Aug. 21, 2019

"The Jews Worldwide Appiness Us."


The hybrid transplant Fornian look-alike Cambodian Jew shell Pol Pot who killed millions of our family in Cambodia. What are we to consider in that it required the pentagon to do strategic bombing to put Pol into power there? From that dreadful but true fact might we see why our extraterrestrial elders are focusing their efforts on bringing Americans to close the Jews out of management?


The worldwide genocidal terrorist sport of the Jews. Are we seeing that continuing it hinges on them being able to continue to issue the money of American workers?


American workers who can stop all the genocidal Jewish war in our world in a few hours if only workers will authorize, organize and STRIKE THEM OUT.


"We scored the Normans complete," Judee say.


That is from memory as Bitch couldn't find the specific quote in my notes at the moment. It was from a high politics Jew in Europe that said that to another jew while they both were smiling greatly just after shaking hands together. But wasn't it the Normans that gave the Jews their best performance? The Jews claim it was the white guys that gave the Jews their "best performance" of all peoples on earth.


Must Americans not take away the tool that the genocidal Jews have used to rule the world the authority to issue to American workers money?


"I'm just a fool when I get rich. Bitch keeps watching the Russians for our foul. We have the Russians boom a nice people for our end. I get your rights out so I can swap you with Moscow," Judee say.


Bitch has been finding for a long time now mention of Gorbachev, Khruschev, Moscow, Russia in the Jews reverse facial speech as what they are going to use on us to leave us in perfect wreckage.


But what about American armed forces, won't they protect us?


As the US Navy attacked us already from the Intercontinental Ballistic missile submarines we bought the Jews much chance of that Jewish fist organization helping us?


And the US Air Force has repeatedly attacked us and our family in Russia with nuclear missiles, much chance they will be any help to us?


As Murtha's marines have been blowing our heads off on the street for Congressional sport much chance they will be useful for anything?


Can we not recognize that militarism in our world in its organizational manifestation is merely Jew sport?


"We form you Palestinian state this time because you didn't take us out. Bitch is hauling out my abusive so I cannot stay. I get all my percent for dying you sin, I just use a church. We pauperty your state. Without a grand jury we do you minimals. Because I rush you down fish I was safe taking out your state. I'm cagerous on war on the world. I bore into the white guy with 4 percent," Judee say.


Judah who tells us he is just a fool when he's rich. Has he not proved it by attacking us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with enough hydrogen blast force to die our breed off complete? Yes, he did that. Has that not proved the Jews management is a big enough fool that we will not now remove their kosher management with a STRIKE?


"I just warred you fail and bust you out. My Jewel fell on maturity. Whiskey faults you awesomely. I just have barrels of booze to bug you. Minnows die on botox federal rules. Overseas they see I'm a buffoon for rights. We took out all your rights and put you in legitimate," Judee say.


Botox that is used for removing wrinkles. Might that be a cover for having a pipeline in place so that Judah has easy access to the deadly nerve agent, botox? Can we only wonder how many have been put in with botox and another cause of death was given?


And Judah mentioning how whiskey faults us awesome. Bitch only stopped drinking it at 41 years of age when he realized they were trying to murder him. Are we understanding the Jews use booze of all types as a chemical warfare agent to war our wits?


"You ever see rights you'll all shelf me. Our animal opp put a big swat on you. I'm a bourse weap power lunatic. All inside Jew fist you up," Judee say.


Judah who has all his look-alike shells in every area of our state's operation. Are we understanding that is how he has been able to get us in such gigantic numbers?


"Until you get some receipts I'll fasch ya," Judee say.


That reverse facial speech from a Judah police source. Are we understanding that if we want to get fascism out we must get some receipt power?


The lambs we are to the wolves. Are we understanding that will continue until we get the receipts out of their hands and into labors?


"Normandy is a beautiful ass fort. We catas you with Federal police for pure insure. Bitch core us spit. Our app-a-fault you right let us take your land rush out. Jew true British wit with Truman threw it out. We cement you oxygen on here. I Iowa push you bourse batteries because I'm corrupt," Judee say.


And Judah app-a-fault that let them take out Bitch land rush to freedom, was it any other than lies about Bitch and who he is? And who is Bitch?


"A simple working man who will not harm you. You're a nice boy. You never fiend," is that not how God described him? Yes, that is how our good God Almighty described His shill Bitch.


Though did Father not say that Bitch has been abusive speaking to His simian children? Yes, Father did say that. Will workers not try to look around that and understand that 2 weeks after liberation from the genocidal jews Bitch's head will begin to heal from the death-defying ordeal it has gone through?


A highly organized group of contract murder for hire specialists that have gotten inside of America and with it took over the entire surface of planet earth. Might we have to give the Jews some credit for what they do?


On the evening news last night a bunch of hybrid transplant white Fornian Jews at school giving the Heil Hitler salute. Are we aware that was a Jew staged opp? If we perceive that are we not then aware we funded it and also paid to put it on the evening news?


Then a story that followed after the Heil Hitler saluting high school Jews, we have the story of a bear that broke into a house and had some food. Are we understanding that was a circus act that was put on as news? In some ways that the Jews put stuff like that on the news are they not hilarious, in a childish sort of way?


While it may be hilarious looking back at how they held the people frozen, at this moment should we not focus on just how much of a present danger they present to us?


"I'll pull your rights out on Mississippi sanction," Judee say.


Is it appearing now that the 1955 slaying of Emmet Till was a well crafted Judah opp? Is it not obvious that was a well done Judah opp to race a generation and more?


The authority to issue our money in Jewish paws. Are we seeing it has allowed for the creation of Jewtopia?


Jewtopia that Anthony Clifton used to tell us about before Judah put him in. Might we advertise Jewtopia as the land where it's legal to rob and kill because the Jews hold the till?


Don't touch the till till you take the customers money.


The private holding of the till by the Jews who will hold the till till we take the concession to issue our money away from them. The cash register of American labor that is held privately by the Jews. Will labor not put on the armor of God and close these godless slaves to war out of issuing America's labor money?


Tele receives:


"They're strictly dull wits. 5.30 pm


Your error chee. 5.55 pm


You market us all sh^t full.


They're using our country forshootng us dangerous.


They just mutual until you are in the bowery.


Their fall-a-checks fall us out, STRIKE THEM OUT!


They rice your fair for a commie right.


Father did not leave us, he wants us to fall their hike rules.


They incubate ya. 7.02 pm


We're penalized all sale.


All your righteous fell.


Because you are abrasive we tossed you out.


Jew bust you Reicher force.


Mass murder fails you hungry. 12.18 am


They're fairing thee oceans.


Fair scientist, you're falsing out yourself.


You fixed thought sweet.


Pat, put your West here.


I have 40 hours to STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.45 am


Organize this STRIKE here and lead!


Impossible they theory us terrorist.


Irritate us harsh will debase us.


This is the end of our life forms.


A STRIKE financial will save us. 2.53 am


The Jews worldwide appiness us.


They have defeated and fused wit.


Save us from these rifle boys.


You're welcome, toss them out of here Patrick.


They baptize us sinfully here.


They witness us fair disabled.


God wouldn't keep them, God let them throw themselves out.


Thank you. 5.45 am


Your safe just ignores your helpful.


You've done it, you've perished me." 5.59 am



Can we only hope that is a Judee and not Drewy that sent that Tele receive in? Sure it is.


"Patrick hopelessly reveal the biggest spongers out here. 6.07 am


Ultimate temperature shoot they're getting done here.


He braved us and occidental is free.


Make sure there is no lying going on here." 8.34 am



Are the occidental people aware that because Bitch braved them you and your children are now free and have a full body of civil rights again? Will we not pray the occidentals awake to the many gifts we have received and accept that God has forgiven our sins and stop the war?


Bitch watching 6 am news from Japan and they are saying goodbye to us in their reverse facial speech.


"I set a catasterous death for you. Our wits tear Ausch-a-wits. Jew seize you mentally to get my fight done. I'm an ass-a-later to get you done. I cage with minimum rights to roll you in. You get us out your foreign ministry will be less abrasive. I'm truly Iowa state leaving. Contact tears me. Contact boots us nice rightly. Mercury made Jew psych Jew so I cannot not lead."


Those RS all just in from the 6 am news. Will Labor try to accept that Bitch has reported fairly, rightly and truthfully that the Jews have cleared themselves out of management and help us now with a STRIKE to close them now in God's way?


From yesterday's post:


"I'm short on righteous 40 dollars."


That Tele receive came from a woman of years as Bitch drove passed. And what is that about? Here we go again with more of the civics lesson that Maxwell gave to Bitch in November of 1991.


After the war is over Bitch may write a complete situation report of what happened there and afterward when the grand juries have the correct facts in hand. But as to the $40 dollars that the lady is short on righteous about, that was what the Maxwell vice detective wrote in his complaint. That Bitch told him he had intercourse with 28-year-old Sylvia Adams and paid her $40 dollars.


And that is a false statement. Bitch never said any such thing. Then why did Maxwell put that in his police complaint? Might we understand it was to justify doing a false arrest?


And what was and is the truth? Maxwell asked Bitch "what's her last name?" Which Bitch didn't know, even though Bitch knew "Lila" for about a year. He just never asked her her last name. And then a show of the gun, the cuffs were put on Bitch and he was kidnapped from right in front of the apartment building where he lived.


The Maxwell police complaint was made part of the secret files, was available to the Jew judge but not Bitch. Then how did Bitch get a hold of it?


Bitch has several buddies that were police officers in both the city and suburbs. Larry Dowd, who Judah put in because he was using the police computers to run plates for Bitch, did not have access to the secret files.


One buddy was higher up in the department and he had access to the secret files and made copies and gave them to Bitch. Regrettably, several people lost their lives because of this.


Bitch filed a copy of the secret police files in his Federal complaint against the City of Chicago, and the criminal intelligence unit of the Chicago Police department at Maxwell. Do we recall that Judge Holderman tossed Bitch's complaint out in 1992?


Because the copies showed that the police department was keeping perjured police statements from public view, might a jury have concluded that police statements were kept secret because they would reveal criminal activities of the department?


Might we consider that by denying Bitch his right to a jury trial the federal bench entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Chicago police department to hide the Chicago police department's criminal activities?


These activities, though not taken to a jury, because the federal bench blocked it, none the less, the secret police files were made part of the federal record which is broadcast worldwide.


And is that what the $40 dollars righteous is all about that that lady mentioned to Bitch yesterday?


Do we see labor how they break the rules and then put things into secret files where we can't see what they wrote? Our grand juries will reveal all of this to us. The question though, when is labor going to bring them in?


Might it be because of childish prurient that the Jews have been able to get away with crimes against ordinary Johns?


The Jews who use sex to shame and embarrass as a political tool. Will we not mature and not let them get over on us here with such a feeble mental game?


Sex is a big lure that the Jews use for their fishing us. When they need a boost in their efforts they wire their maniacs up to do violent sex crimes against defenseless kids. Will labor not mature and get the concession to issue our dollars away from them?


By the way, Bitch did not pay Sylvia Adams anything. There was no talk of money. Bitch was planning on going out and having dinner with Sylvia but was interrupted by Maxwell sports.


To the lady that is holding back from supporting Bitch STRIKE efforts because of the $40 dollars righteous, I'm honest and peaceful dear lady, and I haven't been miniaturized by the cheap lousy brutal violent sexual psychopathic murderous Jews.


And what is Bitch background?


If you came by Bitch house and were hungry, Bitch mother Sarah would make you a big meal. When you were leaving she would have a big brown bag with a few more meals to carry you then.


If you came by and needed money, she'd give you her purse and tell you to "take what you need."


If you needed more she'd write a note for the teller to give you what you need and she'd give you her bankbook and send you to the bank to get what you need.


She was "generous to a fault" as they say. And she was a woman who loved everyone.


And what of Bitch Roman English Irish descendant of a sharecropper dad?


"Dad, were you really a deputy sheriff?" Baby boy Bitch asked his Father Richard after finding a Cook County deputy's badge in a drawer.


"Ya, I was," dad replied.


"Well, why did you quit? " Baby boy Bitch asked his dad.


"I wouldn't do it. You were working for the big guy against the little guy. I just wouldn't do it," dad said.


And in 1954 driving along skid row on a cold overcast windy November day in Chicago seeing a large number of people outside just standing there shivering.


"Who are they? What are they doing outside?"


"If we missed a few paychecks we might be out there ourselves," dad said.


Dad had empathy and would have changed the situation for them if he could.


The homeless guy that came to our door when we lived on Aberdeen street and told little Bitch boy he needed money to get to his sister's house and Bitch told him, "I'll get my dad."


And then Bitch stood in the front room as dad talked a little bit with the 60s looking Norman guy.


And then he reached into his left pocket, his cash pocket, and pulled out a handful of cash, didn't count it, opened the door and just handed it to the guy.


Bitch mention these things so that worker will get some idea of how Bitch thinks.


As to the color issue, when the neighborhood was changing, there was a lot of tension because there were physical attacks going on. A two-flat house was bombed on Morgan street, just a few blocks away.


As boy Bitch came home one night and when he walked into the front room there was Dad's co-worker, Al Smith.


"Hi Al," Bitch boy said and went and gave Al a big hug.


Dad was sitting there and they were visiting each other. Dad had a light fixture that Al could use so dad invited Al over to our house so he could give it to him.


Bitch went into the basement and there were some of his big brother's friends playing games there.


"Oh, who is that black man upstairs," they asked.


"That's Al, my dad's friend from work," Bitch boy said.


Bitch reflections, Bitch thinks that dad wanted his children to see we are all the same people one and all. He never spoke about it, of course, he never spoke much about anything. He just would read on and on. Reading it seemed was a place that dad spent a lot of time in.


"Brother John, Brother Mike, Brother Pat," dad called us because of his union workers affiliation. Dad liked the thought of the brotherhood of man.


"We wouldn't live like this if not for the union," dad said on occasion. Year-round work that allowed dad to bring a paycheck home all of the time. Full union scale he earned. Today full-scale engineers in Chicago are getting about $40 an hour. We never wanted for a thing.


Bitch reflect upon Vietnam 1966, dad had died the year before at 57, and as he looked at the tracer rounds in the war zone it rang in his mind what dad had said, "the big guy against the little guy," and Bitch knew he was on the wrong side.


1966, the year Bitch become certain that there was no god above, for if there were there would be no war in our world. He used to say prayers every night. Abruptly he stopped doing that.


And who would ever guess, 43 years later he learns we do have a God above and He is good and so he started praying again to Him for peace. That was a decade ago. And now the war has destroyed us all.


The Jew who focuses on getting the evidence against us so that he can punish us. The Jews who gave themselves a historical mission to get ahold of us so that they could destroy us completely.


Something from a science fiction story of alien invaders from another planet that breed with us so they can camouflage themselves to fool us about what their plan is to do to us here.


The permanent sports war society the Jews have put in to replace the hope of the land of the free, America. Our legal system was so promising that it peacefully freed a slave from his master in 1854.


The system of checks and balances that was so carefully crafted, smashed out of existence and in its place a ghastly tyranny that on its own would have already destroyed the entire human race except for the Jews who have underground worlds to live in among themselves.


The false violent Jewish state that is now done for the terrible things they have done to us. Will American workers not close them out before we are finished 100%


"Americans, we just got you to die right so often," Judee say.


Will American workers not end how they got us to die right for them by taking the authority to issue our money away from them? Their 1,300 years fooling us in the old country of Europe to make war for them. Will American workers not join us in peace and close them out before we are gone from this earth fair?


Judah who will tell you that Bitch is some sort of a "grease embezzler," because he didn't give the Realtor his full share of a deal after Maxwell gave him his civics lesson.


Will labor not put our grand juries in so that we can take a look at the mortgage sport of the Realtors?


Will American workers try to understand we are being given our last chance to survive this brimstone nuclear war the Jews are successfully waging against us and our kids?


Once workers take over the concession to issue our money are we aware that Mercury will assist in any way we need to set ourselves right?


It is now only weeks before we will know one way or the other if the entire mass of the Druid Slav people will die out over the next few years due to the high radioactive background the Jews have put us into here.


Will we not keep praying that American workers will STRIKE THEM OUT AND ISSUE OUR AMERICAN MONEY YOURSELVES?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, August 21† — Psalm 102:12–22

Jeremiah 18:1–19:9; 1 Timothy 3:8–16

I must bear the indignation of the Lord, because I have sinned against him. Micah 7:9

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you. James 4:10

Blessed Redeemer, you have chosen us and we have sinned. Thank you for standing by us despite our imperfections. Daily, we will seek to do better by your holy name. Amen.

† On this day in 1732, the first missionaries departed from Herrnhut bound for St. Thomas.



1.03 pm


"Jew is out now, he has raped us genocide.


Fatal, Jew fatal us wrench.


It's finished. 9.54 am


Master ball master wins.


These oppressions are faulty, boot them out.


Wretched rice full shoot us exploitive.


Jew life failed us viciously like sinful.


It's savage eh? 10.21 am


Patrick reveal capital power, STRIKE THEM OUT!


You're identical fish. 10.52 am


It's a racket, STRIKE THEM OUT!


This is the extinction of this race here.


Boris inched fire here.


That's pretty good, Shari -----.


Bless you because you fouled victim. 11.19 am


Auto fears take you out.


Tyranny force oppin us hail.


Good one.


Power off these guys, they don't make it as the new space cadets.


Their rights are over here for beautiful thrill fodder.


The mouse is too weak to save us here.


I molest you faultish."



And some new reverse facial speech from the noonday news:


"What Pat is telling you is confirmed, I'm out. I be abusive since I met you and now I'm out amateur. Jeff raided some bar room wits so we had to fall him out fine. We've got a Martian war we fiction off and the guy's still throwing me for burning you off."


Any doubters about the fate of the late Jeff Epstein? Bitch from the beginning believed he had so much cash that he would have bought his way out to ghost away but it didn't happen that way apparently.


And are we noting the Martian war that they keep fictioning off? Of course, there is no Martian war because the Martians are part of the Federation and they don't make war.


Will we not pray that American workers realize the Jews are still burning us off even after the Martians won the contest by pulling the Jews great balls of fire off of us that they tried to extinct our breed with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Is it not perfectly clear that the Jews are done in America for what they have done to us and for what they tried to do to us with their 3-hour shot?


For what they are doing to us with nuclear waste must we not try to save our lives from them and their permanent war against us?


The over 100 potential Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima atomic cannons disguised as Jewish electricity Trojan horse plants that could poison us all out needing only conventional missiles fired into a plant. Will American workers not pull this nuclear sword of Damocles off of us before it cuts our heads off?




Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:




Aug. 20, 2019

"God Helped Us." 2.06 am


"I gave you the peace, must you fail," God said to American workers. Must we not act and cease the tyranny that the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews are running here?


"Our average judges average 10 kills so they'll be taking them out. I bore into the white guy with 4%," Judee say.


The 4% the jailers get for an opp. The average Jew judges that average 10 kills and so they'll be taking them out. Can we not hope the workers will act and stop the war so the human race can live on in peace?


"Get out your hustle wasteful and course us peaceful." 7.12 pm


Yesterday's post got a bunch of negatives and so Bitch went back in and took out a bunch of stuff at Simple Site but APFN is not erasable so those stayed in. "Course us peaceful." Will American Labor not help us let them off right with a STRIKE?


Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and having salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey. Zechariah 9:9 NKJV


The fellow who has refused to quietly pay for the war assault against the other children of God on earth. And what are we to think that Judah has most people convinced that Bitch is a violent guy? The guy that has continually acted for peace and yet the Jews make him out to be a violent guy and apparently some people believe the lying Jews.


Might that help explain why the Jews took over the entire surface of planet earth? The ability to fool the overwhelming mass of the population. Might that explain why they have already sterilized our children and we go on day after day as if nothing is happening here?


Bitch, who is a just man and also has brought salvation to the people whose children are massively sterilized already and in only weeks, if Judah scientists are correct, will have pushed ourselves out of life form. Is it not amazing the strength the false have shown, the Jews that have held Americans from making contact with our extraterrestrial family from the universe?


The corrupt falsers that feed us the Jews mental hold. Will workers not buy us some truth in our world and close the false out?


"He briefed you on my rocket was thrown."


The rockets that were launched from Russia to detonate hydrogen bombs over America. Must we not overcome the failure to act against those who have crushed out our existence here? Mars that threw the Jews rocket. Will workers not close the genocidal nuclear warfighting Jews out before they cancer us all out of here with their atomic cannon from Hitachi-GE?


"You set us back." 2.32 am


Is that what yesterday's post did, set the white people back? Bitchie prays to Father to get the right head to get this war out of here. How about helping us workers with a STRIKE and let the mind mistreatment the Jews push in with violence out of here? Bitchie wants to set you all ahead not back.


Our most useful put in on the orders of the Jews. Must American workers not end funding extorted tribute to the Jews who have done all they could to perish us out of existence?


Can we not hope for the thirty-minute break through the Tele sender sent in years ago and that workers will step in and issue our money here?


The guys and gals the Jews most wanted to die, and still want to die, the mild people of the north. Must we not end holding the Jews in that only make more war in our world? Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR.


I bruise you, you bruise me

We both bruise too easily

Too easily to let it show

I love you, and that's all I know


All my plans have fallen through

All my plans depend on you

Depend on you to help them grow

I love you, and that's all I know


When the singer's gone

Let the song go on...


But the ending always comes at last

Endings always come too fast

They come too fast, but they pass to slow

I love you, and that's all I know


When the singer's gone

Let the song go on

It's a fine line between the darkness and the dawn

They say the darkest night

There's a light beyond


But the ending always comes at last

Endings always come too fast

They come too fast, but they pass too slow

I love you, and that's all I know

That's all I know

That's all I know



"I love you, and that's all I know"


The reason Bitch demands the war be stopped. Might it be because I love you, that's all I know?


We are a race of high intelligence people flying through the universe on a course to travel the stars with our elders. Must we not end the day in and day out making war in our world?


"Company shot thee wood so many times it close us out. You'll eventually feel your wood disgrace," Judee say.


The true disgrace, embarrassment, and shame that Bitch feels. Not pooch or diaper opp, but the disgrace, embarrassment, and shame of war that is hurting God's kids all around our world.


Our good God Almighty who sent His angels in to spare our lives. WiIl American workers not hear the love of God and end funding this war?


"It's a frame us you failed, you're freezing your sympathy out." 3.08 am


Reading the comments out here it seems that Bitch needs helpers as Father said he is abusive to the people who he is trying to convince to save themselves.


Because of this, he's failed to get Labor to help stop the war.


Will we not overlook Bitch weakness and make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness doable in our beautiful nation once again?


The rights that our good God gifted us with to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Will Americans not claim them as our own once again?


Jeremiah 50:19I will return Israel to his pasture, and he will graze on Carmel and Bashan; his soul will be satisfied on the hills of Ephraim and Gilead. 20 In those days and at that time, declares the LORD, a search will be made for Israel’s guilt, but there will be none, and for Judah’s sins, but they will not be found; for I will forgive the remnant I preserve.”…


Will labor not take the paper away from the lunatic Jews and speed God's deliverance of the remnant of Jews that He will preserve?


Will simple workers not take the authority to issue our money away from them and stop the war?


"You failed to save us Patrick." 3.43 am


Is it not seen that except for God, everybody has failed Americans including Bitch? For those that want to survive this crunch will we not pray to God to save us?


"Patrick always tried to save us." 4.07 am


"Why didn't you try it," God Almighty asked American workers.


Patrick is certain that American workers are going to strike the murderous Jews out and he is hoping and praying that it is before they close us totally out of existence.


Tele receives:


"Get out fraidy, Houston's still oppin.


You lost your right force because of Opel. 12.56 pm


You are a beautiful bench roll. 3.07 pm


You woke me up to my passing side.


You failed to raise us Patrick. 4.13 pm


The Jews toss because you obviously failed to save us Patrick.


STRIKE THEM OUT of here. 4.43 pm


It's a cataster.


That's an error. 5.16 pm (Shortly after posting yesterday)


We are being extincted.


You've got a symbol here that's feared.


It's incredible, save us Patrick so we don't go away here.


You got a rudee sight here.


Through debt they do all of us.


You shot me use.


They cancel you heart attack to cease fine.


The weak remain cashless.


With debt they ever fall you right.


They're completely done for duncing us.


Be brave, they're dirty scum.


Racial takes your bottom side out. 6.24 pm


Get out, your verse failed. 6.32 pm


They won on fear, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Get out of your hustling wasteful and course us peaceful. 7.12 pm


It's gone, they're scrunching us out of this field. 7.42 pm


He's got generations homeless here.


The atmosphere will make whiteness boy de-exist.


It's fell and they're still crushing us. 12.31 am


Your brands tossed yourselves rightly, just toss out the Jew cageful lecherous.


Oh, we die Jewloscopy, they're dying us fistory.


Jew dying us fist baby.


Historical wipe us.


A famous force fell Patrick and they're still murdering you.


We've been tossed theory here and they're still rising.


They die us here right psychology.


They bourse us out of here fairly fabulous.


The funeral state has trulyfell.


It'sobviouswonderful failure dies us out.


You're falsing out your safe life physicalus.


Income's failing us.


Their ricing is out obviously for damaging you.


By autumn they will have died the white people off.


Beserk falls the Savior defaming us.


Jew suckered you goose obviously.


You failed to save us Patrick.


The white people exit themselves.


The predators died this place off all failtee.


They race us hard pura-fist.


500 million raped rightful.


Pura problem embarrasses us field.


It seems the people don't know their children have been sterilized already by letting shyness give them a victory.


Luxury abusive has tossed them out usury.


Establish real fairness.


Theyfun die muscling.


They're rising minnow fast poisoning you.


A catas force is wildly on us.


Patrick saves us leisurely.


Their judgment is casing us.


STRIKE THEM OUT Patrick, they're rising urine, they'rerising new trouble.


White guys field accomplish you.


Why the streets are so dangerous, because they have Jew police working them.


Happy new year, it's a big foreign rise here.


God real safe fielded us.


You've got to get a function of survival here.


They're terming us Patrick, they're terming us bad.


It's historical Russia die us.


He's able to turn white kids into executes.


Waste your mind thought severe.


Your life has been sparedbut you destroyed yourself anyway.


God helped us. 2.08 am


You set us back. 2.32 am


It's a frame us you failed, you're freezing your sympathy out. 3.08 am


You failed to save us Patrick. 3.43 am


They all raunch this field.


STRIKE THEM OUT, they have all lost this field for their philosophy.


Nice boy lethal us out, scored our fail.


Patrick already tried to save us. 4.07 am


They cheat us counsel rules." 5.06 am



These next 2 RS were from broadcasters:


"Pat creams you right, it lets my molest go on. Because of my lies Iowa perceives you 100% forcing."


So they lie and 100% Iowa thinks Pat is a force guy, he is not. But Pat keeps failing and creaming you's allowing their molest to go on. For those that pray will you not add Bitch to your prayers so that he ends creaming the white people due to his weakness, his fault? Will you not add a prayer that Iowa refuses to believe the liar Judah and accepts that Patrick is not a force guy?


"We're savages that just hold abuse. The Orks I had were a fabulous time. Your problem goes on and I take out the mother of Nelson," Judee say.


A big thunderstorm with heavy rain just passed through the area and knocked the power down. Bitch is using a rechargeable lantern and his hot spot to keep writing on Grammarly. It is 6.11 am and no television news to read their RS to hear what they are thinking in their subconscious today. Yet do we not have enough from them to perceive they are pushing right ahead with our deaths on brimstone waste?


The Sovereign grace of our good God Almighty who shed His grace on us all when He had His angels pull all of Judah's nuclear blast force off of us.


Will we not recognize the true love of God for us all, STRIKE THEM and STOP THE WAR?


The Waters Are Up to My Neck

Psalm 69:4 I am weary from my crying; my throat is parched. My eyes fail, looking for my God. 4 Those who hate me without cause outnumber the hairs of my head; many are those who would destroy me— my enemies without cause. Though I did not steal, I must repay. 5 You know my folly, O God, and my guilt is not hidden from You. 6 May those who hope in You not be ashamed through me, O Lord GOD of Hosts; may those who seek You not be dishonored through me, O God of Israel. 7 For I have endured scorn for Your sake, and shame has covered my face. 8 I have become a stranger to my brothers and a foreigner to my mother’s sons, 9 because zeal for Your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who insult You have fallen on me. 10 I wept and fasted, but it brought me reproach.12 Those who sit at the gate mock me, and I am the songof drunkards. 13 But my prayer to You, O LORD, is for a time of favor. In Your abundant loving devotion, O God, answer me with Your sure salvation …


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Tuesday, August 20 — Psalm 102:1–11

Jeremiah 16:14–17:27; 1 Timothy 2:8–3:7

He is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

Jesus asked the disciples, “But who do you say that I am?” Matthew 16:15

Magnificent Lord, you have called us by name to go and serve your people. May we seek to give voice to the voiceless, and join spirits with no regard for color, class, or language. Amen.


9.23 am


8.35 am "I got rid of them but you made such an abusive you let them conk you with a stupid gypsum range. You're with a rhesus tissue that eventually will hit you and leave you here, you're faulting out yourself Patrick."


God Almighty who took the time to speak to Patrick with some truth. Will American workers not hear the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT!


Hopefully irritate is out of this post. Battery is running low so have to change it now. 9.30 am



10.27 am


"You threat.


Mice abuse. 5.42 am


Witless you're dying in the dumps.


Their harsh solution should be helping us Patrick.


They're hefting us on the inside lethal.


It's all hunt. 6.30 am


Strangulous Jews, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Get out their force financial.


Do it, catch die them. 6.21 am


The circuit will bring in truism.


Christ heroic.


Save us Patrick.


They cored us out dipes.


That baby stuff and racing us did us in.


Get this meanness off of the kids.


They apped us a HUGE false.


So much goose fall nation true go.


Butt, you failed to save us, Jew going his way.


Oh my God Patrick is holding us up here, right out he just failed us.


Ge me sober and I'll be the safest one on thee.


Do some witicals and try to save us Patrick.


Save us Patrick from butt financials.


The white force is a dead force, obviously, fail out cash.


They've thrown us easy sheriff-n' us off income.


Tragically chump made us.


America auto rich here.


A ruinatory spitball fight you out.


Moscow they charge your safe world.


They sideswipe you financial to skip your force.


Now you know how extraterrestrials create replacements for themselves.


Dumb people are thiefable life forms.


Big they ashed us animals.


It's actually your fault Patrick.


You're ghostin' out yourself.


They're trying to wreck us.


Now your village has failed Patrick.


Tyranny struck you vicious, STRIKE THEM OUT!


It's coming, you're coming up Patrick.


I got rid of them but you made such an abusive you let them conk you with a stupid gypsum range. You're with a rhesus tissue that eventually will hit you and leave you here, you're faulting out yourself Patrick. 8.35 am


Have mercy on useless. 8.36 am


It's over outrageous theme.


The lights are out for you. 8.45 am


God save us in fearage age.


You have failed to STRIKE false out passionately.


They push you retro.


Mouse fatal fails.


Less your penal loss. 9.42 am


Patrick, you embarrass me.


You're a tweeb out.


Enough fail, STRIKE THEM OUT!


I waste you all because I waste you awfully nicely.


They Tut you outrageous.


It's bonified.


Their threat us fixes us here.


Crap meanings isillusive." 10.21 am



Please keep praying for help from God to bring Labor to take the financial force away from the private hands of the dangerous, murderous genocidal hands of the Jews.


Bitch will be listening for your thoughts to fix this post as he is putting it up at the Daily Test page now.


Thank you. God bless. 10.54 am



4.46 pm


"It's melted. 10.58 am


Oh my God, useful made us alone.


You're a lodge.


The mouse has fataled us.


Dummy, helping them get their hiking done here.


It's a lousy fail swart thee.


They're assaulting great chaps.




Get their molescopy out.


You failed to save us Patrick.


They're mean offenders.


You alone have saved us here Patrick.


With their scrimmage, they have wasted off paradise.


A lung tard.


You see Principals as commonplace and let them off.


I'm happy Bitch didn't force you right.


It's kinda sad.


Stupid move, you failed to save your life Patrick.


You got defiled Iowa so they tossed thee out.


They gash us.


Stay poojand you lost your life.


You've been attacked straight garbage.


Courage will get auto theft off.


I'm short on righteous 40 dollars.


You ported saver.


Sad Murray.


Their cell guarantees.


I had an edifying itch.


Hollowesque the white man.


They're misfits in 10 different ways.


You dared neurologists.


You disgraced it.


I always invite you atomizer.


Predators terminate you as vassals monkey fooling you right.


A cyclone hit.


Cash shoots the fish here.


It's fear here that pitched you.


It's fool you false leisure.


Jew branded a Martian disk sudee.


Shootee harass.


Holland's been put out.


You've been extincted 4 flush.


Scored men rabbit.


They're scorey kids.


A mind rackets a hard thing to take out.


They win imbecile.


They just pump you dead.


You just wasted Jew, it will be only days before I'm deceased right.


The circuit will kill your bad. 3.57 pm


Bobby H--- went to market.


The STRIKES are here now, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Jew MOXed 81 %. 4.06 pm


They advertise us in their sport rage.


Get them out and you'll have some brains speak to you, no more goose war.


A miracle saved us and we destroyed ourselves.


White insanity has thrown us out.


Stay tuned for this kid, he might spite you miracle." 5.17 pm



Can we get some prayers for a miracle yet? "


Jew MOXed 81 %." 4.06 pm


The voice sounded like an American scientist that said that. While he said it telepathically, he might not go public with it.


"Get them out and you'll have some brains speak to you, no more goose war."


The American brains that the Jews haven't put in yet, do we see when labor gets the Jews off of issuing our money our brains will speak to us to help get us in the right way again?




Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:



Aug. 19, 2019

"We Screw The White Boy So Well We Threw The White Out," Judee say


Must we not end the hurt? In a few hours, the white boys can throw the Jews out and that will be it for them and our world will begin a new in peace. But when are those few hours going to come? Will, we not pray it is before the white boys are totally pressed out of existence making war for the Jews sport?


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly blast at wedding in Afghanistan, killing 63 people

By Ehsan Popalzai, CNN


Kabul (CNN)A suicide bomb attack at a wedding in Kabul on Saturday killed 63 people and wounded 182, an Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said.


Among the victims were women and children, spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said. About 20 people were taken to a Kabul hospital run by the Italian NGO Emergency, the organization said.


ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. It said a Pakistani fighter detonated an explosive vest amid a large gathering of Shia Muslims, reported the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terrorist group activities.


So there we have it, ISIS claimed responsibility for the wedding bombing that killed 63 and wounded many more. Can we wonder might there be more here than meets the eye? How about we listen to what the Judah Fornian hybrid transplant news reporters said to us from their subconscious that was revealed in reverse facial speech? Here is some of it:


"Our task force rolled them dead. This came out of Miami. This mission cost you rights every day. Stock with Germany will fool. Our British right was here. This British assault cheered me up. Even with Irish sport we're catas shooting. This was a catas war for rich boys. Jew algebra knows how to do a right ambush. I just use the middle East to challenge you. We're just pretty right with minors to hold you right. Bitch is eyeing us and he does see this was a captain assault honest harshly. This was true European horse sight here. Bitch advertise our counsel is a complete false. Some big deals from Addison fought you dead."



Will American workers not take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews and end them hiring these atrocities?


"Bitch is eyeing us and he does see this was a captain assault honest harshly."


"A captain assault honestly harshly."


"Some big deals from Addison fought you dead."


"Addison," an industrial community outside of Chicago that has many pentagon military contractors. Might that be where the bomb was built on the order of the Pentagon Jews that killed 63 wedding guests?


"I just use the Middle East to challenge you."


Will American workers not listen to our elders from Mercury and take their good advice, "get smart" and end funding the Jews challenging sport in the Middle East?


While looking through Bitch notes, found a reverse facial speech from one of the purported white supremacists that was marching in Seattle, Washington the other day. Here is what he said in RS:


"White castle I'm always false opping ya."


He appeared to be white yet are we seeing these purported white supremacists are in reality Jews in their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells?


Will American workers not get the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and end this war hell that the children of God on earth are suffering worldwide?


Oh, Jesus who has said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." Through the intercession of Mary Thy most holy Mother, "I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer for peace be granted, I stay free. A STRIKE comes in, we build velocity and I stay healthy to serve your love Papa."


Oh, Jesus Who hast said, "All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy most holy Mother. "I humbly and urgently ask Thy Father in Thy Name that my prayer for peace be granted, I stay free, a STRIKE comes in, we build velocity and I stay healthy to serve your love Papa."


O Jesus Who has said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away," through the intercession of Mary, Thy most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer for peace will be granted, I stay free, a STRIKE comes in, we build velocity and I stay healthy to serve your love Papa."



Those the prayers that Bitch says at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. Might we consider that we have sharpened and focused the struggle to where we are facing the Jews on the hatred of Satan versus Bitch on the love of God?


"We went all nuclear with our grease sight (sight-cite)," Judee say.


Will we not now pray to God for the wits and courage to save ourselves from the Jews on nuclear bombs?


Bitch only uses a small number of the reverse facial speech he finds when he watches videos. While looking back through his book he found these RS concerning the shooting at Wal Mart a week ago:


"This is to homeless stash your rule. This boom give us a big stage. This is just robbing homeless people Jew. We just bore to offend. I want officials to keep tumors off your mind. This is for our mental wage office. I'm sourcing for Albert's rights here. This rice bubble came out of the state of Austin."


Austin, the capitol of Texas. Did we note the 1964 extraterrestriaL spacecraft staged event in Berlin-New York was only 23 miles from the state capitol of New York, Albany?


1964 - Two Alien Craft Land in Berlin, New York


Published: 5:54 AM 4/14/2014Berlin, New York - 11-05-1964


Was the double landing of UFOs at New Berlin, NY a repair mission - or something else?


A woman steps out onto her porch on a cool autumn night in 1964. Looking up, she sees what appears to be a shooting star fall onto a hillside opposite her, 2/3 of a mile away. Strangely, she sees another "falling light" which she watches descend from the sky in a vertical manner, but then it stops before it reaches the ground. It then starts to move horizontally along and above a creek bed that runs parallel to her road.


As it comes closer, it becomes "intensely bright" and starts to emit a "low humming noise."


Do we note that in RS Judah refers to the "state of Austin?" Do we note that shooting at Wal Mart in El Paso that left 20 dead and 26 injured reverse facial speech indicates it was ordered from the capitol of the state of Texas? Can we wonder, could Bitch be incorrect on his RS read of the reporter that said that?


Here's some more reverse facial speech from that mass death shooting in an El Paso Wal Mart:


"This is to keep homeless angry. Ariel had a fierce right. We bubble grease foul, this is our complete war. Our stupid right ends when you jair' us off. This falls wit down in your heads. This came from lone star. Mercury passed my false out. This was furniture hash for Northcom."


Will American workers not cancel Albert's special rights in America?


The extraterrestrial spacecraft landing in 1964 in Berlin New York. That a group of extraterrestrial spent so much time fixing the cable on the other spacecraft, are we seeing how accurately they projected that Judah would be cabling our extinction while the Jews hide in their underground shelters in the end times? Is it not an incredible way that our elders choose to speak to us?


Might we consider that when we understand that our elders are staging for us to help us see the Jews falseness it will help us understand that Judah is alway staging false opps that he sells as news?


That UFO landing report from 1964 that was brought to our attention recently. Are we seeing when we review extraterrestrial sighting reports they can help us understand what is going on in our world right now?


For years Bitch has pulled the name, "Roger," from numerous Judah speakers. Shortly after posting about the 1964 Berlin-New York extraterrestrial landing he pulled a reverse speech from a Judah who gave Bitch Roger's last name.


While searching Bitch notes for the last name of Roger, and what the Judah speaker said exactly, found a RS that gave the name of the person who was directing the nuclear attack upon us from New Hampshire. It is "Weiss." Here's the RS on "Weiss."


"Weiss from New Hampshire finished you out."


Bitch remembers the last name of "Roger, " he wants to see if he can find the exact thing that was said revealing Roger's function and last name. Still looking in Bitch notes. It is 3.45 am


3.51 am. Here it is, I found it in my notes.


"Roger Kampf shot your nation true."


Will American workers not help us to learn more about Roger and how he shot our beautiful nation true?


While going through pages of Bitch notes about what the Jews reveal in reverse facial speech here is just a small sample of what they have on their minds:


"I just false you right torsion for my sale. Diesel total left us parade. I'm a venture failure. I catch you and I'll just pauperize you out with Nixon. On my big dollars, I missed because I forced you dumb. White people I fence you out zoo. I'm leaving you some feces for the wonder of mine because I broke super down fine.


You believe in destiny false and I just pull you out with my chemi-kids. I got 4 down in the state prison. I got big hits Johnny, I just fall you for real estate. British I use to set you down right. I friendly mind you but Bitch shut my lunatic. Bitch I shot you municipal with foul checks. I'm an urban Jew crawl that breaks your wit. To the scientist, our wit doesn't exist because it too gangy here.


New Orleans was my goose heaven. I'm insurance usuryand I'm out. I shove from Nova scotia to keep you poor. GI Joe is coursing you maximum poor. Because of your truthy, you obviously fataled Mosque Judee. We just bore people hopeless so now I'm out. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're just fighting for freedom.


If I could erase you with a dog shot I do. Because my garbage assembly you don't protest I fall you Baltimore. Congress put America out easy. Weap Judah, we hold you stupid on animal customs and false you to pitch all your happiness. Whites we ever opp vaguelyso you're insurable. Civil rights I'm an overseer here to fall whiteness.


Our rights are over for our Khrushchev banging. With my fiberty I'm in. This white guy sees us and falls us all down, he sees my assault is all gun and I have Elizabeth to fight you. Maryland we challenge all to boot-a-pate you. The white man holds absent the beards he beasts for. I'm a fabulous mutual with Wall Street vomit.


Bitch caught us obvious for our function of fun. Jew police power beast your kennel. My memory is what is ultimately making me leave. We put 100% monocle on Bitch and he opped my pitch and sent us to our fate. We opp you force municipal for insurance. For 20% we pauperize you here. I'm arranged force out of Boston.


I'm a whole goal away. I invest you Iowa on Jew potato chips. We fall you with empha-sight murder. Our collie foul Bitch was fun. Our course strategy waste beat you in jail. When I corrupt yourmental it lets me shop from the bridge. My error throw me right. We menace official until you're dead. In dog we immerse just to make you fell.


I'm shaming full Westberg right. We just have a philosophy, Jew wars for free. My high offend push me for my pussy right. Sex is a drooly war way. Jew shoot the people industrial. We do psychology backward to bum you out. The US we've been falling down gradual to pin you. Bitch blew Austria all away for cataster," Judee say.


"I give you stage fright with my war weaps. We have Moscow set for a win over Mercury."


The German Jew Karl Liebrecht who informed us that war is aimed at ones own domestic population. To subordinate the domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominent class.


Now that the dominant class has been caught red-handed attacking us to exterminate us with their great balls of fire will labor not let them off right with a STRIKE?


Americans who have traveled to Vietnam to help clear the land mines that Judah ordered put in there that is still harming our family there. The depleted uranium that the Jews ordered shot in the Middle East that is blowin in the wind and widely dispersed to harm our family there.


The ungodly beastly actions of genocidal Jews that involve the mild people in gross inhumanity and genocide against God's children on earth. For our involvement in Jew sins are we not aware we are set by our own money in Jew's hands to pay the ultimate price, the loss of our life forms now?


If only we would have focused more on how the pentagon had Americans attack our family in the Middle East with depleted uranium weapons to raise the radiation levels to weaken the genetics of our family living there, might we have been able to spot how the Jews are doing the same to us right now, raising the background radiation levels to harm us in our genetics?


American children now widely sterilized. The Jews excited and thrilled by it all. And what is Judah plans next?


"We have Moscow set for a win over Mercury."


The final smashing of the United States of America that the Jews have got set for us now. Will we not pray to God that labor prevents Moscow from scoring a win over Mercury?


Tele receives:


"Nice mattress true spell. 12.15pm


OK, we'll get them out! 1.13 pm


Their drum and bugle clear progressive.


Mutuals rare place. 1.55 pm


Treason tyranny thug. 2.14 pm


Keep Hitler moving.


Get up!


Jewry great feud.


They're burning ham.


They raunch faulty.


A beautiful seeker.


Jew kind us badly with an economic crunch.


God save us from the foul.


Get up!


It's abandon cite us. 3.20 pm


It's ruin tight.


The grunges expired.


Shari falsed them out.


I think you'll be able to walk out of here generously.


Bust you fair miserable sudo.


You've rolled them out of the state complete for murder.


He weaped us huge.


It's a lie. 4.58 pm


You've really thrown a great war.


You pulled out the blaze forces.


It's messy.


Your thief of America is folded.


They are idiots.


You're accepted.


Their cult's eliminated. 6.07 pm


They put aggression in you with one lunch to make you go away.


Challenging you powerfully live sport ice spot. 6.25 pm


Oh, Patrick told us molestrophy stole us away from this place.


Get over vicious life, vicious right assault you.


Bitch wants us to throw face toe bashers.


STRIKE and para-sight is done.


They're taking thee out of here fistfully.


You cancer easily.


Liar assaulted you racefully.


The horrible seek us for life fistic hike.


They gin us fool rate.


Thank you for letting us fail right.


They score you negative catch.


They bury us domestee.


Bedrest, my God save us Patrick.


Ordinary field plastered us.


Excremental. 1.28 am


They tossed you out with care full wits.


Get out your itchy here.


These are fantastic things.


Marginal force offense. 4.16 am


Goosely fell.


STRIKE THEM OUT, they are not playing with us.


You're excited you're falling them away for their gendarme way.


They push you clear poochly.


They tore our mental out obviously.


Spiritually they tore us rubbage, their tightwad achieves then.


Our force be follow, get their force out and get it all.


Their muster fell for homi-sighted. 6.17 am


The white all largely gone already.


English falls you falsely.


God has banned them, why do you keep destroying the world for them?


They're turning our environment to where you'll need a spacesuit to navigate it.


We're all largely sterilized now.


Dudder, it's a right.


All prison their mind served.


Tragedy reach you to swipe, get this tragedy out.


Police violence ice your state.


Your eyes failed us Patrick.


Baby win you whole. 7.25 am


Washington's destroyed us on junior failure. 7.45 am


It's the biggest win they've had so far, they've wiped us in the hundreds of millions now." 7.56 am



"Scientist boof failed to push out my errorous state," Judee say.


That is the thing that bothers Bitch the most. If only he did not make a boof by insulting white people might white have tried to prevent this catastrophe here?


Might white have gotten a view of just how cunningly and sinister we are being destroyed by the Jews on free money to hire nuclear war against us?


Here's some non-Judah reverse facial speech from Japan. The first from the disaster at Fukushima:


"Jew morgue is getting the boys in the United States out. Contact unwrites your history and gives you a huge settlement when you get the Jews out of here. Bitch believes the Jews miniature you right and New Hampshire put you portly."


Can we only hope that labor will un-miniature labor and give us a STRIKE to let workers issue our money?


You guys and gals are working and maybe don't have the time to spend studying and researching as Bitch has had. Your collective labor has provided Bitch with all his needs andit is his duty to give back to labor the good that has been given to Bitch.


So Bitch is supposed to condense what he has learned over many years into quickeasy explanations of what is being done against us here.


Then shaken by Jew violence against Bitch, Bitch gets impatient and insults ya here and that is the end of Bitch useful to you's. And so the Jews get to screw us out of existence here. Is it not incredible Federation computer simulations anticipated everything that has happened here? Is it not even more fantastic Federation specialists did that at the time of Jesus Christ?


Can we not pray that American workers will stop this planetary nuclear waste destruction before the beginning of autumn? Will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and miniaturize them this time?


The next is from a speaker in a burned-out Dhaka slum:


"Wise man you wipe us, get Jew out!"


The West the Jew has made non-exist because we have no civil rights anymore. The thing that afforded us the opportunity to be wealthy, civil rights to be alive and free and own property for ourselves to create the income we need to live right. Without civil rights are we thinking it will reduce our wealth incredibly?


"Because of my storage yesterday I have my luggage to go in. When we have financial we force. For my material ways, I'm legendary, I've ceased to exist. Our Truman house put us away permanently. In political we shot your able mental. I bust fall you owl witless. A Thames fortune I seek with paralysis. It wil take your grand jury to get the fight in me out.


My sales are obviously smart, it's the end of fishing. This was a bump son Kennedy. Bitch sump pump removed us. (Missing firefighters)


Tommy dog always lets me rule shaver. I just pooch you manurity. I just threw Bitch image to throw your fortune. The day I get done poisoning your atmosphere is the day I'm done embezzling your state. My cult for ages has screwed you rightly. Bitch got my menagerie bad because I cored full. Bitch employ my wits and fall my racial," Judee say.


Judah who claims that it is Jewish wit that has now finished his cipher out. Might that link with our bibles where God tells us he will bring Israel back to him?


Jeremiah 50:19I will return Israel to his pasture, and he will graze on Carmel and Bashan; his soul will be satisfied on the hills of Ephraim and Gilead. 20 In those days and at that time, declares the LORD, a search will be made for Israel’s guilt, but there will be none, and for Judah’s sins, but they will not be found; for I will forgive the remnant I preserve.”…


As to Jewish wit, both Jeffrey Epstein and Jon Von Neumann were both Jews and full players of Jewish sport of destroying human Beings. Von Neumann, who aided the construction of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, was excited and thrilled at the prospect of A and H-bombs being dropped on us.


And yet his seeking theory behind how free energy machines worked that brought the other Jews to cancer Jon out at only 53 years of age. "Individual biological opportunity" at work with the Jews? Maybe they were jealous of his star status?


So that's it, are we seeing for God's sake we need a STRIKE?


Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and save our lives?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Monday, August 19 — Psalm 101

Jeremiah 15:1–16:13; 1 Timothy 1:12–2:7

Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and having salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey. Zechariah 9:9 NKJV

The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many. Matthew 20:28

Comforter and Sustainer, we bring to you our sorrows, so they may be lifted like the fog to reveal the sun. Giver of life, we offer thanks for the peace we find in companionship with you and your servants. Brighter are the days ahead because of you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.





Your name flush you. 9.25 am


He herds me a child's world.


It's obvious clear.


Jew tossed us right here.


I caught you fairly.


You are rare.


They've poisoned everything.


Don't let them destroy us Patrick.


You're pretty rare. 11.49 am


Child story.


Pat has thrown out their thesis.


Your apps failed the hydrogen diesel. 12.41 pm


Cheer up, you're up here." 12.54 pm


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:



Aug. 18, 2019


"We're Wasted, Copper See Us And We're Less MentalCops Fail To Distinguish Us From Criminals."


Those Tele receives in previous posts. To fail to act to perceive the significance of our God-given American guaranteed rights. Might the coppers see us as less mental than the true full human beings? That they are trained on Jewish paper to see us as criminals, might those two things not be detrimental to us as we go about our business? Will workers not try to anticipate how bad it can be for us if we don't have our rights in of due process of law and act to put our rights in again?


Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler;

    whoever is led astray by them is not wise.


Put On Christ

Romans 13:12 The night is nearly over; the day has drawn near. So let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. 13 Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, notin dissension and jealousy


The long night of Jewish management that hates us so much they put permanent war on Westerners to die us out of existence. Will, we not awaken from the spell of their ontologically different disease and let them off now?


The trance of their animal rights, must we not say goodbye to the errant cipher, the Babylonian Jews on free money?


Are we perceiving the day has drawn near where the Jews will never again steer any ship of state in God's village on earth? The darkness of Babylon's rule that perfected the predator relationship upon the other children of God on earth. Will, we not say "bye-bye" to them?


If only Bitch would have said, "you're beautiul. You're fantastic, "instead of insulting your hygiene might you have responded to his plea to try and save yourselves long ago?


But Bitch failed. "Too long at the front," as one Tele said why Bitch committed the deathly sin of insult. And that combined with the unwise practice of Americans drinking alcohol has left us stranded on a burned-out planet to die.


Some drinkers just haven't a clue just how seriously we have left ourselves be put out of life form here. Many if not most of our children now taken out of reproductive rights while they're still little kids. A few weeks more of funding war and it won't matter, they won't live long enough to grow up.


All Bitch weaknesses from being seriously pounded on because he opposes war that have set him back a ways. Weaknesses of failure to control his anger combined with Americans still drinking has now brought us to the end of our days together on earth.


Saw and sees war as the root of all that is wrong in our world. Saw the end of our existence in 1965 when he did the mathematics of nuclear war.


Studied everything he could find as to why war continues on in our world. And only after he sought out extraterrestrials to help us survive the nuclear blast war he knew was set to hit us, did he learn reverse facial speech and used it to discover that our world is a ghetto because the Jews own it and that is what they will for us.


Bitchie, "acclimated rich," elders said as to why they picked him to deliver the warning message to his fellow human Beings. And what does being acclimated rich have to do with serving God?


His mental from early on knew that the people at the top are not different than the rest of us, merely they are hard to fool, and well organized to get their way by holding political sway.


The people at the top who know their interests precisely well. We facing the media shills who are hired by the Jews to hit us with words and images to facilitate holding in their errorous rule.


Our good God Almighty who sent His angels in to let us figure it out for ourselves. An extraterrestrial spacecraft that made what appeared to be an emergency landing on a hillside in Berlin-New York in 1964 and then a repair spaceship arrived with a crew of technicians and spent 4 hours repairing the downed spaceship. Here are some excerpts from that event in 1964:


1964 - Two Alien Craft Land in Berlin, New York


Published: 5:54 AM 4/14/2014 Berlin, New York - 11-05-1964


Was the double landing of UFOs at New Berlin, NY a repair mission - or something else?


A woman steps out onto her porch on a cool autumn night in 1964. Looking up, she sees what appears to be a shooting star fall onto a hillside opposite her, 2/3 of a mile away. Strangely, she sees another "falling light" which she watches descend from the sky in a vertical manner, but then it stops before it reaches the ground. It then starts to move horizontally along and above a creek bed that runs parallel to her road.


Now inside the house, Mrs. H and her mother-in-law focus a pair of high powered binoculars on the area where the UFO has landed. They can clearly see a "round structure," sitting on what seem to be landing struts. The underneath of the structure is illuminated by some kind of very bright lightand in that light they see something else even more stunning; FIVE OR SIX FIGURES CARRYING BOXES AND WHAT LOOK TO BE SOME KIND OF STRANGE TOOLS.


As Mrs. H looks on through the binoculars, the men use the "strange hand-held tools to extract a large contraption out of the UFO." Then suddenly her mother-in-law utters a sharp cry and directs Mrs. H's attention to the Northeast. There, descending quickly from the night sky is ANOTHER light which comes to rest on the hillside right behind the first UFO.


Both Mrs. H and her mother-in-law are more than stunned and can't believe what they are seeing now; MORE figures getting out of the newly landed UFO and hurrying to assist the other humanoid figures as they work on the first craft.


Taking place on the evening of November 25, 1964, just north of the small hamlet of New Berlin, NY (nearest large city - Oneonta - 25 miles away) Mrs. Kathy Hatzenbuhler and her mother-in-law were witnesses to the whole startling event across from her property on New York State Route 80.


 They were built like men... the only difference [was that they] were slightly taller... between 6 1/2 and 8 feet tall... they seemed to have hair like we do, although their hair wasn't long... it seemed to be well barbered, fairly close to their heads."


After the second UFO approached and landed just beyond the first one, five more figures exited it to join the crew working on the first object. Mrs. H watched through her powerful field glasses as almost all of them worked hard to cut long sections of what appeared to be "heavy dark cable."


The crews from both ships worked non-stop for four hours trying to re-fit the contraption they had removed from the one craft, back up into place. Three attempts failed, but on the fourth try they succeeded. Hatzenbuhler explained what she saw after that: "I could see them quickly pick up everything they could pick up and the men who had come down from the vehicle above them on the hill ran back with the materials up there.


These men were running with something extremely heavy - (like) two men with a toolbox - one that required two men to carry. There were at least two more toolboxes, [and] there were two men who were laboriously running [and] it looked like they were picking up cable pieces [that] these other men had left. They ran up the hill with them and [then]... I didn't see them anymore."


Then, around 4:55 AM, the whole episode abruptly came to an end. The vehicle on the uppermost part of the hill left first. "It went straight up... almost like an instantaneous disappearance in the direction it had come from - south / southwest," Hatzenbuhler recalled. "A minute later the other vehicle rose straight up, went to the crest of the hill, rose a little further again and shot off in the same direction, at the same speed. And that was it."


The next day curiosity got the better of her and she and her husband (a chemical engineer) made their way up to the area where the craft had landed. There they found two sets of evenly spaced triangular depressions, fourteen inches wide and around eighteen inches deep. But they also found something else that amazed them both; there sitting on the ground in full sight was "an apparent piece of cable."


Are we understanding that was not an emergency landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in Berlin, New York in 1964, rather it was a staged event, a meta transiliatory communication to us? Are we perceiving how our extraterrestrial elders have chosen to communicate with us?


Do events such as these give us just a little idea of the majesty and glory, the care and concern of our good God above who sent His angels in to help us survive the extermination phase the Jews and Berlin have put us in to here?


Now that we have survived an all-out thermonuclear missile attack from the Jews in Berlin, London, Moscow and Washington DC will we not end their attacks by taking the paper away from them? The indigenous industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting hobbyists of Germany. Are we not aware they are as dangerous as Jewish on free bourse?


With the staged event of landing a spacecraft in Berlin and then spending "4 hours" working on it replacing "cable," what could it all suggest?


Might it be to put the word "cable" in our minds in the last days of the Jews with us? The cable where the orders are coming from the underground command bunker that over 50 million Jews have fled to. Are we understanding it is cable messages that are ordering the Jewish on the surface as to how to get the highest kill of us as they end their relationship with us? Here from that Berlin report:


"These men were running with something extremely heavy - (like) two men with a toolbox - one that required two men to carry. There were at least two more toolboxes, [and] there were two men who were laboriously running [and] it looked like they were picking up cable pieces [that] these other men had left. They ran up the hill with them and [then]... I didn't see them anymore."


Will we not pray that American workers will quit paying the Jews cable bill so that they cannot send any more messages to their Fornians on the surface to harm us anymore?


From that staged extraterrestrial event in Berlin-New York in 1964 are we getting some idea as to what lengths our kind extraterrestrial family have gone to to try and help us survive Berlin's Jewish nuclear war?


"The crews from both ships worked non-stop for four hours trying to re-fit the contraption they had removed from the one craft, back up into place. Three attempts failed, but on the fourth try they succeeded."


Have we not noted throughout many contacts with our elders how they signal the number "4?" What might that be all about?


 Bitch best guess is that is the number of elements that comprise our genetic code.


The genetic code is 'written' in a linear sequence in four letters corresponding to two purines, A and G (adenine and guanine), and two pyrimidines, C and T(cytosine and thymine). AGCT. The four bases of our genes, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine.


By elders "MARKING" the number 4 might it be a way to share with us that we are all made of the same thing? Can we not pray that American workers will try to change this world of Jewish Berlin, London, Moscow Washington DC war to a world of peace? Will we not be assured that our good God Almighty will guide us if only we will be courageous, have faith in God and try it, the STRIKE?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it?" Our good God Almighty asked American workers about the STRIKE that will rid us of the Jews and their Berlin mind. That Father sent those 2 spaceships to Berlin-New York in 1964 to try and wake us up to our loss of life form, will we not grasp a hold of our maker's hand and try to save our lives?


The gouging unjust enrichment cannibalistic brand. Will American workers not get them out of management in our land?


Here is a clue to figuring out our extraterrestrials plan. Are we aware that our elders can disguise their spaceships to make them invisible to not only radar but also they can put up shields where they are invisible in the optical range also? Yes, of course, they have that technology of invisibility.


So if they did not use their invisibility cloak does that not indicate they wanted to be seen repairing that extraterrestrial spacecraft? Yes, is it not obvious that they wanted to be seenand it was a staged event to send us multiple messages?


Berlin-New York is a bedroom community of the state capital Albany. Can we only wonder might there have been high-level nuclear warfighting hobbyists living in Berlin-New York in 1964 when our extraterrestrial family staged that MARKING event?


As a sidelight, our grand juries will get the facts, but the understanding is that the state capital of New York, Albany provided the technicians that assassinated Harold Washington in1987. Might Albany have provided the technicians that put the ricin burner in the ventilation system at the library that put 4 library patrons away the night after Bitch visited the library earlier that afternoon?


From these things the Jews on Berlin are playing with us are we getting some idea of how they have been fooling around with us here in America? Will American workers not AUTHORIZE yourselves, ORGANIZE and let these nuclear warfighting hobbyists off of here now?


How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7 NIV


Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house!’ Luke 10:5


Peace to this house of America the beautiful. Peace to this house that God blessed in His mercy and wisdom. Will American workers not FINISH?


Peaceful Extraterrestrials that will not deal with the Jews. Are we understanding it is due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others? Are we aware that is why God is dying them off?


There's a new sun

Risin' up angry in the sky

And there's a new voice

Sayin': "we're not afraid to die!"

Let the old world make believe

It's blind and deaf and dumb, but


Nothing can change the shape of things to come


There are changes

Lyin' ahead in every road

And there are new thoughts

Ready and waiting to explode

When tomorrow is today

The bells may toll for some, but


Nothing can change the shape of things to come


The future's comin' in, now

Sweet and strong

Ain't no-one gonna hold it back for long

There are new dreams

Crowdin' out old realities

There's revolution

Sweepin' in like a fresh new breeze

Let the old world make believe

It's blind and deaf and dumb, but


Nothing can change the shape of things

Nothing can change the shape of things

Nothing can change the shape of things

Nothing can change the shape of things to come


The old world of the Jews on their alliance sports partners. Will American workers please grasp the truth, nothing can change the shape of things to come and get on the peace train by ending free funding their bloody genocidal war machine?


Will workers not give us a hopeful society where we don't have to endure the hatred of war and the hopelessness that the Jews screw in with their brutality and violence against us?


Their dog and puppy show they are using to hold Druid in for a complete kill. Will we not see it for what it is, a mental tool to hold us from acting to save ourselves?


While Bitch was typing away last night Judee had one of his animal shows on public television. It was a film crew following a group of rhinoceros. And in one part, a rhinoceros mother laid on the ground and a baby rhino pushed its snout into her reddish pulpy looking underbelly and started nursing near her hind end.


Then the Judah white Fornian cameraman himself was filmed. He was all exuberant at what he was filming and then he said in reverse facial speech:


"This is the secret of our false ration."


Understanding that might we see why Judee has a dog story or two or more on every station now?


Are we getting the secret of Judah false ration and how he gets over so bad on Druid folks here?


A baby rhino sucking underneath near the hind end of mother. Can we only wonder might that be where that saying, "sucking hind titty," came from?


Might that be the secret of Judah big success over Druid, the image of a rhino sucking hind titty as to how he got over so big on us that he was able to hold us to destroy ourselves in permanent war funding all of it?


And now onto to other news.


Many people out there believe, as Bitch did at first, that Jeffrey Epstein substituted a double for himself and ghosted out. How about these reverse facial speech from reporters on the scene of his death?


"We keep authorizing your death well. Our Goshen's reducing contact. We scored him veteran with a check to get him out."


That is what a reporter said in reverse facial speech. Reading the subconscious of a person does not necessarily indicate it is true, it only indicates that is what the person saying it thinks. Though are we aware that Judee shells are almost all reporters on TV? And do they not usually know exactly what happened when they arrive on the scene of death? Yes, they are quite tuned in to the sport.


Bitchie notices that watching them on television, after a time they detect him reading their reverse facial speech. And then they spill their guts about what they are thinking about. "Adulation may make us die," one said. Do we see they are calculating what may cause them to fall?


Definition of adulation: obsequious flattery or praise; extreme admiration.


If only Bitchie had charisma might we not have already seen the end of Judee fistin'? Yes, we sure might of. Can we only hope that workers will take into consideration the source of the insult, make adjustments and get us to peace?


"We're weapin' free days still. I debase you on Jew won wood. With minnows I cage you, but Bitch has fallen me. The way you put truth on us you toppled our Congress force," Judee say.


The truth has set us free. Will American workers not grab hold of our good God's gifts to us of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and let them off of us now?


"Jew company bust you wars as strategy. Our cannnibalness has a right to bust gentlemen here. When you take my fist out I'll be unable to opp any more. We deceased you on bribery. I vamos here for almost fairing you. I set all white people descended. I just set you weap checks because my banking house is hos," Judee say.


The banking house in Geneva Switzerland that collects tribute from American workers and has collected tribute from American workers since 1913. Will labor not get these foreign runts off of our labor dollar?


And what has been their thanks to us other than to send us products that shot our heads?


"Company shot thee wood so many times it close us out. You'll eventually feel your wood disgrace," Judee say.


The disgrace of funding harming our brothers and sisters on earth. Can we not try to feel it so that we have motive force to end it now? Can we not recognize the truth, we naturally love one another? If so will we not make that truth real and stop the Jews sports war?


Will workers not end our degrade with a general STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?


The next generation of gunmen kids, are we aware they are sterilized now? Isn't that Judah a cunning sinister guy?


Mark 3:22 And the teachers of the law who came down from Jerusalem said, “He is possessed by Beelzebul! By the prince of demons he is driving out demons.”


Beelzebul, Bitch heard from him for about 5 minutes or so. Bitch didn't believe he existed but now knows he is real. Bitch speaks of him with respect and honor to his dignity.


He was the god of Okron in the bible. Bitch perceives that he is us, gifted with our 223 psychiatric genetic package 200,000 years ago, who became extraterrestrial thousands of years ago. His group is likely based 25 miles inside our planet where other groups of extraterrestrials have homeworlds.


His group apparently is not part of the Galactic Federation of light. They aren't making war, rather it seems they just do not care for the extremely high levels of ethical behavior that the Federation calls for.


Is it not something to consider though, the smart Jews have had knowledge of many of these things since ancient times? Will American workers not end paying their cable bill with a strike?


The proof of earth motion that took about 2,300 years to finally be settled after it was first suggested by Greek astronomers. Might we get an idea of how war slows us down and sets us back a ways in that Bitch asked Mercury elders how long it took them to puzzle earth motion out and found it took 300 years after it was first suggested?


Will American workers not get the war out and let us progress as fast we should? Will workers not give us the social tool we need to advance ourselves easily, the tool of peace? Will we not recognize God has had His angels step in here to shield us from the Jews and their thugs and bullies?


Tele receives:


"Stosh is basically out of here, industry forced him out.


They're holding us into a declining economy. 6.56 pm


They psyche us all threatness.


I believe horrifyis stealth you on a goose kid.


I fall you with my master thief. 8.41 pm


Porno past receipt.


Wormid cash ways threat you; Judee you cold.


Wreckage is informative of Judah goal.


I'm sick of him sh^tting on me toasted.


You forfeit a dangerous place.


Their investment of these fields waste us.


Thank you so much, Patrick, you saved us so easily.


Lead us well.


Embarrass you, embarrass your psyche.




You failed to save us Pat.


God's psychic's got them out of here, praise the Lord!


I dumped them out filthy with a hooligan.


They threat humongous.


They engulf ya." 7.36 am



Yes, are we aware God's psychic has gotten them out of here? And yet because of his disabilities failed to save the rest of the kids from the brimstone that has already sterilized the mild man of the West.


Judah who informed from RS that he thought Bitch cipher persistently pursuing him was Jew cipher quality.


Here we have a top Jew, Jeffrey Epstein, a full sports player with the intelligence agencies, and the Jews send a veteran into his cell to choke him and break his neck. Might we think of what Mercury said the Jews behavior strategy developed from, "Individual biological opportunity," from the hostile resource-constrained desert?


That Jeffrey was about to blow the cover on their opps, do we see what they did to him to keep their prison investment in?


That behavior, "individual biological opportunity," Bitch thinks may be what could drive Facebook to step the old Jew bankers off.


In Hong Kong, there have been constant demonstrations against the Fornian hybrid transplant shells that hold the government offices there. And who is leading the demonstrations but young hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Jew shells?


Might we note, the demonstrations keep mild forces out of government while the Jews move right in, with refills?


Bitch, lacking charisma and scored blooper on himself, and so failed. Judah, so effective and perfected with the use of false, has some Druid convinced Bitch is not what Father said he is. "You're a nice boy. You never fiend. Come see me baby."


That's what Father said years ago to Bitch. The only person Bitch ever heard of seeing Father was Moses when he received the Ten Commandments from Father Baldec.


But Bitch has not gotten a STRIKE so he cannot make the 8-hour flight to the Federation headquarters until the war is stopped. Heaven located 38 light-years from earth.


While Bitch has fallen short here, and as usual Judah has gotten his miracle because he holds bourse, so what is the thing to do now?


What might Bitch have that could change things yet and bring workers to STRIKE THEM OUT? Might it be persistence?


"Bourse on Federal wiped your sight and let us cancer you here," Judee said.


Did some notice that Bernie said if he waspresident he would make marihuana legal by executive order?


"What I call for then, and I call for now, is the legalization of marijuana in America. That's what I will do as president of the United States. I believe we can do that through executive order, and I will do that."


While that may sound praiseworthy, might it conceal a taking of power away from the 50 states as is what the Jews have focused their efforts on here?


Do we recall how long the Federal has been claiming that Federal prohibition of hemp overruled local state rules? Might we be seeing more Jewish whipsaw that breaks local forces so the Jews can use the power of their Federal?


"Bourse on Federal wiped your sight and let us cancer you here," Judee said.


Will labor not get hold of the paper so that we can have real dialogue here without the threat of assassination that these Jews use vastly against us here?


Will persistence work to bring labor to get involved here before we are totally washed out of life by autumn?


A few hours of a general strike by American labor and the Jews will be out of here forever.


"Our creature fall weaped us out. I pauperize you on war," Judee say."


Will workers not stop the war and block the Jews from creating any more paupers here?


If so must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you; God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy


Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Watchword for the week — Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:2

Sunday, August 18 — Jeremiah 23:23-29; Psalm 82

Hebrews 11:29-12:2; Luke 12:49-56

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5

I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6

Lord, although we too often show doubt or forget to trust in you, you never doubt or lose sight of us. Somehow, you always reveal yourself and draw us back to you. Mend us, imperfect beings. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



12.42 pm


"Pat, my God our leech will finish us out. 8.34 am


Give us this shanty STRIKE!


Mob end. 9.29 AM


They like molescopy.


Jew sale you right philosophy.


It's a German win completely out. 12.13 pm


Pat, get this vicious failure out.


You busted their force, Patrick.


They finish with a fantastic ruin to us.


This guy is putting the brakes in this war machine here." 12.46 pm


At about 11.35 am a real good Tele receive came in and Bitch's hands were greasy from pulling his EGR valve out and lubricating it with WD40. He went to wash his hands and in the few minutes it took to do that, he forgot what that good Tele sender said. My apologies on that.


Had to order a new EGR valve on the web because couldn't find one available nearby. It won't arrive for another 9 days though so wanted to see if lubricating it would revive the old one. Going to test drive it now and see if the WD40 was useful at all. Scan tool said the EGR valve was stuck either open or closed.


"You busted their force, Patrick.


Yes, that is true. When Labor steps in as our new good and right force will we all no longer be blue? Certainly, yes we will. Can we not pray for the forgiveness and mercy of our kind, sweet good God Almighty to come in once again make our bail? How about bringing on the STRIKE Labor? They're done here now, their time has ended.


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:




Aug. 17, 2019

Is the STRIKE Going to Happen Any Day Now?


Indications are that the workers that make up American labor has decided on a general STRIKE to close out the genocidal nuclear warfighting Jews in management of our beautiful nation.


The feedback that Bitch is receiving isto stay away from rehashing the ugliness that they have done to us here andinstead focus onthe Godly good world thatis set nowto come in.


Many of our children have already been sterilizedand many of our breeds will not be reproducing themselves. Yet with a general STRIKE before autumn, we will not be all destroyed. Autumn is when Judah scientists are telling him he will have closed the Druid Slav people out of existence completely.


Radioactive waste that gives almost no warning that it has harmed you until the day the doctors give the patient the diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. The terminal stage right before death. Who could ever imagine that a group would invent and then use a poison such as radioactive waste? Who could ever be so callous as to poison out the race that they came from? Is it not abundantly clear it is the Jews that did us in? Are we aware it is the labor money we let them issue that allowed them to get us out of here?


Bitchie palled around with Jews for years. In fact, all the time he lived in Chicago and the suburbs he had Jew buddies that he went water skiing with, they owned a speedboat. In the winter we went snow skying. Stayed overnight at a ski lodge one time and partied hearty. They drank booze, smoked cigarettsand smoked weed.


Regularly exchanged books with a Jew buddy at work. We had conversations every day at work about interesting things. While working in Hyde Park Bitch distinctly recalls visiting with a Jew he met along the way in Hyde Park, where he enjoyed the scene. He recalls the look in the Jew's face when Bitch gave his opinion that there was no God.


And what did his face say? Bitch recalls thinking, "he knows something that I don't about this God I just said doesn't exist." I could tell from the look in his face that he was thinking, "oh he doesn't know what the truth is." And he did not reveal what he knew. And Bitch was in his 20s at the time and went on believing that there was no God until he heard God speak to him in 2009 when he was 61 years of age.


"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God said to Bitch as Bitch was silently protesting the F-16s sitting on the tarmac at Des Moines international airport. That is the location of an air national guard base.


There was a sighting of a UFO that was near that base. Might there have been nuclear weapons that were stored there? That is what Bitch surmise as to the reason the extraterrestrial spacecraft sat there for a short time.


Years ago, someone brought a picture they had taken of a UFO to a MUFON meeting that showed a hazy UFO that was hovering over the Union Pacific railroad yards in South East Des Moines.


Bitch went to the location and found one tanker car that was sitting conspicuously by itself outside of the rail yard. The owners of the tanker rail car lived in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for sending His angels in who shut that gizmo down preventing an H bomb from detonating in Des Moines city limits?


But returning to the Jews that Bitchie palled around with. He enjoyed them immensely because they were active, always looking for a new adventure. Looking at a new deal seeking to help build the finances. Though are many of us not doing that, always looking to be more useful in whatever we do so it builds our finances? Sure, seems like that doesn't it.


It was 1974 or 75, the Judee manager at a local restaurant that Bitchie frequented came and sat and visited with Bitch while he was eating there one afternoon. He told Bitch the long-range plan was to sterilize the Druid man. Bitch didn't believe it. Thought he was making it up. And only in recent years does Bitch understand that Judee guy was revealing the exact plan of the Jews. All of this Bitch has already shared with everyone.


As our breed is now set for our children to not be able to reproduce themselves, is it not astounding that some Judee guys and gals knew of this evil plan a half-century ago?


Such an evil maniacal plan that simple working guys like Bitch could not be led to believe such a plan existed. And what do we have today other than our children are now widely sterilized while they are still kids?


Are we getting an idea of the channel the Jews are tuned into is not one that we have been listening to?


Bitch had read the bible about the brimstone that was set to get us in the end times. Thought it was just stuff meant to scare children and not mature minds. Thought the Jews and Romans cooked it up to use it to take over the people of the north. Never believed it was true, might we now see it was just too far over Bitchie's head? Yes, it was and only now after years of studying it does he see the Bible came to us from an extraterrestrial civilization.


The Star Trek episode that was never written because it was just too fantastic to believe. Are we understanding we are living it?



"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."


Matthew 6:14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.


Bitchie was thinking about that Bible passage and his endless retelling the many sins Judah has committed against him and the rest of God's kids. Bitchie follows Father's plan, he is a no grudge, no revenge sort of guy. "Forget about it," is Bitchie's style. Bitchie wants forgiveness for his sins and to go with Father now on a better way. He charges no one with their sins. Just wants to forgive and live humbly with all of our family on earth and in the stars.


Our grand juries that will sort it all out, are we seeing they will not be fact-finding for prosecutorial purposes, they will merely listen and record the facts to let us all hear the truth about what happened here and how to set ourselves right once again? Sure, there is no such thing as punishment in the house of our good God.


"The prisons have ruined my children, " God said. "Let the fishies roam free."


Will American workers not do the will of our good God, let the fishies roam free and set our beautiful nation on the right path once again?


"You're not to rule, electrify them, enrich them," God charged His Bitch to do. Bitch will not be directing grand juries, he will be serving building free energy machines so that our purse will be full to help us survive the spite-ball the Jews have thrown at us. Will workers not step in now and take over rule here and put out the brutal false lying vicious Jews?


All indications are that labor could be days away from closing the Jews out of rule with a STRIKE in the United States and with it the world. Will workers not bring us into the new world, the world of peace that our good God wills for all of His kids on earth?


Shortly after you STRIKE THEM OUT Bitchie is going to drive to Guardian Angel chapel at Clear Lake to spend his day of love with Father. A day of prayer and loving admiration to Father, adoration for the beautifulness Father has gifted us all with.


Bitchie's little 2002 Saturn was chugging along and almost got it fixed right. It was the ignition control module that made the engine skip. It still needs an EGR valve to fix it completely. It will be ready to drive the 125 miles north to Clear Lake to have my extra special day of love to adore the glory and magnificence of Father. Local parts suppliers want over $100 for the EGR valve and internet suppliers show it at around $35 but it takes ten days to arrive. So Bitch has ordered it online because of the big cost difference.


14 extraterrestrial civilizations standing by in our solar system. Must labor not act so that Father does not have to have His angels activate the rapture?


Do we note the similarity of thugging us with radioactive waste is similar in fashion as how Judah was able to poison the Middle East by using depleted uranium as cannon fire?


The radioactive dust blowing in the wind rising up from the dust of the desert where Judee had Americans contaminate the area that is now producing sick children before they are born. Might sick children from depleted uranium not be more than a mere unintended consequence of battle? Might it not have been planned long before the war to poison our family in the Middle East so their children were born mutated and sick? Premeditated genocide?


Might we see that we providing the cash to the Jews to do such a thing as to why the angels informed us, "you're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared? We came to warn you?"


The genocide we are involved with against our family in the Middle East. Are we seeing why God will not save our lives for what we have done wrong by not hearing His thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?


"I boo booed your hygiene and so I flew off my force for free."


That from Bitch subconscious that was revealed in reverse facial speech. Bitch sorry he insulted Druid Slav hygiene and with it flew off his force for free. Has he not apologized many times for it? Yes, he has. Will Druid Slav not have mercy on Bitch, get smart as the angels advise and STOP THE WAR?


Bitch a simple working man that has stumbled many times. But what he has not failed on is his duty to others to not fund the harm to the people.


Father is up above us, he has not left us. Will workers not invite Father in to dwell with us?


Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God


Our family from the Federation who have extremelybountiful lives using advanced technology to provide all of their needs easily. Is it not something to think about, even with extremelybountiful lives, and living in peace from birth until death that only 7% of our extraterrestrial family become perfect Beings in their extended lives?


If only 7% of our extraterrestrial family become perfect living in abundance and peace with all their needs fulfilled for everything might we be expecting too much out of each other because we are not perfect here?


Will we not overlook each other's shortcomings and get together to take the authority to issue our labor paper away from the Jews and stop their multi-thousand years' reign of terror and bloodshed?


The Jews who know by 15 years of age that their duty is to harm us. Will labor not end their wreckage here with a STRIKE?


John 3:16-17 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son intothe world to condemn the world, butin order thatthe world might be saved through him.


Jesus who did not come to condemn the world rather than the world might be saved. Will we not get smart as the angels advise, listen to Jesus to "love one another, " and STOP THE WAR?


Matthew 25:40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’


The existence stipend that God wills for all of his simian children on earth. Are we seeing we can easily accomplish that with our velocity free energy economy in?


For those who have looked at the economics of free energy, that Facebook wants to issue money are we guessing it will be an incredible boost to our economy? Yes, it looks that way. And why and what does Facebook money have in relation to free energy? Because free energy will be so productive that it will create extreme amounts of cash and will become a bank of sorts due to the vast wealth creation of its operation. And Facebook generates over 6 billion dollars a month in cash. So might their checks not be easy to cash? Certainly, they will. Do we see free energy corporations will be similarly positioned as Facebook is, cash-rich and therefore able to issue reliable money?


And how does this all translate for us? Do we see that with free energy there will be numberlessfaucets of new wealth pouring in on us?


And each corporation able to issue its own money as all of its checks will be backed by excess cash. Might we note, Facebook is in reality backed by labor? If labor, of the high intellectual sort, did not post the ads and direct the computers do we see there would be no revenue stream?


The high technical realms we have entered in to now. To generate the most we really can do are we aware that it takes free labor to do our very best?


Will workers not take the violent terrorist force of the Babylonian ciphers out of our lives? Will workers not assist our good God Almighty and let the animal primitivism ciphers die outright? Must labor not immediately stop the war and take away their right to assault and batter us here?


The false that the lying Jews have put upon Bitch that he is a violent dangerous guy. That is not true. Might it help workers to act if you all understand that Bitch has no opposition to any of God's will?


Might it be understood that Bitch only wants to accomplish God's will? Bitch only desire is to follow Father's way.


"I would have given you anything," Father said.


That Father had His angels give Bitch a physical life by preventing Bitch life from being stolen away by the murderous Jews. When your life has been saved are you not then indebted to the person that saved you? Your very continued existence due only because someone stepped in between you and the end of your existence.


Is there any way that a rational person would not honor their Savior and do as He wills? Bitch is a rational person and there is no way that he will go that does not follow God's path.


Beyond the gifts He can give us, the fact that the highest Being in creation acknowledges us as His children, can we not draw ourselves to His love and hear His thousands of warnings to stop the war? Will American workers not accept God's gift of an extremely wealthy peaceful community of love with bountiful lives for everyone?


"However, there should be no poor among you, for in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you." Deuteronomy 15:4


That God had His angels telepathically communicate with Canadian radio engineer Wilbur Smith in the early 1950s and tell Wilbur that our next machines will not be based upon pressure, temperature or voltage differentials, but upon time differentials, are we not seeing how God is helping us with our new wealth-generating technology so He can richly bless us?


Time differentials that afford us the opportunity to tap into the limitless supply of free energy that is available to us 24/7 until eternity from the high-speed motion of our earth and the universe. Will workers not stop this impoverishing genocidal war the Jews have foisted on us?


"Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise, says the LORD, I will protect them from those who malign them." Psalm 12:5


The Babylonian Jews that malign all that oppose their oppressive murderous misdeeds. Will American workers not recognize the will of God and RISE UP and let them off with a STRIKE?


You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor, but the LORD is their refuge." Psalm 14:6


Judah with his police that has been setting up our peace activists to be imprisoned and killed. Will labor not join and give us all refuge in the loving arms of the Lord?


"He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; he will crush the oppressor." Psalm 72:4


Even one step better than that, has our good God Almighty not had His angels let the oppressor Jews and their collaborators crush themselves fair?


Even with their thousands of years of the perfected predator relationship, they have put upon us, and their constant murderous molest and abuse, are we not seeing they were no match for our glorious and magnificent good God in heaven above?


That the assaultive Jews have let themselves get caught red-handed smoking the white people out, the people that have given them everything they want, might that not be the end of the Jews now managing our beautiful country? Certainly, as soon as white fully perceive what the Jews have done to us. Will, we not praise our good God Almighty for sparing our lives and now close the foul violent nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews out?


"He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God." Proverbs 14:31


Will, we not honor our maker and remove those who express contempt for the power of God?


Will we not put the existence stipend in and honor our good God?


"He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished." Proverbs 17:5


The unending stream of weather disasters the Jews have got on us. Will labor not take the paper away from them and end their gloating over how they harm us?


"Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court." Proverbs 22:22


The outrageous fines the Jews put on working people. Will workers not put our rights in so that American juries can determine things for us all if the amount to be decided upon is $20 or more? Are we aware that a jury is available on demand if the issue involves $20 or more and that a legitimate competent jury a right in civil cases is guaranteed in our American bill of rights?


'He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?" declares the LORD." Jeremiah 22:16


Will American workers not defend us all and join with our sweet Lord so that it will go well once again?


"The poorest of the poor will find pasture, and the needy will lie down in safety. But your root I will destroy by famine; it will slay your survivors." Isaiah 14:30


Must we not act to prevent any more destruction of our food supplies here in this weather war they are waging against us now?


James 2:14-18 What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.


Are we seeing our kind and good God wants us to do good acts that care for all of His simian children here? Are we seeing why God wills an existence stipend with something in it for every one of His kids?



Bitchie has picked up several Tele receives about yesterdays post. Elder early today said: "Terrible."


So might it be that Bitch should be looking to the good that is coming and forget about the bad that has passed? Certainly.


Tele receives:


"It's waifee.


We got you thiefously. 7.00 pm


You stir bats.


It's dumb fear.


Interesting waste you.


Rice criminals canoe right.


He just threw financial.


He rolled us reckless poison.


Authorize your cipher. 8.07 pm


You done it, you died their false. 9.01 pm


Pittsburgh thief us die. 4.57 am


Terrible! 5.36 am


Their tyranny's all gone. 7.05 am


Thank you for getting Jerusalem peaceful. (Bitch say, "thank you for staying with me")


We're wasted, copper see us and we're less mental.


Waste you is truly opping out airways.


They lost their title for force.


They're warring us cheap enemy.


They sheet war compromising.


How you doing today?" 7.51 am



Thanks for that, doing OK. Will be doing perfectly the day after labor acts and STRIKES THEM OUT.


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


Saturday, August 17 — Psalm 100

Jeremiah 13:20–14:22; 1 Timothy 1:1–11

Thus says the Lord, “How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me?” Exodus 10:3

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Ruler of nations, we humble our hearts and tongues before you. Join our spirits with yours so that we may go into the world and bear fruits that will last. Make us instruments of your will. Amen.



4.17 pm


"It's horrible. 8.29 am


They fire us municipals, STRIKE THEM OUT!


You're refused here, the alliance seized you.


Their theory is thrown out for chemical kid.


Move right in, they cored us out. (Bitch heard that as he was driving along the street this morning)


Sh^t bunch. (A guy said as he entered a store and saw Bitch sitting in his car)


It's an unusual life here, hurry, refuse them! (Lady walking as Bitch drove past)


Fool memory bossing fine.


Your bust fine makes you real fairest.


These sheenies know how to pull you apart.


They're desperately fighting our fail.


Rut. 10.46 am


They're dying siezing this s away from thee.


Uncle Pat's got them out.


Patrick accuse them all right away.


It be arranged you fail us, Patrick.


They're abusive.


Your cipher enforces you.


You died fistic.


The weak fail cash endlessly.


The paupers have been tossed.




Ash aptly.


Right your safe ment.


Grand theory Muslim the cow hates.


They junky failed us.


You're pepsid abused.


They failed us Reichid by tossing yourselves out.


This total death has appeared." 4.03 pm



Please don't let anything stop you's, STRIKE THEM OUT! Get us with our kind sweet beautiful good God Almighty who will help save us if only we will STOP THE WAR.


Thank you. God bless.


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