Jul. 10, 2019

10 JULY 2019

"The White Man Has Failed To Save Ourselves. Hefty Wake Us."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives.

The megadeath situation we are in now. Judah scientists are reporting to Judah that they have wiped 65% of our breed away with only one atomic cannon that they disguised as a Jewish electricity plant located at Fukushima, Japan.

Our deaths that might not happen for a few years as cancer takes a little time to develop in a high radiation environment.

The chance to save our lives to be found in taking the authority to issue our money away from the Jews.

Judah tells us that Bitch shorted the white guy as what happened here. He also tells us it is "density" why whites have remained funding the Jews assaulting us here.

He also said that his threats have held white workers from acting to take the organizing principle of society away from him.

Bitch will keep writing confident that American workers will close the destroyer Jews out and put our bill of rights in and restore the United States of America once again.

The way that our extraterrestrial elders have chosen to make contact with us. Once everyone understands it might it lead us to put in honest societies instead of false guys and gals fooling us all the time? Sure.

Once we perceive the love of our good God Almighty might we be quite hard to fool ever again? Yes, we will.

But the big question when are we going to stop the war that the Jews are using to make us die? When are we going to take the organizing principle away from the Jews exclusive private control?

The authority to issue our money that the cunning Jews privatized and took over in 1913. Might we see that is what has caused America to fail so critically?

How critically have we failed? That the majority of our population is now set for extinction due to brimstone inhalation is that not extremely critical? Yes, it is.

And to think in a few hours the Jews will no longer be authorized the private and exclusive right to issue American money.

No more money to keep the radioactive fires burning at Hitachi-GE. Will it not be wonderful to have that dirty bomb shut down? Yes, it will. Will, we not pray that we shut it down before they get a chance to trigger the accident they are planning at Hitachi-GE that will severely poison out the lower 48 states with even heavier doses of radioactive waste?

"You failed me useful. You failed me personal," God said to His shill Bitch some years ago. Bitch, who decided after shorting you's by insulting ya's, that was not intentional, stopped posting considering the mass death of Americans, as part of the third that will be wiped out, will happen just as the Bible predicted.

But Mercury contacted Bitch and encouraged him to keep posting and so he has. Our extraterrestrial elders are still here and serving to try and convince white people to stop the war.

Do some recall reading that the largest single genocide that Jews have scored so far was against the mild people of the north a century ago in Eastern Europe? Solzhenitsyn estimated the Jews killed 60 million of our family in Eastern Europe. Direct violence and also famine to get the mild people wiped out.

And now Judah is claiming he has already scored more white people in the West with only one Jewish electricity plant. The 200 million Americans he will have died off in only a short time more.

The threat the Jews have had on us since the Second World War to kill us in an all-out surprise nuclear blast war. Now that they have shot their bolt will American workers not take over the issue of our money so that we can close out Jewish nuclear genocide in our world?

Our Asian and African families will not fight for the Jews only the mild man of the north still will. Will American workers not change that equation with a STRIKE?

The poverty and destitution, the tight the Jews put in to force enlistments in their sport war machine. Must American workers not do God's will, issue our money and put the existence stipend in that has something in it for everyone?

The professional sports specialists that occupy all the offices of the Jewish state. Will American workers not let them off right?

Before they get Boris working our streets along with Ernie and Hansel who are already here will Labor not shut them down and end their terrorizing this beautiful nation here?

There is no fight on the street that will help. There is not even a fight in a courtroom that will help us. Are we seeing it is merely information revealed to us that will help us and set us right?

The knowledge that the Jews have held in secret from us. Will American workers not help us to reveal it to our nation and all of our world?

Bitch reading the reverse facial speech of all of the big Jews in our world and to a man and woman, they are all saying that Bitch Mercury report has finally gotten them done.

Their thousands of years of harming the children of God on earth as is their policy towards the rest of the human race. Now at an end.

Our first 12 million years as earthbound life forms coming to an end. The next 9 million years of our lives as extraterrestrials now set to begin.

The war phase of our existence. Might we understand that was merely the animal primitivism that was exhibited by the Jews?

While animal primitivism is also exhibited by other tribes than the Jews that they used their cunning to take over the most productive guys that made them super dangerous to the entire human race on earth. Will we not thank our good God for stepping in and giving the nuclear fighting Jews a time out of sorts?

The vast destruction by radioactive waste poisoning of our resources. The resources that we need to live. Will American workers try to perceive, this is it, we are going no further with the Jews or their genocidal war disease?

The petty offenders were and are so small that they couldn't accommodate the peaceful extraterrestrials that share this beautiful planet with us. The speck in the universe where we live. The 300 light years long Local Bubble it is called. Now in peace for 9 million years.

The Jews who had basic knowledge of this and yet carried on with the war. Might their own opinion of their role, "petty offend," not say it all?

The meeting the Federation had with the Centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD where the COPOPE chose to not make an arrangement with the emissary of the Galactic Federation of light. The Jews, Royals, and Vatican who had already perfected the predator relationship and had no wish to invite extraterrestrials in. "Petty offend?'

Our precious sweet Father who is all good and deserving of all our love wills that His simian children come to repentance and save our lives.

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," God said to His simian children earth.

How is it that God would speak to His shill Bitch? Didn't Judah tell us all those terrible things about Bitch?

Might it be that the things that Judah told you were all made up by the Jews to false Bitch out as the ling Jews always have?

Though might we want to consider that Jesus who was perfect, the Jews had the ordinary people booing him when they crucified him?

As Bitch is deeply imperfect and has made many mistakes quite unlike Jesus who made no mistakes in his short earth life, might it not have even been easier to false Bitch than it was to false Jesus Christ? Certainly.

Will we not hope and pray that the density falls and the truth comes in and workers will give us a STRIKE?

The prime reason Bitch supported the late Mayor Harold Washington was because Harold wanted to to get rid of nuclear weapons. Will American workers not get smart and take the advice that Harold the Good gave us 1983 to get rid of the nuclear weapons in our world?

To get rid of them do we see we will need to have labor able to issue our money to hire the labor needed to decommission them safely?

Are some asking, "but what about the new high-speed nuclear missiles the Jews are building in the Soviet Union? Don't we need to build our own high-speed nuclear missiles to counter their force?"

Might we see how with the terror of war the Jews work mutually with each other on every shore to force us to buy the war machinery that they grow fat on then?

Jews in Russia make threats towards America forcing money to be spent to build up the war machine while Jews in America make threats to Russia to help Jews in Russia build up their war machine there. Are we not figuring the Fornian look alike hybrid transplant Jew shells out yet?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

God Almighty all-powerful and also so sweet and kind to all of His little simian children on earth time. Will workers not try to perceive that God loves us all and wants us to live so that we can love Him as He loves each and every one of us?

The nuclear-armed both blast and waste blight crowd, will labor not say "goodbye" to them and their petty offend with a STRIKE?

Will workers not bring us into the love and safety of our good God Almighty, hear Father's thousands of warnings and STOP THE WAR?

Those of us who have allowed our little children to be chemically castrated by the Jews are finished out now. Is there some realization, all we are talking about now is will the Jews destroy us all before we let them off right?

While the Jews know they are a petty offend, but how petty is it when someone goes into a convenience store and is stabbed in the neck and put out of life?

Not too petty for the victim or the survivors is it? No, it isn't.

The offender just released from prison a few days before. Claims it was the music that made him do it. More white supremacy or something else?

The victim demonstrated at a young age that he could hire other kids to work for him. Maybe a business genius growing up who would have helped set our society up in a nice way?

Stolen away and gone now. Our greatest resource, our people being destroyed in an all-out nuclear waste war. Will working Americans not protect our most valuable resource with a STRIKE and close the petty offend out nice?

Tele receives:

"Left down.

You're in for war injury.

Thank you reporting how they stage so much violence. 4.03 pm

They're going to make me on toasty.

Bitch close them up counselin'.

You failed us here Patrick. 5.54 pm

Bottle possession holds you.

They're out a line to fist us.

Embezzle communist.

A shell slap you right for a grease sport time.

A just angel we have been receiving to get them out because they're just creeps.

Goof us right deals is falling us off. 6.51 pm


We just get you cell blind.

The other people don't care about your rights.

It's cruddy.

Your Venus state will let you stay in.

They want to extinguish you exhaustive.

They white castled us.

Autumn we be defeat because of racive.

They're closing us perish side.

Allison takes your life.

Contact fell their evictive.

They're scoring the white fellas' war because they got the paper.

They have already checked out.

We're being put out like bugs.

For cavities STRIKE THEM OUT!

They're fouling electricity.

They died your field, passed you great.

The stoop us here.

They're mass murdering insurance debt.

They've struck kidney to false you out.

Their airway don't save us racial.

They're scoring head to mouse you.

Evict them.

Power steers monopoly.

Trashy past man has died.

Bitch is telling you how to get them off of you.

Horrible defeat us.

If you see vegetable in there clean it up.

They're shoving us embarrassed right.

The white man has failed to save ourselves.

Hefty wake us. 1.51 am

The police died us reasonably.

The white people are literally going out of existence.

A just day they failed all security off nice.

Their migratory seals us dead.

Percentages fail grade. 2.52 am

They fold us, save us Patrick.

Gonads ravish us. 3.01 am

Judgement you're right falling out yourself.

Get out for free, cease the bankers, get orange out.

You're de-sisted. 3.19 am

They perperize deficitly. 4.52 am

I so mutilate.

Poverty is what they are bringing in.

They've got the food poisoned.

They're ringing a cash register firing us. 5.46 am

We merge ya's.

You flubbed. 6.57 am

Good enough." 7.11 am

"The psychic has shown our insurance net. I core you right sewer for Judah state is done. Our analysis is you're a righter farm so we had to take you out and the psychic has thrown us away. Judee en-false you because we hate good. With your image I rag a fist you. My monster was civil rights opp out ya.

Jew was born to leave. I score you 5 inches with boots. For Bitch I had some devilish lunches so he port me. We cancer cheat you on some. The register let me fall the white guy in. Our Michigan box capped your frailty. I just proceed lethal moccasin.

Because of dog talk we keep ricin. We're bumped out now for a new arrangement. Essentially what Jew do all the time is pull out your race. War is our central cover we just want to punish you and get you out. I use a maneuver to make you less usable with war. I had an attorney corrupt. We have a verse average, China I'm using to scrub you sore," Judee say.

"Our analysis is you're a righter farm so we had to take you out and the psychic has thrown us away."

Our home in the United States is a righter farm and that was the analysis the criminals of our world made and so they set their sights on destroying the wonderful rights of a free people, Americans.

And have they not succeeded? Yes, they have. What is the product of free labor? Is not great wealth that is produced by free people? Yes, it is.

Are we understanding the Jews and their criminal co-conspirators want our rights out so that they can easily impoverish us?

For those who have read our history is that not we find throughout Europe for many centuries now? Yes, we do find a connection between a lack of rights and poverty. No rights equal poverty and destitution for many of the population there. Will Americans not put our rights in so that free workers can develop our great wealth even further?

"We're bumped out now for a new arrangement."

That RS came from a Japanese Judee hybrid transplant lookalike shell official. Will American workers not pull the Jewish fist off of our family in Japan so that they can shut that dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE down before Judah blows it up again pouring more radioactive waste onto us here? Are we perceiving now that it is known what they have done they've bumped themselves out of ever again holding any public offices? Will workers not give us our new arrangement of peace?

"I use a maneuver to make you less usable with war."

To all the world does it appear that Americans are totally committed to supporting the destruction of perpetual war?

Do we see that using our labor to make war is a maneuver to cut us out of deals with our peaceful family around the world?

While thinking about the Jews world strategy to make us less usable by holding us into war, might workers try to see by lying about Bitch they try to make him look warlike to make him less usable here?

Do Americans see the Jews are imaging us as violent warmakers to smear us with our family to make us less usable?

If perceived will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"You flubbed." 6.57 am

No doubt about it. But if we look into our bible does it not predict in the end times a massive die off and the Druid Slav people will die off now because of holding the Jews war in as our own? Yes, that is what the Federation predicted at the time of Jesus two thousand years ago. A third of the human race is set to die off from only one Jewish brimstone electricity waste plant in sports meltdown.

Bitch, after he insulted the white folks, stopped posting and accepted that we will perish here. Mercury though did not want to just let you die yourselves off and so Bitch listened to them and started posting again to try and get you to try and throw the murderous Jews out. If we can't get together to stop the war then there really is no more for us at all. Will workers not get into this with a STRIKE

"Judee's a bub, should get him out." A non-Judah speaker said

If we are on the same page understanding that Judah bub has already gotten their corrupt genocidal management out then will we not put labor into the management of our money from now on?

Will workers not look to prevent our rapidly diminishing futures and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, July 10 — Psalm 83:9–12
Isaiah 29; Ephesians 4:29–5:7

When the song was raised, with trumpets and cymbals and other musical instruments, in praise to the Lord, “For he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever,” the glory of the Lord filled the house of God. 2 Chronicles 5:13,14

I pray that you may have the power to comprehend, with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18-19

Amazing God, we pray for all people to come to know the fullness you bring. Help us fill our lives with your love and compassion, and let it overflow so others will want the same. It is in your loving name we pray. Amen.

2.19 PM

"Wonderful creatures have a strafing problem. 9.16 am


You were able to short abusive quite shortily.

Your true failed me space ship.

You're fine for a peaceful fail.

Fail accomplish you.

They still waste you zipper.

Who cares if mice are forcing?

We've got acknowledgment here we'll all be free.

Closeout that mouser.

Chuck Jews rules.

Put them out.

You flushed wrench-in all.

Stupid fierce allege all.

God damned a hard fall.

Hire somebody who is right without a fault.

Hotwire the microphone.

You lost your bugle.

Our car whiskey needs repair.

You really summon a really nice rude.


Stupid, make peace.

Those guys are crazy, you raked them all.

Thank you for profiling.

Long time ago a big house pest make you go.

It's daffits

Patrick very useful, keep it rolling in the right way.

Merschal fail you. 10,59 am

They're punching our file off; Is this what they're doing?

Get the blaze off of us.

His humpin' threw him out.

I don't know what to think about your saultous now. 1.28 pm

They mother false egg.

He's pulling their tale out. 1.58 pm

Nixon is a doubtful monitor." 2.21 pm

"I don't know what to think about your saultous now." 1.28 pm

Could you please try to accept there is no saultous to Bitch, it is Judah that has been fooling everyone about Bitch to hold his genocidal assault in on us?

Thank you. God bless.

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Arizona teen stabbed to death at convenience store, allegedly for playing rap music
"If you're saying that his music is too loud, you're going to kill him?" the teen's father said. "If he asked Elijah to turn it down, he would've probably turned it down."