Jul. 12, 2019

12 JULY 2019

"They Arm Themselves with Cash. Reason They Confidently Pushed Out."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Are we making the connection with cash and arming the world as to why things are as they are?

Matthew 25:39 When did we see You sick or in prison and visit You?’ 40 And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’

Are mild people not able to see why weap Judah won his rights to rob, rape, kidnap and murder us legally in the United States? Are we not aware enough to understand it is because we have no rights and then to fix it put our rights in?

Bitch failed by insulting, irritating and was abrasive to the mild people of the United States. What did the one Tele sender say about why Bitch did his blooper, "Too long at the front?"

Here is a reverse speech Bitch found yesterday:

"You set Poppy worsed-ed."

Poppy who wants His simian children on earth to know of him, to listen to His loving words of wisdom and guidance, to love Him. Father who has saved our lives from the Jews on free American labor bourse who on their own would have wiped us out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear blast, heat and radiation force.

Papa who loves us all equally and unconditionally with agape love and Bitch worse-ed set it for Poppy with his insult to the white people of America.

Judee said that "Bitch shorted you's," with his insult to you's. Didn't give you all that you were due. And now we are going out of life form.

Judee tells us that between his terrorism and our timidy he has won his rights. He claims it was Bitch blooper and whiskey that let him win. The mental hold of pooch and baby set that held mild people to quietly die off involved in sin.

Bitch reads the postings and is convinced even with as much abuse as the Jews have done and are doing to us the majority of Americans still do not perceive that we have lost our lifeforms. Slated now to perish inhaling radioactive dust.

And the weap Jews revealing in reverse facial speech that they are already off of here. The chancellor shaking and revealing in reverse speech that the Jews have fled and left her. Telling from the subconscious that the truthful guy is what unmasked her.

Will, we not hope that the ordinary workers will perceive that not everybody likes us and the Jews are doing all they can to die us off of here now?

"The minnows have wiped all of your rights out."

That reverse facial speech is in Bitch notes, though don't recall who said that. Was it a Judah or non-Judah speaker?

The minnows who are still supporting Jewish sports war as we lose our life forms. "What happened here," Poppy said after Bitch had his blooper over 7 years ago.

Bitch very tense that other day and couldn't quite figure out why. Later he stepped out of his car and had only gotten a few feet away when a small car came blazing passed missing him by only seconds. "Thank you, Mercury, for throwing that drivers timing off by a few seconds."

And so that is why Bitch was tense, his subconscious was aware there was a opp on him. Then yesterday he found this reverse facial speech on the news:

"West Germans are moving on to fist you faithfully."

He had pulled several reverse facial speech before the guy in the high-speed car missed him, indicating that there was a new opp on him. Might it be his revealing the tyranny in Germany is now crumbling as to why this new opp got near him?

The Jews and their corrupt indigenous criminal collaborators are finished as soon as the minnows say it is so. But when will the minnows step on in?

The rights we finance for Judah that he uses to contract murder our family overseas. Are we seeing that by paying for his murder opps overseas, we give to the Jews the right to murder us right here at home in the land of the free?

Are we perceiving that by agreeing to let the Jews do what they want with our money overseas we take away our own rights to life right here in America?

Rather than a question of intelligence as to why we have always failed to hold our rights in, might it be a question of consciousness? Fear? Unawareness of just how precious rare and unique our rights are?

What might it take to bring us to protect ourselves from the obvious brimstone genocide of the Jews?

What is their power? Is it any other that the authority to issue our money?

When the minnows are holding the public authority to issue our money instead of the Jewtopians, will our food not be clean then? Certainly, it will.

Might our children and grandchildren have brighter wits then? Certainly, they will.

As labor will no longer be hiring our top kids to be harmed as the Jews do to us might we not show some real wits then? Certainly, we will.

But when will we have the intelligence to challenge the Jews for the control of the organizing principle of our society? When will we have the wits to help ourselves out of the tyranny the Jews always put in?

The Jews who have worked as a single-minded power long before they took over the organizing principle of the United States in 1913. And since they took control of the organizing principle of our society what have they used the United States for other than destroying hundreds of millions of human lives in war?

Our elders from Mercury don't even say we are mis-sighted.

What they do say is that we need to be "re-sighted in peace."

Is it understood that the white minnows have now allowed ourselves to be set by the cunning intelligent Jews to be put out of life form on our own dollar?

Bitch, a nice boy who will not harm you, but his fault has made it worsed-ed for Poppy to reach you's to try and convince you's to save yourselves.

The Jews, a false people with a burlesque that has armed forces standing around guarding their sports show. Will the minnows not get smart and let them off now for what they have done to us?

And what have they done to us? is it not seen yet they have poisoned us and our kids in a way that will end our existence 9 million years before we are supposed to leave?

The systematic commission of atrocity, war sins against civilian populations that are carried on as business as usual by Washington, London, and Berlin.

Will American workers not act and prevent Moscow from war sin sporting us next?

Here are some Judee reverse facial speech just found in the international news from Japan:

"The currency debts let me keep in my foul. They're taking our brutal function off with our office. I break minnows for free so I can tear you. The minnows at school I all tore. The scientist in America has seen the moon will set you with out my rightly; I have goose symbols that set and make you.

Jew is eye-pull for bombing out righteous every day. Western's in a pickle so I'm out. A dumb horse much abuse and I'm leaving you a geno-state. You're putting me away because I hate too much. His mother has advised you on our wicked and we couldn't wreck him. Super packed my sport insure. I got 40%, it's for passed you leave. We just fall you wall. I scored orientals completely Judah," Judee say.

The person who said, "I scored orientals completely," appeared to be oriental. Might we in the West take note of that as the white Jew look alike Fornian hybrid Jew shells are scoring white people too? Do we recall Judah is claiming he has wiped out our family in Tokyo with radioactive waste? That is what he said in reverse facial speech

Our family in Asia is now aware of the nuclear war genocidal plans of the Replicon shell Jews and indications are in a day they may close them out of there too. Will American labor not lead us in this effort to let them off of us here so that we and the rest of our family in this world can be free of the Jews genocidal destruction of us and our planet?

"It's obvious this is our final rude catas."

That also from an Asian Judee look alike hybrid transplant shell.

And a report of Great Britain arresting Iranian officers. Here is what Great Britain's spokesperson said in reverse facial speech:

"I have freedom to make you faulty guys."

Will American workers not put out rights in so Jews or their fellow travelers won't have the freedom to make Americans faulty guys?

Are we seeing how the Jews are using Great Britain's labor purse that they privately hold and have held since 1694 combined with a lack of rights to make arrests of Iranian officers?

Are Americans not perceiving they are doing all they can to get a war going with Iran so they can bomb America out before they lose the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our cash?

Will workers not close out the JP Morgan war machine money paid to their private hands from our labor? Will workers not take over labors bank and issue our money?

Might we consider the root of all wealth is labor? The products and services offered for sale. If not for workers would there be anything available here?

Are we seeing that the root of our wealth is labor? Must workers not get involved and end letting our labor be used for war?

Tele receives:

"They're uncontainable lethal.

Cricket failed our force.

Authorize your establish.

Our wheels are turning.

Hey, welcome! 6.57 pm

You're tossing out yourselves, Patrick is telling you the truth.

Patrick's sapped the stealing hydra.

Cat forcing you awful. 8.33 pm

A real bummer sale.

They seal you off the best.

Gerry will set thee dumb.

Accomplish dead.

They arm themselves with cash. 11.24 pm

They will not hypnotize much longer.

Reason they confidentially pushed out. 2.30 am

Shell fisty for London. 3.02 am

Pat, he will release us.

The end of Jew tyranny on earth is to be real field particle monstered you.

You've been whiskey scored.

Luck you failed." 7.51 am

Well, luck, that depends on how it is looked at.

Bitchie considers it incredibly lucky that he learned about Father in his life. A long time professed atheist. He looked around and considered if we have god he doesn't care much about us and let it go at that.

And only to find out at 61years of age we do have a God and He is good and He does care about all of us here on earth.

Matthew 25:44 And they too will reply, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to You?’ 45 Then the King will answer, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me.’

That Father is concerned about the least of us and wants us to care for each other right. Will workers not end the inhumanity and ungodliness of solitary confinement? Will American workers not do God's will and issue our money and put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

The real and true indecency in our world. Is it not seen it is what we fund the Jews to do to our family every day in America and around our world?

Will workers not get the punishment crowd out and bring in the love of God in for us here?

If so will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, July 12 — Psalm 84:1–7
Isaiah 32:1–33:16; Ephesians 5:21–33

The Lord says, “If you obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession out of all the peoples. Indeed, the whole earth is mine.” Exodus 19:5

God saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to his own purpose and grace. This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the ages began. 2 Timothy 1:9

Lord of grace, you have called us to be your people, to do your work, and to be filled with your Holy Spirit. Please guide and strengthen us with the love you have shown from the very beginning. In your holy name. Amen.

4.24 pm

"We're impressed with you. 8.39 am

I'm totally corrupt. 8.47 am

Horror police fell. 9.48 am

All their crazy fell walletly. 10.17 am

These son of a bitches psych insane.

They're basing Houstonly. 12.06 pm

Jealous fierce pitch.

Police are oppin a huge gen assault on us here.

They're offending our breed. 1.00 pm

They Allah you here to foog you.

We just cheat you red.

I need sale.

Fetch gruse-al.

They rape us when they get a hold of a campus now.

We just thieffo ho right.

A pretty sufficient day they butt us.

They sick us santal.

Good luck to your soul power force.

Get them off reasonable. 1.46 pm

Englishman bare thee falsing.

Jew tyranny all failed.

Not 25 cents.

They're into hit-tight. 3.21 pm

Bitch you failed espiritu income.

Bank robbery will make you awful rich bustin'." 4.12 pm

Continues at





A jury has reached a verdict in the federal death penalty trial of a former University of Illinois doctoral student charged with kidnapping and killing a 26-year-old visiting scholar from China. NBC 5’s Phil Rogers reports.
(Published Monday, June 24, 2019
Matthew Herndon of University of Wisconsin-Madison physics testified Thursday he taught Brendt Christensen and went on to employ him and wrote a letter of recommendation to get Christensen into Illinois' physics program.

Herndon testified Thursday before the federal jury that convicted Christensen of kidnapping and killing 26-year-old Yingying Zhang in 2017. Jurors are to decide whether Christensen should be sentenced to death.

Here is some reverse facial speech found in that video:
Zhang's mother screaming and crying teary-eyed said in reverse facial speech:

"I'm Jew oss out for all time. They're faulting us out weap-a-sid. Dusty out our maker sees us."

This next RS was from another family member of Zhang's:

"Our maypole seize you weird."

This next RS was from an official involved in prosecuting Brendt Christensen

"This was a true Federal mug whole. I just bore you true aggression hell. Our MOXals have sincerely made us ex."

And these RS are from the Judah shells reporting this story:

"Your dim Iowa fall your site. The sentence spad set this the false way. This was oust Jew room ways."

".....someone who lost control, someone who battled these dark thoughts."
Elisabeth Pollack defense attorney for Brendt Christensen.

Bitch read this years ago as a Judee girl in an Asian shell who had to hide and now do we see how the Jews ghosted Zhang and got extra points for taking one of our bright rising scientists off judicially using false process? While on the subject of stealing our brightest away my prayers and thoughts are with the family of Heavenly Sloan.

Middletown 18-year-old Heavenly Sloan disappeared Sunday between Ohio and Michigan, parents say
Video 2.34 at

This Saturday photo released by the Barbados Government Information Service shows a jet ski off the coast of Guadalupe in the Caribbean. According to Barbados authorities, the jet ski's registration matches the one rented on June 24 by missing New Jersey couple Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil, who set off from Holetown on the island's west coast but never returned. | BARBADOS GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE / VIA AP

Thank you. God bless.