Jun. 22, 2019

22 JUNE 2019

"These Racists Boot You Right Here."

That is a reverse facial speech taken from a non-Judah speaker. The racists that have held Americans into funding and fighting racist wars for them worldwide. The wars the racists have used to reduce Americans to an earlier time of existence, a time before we were gifted with civil and human rights. Reduced by dictators they installed that wage war on their own whim with workers making good the checks for it all.

Will workers not accept responsibility for allowing workers dollars for war and STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our money instead of the war sport genocidal Jews?

"Occasionally," Mercury elder said when Bitch asked if they lost when transitioning Beings out of war and into peace.

The "occasionally" that a mass die-off happens even when extraterrestrials step in to aid the life forms that are destroying themselves in a war that is perpetrated by the life forms whose time is ended and they are leaving.

"Occasionally," Mercury said as they predicted at the time of sweet Jesus that the Jews would wipe out a third of the human race when it was time for them to leave the management of their Jewish paper controlled zoo on planet earth.

And why did our extraterrestrial protectors' computer simulations predict the Jews would destroy us? Might it have been Mercury's observations of the Jews that determined they were and still are a "rare" life form that is far beyond ordinary life forms that live on earth?

The ontological difference between Jews and ordinary people that the late Elie Wiesel spoke about. Might the ontological difference be the "rare" that Mercury noted about the Jews who are successfully wiping us and our children out in a well planned and lavishly financed atomic war of waste?

The understanding of psychology that the Jews have where a dog missing a leg is hopping around on the Jewish hired evening news and in the next scene has the pooch licking the dog's master's mouth and nose as the news machine rolls the videotape. Can we only wonder what the Jews know about human psychology that they keep showing videos of dogs licking their owners' mouths?

That we have held ourselves to funding abusing ourselves, our family, our beautiful nation out of existence in a brimstone nuclear waste war that we have been alerted to for over 8 years now, might we have to concede, they have demonstrated a rare, ontological difference between us and them?

The deadliest poison to ever appear on earth that has been manufactured in vast quantities under the force of perpetual war that has been let loose in our environment, atomic waste from Jewish electricity plants that has intentionally been poured on us. And for what reason did the Jews do us this way? Is it not clear the mild people are the biggest target for the Jews to do us genocide?

More heavy rain in the farm belt yesterday. Might that be due to weather war that is aiming to hold our farmers back in the planting season? Will workers not end funding the multiple wars of the Jews against Americans? Will American workers not end funding the Jews as they are funding us into a catastrophic war with Iran that will lead us right into a collision with the technologically advanced Soviet Union?

Whites who the Jews want to wipe out more than all other men. Will whites not get smart as Mercury advises and end funding our destruction here?

Matthew 24:22 In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.

The time of calamity that is upon us now by whites doing nothing and inviting it in. "Coward efforts," Mercury said as to what the American worker has demonstrated to us and to the world.

Bitch is not a scold, merely a guy that has made some boo boos that worked exactly opposite to try and get some help to end our passing out of life form.

Bitch a friendly peaceful force that could have saved your lives if only you would have listened to his pleas to strike them out. But he had a failure after surviving a Jewess and a couple of Euro-fists who showed up at his door to kidnap him and send him to Russia to be finished out.

If Russian and American government officials can work together kidnapping Americans and sending them to Moscow to be shot in a cage, why can the leaders not work together in other areas of endeavor, like making peace?

Might we understand in maturity that both Russia and America are fully controlled by the Jews? The Jews who have now set the white man of the West to battle with the mild man of the East. Will mild man not stop boozing long enough to get us to peace? To try and save our lives?

Bitch coming out of the food store the other day and in the path to his car was one of weap Judah's stars standing there leaning against his nice car. That guy no doubt with a small gun who could become a rich man with only one bullet in Bitch.

Bitch, quite aware of what is going on kept walking right along his path knowing the triggerman could not shoot me if Mercury wants to keep Bitch in.

While Bitch appreciates that Mercury is holding him in, is there some understanding that it is for him to serve a purpose to alert those who are set for permanent destruction so that you can save yourselves?

Bitch, who did not fail to Judah intimidation, threats and death force. A guy who accepted he could be dead back in the 1990s after he discovered the Jewish rape mattress in the back room of Maxwell street. And yet here it is, 2019 and he is still around. What might explain that?

Might we understand it is the love for God for His simian children as to why Bitch is still around revealing to you all what is going on here and how we are successfully being destroyed?

White people already vastly decimated, only days away from being washed out 90% in both America and Europe. Our genetics poisoned already. Our children set to not be able to reproduce us anymore.

Bitchie a little guy, a kike. For would he not have to be little to insult you's the way he did? Of course. So why did God keep such a little guy in?

Might it be because he would not quietly tolerate his money being used to hurt any other men? That's it.

Bitchie no church guy, he opposed them all. Because they have been propping up the political leaders that make war. Bitch theory at the time believed that the church was invented using a false of Jesus to get over on simple minds.

Teach the people of the wonderful life after we die as a way to keep people from acting in the here and now. Though now he sees things quite differently after studying the extraterrestrial literature for decades now.

A significant amount of false is in the extraterrestrial literature placed there by Judah to keep fooling our wits.

Judah, having a vast knowledge base about our extraterrestrial elders, puts things in the literature that have truth mixed with false to spin our heads. Will workers not help us now to learn the truth that God loves us all?

Science writer Otto Binder and Astronomer mathematician Morris Jessup who by the 1950s saw that our Bible is an extraterrestrial operation manual gifted first to the Jews.

The focused wits that best served our good God to bring our world the message of His love for us all.

The weap Jews who mishandled their high-level potentials, their animal primitivism that got in the way of serving God any day. Their going the wrong way and getting good at it that brought them deeper into sin against us.

The truth that our good God loves us all but will leave us do as we wish. Father's thousands of warnings to stop the war that we have ignored and now set our selves to be completely destroyed along with our children and our beautiful nation.

Rather than the persuasion of God's house, might we look to Father's power as to how to properly respond to the danger the Jews have placed us into here?

That is, rather than how persuasive or not God's shill is, does it not seem more correct to view God's power as to how to make our decision who we will serve? Will it be serving more Jews with their deathly genocidal ways or the love of God that let them throw their foolish selves away?

Will workers not get the psychological pooch hold of the Jews out of mind and think about the power of the love of God that has kept us alive?

God Almighty who sent His angels in to keep us alive. Will workers not bring the love of God in and close out the thugs?

Tele receives:

"They fight you mouse right. 5.35 pm

Just chase them with truth. 6.10 pm

These racists boot you right here. 6.50 pm

Bobby's here, they're here to push us. 7.17 pm

Sadly savaged.

I'll shake you up from London assault.

Your mammy's rights are closed, and I'll do it myself.

They just max it out in your brain.

They've set us criminal casualties.

It's core righteous, electricity tossed you out.

How do you like this guy here wasting us all false? 8.17 pm

Tearful life forces are tossing us out.

Abuse set is only from psychin us.

You failed striking forces.

They stopped a peaceful life for Morgan.

They just harsh you off.

Your honorable policemen riced you failed.

Through occupy, they scorched you off this place.

They port you Madison.

A forger leeth us.

Get out your rusic. 6.06 am

They've got Soviets packed in here.

Their performance died.

I just want to ease the harsh off you. 1.05 am

They've consumed you out, snakes fouled us off of this place.

Maximum they've evicted life.

Vagabond Jew perpetizes you.

Assholes killed insane.

You died us offly.

Child has not been sport.

The sheriffs right.

Summer here crush you.

Daddy." 6.40 am

"I just want to ease the harsh off you." 1.05 am

Sounds like precious sweet Papa doesn't it? Yes it does.

Are we aware that God has not left even though we have ignored His thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

The harsh of breathing radioactively contaminated air for many years ahead. Will workers not give us the thirty-minute breakthrough that will lead to a general STRIKE to close them and their war and genocide out?

"I'm just a Jew and have Jew scum fist for you and cancer for your baby."

Our legacy to posterity, the children we leave to carry on for us. Will workers not introduce reason and common sense instead of insane and end funding the nuclear waste war on us?

A Tele sender said, "you insulted the victims themselves."

Will the victims, not accept Bitch numerous apologies for his temporary rude and help us to close out the Jews from issuing our money?

Papa who will send His angels in to help us shut that dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE right after we stop the war. Will American workers not end their score on us NOW?

The love brains from up above the have kept us in in spite of the odds being against us and our kids. The truth that has been held from us since the Jews hold the authority to issue our money, which only pays for fooling us more and not telling us the truth.

The easy comfortable lives of Americans about to be shattered by the Jews on Soviet forces. The brimstone waste that we will not be able to stop if our backs are fully broken by an internal war. The foolishness of it all. Will American workers not end funding it with a STRIKE?

The four hours it will take to get them to hand over the authority to issue our money. That's not too much to ask of labor is it?

The ability to guide our own lives in the way we wish. Will labor not put our rights in once again and guide us in peace?

Years ago when Bitch was earning his income by servicing office equipment, televisions and microwave ovens and other machines, he often would use what is called the "Year Book" to get a television fixed in a timely way.

The understanding Bitch has of why it was called the "Year Book," was because when a new television was introduced, within a year every single component of that television would fail and be diagnosed in that time.

Then when a service person was called upon to fix it, instead of doing in-circuit diagnosis, merely noting the symptoms and looking into the Year Book to find the symptoms match and then checking specific recommended components as the most likely devices to have failed in a circuit.

What might take hours for an ordinary tech to troubleshoot with a volt-ohm meter and an oscilloscope, or maybe not even be able to be repaired by an average techie person, sometimes a 5 minute read in the Year Book would locate the specific device that failed to make it into an easy fix.

Bitch had the opportunity to spend forty hours at a Sylvania NAP technical class on how to repair their televisions and video recorders in 1985. He learned about the newly invented start up and regulated television power supplies

The first fully electronic regulated power supplies made their appearance in television sets in about 1979. And what was a big difference about them over previous power supplies in televisions?

The first big screen color televisions using vacuum tubes drew about 385 watts of power. Fully transistorized color TVs that came some years later drew about 185 watts of power. When the regulated power supplies came in about 1979 they started a TV up with 185 watts of power and then when running they went on to the new regulators that varied the picture with using only 80 to 85 watts of power. As a comparison with what we have today, a new 18-inch monitor uses less than 26 watts of power to light it up. Less than a dime's worth of electricity for a 24 hour day.

Do we easily see the reason for such an invention as a startup and then regulated power supply, it uses less electricity and so easier on our budgets? Bitchie learning about such an advanced circuit really excited, thrilled and interested him then as it does now. The wits that could figure out how to design such a cool circuit. Might we note it was not until 1970 that American industry was given the electronic material from our elders' spacecraft that they sent to us in their gift of the Roswell MARKING in 1947?

Lt Phil Corso briefed us about it all in his book, The day after Roswell.

That start up-regulated power supply for televisions introduced in 1979 only about a year after most of the semiconductors we employ today were available to industry in 1978.

The fully regulated televisions presented real difficulties in servicing if it was a power supply issue. With an older television, you might be able to turn it on and it would partially run that allowed to have some idea where the problem was.

Might we think of an engine in a car running rough, but that it is running, do we see we have an idea of where to look whereas when it is not running, we have a more difficult time to figure out what is wrong with a running problem if the engine cannot even be started?

New regulated power supplies would go into safety shut down and would not start at all. So we had a device that would plug into the TV power supply and override the safety shut down that would cause the set to run by using the external power supply in the testing device to cause the power supply in the television needing service to show where the repair issue was.

Then when it was running, we would use the Year Book again to compare the symptoms and get a nice fix. The factory technicians who designed the circuitry gave us the fix because they would have diagnosed the fail and put it into the yearbook because it happened in the first year it was sold and put on the market.

Getting a bit far away here, what is Bitch trying to express? Might we think of that saying, "why reinvent the wheel?"

If someone has already figured out what is wrong and is willing to give us a nice fix, then why extra effort, why not use the Year Book to get a nice quick fix?

Interestingly enough, the Year Book actually started in England in 1268 by a legalist by the name of Henry De Bracton. It was a way to find a nice fix for things that showed up in our law and not TVs of course. Henry was an advisor to king Henry III. His most well-known work was "The Laws and Customs of England."

Henry kept a record of court decisions and put them together by years. When new cases arose, the Year Book could be looked into to see if there were similar cases and how they were decided. Might we see how there is a similarity to electronics Year Books that have simpler quick fixes when things are already known? Might we think of the enormous economic value of electronics yearbooks, the buyer only pays when the TV is fixed and doesn't care how long it took to diagnose it or change the parts out.

If it took 2 hours to diagnose using a meter and oscilloscope or 5 minutes to figure it out using a yearbook, do we see the tech can create much more value when looking into an electronics yearbook? Might we want to consider if we look into legal yearbooks there is also great value for us to be found?

Henry describes his service this way: "Law is called the good and just art, whose priests we are deservedly called: for we worship Justice and minister the sacred laws." (wiki)

Can we not hope that Americans perceive the sacred document that is our Constitution that holds the entire basis of the Western world's law? The Bill of rights that Americans have been gifted with. Truly the most advanced legal system on our planet. Smashed by those who hold the state power of the purse.

Bracton on the King of England: “The king has a superior, namely, God. Also the law by which he was made king. Also his curia, namely, the earls and barons, because if he is without a bridle, that is without law, they ought to put the bridle on him.”

Will American workers not bridle them right with a general STRIKE? The Superior of all rule on earth, God Almighty. Will workers not recognize God's Sovereignty here and act on God's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

Ancient law could not discuss the question of intent because it had no mechanism to do so. (wiki)

The assurance that is found in American law that has two courts that do find intent. The first court, the 23 member Grand jury determines "probable cause." Is it more probable or not that the allegations made against the accused are true?

And if found more probable than not and a true bill issued that will allow the state to arrest, a second court, the jury determines from hearing the allegations and seeing the proof, if the facts sustain that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to the point of a moral certainty.

Might we note in our unique and rare law, intent is determined by the 23 people of the grand jury and the 12 people of the jury?

The grand jury process that afforded our family in Poland the opportunity to become rich in the 15th century by making all parties with a brief put their allegations before the grand juries there before the state, church or finance could move upon it.

The Polish grand juries that saw the mountains of allegations the authorities presented to them about the accused and after 23 grand jurors looked at it, might most often times they have seen a molehill instead? The worker accused and no true bill issued. Might a speedy back to work explain why our family in Poland got so rich within a few decades? Will workers not put our protective rights in once again?

Bracton stressed the animus furendi in theft, that is the intention to steal. Felony is according to intent, a concept that has its foundations in Bracton.

Bitchie physically assaulted, robbed and kidnapped by the Jewish bribed and corrupt police. Chased out of Chicago failing to give the Realtor boss his full bit. Might workers understand why God has absolved Bitch of that sin? Can we only pray that workers will end believing the genocidal Jews and befriend the rest of our family in this world in peace with a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?

The phrase of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester was, "Wars are the result of extra-judicial distress." This is an important observation to understand the time of Bracton. The use of war was another tool, beside the rule of law, for the powerful to attain their ends. (wiki)

And what is war today other than a way for the powerful to attain there ends? Must labor not put the valuable rule of law in once again and end allowing war to be used for anyone to attain their ends?

The Constitution of the United States was written by men who had Magna Carta and Bracton, and Coke and Littleton before their eyes. Could anything be more medieval that the idea of due process or the insertion in an instrument of government a contract clause? 'Pacta sunt servanda' (Pacts should be kept) became a motto of Edward I.[61] The result can be traced directly to the work and writings of Bracton.

The pact, the contract for the people of the United States of America that was fully signed into law in 1791. Our sacred most wonderful American Bill of Rights.

Our Bill of Rights rights so wondrous and good that a rights denied slave man in a civil suit was freed by a jury of twelve in Missouri in 1854. Might we see in that one case, the redemption of all of the Western world's law? Might we think of it as the perfection of reason put to God's use?

The "GD piece of paper" that some may think of our sacred American Bill of Rights as. Will labor not get hold of our economic finance paper so that we can put our legal paper, our Bill of Rights, back in once again?

Prior to Bracton, there was little use of stare decisis. This was because the rolls containing the court records were largely unavailable for scrutiny, even by judges sitting on the bench. Bracton's use of the rolls led to promulgation of recorded cases in the form of a gloss. This had been an important innovation based on the glossator's practice from the Continent. The availability of previous decisions, even if 20 or more years old proved to be of great interest to nearly all practitioners of the law. This led directly to the Year Books. A single unique decision did not make precedent. Custom began to be dictated when several cases of similar fact pattern were decided by different courts in the same way. This was the beginning of stare decisis

The yearbook that was written on paper that gave us a quick way to help ourselves. Will, we not look at the facts of history and try understand that war only hurts us?

The many centuries that the Western world sought legal ways so that we could harmonize together with nice rules like "most favored suggestions" for everyone. Will workers not get us on the right track once again and close out the vicious corrupt intentionally harmful sports?

Non sub homine, sed sub Deo et lege.
Translation: "Not under man but under God and the law."

Will American workers please take the 40 minutes needed to figure out what Is going on here and STOP THE WAR?

Will workers recognize the supreme power of God and let the ethically criminal kikes off right? The Jews slur word that means, "little man. Small fry." Will labor not take the paper away from them before they buy a new war upon us all here?

The saying, "You can't keep a good man down."

Will labor try to recognize, that Bitch is only a boy still?

"You're a nice boy, " Precious sweet Papa said to His shill Bitch. Bitch just a boy, can we not get some real men in here?

Will workers not demonstrate that you can't keep a good man down by challenging the Jews for the authority to issue our money?

If so will you not STRIKE THEM OUT before they STRIKE us and break us complete and screw our world for the rest of our war-shortened lives?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, June 22 — Psalm 78:32–39
Isaiah 2:1–4:1; Galatians 3:19–29

Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have founded a bulwark. Psalm 8:2

The least among all of you is the greatest. Luke 9:48

Remake us, Holy Spirit, so that with humble hearts and sincere lips, we may truly praise you with our worship and in our service. Then, others will know that greatness is not derived from status, wealth, or education, but through serving others. Amen.

2.17 pm

"Pat, pull them out, they're trying to pull our state off. 7.59 am

Get out of your fail, reach us. 8.07 am

Ignorant. 11.18 am

Loser who had a razor. 12.10 pm

Genus done.

They're holding us back from our great money.

They wagerous you out. 12.36 pm

You're on the top here.12.39 pm

We're sealed." 12.47 pm

A couple of weeks ago Bitch reported that he found a reverse speech from Congress that gave the "24th" was the day the action was to start in the Persian Gulf. The violent military action, if not stopped beforehand, that will lead to the critical destruction of our infrastructure that will leave us deeply wounded for the rest of our radioactively shortened lives.

And just yesterday we have the decision ten minutes to go before an attack was launched upon Iran by the word of one man.

All those who have opened our eyes are we aware that if a war with Iran begins it will change our sickly and shortened lives in such a terrible way that Americans will die out in the hundreds of millions over a few years now?

Rather than the retaliatory attack against Iran being called off because it was a disproportionate response to shooting down a robot drone, might there have been another reason that caused a halt to that calculated pre-planned act of war against Iran?

If so what could it be?

Might our extraterrestrial elders have stopped the war a with Iran before it began?

But didn't BItch already say that "our extraterrestrial elders don't ever fight or ever make war?" Yes, Bitch did say that. And that is correct, elders don't fight or ever make war.

Might we consider elders may have taken control of the electronic systems that would be needed to launch a war against Iran or anybody else? Might elders have shut the signaling down and the Jews were prevented from starting the war?

The war the Jews have planned for Americans against Russia? Are we not aware that drone was launched by American Jews and shot own by Iranian hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Jews to get whites killing each other again?

So what about it, did our extraterrestrial elders save us once again by locking the air force's electronic systems out?

Bitch asked elder that question and he said:

"They wagerous you out." 12.36 pm

That is the way they answer sometimes if they don't choose to give a direct response. They are graceful and would not contradict anyone for any reason.

The end of our wonderful lives about to be taken away and not returned to us or our kids ever again in our war-shortened lifetimes.

Our useful commerce kids that come up with great things for all of us in every field. Will labor not get hold of the paper and get war out that is allowing the Jews to wagerous us out?

If so must American labor not STRIKE THEM OUT before they take it all away from us lucky people here in America the beautiful, our rich wealthy place with something for everyone in God's village on earth?

Thank you. God bless.

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Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours. James Baldwin

How about we all set our hearts on peace so that it will surely be ours?

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