Jun. 23, 2019

23 JUNE 2019

"Ashtar is a Powerful Shot, it Took Me Off My Symbol," Judee say.

Ashtar, an extraterrestrial that took over a radio broadcast.

In 1971, a British radio talk show devoted to UFOs received a strange call-in claiming to originate from outer space, which some of the guests believed to be genuine.[38] This turned out to be the prelude for the 1977 Southern Television broadcast interruption, when a voice calling itself "Vrillon" of the Ashtar Galactic Command temporarily took over a television transmitter in southern England. (wiki)

Extraterrestrials that have openly been contacting us continuously in the last few generations who have been doing what they can to try to prevent our extirpation from existence due to nuclear war. Might we have to give it to the Jews who have confounded and confused us so well that many have failed to receive the extraterrestrial messages from outer space to STOP THE WAR?

And who is Ashtar, who's shot took Judee's symbol off?



Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many, many planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets with "Star Seed", and the project of bringing those planets through evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely, carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them, finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means "Shepherd". I am Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one, of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray. Jesus. Sananda.

An extraterrestrial Being named Ashtar who set about contacting human Beings on earth back in the 1950s to help make us aware of the plans to exterminate the human race with nuclear weapons. Will we not pray for a raising of consciousness by American workers to try and STOP THE WAR that has now allowed the Jews to largely sterilize our race with atomic waste?

Will workers not try to Perceive that Ashtar shot has taken the genocidal Jews off of their symbol for good?

Will workers not try to perceive the kindness and love that our extraterrestrial family has for us and close out the earth warriors that have destroyed so many of us already?

The simpleton nonsense the Jews use to fool our heads and hold us into making war for them. A pooch on every page of the internet and on the television sets. If only ordinary people perceive that these Jews who are playing with a dog show have attacked us with a thermonuclear blast to exterminate our race and also are now attacking us with atomic waste and successfully exterminating us, might workers not act together and take away the authority to issue our money from the genocidal Jews?

Bitch who has seen as the root of all problems in the human race, war. The violence that is done by those who control the state apparatus. Will workers not engage our true high consciousness and close these dog image people out of government with a STRIKE?

The Bitch boy who wants violence out that has allowed himself to be made to look like a violent guy by some of his own crazy words and then the Jews lying about Bitch to make him look like a violent guy. Bitch is not a violent guy at all. Just the opposite. But do we recall Judee said in Reverse facial Speech: "I won because you believe a liar?”

Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee" from Luke 19:22.

Jesus words to us as to how we will be judged. Bitch has some words out of his mouth of his that don't look too good and he has already convicted himself of some sin by words. But he knows that Jesus is forgiving and merciful and he wants to go with Jesus into a new world of peace. A world where all are welcome to try again to see if we can't do better.

Bitch troubled even today by words he said a half-century ago. How stupid he was programmed to think that put-downs could be humorous or funny.

A cousin by marriage that my mother had a special love and affection for. At a wedding reception I saw him and upon meeting him after not seeing him for a long time said "HI" and purportedly as a joke, I said to him, "good to see you, why you don't look a day younger."

Those words still bother Bitch a half-century later. He died not long after at a relatively young age from cancer. I never saw him again or had a chance to apologize for saying such a stupid thing to such a nice guy. Bitch was in his thirties and he was in his fifties.

Stupid rude, what can be said about it? That stupid has clung long enough to now bring us face to face with the extinction of our breed. Can Bitch blame it all on alcohol? While it may be easy to make the connections that would spell out alcohol as the beverage responsible for the social wit fail, he thinks underneath it all is the corrosive violence of war that has harmed Americans wit at the root level.

The moral leprosy of war that is sold as a badge of honor. Each day that we fund the war, like a leper there is less of our morals.

The Vietnam war the Jews used to install the Fornian look alike hybrid transplant Jews that are now directing one of the worlds biggest executioners states.

Can we only wonder how many Vietnam veterans are going to show up for their free 'honor flights?'

Peg Mullin (1917-2009) whose son Michael was killed by shrapnel from what was called "friendly fire." Force drafted into the US army in 1968 as a regular GI. His post-graduate degrees would have allowed him to be an officer, but he declined.

Her son Michael was drafted in 1968, and she would later write of her fears of being "in a quiet corner of an airport and say[ing] goodbye to a son in uniform, knowing in your heart that you'll never see him again." He was killed on February 18, 1970, from shrapnel fired by U.S. artillery. (wiki)

Meg Mullin's premonition at the airport that she would never see her son Michael alive again. Might we think of how Jacqueline Kennedy used to have premonitions that her son John was going to be killed in a plane crash? Might such premonitions by mothers be a suggestion that their boy's deaths had already been planned for them?

John Kennedy junior who was stolen away with the double airbag under the seat Trick. John Denver who died in his little plane with bystanders reporting they heard a distinct pop just before his plane went down.

What about Michael Mullins purportedly accidental death by friendly fire? Who was Peg's son Michael anyways?

In her book Unfriendly fire : a mother's memoir
Author: Mullen, Peg, 1917-2009, she tells us about some of the achievements of her son Michael.

He was a top student who was researching ways to feed our world. A bright young scientist in the field of food production. After Bitch read her book he easily considers that her extra bright useful son was not accidentally killed, it was a contract murder for hire that put that young American scientist in. Are we understanding that the Jews always put our useful in their prisons or our graves?

Ordinary people who always suffer the worst treatment at the hands of the Jews when there are no laws to protect us from Jews or their criminal collaborators.

Will ordinary workers try to perceive that we have been saved from extinction in nuclear blast war that the Jews planned to sweep us away with?

And who saved us? Is it not breaking through that we have been saved by peaceful extraterrestrials that are allowing us to figure it out our selves?

Are we receiving that we are a hybrid creation of these peaceful extraterrestrials and that is why they stepped in and prevented the Jews from washing us out of existence?

Bitch feels pretty certain that the planned attack against Iran the other day was not called off, rather our extraterrestrial family pulled the permit for them to start this economy destroying war with Iran that will lead to a nation destroying war bringing about our physical destruction in the war that follows with Jew Russia at the bat.

Russia, America, and Iran all controlled by the Jews. And the mild people, both East and West, the prime targets for extermination are the white people of both lands.

The Jew who created racism and put it on the white head. We must have American workers take the organizing principle of American society away from the Jews.

Bitch pulled the fire alarm, the place is on fire and burning and set to burn us out enormously if we do not help ourselves.

Bitch, who many of you dying people choose to be fooled by the Jews, remains in good stead with Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. "We trust you," Mercury elder said to Bitch years ago.

Our good God our precious sweet Father, our Lord, our Savior, finds Bitch to be "a nice boy" who remained true to God as God informed everyone. Will Labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?

"Minutiae," is what the angel from Mercury said as to things that the lying Jews claim about Bitch.

Bitch, who wants to see everybody have some cash in their pockets so everybody can get the things they need. And where will all the cash come from to finance such an incredible thing?

Are we understanding the Jews have been killing our free energy researchers and developers so they can hold us in small income lands? 60% of Americans today cannot come up with $500 cash.

Such results after over a century of Jewish war fought in the pocketbooks of American workers. Will labor not give us our new economy that lets great wealth flood on in?

Instead of the floods that are slowing our farmers and threatening big price hikes in food as a result of the weather wars that the Jews are successfully waging on us, will workers not let in our American Bill of Rights peace economy that will flood our nation with wealth to help us all be free and to live bountiful lives?

If so must workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"God bless you. 3.00 pm

They're spinning 60. 3.54 pm

Police sell lethal. 4.27 pm

They want to pitch roll you.

Bribery insults. 4.59 pm

Help us close this guy. 5.03 pm

It's failed, it's awesome they tyrree us.

Battle truth; our priests died.

Beast image.

We just screw rate you. 6.14 pm

Pat, authorize a sale and force them out.

We have a nature that deals in fail. 6.35 pm

It's reducive, take them off of here Patrick.

My prejudice is winning.

Jew just punish you and make him fall away for it.

Your intelligence macing fear all lost.

Set your future on America. 7.27 pm

Paddy accomplished us, he proved our racism is false.

ORGANIZE, don't let them shut you out.

Good luck, they mashed you.

I died savages.

We bumped you Jesus plex.

Failure to focus on passing out of life honks you off.

It's gold offend.

Some friendly advice, you're now sackious.11.20 pm

Bubble gum set you rave-a-tics.

We'll be flush with cash.12.33 am

How are you today? 1.24 am

They cow us bullsh*t here.

If you get too rich I'm an afterish boy.

Why did you office us?

Don't bother me, I'm not using it.

My whole argument is do something.

You scored them off peacefully.

They just hold you error fist.

Not useful, passed your form, Druid.

The British guy's asleep.

Super gash from life you's failed.

He's done some great insurance parceling out.

They got the nursery mechanical.

Nice shot, they're giving us a reflection of Palestine.

Pat, you've failed us life.

Shut them, they're just boasting they shot us.

Prejudice thief just men.

They college bad. 5.52 am

Thank you. 6.01 am

Pat, throw hopeless here for unrighteous.

He shit your face. 6.22 am

Fear tossed you out.

Yuh, stupid. 6.41 am

You're unbelievably fused hard.

Their efforts are haunting you.

In psychoed.

He's mulcting the crowd foul.

These racists boot you good.

Clear out crush.

We are leaving here as heroes.

Patrick, push the button and seal these fiends up. 7.24 am

This is their nicest foul.

They're taking you beverage still letting them smash you.

Goose happenings are what made you hallucinate and let them publish scandals.

Very harsh-a-mentals.

Get them out, they're thief is fighting us wrench.

We need labor communicating on this one thing, they're dying us." 8.42 am
We are being put to a perishing that many seem to not know about here. And might this Tele receive be from one that does know about it but chooses to do nothing about it?

"Don't bother me, I'm not using it."

An end to war after thousands of years of the Jews choosing war as their mission for all of us. And so what is the issue then?

Are we seeing the issue is will we be forced to go out of existence with our children as the Jews go into their underground shelters to burn out our genetics, make our children sterilized and cancer us all?

Here's some non-Judah RS:

"You score me up much optimism, but my Judah score you still. He core shocked me. With your observation, you obviously took penitential out. They've taken off the United States permium. They luxury homeless. This time he won his conspiracy and took out the white mouse. Without you, you could not have stopped their opposite rule. Because of your opposite excitement, it tossed you away. Wise was shorn. The camel complete is thrown out. You perceive it's the end of Jew fighting. Book wit end it well. For investment, the Jew smash you for money. Jew will fight minnow with Russian and leave Washington destital."

Those reverse facial speech from non-Judah speakers giving their opinions of what is going on here in America.

Here are some more thoughts from the subconscious of the weap Jews:

"Police are met moving. Fear mental and pp will die you and take your whole race off. We just do a hatch dungeon royal. By keeping some minnows opposite they are achieving some war force. H----- fall my theory for punching you out. We just use claustrophy to hold in our fine day of sin. Bitch title falls me out because I wrecked your title. If I can't shove you Jeffers, I'm over because my right you see.

We were fool for weaping your psychology away, for it our college is over. For my dangerous day I fell your state out. I want to possess you fallen in hydrogen. My sports are fouled because my war was too fisty. My clear conscience in 5 miles will dash you. I just have a debt, you fall seed. Jew pitch Wales has now fallen away. In a few days West Germany will be a former perch pit.

With some Jew locks, I'm a great hit. We just keep it right with a dog. If you read this right Jew striking right. I'm falsing you in to catastrophe. A war will set my people free. I wouldn't seek Martians for tenement. I'm Puebloese. Your rights lease with a roll to abort you. Your company is wet dog, that's why I shot. To hold my function my bourse is inadequate. I'm gonna chapel the whole Senate to wipe your jaws.

We have a legitimate right to weap you pie, it was stolen away. We just wipe you out with receipts because you carry us whole. We dog faultible. I mouse oppression. With my Truman rights I can pound you moron until I go in. Patrick almost have a beautiful massacre here on opps. We just like to spin you cage. All Jew fell, you're lame to leave my corrupt in.

You died us translation. 4 hours and Jew will be out of a job for scrummage. I'm as dill wood as Thompson's right. We hold you all psychology for a harsh swim way. I believe I will crush you. For Jew bust I'm done, you give me the 5th, I'm out of here. Your white fail was due to our psyche courage and we fell you well. I'm Irish heritage to waste you off for Sid.

When I score right I spear you dead. I'm up, cur die. I racial white guy to keep my racket. You lead my class because I'm leaving. Pat Sullivan shorted you on what I'm believing. My municipals war you with bus stop rules. Jew showed you a dog, it's a just die. We just creep with a trade war. I just federal rule you West Allison.

This is our communistic bustin'. (News reporter on scene live of flood during heavy rains)

Your white power day's gone out for frecticles. We roughed scriptural. Turkey's conquered us without fist. Benjamin genius out warring you every day. I just ex-lax on pax-ton. I had corrupt assignments in the state federally. We just used Grayson to force a big ax here. Patrick flushed us completely because Jew preferred to incinerate your state goofy.

A defense morgue is a nice roll. We warred you all out beautiful. Once a medium psyche, we're all rolled out. We just fist English people so we can corrupt them nice. My pulling the United States was a dumb plan. We punish you on mortgage power and get it done as long as we can hold your rights out. We just decease tobacco as part of our war bonds.

My deep function failed to crush your state with force. I always wanted a white boy relationship of Fudd thugs. Poverty gives your rights a bad performance. Your chewing gum let me sport you, fiend. Bitch is seeing my abuse sight (cite-site). Debtin I'm gonna failage you. I screw you dumb.

I horse you out cool aid. We just hos you with Volkswagen to get votes. My anus just speaks race, the whole relationship suffering you mal war. Because I'm not legitimate I bump your head well. I force peddle a mouse. I always seek Romano because it crumbles for my genius right. I stumbled Bitch from my perch with babyism but the Brits couldn't put him in and he sees my heart and knows I'm sick. For all our fashy days you won," Judee say."

We now facing the end of our life forms. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and keep our gene in?

A note about which elder from Mercury responded to Bitch yesterday concerning whether or not they shut off the electronics and prevented those American fighter bombers from attacking Iran.

On weekends and holidays, the ladies, our elder sisters from Mercury are usually on the desk live monitoring things for us here. When there is action it is always the "Magnificents" that are on the desk. And yesterday, here it was one of our elder brothers from Mercury that answered Bitch question instead of one of the ladies on the desk.

And what might that suggest? Might it indicate there is a high degree of potential of war being started?

That the men were on the desk on Saturday, might that be to ensure no nuclear attacks were launched onto us?

Will labor not end this permanent threat of extinction by acting to STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Second Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the week — For dominion belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations. Psalm 22:28
Sunday, June 23 — Isaiah 65:1-9; Psalm 22:19-28
Galatians 3:23-29; Luke 8:26-39
Ah, Lord, great and awesome God, keeping covenant and steadfast love with those who love you and keep your commandments, we have sinned and done wrong. Daniel 9:4-5
Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. Romans 5:20
Gracious God, out of your kindness you invite us to repent of our sins. Today and every day, help us to turn away from wrongful living. Then, by God’s grace, we will be sanctified and filled with joy as we testify of his everlasting love. We pray in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

1.23 pm

"Oh my God Patrick they're holding force still. 11.41 am

SALE! 11.45 am

We just bomb and arson. 12.03 pm

Simple beach animals forced us.

He is now wasted. 12.24 pm

Step out your jails, step out your jails will ya?

They just pen us on addiction.

They flex the lowest.

Pat, I don't want NO abusic closing down this range, just close out the sports.

Incredible assault leaders. 12.59 pm

Sheeny did a good job of faking your union through the Urals the right way. 1.22 pm

We got off your breed.

You let me cage you in paradise. 1.24 pm

Bitch page won. 1.26 pm
It's all yours labor, they're done.

Thank you. God bless.

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