Feb. 22, 2019

"I wish you'd find police state images filthy and close them out." 10.53 am

That is a Tele receive that was in yesterdays post. The vast state of imprisonment of Americans, the shooting us down in the streets. The state of permanent war and the perpetration of genocide against those who have little protection from American technology. And now the genocide of us who are paying for all of it.

If only we found the police images filthy might we not put our grand juries in and end the shooting, end the police state tyranny, the war and genocide that is held in place by the Jews because of the fact they privately and undemocratically hold the most important desk of them all, who issues our money?

Our Bibles tell us 'NO,' we will need the ultimate arbiter to learn to listen to the warnings of our good God above to stop the war.

And what is the ultimate arbiter other than we now get sick, sterilized and die off massively in the abomination of desolation due to high levels of radiation from Jewish electricity plants?

The Abomination of Desolation
Mark 13:9 For in those days there will be tribulation unmatched from the beginning of God’s creation until now, and never to be seen again. 20 If the Lord had not shortened those days, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, whom He has chosen, He has shortened them.

Jewish hired American missiles being installed in Europe in the Face of Russia. Our family in all of Western Europe and in Russia controlled by the Jews as the Jews privately issue Western Europe's and Russia's money as they do Americans money.

Is that all it is? Who issues our money as to whether we will have to fight a war with Russia now? That's it.

And as the Jews hold privately the authority to issue money in both Russia and America and they have made the decision to destroy as many of the Druids and Slavs as possible before they depart the surface of our planet to the safety of their underground shelters, they are going full steam ahead to make Americans fight Russians.

About 5 weeks away from the majority of Americans being sealed into dying off inhaling radioactive dust from Hitachi-GE. While some may not believe it is that bad, some Americans apparently may not have even heard of Hitachi-GE.

The fair die of the majority of Americans and a vast number of our family in Europe that will finally bring an end to the war on our planet. Is there not some way that American workers will take the concession to issue our money away from the war-making huckster on other peoples blood genocidal Jews and stop the war before then?

Bible says 'NO.' Do we recall the Federation's computer simulations at the time of Jesus predicted that because of the 'Rare' ability of the Jews to hold the mental of the ordinary people, they would be able to die off a third of the human race when they put themselves out of God's village in the end times?

The angels our good God sent in that afforded the hater, racist murdering genocidal Jews the opportunity to finish themselves off with us permanently. And yet with their Israeli psychologist to guide them, they are indeed using their rare mental power to die the mild people off massively.

The mild people being so fooled that we have allowed ourselves to be held into involving ourselves in Jewish sin. Might we understand that our failure has put us where our lives will not be spared by God's angels now?

Our failure to resight ourselves in peace. Do we understand we are perishing ourselves fair?

"Whiskey has left you quite vacant for my mission."

And what is the Jewish mission other than to destroy as many of the human race as they possibly can with a special emphasis on destroying white people?

The rights that freed the people of Poland in 1430 that brought on the golden age of Poland that made the people wealthy. Smashed in the USA by the jew clerks on the bench.

The rights the English people put in in 1215 that freed a slave in America in 1854. Smashed by the Jew clerks on the bench.

The "unique value of cooperation," the Jews determined as to why white people were so wealthy when they found us thousands of years ago. And so the Jews put their invention of permanent war upon us to break our unique cooperative ways.

Have the Jews in their contest with the ordinary lot of man not demonstrated their rare by always slaying us grand?

Yet in their contest with God have they not shown they are true fails? Yes, they have.

The Jews who know how to hurt our mental by contract murdering our fathers and mothers. Contract murdering our brothers and sisters. Contract murdering our daughters and sons.

Denying us our God-given American guaranteed rights and imprisoning and murdering us in their cage system.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels in to let the Jews die themselves off fair?

Enough about the Jews. If their errant ways are not understood yet by the ordinary people is it not fair then that the Jews have their genocidal way with us?

Though might we try to keep in mind if the Jews do have their way with us Father will weep?

Our Father above us, our Father who loves us. Will ordinary workers not try to perceive the love that our good God has for us and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Seek heaven.

You have failed to save us, Patrick.

Their ditch opps rightly fell.

The natives trust you, it's a dirty sale to let them lose the breed.

You failed yourself Patrick and your helpers.

Oh my god super never helped. 11.07 pm

MOX almost bored a frame.

Police shut street, they're obviously out for soreness. 1.04 am

Bitch falsed this field horrible. 1.06 am

I'll have to take the dull function.

Accepting dying out is quite stupid.

University now fears us contact.

My error takes my whole useful out.

They murder you based on a credit report.

You caution arrangement guys failed.

Throw them out for nastying.

Oh my God, they force you missile.

It's error.

You're placing out yourself.

Patrick died for you's and failed.

They dismally punish us.

They sold us outlaw threat.

This is so vicious fairity.

Occupancy I failed.

They leave you in a trash can to die selfishly.

We're vulnerable to typhus.

They die us Pittsburgh adventure land. 2.49 am

Suitable furious leaves.

It's errorful. 3.00 am

Pat, they screwed us sightfully." 5.05 am

"I sold you boys out of life and I'm real delighted. College boy is trying to hold decency in, I debase you all Patrick. We fight you all off vegetables. We just use a jury to prosecute. I was born less so I just opp on. I'm deceiving you with much free chemical to predit you.

I bust you out with sin because I got gold rights. My whole adventure was hoosgow. If you're natural in the United States we'll bore you in. I'm just up to my old tricks. We score you to form our permanent rights. You have a revolution, I'm leaving opp. I semper your mental here.

I accomplish you, Jew war dumps you out in an impossible way. Druid, I've set you for a big right die, I just arrange and irritate. My strategy is to meet and throw you. Our make is smooth, we've ruined the states. I screw you right and the nice boy got the Martian to throw me out." Judee say.

The nice boy that contacted extraterrestrials over a decade ago because he knew that a Jewish Bund nuclear blast war was set to hit the United States of America.

The Martians that pulled the one thousand Boeing built missile airframes out of the sky in their boost phase that was launched carrying 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that were headed to the lower 48 states in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to exterminate us.

Will we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough where workers will decide to do God's will and issue our money instead of the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews?

wilmers13 b.macintosh • 9 hours ago
Not them, their money controls America. Once money stops, control knobs don't work so well.

The control knobs that American workers have given to the Jews since being sold out by Congress, the courts and the executive office of the United States of America 1913. The unending wars of the Jews ever since then fought through the pocketbooks of American workers.

Will workers not take the control knobs away from the Jews? Will workers not issue our money?

The vast murder for hire adventure land we have let the Jews turn America and planet earth into using American workers income tax to get it done.

Our good God Almighty who has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

American workers who knowingly or unknowingly are funding the genocide against the children of God on earth by allowing the Jews the private authority to issue our money which they use for their war genocide sin.

Will, we not keep praying that American workers perceive what is falling upon us and act to prevent the full measure of the Jews genocide from wiping us out?

Will we not keep praying that American workers STRIKE THEM OUT?

"ET stopped our crushable so we fairly go in," Judee say.

Will we not pray that the truth breaks through to ordinary workers of what has happened here and how our precious sweet Father's angels have spared us from the extinction the Jews attempted to do to us using their crushable great balls of fire on us?

If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT!?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Friday, February 22 — Psalm 29
2 Chronicles 31; Acts 25:1–15

No inhabitant will say, “I am sick”; the people who live there will be forgiven their iniquity. Isaiah 33:24

Through our Lord Jesus Christ we have obtained access to this grace in which we stand. Romans 5:1-2

Redeeming Lord, you gave your all so that we might be forgiven. We have no other savior but Jesus. Our hope is built on Christ, and we turn our lives anew to you. Strengthen and bless us for your sake, O Christ. Amen.

12.49 pm

R. Kelly indicted after sex tape surfaces with underage girl
CHICAGO — An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State’s Attorney office, two sources with knowledge of the development tell CNN. CNN is working to obtain the indictment.

A grand jury was convened in Cook County, Illinois, earlier this month in connection with new allegations against Kelly, two sources close to the case told CNN.

That came on the heels of attorney Michael Avenatti announcing he had handed over to the State’s Attorney’s Office a videotape that he said showed Kelly having sex with an underage girl.

Steve Greenberg, an attorney for Kelly, told CNN earlier this month he had not been notified of a grand jury. After being asked about the new tape, he said separately he and his colleagues were unaware of any new information involving Kelly.

(NOTE) As to the American legal process, are we aware that the accused are to be afforded the opportunity to be represented from the very beginning of such a state legal procedure as a grand jury to confront their accusers? Do we recall our Constitution begins with, "To Establish Justice?"

Might we imagine if R. Kelly's lawyers had been at that grand jury investigation and revealed the girl starring in the video was a paid professional actress sent to entrap Kelly, might a grand jury have declined to return a true bill even though the legislature passed a law making age-specific requirements concerning sexual behavior?

And what about this? Could an ambulance driver recuse herself from making a service call because of the person involved?

Chicago prosecutor recuses herself from Jussie Smollett case
Nation Feb 20, 2019
“Out of an abundance of caution, the decision to recuse herself was made to address potential questions of impartiality based upon familiarity with potential witnesses in the case,” said Foxx spokeswoman Tandra Simonton, who wouldn’t specify how Foxx was familiar with anyone in the case. Simonton said Foxx would have no further comment.

Judge scolds Jussie Smollett over allegations he staged racist, anti-gay attack: 'Vile and despicable'
After posting bail, "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett leaves Cook County Jail in Chicago, Feb. 21, 2019. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune)
Megan Crepeau, Jason Meisner and Jeremy GornerContact Reporters
Chicago Tribune
“The most vile and despicable part of it, if it’s true, is the noose,” said Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr., who is black. “That symbol conjures up such evil in this country’s history.”

Are we noticing there was no grand jury indictment of Smollet?

Chicago police chief Johnson said, "Smollett paid $3,500 to stage this attack and drag Chicago’s reputation through the mud in the process. … This stunt was orchestrated by Smollett because he was dissatisfied with his salary. So he concocted a story about being attacked.”

Might there be a different and unspoken twist to the story? That is putting a white noose around his neck and walking home with it, may he have been doing such a thing the basis of more than his career? Might he have been paid to do it?

If so, who would have paid him and where did the funds come from to pay him to do this inflammatory act? He is known to be an associate of Barak Obama. Might a grand jury not have been interested in that aspect of this inflammatory incitement to hatred and possible violence?

Might Jessie have knowledge of the launch attack of nuclear missiles at us during the administration of President Barak Obama? Might a grand juror have asked Jussie that? Could that be why there was no grand jury procedure of Jussie involved?

And how could a public servant claim to recuse herself from providing service as it is the grand jury in American law that decides what charge if any to apply?

If only a grand jury would have heard everything, might we not get a better picture of what happened here? That he worked for Disney, can we only wonder if he had seen any of the remarkably accurate wax models that Disney has been making to help the sports people ghost away?

"Meanwhile, there is also a federal investigation into the letter that remains pending, though Johnson said the letter was fake too. (Tribune)

Smollett was charged by prosecutors, not the grand jury. The police spokesman said the brothers appeared before the panel to “lock in their testimony.”

A week before the alleged attack, Smollett told police he received the threatening letter at work. Witnesses told police a postal worker dropped off the letter at the Chicago studio where “Empire” is filmed. It was postmarked in southwest suburban Bedford Park on Jan. 18 and bore two American flag stamps. The letters “MAGA” were written in the upper-left corner of the envelope."

Will workers not put American law in once again and let this communist racist Judah sharia false law process out of here? Will working people not put truth into our system and let us live in peace one and all?

The independent media just saved America from a bloody race war (that the mainstream media was trying to start)
02/20/2019 / By Mike Adams
This is the goal of the left-wing media, which now functions as a cabal of enemy combatants in a civil war they started. And I have no doubt that Barack Obama and his “community organizers” are behind the whole thing. Smollett is well known to be a cohort of Obama, and this is exactly the kind of thing Obama continues to direct from his “bunker” command center near the White House. (See photo, below, of Smollett and the Obamas together.)

Help us workers of America. Is it not seen we are on a course of absolute disaster with all these Jews in their shells doing all they can to destroy this beautiful nation?

“The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth will never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”— London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

Will American workers not end paying for the wars and tensions of the hydra-headed serpent Jewish that infests nearly every significant office in our world?

Thank you. God bless you all.

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‘We loved him dearly’: 22-year-old Hilton Head Prep grad found dead behind Bluffton Target
FEBRUARY 21, 2019

b.macintosh franz kafka • 13 hours ago
Israeli lost Europe to Islam.
They still control America.

Calvin Abbott b.macintosh • 7 hours ago
Islam is just the Military wing of Judaism.

Micheal Avenatti represents adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump in an attempt to void a non-disclosure agreement she had signed. Avenatti also represents Daniels in a related defamation suit against Trump. In October 2018, a federal judge dismissed the defamation lawsuit and ordered Daniels to pay Trump's legal fees. Avenatti said he would appeal that decision; Daniels later said that Avenatti had initiated the suit against her wishes.

In May 2018, Avenatti released records showing multiple large payments, some from major corporations, into the bank account Cohen had used to pay Daniels.

Treasury Department opened an investigation into how Avenatti gained information from Cohen's private bank records.

While in college Avenatti worked as an opposition researcher for Rahm Emmanuel's (later White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, and Mayor of Chicago) political consulting firm.

A Florida man named Gerald Tobin alleged Avenatti failed to pay him $28,700 for private investigatory work. As a result, Avenatti's firm was abruptly forced into bankruptcy. In various news reports, including work done by CNN, Tobin was found to be an ex-con with four decades of convictions and jail time and not a licensed investigator.
The issue was resolved when the pair entered into a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Avenatti paid Tobin the $28,700.

In November 2018, Avenatti was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. An LAPD spokesperson said that the unidentified victim, later described as his girlfriend, had "visible injuries" and that the case would be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for prosecution.
On February 1, 2019, the city attorney's office announced that their investigation was complete and Avenatti would not be charged.


Feb. 21, 2019

The Cataclysm of Destruction that is set to wipe the mild people away. The Warnings from our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR that go unheeded as Americans ignore our passing out of life form inhaling nuclear waste and making world war for the jews.

Here are words from the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin speaking to the Western press:

"We know year by year what's going to happen, and they know that we know. It's only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger - this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don't know how to get through to you anymore."

Then a commentator says:

Does anyone in the reeking garbage heap that is mainstream western media have a conscience? Do they even have enough intellect to get what Putin is saying - that they are helping to push the planet towards World War III?

The cataclysmic final war between the two mild peoples of the north, Eastern and Western European people waging genocide against each other using extraterrestrial level technology directed by the Jews.

The warnings in our bible of the end times when the beast Jews are to leave us to be died off by God in tunnel death. The thousands of warnings to Americans to stop the war that is ignored as we are successfully perished by the genocidal Jews who hate white mild people most of all.

The Jews and their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells who lurk inside our nations doing what they can to foment trouble and hatred between people. The Judah guy in an African shell that filed a false police report claiming he was attacked because he was black and gay. Now it is known he was involved in filing a false story. Might we understand false is the constant of Judah in every shell?

Might we understand it is Jews in Europe that scribble swastikas on Jewish graves to make it look as if they are the victims?

The Jews forcing the mild people into a deadly war between Russia and America, instigated by London, Berlin, Geneva and Washington Jews. The greatest thrill for the Jews in their violent history. To sicken and die off mild people of both East and West. Mild people of the north that have never had a fight between us in the 30,000 years we lived in the lands of the north until the murderous stalking genocidal Jews showed up.

Will we not keep praying that American workers will take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews before they close the door to life on us permanently?

" I don't know how to get through to you anymore."

The continuous stream of mass murders and other atrocities the Jews are waging against us right inside of America. Bitchie, doing what he can to help the simple working people understand this is your life that is going out of here now.

God's shill with over 7 years of informing how the Jews lost it to the Martian angels when the Jews and their Euro-collaborators attacked us with an extinction level force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Might Bitch have some understanding of what Vladamir has been facing after he explained that we are going into a major world war, "I don't know how to get through to you anymore?"

The Muslim terrorist attacks inside the United States that the Jews have hired and are getting ready to set off. Is there not some way to get through to American workers to cut off the funds to the Jews to prevent any more Muslim terrorist attacks upon us here?

Might we understand that Muslin terrorist attacks are really Jewish terrorist attacks in their Fornian look alike Muslim shells?

The only people on earth that freely fund and fight sport investment terrorist wars for the genocidal Jews, the mild people of the north. Is there not a prayer to be said that the mild people of the north will take our extraterrestrial elders' advice, get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The international Jews that hired Hitler to give them the great sports war they wanted. The Nazis that assaulted the assimilationist Jews that get along and go along with everyone.

"They were getting too comfortable," according to the international Jews and so they turned Hitler loose to make the assimilationist Jews less comfortable.

So what about this reverse facial speech that Bitch found from a Jew the other day speaking on the news?

"We put the white man on pooch to raid our house because Jew fell."

Might we read that reverse speech as indicating that as the war between Russia and America escalates the deep plan is to have Russian and American forces wipe out the Jews in Israel as the war rages?

The sports Jews are going into their well-prepared underground because they fell. Has their history not shown they kill other Jews as a matter of course? Utility? The strategy of individual biological opportunity they have employed since their Babylonian desert days. Might that be what is on their minds now as they have fallen after being caught attacking us nuclear genocide in their errant genocidal ways?

Is there not some way to convince American workers to take over the most important office of government, the authority to issue our money that they hold privately?

Our family in Ukraine every year thousands of children born ill due to the radioactive waste from Chernobyl that happened over a quarter of a century ago. Some of the children so ill only a life of institutional care will do.

And that from a Jewish electricity plant that burned for only a couple of weeks. And children still being born ill due to radioactive fallout a quarter century later. Can we try to imagine what Americans might be facing after being downwind of a melting Jewish electricity plant for eight years now?

Can we only wonder what might America be like a quarter century after Hitachi-GE is finally shut down?

3.31 am

Bitch was out of bed before 1.00 am today and started writing hoping to get the word to you all of how we and our children are being pushed out of life form here. Last night Bitch was attacked with the beam weapon from outer space that Judah has been assaulting Bitch with for over a decade now.

And here today, right at 3.31 am the beam from outer space started playing in Bitch's head once again. Last night it ran from 6.28 pm until 6.54 pm.

Bitch was getting ready to shut down now because the beam prevents my being able to see the screen clearly and makes me unable to write. Said some prayers and asked Mercury if they would pull the beam off, and at 3.36 am the beam dropped radically, and elder dropping the power way down is allowing me to keep writing to try and convince you to save your selves.

Is there some understanding that the Jews and their indigenous criminal collaborators have made the decision to rude die us all out now?

Here is some fresh reverse facial speech to help us understand what they are thinking as they go ahead with finishing us out now:

"The decision to rude you has already been made, I'm just going to use the dog now to goof. The admonishment force with municipals is to make the white guy fall. My Jew foolishment I'm putting you through waste your lodgement. Chemical is the best evasive because it will pull you when I'm already in; I'm portable with my endeavor.

My spot is specious. Jeopardy is to suffer you moon, that's my great hold. I have cheap advantages, I enjoy putting you down. I hose you with my incompetence easily perjury. I basalt you with some peppers gear. I'm gonna use you in a HUGE rougher state."

Is there some understanding that the Jews have already made the decision for Russia and America to go to war against each other?

"The decision to rude you has already been made."

That reverse facial speech coming from one who knows what is going on here.

The chemical war of genocide using a Jewish electricity plant to wipe us out in radioactive pollution ways.

"Chemical is the best evasive because it will pull you when I'm already in; I'm portable with my endeavor."

Will labor not make the bourse available to safely shut Hitachi-GE down?

Reverse speech indicates that the Russian high command will be fleeing later than the English Jews who will be heading in some time after July 6th, of this year. The Russian high command will be heading for the underground in October as what they report in reverse facial speech.

Might we perceive they are all sinners and know their time is done and so they want to wipe out as much of Russian and American society as possible before they are gone?

What about this RS?

"Jeopardy is to suffer you moon, that's my great hold."

In that RS might we see the combination of animal primitivism with the sexual psychopath that is the mark of the Jews?

Have we not seen films of apes in the wild that as a domination behavior mount less dominant males? Yes, we have. Might we see in Judah animal primitivism where his sexual psychopath is rooted? That is, might we see he demands dominance as his animal requirement and so he wants to mount our moon?

If we run this thread, might we see it was not sexual behavior that brought God to smash Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the force aspect that caused God to smash those cities down with blast fire?

The vast sexual assaults the Jews have ordered as the proper treatment in their jail system. Will workers not put us on the road to peace by taking the issue of money away from the beast? Will labor not end funding their psychopathic sexual molest of us?

Here's a few more RS from the subconscious of Judee in the Eastern realm of Europe:

"Sometimes we app evasively and succeed in dying you. Freedom I perceive I have to be dying because it will roll contact. We're big to assault you Mesa'n, Bitch have employ."

From reading the RS they reveal they have something in Mesa Arizona that is part of the plan to destroy the United States. Might it be a specific group of nuclear war fighting Mesa'ns that infest that city?

"Freedom I perceive I have to be dying because it will roll contact. "

And why do the Jews and their criminal collaborators want to roll contact?

Might it be to keep us unaware of who we really are and to keep out free energy because it will make us and our economies all wealthy?

"Bitch have employ."

The vast number of well-paid workers that will be drawn into the labor force in America and worldwide to bring in the modern technology of free energy. Might that have something to with why Judah does not want the people to perceive that we have contact with our elders from the Federation?

Does Judah not always force in as much poverty as he possibly can? Yes, he does force in as much poverty and as much homelessness as he possibly can. Will workers not get us free so that can have open contact with our kind elders from outer space?

Most importantly, "Thank you" to Mercury for pulling most of that beam off of Bitchie. It could be felt until 3.59 am. Because Mercury toned it down, Bitch has been able to keep writing all along now. It is 4.44 am

Might we make up a commercial such as this? "It is 4.44 am, do you know where your nuclear missiles are?" Are working Americans aware we paid for the missiles the Jews are still threatening us with?

The menace, the threats the Jews have put into our world with the intent to extinct us in nuclear war both blast and waste. Will American workers not let them off right?

Tele receives

"You lost your field to summer.

A druth. 9.20 am

Our geno slide. 9.59 am

Patrick scientist signed them off. 11.11 am

He's slippin', paper makes you leave here.

Patrick has failed your site.

Boss from kennels went in.

Patrick, STRIKE THEM OUT, they're embarrassing us.

They really are freezing us out.

Shanty's got them all finished good. 1.14 pm

Contact made them die us.

We must survive.

God is an extraterrestrial.1.56 pm

Get them out before they freeze you to death. 2.21 pm

Welcome back huge fighter rules. 2.54 pm

Horror spring. 3.43 pm

You ought to trade them for shoot.

Score done.

Profound thinker.

Get out. 5.08 pm

Dell. 5.16 pm

Take them off of here.

Dolt. 5.16 pm

Yuck. 6.22 pm (Bitch went into his post and pulled an item after hearing that)

Beam on. 6.28 pm

Sheeny mate. 6.49 pm

Beam off. 6.54 pm

It's a dom opp. 6.57 pm

They nose you. 7.09 pm

Thank you, Patrick, I love your spirit.

Tumor dust a genus. 7.51 pm

Celestial Beings made us out fists.

A diabolical plot to destroy us.

Pat, you lost some strength by shielding a bum hit.

Pat, you win, it's a death wale. 8.23 pm

They fall us scandal.

We're occupied dolt offend.

Jails evict us.

Saving you, Pat the Bitch has ended the true hostiles.

I'm much thrilled by dying you out. 11.52 pm

Sin pass by you. 12.00 am

They died your bus off.

Idiot died you muncipals coursely.

Send them out for lethal.

Genocide died your village.

A kids room cost you your life form.

Your life is fierced away for port shells.

The zeek-us fell.

The criminals dash you out.

They'll fold, STRIKE video!

Patrick, you failed to save us.

You lost your field to summer.

Stormy. 12.23 am

Renegades aren't peaceful.

Rare wrench.

Bums way is taking us away.

Idiots have cost us well.

They pushed the button and you've done nothing.

They close your life here.

They're mindful.

They monkey our brains here.

F--- y-- m----- f-----, I'm official life to conquer you even sadder. 5.08 am

You have failed to save us, Patrick. 5.50 am

Ziporation. 6.11 am

Cool." 6.13 am

"Pat, you lost some strength by shielding a bum hit. "

Pat has not shielded anything. Though Pat has lost some strength for several things. Hopefully, workers will try to perceive the love of Father for us and also how seriously we are being destroyed and will STRIKE THEM OUT!

Here's some more of what is in the subconscious of weap Judee that is found in reverse facial speech:

"Turkey has enfeebled my life. We just work a mental war on drewess, Bitch threw my source out. Fortunately, I was able to set you up quite foolish. Whiskey has left you quite vacant for my mission. Because of contact, our bourse thief is seen. Communists rule your table to take you out of here," Judee say.

The table where our money is issued from. The table that labor leader William Sylvis advised workers to get a seat at in the 1860s. Will workers not take over the table that issues our money as our good God wills?

If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, February 21 — Psalm 28
2 Chronicles 29:20–30:27; Acts 24:17–27

But who can detect their errors? Clear me from hidden faults. Psalm 19:12

Jesus said, “Anyone who comes to me I will never drive away.” John 6:37

Omniscient God, you know all things. Since we cannot hide anything, forgive us our faults and shape us into active, faithful servants. We also know that you will forgive and will always keep us close to you. Help us to stay by your side. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

4.02 pm

"You psyche them off for psycher-us. 7.57 am

Pats see us, we fight you guys to death. 8.01 am

Contract murders in the lockups for insurance collections. 8.17 am

Aggression is boring you out. 9.21 am

Idiots stew. 9.45 pm

I wish you'd find police state images filthy and close them out. 10.53 am

You're basically off this street. 3.03 pm

It's all over. 4.11 pm

With police, we faired you off of the state." 4.14 pm

Thank you. God bless.

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Beloved gospel singer gunned down this weekend: 'The community is outraged'
Marshall Kolby Larks, known as "Hollywood" for his flashy fashion sense, was found dead along Spanish Town Road early Sunday, a killing his family calls shocking and heart-wrenching.

"He didn’t deserve to die, he shouldn’t have died," said Larks' mother, Carolyn Larks. "I had a good son. He would help everybody."

16-year-old dies after being shot while riding bicycle in broad daylight; BRPD investigating


Feb. 20, 2019

"I Just Couldn't Wake You." 5.27 pm

Might that have been precious sweet Father?

If only American workers could have been awakened might they not have stopped the war and tried to save themselves?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Our children who are massively being destroyed in a brimstone waste war the Jews have forced onto us by making war on our world that gives them the right to slay us inside of America.

And how do they make and then keep the war going in America and our world? Is it not because they can issue our cash and so they have unlimited free money available to fetch and imprison or hire assassins to shoot us down where ever they want?

The money needed to hire people to make false accusations and the cash then needed to hire the grips to take us and put us into cages. Using the torture of the cages to get us to wash our best friends. Is that not how the Jews operate in America and around our world?

Yes, that is it in its simplified form. From such wickedness should our senses not tell us that it is the last days that we are living in now? Has our Bible not prepared us for the last days that we cannot see the signs all around that we are now set to depart existence with our children perishing as well?

The brutal ruthlessness unleashed on us using the most destructive of weapons, atomic bombs. Our planet built into a trap of falling dominoes set for when the first atomic bombs go off in our advanced technology societies that will inevitably lead to exchanges of nuclear missiles destroying us all in a few days, or a few hours of streaming nuclear missiles onto our heads.

God Himself who has spoken to us for over seven years warning us thousands of times to stop the war, and yet the war goes on as we quietly pay the Jews, the Deuce, the 2% to keep destroying us.

As they have their shuttle ready to flee to their underground cities, they pretend they are going to run for office in 2020. Might we understand they merely cast illusions to hold us so they can sport us with more war?

Say deuce. Seduce. Is that not a curiosity in our language? Might that example reveal how the Jew has fornicated himself in stealing our shells that he then uses for war?

The strangeness that Bitch has revealed from reading the reverse speech of what appear to be white people who in their subconscious seek only the destruction of the white people. The hybrid transplant Jew Fornian look alike shells that are wiping the ordinary unaware white people right on out of existence.

Father who has had His angels hold Bitch in against all odds. And why did Father have His angels hold Bitch in?

Is it any other than to inform His unaware mild children of how the Jews are destroying them?

The Jews who fight wars through the whites. Are we not bright enough to perceive the Jews do that to set the world against us to want to finish us off?

The wicked society the whites tried to put out by making civil rights and putting them into law. Specific unwavering legal procedures to be followed by the state and private parties who wish to employ the police and or court services of the state.

"You always let me take your rights away from you. Like taking candy from a baby," Judee say.

As the white force is now set to be died off in the range of 90% is there not some way that whites can be convinced to put our legal rights in once again?

The right to buy and sell, to own property. To earn a living and not be offended by kidnappers, robbers, and murderers that are employed by the corporate state. Should our rights not be restored so that we have a legal process to help us reveal what is going on here?

Should ordinary people not be protected from the permanent historical criminals who always take over the politics and government of wherever they infest?

That one simple act of turning off the monitoring of our dairy products for radioactive waste. That was done by executive order in 2014. Should that not tell us a lot?

"Roast kidney disease," that Bitch pulled from the reverse facial speech of a congressperson before the dairy monitoring for radioactive waste was put into effect.

Is there not some prayer to be said that will let the ordinary people perceive just how seriously we are being destroyed by the Jews and their Berlin nuclear war fighting mad scientists?

The Anglo-Zionist terrorist network that is doing all they can to start a war between Russians and Americans. Is there not some way to convince working Americans to disempower their terrorist war genocide plans by taking the authority to issue our money into your safe hands?

The minnows who forever try to make our way hoping not to get into conflict with the big foots. Can the minnow not make ourselves aware enough to perceive that the big foots have done all that is humanly possible to extinguish our lives and destroy our families in a well planned and lavishly financed nuclear war?

Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and get hold of the authority to issue our money and close this big foot out of here right?

From their Tommy guns to Tommie dog to the Tommy rot of their political sports. Will workers not close these big foots out right with a STRIKE?

Where do you want to deal with them labor, on the streets with their hired guns, tear gas and clubs or in the peace and safety of the peoples' courtroom with 23 ordinary people to hear the facts and sort through evidence?

The Martian community of love that gave up war thirty thousand years ago and now live in a bountiful peaceful society for everyone.

Do you want to go with the Martians or stick with the lying, thieving murdering Jews and their fists?

The fists from the old neighborhood. Will American workers not close them out of here now?

The helplessness exhibited by the mild people in the face of the violent deadly genocidal Jews and their weap fists.

Do the ordinary people not yet receive that we will either put them out of office with grand juries for their sins against us or they will perish us all complete?

The poor dumb beast, Tommie dog, the Ohio torpedo tied to a fence and poured accelerant on and lit on fire to mess with our heads.

The American workers now tied to the Jewish fence of war while the hired torpedoes pour accelerant from Hitachi-GE on to us. Must we not show more resistance than Tommie dog was able to muster to being burned alive?

Judah investors not fully satisfied with American police forces murderous intent brings in police from England and Germany to blow off our heads. Are American workers not aware that coward efforts will just not do us any good here?

Issued American police cars England and Germany's police fool on us on the streets out here. Should such facts that are staring us in our faces not bring us to think of what Judee said about it? "We always pulverize a chicken?"

Bitchie who's gone to the grave many times, even knows what his last words are; "Thanks for all the fun."

Though he had another set of last words nearly two decades later after an afternoon in the library breathing the fumes from the ricin burner that was installed in the ventilator shaft: "Oh, at least its a nice way to go."

And then Mercury put a hologram on Bitch and rolled Bitch's death off so that he would be around a bit longer to try again to see if labor would be interested in a sale for peace.

The only kindness the Jew might show, murder a guy with inhalation ricin. Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can ask the library administrators how much they were paid to let Judah Germany industrialists install their ricin burner in the ventilator shaft in the library?

Might it not be interesting to hear the four families that were the next of kin just what the doctors told them died their kin off that were in the library that afternoon that Judee turned the ricin burner on?

"Delayed onset of sudden infant death syndrome?"

Do we recall that Judee doctors used that one for years so that the ordinary people wouldn't figure out it was ricin in the baby food jars that killed their kids?

The workers in the baby food factories that put chunks of glass in the baby food jars as their only way to tell us that the baby food was poisoned with ricin.

Ricin poisoning, only detectable by modern science. Until we hear from our grand juries, might we only wonder how long Judah has been using it on us? At least a thousand years?

Find a person dead in their bed, no marks on them at all. Might it be easily put off as a heart attack in the middle of the night, case closed? Yes, it would be easily put off as a heart attack during sleep.

The vast range of atrocities, GENOCIDE, the Jews and their criminal allies have perpetrated against the human race that is living on the surface of the earth. Will American workers not end funding them any longer?

To spare your own and your children's lives will you not stop funding the war of genocide from Hitachi-GE?

"Pat, you missed your castle." 7.19 pm

If Pat lived an average life of an American man he would be out of here in about 5 years from now. He has gone about 93% of the average life of a man in America. His personal castle is not really a big part of his thinking here.

He has nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, and now great, great nieces and nephews who are just little kids. Who wants to be the one to tell them that they will never have children of their own?

Who will ever be able to explain to them in the future that the Jews, who had fled into their underground years ago, hated us genocide so they blocked Dr. Henry Moray's free energy machine and shot to death Dr. Eugene Mallove so they could poison us out with Jewish electricity waste to leave you sterile?

Bitch has a dutiful love for all of his long war suffering fellow human beings on planet earth. As the nice lady in Japan said as to why she was serving to get the nuclear threat gone, "I have a Religious form of you, I want you to go on."

And so does Bitch, he wants you to go on. But to go on are we connecting the dots, you have to be able to see the genocide hatred of the Jews who want us dead and gone permanently?

To get us dead and gone permanently are we seeing they put in sterilization by nuclear waste? Do we see that is why they took over ther government so that they could put Jewish electricity in ensuring that we would all die out sterilized after they had fled to the safety of their undergrounds?

They missed us with their well planned nuclear blast shot but because we have failed to close them out they shot us with their nuclear waste shot. They have sealed in the death of over 80 million Americans now due to inhaling radioactive dust that is blowing in the wind.

The plan the Judee guy told Bitch about in 1975 of sterilizing the Druid's kids. Bitch didn't believe it at the time. Now he does. In fact, he knows it is true as it has happened to us now.

So Bitch is more concerned about us going on rather than him getting his castle. That is not that big of a thing with Bitch, though it would have been nice to build velocity power supplies to power our world for our family everywhere. Bitch would have his motor home on free energy so that he could travel everywhere in comfort with his bed, books, computers, refrigerator, and stove, tub, shower, toilet bowl and washing machine.

If we let the Jews make war through us for just a little over a month more, sterilization of our children will not be a big thing. And why? Because the children will not grow up at all.

With such stark facts as these, might we understand why the murderous genocidal Jews keep their planes full of fuel that they have parked at the airport?

Might we understand they have plans for a quick getaway?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Our extraterrestrial elders informed us here.

At the moment, one-third of us are now set to die out of life form, 12 million years of earth existence ended.

Two-thirds, the survivors of the Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity brimstone war on us, will go on and live for another 9 million years as extraterrestrials and then die out due to the old age of our species.

Might we think of that long asked question to labor, "Which side are you on?"

Mercury elder spoke to Bitch last night with encouragement to keep researching so to be able to inform you's of what is going on that is not seen. Bitch has got his alarm clock set to 2.53 am and so he is up before 3 am every day. Still praying that American labor will stop them and let them off right.

And what is the right way to let them off? Is it any other than a STRIKE, and then grand juries to hear just what it is they have done here?

The deadliness of the insurance rackets crew in Jew control that have funded the mass murders, extermination, the genocide of the human race now.

Will workers not take the nuclear war fighting corporations by the head and introduce them to American law with grand jury process to help us now survive what they have done and are still doing to us all?

Will workers not try to perceive that the long term terrorist policy of the Jews threatening our nation and world with nuclear missiles and bombs has boomeranged on them and shot the Jews dead by their own hand? If understood will workers not help us now to clear their finished carcass right with a STRIKE?

Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. Lord Chesterfield was famous for his "good manners and writings". One of his most frequently used sayings implies avoiding rudeness; "An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult." Many years later, Chesterfield Cigarettes were named after this county in Virginia.

Will workers not try to forget the insult and get us to safe shores with a general STRIKE? Will workers not try to prevent the permanent injury that is being inflicted on us by atomic weapons blowing in the wind?

Tele receives:

"We just bet on the boys. 10.40 am

They shark ate us.

You irritate us all. (Bitch went and pulled things out of his daily test page after hearing that Tele receive)

If your handling left, you're going to be pretty sorry. 11.13 pm

This is freezing. 12.34 pm

Kidney died, Oh, our kidney died. 1.41 pm

These are genocidal people here.

Have a good one. 2.39 pm

Throw them away for cash. 4.27 pm

Rack em up.

These people have built the genocidal war machine in the face of God. 6.47 pm

We're set to go back to the stone ages now. 6.56 pm

Your vultures thieved cruel. 7.06 pm

They foul you municipal truth. 7.13 pm


Faschal. 7.28 pm

You're supremely faulting the wasteful Jews.

That stupid Bitch right you.

Chin up! 8.54 pm

Foul wipes.

Ah good, I'm glad you took that deal.

They lost their seat belts dying us off. 9.40 pm

Pat, you obviously set them broke.

The degenerate failed a field. 10.06 pm

Terrible fatal. 7.44 pm

Fold them up!" 8.43 am

For we who are set now to be massively destroyed by brimstone waste might this Tele receive be revealing a truth?

"That stupid Bitch right you."

The first time in our recorded history that workers have ever been offered an opportunity to issue our money, by the will of our good God Almighty who Reigns in heaven above.

Workers who have ever produced the goods and services and fought the wars of the sports people that have historically held us well. The chance now to live in a fit world of peace for all of God's children on earth. Will we not keep praying that 160 workers will step up and issue our money?

Monopoly, did many of us not play that game when we were just little kids? Sure we did. Do we recall we never had any difficulty issuing the money to get the game to work right?

Will Labor not take the monopoly money out of the hands of the jews so that we can play this game of American life right?

"Home run now, the Jew app has almost made it. Because of the Federation, I'm about out of time, I walk," Judee say.

Might we note the seemingly contradictory thoughts found in the subconscious of two different weap Judah people?

One telling us he is almost out of time because of the Federation, while another telling us that the Jew has almost made a home run app on us?

The home run app that will be completed in a little over a months time. Will labor not cut them off before they seal us into a real full die?

If so will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Wednesday, February 20 — Psalm 27:7–14
2 Chronicles 28:9–29:19; Acts 24:4–16

I stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land. Psalm 143:6

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

We come to you, Lord, for the storms of life are raging, and we know you, only you, can anchor our souls on the solid rock of Jesus. Help us to trust and believe as we experience the struggles in life. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

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Feb. 19, 2019

"Psychic Died Them Off For Weapin' Typhus."

While Bitch may like to claim that it was he that died the deadly murderous genocidal Jews off, it was not he, it was they themselves who died themselves off when they went ahead with their plans to extinct the human race in a nuclear blast war. But Bitch will accept that he is the American native son that blew the horn on their attempts to die us all off.

Surveys indicate 25% of American know the truth, we have been freed from the grip of the satanic devilish Luciferian genocidal renegade Jews, yet the majority apparently still do not fully comprehend what has happened here and remain rightless and suffer being perished for failure to close the genocidal Jews out.

Bitch failure of respect and honor to dignity closed him out 7 years ago in 2012 when he insulted the mild peoples after a traumatizing experience he suffered.

The Federation, having 87 million years of extraterrestrial knowledge, knew their helper two thousand years in the future, would have a fault due to being harmed by the mad renegade genocidal scientists he would be trying to throw out, and so they put into the Bible the admonition that those who are 'prudent, sensible and wise' are to 'ignore an insult.'

An obvious extinction level event the simian hybrids in the Federation nursery on earth are in with absolutely no reports on the mainstream news that would alert us to the seriousness of the situation we are in.

The burning of nuclear waste that is raining down on the Federation created simian hybrids in America, Europe, and Japan with consequences of the radioactive fallout from Hitachi-GE soon to be recognized with an assortment of lethal radiation-induced illnesses.

Renegade Jewish nuclear war fighting mad scientists are reporting to the renegade Jew leadership that they have already destroyed in the range of 80 million Federation created simian hybrids, Americans that will sicken and die out in the near years ahead due to inhaling brimstone.

Can it be true that we are only a month and week away from the majority of Americans being sealed out of life due to this eight-year atomic war the fiendish mad Jews are successfully waging against us from Hitachi-GE?

Regrettably, it is true. For those who have been studying our Bibles, do we not find the end times we are in revealed in the bible? Yes, we do find the end times revealed in our bibles.

If only the writers of Star Trek had the imagination might we have had a movie of the world we are living in now?

Can we only imagine a Star Trek adventure where Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock and the crew of the Enterprise travel to a nursery of the Federation to free the next edition of extraterrestrials from a rebellious group that has overthrown the Federations rules and set out on a mad plot over thousands of years to destroy the hybrid simian creation of God who lives in heaven at the Federation home base, 38 light years away from earth?

The future extraterrestrials living in the Federation's nursery, the future replacements for the Third Edition of extraterrestrials that are on the Bridge of the Federation at the time.

The Fourth Edition extraterrestrials, saved by the actions of the Third Edtion extraterrestrials in the Federation by them pulling the nuclear missiles out of the sky preventing the renegade Jews from destroying the future Fourth Edition extraterrestrials.

And now Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock sent by the Federation to awaken the hybrid simian life forms in one of the Federation's thirteen hundred nurseries to what the nuclear waste armed mad Berlin Jew scientist renegades are doing to them.

The renegade mad scientist cult having their nuclear missiles neutralized by the Federation's superior forces, the mad scientist cult now still trying to destroy the Federation created simian hybrids, this time using atomic brimstone waste to die the nursery Beings off.

Will Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock and the crew of the Enterprise be able to awaken the perishing Simian hybrids before the renegade mad scientist cult sickens, sterilizes and dies them off with the brimstone their engineers are manufacturing at Hitachi-GE?

The renegade mad scientist sexcitement thrill kill cult, having thousands of years of study and practice in the best and most proficient ways to destroy other human beings, focus their intelligence on how to push the ordinary peoples' wits off so they are not aware that they are slowly but surely being chemically destroyed.

They focus on how to get the people to give up their rights so they can set them right for sporting them to extinction.

They understand the necessity of getting hold of government so they can get away with murder. And in their examining government, they learn that the most important office of government is the office that issues money.

And so they make that office a private company, a bank, and take it onto themselves over many decades of falsing the ordinary people concerning income tax that they plan to use to finance their schemes of destroying the hybrid simians the Federation created.

Never revealing to the workers that a tax on labor is a forced taking of labor. Might we recognize a forced taking of labor is, the textbook definition of slavery?

But wouldn't some people figure this out and tell the ordinary people what the mad scientists' sexcitment thrill kill cult is doing to them? Yes, they would. So how do the mad scientists prevent this from happening?

By having privatized the issue of money and able to secretly issue as much money as they want, they hire their thrill cult members and place them everywhere in society, especially the schools so they can spot those that will find them out. And then they neutralize the smart kids with fist, imprisonment or poverty so there is no one to tell the ordinary kids what is being done to them.

Former NFL player gunned down over parking dispute
By Tamar Lapin February 18, 2019

Former Seattle Seahawk Anthony “TJ” Cunningham 46 was shot multiple times by a neighbor Sunday morning in Arapahoe County, when the pair met in a parking lot between two middle schools to settle their long-running parking spot feud, the local sheriff’s office said.

Cunningham was an assistant principal at Hinkley High School in his native city of Aurora.

This reverse facial speech found in a broadcaster doing the JT Cunningham shooting death report:

"This was our best angle and Jews wanted him out so you wouldn't notice him."

Will American workers not get involved and help us to clean the killer shells out of our schools and protect our children from them?
They use chemical warfare of alcohol, knowing it blocks the wits of the people from seeing the sexcitement thrill kill cult mad scientists and their plot to destroy them.

They use the purse secretly to bribe the school administrators to buy dictionaries that have no etymology in them. Might we surmise if the students know about the etymology of words then the mad scientists neuro-vowels just will not work?

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock sift through the Federation's 87 million years of records and determine that the mad scientists' nuclear war fighting thrill kill cult is "rare," even by extraterrestrial standards.

The mad scientists to hold themselves in to get a full kill shot on the hybrid simian life forms, cuts dogs ears and noses off and then spends thousands of dollars to reconstruct them. Hacks the leg of a little doggie off, rescues him and then puts him through rehabilitation making a video of the three-legged puppy hopping around to show to the hostages.

Then they hire a Torpedo from Ohio to go to Richmond and tie up and light a stray dog on fire. They name the poor suffering beast "Tommie," then report this as news and bring in community support for the suffering burned pooch. Then they give the pooch a funeral as if he were a long-serving prelate in the church.

"Cruel, Sadistic Demented Stuff," you say? Might we note the nuclear war fighting mad scientist sexcitement thrill kill cannibal cult are still holding planet earth in their genocidal war grip?

The Federation has a nice boy in the nursery doing all he can to awaken the other hybrid simian kids of how the mad scientists are doing us in. But he has a limited range and has demonstrated a fault of stupid from having "endured prolonged periods of suffering," as Papa said.

But his determination to get the nuclear war fighting mad scientists out has never wavered even once. And so because he is true, the Federation keeps pulling the bullets off that have been aimed at him.

He spent the time and made the effort to connect the dots and determined that the Bible is an extraterrestrial document. Though nothing new here, Drake astronomy and mathematics professor Morris Jessup (1950-1959) made that determination in the 1950s and wrote a book about it, "UFO And The Bible."

For those who have spent the time to think about this long term intervention into our world by our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light, are we getting a glimmer of the glory and majesty of our good God Almighty?

Our precious sweet Father in heaven above who loves us all equally and unconditionally. Father who will weep if we let ourselves be died off by the mad scientist sexcitement thrill kill cult of mad Jews that Father is dying off because of their weakness, an inability to accommodate others.

Bitch, gifted by Mercury with the psychic ability to be able to uncover the subconscious thoughts of speakers by reading their reverse facial speech. And from that extraterrestrial gifted ability gifted to him by Mercury, he uncovered it is Jews in hybrid transplant shells that occupy all the seats of power in our world.

Most every word spoken or written is in one way or the other created by and or directed from Judah and his shells. An incredible level of mind control that the Jews have demonstrated over the mass of the ordinary men of earth by thousands of years of falsing and fisting us.

Might we consider though if not for their most peculiar ability, the ability to kill a man, their false would never have gotten this bad? Of course not. Our light bulbs would have revealed what it is is they do but our wits are mostly all dead and in the grave or imprisonment to silence their truth.

And those who do know what's going on, intimidated and so do not talk openly about what it is the Jews are doing to us here.

Judah, in his arrogance and deceit against his fellow man, his chutzpah, as it were, able to die us off grand with hardly a word spoken in protest from the gentlemen. But in his hubris to God, able only to die himself off right.

Judah who focuses on subjecting those he captures to an endless array of mind degrading experiences. "Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have," Judee say.

And the Jews method of diminishing us simian hybrid creations of God Almighty? Is it any other than atrocity, imprisonment, insurance financed mass murder, and war crimes against us all?

The extinction level atomic blast and waste force that the odious evil Jews have forced onto the mild people of the north and our world. If only Bitch did not have rude, insult, abrasive and irritate due to his fault of stupid, might the mild people have tried to save yourselves?

That fault that elder said, "it set you back aways," do we recall that Judee said those faults will leave our minds in two weeks after liberation from the heinous genocidal Jews?

It is sure hoped and prayed for that mild people perceive that this brimstone going away party the Jews are throwing for us is one in which they intend to permanently set us and our children away and that labor will act to stop the war to save us.

Why have our universities not educated us properly on the deadly nature of war? Bitch has written previously about this. When he was in college there were a couple of professors who talked about nuclear war and the threat it was to us, and they were not renewed. They were thrown off the payroll and set out of the university community.

From that issue of who issues the payroll, are we getting an idea of why Americans have been so easy to perish with nuclear war, both blast and now waste? Do we see it is because the Jews control privately the payroll that they have been able to harm us so severely?

The assassin Jews. Will the gentlemen, not end funding their attitude to us here?

American workers that paid the freight for the heel from Taranto that aimed to gun Bitch down in the store the other day. Will workers not do something helpful for a guy that is trying to help save your lives here and end funding the murder for hires the politicians are doing to us?

Will labor not put our grand juries in so that we can clean out customs so they don't let these Naples directed hoodlums in here? Will Labor not get the Berlin and London hoodlums out and prevent the Moscow hoodlums from coming in next?

Will workers not help us to open the books on the murderous insurance racketeers here?

Tele receives and reverse facial speech inform Bitch that his writing is "sad," and "Joyless."

With over 80 million Americans already poisoned Out of existence, could he be anything other than sad and joyless as to what has happened here by his failure to bring labor to STOP THE WAR?

Americans with big salaries and living great now set to be poisoned out with our children.

And what sort of opp has Judee put on television news other than a 6th-grade student that wouldn't stand for the pledge of allegiance and was arrested?

With our grand juries in might, we not see just how much that opp cost us? Are we not aware these are the things that Judee does to hold our wits?

Endless replays of a foul hit on the football field while Judah hires an Ohio torpedo to light Tommie dog on fire. Will Americans workers not take the purse away from these sport Jew kids?

Protest demonstrations in Europe over alleged antisemitism after numbers of Jewish tombstones had Swastikas painted on them. Do we not spot that is Jews who spray paint swastikas on their ancestors' tombstones so they have something to complain about? Might that be to make it look as if they are the victims?

Did the Disney actor in Chicago not do that precise thing and get caught recently at it this time? Will workers not get hold of the issue of the paper and end funding their sob stories on us all?

Tele receives:

"I just couldn't wake you. 5.27 pm

They stupid burn tale you.

You've shown none of these symptoms of intelligence.

They're bankrupting us.

Pat, you missed your castle. 7.19 pm

It's obvious they falsed this fairy land, STRIKE THEM RICH!

Your right falls them all down for spoof.

Our government company uses white people for autocracy. 8.47 pm

He obviously has our available force wrench.

They always did diesel. 12.23 am

Master thieves now see pitch us grand, fling them out the door. 1.34 am

Complete shears comp you off shears.

You lost your rights fused and you lost your right view.

Jew hold is over." 7.47 am

How about we take a look at some more of Judah subconscious thoughts revealed in reverse facial speech?

"I just Brits you dungeon well. We just champ you with a British BB head. All I ever had to do take you off was build a wall. We just used professionals to make you die. The professor right spite our right and I couldn't toss him, he reports our jeopardy jail. I took the Druid out for my full punishment, have a nice day. We're just blasting your real estate throwing you out.

We just deceive you but now I'm a senate out. It is clear we bust molest easy. It was sad that let me fall out the pooch. I literally won in speech. I false you to intellectual you right. With my police force, I just held you racket. I always figure out how to mess molest a message.

Your way put us in. I just off your rights as a function to off you. You let me fall you quite stupid. I always frame you help less. I'm true happiness when I'm dying you for money. I waste your wits for my final deal. Bar food always angels you chlor-a-tech. I'm trying to step out some receipts because I had some big dies.

I'm so awful I race die, that's my spin. The true cephids I imbecile right. (LBJ)

We're real dummy but we play. Usrael. I forge evidence to swing the jury my way. Police mess you and carriage for bore Judee. War crimen is white happening. I'm white people born for abusic. I'm exhausted on white because of my kennel theory. I pull you out with a twin.

I just use a dog and get all of my free evidence in. Riceberg gets 50% and Wall Street is normal. I fool you net sum. I set you two stage Berlin to fret your whites. H----- shook our roots for our breezin'. Peace is not the best rate for our business sums so I make you go.

My family's occupation is making goals. For storage ruin I'm an after leaf. If I have a summons forever you'll be sore. I just fall you when you're able because you're rabbits. I just scrimble you for Easter here. Merchants rights core you in jest. I core you right so I can manage you for my die.

I just set a goal of oppin you Jew people so I can get my payroll done. I'm dying you police lethal because I'm an opp fail. For buzzery I'm a beautiful fifer. To give your kid a lock I core you energy. We just welcome a fist wage, that's why we're corrupt. I always fable about porky time.

I show you fair when I bench you wood. With the wolfs of all the world, I push you off. I'm a failed bison who rolled some sports. My illusion here is to hold my tyranny so I can fall you dead. I'm dying you on a Japanese speed deed, that's why I got a big story.

The digest is the brief that managed you right. Racket people spoon to me because I permanently ditch you. Sidney Alston always did us a nice favor. I'm penny oppers, that's how I won the state. My illusion has fouled you bazoota face. I'm a big embarrassment to you because I Jew assault through you," Judee say.

The permanent assault that the jews are doing through us and have done through us ever since they privatized the issue of our money. Will workers not take it away from them now and end their genocidal assaulting through us?

"The race is set for a most cataterous war. They're going to evict the minnow ship complete." (JFK)

President Kennedy who did what he could to make us aware that the Jews and their worldwide wolf collaborators had their hearts set on destroying the people of America in an all-out nuclear blast war.

The nuclear missile attack made against the lower forty-eight states of the United States of America in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 that failed due only to the love of our good God Almighty who sent His angels in to spare us extinction of our race at the hands of the genocidal mad Jews and their London Berlin collaborators.

Will the American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our money?

"I just couldn't wake you." 5.27 pm

Might that have been precious sweet Father?

The many miracles that Jesus performed. Might we recognize them now as done by the Galactic Federation of LIght?

The thousands of years that our good God has spent to have His angels gently wake us up. Will it all prove for naught and we die off now funding and fighting a permanent genocidal war against the other children of God on earth?

The two million year intelligence jump that we received when we were hybridized 200,000 years ago from the love of our good God in heaven above.

Will we not pray that American workers will use the full measure of our 223 high intelligence genes and try to perceive that this is the end of our chances to survive these genocidal Jews who are perishing us massively?

If so must American workers not take the office to issue our money away from the Jews and give us a chance to live in a world of peace?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Tuesday, February 19 — Psalm 27:1–6
2 Chronicles 26:16–28:8; Acts 23:25–24:3

My soul languishes for your salvation; I hope in your word. Psalm 119:81

Jesus said, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples.” John 8:31

God of hope, we have the assurance of your promise of salvation and eternal life affirmed in Christ. As we read your word daily, give us understanding that we may grasp the truth revealed through your scriptures. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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Feb. 18, 2019

"They're Sporting You Right Nuclear. Lethal is the Siege."

Those are a couple of over night Tele receives. Some estimates are that only one out of four Americans are aware that we are being sported in a lethal nuclear siege. Will we not hope and pray for a consciousness breakthrough where everyone perceives just how seriously we have been destroyed by brimstone waste and act to halt it?

Now about 5 weeks away from being sealed into a mass die off due to inhaling brimstone waste. Will Americans not act before then and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and prevent us from passing out of life form with our children now in the last days?

That we have sat around and done nothing for over seven years after being informed that the Jews attacked us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with an exterminating force of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast,heat and radiation force, does it look as if the Federation's computer simulations may be correct, that a third of the human race will die out now due to inhaling brimstone Jewish electricity waste?

Regrettably, it does appear that way. Though 2 out of 10 of the Galacticans who did the computer simulations two thousand years ago at the time of Jesus thought we would act and prevent a third of the human race from being poisoned out with brimstone waste.

And not a word about the brimstone poisoning that is being done to us. Have we noticed on American news there is not a word about it?

Candidates running for office or are already in office talking about taxing the wealthy at sky-high rates and apparently, that talk is getting traction with many people. As some of the people talking that way are already millionaires themselves, might they be fooling us somehow? In what way could they be fooling us?

Do we note none of them are suggesting that workers should be the party issuing our money? Might they just be playing on resentment rather than actually serving the mass of ordinary everyday workers?

Are we not aware that taxes of any sort are all forced takings? In our new economy might we consider there will be no such things as taxes anymore because we will no longer have a force based relationship between us? Certainly. Taxes will go out once labor is issuing our money.

But when is labor going to take over and issue our money?

Have we noticed that American labor is financing all the sports war in our world and workers just guaranteed payment by putting up the money to buy Wall Street Washington Jews some brand new nuclear bombs to attack us with once again?

Will, we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels pull all of Judah atomic bombs off of us sparing us our lives?

Will we not pray for the wits to perceive just how seriously we are being destroyed and act to stop the war?

Are we not aware that wherever there is Jewish rule it is by force and fraud? Will we not pray for the maturity to perceive what it is that is being done to us and act to take the tool that is being used to destroy us, the authority to issue money, away from the private secret genocidal hands of the Jews with a STRIKE?

The Federation redid the computer simulations between 1840 and 1870 they did at the time of Jesus. The numbers were slightly more favorable that we might miss being perished massively as the Jews go away from us permanently.

Instead, of 80/20, they were 70/30. A 30 percent chance that workers might act and prevent the jews from destroying a third of the human race.

"The Magnitude of the Deception."

Do we recall our beautiful elder sister Juliet informed us that was why they dropped one of their spacecraft at Roswell in 1947? To demonstrate to us the "Magnitude of the Deception?"

And when Bitch speculated that elders strategy was what budget Judee said about weap Judee, "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves," and beautiful sister Juliet said, "please don't embarrass us, Patrick. Magnify their imperfections."

Have our extraterrestrial elders not 'magnified their imperfections' well enough that workers will not see the warts of the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews to the level to take the most important desk of government and life there is, who issues our money, and put it into workers hands instead of the genocidal permanent war-making Jews hands?

Jews using American workers money hiring proxies and arming them with drones and attacking in Ukraine. And now an army being readied for a fight with Cuban hybrid transplant Jews in Venezuela.

MIght we note, America, Ukraine, Cuba, and Venezuela are all controlled by Jews as they are the only group authorized to issue those countries money?

The masquerade the Jews do by putting in hybrid transplant lookalike shells in every terrain to fool us with. But who can argue with success for is it not they that are still holding the American gentlemen to funding all of the war in our world? Yes, they are holding the gentlemen to fund all of the war in our world.

Could it be true that the American gentlemen will have destroyed themselves and their children if they fund war for the Jews for only 5 weeks more now? That is what Judah nuclear war fighting scientists are telling Judah.

Jewish nuclear waste warfighting scientists are telling the Jews, they will have destroyed the majority of American gentlemen and our families with only one Jewish dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE if they can hold the American gentlemen to fund war until April.

The marrow shot the Jews have put on us with the elevated background radiation they put in by refusing to shut Hitachi-GE down for almost 8 years now.

If our children have leukemia and need a marrow transplant, will mom and dads marrow be of any use to our kids in that we have been breathing the radioactive dust from Hitachi-GE for all of these years now?

If only we will try to recognize that we are a special creation, made in the image of God will we not immediately stop the war?
The recycling of proven liars to the American people and supporter who armed Guatemalan president Rios Montt who was subsequently convicted of genocide for the slaughter against the people he was able to accomplish because of American labor funding of the arms sent to him by the Reagon administration.

The two counts convicted felon and dual Israeli and American citizen real Jew arms trafficker Elliott Abrams appointed a special envoy to Venezuela. Might this indicate it is time to meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

Fast forward more than a decade, and Elliott Abrams's influence is back in the White House.

Abrams recently brushed aside past convictions and criticisms, saying that he doesn't believe the Iran-Contra scandal will be an issue in his current post.

"We are not focused on the events of the 1980s," he recently told reporters. "We are focused on the events of 2019."

And simultaneously we have the Jews who control Russia by privately controlling the issue of Russia's money, inserting a permanent military force in the Middle East

From FRN News: Russia’s declaration that it would be establishing eight militarized outposts along the de facto Syria-Israel border, the UN has been prodded into action, and is re-engaging its own responsibilities to monitor the region. The UN previously was unable to perform, due to pressure from the US, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia chiefly, to pressure the UN not to guard the demilitarized zone.

By putting Russian armed force on the border of Israel might we be seeing the Jewish grand strategy to get America into a war with Russia starting in the Middle East?

But won't a war between Russia and America necessitate attacking Israel? Certainly, it will. Have we not seen Jews set other Jews up for fatal blows time and time again? Yes, we have. By the big Jews hiring Hitler was that not a great example of their big unspoken strategy, to play against other Jews? Yes, it was.

While watching a Judah speaking on television, elder alerted Bitch, "focus," the elder said and so Bitch focused and started closely reading the reverse facial speech of the Juhah speaking and found this:

"We put the white man on pooch to raid our house because Jew fell."

In that might reverse facial speech might we see the white man in Russia and America that Jew has now set for a fight against one another while secretly planning to attack his cult members in Israel? Will American workers not stop the war before all of our houses fall down in ashes?

As to Jewish cunning in our world, how about this from Syrian president Assad:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a “Muslim Brotherhood” fanatic and considers him “a small-time U.S. tool.”

Might we see from that statement how they pretend that they are Muslims to cover each other being hybrid transplant look alike weap Jew shells?

As the Jews get ready to unleash Jewish British directed Muslim terrorism inside the United States will workers not take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

The Jews who tightened the American economy producing vast numbers of cruelly manipulated poor that the Jew needed to drive the tens of millions of our family out of their homes with millions fleeing in to the northern zones.

And of the tens of millions of our innocent family that American workers funded driving out of their homes in the Middle East, inside is a group of prepared warriors that are now inside of America set to wage war as they are hybrid transplant look alike Fornian jews.

Will American workers not awaken to the deadly threat the Jews have put upon Americans here and take away our cash?

From yesterdays post a reverse speech that informed us who was behind the shooting deaths of the workers in Aurora Illinois:

"The bank wanted this off for Mexican sport."

The mass murders being perpetrated against our family in Mexico. When we say "mass murder," could it be any other than directed by the international Jews?

And after they finished their dirty work in Mexico where did they go then? With their big insurance payments from the employers that cashed their workers out, are we aware many of the Mexican Jews headed up north and now are living in America ready for their next big sport, we living in the US?

The international Jews who set nations up to take big falls. Will American workers not be the first in history to close the Jews out fully with a STRIKE before they fall us down in ways that may make it hard to get up again?

Will the gentlemen not end funding Jewish war genocide blight?

The gentlemen of America who have already lost half of our children to the Jewish nuclear brimstone waste war upon us. Another five weeks of funding war, Father will weep and all of our children will be gone.

"Some white people haven't known there's a war going on for years," Judee say.

Hard to believe, but true. The permanent war that America has never stopped funding and fighting ever since the neighbor killing genocidal Jews took over the management of the United States of America in 1913. And some white people haven't known for years there's a war going on.

The brimstone waste war that is set to sweep us away. The back up to the blast nuclear war that our good God had His angels pull off us, the nuclear waste war that our good God had His angels keep Bitch in to inform His children of how we are being destroyed.

"You just missed a 45 from the princess."

Bitch found that RS in a local newscast. The other day Bitch thanked Mercury elder for blocking that 45 from being fired into Bitch when he walked into a store doing some shopping the other day.

Might ordinary workers consider that while it was nice elders blocked Bitch from getting shot, the plan is for you to try and prevent yourselves from being destroyed by the Jews and that is why they kept Bitch alive, to give you a chance to save your lives?

Apparently, three out of four Americans do not know that we have lost our children and our own lives here. Though the understanding is if we stop them before they get the palace aids and Soviets inside on us then we will have some chance to survive.

"I'm just going to push you with more caps, we fumbled because of our fire. We just fish you egg."

The extermination of our race that the Jews tried in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, using 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads to accomplish the Druid people once and for all.

"British are not too happy with this Bitch that I couldn't fall him."

Might American workers appreciate that when we liberate ourselves from the Jews homelessness, imprisonment, war and genocide policies, our family in England will soon also be freed from them too?

Once American Labor is issuing our money, much chance the Jew will be able to hold on to it in England any more? Of course not, our family in England will return the authority to issue English workers money to the workers to issue it for them then too.

Parliament, the royals, the bankers, they'll never issue it again. Workers will take for themselves the authority to issue the nation's money.

Tele receives:

"Jew is having fun with American die. 10.14 am

Hold on! 12.58 pm

Bitch, finish these people out here!

Filthy they waste us heart attack.

Closeout their ein zwei ways. 1.34 pm

SOLD, let's close them out here. 2.02 pm

They died queenie bad. 2.09 pm

You made us son. 2.12 pm

Get them out. 2.39 pm

Real dumb, that's classroom crippled, set a goal. 3.55 pm

They make us sin with fight. 4.15 pm

Weapys fall. 4.17 pm

Because we didn't raise you up, desightfully catasterous now.

Fell them out of here because they falsed you out.

Pat, save your life, your future here. 4.53 pm

This psyche war is using up your soothing rights. 5.07 pm

Patrick, your assignment optical tossed you out. 5.24 pm

This is all false process, these are all faulty hammers. 6.20 pm

Who do you think you are?

Master failed to save us.

Imbeside is going inside.

Pat, you failed like a slave.

We cheer your retard pitch. 12.34 am

You'll eventually right this faulty and ensure an eviction. 12.59 am

Courage out these crazies.

They sin us ape.

They make your heart fall kidney.

There's a war going on and it's being waged with white peoples money.

Lethal is the siege. 1.21 am

Oh, hikers failed us.

They're sporting you right nuclear.

Pat, oh my retarsch, a full chemical sin they're putting in.

It's a sell! 3.44 am

Get him out! 4.13 am

Get them out of here!" 6.22 am

From reading the reverse facial speech it appears they have a new opp they are getting ready to spring on us here in the states. Bitch will keep reading their RS to see if he can determine what and where it will be sprung on us.

Wasn't that nifty how they spread measles in many states and then use that as a way to sell their vaccines?

The authority to issue money. Are we seeing that is the real issue in our war genocide troubled world? Have we noticed it is never spoken of on television at all? By the mere fact of who issues our money is never mentioned on television, should that not tell us a lot?

Jews, who have held a range of white people to assaulting our family around this earth for the last 1300 years. Might we figure it is to put us outside of the love of our family?

The soul-destroying effects of war that we have allowed the foul Jews and their collaborators to force on us here. Will workers not close them up? Will workers not stop the war and let them off?

The best laws of them all invented in Poland and England and made the law of the land in the United Staes of America in 1789 and ratified by the states in 1791.

The American law tested in 1854 that let a bound worker free after a jury heard the facts of his bondage. Then the jury decision thrown out by the crooked jew clerks on the bench.

Will American workers not throw out these Jew laws giving them and their cohorts the rights of murder, and put us back on a civil course of peace?

The Federation computer simulation experts by a vote of 8 to 2 said, "NO," white will not throw out the Jews until it is too late and they have lost their life forms to Jewish nuclear warfighting scientists using their blowing in the wind brimstone inhalation warfare.

Sitting on a park bench spitting out pieces of his broken lung. Will that be the next few years for us now in America?

Though of the ten Galacticans who did the computer simulations, might we hope the 2 out of 10 are correct and we do act and STOP THE WAR before we are no more in our life forms?

"You told about our African in America and his foul Jew put him in. Stupid we cash you. Our Jew false is impossible, our Jew is all through. We do formally rape you and are thrown out. Stupid, I hope I right you. I baby set you in the states. Whenever we got a premium I lost fold them out.

My paint brush has failed. I'm a thief fraud. We just fool you off to dash you away. I screw ya homemakers right. I just have rules to play power sports here, it's just opp for real. Because of our cinnamon rights, I fell. You're folding us up Pat but your cots are holding you.

I'm going to do a push with my -----'s. 4th of July Jewish is now haunting.

We perish you through Naples forces. Jew hostile threw out the Baltics. I have a big dog right to threat you. I've lost my right baby shoot because of my sin. I just opp as an apple Roy. I horro-fess contact. We have some stupid instruments for our rule.

I always fish you British because they know how to war. Bitch analogy threw me and my British head couldn't bust him. I'll suffer you a Mormon with a true breeze. The atmosphere is quite Jewtible to off your force. Mature is fit to dull you. Offberg lets me win a dog, lets me roll.

The push from the Marsh boys cost us all our shooters. Our accomplishment about despises you. All my dogs and electricity has about failed us sin. Jew scores you on a single and he won. I took the gentlemen out on ink well. I'm over for forking you weapin'.

Your wisest fish didn't show much and so didn't throw me. We cattle thief to force you in. We just make your heritage with some nice municipal death wits. Shot your ass ammo sensually. We're just sinful materious all our days.

Superboy you embarrassed me out of my range right. I set you on exclusive pie my wits and scare your wits. If I fist you right I can make you mork. We hornswaggle and barnstorm because all of our rights are false. I'm a force passed because I'm a sheeny who won't play by the rules," Judee say.

"You're folding us up Pat but your cots are holding you."

Bitchie has no cots period. One fellow accidentally was died by Judah after Bitch let a Judee guy knew he knew the fellow.

"You never fiend," Mercury said of Bitch. And that is a fact. Mercury would not speak to Bitch if he did not go the right way all of the time. Who would ever risk the loss of contact by not being nice? Surely not Bitch. This head and heart is directed by the kindness of Papa to sooth Father.

While looking through Bitch notes, happened to see a reverse facial speech from a youngster somewhere in Africa and he said in reverse facial speech:

"I'd like you to make the shooting end so we could be progressive."

In that same video a grown-up said in RS:

"Jew is falsing your white mental to death. You toss out Jew wits and the fear will end here"

Will labor not toss out the genocidal Jews wits and let us have a chance to live? Do we see when American workers toss out Jew wits our family in Africa and everywhere else in our world will be able to live in peace and be progressive?

Jewish mentality is to rob and destroy while enriching themselves. While they could have had more wealth than they have now by allowing free energy to come in, that route goes against their way because free energy will make the rest of the human race wealthy also, and their strategy is to destroy other human Beings not help them to become wealthy using free energy.

Jews closing up as many stores, restaurants, and businesses as they go away from us now for good. Might we see they are trying to leave as many Americans as possible without labor income sources?

Our mass destruction sealed in in only 5 more weeks of funding Jewish sports war and brimstone nuclear waste genocide.

The same thing Bitch has been saying now since October of 2011, STRIKE THEM OUT if you want to stay alive.

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, February 18 — Psalm 26
2 Chronicles 25:5–26:15; Acts 23:12–24

God wounds, but he binds up; he strikes, but his hands heal. Job 5:18

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

God of compassion, we come humbly before you, asking your assistance in comforting us in grief, healing us in pain, encouraging us in sorrow, and loving us through the strains of life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

4.07 pm

"Focus. 9.05 am

Jew dough has crushed all of us. 9.22 am

Kidney missile.

Deputies harsh.

Lets cut off his peddle. 9.42 am

They're simply a bunch of perps.

He's a shill.

Jew hostile fished.

Contact now has saved us.

They crushed us dead. 11.02 am

Stupid nuven spite you failed. 11.58 am

Get them out for Goofyland.

They're fearin'? Is that what they're doing?

Desk rifles are coming out for bust-ables.

The shad leave. 12.13 pm

You truly got Jew molestoev campus rate here.

I failed you when I shit you opolous, that's why you'll get me out of here. 12.42 pm

You're sad. 12.53 pm

It's a lot of bullshit. 1.03 pm

Thank you for falling this office here.

War forces let them pig out on us. 1.40 pm

We're now fouled totally.

We've fallen catasterous.

Thank you, Patrick, for writing shoot-a-lore.

Through common lies, you failed.

You've thrown their sphere.

We've warned you of your die existence.

Beautiful grudge existence fails, rapists are putting us in. 2.23 pm

Tech farce.

SOLD, pull em out!

It's started. 3.49 pm

Get them out, they've stolen lives here.

Welcome to the peace here." 4.04 pm

Thank you. God bless.

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BREAKING: U.S Backed Ukrainian Terrorists Conduct Drone Attack In Donetsk, 3 Buildings Hit – UPDATED
By Joaquin Flores Last updated Feb 18, 201