Jul. 5, 2019

5 JULY 2019

"Jew Savages Have Fallen to a Powerful Force, Truth!"

That is one of the many statements found in the reverse facial speech of the speaker. Looking at Bitch notes, can't tell who said that. Was it Judee or a non-Judah speaker? Don't know.

Yet does it not inform us of what we are dealing with here? Have the Jew savages not fallen to a powerful force, the force of truth?

"Idiot. Dolt. Inadequate," were Tele receives that came to Bitch after posting yesterday. His upset that mild people are still holding war in for the Jews who have assaulted our houses out of reproducing ourselves. Bitch who is upset that he has not been able to convince mild people to take it upon ourselves to stop the war.

As each day is new, he prayed to Father to give him the correct words that will bring mild people to end the destruction of us and our children here.

Bitch went outside yesterday at 3 am and was outdoors for about half an hour. And in that time he saw exactly one moth. Walking through the neighborhood he did not see even one bug flitting by porch lights.

The success of our brimstone waste extermination. Will workers not take the concession to issue our money away from the nuclear war fighting Jews and try to save our lives?

This beautiful place, the land of the free. The United States of America on our fabulous bill of rights. Our rights the crafters of the constitution did not want us to have and so they rejected putting rights in in 1787 when they wrote the United States Constitution.

Rights they did not want for black or white, red-brown-yellow or any other color. Rights they refused as their plan. And their constitution that was rejected in 1789 due to not making the peoples' rights part of their plan.

When the agreement was made to put the people's rights in writing as our law, then the United States started our journey.

Our bill of rights so good that it even freed an honest working man by jury in 1854. The Jew invaders inside from before the beginning would not allow any people to be free and so they used their falsers on the bench to shoot our right to jury decisions down and set us into their staged civil war for the Jews.

The constant refrain from the Jews that their governments are always doing what they can to make the world safe for us. Now that they have been caught attempting to extinct us in a surprise nuclear missile attack might we not once and for all time set them out fair?

Most every candidate running for political offices Jews or their look-alike hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon hosiery. Will working Americans not let them go?

Here is a couple of non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"Pat came in and told you you got to lose. They use a baby to keep you from being smart."

Is that what Pat's insult did, told you-you got to lose? He sure didn't intend for that to be. He thought it would be a cake walk where workers just stepped up and took over the issue of money. But he knows so little and his irritate and abrasive towards mild people have flattened him out.

"They use a baby to keep you from being smart."

Are those Jews not clever using a baby to keep the ordinary people from being smart enough to take over the issue of our money?

"Get smart," Mercury has said to us for decades. Do some recall that was the name of a television show that began in 1965? For nearly four generations our elders from outer space have been speaking to us about what we need to help ourselves. "Get smart," they said to you and me.

Will workers not get smart and end funding this war of extinction the deuce is successfully waging against us?

Generation MOX being wiped out now along with the bugs that can't take the elevated radiation background levels from Hitachi-GE. The invisible death force of Jewish electricity that is not seen smelled or tasted. No noise as it wipes us out of existence by frying out our genetics. Are those Jew scientists not cunning sports players?

Bitch, praying to bypass, idiot, dolt and inadequate is seeking the mild people to try and help save us here. Elders do not say we are doing wrong all they say is that we need to be "resighted in peace." Will labor not get hold of the issue of our money so that we can do the material things we need to accommodate a nation at peace?

Will American workers not provide what we need to resight us all in peace?

Here again is a non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"They're forming a requiem for the white wheels. The white men are sucking on lollipops and holding the Jew force in."

Will workers try to perceive that holding the Jew force in will leave our unique ability to cooperate washed out of time and space? Must we not mature and end holding the vicious genocidal Jew force in? Will American workers not let them off right with a STRIKE?

Bitchie finding evidence in Judah reverse facial speech that for weather war they have set some exceptionally cold weather for Americans this coming winter. Have we noted the extremes of weather in our world?

"You're a Febrature out naturally. You're out winter cold time. My ISSA strategy will cold you winter."

The flooding in so many places. Might that be our labor money that is allowing the Jews to hire the weather warriors to wet us so good? The authority to issue our money. Are we aware it is allowing them to tumor us good?

3.32 am Just came in from outside. And not even one bug to be seen anywhere on a warm July night. Will we not pray to our good God to save us from this Jewish brimstone waste war that is doing us genocide?

"You failed a wape ass spirit." That non-Judah reverse facial speech said.


Rape, waif, wail and wipe. Four words combined into one. "Wape." Is that subconscious not something?

Will workers not close the Jewish wape ass spirit outright with a STRIKE?

Their fight, scuffle, the strife the Jews enjoy putting in. They tell us that making the white man bleed is their highest fun. Will Americans not close them out of issuing our money so their fun will be from their own pocket from now on and not American workers labor money?

The punishment structures the Jews put in whenever they get on top. Will workers not try to see that our good God has had His angels disable their errant fiendishness and let them off right?

"Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have," an admonition the Jews teach their children on how to deal with us goys.

Will American labor not take away their control of our societies by taking the authority to issue our money away from them?

"In 72 hours I will have died the whole United States."

That reverse facial speech from a top-level Asian weap Judee.

A warm summer night in Iowa and not even one bug to be seen. The canary in the coal mine that was there to signal the miners when the conditions of the air could not support life. Could the missing bugs be our canary for generation MOX?

The biblical destruction we are in now. Are there some who just do not think this is the end? Are there some who are not aware that the beast Jews are dying one-third of the human race off as they go to die out their weap cipher underground?

Acts 27:22 But now I urge you to keep up your courage, because you will not experience any loss of life, but only of the ship. 23 Just last night an angel of God, whose I am and whom I serve, stood beside me 24 and said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul; you must stand before Caesar. And look, God has granted you the lives of all who sail with you.’…

For those who want to survive this extinction level event the nuclear war fighting Jews have sown us into will we not pray for God to save us as we go into brimstone hell?

The Jew scientists who only learned about the genocidal deadliness of nuclear waste a century ago and now have used it to wipe us away. Will workers not retire them from management with a STRIKE?

4.39 am

Just came in from outside. Drove around a few blocks and not one bug was to be seen anywhere. Will we not awaken from the radiation sleep of death the nuclear war fighting Jews have put on us now?

Bitch recalls one reverse facial speech he read from an American Druid man of years who reported that we always have been put to death in Europe and he was resigned to that same fate here in America. For those who are not resigned to being put to death by the Jews will we not act up and close them and their false tent out of here now?

Here is a reverse facial speech of a Judah broadcaster giving what is advertised as NEWS:

"The app of my job is deceit, I'm doing it."

Found this facial RS concerning the young athlete that was found dead:

"He bore you on the force, cat got canceled."

A few years ago, in 1915, a young Marine was convicted for killing a transgender person in the Phillippines. Bitch watched a program about it and found some reverse facial speech that indicated that Marine was wired with drugs to do that killing. Here's what he found in RS:

"This was a British scene out here to core. We're excited for pure racial. This is to help pitch your relation for Palestine."

Might we see how Judah can use people who are not aware they have been drugged and set them so they do something that Judah can use to put on the news and make his case with?

Saw what appeared to be a police shooting of a homeless man in his SUV and looked to be what it was and then found these curious RS in the news report:

"This was a show app. We operated this app quite smoothly."

What might those reverse facial speech indicate?

With our grand juries in are we aware we will know what happened there?

And the California earthquake found this from the subconscious in reverse facial speech:

"They're trying to make us. This was by Jew sin. This was my usual attempt to port you."

The first two RS by ordinary speakers and the last by a weap Judee speaker.

And just on the 6 am news a report of an Iranian oil tanker seized off of Gibraltar. Are Americans aware the Jews are pressing every button to get America into a war with Iran so that they can get their big Russian high technical fist assaulting us?

Will American workers not take the paper away from them and end their incitement to war?

Tele receives:

"The company has exploded. 3.42 pm

Super has taken thee.

You fataled apps. 4.19 pm

Idiot, booze will wash you down.

Idiot, you're tossing us, refugees.

An addiction did false us out.

Russia did us weap side.

Turkey squared them out, he died for you. 5.03 pm

For directed energy beams they're virtually useless.

Patrick, make it nice. 5.26 pm


Dolt. 5.29 pm

You got to get fearish out.

You fault inadequate.

In a few months, they'll finish us outrageous on an atom bomb roll.7.26 pm

They pick up something 3 or 4 times before they grab it. 1.13 am

Death phage.

The indust alliance ends, it is fell.

The mob has failed.

The body of Christians has forced down your arresting.

Ohio's dead.

They fisted us nicely out of existence.

They rams you truck.

They made a decision to angle us foul.

They criminally police abusive.

They really don't give a sh*t about your right procedure.

They foulitic gracefully.

The merch doesn't have a soul, they're all lethals.

We're so extremely wealthy and we're destroying ourselves.

These people tried to destruct us with nuclear blast and are succeeding with nuclear waste. 1.45 am

They're casting your whiteness out with energy.

If the ordinary mouse refuses to do something about it then we'll be destroyed.

It's meant to be truthful apps.

Oh my God Patrick saved us on crucial scene.

Generation MOX is going out of here now.

They're out of here defeated.

They claused us.

Stupid age of purity is done.

Pittsburgh make us too industry.

Forgery is a hugely successful field to war thee.

Missiles leave you faithfully hopeless.

We are going out of life form.

Cats tumor us good. 3.31 am

I slid out over your head. 5.13 am

You're an abscess, you're a weak that's throwing out yourself.

Don't stop propping this house.

Why don't white people do something? You have multiple fields and you're pushing empire.

Mental flack slumming you good.

Viceroys have obviously been oppin us.

They shot me googish.

Get them away or they'll bear again."

Chickens, failed to save yourselves. 6.10 am

Merchants failed to save us."

"I just ever cite you beef staker. We bomb you incessantly to do Judah fumble. I favor a few to drop minnows out, they shiv us 78. You STRIKE, you'll see how my psyche fouled you. Because you failed to STRIKE I'm doing excellent rights. Our timidy relationship was ever heart attack. Our bourse strategy right rude your day, we get Kennedy out to make you dead.

We'll opp you HUGE until we go. On the technical, we organize to duper fair. We pitched you out racial pissheads. I down good your social life. I was great with Grayson. We tribe with you. Our opps were quite good, I'm at fall and die. Your police department beast the whole state, I need a full desk to operate here. My vicious got caught here.

For Iowa, we got some coal punch here for free. Have a Marshcious day, sport failed our home, U.S. died for giving you hell. I'm just a Jew force to put you in. I'm a fabulous fail so I rude die. Your race has been doggerized ritual, thank you. Whitefellas now see the Martians Sanforized us," Judee say.

Sanforize: to preshrink (cloth) permanently by a patented process before making garments

That the genocidal Jews let themselves get caught red-handed attacking us nuclear blast extinction force, will workers not accept that they are Sanforized permanent and let them off? Will workers not recognize they have forfeit everything for genociding us?

If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Friday, July 5 — Psalm 81:11–16
Isaiah 22:15–23:18; Ephesians 3:1–13

O Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from far away. Psalm 139:1-2

In him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

Creative One, we thank you today for creating us; for making us in your image. We do fall short often, but with your cornerstone in place, we can continue to build. Let your power be strong within us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

1.17 pm

"Thank you Mr. Patrick. 7.44 am

Officials staff you lethal.

Ritual we paid for, they just capture you. 8.16 am

Incredible stuff this guy reads from the subconscious. 9.59 am

We have seen what they are, they trouble states with tyranny.

Lousy cow version shack us back. 10.21 am

They make us waiferous through mal abuse.

Contaminate they're always fighting us. 11.21 am

Eternity rising. 12.45 pm

You were always vegish." 1.08 pm
Maybe all that Jewish prepared candy as a kid, might that explain the vegish aspect of Bitch? Grandpa Judee bubble gum for Drewy kids?

"Obvious murder plex opp you right. In 4 months time, Jew West Allisis will be out of time for certain. We Wisconsin you on McPherson."

Can we only wonder, is that McPherson a person or the name of a town?

"We've set you now for driving foolish to set you out for all time. My police have got a 24-hour decision on your wits. I'm a full rabies attitude foul you drug. I'm shopping your house victory. For free I've put you on a vegetive state. 20% are rolled."

And what is 20% of Americans? Is it not more than 60 million of us? yes, it is. Are we getting some idea of just how massively we are being put out in the nuclear waste war the Jews are waging against us?

Just found that "20% are rolled" in the noon news from a weap Judah speaker. Is there some understanding that radioactive waste does not discriminate as to who it will poison?

Are we understanding that "20% are rolled" is an estimate from the Jewish nuclear warfighters that are successfully massively destroying us?

Here are some more of their reverse facial speech just found in their news videos:

"My tax halter poopied you. We'll get you poor on pooch-a-ment. Even with the Martian your sweet office you're letting be offended. Wal Mart is ready for tumor day opp. We're going forward now with our new raider. I want you all with my chain on. Put in your full civil rights and you'll see the sin in me. Casper, you bungled it out. Our mushroom days are considerable holding you.

"Unique driver, this is how we boss them. (Young man killed in car crash)

You failed on our psych ward. We're thriving on Bitch hump fall. You're ex-farmers because we winched you out. When my goal is seen you'll obviously out me. I'm oppin your destiny. Juror dead my days. Dogs resurface to push you away. Relative failed police skirmishes and that let me put in my perp.

I shot you bad reset. We just saultize you. You failed to see my big aperture is dangerous. Because you didn't take me away I'm sec. I'm taking the populace out with the bungee effect. Dog is an element to sweep them pure away. We're dying for multi check fears. We always want false in office, then they help us when we wipe you. We got you set for a Washington Mohamed opp dead," Judee say.

"Get out the refusal and shake these police forces out of here." 1.52 pm

The false finding of drugs after a traffic stop and the ultimate death by Jewish cage in America. They've seen labor. Will you not end the refusal to help us and give us a hand to shake them out with grand jury process?

If so please STRIKE THEM OUT!

Thank you. God bless.

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