Jun. 21, 2019

21 JUNE 2019

"Guide Me, Father."

Those words came into thinking. "Guide me, Father," while starting to write this post. The mild people of America held by the fist cipher that is holding on even as they flee into their well-prepared undergrounds to sit out our die off due to inhaling radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE.

Will American workers not yet respond to try and save us with a STRIKE to take the state concession to issue our money away from weap Judee? Will we not pray that American workers get smart and stop the war?

Judah, so perfected in his predator relationship that he has the psychological force with perjury to have some workers believing false about Bitch. Bitch who has not put even one person in though in his delusion talked quite violent and crazy. Might it be that only those who have been terrorized and driven mad could understand what happens to one's mind when abused by the deadly, murderous genocidal Jews?

A nasty violent cruel cipher that hates our guts and wants us dead. Our world ravaged in war since they took over the issue of American money in 1913. Hundreds of millions of deaths and still counting. Pushing wealthy Americans right out of existence using the authority to issue our money that was given to them by Congress in 1913. If only workers will give us a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from will we have any chance to save ourselves yet.

Will workers not give us a STRIKE so that workers have the concession to issue our money?

160 million of the Jewish weap cipher brand worldwide that hold the majority of the other 8 billion of us in difficult circumstances. 2% of the human race who with their fist wits took over planet earth.

Nearly every word that is spoken on television, radio or any other place, from their mouths that truly know how to fool the human race. And at this late date, they are still destroying us even after it was revealed in October of 2011 they attacked us with nuclear missiles to force us out of existence.

Yet our extraterrestrial elders with 87 million years in their knowledge base figured by their computer simulations two thousand years ago at the time of Jesus Christ that the Jews would die us off massively when it was time for them to go.

"What happened here" God our Father asked after Bitch committed the deathly sin of insult to the mild people of America.

Bitch, not handling the abuse as well as he might of if he only were a better person. He is a generic white guy who loves everybody and has a problem with understanding why other white people are not pro-peace enough to let these violent false ciphers off of government. Though some Tele sender said "you insulted the victims themselves." Bitch hope the victims will forgive and help us to survive.

Just read a news report that said an aircraft strike against Iran was called off. The strike purportedly due to Iran shooting a drone down. Might we think of the sinking of the Lusitania that was sunk in 1915 that was used as a pretext get us into war? Must we not stop this war with Iran before it starts, the war that the Jews are planning to use to die us off using Russia to break our back?

"Britain cast a failed policy for free. In a palace state it's my right to foge' gentlemen. I'd of fallen out your state if the white fella did not tell you about the Jews. His mother told you about my fail. H----- rolled my false investment and theory," Judee say.

As a third of the human race is set to perish now held in the control of the war of weap Judah and God Almighty has rolled their false investment and theory, might we not want to pray to get the wits that will help us today?

And what was Judah theory other than he could hold the white fella to make war for him until he built the machinery to wipe the white fella out completely?

Though the fact that the Jews have been able to hold the white fellas to make sport war for them long enough for the white fellas to be blasted out nuclear both blast and waste, might we not have to give it to the genocidal Jews, their theory in regards to the white fella, did it not prove correct? Yes, it did.

Are there any who doubt if not for the Martian protection our good God sent in the Jews would have blown the white fellas to smithereens with their 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

So while their investment theory was correct in regards the white fellas, they could shoot us and get away with it, are we not lucky that their theory in regards our extraterrestrial family failed them great?

The failure of weap Judah theory in regards to the difference in technical prowess between the genocidal Jews and advanced extraterrestrial races. Do we see that weap Judah did not appreciate how easily the Martians would be able to pull Judah nuclear missiles out of the sky?

The Jews who make war external so that they can insurance mouse us internally. While their blast nuclear threat of destruction anytime day or night did terrorize us well enough for their insurance racket, do we see when it was put to the test it turned out to show they are klutzes?

Yet even after demonstrating their klutz, what are we to say about ourselves who are still holding in their tyranny?

All bullshit all the time and yet we are still letting them hold our die in. Is Bitch to blame for this terrible circumstance we have let happen to us? If so will labor not reach out to a fellow simple working man and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and into your safe hands?

The failed management of the Jews that only assaults and perishes you and me. The hoot and howl they put on as their productions that somehow or other has allowed them to continue destroying us all.

Will we not pray to our good God who has saved us and ask God to save us once again from the false we are feeding ourselves?

The false claims that Bitch is a thug. Is there not some way to reach out to whitey to figure out that is a Jew false? Though might we have to consider the Jews were so false two thousand years ago that our extraterrestrial saviors figured the Jews would still be able to hold the ordinary peoples' wits to destroy us fair when it was time for the Jews to go?

Is that not what we are living today, we now being successfully washed out in brimstone from Hitachi-GE and apparently some don't know about it yet? What might explain that?

Might it be the acceptance of the false, "Bitch is a thug," has canceled out the ability to reason even to save our lives? Might these song lyrics be on time now?

Everybody plays the fool sometime
There's no exception to the rule
Listen, baby
It may be factual, may be cruel
I ain't lying
Everybody plays the fool

So Bitch played the fool and responded inappropriately to repeatedly being pushed out by the Jews using their public racket pay-rollers to push the Bitch into the grave. Will workers not try to perceive it is the Jews that are the thugs, not Bitch?

The lack of public education on the dangers of nuclear power. The Jewish electricity plants that are threatening the end of our species on earth.

In the rake and hoe age of Our innocent helpless family around the world being assaulted every day by the extraterrestrial level Technology that comes from American shores. How is it that white skin lets this go on?

Should common sense not reveal, these fist people are not serving us only their investments in war? Fleeing now to get away from the long arm of the law for making war and blasting their constituents for insurance collections.

Might we think of the 'Ceaușescu moment,' when in 1989 our family in Romania turned and looked at each other and in an hour the hybrid transplant Fornian look alike dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaușescu was out of power?

Can we only hope for the Ceausescu moment when American labor will put the fists out of power with a GENERAL STRIKE?

Nicolae Ceaușescu One of the wealthiest men in Romania one day, the next arrested as a felon and taken away. A quick kangaroo court, put against a wall with his wife and shot.

Rather than an act of purported justice or retribution, might we understand Nicolae was shot so he could not reveal Judah's inside operation? In office for decades, his collaborators wanted him silenced quickly. Might we wonder if today the same forces that secretly backed Nicolae's decades of false are still holding sway?

Understanding the execution by firing squad of Nicolae, (to prevent the truth from being revealed about how rights are important to us all), might we understand why Judah is putting so many of his employees in today?

Will labor not give us our fair state, the one that was created back in 1789 when it was agreed that we would have rights for everyone?

The power of love that will end this violence of the weap Jewish world. Will workers not take the paper away from them and end their kangaroo courts and firing squad executions? Will workers not let our grand juries hear it all?

Might Nicolae not be remembered more today if only Romania had peoples grand juries then that could have visited with Nicolae for a few weeks or more? Would our eyes not have been opened up if Nicolae talked for a few weeks or more and explained how the government works in a dictatorship?

The leaders of the miners strike that all shortly after died of cancer at Nicolae’s order to the doctors:

In the years after the strike, the majority of its leaders died of cancer. After 1989, it was revealed that the Securitate had doctors give the strike leaders 5-minute chest X-rays to ensure the development of cancer. (wiki)

In that instance of killing striking miners union leaders in 1970 with cancer by using X-rays, might we see that using high energy fields has been a method of killing people for a long time now?

That was forty-eight years ago that workers leaders were specially treated with X-rays in Romania to give them cancer to die them off.

Might we think of the physicist Jon Von Neumann who died of cancer at the relatively young age of 53 in 1957? Over half a century ago. Why might we wonder would weap Judah want a top scientist like Jon died off? How about this quote of Jon?

"With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk."
John von Neumann

Jon, who was known to be seriously interested in a theory of operation after learning about the many free energy machines that have shown up and been demonstrated in our world. We know now that free energy is to be found between the 4th and 5th dimensions. That actually was known in the 1920s and made public in 1938 as the Kaluza-Klein theorem.

That Jon talked about an elephant in four parameters, (dimensions) if he had a fifth parameter, (dimension) he could wiggle his trunk, might we surmise that Jon had the free energy theory on his mind at that early time?

The many free energy machines that have been demonstrated for over the last century, and that they have not come in big time yet, must we not conclude there is a conspiracy to keep free energy out of our world? Certainly. Did the murder of Dr. Eugene Mallove in 2004 not make it clear that for those who work on free energy, death will be the reward?

Understanding that the theory of weap Judah calls for putting the people into poverty so that he can insurance mouse us and slum us easily, might we see that free energy will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams?

Not only will it be impossible to keep people poor, but with free energy do we see we will be able to see his atomic cannons that are shooting us are not to bring goods things to life, but rather to genocide us right? Might we see Jon Von Neumann as an earlier version of Dr. Eugene Mallove who was put out to keep us ignorant about free energy?

"He murders us debts." 6.48 am

If we have a real wealthy society might there be no way for weap Judah to murder us for debts? Might that be a simple explanation of why free energy is still not in?

Though, as reported earlier, there actually are a couple of free energy over unity machine that are in operation and for sale.

A cavitation pump is built and sold in America that produces a small amount of free energy. For every 100 BTU's of electricity put into it the pump it returns 117 BTUs of energy. Not a large amount, but it is over unity and can be purchased. It is used in industry.

There is a company today that is manufacturing and selling ultraviolet driers that return 9 times over unity. Still not a radical amount of over unity, but the fact there is over unity, free energy showing up in the high-performance electronics of the driers, should that not clue us that we should be looking into these machines?

General Electric's researcher Gabriel Kron who built, by accident, an over unity free energy circuit that was burning out the electronic components of nuclear missiles because it produced an excess of free energy.

Gabriel who died at 66 years of age a couple of days after reporting he was looking into extra dimensions as to where the free energy might be coming from. And his Kron circuit that was creating free energy and burning missile components out? A secret Patent was issued to General Electric where it remains secret today.

Who would dare say "Conspiracy?"

Kron and Von Neumann both Jews that worked on atomic weapons of mass destruction. Might their route of passing give us some idea of what Jews really think of each other?

If only they had stayed with building nuclear weapons and not looking into free energy, might they have lived a bit longer? sure they would.

American inventor Tom Ogle who built a carburetor that gave one hundred miles to the gallon in a 4,000-pound car. Died at only 24 years of age after taking a pill and some booze.

The lukewarm water in his car's radiator after running the engine for an hours time. The cold electricity that Tesla noted when he lit a wireless free energy light bulb up in 1899.

An HHO bottle producing free energy that a very thin wire carrying 10 amps at 12 volts never got hot. Might we see that coolness in a machine is demonstrating free energy?

Edwin Gray who ran industrial size motors with a small fraction of electricity needed to run them. The large motors all ran cool to the touch. Will workers not bring our cool to the touch-free energy in?

Why so cool to the touch of both electric motors and Tom Ogle's lukewarm radiator high mileage carburetor?

Free energy that is not being pushed into the circuit, rather high-speed reactions in the electric motor and inside the combustion chamber of a regular engine, that are drawing power from the high-speed motion of earth that delivers that energy from the zero point fields that envelope everything.

Simple theory once understood of where free energy is coming from and how to put it to work for us, and might we guess that Von Neumann had put all of the theoretical elements together nearly seventy years ago before he died at 53 years of age? Sure, Bitchie thinks Jon figured it out at the theoretical level that long ago.

Could workers really not perceive that we are being dealt a death blow by weap Judee? The fact of stealing our free energy researchers out so they can keep Jewish hot radioactive waste electricity in. Will labor not help us to make America free again? Will workers not put our Constitutionally guaranteed rights in for us all?

We are being destroyed. You must help us Labor and STOP THE WAR.

"We savage you, Ebenezer. Our white cannibal wins among all savages. We psycherment you invest Jews to off you. Our Wall street accomplish you chapel fisty. A child is not a right psychology to image you. A right silence lets us fist. Your dog we're still rolling in clear. Shrimpy emerging sight has finished our head. Our cipher is always surely, that's why Germany won.

Bitch told you we joy, Druid we bust wisenheimer rate. We're weakening, we're going. We have a war so we can fool more. I just opped you with a judge right. I fist your mother. I'm trying to leave America with a barber shop right. We hold you some great palace for sin. We've packed you Muslim with British winchly. For future you're sweet Germany oppression.

There's some strife coming in here. Rockefeller being pulled out for insurance you know. The Mexican problem I'm putting in so I can package my next office. I love how we assess you, they're taking my judge off, it's sad. Mouse politics were thrown by Jew, they'll ouse eventually. It's a peace foul that's cost you to fumble all your rights. African technical seize white.

My horrible head touristy is dying. I'm Jew MOXinheim, Jews fell. I must charge you with simple face to make war in Jew cabin. We punish you one time right out for cash receipts. Professor gave you the right description of our prescription. The cause of my scalp will let us fly up again. We maximize you franility ooze you off. My grand right for honest treachery failed. Because of my generals fantastic work, I'm through, I'm done.

The Jew has got your face on deficit. As long as we have police we always have some bodies hoppin. For months I sass you out, Bitch don't war. We creamed you monks. The alliance is now the end of time because I was stupid. Patrick took off our right summary. Olsen took flight. Olsen gets away. Margery will be gone this Sunday. NATO rape out will see the jury.

The minnow, we just thief bum em and now we got cored. They've penetrated our fortress, I didn't shoot you nicely. Basically, my shit's out of here. I Jew, I mess you on your birthday. I grudge your wits, I cipher you with octopus. Your whole house we have insured. The animal peats the best head. We're just in a deaths rail, we're just finishing you's poochess awe. Our fools way I think will be gone by Monday.

I hos you naked to make your rights go. We're honorable weap heads that have fallen complete. I'm shorty who's out of time. I set you for the ultimate die through my para-state. My fist just died you heretic. Our management just brings in more Jew people so we can war your spud. I'm suffering you back in time. I'm a racial fiend so I die poocha. His mother told you about my fail.

Basically, I wanted to bash you in through course but the Senate got threw. I death wrench you constable right. In a bowl of chili, I saw fancier days. A gaff ball is coming in early to foul you off Saturday. Our klutzes with Wall Street war the minnow, I just false your wit. We pup your groceries to can your wit. You bomb for me as victims of my ruse.

Among your Jews are the best weapies. A dog gives us a smooth chip to your death. We hos you to shit box you and take away your rights. I sport you appasit because I'm stupid. Scientist force police fall, we just have to admit we're boo boo heads. I set you Boston HB out back. The British have ever fell stupid for war. They've been reporting on the white house mal-fisting.

I'm just a Jew and have Jew scum fist for you and cancer for your baby. For my score beverage, I'm truly out. We fell F-----. Bitch die, I failed to complete it. We're a few hours away from Boston way and then I'm done. Dangerous animals we continue to survive but white iliac guys lose their force. I got a right dead dog because I don't want you to mature any day.

We opp symbols, I ever whoreage you. Our Euro-sports are leaving, my passport's ready for my big stretch. Jew don't share knowledge tree. I just failed you with a peaceful Irish muzzle. I rice you all off federally, burn you Moscow then we're going in. You all possess Germany rights, that why the whites are dead. Jew threw Bitch out to keep dictator way. My oxygen methods will vanish you whole and this boy is telling you so," Judee say.

Will workers try to perceive that we are going backward and if not stopped we are going to suffer absolute and total cataster if we do not STOP THE WAR?

Here is a non-Judah informed reverse facial speech speaking of Bitch:

"Their falsing on you is increasing but they're quite dead. Your love doubles your sales."

The last two weeks before the insurance on Bitch head is finished. Will workers not act before then and STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the concession to issue our bourse in your safe hands?

Tele receives:

"I maced you botulism. 5.50 pm

He's exposed them turpitude.

We bomb you degrade.

Their snotty falls.

With their tyranny and videos, Jew tasked you right overseas.

They're rolling Herod stench.

It's an old colonial ratshit fail.

Prisoners of a government that shoot you fireball.

You're intimate. 7.14 pm

They're trying to force you beast, force you out of life form. 7.20 pm

Have mercy for what they have done with the cops.


Patrick, it was our critic that bombed you.

It's low man. 7.44 pm

Nasty cruel foul exist. 8.47 pm

I'll catch up later.

I dropped all of my pages for my zero fail.

Opp racial hossed you, Patrick.

They're bankrupt, Pat told us they're scrofulous.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 5.21 am

He murder us debts. 6.48 am

We just suffer you terrible with our legitimate state.

Bum squad the NATO baby.

You're getting false psychology out.

Terrible you judge the fear men.

It's rape, you're all summons." 8.52 am


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Friday, June 21 — Psalm 78:17–31
Isaiah 1; Galatians 3:6–18
I will add to their numbers, and they will not be decreased; I will bring them honor, and they will not be disdained. Jeremiah 30:19 NIV
Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.” Matthew 13:33
Heavenly Lord, may your grace continue to grow in our hearts and change us from the inside out. May the gospel message transform our lives and exert its influence on the world around us. May our lifestyle always reflect God’s glory, that through our testimonies, his kingdom will be extended as others believe in him. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

3.38 PM

"You've been gifted with your lives and you've done nothing about it. 9.35 am

Get out of your goofiness.

Patrick, they're stringing you rightful. 9.49 am

Get out of your torshals.

Dull. 10.04 am

We're defeated atmosphere way, all froshed out.

Jamie works here.

Disney spirits you true bull------- right. 10.41 am

Courage is true Iowa spirit.

You're a misery that put me down and out of here.

Sh*t sale failed. 11.32 am

I radish state you.

I'm a pitch-man.

I've mucked ya.

They accomplished me abusive.

Get honorable, sake your right state. 12.44 pm

Managers just make war fit.

Your aim is a nice life here.

Grease fell for listening to tyranny.

Strange fate warred us.

Kinda bossin super proud.

Kinda void.

Teach fur in an image way.

Incredible police failure.


They fouled you out when Jesus crushed them.


Threatening people with nuclear threats.

It was a cruel dog that pinched ya like it.

It's a major fall.

Bash cage.

The female selection process drives them crazy.1.45 pm

Corrupting failed.

They punish your life financious.

A HUGE deafness port us.

Thank you for oppin this field off Judas.

All missiles are scaring us.

Fetcher thief.

You should have a clear tradition rather than the Jews holding you.

Sheeny finished sh*t. 3.50 pm

A few last reverse speeches that just came on the national and international news:

"I'm forting you newt all die. In a few days, West Germany will be a former perch pit. I'm falsing you into catastrophe. We keep it right with a dog."

Please labor don't let them false us into this catastrophe that they want to leave us with as our last memory of them. STRIKE THEM OUT!

Thank you. God bless.

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