Jun. 24, 2019

24 JUNE 2019

"They're Done Tragedy Fair." 7.52 pm

As was prophesized in our Bibles 2,000 years ago, can it be true the majority of Druid as part of a third of the human race has been done fair? Have we been done tragedy fair by being driven out of existence by funding war on ourselves?

Here is a couple of reverse facial speech from an elderly lady who survived the battle of Okinawa in the Second World War:

"Your spiritual died us. Your fail to hear Mercury died you fail."

Mercury that helped us to be free of the eternal wars of the weap Jews. Our good God Almighty that gave us the peace. Is there an understanding that only a miracle can save us now from perishing out of existence with our kids?

The simple understanding that whoever issues our money is the boss of our society. And those who issue our money have used it to issue money to build the weapons of mass destruction to wipe our race out using thermonuclear blast weapons, backed up by nuclear waste weapons to ensure we don’t escape their ruin.

The centers of power of planet earth knew since the time of their employee Adolph Hitler that Mercury had the technology to pull their nuclear missiles, but they hired the top scientists on planet earth so they could build the machines to get around Mercury and destroy us with thermonuclear blast weapons.

The actual pull of the one thousand missiles that Judah Berlin attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, done by our kind neighbors, the Martians. Is it not exciting and thrilling to consider that the thousands of extraterrestrial species that are part of the Galactic Federation of Light serve together peacefully?

Bitch is still trying to convince Americans to stop the war before we are permanently done in, he will not accept a fail. Does it appear he doesn't possess the right stuff to convince the people like himself, simple working people, to strike the Jews and put them and their industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting collaborators out? Looks that way doesn't it? But might the STRIKE not happen yet anyways

Might we be aware that our good God has not failed us here? Our good God has never failed though has had some instances of "limited success."

Every person, every organization, every institution on earth failed the human race and did not act in time to save us from Jewish Germany's thermonuclear blast war or try to save us from Jewish Germany's nuclear waste war. What are we to think of this war failure that we have had two thousand years warnings in our Bibles it was coming at us all?

Now we have a number of extraterrestrial spacecraft anchored near our sun and some of them in orbit around earth waiting for God's message to begin the removal of God's chosen to spare them the loss of life form in this perpetual war for omnicide the Jews and their industrial strength investment grade genocide collaborators have put on us. Grand juries labor. Surely you can't be too frightened to give them to us, are you?

Well, heeled servants, the Jews hired to shoot us and they did. Surely workers are not too frightened to open up grand juries to let the family members of the victims tell us what they did, are you?

The American elite who have themselves organized around debt sporting their fellow American for insurance collections after they mouse us in. Might playing such sport help explain why they have proven to be so useless and failed as every other authority figure in our world has too?

The big news stories Judee likes to promote about people paying bribes to get into elite American universities. Now that the college university system has proved totally and entirely failed, what would be the reason anyone would want to attend them much less pay a bribe to get into one of them?

Judah paying big bribes to military commanders to trigger an end of life form war with Iran that is pre-planned to bring the Soviets in. Why no stories about the bribes paid to them? Does paying a bribe to start an existence ending war with our technologically advanced mild family in the East not rate higher in concern than paying a bribe to get into a failed elite college?

But what might explain the how and why of why the Jews are still able to hold us to such a well-seen die?

A die that we have been warned about in our bibles. Though Judah tells us he won because of alcohol and a picture of a pooch and talking dog to us all.

"I molest thee and contact flew right. I'm gonna gin your Martian someday. Bitch is leaving here soon. I've given you a disgrace fall for your whole nation. I want you damaged strafe rude. My dog failed your contact right."

Bitchie, a limited fellow, a simple working man. An angel from Mercury said to him: "You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them."

Though he is a simple boy and always loses against the social sophisticates that control society with words, lies, and fists.

He has a technical facility of mind that figured out what some of the best technical minds of the earth were searching for. The Four Elements of free energy. Jon Von Neumann probably already figured them out in the 1950s

Where free energy is coming from and how to extract it and put it to serve us in our society. Though numbers of free energy builders have been building over unity free energy machines for over a century now. They just didn't figure out the fine theoretical details of what is going on with them.

The long-running Jewish prohibition against bringing free energy in because it will make our societies abundant, clean and wealthy for us all. Might we have to ascribe it to the ontological difference between the weap Jews and the rest of us to explain their demonstrated ability to keep free energy out of our society?

All the chances we missed to try and save ourselves from the nuclear war fighting Jews and their Berlin collaborators who tried to destroy us with thermonuclear blast war. Failing their blast attempts due only to the love of God that sent His angels in to protect us, they pressed ahead with the courage of their psychus to destroy us with their second best option, nuclear waste war and appear to have succeeded wildly in wiping us and our kids out.

So why don't the ordinary people seem to be aware of this yet? Why have ordinary people failed to act in mutual self-defense of themselves? What might explain why ordinary people have proven so incredibly easy to destroy even with help from the stars?

Might it be a combination of things that are holding the people from acting to save ourselves? "Ontological difference?"

Might it have been the lies the Jews have used to fool us that took us down so hard? Didn't the Jews and their ruling collaborator elite tell us that nuclear weapons of mass destruction were to make peace and protect us? Yes, they did tell us that nuclear weapons were to make the prospect of war so unimaginably dreadful that no one would start a nuclear blast war.

Now that we are passed them attacking us with a surprise out of the blue middle of the night all-out nuclear holocaust, might we not have to take their words with a grain of salt or two? Can we not show the faith in or good God, strike them out and let our grand juries sort it out for us?

Workers who have the right, the authority to stop the war. Will we not pray for the courage to do so here?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it?" Our precious sweet Father asked His simian children in America.

The American workers that are free funding the destruction that the eternal war-making Jews do whenever and wherever they got a hold of society.

Their collaboration with Germany technical that gave them the potential to destroy all the fish and they tried it on us. Will we not pray for the 30-minute breakthrough where American workers will figure it all out and give them the shoo?

Will American workers not take over the authority to issue our meal tickets? The abstract receipts of labor that Mercury informed us are the tickets we need to serve God’s will to issue some for every one of God's simian children on earth. Abstract receipts of labor we call money. Our bourse. Our chits. Our markers. Will workers not be sensible and issue them ourselves?

"I've given you a disgrace fall for your whole nation."

Must we not end standing aside while the Jews hire some of us to shoot our family, using near extraterrestrial level technology to shoot our family, some who are living in the rake and hoe age? For the love of God will American workers not respond to the force of love and stop the war? Will we not focus on getting our faces off of making war for the Jews who love to help us disgrace ourselves?

The flattops, the sitting ducks in the narrow 35 miles wide straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. Might they be set by the Jews to be the new Lusitania just like the miracle they performed by sinking it in 1915 then?

Will Americans not awake to the deadliest threat we have faced since their last one, their nuclear blast war to extinct our race?

The war with Russia the Jews are pushing in on us and will not stop until they have the Russians shooting us or we stop funding their permanent world of war. Which will it be?

Tele receives:

"They subbed us right. 1.45 pm

Complete wolf. 1.40 pm

Kinda irks you well. 1.45 pm

Oh my God, God's right miracle has saved us right gloss.

How they case us is STRIKE forcing.

Eventually, I'll support your bracing. 2.13 pm

The guillotine appears to be kept up for you.

Pat, punish your wave.

These Jews monkeyshine peoples heads all the time. 3.52 pm

They're getting to fist us, Patrick.

Beam on. 5.24 pm

Beam, off. 5.49 pm

We tossed you out foul with this sport.

You should roll them.

Your white man sold you off rare. 6.05 pm

The race war is all finished out of here now, STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.19 PM

I sh*tty you right.

World, they're forcing us out of here Hiroshima.

A rust bucket defeat. 7.02 pm

Your wonderful life is finished enormous.

They capped you and pooched you bad.

They rice you fugitively.

We've been failed. 7.41 pm

They're done tragedy fair. 7.52 pm

They fall a sale routine.

Oh my God Patrick is helping us and Jew is getting a chance to fight your especially healthy life.

Ghosts all failed.

Ranch they stole you off of this place.

Losers, their fists fake suitables. 5.06 am

We're threatened to shoo away.

Put Jew aside as finished for war.

He's got the thickness of electricity." 7.50 am

The especially healthy life so many Americans have. Good housing. Comfortable, pleasant and safe work environments. Nice bourse checks that allow us for plenty of good nutrition, rest and vacations to keep our health in the best condition. Now facing inhaling nuclear pollution that will steal our health away. Are workers aware we can have a chance to survive with only a few hours of a serious STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the genocidal Jews?

While our good God almighty did not fail us, for did God not let the Jews throw themselves out fair? Yes, Father did let the Jews throw themselves out fair, everyone else on earth failed us.

Our good God Almighty who has never had a fail but do we recall Papa said that He has had some "limited successes?" Must we not act so that we are not made into a limited success here?

That we Druids should fund the Jews who are perishing us and our children. Might that be classed as a limited success from up above?

Will we not all keep praying that American workers will STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Monday, June 24 — Psalm 78:40–55
Isaiah 4:2–5:30; Galatians 4:1–16

Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad? Job 2:10

Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet, not my will but yours be done.” Luke 22:42

By your example, Redeemer, show us, during times of our persecution and trials, how to accept God’s will and purpose in our lives. Assist us to remember that all things will work for good to those who put their trust in you. Give us the grace to say at all times, “Your will be done!” Amen.

12.27 pm

Travelers Stuck in Chicago After American Flight Canceled
Frustrated passengers were stranded in Chicago after an American Airlines flight to Florida was canceled Sunday night.

"This was to close the fiber story out in jail. They pulled out some attach we wanted sawed off, there was 5 or 6 Jewry's. Because you're a corn nation I falser you. Bitch boy hand us fabulous leave. His mom is leaving me damned fool now. We waste you all phrenology set. The estimates were a complete die. There was some big purple set thrown out peace. FSBO was quiet dangerous to Principal police. I sock you in combustion and put you in faultless. This was a dual fine Federals."

Those are some reverse facial speech found in that video of the passenger plane that was scheduled to leave at 6.25 pm, delayed and then when departing turned around and canceled at 11.03 pm due to Maintenace issues.

Can we only wonder, did Mercury alert those pilots that Sky Brat was turned on? Or did the pilots get that information in another way? Might some pilot have come up with a way to detect Sky Brat in the control system before they fly away?

On the subject of Judah sport, did some of us notice the rash of American tourists dying in the Dominican Republic while on vacation? Can we only wonder how many of them actually are ghosts rather than dead?

"A psychotherapist, a radiologist, and a pizza parlor owner," just some of the occupations of those that have purportedly died there on vacation. The radiologist, does that bring to mind how Romanian dictator Caucescu did the miners union leaders in by having them get 5-minute chest X- rays and then die of lung cancer? A psychotherapist? Can we only wonder how much fun she might have had? Pizza parlor owner?

With our grand juries in are we seeing they'll be no more conspiracies or mysteries? Will workers not get the purse and hire them to serve us?

4.13 pm

"Determinal them. 8.41 am

Your dog was your right force.

Con wins.

It's eternally dangerous.

It's mob how they insure us.

Prefunction fall.

Their conspiracy state is over.

They're preding death.

We couraged you out fear.

Yuck. 11.28 am

Oh, they're psyching us hell.

Oh my God help us here Patrick.

Your sports gnaw you. 1.39 pm

Your flush opp cleared them truly.

It's a failure to mouse wrench.

Bash Jews from London have broken out unbelievable.

Your comfortable was swiped off with mentals from yesterday.

It's a great fail that wreaks man.

Multi truth die.

Image fail you dead.

It's your final thief hatchet.

Put them out now.

They dug you occupant.

It's a threaten.

Stupid ail.

Cannon mushroom to stone age.

Pat, save us out of shoot land.

STRIKE THEM OUT for golden fish.

They're off. 3.41 pm

Scored your selfish rightful. 3.49

Schtupid." 4.33 pm

And one last Judah reverse facial speech for today:

"Papa said it's my time to go natural wise.

Thank you God bless.

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