Oct. 17, 2019

 "They Poison Our Sanity."


That Tele receive in yesterday's post Bitch heard as he was leaving a store and a couple of women were talking together at the register. "They poison our sanity."


The errant life form that is poisoning our air, water, and soil to destroy us as vastly as is possible before we put them out of privately issuing our money. Will, we not take the concession to issue our money away from them to end them poisoning our sanity also?


The odds are by 79 to 21% we will not act in time and will lose our life forms to the dutiful, tough, passionate Babylonian order, the weap Jews. And those figures, 79 to 21% that we will remain passive is from millions of years of the Federation transitioning life forms out of war and into peace.


The prophecy from our bible that a third of the water on our planet will be turned bitter and poison many people as the third of the human race on the surface of planet earth die away. Is it not astounding that our extraterrestrial elders' computer simulations from the Federation experts so accurately revealed thousands of years ago how the end days of the beast Jews would do us in easily?


"We're foulish cap head extortionists, we psychically cap your behavior."


Psychically cap our heads and poison our sanity. And for those who the Jews fail to fully poison our sanity and who report that they are nuts, they have fists that have Germany Boston rights to take us off the street and cage us where they then abuse us unto death with Berlin pharmaceuticals and their French chef.


"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. I died them truthful. They're no friends of mine," God Almighty said of Jewish cipher and their claim to special rights.


But if they have no defensible rights might we ask ourselves, "why are we paying them tribute for free from our labor dollar and still allowing them to issue our money?"


Might we find it in their ability to organize themselves versus our failure to organize? The authority to issue money, the "organizing principle of society," Mercury whispered into dutiful Bitch's ear where he immediately shouted it out to remove the falsity of Germany nuclear warfighting industrialists and genocidal Jews upon us here.


The Jews who formed an alliance with the indigenous Euro-criminals 1,300 years ago and are still holding on at this late date. Will American workers not get them off and out of American management, please?


Those Federation computer simulations found in our bibles that tell us, "NO," we will lay down one last time to be raped out by the Jews and their criminal collaborators.


The odds on favorite to win is still the Jews by a factor of 79 to 21%. 


Bitch while happy to have reported how Judee and Gerry shot themselves with a silver bullet right and buried a stake in their jester sporting hearts, he is sad that he insulted the simple working people who now have been psychically held to destroy themselves and their kids. May God have mercy on us all as Judah scientists have certified we are tumored now.


The typhoon that Judee had American labor funded HAARP steer right into the heart of Japan that has now washed all sorts of radioactive poisons from Hitachi-GE into Tokyo and the Pacific ocean fulfilling the prophecy of a third of the water on our planet poisoned out in the end times


And Hitachi-GE still managing the future 4 Mile Island super dirty bomb at Morris, Illinois, the Dresden atomic power plant that our extraterrestrial elders have been buzzing for years to alert us to Judee and Gerry's plan to blow it up and poison us out swell.


And while the Jews and their genocidal sports hobbyists in Berlin, London, and Washington DC are wiping us out in our genetics slowly with brimstone waste, they have so much free money from American workers that they still can afford to be hiring shooting nuclear missiles at us and our family in all of the lands of earth. Did you see this nuclear warhead that Sir Casper and his diligent team of Martians just burst off the other evening high in the skies over China sparing our family the shock and awe of being blast, heat, and radiation burned up?


Brilliant Midnight Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Northeast China

By Tariq Malik 3 days ago Skywatching 

It turned night into day.


What appears to be a dazzling meteor lit up the sky over northeast China on Friday (Oct. 11), appearing as a brilliant fireball in surveillance videos of the event. 

The meteor occurred at about 12:16 a.m. Beijing Time, turning night into day and casting dark shadows as it streaked through the sky, according to the state-run CCTV. Videos of the fireball were captured by surveillance cameras in the city of Songyuan in the province of Jilin, as well as by many residents across northeast China, CCTV reported


But didn't the astronomers say that great ball of fire was a "meteorite," and not a 300 kiloton thermonuclear warhead that Judee Berlin shot at them?


"Ha, ha, ha, Ho, ho ho, hee hee hee. WInk wink."

NASA researchers Alan Ehrgott, Mike Koop, and Derek Sears wait to board the zeppelin Eureka for a meteorite hunt on May 3, 2012.


Will we not pray that American labor will organize, STRIKE THEM OUT and do God's will and issue our money?


The volleys of nuclear warheads the Jews on free American workers money keep shooting at us.


Those warheads over the Gulf of Mexico. Can we only wonder where they were headed? New Orleans?


Are some wondering that if what Bitch is reporting is true, these are thermonuclear warheads that we are being attacked with, then why do we not see the radar data on the evening news showing these nuclear missiles dispatching these hydrogen bomb warheads at us?


Might there be a couple of answers to that? 


First, that the same people who are attacking us with thermonuclear warhead equipped missiles own the news broadcast stations, might that give us clue why it is not reported on their news stations?


Second, that the cunning Jews got to the air traffic controllers union to go on STRIKE when Ronald Reagon was in the weap house and he fired them all, allowing Judah to fill up all the controller slots with hybrid transplant Jews and then raise the wages, might they be hiding the radar data tapes that show those nuclear missiles coming in?


Do we recall it was the air traffic control radar data of the NATO missile attack upon Poland that caused the Polish government in 2010 to stage a plane crash so they could get away before our family in Poland figured it out?


So who cares about such stuff anyway? Did you see the real important news of this big dog that was so tired that the local Sherrif sent his emergency rescue team to carry this big pooch down from a hiking trail?


The "rare" of the Jews found in their ability to hold psychically the ordinary simple people. Our extraterrestrial elders who with 78 million years of data find errant life forms like the Jews about once every one million years.


Are we seeing why our extraterrestrial elders gave the Jews by 79 to 21% that their "rare" would die a third of us off now in the end times? Was that not clever how they used the union to STRIKE and close the Druid air controllers out and put their Fornian look-alike shells in and then raise the wages to a fair rate of pay?


They refer to us as the "Great Druid." Will Great Druid not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a peaceful world now without the Jews privately controlling the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money?


The high levels of background radiation they have been pouring in on us ever since they set off their dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE over 8 years ago now. How much radiation have they put upon us? As the radiation monitoring was ordered turned off in 2014, might we just have to guess and rely upon private organizations to tell us how much radioactive waste in our air and food and water? But won't we be diseased by high levels of radiation? Might this new wave of childhood polio be something we should consider?



The Toll Mounts From a Mystery Disease Some Call "The New Polio"



Braden plays with a toy thumb on his bed in Tomball, Texas on Aug. 6, 2019. Braden Scott, 8, has a polio-like virus called acute flaccid myelitis. Ilana Panich-Linsman for TIME



OCTOBER 9, 2019

Carter Roberts’ motorized wheelchair didn’t arrive until the day he died.


It had been a long time coming and his parents had fought hard to get it. The chair cost more than $32,000 and the insurance companies wouldn’t cover it, so the family went to court. One insurer eventually agreed to pay for some components of the chair but not the whole thing. And then none of it mattered anyway. On Sept. 22, 2018, the Roberts’ doorbell rang and the chair was delivered. Also on Sept. 22, 2018, Carter died, just three months shy of his sixth birthday. He had been largely paralyzed for the final two years of his life. The family is only now beginning to pick their way through the horror of what happened.


By any measure, the Roberts family of Richmond, Va. was spectacularly unlucky. They lost their son to a disease that science first recognized only in 2012. It’s new enough that it didn’t even have a formally accepted name until 2014. When it got one, it was one of those names that is more or less just a clinical description of what the disease is: acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a sudden inflammation of spinal tissue resulting in flaccid paralysis of the muscles of the limbs, neck, face and often diaphragm. It’s a lot like polio but it’s not polio; it’s a little like meningitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome but it’s not them either.


“This is our generation’s polio,” Carter’s mother, Robin Roberts says flatly.


Will American workers not step in and help us to get that polio creating atomic cannon at Hitachi-GE shut down?


Father who may be weeping because his simian children are dying on earth from easily preventable diseases in America and around the world. "Radiosis," the new disease the Jews have brought with their greatest invention, atomic and hydrogen bombs that they have now both against us. First blast and Father had His angels spare us and now waste that the angels advised us to get it shut down great. 


"For my luxury, Druid has failed my competency, so I poisoned your air."


That reverse facial speech from a look-alike hybrid transplant weap Judah official in Japan. Our children now being stricken with polio and a host of other radiosis diseases due to radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE. Will, we not keep praying to our good God Almighty that we match the competency of Judah and end funding them poisoning our air?


 Have we noted over many years that their violence, animating much of it is a sexual force that leads them to plan ahead of time to commit genocide against those that fall into their hands?


Do some recall one of them said describing himself as a, "criminal sexual psychopath?"


The few hours of a general American STRIKE by workers that will end these dangerous, genocidal sexual criminal psychopaths from issuing our money. Will we not keep praying that American workers will take the authority to issue our abstract receipts of labor away from them?


"I just do ruin with genocide to intense your fall."


An executive in Japan just said while Bitch is watching Japan Judee television.


And from yesterday's post, a picture from television of our extraterrestrial elders who had one of their spacecraft live on the news.


Are workers perceiving that our extraterrestrial elders are here and have been here for 700,000 years?


Our extraterrestrial elders who created us in our extraterrestrial high intelligence form 200,000 years ago.


The continuous nuclear war of genocide the Jews are winning against us here in America. Will we turn out to be on the 79% side as elders projected and die off now or is there some chance yet that we can be part of the 21% that our extraterrestrial elders missed on and survive this last nuclear of the Jews on Berlin science?


"My superior false is keeping my rackets in," Judee say.


Their competency and superior false that is keeping their rackets in that have kept us funding war and genocide against our family around the earth and also ourselves right here inside of America. What about this Tele receive?


"When you are funding all of this war in this world you should prepare to perish yourself out of here."


Should that Tele receive not bring us to think we shouldn't let the Jews superior false hold them in even a day longer?


"Once we get inside you we do day basalt."


The science fiction story never written of beings that travel in and disguise themselves by stealing our shells away and programming in monsters that want us dead and out of existence. But who would ever believe such a far fetched science fiction story anyways?


They come in and get inside of us by stealing our shells and then spend their time enriching themselves at our expense and setting us up for one big nuclear blast die.


Who would ever conceive of such a strategy as that? 


They use their shells in every land to stage events to put the simple people to war against each other and then when our sanity is poisoned they use the ones that they used to fight war external under the pretense it was to protect us and then they turn them loose to kill those that they fooled into paying for their war because they thought war was to protect them. How is that for a ruse?


And under cover of war the Jews attacked us all out to extinct Americans in the lower 48 using their invention of nuclear blast. Will workers not listen to God, "I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin?"


"My big sump time is because I child you. Now you want me out because I just war shears. For my boom boom death I got cleared," Judee say.


Bitchie, who has focused his wits on nuclear war since November of 1965, when he intuitively figured out he was to suffer the fate of being in a nuclear war. Only to find out decades later, the Jews had planned to wipe Americans out in nuclear blast war from before the beginning of the nuclear age.


The Jews who wipe out our legitimate leadership and any and all any people that plan to help us. Have we noticed by putting our useful out of service that it lets the Jews put their fouls into office? 


Did we notice the Boeing 737 Max that crashed in Africa had much of the future real leadership of Africa die in that crash? Was that not convenient for Judah? Might we see how he gets his hybrids in by taking out the real useful kids?


"Bitch show you Judee lie but I'm still blasting your ass."


Must we not end all of the Jewish war in our world by American workers acting to stop funding it all? 


"I failed your percentage," Judee say as they continue to blaze away. Our food producers devastated by the weather war the Jews are waging here using HAARP. Must we not take away the authority to issue our cash to prevent them from wiping us out?


The key to peace or war are we understanding it all has to do with who issues our money, American workers or the Jews?


Will American workers not put our grand juries in so that we can keep alive the Jew hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells and prevent Judah from putting any more of them in?


Will American workers not end funding the Jews war on our world?


A news report on national news last night about a family in Europe living in the basement because they thought it was the end of the world. And what was found in reverse from that story?


"It's dog chum. It's slumming weaple."


Might we see using made-up stories, false news they put psychological affecting stories such as that on the news to keep our wits from serving us best?


And a story of a hero police officer racing up to the tracks when a train was coming passed and rescuing a guy that was in that car. Then the train slammed into that car that Judee pre-positioned there. Here is what was found in facial RS in that staged news event:

"My half wits are about caped out. I'm true busty fiendin' that's why I'm not coming back. I fool them thick, that's why I passed you."


Are we getting their jest, the thing called news is all Judah psychically capping us?


Tele receives:


"Please help release us from your dumb. 8.53 am


Goosage. 9.29 am


Oh my God, mercy has troubled us.


Bring it in. 9.36 am


Get out their fear zone.


I swear to God you scold these fisters. 9.42 am


Our portion's failed.


He made the greatest discovery in the history of the human race.


The police are running death squads on us. 11.30 am


Thanks for sharing their shiving. 12.54 pm


Cheer for us, Patrick. 1.03 pm


You failed us wastive.


Get out your grease sphere or you're best catch. 


Her pitch is festive.


Their dull ruse annoyed us. 


Pure anxious. 


They poison our sanity. 3.34 pm


Your failure is you misjudge.


Goose failed.


STRIKE, Patrick's conquered all Jew head, Jew heavies. 


They've found us out. 5.58 pm


They brutalize you terrible, they kill us right. 


Oh, our camel forces are filthious, filthiness.


It is sad more for God's promise. 


Patrick, you pass resent.


Uncle Pat is encouraging us to get interested here.


They rolled contact to MOX enforce us here.


Save our field, our sanity.


Oh nice start, they're probably talking about you. 


We need justice here. 


You looked a little frightened.


Their dog fist fails, it weaped you, 


Your fortune is a fail, Patrick.


Your life has gone failed fuse.


Those who hated you rice others.


Ricepitals ever launch us.


Wound you failed with attach.


The cannibal is vengeful pure racial.


The police state authorize your government to out ya's public evil that pays.


ORGANIZE and save us, Patrick.


Memories permanently fear us to die, port you field.


They err us fear.


Authorize the people, Patrick, authorize us! 2.54 am


Onerous the economy shut you down.


We are systematically being exterminated.


When you are funding all of this war in this world you should prepare to perish yourself out of life.


Patrick lethal heretic. 5.20 am


They poison us hopeless fugitives.


Good luck to you to have your future based on durable."



"He made the greatest discovery in the history of the human race."


Bitch considers that it was actually Jon Von Neumann (1904-1957) that discovered where the free energy was coming from and how it was being extracted by early researchers in the free energy field. The Kaluza-Klein theorem was made public in 1938 and defined where free energy was coming from, "plane of the dimension," but not all of the other elements of free energy were understood at that time.


Dr. Mallove most likely had the Four Elements of Free Energy figured out in 2004 when he was stolen away. Bitch the first person to publicize and explain the Four Elements of Free Energy that were already known by a couple of other people.


"Bitch got a brand new thing, told me to get my baby force off," Judee say.


The brand new thing that Father wants for all of His simian children on earth, a clean healthy environment with bountiful lives for all of His children on earth. Free energy to create the vast new wealth that will arrive as soon as we make peace in our world.


Will American workers not take the concession to issue our money away from the lawless ones? 


"2 months our opps are out. For Damen you've got a big opp for arrest. I just waste you oil. I got a right sauce from Omaha. We possess you so a viceroy pitch you in. Bitch gonna wall my Haliburton. 4 Mile Island Bitch threw away for my perpin. I just use you because I believe you are corrupt. We have dog respect to hold you like a jewel," Judee say. 


Might 4 MIle Island be the dirty bomb waiting to be set off in Morris, Illinois, the Dresden Jewish electricity atomic power plant that has a vast amount of high-level radioactive transuranic weapons waste with no security guards on it?


Will American workers not give us our grand juries so that we can close the management of the sports guys and gals out of here in the right way?


Will, we not keep praying that American workers will take over the issue of American labor money with a STRIKE?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, October 17 — Psalm 119:25–32

Ezekiel 22:23–23:27; James 3:1–12

When you make a sale to your neighbor or buy from your neighbor, you shall not cheat one another. Leviticus 25:14

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12

Heavenly Neighbor, we think of you as so far away. Yet you came to us in Jesus as an earthly neighbor to tell us that we may meet you in all our neighbors. May we learn from Jesus how better to love our neighbors. Amen.



2.18 pm


"It's sincere tyranny. 9.20 am


If you don't understand it now you perish by easter. 


8% drumroll.


Thick you home fold us, you vanished our dubious league. 


He caught himself.


Thank you for depressing foul.


Our war is out. 12.52 pm


Ease them out. 1.31 pm


He's thrown you all mental compete." 1.52 pm


On news from Hong Kong found this reverse facial speech from a young protester:


"I'm central, I want a super jail in my time."  


Saying that sort of thing from the subconscious while they are throwing Molotov cocktails and breaking windows might we read that is Judah highly organized kids that are rioting in Hong Kong? Are we seeing how the Jews put their vicious kids in to take over and molest the next generation of ordinary kids?


A question of why the worldwide weap Jews came to America to destroy our rights. Here is a statement from the subconscious of a top Turkey Judah in a shell that may shed some light on the subject:


"I shot your United States for your old revolution so that I can keep my pura-states in. The United States, because I judge you, I hold you in a new embassy ."


And what was the significant issue with our old revolution? Was it any other than we have procedural due process of law for the protection of civil rights as the foundation of our state? That combined with our vast wealth, do we see a beacon of freedom as America is will cause all of the Jews criminal pura states to be thrown out if we stay alive?


Will workers not end the Jews judging us and put in our rights that came alive in 1215 to have juries judge us and not the Jews?


Are we seeing that America on our bill of rights is the best thing that has ever happened to us, ordinary people? Will American workers not put our American rights in once again?


And Judah has been lying about Bitch being a killer, which is absolutely false. Found this reverse speech today:


"Bitch, Jew has now set you with a West German image right."


Might that indicate it is the West German police who have been gunning us down out here and the ones that shot all of the guys that Judah is claiming Bitch shot? Do we see how Judah kills his opps that get found out and then makes up rumors as if Bitch was involved? Are we understanding the Jews have put a completely false image on stupid Bitch?


"For Damen you've got a big opp for arrest."


Bitch trying to figure that RS out. Could it be that Judah put a false warrant up about something that happened on Damen street in Chicago? Or could it be about revealing the working man that was shot in the head by a sniper back in about 1977?


From memory, that workingman was reaching Damen street was he was shot while on his way to work. Bitch saw the body at the funeral home and it was noted that the bullet came down from up above. Who would have been the sniper and for what reason?


Might we guess it was an employer insurance collection? Might Judee be mad at Bitch for revealing snipers working Chicago streets way back then? That was over 40 years ago.


From doing such things to ordinary working people might we have some idea of why Jews produce problems wherever they get a hold in government? Will American workers not let them go with a STRIKE?


Thank you. God bless.


From yesterday's post:

1.58 pm

Do not delay me, since the Lord has made my journey successful. Genesis 24:56


The Lord who has kept a simple working man in to share a message with God's children to stop the war and save your lives. When you strike labor do you see you will make Bitch's journey successful and in the process preserve your own life? Are we seeing you will bring in the new free energy and with it extreme levels of wealth and prevent Judah from slumming and waifing us as he did so successfully in the old country?


H----- put you out of the will because you failed to push back against my bad," Judee say.


The will of Father to carry His simian children on earth forward to our journey in the stars. Will American workers not stop the war so that we can be in Father's will? Must American workers not find the strength to push back against Judah's Babylonian baby sport?


If so can we not join together and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you. God bless.


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Oct. 16, 2019

"We Just Veg Boys, That's Why We're Cleared to Leave, Super Don't Like Me or My French Foul That Bite Thee," Judee say.


The French foul sent from Loomis that has had their chef sport the meals for the boys in the cages. Will we not try to recognize they have been cleared to leave and clear them off right with a peaceful general STRIKE by American labor?


"I cannot help you with your Thatch whole life." 6.59 pm


While you can believe whatever you want, has Judah not ever fooled white? Yes, they have. The truth is Bitch has no Thatch life, little or whole. Judee is the killer, not Bitch. 


But because they hold the people psychically they continue to die white easily. 


Going along with Judah false of Bitch when it is obvious that Judah is the liar, not Bitch, might it be cowardice that is behind why that Tele sender chooses to not help get peace rather than a supposed Thatch life that Bitch does not have at all?


"We're foulish cap head extortionists, we psychically cap your behavior."


And how do they sport our heads to psychically cap our behavior? How about this story with a video of a mastiff, a big dog, being carried on a stretcher purportedly because he was too tired to walk?


Watch a 190-pound mastiff get rescued from a tiring hike

  • Oct 15, 2019



That last picture was taken using my cell phone during the local news of the story of the mastiff too tired to keep walking. Might we note that broadcaster is an NBC affiliate? And so what of it? Are we aware that NBC owns General Electric, the company that is succeeding in dying us off massively in an all-out nuclear holocaust against us from Hitachi-GE at Fukushima, Japan? 


Might such a thing explain why the Jews stage such a false story as sending the local sheriff's rescue team out to carry a dog down from a hiking trail? They own the news broadcasters and get to send their psychical cap at us every day for free, all paid for by American workers. 


Can we only wonder with such things as this put on as real news, will they be able to psychically cap the great Druid and die us massively with their extortionist cap?


Do we recall that our extraterrestrial elders predicted a third of the human race will be destroyed by brimstone nuclear waste because the Jews are a rare life form, showing up only about once every million years?


The computer simulations the Federation did at the time of Jesus and once again at the time of Abraham Lincoln. Both times they simulated with the facts known that the jews would wipe out 90% of the mild people as part of the die of a third of the human race. And those simulations, have they not proven exactly correct so far? Regrettably, yes they have.


And while they wipe us out and we remain frozen from their embarrassment psychical cap, what are they doing around the world on our American workers' dollar? We have watched the young hybrid transplant Jews disturbing the old hybrid transplant Jews in Hong Kong for some time now and now we have the hybrid transplant Replicon Jews in Catalonia Spain throwing firebombs because their separatists' leaders have been put in jail by the hybrid transplant look alike Replicon Jews in Madrid.


While the Jews in Russia send their toy soldiers to Syria after the Jews in Geneva ordered American troops out so they could hire Turkey Replicons to send troops in.


Will we not pray that American workers will take Geneva Jews off of issuing our American money?


The Catalonian separatists, if they were real might they not have aimed to take the authority to issue the money of the nation out of the hands of the Jews? As to the civil rights abuses, the Jews Fornian police perpetrate against our family there, with the authority to issue the nation's money in worker's hands might public grand juries not put things right there? Sure it would. 


If their separation plans went ahead might there not be numbers of innocent dead already? Probably would. Might we see how they take the violation of the peoples' rights as a mechanism to call for separation rather than real change as to who issues the money?


Bitch has pulled "Denmark" out of weap Judah's reverse facial speech lately. Denmark is one of the countries that brought NATO into existence. Do we recall it was NATO that attacked Poland with nuclear missiles, causing the Polish government to stage a plane crash and flee?


Bitch read some RS from a news report the other day from Poland and the official speaking in his subconscious said they would be "leaving soon." Bitch has so many pages of reverse facial speech that it is difficult to find the exact words that he said. But his subconscious is reporting to him that our family in Poland is connecting the dots.


Bitch read in a Euro news report years ago that the Polish government fled because of radar data that showed those missiles coming in. Can we only wonder, the Polish mayor that was stabbed in the heart while on stage at a public event have been seeking to bring the radar missile data forward for the people to see? Just a question, but with a grand jury might we not find out what was behind that stabbing death?


Who knows, could he have been a Judee sport that had gotten outed and Judee silenced him before he could speak?


The 25-year-old South Korean pop idol that was found dead in her home.


K-Pop Idol Sulli Found Dead at Home in Suspected Suicide


 Bitchie looked at reverse speech and found that she was put away by Judah. "Opid," was a word a reporter said in reverse facial speech.


She was a hybrid transplant look alike Replicon that had gotten found out for sport and so Judah silenced her and made a bundle on insurance also at the same time.


And we have the "white" prosecutor in Yap Micronesia that was purportedly shot to death. 


An American Prosecutor Has Been Shot Dead in Micronesia


Jasmine Aguilera

TimeOctober 15, 2019


An American lawyer and acting attorney general for the Yap state of Micronesia, a group of Pacific Islands west of the Philippines, was killed by a gunman Tuesday after returning home from a jog. Rachelle Bergeron was shot in the upper leg and upper torso outside of her home, according to the Associated Press. Her dog was also killed.


Why? Yap attorney general shot dead was former NYC human rights lawyer

Christopher Koulouris: About author bio at bottom of article.

 October 15, 2019


Records show Bergeron as a member of the New York State Bar, who had been working in Manhattan just prior to heading for Yap the nypost reports.


While in New York, Bergeron had set up a youth outreach program focused on identifying potential sex trafficking clients for Sanctuary for Families, according to her LinkedIn profile, along with offering legal advice to sex trafficking victims.


She was also a legal intern in the city for several months with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2010.

Perhaps it was the lawyer’s zeal for justice that may have seen her targeted, friend, Amos Collins, told the Associated Press – who believed that one of the criminals that Bergeron had prosecuted may have held an outstanding grudge. Collins said that Bergeron was passionate about the law, in particular, abuse victims notably women and children.

Pictured, Rachelle Bergeron and Simon Hammerling. Image via GoFundme.


Her husband is a missionary. Bitch just read several reverse facial speech from a video and it has convinced him she did not ghost away to Israel or Brazil, she was silenced by weap Judah. 


"She died right inside force. Prudential breed right. A peace bond we do. She had way too many breeze corrupt. Wall Street foul you out for true insurance rate. Here's a white that set you off awful."


Might it have been helping women who were abused by their husbands that led to getting peace bonds put on the men? 


Bergeron had set up a youth outreach program focused on identifying potential sex trafficking clients for Sanctuary for Families, according to her LinkedIn profile, along with offering legal advice to sex trafficking victims.


Can we only wonder how much an insurance collection would be on an instance of a guy dying while on a peace bond?


As to her husband being a missionary, right here in Iowa, we had a preacher who lost his life after being attacked outside his church. But what happened there?


Fort Dodge Murder Suspect Fights Use of Video Clip



FORT DODGE, Iowa — Attorneys of the man charged in the October 2 death of a Fort Dodge pastor have filed to prevent some evidence on subpoena from being used in the case.

Killed in the incident was Pastor Al Henderson, who was well-known in the community as a chaplain to the fire department and a servant to police, highway patrol and emergency medical personnel in times of crisis.

There is no word on when the motions will be ruled on.


Might we only wonder how the pastor actually died?


Might the guy who is being held for his murder merely be a patsy? That is might he be off-balance and sent to accost the pastor and throw some punches while Judah tech in a concealed location have fired a gun that didn't make any sound but sent a sonic shock wave into the pastors head causing the pastor to pass out and fall down hard-hitting his head on the ground?


Can we only wonder were cots standing by? With no real grand juries in are we seeing we don't get the picture right?


Are we noticing though how the Christian churches are now showing for playing sports with the insurance guys and gals? Will labor not get involved here? 


As to the thing that the murderous genocidal Jews keep lying about, claiming Bitch is a mean guy, a fighter, that is not true. Bitch is a peace guy and has been that since a child.


When Bitch went to his dad for advice about what to do when the bigger guys attacked on his way home from school dad always told Bitch, "take another way home, avoid them." He never once taught Bitch to fight with anyone. And that is how Bitch has lived his life. Going where there is no fight.


The Jew who sets about a path to take over in every land. His fight he puts in on the people by using hybrid transplants he breeds up in every terrain. His wars he has used to take over planet earth until he built up enough technical force to die the entire human race off. 


An extraterrestrial rescue mission sent in that has spared our lives. Is there not some way to convince mild guys we don't have to die like this?


Tele receives:


"How powerful the Jews mental is, it is holding white people to destroy themselves.


They're using us really heavy investors.


Voted most likely not to succeed. 9.54 am


He pulled us off of real sweet. 10.06 am


I think you're too real, that's why they stabbed you. 10.47 am


Sport you failed die. 


He's seen my sempers dead. 


They fall with their babies and factories.


It's terrible how they shrink our resources here. 


A ruinitic and they swallowed it.


We saw your income right.


We die you off with video. 3.28 pm


I was a dummy to die you.


They don't want you to see the whole picture and Patricks got them critical.


The gross amount of sin, Father will hold you for this and your children will pay the price.


You failed them here Patrick.


Churn-a-bites. 3.47 pm


I cannot help you with your thatch whole life. 6.59 pm


Tragedy close this island. 


They bruise you saulty economy way. 7.18 pm


Dangerous they stage us pura-heads.


Patrick's helped us from vicious thieves.


An idio-ghost.


Fouled, a dog set you up to be de-brained. 


Miracles cap this state.


Embarras will cash crush you off the field.


Jew nutty ya.


We've been scarred.


1 out of 50 autistic, what does that tell us? Genocide?


They have whites perpetrating white genocide.


Oh my God income beast us.


Bourchester pulled true owlitics.


Their rude conspear us.


You allegial fact. 


They're all Jews controlling the merch theory.


Nest egg reach us and is felling us. 


Patrick bust their political theories easily.


Virtual thieves are falling us.


It's obvious they're folding us away. 


Missile up failed to save us intimacy, industry.


To bring the beast down click them rights here. 


Tumor waif death now.


They're a rare extreme fox quite dead.


I feel I'm going to be breezed. 8.02 pm


It was grace refined that I fall.


Home eviction crush your life form. 


These guys get us homeless whole. 9.26 pm


Journal out die failed.


They're con fugitives.


They just rifle with police abuse.


We failed a growing season.


They lie over precious receipts.


The sweet guy made Jew fail because they offed thee.


They're busting you awesome fierce.


You failed to save us Patrick leading us to go out moisterous.


Why do their things later stun us?


Bolt they're ruling us.


Bad security Hapsburg.


They're boursing for your racial hell here.


Dare day makes us doable die ultimate.


They've seized us seize die. 2.46 am


They make us doable challenge.


They just score you police inkspot.


Painful leafs us.


Surrender thief us. 


Patrick saved, Patrick's forced them out durable.


You let me death seize you. 


They control the state for genocide.


Trail fish.


Gently we're dorsaled.


The scientist failed my Bruisalem.


Pat, you really want to prevent the waifer.


They push us rich. 3.26 am


Islamics fault us here. 3.58 am


We rice you fair.


Very stupid Pat I hold you at death point. 


They palace us right.


They're obvious fools, they've opened fire on us with nuclear missiles. 


We die witlessly. 4.53 am


Oh, we're dead? 5.45 am


You're welcome to clear the aerosol.


He needs cops." 7.27 am


"I think you're too real, that's why they stabbed you." 10.47 am


A special thank you for that Tele send. Bitch, as Father said, "a simple working man." "Deeply imperfect," elder said. "Patrick's fault is stupid," Father said though might workers like to keep in mind that Father also said of His shill Bitch, "he remained true to me? You never fiend. You're a nice boy?"


Might workers want to note Father also said that "Bitch's thinking is based in love so he will be OK?" 


Those who do not follow Father's way. While Father will never harm us, are we aware that Father would never help anyone who doesn't follow His right way? Are workers understanding the Bitch will only follow Father's right way now that he knows the reality of Father's love for us all worldwide?


The Lord said, “I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6


Are we seeing the remnant of the Jews that follow Father's way will be as a light to the nations of the world so that Father's salvation may reach to the ends of the earth?


Bitch having read a lot about President Kennedy recalls a couple of things his father Joe said to him, though haven't been able to find the exact quotes on the web.


One was concerning how harsh and hardened America had become after the big world war we had been in and Jack asked his father, "who really won the war, Germany or America?" And his father replied, "the Jews won the war."


All the wars of England and now America that have succeeded in installing hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Jews in every land. After the long war in Asia and Vietnam now one of the biggest executioners. Might we not know them by their actions?


Do we see how the Jews have suckered the mild people to fund and fight war so they could install their hybrid creations at home and abroad? Must American workers not get the tool that has allowed the Jews to fight us to the death, the concession to issue our money?


"We're foulish cap head extortionists, we psychically cap your behavior."


The psychically way they cap our behavior. Must we not end funding our own demise? Must we not end them using their false wits to hold us to where God will let us die if we don't stop the permanent war genocide of the Jews?


"We micro fight the real estate to get you fast. A package from Pittsburgh ended my gentleman's fight. I am the belief of atom bomb. For my animal day, I crisp you here. I purse away the life of Drupid. Forder, I'm an animal rights fraud. I app my sex burlesque, the bank do uppin southside merch. To contain my fall I finesse you," Judee say.


Finesse, to bring about, direct, or manage by adroit maneuvering


 Adroit, having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations


That we have survived an all-out thermonuclear extinction level blast war and are now being died off in an all-out nuclear brimstone waste war and have been informed about these wars against us for 8 years now. Might we have to give finesses and adroit to weap Judah for being able to keep American workers ignoring our fair die off now? 


"We score you much Mormon, they scored our function here. I whored your race for Jewish freedom. It's a nice police dog insure that wrecked ya. The professor put my ricin out for threats, he won't deal with us. I fooled you out of your life peacefully. Now that you see my Germans right you'll get my big heretic out, it's over," Judee say


In only a couple of months, we will be sealed to be perished completely out of life form due to radiation sickness coming in on the prevailing Westerlys. Apparently, sometime after that is when the rapture will begin and God will have His angels take away those that love Him. 


Bitch is available to do what he can. Here is some more of what is in the subconscious of weap Judah who controls all of planet earth held into war by issuing American workers money:


"Faschal give us our rights. Surgery right quiet tyrical Jew is putting you away. My Jew way is a seduce habit to core you away. With a miracle we cough disease. In your state we take off all of your rights to boom proceed you. England cored you wasted. Fear throw your rights out. You stumbled in New York and that let Jew get you. I boom boom you baby rate to discourage you. I boom boom your psycho in," Judee say.


Will we not pray for a miracle from God to save us from being perished out of existence now? 


The Jew who forced America into war so he could bring the old world criminals in here to fight us with. Will workers please try to realize that Bitch Mercury report has ever closed the Jews out of here for good?


"Fear throw your rights out."


Will workers not latch onto the most important thing Americans have, our rights, and put them in once again?


"You stumbled in New York and that let Jew get you."


If only we had our grand juries in when the Jews urban renewed their old white elephant highly insured World Trade Center might we have prevented our loss of life form to the Jews?


When we finally do put our grand juries in might we find some of the missing one thousand insurance executives that purportedly died when the World Trade Center building collapsed, living right here in Des Moines? Yes, we might if they haven't already fled to the safety of their underground shelters.


Will American workers not strike the Jews out and give us a chance to live without their permanent world of war?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy


Wednesday, October 16 — Psalm 119:17–24

Ezekiel 21:18–22:22; James 2:14–26

Do not delay me, since the Lord has made my journey successful. Genesis 24:56

Jesus saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, “Follow me.” And he got up and followed him. Matthew 9:9

Lord, you call us to follow you. Guide us so to understand success—and what in life really matters—that we can truly, with joy and faithfulness, follow you, even when we are not sure exactly where you may take us. Amen


1.58 pm

Do not delay me, since the Lord has made my journey successful. Genesis 24:56


The Lord who has kept a simple working man in to share a message with God's children to stop the war and save your lives. When you strike labor do you see you will make Bitch's journey successful? Are we seeing you will bring in the new extreme levels of wealth and prevent Judah from slumming and waifing us as he did so successfully in the old country?


H----- put you out of the will because you failed to push back against my bad," Judee say.


The will of Father to carry His simian children on earth forward to our journey in the stars. Will American workers not stop the war so that we can be in Father's will? Must American workers not find the strength to push back against Judah's Babylonian style bad?


If so can we not join together and STRIKE THEM OUT?


Thank you. God bless.


3.32 pm


Thought everything was good to go for today and drove to a nearby store to get a battery for my volt-ohm meter and while leaving a woman said telepathically, "they poison our sanity."


I just had to add that one for today. 


Thank you. God bless. 


Continues at:





Oct. 15, 2019

"If He Ever Wakes These White People Up We'll Get Something Right Here." 



That is a Tele receive from yesterday's post. The day white people put the Babylonians and their weap shells out of the management of America and with it save the world. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us to get something right?


White people who have suffered the brutality, violence and false of the Babylonian shell rulers for 1,300 years in the lands of the north. As the Babylonians flee from us into their undergrounds to die out the surface of planet earth must we not focus our wits to try to save our lives?


To understand the extraterrestrial rescue mission that has spared us from the nuclear blast genocide of the Babylonians might it merely be focusing our wits on what is going on here? 


Several passenger plane stories on the news yesterday. One concerned a pilot on a Jet Blue plane at Newark, New Jersey flight that purportedly accidentally pushed the wrong button and sent out an alert that the plane was being hijacked. Police stormed the plane and made the passengers put their hands up. Here is a reverse facial speech of that Babylonian opp:


"This is spud fool degrade."


Are we getting some idea of how the Babylonians like to play and toy with us by witnessing such events as that? What might be the reason they staged that yesterday? Could it have something to do with the tire that blew out on the Denver to Germany bound 757?


Bitch just did a search to get the details and the Jet Blue false hijacking alert did not show up as happening yesterday, it happened in June of 2018. Here is what he found:


JetBlue radio glitch sets off hijacking fear at JFK




JUN 27, 2018  


Tower at Kennedy Airport sounded hijack alert after a communications failure with a JetBlue airplane, setting off a frenzy from first responders, who swarmed the jet Tuesday. (Obtained by Daily News)


JetBlue Flight 1623, an Airbus 320 bound for Los Angeles, lost contact with the air traffic control tower while taxiing for takeoff at about 8 p.m. After five minutes passed, the pilot entered a hijack alert by mistake, sending in a Port Authority Police Emergency Services unit to board the plane, sources said.


At one point, the plane’s pilot held up a piece of paper with his cell phone number written on it, so police could call him and find out what happened, sources said.


Passengers on the plane tweeted that “heavy armed” police boarded the plane to investigate. The passengers disembarked the plane and were transferred to another flight, sources said.


And that happened in 2018 yet was on the evening news last night?


Might we note on that New York Daily news page how the Babylonians are promoting and selling the story of the purported homeless man who harmed a 6-year old child? And below that, we have the story of the conviction of one of Judah's shells that cut his 16-year-old friend's head off. 


As to the basic story, the false hijacking alert of the Jet Blue plane that happened over a year ago and yet, it was reported as news last night on network news. So why the Babylonians putting that story up as new news last night?


Might it have something to do with trying to confuse us with the big story, our extraterrestrial elders MARKING the 757 plane flying from Denver to Germany that blew a tire when landing in Newark?


The 757 passenger jet that made a hard landing in Newark New Jersey blowing out the tires yesterday, Monday, that came from Denver headed to Germany. Might we not recognize an extraterrestrial MARKING? Might we perceive fleeing German Jews leaving America to escape for their murderous terrorism in our beautiful land?


Here's some reverse facial speech found in the report of that plane that blew the tires out when it landed hard:


"Jew mace out with Roy. Our broadcast was termed right so it freeze us, I'm quite out simperous. Turkey fetch my action. The bureau was activist fall cheered. Bitch let out our cow pen. Our invention fooled our strategy true. Our micen was soulful revenge. 


The Bitch off our wars. The real strategist found our wars but we bourse back up again. These are all accept you as victims refugees. 14,000 averages was their ruse shoot, they all were seen. There were some miracle Jews on here that broke some rules. They had to fly because they did all through Christian rules. The disc performed a bounce this way."


Bitch just ran a search on the story to get a link to put in the post and learned this is old news, it happened in June of this year not recently. Two old stories ran as news last night. What are we to make of it?


United Airlines flight blows out tires during landing at Newark Liberty International Airport

By Ray Sanchez, CNN

Updated 4:55 AM ET, Mon June 17, 2019


(CNN)A United Airlines flight blew out some its tires and skidded on a runway Saturday at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, leading to delays while the plane was towed away, the Federal Aviation Administration said.


No injuries were reported when United Flight 627 -- which originated in Denver -- landed at 1 p.m. on Runway 22 Left, according to the FAA.


Just found another reverse facial speech from the broadcaster in that video. Here it is:


"These are Jew offers that threw the minnows war."


BItch is wondering, might the news guys and gals have gifted Bitch with those important stories that he missed back in June of this year?


Do we recall that Bitch didn't miss the plane that slid off of the runway after arriving from Guantanamo Bay Cuba with some fresh Wall Street terrorists on board? Might we recognize that Mercury elders signal us by doing things like safely blowing a tire out when landing to give us a heads up that there are special reasons why we should look at the passenger lists of those planes?


Our industrial strength investment grade nuclear blast and waste warfighting hobbyists that are traveling on those planes. Will workers not give us a rise so that we can fix ourselves up here and end the menace, they continue to hold on us here?


This reverse speech from the planeload of German Jews that has already fled from our shores:


"These are all accept you as victims refugees."


Is it not interesting that in one sentence from the subconscious mind it explains so much?


Must we not focus our wits to try to save our lives?


To understand the extraterrestrial rescue mission that has spared us from the nuclear blast genocide of the Babylonians might it merely be focusing our wits on what is going on here? 


Is it not interesting how the subconscious mind can describe something so complex and do it in only one sentence?


"These are all accept you as victims refugees."


Genocidal German Jews as refugees who have been plying their revenge-driven insurance collection trade from Denver and they accept us as victims. Is it not wondrous how our good God has equipped us to free ourselves from the deadly Jews?


As Bitch loads pictures from his Ubuntu working great 8 year old $50 laptop up to Simple Site picture blog to show everyone the pictures of the planes, he thanks precious sweet Father for giving us such unbelievably advanced tools. The sweetness and kindness of precious Father brings tears to Bitchie's eyes that we do have a good God above us and He is forgiving, merciful, loving, protective and kind.


The inexpensive microprocessors that power our advanced extraterrestrial level devices given secretly to American industry in 1970 by Phil Corso who had the material from the spaceship that our elders intentionally crashed at Roswell in 1947. 


23 years that material was held until it finally made its way into our industry. And by 1978 most all of the electronic devices we use today were on the shelf waiting for us to build what we need to live bountiful, peaceful lives. Will American workers not focus here and free us of these permanent Babylonian genocide war guys and gals?


Another plane incident reported Monday at Chicago's Midway airport where a blown tire on a southwest airline plane stopped on the runway after landing.


Plane evacuated at Midway Airport for mechanical issue; no one injured


The fire department was called about 8:20 a.m. for a plane with “a mechanical issue in the front of the plane.”

By David Struett@dstru312  Oct 14, 2019,


No one was injured Monday when an airplane experienced a mechanical issue shortly after landing at Midway International Airport and was evacuated.


The fire department was called about 8:20 a.m. for a plane with “a mechanical issue in the front of the plane,” according to Chicago Fire Dept. Deputy District Chief Walter Schroeder.


Everyone disembarked, and no injuries were reported, Schroeder said.


Video broadcast from the scene showed a Southwest Airlines plane on the airfield surrounded by emergency vehicles. Photos posted to social media showed a plane with a flat tire.


In a statement, Southwest Airlines said that all 137 customers and five crew members were evacuated from the plane when the “aircraft experienced a hydraulic issue following landing.”


The flight, #4448 from Austin, had turned off the runway after landing and stopped short of approaching the terminal building, according to the statement. Everyone aboard was evacuated onto buses and taken to the terminal.


No injuries after flat tires on Southwest Airlines flight causes emergency response at Midway Airport


No one was injured Monday when airplane was evacuated at Midway International Airport for a mechanical issue.


By Meghan Kluth

Monday, October 14, 2019 9:17PM

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Southwest Airlines plane filled with passengers was rattled Monday morning by a major malfunction that set off an emergency response.


Passenger's suspicions were confirmed after hearing what sounded like a tire blowing out on Southwest flight 4448 from Austin as it hit the runway around 9 a.m.


"We landed kind of hard. I was actually dozing off and it startled me awake," said Southwest flight 4448 passenger Sam German. "It was fine for about 15 seconds and then we stopped. We just heard something pop and then like a rattle. It sounded like a flat tire basically."


"Our (137) Customers (and Crew of five) arriving into Chicago Midway on flight 4448 from Austin this morning deplaned the aircraft on airstairs, moved onto buses and toward the terminal after the aircraft experienced a hydraulic issue following landing. The aircraft had turned off the runway and stopped short of approaching the terminal building.


An inconsistency in the report of flight 4448 from Austin to Chicago, the airline reported it was a hydraulic issue yet the tire on the plane is blown out. What might explain the difference with what we see versus what the airline reports as why the plane stopped on the runaway after landing?


If we see it as a blown tire might it clue us that it was Mercury signaling us that there were passengers on that plane that we should see how they earn their incomes?


Here is some reverse facial speech from that Southwest flight 4448. First from a passenger on that plane:


"They fair us minnus' off tragedy rule but I bore right professor successful, I halt his stop. I'm righteous here and he sees it Christian fell. Consume-ate. I fall Baltimore bible, I'm all wise."


Another passenger said in RS:


"Terrorism is police power, the minnow's so poor he drop. My bench off all the weight on me, Jew obvious out of procedure."


Then broadcaster said in RS:


"These were algebra sweet to me. Death is firmly out our merchandise."



As that flight originated in Austin Texas, might it be more Judah sportspeople heading for their underground shelters to sit out the abomination of desolation they have put upon us using nuclear war to get us out fair?


The lies the Jews have sold to American workers about peacemaker Bitch. Do we note how happy they are to have fooled the people once again?


"They fair us minnus' off tragedy rule but I bore right professor successful, I halt his stop."


Bitch who has clearly gotten the Jews tragedy rule of nuclear war-fighting off, but due to his fault of stupid insult they have been able to halt Bitch stop of their tyranny rule. 


While watching the reports of the destructive typhoon that Jews steered to Japan a senior lady in the typhoon zone said this in reverse facial speech:


"These war boys weap you up, Pat Sullivan is true."


While Bitch is deeply imperfect, is there some understanding that he is true?


"We die you off with video. Pat, because you're stupid I die them off with strategy. Dog pictures fold you wreckage. We're foulish cap head extortionists, we psychically cap your behavior."


Are we seeing it is a mental hold that is keeping the funding for the war in?


Bitch pulled an RS from an official in Hong Kong that said this:


"Our last Germans are leaving because my force is not scripture."


The youngsters that are breaking windows and lighting fires in Hong Kong. Have we not seen Judah's shell kids in action enough times that we don't now spot them by their behaviors?


Jews shells that hold all the offices there being displaced by young Jew shells now. Do we note the violence locks ordinary people out of the political process?


And while watching a live television broadcast on 6 am Japan news of Nagano Japan where the typhoon hit, our extraterrestrial elders hovering overhead. Here is a picture captured from the television screen:


Do we see that spaceship in the upper right side of the picture screen? Are we understanding that is Mercury elders letting us see on live television that they are with us still? Might their presence on live television also be a way to inform us that Judah steered that big typhoon to do the most damage possible to our family in Japan?


Will we not keep praying that American workers recognize our extraterrestrial elders that God our Father sent in and STRIKE THE WARMAKERS OUT, and let us join our brothers and sisters on earth and extraterrestrial elders in peace?


This reverse speech from the Austin passengers:


"I'm righteous here and he sees it Christian fell. Consume-ate. I fall Baltimore bible, I'm all wise."


Are we aware that the Jews have been sporting us from the Christian churches? The confusion that many of us suffered from that kept us away from Christianity for decades. The leaders of the churches that were involved in holding the political crowd in that gave us to war. How to explain that?


Might we think of when the hybrid transplant Replicon look-alike Spanish shell conquistadores invaded South America and cruelly afflicted our family there they mocked Christ's message by violently converting the people to Christianity?


The Catholic church that burned us at the stake in Europe for centuries. Might we today spot that as the Jews in their Roman Catholic shells?


Will we not pray that American workers will focus on the fact that the Jews burning us at the stake, kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing and killing us for fun has now been brought to an end by our good God Almighty who had His angels let the Jews fail themselves out nuclear blast war attempt?


"You've been libeled seriously," Mercury angel said to Bitch years ago.


Bitch who sees violence to us as the root of what troubles our family at home and around the world. And because he challenged the investment war crowd, he has succeeded in reporting how they got their foul out. Regrettably, though, the Babylonians with thousands of years of falsing other men he has not been able to get any workers to help to finally finish the war foul out.


Bitch was food shopping the other day and a nice man was stocking good food for us to eat and Bitch had a tinge of sadness of how his insult hurt that man bad. He appeared to have worked there since high school which was over 20 years ago. 


 Bitch, being poisoned on day one and eating Jewish candy and chewing Jewish bubble gum as a kid did not have real bright wits. He now perceives those who also had their wits poisoned as kids. Enduring wits that were not what God intended them to be and going through life not running a fast as some of the other kids. And Bitch insults that group that fills so many of the ordinary work slots. 


How likely are they to risk a strike with what Bitch said to them?


Like Tyler from secure teams ays to his viewers, "To all my faithful fans, I love you guys and missed you!"


Bitchie feels same way, he loves all you guys and gals and would not leave anyone out of being part of our family, for we are all the same children of God.


If God really wants his mild kids to survive nuclear war, then why did He send a 4th level high school dropout who traveled the 7 seas and is now directed to inform Americans how to save ourselves from brimstone disease?


Might Father be using a 4th level dropout because our peace activists have all been neutralized by the bureau forces?


"The bureau was activist fall cheered."


Our peace activists all framed up and put away or old basalt cancered out? Hit by a truck? Shot in a staged armed robbery? A baby trick video tossed on an unaware peace or labor guy to put him away? Slipped some Berlin tin pharmaceutical to get him to temporarily act real crazy to get him out?


Will workers accept that Bitch is not here to rule? Might we think he is analogous to a catalyst to get Judah removed and away and smooth labor in the Jews place of holding the organizing principle of society, the state concession to issue our money?


"You're not to rule, electrify them, enrich them," God our Father said.


Bitch cannot enrich anyone unless labor shows up at the factory to glue and weld and solder and pack and ship all of the things our family needs to serve all of God's children on earth. 


Bitch who discovered where free energy is coming from and how to extract over 15 years ago, when they shot a good man down. Dr. Mallove who told us that we were "only a few months away from having unlimited clean free energy" for us all. May 14, 2004, the day that Eugene died. Might it be remembered as the day the free energy died? 


Byebye Miss American Pie

Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry

And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye

Singin' this'll be the day that I die

This'll be the day that I die.


I can't remember if I cried

When I read about his widowed bride

But something touched me deep inside

The day the free energy died


The hideous mass caging of us Human Beings that the Jews do joyfully so they can abuse us right and insurance collect us out. While they do their homewrecker sport with old basalt and assault our family with war. 


"Our micen was soulful revenge." Those RS words of the fleeing victimizer from Denver now the refugee German Jew said in RS.


Seeking out people they never met who live near or on the other side of the world to revenge them. Does that make any sense to anyone except a Babylonian Jew? 


"I just want a childhood state to hurt," Judee say.


Can we not say a prayer of thanks that our good God Almighty would not keep the devil's only friend in?


"It's skunky. 2.23 pm


Stupid. 6.56 am


It's stupid." 7.23 am"



After receiving, "it's skunky," in regards to the daily test page post yesterday, he went through it again and again and pulled out what he considered might irritate anybody. 


And only an hour ago he receives, "Stupid, it's stupid."


Might those Tele receives indicate there was something or things that were stupid in yesterday's post?


Might Judah predictions be right when he said our mental will not start to work right until two weeks after liberation from the brutal vicious genocidal Jews? Will workers bypass the stupid of Bitch and get us liberation fit by getting them out of issuing our money?


The one in a million years variety of life form that led our extraterrestrial computer simulation expert elders to predict the Babylonian Jews would destroy a third of the human race when they closed themselves out in disgrace.


Our family worldwide that looks forward to the days when we will serve each other in peaceful, productive, profitable for everyone and in all ways. Will American workers not put this war of white extinction out?


"We screw you, white boy because that's our tomb, that's our wetness. The white man bust your poverty right here. I'm a homewrecker basalta," Judee say.


Might we see in those facial RS why the Jews focus on holding white people to war? Are we seeing the wealth we create because of the terrain consciousness that came to us from living in the cold lands of the north?


Will we not get them out so that we can bust poverty right by doing God's will and putting the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone as our Good God wills for all of His simian children on earth?


Our $100 trillion dollar economy we will have shortly after the errorous Jews are no longer managing us here. God did not hold them, he is dying them off. Will American workers not let them go too with a STRIKE?


A high school dropout, a 4th level wit that pulled Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Rhodes scholars out too. How is that for a demonstration of our good God's powerful love for His beautiful simian children on earth? Will American workers not recognize the presence of our good God above, hear His thousands of warnings to stop the war?


Have they not proven to be a foul in every terrain they infest? Will white people not end their best beast with a strike? 


"14,000 averages was their ruse shoot, they all were seen."


That number of Americans slain by revengeful young sporting German Jews operating from just one city, Denver, Colorado. Is the deadliness of the murderous genocidal Jews not yet perceived that we will not act to end giving them free American workers money?


Tele receives:


"It's skunky. 2.23 pm


Perish out of here.


Death is dishonorable.


Stupid ruse played you suckers.


We get the threat. 4.01 pm


Horrible visch ya.


You are in business son. 4.51 pm


Brewer thug. 5.16 pm


You failed because they've been falsing you well.


They shoot us down core applee.


They just debase, invest chuddy.


Psychic dies them off of here.


Turkey frost close out these Jews.


They harass us genius.


Bitchie fouled me contact.


Swordfishing right closed them up. 7.56 pm


Someone raped you model fighter. (Do we see how the one in a million year Jew has raped peaceful Bitch with their liars?)


The son of a bitches raped us die.


They got so far ahead they pulled off this field. 12.48 am


They accomplished us force.


Perfect basketball they got you out of here.


Her fireballs we aptly fell. 


You've got the 50s nailed down pretty well.


From underground they tossed us.


Great Druid I spirit you in.


They are dubious psyche. 


Santa Claus failed to save us, Patrick.


Pat, save us nursery like. 3.18 am


These guys are bankrupt. 3.45 am


White cost, pitching minnows I tossed you out. 5.22 am


Stupid. 6.56 am


It's stupid. 7.22 am


Thank you. 7.23 am


It's stupid war obviously you failed." 9.17 am



Our world into a downward destructive phase and the Jews have an underground to hide themselves in which they have been continually fleeing to. Will American workers not involve yourselves with a general STRIKE and end funding the Jews war on us here?


STRIKE THEM OUT! I can't save you, won't you try to save yourselves? We're successfully being perished massively involved in the Jewish sin of war and genocide. 


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy


Tuesday, October 15 — Psalm 119:9–16

Ezekiel 20:30–21:17; James 2:1–13

The Lord said, “I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6

God also highly exalted Christ Jesus and gave him the name that is above every name. Philippians 2:9

Risen Lord, as your people we may wonder how best to live with people who have not heard of you or who follow other traditions. But we have seen in you a way of life—of welcome, of caring, of forgiveness, of worship—that can bless all people. Amen.


Continues at:


Berlin tin pharmaceuticals assist?



Oct. 14, 2019


"I'm Sorry Bitch You Didn't Release The Latch Boy."

Those words were spoken by a non-Judah man who was speaking about the police shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson, in Fort Worth Texas. The latch boy struck again and if only Bitch was not flawed the latch boy would have been out of management already and so many good people would still be alive.

What could be the motivation for the shooting death of Atatiana? From reading that she was a university graduate who was working in pharmaceutical equipment sales, too successful for the likes of the Babylonian clan?

Do we recall how Chicagoan Reginald Potts was framed up for the murder of his former girlfriend who was a pharmaceutical salesperson? With our grand juries in are we aware we can get to look at the insurance packages on Atatiana?

With our grand juries in we also will be able to get to look at the insurance packages on Nailah Franklin. If only the jury that heard Reginald Potts case would have seen the insurance side of her murder, might it have had a different take on what really happened to Nailah?

Of course with the Babylonians designated as the overlords of Americans because they hold the organizing principle of society in their private hands, might we surmise that the jury that heard Reginald Pott's innocent plea would have had several members of that jury bribed to convict him? Certainly.

And why was Reginald set up to be imprisoned and taken out of circulation? That he was a successful and wealthy young man, might that have had something to do with why the Babylonians ragged him the way they did? A 'too bright' sort of guy? Jealousy?

And Nailah a young successful pharmaceutical representative. The employer insurance package, can we only wonder what that looks like? Maybe a few insurance packages with Nailah's signature forged on them?

Will we not keep praying that American workers RISE and help us to close out the latch boy brand?

Our extraterrestrial elders that keep speaking to us in their usual meta transiliatory way. How about the message here?

MULTIPLE Strange Events: What Are They Not Telling Us?
•Oct 11, 2019


2.1M subscribers
1 day ago (edited)
I lost two close family members suddenly and tragically a couple months back, and it sent me into what I can only describe as a stress induced depression; and I'm man enough to admit that despite the humiliation. We all have rough times, and I couldn't post when I wasn't in a positive head space. Any troll comments attacking me will be banned, I've been through enough in these past months - so be warned. To all my faithful fans, I love you guys and missed you!
Video 14.24 at

From that video we have a look at the thermonuclear warheads that Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians burned off over the ocean. If only American workers perceived that we not only have been attacked nuclear blast extinction by the latch boy but we are still being attacked with nuclear missiles and brimstone waste extinction force might workers take the authority to issue our money away from the latch boy?

The Babylonians who crash a couple of bullets into a guy's heart with no more regard than picking their noses. Will American workers not end giving tribute to the latch boy?

That it was a white police officer that shot Anatiana through a window into her house. Might we think of the Babylonians strategy of "always opp racial?"

The Jews who have historically used their wits to capture the unaware and work us like cattle then. The "herdsmen," they are, the "Goys, cattle," they call us. "A superior form of livestock," JK Galbraith said is how the latch boy looks at us.

Sandra Bland violently assaulted and pulled from her car in 2015 so she could be fed some Berlin tin pharmaceuticals to cause her to kill herself in a Texas jail. Will God not have mercy on us and cause His mild kids to RISE and take the keys of the lock-ups away from the Latch boy?

The genocidal Jews that God Almighty has had His angels let them knock themselves out fair. Will American workers not recognize the truth that God Almighty of heaven and earth has freed His simian children from the genocidal Jews forever now and put them out of managing America?

The Federation computer simulations found in our bibles that tells us "NO," we will now continue funding destroying ourselves head to toe. The odds on favorite to win by 79 to 21%, the Babylonian Jew, the latch boy.

The cattle we are to the Jews who have already cut our tongues out by taking our American rights away from us.

And what next is to be done to us? Might we want to spend some time thinking about the angels' messages to us? How about this goy, this beast missing its tongue and getting its sex organs cut off?

Carcasses of 5 bulls found mysteriously mutilated, drained of blood on Oregon ranch
Published 2 days ago
Associated Press

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The first dead bull was found in a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon. There was no indication it had been shot, attacked by predators or eaten poisonous plants.

The animal’s sex organs and tongue had been removed. All the blood was gone.

Residents speculate there could be UFO involvement. One person suggested that Jenkins look for craters underneath the carcasses, saying it would be evidence that the bulls had been levitated into a spaceship, mutilated, and then dropped back to the ground. Similar incidents in the past have also garnered UFO theories.

For those of us that have spent time looking into reading the meta transiliatory communications from our elders to us might we try to decipher what extraterrestrial elders are saying by cutting the tongue and removing the sex organs of cattle on the range?

That we let Judah take our rights away from us, by failing to put our rights in have we not let the Jews cut our tongue out? Do we note that Hitachi-GE is going to do the same thing to our sex organs next?


That that bull's blood was missing, might that be a message of what the bloodsucking Jews are doing to us goys on earth? Already succeeded in cutting our tongues out by taking our rights away, and daily sucking our blood using sport war simultaneously using Hitachi-GE to cut our sex organs off.

The big bribes that must be paid to accomplish us in this way. Will American workers not end funding them?

Two out of three Americans slated to die off in the next few years due to the continuous war we are funding and forcing in our world.

The end times that our bibles tell us about. Is it not clear we are in them now? The mild people being massively destroyed treated merely as goys. Will, we not keep praying for the 30-minute breakthrough where American labor will put out the permanent rude of the Jews?

Tyler from Secure team that has been giving us some absolutely eye-opening reports about extraterrestrial activity. He lost 2 that were close to him taking him offline for a month now.

Bitch was thinking of how the latch boy couldn't reach Bitch back in 1993 after Bitch publicized the hot action in the back room of the criminal intelligence unit at Maxwell street. And so Judee hired a poor white guy to attack his great-niece with a car and put her into the hospital for an extended period of time. Her little girlfriend she was with at the time, died from her injuries due to that attack. Is it not a terrible thing Bitch family member suffering and her innocent girlfriend being killed because Bitch provided everyone with some really important news?

Will American workers not let latch boy off right with a strike to end the abuse of God's children on earth?

A clerk on the bench locking a young man up for ten days because he overslept and missed jury duty. Are we understanding in American law it requires a grand jury and then a jury before a person can be treated that way?

Another public employ, a clerk on the bench in Chicago locking a woman up to make her testify. Are we understanding when our rights are in clerks do not have the capacity to do such outrageous things?

But when will our rights be in? Are we aware it will be when we close the Jews self-professed rights to abuse us out?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They've poisoned my village, I want them off. I died them truthful," God Almighty of heaven and earth said. Must we not end Americans perishing ourselves out held by the Babylonian enemy fiend, the unreasonable, abusive nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews?

The baby war they've waged against us now about to go out with their battle plans. Will American workers not stop funding the war?

The radioactive fallout that the Jews are fighting us with that is poisoning us out massively. And only a couple months more of nuclear waste war and it will seal us out ghastly. Will we not pray that we are part of the 21% that the Federation computer simulation experts missed on?

For those who are focused on what is happening to us now, are there any doubters that we are slated for complete destruction using brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE?

The plans to blow Hitachi-GE up again and burn the nuclear rods that are stored there finishing us out completely. The flying saucers that for years have been buzzing the dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant at Morris Illinois. Can we not hope we take the clues and shut that dirty bomb down before they blow that plant up on us too?

"With a dog I finally got you out. H----- fold us for some true wits. We hold you and when you see shell we're bankrupt. The white boy see the wreck we do here," Judee say.

The wreck that Bitch sees and God Almighty wants out and some true wits in here. Will workers not try to recognize the deadly though powerful wits the Jews have demonstrated and break free of them with a STRIKE?

GM workers not receiving bourse, yet management getting their bourse and if they run out of customer money can merely call Geneva and have them print some money and hand it out to them. Will all workers not get involved and print our money for us all instead of the Jews? With millions of Americans living out on the street while the Jews use our surpluses to bomb out another country somewhere. Will workers not help us here with a strike so that American workers issue our surpluses yourselves?

Tele receives:

"Put them back.

Get out the hokiness, would you? 3.14 pm

Terrible they hold you all crimen dies.

It's very sensible what you are saying here.

You made their men fall out.

Drinking, it tossed you out for fool day. 3.53 pm

ISIS is here.

Thank you so much for helping us here. 4.15 pm

The kid capped you dog.

Their starvation hoos fell.

Get Houston shot out.

You're in Vince now.

For your murder true I urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.09 pm

Dirty old fool rocked me. 5.50 pm

Their wreckage huge out us. 6.45 pm

Pull them for full benefits.

Blow your life forces away.

You're blinded all savages.

Police weapin just likes delightful hits.

It's a failure cats zoomin.

Stupid ranch way shoots your Burgh.

Finish it! 3.00 am

We set you away scorchin'.

A force of video made you go, Cicero arrived.

Vast sickness they're rifling us with.

They force you owlitics. 3.44 am

Get help. 4.50 am

You're a thane. 5.00 am

Set your bible right dead." 5.51 am
Does this sound like Papa?

"For your murder true I urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT!" 5.09 pm

If only American workers will connect the dots to see the picture of our murders true the Jews have engineered in on us will we not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our murder with nuclear blast weapons that Papa had His Martian angels pull off of us. Surely we can figure it out, can't we? To become the extraterrestrials we are might we first have to have enough wits to figure they exist and then figure some more that they are already here?

Bitch watch Tyler and his Secure team for years and wonder about him. Bitch recognizes he is a very highly intelligent guy. He always tells his viewers, "I love you all." Might that help explain why Tyler has over 2 million subscribers to his channel?

That plus he is delivering some real important good stuff. Reporting on what is going on in our world that is related to the most significant thing of all, the extraterrestrial intervention that has spared us from nuclear blast war and is now trying to convince us to stop the war so that we can survive the Jew force of brimstone genocide.

Bitch, instead of telling you "I love you" as Tyler does, scolds and insults the white breed and gets no response at all to his plea to stop the war.

If only Bitchie had more of the right stuff might he have been able to get some response that would bring the mild people to end our being held into sin by the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews?

If only he told you all the time that he "loves you all" as Tyler does might we already have peace in our world?

If only he told you he loves you might he have millions of viewers as Tyler does instead of 52 viewers that have subscribed to his channel?

Is it not interesting that our extraterrestrial elders predicted thousands of years ago that Bitch would insult the kids in the end times? The Federation's computer simulations at the time of Jesus that were translated and put into the bible that informs us that a smart, prudent, wise and sensible person ignores an insult. The deathly sin of insult that has set Bitch efforts back quite a bit.

If only the white person could see it from Bitch eyes that the whites have been the largest number of guys to show up to shoot Bitch. Might such a situation have given Bitch a mistaken impression of who white people really are?

Might the white guys that have shown up with a gun actually have been Jews in their white shells?

Whatever the case, might we consider it is "all water over the dam," as they say?

After Bitch did his deathly insult of whites in April of 2012, six months after reporting in October of 2011 the Pittsburgh extermination attempt of June 11, 2011, he then stopped posting and figured it would be of no use, a third of the people will die out, the whites in the range of 90% now. Is that not what the bible tells us? Sadly it is.

The guys from Babylon that zoom us authorized for free. Versus us ordinary simple working guys that are now almost dead.

The Jews a false people, preposterous beyond belief, and yet what are we to say, they have easily destroyed the best deal human Beings have ever had, the United States of America on our wondrous protective Bill of RIghts.

If only they were not unrelenting vicious cannibals on the inside might their way not have taken over so easily here? Our extraterrestrial creators now sorting the chaff from the wheat. In their usual non-interfering way might they let free will naturally finish the job?

Our passing out of life form now guaranteed if we fail to hear the words that we need to try and save our lives.

We equipped with the same extraterrestrial 223 high-level psychiatric genetics package as the Jews have. What might explain how only 2% of the human race has enslaved the rest of us?

We have the same 223 hardware as their 223 computers have so why did their 223 computers catch our 223 computers so complete?

Might we consider it is all in the software where we need to look to answer that?

The ravenous pack of wolves on the sheep. Will we not pray that the majority will listen to God's shepherd and get the wolves off right with a STRIKE?

The 223 vitamin software God equipped us with 200,000 years ago. The software that can match the software of the lying dying Jews. The instruction manual that came with the software from the manufacturer, will we not try to see it is our bible and follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures and stop the war?

Have we noticed that God does not nag, he gave us the rule, "thou shalt not kill," 3,500 years ago and left us to use our free will to do what He says or not?

The meta gorical transfiguration of our species out of a war-making earthbound group into peaceful extraterrestrial kids. Will American workers not take it upon yourselves to bring our new world of peace in?

The menacing threatening genocidal sports that are now in the last slay they will ever do in Gods' village on earth. Can we not keep praying that American labor will close them out fair?

They went on vacation in June of 2011 and then pushed the button on us. The Martians pulled all 1,000 Boeing built missiles that were equipped with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads at 80,000 feet up while still in the climb phase.

Bitch blew the horn on them in October of 2011, only 4 months after their blast attempt to extinct the American breed.

As we have failed to act they now have us brimstone wrapped to die out in a slow burn nuclear war. Will, rather must American workers not step in and end funding the deadly Jew management here?

"A bum I use to blow you up. Pork chops, ham and eggs rots you scottle. Jew always grease your place with a policeman. I shoot Alston for free. I'm police tough, on Mercury I'm a dud. My passion is I want to see you all cheated. We fumbled a camel die, a gaffe, now we're out of here," Judee say.

Will American workers please spend the 40 minutes of thinking time that will bring workers to help us close them out with a STRIKE?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Monday, October 14 — Psalm 119:1–8
Ezekiel 20:1–29; James 1:19–27
I will save you from all your uncleannesses. Ezekiel 36:29
There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1
Jesus, in many ways we have failed. But as you see us, we are not forever crippled or lost because of our past. Turn us from our past, whatever it holds. Show us how we can serve you and live well in the days ahead. Amen.
1.49 pm


They're out. 8.38 am

The weird opped weird.

You're obviously beast tuned to images.

They're real rude mortar.

Funeral rub give a big itch-a-tory.

Mirror 11. (Delivery driver at the food store)

We don't care. (Store employee stocking shelves)

They calm us nuclear. (Shopper)

Harmony is sweet. (Shopper)

Toasts crispy.

We're not that flirty. (Woman shopper)

Its risky.

You vegetabled somebody, it threw a hold on you now.(Driver coming home from the food store)

Rev er up, we're distressed here. 9.51 am (Back home after shopping)

You've outed a major foul in the neighborhood.

They fall you all Pittsburgh.

I issue a colonel to blow your safe.

I scheme to best ya. 10.23 am

They die us faschal deep rub.


Ghost them right.

You're a little deeper than most imagined.

They journal us fair.

Get out the conspiracy lock.

I dull you.

It's really appreciated.

If he ever wakes these white people up we'll get something right here."

Bitchie was watching the noon news and found this reverse facial speech from a local broadcaster:

"Your appo sent W----- -------- into eternity."

Bitch posted a reverse facial speech the other day about W----- -------- that said something similar to what is in the local broadcasters' reverse facial speech today.

Then Bitch looked at a video reporting on Reginald Potts trial in 2017 and pulled a bunch of reverse speech, here is some of what was found from Chicago news:

"We fool you out with transplant rules, we did this simple. Since the United States lose some rights it makes it easy to bourse you away. A fright algebra, here's where we opped you video smooth. This was right smart way you out-state false. It was a mort hold to decease all around.

Weapin hold decease boy. This was a W-- right fall Jamaica. This was all complete Jewmious. We f--- em up. We rice war therapy baby. Capitalize on inside. Right source for evidence we always fall right.

It was W-- vitamins on capital roll. This was played all so fine. Core fake is always obviously beautiful. Deficit core all opps. This bright City Chicago I shot you down."

The guy that looked similar to Reginald and was videoed in the hallway of Nailah's apartment building the day she went missing.

"A fright algebra, here's where we opped you video smooth. We fool you out with transplant rules, we did this simple."

If Reginald is innocent, as he is, then who did the opp and why?

"It was W-- vitamins on capital roll. This was a W-- right fall Jamaica."

Are we seeing the investment side from the usual suspects on Jamaica street just around the corner from Wall Street?

As the news reporters know who killed Nailah, and it wasn't Reginald, should we not have a grand jury invite the Jewish Fornian hybrid transplant reporters in to enlighten as to what they know?

How about the investment payout? Might Nailah have had a large number of insurance contracts on her? Maybe a bunch of forged signatures in Nailah's handwriting to make a profit on a Jew hit on Nailah while at the same time getting rid of a useful guy?

Are workers aware law enforcement, prosecutors and prison guards share in on the insurance collections when the investors on Jamaica do a sports rub?

And what are we to make of this reverse facial speech:

"It was a mort hold to decease all around. Weapin hold decease boy. Capitalize on inside."

Might they be planning to rub Reginald when no one is paying attention to what is going on here? Will workers not get these Jewish Hitler rules out of here? Hitler who had them shot in the jails and the Jews doing the same thing but insuring them first.

Do some recall from reading the reverse speech in the R. Kelly opp that the Jews are planning to decease him to? Will labor not help us here?

"Since the United States lose some rights it makes it easy to bourse you away."

While the ordinary guy or gal may not be wealthy and real bright as Reginald or R. Kelly are, to become a target of the jealous vicious Jews, are we aware all that a person needs to be is insurable and an opp can be done upon him or her?

Will American workers not roll these deadly Jews out with a STRIKE?

"This bright City Chicago I shot you down."

As the Chicago police handled the palace Jew hired hit on Mayor Harold Washington in 1987, much chance they have reformed themselves since then? Will American workers not give us our STRIKE to get them out fair?

Also on the noon news, the climate control miss was sending her words to direct the kids. Here is what she said in reverse facial speech:

"I'm surpluses."

The surpluses held by Geneva are used to sport us out of health, liberty and our lives. Will workers not take over the concession to issue our state's money and end the war of the Jews on God's children on earth?

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:



Oct. 13, 2019

"With My Hearse Fouls I kept You Bankrupt Tissue. I Fault You Out All of the Time. We're Coursing Wood Die Gorgeous," Judee say.


And all it will take is a few hours of a general strike and labor will be the holder of the organizing principle of society, the concession to issue our money. Will American workers not give us the STRIKE to remove the dangerous rainbow of falsers from issuing our money?


Every nation on earth ruled by the hybrid transplant twin Replicon shells that the Babylonians created over thousands of years so that he would have the force to take over earth and destroy all of us here.


What is in our bibles to prepare us for these end times that we are in?


Daniel 10:14 Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision concerns those days.” 


Mathew 24:1 As Jesus left the temple and was walking away, His disciples came up to Him to point out its buildings. 2 “Do you see all these things?” He replied. “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be toppled.” 3 While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?”


 Luke 21:7 “Teacher,” they asked, “when will these things happen? And what will be the sign that they are about to take place?” 8 Jesus answered, “See to it that you are not deceived. For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.…


9 When you hear of wars and rebellions, do not be alarmed. These things must happen first, but the end is not imminent.” 10 Then He told them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11 There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven.…


Hosea 9:7

The days of punishment have come; the days of retribution have arrived--let Israel know it. The prophet is called a fool, and the inspired man insane, because of the greatness of your iniquity and hostility.


Will Americans not end the iniquitous policies of sport war in our world by taking the authority to issue our American workers' money away from the Lucifer Satan brand?


The many warnings found in our bible of the end times. Must a full one-third of the human race perish out to convince us that war is wrong? The false of war. Will American workers not get smart as the angels advise and end funding war for the rare jokester genocidal brand?



Habakkuk 2:13 Is it not indeed from the LORD of Hosts that the labor of the people only feeds the fire, and the nations weary themselves in vain? 14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. 15 Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors, pouring it from the wineskin until they are drunk, in order to gaze at their nakedness!…


 19 Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Awaken!’ or to silent stone, ‘Come alive!’ Can it give guidance? Behold, it is overlaid with gold and silver, yet there is no breath in it at all. 20 But the LORD is in His holy temple; let all the earth be silent before Him.”…



Is it not something astounding to consider these words in our bibles are coming to us from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization? Can we not try to be silent before our Lord? As our lives are being perished out scientifically and systematically on our own dollar. Must we not silence ourselves before our Lord and ask for forgiveness for our omission of duty that has allowed for the abominations that the Jews have ordered against our family in this world? 


Our obligation to one another as human beings to act decisively to prevent harm to our brothers and sisters in this world? Must we not prevent harm to ourselves?


As the Babylonians and their hobbyist alliance partners continue to attack us with long-range nuclear ballistic missiles will workers not help us to close out this world in war?


The last days that we are in now. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring American workers to try and spare your own lives from being put out of life form permanently now?


Bitch, of course, would like to acquit himself of the blame for the failure to respond to our perfected die that we are funding against ourselves and so he will persist in urging workers to stop the war. 


"Very mooch us cow sin." 5.17 am


The incredible edible egg so the television commercial went from 1978.


  • UFO Sighting From Idaho
  • Egg Shaped UFO
  • 2 Witnesses
  • Sighting occurred on 5/1/19 reported on 5/2/19

Egg Shaped UFO Reported Near Nampa, Idaho

We had a UFO sighting report today from Idaho. It was reported by a couple that live outside the town of Nampa. They witnessed the UFO at 10:30 pm from inside their house.


When the couple spotted the UFO it was about 50 yards away in their back yard. It was on the ground with a tripod looking landing gear holding it up. The two people have no idea where it came from.


The witnesses describe the UFO as being egg shaped. The color was a metallic silver. It was around 12 feet long and about 8 feet tall. One side of the UFO was a little smaller than the other. The surface of the craft seemed to quiver as if it was made out of liquid mercury. There was a light blue light coming out of the bottom of the ship.


The couple stood at their window watching the UFO, for what they estimate was a minute or two, when it started to move. The landing gear went up into the ship and the light turned off. After that they could not even see the space ship.


After a few minutes passed, the two witnesses decided to go outside and see if the UFO was still there. They couldn’t find it or any trace of it. They assume that it flew off but they never saw it do so.



Can we make some guesses why our extraterrestrial elders MARKED Nampa Idaho? Might the egg shape of the landing craft give us some clues? Might there be residents in that area that are looking for their nest egg and ET sent that egg-shaped craft as a way to send that meta transiliatory communication to us to be on the lookout for the nest egg crowd?


While looking at Nampa found a man there that was a resident years ago and th president of a sugar refining company that today has its headquarters there. 


Joseph F. Smith (1838-1918) Here's a picture of Joseph with his 48 children and some of his grandchildren:


This turn of the century family portrait was taken close to the time Joseph F. Smith succeeded Lorenzo Snow as president of the LDS Church in October 1901. Besides Levira, with whom he had no children, Smith had five other wives and forty-eight children. His wives are (L to R seated by Smith): Mary Taylor Schwartz (married, 1884, seven children); Edna Lambson (married 1871, ten children); Julina Lambson (married 1866, thirteen children, including Joseph Fielding Smith—top row, center); Sarah Ellen Richards (married 1868, eleven children); Alice Ann Kimball (married 1883, seven children); circa 1904


Can we only try to guess how large of a nest egg Joseph would have needed with that many children?


As the Mormons are still out on our streets sporting our heads might we have some guesses why extraterrestrials are flying in showing us their egg-shaped spacecraft?


Here is something interesting that Joseph was involved in publishing:


"The Origin of Man": In November 1909, in the midst of public interest in theories of evolution, the First Presidency issued a statement that affirmed that God created man in his own image. The document also succinctly reiterates the Mormon doctrine of a twofold creation (spiritual followed by temporal), the premortal existence of man, and ends noting that man, as a child of God, is capable of evolving into a god.


That we have the same high level 223 psychiatric genetics package of our creators might we see that we, given millions of years of time, are capable of evolving into Gods ourselves?


Our elders, the Third Edition Galacticans that hybridized us 200,000 years ago, they are a 15 million year species and we are a 12 million year species. Yet what are we to think, even as advanced as they are, only 7% of them are perfected Beings?


They born into a peaceful world where they live 1800-2200 year life spans. Vast unimaginable wealth available to all of our extraterrestrial elders, and even so, only 7% of them become fully perfected Beings. Understanding that might it help us to not hold each other up to overly rigorous expectations all of the time because we are not perfect ourselves? Might we think of the biblical injunction to "Judge not lest ye be judged?'


Will American workers not get hold of the paper and try to protect us from these armed and highly dangerous programmed by Babylon life forms?


When we read UFO sighting reports might we understand our elders are speaking to us in a way that lets us think about things that are going on around us?


"Remember. Remember," Mercury elder said to Bitch years ago. What was Bitch supposed to remember? Was he reincarnated? Supposed to remember his past life?


What elder was suggesting Bitch remember is how we treated each other that brought Father Kirkser to love us so much for the kind caring way that we treated each other. How well we cared for each other when all we had were our monkey suits on. The 36 hominid groups that were here at that time, many larger groups and many stronger groups, but we were the group that took good care of each other so well that Father Kirkser chose to make us in His image his own children of the Stars. We the simian children of God on earth.


If Bitch is getting this correct from elders, Shangrila is our extraterrestrial Asian family that has traveled with elders for 3,500 years now. The Xanthians are from modern-day Turkey and they have been traveling with our elders from Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus for about the same time. 


Our extraterrestrial family, the Vril are from modern-day Russia and they have been extraterrestrial since 700 AD.


The Vril migrated into the cold unsettled areas of the north to avoid conflict due to resource base struggle and to bypass the warmakers. Once settled there over time, they developed free energy technology that allowed them to build their society inside the protective shelter of our earth. 


All of our elders are in peaceful cohesion with the Galactic Federation of light. God our Father is the head of our house. Father sent elders in to help us to transition us out of war and into peace.


Shangrila, our Asian extraterrestrial family had leaders that treated the people so well that when they went extraterrestrial, they decided to keep their royal order in. 


Free will that Father Kirsker gifted us with 200,000 years ago still stands good today. Father will let us do whatever we want. "I would have given you anything. I gave you the peace, must you fail," Father said.


Our air being poisoned out in a way that will leave us passed out of life form shortly and no longer part of the human life decision-making process on earth or in space.


The Jews, who continue to hold the organizing principle of society in their private hands, continue to play with us using bullets, bombs, poison and other deleterious things on us to get their way.


Bitch, only a 4th level wit, though he is focused and listening all of the time for Father's words to help us here. Judee, a 1st level wit who chose to not listen to Father's way. Might this Tele receive be from Papa, "I said my word on grinch?" 1.36 am


Will American workers not help us to humanely and mercifully close the Babylonian grinch out for Father's love for us all?


"For your murder, I urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT!" 5.09 pm 


That just came in. Might it be Papa trying to convince us to save our lives?


Father, so gracious never even threw Judee out, He merely let Judee throw himself out great. 


Precious sweet Papa, so kind, gracious and wondrous, might Father be so advanced in love that it is hard to perceive that such a kind being could exist?


That is who Father is, a kind loving Being that wants to gift us beyond belief. Years ago Bitch thought that God was a "mythological construct," as Father said, and with our world torn in permanent war, never cared to investigate the question of God because he thought the mythology of god was designed to false us to keep us making war.


And here all along God wills that His children live in peace, but He is so high above us that He is imperceptible to most of us. And so Father gifted us with faith to believe in Him to help us seek His truth.


The Galactic Federation of Light that was started by the 223 high intelligence marsupials 9 million years ago, if it goes the same way as the departed civilization of Prensaour, the Federation may be in existence for 69 million years more. Prenasour lived in peace for 78 million years until their genetics faded away.


And where will we be at that time? As our species has a 21 million year life span and we are in our 12th millionth year at this time, so we will have already been gone for 60 million years when our 223 high intelligence psychiatric genetics pass out of existence. 


Back here on earth in our time and space, driving to the store Bitchie sees several homeless people wandering outside. He has seen a few homeless women in the neighborhood, not only men. Will American workers not put the homeless sports creating crowd out with a strike?


This story from the other day about a homeless man that picked up a 6 year old boy and dropped him on his head.


NYPD: Homeless Man Slammed 6-Year-Old Boy's Head Into The Ground


OCT. 11, 2019


Might we figure it was a mentally ill homeless guy that Judah drugged up to do that attack on a 6-year-old boy? Or might it have never happened at all, just a made-up story?


But why would Judah do that? Might it be to slam homeless people and destroy empathy we may have for homeless people? Are we getting some idea of how deadly the Jew wit is to us here? Might the aim in doing such things be to shape our consciousness and numb us to our family in need that is on the street? Will workers not bring our family on the streets in from the cold?


 The famous sports crowd that enjoys giving us a boot sandwich. WiIl American workers not end free funding their errant God offending management? 


Will workers not end holding in the errant life forms tyranny style of management with a strike?


That video of Raymond Blackwell and his using an ultrasonic fogger for gasoline has really made a large stir in the Telesphere zone. One Tele sender said it is "30 times over-unity" and another said it is "40 times over unity."


single disk fogger running 6hp engine


•Jul 22, 2010


Video 8.43 at


Tele receives:


"I hostile with officials fair.


Welcome peacefully to a beautiful.


You create noise with a grand jury, you're out.


They Ausched it. 


Their I beam scoring is out.


You lost due.


They're dying the apples.  


Seek cow.


It is the authority to issue money in Jew hands that is destroying this place.


Oh, sweetheart, you've got a future in univarsal.


Pat tried to reduce a sale of mine.


It's glimpted.


I'd say he knows what he is talking about here.


Pat bungled spirited.


They give you a heroin breeze. 3.43 pm


I'm sorry I hurt them well.


O Bitch failed, a tough die.


They blaze chicanery us right.


We fist you sediment.


Genius. 5.06 pm


They conquer us dead.


It's stalled poverty again. 


They micro-die.


Pat hears us here.


We got waste problems, STRIKE his head!


Patrick about freed us.


You really landed a big one. 6.47 pm


I can't live without your sight.


You saved us much from die, death.


I'm almost completely out.


30 times over unity. 


They tried to get you off of this house Pat and you munched them. 7.35 pm


Get out arms store. 1.27 am


They burst you off fields so STRIKE THEM OUT.


Chicken best heist here.


I said my word on grinch. 1.36 am


Constant hate keeps versing out.


The psych ward dies the gentlemen boursive. 


We want you to save this fail.


Cancel the Mormons for their right sins.


A harsh breeze failed your life forces.


Focus right here, they right fouled ya's.


Awfully you're really sported.


Idiot resource capture you to throw you away.


They're awfully purgative.


The ordinary person is relentlessly slaughtered.


This hard assing they do, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Its the last chance you have white people before you're destroyed. 2.54 am


They're transporting us peacefully growth. 


Triple. 4.07 am


Gerry mooch us cow sin. 5.17 am


I hate your fail, right us. 6.07 am


Oh, poochies dying here.


40 over unity. 6.12 am


Toby will soon be bankrupt. 6.57 am


I don't believe it, it's much too gorgeous.


Thank you so much, Patrick, for out fear tyranny. 


You sold me. 7.59 am


Patrick's dying fist. 


Falsing bust you and wreck our fields. 8.24 am


Your dog did great for us." 8.45 am



Here is some reverse facial speech found in the Sunday news programs:


"We just indict you to stumble. My mummy's nice at policing false indictments. I had a big-time with Dallas so they're leaving us off for free. We always cement you on oleo fat right because you're able to identify most of our tricks. Iowa gave me a right pull and pulled my rights right. Stalled your rising, scored you oppature rightly. 


I fold you attachments for sporting. I work so your mental fails. Our voyage with Wesson pulled a right strategy nuclear. Children on want stop you right good. I'm a wrong force to behave you. Your stupid rising I put down with my force, I had some stupid house rules. American families I've fallen your rights to shoot. 


If I want to weap a white I get some Murray action, that always gets them done. In 2 to 5 months Drupid is going to know I held him for a pinch smother you. In this system of fraud we encourage you to shoot to put you away. I still have some arrangements to throw some whiteheads away, I'm quite Jewish thief. We continue to accept that you have a dog truth to bruise you away.


Putting in rights end Jew family and out my abuse. The Druid, I make your destiny hostile and jeopardy. With the sheriff, I'm big on pie. Ghost heimen is how I put the skids on you. I'm beastive and I've got the housewives contained. I wash your destiny. I pop you off of the universe for my kid. 4 months and I will have scored you foul attempt. I just off you with Gert's son for my true.


I have a big permit that blaze you out genocide truly. Your child for 4% falls right out. I pow fish heads with police. You wiped us out, that's my impression. Because I'm a manager painful I fool you in. Luxury my simp proclaims so I'm out. I set you wtih a fumblous spirit and the boy set me so I can't re-spirit you. I always have a nail bum to get you to think my way. Whiskey always gave me my dying rules. We've got you furtive dead.


We have a 45 psyche game. 200 hundred police officers we give them all immunity Ernie. My right creates we perpetrate right rules. I use the defense department to take your rights away. I'm all murder scrimmage, the universe got us out. The British have been taking kids off for me because you give me bourse power. Our boom fatal has out our halo. Jew hostile the police right to war the professor," Judee say.


Bitch has been picking that up from several speakers, the Jews are falsing the police and telling them that the professor has done this that and the other thing against the police to get the police to war me. All false, the professor doesn't bother anybody, but until labor gets hold of the paper, the Jews continue to smear Bitch falsely. 


For those that pray will you not say some prayers that American labor will step in here, STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR, and do God's will and issue our money?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Watchword for the week — If we have died with him, we will also live with him. 2 Timothy 2:11

Sunday, October 13 — 2 Kings 5:1-3,7-15c; Psalm 111

2 Timothy 2:8-15; Luke 17:11-19

God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. Daniel 2:21

The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy. James 3:17

Source of all wisdom, help us to be wise, especially in our speaking and our listening. Open our hearts and minds so that our wisdom is peaceable, full of mercy, free of hypocrisy, and in harmony with your wisdom. Amen.



2.55 PM

Sweep them out, they failed foul. 9.13 am


They just Luxor raid.


They really thief.


There's nothing to do here but emigrate, we've lost our function here great. 


Floors ya. 9.29 am


They right us down, you failed to right them down. 


You're not moved to save your life yet.


They're right warring us.


They're flipping us fiction here.


They've cycled us Patrick.


They skin ya wrench.


They're massively destructive people.


This is the police, we like to fist you racious. 11.23 am


They've all fallen scrimmage huge.


Great bourse fails.


You're manews, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.47 pm


We're dying fisty alliance. 1.27 pm


I wallish you. 


Oh Pat, hopeless fail, fold this guy! 2.12 pm


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:


Carcasses of 5 bulls found mysteriously mutilated, drained of blood on Oregon ranch

Published 2 days ago


Associated Press


SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The first dead bull was found in a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon. There was no indication it had been shot, attacked by predators or eaten poisonous plants.


The animal’s sex organs and tongue had been removed. All the blood was gone.


Residents speculate there could be UFO involvement. One person suggested that Jenkins look for craters underneath the carcasses, saying it would be evidence that the bulls had been levitated into a spaceship, mutilated, and then dropped back to the ground. Similar incidents in the past have also garnered UFO theories.


For those of us that have spent time looking into reading the meta transiliatory communications from our elders to us might we try to decipher what they are saying by cutting the tongue and removing the sex organs of cattle on the range?


That we let Judah take our rights away from us have the Jews not taken our tongue away? Do we note that Hitachi-GE is going to do the same thing to our sex organs next?