May. 24, 2018

"Because I made A Pretty Big Slip The Martian Fell Me Away," Judee say.

Will we not say a prayer that American Labor will see the pretty big slip weap Judah made attacking us all out with his industrial-strength investment grade great balls of fire and follow up by closing them out of here NOW?

Did some of us see the basketball player that was purportedly tased and arrested?

Here's some reverse facial speech from that video:

"I sold you false, this is great racial tossing. It's Drupid molest, this be my end. I'm coming off you because I sport you free."

Might we understand that Judah stages opps to racial and polarize us?

Sinkhole Opens on White House Lawn, Spawns Twitter Parody
Sinkholes are common in the D.C. area after heavy rain, a National Park Service spokeswoman said Tuesday evening
By Andrea Swalec
Published at 7:51 PM CDT on May 22, 2018

A sinkhole has opened up on the White House grounds and is "growing larger by the day," according to reporters who first spotted the sunken turf.

The sinkhole was found Sunday on the North Lawn of the White House, near the entrance to the press briefing room, a National Park Service spokeswoman said Tuesday evening.

Photos from reporters who first spotted the sinkhole show that it's no more than a few feet wide. But White House reporter Steve Herman, of Voice of America, tweeted that it had grown since he first spotted it over the weekend, and another sinkhole has opened next to it.

Rather than an event to make us believe there really is a god might we guess this is another one of Judee's opps?

That the mainstream media is covering it large, might that be a clue this was staged for effect?

Judah who spends all his time taking the elements of our state apart, might that Presidential Mansion sinkhole be part of his removal efforts to remove the current officeholder using the provisions of the 25th amendment?

Might that leave our state system even weaker than it is now?

The ability of clerks to remove an elected official. Are we aware that is Judah's attempt by using provisions of the 25th amendment?

Will labor not put our grand juries in and let the people hear the facts and let them decide who stays and who retires rather than some cunning clerks on the public payrolls?

WINFIELD, Ill. — Police say three bodies were found inside a home in west suburban Winfield Monday morning.

A neighbor called 911 around 6 a.m. after hearing a dog barking in a home in the 500 block of Jefferson, near Manchester.

"This was a take you out weap for porter. This was an insure minnow play."
Earls tells WGN News Tom and Nancy Clinkenbeard lived in the home with their adult son and have been here for more than 30 years.
"They bessault me. This was obviously frame to pull all of us out. Jew was no friend future, decease them, they ogle right. Its now ultimate they beat them so hard. Wall power always see easy. A west cam was always a power house fall. They got great images for sporting the boys out over here. My type, Jew outs us with cannibal rights."
"This was business Jew chopper fierce. Their home was a fine algebis. Our passion is refills. We got them outright in two days without making any errors. Our shoot has failed and you won. Bitch told you I put you on falsing, a grand jury will see its true. This was all tech in Jew house. This was a brain oppie.

I'm just using a dog head conspear. In a few moments I'm going to get you out with asheimers. Because we're an error mouse we've got to fist you. The angel is a new field. This is all condensed war so I can get your house. The original autopsy will just fool. Central set them out for a share"

Those reverse facial speech come from the subconscious and the speaker may not even be aware those thoughts are in their minds.

Do some recall when Bitch did a reverse speech of a guy from a video and he said, "hunchback bread" from his subconscious that showed up in reverse facial speech?

Bitch spent three and a half hours reading the reverse facial speech in a 7-minute video of the fellow speaking. He brought the "hunchback bread" to his attention and the fellow became highly animated when he heard those words and rapidly rattled off that his elderly father was in a nursing home and he had a hunchback. His father had substantial assets and when he passed he would be getting some of the bread.

He never said those words in his conscious mind but his subconscious said those words. Might we consider that he was conflicted by the love of his father with the knowledge that when he died he would get the "hunch back bread?"

Here we have the kind neighbor from the subconscious revealing the knowledge of what is going on here:

"They got great images for sporting the boys out over here. My type, Jew outs us with cannibal rights."

And why do these sports operations not come into view for the community to take action to remedy?

"The original autopsy will just fool."

Have we not discussed how Judee along with taking out our constables, also took out our elected coroners with their grand juries and put his clerk medical examiners office in?

With all this now common knowledge, how is it that Judah is still holding his war in here and using the deep pockets of the Americans purse?

Could these reverse facial speech give us some clues?

"They got great images for sporting the boys out over here."

"I'm just using a dog head conspear."

Can we not hope that Druid sees the big picture here and helps us to take the Organizing Principle of our society away from the private control of international sports Jewish?

Bitch has pulled from several Judee RS for over a week now that our wits are going to begin to be dimmed due to the high background radiation they have put in using their brimstone artillery from Hitachi-GE. What do you think about this facial RS?

"In a few moments, I'm going to get you out with asheimers."

Nano chrome they have been putting in our food for decades to give us Alzheimer's. Old Basalt to give us pancreatic and other gastrointestinal cancers. Bon Ami with boron in our cakes and pie filings to dim our wits.

And they're not through with sporting us yet.

Only one drive-through lunch meal gave BItch pancreatic cancer and he was ready to leave 5 years later. The kind doctor did extraterrestrial surgery and kept Bitch in.

Are workers aware that only one meal, drive through, eat in or carry out or from the freezer section or off the shelf, of old basalt can take a healthy person out of life in 5 years or less?

But wouldn't our leaders know about these vast poisonings of ordinary everyday people? Can we only wonder if they have heard of porcelain?

Might we surmise they do know about them?

If we think a little about it, might that explain why they wanted us dead in a three-hour nuclear blast war?

"I sport you foul to keep you submissive," Judee say.

People not unlike ourselves worldwide being kidnapped and tortured to death in jail cells all paid for by American workers dollars.

"This is all condensed war so I can get your house. The original autopsy will just fool. Central set them out for a share."

Maybe a couple or few hundred thousand dollars for a nice home in that area? Can we only wonder how much insurance the mortgage company had on them?

Maybe a former or current employers insurance package? Can we wonder what a grand jury would think if they found the insurance amount had been increased recently?

Are those Pfizerous Abbotly Berlin Pharmaceuticals not something to get a juicy nest egg?

Putting our school children into soft lockdowns. Do these Jewish not know how to condition our children and us like dogs right?

"Our passion is refills."

Machine gunning our school children down as they cycle and refill with their next group of children to sport us out.

Will someone not please shake us and wake us and tell us this is just a bad dream, America the beautiful is not Nazi Germany?

Will American Labor not close Jewtopia up?

Before we are huffed out on brimstone waste must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God Almighty in heaven above had His angels spare us from early dust.

Will we not change this dreadful fact of misguided mild people being the only people on earth assaulting God's children out?

"We eat vegetables," Judee say.

Before we begin our asheimers die must Labor not try it?

"Why didn't you try it? God asked about the STRIKE to clear the Jewish mouse out.

"Because we're an error mouse we've got to fist you."

Might we see it is their rigid attitude?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off tunnel death," God Almighty in heaven said.

Bitch heard those words in 2009 and said to himself, "so there is a God in heaven above!"

A nice lady in Texas shot to death by teenagers. Reverse facial speech seemed to indicate that she was a witness to something.

Rather than to steal a video game might we surmise it was a tyranny investor that hired her shot to keep a tyranny state investment in?

Will American Labor not get involved and STOP THE WAR?

"I sport you foul to keep you submissive," Judee say.

Will Labor not take our force away from them?

Might the thought of being tortured to death by our fellow Americans be so frightening that it just keeps us submissive?

A terrible thought keeps recurring, the simulations that the Federation did at the time of Jesus and revealed to us in our Bibles. Have we read that the mass of Americans will die out now as part of the third of the human race that will die out by inhaling the dying beast's brimstone waste?

Is there not some way to convince ordinary working people to try and save your lives?

The Jew is a 2% mouse Labor and he cannot take more than 6 hours of Labor flexing its muscles with a general STRIKE!

I got them out of here and I've gone to the grave several times. I told you about it and you've not done a thing. Might it not be smart to act before it's your turn next?

Are mild Americans not aware that we are being fairly destroyed?

"The majority won't be around," Is how extraterrestrial elder described what Jewish will do to us if we remain paralyzed.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the extraterrestrials said.

They're dead as a doornail, will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end holding them in?

Tele receives:

"Pat, I appreciate you put us onto this sport here. 2.50 p.m.

They're dying us force abusive. 3.02 p.m.

He scores your lunch. 3.04 p.m.

They disfavor us. 3.10 p.m.

He got them finished off. 5.50 p.m.

They're dying us here. 7.21 p.m.

All of them are finished. 7.23 p.m.

We're sold tranced away. 7.26 p.m.

Control is pure faulty. 8.52 p.m.

Sangamon cites them. 8.53 p.m.

You've been deficitly forced out. 11.24 p.m.

They issue waste technology switch.

Because you haven't handled it you forced an end of an age.

Failed thee Euro-tales. 1.13 a.m.

Cancer for your service rights.

They core-a-state our function.

A bit shaved. 2.17 a.m.

Their arrangement failed. 2.20 a.m.

You're incredibly cool. 2.24 a.m.

Thank you so much Mr. Sullivan." 5.41 a.m.

"Because you haven't handled it you forced an end of an age."

"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them; enrich them," elder said.

Will Labor not bring our advanced technology peace and plenty economy in before they collapse our economy with their widespread poisoning?

"We ghost now because we're out cow. Everything we say is dubious. I'm just an army wrench. From Russia, I scored you core ball so that's why they're taking me out. For H----- we have no holy. Fortunate Bitch has taken us up, the British are past. Pat, it's evident you see my tory, it's wrecked us out here.

We held our tyranny with our pet roll. We scored you as an obvious son of a bitch for getting out our tiger STRIKE. Sewerage we nuts them. This Sullivan guy got us out for performing a weap. As long as your mental stays gerbil Jew will keep shooting you," Judee say.

Will we not help our mental to reach its higher level, demand our rights and take action to put our American Bill of Rights in once again?

Here are a couple of non-Judah facial reverse speech:

"The murderer is leaving. Bitch discourage gave them a BIG fall for their lunch-tude."

Father knows best Labor. Father is dying their weap cipher off in tunnel death. They're finished here now and forever more.

The sitcom "Father Knows Best" began on the radio in 1949, two years after Father had His angels drop one of their spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico, home to the 509th atomic bombing group. The only high tech genocidal arsonists on planet earth at that time.

Their push in the face of God to immolate us one and all has offended God Almighty our Father in heaven. Must Labor not close them up right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

"When the whole world doesn't believe in God, it will be a great place."
Interview on CBS, 03 October 2010, Philip Roth on Fame, Sex, and God (3 October 2010)

"I'm exactly the opposite of religious, I'm anti-religious. I find religious people hideous. I hate the religious lies. It's all a big lie. … I have such a huge dislike. It's not a neurotic thing, but the miserable record of religion. I don't even want to talk about it, it's not interesting to talk about the sheep referred to as believers. When I write, I'm alone. It's filled with fear and loneliness and anxiety - and I never needed religion to save me."

Phil Roth (1933-2018) the writer that passed just the other day.

Reading his writing indicates he is a high neuron guy. What are we to make that he was not aware of God Almighty and did not believe God existed?

Might we ordinary people want to ponder the fact that God Almighty is so high above that even high neutron types could not even perceive of the presence of God?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives," God said.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bring us into the house of our high, holy and good God above? Will Labor not end this vicious hostile selfish destructive world of weap Jewish?

Bitchie's mandate is not vicious, quite the opposite. To bring a gentle world in is his function here.

Bitch slipped a gear here Labor, which if you have been reading him for the six and a half years now, you're aware of it. To be fair though, might we not consider that Judah slipped a gear too?

Of course, he slipped a gear. How else would we explain that he carried on for thousands of years in the face of God harming His other children on earth?

So what's the difference between Bitch slipping a gear and Judee slipping a gear?

Might the difference be Judah free will decision to go exactly opposite everyone else he intentionally chose to keep his gears slipped because it allowed him to hurt everyone, whereas Bitch trying to figure out how to install a new gear for the one that got slipped?

The vicious mice that have fallen themselves right, will Labor not let them off NOW?

The rape they are doing to us with war and brimstone in our lungs.

"Finish within a week," elder just said at 7.48 a.m.


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Continues at:

Thursday, May 24 — Psalm 68:28–35
Numbers 13:17–33; Mark 13:28–37

Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Psalm 32:1

Jesus said: “Her sins, which were many, have been forgiven; hence she has shown great love. But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.” Luke 7:47

God of grace and compassion, your mercy endures forever. With gratitude and joy we praise you and your everlasting love. We know love because we know you and you are love. Let us love one another as you have loved us. We pray in the name of your son and our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

"You make us sad. 8.22 a.m.

The cat's refused.

They just hedge wipe you here. 8.39 a.m.

They rape us out of life quite fisty. 9.03 a.m.

Jew caught your air off diaper.

13 years, it's dim planet.

Methyls insane. 10.35 a.m.

Total vobiscum.

They sold us out through Jaws-sum completely. 12.40 a.m.

Harry Truman sucker punched us. 12.41 p.m.

Perjury fails an evil state.

They foiled them. 1.48 p.m.

They're throwing us out of life forces, oh my God! 2.03 p.m.

"13 years, it's dim planet."

2005, 13 years ago Bitch quit his job and started to serve full time researching to see about getting the war stopped.

"Shore up your learning," elder said to Bitch at that time.

Bitch discovery in 2004 when Dr. Mallove was assassinated of the "Displacement in the Time-space continuum" as to where the free energy was coming from took another year or so to discover that it was known in the 1920s and made public in 1938 as Kaluza-Klein theorem.

He published a paper explaining the Four Elements of Free energy in 2007 but it took several more years before he read of Lord Kelvins discovery from examing light that the magnetic field is "naturally rotatory."

That was the final piece needed for a complete explanation of where it is and how to extract free energy from universal motion.

Bitch posted comments on the net all those years hopefully to alert everyone that a nuclear blast war was coming at us.

And now 13 years later after full time serving to try and get us into a safe zone, we've reached the end.

But what about the nuclear blast war?

It already came and went. Thanks only to the love of God for us.

Bitch did pull an interesting reverse facial speech from a courtroom proceeding from a video today, the exact wording may be on my tape recorder if I can find it. But what the guy said basically was the whites made them rich because our salaries were the highest and it allowed them to collect the highest amounts of insurance on us. Here is one RS in that area that is in Bitch notes:

"Once you see how I pulled the white boys off you'll see I'm totally done here."

Just found it on my tape recorder, here it is:

"The white fellows we insured for the most, they gave us our best profit die, Los Angeles did the rude; that was our most talent town for us."

Don't let them take us out anymore Labor. STRIKE THEM OUT!

Thank you. God bless.

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May. 23, 2018

"They Take Out Right Force Druid. Taking All Your Safety Out, Set To Be Died Easily."

Might those two overnight Tele receives say it all?

The safety of our sacred American bill of rights. The rights they never wanted in from the beginning but had to let be put in to get an agreement to begin the United States of America.

Our safety in rules of procedure. And now we have let them take that safety away from us. As easy as taking candy from a baby.

The weap Guys and gals Judah that got caught red-handed attacking us extinction and instead of giving them a fall for their sin, we let them continue to extinct our race.

And get this, it is our money they are using to extinct us.

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty said to Americans to no effect so far.

Can we not pray that Americans will take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the safe hands of Labor?

Bitch telepathically received a whole bunch of negatives on yesterdays post. Will try to do better today.

Whatever it is will Labor not bypass it and STRIKE THEM OUT?

America held into making war for the Chimney Store crowd on Wall Street. WIll Labor not end their reign of ruination in our world?

"Occasionally," elder said when Bitch asked if they ever fail when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

Judah attempt to boost his catch as he is leaving us by setting dozens of his Jewish electricity brimstone waste generators off.

Only one Jewish electricity plant in meltdown taking out a third of the human race now. Can we only imagine what earth would be like with a few dozen Jewish electricity plants in meltdown?

Are we perceiving how elders prevented Judah from triggering his Jewish electricity dirty bombs from taking us out by shutting dozens of them down over the last few years?

That gave the operators a chance to clear the Stuxnet controllers out of the system when they restarted the Jewish electricity plants.

Our free energy that was here over a century ago. Our technical had reached the level to allow us to tap into the motion of planet earth and the universe for clean, unlimited free energy.

Jewish forcing in their brimstone electricity generators instead of clean, free energy for us.

Might we see the harm they have done to us is all due to them holding our purse?

Our good God in heaven above, located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star, had His angels let them expose themselves to us in the right way to give us a chance to see the magnitude of the deception.

Have God's angels not magnified their imperfections enough that Druid will not now act to help to save us?

Their poisoning out our genome to end our existence. Bringing about the end of our 12 million years as apes on earth.

Must we not try to address this rare kind of hurt?

"The vicious thugs leave a terrible deal here." 3.42 a.m.

Has there ever been a StarTrek episode with a plot as evil and malevolent as the one we are living in right now?

One group of life forms from the same genome spend thousands of years traveling everywhere on the planet breeding look-alike life forms in every terrain with a plot to extinct the whole race.

The life forms all enhanced into high-level life forms by the scientists in the Federation and the Starship Enterprise is sent in, and Captian Kirk and Spock are given the mission to try and convince the 98% of the life forms to try and close the 2% out and save their lives.

The 2%, the smart focused life forms figure out early on that the issue of the receipts of labor is the controlling force of all societies and so they spend decades getting a hold of it in every place they infest.

All the while they identify the smart people and imprison or kill all off, so the 98% don't get a clue that would help them figure it out.

The smart one know from their research that alcohol blurs and prevents good thinking, so they make it the standard drug that the people are legally allowed to use. Most all the other drugs made illegal and they build cages to put the people into punishing them with fear and brutality if they get found out for using drugs other than alcohol. And it works, it lets them get hold of everything.

The 98% people keep breeding up smart kids themselves so the smart 2% need to hide their internal deaths and so they use their look-alikes in every terrain and create wars between nations.

And it works. Those who oppose them and their wars can now be called "enemies of the state" of their fellow citizens.

The peaceful ones then put into cages and tortured until they die off. And it works.

Captain Kirk and Spock on the Starship Enterprise given the mission by the Federation to straighten it out.

Convince the 98% that they don't have to live in fear, war, and imprisonment.

The Federation knows from their monitoring the planet that the 2% are a rare sort, and in the Federation's computer simulations from thousands of years before determine that the smart ones will kill a third of the 98% lifeforms off before they go and die out their cipher form in their well prepared underground.

The Federation has succeeded over thousands of years to alert some of the 98% of the life forms what the 2% rare smart ones are doing to them.

But the majority of the 98% fail to perceive how their life form is being decimated by the smart rare life forms that privately control the issue of the labor receipts.

If only Captain Kirk and Spock can reach the majority of the 98% that are facing loss of life form and convince them to end the 2% rule of the smart rare life forms can they save their life forms.

But the 98% are dissuaded from acting by the threat of the extreme forms of violence that are waiting to be put onto them.

One form of violence used widely to coerce and hold firmly the 98% is the threat of loss of income that makes them face having to live on the streets. So frightening a force that most of the 98% will not act against the 2% rare life forms that privately control the issue of money.

If only Captain Kirk and Spock could get the 98% to see that's where the power is at, in the authority to issue money that the 2% rare smart life forms control privately.

And with control of the issue of money, they use all the free money they want to make up false stories to put on the news to fool the 98% about what is the truth. And it works.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so".

And so the 2% rare smart ones convince the 98% of things that just ain't so and get away with it time and time again.

Captain Kirk and Spock have life forms on the planet that are part of the 98% that are fully alert to what the 2% are up to and have been serving with Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock helping to try and convince the 98% that they don't have to die like this.

But the 2% rare smart ones are so powerful with their mental that Kirk and Spock lost 7 of their alert allies that failed to the 2% rare smart ones. Only one alert nice gentle boy was mentally strong enough to take the punishment of the 2% rare smart ones.

And because he remained true he was able to deliver the message to the 98% that the rare smart ones made a foolish move and now they are through.

But the gentle nice boy has been at the front for so long pushing off the 2% rare smart wrong that he broke down and committed the deathly sin of insult to the 98%.

That fail combined with the rare smart of the 2% with their mental force in play seriously libeled the gentle nice boy so well that the 98% ignored the serious nuclear missile attacks against them and did nothing.

"For suffering the disk I lost my noise and got thrown out," Judee say.

Judah who suffered the disk in 1500 BC when Moses brought the rules in God's nursery, "thou shalt not kill."

Thirty-five hundred years later the disk STRIKES and Judah loses his life.

And how did the disk STRIKE?

Was it any other than letting Judah have it his way all the time and when he attacked to extinct the American race the disk made its STRIKE by pulling Judah's hydrogen tipped spears out of the night sky?

The Story That Will Change History: Eisenhower's Meeting With Extraterrestrials! (True Story!)
Video 28.16 at
The Venusian Valiant Thor who worked in the Pentagon for three years pictured sitting on the right.

President Eisenhower with Soviet Premier Kruschev.

Might we understand that both Eisenhower and Kruschev were weap Judah hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Replicon shells?

Might the fact that President Eisenhower was a Fornian help explain why he turned down the deal with extraterrestrials when they offered to gift us in 1954 with advanced technology if we would get rid of the nuclear weapons?

Might we understand that President Eisenhower was on board extinguishing the Druid people with nuclear weapons?

For those that have the time to watch that video, Phil Schneider is on it, and he tells some truth, and then fairy tales.

Phil claimed he was involved in a shootout underground with aliens That is false. Elders don't fight.

But what about Phil's suicide?

Might we perceive that was a ghost operation and Phil is still alive? Sure.

But the video itself is quite interesting.

Robert Dean is in the video telling it all

And what Robert is telling us is all true.

Are Americans aware that Judah attacked America from Russia with nuclear missiles?

If that is true then why were we not wiped out?

Might we understand that Sir Casper and His team of vigilant Martians pulled all the missiles except for one out of the night sky?

And the one nuclear missile they didn't pull out, what happened to that one?

What Is This Mysterious Spiral Anomaly in the Norwegian Sky?

Video 2.53 at

2 years ago
Strange that this movie clip stops before the actual explanation comes :)
I was one of the thousand eyewitness to this light on the sky while I was driving to my work in the morning.
It was first denied by the Russian, but later they confirmed that it was a rocket test that had gone wrong. The rocket got a leak in the side and thus started spiraling while it stil had a momentum up in the atmosphere. The morning light from the sun hit the exhaust smoke and lit it up. The blue in the middle was the non-burned fuel itself. When the fuel run out the smoke stop spewing out of course. The rocket was followed on radar from the Norwegian army and the test launch was announced some time before it started.
So sorry, no ufo or stargate. :)

ellAcx y
1 year ago
Thanks for that great explanation :D, lol I thought it was a black hole forming

Olav M.
1 year ago
so what cities could they spot this in.

Jeremy Watson
1 year ago
that doesn't explain the fact that this happened in the exact same way in multiple other cities after this

Bitch: The fact that this happened multiple times in other cities might that a give us clue that many cities have been attacked by nuclear warheads?

2 years ago (edited)
I like how after this was debunked people are just like : "Oh, it's just a Russian ICBM missile launched at the urban areas of Norway for... no reason at all. Now go to bed, everyone."

Blue birds 1
2 years ago

Also you can find the spiral seen over the middle east on June 7, 2012 it was another Russian rocket spiraling out of control this one as been conformed, and the Australia spiral in 2010 watch the U.S. conformed it was a failed launch from an submarine. Sorry no great mysteries here.

It is very interest to note that similar type events were also report from Scandinavia in the 1970's and80's and were also failed Russian rocket launches.

In those Blue birds comments might we spot Judah trying to throw us off of the fact that was a thermonuclear warhead in control of our extraterrestrial elders?

Do you notice Blue birds mistakes in his writing? Are we not aware that is how Judah disguises his intellect?

The stunted language he uses and the extra spaces, the misspelling. Might we see those are to throw us of it is a Judah that is posting? "Conform" instead of confirm.

It is very interest to note that similar type events.....

rocket spiraling out of control this one as been conformed,...

Rather than ordinarily failed Russian rocket launches might we understand those failed missiles were failed by our Martian friend Sir Casper who pulled the bulk of them out of the sky and put one into a controlled spiral burnout in a way that we could see the fail?

Might we perceive those as MARKINGS the way Sir Casper's team put them into a spiral in the sky so that we could see them?

Might we understand those nuclear missile launches from Russia were ordered by Judah who was aiming for them to fall on America to trigger a general nuclear war?

"The disk put some rights on you," Judee say.

Will American Labor try to recognize the rights the disk put on us and help us to close these industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists with their eternal suffering schemes out of here right?

Here is a couple of reverse facial speech from an atomic bomb survivor.

"Pat put Jew act out of here for dying you Jewry. Jewry is now taking out your state because he won."

Our beautiful state that was born with rights for all inhabitants.

But Jew with his supreme false in 1859 claimed only citizens had rights in America and fooled it into law. And so the destruction of the American bill of rights that was begun by denying that a jury could decide the fate of an honest worker that has now led to all workers in America being rightless.

Might we not have to give credit to Judah for keeping our heads so far away from what is really important?

How many saw the football tackle that has been played again and again on the news?

Might we understand that was a staged event designed for us to chew on back and forth?

"I just pestulate you, jinx."

Can we not keep hoping and praying for labor to take the concession to issue our money away from this most dangerous of life forms, international weap Jewry?

"A bourse vessel entitles us to your life," Judee say.

Will American Labor not Get Smart as extraterrestrial elders advise and take the bourse out of their hands and end their entitlement to take our lives away?

"The white man super boy took my check away," Judee say.

In the name of God Almighty and all that is good and right will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and get it done right?

The nursery we are in. Might we think of a plant nursery where the head gardener comes in to prepare to send the plants out to their new home and looks over the plants and finds that 98% are fine, but 2% don't make the grade so they will not leave the nursery to any new home?

Are we understanding Labor that the 2% weap Jewish are going no further with us here?

The 300 light year long Local Bubble is the home grounds of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is a no shooting zone and so weap Judah has not been invited in.

Judah who thought he would suffer the disk and the disk let him do all he wanted and Judah wanted nuclear weapons to blast us out with and instead of blasting us he blasted himself out instead when he pulled the nuclear trigger on us.

The royal in England who gave away the authority to issue our money in 1694 to international weap Judah.

The United States Congress that gave away the authority to issue our money to international weap Judah in 1913.

Observing how they have abused this authority to issue our money, might we consider that the royals or Congress will never again issue our money?

Continues at:

Bitch heaven directed functions, to let Judah off right and bring Labor in.

The first part, letting them off, has been done easily as Judah let himself off of here.

Second part difficult, Labor has refused to step in now.

Jewish who have won every time they have ever dealt with Druid or Slovak guys and gals.

The mild people of the north that have been managed Judah tells us since 700 AD, two centuries after they arrived in the northlands to infect us with their sports war disease.

While some of the things they say in their subconscious are remarkably funny, their activities are deadlier than most people can conceive of.

High-level peaceful life forms buzzing all over the place while Jewish on earth only make war.

To make war in the face of God's love for His simian children on planet earth. Will Labor not end this offensiveness NOW?

Must Labor not end this deadliness NOW?

His terrorist ways to keep us from calling him out for his deep imperfections. The magnitude of his deceptions that has allowed him to make war on our dollar bill.

His refusal to shut his dirty bomb artillery piece down that he is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE with. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and spare us any more of his war disease?

Tele receives:

"Welcome to the field4.59 a.m.

It's Skinnyapolis. 8.03

It's ill. 8.11 a.m.

It's obvious for a sensible life you wouldn't much kill sad. 8.17 a.m.

It's erase all.

Jew threw for ditching house. 8.25 a.m.

You failed Jew now, you allow him to core and occupy you. 8.29 a.m.

Hold a STRIKE in or you die.

Vegetable lot. 8.33 a.m.

Deuce anger Bitch made us. 9.47 a.m.

We lost our deal for a simple exist. 9.53 a.m.

They accomplished us with minors here. 9.58 a.m.

Jew Reichs us here. 10.01 a.m.

You canned Judee. 10.07 a.m.

I'm seeing you save us, Patrick. 10.26 a.m.

Capture us a state force, Patrick. 10.43 a.m.

Terror awful is now over. 11.17 a.m.

It makes us sad you leave Patrick. 12.10 p.m.

High-efficiency has failed. 12.34 p.m.

A psychic shouldn't leave us if you can help us out here. 12.43 p.m.

They just butt our head, die them. 1.12 p.m.

Bitch failed once but he took the false off. 1.51 p.m.

Oh, my God, they're taking the whites out defeated. 3.08 p.m.

Get them out for their effort. 3.17 p.m

STRIKE their sport Jews. 3.26 p.m.

They're dying frosting us here.

Turkey's all-time offended.

It's ended, just STRIKE THEM OUT!

SOLD, please Organize us. 3.34 p.m.

We're going rightful fast.

Mommys kids are getting wiped out now.

They're ricing a bubble up. 3.42 p.m.

It's just a vicious state that's bad. 3.46 p.m.


You're a respectable player by God's advisement.

Intelligent boy took the nest out.

They're cageous.

You bore me foul, I'm a cheery rate.

Truth is, they're dusting us here. 5.20 p.m.

The children are going algious. 5.28 p.m.

You're just a grail. 5.38 p.m.

Jew Bitch has let them wipe us out.

You're stupid sewerage. 5.43 p.m.

Get enemy out of here.

They've insulated themselves from accountability here.

It's won. 5.46 p.m.

Let's do it, torture fails us. 5.54 p.m.

Their knowledge is exhaust rate.

Horrible they're shooting us. 5.58 p.m.

Patrick died for us.

You've got to understand they've smashed this field.

Their migratory threat is noxious here.

You don't understand how to approach us.

The Jews will wait for you, it's basically a brush fire check.

Insulted by the police forces.

You have a choice, fist going or push them out. 6.04 p.m.

He's spoiling our genome. 6.16 p.m.

They're vegetable credited.

They're migratory is monopolis.

Pat, you failed to reach us here and they pushed us out.

They resemble wood with their crazy antics.

Homer. Gomer, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Our mentalities failed to save us.

Their gorgeous scored your lives. 10.23 p.m.

Stupid help us realize our life forms here. 11.15 p.m.

Oh, they're bursting out seed.

The family's dead. 11.58 p.m.

You make a stupid beef son, nice Father saved us.

You die just field. 12.06 a.m.

Patrick's not brutal, kind of stupid, sad.

A Dyess procedure, we're holding our force out. 12.12 a.m.

Your right forces failed us Patrick.

Sinners are losing your life forces, errors shot you.

Stupid sight hike us out right.

They fist us pestulant.

Rabbit concedes.

Their ISIS theory is about to fail thee.

Your future dies fistolly, prayer will help you.

Complete contempt will end, its an obvious sport fail.

Wombatory. 12.31 a.m.

Stupid ways toss you out.

You have a right to fail.

He fails us out of life form tyranny.

Physical life help please, you failed humans. 1.42 p.m.

We're busting ourselves out, we die complete.

Outrageous they frame us.

Germany's a sledge to permit your lives.

Pat do you feel gentry is going to get you out of this mess? 3.33 a.m.

Animals have to die hooks.

Rare sludge. 2.39 a.m.

They false you minus, STRIKE THEM OUT, let's end it.

Rare dies you sin.

Have mercy on sewerage life.

Can't you help us here Patrick?

You rightfully out your safety.

We're failed easily.

Turkey outed a powerful fist.

They take out right force Druid.

Taking all your safety out, set to be died easily. 2.59 a.m.

Make it a no wake zone, STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.03 a.m.

The vicious thugs leave a terrible deal here. 3.42 a.m.

Bruisevelts taking you away in a complete fall. 5.30 a.m.

Idiots almost failed us here, please save us through your relationships Patrick. 5.49 a.m.

Let's finish it. 5.56 a.m.

Foolishness wash you. 6.28 a.m.

He threw away fish. 6.53 a.m.

I think you pushed them out because of their force ways. 8.37 a.m.

They're trying to STRIKE US!" 9.15 a.m.

"Pat, do you feel gentry is going to get you out of this mess?" 3.33 a.m.

People of good social position, specifically (in the UK) the class of people next below the nobility in position and birth.

Might we consider that unlikely? And why? Have they not proven quite silent in our time of need? Could they not stop the war if they decided to?

Though as they do not hold the authority to issue money, might we consider they are not to blame for what we are facing here?

Has Judah not used the power of the purse to reward their industriousness by getting them to build the material of war? Might we see that is how Judah kept them silent as he shot and bombed out our world?

As all other groups in our country, have they not failed us complete?

They're all failed Labor, educators, medical, legal, you name it. They all failed us and let us get attacked with nuclear blast and now waste weapons of extinction. Father does not will them to issue our money, do we recall that Father wills Labor to issue our money?

"Idiots almost failed us here, please save us through your relationships Patrick." 5.49 a.m.

Judah considers it fair that he killed off those wits that would inform us of what is going on here.

Bitchie's relationships are with extraterrestrials. That is who he spends his full time with and has for years now.

Bitchie just had a bit to eat and two of the three processed food items elder signaled had issues. "Threat. Crunchee. Sinny." Elder said as BItch went to eat them. Then he ate a fourth processed food item and elder said nothing so he chowed down on it.

A lot of this stuff labor has dull in it. Never notice anything ill, and not notice that the head is not as sharp as it should be.

Though if you've ever had those moments when you did something so stupid and you wonder why, might you think about what you had to eat recently as to try to figure it out?

Will Labor not get the authority to issue our money and get them out of our food that they have been contaminating forever?

"Our rental falls because of our protest. We perceive you're getting our waste out failed. I just stay alive to constantly make you suffer. For my acid they pulled off all my vipers. Soviet was too bad so they threw me off of here. The white guy I did hydrogen and it made my side dead. You die lethal, you give me enough to core you out of here," Judee say.

Bitchie is listening to everything he can. Thanks for the Tele receives, so many put the good words that we need.

"Bitch do opp me and pull off all of my big molest for free. I'm rolled by the hermit."

Can we not hope that workers will perceive the purported leaders of all nations worldwide are Fornian Judah or their hirelings? Might we want to keep that in mind when we hear provocations from any side?

As to the dollars and cents of the grand juries when we put them in, if we figure $250,000 for a month of full grand jury service might we think of the $200 million dollars that was spent for the missiles that were fired into Syria recently?

At $250 thousand dollars a piece would that $200 million dollars not buy us 800 months of full Grand jury service?

Does the math sound right there? 200 million dollars divided by 250 thousand dollars is that not 800?

Will our money not be much better spent putting it in to local grand jury service for us? Certainly, it will.

They're stuck in one mode, harm us the most they can. Must you not stop funding their plan?

"They're genuinely waifering me, they set you outside London. 11.16 a.m.

They bust us combustious waifers.

Make London fall on kike." 11.45 a.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT Labor and Father will have His kind angels guide us then.

Judah turned down his chance to go with the high-level power and held to his plan to exterminate our race.

Get them out of America Labor. They're already starting to be finished out in Europe and Asia. The only one holding them in is the white fist. Must American Labor not take the fist away from them and put a just order in?

And what is a just order?

Is it any other than what was agreed upon and made the law of the land in 1791, our wondrous American Bill rights?

Tyranny and war or peace and justice.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR and give us our peace and justice?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Wednesday, May 23 — Psalm 68:19–27
Numbers 12:1–13:16; Mark 13:14–27

One who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and one whose temper is controlled than one who captures a city. Proverbs 16:32

Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14:19

God of peace, your word tells us we must not only seek peace, but pursue it. Grant us the faith to trust in you, so that we may lay down our arms. Give
us the strength to make peace, so that we may be blessed. We thank you for all your faithful servants who have taught us the way of peace and justice, especially your son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Continues at:

adj, verb, noun, etc. to say something that is contrary to all logic and reason yet believe it to be true


May. 22, 2018

"What We Accomplished on Drew we Did Through A Finance Way," Judee say.

And what did the accomplish on Drew?

Is it any other than dying us out of existence?

"We just believe we can hold you without civil rights," Judee say.

And so far has their belief not proven correct? Regrettably, yes it has proven correct.

"With 8 to 5 we can encircle you, get into the basement and have the police pull you off," Judee say.

From reading that might we understand why Judah had to get our rights off of us?

The next two reverse facial speech came from two judges sitting on the bench that Bitch happened to see while watching the international national and local news reports.

"It's a gradual real grab here," the one Judee judge sitting on the bench said in reverse facial speech.

Another while speaking to a defendant said in reverse facial speech: "We fail you for a mal fee."

An informed non-Judah speaker said in reverse facial speech:

"They picked off your state so they can put in a horsepower molest."

Another non-Judah reverse facial speech concerns how Judah has been selling Bitch to keep Drewess from acting to put our rights in.

"Jew sale cite you boss."

To respond to that how about this from yesterday's post:

Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5

Bitch is no boss here and anyone who truly knows him is aware of that. Whatever way you like to do things BItch is generally agreeable. He definitely is no boss.

Are we aware that Judah harms people with his harsh ways to get us to be harsh and throw ourselves off?

"Harsh wits make you fall down Jew nice way," Judee say.

The foreign police that Judah has been using in America to pull nice boys out and send us to Poland and then onto Russia to be finished out.

Might that sort of state protected victimization tend to make some victims wits temporarily harsh when they really are not?

You can take it to the bank Labor, Bitch is no harsh guy or boss.

He is a focused nice guy that remained true to God who caught Judah shooting himself right.

"The disc I avoid. We score you out minimum sight, Casper almost died," Judee say.

Sir Casper and His diligent vigilant team of Martians that have pulled every single nuclear blast shot off of us.

Can we not say a prayer to precious kind sweet Father for having his wondrous angels keep us alive here?

Happened to see a Fornian hybrid transplant who won an election and here is what was said in reverse facial speech:

"My revenge is set, I got a sight to score some guys."

Our good God Almighty who gave us the wits to put ourselves into a peaceful sustainable situation for all of His children on earth, and what does Judah do when he wins office other than set his plans for revenge in motion?

Might we understand why Jewish want to win political office, rather than merely to advance themselves their family and friends, they wish to use political office to carry out acts of revenge?

Understanding their rationale might we understand why our good God let them throw themselves away permanently?

Their failed philosophy that led them to seek out innocent human Beings to put them in. Can we not hope and pray that American Labor will end funding their failed philosophical constructs?

Tele receives:

"Steam wreckage, wreckage packages. 7.34 a.m.

They're trying to sever us. 7.40 a.m.

The alliance here is through because they're so bad. 7.48 a.m.

Snatches punish wall. 7.58 a.m.

The false has all fallen. 8.09 a.m.

Pat, you are scaring me up here. 8.19 a.m.

Zero is sad. 8.43 a.m.

It's sad, it's sealed, they die you Moscow great. 8.46 a.m.

Stupid Myrtle hosts thee dangerous. 8.48 a.m.

Get out your faulty.

They pitched the state to try and save you. 8.53 a.m.

Pat its too fantastic that your honest, false falls off. 8.57 a.m.

You're wearing wits right. 8.59 a.m.

4 speed's excrement. 9.27 a.m.

Fort Dodge holds them out horsey. 9.39 a.m.

Euro-rats are tossed.

This is your gig.

False bosses make and wake you.

Great locks breed scoring. 10.30 a.m.

Peaceful have helped us.

Victim goes in roll way because vicious smells. 10.53 a.m.

It's an error. 10.59 a.m.

Oh my God get us out of this clear threat. 11.47 a.m.

Get death wish out of the states. 12.02 p.m.

Their conquer is over here, Failestine threw them out. 12.08 p.m.

Get a true over here.

Jew died for too rude. 12.12 p.m.

You're closing yourself up war ice field. 12.15 p.m.

We're heading for a diff fold.

Horrible trench us. 12.32 p.m.

Degracious. 12.39 p.m.

Police forming die forces. 12.45 p.m.

Farina saps good deal. 12.50 p.m.

S----- criminals. 2.56 p.m.

Get us out of war, it shoots. 3.50 p.m.

It's all right free. 4.46 p.m.

The sheriff's out for the way he insured.

These rocket deals shot the minnow right.

You're goose fallen here easily. 5.08 p.m.

They're falling us obviously nuclear. 6.57 p.m.

Oh, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.12 p.m.

They viped us off trunchels.

Your nasty video closed out all the states here.

Their weap sport has failed us Ciceroly. 7.22 p.m.

U.S. harsh baby; STRIKE!

Schwartz and Ernie, toss them out.

Patrick take nasty out with Germany.

You're basically foolish here.

Their fantastic has held walls itch.

Apprise yourselves, we're going to hellage.

A vicious false psyche cast you out. 2.06 a.m.

Our portion fell.

They false nice debts.

They bankrupt this state dismal.

They're throwing hostages thief.

A real castle war state threw our plate.

You failed sore. 2.17 a.m.

Bust you rifles meekness. 2.19 a.m.

You die in hell beyond belief.

They're finishing out the earth failed.

They're obviously leaving us bankrupt.

The right missile shot you falsely here. 2.29 a.m.

You're as faulty as a Jew to let them use you.

It's SOLD! 2.33 a.m.

Inner sexuals rule the state. 2.40 a.m.

You truly awesome failed us. 2.45 a.m.

STRIKE this heinous. 2.57 a.m.

Thank you for MARKING de-rates. 3.34 a.m.

You're a beak. 3.44 a.m.

Thank you for nice tips. 3.48 a.m.

I encourage your right field." 4.04 a.m.

Bitch, always left a nice tip for the servers. Minimum 15% and usually more.

"Stupid Myrtle hosts thee dangerous." 8.48 a.m.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For those who have been following our extraterrestrial elders have we not noted the continuous UFO MARKINGS of Myrtle Beach over many years? Yes, we have.

What can it all mean?

There appear to be no military posts in the area so might we surmise it is nuclear war fighting hobbyists people living in Myrtle beach that our extraterrestrial elders continue MARKING?
The tallest building in Myrtle beach is a hotel. Isn't that where Judee does his best and most famous work?

Once Labor gives us our informational grand juries might we see who is living there that has brought extraterrestrial spacecraft to be flying in there so often?

"I encourage your right field." 4.04 a.m.

Might that have been Father encouraging us to put our right field in?

Our right field, is that not the field that has our civil rights in place and guaranteed to all?

Hasn't Judah shown how to take us down by historically violating the civil rights of people of color and after giving us a snow job he is now violating all colors civil rights?

Will Labor not put our civil rights in once again and end the United States Jewish tyranny corporation?

Jewish who got caught attacking us with 3,200 three hundred kiloton hydrogen bombs to give us 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast, heat and radiation force while we slept in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will Labor not put them out NOW?

"You truly awesome failed us." 2.45 a.m.

Bitch up and out of bed almost everyday by 3.00 a.m. since October of 2011 when elders from Mercury whispered in his ear what weap Judah tried to do to us here in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Just not enough to bring Druid to stop the fight.

Stolen Bulldog Returned Home Safe Thanks to Social Media and Friends
"We just take your state out for luxury and cash. We toss you off a wit. We Reich em through falseness. If we want you I'm a police force right. We attitude you with a beast foul a man. We false you immi-tightly. Through our false we do keep you shy."

Might it be made up news stories and pictures like that that have held Druid frozen while Judah bashes us out of life form, out of existence

"I'm with the sunken chest. We catch you in 3-D," Judee say.

While Bitch may have truly awesome failed you's might it not be noted, at least he tried to get you's to save yourselves?

"Why didn't you try it," God Almighty our sweet Lord and Savior and sovereign of His village on earth asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

"It's SOLD!" 2.33 a.m.

Yet do we see there are many that are SOLD and ready now to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Their lawyers, doctors, the professional classes that have been putting us in for insurance package deals. Is there not a sense we can do better here? Certainly, we can do better here.

But we can't do better without help from the working man and woman, can we?

"WE advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Elders from Mercury said.

"Why didn't you try it?"

98% of us can figure out ways to accommodate each other and 2% have a weakness, and cannot accommodate others.

So whats the big deal about that?

Have we given the thought to the fact that it is the 2% that hold privately the Organizing Principle of Society of planet earth in their hands?

The 2% that hold the purse and used it to build the 150,000 nuclear bombs that they tried to die us off with.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," 'B' said to Bitch in July of 1997 when it broke through the density that Judah planned all along to use nuclear weapons on us.

It wasn't going to be by accident, as Bitch thought nuclear war would die us off, it was planned all along to die us out in a well planned and lavishly financed all-out nuclear holocaust.

The firebug with the matches who tried to extinct us in a three-hour Berlin Boeing missile attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

So where's the proof of this missile attack?

How about the video of two Martian motherships that burst the 960 hydrogen bombs off over Florida on the night of Junee 11, 2014?

Do we recall Bitch reporting two British submarines shot 32 Trident missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads at us from Bimini, 50 miles off of our East coast on June 11 of 2014 only days after it happened?

UFO Mothership over small town in Florida June 11, 2014 part2of3

Press the play button and this appears:
Video 0.47 at

Might we note the ufonewssdaily and ddsdtv blogspots have both disappeared?

UFO Mothership over small town in Florida June 11, 2014 part3of3
Video 1.33 at

The original video, part 1 UFO Mothership over small town in Florida June 11, 2014 ran for 7 minutes and 47 seconds. It is no longer on You Tube.

What happened to it? Might it have been pulled? Might looking at nearly eight minutes of thermonuclear warheads being burst over Florida by two Martian Motherships have opened some eyes up?

Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?
UFO Image
Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014
Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014

Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014 between the hours of 8-10 PM.

The objects caused a powerful, yet silent electrical storm as seen in the video. The video was provided to the public by the observers working at the radar tower. The event lasted about 2 hours.

Local UFO investigators contacted MUFON to inquire about any reported sightings in the area. There were none yet.

Researchers theorize that what is seen is the product of the UFOs recharging in the upper atmosphere.

The exact location of the event is being kept confidential as to not jeopardize the livelihood of the tower operators.
Bitch copied and pasted the link that originally linked to the Mothership over Florida part 1 and found that screen at YouTube.

Might we perceive that is intentional disinformation by making it appear there is a copyright infringement issue involved with the taking down of that video of a Mothership over Florida on June 11, 2014?

Might we note it does not mention the Mothership over Florida, rather it claims something to do with Crazy!!! Electric?

That part 1 Mothership over Florida video was linked to UFO Casebook and had a couple of thousand views with it. Might that be why it was taken down?

Might there have been a concern by Judah that if enough people looked at those nuclear warheads being burst off by Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians for the full 7 minutes and 47 seconds that it might have gone viral on the web?

Part 2 and 3 of the Mothership over Florida are still at YouTube, but might the short 46 seconds and 1.33 runtimes not be enough to convince the viewer that those are nuclear warheads being burst off by extraterrestrial spacecraft that Father has protecting us?

Will we not pray that workers will spend the 40 minutes of focused thinking that Judah claims are needed to figure out what is going on here?

"We had some principles that made weapons to get you gone. We have so many fools and that is why I manage you right. I slave you in opper time. Because I used the bourse for my mushroom it busted my purity. A new salesman told you right about the fail of me. I'm out because the psychic got us out.

I had a Mormon so I could get my Jew decimal right. The white boy stumbled Judah and he's ever going away. We hoot you all the time because I got a right gen. I hold you here corrupt because I got a carrier of white boys. I ever failed the Druid fish big safe here. I'll fight you with a day go bomb. White people give me a bruise racket so I use thee. I have bum world for my right truth. My white marksmen let me do rightly. Shrimp have failed to save human because core of us.

I just want you to acknowledge my college allows me to hold you white property. I'm almost ready to fall off. I will foul and pay to take you out. It's a gorgeous ruse I'm falling out you's with. The gentle nice boy said its time we go because its good for America. Jew did you truly racket. My best Jew's in the nighttime.

I fouled you sportly numeral. Pat play me mental right so my great daffing is through. The psychic relations us. I attack you well. I'm Jew reek-a. When you see the ruse you'll give me a great fall and I'll die. I now have got you perma-set right. I fall you minor. Sangamon he shoot us. I threat you by jails is now folding. My purest rate shot you GIANT Judee right. With our force we are still holding the state best," Judee say.

Is Labor understanding that Bitch is a mere shill with a noisemaker here?

Continues at:

The desktop computer Bitch reported to you's whats going in 2011 was 9 years old and cost $20. The computer this message is coming to you is a 7-year-old laptop that needed some parts to get it to work and it cost $50. plus $55 for parts and shipping. $105 and it is up and running good.

It is using Linux Ubuntu free software. It works quite well. Bitch thought it had a power supply problem because the screen brightness would change on its own. He downloaded a brightness control software package and now it is working fine. Brightness stays the same all the time.

He thanks Father all the time he uses it because such wonderful advanced technology is a gift from our good God above.

Might we see the advanced technology we hold in our hands was gifted to us by elders who dropped one of their advanced sailboats to us in 1947 at Roswell?

The sailboat flying saucer with no engine inside that had a silver over copper underside.

The copper-silver interface, the quantum accelerator, analogous to our old steam engines flywheel to boost the power up. Free energy the next level of our technology. Technolgy demonstrated to our world by Dr. Henry Moray in 1928.

The technology that will fly us to the stars.

But how many will be on the peace train that will take us there?

"I hold you here corrupt because I got a carrier of white boys," Judee say.

An Asian Fornian hybrid transplant shell weap Judah explaining in reverse facial speech how his corruption has been and is still held in.

"Overseas is meal time for us," Judee say.

The catastrophe that is about to engulf us need not happen if only Labor would help us NOW.

Jew Morgan and company shot us well. Will we not do something to prevent dying in their hell they have put in for us?

The Federation looked at this two thousand years ago and factored in Judah Rare ability to hold the mental of the ordinary people and determined that a third of the human race would die off from inhaling brimstone waste.

Father said to His Bitch: "You failed me useful. You failed me personal. You left me down."

So does that sound as if Father was indicating that the third of the human race need not die out if only the right voice would sound the alarm?

"Sooth me. Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Wake me when they've struck," Father said.

Sounds like Labor is going to STRIKE, doesn't it? Sure it does.

"You failed us Patrick from London." 8.58 a.m.

London MET kidnapping us off of the streets in America and transporting us if we demand peace. How can that be?

"I have a Muslim behind the stage to make war here. The foul Muslim will opp for free for me. It's a Jewish vitamin that makes war and that's why I threw you away," Judee say.

That Americans in Jewish control have killed millions and displaced tens of millions of our family in the Middle East, might Judah not have an easy time recruiting for some just comeuppance to our kind?

Though through all the bad news, did read some good news in reverse facial speech from a high-level Judee.

"I can't do war from Russia. They're taking off our supreme force because of a white head. Now we're passed, you've already WON," Judee say.

If only Labor will realize the love of God has WON and given us a pass. Will we not STRIKE THEM OUT?

There was a story of a police officer killed yesterday when a guy fleeing ran over the officer. Found this curious statement in the reverse facial speech of the news reporter:

"This is government opps to fool you and fall off your day."

Did the government set that up to steal the officer away?

Or was it a ghost operation?

Without our grand juries in are we seeing we only get whatever they make up to tell us?

UPDATE: 10.46 a.m.

After posting at the Daily Test Page watched a couple of videos about the killing of a Baltimore police officer Amy Caprio.

Regrettably, it is slaying. Here is some reverse facial speech found in the videos:

This was Judee attempt officer dead. This was to give you a face right food. I ruin you off Aussie way quite fair. Drupid will throw me out for my policemen, we'll talk then. Hermit's sporting my husk here true.

My accomplishment is all wishes on insurance right. We get disk out Judah. Jew has actually gone off Jew."

"This was to give you a face right food."

Might we see how Judah works our emotions here?

"My accomplishment is all wishes on insurance right."

There was another police officer that was killed recently and insurance was read in reverse speech when officials were giving the details of the shooting.

Will Labor not get hold of the paper and end these shootings and insurance collections out here?

Bitch's Condolences to Amy's family.

"I hugely effect you like a cow. My old offender is an app of mine. We want you osty trowled into eternity. We perp free peoples. Jew is out for his fool bid total.

Zero wits is what we used to bite you with here. Summons was always our Iowa force way. I dust marshmallows. When you bring the cage up it's going to ruin me.

I've tripped for my disease because my big weap failed. His mother got our desk because we've broken our sails (sales?). West German used a weapon debauchery. Our missile force images were to get you out.

Our animal is whole crap to make you sad. Germany my rules never fall because I'm still winning here. By busting your true right package we won.

We just play great rules and now we're seen as foolish. Druid we got out with cirrhosis with police for a good investment. After whiskey, I'm done because I shot.

I invade your psyche Jew. Our courage falsed you. Our options are already made, I'm out, leaving for too sport. The trapeze is holding up letting us take out your oxygen," Judee say.

"After whiskey, I'm done because I shot," Judee say.

Will Labor not give us the time to get them done?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty said to us.

In a day American Labor can have them off. Will Labor not give us that day of love?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, May 22 — Psalm 68:7–18
Numbers 11; Mark 13:1–13

When I was brought low, the Lord saved me. Psalm 116:6

Paul wrote: I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

God, you are our strength, our shield and our fortress. Uphold us when we are weak, and protect us. Remind us that we rely on you, not on ourselves, for you are the source of our power and our salvation. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker. Proverbs 14:31

Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5

Loving God, you sent your beloved son to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed. Strengthen us to pursue righteousness, justice and peace in gentleness and love, serving you all our days. In the name of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Continues at:,_South_Carolina

Reverse speech indicated the man was dead but it was not a cougar that did the deed.

“Sexual assaults are degrading and among the most invasive crimes a victim can endure,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement. “Physically and emotionally, the damage caused by a sex crime can fester, leaving victims to suffer not only at the time of the assault but possibly for years to come.”

Bitch looked at it and it appears to be a classic Judah frame up and false arrest.

If you look at the man's picture he looks to be a high intelligence fellow.

Can we only wonder was he in a job and lost it and wound up homeless and with employer insurance they want to collect on him now?

$75,000 bond. Might we note how easy it is to get someone in a cage for Judah insurance collection sports?

Might we note in American Law you don't arrest or hold a person unless a grand jury has given the state corporation Legal Standing to make an arrest?

Is Labor understanding the Jews and their 4% collaborators have used the cage to die massive numbers of people in America for employer insurance collections?

STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Give us a chance at life will you please?

The End

May. 21, 2018

"They Pitched The State To Try and Save You's."

Project Earth created by the proper behavior Committee of the Galactic Federation of Light in 1906 to spare us genocidal destruction in the series of nuclear wars they knew Judah planned to extinct us in.

Our elders who flew the 38 lights years distance to earth and pitched the Jewnited states of Jewtopia to save us. Might that Tele receive in a sentence not inform us of the truth we have here?

Though might it not be completely accurate to say that Jewish pitched their own Jewtopian state out when they attempted to destroy us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with the blast, heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs bursting over our sleeping heads?

That Tele receive was so good that Bitch made it the Title for today's post. Here is the previous title of today's post.

"You Are Now Seiged. The Cow Is Dead For Failestine."

Those a couple of Tele receives.

Two out of three Americans set to be died off inhaling radioactive waste. All to happen in only the next five years. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and break the Jewish siege of America?

The 200 million Americans died off, just part of the third of the human race to be died off as the beast leaves our surface world.

Jesus said, “I will send the Advocate to you. And when he comes, he will prove the world wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment.” John 16:7–8

The advocate for God's innocent children that are being destroyed by genocide by weap Judah on unlimited free American bourse. The advocate that Jesus promised would be here to advocate for the children of God to prove the world wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment.

The advocate who cannot be bought with pieces of paper called money. The advocate that is determined that God's will be done on earth as it is heaven. The advocate that will see to it that God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are observed in God's village on earth. The advocate that has informed the people of God's loving words and will: "The prisons have ruined my children; let the fishies roam free."

The advocate that will follow God's will to see that His recent God-given right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone is put in to do God's will for His simian children on planet earth.

Is there not a pray to be said that will bring American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and end their stalkers from fishing us out?

The advocate that has explained the American legal process in understandable language for most everyone. Grand jury, jury process, no cruel or inhumane treatment for anyone anytime. Will American Labor not respond to the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT?

See, the Lord’s hand is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. Rather, your iniquities have been barriers between you and your God. Isaiah 59:1–2

The inequities of funding sports war and genocide. Will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and close out our iniquitous war funding actions?

Father has the power to save those that otherwise will die out of here now over the next few years of Judah waging brimstone waste war upon us right inside of America.

The falsity of Judah. Does the extraterrestrial intervention not spell it our well enough that ordinary people will not ORGANIZE to help ourselves?

President Eisenhower meeting with Kenneth Arnold who saw nine extraterrestrial spacecraft flying by Mt. Ranier in 1947.

Are we mature enough to accept that Eisenhower, when he was President, did meet with a representative from the Galactic Federation of Light? Yes, he did. He met with several representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light.

And so why did he not invite them in openly?

Might we understand that Eisenhower was a Fornian Jewish hybrid transplant Replicon in a Swedish shell? Might that explain why he moved forward with the build-up of the nuclear blast and Jewish electricity waste to die off the mild people of the north?

Would president Eisenhower not have been briefed on the Truman doctrine of exterminating us with hydrogen bombs in the middle of the night? Of course, Eisenhower knew that President Truman had given the go-ahead to the nuclear buildup to be used to exterminate Americans and the plan for 911 to start of the final days of our existence in Jewish hands.

Will we not pray that Americans pass out of puberty and into maturity and accept that we do have a right to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness and our most recent God-given right to an existence stipend and act to put all of our God-given rights in?

The false cannibal cult from the city of Jerusalem that has an internal ail that produces an anger management disorder. They know it and their self-prescribed therapy is to sport their fellow human Being out of our lives.

Thousands of years of bulls shooting their fellow man down. Will American Labor not take the Organizing Principle of Society out of their private hands and democratize it by putting it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

The authority to issue our money. Will American working men and women not take it away from Jewish that are still destroying us?

"I URGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A FALL FOR THEIR SIN," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

What sin?

Are we not aware it was the sin of plotting nuclear blast genocide of the mild people of the north and then going ahead with an all-out thermonuclear warhead attack upon the lower 48 states in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Has God's advocate not explained it well enough that the mild people will not try to save our lives?

God Almighty in heaven above from an extraterrestrial society that is based in love. Mortals like us. Who have lived in perfect peace for nine million years now. Inviting us in. Will Labor not open the door to peace in our world and let them in?

The vast death and destruction that Jewish demand as the cost of their occupation of all lands they get a grip on. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and break the kosher grip of the United States of America? In memory of the late Anthony Clifton will Labor not close Jewtopia up right?

Elders shared some information with Bitch over the last few days that may interest some.

Elder told me that our population will grow to 300 billion of us and will level out there.

We already have over 100 billion of us, that is Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the 8 billion of us on planet earth. We are all from the same creation on planet earth 12 million years as apes, 200,000 years ago we received the gift of our high intelligence genetics from God. All of us made in the image of God to love one another

Elder also said there is no resource base struggle in extraterrestrial life. Anywhere they go, resource base struggle doesn't exist. Any material they want they can create synthetically. If I'm getting this right, hydrogen is everywhere and it can be used to build most everything.

By using velocity power sources they absorb mass from the perpetual motion of the universe to create all they desire. They can take basic materials and using large amounts of free energy they can synthesize most anything.

Want Gold? Silver?

Using free energy they turn bauxite into aluminum and then aluminum into gold or silver.

Their housing and space ships they build using readily available bauxite, iron ore, and silica oxide, that's sand, they make buildings and space craft that last over a million years.

Another thing Bitch asked about, the identification system elders use.

They bounce a harmless signal onto us and in 8 microseconds their computers can tell them who it is. They have the DNA code for 500 trillion Beings in their database.

There are 100 trillion beings in the Federation, the other 400 trillion in their database are Beings that they monitor in their journeys through space.

These are our family that welcome us to join with them. To come on up and live in peace in the universe with them.

The Drork, that BItch mentioned, is the signal group for the Federation, who handle the communication systems.

"You bet!," one said to Bitch after he thanked them for opening up his computer from a software block that Judee put in.

They are insect life forms. Charming delightful sharp dressed cheerful Beings who gladly will lend a helping hand to any that are in need, except for war.

They wear bright blue spacesuits with a white hard shell cap with a little antenna on it.

Bitch somewhere has seen these charming life forms in a cartoon section of a newspaper or a comic book somewhere? Might we guess that others have seen tele-pictures of them? Sure, that's how they choose to communicate to us and some artists have had mental pictures of them and that's where they get the idea to draw them in their space suits.

The turtle Beings that are part of the Federation, they genetically modified their genome to remove the hard shell they had from their original creation.

They wear a sharp looking chrome centerpiece to protect their tender midsection.

"We chose peace with no regrets. The delights of the universe," elder said.

Will American Labor not make that choice for us, the choice of peace?

It is 6.22 p.m. Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Will continue writing again Monday at 3.00 a.m......

3.02 a.m. Monday

Another night of fretful nightmares of the destruction that is engulfing us. Has Judah not proven sly by putting a die in that is not seen at all?

Our little children being poisoned out and made sterile while they are still in childhood. How sly is that for a genocide experience?

Nothing seen tasted or smelled, high radiation background that gives no alarm bell. The technology to remove us permanently from life. Brought to us by the scientists that are advertised as bringing good things to life, New Jersey's General Electric.

The hydrogen bombs they designed and built that they tried to extinguish our existence with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, missed and so they have their back up shot at Hitachi-GE up and burning still trying to put us out of life form.

Their dirty bomb artillery piece that is disguised as a Jewish electricity plant. Still shooting us 24/7 from Hitachi-GE thousands of miles from our shores. The prevailing westerlies breezing it in on us.

Shooting Americans right in our faces on a multiple of fronts.

The mild people who Judah tells us never once have saved ourselves from his brand. Will we not this time break that habit of falling to Jewish guys and gals and STRIKE THEM OUT RIGHT?

And how have Jewish been able to score us so well historically? Might we see their success is to be found in their jail cell they use on you and me?

Will Labor not take away their Jewish power of caging you and me?

Old President honest Abe Lincoln who forced Americans to kill our brothers in their Jewishly devised civil war. Do we recall to keep his Jewish fraud in he had to put in a forced draft and also imprison over 300 newspaper editors to prevent Americans from reading the truth? Might we see it was the cage that held old Abe's false, fraud and Jewish fist in?

"I am an American, German and a Jew," Abe said.

And then he cut his Jewish partners in crime out of the big deal by taking the issuing of our money into the hands of our treasury. Consequently, his Jewish pals gunned him down to punish Abe for shorting them.

It took until 1873 for Jewish once again to get hold of the issue of money by the trick of putting our money on a fixed gold standard. Might we say the "gold trick?"

The crime of 73 it was called at the time. It allowed them to bring in hard times once again. The immediate recession it put in by contracting the money supply.

Plenty of natural resources and Labor to create products and services, overall values, the only thing missing was the peoples purchasing power. Taken away by the "crime of 73."

Might we see the permanent state of economic tight when Jewish get hold of our rights?

Our right to issue our money held out of popular hands and held only by international Jews. Might we see that's what is wrong in our nation and world?

"I got your kids, to carry my guns," Judee say.

If only our kids had some receipts might they decide not to carry guns for Jewish?

"White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

The authority to issue the receipts of our Labor. Are we understanding that God Almighty, the sovereign of His village on planet earth has willed that Labor issue the receipts from now on?

Jewish who for thirteen hundred years have gotten white to carry guns for them and man their sport. Will white not wash our hands of them now?

Reverse facial speech reveals their subconscious that tells us they genocide us because they "ail inside." Also, they know in their conscious minds they are sick.

But because they have a rare ability to capture other human Beings using multi-generation trance and spells and sly invisible owl fists, they enjoy the thrill of capturing and killing us. They call it their "therapy."

Communism, Fascism, Nazism, white supremacy, might we recognize these are but some of the many faces of Judee?

Purported white supremacist Andrew Anglin
Andrew Anglin on Western Women
"Jew out rate performing you so we push you out legally. I'm Jew, we can you sin, I just can't live without you, it's part of my weap theory. I just stall you naked white person. My grouch holds you from SHOCK STRIKE. Jew debase forger. Peace amateur takes us off because I bull shy you guys. I'm just Manson corrupt. My theory's a washrag house to fold you Giuseppe."
Video 2.39

Don't bother to watch it, its a bore.

Does the sight of Andrew not clue us to who he really is?

Are these Jewish cannibal cult kids really fooling white people?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and stop their shooting our kids in school? Will Labor not give us a SHOCK STRIKE to clear them true?

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and stop funding their racist finishing school?

Tele receives:

"Catastrophe Patrick has driven into us. 11.36 a.m.

You're missing by dying. 11.47 a.m.

You're being completely goose failed. 12.05 p.m.

They scur you well. 12.10 p.m.

It's really terrible sad here Patrick. 12.33 p.m.

Insurance racket birch right. 1.00 p.m.

Grease is going fist. 2.07 p.m.

You can stay for me. 2.52 p.m.

Boring you phage. 3.06 p.m.

The professor's reporting their foul true.

They've destroyed the white people badly. 7.25 p.m.

Their genocide psyche won.

They rupture a state, they've ruptured us here. 8.01 p.m.

This shotful cannibal dud has got us out of here. 8.05 p.m.

They're out of here, all shots off. 8.06 p.m.

Dangerous fault foul thee deep total and vicious.

Get them out leap.

Their vicious psyche has died.

The hatch here rates.

Terror died.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

They've been falsing us real legislate.

Oh my god Patrick save us.

You are a sociable fellow.

It's broken, change it, it fell contact.

You've lost your psychus, ORGANIZE this fast here.

Your corporation is now finished messing die.

They're ditching you leaving you no forces for your life.

Your heads will be dead completely.

You fail, vision holds you rightly.

Sets your minnow now out of life force.

Your complete energy they're mugging Jew.

They score us to make us peaceful.

We're dumb to let them organize despot.

Dating opps you failed.

They're falsing you out doofus minimums.

Gerry failed you obviously.

They rolled your state scrimmage.

You left police officials outrage you's here.

A faultless screwall will camp us here.

They're wiping out our sexy ways here.

You failed to save Drewess.

Continues at:

They set you out false.

They take us falsely.

Losers are quite guilty.

You lost your lifes deal.

Falls you wicked rightfully.

Falls you out white cash.

White have ever fallen to them.

They have so abused us historically they just let us defeat ourselves. 1.38 a.m.

They're raping our fields Pittsburgh here.

They like forcing batterys'.

They like forcing purity.

ORGANIZE HERE, politics are finished.

They use policemen to hold your life forces.

The white people will begone from extinctious here. 1.45 a.m.

They screw your functions off disgracefully.

Heroin ways opp.

Irishman briefs us rightfully. 2.07 a.m.

Their theory is unconscionable. 4.30 a.m.

Their soul is so evictive. 5.07 a.m.

Let's rule universe." 5.10

How about it Labor, how about we rule big time, universe ways?

How about where we respect everyone's God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

A die-off of a third of the human race due to inhaling radioactive waste.

Warned about the mass die off when the beast leaves for two thousand years by the Galactic Federation of Light who put it into our Bibles for us to read and prepare ourselves for the end times that we are living in now.

We are peaceful kids that when Father Kirsker saw how lovingly we cared for the other simians in our group of hominids that Father Kirkser wanted us to survive and so he directed His angel's to hybridize us with extraterrestrial genetics to give us the brains to survive in all weather and terrains.

"It's foolish to leave contact." 5.17 a.m.

Contact with our peaceful advanced extraterrestrial family from the stars.

Are we foolishly going to walk away from contact and leave our kids to be poisoned and starved to die away?

The common sense to perceive that we are being destroyed men women and children together.

Will we not pray that American Labor will feel the love of God for us and SHOCK STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

The aggressive hunting out and killing of our useful, spirited and most all of our wits. Must American Labor not stop free funding Jewish sports kids?

We're naked without our peoples' grand juries in. Will Labor not give us the safety and protection of a genuine legal system?

The survivors or the families of Germany's Jewish atrocities will gladly come in and explain it all but we must have Labor involved to bring it on board.

The Federation predicted that two out of three people in this nation would die off in the end times. This their computer simulation experts knew two thousand years ago from modeling the future with advanced computers and also from the database they have of life forms for 87 million years that they have from the ancient departed civilization of Prenasour.

Revelation 9:16 I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million mounted troops.

Zechariah 13:8 In the whole land," declares the LORD, "two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.

The 200 million Americans that quietly provide the forces of war in our world. Might we see it is Americans that are the army of 200 million that the Bible refers to?

The 200 million of us that are set now to die out over the next five years of nuclear war.

If the majority us have to die out now to get peace in our world, that may be the way it will go if Americans choose not to stop the war. We are going no further in war, for has it not been put out on its own?

We only have to resight ourselves in peace and we can go on some more but are we aware that if we choose to ignore God's warning words stop the war and continue to let Judah score on our purse then we are on our own?

All the efforts the angels made to keep a voice into informing God's kids of how we are being scientifically destroyed and sharing a message of what to do to save ourselves and our kids.

Will the Angels' efforts be for naught or will American Labor STOP THE WAR NOW and try to save yourselves?

Judah tells us that if not for alcohol our barbershop would have found his barbershop centuries ago.

Chemical warfare smart Jewish wage on us. Their knowledge of pharaoh's Manhattan type research project juicing pigs up with booze and discovering by providing more booze makes the pigs fall their mental and with it fall them down the social ladder.

Might we understand that God Almighty will not knock Judah down, He sent his angels in to try and help us match Judah wits?

The wits we need to understand Judah are not friends of man or God, is it understood their pretense of friends is merely their false they use to set us up to steal us out of life form?

"They're NO friends of mine," God Almighty said of weap Judah crowd.

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm," Father also said.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God said.

"I'm hostile to fold your force. The cow is out rights so it lets me sin you. Our shooting is basically habits. I'm late for my disgusting. The minnow is going to take all my states off because of my Roman fierce days. We have a hostile that is rude, we just couldn't handle a core of Venus. I boot you from Maryland and pooch you around.

My rights all fallen for a stack of courage. I just had a failed philosophy.

I'm just leaving for contact and there's evidence we've scored you for generations. We push your rights in the sewer for our hostile way and then we insure you for cash. I core heart attack for my ruse. My parasite state is a fool thief. I use the police to cap you to keep you from rising but I shot so I'm dead. For my nuclear I'm completely out.

We fail you rude to make you die, I swat you. I hate you in my head. We always do assaulty. I shoot the white man in a false way because eventually, your courage will go away. With Drewy wits, I ever capture you to finish you off. Our market truth is about to leave. The nice man has taken out my state," Judee say.

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. IT IS NO MORE!, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS!" God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

For those who pray will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and close the nuclear war fighting animal primitivism out of our world?

Ther assault and battery of us they say is only "habit," an "addiction" to sport us away. Will Labor not help us to break their bad habits that sport us and our children away?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have NO defensible rights," God Almighty said of weap Judah.

But what are we to make of fact they still control every state on earth?

Is Bitch totally to blame for the big fall we are taking here?

Can we only wonder why the church, political, business, educators, professionals have not stepped in and given us some direction here?

Are ordinary working people seeing just how seriously all parties have failed us except our good God?

Bitch understands clearly that he would not be alive at this moment in time except for the love of Father in his life.

So wrong sighted are we allowing our cash to make Jewish war for free. Will we not try to straighten it out?

Will Labor not try to see clearly and go God's way and put us into peace?

Though we fund and fight sports wars for Jewish, we are not the malevolent hardcore ones such as Father is dying off underground in tunnel death.

Much of the white race is already bored out and will not be reproducing ourselves. Is there not some understanding yet that if we quietly fund the war and genocide for just a short time longer then our race in near total will be out of life form and gone to eternity with only fossils of us remaining?

If you want to know
Where I'm going?
Where I'm going, soon

If anybody ask you
Where I'm going
Where I'm going soon

I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
To be with my Lord

I can take the pain
The heartaches they bring
The comfort in knowing
I'll soon be gone

As God gives me grace
I'll run this race
Until I see my Savior
Face to face

I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
I'm goin' up yonder
To be with my Lord

As God gives me His grace to run this race Bitch will continue to try and convince you to try and save yourselves.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the kind Angels said.

Now to a single digit day countdown and we will know if a third of the human race will be died off as Jewish go away from us and leave the surface of planet earth to die off in their vast and well prepared safe underground.

Zechariah 13:8 In the whole land," declares the LORD, "two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.

9 "And I will bring the third part through the fire, Refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them; I will say, 'They are My people,' And they will say, 'The LORD is my God.'"

For those who are God's people, Father will have His Angels' protect as this Jewish electricity brimstone waste die moves forward to die two out of three Americans and a third of the human race away.


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, May 21 — Psalm 68:1–6
Numbers 9:15–10:36; Mark 12:35–44

Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker. Proverbs 14:31

Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5

Loving God, you sent your beloved son to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed. Strengthen us to pursue righteousness, justice and peace in gentleness and love, serving you all our days. In the name of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Continues at:


May. 20, 2018

"We're Permanently Done. Kick Them Out. Pat Got Paris Rate Out."

Judah hiring foreigners to die Americans off as policy. Gunning us down on the streets. Corrupt government to let it go on.

Might we try to understand what is going on here? Are we seeing the general STRIKE will end Jewish sport of killing us forevermore?

"Why didn't you try it? God Almighty asked American Labor about the STRIKE that has not been tried to stop all the war that American Labor is funding in this world.

Jewish, that have held the mild people of the north into war for thirteen hundred years ever since they took over management of Europe, east, and west.

Judah breeding up vast numbers of Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant look alike shells to infest all lands.

Crypto-Jews history knows them as. Maurice of Orange who conquered England with an invasion and an internal rising of Fornians in 1688.

The Dutch hybrid transplants who took over America and attacked us with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

How could only two percent of the human race so thoroughly capture the 98% and put us to nuclear fire?

Do we recall that Maurice of Orange went on to become King William III of England and he gave the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue money to international Jewry in 1694?

The authority to issue money that the American Congress, gave to weap Judah in 1913.

That authority that was used to build the genocidal nuclear war machine that tried and is still trying to extinct the mild people of the north.

Might we want to ponder in these last few days before we and our children are crushed out of life form with invisible hot radioactive nanoparticles what has happened here?

Can we only wonder how it has happened that Judah knowing quite a bit about our good God above chose to go opposite of Father?

The free will that we were gifted with 200,000 thousand years ago when our good God, our Father in heaven Father Kirsker, who so loved us that he had His angels genetically modify us by gifting us with our extraterrestrial family's 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric genetics.

God our Father, Father Baldec who in 1,500 BC gave to Moses the rules that are needed to become full-fledged extraterrestrials. "Thou shalt not kill," ignored by weap Judah who has continued to kill human Beings in as large of numbers as he possibly can.

God, who sits on the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of LIght 38 light years from earth, could have afflicted Jewish in a number of ways but did not.

And now God our Father, Father H----- is dying them off, and still not laying a hand on them.

Thousands of years of rejection of the advice from the loving wisdom of God and finally, weap Judah is out of luck.

Or is he out of luck? Does he not still control the mild people minds well enough to get us to fund and fight his sports war and genocide?

Regrettably, the answer is yes he does control the mild people well enough to get us to quietly fund and fight his sport wars and genocide for him.

The mercy that God has had on us comfortable Americans even after thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR and we carry on funding and fighting all of the war on planet earth. Genocide against other children of God we continue funding.

Can we not hope we will have pity on our failed war funding selves and stop the die that is taking us and our children away?

Has Judah not exposed himself well enough that we will not get together and close his incessant, eternal brutality out of our world?

Have our extraterrestrial elders not let Judah miniaturize himself well enough that we will not bid them farewell?

Judah and what he calls his "zoo," are we aware our world is God's village on earth?

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

And so what is God's will for His simian children in His village on planet earth?

Could it be any other than to fulfill the words of Jesus who told us that God's will is done when we love our neighbor as ourselves?

For the mercy of God on us, unrepentant sinners that we are, will we not end our funding of Jewish sports war and stop destroying the children of God on earth?

O beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties
Above thy fruited plain

America, America
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea

America, America
God mend thine every flaw
Confirm thy soul in self control
Thy liberty in law

To heal our souls that are being destroyed in sport Jewish war will we not put our American Law in service to protect our liberty?

To preserve our physical existence which is being systematically, scientifically terminated by invisible hot radioactive nanoparticles will we not try to help ourselves?

Has Judah cast such a negative light on Bitch with his false stories, lies, whispers rumors that Labor chooses to not hear the truth?

Has Judah's lies about Bitch reached the point that they are assumed true?

How about the words spoken that may shed some light on how false can often win?

"The lie, however improbable or monstrous, which has once assumed the semblance of truth, by being often repeated with minute and plausible particulars, is, at length, so thoroughly established, as to obtain universal credit, defy contradiction, and frustrate every effort of refutation. Such is the mischief, such are the unhappy consequences on the bewildered mind, that the reader has no alternative, but to become the dupe of his credulity, or distrust the veracity of almost all human testimony.

— David Humphreys (1752-1818)

That was in response to the secretary of war Henry Dearborn (1751-1829) accusations against general Isreal Putnam and his conduct in the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 forty three years earlier.

Can we wonder have Judah's lies about Bitch been repeated so often that they have gained a semblance of truth?

Has Judah's historical abuse of credulity not shown up well enough in their nuclear war fighting hobbyists ways that American Labor will not let go of their vicious false ways?

Might we surmise that controversy from 1818 that secretary of war Henry Dearborn started when he published that General Israel Putnam was a coward at the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 was a well-conceived mental opp to confound and fool the ordinary people?

Looking back at the early days of the First American Republic might we easily see it was Jewish and their American Fornians that were doing all they could to fool us then?

Might we see how they start a controversy as a way to control the dialogue?

With their demonstrated ability to get hold of populations and put them to war. Might we see the key ingredient is their having unlimited free money to get it done?

The ability to hire their news machine to put the stories in that they want us to read. The authority to issue our money. Are we seeing that is what Labor must have in its hands if we are to have any chance to survive Jewish genocide?

Forget Roswell: Nine flying saucers were spotted near Mt. Rainier
Kenneth Arnold, the Idaho pilot who reported seeing nine UFOs near Mount Rainier in 1947, later sketched the crescent-shaped object he saw. The others were roughly circular, he said. The Idaho Statesman

Kenneth Arnold's daughter speaks from the subconscious found in facial reverse speech:
"The minnows are set for a big goring for free, Jews threw them out. Handsome was always in the rabies wars. A psyche has caused your habits ruined. My father had a Sangamous voice to clear the ruse."

Her father Kenneth Arnold who told us the truth 71 years ago that extraterrestrial spacecraft flew by him that day. Might Kenneth have also told President Eisenhower our family from the stars has visited us?
The boomerang extraterrestrial spacecraft that Kenneth Arnold saw that flew in and buzzed Mt. Ranier in 1947 a few days before the Galacticans dropped one of their spacecraft at the site of the only atomic bombing base on planet earth, Roswell, New Mexico home of the 509th atomic bombing group.

Will Labor not connect the dots and try to see the picture of what we have let Jewish do to us?

Has the boomerang not shot Judah right? Their Jewish attempt to exterminate the American race in an all-out nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Has Judah's atomic bomb boomerang not come back to throw them out right?

That we are in the last days left to do anything before their radioactive waste begins the physical decay of us starting with our wits. American Labor refusing all pleas from God, the angels and man to help us survive. How can that be?

The cruelly manipulated poor Americans still shooting out many lands.

Will American Labor not take Jewish hands off of our economy?

Has America the beautiful not been good enough to us that we will not try to save her in her most dire hour of need?

The estimate of the situation by the computer simulation experts of the Galactic Federation of lIght two millennia ago that two hundred million Americans would be part of a third of the human race that would die off in the last days of the beast with us.

Revelation 9:16 I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million mounted troops.

Zechariah 13:8 In the whole land," declares the LORD, "two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.

9 "And I will bring the third part through the fire, Refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them; I will say, 'They are My people,' And they will say, 'The LORD is my God.'"

The thousands of warnings of our final farewell cast off in a living hell burned from inside out with the brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE. Where is the instinctual survival response?

Drowning in hot radioactive waste will we not try to move our arms and hands and legs and try to swim to save ourselves?

ORGANIZE! 9.13 a.m.

Jewish who have stayed committed for thousands of years to die off the children of God on earth. Finally reaching the technical level to die us out in the billions with their deadly nuclear blast and now Jewish electricity brimstone waste.

Their nuclear war fighting kosher regimes are done for good. Will Labor not help us now to let them off right?

The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the authority to issue our money and help us all NOW

This racist assault and battery crowd. Is it not clear they are out of here now?

Tele receives:

"It's an addiction contact has broken. 2.40 p.m.

Pat, you pitched them right away true.

My God Patrick, they're breezing us right. 6.55 p.m.

Molestberg is the end of their racket. 7.12 p.m.

They false Brutish.

They scored off.

Prejudice seed. (Cede?) 7.28 p.m.

The gangsters pursue threats mulch. 7.33 p.m.

GOOD! 7.55 p.m.

They fail us pitifully. 8.22 p.m.

They're a brutal foul is what they are.

Oh, Patrick's tossed them out.

These are cornea opps. 6.32 p.m.

Real excitement, they're rising here.

Cheer. 8.42 p.m.

We lost to army Reichals.

They're assaulting us gone, they're assaulting us push. 8.47 p.m.

Fly paper. 8.49 p.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT and stumble this Palestine.

Hey Pat, the mates seriously falsed us.

Annapolis fades us. 9.00 p.m.

It's an unsuitable affair fold out.

Patrick's trying an appeal to save us.

They're out. 9.20 p.m.

Toss your sight, toss your therapist out.

STRIKE America has failed because lifers died us.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

They flame rescued all of the fields.

Quite completely you're apped. 10.05 p.m.

Brother and sister who are war adjusted just go in curative.

Get this beast off offend.

They make you ceased.

They always did anything they could to catast you. 11.16 p.m.

Where the hell have you missed?

Jew poverty offend; Jew, push you Jew rifles.

Thievery is closed.

Officers have completely failed us.

They're smashing us to pieces.

It's abbot ended, STRIKE THEM OUT!

A tyranny lates us.

Our casualties have thrown our castle here.

The cats have flown out, with algebra you're rifling yourselves.

Patrick is not inhospitable.

Get us off this fateful die.

They faded, they're exhausting us obviously.

Pat, this police state has fallen us.

Get them out! OH! 7.40 a.m.

That's exceptionally true. 8.45 a.m.

Oh, my God, they're washing us out. 8.54 a.m.

That Bitch has really got something to say. 8.55 a.m.

He's a telepathic boy, he hears this stuff. 9.04 a.m.

Sherokee stands accused. 9.06 a.m.

Get their foul out of here. 9.39 a.m.

You've thrown an incredible beast." 9.59 a.m.

An incredible beast that is now close to sealing the majority of Americans to dying out of life form.

Judah could have gone upstairs centuries ago if he would have chosen to join the Galactic Federation of lIght when the offer was made to the Centers of Power of planet earth in 1350 AD.

In the Spring of 2008 the Galactican director of "Project Earth" instructed Bitch to communicate to his associate through email and inform him that the extraterrestrial's name was, "Maximilian."

When Judee heard that Bitch was communicating with an extraterrestrial named "Maximilian," Judee knew it was true.

And how did Judee know that Bitch was in communication with an extraterrestrial? Might we understand that Judah and the other centers of Power of planet earth, the Vatican, and the Royals, knew Maximilian because he introduced himself to them in 1350?

Thinking that the elites of planet earth have known about the Galactic Federation of LIght since 1350 and they have kept it secret. Knowing about it now, how is that for a demonstration of the "Magnitude of the deception?"

"I died them truthful," God Almighty said of how He had His angels' tell Judah just how he would close them out of here.

God told Judah he would send Supermen in and Judah's bullets would not kill them. And God's supermen would reveal to God's children the false games that Judah plays on them.

The supermen would reveal how Judah is exterminating them.

Might we see that is just what has happened and is still happening here?

"I mislead you. My averages are pulling Druid off to the maximum. I used the image of a baby to wash druid off. Because I scored you out with my police I'm in fail-a-state. I'm just an orphan to mizzer your life here. We're going to hold you until you're sterile dog. You won," Judee say.

While God has won and Judah has lost are we aware that we are still being tossed?

Will Labor not open your ears to our good God and hear what Father is urging us to do?

"I URGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A FALL FOR THEIR SIN," God Almighty said to His children on earth.

Will Labor not act right as God treats us right and give them a fall for their sin of exterminating our race by acting to STRIKE THEM OUT!?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

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Day of Pentecost

Watchword for the Week — O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all. Psalm 104:24

Sunday, May 20 — Acts 2:1–21; Psalm 104:24–34,35b
Romans 8:22–27; John 15:26–27,16:4b–15

See, the Lord’s hand is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. Rather, your iniquities have been barriers between you and your God. Isaiah 59:1–2

Jesus said, “I will send the Advocate to you. And when he comes, he will prove the world wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment.” John 16:7–8

Merciful God and Father, you are always ready to receive us whenever we turn to you. Open our eyes to see that it is we ourselves who keep you far from us. Forgive our sin and send your spirit, the spirit of holiness and life, to sanctify us. Amen.

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Michael E. "Mikey" Salm, Jr., 38, of Manor Twp., passed away Sunday, May 13, 2018. Born in Lancaster, he was the son of Michael E. Salm, Sr., husband of Grace and Diane M. Salm, partner of Norbert Strassmann, both of Lancaster.
Staff Writer May 19, 2018