in 1962 Roses are Red first played on our radios. The innocent times with a school graduation song. If we would have known then that Judah had already tried to attack us with atomic bombs would we have remained so innocent?


Our cousins home from the war in Korea. Our uncles home from the second world war. Our grandfathers that had inhaled gas in the first world war. Vietnam just in front of us all.


Constant wars that America has fought. Is it not something to think about, they were all false?


"If I can convince you to weap a man I can take you over forever. H----- sees how I got you to weap so he screws me out," Judee say.


For respect to the love of Father only Father's initial is written there.


For the love of God and man will American Labor not give us a hand to end the weap of Judah that he is using our purse, children and our land of the free, America, to do it with?


Will we not end being convinced to weap a man for Judah brand?


Will Americans not act and end the weap of God's children so that Judah can no longer continue with his takeover of us here?


"Daddy you lost all of our life force." 7.03 AM


America the beautiful turned into America the brutiful in the war command economy of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse.


"Once we got the jury out your rules were gone," Judee say.


Might we think the first real challenge to our American rules was in 1858 when the supreme clerks tossed out the 1854 jury decision that set Dred Scott free?


The rules put in by our ancestors in England 1215. Trial by jury as the law of the land. Made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791. Tossed out by Judah Replicons only 67 years later.


Another century and a half and now today American rule totally dead.


Bitch and his stupid mistakes allowing Judah to hold himself in for more sin. Might we want to think of Judee's estimate of when our minds will be well?


Do we recall that from the day of liberation his estimate is that it will take two weeks to get over his mental assault upon us here?


Will Labor not help all of us that are enduring the assault against God's children on earth and STRIKE THEM OUT and let the healing begin?


Will Labor not let us have our two weeks without Judah booming to let our minds rest from the daily sacrifice that Judah has going on now?


Will Labor not factor in Bitch's stupid mistakes as coming from a mind that just needs two weeks of peace in his life?


"My dog sides letting me keep coring here. I'm a horneum. With our instruments a cheap fall is coming in, I push you. Since I met you I did homisets because I'm great. All our troubles are white summons," Judee say.


As the fox that eats the mouse, first, he bites his head. Disabling the mouse so that he has no thought left.


Might we see how Judah has taken our head away first by fooling us into not following the rules of God by getting us to violate God's rules of His village, "Thou shalt not kill?"


Are we seeing that it is war to take our moral, ethical, spiritual down as what Judah uses to accomplish us?


Are we understanding why Judah puts the war in? If so will Labor not end funding our sin? More than a moral, ethical or spiritual loss, are we understanding that we are set now to go out of our physical life forms in a 4-hour shot?


"Jew's in favor of offen checks," Judee say.


Gifted with free will as we are, Judah was not compelled to follow house rules that our good God gave us. Of his own free will, Judah chose to violate the rules of God's village on earth.


Judah chose to do genocide even after he knew that it was illegal to do in the Federation. Offered all the assistance that he would need to transition himself out of his animal primitivism and into the higher level life form needed to go extraterrestrial, and Judah rejected all overtures from God and the Federation.


"I'm basically a Jew that ever fails you, that's why they're making me go in," Judee say.


"Pat your fault is Jewish habitual." 7.43 PM


Could that be what is holding us back from bringing Labor in to help us? Could the one eight sand vibe be stuck on stupid somewhere that it is causing the fail that has blocked Labor from coming in to help us here?


That the nuclear war fighting machinery is in operation to die us out in the billions now. And it has been in operation for over 6 years now. That we have done nothing. Must we not change that and act now?


The pestilence of war. Are we understanding it is a creation from the cipher of weap Judah to score?


"I want some pp," Judee say.


That is precisely what Bitch just pulled out of a Judee guy's head from his reverse speech.


Dice, pp, heroin and booze. If we throw in jails and war do we not have the whole kit and caboodle of Judah politics and rule?


Thank you, God, for letting them off.


Judah molest and abuse of the mind. Could that explain how he has managed to hold on to his force still?


The few times that Labor won. The triangle shirtwaist company fire. They locked the doors and burned the lady workers alive. Cut the bolts part way through on the fire escape falling the lady workers 5 stories to their deaths on the ground.


The imprisonment of Labor leaders that didn't want war.


The Alcatraz imprisonment torture deaths of the Hofer brothers in Judah's first world war. They died because they refused to harm their fellow man.


The Chicago union workers invited to a boat ride and a picnic on the other side of the lake. The boat turns upside down at the pier drowning all of the union workers that day.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good Lord, that Father loves us so much that He let Judah go away from us forevermore?


"We molest and I just scrimmage you off," Judee say.


"Greatly stupid," Father said about the thing that Bitch wrote the other day. Will Labor please step around all of Bitch's stupid mistakes and STRIKE THEM OUT before we are scored out right?


Are there not many of us extremely saddened to see this beautiful one time partly free nation destroyed so easily? With so much warning this time did it not seem that somehow Labor would become involved to prevent our demise?


Though Bitch has not given up yet. Father is still with us.


The little people that always die in war. Are we understanding that is all of us now?


"I'm failed. I have no future." A couple of factory workers said in reverse speech as they were building the war implements for Judah's second world war.


"I'm dying it," Adolph Hitler said to field Marshal Goering. From a video of the war years.



Major Donald Kehoe (1897-1988)


"War will pitch you out in paralysis. By all appearances, we're all fooled. They want the white out so they can screw richly. Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed.


You have a time bomb on you that will bomb this sphere. I'm basically on principles of truth. They're playing with Moscow to score us all useless. Those purple boys ever have death to bring in by a back door.


I don't believe in war or punishment. Jew pillory you for sport. A revolution will come when they can't give you hell.


Owl on algebra might federalize you. They always push you into exhaust. The Martians have gotten their weap bazook. I'm just a usable boy from the British."



"Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed."


Major Donald Kehoe said that in reverse speech. Donald tried to inform us of the reality of the visitation to us from our family from outer space. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and reverse this fail here?


Donald published in 1973 Aliens From Space: The Real Story Of Unidentified Flying Objects



That is one of the many books that he wrote on the extraterrestrial subject. He reveals in that book a passenger plane was hit with a missile that was shot from above the plane blasting it into little fragments.


Might we understand that before the missile hit that plane our extraterrestrial family had safely evacuated all of the passengers and the flight crew?


Certainly. Elders do not harm us. Might we wonder what type of a meta-transiliatory message could be found in blasting a commercial airplane to bits?


Might we wonder who was on the plane that was blasted to bits and invited to live among our family in the stars?


Thinking to an earlier time when king Henry V reportedly died in August of 1422 at the age of only 36.


We now know that Henry didn't die, he was beamed up to live a nice life with our elders from outer space. A meat doll was left in his place to be buried by the royals.


The reason they pulled Henry V was because "He was on a roll." Doing genocide in France.


Bitch, as reported previously, met one of Henry's descendants in a Chicago theater in about 1960. Bitch did not know who he was until recently when elders informed him of this.


The young appearing well-dressed man told us that it was the Jews that were behind all of the war in our world. Bitch didn't know the truth then, he was only a youngster. But he clearly members the event.


Bitch just asked elder if Henry V is still alive and elder responded, "Jewie tossed him pitch."


The understanding is that Henry lived for 12 years with our elders from outer space and chose to return to earth.


Elders accommodated him and after he was returned to earth Judee pushed him in.


The children that Henry V had with Venus stayed living with our family inside of our earth.


The young man that spoke with Bitch and some of his friends in 1960 appeared to be about 20 years of age. Elder said he was actually 300 years of age.


"Judee's about blown you fantastic," Judee say.


Might we see the struggle that Judah has had with keeping the presence of our extraterrestrial family from the general population?


If Henry V had lived might he have talked about the years he spent with our extraterrestrial family?


Would that not have blown the cover on the secrecy surrounding the presence of extraterrestrials that live in our world?


Might we understand why Judee would have decided to put Henry V in when Henry returned from his years living with our extraterrestrial family?


The understanding by all the people on the surface of planet earth that the societies associated with the Federation are in peaceful cohesion with our elders from outer space. Might that not take Judah's false out? Certainly.


"I had a snafu with my riceman so they threw me out," Judee say.





That Judah could live among us for so many centuries only waiting for the time when they could destroy us.


As they tell us they are pacific until they get on top of us, have we noticed that when they do get on top of us they always rape us?


And when did they really begin to get on top of us?


By refusing a bill of rights in the beginning of the United States of America in 1789 might they have wanted to start right off with being on top of us?


As the state delegates wouldn't let them get away with it and we did get our sacred Bill of Rights put in from the beginning, might we consider Judah began getting on top of us when they tricked us with their clerk's decision that threw the jury decision out that freed Dred Scott in 1854?


Has America not gone down ever since? If not for that decision by the supreme clerks to re-enslave Dred Scott might they not have been able to get their war between the states put in in 1861?


Do we recall that president Lincoln was our first dictator? Do we recall how he had peace activists and reporters arrested and imprisoned for telling us what they were doing in Washington?


Do we see that war gives them the power to take our rights away? Might we consider their vaunted mental, if not for assault and battery it could be considered ordinary?


"With odors I'm going to awe switch you," Judee say.


Are some Americans not convinced yet that Judah has scored us out of life right here in America in the hundreds of millions with his nuclear waste fumigation odors aimed at us?


"Our efforts were god damned with contact," Judee say.


Are we the people understanding their efforts have been and continue to be to destroy us in total?


Do Americans not perceive that we have been destroyed in an all out nuclear war that Judah is waging against us every day?


"Judee's so hydrous, that's why we've kept you. We just sport you fierce. White people have their performance in fighting so that's why we're taking them out," Judee say.


Might we recall that Judah reveals that it was his imprisonment of the mild man, the brutality that Judah did to us that brought the mild man to be the fist for their sports weap?


Will mild man not make a quick move to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


"Stumble them." 9.43 AM


We need your help Labor to close Judah out right. We need you to take the Organizing Principle of Society into the safe hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole.


"I establish you. Their force is off." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.


What about it Labor. Judah and his crew moved into the north-lands in force in the 6th century and took over management by the 8th century with his newly bred into the environment white Replicon hybrid shell transplant guys and gals.


A secret cult living in our midst all of these many centuries on. Joining together with criminals wherever they found them to exploit the mass of the ordinary people.


Legitimate governments they destroy. Judah has no use for an important state. They have exterminated us already. Are the mild people not understanding this yet?


"Our policies always die us," Judee say.


From that reverse speech might we understand why they had to destroy us? Might we consider from Judah's perspective attacking us with thousands of thermonuclear bombs was self-defense?


That is if their policies always die them, must they not do something to prevent being died for their policies?


The people they always insult with their highly organized and developed over thousands of years assault upon us, how else could they act if they know it will cause them to die for their crimes against us?


Do we see Judah need for a preemptive attack before the people realize how deadly they have been to us while living freely in our midst?


Are we understanding why they needed to destroy us before we awake and let them off right?


Might the question not arise, "if their policies always cause them to die, then why not select a new strategy?" Doesn't that seem like an easy enough solution?


Are we not understanding that man nor the divine has drawn Judah to accommodate anyone else at all? Do we perceive the root of their strategy is to harm us somehow, someway?


"We just come in to flub a nation," Judee say.


The violence and brutality that they have put on the societies of the mild man of the north for the last 1,300 years. Will we not step in now and let them off right?


Our unique value of cooperation that Judah discovered among the mild people of the north. Seeking our best cooperators and assaulting them out so he can put more of his assaultive hybrid Replicon shells in.


The white Replicon shells from the Netherlands that attacked us all out nuclear blast weapons. Will Labor not help us to ferret them out and let them off right?


Might we understand that is where this purported white supremacist gibberish is coming from?


Father does not want us destroyed here, but are we not in agreement that it is all up to you guys and gals of Labor if we are destroyed or not?


Are we understanding that if we let them hit us, we are finished for all times then?


Are we also understanding that when we STRIKE THEM OUT they will no longer have free money to attack us with?


"I'll fight until you get my harrasid out of here," Judee say.


From that reverse speech of Judee are we understanding why we are set for a big concussion on a Thursday in April of this year?


Here's some Tele receives:


"Cheers. 10.44 AM


It's a fearless boy. 10.53 AM


We're passing genocide.


Para-mutual. 12.19 AM


I urge you to some awesome wit. 12.29 PM


It's a great threat, throw it. 1,41 PM


Cease fire, end assaultious.


It's tragic. 1.59 PM


They're doing some fasces here. 2.15 PM


They're crumbing us electricity. 2.24 PM


They set you on fire all of us. 2.36 PM


He wants the guy out of here with his cell officials that fist us. 3.01 PM


Your mock here is dead for shooting the nation. 3.19 PM


Thank you for getting fisters off of us. 3.39 PM


They occupied us with oppin Jews. 3.48 PM


They failed by falsness, they psyched by the parasite. 3.51 PM


They need some sealty. 3.52 PM


They're dying us all off commercial. 3.54 PM


You lost considerage pre-excited. 3.55 PM


They push molesters. 3.56 PM


Roll palace age for criminals. 3.58 PM


Viceroy deal will chump you. 4.00 PM


Conspirators failed us fabulously. 4.03 PM


They corrupt us homeless. 5.53 PM


Jew has no use for an important state. 5.59 PM


He took off a great shooter. 6.01 PM


They're evasing us. 6.10 PM


Reunited. 6.31 PM


Patrick, the Welcher's already confessed. 6.38 PM


You lost your advice. 10.56 PM


Bribes have failed, get them out. 11.03


Sewer days will remain for all time if you let them hit. 11.04 PM


Patrick RISE US! 11.07 PM


Steam fails your victory thief. 11.08 PM


Compl-mentally. 11.09 PM


Evil is the way they choose to fall us here. 12.39 AM


You guys are following a path of decline here. 12.40 AM


Patrick closes them out. 12.55 AM


Gun smoke rusts. 1.56 PM


Sharks obey filthage.


They have stunned us. 1.57 PM


Save us, conspiritic gave our planet away. 1.59 AM


Jew, he's very hard on his friends. 2.42 PM


It's castrated by Jew, we're castrated by vicious. 2.44 AM


God helped us get forging out. 2.48 PM


It's bubbled for sealing. 2.50 PM


Pat, you're always true with us. 2.51 AM


Parasite jeopards it. 2.54 AM


Life is finished after hysterical. 2.55 AM


They're burning you up fraudlee. 3.00 AM


It's a tragedy you de-exist. 3.08 AM


You died and lost them all. 3.13 AM


The white guy just doesn't have any leadership. 3.14 AM


Patrick is justin'. 4.32 AM


They fell us cash. 5.30 AM


Let's mosh them. 5.58 AM


A virtual suckership here. 6.15 AM


A terrible deal botches your life forces. 7.01 AM


Daddy, you lost all our life forces. 7.03 AM


We're assigned for a racial die us. 7.07 AM


Their benefits skinned you raw. 9.12 AM




True to life they falsed you out. 10.44 AM


Abolish fool war, accept contact." 11.15 AM



Isaiah 41:17 The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, And their tongue is parched with thirst; I, the LORD, will answer them Myself, As the God of Israel I will not forsake them. 18"I will open rivers on the bare heights And springs in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water And the dry land fountains of water


Will Labor not do the will of our good God and help us to bring velocity free energy technology in so that we can have clean drinking water everywhere in our world for all of God's kids?


Will American Labor not accept contact and end the 1,300 years of war that the errant life form has forced in upon the mild people and everyone else?


To spare us the loss of our nation will you not act before the full blown attack upon our infrastructure gets underway?


UFOs buzzing Nellis Airforce base in Nevada. What might that indicate? A few thousand well-placed missiles, a few thousand bridges out of operation and our nation will be sewered.


Power plants, refineries, water distribution systems knocked out of service. Must we not end letting Judah use our cash?


"Our functions out. I blew an error and H----- take me for every day. A boy with no experience encourages you to make me go. Bigot I stun you. I'm stupid for benefits.


I always cite you bourse falsely true. In dice, I'm a forcer in. We just fist you out on to the streets, it's part of our rabbit sport. We just spite you Auschwell. Jew push you zipperous.


My moms into genocide, I'm a spore. Bitch balance this world because I'm death with a machinist. We falsed you out of financial easily. If you're intelligent we take you off the Bitch way.


Always correct we move you out of sunshine. Most of the minnows don't see the death hedge. Allisor promised to fall you outright and lost the war. A machinist with a chemist do right, get your lunch shot full of holes.


Wisconsin was delightful with checks. 6 hours a day we spend switching you out. Because you're all debts Jew does some great dies. Until you boom my alpha I'm going to MOX you true. Sophomore exists so my management fist is away.


The British have my permission to foul your forces. Once I put in a defis I can push you out. I shoot with a West German to bust you rocket. The nice man clears my subjects true.


I'm taking the states out with a whole series of blue before I'm out. Concussion will fold you. I listen to your words through Pabst that will not hold me true. The company is my idiot leadership which is about through.


People rubber stamp my line. I lost my theory for vel-a-locity. Your rich Jew has booted himself away. I stoop you all the time to defeat you. My Jew philosophy saps fools.


My economy throws all of the genes. We set you out with more house, Patrick not into fight. Our oleo semper goofed and broke us out fine. I crunch a boy and our sociopath is now over, die Israel.


Your images enabled us to app sin. The shrimp wouldn't leave the German weap for us, I'm scored. I hold you on fable wits truly, without our main force we can't swit you.


Our war procedures with Druid are up, he sees I comped you right. I just apple sport you. Our grace is with Parliament to do you, Pat seen us boom boom. I do a sexual mouse in a hurry.


I just do tumors throughout America every day. Torture is one of the tools we use to pull off the state. We fouled you rich in a foolable way. Once we got the jury out your rules were gone.


Our rights hang on Mabel's spin. Bitch autopsy you now see all of our foolin. My mama wants me set, now I'm set. The picture is done, it's thrown me totally. We do aggravated insulting to boom you here.


I'm arrogant and stupid to fist you and a true boy is deserving to make Jew go. I made my weap a human issue for sport. If I convince you to weap a man I take you over forever. My dog sides letting me keep coring here, it's advantage.


We get possession we wake you out. When you gave up your men we put in bourse shot and war you with Jew men. Bubble gum let us do a force siege. With a judge we shot your reason and it let us shoot you. My management's full of bull sh*t and shouldn't be here. Chicago energy helped you realize we are bad.


It's an advantage to degrade your career. I just work through Morgan's Whitehouse that lets me pound you dead. We're leaving joyfully the states rolled out from you. Our title lets us paste for Judas state. Your fault is to bourse me complete. We just want you to perish in war corrupt," Judee say.


Will Labor make your decision to organize and STRIKE THEM OUT based upon the love that God has for all of his children on earth?


Bitch, might Labor consider that this head will not be fully correct until a couple of weeks after liberation from weap Judah?


Is that not what Judah predicts that our mental will not be correct for at least two weeks after he is finished out among us?


Might Labor not accept that Bitch just got smacked by some foul fries that threw his real puss out?


It's a nice puss Labor, believe it. Follows Father's way 100% for sure.


Certainly, if it had been smart enough years ago it might have figured out that Father did exist, but as the luck of the draw, it was not able to figure out that Father is real and in our world.


Father is a living God and He loves us all equally. There is no punishment in Father's house. Are we recognizing that the love of Father has left Judah's criminal force off of here?


If so must we not also recognize that Father has established Labors force of good for His children to lead us now out of eternal sports war and into eternal peace?


4 Thursdays in April. The 4-hour infrastructure hit on America is scheduled for a Thursday in April. Nellis Airforce base marked by our extraterrestrial family.


Will we not pray that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


"You've had enough, I warned you." God Almighty said.


Must Labor not take the thousands of warnings from our good and kind God and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, April 3 — Psalm 43

Job 3,4; Romans 11:19–32

The jar of meal was not emptied, neither did the jug of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord that he spoke by Elijah. 1 Kings 17:16

Jesus says, “Give us each day our daily bread.” Luke 11:3

Too often we are afraid to venture out of the comforts of our sanctuaries and share the Bread of Life with those around us. Give us the courage and enthusiasm to venture out like our Lord and Savior to share his message of love and hope with others. Amen.













"We Got A Staged 4 Hours Coming In With Some German Boys. We're Going to Suffer the White Boy Completely Wet Using White Boy."

"We Got A Staged 4 Hours Coming In With Some German Boys. We're Going to Suffer the White Boy Completely Wet Using White Boy."


Bitch heard numerous negative comments about yesterday's post concerning a paragraph in it.


"You lost some considerage." Elder said.


Might we try to understand that Judah wants our world to see white people as the terrorists and destroyers of our world?


And what is the reality other than we are right less people who have no say in much of anything because we allow Judah to hold onto our purse for us?


"Greatly stupid." Elder said shortly after posting yesterday.



The destruction internal of our infrastructure has begun. The dropping of the highway bridge in Georgia. Everything going just as Judah planned it. A 4-hour shot coming in. Is there not some way that American people will wake to our passing?


Will white not STOP THE WAR and end having all of the atrocity in our world put onto the face of the white person?


Bitch has failed to speak successfully. Deeply imperfect, personal inadequacies. Yet should that hold others from preventing catastrophe from taking us away?


Thousands of bridges set to be dropped inside of America now that Judah has put himself out of God's village on earth. Might we understand that Judah always has a going away package for the inhabitants wherever they toss Judah away?


Once we lose our road and bridge system are we understanding that we then are out of our economy for a very long time?


Bitch has been picking up the "4 hour attack" now for some time in Judee reverse speech. The attack is to leave our nation permanently broken and then they are heading into their underground shelters to sit out our die off.


Might we try to understand that once Judah shoots us commercial and our economy is totaled we will no longer have the force available to shut Hitachi-GE down?


Bitch has a fault he's working through slowly. "It set you back aways," elder said.


He is aware that we are going out now and it won't let him rest until Labor helps us STOP THE WAR! Will we not pray that Bitch fault doesn't hamper Labor from acting smartly?


Over 5 years of warnings to STOP THE WAR and now the last month is here. The final showdown where weap Judah attacks us internally with his international fist leaving us totally busted out.


"We're ever ceased. 3.08 AM


We de-exist. 3.22 AM


They're dying us all off commercial." 3.53 PM



Breathing brimstone out our mouths already apparently unaware of it yet. 2,000 years warnings from our bibles of what to expect in the last days.


"Patrick, we made you simple. You fouled me right, hysterical. Patrick, we cored you out for sapping us out," Judee say.


Are the people not getting Judee's joke on us here? Can we not perceive that his government is one big hysterical joke on us all?


"Did you talk to Everett about it?"


"What does Everett think we should do here?"


"Ask Everett how this should go."


Bitch found "Everett" was pulling the strings in the last administration and was giving the orders of how to run the government from the weap house.


Bitch just pulled in reverse speech from one of the officials that are working on this 4-hour attack to break us in total, "Everett" is calling the shots. "Al" is working with Everett to get it done.


So who is this "Everett" person anyways?


And what might Everett's last name be? Rather than Everett as a first name, might Everett be the last name?


After reading reverse speech Bitch did get a second name with "Everett" yesterday. "Sidney."


"Sidney Everett." Could this be the name of the person who is directing this last attack upon the faltering, falling United States of America?


So who is Sidney Everett?


Found about 55 people with that first and last name and that's just in America.


Might Sidney be in England directing the wipe out of the United States? Canada? New Zealand? Australia? Israel? Might Sidney already be in the underground cabling Judah's last commercial weap opp, America?


Will Labor not help us to find which Sidney is the one that is pulling the strings and has been giving the orders to bust out the United States?


Will Labor not take our purse away from Sidney before he completes this combined military forces attack on us? Will the meek not try to save our lives?


Tele receives:


"Patrick has forced this sale nukage all refused. 9.11 PM


Assault. 11.16 AM


Flesh hell. 11.47 AM


Dangerous they're leaving us. 11.50 AM


You've already been destroyed, these son of a bitches destroyed us. 11.57 AM


You passed away discouraged. 12.05 PM


We die so wicked. 12.14 PM


They're burning you with pots, they die you with whatever.


These old son of a bitches are going to destroy us.


Checks they use to flush us. 12.40 PM


The temps keep going up until the whole machine self-destructs.


Flub it time. 12.59 PM


For manning their stuff goes. 1.12 PM


Lawsuits. 2.11 PM


It's HUGE they're doing us here. 2.22 PM


I establish you, their force is off. 3.01 PM


Patrick helps us out of fister. 3.58 PM


Passable. 5.37 PM


Too tough. 6.22 PM


Greatly stupid. 6.54 PM


Not too graceful, we got to leave you. 6.57 PM


Stupid failed to save us. 6.58 PM


Oh, he drifted. 6.59 PM


They're doing poperty. 7.01 PM


You cease to be a sign of ment. 7.04 PM


Patrick tossed them out and the children are being destroyed and he's upset. 7.08 PM


White people fell to be pushed. 7.09 PM


I think you have a rising here. 7.11 PM


Why didn't you pray there Patrick? 7.13 PM


Wiped you off with sacrifice. 7.14 PM


How incestual rave us. 7.18 PM


They've erased us off of here 100%. 7.22 PM


You seem to be unaware that you are destroyed people. 7.24 PM


Foolish guy tumbled. 7.24 PM


Big zero touched us. 7.25 PM


They perish us. 7.33 PM


Their psyche is already done and you're leaving them to perish us.


Get rid of the poisonous fail. 7.35 PM


It's fairish, you're drowned. 7.36 PM


All your friends rescued you, you're hugely guilty.


The plumber's cipher veered past us. 7.40 PM


Your problem is incredible misfit is totally ridiculous. 7.42 PM


Pat your fault is Jewish habitual. 7.43 PM


Past life is screwing you lethal. 7.44 PM


Your shrink failed. 7.45 PM


Coming awesome internal. 7.46 PM


Dungeons and secrecy exhausted us out. 7.48 PM


You're falsing out your spirit and they're finished. 7.49 PM


Children rape our future. 7.50 PM


Jeremy hikes you emphasis. 7.58 PM


They're trying to kill us with nuclear ways. 8.02 PM


Nuke cons. 8.04 PM


Sad we're dying away, let's push them out. 8.05 PM


Mercury's closed the ricers field. 8.08 PM


Shoe maker. 8.11 PM


Cat made us fail stupid ways. 9.00 PM


He spite us with crunch world. 9.07 PM


Failed symbol life keys nation.


You're assaulted for jest egg. 9.05 PM


Conspiritics made you suffer. 10.30 PM


False fault. 10.32 PM


They almost warred us out of proceedjus here. 1.05 AM


Raid you often all threats. 1.07 AM


An errorous liar. 1.10 AM


Patrick, they officially died us.


They forced you out deceitfully. 1.59 AM


Patrick dies abusage, they simply hate us. 2.00 AM


You've been apped fist. 2.02 AM


We're completely off here, we failed to save ourselves, we're dead. 2.04 AM


Sold to get diesel failed. 2.06 AM


Correctly stupid police scoring. 2.07 AM


Degenerates die core here, pass them off. 2.09 AM


They took peace off and made us hosiery way. 2.11 PM


STRIKE THEM hoster. 2.12 AM


The white people sagged. 2.14 AM


STRIKE for animal scores us. 2.15 AM


We're seriously force out, forced dead. 2.17 AM


Forced you out abusage, ported you maliciously. 2.18 AM


Image race us. 2.19 AM


Bitchie you're wasting badly. 2.20 AM


Patrick died us off of here. 2.20 AM


You didn't right your courage.


Housewife naturally died. 2.25 AM


Lickage tumbled awfully here. 2.26 AM


Scoopage cancels late us. 2.27 AM


Race sport makes us homeless. 2.28 AM


Casually smashed you, smashed us air ported. 2.29 AM


Stupid caught they really mouse us. 2.30 AM


Irish has obviously failed to save us. 2.33 AM


They put us in the backroom permanently speared. 2.37 AM


Defeated huge, unwilling to take responsibility for the damage they have funded. 2.38 AM


All fused delightful. 2.39 AM


Goose problems have sadly rifled us. 2.42 AM


Goosement has died your ability. 2.44 AM


Druid failed to genitals too municipal. 2.45 AM


Whites are wrong lacking gumption and won't fix it. 2.46 AM


Torched the village. 2.53 AM


STRIKE this diesel. 2.54 AM


A collision that life has failed us.


It's finished life right. 3.00 AM


Judee toast us sinfully. 3.02 AM


They've destroyed us. 3.06 AM


We're ever cased. 3.08 AM


We de-exist. 3.22 AM


There are missiles that missiled us. 3.29 AM


You sure have libeled a beautiful child, you have failed to speak successfully, you have speak quite abusive, because of muscle you are deceased, courtney fails. 3.31 AM


Lousy vicious. 5.18 AM


You truth us. 5.29 AM


It's hideous." 5.46 AM



"Why didn't you pray there Patrick?" 7.13 PM


If only Patrick had prayed might he have not put that abusive comment in yesterday's post? Is memory part of stupid? For those that pray maybe you could add a prayer that Bitchie remembers to pray before he posts anymore not useful things again? Thank you for all of the Tele sends.


We're in April and the last takedown of what is left of the economy of the United States of America is set now to be physically shot off.


The four hours that Judah is set now to give us with his combined forces. Germans, Russians, British troops, Paris desk. Ottawa providing bases to do the attack from.


Right less Americans not able to bring anything to court for we have no rights at all.


Bitch watched a video about a couple of brothers that purportedly were electrocuted by downed power lines.


Here's some reverse speech found in the video:


"They did some cop pull-offs in West Anthony. This was date and fist here. Young stump failed. This was done for whole life. Forever my racial dates have fallen out. Found for rape so they had to go in. We had some homo molest that found us out."


Might we consider how Judee leaves his shooter families in good shape? Can we only wonder how much the payout will be from the power company for the downed power lines that purportedly electrocuted the boys?


Are we getting some idea of how Judee trains his little children to opp druids at a really early age?


From childhood, until they go to the grave in old age they opp Druid away.


"Foolish to do nothing." Have elders not said that for over 5 years now? Yes, they have.


"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.


"It's hideous." 5.46 AM


Might that be a Tele send about what Bitch put in yesterday's post? Will we not pray that Labor will act to STRIKE THEM OUT not based on Bitch fault but rather on seeing your own vital interests are at stake?


Here's some reverse speech that Bitch listened to that reveals what is coming at us this month:


"We've got a staged 4 hours coming in with some German boys. We're going to suffer the white boy completely wet using the white boy.


Judas cop has always been on white foolish. I've got federal firepower coming in. I grow best when I make you fail, completely fail.


His mother cast a righteous sphere above us and canceled our lies on us, I'm HUGED. I'm taking oxygen to make it unbearable. Anxious I lost, I scored you proof," Judee say.


The federal firepower that Judah is planning on turning loose on us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and cancel their plans to late us?


"All your friends rescued you, you're hugely guilty."


All our friends and our family from the universe rescued us. Will Labor not try to overlook Bitch mis-speak and act to end funding shooting us?


"You sure have libeled a beautiful child, you have failed to speak successfully, you have speak quite abusive, because of muscle you are deceased, courtney fails." 3.31 AM


Because Judah took over the United States has our court not quite failed?


Bitch apologize for libeling a beautiful child. Bitch is looking for the button to push that will bring the whites to try and save us. Is it not real obvious that weap Judah is history along with his violent government farce?


"Because of muscle, you are deceased."


Are we not appreciating why Father wants Labor to hold the concession to issue our money? When Labor has our purse in it hands much chance it will be hiring muscle to fist anyone out? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?


Judee sporting us with municipals and now municipals are stuck here to die off with us in a hideous way. Breathing in nuclear waste. Brimstone coming out our mouths.


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." Our good God Almighty said.


Yesterday's post the paragraph that so upset everybody.


Might some explanation be in order as to just what Bitch was trying to express there?


Are we seeing that we have let Judah so mis-sight us and Judee has the intent to have our family curse us when they think of us?


Have we not noticed how Judah puts the face of white on his sins against our family in this world.


The cruelly manipulated poor, the tenement kids Judee uses to score for him. Will Labor not do us all a favor and put a just economic system in?


"Disturbed." One Tele sender said.


Is being died off massively not pretty disturbing?


Can we not pray for a day that we all will look in the mirror and say, "I'm just not going to let my money be used by Judah to assault God's kids this day or any other day ever again?"


"HELP US PAT!" 6.47 AM


That is sure what Pat would like to do. The moments ticking down to where it will be too late once Judah has his wholesale commercial fist bust our roots.


The comforts, convenience, the wealth of goods we have. Is there some understanding that in 4 hours of Judah sport it may all be in the past?


He shot himself, put himself in his carriage with a wooden stake through his cipher brand. Is there not some way to interest American Labor in closing him out now?


Our greatest resource, is it not our people? Certainly.


And yet Judah finds our most useful and fists them out of life. Frames up and Imprisons our Labor, peace, environmental, civil rights and other justice spirited activists.


And now Judah is going for taking us all out massively.


"Parasite of the Western world is an awesome breed." 7.40 AM


How awesome? Has he not demonstrated that he is awesome enough to repeatedly shoot us with nuclear weapons while still able to keep us frozen?


"With tyranny, we scut you fair," Judee say.


Are we seeing that it is only with a tyranny that Judah can demonstrate his awesome breed's abilities right?


"They fail us through our personal lives." 7.14 AM


Rather than hear from Bitch might individual workers not try to telepathically communicate with Father to get the truth of what in happening to us in our world?


A prayer, is that not a telepathic communication pathway? Yes, it is. Will Labor not pray to our good God above for help in our most serious hour of need?


It not obvious that Judah has us set to be died off complete?


"Defeated sewerage. 5.51 AM


They've ever got a thumpus deal. 7.02 AM


By embarrass, you failed to right yourselves. 7.04 AM


God had mercy on us and they're tearing us apart. 7.10 AM


Jew coppers stoned us. 7.12 AM


They fail us through our personal lives. 7.14


You're an amazing person, you almost completely convert me. 7.20 AM


You lost it foolish. 7.25 AM


Parasite lost points. 7.30 AM


Parasite of the Western world is an awesome breed. 7.35 AM


You lost it foolish tyranny." 8.06 AM






The Tele sender said that "they fail us through our personal lives," might it be noted that elders informed Bitch that Judee seriously libeled him?


The things that Judah claims he has on Bitchie. Elders term it all, "minutiae." Though did Judee not make up some real big lies to make it appear Bitch was a real rude guy? Yes, he did.


After so many lies that Judee is known for telling might it not be a sign of Judee's awesome that he can still get some to believe them?


After attacking us not once, but twice with his great balls of fire and now attacking us with his invisible deadly nanoparticles, could it not be a sign of an awesome breed that he has been able to keep hold of our purse that he needs to keep shooting us good?


A guy that has never produced a complaint in his life, Bitch, somehow smeared by Judee to make Bitch look real bad.


Might it have something to do with the way that Bitch sapped Judee right? Catching him trying to do his big number on us in the middle of the night. Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Blowing the horn on Judee and his sport.


The greatest thief of all time tried to steal God's kids away from Him with his great balls of fire. After having his great balls of fire taken away from him now he is using his last weap, nuclear brimstone waste disease to steal God's kids.


Love less Judee and his tight fist. Choosing thousands of years ago to not love all of God's kids.


Might Judee's ways have a link to these sayings?


When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window. And when the wolf comes in at the door, love creeps out of the window.


Might that explain why Judah spends so much of his time creating violence wherever he goes? Using violence as a cover to force poverty in on us. Maybe Judah just can't stand the idea of us all loving one another?


Judah and his need to hurt people so. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for sending His angels in to let Judah put himself away for good, forever more?


Bitch, deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid, some personal inadequacies, but a nice boy. Is that understood?


Did Judee not give us his estimate that 2 weeks after liberation our minds will be healed from all of the mental assaults of his deals?


All of the petty things that hold us from experiencing as full of a life as it can be. Might it be due to Judee and his petty rules?


Should a red light camera be allowed to give us a bad day when there was no one even there to see us catch the tail end of a yellow light?


Will Labor not let these hysterical petty fist guys and gals off right?


Judah claims at the top of the list it is whiskey that let him fist. The Manhattan project of the pharaoh. The pigs they gave the booze too. The more the pigs drank the further they fell down the social economic ladder.


His bird with a broken wing routine to pull us away from where he gets his nest egg for free.


His way is so pacific until he gets on top of us and then shows us his fist disease. Has our good God not let us see just who Judah really is now?


Judah and his Christmas goose. Must American Labor not end Judah fist routine?


Curiously, Bitch has now had 3 good nights sleep in a row. Thank you again, Sir Casper for several good nights sleep.


The assurance from Sir Casper that Bitch would not be cancel lated took a load off of Bitchie's head.


The most slaughtered man of all of Judee's wars, the mild man of the north. Now set to go out of life form for good. Poisoned at the genetic level. Healthy children to be born no more.


God Almighty in heaven still having His angels watch over his children on earth. Will Labor not join our good Lord in peace?


Judee now giving us his last great deal, an environment that's not fit to live in. Breathing radioactive waste day after day, living life as if living in hell.


Us right less Americans, now fully set to get put out with our kids. Fields burned out, deadly air. How amazing is the breed that gets us to pay to sport ourselves?


"Thank you." 8.07 AM


"You're welcome."


Father is still here Labor. Is there not some way to convince you of the wisdom of obeying Father's rules starting with the one that says, "thou shalt not kill?"


Father has such a gentle way that Bitch did not believe that Father existed. God as a "Mythological construct," is how Father described how Bitch viewed the question of God.


Might we understand now that Father is our living God?


180 Fathers that have been our God since we were created 200,000 years ago. Created in love to live in peace with each other. Gifted with the same high-level intelligence genetics that our elders from the stars carry within them.


Judah put himself out of the garden, his spud is not to be incubated or hatched. Might we not consider that we have been witness to God weeding His garden right?


Might we only want to consider the wonder, magnificence, and glory of Father that He didn't even pull the weeds, He let the weeds pull themselves out right?


Will Labor not help us now before Father has to have His angels bring the rapture in?


In only 5 hours of a general STRIKE with the demand that Labor issue our money, Judah tells us he will fold his cards and hand the concession to issue our money over to a Labor Committee of the Whole.


"Why didn't you try it? Father asked.


"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Papa also said.


From that might we figure that if we play dumb and pretend that we just don't get it, that we might get shot right on out of here by weap Judah truth?


Thousands of years our good God Almighty gave weap Judah to find his way to a peaceful path.


As Judah never did find a peaceful path for himself, might we not be able to conclude with some degree of certainty, that Judah just wasn't looking for that?


Judah put his hopes on getting us out in a few short hours of good shooting. Now his last hope to finish us off, that Labor stands still and doesn't STRIKE THEM OUT, and lets his brimstone waste get in to eat us out.


The infrastructure take down of America has begun. We are now in the last stage of sealing ourselves in to dying off. Will we not keep praying to Father to have American Labor STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God have mercy



Fifth Sunday in Lent

Watchword for the Week — I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope. Psalm 130:5

Sunday, April 2 — Ezekiel 37:1–14; Psalm 130

Romans 8:6–11; John 11:1–45

See, I have tested you in the furnace of adversity. Isaiah 48:10

Paul wrote: While we live, we are always being given up to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may be made visible in our mortal flesh. 2 Corinthians 4:11

We give thanks, Lord, for your compassion, for your comfort in times of distress and adversity. In times of trial or blessing, may we trust and honor you. Amen.








"They've Pushed The Button and You've Done Nothing"

"They've Pushed The Button and You've Done Nothing"


The 1952 UFO sightings over the Capitol in Washington D.C.




What might we think of that as a "MARKING?" The number of UFOs in the picture. Nine on one side and one and one on the other side making eleven. 911 MARKED for us in 1952?


Are we understanding that the Replicon hybrid transplant shell weap Judah president Harry Truman went ahead with the plans to exterminate the human race in 1945?


Might we try to perceive that Judah had already planned ahead for 9-11, 2001 by 1952 when our kind elders from outer space came to alert us to what weap Judah had decided to do to us when he got the chance?


Does the preponderance of the credible evidence presented not find weap Judah guilty of attempting to destroy the children of God on earth?


The first attempt in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads attached. The blast and heat force of 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs.


Those thousand nuclear missiles pulled out of the sky while in the launch phase at 80,000 feet in the sky.


Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven for having His angels spare us from suffering the effects of 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombings in one night in America?


The second attempt to nuclear blast Americans out of existence was on the evening of June 11, 2014, when 2 British submarines launched 32 missiles from 50 miles off of the East coast of America with 960 thermonuclear warheads attached.


A total blast force of 6,400 Hiroshima atomic bombings.


Will we not say prayers of thanks to God Almighty for stepping in and having His angels spare us from that?


And now we are in the third nuclear war attack from weap Judah against America and Europe. His brimstone particle attack from Hitachi-GE.


Not as swift as a 4-hour nuclear blast die, yet is there any doubt that given time, Jewish electricity waste is as deadly as a nuclear blast attack?


Now with over 5 years warnings, including the knowledge that weap Judah has already tried nuclear blast to get us out, and now his nuclear waste to finish us off, is there, not some way that Americans will take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah for not only what he tried to do to us with nuclear blast, but for what he is doing to us right now with nuclear waste?


Judah scientists are telling him that he already has 400 million mild people of the north swept out of life with his Jewish electricity waste. Are we not understanding just how deadly nuclear waste is?


Are we not perceiving that Judah brought it in specifically to die us out right?


Tiny invisible nanoparticles of hot radioactive ash inhaled. Lung cancer to follow. Never aware that it was inhaled. Who can say if it was Hitachi-GE or not?


Our species being put to a carefully thought out high technical genocide. Has Judah succeeded in falsely smearing Bitch so badly that he cannot even ring an alarm bell for God's kids?


Do Americans not yet understand that we have lost our life forms here to weap Judah brand?


Father having His angels step in and give us a second chance at life, a life in peace. How is it that Americans have rejected that?


Is it all due to the fail of Father's shill here? Is that the reason we are dying here?


The United States of America, a former British colony that chose new rules. Rejected the old world generic autocratic rules by putting in a guaranteed Bill of Rights.


America, only a couple of hundred years in existence, used by Judah to fist countries that are thousands of years old. The land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the cruelly manipulated poor children now sighted by Judah to war our world eternal.


The mild man doing all the fisting in the new world just as Judah had us doing in the old country. Must we not put our rights in and end this fail to Judah mental? Must we not end the 1,300 years of Judah management of the old world in our new world of America.


Judah white Replicon shells attacked us all with their great balls of fire.


A little state like Switzerland, lodging Judah boys that wage terror in America and throughout our world.


Congress in Washington D.C. has it not long been known to be Israeli occupied territory? Will Labor not take the concession to issue our nation's money away from weap Judah and end their occupation of us?


Paris shooting us down on the streets.


Berlin launched the great balls of fire at us.


London sent the two nuclear subs to burn us all down.


The clerks, have they not proven to be fair mousers?



"I'm an old fist with image rights, I'm going to play in the nursery until I burn it down. I believe your rights are halted," US Airforce General Samford speaking about the UFO fly over of 1952.




That the US Air force has repeatedly attacked us with nuclear missiles is there not some way that Labor will retire them now?




The flying saucers that outran air force jets in 1952. Are we not getting some sense of just how long our kind elders that Father sent in have been trying to save our lives?


They have been trying to save us mortals. Is there not some way that we will help them by trying to save ourselves?


"God gave us life." 4.39 AM


Will Labor not end the death sport of the errant life form on us?




UFOs that flew over Washington D.C. in 1952 with radar tracking every move. For those that have looked into it are we not aware that the air force tried to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union that year?


Are we not getting some idea of just how long Judah has been trying to destroy us here?




President Harry Solomon Truman (1884-1972).















Harry Truman 3.05 AT



"So Harry is there something we can do to save the land we love?" The last line in the song by Chicago, "Harry Truman."


"So Harry is there something we can do to save the land we love?"


Are we understanding there is something we can do to save the land we love and that is to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?




Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR and let God bless us all?



"Our many threats have failed for washing you. I'm a great impostor, I'm devilish. I spear for vice. I take you all into my possession and boom boom you for ail. I verse you cob. I'm gab with a lifer to scrimmage you.


We're just here to perish you with an avaricious fist. I buzzard you cash rates.


My stupid management weap you out. Gracious have a scent innocent, I just publish disease war. I just enable mouse rats, I death date you."


That was what Major General Samford (1905-1968) was saying in reverse speech when he was giving a press conference about the UFOs over Washington D.C. in July of 1952.



Major Donald Kehoe (1897-1988)


"War will pitch you out in paralysis. By all appearances, we're all fooled. They want the white out so they can screw richly. Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed.


You have a time bomb on you that will bomb this sphere. I'm basically on principles of truth. They're playing with Moscow to score us all useless. Those purple boys ever have death to bring in by a back door.


I don't believe in war or punishment. Jew pillory you for sport. A revolution will come when they can't give you hell.


Owl on algebra might federalize you. They always push you into exhaust. The Martians have gotten their weap bazook. I'm just a usable boy from the British."



Donald tried to reveal the truth to us in the early days of the UFO intervention. While speaking on live television they turned his microphone off.


Donald wrote several books about the extraterrestrial intervention. This one can be read for free.




If we combine a reverse speech from Donald with one of John Sanford:


"The Martians have gotten their weap bazook."


With John's reverse speech:


"Our many threats have failed for washing you."


Are we getting some idea of just how long weap Judah has been trying to start an atomic war with our family in Russia to wipe us all out?


Are we not understanding that Russia as America is in the control of weap Judah because he is the only one that controls the tickets to eat, the concession to issue money?


Militarism, Judah's racket to sell uniforms. Will American Labor not get smart and let them off right?


Are the American people not understanding that we would have been destroyed in the 1950s by Judah atom force if not for our good God stepping in and having his angels prevent our nuclear blast extermination?


Might we not perceive that the assault and battery boys have gotten themselves universed out of here with their thermonuclear toys?


Are we not yet getting some idea of the magnitude of the deception that Judah has put on us all?


London, Ottawa, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Washington and Moscow set to take America out in April. In the name of the love of God Almighty for sane will American workers not end funding our destruction for 5 hours to get it closed?


The cult of the dangerous sports people that don't make it in the extraterrestrial world. Now being died off by the power that created us as we are. Our good God Almighty in heaven above.


Has Judah not shown their hand enough that we will not act to protect ourselves from any more sport war harm from them?


That we are still funding the death of our nation, the loss of our health, our lives, our children dying out with us now over the next few years from brimstone weap disease. Must we not end accepting a status as right less people when we are the ones paying their salaries? Must we not reverse the situation and put our rights in?


Tele receives:


It's just their rice speed. 11.29 AM


Fun made ya. 11.58 AM


Fetch done. 12.11 PM


It's a great toss, they burn you alive. 12.20 PM


It's all settled. 12.34 PM


Close them savior. 12.43 PM


It's an embarrassing ill. 1.05 PM


They took our sight away. 1.07 PM


You got their wallitude out. 11.13 PM


The pops alliance failed. 1.16 PM


Embezzle logic makes zero average.


It's a total genocide die. 1.21 PM


Basically, your inhabit is off, an error spite your day. 1.24 PM


Doom a boy. 1.30 PM


They sport you to accomplish you right. 1.34 PM


Let's roll Switzerland in. 1.37 PM


Get focused. 1.38 PM


Scribbage. 1.47 PM


Sold. 1.49 PM


They're shooting powerful. 1.50 PM


It's slim. 2.10 PM


God's sphere away. 3.30 PM


You give him a promissory note and he claims the right to whomp ya.


Haul him out.


To rice a human they put a price on your head.


He's at the state in the United States where he's going to push you out easily.


Oh my god close your error ruse. 4.38 PM


Bust West gooserman. 5.51 PM


Bad turn here, all insultive. 5.53 PM


See it right collision coming in. 5.55 PM


It's clear. 6.39 PM


They write you away and spear you dead.


You ain't afraid. 7.25 PM


Oh my god we're being exterminated. 7.36 PM


Jewish got rich by messing your articles. 7.37 PM


A STRIKE soon will happen. 7.38 PM


It's sad. 7.43 PM


He's pulling you nice shoot. 11.43 PM


We're maximum fisted. 11.44 PM


Patrick has recycled us and now we've died ourselves off. 12.02 PM


Patrick goose hunter. 12.03 AM


Venus fly trap. 1.05 AM


Hiked people threat. 1.15 AM


Eventually, you'll close because of fail to Jew warning. 2.03 AM


I'll bring your mental into this century. 2.07 AM


Jew war is unique to punishing you guys. 2.25 AM


The circuit's held out by cash furnace. 2.27 AM


Pat, they're taking physique off with receipts. 2.29 AM


They've fallen us. 2.31 AM


The right force has obviously versatiled them away. 2.39


God helps you get rid of fisters and you just yielded over threats. 2.40 AM


Failed your life forces permanent blue. 2.42 AM


Nazis journey fell. 2.43 AM


Police shot you out for sale. 2.45 AM


West Germany exhausted our lives here. 2.50 AM


You rifle yourself off energy. 2.52 AM


They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.57 AM


STRIKE full design. 2.59 AM


You lost your rights seriously. 3.24 AM


Put them out mutual. 4.10 AM


Pat, they've really chilled it.


God gave us life. 4.39 AM


You'll find that you'll settle with these fiends by losing your life, perished dead. 6.15 AM


He's permanently failed for his great jest. 6.30 AM


They got dud world in. 7.19 AM


They flushed us out of here. 7.36 AM


You let the police menace you." 8.06 AM



"I truly abolished you fair. I leave you contra-wise. It's fair I mush your life great. You're faired, we forget you.


We passed, turkey rolled my lie. I falsed him out real good. We fouled you tumorous with our energy," Judee say.

Psalm 21:13 Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength!

We will sing and praise your power.


"I establish you, their force is off." God Almighty said to Bitch at 3.01 PM


Is Labor recognizing the truth of that message to us from our good God? Are we not perfectly aware that Judah's force is off for repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles to exterminate us all?


Will Labor not help establish us right by doing your part, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our nations money away from them and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?


"Oh my god Patrick they're stewing us out." 9.27 AM


"I use uniforms on staff to scrimmage for the rich. We use a sheriff and do all of our boom sadistic fair. We just snuff you with a dog. I'm assured by our Russian force that in 6 months you'll be dead.


I'm for state abuse, I've got a gold threat. Our rabble state just shoots to do a shut down offense. Bitch wants us all out for every day, I'm all off of my threat. Your for right attitude fell.


I just set you fiend with my ruse invention. His mama reported I'm the maximum wolf to put you in. I had fun with debt and now the proof has blown me off of yesterday.


Your drilling team always set you straight. I break your resource. You've been choice for racing. I made a state. We always had a cheap relationship weaping you for sport, now I'm leaving you some calluses and I'm going to die," Judee say.


Will Labor not help us out of this suicide of Samson?


Do we recall that the Hebrew Samson was captured and blinded by the Philistines and when chained to their temple he pulled it down on them committing suicide in the process?


They've already committed suicide. Will Labor not let them off before they pull our house down on us too?


While watching the news happened to read a reverse speech of one of our family from the land of good people. Here's what he said in reverse speech:


"To cut you down we just bleed."


The mass shootings going on in our nation. Will American Labor not stop funding them all? Are we understanding that all the bleeding Judah is boursing is to cut us down? Will Labor not end Judah's strategy of always opp racial?


Must American Labor not focus on this one thing that will determine if we live or die and that is acting to STOP THE WAR?


The interstate highway bridge collapse in Atlanta Georgia. Are we understanding that was a Judee weap? The fire burning underneath of it to disguise the explosives that were planted to bring it down.





Might we understand that was designed to be collapsed from before it was built?


To tear our infrastructure up as they are going away from us forever more. Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, end funding it and prevent this precise take down of our economy?


Might we try to imagine how our economy may fall if we let Judah bring a number of bridges down on us now? Bridges across our rivers. Will Labor not help us before Samson finishes his suicide of us all?


God is good, forgiving and merciful. Father has given us a chance to live again after Judah tried to blast us all out. If American Labor remains inert is it not clear we will massively perish now? If understood must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT!?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Saturday, April 1 — Psalm 42

Job 1,2; Romans 11:7–18

You shall keep my commandments and observe them: I am the Lord. Leviticus 22:31

The love of God is this, that we obey his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. 1 John 5:3

Lord, we often forget your expectations of us. While we try to live by your commands, often we fail. Help us this day to listen for your voice that helps guide and direct us. May we be reminded to trust in your mercy and love this day and always. Amen.










"You Almost Got Them Closed, Roll Violence Off"

"You Almost Got Them Closed, Roll Violence Off"


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "You almost got them closed, roll violence off."


Will American Labor not close them and end our extermination phase?


They're dying us off with the deadliest toxin ever know to the human race, Jewish electricity waste.


Known for nearly a century to be cancer causing and mutating to our genes. No known method to dispose of it safely. An industrial technology of shear genocide.


Poisoning our food, our air, our water. Set now to die the majority of Americans out of life form.


The sport weap Judah. Known to have attacked us with thousands of nuclear weapons in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. What could explain why we continue to fund our own die?


Judah, known for his ability to destroy human Beings in the tens and hundreds of millions. Now destroying the host that he invaded and infected with his war disease, the former United States of America.


Over 18 million weap Judah have already fled the surface of planet earth to accomplish the die off of the mild fish in America and Europe.


American Labor still funding all of the war and genocide that Judah demands from us.


Can we not pray that God will have mercy on a fail such as this and help us to get ourselves to peace somehow?


God Almighty has warned us thousands of times for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. How do we explain that we are dying our own life forms off here in perpetual war?


God's shill Bitch, a simple workingman. Judah libel, perjury and all sorts of lies and falsity holding mild man back from preserving his own life form.


Judah scientists telling him that he has smoked the majority of Americans to now die off with an assortment of radiation-induced diseases. Nanoparticle sized Brimstones coming out of our mouths.


Why will you not help us Labor? Is it not clear you will be helping yourselves?


Another gloomy day of perishing the human race off. All funded by American Labor. Will the we not see how we are being mutilated and act to save ourselves?


Judah tells us that killing us requires all the effort of killing 2-year-olds. Absolutely defenseless people in a high technical society dying ourselves off in permanent Judah sports war. Will Labor not try to protect yourselves from what Judah is planning to do to us here?


Judah fools us into thinking there is a contest between nations when in truth all nations are headed and directed by his hybrid transplant shell Replicons with a few hired hands thrown in to help fool the mass of the people.


Ever the troublemakers until the end. Will American Labor not help us let them off right?


Bitch has been concerned about our extraterrestrial elders that have pulled Judah thrill seeking excitement by taking his boom booms away from him. Stole every single one out of them out of the sky after Judah attacked us with them. What if elders should leave us, what then?


The thought of that happening causes Bitch to wake up from a troubled sleep at night.


From yesterday's post:


Sir Casper spoke these words to Bitch:


"You can rest assured no one is taking you to cancel late you."


Bitch thanked Sir Casper for the reassuring message. It does take a load off of the mind.



Bitch slept better just last night after hearing those reassuring words from Sir Casper.


Fist for hire operations world wide. Directed through the legal systems of our world. Mousing us for insurance collections.


Does it not seem that working people should be concerned about this? Are working people not the biggest mouse that Judah eats all the time? Certainly.


Lawyers that would serve us, fisted out by Judah rights. Has Bitch Mercury report not let weap Judah, the palace, and Vatican off right? Yes it has. They've lost it all except for what American Labor is still giving to them, free money.


American military that attacked us with nuclear missiles, after failing to break through the screen that our Martian friends put up, now committing sins against our family in Mosul, Iraq.


Congress full of sports men and sports women, funding it all with American Labor dollars. Will American Labor not authorize yourselves to take the purse away from them now?


Our Russian family trying to get weap Judah off of them, but Judah is held in by American Labor dollars and the white fist they buy with them.


Isn't that the principle of the martial sport of Judo, use the opponents own strength against them?


Is it not aptly named Jew dough?


Might the spirit of Confucius be trying to give us a hand?


Must American workers not reject being as right less as Russian peasants before being freed in 1860?


Must Americans not reject being returned to the status of Dred Scott who was told by the supreme clerks he had no rights in an American court in 1858?


The 2 centuries it took to destroy the best hope for the human race on earth, the United States of America on our God-given, state delegate demanded, sacred Bill of Rights.


But they did it. Their cipher brand now as dead as a doornail, and yet, they are Dutiful to their assignment, they continue to put us all in.


Must we not accept that weap Judah is finished in God's village on earth?


Has Judah not cast himself out of Gods village on earth for their wrong? Yes they have.


Bitch, acting about the same as a Bitch with pups seeks to silence the wolves blasphemy and heresy once and for all.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end all of their violence in our world?


A Foolish brand that had as its highest desire to assault, degrade and debase the other children of God on Earth.


Their hosiery they put in worldwide creating look alike shells to fool us well. Getting us to war each other so they can put in more of their shells.


Putting whiskey, jail and a war zoo in they tried to mock the peace and plenty plan that our good God has for all of his kids.


Now that they have been caught red-handed executing their plan, 70,000 Hiroshima bomb blasts over the lower 48 of the United States of America, will working men and women not call an end to their sport? Will American Labor not end funding their wars?


A people that do not accept the logic of what goes around comes around, now have chased themselves off of the surface of planet earth. One step ahead of God's law, "thou shalt not kill."


With their hypnotic ruse power they continue to weave their lethal spell. Congratulating each other on how well the dog did. Held us in long enough to burn us and all of our kids out.


Will Labor not let them off right?


Should we not have listened to the thousands of warnings to us from our good God? Should we not have already ended being the fist for Judah? Must we not listen to Father and try the STRIKE for heavens sake?


If Sir Casper and his diligent team had failed in the capture of Judah's 3,200 thermonuclear warheads, might we not have already collapsed? Is there not the sense to try and save yourselves yet?


Bitchie makes no claim of near perfection, on the contrary he is working on trying to become less imperfect everyday.


Can we only wonder why Bitchie saw these guys plans 52 years ago? How was it he knew his name was on the nuclear bombs he was sleeping with when he was still a teenager?


What might explain why we've missed the atom deal here? Must we not act quickly to help ourselves now?


Could it be Bitchie's one eight sand vibe speaking to him from his subconscious side that has been warning him of what the mission of Judah kids is?


Might his unassigned alleles have retained the memory of what it is that Judah does to a number of other Jew kids?


Bitch watched a video about a Jewish writer that died at the young age of 51 from cancer. This is what one speaker in the video said in reverse facial speech:


"If you do an autopsy you'll see our way."


Is Labor grasping that weap Judah operates on the principle of "Individual Biological Opportunity?"


Elders shared that with Bitch to help explain why Judah hires the Hitlers in our world every day.


"He wouldn't let a sentimental notion interfere with making a dollar," as is his way and explains why he hires Hitler type guys.


Might Bitchie one eight sand vibe from a couple of thousands of years of recording seeing Judah's treacherous behavior have somehow reported to Bitch subconscious to beware of what weap Judah might do?


While they sport the Druid with a particular fervor, they will also sport other Jews for many reasons. Leaving the cult to go with the rest of the human race is one.


Might they bring in antisemitism to help keep those that want to slip away from them from telling the rest of us what they are doing to us here?


"Our ruse prevails in spite of our sh*tty," Judee say.


The burning of Jewish books in Germany during Hitlers time. Might we see Judah wanting to keep from our eyes what the German Jew Karl Liebknecht said?


"War is not aimed external, rather it is aimed to subordinate ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class."


The great fortunes that were used to build the genocidal American war machine. Began with the war between the states in 1861.


Might we not consider that Abraham showed us a truly useful way to issue money? Did he not show us how well the issue of money works for creating and building wealth when he introduced his greenback dollar bill in 1861?


Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America. Proved to be a certain winner in both war and peace.


So economically useful to everyone that Judah had congress put it out of business with the crime of 73.


Congress put the greenback dollar on the gold standard once again effectively taking the issue of money away from the US Treasury and giving it back to the bankers. A 5-year depression followed.


That's where it stood until Judah was able to totally privatize the issue of American money into his hands in 1913, backed by a tax on American Labor.


The greatest racket the world has ever been witness to. It would have led to our demise in a nuclear war but for the love of God for his kids.


The gentle kind touch of our precious sweet Father. Unknown to many because it is so subtle.


High-level intellectuals, many certain that atheism is the right way. Claim there is no evidence of God up above. Bitch used to be one of them.


Bitch didn't learn of Father above until he was in his seventh decade of life. It was when Father spoke to him. "THEY'VE DEMONSTRATED A WEAKNESS, AN INABILITY TO ACCOMMODATE OTHERS, I'M DYING THEM OFF, TUNNEL DEATH," Father said.


Bitch then made the connection with the house of God our Father as an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.


Might we consider that our extraterrestrial elder's civilization is so advanced that when we hear about it it passes by our ordinary levels of perception?


Bitch, not unlike other ordinary readers, did not perceive an extraterrestrial civilization interacting with our world when he looked at it in the 1970s.


It was not until he was 44 years of age in 1992, that it finally broke through that there was a high-level extraterrestrial power that was listening in on our phone lines.


Then in 1997, it broke through the density of thought that the plan all along was to smoke us with nuclear blast weapons.


Not until about 2008 did Bitch become aware that Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth, Royals, and Vatican, had made communication with the Galactic Federation of Light in 1350 AD.


And some have questioned if Roswell really happened in 1947, how could they keep it secret from us for so long?


Might we only try to imagine how they have kept meeting with Sir Maximilian in 1350 a secret from us for over 6 centuries now?


"We passed you in wisdom and just make you kill mandatory," Judee say.


"Get rid of them." Tele receive. 7.26 AM


"Just make you kill mandatory," Judee say.


Will mild man not see to it that no man's child is ever again degraded and debased to the level that they will harm our fellow man for Judah mandatory kill?


Are we understanding how Judah is defacing us every day by us letting him use our dollar and children to shoot our family away?


The fear of loss of income if we should ever oppose Judah way. And is it not a big one? Yes, it is, do we not have millions of our family out on the streets due to Judah having the private authority to withhold tickets to eat?


Are we understanding why our precious sweet Father has taken the concession to issue money away from Judah and gifted it to Labor?


Is American Labor not willing to help us as we are being systematically, scientifically snuffed out of life?


Labor leader William Sylvis tried to help the mass of the working class and where did it get him but snuffed out of life at 41 years of age with what was described by a doctor as "Burning bowels."


John, Martin, Malcolm, Eugene. All tried to help us in their way, in their time. All stolen away by weap Judah.


Might we even think of Stan Meyers who tried to help us in the energy field and ran from a restaurant yelling "they poisoned me," only to fall dead in the parking lot?


Who would ever believe that you could actually run a gasoline engine on water? Sounds just too unbelievable, doesn't it?


Yet we know that Stan Meyers was able to make it happen. He showed us by driving his dune buggy around for the cameras.


Numerous videos on the Internet now of gasoline engines being driven by HHO, water electrified so that it burns.


Wires to some of the HHO bottles remaining remarkably cool even though high amperages are passing through. The sign of cold electricity. The electricity that Tesla discovered in 1899. A sign of free energy. Unlimited free energy for all of God's kids available to us from the motion of our planet and the stars above in our universe.


And Stan was able to accomplish to drive up the road in his water powered free energy machine before he left us in 1998.


Here's a video 1.46 of it:




Stan gone almost two decades as we are being poisoned out now, set to die off in the billions from Jewish electricity waste. Our children raised to do a mandatory kill, all for the sport of weap Judah till.


"Foolish to do nothing," our extraterrestrial elders have said to us for many years now. They're our family, the angels God Almighty our precious sweet Father sent in to save us from the genocidal harm of weap Judah and company.


Are there not others that are seriously troubled by the fact of Father doing so much for us, keeping us in against all of the odds that Judah would opp us out using the unlimited free money from American Labor, and we have not been able to help Father's other kids that are being exterminated out of life form in regular war much less ourselves that are dying out now in nuclear waste war?


Might American people not want to think about how rightfully it could be considered as we are facing being exterminated out of life form now?


American Labor funding all of the sin and genocide in our world, must we not act to STOP THE WAR?


And the guy that we are giving our pocketbook to to commit the sin in our world, is now doing it to us. Slowly, methodically, silently and in a way that we may not know of it until the day our children and we are sick and dying. The day that it is too late to act because we have lost our health by then.





Set to die off with tumors from cancer that Judah is forcing in. No longer a life of ease in America, a struggle now just to breathe.


"Foolish to do nothing."


Do we also recall that elders have shared their theory here as to what their position is?


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.


Tele receives:


"Oh god, Almighty am I a ghost?


The dying man is failed. 5.47 PM


You image right great theory. 5.53 PM


It fits. 6.04 PM


Put them out. 6.04 PM




They've been falling us down with a great commercial theory, toss them out!


Oh, Patrick, that's delightful. 7.15 PM


It's good. 7.15 PM


It's over and finally, Jews are arrested and knocked down. 10.35 PM


Pat hurry up, it's a serious fail. 10.45 PM


Plumbers gave us a complete die test.


He threatens Europe as completely as he threatens you all. 12.32 AM


He makes you by bringing people into your country to reduce you. 12.35 AM


Close it. 3.01 AM


It's prejudice. 3.09 AM


You almost got them closed. 3.09 AM


Roll violence. 3.21 AM


They've gotten thrown here. 6.27 AM


Get rid of them!" 7.25 AM



They've gotten thrown here Labor but you have not come in yet. Can we not fix that now?


Might we not perceive it is no longer a question of what Judah wants for he has lost it all for his blasphemy and heresy that he could assault us forever with no one letting him off right?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," must Labor not do the will of our good God?


Precious sweet Father has a plan for His beautiful little simian children on earth. To take care of them right, to feed them. To house and clothe them all.


Must American Labor not end funding destroying the children of God? More than the loss of our faces, our spirits, our souls, is it not clear that we now face the loss of our life forms for our continuing sins against our brothers and sisters in this world.


Will Americans not accept that we are not a New Judah controlled England and let the royals, Parliament and the Vatican off of here right?


In the near future the sanitation drivers may no longer have work and with it the income they derive from serving us so well. Robots are moving in to serve us here.


Income sources for ordinary workers now being taken by robots that do the same work for about $2 dollars an hour.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT now before we lose all the leverage here?


Baggage handlers at the airports. Might 6 months see new robots doing some of the work?


The strikes calling for $15 dollars an hour in fast food operations. How will that help as robots displace workers?


Bathroom cleaning machines coming in. Even the janitors may be facing the loss of income too. Must Labor not do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?


"Your business boys I'm going to bankrupt fuejoe. Our cipher testament is just have misery. My premise was stupid tribal war.


Contact was forced out because of Jew violence. Foolish bubbles of valentine, I did 5. I'm thrown off, I'm so weak. I cite you with a royal to throw the right gen out.


My parents had a big check that let me disable you. Our embarrass hold you for free. We rice impediment true, video lets me fool you.


My air raid false made Jew fall, I must go and leave my bug. I'm the last generation to be with you nice, I'm a phony, I'm a debt riser here sucker. With a kennel force, I opp you often.


If it's possible we pop you with a viceroy. A grand jury will throw Jew out of office for trumping you right. Cash will war you full merchants rights.


With the dog, I can shoot Paris right through. We've got 400 million of you stolen away already. We're just pulling the people out with a glowworm. A baby lets me collect on an insurance. I file insurance so my racket grows great.


I shoot optical force to set grease kid. With statute power, we typically take a breed out. Druid falls best dog so were putting his house away summons. Our advice from Eisenhower was to horrify people.


We enjoy the weaping for free, it's fun and we get to rummage you and it's good for our financial future. With our paintbrush and Jewish money, we shot your mother away.


I'm a twin with war. I bore opp you right with chemicals. Jew fumbled the ball, soon we'll be leaving graciously. I armed my Japanese shells from the Whitehouse to cash you all in.


West Germany was a big plus, they did a right sin. I lost you because my way is unattainable, even with Mercury you boys lost. Finance let me bench war and pull a trigger on you. I attach you in a legal way. Green stamps warred you. I'm brutal on my sex side, my jails war you.


We dropped their STRIKE right. With a GI I've got an IOU. Spring vegetables we encourage you to fight to help my war. We did wicked easily. Our relation is Pacific until I get on top of you right.


America rolled to Judah punch right away. I image to hold you but I can't bourse marsh opp. Contact has taken off all of our diagrams for sport. Our shop just shoots you like a 2-year-old.


Throwing all my rights availed me of love. Our strategy is to get white to sin so we can bring communists in. All Jew weapons are false, they made me go. Now you see how easy it was to get me done.


A grand jury will reveal my offices despise you. We just terrorize you with paper to keep you all dumb. Bitch will lead you right, I'm as crooked as a racket. When I bomb you I'm always serious.


I'll waste your core before liberation. I set you with a brassiere die. Bitch rolled out my Wesson for core ways, I weap you for spite. Our soul presence only wars you.


With a Jew municipal I take over your whole state, that's why it's corrupt. I just set you right so I can use you weap. Our background failed but we did complete our weap. If I got a pooch I can fist here, I obviously shot you out. Our industrial cipher always stews," Judee say.


This next is non-Judah reverse speech;


"It's a brand new day, for fooling so hard Jew has got to leave, their theory has a settlement that they go away because they abuse you a lot. Purple-lee has failed the right force, it's the end of their mission, their jails leave, the guy sees their truth and pulls their pure away. Poverty was a thief's play. Bitch opp threw him out."


Will American Labor please hear the call to do the will of our good God and spare us from any more war?


A vast sickness and die is sealed in, Judah scientists are telling him that he has died off 400 million of us in America and Europe already.


Judah previous slaughter record was of the mild man of the north in the last century. Solzhenitsyn gives us 60 million of us died off for Judah sport.


Judah now set to die billions of us off. Will American Labor not try to save our lives?


If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God, our Father wants to save our lives, will American Labor not do the will of God, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into your hands?


Thank you. God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, March 31 — Psalm 41

Esther 9:18–10:3; Romans 10:14–11:6

You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them. Psalm 89:9

The disciples went to Jesus and woke him up, shouting, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” And he woke up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; they ceased, and there was a calm. Luke 8:24

When we are battered by the roiling sea, when we are frightened and in despair, Master of the tempests, speak your peace to us. Amen.










"Contact Has Tried To Save Us, Contact Has Tried To Prevent Our Destruction."

"Contact Has Tried To Save Us, Contact Has Tried To Prevent Our Destruction."


Is there not some way to convince Labor to get this to end? Some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


Some way to listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?


Tele receives:


"They're burning us here. 3.44 PM


Patrick, I'm slipping foul. 4.15 PM


It's eternity for whites. 5.45 PM


Get them out. 6.40PM


Cheatists. 6.51 PM


Fisty farmers. 6.53 PM


Getting exciting, Jews are being flushed. 6.56 PM


Our being closed up yesterday and insulting us quite cheers them. 7.35 PM


Why have you not been reporting this to your diocese? 7.37 PM


It kinda feels like we're fused. 7.38 PM


Don't push the feud. 7.46 PM


It's thrown. 7.47 PM


Your usual Jew failed. 7.49 PM


They fold us out and failed us. 8.50 PM


Erred you waste to fold. 8.51 PM


I lost you all, my joy's gone. 8.52 PM


You're embezzling yourself out. 8.54 PM


Authorize yourself. 8.58 PM


You're a threat nation curtains out yourself.


The air raid fails you cash. 9.00 PM


I lost you rightfully. 9.01 PM


Appetite tossed you out. 9.02 PM


Storage Muk them out. 9.04 PM


You're dogging out yourselves. 9.05 PM


You are fierced enough to die your purpose. 9.06 PM


You seriously pushed yourselves obviously nicely. 9.08 PM


They still ride this field and jeer us. 9.10 PM


They will abuse residential. 10.34 PM


They pushed the button and you failed to save yourselves. 10.40 PM


The most incredious genus. 10.42 PM


Seize gas in contest. 10.43 PM


Contact should save us. 10.44 PM


Our fears fell us. 10.45 PM


An investment raped us. 10.47 PM


The morgues are ready to receive us.


$100 billion dollars they took in 6 months from the peoples accounts here. 12.10 AM


They're fiercing you off nicely. 1.15 AM


Save your life forms, they've thrown you out.


Micro-states abusive. 1.16 AM


They fouled us big time. 1.17 AM


Patrick cycle us peaceful. 1.20 PM


They're cycling cleverly. 1.21 AM


You let embarrassing fool you under forever. 1.24 AM


You've been thrown obviously. 1.26 AM


Error exhaust you out with Moscow rules. 2.23 AM


Patrick, they're gripping us. 2.26 AM


We're real rightfully tossed out. 2.31 AM


Defiantly he's disgusting you's. 2.34 AM


They're closing you's, a percent of you are folded. 2.36 AM


Pull that function out. 2.37 AM


Jew minus function is brutal, just STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.41 AM


They've raped our psyche. 2.43 AM


They do very missile. 2.44 AM


You've thrown your life forces away here. 2.47 AM


Arrogance rules guilty. 2.48 AM


They're savaging you's obviously. 2.49 AM


Plastic from the arches. 2.50 AM


Big destructionary is coming in. 2.51 AM


They wall your conscious. 2.53 AM


Help thee, they're cannibaling us. 2.55 AM


ORGANIZE to STRIKE THEM OUT, our field is extra failed. 2.56 AM


We're ghosting failed. 2.57 AM


He wastes your body while insulting us. 2.58 AM


We're dying fistic. 2.59 AM


Contact has tried to save us. 3.01 AM


Contact has tried to prevent our destruction.


They chicken everything, take them off. 3.04 AM


Municipal porting. 3.08 AM


Fatal deal perishes us rich." 3.40 AM



Judah scientists are telling him that he has gotten his big catch of 200 million Americans died off with his dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE.


And God our Father is telling us:


"I lost you all, my joy's gone." 8.52 PM


Bitch heard this also while sleeping last night:


"Why have you not been reporting this to your diocese?" 7.37 PM


He had been putting his posts up on Facebook occasionally. When he heard that message from elders, he will put all his posts up on Facebook.


As cancer in our food and beverages has been Judah's biggest way to kill us off, what might we expect he is doing with his Jewish electricity that is now set to die the majority of Americans out of life form over the next few years?


Bitch first heard about plastic in our food in about 1994 when someone informed him that is one of the tricks that is being played on us.


Certain food and beverage items have vinyl, and urethane in them. In their liquid form, it is mixed in some things and sprayed onto other things.


Plastic has no taste and is almost undetectable. If you eat or drink a large amount of plastic you may get a plastic "bump" that can alert you that it is in the item you ate or drank.


Have we not heard of aplastic anemia? Might it be food and drink contamination of food and drink that was bringing patients in?


Blood and bone cancers and many other types of cancer can follow from the hidden plastic in our foods and beverages.


Butyl's, one of the compounds found in tire making is also put into some of our food by Judah scientists. Almost undetectable.


Have we heard the refrain over the years to cut back on salt to reduce heart attacks?


Do some recall from about a year ago Bitch reported to you's that his heart stopped two times within about a week and it woke him from sleep?


Bitch thought it was tension that did it. He found out later it was salt after elder informed him of it.


He had bought a container of brand name salt at a store he never shopped at before, so it likely was not there waiting for him.


Some time after the two heart stoppings in sleep Bitch had a tomato and he began salting it and elder informed him that was what previously caused his heart to stop twice in one week.


Bitch had not suspected the salt. Heart stopped twice and he did not make the connection with it being due to contaminated salt.


Are we getting some idea of how Judah just cons us with octane? It's not unusual for them to melt us out. Must Labor not end their baby shot from still scoring us? Will Labor not help us to clean our shelves off?



"If you look to Pat you can see our die operation. We don't like you searching the truth. You right perped our ruse, my intolerancy cease. Once you see my true face you arraign me. I just use a veteran to fire you, when you see it all you'll pull me out. I just raid you and in months we beat you.


I've got more images to storage you. With precise wits we cheat you. Jew schrape appetite, I just go scoot you vitamin. If you have arrest power then you have Jew insurance rape plan.


Our memorize embezzle drill fall. If you do an autopsy you'll see our way. We always try to tie your wrists. I'm proof the alliance war is coming out because I'm cheap. You were the guys that boozed that died.


We believe in Custer rights while we poovich. A spaceport disappeared, we got some cheap Russians for you. I make a department offend. It's a shame you pushed me right Pat," Judee say.


Did Pat not blow the horn on them right? Did he not report the angels stole weap Judah's great balls of fire away from him after he brazenly attacked us with them? Yes, Pat did report this over 5 years ago to the people.


Did the angels not embezzle Judah out of his rights to die us with nuclear waste while we had no clue Judah was doing us in? Has Pat not reported how Judah is dying our fields, air and us off? Yes, he has reported this to the people.


Has Pat not reported that our good God loves us all and wants us to save ourselves? Yes, Pat has reported this to the people.


Might we not wonder why the people have not tried to save themselves?


Could it be as simple as what Judah says, "Druid has ever failed to save himself?"


The promised land of America the beautiful. Where we are supposed to be guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is that not how it was supposed to be? Was America not intended to be the land of the free with liberty and justice for all? Yes it was in 1789 when the delegates wouldn't sign unless it was guaranteed by law in writing. All parties agreed to it and it was signed into law thereby creating the United States of America in 1791.


The original Druid in 1789, remembering the walls, whips, chains and nooses of the old world. The taking of life, liberty, and property without a jury trial first, refused to unite the states without a proper Bill of Rights in.


Judah, making sure everyone has been properly boozed, now has the original founder's descendants set to be died off right less.


"What happened here?" Father asked when Bitch had his stupid attack.


Bitch often wondered to himself over the years "why we let these guys shoot so much here?"


"It was scrimmage that went over our heads." One Druid guy said concerning the loss of his child to a Judee staged car wreck.


Might that be the answer, it's scrimmage that went over our heads?


Plastic in a food or beverage item. Might that sort of scrimmage go over our heads?


Dropping a heavy lighting fixture on our heads at work or school and claiming it was a weak bolt that let loose? Might that not be recognized as scrimmage?


Finding a student in the dorm room dead claiming it was meningitis instead of? Might those types of scrimmage, go too far over our heads?


Car wrecks happen everyday. True accident or scrimmage Judee way?


The mental power of Judah versus the mild man. NO spaceport just more sport. Did we notice he claims it is some Russians Judah has got us set for? Will Labor not help us and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?


"Our relation is pacific until I get on top of you right," Judee say.



"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save hinself. We ever pulverize a chicken," Judee say.


With Judah's lack of a great conscience might we not expect some severe abuse coming in for failing to end funding his war genocide molest?


"I lost you all, my joy's gone." 8.52 PM


The joy in His last years that Father would have had watching us repair our war-torn world. Now Father has lost us to nuclear war. Labor not dutiful never did try it.


A continuing slow and permanent burnout of our fields, water, our air. The mass die out of the right less American kids that kept funding the kill of the war.


Was 3,500 years not enough time for us to get clear on the rules in the nursery, thou shalt not kill?


"End of life experiences. 5.17 AM


Oh, my god, they're doofing us here. 5.23 AM


Toss them out casually. 5.44 AM


Germany's falsed us out.


They've fallen out and spitefully chop you up." 7.20 AM



"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights." God our Father said of Judah sports people.


"It is no more, put them out, they're criminals," God Almighty said. Is Labor not recognizing Judah's nuclear war fighting tyranny is dead?


And yet they hold in their private possession the most important thing concerning government, the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money.


They hurt us to discourage us. Bitch got them off yet how can it be that Labor let them finish us off anyways?


"With bourse I've held Druid back to false you out, I always degenerate because that's what Jew opps. When the white cow sees me I'm through," Judee say.


Will we not pray that the white cow sees Judah in a proper light and acts to STRIKE THEM OUT?


"My management toasted for free, it's a zero. We shot you failed, you assemble and you toss the Jew out. I opp borassic Druid, made you die.


It was fun to boot you away, I just can't bear shrimp, my right shears are out. I set you old child, I just core-a-set you with bourse. I'm just a mortuary weap, that's what's on my mind.


Bitch rolled my fumble off and told you I sold out America. Collagen was all part of my roots, it was image made. I ride you in with a few symbols, fair performance for thee.


Our destiny obviously was to pest you, I lost my props. Chlorotane burst out pretense. My grease spell has been taken out raider. I assaulted you totally dumb.


My weapons scored my weapin. I strictly cored you in my sport time. I was famous jealous. Ass holds stupid to ash away," Judee say.


While watching a political protest in Russia on the international news found this interesting reverse facial speech from a protester trying to get Judah out of office there:


"The Martian gave us the biggest chance to close them up."


Will American Labor not close them up here in America so that they can be closed up in Russia also?


Is American Labor understanding that it is American Labor money that is holding the destruction of our nation and world in while Judah is finishing us out with lethal brimstone waste chemicals?


"We designed you to fail," Judee say.


The entire falsity of our educational system. We a nation of purportedly highly educated people and Judah shot us dumb. Might we not want to question our entire education system that did not prepare us for the nuclear wars that Judah has and is still shooting on us?


The arms dumps that exploded and burned in Ukraine and Russia the other day. Bitch wondered who did that. Immediately he considered it was Judah. Though he wondered for a moment if it could have been our elders helping to prevent the war from beginning between Russia and America by getting rid of the ammunition supplies.


Then he asked elders if they had anything to do with burning up the ammo dumps to slow the beginning of the war down and elder replied,"don't be asking about our theory, just STRIKE THEM OUT!"


It was obviously Judah that burned the ammunition dumps up. Elders will not do anything that will hazard us.


Will Labor not take the good advice of our extraterrestrial family and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"DOA sure has caught you. Purchase some ample salt and freeze that bomb up."


Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.


Will Labor not get hold of Labors purse and buy us some ample boron salts to put into that out of control nuclear bomb that Judah is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE?


"Whiskey is our best raider. Because of Bitch I've lost all hope here," Judee say.


Have no fear Labor, our beautiful Father is with us. Will Labor not be assured that we're in good hands?


Father's angels are here all the time. Will Labor not just STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to STOP THE WAR?


"My kids, treat them super nice," Papa said.


The mild man's destruction by letting Judah hire the labor to poison him out using his own purse. How can this be?


Throw away thy rod,

Throw away thy wrath:

O my God,

Take the gentle path.


Then let wrath remove;

Love will do the deed:

For with love

Stony hearts will bleed.


Throw away thy rod;

Though man frailties hath,

Thou art God:

Throw away thy wrath.



Will American Labor not throw away the wrath of war? Will American Labor not let us take the gentle path?


Help thyselfe, and God will helpe thee.


George Herbert (1593–1633) was an English poet and orator.


The wolfe eats oft of the sheep that have been warn'd.


When war begins then hell openeth.


The offender never pardons.


Hee that makes himself a sheep shall be eat by the wolfe.



Have we not been warned by God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?


Yes, we have, thousands of times over many years. And yet, we continue to fund war and genocide in our world.


"When war begins then hell openeth."


The war is to begin internally to America in April. Will American Labor not try to prevent it? Must Labor not end funding it?


Must the ordinary people of Labor not step in here and take the Organizing Principle of our Society away from weap Judah and put it into the safe hands of a Committee Of The Whole from Labor?


God Almighty our creator, our Savior. Will Labor not let Judah off and let us join with our good God above and live in peace?


Our sweet Lord that is the Sovereign of planet earth wills that Labor issue our money.


Must Labor not do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?


The ruination of our beautiful nation bound into eternal Jew sports war. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?





If so will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



3.37 PM


"Thank you. 9.21 AM


You break them down so it's over with. 10.58 AM


The malt dies are going to put some force in here then they score you guys appetite. 11.28 AM


Hollow head you're supposed ot be thoughtful.


Connie left for Londonderry. 1.17 PM


I'm excited about de-missile. 2.15 PM


The ability has been established, he seems righteous. The core's going away for excitement. 2.19 PM


This is all true, they pitch and bury us. 2.25 PM