Jul. 9, 2019

9 JULY 2019

"They'll Replace Us Eventually Hostis." 2.59 am

The series of wars the Jews began back in 1991 using the American workers to finance that have now created over 60 million homeless war refugees. Sending American worker financed weaponry in to bust out the infrastructure of life that has created so many war refugees.

That they like to play big news reports of the millions that have fled to Europe and America. Might we understand this horror of permanent war that has been put upon so many is all due to them being the only ones that control the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money?

"It's your attitude that dies us, Patrick." 3.17 am

Patrick prays to Father to have the right attitude, the right thoughts. How is he supposed to feel as he is so aware of how massively we are being destroyed?

Reading the posts it seems to him that wealthy comfortable Americans really and truly do not perceive that we have been shoved out of life form by the merciless violent Jews that are still sending white people overseas to assault our family in sport war.

The Bible that warned us of the end times. The times that if not for being cut short would take us all away. Are wealthy comfortable Americans not aware we are being destroyed fair? Are there some who really do not know what time it is?

Four words to us from our good God above 3,500 years ago, "thou shalt not kill." And now those who failed to get it getting washed out of here. Is that the way that the rest of God's peaceful children on earth are going on to our real life in peace in the stars?

The nice incomes we have now. How are they going to help us when we are spitting blood from our lungs due to inhaling radioactive waste?

The destruction of our state from within. And how has it been accomplished other than by allowing the Jews to issue our money?

Bitch alert enough to perceive the extinction phase we are in, who did it and how they got us done. And being diligent and vigilant he quietly observed them and when Mercury gave him the goods on them he blew the horn on them in October of 2011.

His weakness, due to his fault that set him back a ways, combined with Judah ever holding the mild people to do their slay for their sports, has left Americans uninformed about our passing out of life form now.

The dreadful decimation of us that the Jews are doing that will leave us wasted completely. Bitch who prays night and day for God to reach His simian children in America to act and stop the war. To put our wondrous American bill of rights in.

He prays to God Almighty for the right attitude and the words that will give us a chance to save ourselves yet.

The magnificence, the true greatness of America that has been taken away by the petty offend of the Jews. A small view with a big plan who gave themselves the mission to conquer America and take our rights out so they could put animal rights in.

The vicious cipher who knew all along that they were going against God's plan for His Simian children on earth.

Might we contrast those knowledgeable wits with Bitch who did not even have the wits to perceive that God actually did and does exist?

Our good God who gave us our free will so that we might choose as is our will. Our good God that is actually an office of sorts occupied by different Father's at different times.

God immortal, yet our Father as we is a mortal.

"I'm dying," Bitch heard. A week later once again, "I'm dying," precious sweet Father said.

Father H----- who has been our Father since 800 AD. Before Father H----- was Father Christopher who sent sweet Jesus to show us the way. And before Father Christopher was Father Baldec who gave Moses the rules of the road on Mt. Sinai.

And 193,000 years ago was Father Theodore who saved Noah. And 200,000 years ago was Father Kirsker who found us so delightful that he had His angels gift us with their own high-level intelligence genes.

"This is how extraterrestrials create replacements for themselves," one Tele sender said.

Jesus Christ who indications are that His physical Father was a Venusian. The Venusians created at the same time as us and who became extraterrestrials 47,000 years ago. The first of our creation to go extraterrestrial.

Jupiter and Mercury, 13,000 years ago and 10,000 for Mercury as to when they went extraterrestrial.

Mercury brain neuron count begins in the range of 600 billion neurons. We ordinary humans are in the range of 100 billion brain neurons.

Venusians, having been extraterrestrial for a longer period of time, their brain neuron count reaches to 12 billion neurons. That is who Bitch believes was the physical Father of Jesus Christ who was the son of God.

The top Galacticans, the Third Edition, who created us in our high intelligence form, are in the range of 18 billion brain neurons. They are a different species than we are. They are canids. They themselves were genetically enhanced with the 223 psychiatric packages three million years ago by the Second Edition Galacticans.

The Second Edition Galacticans was an armadillo life form that was created by the First Edition Galacticans that were marsupials. That is who created the Galactic Federation of Light 9 million years ago. They have passed out of existence due to the old age of their species.

The Second Edition is passing out of existence. The Third Edition will be on the Bridge of the Federation for 3 million more years. At that time, our descendants will be the next on the bridge of the Federation when our species is 15 million years old. We are youngsters, only 12 million years old.

When we are 15 million years old we will be the height that the Third Edition is now, 3 to 4 feet tall.

The Second and Third Edition Galacticans were both created species as we the Fourth Edition are. The First Edition was a naturally evolved high intelligence species.

Our next planet neighbors who pulled the nuclear missiles off of us sparing our lives that the nuclear war fighting Jews tried to take away from us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, the Martians, are a naturally evolved high intelligence species.

The Martians were warriors until 30 thousand years ago. They now are in peaceful cohesion with all the other members of the Galactic Federation of light. They may be a 14 million-year age species.

They are six feet tall and apparently, they were a much larger species than we are. They apparently arose from an elephant type species. When our species is 14 million years old we will only be 4 to 5 feet tall.

"The delights of the universe," an elder from Mercury said. "We chose peace with no regrets," He also said.

"It's a pleasure," elders say when you thank them for helping you with something. They are just the nicest Beings to us their baby brothers and sisters on earth. Mercury are the majority of extraterrestrials that have reached out to us here. They are the ones that live right here with us. They are us with more brain neurons.

Mercury elder is who told Canadian radio Engineer Wilbert Smith in 1952 that our next level of machinery will be "based on time differentials." Right now our machines operate on pressure, temperature and voltage differentials.

When Dr. Mallove was stolen away in 2004 Bitch read his research and determined that the free energy was coming from a "displacement in the time-space continuum." In 2005 after re-reading Kaluza-Klein he realized they figured that out in the 1920s. They called the displacement the "Plane of the dimension." The free energy is coming from between the 4th and 5th dimension.

Another element of free energy, the relativistic time shift that happens between the magnetic and electrical sides of electricity, might we guess that mathematician Jon Von Neumann figured it out by about 1954? Probably. Also, Jon would have been aware that Wilbert Smith had been informed by our extraterrestrial family about the time differential to produce free energy from the motion of our universe.

Von Neumann had worked on extra-dimensional mathematics in the early 1930s or before. Continuous geometry he gave lectures on in the early 1930s. Von Neumann died of cancer at 53 years of age in 1957. He was known to have been interested in where the free energy was coming from.

Something that Bitch has never read so far in any science book, he's mentioned it several times before, that the magnetic side of electricity passes through a semiconductor at the speed of sound and the electrical side passes at the speed of light.

The speed difference in the electricity field. It was in a physics class in 1972 the professor mentioned that speed of the magnetic field when it is separated by a semiconductor.

Bitch has yet to find out when that was first known? If the numbers are correct the speed of light is about 874,000 times faster than the speed of sound.

343 meters per second for the speed of sound whereas the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second. The speed of light, 299,792,458 m/s divided by the speed of sound, 343 m/s = 874030

The large speed difference between the two sides of the electricity field, magnetic and electrical, can we only wonder if that was known at the time of Von Neumann? If so might we guess that Jon did figure the theoretical aspects of free energy at that early time? Bitch, a 4th level thinker figured it out in 2004, whereas a number 1 thinker, might Jon have had it completely figured out by 1954? Sure. He figured it out a half century before Bitch did.

Tom Ogle that had a metal pipe he ran gas vapor through that gave him over one hundred miles to the gallon with a V-8 engine. And here we have a video that shows a gas lawnmower running on vapor but no free energy. What might explain the difference?

Is Using Gas Vapor to Power an Engine a Myth? Let's find out!
Video 12.27 at:

Do we notice in the picture the pipe used is made out of plastic?

Here we have a picture of Tom Ogle and do we note his vapor pipe and tank is made out of metal?


This next picture of a high mileage carburetor. Do we note it is made of metal?

If only that YouTube guy had used a conductive metal pipe instead of a non-conductive plastic vapor pipe and a steel tank might there not have been a reaction with the electrical and magnetic fields of our planet that Tom and others discovered that produced over-unity energy? Can we only wonder if that video was made to lead us to believe that Tom Ogle did not produce free energy with his vapor carburetor?

The free energy that weap Judah has held out for over a century now. Will American workers not take the organizing principle of society away from the gruesome ones and let our inventors bring in our new clean air wealth-producing technology?

The radioactive waste from Jewish electricity that is set to light us like a halogen bulb from the inside out. Will American workers not get involved before they shut us totally and permanently out?

"We always optimize force on your face."

Bitch read that from one of the broadcasters that is falsing Bitch for the Jews. Can we not pray that ordinary workers will figure out how every word and image on television is a war against us to hold us frozen so they can do us out of our health, wealth and our lives?

"We won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Will American workers not get smart as elders advise and reject the falsehoods that Jews have put on Bitch's face? Will workers not accept what God said about His Bitch, "He remained true to me. You never fiend. You're a nice boy."

The false that the Jews have succeeded with for thousands of years. Will workers not try to see right here and let them off of holding privately the organizing principle of American society?

The machinery of free energy that was demonstrated in 1926 by Dr. Henry Moray when he ran his industrial grade electric free energy generator. And the theory of operation of free energy machines possibly fully understood by Jon Von Neumann by 1954.

Might such a fact explain why Tom Ogle died at such a young age?

"Tom Ogle Dead at 26"

Tom Ogle who astounded the automobile world in 1977 with his "Oglemobile", died August 19, 1981. According to an investigator his death was attributed to alcohol and an "overdose" of Darvon. There are a few HMC [High Mileage Carburetor] people who feel that although his death appears to be accidental, it was really a well-orchestrated plan to play on the young mechanic's weakness for self-destruction...

Was his death accidental? David L. Williamson, President of Advanced Combustion Systems writes, "Whether directly or indirectly, Tom Ogle died as a result of working on a fuel saving system. Information forwarded to us indicated that Tom had a silent partner who preceded him in death, when a car fell off the jack stands on top of him. After his partner's untimely death Tom boarded up his car care center and went into hiding."

"We don't want no app with your transistors right," Judee say.

Bitch looked into the magnetic devices that connect on ignition wires to give better miles per gallon and learned that one of the key people involved with that technology died at a young age. People die every day, so what's big news here? He wrote about it several years ago.

Those devices give a couple of miles more per gallon. What if their energy was amplified with a transistorized power circuit?

Might we see from the reverse facial speech Bitch just pulled Judee don't want any transistors serving our app right?

"We don't want no app with your transistors right," Judee say.

Will workers not let the technology of abundance that supports peace come in?

What's the big problem with big diesel trucks getting 50 miles to the gallon instead of 10? Car from getting 100 miles per gallon instead of 25? Are we seeing Judah is doing all that he can to hold that sort of technology from us? Will workers not let them go before they harm us anymore here?

Father who wills His children have a healthy and wealthy world so His children are comfortable and live in peace.

"I want you to be comfortable. My kids, treat them super nice," precious sweet Papa said to us all.

Will American workers not bring us into Papa's loving world with a general STRIKE to STOP THE WAR?

Will American workers not be the ones to put these most preposterous petty, though genocidally deadly offenders out of here right with a labor STRIKE?

The clean air healthy wealthy bountiful economy we can have once we get them off of privately issuing our dollar bill.

Whiskey, embarrassment, fear and lies they claim is what is holding them in. Though do they not threaten us well?

How about this from yesterday's post?

'Look behind you': May mocks Corbyn in panto piece at PMQs
Wednesday 19 December 2018

"I've got some news for him, I've got some advice for the right honorable gentleman. Look behind you, then I'll bad deny the subject."

A British military general told the Times, again anonymously, that there would be “direct action” – what he also termed a “mutiny” – by the armed forces should Corbyn ever get in sight of power. The generals, he said, regarded Corbyn as a national security threat and would use any means, “fair or foul”, to prevent him implementing his political programme.

Might their mental not be as strong if not for their dying the most useful of us?

Clearly, they tell us they are finished here with us. WiIl American workers not recognize this as a fact and close them out now with a strike?

Tele receives:

"Hope you're aware you're being put to an extraordinary fist. 6.49 pm

You messed up stupidly. 6.58 am

A little over ground.

I love you dear.

They sure torture your lives.

Oh, common sense here. 7.41 am

They're rolling us away from here destruction.

Threats here. 10.32 am

Jesus will save us. 10.45 am

Videous helps them mock. 11.19 am

Tired, error shoot all.

Animal abuse is wastive.

Over rights fused.

You fail bad, torch will take you away.

I harmed you right. 5.51 pm

Thank you so much Mr. Patrick for getting them out of here. 6.32 pm

You drip me suffer.

You're decimated now.

They felon us out. 7.04 pm


You baby sinned.

Terrified serpious' doing you in

David hugged you out.

They're ruining us firely, they ruined us firely.

A bad person offing us.

Stupid white guy racial may be cut for abusive foul heads.

He holds a right gasket.

He's burning us. 1.28 am

Take this tragedy off of us.

The court seize foul.

A really nice destroy hostile until death.

History offed you foul.

They ditched your air.

The Jew has the opportunity to draw from different income sources.

The establish us with hydro pensions right.

Many kinds of highness sport they're holding in.

Toss them out of the field.

Cave eviction, evicted.

This is backed by a plan that thumped you in.

100 failed us suda fud obviously.

You failed pedals because of electricity.

Embarrass wit freeze you lifely.

Your parents died your state.

Our package is not death.

Perceptible at this time, they play with us because Jaws is Jewish. 2.36 am

They'll replace us eventually hostis. 2.59 am

It's your attitude that dies us, Patrick.

They've taken over ya. 5.16 am

They've trash mashed us.

You're incredible. 5.45 am

Total mackerel." 7.24 am

"It's your attitude that dies us, Patrick."

Patrick prays to Father to have the correct attitude as we are now deep into our passing. Also still praying for the strike that will close them out with their permanent war.

Cunning sinners in the suites doing their all to make us die for insurance collections. Will workers not get smart and put our God-given rights in with a STRIKE? The faulty operators that have failed us with their lies and violent war disease. Will workers not help us here and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the organizing principle of society into your hands?

The creator of the human race in our high-level intelligence form that is now dying them off because of their weakness, their inability to accommodate others. Will workers not try to see they're no friend to man or God? Will mild people not wash our hands of the satanic brand and go with the love of our good God instead?

"I've just got a beautiful ein Zwei, market place disease to sport you away. We just use police for promiscuous fun. White walls we do you fist. We paralyze some rights to right comp you here. Kidnappings are my favorite ruse of you. If you don't have any rights then I just whistle to get rid of you. Obviously, I'm forming a 4th of July to wipe you away. We have a Russian stable here.

We just have a princess who wants us to off your force and that's our tyranny. We had an app that was completely mad and Bitch rolled us because we had the Kaiser rub him. We just possess you Westerly and shot you coast to coast. War psychology let me shoot you right because I'm a buff. We just punish you with a big trespass and right now Jew has won," Judee say.

Bitch, held in by an extraterrestrial civilization not to get rid of the Hitlers of our planet, rather might we consider that Bitch is held in to help the people become aware of those who hire the Hitlers? Will the American workers not take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews so they can not hire any more of their Hitler type employees?

If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Tuesday, July 9 — Psalm 83:1–8
Isaiah 28; Ephesians 4:17–28

Thus says the Lord, “Seek me and live.” Amos 5:4

While you have the light, believe in the light, so that you may become children of light. John 12:36

Dear Lord, give us opportunities to seek you. Put us in situations where we must lean on you, for this is when we can and will be filled with your light. Let us shine your light brightly for others to see. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

1.04 pm

"Goon ball targets us racket. 9.23 am

Quite a peaceful. 9.398 am

I'm leavin it. 10.12 am

Imperial state foul the fish.

They're nuts! 1.00 pm

They've saved us here. 1.03 pm

They're just pure riders.

You've failed deceifous." 1.43 pm

Found a few interesting reverse facial speech in the noon news. From an appointed official in Washington found this:

"65% 0f the West is dead."

Then from a Judee reporter found this RS:

"We fished the white man out about 60."

Can we only wonder is that 60 million of us or 60% of us?

Will American workers not end this eternal war of the Jews on free workers money with a STRIKE? Will American workers not turn to our good God Almighty to spare us the loss of life form in this successful atomic waste war that Judah is winning against us?

Thank you. God bless.

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