Jun. 29, 2019

29 JUNE 2019

"A Faulty Source Here Imaged You."

Found that reverse facial speech coming from the subconscious of a thinker on TV. "A faulty source imaged you."

If ordinary workers perceive just how faulty is the source that imaged Bitch might the ordinary workers not have a new appraisal of what we are facing here? If so might it lead ordinary people to sign up with the house of our good God and give us a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?

How faulty is the source that wrongly imaged Bitch? Might we consider the Jewtopians have proven faulty enough to force nuclear blast and waste into our world to destroy us, our children and our environment complete?

The attempts that have been made and are they are still making to perish us out of existence complete using nuclear waste now that their nuclear blast sword has been taken away from them. How is that for being a faulty source?

That they have already vastly sterilized our children to end our line. Is that not faulty enough that workers will not take the authority to issue our money away from them and stop the war?

The computer simulations of the Galactic Federation of Light that say the odds on favorite to win are the Jews and they will score us out as part of the third of the human race that will die off now in war disgrace before we will finally focus on the important thing, to stop the war.

If only workers perceive they are a faulty source that cunningly has always fooled ordinary people into involving ourselves in things that are wrong, might the faulty force fail to hold a negative image on God's nice shill Bitch boy?

And if they are spotted for being a truly faulty force might labor decide to step up here and remove the concession to issue our money from their deadly hands?

Will workers not see the faultiness that has imaged Bitch false and open up our courtrooms so that true competent open to the public grand juries can inform us of what they have done to us here?

Might we understand that when shutting a governmental criminal enterprise down, a tyranny, the grand jury is the prescribed route to do it?

The predatory despotism the Jews install as their preferred method of rule when they get on top. If it were not for inventing and then building enough nuclear blast force to destroy our planet thousands of times over might they still have defensible rights?

"They have no defensible rights. I died them truthful. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. I'm dying the hardcore ones off," God Almighty said of the final fate, the destiny of the weap Jew ciphers in our world.

And so the human race is done with the Jews. Their thousands of years with their perfected predator relationship they have installed on the mass of ordinary everyday people.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God Almighty said.

Our good God Almighty in heaven above who prepared our Bibles for us at the time of Jesus Christ. Sweet perfect Jesus who never made a mistake. Who died for us so that we might live in peace.

Will workers not recognize the love of God who sent His only begotten son Jesus to die for us and try to recognize who we are and shut these war-makers off of our workers' money?

The dog with only three legs who hops around and licks his owners face for us and is on every news channel now. Might workers try to perceive that pooch video is aimed to hold workers from closing the Jews out of issuing our money?

The power of images to hold the mental that has now held us to lose our life forms due to inhaling nuclear waste. Our children sterilized by the force of Jewish electricity waste. Will workers not try to help save your own lives?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," God's angels said.

The warnings from a peaceful advanced extraterrestrial civilization of how the Jews plan to destroy us all.

Bitchie focused enough to get the Jews closed out of management on earth for good. But weak enough to not be able to communicate with ordinary workers to step in and take over management now. The third of the human race dying out of life form now. 200 million Americans set to die out due to atomic waste poisoning.

Over 100 billion of us already extraterrestrials. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. All created 200,000 years ago when we were all hybridized into our high intelligence form.

8 billion of us on planet earth with Judah having set over 2 billion of us to be brimstone destroyed. The 2nd biggest die the Jews have ever scheduled. And what was the biggest die the Jews ever scheduled?

Do we recall it was their all out nuclear blast war that would have killed hundreds of millions of Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, if not for the Martians God has defending us?

That night when the Jewtopians attacked us with 3,200 three hundred Kiloton thermonuclear warheads that they launched from sea. Will workers try to remember what they tried to do to us that night and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Atomic waste they are trespassing with. While not as quick as atomic blast, is there some comprehension it is every bit as deadly given time?

Our elders from Mercury that have shut down nearly 50 atomic Jewish electricity plants over the last few years. Can we not say a prayer to God for sending His angels in and preventing the Jews from bursting a bunch of their Jewish electricity plants to poison us out of existence that way?

The way the Jews have set us up to set us low. Is there some comprehension it is with radioactive waste pollution they are trying to make us go?

The former mayor of a town near Fukushima who revealed to us that the authorities knew that a Tsunami was coming several days before it happened and provided cover to alibi the beginning of the nuclear waste war we are still in. And they did nothing to prevent the meltdown that has now poisoned a third of the water on earth.

Over 20,000 residents of that area killed by the direct effects of the tsunami. That the authorities knew days ahead of time what was coming, might we wonder why the information was withheld from the people?

Are we understanding it is because it is Jews that hold our family in Japan as they do in every other country on earth?

"We're going to fight you foul Japanese until we smear," Judee say.

When writing about the continuing poisoning with radioactive waste Bitch mentions it as “Hitachi-GE” and not Fukushima. And why? Because it is not Japan that is poisoning us per se rather it is Judah using Hitachi-GE.

Our family in Japan that are suffering cancer from the radioactive fallout from that atomic cannon the Jews are shooting all of us with. Will, we not organize to help our selves?

"Cement it in," Sir Jason our technical representative from the Galactic Federation of light advised us.

The refusal to put boron into the feed water of that melting Jewish electricity plant to stop the nuclear fission that is producing vast amounts of long term nuclear waste hazards that are now set to die off the people of the United States massively. The MEGADEATH we are set for now.

The failure to bring American workers to STOP THE WAR that has now set us for slow agonizing deaths of cancer and other radiation-related diseases. Will we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough for labor to have and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

We mace you on sheif. 2.34 pm

You error my kingdom on falsing. 4.25 pm

You error goosic.

Gobious wits.

You exit them.

You're ugly reduced hydrogen.

Fur blind. 5.48 pm

Prepare yourself f-----.

You listen to us tight wall.

They're always stalking men.

They're bad all the time.

It's a modern perish. 12.43 am


They failed us sight fully.

You're hustling out yourselves rarely done.

No repair. 2.57 am

NO oppression, get them out of the states.

We're passed away almost creatured.

We'll survive a scar filthy.

A muscling muss.

They blaze us failed wit.

They organized us perishly.

And God has been watching over us no doubt.

You fell quite defeated, white failed war.

They employ us weary.

They retain a tremendous ability to dunk.

Terrible falsing die.

You are perishing in abusage psychage.

Race man separates us history.

Sucker baptize men.

Ask God to save us Patrick.

We're lost cow versy.

Show Patrick how they're leading us conspiracy.

STOP THE WAR white people. 3.50 am

With herpes, they fight us.

Beautiful animal thieves.

Their siege arrangements are completely shirking you.

What started as a snap failed faulty. 5.32 am

This is a true Jew fatal.

FINISH! 5.52 am

Huncher, STRIKE THEM OUT!" 6.48 am
Our extraterrestrial elders who have said that one word to us for years, "FINISH!" Will workers not FINISH Judah time with us right with a STRIKE?

"I made the Bitch a happen. For a sacrifice we want you to fall Dotson. We want you to be forced out false side wood. My analysis set you back strage'. Original head chop is offing you boys. Because of our whole shot you almost got us dead. I filed some Alston bankruptcies that morgued right. Complete you lost your ship. Ever with police I'm forcing you's because I'm jealous.

We just Dallas bad on pork rate minnows. We just fash you sheep-a-call. With the loss of your personal rights, our fifteen-year-old can fall you awesome. There's just so many ways to federalize a beaver. Bitch moment has set my symbol off free for my big tyranny. I ruse you fantastic on economy. Hydrogen has fit me for my tomb. We just form pistons on white heads to force you. Our days of usury had to fold.

My foolish side is genuine off. I am definitely a psychotic to ruin you bad, thank you, hermit. Sheriff pot pies were always a way to force. British shot my fool corruptly. We sport your wheat fields hostages. Our right failed so I'm going away. With your rights out Jew falsin. Our police app political scorage right.

My best boss is Benjamin for dispossession. (Candidate during debate)

We cage them on bourse. Bitch boy yelling has apped me dead. We just natural brassiere fight you right. My thermostat is set for irritate so I’m going to get you right Jew. We false pinch you right, that's why Sidney Olsen left out. Pat's signed us for weak. Our all purity opper wiped you good. We're raunching you, great idiots, until our force goes away.

Jew manefets did Jew first force. Michigan Bitch, to take his life away Orangemen gimble failed. I'm seen as able to do Druid opps true. I'm a dust, you see me fall. As long as I have a value I have a fabulous frame. Your erection by Judee almost died your fitness. Patrick's gotten on to my latex roll. We also coz you insa-bells. I'm a right. I'm really an awful fail.

We just practice to have a savage state. A police office on sand rights needs Joe. For luxury the police department is dough-able. In two hours I'm out my Japanese. I've had arrangements for years how to shoot you good. We just authorize a bust right. Our strategy always makes you memories in famous countries. I stole fortunes. Jew brief score you intimate.

We're closing you fear right. 6.48 am

Patrick's analysis sees our genius life with Joe to hold you. Mercury sock is waking you. We'll be on witch Hazel for our coring, we're still coring. Since my sheriff is closing down I can't do molest shopping of you right. I just war you all idiot because I'm a fall. I custody false, I timidy. Bitch, you punched my analysis. Our procedure dumpy hand fall your head.

I fight you right Israel by holding you overseas. Because of shrimpas I'm a short time. I won, you failed. I boo shot you with my Mexas. Nice guy broke my brulership up because of my passion. Pretty soon the people are going to figure out I shot you. My Timothy act has given me my fine performance. I shot you down almost dead. We just like to storage. Your income holds you for a register. To weap you off I ingest the state.

Druid economy I take down sad with my rules, we wick you terminal. It's quite peacefully Bitch is pushing us off of here quite dumb. We sparse you so the police can come on the inside. Bitch apology has about given me a complete wash. My dungeon was how I supped. By Thursday I wiped you jail. I'm concerned about Sidney Alston. My mushroom destiny forcing hurt me out. I'm holding out your circuit to fix you awful," Judee say.

The potential to have loss of electrical power widespread across the entire 48 states with Jewish electricity supplies. With the velocity circuit in operation are we seeing that will not happen because we will be generating electrical energy right where we are using it?

Are we seeing why the Jews have held our circuit out since before the time of Nicola Tesla? Do we perceive their plan is to leave us in an awful difficult situation? Are we seeing free energy will free us to have bountiful lives for all of God's kids on earth

Here's some non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"With your pup at least their lease is up. They just like to do the ultimate dirty deed to you. You're a boy who knows your rights, when you appreciate them a new race will come in."

The new race of Americans. We the people who have our God-given rights protected by our Constitution.

The grand jury procedure that made Poland free and wealthy. Will workers not put our rights in once again so we can once again be free and wealthy?

No cruel or inhumane punishment that was made our law from the very beginning. Will labor not end the Jews defacing of us by ending funding their torture chambers?

"Bitch apology has about given me a complete wash."

Will workers please accept Bitch apology and realize that he is a nice boy as God said he is? Will workers try to recognize that the Jews are trained from birth to be liars and fool the people of every breed?

Will workers also realize they are a faulty source and not to be relied upon for anything but false? Will workers try to perceive they have given you a false image of who Bitch is?

If so will American workers please authorize yourselves to issue our money and STRIKE THEM OUT and take that authority to issue our money away from the nuclear war fighting Jews and hold it in your safe hands as our good God wills?

“Pretty soon the people are going to figure out I shot you.”

Will we not pray the people figure it out and give us our general STRIKE to be free of Jew management?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, June 29 — Psalm 80:1–7
Isaiah 11:10–13:22; Galatians 6:6–18

I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings, says the Lord. Jeremiah 21:14

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Gracious Lord, we confess those times when our work does not reflect our faith in you. Sometimes, we give up because of our impatience to trust in your timing. We fail to do what is pleasing in your sight because we are afraid of the world’s reaction. Forgive, redeem, and renew us through your spirit. Amen.

2.37 pm

"They spot you constitution and cap you fair. 11.48 am

Police dumb error it.

They're doing real destruction.

They leave us fail to rape us.

You might have someone foreign to you.

I'm not ready yet dam you." 1.44 pm

How about we keep praying for American workers to be ready to STRIKE THEM OUT to end the rape management that is tearing our beautiful nation apart?

Thank you. God bless.

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From Neale Walsch

True ambition is not what you thought it was.

Bill, the man who co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous,
said that, and he was right. "True ambition," he said, "is
the profound desire to live usefully and walk humbly
under the grace of God."