Jul. 11, 2019

11 JULY 2019

"Hustle Provincial Defeated Your Place. Pat Wakes Up a Basket Case.

Those are a couple overnight Tele receives.

Judah himself said that America is a hopeless place because we do nothing and let them stay in even after what they have done to us. And to think it will only take a few hours of a GENERAL Labor STRIKE and we will have a free nation.

This time everyone's God-given rights recognized because Labor will make the cash available to provide the legal procedure needed to ensure our precious constitutionally guaranteed rights are adhered to.

Our United States Bill of Rights that caused the criminal elements of the world to join together to crush our beautiful nation out to prevent the spread worldwide of free societies.

Why don't they want free societies? With free societies, people work their best and great wealth is built up when people are free to do the best they can.

That our planet is trapped into 80% having less than the basic requirements of life, might we see that is the planet that weap Judah wants to have? Are we understanding that is why he makes war, to hold poverty in as the economic model when he controls the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our cash?

While in the past those who are getting by OK could look aside and let the cats play but this time, do we see it is different? if we do not act the cats will get all of us out this time

The cats who attacked us to exterminate our breed and got caught in the act. Will we not keep praying that workers will reach out to each other and be strong enough to take the organizing principle of society away from them for their treacherous genocidal act against us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

If not for the atomic war attempt to destroy us in an all-out thermonuclear blast war might we have let them stay in? Probably for a while. But they didn't hold their fire, they set the trap and worked their plan and now they're out of here mighty fine.

Will, we not keep praying that workers will take the organizing principle of society away from them for their treasonous genocidal act of poisoning us with brimstone nuclear waste?

For their treasonous acts of nuclear war against us, both blast and waste, will workers not consider settling the score right with a general labor strike until workers hold the organizing principle of society in workers hands?

The organizing principle of society, the prerogative of the sovereign, the authority to issue our money. Will American workers not challenge the nuclear war fighting genocidal Jews for the authority to issue our cash?

Will workers not hear the will of our good God to take the authority to issue our labor created money into your public hands?

The ethnic cleansing of America. Funding our own passing out of life form now. Who will say it ain't so? What might bring American workers to end the nuclear brimstone waste war of the Jews?

So what else is new?

Fukushima ELE - Zero Ticks In Parts Of North Carolina
From David

Hi Jeff,

I am a landscaper in NC and have been doing this for about 20 years. This year is the first year I have not had a tick, seen a tick or had to remove tick/s. In past years, it was possible to remove 3 or 4 a day. Not sure if this is related but I think it's really strange.



Visit the complete Bug, Bird and Animal Extinction Archive Here

The brimstone atomic waste mass destruction of the human race the Jews are doing using their control of the American labor base to fund getting it done. While it might feel nice to say it ain't so, but with the facts staring us right in our faces if we want to look at them how can we say it ain't so?

That extra bright really useful17-year-old young man that was slain by a white guy that was just days out of the can. White supremacy against people that like certain types of music or the Jewish mind control Laboratory Judee runs in their prisons?

The calls for a justice department investigation into what went wrong there. Might a local grand jury open to the public not be much better here?

Have we not seen enough Judah sport to not know it when we see it appear as news?

The authority to issue our money that the focused Jews took into their private hands in 1913. The authority that led to the extirpation of mankind that lives on the surface of planet earth. Our brimstone extinction underway and still going on.

Whiskey that blocked perception that could have revealed to us what is going on here. For those who want to survive the most recent Jewish victory over white people will we not pray to our good God Almighty to save us?

"Our white Sherman failed you," Judee say.

The brutality, unnecessary destruction, the viciousness that white Sherman was known for against our family in the South-lands. Might we today see the deeper strategy of white Sherman was to turn white against white in this new land of hope and promise, America?

The strategy of white against white in the old world of Europe. Might white Sherman have been tasked with Balkanizing the new land of America like they did the old country of Europe?

The argument at the time of Sherman was to keep the union and so they used that ploy to bust our rights and go ahead with their war. The long-range plan do we see now was to permanently take our rights away and Balkanize our nation?

The unending wars both at home and overseas, are we not recognizing it is because only the Jews can issue our money for free?

Our good God Almighty who has expressed His will that workers issue our money from now on. Will workers not hear the love of our good God and do His will that we take care of His simian children on earth?

For our own continued existence will we not hear God's thousands of warnings to stop the war?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? I warned you. You've been warned. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God said.

The 2+2 and free money to a Jew and what do they do other than destroy us and our children in war? Will there be any who will say, "I wasn't warned?"

Bitchie, a nice boy who will not harm you. A boy who will not accept their bagels and locks. Will workers not act and end the authority of their locks?

Will American workers not put our right American rules in and close out the rules of the fascist, Nazi, communist Jews?

The nuclear war fighting Jews who thought they were going to snooker God out of His simian kids on earth.

Now that our good and kind God had His angels let us see the Jews for who they are will we not act and end their hard rude punishment of us? Will the mild people not end the error management that is ruining us? Will labor not give us our STRIKE so that we can let them off right?

"Tweet, tweet tweet, you perish bad." That's what the bird just said. Went outside, it is still dark, 5.05 am

The birds were calling their songs. And that is what one sounded like right after "tweet, tweet, tweet," Bitch heard "you perish bad."

The nuclear war fighting Jews scientists who are reporting to them that they have already destroyed 2 out of 3 Americans with their brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE.

The extraterrestrial intervention that has gone on now for nearly four generations. With tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in private Jews hands is it really that hard to figure out what is going on here?

Bitch studied the extraterrestrial literature for 5 years before he finally figured out the plan all along was to wipe us out in a nuclear war.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," 'B' said right at the moment in July of 1997 that Bitch figured it out.

Bitch then 49 years old and the truth finally broke through, the plan all along was to smoke us all with the thousands of nuclear weapons the Jews ordered built using our workers' dollars.

Will American workers not try to see the truth? And what is the truth? The truth is we have a good God above who truly loves us and wants us to live.

The faultiness of the Jews on their exclusive rights that encourage them to rape, rob, kidnap and kill whoever they like and get away with it legally. Will American workers not take some good advice from the angels God sent in and STRIKE THEM OUT NOW? Will workers not end the terrorism of this insurance thrill kill state here?

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT," elders from Mercury said to American workers nearly 8 years ago. Will American workers not take the good advice from our extraterrestrial elders that have spared our lives and STRIKE THEM OUT NOW?

The extraterrestrial Beings that our kind and good God sent in to spare us from the nuclear war the Jews ordered to be put on us. Will American workers not try to see the mercy and forgiveness our good God has shown to you and me?

The dangerous sexual criminal psychopaths that occupy the money management seats in our world. Will workers not try the 2+2=4 calculation that God gave as to why He won't save us, STRIKE THEM OUT and give us another brand to issue our money?

Little funds to help our homeless but unlimited funds to assault our family in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Will American workers not end funding harm to the other children of God?

To save not merely our souls but our physical lives will American workers not end funding the Jews permanent war?

The smiling faces that show no traces of the evil that lurks within. Will workers not end free funding them so that we can forget their names?

Bitchie, "deeply imperfect" as Sir Maximilian said. "His fault is stupid due to enduring prolonged periods of suffering," God said of His shill Bitch.

But do we recall that God also said, "he'll be OK because his thinking is based in love?"

"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule; electrify them, enrich them," is what God has deemed Bitch service is.

Bitch tried 5 of those free energy experiments he saw on YouTube. Not one of them did he produce free energy to light up a bulb. Could it be his magnets not as strong as those used on YouTube? Not the right thickness of wire for the coils he wound up? Not sure what it is. So he is taking a break from trying any more of their free energy experiments for a while.

Yet we know free energy is as real as our planet soaring through the universe is. The over 2 million miles per hour our planet is traveling, that is if the astronomers have got it right.

Are we seeing our perpetual high-speed motion is where the free energy is coming from? Will labor not bring it in for all of us now?

The genetically modified Jewish science food that has been banned throughout our world but America is mixing it in heavily. Will, we not protect ourselves by funding the organizations that will help us survive this multifaceted attack against our lives?

Farmer Conducts Experiment Using GMO and Non-GMO Corn, Discovers Sobering Truth That Animals Know and Humans Don’t
by Nick Meyer | July 5, 2019

The farmer, a friend of IRT founder and best-selling author Jeffrey M. Smith, left two bags of corn, one GMO and one non-GMO, in a work room.

The mice broke into both bags, but quickly stopped eating after taking a few bites of the GMO corn.
“They just took a nibble from one of the kernels of this and never came back to eat it,” Smith said. “They devoured the non-GMO corn.”

Bitchie had a large amount of GMO food one time and it temporarily took his eyesight away. He tried a smaller amount another time and it dimmed his eyesight that time. He does not eat it all now if he knows it is in a product.

That testing of our milk for radioactive waste was ended 5 years ago. Would it not be wise to get hold of our money and put it back in again?

"Roast kidney disease," the congressperson said about 6 or 7 years ago when Bitch reported it to you all. Are there some who do not know just how we are being destroyed here?

"If I stay with bourse power I'll sock your jaw. I will just merchandise you til the end. We stumble head right. Because I wiped the nursery my Jew rights went in. I just spirit Druid register right to fall. We just satirize you to laugh at nice guys. Because you didn't roll criminals right I cease your life.

I'm on for another foul here. Ireland genius fall us excellent but I'm still on top. Judee animal just moshes you. Your rhythm is foul so I die you. I just sport you c note until I go in. About you what is dangerous I use to fall you all the time. By keeping off energy I affect all my opp-a-gees. I fit you Bolshewits. Bitch, I have ceased to molest you in pies because I have fallen. I just set you out rumor. Our 4 eyes throw your velocity well.

I'm out for H----- time. If I suffer you GM that's nice Judee. Because of our big rapture here Jew had to get off Sinai. Genie toast electricity has taken out my free ride here. With our white socks averages here we just brute sports. I hold you cannibal bomb with my wit. My London gene gives me all of this chaff. We were throwing you out until whiteness got a scent. A nice boy we just throw him away, cancel him out.

I freeze Mercury. Bitchie wall us for sport. First dog fell the minnows. Giapetto Jew white boys. We've shelved the white man. We just false you a nice trouble. Patrick ever paralyzed you's Malthusa while trying to right ya's. Bitch wants my cables suspended rich. My course is just about out, you have cadaver rights, my fist has ceased you," Judee say.

Will American workers not get the purse and put our wonderful American rights in again? Must we not reject the cadaver rights the Jews have forced on us?

"About you what is dangerous I use to fall you all the time."

That we are dangerously freely funding all of the war sport the Jews enjoy putting on our family are we seeing they are using our dangerous to fall us hard this time?

Might we even think about the dangerous words that Bitch spoke when his life was under severe pressure by the unending perps the Jews sent to put Bitch in, and how the Jews have used those temporarily insane words to fall him now?

Will we not keep praying that workers will take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and put our right and fair laws in once again?

A questioning Senator said to the chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve:

"I got to tell you you're closed."

Will workers not accept the truth the Federal Reserve Jews are closed and fold them outright with a strike?

Tele receives:

"Hey, they're dying us off awfully!

They just worship ails, get sheeny off grants.

Christianologists slipped.

A new powerful wale, help us.

White guy serve bads, you get ravaged.

Bitch hate us. 7.15 pm

Sabre con slaying horrible every fish.

They fired us entirely.

Madison holds your brow for slum day.

They handle us fiercely.

We conquered here. 8.27 pm

Oh my God, they strafe us rightful vegetables.

All the foreign people see us as a couple of jerks.

The white in large men sure are out a here.

Don't worry about it, your error is still going to pitch them in.

Bitch, all my salary comes from dirt men.

That's what I said to him and he wrote it down.

Throw them away.

Highly Weiner is a force that is pushing you's.

A fur receipt is boring your fields.

Marsh perpetrates the end of the insane Jews.

Goose pressure abandon you to hell.

Your mothers too rigid is dead.

The enemy is sweating. 9.52 pm

You much failed to Jewry.

Hustle provincial defeated your place.

Pat wakes up a basket case.

Jew tossed you out religiously.

You lost your hale for skidifeorus.

This is a joy to have proceeded you merciless.

These nations I give away will help to start your courage.

I'm suda press from the future.

Disturb you effort was a big fuse.

We just epitomize a religious fail.

It's a General Electric fight, a comfortable fail.

I mush you out in victory. 3.12 am

Bitch insult you and it blew the whole thing up.

They moused us out of existence.

Good enough." 7.54 am
The docile mild people at any moment may step in and take over the issue of our money here. Will we not pray for that peace moment to happen now?

While preparing this post in the background have been watching the events surrounding the slaying of James Byrd in 1998.

Found a few interesting subconscious thoughts from speakers in the video report. Here is what one white guy said:

"They got my ass with sulfate."

Could that have been when he was jailed many times in his young life? Might his subconscious have figured out that he had been chemicaled to blow his wits right?

And here is what an official said in RS concerning the trial of the accused that dragged James Byrd:

"Citizens here so able to blindfold abuse."

Here is some more RS from several speakers found in that video about the dragging death of James Byrd:

"I'm a right basalt Jew. Morgan throws you Jew step. We feign intel, that's part of our vowels. Wall Street on off-a-wrenchal made you die.

We believe there was a Jew force pushing all boys. (juror)

Nuclear fool is ever freeing the men from infamy. They got us through the white man. (Non-Judah speakers)

This was a cop-a-ment Jew shooting nice scrubbage. (A relative of the accused)

My shear all office throw my hand." (Official)

Will workers not get the authority to issue our money away from these faulty guys and gals and close out these sports in our land? Will Americans not close their rape murder dungeons up as our good God wills and let the fishies roam free? Will workers not try to recognize that the master has lost his rights?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have NO defensible rights," God said.

Must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, July 11 — Psalm 83:13–18
Isaiah 30,31; Ephesians 5:8–20

The Lord shall arbitrate for many peoples; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks. Isaiah 2:4

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors! Luke 2:14

Father God, thank you for your judgment, your glory, and your peace given to each of us. All three help keep us on course to do your will. Thank you for who you will always be. Amen.

4.07 pm

"The woppers you fell. 11.06 am

If you're tired take a break.

Toss them out. 11.36 am

You're not too blame. 12.30 pm

You're awesome off for brutal.

Poverty is how they stop you here.

Attitude will right you.

intellectuals stole merry. 2.38 pm

They harsh power white guys." 4.06 pm

"You're awesome off for brutal."

Bitch is exactly the opposite of brutal but Judah has his ways and means to convince many people otherwise. Hopefully, the workers will figure out that if Bitch were in any way brutal Father would not have any use for him whatsoever.

The intellectuals that stole merry. Now that our extraterrestrial family has let them expose themselves do they not look quite as intellectual as their are purported to be?

4 years of college and not one discussion ever about the presence of extraterrestrials in our world. Might workers divine that intellectuals have done more than stolen merry, they have failed us all fine?


Thank you. God bless.

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