Jul. 1, 2019

1 JULY 2019

"Lord God's Signal Failed."

How might we think of that overnight Tele receive?

As our Lord God and Savior put into our Bibles two thousand years ago that a third of the human race would perish in the end times, how could God's signal have failed?

The many first responders at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, that have died of cancer due to breathing in the radioactive dust. That the same radioactive dust has intentionally been put into our atmosphere should we not be concerned about it?

The purported debate for those who are running for president. They want to talk about the wall yet did even one of them make mention of the extinction level event that we are in due to being shot with their atomic cannon from Hitachi-GE?

Can we only pray that workers will see the enormous value of having human rights and not remaining goy, cattle to their errant ways?

In yesterday's post Bitch mentioned that Sidney took off. Putting his full name in generated negatives. Apparently, even though he is gone, it might not have been good to put his whole name in.

Jesus Christ has no accusation, and it was not to accuse Sidney the reason for putting his full name in. Bitch knew his name for years as he has pulled it out of many sports reverse facial speech. Only after Sidney fled did he put it in his daily post.

Though after reflecting upon the way of Jesus, there is no accusing in Jesus way so on that basis it was not correct to put Sidney's full name up even though he has left already. Sorry, I put his first and last name up, my regrets. No intent to do harm. Are we aware Bitch is only trying to convince labor of the usefulness of putting our rights in?

Bitch is not even sure of how to spell Sidney's last name as he has only read it in reverse facial speech and never seen it written. Is it sen, or son?

Anyways sure hope workers will get some idea of how the bottom of this genocidal Jewish tyranny is falling out of here now in the end times.

The Jews who considered themselves Gods over the rest of an ordinary lot of the human race. The foolish weap Jews who have now consigned themselves to the pages of history books for their mortal sin of trying to extinct us in a nuclear blast and now nuclear waste war.

And yet their dominance factor is holding them in even in the face of full defeat that God's angels gave them in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when they tried to hydrogen bomb blast extinct our race.

The full megadeath scenario of using brimstone from Hitachi-GE to poison us out easily. An ontological difference or merely the difference in maturity between them and us?

The "gee gosh " false stories they put on as news on TV. Could that be what is holding us in from acting to take over the management of our country? Will workers not authorize yourselves and take over the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our cash?

The passing out of life form now, the majority of Americans. Huffing in brimstone radioactive dust that is in our atmosphere. The absolutely incredible computer simulations from the Galactic Federation of Light that told us this very thing at the time of Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty said to American workers.

The few hours of a general STRIKE that will close the deadly foul Jews out of the management of the United States of America by taking the concession to issue our money away from them. Will American workers not let God shed thy grace on thee?

Will workers not crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea and close the passed Jews out of our management?

The series of catastrophes the Jews have scheduled to finish off America the beautiful. Will American workers not put our rights in once again and put Jewish rights out?

The Jews missiles that they used to take our rights away from us. Now that the Jews had their missiles taken away from them by Sir Casper will we not put our rights in once again?

Will American workers not give us our Martian style government that has spared our lives from the genocidal Jews attempts to die our race off?

The genocidal destroyers of the human race that are holding Americans to our last gasp now. Will American workers not try to perceive that the Martians have failed the Jews fair and square and honestly by taking the Jews intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles away from them because the Jews shot them at us?

The extinction of our breed in a well planned nuclear war and to hold their genocide in what do they have but a dog licking a Jew's lips, nose and face?

Yet who is to argue with success, for are they not scoring us out of life form now? Regrettably, yes they are scoring us out of life form now.

The permanent threat the Jews are as long as we have no rights and they hold the issue of our money.

The Kennedy boys that tried to help us. Shot dead in a Jews felony waltz. Martin who told us it is a requirement to love one another or else we will perish as fools from this life now.

The Jews in a felony waltz with the brimstone waste we have been warned about for thousands of years now.

Our good God almighty who has fetched us out of the way of the Jews nuclear blast war machine. Will Druid not overcome all obstacles and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will labor not end the Jews missile envy with a STRIKE?

I won't stand by and watch the West die. Are workers aware you can seek involvement here without missiles because we do have rights? Will workers not use your rights to prevent the West die the Jews have put in here?

Will workers not take the paper and end their appin us fair?

The hydrogen offend can only bring catastrophe. Are we perceiving they are using it to exhaust us waif?

The Jews economic philosophy that is obviously adversity to life. Will American workers not take the concession to issue our money into your hands and give us some chance to survive this last nuclear war of the Jews?

Jesus who died to redeem us and free us from our sins. Can we only hope and pray that ordinary workers get a sight of our good God above and will act to bring us to His love?

Will workers not try to perceive that our good God above is from an extraterrestrial civilization that is in peace and has been in peace for 9 million years?

The hundreds of UFO sightings in America every month. If we connect the dots with the Jews holding tens of thousands of atomic and hydrogen bombs and hundreds of brimstone waste weapons disguised as Juclear electricity power plants should we not get a picture of what is going on here at the basic level?

"You've been harmed," the English Fornian look alike hybrid transplant Jew shell said in an unguarded moment that Bitch was listening for. "You've been harmed," former Iowa MUFON director the late Jim King said as to why UFOs are still classified ABOVE TOP SECRET.

Now that our children have successfully been sterilized and we cancered fair might we understand why the presence of UFOs has been kept secret for so long?

Jewish terrorism that has successfully held us from acting out against their nuts. Will workers not put our grand juries in to help us?

Before we fall in disorder, confusion and sickness by Jewish design will we not act to help ourselves?

President Kennedy's father Joseph who told us publicly in the 1930s that it was the Jews behind pushing America into war. White boy fighting white boy to the death.

And his reward for trying to help us? His boys shot dead and his baby girl injected with mercury on the day she was born.

Joe's baby girl, that is what Bitch surmise happened to Rosemary and why she was mentally handicapped. Shot by a Jew in the hospital just the same way the Jews shot Bitch with mercury on the day he was born.

In Bitch's case, Mercury elders mitigated the effects of the mercury injection because Father had a mission for baby Bitch. Doing such fiendish deeds on a regular basis might we understand why the Jews call their hospitals "Ricepitals?"

American workers who can stop the war in a day. Thousands of years of human beings slaying each other and it can be brought to an end in only a few hours if American workers want peace.

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your life. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," God our Father in heaven said.

The agape love that God Almighty has for each and every one of us. The assault with words the Jews carry on so they can do their heinous battery with brimstone waste. Will American workers not stop funding this extinction level event?

Might workers like to ask themselves this question? "Would there be extraterrestrial spacecraft flying in from outer space if this were not an extreme emergency?

That our extraterrestrial elders are still MARKING should we not be aware of how we are being cunningly and slyly destroyed?

The childish tricks the Jews play on us to baffle confound and confuse us. Might it be a situation that either American workers take the authority to issue our money away from them or we merely die out now, rightless as the old European states are?

The great promise to live in a land of the free where we all have our rights in. Taken away by permanent war and nuclear missiles that actually were model toys to frighten and hold us in.

The trillions of dollars to terrorize us by pointing nuclear missiles at Russia and Russia pointing nuclear missiles at us. Now that our Martian protector that God sent in, Sir Casper, has pulled all of the nuclear missiles out, might we consider all of their nuclear terrorism was a fraud from the start?

Though did Harry Truman not give them hell when he attacked defenseless men women and children civilians with two atomic bombs killing a couple of hundred thousand people in planet earth's first atomic war in 1945?

"To demonstrate the magnitude of the deception," elders explanation of why they dropped one of their spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

"Magnify their imperfections," elders explanation of one of the aims of their transitioning us out of war and into peace.

By letting Judah build the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and the Jews launch them at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, have we not had the Jews imperfections magnified enough that we will not now humanely institutionalize them where they no longer present a danger to us?

Will, we not take the issue of our money away from them so they can no longer hire the shooters they use on us?

The war with Iran was set to start on the 24th of June. And what might explain why we missed it?

Do we recall how JP Judee Morgan built the Titanic and got the wealthiest people on board and rammed an iceberg killing them? And then the following year with the wealthy out of the way he took over the authority to issue our money and war has never ceased since then.

Might it have been wealthy Americans that blocked that air attack that was set to shoot Iran and get the war underway?

Bitch has noted in reverse facial speech mention of some bourse problems the Jews are having. As workers remain still, who would give the Jews a bourse problem other than wealthy Americans?

Might that have been who blocked the war with Iran from starting? Whoever stopped it will we not say a prayer to Papa for giving us more time to save our lives?

As the Jews are still issuing all the free money they want on our backs do we see they are going ahead with more attacks against us?

Just pulled this reverse facial speech from the 6 am news from Japan. Here it is:

"It's sad our bourse Fed fell."

Might that explain why the war with Iran was halted at the last moment? Might the Fed bourse have fell and the pilots were not going to be paid to start the war with Iran?

Whatever the reason the Jews war with Iran was halted can we not say a prayer of thanks that we are not in a war with Russia now?

The menace, threats of nuclear war the Jews have put Americans in to for the last few generations now. Will American workers not close them out and invite the sweet love of God in to guide us now?

"Druid, you let me do my rude number and shoot you force. I brained them well. The hustle we do to you, the West sag, you truly die. You jerked me out. I pitch you off on petty roots. I finish up and your rights will come back and I will stay gone. I just boo you dog and hold in Jew. We're going to leave you like Beirut.

You lost your right to my model toy. I true hate you for scallop fishing. Irish who is opposite war finish Jew philosophy; for one sight, you win. The white fella, I want him on a baloney suffer. I think in 7 months I will have conquered you die. My conquer along the way I missed the UFO. My conquer made so many die. I do you out with a Marine to do you right choppy.

This was more of our police bankroll. (policeman purportedly dragged held by the arm through driver's window)

Pooch has let me put you on a slim waist. Bitch has brought about a whole end of my house fugitive for foolishness. Our fiberistics has not been refused so we bourse receipts. We attach you race car to die you. We're just bullet proofing all campuses so our theories will consume you well. If I hold leadership in I form a pitiful role for you.

Bitch be whole spirit that hike me off. With Los Angeles, I warred and won and Bitch pitched me out. Because I capped you with a dog it lets me take you out easy. I reference you on talc-a-mizer. Summer was always ex-a-cute. We transplant with hand shovels. An injury is a fine way to get into your head. I'm falsing you out chemistry of this Casper state here.

We form you all racial so we can strep you false sum. We genetic scrimmage you. As long as Patrick holds dystrophy you won't see your rights. All chemical rights are our whole deal. My electricity is a great source to assault you out," Judee say.

Must we not take away their electricity assault they are doing to us from Hitachi-GE? If agreed must workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Your Expose' failed because we work on your brain. 4.08 pm


They spat air bad.

A mental STRIKE will close them up stream.

It's errid. 5.59 pm

You lost your time serist dumb.

Genius fetch failed. 6.05 pm

A scatator. 6.34 pm

Foolio was a complete fetch.

With ultimate waste, you will be crushed. 7.01 pm

They're punching us now. 7.35 pm

There it is!

They're drano pitching monsters. 7.48 pm

A generation is cephus.

Get rid of their wall. 8.19 pm

Truth is something, it's a flood. 9.31 pm

It's quite humid dangerous.

They're forcing you out of this place mental forcing.

Bribery is forced fair.

Oh my God, they smothered us fairly.

Pacified they tossed you off of here.

Pulling out a stinker bomb is real abusive.

They ported arrest full.

Shock rights. 2.01 am

Honesty told you to safe us Patrick.


Mature rightly and we can out this place.

Jew riced us chemically heartless.

They're going to hold on selfishly failing us thief.

Effortlessly finish them off of here.

The muscle beaming, STRIKE THEM OUT!

He had letters from dogs.

I don't believe this.

You are now sacrificed.

Policemen embezzled us lethal.

Tyranny's right force is sacking us.

You're scoring out your safe here.

STRIKE THEM OUT, they fight you cheerful police force.

Patrick, throw this field.

Lord God's signal failed.

They fail you police forces.

They're police beasterin' us.

Their grief is coming to an end.

Oh, shiftin' gears right failed.

Kinda sweepy stint. 6.41 am

It's not your state, it's not your family, help save us, Patrick." 7.23 am

Patrick goes through his day praying and when he wakes at night starts praying some more that workers will join in and take over the issue of money here. We're set now to be creamed by the Jews who have unlimited free money to molest and abuse us with.

Already much of our breed is terminated from life form already. Sterilized, chemically castrated. But why do we not sense a thing?

The nature of radiation poisoning. Symptoms don't show up until a later time when it is all over. When they turned off the milk radiation monitors should that not have alerted us they were going for the big die of us here?

For those who want to survive this nuclear brimstone waste war we are in will we not pray to our good God above to save us?

Saved already from nuclear blast war by God's Martian angels. Will we not pray to be saved from the last war the genocidal Jews will ever wage against us, this nuclear waste war they are smashing us with from Hitachi-GE?

If so will American labor not get involved in taking the authority to issue our money away from the Jews?

If so must labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our money yourselves?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Monday, July 1 — Psalm 80:8–11
Isaiah 14; Ephesians 1:1–10

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts. See if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24

Who is wise and understanding among you? Show by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom. James 3:13

Lord of all, we ask you to search us. Search our hearts and minds, and give us wisdom to follow the path you have set before us. We sing of your goodness and feel your love. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

2.13 pm

"They're horrifying us off of here.

Dull will shake us.

These guys are not leaders, they're a bunch of insurance mousers.

Successful cannibal life set you mortee.

Thes guys are falling us out of existence.

They've done an awful lot of West sport.

Shoot-a-versity. 11.10 am

Fraud will never be viewed the same again.

A great foul fell.

We're afraid of them, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Marrow is quite failed.

They cussed us fail.

Falling them out parrots rate.

Great play actors sooth ya fears to dull.

STRIKE, they're coring us ossic.

Let's wit core them out.

I'm waiting for a mistake to stake you out.

I'm gonna go for fork.

Put them out for Ruhr cipher.

The falsies always sprang purposefully on us Jew. 2.03 pm

Get them out for forfeit.

You're inviting absolute catastrophe in." 2.13 pm
Forfeit: a fine; penalty. An act of forfeiting; forfeiture.
Something to which the right is lost, as for commission of a crime or misdeed, neglect of duty, or violation of a contract.

Will workers not get them out for forfeit?

Their crime of fooling us to allow them to build nuclear weapons up to use on us. Their neglect of duty by failure to provide for the maintenance of God's children on earth.

Their violation of the contract by destroying our precious Constitution and violating our sacred bill of rights.

Will workers please recognize they have forfeited all of their rights and act and STRIKE THEM OUT!?

Thank you. God bless.

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