Jun. 20, 2019

20 JUNE 2019

"They Died Fist Disc."

An overnight Tele receive sharing the truth of the passing of the weap Jews out of our world for their fist nation they have forced into America, and with it, the world.

So what's the problem then? Are we not seeing that they have successfully destroyed the mild people as they are leaving for their undergrounds here?

The disc that God Almighty sent in to spare us death in nuclear blast war.

The disc that has communicated to us how to save ourselves from being wiped out in a nuclear waste war. Will workers not hear the rescue message from the disc and let the fist go?

High background radiation that is wiping insects, plants, trees, birds and fish out in many terrains across America with their 8 years of shooting us with their atomic cannon from Hitachi-GE. Judah Washington DC that have their passports ready to flee as they know it is close to the time that Americans will finally perceive what they have done to us.

And what has Judah Washington in collaboration with Judah Berlin and London done to Americans other than run the foulest most brutal and violent genocidal tyranny they have ever succeeded in putting in?

Why don't Americans respond and put our real government of the land of the free in again and put the Jewish desert dwellers predatory despotism out of here right? Might we have to say, "God only knows?"

God who prepared our bibles for us at the time of Jesus Christ. Our good God Almighty who is now dying near the end of a beautiful 2,200-year life. Our precious sweet Father who loves us all equally and unconditionally who has sent His angels in to save us from the nuclear blast genocide of the Jews against us.

Is it not astounding how God knew at the time of Jesus that the Jews would be so strong when they forced themselves to leave the management of planet earth that the ordinary people would sheepishly stand down and let the weap Jews perish them with their brimstone waste foul?

This even after the Jews revealed their hand by letting themselves get caught red-handed shooting us with one thousand intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles they shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Might we not have to give the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews credit for having some real strong mental powers that they have been able to hold mild people to fund wiping us and our children out even after we have been warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR by our good God Almighty Himself?

The final destruction of the United States of America set to begin with a war in the Persian Gulf that will bring Russian high technical forces in and get the mild people of the East shooting mild people of the West.

The psychological power that the Jews as a group have demonstrated that has held the mild people of the north for 1,300 years now to making war for the Jewish desert dwellers sports excitement and thrills.

What happened labor? Why do you choose to not forgive Bitch for insulting you's due to the stress he was under?

Why you let yourselves be destroyed without even once acting up to shut the genocidal Jews out of holding the most important office of our physical existence, the office that issues our money?

Could it be because of the pestering and vandalism they do to anybody who opposes their fist ways?

So far Bitch has had three vehicles damaged by the Jews over the last few years. A couple of years ago they smashed his back window out of his van that cost $320 to repair. Last year Judee with his weather war floated Bitch van away when the high water came down our street. Wiped out a bunch of cars

More recently his side mirror was smashed off of his little Saturn. Cost about $60 dollars and hours to change it out.

The Saturn needing to be fixed, so Bitch bought another van so he might have a vehicle that is ready to run. How many of us have driven older cars, trucks and vans and so we have two, so there is at least one that is ready for our needs?

Anyways went downtown and got the plates and put them on then parked the van in the street. Did a short trip using a buddy's car and when Bitch returned a couple of hours later, saw that someone had keyed the side of the van.

Bitch said a prayer for whoever did it. When he had his other van, someone used a hammer and screwdriver to put chop marks on the back hatch. While not a big thing, wanted to mention it to show what type of people are issuing our money.

Do we understand they have these malicious vandals everywhere to do these sorts of things to people who openly seek peace? Might these sorts of things be why the admonition: "why invite calamity in," holds water?


As there is a rust hole a few inches below where it was keyed, do we see Bitch is not overly perturbed about it, merely wanted to show you guys some of the mental of Judah guys and gals

Bitchie praying to God Almighty day and night, every time he thinks about our dreadful plight of being left stranded on a burned out planet to die.

Why didn't you try it?" God asked about the STRIKE that would save our land and our lives.

Some Good news though, the Jews in their Muslim shells in Saudi Arabia are having trouble getting the war started in the Persian Gulf that is set to bring America into collision with the technical destructiveness of the Soviet Union.

"Bitch we have some perjury to fist your life. I've insured Bitch head. They're leaving us for our thief."

Those reverse face facial speech from the Saudi Arabian Jews in a Muslim shell that is doing what they can to get us into war with Russia. Have we not read they were instrumental in helping 911?

Thousands of miles from our shores and working to try and put Bitch in while at the same time trying to get us into war with Russia. Will labor not let the truth set us all free?

While downtown getting my van plates Bitch passed the court and a Judee lawyer saw Bitch and said telepathically, "we've got two weeks to get you out."

UPDATE: On the international news at 5.30 pm found this interesting reverse facial speech:

"We'll be through with insurance in about two weeks."

Will workers not help Bitch and cut that two weeks with a STRIKE NOW?

Will labor not get these insurance contracts off of us before then?

The news reports showing fragments of a mine purportedly built in Iran that blew a hole in an oil tanker in the Gulf. The tanker crew who said they saw a missile come from the sky that hit their tanker. Why the difference, was it a mine built in Iran that hit that oil tanker ship or was it a missile as the tanker crew said it was?

If it was a missile might that suggest it was the Israel that launched it and not Iran? The news reports showing fragments of a mine built in Iran. Controlling the forensics as the Jews do, might it have been a case of bait and switch by the Jews?

As the United States military officer spoke on evening national news telling us about the Iranian mine fragments they found that blew the whole in that tanker, here is what he said in reverse facial speech:

"My all-time guess it was fly material."

So while selling the Pentagon's version of the hole in the oil tanker from an Iranian mine, in his subconscious he is telling us, "My all-time guess it was fly material?"

The war that will leave America in a terrible state for generations. Will workers not get involved in our financial side and take the concession to issue our money away from these Jewish guys that always lie?

Tariffs put in based upon arbitrary political decisions that imperil trade relations that have taken generations to build. Will workers not help keep America's commerce alive with a STRIKE to close out the Jews arbitrary decisions about how to assess us?

The undocumented workers' camps the Jews have built to house some of the tens of millions of war refugees that Israeli occupied Washington DC has created with the permanent war in our world. Might the build-up of these camps be so there will be space available for the Jewish directed Soviets to put Americans into them next?

The driving down of income sources that war produces for so many workers. Will workers not think of other workers that are trying to earn their living and act together to take the financials into your safe hands as our good God wills?

The high radiation that has already poisoned a generation out of existence. Generation MOX disabled now. Much chance that they will be honoring any veterans of Jewish sport wars?

The historical failure of the white Euro force when challenged by the frightening sights and sounds of the murderous desert dwellers that always win because they focus on who issues the bourse.

Is it Bitch insult that will be recorded as the reason the white force was perished so easily?

While Bitch frailty with his hos words has held him back a way, Judah tells us it was the alcohol force that blew the mild people force away. And now days away from being permanently closed out of a good life. Can we not pray we will be sober and try to save our lives?

If only Bitch were a top first-rate thinker might he have been able to get a different outcome here?

"I won because you believe a liar. The Druid has ever failed to save himself. The Druid is not dutiful. We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Bitch side that threw the Jews out apparently was not his gentle Druid side, rather it was his Fornian Jew that did it. Judah analysis revealed in reverse facial speech reveals that is also where his hostile words came from, his yid within his Norwegian shell.

The yid within that knows a Jew will kill his own kid if it will keep him from being prosecuted or losing his investments in prison houses. The yid within Bitch that put the yid weap cipher out here permanently now. Will we not pray that the Druid will see the true scorecard here and let them off of here now?

Bitch who will not harm you because his thinking is based in love. He was a pacifist before he even knew of the love of God for us all. Now that he knows of God's love he truly fears ever doing anything that would not sooth Father.

Judah who knew of Father for many thousands of years and chose to go against Father's will and so now he's out of here with his illness, his war disease.

The thousands of years of lies to hold himself into molesting and abusing God's kids. Can we not say prayers of thanks for no matter what happens now the foul Jew cipher will never again hold any offices in any lands in God's village on earth?

Of course, they're out of here. And when the worker force finally perceives exactly how seriously we have been harmed, our field, both us and our kids, might that be it for permanent Jewish sport war in our world for free? Certainly. Are there any thinking informed people that are not yet aware the winning Jew force has met more than its match in the love of our heavenly rescuers for us all here?

Could it be that God's demonstration of His power is so rare and unique that some people just can't believe it exists?

God is real for God is the only reason we have survived the onto-logically different merciless vicious Jews. Our good God is merciful and forgiving all the time. Father is the God of our Bibles. The same God that chose the Jews to carry out His will to deliver His message of love to His gentile kids.

The understanding about why God chose the Jews as Bitch has learned, one they gave the best estimates of the situation. They the most focused of all people on earth at the time.

The understanding for another reason that God chose the Jews to speak to, early Jews had developed more than other peoples what we might think of as 'social consciousness.'

They sought out ways to ameliorate the condition of poverty and destitution. While all communities of love seek ways to help their neighbors, apparently the focused Jews were stronger in that area than other communities of love early on. They focused their thoughts in the area of cooperative sociability and ethics.

The domination of the weap Jews that overrode the socially conscious Jews. Might we see it is God's will that is affording the opportunity to the socially conscious peace people to receive the messages that will get us to peace in such a way that it will guide us now to our higher life in the stars to live with the angels and our good God above?

What is the matter with living in a society where we take care of each other right? At the minimum approach what could be wrong about living in a society that does not fund harm to the other children of God?

Can we only wonder the outrages we see continually, how many people are aware that the overwhelming majority of them are not people wilding, rather they are hired shootings, stabbings and killings, by the sport people that issue our money?

If the ordinary people understood that to be true, would they not help us to take the authority to issue our money away from the sports people who do such outrages, often to the most vulnerable of us?

Our precious sweet Father in heaven above does not want us to work and slave for him. God our Father who has kept us alive in spite of the Jews wish to make us all die in nuclear blast war and are pushing ahead with nuclear brimstone waste war to make us die.

Father does not want us to work in the mines to enrich someone's purse. Father who is the only reason we are alive, though some may not know it yet, wants only one thing from us. And what could that one thing be that Father wants from us?

Father wants us to love Him. That's it. The gift of our lives that God has given to us. This wonderful life so many Americans enjoy. The blessings that have been showered on us, the wealthiest society that ever was. Where many might advance as high as they want

Will we not give to God what is God's and take care of His children on earth for Him? Will the mild force not end funding the sports war of the corrupt and failed Jews?

The Jews who boast of having failed Brittany. Will American workers not end their boasting with a STRIKE?
Britanny held since 1694 when the Jews privatized the issue of money in England. The wreckage of England ever since.

Will Americans not give us a better society than the one the Jews put in, half criminals and the other half victims? Will American workers not make peace in our time?

The critical issues of war and peace. Will workers please try to recognize that we have been failed by those who are supposed to serve us and not act now to remove the authority to issue our money from their private and incredibly dangerous genocidal hands?

In the last several days Bitch has picked out the word, "Portuguese," from several speakers on the world stage. And just now on international news from Japan, found "Portuguese" twice from two different speakers. What could it be about? Here's what was found in reverse facial speech today:

"Our Portuguese weaping with Topol has brought us to our fatal. West Germany thief is being seen Portuguese and coming out now."

The Jewish built Russian Topol that hurled some thermonuclear warheads at America that was grabbed by the angels our good God sent in to save us. One Russian launched intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile that Sir Casper's diligent team pulled that was turned into a spinning light show for us over Norway

What Is This Mysterious Spiral Anomaly in the Norwegian Sky?



Are we appreciating that the swirl that was seen and photographed by many over Norway in 2009 was a Topol ICBM shot at the United States from the Soviet Union on orders of the weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting hobbyists Berlin?

That "Portuguese" has shown up in reverse facial speech in relation to that nuclear missile launch, might the directors have met in Portugal to work out the details of the attempt to perpetrate genocide on us then?

Might our diligent guys and gals have been connecting the dots and now have shown us the truth of the failed nuclear missile attack that was launched at us from the Soviet Union? Can we wonder could the recent revelations of Germany's involvement with the extermination of the human race in a surpise nuclear missile attack in collaboration with their Jewish partners who did the finance necessary for it, have anything to do with Germany's Chancellor Merkel's shaking that was shown on the news the other day?

Germany's Angela Merkel shakes uncontrollably at ceremony, says she's OK
The German chancellor said she did not have enough water.

As Angela has been chancellor of Germany since 2005, might she have some knowledge of that Soviet Union nuclear missile attack that was launched on us in America in 2009?

Or could there be more to it here, might some of those Soviet Union launched missiles have been headed to Germany also and not just the United States?

Once we have our grand juries in might we not get our facts straight? Sure we will as soon as labor gives us the go-ahead to peace.

Swissair flight 111 that crashed in 1998 that killed all 229 on board.

The aircraft experienced a radio blackout for approximately thirteen minutes, which was later found to be caused by communication radio tuning errors. (wiki)

Rather than tuning errors as wiki suggests, for those who are in tune with our extraterrestrial Mercury elders might we not recognize that 13-minute shutdown of communication as a signal to the pilots to bring that plane down as it was set with a Sky Brat turned on?

Do some recall more recently that chancellor Merkel’s plane landed after having a communications failure?

Merkel plane technical failure leaves German leader late for G20
30 November 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel missed the opening of the G20 summit in Argentina after her plane was forced to land shortly after leaving Berlin.

The plane carrying Mrs. Merkel's team turned back while flying over the Netherlands late on Thursday, because of a communications failure.

The Airbus made a safe but unscheduled landing in Cologne.

Mrs. Merkel flew to Madrid on Friday then boarded a scheduled Iberia airlines flight to Buenos Aires.

No doubt her pilots were a top-flight crew that would be aware of everything and losing communications brought them to abort the flight and land right away. Might they have correctly interpreted the loss of communications message from Mercury that Swissair flight 111 missed and let Sky Brat crash that plane?

Will we not have plenty of water available if Angela will come and talk with us?

Bitch reading peoples reverse facial speech and has read much of Angela's subconscious thoughts and can say this with assurance, that of all the people in politics that Bitch has read, she has the most pleasant and nice social speech in her subconscious mind. Once labor has the concession to issue our money will it not be nice for Angela to share some memories of her time as chancellor?

Labor, Labor, Labor, will workers not quit pushing Bitchie’s message aside and start hearing God's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

Will workers not end believing Judah falses about Bitch? Will ordinary everyday workers not bring us God's gift of peace?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? I would have given you anything," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

But what about Bitchies frailty, his hos stench? The vicious he spouted when Judah abuse, molest and Jewish police state violence drove him out of his right senses?

Might labor not try to look passed temporary insanity words that were spoken due to being continually sought out to be murdered by the Jewish police state for free?

"We use police to pull peace out so we can keep war into play our insurance sport," Judee say.

Will labor not end the pulling out of our peace people by taking away the mechanism that harms our useful people, the authority to issue our money? Must American workers not step in and take over our financials as our good God wills?

The existence stipend that our good God has gifted us with. An existence stipend with something in it for everyone as Father wills. "Consider it a God-given right," Papa said.

Sure, 4 trillion dollars may sound like a lot to properly fund it when our economy is only about 17 trillion dollars and looking to shrink due to the cost of the destruction of war external and the weather war we face within, but when we have our new economy of high technology that includes vast use of free energy, what's 4 trillion dollars when we will be producing 100 trillion dollars of goods and services a year? Is that not 4%

Will American workers look up above for the love of God to come in instead of looking at Judah's dirty pictures and videos he is using to hold himself in?

Will workers not give us the peace that we have never had since Judah arrived with his mattress and weap theory? Will American workers not make peace now before it is totally too late?

Tele receives:

"True roll is Jew cipher.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 4.24 pm (Still trying)

You're fortunate your happy dying them true. 6.17 pm

H----- tried to save us.

It's all based on who issues the money, Jew is all fraud and forgery.

Patrick, you failed us die forces in a right Germany field.

Good practice atom bombing us.

National clothing ceased here.

Fight Houston bourse out of here. 7.01 pm

Jew bust us late. 7.15 pm

Now that you see our states we can't die ya's. 7.29 pm

You must end their winning poochies and STRIKE THEM OUT!

It's exhaust time. 8.53 pm

We're sin collectors.

Super took some of the hit of insane out and you're still dying.

We have wrecked an errorcy. (Mercury?)

STRIKE THEM OUT and it will save us.

Dumb on your dull side. 11.39 pm

You've failed us seriously Pat.

Rice is holding it murk.

Pull them out with their racket.

There is nothing here but racial thieves.

Thank you so much, you tried to save us, Patrick.

They died fist disc.

Terrible trench waste for us.

Nature failed to desert us.

They mouse some in the police sprint.

They arrange us, wipe us here.

A permanent waste off effortless.

Turkey, he continual us rightfully for dumb. 3.01 am

White boy is seriously passed-al.

Psych you hos incredible failed. 3.07 am

OK, I'll do it.

Morgan on chapels, it ain't too good. 8.02 am

They molest strategy. 8.21 am

I want you to do force and get them out!

Sold!" 8.24 am

Will we not pray that American workers will join together and say, "OK, I'll do it!? SOLD!?

The few hours that will bring about the transition of our world at permanent war into permanent peace. Will workers not listen to our kind and good Father's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR and give us PEACE NOW?

The long-term harm to our economy, our commerce by weaping weather war upon us and our farmers. The imposition of arbitrary tariffs that upset trade relations that may have taken generations to build up. Our commerce being harmed in a systematic way to lower our nation's income base.

Must working people not get involved in our finance and commerce and protect it well for it serves us all?

Will labor not do the force of peace great and give us a general STRIKE until workers hold the concession to issue the money for our beautiful state

Will we not all keep praying for the love of God to bring the American workers to help us get to peace?

While Bitch had his regrettable insult to you's, the deathly sin, it is quite unusual for him. He thought about it the other day and there are only about 5 or 6-times in his 71 years that he has been rude to anyone in his life. And of the rudes most were merely stupid things he said. He has never intentionally been rude to anyone. Only accidentally stupid.

On the stupid side, have we noticed that Judah is intentionally rude and because he is a smart guy and holds the bourse, he gets away with it all the time?

Though because Bitch heart and mind is based in love, he seeks no conflict anytime. Goes out of his way to avoid it.

Judah, the opposite guy, plans way ahead of time how to harm whoever he can reach.

Judah smart enough to know about Papa, yet do we see how his anger has harmed his relationship with Father who let him put himself out?

Bitchie opposite Judah. Father is the most important of all in Bitchie’s life, period. He thinks all the time now, "what might Father think about this?" Anything of importance he says a prayer to Father to seek His guidance before Bitchie decides to do anything of importance.

Will workers be assured that Bitch is exactly tuned to whatever Father's plans are for us here?

Will workers be assured that Bitch would never ever do anything that would displease Father at all?

Elders will help our labor committee of the whole to set our economy up so that we can create the vast wealth that will take proper care of all of God's children on earth.

Financial information throughout our world. Once workers are issuing our money is it appreciated, the labor committee can subscribe to research groups that will give all the economic information needed to guide us right?

The power of bourse that is so strong. Videos on the web available that go through how planes have crashed. Some go down due to pilot error. Others mechanical failure. Weather is a big one too. One that Bitched watched was due to the captain wanting to get a bourse check for using less fuel when it was clear he should have put on the power, gone around and tried for a second landing. The first officer told him that is what he should do but the captain overrode his suggestion. The plane ran off the runway killing many passengers and destroying the 100 million dollar plane. The captain, who survived, denied it was the bourse check that caused him to fail there.

And how might such a bourse reward check fail others who are offered them? How about this Tele receive?

"They mouse some in the police sprint."

The high-speed police pursuits that kill hundreds of innocent bystander Americans every year. Must workers not issue our money so there are no more bourse rewards for creating dangerous, hazardous situations on our streets?

Father is with us labor, this is His village. He wants us free of the influence to the Jewish weap cipher. The socially responsible peaceful all the time cipher of Jewish and gentile Father wants in, is that not perceived as the message from our good God to us all?

The estimates from Judah are that in four hours of a general STRIKE it will be done. Our world will be out of the Jewish madness of sport war, the excitement and thrills of their fist will be gone.

Will workers not give us PEACE NOW?

If so will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, June 20 — Psalm 78:9–16
Song of Solomon 7,8; Galatians 2:15–3:5

Even when you turn gray I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save. Isaiah 46:4

God is faithful; by him you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:9

God, we face fear as we grow older, moving into the unknown—worrying about loneliness, dementia, mental illness, financial insecurity, and many other concerns. Reassure us that your constant care and love are new every morning. Remind us, Holy Spirit, of your everlasting presence to guide and comfort us through every stage of our earthly pilgrimage, so that we may remain in fellowship with Christ, our friend. Amen.

4.37 pm

"Divert it. 9.42 am

It's a battery stumble. 9.46 pm

Rights fall.

Jew's threatening a toss true worse.


He's a relative of our competent side.

Thanks for scoring out the frown.

Jail's a moisture way right they ruled.

The man knows of your peace.

Their nuker electricity lethal us.

Perjure hurt you fail.

The monk gave us a great blessing. (Judee county employee)

You mock swell. (another county employee)

Great truthful, uunt-ah.

You're a nice fair.

Thank you for issin it, a pretty dirty foul.

Leave the dog set. 11.27 am

Your shanty really shot me off fish.

I died, I'm a dead person.

You did take a good look. 11..36 am

They got fear on your face.

Free money.

A hiker hurt you awfully.

Their force way is true pulled.

Thank you for skirpin' criminals.

We got two weeks to get you out. (Lawyer downtown)

You're cut bad.

You shot Mitchell's theory.

They stop and fetch.

A nest egg is too differous.

RISE your fairest. 12.17 pm

They rice the kids criminal and just chuck you. 12.24 pm

The dopes are always insane.

They rice man truly dubious. 12.37 pm

Shove off, you stink scoring. 1.23 pm

Field's courage.

Your soldier failed. 1.49 pm

We dunge ya, rush you die full.

They fool you psychically.

A fine drip. 2.27 pm

It's haughty.

They've rolled some debt. 2.34 pm

We always shoot a border.


To not be ignored, they sewer bum." 4.14 pm
"Shove off, you stink scoring. 1.23 pm

Your soldier failed." 1.49 pm

Bitch has not scored anybody ever. Yet do we see here, it's not the truth that matters, it's what people want to believe?

And the soldier that failed. Might we have to chalk it up to Judah control of our food supply by his private control of the issue of bourse?

Will labor not bring the kids home so they can learn and grow in peace? Must labor not put the existence stipend in so that kids have better choices than serving the Jews war sport?

If so must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you. God bless.

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While getting ready to post, it is 5.41 pm and there was a report on national news of a 26-year-old rookie police officer that was slain. Here is reverse facial speech found in that report:

"This is to help hold the particle in."