Feb. 23, 2018

"I Fearlessly Shot You Electricity," Judee say.

And how shot did Judee shoot us with electricity?

Is it perceived that he fearlessly shot us electricity that is set to die off a third of the human race?

With total control of all sources of information, print, radio, and television, plus controlling our education system, have we not noticed there is almost no warning of our impending doom?

The few slight cues we get of our impending doom that comes from the internet. Will we not try to wake to what a few commenters there have said to us?

The commenter from years ago that suggested we get tanks of nitrogen so that the whole family can go peacefully together rather than dying off individually.

Should such a comment not clue us on just how deadly is radioactive waste?

Our entire atmosphere poisoned in a way that will kill us just from breathing it. Might we note that Judah has fearlessly refused to put boron into his odorless dirty bomb that he is stoking from Hitachi-GE?

Can we not pray that the victims of nuclear war genocide will awake and end funding the nuclear war that we are suffering?

Reverse speech analysis of Marilyn Monroe - Person to Person - Edward R. Murrow - April 8, 1955, 9,921 views
"Bourse raiders ever ride us in, my effort is to out foolishin'. My error is scrummaging pulling off my company. It's time for correction. Mercury is making an effort. I have more bust you right. Bourse has a HUGE error sight with hydrogen busting us right."
"I'm Mularkey parasite. Close your life performance; I'm selling this one up. This is my stripeo. Soviet guns are able to wash you perfectly true. I just purpose you right symbol. As long as I can keep the Martian away I'm with you.
This is my vengeance,
core you for free."
"---- -- ---- ---- -----; ------ -- -- ----. ------ ---------- -- --- ----- -- --------"
"My right past Germany failed. Jew has a big bourse swat behind to get his way. They take a peep, squint. I'm a rinsed success. Duck seeked. Kopf takes out states success pills.
Hustle you off in nicive ways. Cite you burlesque boo, my nylon is responsible for accomplishing this. I'm an obvious swit for summer.
I'm plurated, I'm schold.
Womb micey. I always app great falsing. The weal of sight are rich time. I want some props right with a jury.
They shot my cipher virtual. They're foreign falling us out. I have a boom for my chops here. A cannibal survivor rape me. They play with your genus like a melon. Their hos is all inadequacy."
"-- ------ --- ------- -- ------ ----- -----. -- ------ -- ------- ----
-----. ----- ---- ------------."
"Is that your repturous sights grand theory? You rice so over sin."
"-- ------- -------- --- --- ---------. - ----- --- ----- --- --- ----. - ---- --- -----."
"My can make softage. I'm bi-cipherin'. I've organized a fool analysis here. I just shoot them bad for philosophy. I was always a gem to get your race out. I'm a saleable gun with a Fritz guy."
"Jiminals, they fault you. Giapetto ouch fetch you right. I hesitate on merchant bourse opess, central way say Marilyn is screw dumb.
Judee fist you Iowa. I'm coffib insure."
"------ ------------ ---------- ---- ------."
"Alf true boursing false here."
"The whites have been set rapetous past. Childs boy helps thee force rule. Wonderbluss Jewish threat. Wisconsin ignored your cipher.
All British opps all play imp you. Puritan security kypes you off right, it's their necessary animal world. The world be sight (cite) bourse fight. Uni-central down ya. I know my state is falling Jew oppery.
Harold is sad they opp-a-gen right obsoboot. They're criminals perish psycho. My race now go opp wasted. I have racial love for my virgin. I want to bring you out of a blast-sphere.
Assault you mutual abraser. They fell us Belgianess; they ever fight you for freebie. You, nice guys, had a chance for high school, and they mauch you off.
I wish you boys would shoot the measuring. When we have armament truce Harold will grow right wits. I believe fist cipher is really shit.
Jewish USA really murder opped you, algred really died you. Pray exposing Judee appiness, their morosive race fold industry. They buy some Judah-felt sauce to make you happy animal for feud.
I see incurable ostragens. My luxury brain is awfully nice-ally. I cite controversy as a folding you force. Your whites are holding up a problem home. Maryland is going to app you all out.
Through Naples they make war."
"- --- ---- --- ------ --- ---- -----."
"--- ---- ----- --- -- - --- ----."
"I believe audi-ism will pursue you. Worst out scrimmage. The Jews are really vapid. I see London is not unusual with company. I say Marilyn chorizo is done, gone, it's probably the end. I'm at the end."

Video 13.37 at

All of those statements coming from the subconscious of the speakers.

Might we note that Marilyn from her subconscious tells us that her cipher is German?
"My right past Germany failed."

And what is the right past that Germany failed?

Might it be the failure of all of us to be aware enough to prevent Jewish from using us to fund and fight his eternal sports war?

"White children don't have any receipts, so we have them beat you up. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

That we have survived the nuclear war fighting genocidal hobbyists of Germany and American Jewish will the Slav Druid people not respond in some way to our radioactive chemical execution now?

Will the white race not clear our past history of Jewish violence, take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them and let us live in peace again?

The peace the mild people enjoyed and lived in for 30,000 years until the four-speed extension warriors showed up for some foul sex in the northlands.

Will American Labor not try to take the tears out of our extraterrestrial family's eyes as they watch us being exterminated in a MEGADEATH situation?

"Harold is sad they opp-a-gen right obsoboot."

The obviously obsolete boot of weap Jewish. The guy that is always hiking us everywhere he goes. Will Labor not recognize what they are doing to us here and end their ability to poison us out by taking the concession to issue our money out of the bloody private hands of weap Jewish?

"You, nice guys, had a chance for high school, and they mauch you off."

The high school up above our heads, the universe our elders in the Federation have welcomed us in to. Will American Labor not take the catastrophe Jews off of us before they finish us all out right on out?

The actual German cipher. Might along with Marilyn we think of Jacob Hutter (1500-1536) who refused to go to war and would not harm his fellow man and so Jewish weap cipher along with their alliance partners burned Jacob at the stake?

Will white people not try to get past the false and fear and close these dangerous Jewish genocide ciphers with their royal Obergruppenfuhrers out of here?

The shooting in the Florida high last week. In reverse facial speech Bitch picked up a couple of mentions of "Austria".

He also pulled the name of an island out of one of the Jewish student's reverse speech (RS): "Curacao."

One other Jewish student mentioned "9,000" in RS for the day.

After taking a look found out that Curacao is a Dutch island located near Venezuela. It has numerous large financial institutions located there.
Might the "9,000" and the mention of "Curacao" indicate the checks for the shooting of American youngsters were paid through Curacao banks?

Then took a look at Austria and learned the head is a Dutchman. Might there be a connection somewhere there?

Are we understanding American Labor that the Jew is in alliance with the old world autocrats and they are working in collusion to crash the goodness of America bad?

Might American Labor not appreciate that when Labor is issuing our money the bank records, along with insurance records, will we be open to public inspection then?

Might American workers try to gain an appreciation that it is unlimited power to issue free money based on American Labor income tax that has allowed Judah to bourse his murderous corruption and genocide in?

From yesterday's post:

"When you STRIKE THEM OUT, I'm going to give you some new bail."

Bitch wrote that Tele receive that woke him from a sound sleep and when he read those words from Papa early today after he climbed out of bed, tears came to eyes for the kindness of Father's love for us all.

Our compassionate ever forgiving, ever merciful Father in heaven above and we continue to fund and fight the death and destruction of Father's children on earth and Father instead of being angry, harsh and mean, what does he say to us but that when we STRIKE THEM OUT, He is going to give us some new bail?

And today after opening up the Moravian Daily texts found this:

This poor soul cried, and was heard by the Lord, and was saved from every trouble. Psalm 34:6

The trouble of being poisoned out in the best land ever for the children of God on earth, the United States of America on our wonderful, wondrous sacred Bill of Rights.

The sacred rights that are our heritage, the rights the Jewish bribed court destroyed to set us on the way to permanent war.

Will Labor not act on the love of God for us and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

The Jewish that are mature enough to understand that living on the surface of a planet in an aircraft-missile sort of world is a dangerous place to be and so they built themselves a vast underground system to live in while they bomb and burn us out.

Druid and Slav all set now to just add an "e," and we'll all be slaves again.

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end Jewish war disease in our land and world?

The 300 light year 'bubble' that the Galactic Federation of Light calls "home." Will Labor not try to recognize who we are and put our rights in so that we can move forward in peace?

The velocity electricity force that Judah has kept out so that he can sport us with Jewish electricity brimstone waste.

His poisoning out our underground fresh drinking water using the cover that he is doing it because we need gas and oil for our energy supplies.

Because his nuclear waste is dangerous and so to alibi it, telling us to safely get rid of his Jewish electricity nuclear waste he has to do it by pumping the brimstone waste right next to our underground water supplies.

Can we not try to look ahead and see what sort of wreckage Judah is leaving us here?

While Judah brimstone electricity waste is set to take a third of the human race out of existence, many will be Asian and African, are we not aware the largest single group that is set to be destroyed are the mild people of the north?

The jet stream that passes high over our heads is picking up the radioactive brimstone from Hitachi-GE and dumping it on the North American Continent where we are in America, and the waste travels on eastward in the jet stream to dump brimstone radioactive waste on the European continent.

Might we not see Judah war strategy is aimed to wreck as much of America and Europe as he can?

The cruelly manipulated poor Americans that are bombing and burning down our families homes in Africa and the Middle East.

Might we see by Judah using our free bourse he has been able to make over 60 million homeless war refugees that are forced to flee to largely European and American shores?

Then he plays his immigrant game with us.

Judah then trying to race everyone with tales of this that or the other.

Might we see the problems we face all arise from letting Judah disgrace us with our funding fighting his sports war?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and save us from every trouble they make?

Judah who has been fooling and porking us around thirty-five hundred years after he made contact with the advanced extraterrestrial race that created us 200,000 years ago.

Intentionally offensive to man and likewise intentionally offensive to God.

With man, he got away with it for thousands of years. With God, he shot himself right on out of here.

Jew's dead Labor, believe it, he's not coming into managing us ever again.

If he is truly dead, and any thinking 15-year-old doubt it? Then why is American Labor holding his corpse in yet?

The corpse of Judah that is wiping us and our children out. Will we not keep praying for the redemptive love of our good God to come in and spirit American Labor to let them off right?

Tele receives

"Dutchy's predictable.

They just bourse and fail and completely won. 5.22 p.m.

When something happens resign this field. 5.26 p.m.

Their pattern is weap us weapinal thief. 5.29 p.m.

They shot wit, they get you fair.

I can't sleep at night, too idiot, we don't want their war machine.

Psycho passed the state Jewish.

Super fell their age, but you died yourselves true butt morgue.

Falsely the mutual field ailed you out twisted. 12.47 a.m.

Patrick's fallen you's right for setting you's out. 1.12 a.m.

Patrick save us.

Your inside thief sold you a ticket to doom.

Genocide folds you ugly.

Oh my God save us here, Patrick save yourselves. 2.10 a.m.


Their Auschwitz take us.

The whole police department has failed us underground.

Goose felon.

You're almost failed.

Get them out of here right and failed.

He set us fair.

You're closing up your safe life.

It's in a fear.

Your whole ciphous is seriously failed.

I fail for letting them die you off this field.

If you do not put your rights in these Jew guys will die you in.

Your parish melts.

Take them off of their wit.

Your state rude will end your life.

They lethal rights here.

Close your right insurance state.

These folks are all mousey us.

Oh Patrick they full Reich us here.

Helps us easily.

Their weap was refused in their palace state.

Abuse fouls you off.

Boy chipped you because he sees truth.

They're giving us a glorious fail duds. 6.38 a.m.

Failed puritics have doomed you Portland gauge. 6.47 a.m.

Get out of their nefurious. 6.50 a.m.

We don't need it. 6.58 a.m.

You failed eruption. 7.13 a.m.

For 'f' forty efforts you failed.

They're bad savages. 8.40 a.m.

They just hold you for abuse." 9.09 a.m.

The abuse that Jewish seal in by using the power of Americas Labor purse. For the love of our merciful, good God above will American Labor not take our purse away from them?

Continues at:

The main utility of our existence, the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession, the authority to issue our money.

Will ordinary workers not awaken ourselves to the significance of what our good God Almighty has had His angels educate us about, and His will that Labor issue our money and accept this wondrous gift and take the concession to issue our money into your own hands?

"I just want to cite you gone. My mother's real state bore threat straight shot. I'm looking forward to some China opps in here for free. If I can bust you with a holy video you will give me your patch.

A mother fideo attached you. If I have you true instrument, I do believe boursee. I fool you famous with my vitamin. With my insurance rate I always get my right jerk with police.

I get you on a register so I can get your life. A baby is our life, it's how we open, it's how we insure. We mush you' monopoly fine. Your economy just failed, I love your sore spot.

It's due to adoration we do bad, speared you off. I'm glad I tossed you, stay in hell, I saved money here. I have my merchant right semen to ruin you. We're criminals; we just have as our assignment to murder you. Our form fatals you. Martians pulled us off of this place," Judee say.

Will American Labor not try to recognize that truth, "Martians pulled Judah off of here' when they pulled the thermonuclear genocide shot off of us that Judah tried to exterminate our race with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

If so must American Labor not do our good God's will STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and issue our money?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, February 23 — Psalm 30:1–5
Exodus 1:1–2:10; Matthew 18:15–35

This poor soul cried, and was heard by the Lord, and was saved from every trouble. Psalm 34:6

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Lord, may we forgive those who wrong us just as you forgive us. Let your love break through our grief and sorrow to heal us, so that our hearts may not become cold. O God, to you we pray. Amen.

Continues at:

NOVEMBER 09, 2012 10:30pm PT by Scott Feinberg

Amy Greene, Scene-Stealer of 'Love, Marilyn,' on Her House Guest Marilyn Monroe (Video)
What did the heiress Alicia Corning Clark say to the Greenes and Marlene Dietrich while drunk at a dinner the night before Marilyn died? ("She said to me, 'Well, how's your friend Marilyn?... Then she blurted out, 'Well, she's gonna die soon'... She said, 'Oh, I know that she's gonna commit suicide.'")



Feb. 22, 2018


"Our Error Won Complete, Busted Out All Of Your States."

That, of course, is a weap Judee reverse facial speech.

Judah engaged the goodness that is the United States of America into permanent warfare. The killing of our innocent family worldwide all paid out of taxes forced from Labor.

Bitch detected a couple of signals while sleeping last might that indicate American Labor may be going to act real soon and close the Jewish Chimney Store management outright.

Might we want to consider with the extreme level of power that American Labor has that once it closes out the Jewish management abusive, our planet will no longer have abuse in any land?

Is that not why the old world sports classes set their sights on destroying the good that was America?

Did they not want to prevent the thought of freedom from entering their subjects minds and bringing them to demand a fair, just life too? Is that not why the old world despots and autocrats put at the top of their list of things to do is to get the American people without rights?

And has Jewish not served the despots right by fooling and falsing Americans totally out of our God-given rights?

And what are our rights?

How about the right to life that Jewish take away when they shoot our kids down in these prison camps they call schools?

Might the right to life that God gave us not be the most important of them all? What good are all the other rights if we are not alive to exercise them?

The right to liberty and to own property. What value are they when we are dead and gone?

Judee tells us it was a marijuana patch that let him bring his despot ways in.

Has Judee's war on drugs not enabled him to steal from us good?

Might we perceive the war on drugs has from the beginning been a way to crush our rights?

Throwing grenades through windows and busting doors in as his way to do good things for us. Has Judee not fooled us right?

Now Judah is making arrests on suspicion using the despot tyrant laws of the autocrats found in old Europe.

And our family in Europe that tried so hard to put themselves in a nice field put the grand jury provision in in 1430 that brought about the golden age of Poland.

Might we deduce from that that free people create the most wealth?

Certainly, free people create the most wealth and this has been known about for a long time. Might we understand that jealous Judah does not want us free because we make ourselves wealthy and it incites Judah's jealousy and envy against us?

"It's too late to shoot Pat; he's already shot me," Judee say.

The report of Judah attacking us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb amounts of blast heat and radiation force.

Rather than Pat shooting him, did Judah not do a fabulous job of shooting himself?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His kind capable angels in to spare us from Jewish thermonuclear blast war?

Our Father in heaven who loves us all and wants us to live in peace with each other and come on up and join the rest of His children to explore the galaxy and beyond with them.

Elders arrived on planet earth 700,000 years ago. Over 8 million years after the Federation was created, and it took them that long to finally explore this little planet one of trillions in our galaxy.

And in 9 million years only 20% of our galaxy has been explored.

If the Galactic Federation of Light lasts as long as Prenasour, 78 million years, we still will not have explored our galaxy complete when our 223 genes pass out of life form. It's that big.

Judah who is waging war in all the many varieties that he is able to score us in. Mechanical war with boots on the ground terrorizing our family all around our world.

Judah war on our resources that he is scoring out by destroying the insects that pollinate the plants that produce the food we eat.

His war on our underground fresh water supplies by putting carcinogenic chemicals in to do his fracking for carbon energy supplies.

The courts that have ruled the chemicals used for fracking is a corporate trade secret and so the corporations don't have to reveal what they are putting into our freshwater supplies.

Might we not want to keep in mind that these are the same Jewish courts that reenslaved an honest working man after a Missouri jury set him free in 1854?

And more Jewish court decisions that have authorized the pumping of radioactive waste from Jewish electricity power plants next to underground freshwater supplies. Based on assurances that the radioactive waste will not seep into the freshwater supplies.

All the while our atmosphere is being poisoned out setting us to die off like flies in some years ahead of us now.

Might we try to imagine we're in an episode of Star Trek and the Starship Enterprise with Captain Kirk and Spock on board is anchored on the other side of our moon and is helping with the meta-gorical transfiguration of our species out of animal primitivism and into our extraterrestrial life form?

The 35 hominids that existed 200,000 years ago that all are gone except us, God's kids.

And why are we here and the other kids are gone? Could it be any other than our high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genes that gave us all the thinking power we need to survive?

The 223 gift to us from Father Kirkser 200,000 years ago that gave us a chance to survive the catastrophes on earth that wiped the less intelligent out.

The angels' genes that give us 50,000 extra vitamins and enzymes to help us think.

The angels genes that when programmed right will give us the chance to live the next nine million years in peace.

Then our time will end. 21 million years from beginning to end.

The Federation at that time will be 18 million years old, and if it goes as Prenasour did, it will have another 60 million years until our 223 genes finally pass out of life due to old age.

The incessant war of the errant life form. In our time will we not pull their score?

Judah who claims there are too many of us and we won't have enough resources for everyone's mouths is poisoning our resources out.

Bitch asked elder years ago about increasing populations and how long would our resources hold elder said, "eternity."

"We chose peace with no regrets," elder also said.

Mercury, Venus Jupiter and beyond. Over 100 billion human Beings of our creation on earth from 200,000 years ago already living and traveling in the stars.

The simple simian ape kids of planet earth that so excited and thrilled the love of Father Kirkser with the way we loved and cared for each other that Father Kirsker wanted us to survive and so had His angels gift us their high-level psychiatric genes.

Judah with his supreme intelligence knew quite a bit about these things. He knew that extraterrestrial Beings in our area of the galaxy base themselves in perfect peace.

Judah has known for thousands of years that extraterrestrials in our area of the galaxy do not fight.

Is it not something to ponder that Judah knew at the time of Jesus that Jesus was sent by an extraterrestrial peaceful superpower civilization to help us grow in peace?

King Harald of Norway that took the throne in 872 AD. Shortly after our precious sweet Father took His seat on the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Father Christopher had passed at that time. Father Christopher is who sent His son Jesus in.

Has there ever been an episode of Star Trek that approaches the magnificence of our elders in the Federation above?

Our precious sweet Father now 2,200 years of age. His beautiful life is nearing the end. And what is Father's love doing other than trying to save his beautiful simian children that are perishing in a Jewishly nuclear war on earth?

Father Kirkser declared us extraterrestrial stuff 200,000 years ago because we cared for and loved each other so well.

The cult of Judah with a deathly weakness, an inability to accommodate others now being died off right.

And yet Judah with his "rare" qualities of being able to fool and false fabulously, is taking a third of the people that are alive on the surface of planet earth as his catch.

Judah always fishing us putting lines out with bait on them. With such big catches that Judah gets might we not say a prayer of thanks that Father has let them get themselves out?

The extraterrestrial technology we have in our hands that is sitting on many of our desktops. The "Great Equalizer," elder called the computers that let us get everything done right.

The technical ability to feed house and clothe all of God's children on earth. Now at our fingertips.

So why then are so many millions of Americans living in the streets homeless, hopeless, destitute in misery and poverty?

Might it have to with the fact that all management no matter what color they appear to be are really Jewish Fornian shells pretending to be others?

The hybrid transplant Jewish Fornian Replicon brand that took over the entirety of planet earth. Their quest to spread disharmony and strife, make war and spread disease until they have the chance to genocide you and me.

Bitch has turned the television off pretty much in the last few days and is not watching the news because now that Judah has passed the seal date they are laughing that they have scored us Druid kids so well.

Many Druid kids sterilized and won't be producing offspring because of radioactive waste that our children have been inhaling.

Judah kids at a young age know this radioactive waste poisoning of Druid to be fact, as our elders from outer space know that fact. And of course, those that are focused know that fact also.

Apparently, that truth of loss of life form due to losing the ability to reproduce ourselves has not yet reached the majority of Druid workers yet.

"Your stupid stinks." A Tele sender said.

Bitch is not one to argue or criticize though he could point out, that Bitch stupid spotted these errant guys in November of 1965 when he did the mathematics of nuclear war.

Though Bitch technical is useful and elders said that it is beyond what Bitch himself is aware of, his social side needs help and has caused him to lose votes out here.

If Bitch's stupid stinks might it not be informative to consider that it was at least able to try and save itself?

Might Bitch's accidentally stupid but never intentionally ride side, that doesn't exist now and was only temporary due to deadly state terrorist incitement by Judee, arise from his one-eight stupid sand vibe side?

Might it have been the one eight sand vibe wit that saw death in a nuclear war in 1965? Might it have been the one eight stupid sand vibe that regrettably insulted you's?

Might we want to think how stupid Judah has proven to be for attacking us all out with his thermonuclear war force? If so might Labor not give Bitch a break because he got stuck with one eight sand vibe that is really stupid too?

"You're a nice boy. He remained true to me," Kind, sweet Father said of His Bitch boy shill on earth.

Bitch refusal to go along with any of the wars that the hustlers on Wall Street bourse in.

"He remained true to me," Father said of Bitch who was an atheist who didn't believe there was a God in heaven above.

Bitch remembers thinking that if there was a God in heaven above he sure doesn't care much about us.

Bitch logic was that if God truly cared about us would he not stop the war for us?

Might we see in the mystery and wonder of God is that he is giving us the way for us to stop the war ourselves?

Might we not say a prayer of thanks that God sent Captain Kirk, Scotty, Spock, and Uhura to help us wit ourselves in the right direction to STOP THE WAR?

Isaiah 41:10 (CEBA) Don't fear, because I am with you; don't be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand.

Our Father's house that has no such thing as punishment in it. Will Labor not let the foul breed off right?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," precious Father said.

While Judah claims that it was Bitch that shot him dead, do we see the gun that was used was fired from Judah's own hands?

The mirror that Mercury gave to Bitch that he held up that when Judah pulled the trigger and pushed the button that caused the ricochet that shot genocidal Jewish dead.

Will American Labor not let John Barleycorn die and try to save yourselves from certain extermination in this wide-ranging Jewish genocide aimed primarily against the mild people of the north?

Case of the Flying Saucer with Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)
Published on Apr 21, 2012
SPECIAL REPORT ON UFO's: Hosted by the great Edward R. Murrow, this 1949 report, set to video images, features interviews and sound bites of military and civilian witnesses to many of the early landmark UFO encounters. This recording is believed to be the first assessment

Barry I. Grauman
3 years ago
Originally broadcast on Friday, April 7, 1950 at 10:30pm(et).
Carolyn Childs
1 year ago
I believe this could very well be true. Just one of the things that is unexplaid. Someone said why don't they land, If we can not get along with people who live on our planet, what makes you think we would get along with somethng from another planet, or even be able to talk to who ever is in the ships.
5 years ago
Oh, sorry i thought You meant something else.
As for today's witnesses, they can be harassed, bugged, put under high tech surveillance that is almost paranormal in nature, be subject to psychological warfare, have their reputations and businesses ruined, and even run off the road, murdered or 'suicided'
Im afraid the UFO business is just as dangerous as ever if not more so! thanks
5 years ago
Reason why US won't open UFO files is because they're defending own "capitalism" based on mass enslaving of people - in correct translation they're defending banks and money. Evidence is overwhelming that's for sure. Thanks goes to the Internet which gave right evidence.

VIDEO 31.37 AT

Edward R. Murrow interviewed a woman from Selma, Alabama on that video that was with her husband when they saw several spacecraft in the sky.

"We had been riding along in the open country and had been observing a very beautiful sunset and as the sun dipped over the western horizon, I looked to my right and there in the sky were three small lights which appeared to me to be three very small clouds.

I looked steadily and said, 'no, they are not clouds they are airplanes,' and then I called my husband's attention to them.

And he said, 'no, those are not airplanes, those are lights. And we observed them very closely. But being in motion ourselves they were motionless because we didn't stop.

Right as we rolled along for something like a mile they hovered, hung there in the sky, and to us, they had the appearance of too sharp fluorescent lights, a silverish pink tinged moonlight.

And I said to my husband, 'that gives me a feeling that God is trying to say something to us. And we have had that feeling within us since.'"

That woman from Selma, Alabama gave that audio report to Edward R. Murrow in 1949, two years after elders crashed one of their spacecraft at the home base of the 509th Army Airforce atomic bombing group located in Roswell, New Mexico.

"That gives me a feeling that God is trying to say 'something' to us. And we have had that feeling within us since."

Continues at:

Will American Labor not try to hear the "something" that God is trying say to us and try to save yourselves from Jewish extermination of the mild people of the north?

Tele receives

"Jew thrown for his threat. 9.19 a.m.

Oh, Patrick, I love the Martians got their harsher right. 9.33 a.m.

I want you to take them off, Patrick. 9.50 a.m.

They fairly shot us racial. 10.36 a.m.

They just use you financial residential. 10.58 a.m.

They've got us on fatal. 11.08 a.m.

They sold you out collegiate right. 11.26 a.m.

They've pushed us away and psychic closed them out of here. 11.28 a.m.

Harold's head gets these guys dead. 12.21 p.m.

Shack failed. 1.17 p.m.

Nice one, you fall out their ruse. 1.27 p.m.

Cannibals are fuscious. 3.01 p.m.

You hike your gentlemen out so jailly. 3.09 p.m.

Hurt here. 4.33 p.m.

You lost to hostile. 5.42 p.m.

Harold rights are felled, they're dying us off like flies. 6.16 p.m.

Close thee opp state or they'll rapture us. 6.19 p.m.

Patrick helps us roll out thieves. 6.24 p.m.

One thing you do not do is offend nature rough. 6.44 p.m.

Jew failed fetching us. 6.45 p.m.

I think weap ace be deceased. 6.54 p.m.

It's embarrassing stuff they're driving you out with. 6.58 p.m.

Thief boom you paranoid. 6.59 p.m.

He got arrogant with shields.

Sheeny out here will blunt you in.

You get 6 of me, and you'll start rollin'.

Pat save our legitimus here.

Super interest of schools informs us we desperate this world. 10.12 p.m.

You lost your life in a fist frame out.

The viceroy was severed. 10.36 p.m.

Because of jails, our state side failed.

You die good ass bees.

My dog needs to talk to you, numerous veg. 12.05 a.m.

You win. 12.09 a.m.

You failed your rifle fisting here. 1.13 a.m.

Percents, it's your fold. 1.15 a.m.

STRIKE will bump air forces. 1.19 a.m.

You failed this vicious state out; you failed disasterly.

When you STRIKE THEM OUT I'm going to give you some new bail.

Their force be out for cannibal allergists.

The Jews here failed the safe road as their mission.

Father gave us our rights, their package is out of here. 2.31 a.m.

Chimpanees were refused for breaking your miracle.

Oh, this Patrick boy told us war is nefarious. 4.46 a.m.

Cheer!" 5.00 a.m.

"Thief boom you paranoid." 6.59 p.m.

Will Labor accept that Tele senders theory that Judah thief boomed Bitch so well that he got him paranoid and a bit out of his mind? Will Labor not accept that as why Bitch talked vicious for a time? Will Labor try to accept it was all crazy talk and nothing else? Thank you.

"On my sexual field I set you out. Contact wastes for me. Our big dog criticize. I have a fire to criticize. I perch with alcohol easily. My opps for poverty are getting rolled out of here.

Bitch folded us Pittsburgh, took out our foul police head. I pitched the cow because I foul wit you. I always use 4 eyes for a threat. The boy opped my management poor.

I always set you off with a trace ball. The rapture is in because Iowa is out. The angels cite me whip. I believe my principles be failed. I was idious for falsing you war.

Nice cored essential. I made a fortune putting the British on you. New Hampshire made my bus bored. We give you a right attitide to maltent you. We clear image you all off right. I fool you famous with my vitamin.

Our chain roll will go out with our tyranny then we're dead. I sealed you even with Martian opps on me, make you see shooter bad. I've taken you off with my voltage rights," Judee say.

Will Labor not end Judah's voltage rights that he is using to die us off right?

When you STRIKE THEM OUT, I'm going to give you some new bail.

Bitch wrote that Tele receive that woke him from a sound sleep and when he read those words from Papa early today after he climbed out of bed, tears came to eyes for the kindness of Father's love for us all.

Will Labor try to perceive what a wonderful loving Father we have and join in with Father's love and put us on the path of peace?

Will American Labor not please act for the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT so that Papa will gift us with some new bail?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, February 22 — Psalm 29
Genesis 50; Matthew 18:1–14

Does God speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? Numbers 23:19 (NIV)

Jesus said to Peter: “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31

Lord, we see your power in the thunderstorm, but we also see your delicate touch in acts of love. There is so much of you around us—reminding us why we desire to always be held by you. Amen.

Continues at:

Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (Uncut Long Version)

ᴴᴰ The Universe - Our Place in the Milky Way (S7x03) 1080p

Nat Geo DOCS
Published on Mar 15, 2017
An exploration of Earth's cosmic neighborhood. Looking beyond the borders of our solar system, what's nearby in our galaxy? How do the other objects in our local area influence life on Earth? And, how did Earth's place in the galaxy make it the perfect place for the development of advanced life?

Educational documentary about the universe.
Video 44.01 at

Near-Earth Supernovas
A new NASA mission will soon leave Earth to study the remains of some uncomfortably close supernova explosions

There is, however, one obvious relic: "All those explosions blew an enormous bubble in the interstellar medium," says Hurwitz, "and we're inside it."

Astronomers call it "the Local Bubble." It's peanut-shaped, about 300 light years long, and filled with almost nothing.

Bitch note: Elder just the other day informed Bitch that it is a 300 light year area that they maintain as their home search area for any that enter here. And just a few hours ago while watching a National Geographic video, The Universe - Our Place in the Milky Way, in the video they mentioned this 300 light years long bubble that we live in.



Feb. 21, 2018

"The Selfish Analysis is Finally Being Received Here." 3.12 a.m.

Judah's analysis of how he would sport the people of America. Hold our nose down and deface us by shooting us and our brothers and sisters in this world.

Keep us looking at balls flying through the air, so we did not notice what he was doing here.

Make plenty of beer available to fog our thoughts.

Blow heads on the street regularly to condition our unconscious with apprehension, anxiety, and fear.

Make millions of homeless people in America to threaten us in our roots as to what might happen to us if we crossed weap Judah.

But might it be true, the selfish Jewish analysis is finally being received here?

Tales of the Jewish deficit as the reason why millions must wander our streets destitute.

As our race is set to pass out of life form from inhaling Jewish industrial electricity waste, might the truth of the selfish Jewish analysis finally be received here?

"They're NO friends of mine. Ethically they're criminals. They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm. They have NO defensible rights. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty our precious sweet Lord and Savior said.

Warned for two thousand years of how Jewish would die us off in the end times, with brimstone. How is it that we have completely ignored our good God Almighty?

"They've completely ignored me," Father said.

Some of our family already sterilized before they have even reached the age to reproduce themselves.

Hartmut Grundler from our family in Germany who understood clearly the nature of nuclear waste genocide immolated himself, sacrificed his life to try and wake us to our disappearance by Jewish electricity waste genocide.

"They've ignored me completely," God Almighty in heaven said after giving thousands of warnings to Druid to STOP THE WAR.

Bitch, after reading the message from his civics lesson from Maxwell in 1991 accepted he likely would be shot out in the 90s. A cruelly manipulated poor person would score him out one way or the other.

Such a terrible feeling it is to know there is a big reward on your head.

And yet our Almighty God in heaven had His angels keep stupid Bitch in. And Bitch did not even believe there was a God above.

Judah's guns did not work when they tried to shoot Bitch. Their trucks just could not give him a right head-on collision.

And so Bitch lived on waiting for the moment when he could help close Judah and his nuclear war fighting Obergruppenführer hobbyists force out right.

And then it happened, October of 2011 when the angels whispered in Bitch's ear what Judee did in the middle of the night of Saturday, June 11, 2011.

Do we recall that Judah attacked the lower 48 with the equivalent blast heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs?

Within ten days the focused of planet earth knew what had happened here.

Bitch may have been making some headway but he iced it in six months by insulting his fellow hostages.

And now we are over six years later seeing the last of the Druid Slovak peoples right.

While it is wonderful personally that Father had His angels keep Bitch in, is there some understanding it was so there would be someone here to relay the message to Father's kids that Father loves us all unconditionally and equally and also to "SAVE YOURSELVES?"

Druid-Slovak, both mild peoples of the north held into funding and fighting Jewish war and genocide sport.

Not a single American Labor check has been missed to pay for all of the war and genocide that Jewish enjoy using the white face and purse for.

Judee's press trumpets white supremacy, while whites have all the rights of Russian serfs before their liberation in 1860.

Cruelly manipulated poor kids boursed for Judee's gravy trainways.

"You always let me take your rights away from you," Judee says.

What could it be that we come up with the best rights of them all, the need for a grand jury to look into the allegations before the state makes a move, and yet we let Judee take that most precious right away from us all?

The Chimney Store model of government that is now burning us out of life form. Will Labor not help us to close them out right?

Judee now scratching us right on out of life form.

"We always pulverize a chicken, " Judee say.

"Coward efforts," is what elders say about the milk toast efforts of American Labor to try and save us now.

While it is sad to think that our children now will not be able to have children of their own, might we think of the other side, it won't matter because they won't live long anyhow inhaling nuclear waste?

"The majority won't be around," is how elders describe what things will be like in five years from now.

The 100 billion of our elders in the planets nearby, Mercury and Venus will take their brothers and sisters, the six billion of us earthlings with them. A couple billion of us will die out now.

The peaceful human Beings will be delivered to another planet to keep growing in peace. Those that remain will be left stranded on a burned out planet to die.

Those that have the 5 million dollars will be like Judah, able to buy a place to be safely tucked inside earth.

The insects that pollinate our food supply are mostly died off. Might we not now expect that we are set for a big loss of our food supply?

"Without food, you're basically out of receipts." 6.32 p.m.

That Tele receive in yesterday's post.

Our Martian friends love us and have offered to provide food Aid to Americans when our food supply is seriously poisoned out. Do we see though, once our food supply is poisoned out our economy will be irrecoverably wasted away and with it our receipts will not be too valuable anymore?

The nuclear warfighting hobbyists sitting in the seats in Washington, London Berlin, and Moscow.

Will American Labor not give us and hand put them all into retirement?

The governments disguised as the legal system. Will Labor not let them all off right for shooting us nuclear genocide?

Repeatedly and continually attacking us with nuclear missiles to die us out right.

The alert went out that Hawaii was under attack by a missile that was aimed at Pearl Harbor to trigger World War III. 100 miles away many people saw the bright flash of an atomic bomb in the sky others heard the thunderous boom of the blast.

And the media tells us that the incoming missile warning was a mistake, it was just a drill.

"I won't save you lives because 2=2=4," God Almighty in His Majesty said.

The Druid-Slovak that has ever fallen to Jew, will we not just this one time wake up and try to save ourselves from being perished out by the Jews?

The Jew that uses his police to "maintain the disparity," using them to break off those of us who get too rich and merry.

The forcing of destitution, privation, and poverty in. Might we understand that is why Jew makes war and shoots our brightest kids? Are we seeing it is violence the Jew uses to maintain the disparity here?

Will American Labor not take responsibility for trying to save your own lives and end Jewish shooting war in our world?

Can we try to imagine the Starship Enterprise is anchored on the far side of the moon waiting to welcome us into the Federation in peace?

Our destiny to live the next nine million years in peace and travel our galaxy and beyond until the time, our life form naturally passes away.

Will Labor not give us the gift of peace in our time?

The reason our families left the old world for the land of the free, the land with liberty and justice for all. Was it not because of the old world hobbyists continually shooting us over there?

Our greatest statespersons, the leaders of every political faction. Our doctors, lawyers, business leaders, our university professors, the Nobel prize winners. The preachers and priests who purportedly gave us the truth. The media that have purportedly informed us all.

After doing nothing to prevent our nuclear extinction, will Labor not now let all the establishment voices off right?

God put His shill Bitch to reveal the truth and has he not shown ordinary people enough truth that ordinary people will not now get the vicious genocide off of us?

They constantly criticize us and call us idiots, gerbils, vegetables, and jerks. But who is the group that has worked a plan historically to assault and batter other Human Beings?

To intentionally harm and kill other Human Beings. Does that not sound like the plans only criminals would conceive?

That they have clung to their assault and battery plan now for thousands of years. Going against the Federation plans that we should become full extraterrestrials ourselves.

Though might we not be merry in thinking how sweet it is that Jewish tried to pick a fight with the right Beings this time who let them throw themselves out of space and time?

Bitch only learned about the crypto-Jew after elders taught him how to read the reverse facial speech.

Some of them are so excited and thrilled that they have been able to hurt us so that after reading them it gets difficult to continue listening to their thoughts.

The crypto-Jew that was reported in history that elders call the "Replicons."

One Judah anglo hybrid look alike transplant shell described himself as a "Fornian."

They have all that they need and so does it not seem they should be easy to get along with them?

But that is not the case. They have a secret life that is kept away from our thoughts.

They breed up Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shells in every terrain that are mind controlled by the cannibal cult to carry on with their historic mission to destroy the rest of the Human Beings on earth.

They acculturate their children with envy and jealousy. Teach them as little children how to fool and put us in.

Will mild people not have a Godly awakening and end the threat to us that Jewish and their Fornian look alike shells present to us and our kids?

To end their threat to our existence are we understanding we must get the Organizing Principle of Society out of private Jewish hands?

Bitch just looked at the back of his hands and wonders where the dark aging spots have gone?

He had another day that he could taste iodine in his mouth.

Might elders be putting iodine into the righteous to shield us from the high levels of background radiation that Jewish are assaulting us and our children with?

Might that be why the age spots are gone from the back of Bitch's hands?

Though those who lack knowledge may be destroyed in the billions by Jewish electricity brimstone waste as Jewish leave us for good, for those that pray to our good God Almighty might He save us with his grace?

"They've already made their seal date."

That Tele receive in yesterday's post.

That is what Judah scientists are telling him; they have already sealed Americans and Europeans into a MEGADEATH Jewish electricity brimstone waste die off.

Are some thinking, "well if this stuff is so dangerous then why are our leaders not telling us this? Why not a word in the media about it?"

Might that not be it, the fact that there is not a word in the media about the Jewish electricity brimstone death of us all, might the absolute silence not tell us a lot?

"I'm a little concerned with the dazed; they're dying right."

That Tele receive from yesterday also.

Only after Bitch's civics lesson from Maxwell in 1991 did Bitch stop drinking the alcohol stuff.

Once he perceived the Jewish state's plan was to take his life away from him, he never drank any beer or whiskey again.

His intelligence jumped two notches, from a 6th level thinker to a 4th level thinker over the next few years without booze in him.

Father told Bitch that "coffee desolate you." Since Father said that to Bitch about a year ago Bitch has not had even one cup of coffee since then.

80% of our coffee Judee diddles with dumb brain chemicals. Bitch used to filter it with a slice of bread to pull the dumb varnish out of it but Father informed him it wasn't good enough so he just does not touch coffee anymore.

Judah knows which cakes and pies have dull in them and so he tells his kids what stuff not to eat.

Goy, we don't know which pies and cakes are monkeyed with and might we lose some of our wits eating the wrong ones?

Might we see that it is our food and beverage supply that Jewish have ever been fooling us with?

Elders do not drink alcohol at all. There were at least two extraterrestrial MARKINGS indicating that alcohol is a chemical warfare agent Jewish use to conquer a people and turn them into hostages.

One was a fellow who talked to dark brown humanoid Beings that had landed in a spacecraft and during the conversation, he asked them about alcohol, and they indicated they would likely not have become extraterrestrials if they used alcohol.

The other extraterrestrial MARKING concerning alcohol was the 1944 Mt Deception crash that the passengers on the plane were missing, and a bottle of whiskey was found propped up as if it had been staged by someone.

A Plane Crashes in WWII-era Denali
Denali National Park & Preserve
A 44-man mission traveled through dangerous conditions to seek the wreckage of a US Army C-47 aircraft after it crashed into Mt. Deception.
snow covered wreckage of silver plane with men around it
Excavation in December 1944 of crash site of C-47 Skytrain at Denali National Park
Kirk Dietz

Denali National Park
On September 18, 1944, an Army C-47 left Anchorage for Fairbanks with a civilian pilot from Northwest Airlines, and 18 servicemen on board. The aircraft struck a mountain (now named Mt. Deception) 16 miles east of Denali. An aerial reconnaissance taken a few days later confirmed that all aboard had immediately perished.

Might the name where that plane crashed, "Mt Deception" be our elders' MARKING the word "Deception" for us?

Might those who have read about that passenger plane crash surmise our elders rescued all of the passengers as they were not found in the crash?

Extraterrestrial elders do drink coffee. Elder described coffee as "useful."

They drink coffee when they are retired. Elder said they don't drink it when on service in the fleet because it keeps them off the "tight edge."

Might we like to appreciate that elders that are helping us now never drink alcohol and while on service trying to get us to help ourselves are not drinking any coffee so they can be on the tight edge to help us get rid of Jewish management?

"It's established, they've been breezing us, scientist."

That Tele receive from yesterday's post.

The men who kill their daughters and sons. Killing the whole family. Might we not recognize Judee scientist sport?

The Pfizerous Abbotly ways of weap Judah. Will Labor not take our cash away from them and end their sport of us?

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our good God for having His angels let them throw themselves away right?

"You are a failed recluse."

That Tele receive from yesterday's post.

The Chicago sports Judee that called Bitch that name, do we recall it was because Bitch informed everyone what was in the autopsy report of a union leader that died of cancer after negotiating a fair package for the school teachers?

Will working people try to realize that as long as Judah has private control to issue our cash useful Labor leaders will not have a chance?

"You died your sweet forces." 7.40 a.m.

The youngsters Judee put in the other day in Florida. Our brightest and sweetest stolen away using cash.

Will American Labor not get smart and end funding dying our sweetest forces off?

"They take your life forces enviously."

Judah and his kids. Will American Labor not end arming them with our checkbook so they cannot carry out their death wish of us and our kids?

Continues at:

The Florida school shooting the other day with a few youngsters that were at the top scholastically and good looks that Judah shot out before they had a chance to help us.

And this Tele receive in yesterday's post:

"Because of this, I will take them off you nicely." 1.30 a.m.

Will we not pray to God Almighty to end the Jewish fail of the Druid and Slovak?

Might that Tele receive have been Father telling us that for abusing His children He will take them off of us nicely?

Tele receives:

"These are stinking people; you have to get them gone. 5.13 p.m.

Cool, you got them right for their vicious. 5.14 p.m.

Awescious. 5.29 p.m.

They died us, Truman. 5.50 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 5.57 p.m.

The cave's out of joint.

You lost your life attorney.

Quite suitable failed us. 11.26 p.m.

They dust you with rifles.

Your great wits are tossing out yourselves.

Too many forces failed. 1.37 p.m.

Bitch won't walleye us out.

A complete stupid mush is on us now.

God saved us wholly and we failed to save ourselves.

This will be the end of life form peaceless.

Patrick defeated all their streets.

They're now portable everywhere.

Violence has destroyed us.

They're tossing us lethal.

We've been driven out fair.

You've ghosted out your life forces rightfully.

They're idiots nostalgious.

Idiot was so refused.

Suspect is how they gift us.

Mind forces set you cage.

Their big jury sell obviously pushed you out.

Oh my God you're seriously falsing out your life fierce. 2.33 a.m.

Sore thumb sticking out Pfizerous.

Their selfish analysis is finally being received here. 3.12 a.m.

They've saved us all here and we do nothing. 7.25 a.m.

You're abandoned for racial. 7.44 a.m.

Jews shot us hold." 7.51 a.m.

The racial war that white working people are funding and shooting. Will white not respect and honor the dignity of all of God's children and STOP THE WAR?

The white face that Jewish just love to hide behind as they perpetrate their sins. Must we not get organized and act to help ourselves right?

Rightless people and Judah advertises white supremacy to the other guys.

Will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and close their Jewish eternal war management state out right?

He's got us reduced through violence. "Diminish what they are so you can take what they have." Those are the morals and ethics that sheeny teaches his kids.

"You let us accomplish you, you are the mini-most fair. I tossed you fieldlessly out," Judee say.

They're finished out now for their multiples of nuclear blast and brimstone waste genocide they have scored on us.

Might we appreciate that those will be the memories that we will have of Jewish once they are out of management and gone for good?

This is one of God's villages and Father wants them off. Is it understood that they're not coming back in again? If so will Labor not close them out right?


God bless you; God bless us alll. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, February 21 — Psalm 28
Genesis 49; Matthew 17:14–27

The Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Isaiah 52:12

Therefore we must pay greater attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it. Hebrews 2:1

Great Protector, with you by our side we shall have nothing to fear. Because of this, we can more freely focus on keeping your words close to our hearts. Weigh upon our minds what you desire us to hear. Amen.

Continues at:

The whiskey bottle that was found in the wreckage of the crashed C-47, was full of whiskey. It was propped up by a couple of towels as if it had been staged after the crash. Who could have propped it up?


Feb. 20, 2018

"The Rabbit, They''re Making Us Homeless Here. Harsh Punish Fails Thee."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Have we not noticed how Judah loves to punish us with homelessness? With about 4 million homeless in America has he not punished us right?

With Judah sports war machine that has created over 60 million homeless in the lands that we workers funded destroying has he not proven quite successful in using American Labor dollars to make our family homeless worldwide?

Will American Labor not hear the words of our good God above and STOP THE WAR?

School shooting survivors hit NRA-friendly pols with ultimatum
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Sunday, February 18, 2018,
Cameron Kasky, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, appears on “Meet the Press“ Sunday. (ABC'S “MEET THE PRESS“)

The high schoolers are putting the politicians who have taken donations from the National Rifle Association on notice.

“People who are being funded by the NRA are not going to be allowed to remain in office when midterm elections roll around. They’re going to be voted out of office. Incumbency rates are going to drop,” high school senior Emma Gonzalez said.

And right below the article of Emma Gonzalez leading the chants "shame on you" at politicians who took money from the NRA we have this picture:

Are ordinary people absorbing that Jewish kids were all in on that shooting of their classmates in Florida?

Are we not perceptive enough to figure out what Judah creates on his hostile bed?

Instead of looking at gun control as the issue to be addressed to end the school shootings might it not be more useful to take our purse away from Jewish, so their kids are not setting our kids up and shooting them?

Their youngest children will give our little children a piece of candy and die our child off. Youngsters that Judah trains from birth to take our lives away from us.

Here's some reverse speech from that young Jewess that is part of the opp in the Florida school shooting. See what you think if Jewish are seeking to do good things for us with their march on Washington:

UPDATE: 12.06 p.m.

Bitch posted this at his daily test site and quickly received a loud, "IT'S AN ERROR."

So he has taken out the reverse facial speech of this senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School high.








Bitch has watched many videos and has found "---" in several speakers reverse facial speech.

He also found that the British were there at the school from another video he read the other day. "There were some ------ here."

Bitch has pulled "------" out of reverse facial speech for years at these shootings throughout America. Maybe the British intelligence operative is "------ -----?"

------ reportedly died 14 years ago and was buried. Could he have ghosted and be an undercover operative for her majesty's secret service directing shooting Americans for investment sport?

While the name sounds Irish, might we not recognize ------ as a Judah in an Irish shell?

"-----" was mentioned by one of the Jewish students also. "-----" shows up in reverse facial speech at many of the shootings in America. Whoever ----- is. He was mentioned at this school shooting.

"Jew sphere is all hostile; you just cannot see us without a grand jury." Is what one of the speakers in a school shooting video said.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries and help us to close the 2% out right? Will Labor not help us to see these hostile hustlers right

The 'Deuce that has 5% of his Druid collaborators paper trained and the grips that are the 16% welfare that will do whatever Judah wants as long as they can receive a good check.

Might we see that leaves 77% of us that are not being properly represented by the democracy of America but are funding it all with our Labor?

77% of us versus the 'Deuce, the 2% that claims rights to shoot us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and disabuse us all of their errant notions?

Must we not help ourselves, take Jewish off of our paper and end the violence in our world?

Our precious sweet Father in heaven above who truly loves all of us. Will American Labor not listen to the love of Papa and help us to STOP THE WAR?

Are we getting any sense of how fair it is that we are being put to a cunning and clever genocide that Judee tells us only the bright will see?

Americans are funding all of the war and genocide that Judah enjoys doing while at the same time funding the nuclear attack upon ourselves that Judah is waging from Hitachi-GE.

How fair is our die?

Must we not repent and end our funding the sin of genocide against our family?

Must we not make an attempt to save ourselves?

The Jewish guy that criticizes, poisons, punishes and shoots us. Will Labor not put your thinking caps on correct and get them out of here right?

The entire government of Poland that ghosted out in 2010 before Poland started their grand juries. Might we understand they ghosted out due to their attacking Poland all out with nuclear missiles?

And then in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, Judah attacking the lower 48 states of the United States of America with enough blast force to kill us all. Saved only by the love of God for His kids.

This reverse facial speech from one of the administrators involved in the school shooting in Florida the other day:

"I shot you some Bimini gales right tight."

Do we recall that on June 11, 2014, that two British submarines unloaded 32 missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton warheads on them at the United States of America?

Did Judah not shoot us some Bimini gales right?

Back in June of 2014, Bitch pulled "Bimini" from the reverse facial speech of Judah several days before the nuclear attack happened.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close the genocidal Parliament out?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

The big rule that Judah ignored, "Thou shalt not kill," that has led to his banishment among the children of God on earth.

"Because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children."

Might our children not already be widely sterilized by our funding sports war?

Are we perceiving that we must STOP THE WAR if we want to go into the universe of peace?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests;

Apparently, from reading comments on the web, Americans truly do not perceive that we are a dead genus now.

What might explain our rejection of knowledge especially knowledge that can save us now?

Judah analysis do we recall says that it is "whiskey" that caused our fall?

And our precious sweet Father in heaven above who says to us, "Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives."

Will American Labor not answer God's question to you about the STRIKE, "WHY DIDN"T YOU TRY IT?"

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Everyone and everything is failed Labor except God. Will you not try to save yourselves from losing your health, your children, and your life forms?

The most preposterous fraud of them all with his four-speed and a hostile bed that set us up to die us all in a three-hour nuclear blast war. Will Labor not toss Jewish with their nuclear war fighting hobbyists alliance partners out great?

Hartmut Grundler who saw the plan to use the waste from Jewish electricity plants to wipe our race away.

Immolated himself to try and wake us to how we are being died out of life form now. Was it all for naught?

As nuclear waste is set to die us off in the billions is there not some way to convince American Labor to end funding it?

While we are all going to eternity someday, does it not seem much nicer that we have our 9 million more years before we go away?

Why let Judah put us out in the next five years sick with radioactive brimstone waste disease?

Judah who chose to not love the other children of God on earth. Has God not made it abundantly clear that he wants Jewish out?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God almighty of heaven and earth said.

And who is the one power that can get Judah off of us here? Might we recognize only Labor can do that for us?

But what about the computer simulations that the Federation did two thousand years ago that predicted Judah would wipe out a third of the human race when he folded himself out?

"Occasionally," elder said when Bitch asked if they ever have a failure when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you," elder said.

So anyways now we know the rapture has two months to go before it comes in.

Everybody has failed including Labor. The only one that hasn't failed is our good God in heaven above.

Has there ever been a Star Trek movie that approaches the long-term transition that our extraterrestrial elders have gifted to us?

Can we only try to imagine the Starship Enterprise traveling to one of the villages of the Federation and sitting behind a moon out of sight for a thousand years to welcome the villagers into the Federation?

And all that time gently waking the people of the village to the reality of the love of God for us all.

The love that our brothers and sisters in the Federation have for us. Will we not awake to who we really are and see the Starship Enterprise and the Federation that created us villagers for God's love?

Might some believe such a story was just too fantastic, too incredible, no one would ever buy such a script?

The rest of the science fiction novel goes like this:

2% of the Federation's population in the village has an itch that drives them to seek to destroy the other 98% of the villagers.

And so they breed up life forces in all the colors of the rainbow and cipher them in their own errant ways and use them to carry on with the quest to extinct the rest of the ciphers, all the while fooling the villagers and telling them they want to protect us.

As the Starship Enterprise monitors developments in their village they see ahead for the time when the technology level will give the 2% killer force the ability to finally carry out their dream to exterminate the rest of the Federation's creation.

The 2% with their perfected predator ways regularly kidnap those who they see that are starting to perceive them. And so Captain Kirk on board the Enterprise has Spock set up kidnap teams to kidnap villagers and then safely return them as a way to communicate how the 2% are secretly kidnapping them.

A method to help wake the hostages in their village up to what the 2% are doing to them.

And all the time Captain Kirk is in contact with the leaders of the 2% telling him just how he is going to proceed to rid the Federation's village of them, and also affording them an opportunity to redeem themselves if they wish.

Captain Kirk has the computer simulations experts on the Enterprise do more simulations that help predict what the 2% will do.

The Federation already knows from computer simulations done in the time of Jesus that Judah would set a trap with nuclear weapons of extinction and use them on the hostages before Jewish go.

Federation does not fight, and so it does not physically stop Judah as he precedes with taking a third of the life forms away.

How to awaken the people that are being destroyed to save themselves?

If only they would organize, talk to each other and take the simple concession to issue the money away from the 2% might they see they would have a chance of surviving the nuclear war that is washing them and their children out of life form?

But the 2% have a history of preventing the hostages from interfering with their catch. They show the hostages pictures of dogs and diapers to freeze then with an opti-mental hold of embarrassment. The 2% specialize in emotionally holding ordinary people in.

Two months to go before the rapture comes in requiring the Enterprise to then carry the righteous to safety to prevent them from being destroyed in a brimstone genocide.

Will there be a win for the enterprise, will the hostages strike them out or will Captain Kirk have to report a full failure to the Federation and move to rapture the righteous out?

Captain Kirk had many supermen that he sent in that the 2% was prevented from fisting out.

But 7 of them could not take the pressure of the 2%, and they died off before the transition out of war and into peace was completed

One Superman that stayed alive called the hostages an insulting name, and so the hostages would not listen to him or his pleas to try and save themselves.

Will we not pray that Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise eventually wins?

The 2% that have known all along that there is no fisty in the heavens above in this area of our universe. And yet they false, brutalize and keep fisty in.

"Curiosity is not useful," the 2% say and so they keep bombing and shooting every day.

But what about the guy that is telling the truth, but their not listening because he insulted the hostages, why did the Federation not use their computers to pull his insult out?

Do we recall that thousands of years ago the Federation anticipated everything and so they put it into the good book that a wise person ignores an insult?

Will we not pray that Labor will consult the good book in these last days?

Proverbs 12:16 Losing your temper is foolish; ignoring an insult is smart.

Can we not pray that Labor listens to Captain Kirk to "Get Smart" and acts to STRIKE THEM OUT?

The "rare" that the 2% are. Might their ability to hold the hostages to funding and fighting sports war cause the full one-third of the human race to lose our life forms as predicted by the Federation's computer simulations two thousand years ago?

The false that the 2% do and yet they are holding onto 98% of the rest of the human race.

Will we not keep hoping and praying that Labor will come alive and close this merch genocide force field up?

Tele receives:

"Hey buddy, they threw you racially and out your state. 2.33 p.m.

Stupid you, you iced this here. 2.39 p.m.

They smacked us with a dog to clear us. 2.55 p.m.

Pat, you're a right boy to pull this off. 2.57 p.m.

You won it, STRIKE THEM OUT, Patrick. 3.04 p.m.

Patrick help us prevent destroy roll. 3.18 p.m.

Pat voided dodgy out of here. 3.29 p.m.

Wake up vegetable sleep, get the contest off of us. 3.39 p.m.

Pat, soon Jew bee lie off. 3.34 p..m.

The fight the parasite lost. 3.46 p.m.

They've aready made their seal date.

Good luck to you getting out this germious. 4.17 p.m.

We're harshsicles, chase them off. 4.38 p.m.

Oxygen sport tumbled us rightful. 5.45 p.m.

Roll fisty. 6.25 p.m.

Dig, they suspended grace. 6.28 p.m.

Without food, you're basically out of receipts. 6.32 p.m.

Pat, you failed me personally. 6.40 p.m.

Dying instructions, it's frightage.

Contact failed Moscow.

Patrick shamed us. 8.16 p.m.

They mosh you's so failed.

Kidney rape us.

Contact won't leave you sad.

Crisis bad, you failed to save us, Patrick.

You had it; circle now dies your force.

Scorbious views will take you to the N'th degree.

Wages fall obviously idiotly.

Breeze-all is how they war. 12.26 a.m.

Don't lose your stash, ALL RISE!

I'm a little concerned with the dazed; they're dying right.

They take your life forces enviously.

It's established, they've been breezing us scientist.

Continues at:

They're wiping out our sales now.

They hushed us in Jew state.

His mother constantly tossed them.

Super boy flinch them ET.

They're like little kids clawing. 1.21 a.m.

Carney child cleared us.

We're now paralyzed fieldish.

They warred us sick.

Bad minnows.

Take me out of here, failed this place.

They're criticizing us faultish.

You have failed this dish.

Because of this, I will take them off you nicely. 1.30 a.m.

Bees make you horribly natural.

Old sh*tty failed, scoring us nicely child.

Parasite reconnaissance closed you up easily.

Everybody is obviously dying fist.

Fight shot justice.

Planted, jail failed to save us.

You are a failed recluse.

Note-a-size yourself.

Possession lets them jam you.

Julie Anna harpsichord is deceased fine.

Pat is our fearless.

Rights industry are shut down here.

The rabbit, they're molesting us homeless here.

Our rights are stupidly just right.

Harsh punish fail thee.

This margarine is how they sub us.

A grateful on them dies off your ship.

You fairly died this life. 2.06 a.m.

They fault you up to close you.

Rifled by offenders.

A pura-state constantly destroys us.

They're lepers failed thee.

They cored us out. 2.55 a.m.

Ass--le ditch us.2.57 a.m.

Thank you, thank you for squashing them Patrick because you have no fear. 3.27 a.m.

Stupid mushrooms cost us. 6.22 a.m.

Pat, you sold us some English dues, let your genius save-ish us. 6.25 a.m.

The imbecile falsed you out. 6.30 a.m.

A purple head is scraping you. 6.33 a.m.

Fell, too blinded. 6.49 a.m.

You failed to save us Patrick. 6.53 a.m.

They're honest liars.

A core-a-sale is folding your lives down. 7.01 a.m.

Cheer them right up for free. 7.07 a.m.

Patrick help us out of their delightful.

Your aggravations were right. 7.39 a.m.

You died your sweet forces. 7.40 a.m.

It's good." 8.55 a.m.

Our sweet forces that are coming up, picked off by Judah looking at our school records and pulling our brightest, sweetest out.

"Thank you, thank you for squashing them Patrick because you have no fear." 3.27 a.m.

Glad to squash them. But as to fear, if I had no fear would I not have stayed in Chicago?

Was it not a reaction induced by fear that caused Bitch to snap and insult the folks out here?

Judah shows up at your house with a couple of foreign police to do a false arrest and transport to Poland and then to Moscow to be finished out. The body sent back to America to collect the insurance on it then.

Does that scenario not sound like one that can produce a reaction of fear in someone?

Are ordinary people perceiving what type of people are occupying the highest positions of government, business, religion and all other fields when weap Judah privately holds the Organizing Principle of society in every land?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, THEY"RE CRIMINALS," God Almighty in heaven said.

Do some recall Father also said, "They've completely ignored me?"

As to how Judah works his mental control, in the video of the senior that gave a speech and is going to Washington DC to put in better gun control, while speaking and on cue, the crowd chanted "Shame on you." Might we not recognise a Judee boursed crowd that was prepared for what to chant on cue?

Might we see that shame is one of the mental tools that Judah uses to hold the fish?

If you watched the video do we not notice how happy their crowd is after shooting nice Druid kids?

"Surgery has touched life, be thankful you were saved. Please make Jew go.

Weap dies you, enemy, the core state future is burning you up."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those Telepathic messages today.

Will American Labor not try to be thankful that you were saved and make Jew go?

Are we not aware that Jewish surgery has now cut some of us off and out of life?

"I die you video. We always defeat the fish. We revenge you ink. Because you missed your safe way I mess you," Judee say.

Will we not for this one time in our history not let Judah easily defeat us?

If so will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close these malevolent vicious, violent, dangerous ciphers out?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, February 20 — Psalm 27:7–14
Genesis 48; Matthew 17:1–13

He has made His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate. Psalm 111:4 (NASB)

The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a sharing in the body of Christ? 1 Corinthians 10:16

Hear our prayers, O Lord, when we call aloud to you. Bless us and sustain us in home and school as we live this week. May we reflect you in all that we do. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

4.18 p.m.

"Nappy fell. 9.58 a.m.

Powerful savages fell. 10.01 a.m.

Beautiful pura-tech swits.

They're poisoning us. 11.38 a.m.

ORGANIZE, this field us a dreadful embarrassment.

Idiot, too harsh. 2.07 p.m.

We're late out. 2.21 p.m.

Idiot fouls us casualness. 2.22 p.m.

They're beating us Pfizerous. 2.38 p.m.

They sad rifle us here big. 2.37 p.m.

Unless we STRIJE they'll false us out of here. 3.15 p.m.

That's sad.

You left them right Driskel. 3.39 p.m.

They got us bankroll with a dog. 3.42 p.m.

They hold us by tart. 3.50 p.m.

It's fatal how he rules thee. 3.58 p.m.

Pat ruptured his sale." 4.10 p.m.

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:



Feb. 19, 2018

"Pat Help Us So We're Not Harshables. Get This Awful Fierce Finished."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from Sunday afternoon.

This awful fierce, will American Labor not help us get it finished? Will Labor not put our American rights in so that we are not used as harshables for investors?

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me,
His Word my hope secures;
He will my Shield and Portion be,
As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess, within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow,
The sun forbear to shine;
But God, who called me here below,
Will be forever mine.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’d first begun.

The kindness and goodness of Father, will Labor not try to perceive the kind sweet love that Father has for all of His simian children on planet earth?

Why should honest, ordinary everyday people be forced to provide the unlimited funding for the investment sports of Jewish nuclear war fighting hobbyists?

Why should workers hard-earned dollars be used to do bus bombings and school shootings among the many things Judah uses our Labor dollar for?

Is there not perception that our Labor dollars are hiring these many school shootings that Judah is doing to us?

What could it be that is holding American Labor from taking our purse away from weap Judah?

Might it be pictures like this one?

Rather than trying to sell their animal medical device might there be something more significant involved here?

After seeing that ad of a pooch in a rump sling about a hundred times yesterday and today on nearly every web page visited might we guess that is part of Judah optical-mental hold of Druid?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get us a win against the Israeli psychologist?

Might we get some sense of the hilarity with which Judah is famous for holding Druid frozen and in fear of Judah with pictures such as that one?

"Rear lift and combo dog harness?"

With stuff like that might it help explain why Judah said it was "like taking candy from a baby" the way he took over the mild people and fooled us into funding and fighting his eternal war and is still at it?

"With whiskey, I failed your rising up," Judee say.

Might whiskey drinkers enjoy that purported advertisement for a good hearty laugh?

Might that picture and story be aimed to produce ridicule so Labor will be frightened off and not listen to the message to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not take that dog in a sling picture for what it is, an opti-mental tool that Judah is using to mentally hold Labor and prevent Labor from acting to remove his private possession of our public purse?

"I almost got you cashed. We're selling lots. We're finished for our armed struggle. You're dying me," Judee say.

Now if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Our Lord whose power throughout the universe is displayed. Our Lord who had His angels pull every one of weap Judah's genocide nuclear blast force shots off of us.

Our good God Almighty, the only reason we exist. Is it fair to ask "Who do you want to serve this day Labor, Judah or God?"

"I will never harm you," Father said.

While Father loves us all unconditionally and equally and will never harm us are we aware that because 2+2=4 Father won't save our lives?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Father said.

We now are two months from rapture. And what then? Those who are not involved in helping us stop the war face sickening from radiosis and passing out of life form with their children over the coming years ahead.

"Left stranded on a burned out planet to die." Is how it was said it in the Star Trek movie, "Wrath of Khan."

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4."

Judah and his swindlers' list of things to do to properly core us to follow theory when they raid pillage, and vandalize a nation to destroy it.

Our best and brightest such as Labor leader William Sylvis who perceived where the true power in society is and urged Labor to get into the issue of our money. Shot dead in 1869 at only 41 years of age. Burning bowels the doctor said killed him.

Boric acid and arsenic in a meal?

The Princeton University professor that signed away our national force to issue our money to international weap Judah in 1913, Woodrow Wilson.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.

Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.

We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, (1856-1924) after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

Will Labor not STRIKE Jewish genocide war-making hobbyists out and put the power to issue our money into the hands of American Labor this time?

President Kennedy who took the authority to issue our money away from international weap Judah and gave it to the US treasury returning it to democratic control.

President Kennedy Assasinated and President Johnson then handing the authority to issue our money back to international weap Judah and his industrial-strength nuclear warfighting investment hobbyists.

And there it stands until today.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country."

Must we not prevent American Labor from continuing to fund the extermination of us and our children so workers will not have to be saying the same thing that President Wilson said, "I have unwittingly ruined my country?"

Bert and Ernie, Mickey and Stosh, Boris and Hansel we've all been shot.

The lands of the mild people of the north that are the armories of the errant life form. Four speed and his innerspring 5th columnists still controlling the purses of the mild people of the north.

And what is he doing with our purses other than more sport?

I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows
I believe for everyone who goes astray
Some one will come to show the way
I believe, I believe

Will Labor not try to believe that someone has come to show the way to those who have gone astray and end quietly passively funding and fighting Jewish sports investment war?

I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word

God hears our prayers. Will American Labor not say your prayers and plead for your lives that are passing out of form now?

I believe the lord in heaven he is my guide
My sins he'll hide

Will American Labor not end funding the favorite sins of Jewish, the sins of war and genocide?

Will the working people of Labor not recognize we must stop the war before these vulturous Jewish buzzards and their fellow-travelers burn us completely out?

Their advertisement of a rump sling for a dog. Will workers not sit still and quiet to hear them laughing at us all?

I believe for everyone who goes astray
Some one will come to show the way
I believe, I believe

Massive death and destruction of our family around the world and internal to America that we quietly fund with our Labor.

How about a pen and paper and calculator and try the forty minutes of quiet thinking that is needed to figure out weap Judah and what he is all about in our world now?

During that real quiet time might we hear the laughter of Judah because his vicious theory is easily holding the mild people to our doom?

How could Bitch figure out in 1965 that we were going to be attacked by nuclear warfighting guys and gals? He was only 17 years old then. Never got good grades in school and dropped out in the second year of highschool.

And yet after doing some basic mathematics, he knew those nuclear weapons were aimed at him.

The peace activists that tried to interest the people in stopping the wars but were ignored. And so they sacrificed themselves by burning themselves alive.

The German school teacher Hartmut Gründler (1930-1977) who burned himself outside the SPD Party Congress in Hamburg when Chancellor Helmut Schmidt would not open dialogue about atomic policy and nuclear waste. He called his action “Self-immolation of a Life Protector”. More than 1,000 mourners celebrated his memorial.

Previously, in 1975, he unsuccessfully submitted to Chief Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback a charge against Secretary of Research Hans Matthöfer "because of genocide".

The policy of using nuclear waste to perpetrate the genocide of the American and German people that is going forward totally unhindered.

Hartmut tried a hunger STRIKE to alert the people to the Jewish electricity genocide of us.

Hartmut spoke to us on the streets trying to wake us to the genocide Jewish and their nuclear electricity warfighting hobbyists parasite partners were investing in.

Hartmut burned himself up to wake us to the end of our line.

Our family in Germany. Might we see from this picture they are aware that it is Jewish electricity that is genociding them? Einstein NO!

Will American Labor not end funding Jewish electricity genocide of the children of God on earth?

100,000 demonstrators in 1979 saying NO to Jewish electricity plants. And what do we have today other than we face the end of our life forms due to nuclear brimstone waste from only one melting Jewish electricity plant?

39 years ago and since that demonstration against being put to Jewish electricity genocide. Will we not pray that American Labor will close Jewish electricity out of our world so that we have a chance to survive?

The Kriminell Atom Industry
Reaction to the Nato double decision of 1979: In Krefeld members of the German peace movement announced on 16 November 1980 the "Krefeld appeal", a call to the federal government Schmidt to withdraw the consent to the deployment of the nuclear medium-range missiles. In the picture SPD member and physicist Prof. dr. Karl Bechert (left) and peace activist Josef Weber, former colonel of the German Wehrmacht.

Prof Bechert argued that the development and use of nuclear plants never could be safe and the problems with nuclear waste were impossible to solve. He became the "father of the German anti-nuclear movement" as the Manchester Guardian called him in 1981 and one of the precursors of the German Green Party. Bechert was also part of the Pugwash movement and member of the World Union for Protection of Life.

And Hartmut Gründler? He almost fell into oblivion after his death. Still in July 1975, the SPIEGEL opened its cover story (SPIEGEL 30/1975) with the sentence "The unemployed teacher Hartmut Gründler from Tübingen has been fasting for three weeks because he wants the Bonn Research Minister to bring the full truth about nuclear power plants and the genocide they are." However, Der Spiegel did not report on Gründler's death. Since 2015, a small commemorative plaque in front of Hamburg's Petri Church commemorates the activist.
Chain reaction of an uncompromising opposition: Hartmut Gründler 1975 in the Stuttgart Collegiate Church. archive
Hartmut Gründler: "I fall in this dispute"
40 years ago, the nuclear opponent Hartmut Gründler from Tübingen burnt down in Hamburg
When the bus passed the Hamburg main church of St. Peter, Klaus-Dieter Kalweit saw him. The burning man in front of the church portal, the blazing human torch. Kalweit immediately stopped the bus and tried in vain to stifle the flames with the mantle. Only the police succeeded with a hand fire extinguisher. 70 percent of the skin was burned when the seriously injured was removed. He died in the clinic five days later.

Bitch saw nuclear blast genocide early on in 1965 by sleeping with nuclear weapons on board ship for over three years, but only in more recent years has he seen what Hartmut Grundler saw long ago. Atomic power plants are as nuclear blast weapons, weapons of genocide by exposure to radioactive waste in our environment.

Will American Labor not respond to Hartmut's sacrifice for what he saw coming on us and help us to close that Jewish atomic cannon at Hitachi-GE down?

Tele receives:

"It's treasonous, Jew died you. 8.33 a.m.

We're already sapped.

Genius shot your kid. 8.45 a.m.

Let's roll the torpedo. 10.27 a.m.

Sale! 10.48 a.m.

Wastee analogen. 10.53 a.m.

Preying on us is just very useless, let's STRIKE THEM OUT! 11.16 a.m.

Your falsing up your resources here. 11.19 a.m.

This will help you. 11.34 a.m.

You're all confused right by fist. 11.57 a.m.

Casper, please don't leave us helpless. 12.15 p.m.

Savage rights are off. 12.58 a.m.

They boom a policeman to keep their free state in.

People need to bash irritate. 1.20 p.m.

Tax fall you. 1.24 p.m.

Pat help us so we're not harshables. 2.42 p.m.

Get this awful fierce finished. 4.10 p.m.

Vegetable is forcing out forces failed. 4.45 p.m.

They're prejudiced thieves. 5.08 p.m.

They're taking you off of a state quite fateful. 5.09 a.m.

Salary wit holds the chimney store right.

You're going to see the destruction of yourselves, and that's what's going to get you to do something. 5.11 p.m.

Mensch lost this site for mentaling mental ways. 5.12 p.m.

They're wiping us out traditionally virtually. 5.18 p.m.

They've awesome goose struck. 5.24 p.m.

Pat, gerbil sight is really setting us out. 5.34 p.m.

Stupid fish failed, we're transportables now. 5.49 p.m.

The sporter has thrilled thee rightly. 5.50 p.m.

You may soon have your rights Bitch. 5.52 p.m.

They're soon set to leave us. 8.37 p.m.

Try to imagine these nice meals folded out. 11.04 p.m.

America's growing of selfishness, get them out of here, we're dying taxes.

You've reached your two months. 12.15 a.m.

Jewish falsely injures guys falling us.

They injured this state, democra-shoot.

Your states be in racial Adam.

They lethal fantastic.

Jewbers fight you failed catasterous, they rifle us. 12.20 a.m.

Core-a-set, they core us theory, they fight life bridgerous.

This day this dangerous hold broke.

Stager wit won.

Catfish folded us up trick.

They core you out diesel easily.

They embezzle kids health.

Make you dumb for a solution.

News is their idiot talking points.

Animals must pooch ya.

They pushed the button and you've done nothing, they pushed the button and you died.

They failed us with an opp field.

They're folding our rich.

Their reputation is to leave cannibal strife.

Continues at:

Stupid offed our whole jury power.

Patrick challenged us to save our street.

Helpless will cool our kids in.

Real done domestic, you lost your point to deer fist.

Lethal he's dying us selfish.

Jew makes a waritage.

These guys are absolutely bad news.

Sh*tter lost.

They're throwing us dynamite.

Their luxury died our field debasing and defacing us.

They poison us failage.

You're cued.

He's killing us pup push.

I think you failed gyrous here.

Crazy fell us out.

Trash they make us fighterous fightery.

They failed us, mercilessly enemy.

Perish will fault you out.

You failed to modify police power when you failed to STRIKE THEM.

Their cripple is forced. 1.30 a.m.

Offender tried to blast us HUGE. 1.58 a.m.

The monk attack is selfish." 2.06 a.m.

As they continue burning us out, our lives being destroyed in an all-out nuclear brimstone waste war, will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish genocidal nuclear war fighting hobbyists?

The sacrifice that Hartmut Grundler made in 1977 by sacrificing himself for the rest of us. Will we not try to recognize what Hartmut saw, the end of our genus in a silent, sinister atomic Jewish waste war?

Will ordinary people not try to perceive that Judah has tolled our bell for free and take the ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY away from the private hands of international Jewish?

"You're going to see the destruction of yourselves, and that's what's going to get you to do something." 5.11 p.m.

For some of us is that not the most troubling aspect of this nuclear war that we are losing to Jewish, that there are Americans that do not yet see how we are perfectly and permanently being destroyed?

Will we not pray for Americans to see our destruction so that it will get American Labor to do something to help us?

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Monday, February 19 — Psalm 27:1–6
Genesis 46:28–47:31; Matthew 16:21–28

Now if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries. 1 Corinthians 4:1

Holy Redeemer, you call us to put our hands to work in the stewardship of the world. Let us always be in awe of its splendor and the beauty of nature around us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

"Jerk failed to save us, lousy life spent swindler. 3.19 a.m.

Thank you, you cite them so predictable. 5.26 a.m.

They're perishing you guys totally. 5.40 a.m.

Pat, you see us failures. 6.18 a.m.

We've exhausted valuable fields, vegetables they leave us rightly. 6.32 a.m.

Your stupid stinks. 6.18 a.m.

Muster here. 6.35 a.m.

Thank you for reporting their foul. 7.00 a.m.

Incineration, get your vice out. 7.08 a.m.

Embarrass force weaped you right out of here. 7.23 a.m.

Awful you judge these stew fish.

Raise your rental force. 7.51 a.m.

The --- ------ Jews are taking us by freezing us here. 8.19 a.m.

Mental weaps failed you. 8.53 a.m.

Its all done. 9.38 a.m.

Super failed us with too much eyesore.

It's a HUGE fold you rightful. 11.05 a.m.

Get New Jersey out of this place. 11.20 a.m.

Sale for messin' us off. 11.24 a.m.

You're looking at a cow shoot force. 11.52 a.m.

The elite tried to extinct us. 11.54 a.m.

Holding us electricity they fell quite stupid. 12.22 p.m.

Face renewable, let's close this out good. 1.08 p.m.

Thank you so much, Patrick for finally removing them. 1.14 p.m.

Witless failed." 1.23 p.m.

"You're welcome, glad to remove them from management." Might a prayer of thanks to Father be in order for having His angels whisper in Patrick's ear what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

How about a prayer of thanks, to precious sweet Father for having His angels pull all the intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles off and letting us stay alive?

Spent several hours watching videos and reading some reverse facial speech concerning the school shooting in Parkland Florida.

It appears that there were at least two that ghosted out and possibly as many as seven that ghosted out.

Many of the students were involved in the opp. Here's a sample of just some of the many reverse facial speech found in the videos of students and others that were involved in one way or the other with that school shooting:

"Congress sees a way to vegetable so we see a way to wreck you. 2 Jewpedoes walked away. This was more abrasive for our investments right; Francois said do a pretty good debase right.

Tourist Fife managed for the day. This encourages jails with our psycho-ment. I'll eventually leave you with a Jew wasteland. You stumbled out and lost some power from our gay messin'.

I ever shoot you out video, I embarrass you right, muss and make you fear us. I'm an unusual thief to take a ment. Iowa beat us off Bambi, my Principal obstacle couldn't get him.

To make Jew comfortable I ever devil you. My dog dig your management; I basically put you right into the morgue so I can opp some more fish. I sold for Hix. The pressure is building up so I can use my bench time.

We push you with a Bush rate. Molitor died the professor. I fist your future and you lost energy. I strip you all dumb, with Jewis-sphere I make you. My core-a-state works with Monica, I buy sport heart attack.

Paris fits you, Weise, all hard. Ralph. Jew sphere is all hostile; you just cannot see us without a grand jury. We're shooting off with jet Oswalds, violence is our historic how we set you. I get my core because my government holds you.

Vern ---- works with my porta-bee outside so I can contest you with my big BS. My falseness slipped away, I just want a big war with you, Westpac be my big ocean. Iowa fall all of my natural fierce.

Oxygen Jew set you all so hard, we shot you police true government force. I fall you residential with my final, this was an IBS opp. The Whitehouse scored with me; this was a Joe opp.

The white man has always been my favorite mushroom; there were a few British here. Jew staffers rolled most of this off. This was merchant all. Bitch hike me mothers day.

An intelligence man was a fireman with say so, he says politics works for him. White dog's off on the side. I play my politics core you with police. My vitamins verse is a veterans stool. My full pass is weapin' you dole, my first six cored right strategy. I found a marijuana patch let me despot right, cite you insure.

Contact fooled our fool side. I'm always stewin' because I want to shoot somebody. Our Jewish cipher put some chemicals in sandwiches here. Hearse you wakious. Sherrif was a hostile mini adviser.

We want to image you so grease be your attitude. The cops put in swim for a homer. Our ice has a pip temple. Westing blew you and boom boom my rights. We have grave locks I sold you. Your insect falls.

I just fall you out African with my symbols. On a bed I'm hostile, we ruse spite you. I accomplished this for my horse investments. This was genuine claw-a-check. We can't arrest you without fire wit.

I exhaust you empty head images; our fike is off. My harmony rolled with Buddy checks, percent cost is outside, national foul. This was one genuine fabulous. Our genuflect foos always knows how to throw you out.

Our H----- screw up fall us out on our Dow side. Jew sore gams always got you with British hostile. Congress defeated 4 males. We got your civil rights out a nice way forever.

We win but they're throwing our interest rate out. Bitch is just so happy he got Jewish. I shot you some Bimini gales right tight. We're just so envious we have fun. My check is all officer true, Sch--- write it.

Bitch be on to my core check with my police box. We're pretty much IBM on our sale, Curacao. Our fatal had some cop in it. This truth was rolled by some viceroys. IBM just seize you Reich here.

Our Tyco woosamites cash all families. I bow to a fasch bar. I'm a dime-a-shev freehaufer, Ireland seize me noble."

Are we perceiving these school shootings nationwide are all financed by the free cash gifted to weap Judah by American Labor?

For those that pray will we not pray that Labor comes alive and STRIKES THEM OUT?

And might Labor try to keep in mind, Bitch is like a telegraph operator guy that is reading the dots and dashes and passing the information to everyone?

Might Labor also try to keep in mind that Father will have His able angels, the magnificents guide us if only we will act and STOP THE WAR!?

Thank you. God bless.

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2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory,