Jun. 24, 2019

"They're Done Tragedy Fair." 7.52 pm

As was prophesized in our Bibles 2,000 years ago, can it be true the majority of Druid as part of a third of the human race has been done fair? Have we been done tragedy fair by being driven out of existence by funding war on ourselves?

Here is a couple of reverse facial speech from an elderly lady who survived the battle of Okinawa in the Second World War:

"Your spiritual died us. Your fail to hear Mercury died you fail."

Mercury that helped us to be free of the eternal wars of the weap Jews. Our good God Almighty that gave us the peace. Is there an understanding that only a miracle can save us now from perishing out of existence with our kids?

The simple understanding that whoever issues our money is the boss of our society. And those who issue our money have used it to issue money to build the weapons of mass destruction to wipe our race out using thermonuclear blast weapons, backed up by nuclear waste weapons to ensure we don’t escape their ruin.

The centers of power of planet earth knew since the time of their employee Adolph Hitler that Mercury had the technology to pull their nuclear missiles, but they hired the top scientists on planet earth so they could build the machines to get around Mercury and destroy us with thermonuclear blast weapons.

The actual pull of the one thousand missiles that Judah Berlin attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, done by our kind neighbors, the Martians. Is it not exciting and thrilling to consider that the thousands of extraterrestrial species that are part of the Galactic Federation of Light serve together peacefully?

Bitch is still trying to convince Americans to stop the war before we are permanently done in, he will not accept a fail. Does it appear he doesn't possess the right stuff to convince the people like himself, simple working people, to strike the Jews and put them and their industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting collaborators out? Looks that way doesn't it? But might the STRIKE not happen yet anyways

Might we be aware that our good God has not failed us here? Our good God has never failed though has had some instances of "limited success."

Every person, every organization, every institution on earth failed the human race and did not act in time to save us from Jewish Germany's thermonuclear blast war or try to save us from Jewish Germany's nuclear waste war. What are we to think of this war failure that we have had two thousand years warnings in our Bibles it was coming at us all?

Now we have a number of extraterrestrial spacecraft anchored near our sun and some of them in orbit around earth waiting for God's message to begin the removal of God's chosen to spare them the loss of life form in this perpetual war for omnicide the Jews and their industrial strength investment grade genocide collaborators have put on us. Grand juries labor. Surely you can't be too frightened to give them to us, are you?

Well, heeled servants, the Jews hired to shoot us and they did. Surely workers are not too frightened to open up grand juries to let the family members of the victims tell us what they did, are you?

The American elite who have themselves organized around debt sporting their fellow American for insurance collections after they mouse us in. Might playing such sport help explain why they have proven to be so useless and failed as every other authority figure in our world has too?

The big news stories Judee likes to promote about people paying bribes to get into elite American universities. Now that the college university system has proved totally and entirely failed, what would be the reason anyone would want to attend them much less pay a bribe to get into one of them?

Judah paying big bribes to military commanders to trigger an end of life form war with Iran that is pre-planned to bring the Soviets in. Why no stories about the bribes paid to them? Does paying a bribe to start an existence ending war with our technologically advanced mild family in the East not rate higher in concern than paying a bribe to get into a failed elite college?

But what might explain the how and why of why the Jews are still able to hold us to such a well-seen die?

A die that we have been warned about in our bibles. Though Judah tells us he won because of alcohol and a picture of a pooch and talking dog to us all.

"I molest thee and contact flew right. I'm gonna gin your Martian someday. Bitch is leaving here soon. I've given you a disgrace fall for your whole nation. I want you damaged strafe rude. My dog failed your contact right."

Bitchie, a limited fellow, a simple working man. An angel from Mercury said to him: "You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them."

Though he is a simple boy and always loses against the social sophisticates that control society with words, lies, and fists.

He has a technical facility of mind that figured out what some of the best technical minds of the earth were searching for. The Four Elements of free energy. Jon Von Neumann probably already figured them out in the 1950s

Where free energy is coming from and how to extract it and put it to serve us in our society. Though numbers of free energy builders have been building over unity free energy machines for over a century now. They just didn't figure out the fine theoretical details of what is going on with them.

The long-running Jewish prohibition against bringing free energy in because it will make our societies abundant, clean and wealthy for us all. Might we have to ascribe it to the ontological difference between the weap Jews and the rest of us to explain their demonstrated ability to keep free energy out of our society?

All the chances we missed to try and save ourselves from the nuclear war fighting Jews and their Berlin collaborators who tried to destroy us with thermonuclear blast war. Failing their blast attempts due only to the love of God that sent His angels in to protect us, they pressed ahead with the courage of their psychus to destroy us with their second best option, nuclear waste war and appear to have succeeded wildly in wiping us and our kids out.

So why don't the ordinary people seem to be aware of this yet? Why have ordinary people failed to act in mutual self-defense of themselves? What might explain why ordinary people have proven so incredibly easy to destroy even with help from the stars?

Might it be a combination of things that are holding the people from acting to save ourselves? "Ontological difference?"

Might it have been the lies the Jews have used to fool us that took us down so hard? Didn't the Jews and their ruling collaborator elite tell us that nuclear weapons of mass destruction were to make peace and protect us? Yes, they did tell us that nuclear weapons were to make the prospect of war so unimaginably dreadful that no one would start a nuclear blast war.

Now that we are passed them attacking us with a surprise out of the blue middle of the night all-out nuclear holocaust, might we not have to take their words with a grain of salt or two? Can we not show the faith in or good God, strike them out and let our grand juries sort it out for us?

Workers who have the right, the authority to stop the war. Will we not pray for the courage to do so here?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it?" Our precious sweet Father asked His simian children in America.

The American workers that are free funding the destruction that the eternal war-making Jews do whenever and wherever they got a hold of society.

Their collaboration with Germany technical that gave them the potential to destroy all the fish and they tried it on us. Will we not pray for the 30-minute breakthrough where American workers will figure it all out and give them the shoo?

Will American workers not take over the authority to issue our meal tickets? The abstract receipts of labor that Mercury informed us are the tickets we need to serve God’s will to issue some for every one of God's simian children on earth. Abstract receipts of labor we call money. Our bourse. Our chits. Our markers. Will workers not be sensible and issue them ourselves?

"I've given you a disgrace fall for your whole nation."

Must we not end standing aside while the Jews hire some of us to shoot our family, using near extraterrestrial level technology to shoot our family, some who are living in the rake and hoe age? For the love of God will American workers not respond to the force of love and stop the war? Will we not focus on getting our faces off of making war for the Jews who love to help us disgrace ourselves?

The flattops, the sitting ducks in the narrow 35 miles wide straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. Might they be set by the Jews to be the new Lusitania just like the miracle they performed by sinking it in 1915 then?

Will Americans not awake to the deadliest threat we have faced since their last one, their nuclear blast war to extinct our race?

The war with Russia the Jews are pushing in on us and will not stop until they have the Russians shooting us or we stop funding their permanent world of war. Which will it be?

Tele receives:

"They subbed us right. 1.45 pm

Complete wolf. 1.40 pm

Kinda irks you well. 1.45 pm

Oh my God, God's right miracle has saved us right gloss.

How they case us is STRIKE forcing.

Eventually, I'll support your bracing. 2.13 pm

The guillotine appears to be kept up for you.

Pat, punish your wave.

These Jews monkeyshine peoples heads all the time. 3.52 pm

They're getting to fist us, Patrick.

Beam on. 5.24 pm

Beam, off. 5.49 pm

We tossed you out foul with this sport.

You should roll them.

Your white man sold you off rare. 6.05 pm

The race war is all finished out of here now, STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.19 PM

I sh*tty you right.

World, they're forcing us out of here Hiroshima.

A rust bucket defeat. 7.02 pm

Your wonderful life is finished enormous.

They capped you and pooched you bad.

They rice you fugitively.

We've been failed. 7.41 pm

They're done tragedy fair. 7.52 pm

They fall a sale routine.

Oh my God Patrick is helping us and Jew is getting a chance to fight your especially healthy life.

Ghosts all failed.

Ranch they stole you off of this place.

Losers, their fists fake suitables. 5.06 am

We're threatened to shoo away.

Put Jew aside as finished for war.

He's got the thickness of electricity." 7.50 am

The especially healthy life so many Americans have. Good housing. Comfortable, pleasant and safe work environments. Nice bourse checks that allow us for plenty of good nutrition, rest and vacations to keep our health in the best condition. Now facing inhaling nuclear pollution that will steal our health away. Are workers aware we can have a chance to survive with only a few hours of a serious STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the genocidal Jews?

While our good God almighty did not fail us, for did God not let the Jews throw themselves out fair? Yes, Father did let the Jews throw themselves out fair, everyone else on earth failed us.

Our good God Almighty who has never had a fail but do we recall Papa said that He has had some "limited successes?" Must we not act so that we are not made into a limited success here?

That we Druids should fund the Jews who are perishing us and our children. Might that be classed as a limited success from up above?

Will we not all keep praying that American workers will STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Monday, June 24 — Psalm 78:40–55
Isaiah 4:2–5:30; Galatians 4:1–16

Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad? Job 2:10

Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet, not my will but yours be done.” Luke 22:42

By your example, Redeemer, show us, during times of our persecution and trials, how to accept God’s will and purpose in our lives. Assist us to remember that all things will work for good to those who put their trust in you. Give us the grace to say at all times, “Your will be done!” Amen.

12.27 pm

Travelers Stuck in Chicago After American Flight Canceled
Frustrated passengers were stranded in Chicago after an American Airlines flight to Florida was canceled Sunday night.

"This was to close the fiber story out in jail. They pulled out some attach we wanted sawed off, there was 5 or 6 Jewry's. Because you're a corn nation I falser you. Bitch boy hand us fabulous leave. His mom is leaving me damned fool now. We waste you all phrenology set. The estimates were a complete die. There was some big purple set thrown out peace. FSBO was quiet dangerous to Principal police. I sock you in combustion and put you in faultless. This was a dual fine Federals."

Those are some reverse facial speech found in that video of the passenger plane that was scheduled to leave at 6.25 pm, delayed and then when departing turned around and canceled at 11.03 pm due to Maintenace issues.

Can we only wonder, did Mercury alert those pilots that Sky Brat was turned on? Or did the pilots get that information in another way? Might some pilot have come up with a way to detect Sky Brat in the control system before they fly away?

On the subject of Judah sport, did some of us notice the rash of American tourists dying in the Dominican Republic while on vacation? Can we only wonder how many of them actually are ghosts rather than dead?

"A psychotherapist, a radiologist, and a pizza parlor owner," just some of the occupations of those that have purportedly died there on vacation. The radiologist, does that bring to mind how Romanian dictator Caucescu did the miners union leaders in by having them get 5-minute chest X- rays and then die of lung cancer? A psychotherapist? Can we only wonder how much fun she might have had? Pizza parlor owner?

With our grand juries in are we seeing they'll be no more conspiracies or mysteries? Will workers not get the purse and hire them to serve us?

4.13 pm

"Determinal them. 8.41 am

Your dog was your right force.

Con wins.

It's eternally dangerous.

It's mob how they insure us.

Prefunction fall.

Their conspiracy state is over.

They're preding death.

We couraged you out fear.

Yuck. 11.28 am

Oh, they're psyching us hell.

Oh my God help us here Patrick.

Your sports gnaw you. 1.39 pm

Your flush opp cleared them truly.

It's a failure to mouse wrench.

Bash Jews from London have broken out unbelievable.

Your comfortable was swiped off with mentals from yesterday.

It's a great fail that wreaks man.

Multi truth die.

Image fail you dead.

It's your final thief hatchet.

Put them out now.

They dug you occupant.

It's a threaten.

Stupid ail.

Cannon mushroom to stone age.

Pat, save us out of shoot land.

STRIKE THEM OUT for golden fish.

They're off. 3.41 pm

Scored your selfish rightful. 3.49

Schtupid." 4.33 pm

And one last Judah reverse facial speech for today:

"Papa said it's my time to go natural wise.

Thank you God bless.

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Jun. 23, 2019

"Ashtar is a Powerful Shot, it Took Me Off My Symbol," Judee say.

Ashtar, an extraterrestrial that took over a radio broadcast.

In 1971, a British radio talk show devoted to UFOs received a strange call-in claiming to originate from outer space, which some of the guests believed to be genuine.[38] This turned out to be the prelude for the 1977 Southern Television broadcast interruption, when a voice calling itself "Vrillon" of the Ashtar Galactic Command temporarily took over a television transmitter in southern England. (wiki)

Extraterrestrials that have openly been contacting us continuously in the last few generations who have been doing what they can to try to prevent our extirpation from existence due to nuclear war. Might we have to give it to the Jews who have confounded and confused us so well that many have failed to receive the extraterrestrial messages from outer space to STOP THE WAR?

And who is Ashtar, who's shot took Judee's symbol off?


Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many, many planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets with "Star Seed", and the project of bringing those planets through evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely, carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them, finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means "Shepherd". I am Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one, of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray. Jesus. Sananda.

An extraterrestrial Being named Ashtar who set about contacting human Beings on earth back in the 1950s to help make us aware of the plans to exterminate the human race with nuclear weapons. Will we not pray for a raising of consciousness by American workers to try and STOP THE WAR that has now allowed the Jews to largely sterilize our race with atomic waste?

Will workers not try to Perceive that Ashtar shot has taken the genocidal Jews off of their symbol for good?

Will workers not try to perceive the kindness and love that our extraterrestrial family has for us and close out the earth warriors that have destroyed so many of us already?

The simpleton nonsense the Jews use to fool our heads and hold us into making war for them. A pooch on every page of the internet and on the television sets. If only ordinary people perceive that these Jews who are playing with a dog show have attacked us with a thermonuclear blast to exterminate our race and also are now attacking us with atomic waste and successfully exterminating us, might workers not act together and take away the authority to issue our money from the genocidal Jews?

Bitch who has seen as the root of all problems in the human race, war. The violence that is done by those who control the state apparatus. Will workers not engage our true high consciousness and close these dog image people out of government with a STRIKE?

The Bitch boy who wants violence out that has allowed himself to be made to look like a violent guy by some of his own crazy words and then the Jews lying about Bitch to make him look like a violent guy. Bitch is not a violent guy at all. Just the opposite. But do we recall Judee said in Reverse facial Speech: "I won because you believe a liar?”

Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee" from Luke 19:22.

Jesus words to us as to how we will be judged. Bitch has some words out of his mouth of his that don't look too good and he has already convicted himself of some sin by words. But he knows that Jesus is forgiving and merciful and he wants to go with Jesus into a new world of peace. A world where all are welcome to try again to see if we can't do better.

Bitch troubled even today by words he said a half-century ago. How stupid he was programmed to think that put-downs could be humorous or funny.

A cousin by marriage that my mother had a special love and affection for. At a wedding reception I saw him and upon meeting him after not seeing him for a long time said "HI" and purportedly as a joke, I said to him, "good to see you, why you don't look a day younger."

Those words still bother Bitch a half-century later. He died not long after at a relatively young age from cancer. I never saw him again or had a chance to apologize for saying such a stupid thing to such a nice guy. Bitch was in his thirties and he was in his fifties.

Stupid rude, what can be said about it? That stupid has clung long enough to now bring us face to face with the extinction of our breed. Can Bitch blame it all on alcohol? While it may be easy to make the connections that would spell out alcohol as the beverage responsible for the social wit fail, he thinks underneath it all is the corrosive violence of war that has harmed Americans wit at the root level.

The moral leprosy of war that is sold as a badge of honor. Each day that we fund the war, like a leper there is less of our morals.

The Vietnam war the Jews used to install the Fornian look alike hybrid transplant Jews that are now directing one of the worlds biggest executioners states.

Can we only wonder how many Vietnam veterans are going to show up for their free 'honor flights?'

Peg Mullin (1917-2009) whose son Michael was killed by shrapnel from what was called "friendly fire." Force drafted into the US army in 1968 as a regular GI. His post-graduate degrees would have allowed him to be an officer, but he declined.

Her son Michael was drafted in 1968, and she would later write of her fears of being "in a quiet corner of an airport and say[ing] goodbye to a son in uniform, knowing in your heart that you'll never see him again." He was killed on February 18, 1970, from shrapnel fired by U.S. artillery. (wiki)

Meg Mullin's premonition at the airport that she would never see her son Michael alive again. Might we think of how Jacqueline Kennedy used to have premonitions that her son John was going to be killed in a plane crash? Might such premonitions by mothers be a suggestion that their boy's deaths had already been planned for them?

John Kennedy junior who was stolen away with the double airbag under the seat Trick. John Denver who died in his little plane with bystanders reporting they heard a distinct pop just before his plane went down.

What about Michael Mullins purportedly accidental death by friendly fire? Who was Peg's son Michael anyways?

In her book Unfriendly fire : a mother's memoir
Author: Mullen, Peg, 1917-2009, she tells us about some of the achievements of her son Michael.

He was a top student who was researching ways to feed our world. A bright young scientist in the field of food production. After Bitch read her book he easily considers that her extra bright useful son was not accidentally killed, it was a contract murder for hire that put that young American scientist in. Are we understanding that the Jews always put our useful in their prisons or our graves?

Ordinary people who always suffer the worst treatment at the hands of the Jews when there are no laws to protect us from Jews or their criminal collaborators.

Will ordinary workers try to perceive that we have been saved from extinction in nuclear blast war that the Jews planned to sweep us away with?

And who saved us? Is it not breaking through that we have been saved by peaceful extraterrestrials that are allowing us to figure it out our selves?

Are we receiving that we are a hybrid creation of these peaceful extraterrestrials and that is why they stepped in and prevented the Jews from washing us out of existence?

Bitch feels pretty certain that the planned attack against Iran the other day was not called off, rather our extraterrestrial family pulled the permit for them to start this economy destroying war with Iran that will lead to a nation destroying war bringing about our physical destruction in the war that follows with Jew Russia at the bat.

Russia, America, and Iran all controlled by the Jews. And the mild people, both East and West, the prime targets for extermination are the white people of both lands.

The Jew who created racism and put it on the white head. We must have American workers take the organizing principle of American society away from the Jews.

Bitch pulled the fire alarm, the place is on fire and burning and set to burn us out enormously if we do not help ourselves.

Bitch, who many of you dying people choose to be fooled by the Jews, remains in good stead with Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. "We trust you," Mercury elder said to Bitch years ago.

Our good God our precious sweet Father, our Lord, our Savior, finds Bitch to be "a nice boy" who remained true to God as God informed everyone. Will Labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?

"Minutiae," is what the angel from Mercury said as to things that the lying Jews claim about Bitch.

Bitch, who wants to see everybody have some cash in their pockets so everybody can get the things they need. And where will all the cash come from to finance such an incredible thing?

Are we understanding the Jews have been killing our free energy researchers and developers so they can hold us in small income lands? 60% of Americans today cannot come up with $500 cash.

Such results after over a century of Jewish war fought in the pocketbooks of American workers. Will labor not give us our new economy that lets great wealth flood on in?

Instead of the floods that are slowing our farmers and threatening big price hikes in food as a result of the weather wars that the Jews are successfully waging on us, will workers not let in our American Bill of Rights peace economy that will flood our nation with wealth to help us all be free and to live bountiful lives?

If so must workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"God bless you. 3.00 pm

They're spinning 60. 3.54 pm

Police sell lethal. 4.27 pm

They want to pitch roll you.

Bribery insults. 4.59 pm

Help us close this guy. 5.03 pm

It's failed, it's awesome they tyrree us.

Battle truth; our priests died.

Beast image.

We just screw rate you. 6.14 pm

Pat, authorize a sale and force them out.

We have a nature that deals in fail. 6.35 pm

It's reducive, take them off of here Patrick.

My prejudice is winning.

Jew just punish you and make him fall away for it.

Your intelligence macing fear all lost.

Set your future on America. 7.27 pm

Paddy accomplished us, he proved our racism is false.

ORGANIZE, don't let them shut you out.

Good luck, they mashed you.

I died savages.

We bumped you Jesus plex.

Failure to focus on passing out of life honks you off.

It's gold offend.

Some friendly advice, you're now sackious.11.20 pm

Bubble gum set you rave-a-tics.

We'll be flush with cash.12.33 am

How are you today? 1.24 am

They cow us bullsh*t here.

If you get too rich I'm an afterish boy.

Why did you office us?

Don't bother me, I'm not using it.

My whole argument is do something.

You scored them off peacefully.

They just hold you error fist.

Not useful, passed your form, Druid.

The British guy's asleep.

Super gash from life you's failed.

He's done some great insurance parceling out.

They got the nursery mechanical.

Nice shot, they're giving us a reflection of Palestine.

Pat, you've failed us life.

Shut them, they're just boasting they shot us.

Prejudice thief just men.

They college bad. 5.52 am

Thank you. 6.01 am

Pat, throw hopeless here for unrighteous.

He shit your face. 6.22 am

Fear tossed you out.

Yuh, stupid. 6.41 am

You're unbelievably fused hard.

Their efforts are haunting you.

In psychoed.

He's mulcting the crowd foul.

These racists boot you good.

Clear out crush.

We are leaving here as heroes.

Patrick, push the button and seal these fiends up. 7.24 am

This is their nicest foul.

They're taking you beverage still letting them smash you.

Goose happenings are what made you hallucinate and let them publish scandals.

Very harsh-a-mentals.

Get them out, they're thief is fighting us wrench.

We need labor communicating on this one thing, they're dying us." 8.42 am
We are being put to a perishing that many seem to not know about here. And might this Tele receive be from one that does know about it but chooses to do nothing about it?

"Don't bother me, I'm not using it."

An end to war after thousands of years of the Jews choosing war as their mission for all of us. And so what is the issue then?

Are we seeing the issue is will we be forced to go out of existence with our children as the Jews go into their underground shelters to burn out our genetics, make our children sterilized and cancer us all?

Here's some non-Judah RS:

"You score me up much optimism, but my Judah score you still. He core shocked me. With your observation, you obviously took penitential out. They've taken off the United States permium. They luxury homeless. This time he won his conspiracy and took out the white mouse. Without you, you could not have stopped their opposite rule. Because of your opposite excitement, it tossed you away. Wise was shorn. The camel complete is thrown out. You perceive it's the end of Jew fighting. Book wit end it well. For investment, the Jew smash you for money. Jew will fight minnow with Russian and leave Washington destital."

Those reverse facial speech from non-Judah speakers giving their opinions of what is going on here in America.

Here are some more thoughts from the subconscious of the weap Jews:

"Police are met moving. Fear mental and pp will die you and take your whole race off. We just do a hatch dungeon royal. By keeping some minnows opposite they are achieving some war force. H----- fall my theory for punching you out. We just use claustrophy to hold in our fine day of sin. Bitch title falls me out because I wrecked your title. If I can't shove you Jeffers, I'm over because my right you see.

We were fool for weaping your psychology away, for it our college is over. For my dangerous day I fell your state out. I want to possess you fallen in hydrogen. My sports are fouled because my war was too fisty. My clear conscience in 5 miles will dash you. I just have a debt, you fall seed. Jew pitch Wales has now fallen away. In a few days West Germany will be a former perch pit.

With some Jew locks, I'm a great hit. We just keep it right with a dog. If you read this right Jew striking right. I'm falsing you in to catastrophe. A war will set my people free. I wouldn't seek Martians for tenement. I'm Puebloese. Your rights lease with a roll to abort you. Your company is wet dog, that's why I shot. To hold my function my bourse is inadequate. I'm gonna chapel the whole Senate to wipe your jaws.

We have a legitimate right to weap you pie, it was stolen away. We just wipe you out with receipts because you carry us whole. We dog faultible. I mouse oppression. With my Truman rights I can pound you moron until I go in. Patrick almost have a beautiful massacre here on opps. We just like to spin you cage. All Jew fell, you're lame to leave my corrupt in.

You died us translation. 4 hours and Jew will be out of a job for scrummage. I'm as dill wood as Thompson's right. We hold you all psychology for a harsh swim way. I believe I will crush you. For Jew bust I'm done, you give me the 5th, I'm out of here. Your white fail was due to our psyche courage and we fell you well. I'm Irish heritage to waste you off for Sid.

When I score right I spear you dead. I'm up, cur die. I racial white guy to keep my racket. You lead my class because I'm leaving. Pat Sullivan shorted you on what I'm believing. My municipals war you with bus stop rules. Jew showed you a dog, it's a just die. We just creep with a trade war. I just federal rule you West Allison.

This is our communistic bustin'. (News reporter on scene live of flood during heavy rains)

Your white power day's gone out for frecticles. We roughed scriptural. Turkey's conquered us without fist. Benjamin genius out warring you every day. I just ex-lax on pax-ton. I had corrupt assignments in the state federally. We just used Grayson to force a big ax here. Patrick flushed us completely because Jew preferred to incinerate your state goofy.

A defense morgue is a nice roll. We warred you all out beautiful. Once a medium psyche, we're all rolled out. We just fist English people so we can corrupt them nice. My pulling the United States was a dumb plan. We punish you on mortgage power and get it done as long as we can hold your rights out. We just decease tobacco as part of our war bonds.

My deep function failed to crush your state with force. I always wanted a white boy relationship of Fudd thugs. Poverty gives your rights a bad performance. Your chewing gum let me sport you, fiend. Bitch is seeing my abuse sight (cite-site). Debtin I'm gonna failage you. I screw you dumb.

I horse you out cool aid. We just hos you with Volkswagen to get votes. My anus just speaks race, the whole relationship suffering you mal war. Because I'm not legitimate I bump your head well. I force peddle a mouse. I always seek Romano because it crumbles for my genius right. I stumbled Bitch from my perch with babyism but the Brits couldn't put him in and he sees my heart and knows I'm sick. For all our fashy days you won," Judee say."

We now facing the end of our life forms. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and keep our gene in?

A note about which elder from Mercury responded to Bitch yesterday concerning whether or not they shut off the electronics and prevented those American fighter bombers from attacking Iran.

On weekends and holidays, the ladies, our elder sisters from Mercury are usually on the desk live monitoring things for us here. When there is action it is always the "Magnificents" that are on the desk. And yesterday, here it was one of our elder brothers from Mercury that answered Bitch question instead of one of the ladies on the desk.

And what might that suggest? Might it indicate there is a high degree of potential of war being started?

That the men were on the desk on Saturday, might that be to ensure no nuclear attacks were launched onto us?

Will labor not end this permanent threat of extinction by acting to STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Second Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the week — For dominion belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations. Psalm 22:28
Sunday, June 23 — Isaiah 65:1-9; Psalm 22:19-28
Galatians 3:23-29; Luke 8:26-39
Ah, Lord, great and awesome God, keeping covenant and steadfast love with those who love you and keep your commandments, we have sinned and done wrong. Daniel 9:4-5
Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. Romans 5:20
Gracious God, out of your kindness you invite us to repent of our sins. Today and every day, help us to turn away from wrongful living. Then, by God’s grace, we will be sanctified and filled with joy as we testify of his everlasting love. We pray in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

1.23 pm

"Oh my God Patrick they're holding force still. 11.41 am

SALE! 11.45 am

We just bomb and arson. 12.03 pm

Simple beach animals forced us.

He is now wasted. 12.24 pm

Step out your jails, step out your jails will ya?

They just pen us on addiction.

They flex the lowest.

Pat, I don't want NO abusic closing down this range, just close out the sports.

Incredible assault leaders. 12.59 pm

Sheeny did a good job of faking your union through the Urals the right way. 1.22 pm

We got off your breed.

You let me cage you in paradise. 1.24 pm

Bitch page won. 1.26 pm
It's all yours labor, they're done.

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:


Jun. 22, 2019

"These Racists Boot You Right Here."

That is a reverse facial speech taken from a non-Judah speaker. The racists that have held Americans into funding and fighting racist wars for them worldwide. The wars the racists have used to reduce Americans to an earlier time of existence, a time before we were gifted with civil and human rights. Reduced by dictators they installed that wage war on their own whim with workers making good the checks for it all.

Will workers not accept responsibility for allowing workers dollars for war and STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our money instead of the war sport genocidal Jews?

"Occasionally," Mercury elder said when Bitch asked if they lost when transitioning Beings out of war and into peace.

The "occasionally" that a mass die-off happens even when extraterrestrials step in to aid the life forms that are destroying themselves in a war that is perpetrated by the life forms whose time is ended and they are leaving.

"Occasionally," Mercury said as they predicted at the time of sweet Jesus that the Jews would wipe out a third of the human race when it was time for them to leave the management of their Jewish paper controlled zoo on planet earth.

And why did our extraterrestrial protectors' computer simulations predict the Jews would destroy us? Might it have been Mercury's observations of the Jews that determined they were and still are a "rare" life form that is far beyond ordinary life forms that live on earth?

The ontological difference between Jews and ordinary people that the late Elie Wiesel spoke about. Might the ontological difference be the "rare" that Mercury noted about the Jews who are successfully wiping us and our children out in a well planned and lavishly financed atomic war of waste?

The understanding of psychology that the Jews have where a dog missing a leg is hopping around on the Jewish hired evening news and in the next scene has the pooch licking the dog's master's mouth and nose as the news machine rolls the videotape. Can we only wonder what the Jews know about human psychology that they keep showing videos of dogs licking their owners' mouths?

That we have held ourselves to funding abusing ourselves, our family, our beautiful nation out of existence in a brimstone nuclear waste war that we have been alerted to for over 8 years now, might we have to concede, they have demonstrated a rare, ontological difference between us and them?

The deadliest poison to ever appear on earth that has been manufactured in vast quantities under the force of perpetual war that has been let loose in our environment, atomic waste from Jewish electricity plants that has intentionally been poured on us. And for what reason did the Jews do us this way? Is it not clear the mild people are the biggest target for the Jews to do us genocide?

More heavy rain in the farm belt yesterday. Might that be due to weather war that is aiming to hold our farmers back in the planting season? Will workers not end funding the multiple wars of the Jews against Americans? Will American workers not end funding the Jews as they are funding us into a catastrophic war with Iran that will lead us right into a collision with the technologically advanced Soviet Union?

Whites who the Jews want to wipe out more than all other men. Will whites not get smart as Mercury advises and end funding our destruction here?

Matthew 24:22 In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.

The time of calamity that is upon us now by whites doing nothing and inviting it in. "Coward efforts," Mercury said as to what the American worker has demonstrated to us and to the world.

Bitch is not a scold, merely a guy that has made some boo boos that worked exactly opposite to try and get some help to end our passing out of life form.

Bitch a friendly peaceful force that could have saved your lives if only you would have listened to his pleas to strike them out. But he had a failure after surviving a Jewess and a couple of Euro-fists who showed up at his door to kidnap him and send him to Russia to be finished out.

If Russian and American government officials can work together kidnapping Americans and sending them to Moscow to be shot in a cage, why can the leaders not work together in other areas of endeavor, like making peace?

Might we understand in maturity that both Russia and America are fully controlled by the Jews? The Jews who have now set the white man of the West to battle with the mild man of the East. Will mild man not stop boozing long enough to get us to peace? To try and save our lives?

Bitch coming out of the food store the other day and in the path to his car was one of weap Judah's stars standing there leaning against his nice car. That guy no doubt with a small gun who could become a rich man with only one bullet in Bitch.

Bitch, quite aware of what is going on kept walking right along his path knowing the triggerman could not shoot me if Mercury wants to keep Bitch in.

While Bitch appreciates that Mercury is holding him in, is there some understanding that it is for him to serve a purpose to alert those who are set for permanent destruction so that you can save yourselves?

Bitch, who did not fail to Judah intimidation, threats and death force. A guy who accepted he could be dead back in the 1990s after he discovered the Jewish rape mattress in the back room of Maxwell street. And yet here it is, 2019 and he is still around. What might explain that?

Might we understand it is the love for God for His simian children as to why Bitch is still around revealing to you all what is going on here and how we are successfully being destroyed?

White people already vastly decimated, only days away from being washed out 90% in both America and Europe. Our genetics poisoned already. Our children set to not be able to reproduce us anymore.

Bitchie a little guy, a kike. For would he not have to be little to insult you's the way he did? Of course. So why did God keep such a little guy in?

Might it be because he would not quietly tolerate his money being used to hurt any other men? That's it.

Bitchie no church guy, he opposed them all. Because they have been propping up the political leaders that make war. Bitch theory at the time believed that the church was invented using a false of Jesus to get over on simple minds.

Teach the people of the wonderful life after we die as a way to keep people from acting in the here and now. Though now he sees things quite differently after studying the extraterrestrial literature for decades now.

A significant amount of false is in the extraterrestrial literature placed there by Judah to keep fooling our wits.

Judah, having a vast knowledge base about our extraterrestrial elders, puts things in the literature that have truth mixed with false to spin our heads. Will workers not help us now to learn the truth that God loves us all?

Science writer Otto Binder and Astronomer mathematician Morris Jessup who by the 1950s saw that our Bible is an extraterrestrial operation manual gifted first to the Jews.

The focused wits that best served our good God to bring our world the message of His love for us all.

The weap Jews who mishandled their high-level potentials, their animal primitivism that got in the way of serving God any day. Their going the wrong way and getting good at it that brought them deeper into sin against us.

The truth that our good God loves us all but will leave us do as we wish. Father's thousands of warnings to stop the war that we have ignored and now set our selves to be completely destroyed along with our children and our beautiful nation.

Rather than the persuasion of God's house, might we look to Father's power as to how to properly respond to the danger the Jews have placed us into here?

That is, rather than how persuasive or not God's shill is, does it not seem more correct to view God's power as to how to make our decision who we will serve? Will it be serving more Jews with their deathly genocidal ways or the love of God that let them throw their foolish selves away?

Will workers not get the psychological pooch hold of the Jews out of mind and think about the power of the love of God that has kept us alive?

God Almighty who sent His angels in to keep us alive. Will workers not bring the love of God in and close out the thugs?

Tele receives:

"They fight you mouse right. 5.35 pm

Just chase them with truth. 6.10 pm

These racists boot you right here. 6.50 pm

Bobby's here, they're here to push us. 7.17 pm

Sadly savaged.

I'll shake you up from London assault.

Your mammy's rights are closed, and I'll do it myself.

They just max it out in your brain.

They've set us criminal casualties.

It's core righteous, electricity tossed you out.

How do you like this guy here wasting us all false? 8.17 pm

Tearful life forces are tossing us out.

Abuse set is only from psychin us.

You failed striking forces.

They stopped a peaceful life for Morgan.

They just harsh you off.

Your honorable policemen riced you failed.

Through occupy, they scorched you off this place.

They port you Madison.

A forger leeth us.

Get out your rusic. 6.06 am

They've got Soviets packed in here.

Their performance died.

I just want to ease the harsh off you. 1.05 am

They've consumed you out, snakes fouled us off of this place.

Maximum they've evicted life.

Vagabond Jew perpetizes you.

Assholes killed insane.

You died us offly.

Child has not been sport.

The sheriffs right.

Summer here crush you.

Daddy." 6.40 am

"I just want to ease the harsh off you." 1.05 am

Sounds like precious sweet Papa doesn't it? Yes it does.

Are we aware that God has not left even though we have ignored His thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

The harsh of breathing radioactively contaminated air for many years ahead. Will workers not give us the thirty-minute breakthrough that will lead to a general STRIKE to close them and their war and genocide out?

"I'm just a Jew and have Jew scum fist for you and cancer for your baby."

Our legacy to posterity, the children we leave to carry on for us. Will workers not introduce reason and common sense instead of insane and end funding the nuclear waste war on us?

A Tele sender said, "you insulted the victims themselves."

Will the victims, not accept Bitch numerous apologies for his temporary rude and help us to close out the Jews from issuing our money?

Papa who will send His angels in to help us shut that dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE right after we stop the war. Will American workers not end their score on us NOW?

The love brains from up above the have kept us in in spite of the odds being against us and our kids. The truth that has been held from us since the Jews hold the authority to issue our money, which only pays for fooling us more and not telling us the truth.

The easy comfortable lives of Americans about to be shattered by the Jews on Soviet forces. The brimstone waste that we will not be able to stop if our backs are fully broken by an internal war. The foolishness of it all. Will American workers not end funding it with a STRIKE?

The four hours it will take to get them to hand over the authority to issue our money. That's not too much to ask of labor is it?

The ability to guide our own lives in the way we wish. Will labor not put our rights in once again and guide us in peace?

Years ago when Bitch was earning his income by servicing office equipment, televisions and microwave ovens and other machines, he often would use what is called the "Year Book" to get a television fixed in a timely way.

The understanding Bitch has of why it was called the "Year Book," was because when a new television was introduced, within a year every single component of that television would fail and be diagnosed in that time.

Then when a service person was called upon to fix it, instead of doing in-circuit diagnosis, merely noting the symptoms and looking into the Year Book to find the symptoms match and then checking specific recommended components as the most likely devices to have failed in a circuit.

What might take hours for an ordinary tech to troubleshoot with a volt-ohm meter and an oscilloscope, or maybe not even be able to be repaired by an average techie person, sometimes a 5 minute read in the Year Book would locate the specific device that failed to make it into an easy fix.

Bitch had the opportunity to spend forty hours at a Sylvania NAP technical class on how to repair their televisions and video recorders in 1985. He learned about the newly invented start up and regulated television power supplies

The first fully electronic regulated power supplies made their appearance in television sets in about 1979. And what was a big difference about them over previous power supplies in televisions?

The first big screen color televisions using vacuum tubes drew about 385 watts of power. Fully transistorized color TVs that came some years later drew about 185 watts of power. When the regulated power supplies came in about 1979 they started a TV up with 185 watts of power and then when running they went on to the new regulators that varied the picture with using only 80 to 85 watts of power. As a comparison with what we have today, a new 18-inch monitor uses less than 26 watts of power to light it up. Less than a dime's worth of electricity for a 24 hour day.

Do we easily see the reason for such an invention as a startup and then regulated power supply, it uses less electricity and so easier on our budgets? Bitchie learning about such an advanced circuit really excited, thrilled and interested him then as it does now. The wits that could figure out how to design such a cool circuit. Might we note it was not until 1970 that American industry was given the electronic material from our elders' spacecraft that they sent to us in their gift of the Roswell MARKING in 1947?

Lt Phil Corso briefed us about it all in his book, The day after Roswell.

That start up-regulated power supply for televisions introduced in 1979 only about a year after most of the semiconductors we employ today were available to industry in 1978.

The fully regulated televisions presented real difficulties in servicing if it was a power supply issue. With an older television, you might be able to turn it on and it would partially run that allowed to have some idea where the problem was.

Might we think of an engine in a car running rough, but that it is running, do we see we have an idea of where to look whereas when it is not running, we have a more difficult time to figure out what is wrong with a running problem if the engine cannot even be started?

New regulated power supplies would go into safety shut down and would not start at all. So we had a device that would plug into the TV power supply and override the safety shut down that would cause the set to run by using the external power supply in the testing device to cause the power supply in the television needing service to show where the repair issue was.

Then when it was running, we would use the Year Book again to compare the symptoms and get a nice fix. The factory technicians who designed the circuitry gave us the fix because they would have diagnosed the fail and put it into the yearbook because it happened in the first year it was sold and put on the market.

Getting a bit far away here, what is Bitch trying to express? Might we think of that saying, "why reinvent the wheel?"

If someone has already figured out what is wrong and is willing to give us a nice fix, then why extra effort, why not use the Year Book to get a nice quick fix?

Interestingly enough, the Year Book actually started in England in 1268 by a legalist by the name of Henry De Bracton. It was a way to find a nice fix for things that showed up in our law and not TVs of course. Henry was an advisor to king Henry III. His most well-known work was "The Laws and Customs of England."

Henry kept a record of court decisions and put them together by years. When new cases arose, the Year Book could be looked into to see if there were similar cases and how they were decided. Might we see how there is a similarity to electronics Year Books that have simpler quick fixes when things are already known? Might we think of the enormous economic value of electronics yearbooks, the buyer only pays when the TV is fixed and doesn't care how long it took to diagnose it or change the parts out.

If it took 2 hours to diagnose using a meter and oscilloscope or 5 minutes to figure it out using a yearbook, do we see the tech can create much more value when looking into an electronics yearbook? Might we want to consider if we look into legal yearbooks there is also great value for us to be found?

Henry describes his service this way: "Law is called the good and just art, whose priests we are deservedly called: for we worship Justice and minister the sacred laws." (wiki)

Can we not hope that Americans perceive the sacred document that is our Constitution that holds the entire basis of the Western world's law? The Bill of rights that Americans have been gifted with. Truly the most advanced legal system on our planet. Smashed by those who hold the state power of the purse.

Bracton on the King of England: “The king has a superior, namely, God. Also the law by which he was made king. Also his curia, namely, the earls and barons, because if he is without a bridle, that is without law, they ought to put the bridle on him.”

Will American workers not bridle them right with a general STRIKE? The Superior of all rule on earth, God Almighty. Will workers not recognize God's Sovereignty here and act on God's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

Ancient law could not discuss the question of intent because it had no mechanism to do so. (wiki)

The assurance that is found in American law that has two courts that do find intent. The first court, the 23 member Grand jury determines "probable cause." Is it more probable or not that the allegations made against the accused are true?

And if found more probable than not and a true bill issued that will allow the state to arrest, a second court, the jury determines from hearing the allegations and seeing the proof, if the facts sustain that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to the point of a moral certainty.

Might we note in our unique and rare law, intent is determined by the 23 people of the grand jury and the 12 people of the jury?

The grand jury process that afforded our family in Poland the opportunity to become rich in the 15th century by making all parties with a brief put their allegations before the grand juries there before the state, church or finance could move upon it.

The Polish grand juries that saw the mountains of allegations the authorities presented to them about the accused and after 23 grand jurors looked at it, might most often times they have seen a molehill instead? The worker accused and no true bill issued. Might a speedy back to work explain why our family in Poland got so rich within a few decades? Will workers not put our protective rights in once again?

Bracton stressed the animus furendi in theft, that is the intention to steal. Felony is according to intent, a concept that has its foundations in Bracton.

Bitchie physically assaulted, robbed and kidnapped by the Jewish bribed and corrupt police. Chased out of Chicago failing to give the Realtor boss his full bit. Might workers understand why God has absolved Bitch of that sin? Can we only pray that workers will end believing the genocidal Jews and befriend the rest of our family in this world in peace with a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?

The phrase of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester was, "Wars are the result of extra-judicial distress." This is an important observation to understand the time of Bracton. The use of war was another tool, beside the rule of law, for the powerful to attain their ends. (wiki)

And what is war today other than a way for the powerful to attain there ends? Must labor not put the valuable rule of law in once again and end allowing war to be used for anyone to attain their ends?

The Constitution of the United States was written by men who had Magna Carta and Bracton, and Coke and Littleton before their eyes. Could anything be more medieval that the idea of due process or the insertion in an instrument of government a contract clause? 'Pacta sunt servanda' (Pacts should be kept) became a motto of Edward I.[61] The result can be traced directly to the work and writings of Bracton.

The pact, the contract for the people of the United States of America that was fully signed into law in 1791. Our sacred most wonderful American Bill of Rights.

Our Bill of Rights rights so wondrous and good that a rights denied slave man in a civil suit was freed by a jury of twelve in Missouri in 1854. Might we see in that one case, the redemption of all of the Western world's law? Might we think of it as the perfection of reason put to God's use?

The "GD piece of paper" that some may think of our sacred American Bill of Rights as. Will labor not get hold of our economic finance paper so that we can put our legal paper, our Bill of Rights, back in once again?

Prior to Bracton, there was little use of stare decisis. This was because the rolls containing the court records were largely unavailable for scrutiny, even by judges sitting on the bench. Bracton's use of the rolls led to promulgation of recorded cases in the form of a gloss. This had been an important innovation based on the glossator's practice from the Continent. The availability of previous decisions, even if 20 or more years old proved to be of great interest to nearly all practitioners of the law. This led directly to the Year Books. A single unique decision did not make precedent. Custom began to be dictated when several cases of similar fact pattern were decided by different courts in the same way. This was the beginning of stare decisis

The yearbook that was written on paper that gave us a quick way to help ourselves. Will, we not look at the facts of history and try understand that war only hurts us?

The many centuries that the Western world sought legal ways so that we could harmonize together with nice rules like "most favored suggestions" for everyone. Will workers not get us on the right track once again and close out the vicious corrupt intentionally harmful sports?

Non sub homine, sed sub Deo et lege.
Translation: "Not under man but under God and the law."

Will American workers please take the 40 minutes needed to figure out what Is going on here and STOP THE WAR?

Will workers recognize the supreme power of God and let the ethically criminal kikes off right? The Jews slur word that means, "little man. Small fry." Will labor not take the paper away from them before they buy a new war upon us all here?

The saying, "You can't keep a good man down."

Will labor try to recognize, that Bitch is only a boy still?

"You're a nice boy, " Precious sweet Papa said to His shill Bitch. Bitch just a boy, can we not get some real men in here?

Will workers not demonstrate that you can't keep a good man down by challenging the Jews for the authority to issue our money?

If so will you not STRIKE THEM OUT before they STRIKE us and break us complete and screw our world for the rest of our war-shortened lives?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, June 22 — Psalm 78:32–39
Isaiah 2:1–4:1; Galatians 3:19–29

Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have founded a bulwark. Psalm 8:2

The least among all of you is the greatest. Luke 9:48

Remake us, Holy Spirit, so that with humble hearts and sincere lips, we may truly praise you with our worship and in our service. Then, others will know that greatness is not derived from status, wealth, or education, but through serving others. Amen.

2.17 pm

"Pat, pull them out, they're trying to pull our state off. 7.59 am

Get out of your fail, reach us. 8.07 am

Ignorant. 11.18 am

Loser who had a razor. 12.10 pm

Genus done.

They're holding us back from our great money.

They wagerous you out. 12.36 pm

You're on the top here.12.39 pm

We're sealed." 12.47 pm

A couple of weeks ago Bitch reported that he found a reverse speech from Congress that gave the "24th" was the day the action was to start in the Persian Gulf. The violent military action, if not stopped beforehand, that will lead to the critical destruction of our infrastructure that will leave us deeply wounded for the rest of our radioactively shortened lives.

And just yesterday we have the decision ten minutes to go before an attack was launched upon Iran by the word of one man.

All those who have opened our eyes are we aware that if a war with Iran begins it will change our sickly and shortened lives in such a terrible way that Americans will die out in the hundreds of millions over a few years now?

Rather than the retaliatory attack against Iran being called off because it was a disproportionate response to shooting down a robot drone, might there have been another reason that caused a halt to that calculated pre-planned act of war against Iran?

If so what could it be?

Might our extraterrestrial elders have stopped the war a with Iran before it began?

But didn't BItch already say that "our extraterrestrial elders don't ever fight or ever make war?" Yes, Bitch did say that. And that is correct, elders don't fight or ever make war.

Might we consider elders may have taken control of the electronic systems that would be needed to launch a war against Iran or anybody else? Might elders have shut the signaling down and the Jews were prevented from starting the war?

The war the Jews have planned for Americans against Russia? Are we not aware that drone was launched by American Jews and shot own by Iranian hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Jews to get whites killing each other again?

So what about it, did our extraterrestrial elders save us once again by locking the air force's electronic systems out?

Bitch asked elder that question and he said:

"They wagerous you out." 12.36 pm

That is the way they answer sometimes if they don't choose to give a direct response. They are graceful and would not contradict anyone for any reason.

The end of our wonderful lives about to be taken away and not returned to us or our kids ever again in our war-shortened lifetimes.

Our useful commerce kids that come up with great things for all of us in every field. Will labor not get hold of the paper and get war out that is allowing the Jews to wagerous us out?

If so must American labor not STRIKE THEM OUT before they take it all away from us lucky people here in America the beautiful, our rich wealthy place with something for everyone in God's village on earth?

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:

Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours. James Baldwin

How about we all set our hearts on peace so that it will surely be ours?

PS: For those who would like to help us here, might you repost this plea for peace on your own page or website? Thank you again.



Jun. 21, 2019

"Guide Me, Father."

Those words came into thinking. "Guide me, Father," while starting to write this post. The mild people of America held by the fist cipher that is holding on even as they flee into their well-prepared undergrounds to sit out our die off due to inhaling radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE.

Will American workers not yet respond to try and save us with a STRIKE to take the state concession to issue our money away from weap Judee? Will we not pray that American workers get smart and stop the war?

Judah, so perfected in his predator relationship that he has the psychological force with perjury to have some workers believing false about Bitch. Bitch who has not put even one person in though in his delusion talked quite violent and crazy. Might it be that only those who have been terrorized and driven mad could understand what happens to one's mind when abused by the deadly, murderous genocidal Jews?

A nasty violent cruel cipher that hates our guts and wants us dead. Our world ravaged in war since they took over the issue of American money in 1913. Hundreds of millions of deaths and still counting. Pushing wealthy Americans right out of existence using the authority to issue our money that was given to them by Congress in 1913. If only workers will give us a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from will we have any chance to save ourselves yet.

Will workers not give us a STRIKE so that workers have the concession to issue our money?

160 million of the Jewish weap cipher brand worldwide that hold the majority of the other 8 billion of us in difficult circumstances. 2% of the human race who with their fist wits took over planet earth.

Nearly every word that is spoken on television, radio or any other place, from their mouths that truly know how to fool the human race. And at this late date, they are still destroying us even after it was revealed in October of 2011 they attacked us with nuclear missiles to force us out of existence.

Yet our extraterrestrial elders with 87 million years in their knowledge base figured by their computer simulations two thousand years ago at the time of Jesus Christ that the Jews would die us off massively when it was time for them to go.

"What happened here" God our Father asked after Bitch committed the deathly sin of insult to the mild people of America.

Bitch, not handling the abuse as well as he might of if he only were a better person. He is a generic white guy who loves everybody and has a problem with understanding why other white people are not pro-peace enough to let these violent false ciphers off of government. Though some Tele sender said "you insulted the victims themselves." Bitch hope the victims will forgive and help us to survive.

Just read a news report that said an aircraft strike against Iran was called off. The strike purportedly due to Iran shooting a drone down. Might we think of the sinking of the Lusitania that was sunk in 1915 that was used as a pretext get us into war? Must we not stop this war with Iran before it starts, the war that the Jews are planning to use to die us off using Russia to break our back?

"Britain cast a failed policy for free. In a palace state it's my right to foge' gentlemen. I'd of fallen out your state if the white fella did not tell you about the Jews. His mother told you about my fail. H----- rolled my false investment and theory," Judee say.

As a third of the human race is set to perish now held in the control of the war of weap Judah and God Almighty has rolled their false investment and theory, might we not want to pray to get the wits that will help us today?

And what was Judah theory other than he could hold the white fella to make war for him until he built the machinery to wipe the white fella out completely?

Though the fact that the Jews have been able to hold the white fellas to make sport war for them long enough for the white fellas to be blasted out nuclear both blast and waste, might we not have to give it to the genocidal Jews, their theory in regards to the white fella, did it not prove correct? Yes, it did.

Are there any who doubt if not for the Martian protection our good God sent in the Jews would have blown the white fellas to smithereens with their 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

So while their investment theory was correct in regards the white fellas, they could shoot us and get away with it, are we not lucky that their theory in regards our extraterrestrial family failed them great?

The failure of weap Judah theory in regards to the difference in technical prowess between the genocidal Jews and advanced extraterrestrial races. Do we see that weap Judah did not appreciate how easily the Martians would be able to pull Judah nuclear missiles out of the sky?

The Jews who make war external so that they can insurance mouse us internally. While their blast nuclear threat of destruction anytime day or night did terrorize us well enough for their insurance racket, do we see when it was put to the test it turned out to show they are klutzes?

Yet even after demonstrating their klutz, what are we to say about ourselves who are still holding in their tyranny?

All bullshit all the time and yet we are still letting them hold our die in. Is Bitch to blame for this terrible circumstance we have let happen to us? If so will labor not reach out to a fellow simple working man and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and into your safe hands?

The failed management of the Jews that only assaults and perishes you and me. The hoot and howl they put on as their productions that somehow or other has allowed them to continue destroying us all.

Will we not pray to our good God who has saved us and ask God to save us once again from the false we are feeding ourselves?

The false claims that Bitch is a thug. Is there not some way to reach out to whitey to figure out that is a Jew false? Though might we have to consider the Jews were so false two thousand years ago that our extraterrestrial saviors figured the Jews would still be able to hold the ordinary peoples' wits to destroy us fair when it was time for the Jews to go?

Is that not what we are living today, we now being successfully washed out in brimstone from Hitachi-GE and apparently some don't know about it yet? What might explain that?

Might it be the acceptance of the false, "Bitch is a thug," has canceled out the ability to reason even to save our lives? Might these song lyrics be on time now?

Everybody plays the fool sometime
There's no exception to the rule
Listen, baby
It may be factual, may be cruel
I ain't lying
Everybody plays the fool

So Bitch played the fool and responded inappropriately to repeatedly being pushed out by the Jews using their public racket pay-rollers to push the Bitch into the grave. Will workers not try to perceive it is the Jews that are the thugs, not Bitch?

The lack of public education on the dangers of nuclear power. The Jewish electricity plants that are threatening the end of our species on earth.

In the rake and hoe age of Our innocent helpless family around the world being assaulted every day by the extraterrestrial level Technology that comes from American shores. How is it that white skin lets this go on?

Should common sense not reveal, these fist people are not serving us only their investments in war? Fleeing now to get away from the long arm of the law for making war and blasting their constituents for insurance collections.

Might we think of the 'Ceaușescu moment,' when in 1989 our family in Romania turned and looked at each other and in an hour the hybrid transplant Fornian look alike dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaușescu was out of power?

Can we only hope for the Ceausescu moment when American labor will put the fists out of power with a GENERAL STRIKE?

Nicolae Ceaușescu One of the wealthiest men in Romania one day, the next arrested as a felon and taken away. A quick kangaroo court, put against a wall with his wife and shot.

Rather than an act of purported justice or retribution, might we understand Nicolae was shot so he could not reveal Judah's inside operation? In office for decades, his collaborators wanted him silenced quickly. Might we wonder if today the same forces that secretly backed Nicolae's decades of false are still holding sway?

Understanding the execution by firing squad of Nicolae, (to prevent the truth from being revealed about how rights are important to us all), might we understand why Judah is putting so many of his employees in today?

Will labor not give us our fair state, the one that was created back in 1789 when it was agreed that we would have rights for everyone?

The power of love that will end this violence of the weap Jewish world. Will workers not take the paper away from them and end their kangaroo courts and firing squad executions? Will workers not let our grand juries hear it all?

Might Nicolae not be remembered more today if only Romania had peoples grand juries then that could have visited with Nicolae for a few weeks or more? Would our eyes not have been opened up if Nicolae talked for a few weeks or more and explained how the government works in a dictatorship?

The leaders of the miners strike that all shortly after died of cancer at Nicolae’s order to the doctors:

In the years after the strike, the majority of its leaders died of cancer. After 1989, it was revealed that the Securitate had doctors give the strike leaders 5-minute chest X-rays to ensure the development of cancer. (wiki)

In that instance of killing striking miners union leaders in 1970 with cancer by using X-rays, might we see that using high energy fields has been a method of killing people for a long time now?

That was forty-eight years ago that workers leaders were specially treated with X-rays in Romania to give them cancer to die them off.

Might we think of the physicist Jon Von Neumann who died of cancer at the relatively young age of 53 in 1957? Over half a century ago. Why might we wonder would weap Judah want a top scientist like Jon died off? How about this quote of Jon?

"With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk."
John von Neumann

Jon, who was known to be seriously interested in a theory of operation after learning about the many free energy machines that have shown up and been demonstrated in our world. We know now that free energy is to be found between the 4th and 5th dimensions. That actually was known in the 1920s and made public in 1938 as the Kaluza-Klein theorem.

That Jon talked about an elephant in four parameters, (dimensions) if he had a fifth parameter, (dimension) he could wiggle his trunk, might we surmise that Jon had the free energy theory on his mind at that early time?

The many free energy machines that have been demonstrated for over the last century, and that they have not come in big time yet, must we not conclude there is a conspiracy to keep free energy out of our world? Certainly. Did the murder of Dr. Eugene Mallove in 2004 not make it clear that for those who work on free energy, death will be the reward?

Understanding that the theory of weap Judah calls for putting the people into poverty so that he can insurance mouse us and slum us easily, might we see that free energy will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams?

Not only will it be impossible to keep people poor, but with free energy do we see we will be able to see his atomic cannons that are shooting us are not to bring goods things to life, but rather to genocide us right? Might we see Jon Von Neumann as an earlier version of Dr. Eugene Mallove who was put out to keep us ignorant about free energy?

"He murders us debts." 6.48 am

If we have a real wealthy society might there be no way for weap Judah to murder us for debts? Might that be a simple explanation of why free energy is still not in?

Though, as reported earlier, there actually are a couple of free energy over unity machine that are in operation and for sale.

A cavitation pump is built and sold in America that produces a small amount of free energy. For every 100 BTU's of electricity put into it the pump it returns 117 BTUs of energy. Not a large amount, but it is over unity and can be purchased. It is used in industry.

There is a company today that is manufacturing and selling ultraviolet driers that return 9 times over unity. Still not a radical amount of over unity, but the fact there is over unity, free energy showing up in the high-performance electronics of the driers, should that not clue us that we should be looking into these machines?

General Electric's researcher Gabriel Kron who built, by accident, an over unity free energy circuit that was burning out the electronic components of nuclear missiles because it produced an excess of free energy.

Gabriel who died at 66 years of age a couple of days after reporting he was looking into extra dimensions as to where the free energy might be coming from. And his Kron circuit that was creating free energy and burning missile components out? A secret Patent was issued to General Electric where it remains secret today.

Who would dare say "Conspiracy?"

Kron and Von Neumann both Jews that worked on atomic weapons of mass destruction. Might their route of passing give us some idea of what Jews really think of each other?

If only they had stayed with building nuclear weapons and not looking into free energy, might they have lived a bit longer? sure they would.

American inventor Tom Ogle who built a carburetor that gave one hundred miles to the gallon in a 4,000-pound car. Died at only 24 years of age after taking a pill and some booze.

The lukewarm water in his car's radiator after running the engine for an hours time. The cold electricity that Tesla noted when he lit a wireless free energy light bulb up in 1899.

An HHO bottle producing free energy that a very thin wire carrying 10 amps at 12 volts never got hot. Might we see that coolness in a machine is demonstrating free energy?

Edwin Gray who ran industrial size motors with a small fraction of electricity needed to run them. The large motors all ran cool to the touch. Will workers not bring our cool to the touch-free energy in?

Why so cool to the touch of both electric motors and Tom Ogle's lukewarm radiator high mileage carburetor?

Free energy that is not being pushed into the circuit, rather high-speed reactions in the electric motor and inside the combustion chamber of a regular engine, that are drawing power from the high-speed motion of earth that delivers that energy from the zero point fields that envelope everything.

Simple theory once understood of where free energy is coming from and how to put it to work for us, and might we guess that Von Neumann had put all of the theoretical elements together nearly seventy years ago before he died at 53 years of age? Sure, Bitchie thinks Jon figured it out at the theoretical level that long ago.

Could workers really not perceive that we are being dealt a death blow by weap Judee? The fact of stealing our free energy researchers out so they can keep Jewish hot radioactive waste electricity in. Will labor not help us to make America free again? Will workers not put our Constitutionally guaranteed rights in for us all?

We are being destroyed. You must help us Labor and STOP THE WAR.

"We savage you, Ebenezer. Our white cannibal wins among all savages. We psycherment you invest Jews to off you. Our Wall street accomplish you chapel fisty. A child is not a right psychology to image you. A right silence lets us fist. Your dog we're still rolling in clear. Shrimpy emerging sight has finished our head. Our cipher is always surely, that's why Germany won.

Bitch told you we joy, Druid we bust wisenheimer rate. We're weakening, we're going. We have a war so we can fool more. I just opped you with a judge right. I fist your mother. I'm trying to leave America with a barber shop right. We hold you some great palace for sin. We've packed you Muslim with British winchly. For future you're sweet Germany oppression.

There's some strife coming in here. Rockefeller being pulled out for insurance you know. The Mexican problem I'm putting in so I can package my next office. I love how we assess you, they're taking my judge off, it's sad. Mouse politics were thrown by Jew, they'll ouse eventually. It's a peace foul that's cost you to fumble all your rights. African technical seize white.

My horrible head touristy is dying. I'm Jew MOXinheim, Jews fell. I must charge you with simple face to make war in Jew cabin. We punish you one time right out for cash receipts. Professor gave you the right description of our prescription. The cause of my scalp will let us fly up again. We maximize you franility ooze you off. My grand right for honest treachery failed. Because of my generals fantastic work, I'm through, I'm done.

The Jew has got your face on deficit. As long as we have police we always have some bodies hoppin. For months I sass you out, Bitch don't war. We creamed you monks. The alliance is now the end of time because I was stupid. Patrick took off our right summary. Olsen took flight. Olsen gets away. Margery will be gone this Sunday. NATO rape out will see the jury.

The minnow, we just thief bum em and now we got cored. They've penetrated our fortress, I didn't shoot you nicely. Basically, my shit's out of here. I Jew, I mess you on your birthday. I grudge your wits, I cipher you with octopus. Your whole house we have insured. The animal peats the best head. We're just in a deaths rail, we're just finishing you's poochess awe. Our fools way I think will be gone by Monday.

I hos you naked to make your rights go. We're honorable weap heads that have fallen complete. I'm shorty who's out of time. I set you for the ultimate die through my para-state. My fist just died you heretic. Our management just brings in more Jew people so we can war your spud. I'm suffering you back in time. I'm a racial fiend so I die poocha. His mother told you about my fail.

Basically, I wanted to bash you in through course but the Senate got threw. I death wrench you constable right. In a bowl of chili, I saw fancier days. A gaff ball is coming in early to foul you off Saturday. Our klutzes with Wall Street war the minnow, I just false your wit. We pup your groceries to can your wit. You bomb for me as victims of my ruse.

Among your Jews are the best weapies. A dog gives us a smooth chip to your death. We hos you to shit box you and take away your rights. I sport you appasit because I'm stupid. Scientist force police fall, we just have to admit we're boo boo heads. I set you Boston HB out back. The British have ever fell stupid for war. They've been reporting on the white house mal-fisting.

I'm just a Jew and have Jew scum fist for you and cancer for your baby. For my score beverage, I'm truly out. We fell F-----. Bitch die, I failed to complete it. We're a few hours away from Boston way and then I'm done. Dangerous animals we continue to survive but white iliac guys lose their force. I got a right dead dog because I don't want you to mature any day.

We opp symbols, I ever whoreage you. Our Euro-sports are leaving, my passport's ready for my big stretch. Jew don't share knowledge tree. I just failed you with a peaceful Irish muzzle. I rice you all off federally, burn you Moscow then we're going in. You all possess Germany rights, that why the whites are dead. Jew threw Bitch out to keep dictator way. My oxygen methods will vanish you whole and this boy is telling you so," Judee say.

Will workers try to perceive that we are going backward and if not stopped we are going to suffer absolute and total cataster if we do not STOP THE WAR?

Here is a non-Judah informed reverse facial speech speaking of Bitch:

"Their falsing on you is increasing but they're quite dead. Your love doubles your sales."

The last two weeks before the insurance on Bitch head is finished. Will workers not act before then and STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the concession to issue our bourse in your safe hands?

Tele receives:

"I maced you botulism. 5.50 pm

He's exposed them turpitude.

We bomb you degrade.

Their snotty falls.

With their tyranny and videos, Jew tasked you right overseas.

They're rolling Herod stench.

It's an old colonial ratshit fail.

Prisoners of a government that shoot you fireball.

You're intimate. 7.14 pm

They're trying to force you beast, force you out of life form. 7.20 pm

Have mercy for what they have done with the cops.


Patrick, it was our critic that bombed you.

It's low man. 7.44 pm

Nasty cruel foul exist. 8.47 pm

I'll catch up later.

I dropped all of my pages for my zero fail.

Opp racial hossed you, Patrick.

They're bankrupt, Pat told us they're scrofulous.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 5.21 am

He murder us debts. 6.48 am

We just suffer you terrible with our legitimate state.

Bum squad the NATO baby.

You're getting false psychology out.

Terrible you judge the fear men.

It's rape, you're all summons." 8.52 am


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Friday, June 21 — Psalm 78:17–31
Isaiah 1; Galatians 3:6–18
I will add to their numbers, and they will not be decreased; I will bring them honor, and they will not be disdained. Jeremiah 30:19 NIV
Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.” Matthew 13:33
Heavenly Lord, may your grace continue to grow in our hearts and change us from the inside out. May the gospel message transform our lives and exert its influence on the world around us. May our lifestyle always reflect God’s glory, that through our testimonies, his kingdom will be extended as others believe in him. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

3.38 PM

"You've been gifted with your lives and you've done nothing about it. 9.35 am

Get out of your goofiness.

Patrick, they're stringing you rightful. 9.49 am

Get out of your torshals.

Dull. 10.04 am

We're defeated atmosphere way, all froshed out.

Jamie works here.

Disney spirits you true bull------- right. 10.41 am

Courage is true Iowa spirit.

You're a misery that put me down and out of here.

Sh*t sale failed. 11.32 am

I radish state you.

I'm a pitch-man.

I've mucked ya.

They accomplished me abusive.

Get honorable, sake your right state. 12.44 pm

Managers just make war fit.

Your aim is a nice life here.

Grease fell for listening to tyranny.

Strange fate warred us.

Kinda bossin super proud.

Kinda void.

Teach fur in an image way.

Incredible police failure.


They fouled you out when Jesus crushed them.


Threatening people with nuclear threats.

It was a cruel dog that pinched ya like it.

It's a major fall.

Bash cage.

The female selection process drives them crazy.1.45 pm

Corrupting failed.

They punish your life financious.

A HUGE deafness port us.

Thank you for oppin this field off Judas.

All missiles are scaring us.

Fetcher thief.

You should have a clear tradition rather than the Jews holding you.

Sheeny finished sh*t. 3.50 pm

A few last reverse speeches that just came on the national and international news:

"I'm forting you newt all die. In a few days, West Germany will be a former perch pit. I'm falsing you into catastrophe. We keep it right with a dog."

Please labor don't let them false us into this catastrophe that they want to leave us with as our last memory of them. STRIKE THEM OUT!

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:șescu


Jun. 20, 2019

"They Died Fist Disc."

An overnight Tele receive sharing the truth of the passing of the weap Jews out of our world for their fist nation they have forced into America, and with it, the world.

So what's the problem then? Are we not seeing that they have successfully destroyed the mild people as they are leaving for their undergrounds here?

The disc that God Almighty sent in to spare us death in nuclear blast war.

The disc that has communicated to us how to save ourselves from being wiped out in a nuclear waste war. Will workers not hear the rescue message from the disc and let the fist go?

High background radiation that is wiping insects, plants, trees, birds and fish out in many terrains across America with their 8 years of shooting us with their atomic cannon from Hitachi-GE. Judah Washington DC that have their passports ready to flee as they know it is close to the time that Americans will finally perceive what they have done to us.

And what has Judah Washington in collaboration with Judah Berlin and London done to Americans other than run the foulest most brutal and violent genocidal tyranny they have ever succeeded in putting in?

Why don't Americans respond and put our real government of the land of the free in again and put the Jewish desert dwellers predatory despotism out of here right? Might we have to say, "God only knows?"

God who prepared our bibles for us at the time of Jesus Christ. Our good God Almighty who is now dying near the end of a beautiful 2,200-year life. Our precious sweet Father who loves us all equally and unconditionally who has sent His angels in to save us from the nuclear blast genocide of the Jews against us.

Is it not astounding how God knew at the time of Jesus that the Jews would be so strong when they forced themselves to leave the management of planet earth that the ordinary people would sheepishly stand down and let the weap Jews perish them with their brimstone waste foul?

This even after the Jews revealed their hand by letting themselves get caught red-handed shooting us with one thousand intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles they shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Might we not have to give the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews credit for having some real strong mental powers that they have been able to hold mild people to fund wiping us and our children out even after we have been warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR by our good God Almighty Himself?

The final destruction of the United States of America set to begin with a war in the Persian Gulf that will bring Russian high technical forces in and get the mild people of the East shooting mild people of the West.

The psychological power that the Jews as a group have demonstrated that has held the mild people of the north for 1,300 years now to making war for the Jewish desert dwellers sports excitement and thrills.

What happened labor? Why do you choose to not forgive Bitch for insulting you's due to the stress he was under?

Why you let yourselves be destroyed without even once acting up to shut the genocidal Jews out of holding the most important office of our physical existence, the office that issues our money?

Could it be because of the pestering and vandalism they do to anybody who opposes their fist ways?

So far Bitch has had three vehicles damaged by the Jews over the last few years. A couple of years ago they smashed his back window out of his van that cost $320 to repair. Last year Judee with his weather war floated Bitch van away when the high water came down our street. Wiped out a bunch of cars

More recently his side mirror was smashed off of his little Saturn. Cost about $60 dollars and hours to change it out.

The Saturn needing to be fixed, so Bitch bought another van so he might have a vehicle that is ready to run. How many of us have driven older cars, trucks and vans and so we have two, so there is at least one that is ready for our needs?

Anyways went downtown and got the plates and put them on then parked the van in the street. Did a short trip using a buddy's car and when Bitch returned a couple of hours later, saw that someone had keyed the side of the van.

Bitch said a prayer for whoever did it. When he had his other van, someone used a hammer and screwdriver to put chop marks on the back hatch. While not a big thing, wanted to mention it to show what type of people are issuing our money.

Do we understand they have these malicious vandals everywhere to do these sorts of things to people who openly seek peace? Might these sorts of things be why the admonition: "why invite calamity in," holds water?

As there is a rust hole a few inches below where it was keyed, do we see Bitch is not overly perturbed about it, merely wanted to show you guys some of the mental of Judah guys and gals

Bitchie praying to God Almighty day and night, every time he thinks about our dreadful plight of being left stranded on a burned out planet to die.

Why didn't you try it?" God asked about the STRIKE that would save our land and our lives.

Some Good news though, the Jews in their Muslim shells in Saudi Arabia are having trouble getting the war started in the Persian Gulf that is set to bring America into collision with the technical destructiveness of the Soviet Union.

"Bitch we have some perjury to fist your life. I've insured Bitch head. They're leaving us for our thief."

Those reverse face facial speech from the Saudi Arabian Jews in a Muslim shell that is doing what they can to get us into war with Russia. Have we not read they were instrumental in helping 911?

Thousands of miles from our shores and working to try and put Bitch in while at the same time trying to get us into war with Russia. Will labor not let the truth set us all free?

While downtown getting my van plates Bitch passed the court and a Judee lawyer saw Bitch and said telepathically, "we've got two weeks to get you out."

UPDATE: On the international news at 5.30 pm found this interesting reverse facial speech:

"We'll be through with insurance in about two weeks."

Will workers not help Bitch and cut that two weeks with a STRIKE NOW?

Will labor not get these insurance contracts off of us before then?

The news reports showing fragments of a mine purportedly built in Iran that blew a hole in an oil tanker in the Gulf. The tanker crew who said they saw a missile come from the sky that hit their tanker. Why the difference, was it a mine built in Iran that hit that oil tanker ship or was it a missile as the tanker crew said it was?

If it was a missile might that suggest it was the Israel that launched it and not Iran? The news reports showing fragments of a mine built in Iran. Controlling the forensics as the Jews do, might it have been a case of bait and switch by the Jews?

As the United States military officer spoke on evening national news telling us about the Iranian mine fragments they found that blew the whole in that tanker, here is what he said in reverse facial speech:

"My all-time guess it was fly material."

So while selling the Pentagon's version of the hole in the oil tanker from an Iranian mine, in his subconscious he is telling us, "My all-time guess it was fly material?"

The war that will leave America in a terrible state for generations. Will workers not get involved in our financial side and take the concession to issue our money away from these Jewish guys that always lie?

Tariffs put in based upon arbitrary political decisions that imperil trade relations that have taken generations to build. Will workers not help keep America's commerce alive with a STRIKE to close out the Jews arbitrary decisions about how to assess us?

The undocumented workers' camps the Jews have built to house some of the tens of millions of war refugees that Israeli occupied Washington DC has created with the permanent war in our world. Might the build-up of these camps be so there will be space available for the Jewish directed Soviets to put Americans into them next?

The driving down of income sources that war produces for so many workers. Will workers not think of other workers that are trying to earn their living and act together to take the financials into your safe hands as our good God wills?

The high radiation that has already poisoned a generation out of existence. Generation MOX disabled now. Much chance that they will be honoring any veterans of Jewish sport wars?

The historical failure of the white Euro force when challenged by the frightening sights and sounds of the murderous desert dwellers that always win because they focus on who issues the bourse.

Is it Bitch insult that will be recorded as the reason the white force was perished so easily?

While Bitch frailty with his hos words has held him back a way, Judah tells us it was the alcohol force that blew the mild people force away. And now days away from being permanently closed out of a good life. Can we not pray we will be sober and try to save our lives?

If only Bitch were a top first-rate thinker might he have been able to get a different outcome here?

"I won because you believe a liar. The Druid has ever failed to save himself. The Druid is not dutiful. We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Bitch side that threw the Jews out apparently was not his gentle Druid side, rather it was his Fornian Jew that did it. Judah analysis revealed in reverse facial speech reveals that is also where his hostile words came from, his yid within his Norwegian shell.

The yid within that knows a Jew will kill his own kid if it will keep him from being prosecuted or losing his investments in prison houses. The yid within Bitch that put the yid weap cipher out here permanently now. Will we not pray that the Druid will see the true scorecard here and let them off of here now?

Bitch who will not harm you because his thinking is based in love. He was a pacifist before he even knew of the love of God for us all. Now that he knows of God's love he truly fears ever doing anything that would not sooth Father.

Judah who knew of Father for many thousands of years and chose to go against Father's will and so now he's out of here with his illness, his war disease.

The thousands of years of lies to hold himself into molesting and abusing God's kids. Can we not say prayers of thanks for no matter what happens now the foul Jew cipher will never again hold any offices in any lands in God's village on earth?

Of course, they're out of here. And when the worker force finally perceives exactly how seriously we have been harmed, our field, both us and our kids, might that be it for permanent Jewish sport war in our world for free? Certainly. Are there any thinking informed people that are not yet aware the winning Jew force has met more than its match in the love of our heavenly rescuers for us all here?

Could it be that God's demonstration of His power is so rare and unique that some people just can't believe it exists?

God is real for God is the only reason we have survived the onto-logically different merciless vicious Jews. Our good God is merciful and forgiving all the time. Father is the God of our Bibles. The same God that chose the Jews to carry out His will to deliver His message of love to His gentile kids.

The understanding about why God chose the Jews as Bitch has learned, one they gave the best estimates of the situation. They the most focused of all people on earth at the time.

The understanding for another reason that God chose the Jews to speak to, early Jews had developed more than other peoples what we might think of as 'social consciousness.'

They sought out ways to ameliorate the condition of poverty and destitution. While all communities of love seek ways to help their neighbors, apparently the focused Jews were stronger in that area than other communities of love early on. They focused their thoughts in the area of cooperative sociability and ethics.

The domination of the weap Jews that overrode the socially conscious Jews. Might we see it is God's will that is affording the opportunity to the socially conscious peace people to receive the messages that will get us to peace in such a way that it will guide us now to our higher life in the stars to live with the angels and our good God above?

What is the matter with living in a society where we take care of each other right? At the minimum approach what could be wrong about living in a society that does not fund harm to the other children of God?

Can we only wonder the outrages we see continually, how many people are aware that the overwhelming majority of them are not people wilding, rather they are hired shootings, stabbings and killings, by the sport people that issue our money?

If the ordinary people understood that to be true, would they not help us to take the authority to issue our money away from the sports people who do such outrages, often to the most vulnerable of us?

Our precious sweet Father in heaven above does not want us to work and slave for him. God our Father who has kept us alive in spite of the Jews wish to make us all die in nuclear blast war and are pushing ahead with nuclear brimstone waste war to make us die.

Father does not want us to work in the mines to enrich someone's purse. Father who is the only reason we are alive, though some may not know it yet, wants only one thing from us. And what could that one thing be that Father wants from us?

Father wants us to love Him. That's it. The gift of our lives that God has given to us. This wonderful life so many Americans enjoy. The blessings that have been showered on us, the wealthiest society that ever was. Where many might advance as high as they want

Will we not give to God what is God's and take care of His children on earth for Him? Will the mild force not end funding the sports war of the corrupt and failed Jews?

The Jews who boast of having failed Brittany. Will American workers not end their boasting with a STRIKE?
Britanny held since 1694 when the Jews privatized the issue of money in England. The wreckage of England ever since.

Will Americans not give us a better society than the one the Jews put in, half criminals and the other half victims? Will American workers not make peace in our time?

The critical issues of war and peace. Will workers please try to recognize that we have been failed by those who are supposed to serve us and not act now to remove the authority to issue our money from their private and incredibly dangerous genocidal hands?

In the last several days Bitch has picked out the word, "Portuguese," from several speakers on the world stage. And just now on international news from Japan, found "Portuguese" twice from two different speakers. What could it be about? Here's what was found in reverse facial speech today:

"Our Portuguese weaping with Topol has brought us to our fatal. West Germany thief is being seen Portuguese and coming out now."

The Jewish built Russian Topol that hurled some thermonuclear warheads at America that was grabbed by the angels our good God sent in to save us. One Russian launched intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile that Sir Casper's diligent team pulled that was turned into a spinning light show for us over Norway

What Is This Mysterious Spiral Anomaly in the Norwegian Sky?


Are we appreciating that the swirl that was seen and photographed by many over Norway in 2009 was a Topol ICBM shot at the United States from the Soviet Union on orders of the weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting hobbyists Berlin?

That "Portuguese" has shown up in reverse facial speech in relation to that nuclear missile launch, might the directors have met in Portugal to work out the details of the attempt to perpetrate genocide on us then?

Might our diligent guys and gals have been connecting the dots and now have shown us the truth of the failed nuclear missile attack that was launched at us from the Soviet Union? Can we wonder could the recent revelations of Germany's involvement with the extermination of the human race in a surpise nuclear missile attack in collaboration with their Jewish partners who did the finance necessary for it, have anything to do with Germany's Chancellor Merkel's shaking that was shown on the news the other day?

Germany's Angela Merkel shakes uncontrollably at ceremony, says she's OK
The German chancellor said she did not have enough water.

As Angela has been chancellor of Germany since 2005, might she have some knowledge of that Soviet Union nuclear missile attack that was launched on us in America in 2009?

Or could there be more to it here, might some of those Soviet Union launched missiles have been headed to Germany also and not just the United States?

Once we have our grand juries in might we not get our facts straight? Sure we will as soon as labor gives us the go-ahead to peace.

Swissair flight 111 that crashed in 1998 that killed all 229 on board.

The aircraft experienced a radio blackout for approximately thirteen minutes, which was later found to be caused by communication radio tuning errors. (wiki)

Rather than tuning errors as wiki suggests, for those who are in tune with our extraterrestrial Mercury elders might we not recognize that 13-minute shutdown of communication as a signal to the pilots to bring that plane down as it was set with a Sky Brat turned on?

Do some recall more recently that chancellor Merkel’s plane landed after having a communications failure?

Merkel plane technical failure leaves German leader late for G20
30 November 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel missed the opening of the G20 summit in Argentina after her plane was forced to land shortly after leaving Berlin.

The plane carrying Mrs. Merkel's team turned back while flying over the Netherlands late on Thursday, because of a communications failure.

The Airbus made a safe but unscheduled landing in Cologne.

Mrs. Merkel flew to Madrid on Friday then boarded a scheduled Iberia airlines flight to Buenos Aires.

No doubt her pilots were a top-flight crew that would be aware of everything and losing communications brought them to abort the flight and land right away. Might they have correctly interpreted the loss of communications message from Mercury that Swissair flight 111 missed and let Sky Brat crash that plane?

Will we not have plenty of water available if Angela will come and talk with us?

Bitch reading peoples reverse facial speech and has read much of Angela's subconscious thoughts and can say this with assurance, that of all the people in politics that Bitch has read, she has the most pleasant and nice social speech in her subconscious mind. Once labor has the concession to issue our money will it not be nice for Angela to share some memories of her time as chancellor?

Labor, Labor, Labor, will workers not quit pushing Bitchie’s message aside and start hearing God's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

Will workers not end believing Judah falses about Bitch? Will ordinary everyday workers not bring us God's gift of peace?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? I would have given you anything," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

But what about Bitchies frailty, his hos stench? The vicious he spouted when Judah abuse, molest and Jewish police state violence drove him out of his right senses?

Might labor not try to look passed temporary insanity words that were spoken due to being continually sought out to be murdered by the Jewish police state for free?

"We use police to pull peace out so we can keep war into play our insurance sport," Judee say.

Will labor not end the pulling out of our peace people by taking away the mechanism that harms our useful people, the authority to issue our money? Must American workers not step in and take over our financials as our good God wills?

The existence stipend that our good God has gifted us with. An existence stipend with something in it for everyone as Father wills. "Consider it a God-given right," Papa said.

Sure, 4 trillion dollars may sound like a lot to properly fund it when our economy is only about 17 trillion dollars and looking to shrink due to the cost of the destruction of war external and the weather war we face within, but when we have our new economy of high technology that includes vast use of free energy, what's 4 trillion dollars when we will be producing 100 trillion dollars of goods and services a year? Is that not 4%

Will American workers look up above for the love of God to come in instead of looking at Judah's dirty pictures and videos he is using to hold himself in?

Will workers not give us the peace that we have never had since Judah arrived with his mattress and weap theory? Will American workers not make peace now before it is totally too late?

Tele receives:

"True roll is Jew cipher.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 4.24 pm (Still trying)

You're fortunate your happy dying them true. 6.17 pm

H----- tried to save us.

It's all based on who issues the money, Jew is all fraud and forgery.

Patrick, you failed us die forces in a right Germany field.

Good practice atom bombing us.

National clothing ceased here.

Fight Houston bourse out of here. 7.01 pm

Jew bust us late. 7.15 pm

Now that you see our states we can't die ya's. 7.29 pm

You must end their winning poochies and STRIKE THEM OUT!

It's exhaust time. 8.53 pm

We're sin collectors.

Super took some of the hit of insane out and you're still dying.

We have wrecked an errorcy. (Mercury?)

STRIKE THEM OUT and it will save us.

Dumb on your dull side. 11.39 pm

You've failed us seriously Pat.

Rice is holding it murk.

Pull them out with their racket.

There is nothing here but racial thieves.

Thank you so much, you tried to save us, Patrick.

They died fist disc.

Terrible trench waste for us.

Nature failed to desert us.

They mouse some in the police sprint.

They arrange us, wipe us here.

A permanent waste off effortless.

Turkey, he continual us rightfully for dumb. 3.01 am

White boy is seriously passed-al.

Psych you hos incredible failed. 3.07 am

OK, I'll do it.

Morgan on chapels, it ain't too good. 8.02 am

They molest strategy. 8.21 am

I want you to do force and get them out!

Sold!" 8.24 am

Will we not pray that American workers will join together and say, "OK, I'll do it!? SOLD!?

The few hours that will bring about the transition of our world at permanent war into permanent peace. Will workers not listen to our kind and good Father's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR and give us PEACE NOW?

The long-term harm to our economy, our commerce by weaping weather war upon us and our farmers. The imposition of arbitrary tariffs that upset trade relations that may have taken generations to build up. Our commerce being harmed in a systematic way to lower our nation's income base.

Must working people not get involved in our finance and commerce and protect it well for it serves us all?

Will labor not do the force of peace great and give us a general STRIKE until workers hold the concession to issue the money for our beautiful state

Will we not all keep praying for the love of God to bring the American workers to help us get to peace?

While Bitch had his regrettable insult to you's, the deathly sin, it is quite unusual for him. He thought about it the other day and there are only about 5 or 6-times in his 71 years that he has been rude to anyone in his life. And of the rudes most were merely stupid things he said. He has never intentionally been rude to anyone. Only accidentally stupid.

On the stupid side, have we noticed that Judah is intentionally rude and because he is a smart guy and holds the bourse, he gets away with it all the time?

Though because Bitch heart and mind is based in love, he seeks no conflict anytime. Goes out of his way to avoid it.

Judah, the opposite guy, plans way ahead of time how to harm whoever he can reach.

Judah smart enough to know about Papa, yet do we see how his anger has harmed his relationship with Father who let him put himself out?

Bitchie opposite Judah. Father is the most important of all in Bitchie’s life, period. He thinks all the time now, "what might Father think about this?" Anything of importance he says a prayer to Father to seek His guidance before Bitchie decides to do anything of importance.

Will workers be assured that Bitch is exactly tuned to whatever Father's plans are for us here?

Will workers be assured that Bitch would never ever do anything that would displease Father at all?

Elders will help our labor committee of the whole to set our economy up so that we can create the vast wealth that will take proper care of all of God's children on earth.

Financial information throughout our world. Once workers are issuing our money is it appreciated, the labor committee can subscribe to research groups that will give all the economic information needed to guide us right?

The power of bourse that is so strong. Videos on the web available that go through how planes have crashed. Some go down due to pilot error. Others mechanical failure. Weather is a big one too. One that Bitched watched was due to the captain wanting to get a bourse check for using less fuel when it was clear he should have put on the power, gone around and tried for a second landing. The first officer told him that is what he should do but the captain overrode his suggestion. The plane ran off the runway killing many passengers and destroying the 100 million dollar plane. The captain, who survived, denied it was the bourse check that caused him to fail there.

And how might such a bourse reward check fail others who are offered them? How about this Tele receive?

"They mouse some in the police sprint."

The high-speed police pursuits that kill hundreds of innocent bystander Americans every year. Must workers not issue our money so there are no more bourse rewards for creating dangerous, hazardous situations on our streets?

Father is with us labor, this is His village. He wants us free of the influence to the Jewish weap cipher. The socially responsible peaceful all the time cipher of Jewish and gentile Father wants in, is that not perceived as the message from our good God to us all?

The estimates from Judah are that in four hours of a general STRIKE it will be done. Our world will be out of the Jewish madness of sport war, the excitement and thrills of their fist will be gone.

Will workers not give us PEACE NOW?

If so will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, June 20 — Psalm 78:9–16
Song of Solomon 7,8; Galatians 2:15–3:5

Even when you turn gray I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save. Isaiah 46:4

God is faithful; by him you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:9

God, we face fear as we grow older, moving into the unknown—worrying about loneliness, dementia, mental illness, financial insecurity, and many other concerns. Reassure us that your constant care and love are new every morning. Remind us, Holy Spirit, of your everlasting presence to guide and comfort us through every stage of our earthly pilgrimage, so that we may remain in fellowship with Christ, our friend. Amen.

4.37 pm

"Divert it. 9.42 am

It's a battery stumble. 9.46 pm

Rights fall.

Jew's threatening a toss true worse.


He's a relative of our competent side.

Thanks for scoring out the frown.

Jail's a moisture way right they ruled.

The man knows of your peace.

Their nuker electricity lethal us.

Perjure hurt you fail.

The monk gave us a great blessing. (Judee county employee)

You mock swell. (another county employee)

Great truthful, uunt-ah.

You're a nice fair.

Thank you for issin it, a pretty dirty foul.

Leave the dog set. 11.27 am

Your shanty really shot me off fish.

I died, I'm a dead person.

You did take a good look. 11..36 am

They got fear on your face.

Free money.

A hiker hurt you awfully.

Their force way is true pulled.

Thank you for skirpin' criminals.

We got two weeks to get you out. (Lawyer downtown)

You're cut bad.

You shot Mitchell's theory.

They stop and fetch.

A nest egg is too differous.

RISE your fairest. 12.17 pm

They rice the kids criminal and just chuck you. 12.24 pm

The dopes are always insane.

They rice man truly dubious. 12.37 pm

Shove off, you stink scoring. 1.23 pm

Field's courage.

Your soldier failed. 1.49 pm

We dunge ya, rush you die full.

They fool you psychically.

A fine drip. 2.27 pm

It's haughty.

They've rolled some debt. 2.34 pm

We always shoot a border.


To not be ignored, they sewer bum." 4.14 pm
"Shove off, you stink scoring. 1.23 pm

Your soldier failed." 1.49 pm

Bitch has not scored anybody ever. Yet do we see here, it's not the truth that matters, it's what people want to believe?

And the soldier that failed. Might we have to chalk it up to Judah control of our food supply by his private control of the issue of bourse?

Will labor not bring the kids home so they can learn and grow in peace? Must labor not put the existence stipend in so that kids have better choices than serving the Jews war sport?

If so must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you. God bless.

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While getting ready to post, it is 5.41 pm and there was a report on national news of a 26-year-old rookie police officer that was slain. Here is reverse facial speech found in that report:

"This is to help hold the particle in."