Oct. 12, 2019

"Because of My Rice Here I'm Waking You Up," Judee say.

The increase in knowledge that our bibles reveal to us that we will have in the last days.

Daniel 12:3 Then the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever. 4 But you, Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will roam to and fro, and knowledge will increase.”

Might we have to give it to weap Judah, because of their rice they are waking us up? Their rice too far that got them tossed out of the management of America and with it the world. Do we recall that was the rice of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast, heat and radiation force they launched at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

How about we look into our bibles some more to see what is ahead for us here?

Daniel 12:5 Then I, Daniel, looked and saw two others standing there, one on this bank of the river and one on the opposite bank. 6 One of them said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long until the fulfillment of these wonders?” 7 And the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by Him who lives forever, saying, “It will be for a time, and times, and half a time. When the power of the holy people has finally been shattered, all these things will be completed.”…

…8 I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these things?” 9 “Go on your way, Daniel,” he replied, “for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will be purified, made spotless, and refined, but the wicked will continue to act wickedly. None of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.…

11 And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days. 12 Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days. 13 But as for you, go on your way until the end. You will rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.”…

The daily sacrifice that American workers are funding for Jewish war sport. Might we now be going into the abomination of desolation? What do the words of prophecy in the bible indicate? Are we aware those words in our bibles arise from computer simulations of an advanced peaceful intergalactic civilization, the Galactic Federation of Light?

Jesus died so that we might live. Will American workers not end funding the hideous ungodly destruction of war? Can we not hear the plea of assassinated John Lennon to "give peace a chance?"

2,000 years after the suffering and death Jesus by the mental controlled Romans directed by the Jews. Must we not stop the war?

The mild breeds of the north both East and West, facing the worst possible scenario, left stranded on a burned-out planet to die. Will ordinary everyday workers not act up, STRIKE THEM OUT and put our right way in once again?

Has their rice not waken us enough that we will not act to preserve our lives?

While researching yesterday came across an absolutely astounding video at YouTube of a fellow, Raymond Blackwell, who demonstrated in 2010 what Tom Ogle showed us back in the 1970s. He used gasoline vapor to power a 6 hp engine.

No fancy laboratory test lab equipment so we don't know the exact energy output, but from looking at the video the engine appeared to be running at full power. Raymond used a little ultrasonic fog generator in gasoline to make the vapor he ran his engine with.

Doing some numbers, found on the internet, the 6 horsepower engine should have burned about 3.5 pounds of gasoline per hour. Yet the fogger puts out only 300 ml, which is about a half-pound of gasoline fog per hour. What could that indicate? An over-unity reaction that is about 7 to 1?

If that fogger Raymond demonstrated was used to power a car or truck that got 20 miles to the gallon, using that fogger would it get 7 times that, 140 miles per gallon?

Might Raymond be showing us a simplified version of a Tom Ogle carburetor? Do we recall that Tom's carburetor was over unity, it returned more energy than was put into it?

Here's a picture of the little fog generator that Raymond used to create gasoline vapor to run his 6 HP engine:

The foggers sell for about $10 dollars plus shipping. They use ultrasonic frequencies to turn liquid into a gas vapor. They are used in many applications such as moisturizing mushrooms and novelty foggers. They are designed for water not gasoline but Raymond shows us they do fog gasoline well.

Here is a picture of Raymond putting a fog generator into a glass of gasoline. Note the frothy fog in the glass jar that he is sticking a hose into to feed the intake of the 6 HP engine?

Now we see Raymond pulling the start cord and drawing gasoline vapor into the engine:

The engine is running now and do we note the fog is being drawn into the hose to feed the engine?

"The son of a bitches are destroying us." 3.28 am

Bitch just heard that Tele receive while putting up these pictures of Raymond's invention at Simple Site.

(NOTE) Bitch does not recommend trying Raymond's invention of using gasoline to vaporize due to the potential of harm. With that said, experienced experimenters that know the potential hazards of vaporizing gasoline and have explosion and fire protection available, that is a different situation.

As to the fact of over unity, if we consider that 6 HP engine is giving its full power using the ultrasonic fogger generated vapor, are we seeing it is using only a 7th of the normal amount of gasoline that it ordinarily would use if not first turned into a fog?

So what could be happening here? Where could the free energy be coming from that is showing up using the ultrasonic fogger?

Here we see that gasoline fog after Raymond takes the hose away from the glass jar:

A little over a half-pound of fog vapor is all that fogger will produce per hour yet it is driving an engine that ordinarily burns 3.5 pounds of gasoline per hour. So what might explain the small amount of energy input to the energy output that is giving such a large return?

Here's what Bitch theorize:

The ultrasonic generator that breaks up the particles of the water or in this case, gasoline, using high-frequency sound is producing a change in the ground state configuration of the particles.

If the energized and ultrasonically reconfigured particles are left on their own they will over a period of time return to their original ground state rest configuration.

On the other hand, while they are still in their energized configuration if they are put to a high-speed reaction, such as is found in the combustion chamber of an engine, to complete the combustion reaction the particles first need to return to their original ground state configuration.

As the reaction in the combustion chamber is a high-speed reaction, in the process of returning to their ground state configuration the lighter particles involved enter into the speed of light reactions.

This produces a slowing of the flow of time on those particles sending them temporarily into the 5th dimension.

The amount of free energy drawn in from the static field (zero-point) is thousands of times over-unity to what the energy is needed to create the reaction. That exact number will be known when we have these machines up and running for a time. Suffice to say, it is many thousands of times over the input energy needed to produce a reaction to draw in free energy.

The heavy particles, magnetic, amperage in the combustion chamber remain in the 4th dimension and are freed to torque at the plane of the dimension extracting free energy from the static field. Chemists may refer to it as a "quantum pinch," or physicists might say, "electron drag."

The power source is the 'Aether as' Aristotle called it. Tesla called them "standing waves." He found three of them in 1911.

The static field is the zero point field that Russian academy of science researcher Lev Saporski suggested is where the free energy was coming from that showed up in the Moldavian cavitation 4 times over-unity heater pump.

That Russian Academy of sciences Moldavian cavitation pump heater investigation in 2003 that proved conclusively it was an over-unity device. The paper released by the Russian team that investigated the Moldavian over-unity cavitation heater pump was the research paper that led Dr. Eugene Mallove to finally figure out where the free energy was coming from that showed up in free energy machines. Do we recall he announced it to the world in May of 2004 and was shot to death shortly thereafter?

Bitch ordered an ultrasonic fogger and should receive it next week about Thursday. He is not going to use it with gasoline, only water. I want to try some experiments with it. Can we only wonder will fog vapor increase miles per gallon? If Bitch theory is correct, it should.

What is happening with the fogger is electrically similar to what happens in a HHO water cell. In an HHO cell Water is charged electrically producing a vapor that is fed into the engine intake. The electricity changes the ground state configuration of the water molecule and the charged HHO vapor needs to undergo the same process as the gasoline of Raymond's experiment. The charged water vapor returns to its original ground configuration energy state and that produces percentages of the speed of light reactions bringing on displacement in the time-space continuum that allows free energy to enter into our devices.

HHO, while many have tried them, have drawbacks that have prevented them from reaching widespread regular use. Maybe they're too complex? They can freeze up in cold weather and they can burn out an alternator or 2 as Bitch has learned by talking with a fellow who built and installed them.

With this inexpensive ultrasonic device, very little electrical drain so no danger of alternator problems. And as to freeze-ups, might windshield washer fluid be of use to fill the water needed for the fogger? Sure, if gasoline fogs great should windshield washer fluid not also work well? Seems it should, doesn't it?

As the Jews in Saudi Arabia fire missiles at the Iranian Jews oil tankers, will American workers not help us here with a STRIKE?

Might we note how the cunning Jews pulled American troops out so they could have their Turkey Replicon brand attack the Kurds to get Americans to want to bring military force back into the Middle East?

Do the Jews not know how to play with us well enough that we will not now end funding their playtime with us, their sporting us war? When American labor no longer gives money to the Jews might we expect Turkey to end the attack upon our Kurdish family? Certainly. When American workers end funding war might it stop? Yes, it will.

"I've warned you thousands of times to stop the war. I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin. My kids, treat them super nice. The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishies roam free. I want you to be comfortable."

Those and so many more things that precious sweet Father has said to us here. Will American workers not help us to stop the war before the war stops us all?

Precious sweet Father who wants His simian children on earth to know Him, to love Him as he loves us all. Will, we not pray for that 30-minute breakthrough to appear so that American workers will stop the war?

The free energy the Jews have kept out for so long. When the final count is made will it surprise anyone if the researchers in the field of free energy have not been died off as big as civil rights and labor organizing activists?

Clyde Kennard

Veteran, Student, Civil Rights Activist : 1927 - 1963
What happened to me isn´t as bad as what happened to the guard [the prison guard who abused me], because this system has turned him into a beast, and it will turn his children into beasts.
June 12, 1927: Clyde Kennard is born.
1955, 1958, 1959: Years that Kennard applied for enrollment to Mississippi Southern College.
September 25, 1960: Kennard is arrested on a false charge of stealing.
July 4, 1963: Kennard dies from cancer after his release from prison.
December 31, 2005: Investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell publishes his interview with the "witness" to Kennard's crime who recants, clearing Kennard's name.
May 16, 2006: Kennard is exonerated in the Circuit Court of Forrest County, Mississippi

Clyde Kenner who died as a young man from bowel cancer after being framed up and locked up in a Mississippi prison.

And Wilbert Smith (1910-1962) who died of bowel cancer after making contact with extraterrestrials. Wilbert left us at 52 and Clyde at 36 years of age.

Wilbert who informed us that extraterrestrials told him our next level of technology would involve time differentials. Our current ones of voltage, temperature and pressure differentials will now have the next step up, time differentials. Are we seeing we are talking about our free energy machines that operate on the basis of time differentials?

While thinking about ultrasonics, might that be an easy way to cause a heater coil to operate using free energy?

Maybe an inexpensive ultrasound device clipped to the electric line of a heater to inductively put ultrahigh frequencies into it that will go into the heater coil and produce reactions with our planet's standing waves to bring in free energy from our high-speed motion through the Cosmos? The product that will bring our free energy industries alive. Might it already be on our shelves just waiting for us to wire it up? Yes, it certainly is.

The need for peace might we consider overrides everything else? The sickness the Jews have now locked us into using their atomic war machine attacking us from Hitachi-GE. Must we not act to end our being victims of brimstone atomic waste genocide?

Our Papa who loves us all and wants us to join in with His other children in our world and off-planet. Our family out there. "You never fiend, you're a nice boy. He remained true to me," Papa said of His son Bitch.

Bitch who has taken the time to try and figure out why our world is in such hazard and what does he find eventually other than Posterpedic making war on us all. The hybrid transplant look alike Babylonian Jew Fornian Replicons, the innerspring 5th columnists that have taken over planet earth with a mission that is their passion, to die everyone off killing the whites most of all.

"Our big success was holding the Druid hopeless"

That subconscious thought that showed up in reverse facial speech came from a 22-year-old Asian Fornian guy. The Jews high school kids that smile so extremely hard laughing at us as they speak. Are we aware their success that produces such great mirth is because they claim to have held the Druid hopeless to die us off?

While the Jews may feel so smart in comparison to the rest of us, to our extraterrestrial elders are we seeing the Jews are quite boring and predictable? Are we recognizing our extraterrestrial elders predicted 2,000 years ago that the Jews would wipe a third of us out with brimstone coming out of our mouths when the Jew beasts left our world?

While the Jews have tried to put the entire human race away with their 400 dirty bomb power plants they planned to blow up to die us all off, are we seeing our elders have shut down all of their dirty bombs so far preventing the Jews from destroying the entire surface of our world?

If they keep telling you that "Bitch is a John" is that really germane to the issue of the Jews joke on us all?

The bible tells us the beast will leave and go downstairs to live for the next thousand years and then return again and finally be put to rest. Is it not curious and absolutely amazing how peaceful extraterrestrials let a pest get rid of themselves?

If only elders would use a broom on the Jews room to get them away but they just won't do that any day. Extraterrestrial elders don't traffic in pain or cruelty and they never take life or use force to get their way.

Though of course, they do give advice to those who need help. We have been gifted with free will and are free to decide if we want to take the extraterrestrials advice or not. What say you labor? Will, you not take the good advice that God sent with His angels as to how to proceed to save our lives?

Tele receives:

"It's a here aid. 12.29 pm

Went to be harm died right here.

The justice.

More fit is awfully psyhcus thee.

They have score knowledge to create fear dies. 1.14 pm

You only got angry residential, save us, Patrick. 7.16 pm

Prejudice mental state only minimizes real life.

This vast killing apparatus punishes you quite well.

Stranded you off of this field vagrancy.

For pure punishment take them out of here.

They're dying us childish.

They better us slumkee.

Get me out."

Could that last Tele receive be one of our useful that the Jews are holding in prison? Will workers not do God's will and bring our legitimate state in here and close out the Jews gulag rule?

"I just boom boom ya in with the state department. My summons hassle is completely done. Prison makes me most happy, I just like to give you a boot sandwich. I guess I'm dead, a true fall. Our lies are starting to trip us some. We're just threat fishing criminals. I cite you fortential. I'm deceased but you're canceled for your force; we're big boys, we push you away.

With a Molitor I goose rate you but this guy caught me so I die. Scientist got our fierce cleared right. I fail for my symbol, I just sport you invest. A baby shot is famous for holding off white people, super, otherwise, you'd of had me out. We scored him with a kid and couldn't get him out and Papa let us go. To false you we buy some officials, that's our right.

I just have an extreme itch and the supreme force wouldn't let me bust you's all the way. I'm about ready to fall off, out of time for my shot, you let me have police so I set you bad. I've got 4 months to Dolly hatch, Bitch fired me. We bourse some able fights to cus you. You're all fooled off dead. The white man we took out right with medicine," Judee say.

Depending on the neighborhood they do their dies in, instead of shooting on the streets that they do openly in some neighborhoods, in white neighborhoods are we perceiving they get us with medicine?

"They give you a heroin breeze."

Here's some more Tele receives since earlier:

"They fall you fast noodle.

You're a sell mortgagee. 6.36 am

We white people destroyed ourselves.

Our function is obscurity.

The white people are going out of existence.

The Jews big package flew out.

They're still attacking us with nuclear missiles from Russia.

They just got to beast you poison and they shot." 7.47 am

A non-Judah woman in Africa said in RS:

"Judah out of time because he pitched bad and stole."

Hee's another non-Judah speaker in RS:

"I know now you have folded all Druid waste."

Bitch praying that isn't so, praying that Druid will end our die with a STRIKE!

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, October 12 — Psalm 118:22–29
Ezekiel 18:19–19:14; James 1:9–18
More majestic than the thunders of mighty waters, more majestic than the waves of the sea, majestic on high is the Lord! Psalm 93:4
Jesus said to the disciples, “Where is your faith?” They were afraid and amazed, and said to one another, “Who then is this, that he commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him?” Luke 8:25
Majestic and amazing Lord, you are beyond our control; so much of life seems beyond our control. But you promise that human history moves toward your just and loving rule. Help us to be part of that movement. Amen.

12.22 pm

"Scoring us out wrench.

Luxury scored our base out here.

Camel forces close our state still. (Woman said walking her little dog as Bitch drove to the store)

We're not too enthusiastic about the way the baby took you out. (Woman in the store said telepathically)

It's fell complete.

Jitterbug fall off right. (Man in the parking lot)

You played good goose gun. (Judee woman said)

You're all flirty. (2 teenaged giggling girls in the parking lot)

Your problem is nuclear. (Woman in the parking lot said)

We haven't been able to stop you Pat, you death me mutual. (Store employee)

You're not too smart here. (Store employee rolling a merchandise cart passed)

They make war for seperin. (Didn't see who said that in the store)

He be ash.

Oh, Pat, you're harassing out yourself.

Dangerous heretics mortgage abusive.

Timidy threats you, your wits went under.

They baby slit our place.

It's over with and they psychology us fierce fear nab.

Pat, your life's to be ceased now chemical bubble.

It's all off bash off Fed.

It's all basic stuff, technology as filthy, it's all rubbish checks tyranny.

Our racket failed thee, failed ya's.

Your palace fold on proceedjus evil.

You never field psyche psycholous, they fold you right out of your field.

They corrupt fail rice warring.

Wonderful Patrick failed host guarding.

Hide yourself financial will take us.

STRIKE THEM OUT for this rifle-ous, they're rifling bad.

They out you sin.

Fused awesome lost your field state, now you're cow-fish.

Idiots dutiful capped your life forms.

Pleurisy is waste force.

They just fraud you fail.

Oh, this fiberous here is dying us off, all off.

Police forces core Jew infidel.

STRIKE THEM OUT for establishing sin.

They're clearly rifles that abandon multiples.

They feed you gibberish, you lost your peaceful ashfully.

They die you waste storm freaks.

It's a long term decimate of mild people.

They hearsed us benefits missiles.

They Federal false us wale us.

Federal tyranny rights fall mental fierce.

Just keep a signal Pat, they keep launching.

Menacing they assign you boot.

Wonderful life forms spirit us in half race bad.

Disturbing animals.


Embezzle a small morsel to stay alive and they use it to die us.

The son of a bitches are destroying us.

Thief on fire will not save us.

Fear rolls the biggest life forms around.

Good luck.

I just cheat you wrench.

Thief is holding us.

Their spare was refused.

Put the error fight in, you're a freak similar.

Doom all of you Reich.

A clodious huffer.

He reach us, search us men. 12.09 pm

They're going to launch again. 12.22 pm

The circuit's already failed our hustle." 12.25 pm

A device as simple as an inexpensive sonic transducer emitting a specific frequency clipped to an electric wire leading to a heater. Instead of $129 a month to run a 1500 watt heater, how would about a tenth of the cost, $12.90 to run the heater with an inexpensive device? Might something like that not sell quite a few? If it was able to run a few heaters at the same time might it not even be more in demand? Sure it will. How about American workers, will you not bring us to peace so we can bring it in?

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:

single disk fogger running 6hp engine
•Jul 22, 2010
Video 8.43 at


Oct. 11, 2019

"They Grabbed Us Theory and Dangerously Pushed Us Out Of Life." 3.09 am


Thanks for all the Tele receives. Your words explain it all well. Does that not in one sentence give us the truth, "they grabbed us theory and dangerously pushed us out of life?"


Machine gun our children down in school and then send their kids on a bus tour visiting with legislators in a few states getting to see the seats they plan to occupy after gunning our brightest down. How is that for theory? Chutzpah?


One staged event after another to hold us to be moused properly. German leaders, tell our family in Germany they should feel shame for the shooting at the synagogue in Halle Germany. Why should Germans feel shame for a staged event the Jews hired?


Anyways, Judah still holds the authority to issue our money so they pay big bribes to German politicians to say those things. When we find the gumption to take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews might the blame of us end? Certainly, it will. 


The authority to issue money. Held by the Jews privately who used it to wipe the West out by continuously terrorizing us shy affable mild guys. The permanent state of war. Homelessness as a way to silence us. Vast imprisonment. Snipers on our streets brought in from the old country to gun us down for several reasons. A basic Jew tyranny that has been forced into America after the Jews in 1913 took over the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money.


That authority will be removed from them in a few hours of a general strike by American labor. The day that war in our world will stop when American workers no longer pay the Jews to continue destroying us.


What do you about Tom Ogle (1953-1981) who gifted us with his 100 miles per gallon V-8 engine in the early 1970s, and the reports of many people who bought new big cars and trucks at that time that got 40 and 50 miles to the gallon until the dealers recalled them and pulled the Ogle carburetors returning them to 10 to 15 mile per gallon range? 


All the years of auto industry management keeping really high mileage vehicles off of our roads. Along with high miles per gallon vehicles, what other reasons might Tom have been stolen away for at such a young age after giving us such a radical and useful new invention?


Might we guess that if his high mileage carburetor was put into use given time there would be some people that would figure out that there was not enough energy in a gallon of gas to drive a vehicle as far as Tom showed us his carburetor could?


And what then? Might the people then have figured Tom's carburetor was creating free energy somehow? 


How would the Jews have kept Americans waiting in gas lines in the 1970s if Tom's invention had been adopted? 


Are we noting it is through our need for energy that the Jews are swiping us now? The dirty bomb technology that was adopted in America and is now poisoning us from Hitachi-GE in Japan. Instead of planetary inertial field generators that tap into the high-speed motion of our planet that is soaring through our universe at over 2 million miles per hour what do we have other than sterilization and cancer that is poisoning our air, land, and water?


The vast amount of nuclear waste that has been shipped from nuclear weapons plants that is precariously stored at Dresden nuclear generating plant in Morris Illinois with no protection what so ever except a few signs saying "Private Property, No Trespassing."


 Nation's Only High Level Transuranic Radioactive Waste Facility Goes Unguarded

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 3:13am



MORRIS, Illinois - The Morris Operation, located in Morris, Illinois, is the home to the nations only high-level radioactive waste storage facility. 


The site, situated next to the Dresden Generating Station, southwest of Joliet, Illinois, houses 772 tons of spent nuclear fuel rods. 


When I learned of the Morris Operation, I traveled to Illinois to get photos for a previously published article about the struggles our nation is having with the storage of nuclear waste. 


What I've learned from traveling to nuclear power plants and former nuclear weapons manufacturing sites around the country is that it's really challenging, if not almost entirely impossible, to get photos of these places, due to the amount of security. 


When I reached the Morris Operation, I was shocked to learn that I was able to drive right up to the facility. 

I walked around the perimeter for over an hour, taking photos, noting that the entire time I was there, no one approached me to ask me what I was doing.


There were roughly three cars in the parking lot of the site and no security guard. 


When I left the Morris Operation, which is privately managed by GE Hitachi, I was utterly stunned that I had just been able to easily walk around the facility with no question, leaving me in stunned silence. 


I feel that my concern was duly warranted because the concern of bad people obtaining the fissile materials needed to create weapons is very real. 


In my opinion, an immediate focus needs to placed on security at The Morris Operation, to protect this and other countries from the dangers of hostile foreign and domestic terrorists. 


Repeated press requests to the Department of Energy, about security at the Morris Operation, have received no response.


Could it be an oversight that Judah has the most highly dangerous transuranic nuclear weapons waste stored there at 95% of the capacity of the facility and has no security guards on duty there?


 And what are we to think that Morris Illinois plant has had extraterrestrial spaceships visiting that nuclear plant over many years? Might elders be trying to tell us something? Maybe trying to alert us to the fact that if that unguarded dangerous nuclear weapons waste is lit on fire it will wipe out all the states east of that nuclear weapons waste storage area? 


Why no mention of such a potentially deadly situation on the news? Might putting the news on about half of our nation being poisoned out by radioactive waste push out the stories the Jews want Americans to focus on the important stories about dogs and their needs?


"You shot us right fail Morris."


That found in Bitch notes from last night's news broadcast. Can we only hope that American workers awaken to the death path the Jews are holding us into with war and will act to stop the war?


This smoke ring that was in the sky over Moscow the other day. "Meta transiliatory communication" to us from our elders from Mercury?


Might Mercury elders be letting us know that Moscow Jews ordered the Russians to launch some more intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles at us?


"I URGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A RIGHT FALL FOR THEIR SIN," God Almighty of heaven and earth said to American workers. 


Father, who speaks gently and softly and doesn't carry any stick, Bitch just put Father's words in capitol case to help to try and alert Americans of our planned demise by the nuclear warfighting Jews.


Bitch reads broadcaster reverse speech and has learned they monitor his posts. Yesterday, Thursday afternoon, Bitch put up at APFN the article by Mathew Berdyck about the situation of unguarded transuranic nuclear weapons waste at Morris Illinois and a non-Judah broadcaster on the evening news said in facial RS, "You shot us right fail Morris."


That Hitachi-GE is managing the high-level unguarded nuclear waste at that nuclear plant in Morris, Illinois, should that not give us some thoughts that might hold us from getting a peaceful night's rest? Might such a situation if generally known not lead workers to strike them out?


Might we not yet be part of the 21% that the computer simulations experts in the Federation missed calling the end of the transition of our planet out of war and into peace?


Judah on the noon news had a modern house that had a fire inside one room that was put out and then we see a firewoman cradling a dog in her arms as she carries it out of the house across the front porch. A long video shot of here slowly carrying the dog out the door and down the steps and then walking right in front of the camera until she is out of sight.


Might we guess that maybe that fire was in the room that Judee opped an investment mouse and so they scheduled the fire to wipe out any DNA evidence and backed it up with the cradled dog to shoot Bitch?


Can we only wonder what those Israeli psychologists know about our psyche?


Tom Ogle and his 100 miles per gallon carburetor, nuclear weapons waste storage at Morris, Illinois, Hitachi GE managing it and General Motors workers on strike. What might they have on common?


Might we think that if the management of General Motors was free they would have installed Tom's 100 miles per gallon carburetors on their vehicles permanently back in the 1970s?


And if they did that we would not now be facing being wiped out in nuclear waste war? But what about the striking GM workers, how do they fit in?


Would the workers not gladly have built all of the carburetors needed to give us really high gas mileage way back then? Sure they would.


Are we seeing how our American workers are being prevented by the Jews from doing the best they can?


And our family in Mexico where GM is building vehicles. Might the Jews' government policy of mass murder against the people be a way to cover over how the Jews shoot labor representatives away under the disguise of their drug wars?


Will workers not come together and give us peace so that we can end the menace of the Jews against the rest of God's kids on earth?


The General Electric Hitachi Jews shooting us from Fukushima Japan that are firing their atomic cannon on us and have been for over 8 years now. That flying saucers are buzzing the Morris, Illinois Jewish nuclear cannon might the Hitachi GE Jews in Morris be getting ready to fire that atomic cannon on us next as they did in Japan?


The political hierarchy in Germany that is fronting for the nuclear warfighting Jews and telling us it was an antisemitic attack in Halle and our family in Germany should be ashamed for shooting them up at the synagogue. 


And what is the truth? Might the truth be that the synagogue shooting was a Jewish staged event and the hierarchy in Germany are a falsing for the Jews?


If there be shame assigned might it be a shame that American workers are leaving us so vulnerable to the Jews on their Berlin nuclear warfighting industry disease?


Tom Ogle who migrated to the United States from Germany and brought his wonderful invention to help all of us. And the Jews block that invention from peaceful Germany but promote Germany's Hitler missile and atomic bomb technology. 


Will American workers not join GM workers with a strike so that when GM workers return to their shops they can build us some free energy 100 miles per gallon Ogle carburetors?


Will workers not stop the war so that elders from Mercury can come in and help us clean the Jews atomic waste piles out?


What do our bibles tell us? They tell us "NO," Americans will now perish out inhaling brimstone waste. That prediction found in our bible from Federation computer simulations from the time of Jesus, 2,000 years ago.


And Federation predictions historically prove 79% correct over millions of years of transitioning planets out of war and into peace. 


Elders informed Bitch that there have been Federation computer simulations that made predictions that a planet would easily transition out of war and into peace that went the other way. The beings being rescued failed to respond and let the war go on until they were wiped out massively by those they left in the leadership spots. Do we see it can go both ways?


The leadership did not have the once in a million year Jews "rare" factor and so Federation computer simulation experts predicted that the people would easily close their war-making leadership out but they did not move on it and were died out. Those counted as part of the 21% that the Federation computer simulation experts missed. Might we figure that though elders saw the war-making leadership was not "rare," they miscalculated how weak the people really were?


Bitchies still hoping we are part of the 21% that the Federation miscalculated on. How does he expect to do that what with the pictures of pooch that Judah is still selling? And what about his insult to the people? And what about his wild talk when the Jews had him convinced he would be murdered any day? How does Bitch think he can overcome all that while facing off against the "rare" mental hold the Jews have historically put on the ordinary people?


Might we pray for the love of God to bring workers to help us make peace


Bitch focused on learning what he could about what made America so special to so many that fled the horror of the old world regimes. To live free. Will workers not put our rights in so that we can all live free?


Only in America

Can a guy from anywhere

Go to sleep a pauper and wake up a millionaire


Only in America

Can a kid without a cent

Get a break and maybe grow up to be President


Only in America

Land of opportunity, yeah

Would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me


Only in America

Can a kid who's washin' cars

Take a giant step and reach right up and touch the stars


Only in America

Could a dream like this come true

Could a guy like me start with nothing and end up with you


Only in America

Land of opportunity, yeah

Would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me


Tom Ogle who came to the land of opportunity only to be knocked into the grave by the Jews. Will American workers not close the dangerous and rare Jews out so that the American dream can come alive once again? 


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A land with liberty and justice for all. Will American workers not bring God bless America alive once again?


Precious sweet Father who has done all for us all. WiIl we not close out the killing room of the errant life form, the Babylonian Jews on free American workers money?


The war that started yesterday with Turkey attacking our Kurdish family. Are we perceiving the amazing and wondrous ways the Jews flex us, with some now calling for American troops to return?


The Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant look alike Jews that control Turkey. Are we aware it is American money laundered through Geneva, Switzerland that is paying for the attack on our Kurdish family in Syria right now? Must American workers not take the authority to issue our money away from Geneva?


Tele receives:


"Fiction has trounced you. 


This unending war will destroy us. 9.48 am


Help us end tyrage.


Uncle Pat's got a high-level intelligence that's unrecognized.


Is this what it is, these guys are shooting nuclear missiles at us?


Goose won at hate ya.


Is this what it is is, they're holding the people pooch with grease marks?


Delightful war truth denied you. 4.17 pm


Set them right off. 


Patrick was fair to my Bismark.


To fist a nice guy is just Jew option.


Divissively they churn you. 


Take you off this field eventually by falsive.


Out your safety.


Stupid munger this field. 4.47 pm


I urge you to close out your bank robbers. 5.14 pm


When they shoot the dog they seriously thief. 5.25 pm


I'm completely done.


Home run! 5.43 pm


Embezzle truth. 6.01 pm


They're out to kill us real die. 6.41 pm


Welcome. 7.16 pm


Vigilantly the molest you threw away.


H----- is leaving us dead. 7.28 pm


Murdering that guy perceived is still holding us out.


And Pat, Michigan put up you opped mule.


Unless you throw them out they've shot your house and your health.


He merchant munch you. 


They germ us true. 


The alliance you caught.


Sickly sinkness arrives to flesh you.


He's forming this failure desperately. 2.43 am


Labor use your wrap before their industry dies us off.


Murderous Jewry canceled us out.


Oh, they're failed, pura-flex is failed.


They rifled this field.


Without technology, you have no potential.


You failed to save us, Patrick, safely.


They have refused and have filled us.


The housewife failed to save our real estate.


They come up into the engine compartment to leeth our state.


Professionals decease field from the psycho ward.


They're a cruel people.


A weap check seriously die you off Patrick.


America's the big chump.


He put these dirty bombs in our midst to get us out.


White miracles are coming in to foog them lethal.


They grab us theory and dangerously pushed us out of life. 3.09 am




Salary nuked.


Kinda crazy's out." 6.38 am



"Fiction has trounced you. 


And Pat, Michigan put up you opped mule."



Will workers try to understand it is the Jews that have done all the killing out here, not Bitch? Bitch hasn't harmed anybody. Will workers not reject the fiction, the rumors that have trounced honest peaceful Bitch?


"I got your rumor false to scrimmage you out," Judee say.


The "rare" of the Jews that our extraterrestrial elders have observed that led them to conclude that the Jews would destroy the majority of white people when it was time for the beast Jews to go in. Will we not pray for the love of God to come in and bring American workers to take over the organizing principle of society and let us live bountiful lives in peace? 


Here's some more from Judah's subconscious:


"You realize my famous Russians you fold me out true. You let us boom so Jew stay over you. If Jew can die the mouse it proves Jew is fit. Jew opp you out wagerous. 


Because of the war Jew technology still exists. (An automobile executive said about a new automobile being introduced that had old technology in it) 


I'm going for full bench to fibber you out here. I put you into a great German tryst. I basically average you over time. My oreo set ya. We just hold you right bourse budget to scum you out. Jew opposite all the time set throw dead Martian. I mock you with a Berlin bomb. (All found in the RS of young Hong Kong self-described freedom fighters)


 I'm a previously libel for Bitch force. This is how I boot fool you too fabulous. (Russian Jew who claimed to find a UFO in a coal mine)


I'm just into markets to hold you sweet since I met you. We have a uniform slap as a preliminary to fist you. My genius that holds you is soon coming out. For my topography shot I got 12%. I doll the dog for Jew ANSO. My strategy error is starting to show my fool. I'm disabled for great row but I'm still corrupt. Our adventurous fool chapel is all out.


You've shot us right fail Morris. It was stupid punishing you all problems fear. We're waiting for you to step into Jew office, then I'm permanently out. I just fist you murderous policies. To win in America is to leave you toasted away the bust. Pitch right bash is my anthem. H----- keyed you and you keep letting me shoot this place up so the heck with ya. 


The right picture I foul because I'm so crazy inept. Bitch rite bash my anthem. My desk is a screwing app to kill. 


"The professor has reported Jew do a big fall down. " (Syrian worker.)


 Jude 1:22 King James Bible

And of some have compassion, making a difference:


Christian Standard Bible

Have mercy on those who waver;


Contemporary English Version

Be helpful to all who may have doubts.


English Standard Version

And have mercy on those who doubt;



To be helpful to those who may doubt that our sweet Lord has spared us from nuclear blast war and has His angels in here now trying to spare us from brimstone nuclear waste war will we not keep praying for the 30-minute breakthrough where labor will STRIKE THEM OUT & STOP THE WAR?


The ridicule associated with those who have spent time looking into the extraterrestrial activity over a very long period of time. Has laughter and ridicule not served the cunning crowds to keep us from examining the extraterrestrial relationship we knowingly and unknowingly have going on with our kind elders from the Federation?


Will workers not recognize that the Centers of Power have been aware since the Federation sent an emissary in 1350 AD that extraterrestrials are here all of the time? Might we consider that ridicule and laughter are mind control tools that the Jews and their alliance collaborators use to keep ordinary folks from seeing the big picture here? Being laughed at for looking into extraterrestrials. Might we see at root is embarrassment the Jews have used to keep us off of what is the truth here?


Is that not exactly what they are using with the pooch, the mind control of employing embarrassment to keep workers afraid to act to remove the Jews from issuing our money?


Our Father in heaven who has spared our lives from the Jews on unlimited free money with which they used to destroy us with permanent war. Now in the last days where if we do not stop the war we will be the single largest group destroyed by the Jews using our own money to put us and our children away.




God bless you; God bless them all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy



Friday, October 11 — Psalm 118:15–21

Ezekiel 17:11–18:18; Hebrews 13:20–James 1:8

Alas for those who rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many, but do not consult the Lord! Isaiah 31:1

Our competence is from God. 2 Corinthians 3:5

Invisible One, we don’t use chariots and horses, but we still want to trust in what we can see. So, you came in Jesus—the invisible made visible. May we find in him our strength—strength that we can trust. Amen


3.24 pm


Watched the noon news and there was a story about a mild fellow who was washed out of his house by the recent floods and was living in a state campground in a trailer. While being interviewed about his plight he said this from his subconscious that showed up in reverse facial speech:


"I'm a professor release because I'm a block."


Bitchie very sad about that. Sorry that mild fellow thinks that Bitch releases him from Father's care. We have been together for the most recent 200 ears in America, 30,000 years in the north and before that, we have been together for 12 million years on planet earth. And Bitch feels love towards all of us everywhere. He has not assigned any release of love for any of us. Do we recall that Father said, "my kids, treat them super nice?"


Bitch on that path for all of God's kids on earth. There is no block for any of us in God's world. All of us citizens of the universe equally and unconditionally loved by our good God Almighty. Bitch sorry he did not handle the situation better. 


Thank you. God bless.


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:


single disk fogger running 6hp engine


•Jul 22, 2010


Video 8.43 at



Oct. 10, 2019

"With My Bourse Life I Have Virtually Falsed You Out." 3.28 am


Heard that just minutes ago. The power inherent in the authority to issue our money. Falsed us out virtually. 


The staged shooting at the synagogue in Germany that purportedly killed 2 Judees. Might the body laying on the ground covered up have been strictly for images purposes? Might it all have been false? If so why? Here is a reverse facial speech from a hybrid transplant look-alike Judah Fornian Replicon shell broadcaster that sold that story of the purported synagogue shooter in Germany:


"We use this to push you bad."


Are we seeing how they make themselves the victims and then use that to push us bad? Might we think of the "rare" that the Federation observed about the Jews deceptive ways from thousands of years ago that led the computer simulation experts to consider that in the last days the Jews "rare" would hold ordinary people to fund the Jews assault upon us and our kids and put us out of existence?


Here are some more reverse facial speech that was taken from speakers while talking about that staged shooting at the synagogue in Germany:


"Our psyche has fallen your cradle right. We always use victim. We seize you right census with this norm. I have a fortune because I bash you. A Jew pot pie was my favorite form of revenge. The white boy scored our weap police. We're doing this to keep our income from falling off into your hands. We told a lie on Bitch that he'd Reich them. 


It's obvious this vector will not fall off peace, I'm a complete fail. Iowa's thrown out all my thoughts and my shells. Stosh-u keeps carrying on Druid sin. The United States falls real chump with tight rules. I give you some bad generals and police you right, that's my life holding the minnow, we've about schooled you all here.


 Better homes and graves are our sport target. I die you off with the smell of a gin egg foul. With our false we cored your mother's essence. Our psycho has a bourse check to breeze you out. I'm a Jew boy bossin' wood overtime. This opp effigy, we just do FM to weap nice sport. On a Jew scene this is all right psychology." 


Gunman ‘filmed anti-Semitic attack’ near German synagogue

A gunman who allegedly shot two people dead near a German synagogue, went on an anti-Semitic rant as he filmed the rampage.

Stephen Drill with AP, staff writersNews Corp Australia NetworkOCTOBER 10, 201


A gunman who allegedly shot and killed two people outside a German synagogue reportedly ranted about feminism, immigration and Jews in a live-stream of the rampage.

A 35-minute video was posted to live-streaming video platform, Twitch, after the gun attack on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, in which explosives were left near the synagogue and a grenade thrown into a Jewish cemetery in Halle, Germany.


In a clip from the video, the suspect, speaking in English called himself “Anon” and said he was a Holocaust denier during the racist diatribe.


“Feminism is the cause of declining birth rates in the West, which acts as a scapegoat for mass immigration, and the root of all these problems is the Jew,” he said, filming himself in a car before starting the attack.


The video was verified by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London after being shared online.


A recording of the stream, which was automatically generated based on the account’s settings, was viewed by approximately 2200 people in the 30 minutes before the video was flagged and removed from Twitch.



3:53 PM - Oct 9, 2019


We have the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London verifying that video. Might that fact in itself not indicate a well coordinated false opp here? Verifying what anyways?


Bitch searched for the video of the shooter and it was not to be found so far. Apparently, it was taken down. Too bad, Bitch wanted to read the reverse facial speech of the shooter to see what was in his subconscious.


Might the effigy indicated in reverse facial speech be the Jew lying under the plastic tarp pretending he was shot? Are we not aware the Jews stage these opps to make it appear they are the victims? Can we only hope that workers will end funding these mental opps they use against us?


How about we look at this reverse facial speech from a Judah spokesperson in Germany again?


"It's obvious this vector will not fall off peace, I'm a complete fail."


A "vector?"


Vector definition: the direction or course followed by an airplane, missile, or the like.


an insect or other organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, bacterium, etc.


a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction, represented by an arrow the direction of which indicates the direction of the quantity and the length of which is proportional to the magnitude.


Have we not seen enough of the Jews staging these shootings to not recognize their fingerprints?


Can we only hope American workers will realize what the Jews themselves recognize, "It's obvious this vector will not fall off peace, I'm a complete fail."


Will workers not recognize the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews who hold the private issue of our money in all the states of Europe and our world are a fail for their continuous attempts to exterminate us using their H bombs and their brimstone generating Jewish electricity plants?


Will workers not recognize this vector in Halle Germany will not fall off peace and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews?


While on the subject of their brimstone generators that are on target to die a third of the human race off as they go into their underground to die their weap cipher off, how about this extraterrestrial MARKING from Morris Illinois?


Illinois Disc


Ottawa — Received a call from my friend Mike in Morris, IL, around 6:00pm on Tuesday September 24, 2019. He stated there was a weird large white light in the sky above his house.


I could not see it and came inside for 20-25 minutes, before going back outside and saw the light to the east. I got my Orion Sky Quest 6 Dobsonian telescope and set it up to look at the object. I could see what looked like a large star or planet and a circle of lights with bright large lights in the top center of the circle. The VFW commander, Daryl, came over and viewed the object through the telescope. He didn’t know what it was. I called my wife and she came home with our daughter and we proceeded to look at it through my 25mm lens. My wife and daughter took video with their Samsung J7 Crown smart phones through the lens. This went on for over an hour. 3 ladies from the VFW came over. The object, as the sun was going down, changed from brilliant white lights to pulsing orange colored lights.


The object was not moving in our atmosphere, not in space. We were able to view the object till 7:30 pm through the scope as object’s lights began to fade. My daughter witnessed a light at the top “fall off” to the left and it hover below it. As it got dark it was no longer visible. We posted 3 videos on YouTube. This object was able to be seen by my friend in Morris, my mother in Marseilles and my family in Ottawa.


While looking on YouTube for that video from the other day, found a video of UFOs over Morris Illinois from 6 years ago. Here is a link to that video:


jets, silent helicopters, and ufo's covering morris illinois sky


•Sep 24, 2013

Video 8.01 at


The woman who videoed those lights in the sky reports there are 5 or 6 of them and describes them maneuvering, coming together in flight. What might it indicate? Why might those Flying lights be maneuvering in the sky over Morris Illinois?


Might those lights in the sky seen 6 years ago and now a stationary light hovering over Morris Illinois the other day be our extraterrestrial elders shining a light on something in Morris that we should be looking into? If so, what might that be?


As our extraterrestrial elders are here to prevent our extermination in nuclear war that the Jews have a passion to do to us, might it be the Jewish electricity plant in Morris that is managed by the same people that managed the melting dirty bomb at Fukushima, Japan, Hitachi-GE?


Here's an excerpt of a story from the Daily Independent Journal


'Morris Operation' Sheds Light On Larger Nuclear Waste Storage Issues


Tue, 10/09/2018 - 6:16am



The Morris Operation, located in Morris, Illinois, is the home to what is billed as the nations only high-level radioactive waste storage facility in The U.S, which stores spent Uranium 235 fuel rods from nuclear power production plants. 


While all nuclear power plants have storage ponds, the Morris Operation is the only one that has been formally designated to store transuranic waste from multiple power plants and is 95% full.


The site, situated next to the Dresden Generating Station, southwest of Joliet, Illinois and houses 772 tons of spent nuclear fuel, is owned and operated by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. 


The storage basins at the Morris Operation store spent high-level radioactive waste from Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, Cooper Nuclear Station, Dresden Generating Station, Monticello Nuclear Generating Power Plant, and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.


Records from the Idaho National Laboratory, an 890-acre nuclear research facility in eastern Idaho, which currently stores the nuclear waste from the now decommissioned Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Plant, outside of Denver, reflect that shipments to Morris Operation began in the 1960s and concluded in 1989. 


The spent fuel rods are bundled in a rectangular arrangement of fuel rods held together by end fittings, spacers, and tie rods, and stored in ponds, at the southern end of the facility, under nine feet of water. 


The ponds are constructed from thick concrete and have a steel liner to prevent migration of nuclear waste to groundwater sources. 


Unlike transuranic waste from the manufacture of nuclear weapons, which has a final resting place at the underground storage facility, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico, radioactive waste from nuclear power plants does not have a centralized storage facility.


The controversial Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository, in Nevada, has been proposed to become this final resting place for spent fuel rods, but there has been great opposition to the project and Congress has cut funding to Yucca Mountain, as of this year. 


Even if Yucca Mountain were to move forward, the US would immediately need to begin considering second permanent facility, because enough high-level radioactive waste exists that it would fill the embattled permanent storage facility to full capacity. 


As a result of a lack of permanent storage, high-level radioactive waste is left stored in ponds, and dry casks, like the one at Morris Operation, at nuclear power plants all over the country. 


An interim storage facility, proposed in May 2018, to be built outside Roswell, New Mexico, that would hold 100,000 metric tons of spent fuel rods, has also faced fierce public opposition, leaving the Department of Energy with no options.


Watchdogs have criticized the Morris Operation because of General Electric's environmental track record, in which GE is either fully or partially responsible for 78 Superfund toxic waste sites, including the $120 million dollar PCB clean up at The Hudson River.


GE Hitachi also most notably designed the six nuclear reactors from the 'Fukushima I' power plant, which experienced three full nuclear meltdowns, in 2011, and was found to have been aware of design flaws, at Fukushima, all the way back to 1978, yet failed to make appropriate modifications.


The site, situated next to the Dresden Generating Station, southwest of Joliet, Illinois and houses 772 tons of spent nuclear fuel, is owned and operated by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.


Could that be what our extraterrestrial elders have been shining the light on at Morris Illinois for all these years? Might Morris be set to became Hitachi-GE on steroids for our family living in Illinois? Living downwind in America?


The radioactive fallout of 40 million Hiroshima sized atomic bombs raining down on us after the Jews light Dresden nuclear power station on fire and burn the atomic waste storage piles in Morris, Illinois. Will American workers not help us survive Hitachi-GE?


Bitch his heart stopped pumping the other night, it woke him from sleep. It is the third time now that has happened to him. Previously, it was salt that he put on a tomato that stopped his heart later that night while sleeping. He didn't know what it was until Mercury signaled him. He doesn't know why his heart stopped the other night. He doesn't use salt anymore.


Previous to those events, 2 heart attacks by the satellite beam to put him out. Both times saved by Mercury elders. The first heart attack he didn't wake up from, only knew about it from the pain in his chest for about a month after the beam attack.


The second satellite beam heart attack he woke up while it was playing on his heart. Mercury held it from wiping Bitch out.


Then the other night, his heart stopped pumping again and woke him up. He was relaxed about it, he has gone to death previously. He thinks Mercury restarted his heart. And so he keeps writing trying to bring American workers to end funding destroying us for the Jews.


If they can get Dresden nuclear waste pile burning might that pretty much wipe out the Eastern United States? It seems likely, doesn't it? That Dresden has been filled up with radioactive waste from Judah's nuclear war materials manufacture in other states might that give us a clue of what they are up to here?


Bitch was even wondering if rather than Judah slipping something into stop his heart if maybe it is the heartbreak that caused his heart to stop. Before he went to bed he saw pictures of great, great, nephews and nieces on Facebook. Just little children all less than 6 years old. Their lives destroyed, ruined even before they have hardly begun. 


Bitch did not squawk and make a plea for his life, to leave now was an easy thought. Might we understand that God's angels have not given up on the mild people yet and so restarted Bitch's heart to finish out the Jew's hold of us? Might it be a struggle of the heart? Will Bitch's heart stay running long enough to convince labor to closeout the 160 million nuclear warfighting Jews and their Fornian look-alike shells? Will Bitch stay long enough to close their fist out? Will teeny win with his 2% or the working people step in here and issue our money?


And what was on the news last night other than the Turkish hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Replicon Jews now starting an offensive to commit more genocide in the Middle east? Must American labor not end funding the nuclear blast and waste genocidal Jews?


"You are perishing!" 6.16 am


Is there some comprehension of what we are facing here? The shut down of electricity to millions of our families in California. Might we see why the Jews centralize electricity generation? Do we see they enjoy exercising power over us?


But aren't there forest fires blazing there? Sure, might we consider that is a good enough excuse for what the Jews have done?


Will American workers not get together and help us to survive this lethal package of nuclear dies the Jews have easily put upon us?


Tele receives:


"General raids patriot. 3.38 pm


Discipline discourage well. 


I shot disease for true sport. 5.52 pm


NO, you're not related to the serious sewerage.


They wash you awscious.


They'll be no one left out alive if you don't stop this war.


You lost your right field dangerously.


STRIKE and gorgeous some threats will die. 


Obvious foolish vanquish. 7.01 pm


We're trying to get some peace analysis and they're fouling us.


You horrify people falsely Patrick.


Your whole sale establish destroying out your life forces. 10.56 pm


Historical save us here Patrick.


You obviously pushed my procedure Bitch.


They fatal fantastic Patrick, war wash them out, you failed to save our fantastic, to save us.


A vagrancy fouls your life form.


Your sale report my cursing.


It seems hard to really understand. 


With troops they mooch.


The roughest die goon.


The tabbiest of wipesters.


Their energy out fields us.


The queen likes to let her son voyage.


Campo biped.


They are the clearest jerks, false you up ventureless.


Scotty is making ridiculous here.


They're failing our mechanistic deal.


They crash the economy with bourse whip.


Your field be die race warring.


They conspear you scientist, scientifically.


They get all insurance.


They're working with the cops pulling out joint rich.


Grand charges racialled lifestyle.


The Jews decease us, Patrick, they're undone.


Their passion made you weirdly.


Hydro is falsing us out right fair.


Dream missiles die your force.


All of a sudden life be end.


Gently they psych us fails. 


You're a big failed right persist. 


Lunatics spirit us evil.


Scotty soul brief.


They're just some stupid criminals hiking us out field.


These insurance people massively have been killing us.


They bull rush ya.


NAZIs perish you backward falsica.


Get the weapies out.


It's just the question of turning our face to God.


Infants they use to cheat you.


Pat, you obviously hike them fall already complete.


This is the crushing place, they finish catastrophically.


Alcohol, it finished you out of here.


They died thee for benefits.


They get your source out dangerously.


They want to test you before they turn these Russian Jews loose on you.


An extra-planetary intervention.


Error fraction.


Tiny grub.


Moscow made us prisoners.


Pray you.


You failed to seek out missiles.


The Morgans leave us dead. 


The royals sold your rights to the company last month.


Patrick hurled their die palace off.


According to Morgan, their merchants scored corrupt.


Help us Patrick.


Horse spray blowing our house up.


You have pretty successful shown their vicious, STRIKE THEM OUT!


You are going to be sieged.


Genocide clearly tossed you out bourstal here.


I didn't like the Jews' perceptions, I like my kids.


It was the Southside they were pitching here.


They die fish playfully.


You're forever baited.


With my bourse life I have virtually falsed you out. 3.28 am


Camel force, amazing force tyrannage.


Candy fisher.


Your whole stitch pup die.


They're charging us racially here suspects.


They're quite fantastic fooling us here.


Jew genus over here. 5.36 am


You are perishing. 6.16 am


STRIKE THEM OUT, they embarrass you wealthy. 7.15 am


Chicken makes abuse right." 7.29 am



"You horrify people falsely Patrick."


That we have an extraterrestrial mission that has been out front with us since 1947 should that not give us some idea that we are in trouble here with the Jews? The fact that the majority of Americans are being died off now, is that falsely that Patrick is speaking to horrify people?


For those that are horrified by reading what Patrick is revealing will you not try to perceive it is not false the horror that Patrick is reporting here?


We now only a couple of months away from being sealed out of existence. Can only one melting Jewish electricity plant really kill the majority of Americans? Should the presence of the angels that God sent in to save us not answer that question with a yes?


Here's some more reverse facial speech revealing what is in the subconscious of weap Judah:


"I just used the jaws of life to make my grade. I want to scum you police out. I shoot you suicide, my force is all Federal. I fight for my nest egg. 3 cheers, tyranny's here, we won. I just grab the street wood technology. With contagion, we fell them off and fold them fierce. 


You son of a bitch Pat, you screwed us and our rifles. In your Capitols our mangy fit. The whites are unfreppable. The purpose of this war opp is to make you confused and brain dead. Baby set you so I won all wise. It was a legitimate life fiend, I'm pulled off now for air. I bourse your sight to waiferous you. 


Jew scored all your rights fit here. We just stay off all rights because the West is not fit. We put a pork chop on for peace well. We give you full rights to be filthy for the Jews. I'm making you with some Russian weapature. Scrimmage makes dull dowsers so I'm just keeping you down there. I false cow sin. You've death fallen me for my opps," Judee say. 


So while the Jews keep pushing war molest and abuse in our world on our free dollar, do we note they recognize they are dead for their opps they put on us here?


Will American workers not try to hear the love of our good God Almighty for us and try to save our lives that are being struck out of here brimstone waste ways under the cover of the external war in the Middle East?


If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, October 10 — Psalm 118:10–14

Ezekiel 16:43–17:10; Hebrews 13:7–19

I will heal their disloyalty; I will love them freely. Hosea 14:4

Be merciful to those who doubt. Jude 22 NIV

Jesus, life is hard. The busy world around us pays little attention to you. It is easy for us to do the same—to ignore you, to doubt you, to forget you. Quiet us, that we may be attentive to your whisper and touch. Amen.



1.08 pm


"You are set to be destroyed. 7.50 am


Stupid habeas in life will ruin ya. 8.36 am


You're traditional fish, quite feastive.


Yuck. 9.06 am


You're cased war.


They shit rubbed me true.


Stay, you're fine here.


Because you toughish you out fish sick. 9.41 am


I don't need your life forces helping me so obviously.


You waste your life on Pat, you're all stumbled, you failed us, Patrick.


Fiction has trounced you. 


This unending war will destroy us. 9.48 am


Help us end tyrage.


I urge you to close out your bank robbers." 5.14 pm



That Tele receive at 5.14 pm, does that not sound like Papa, "I urge you to close your bank robbers out?


Will Americans please close out our bank robbers and end this destruction of war we are stuck in?


"Because you toughish you out fish sick. 9.41 am


Fiction has trounced you."



Rather than Bitch being toughish, might it in actuality be the fictions that weap Judah weaved so well that lied about Bitch that let the Jews hold workers in that will out the fish sick?


Will, we not keep praying that workers will step in here and stop the war?


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at:



Oct. 9, 2019

"Oh My God They've Rescued Us and We've Done Nothing To Save Ourselves." 3.19 am


That Tele receive in just minutes ago. And who are "They" that rescued us? Are we figuring it is Casper the Friendly Ghost that the Federation had step in to prevent the nuclear warfighting Jews on free paper from Geneva that bought the best of Berlin's nuclear blast technology that the extraterrestrial forces saved us from?


Yep, that's it. The Jews on free American labor money who used it to imprison and murder us so thoroughly in America that they held us long enough to attack us with nuclear blast weapons to destroy us in their 3 hours shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


And our precious sweet Father, our sweet Lord, and Savior, our kind and good God Almighty who had His angels decline the Jews' destruction of us. God who sent Sir Casper and His diligent, vigilant team of Martians in to spare us extinction of our breed.


"Within weeks evidence is going to reach you that the West is dead," Judee say.


That reverse facial speech found in a Washington politician in the Sunday morning news broadcast. The radioactive waste that has already poisoned our children out of reproducing us. When the evidence comes in within a few weeks that the West is dead might Americans react to that? Might we finally have workers take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews in Geneva? Might there be a situation within weeks for Americans where truth will out?


The Facebook Libra money that is about to arrive. Did some of us notice it is set to be issued from Geneva Switzerland?


Bitch found and posted an article about Senator Cory Booker and Senator Kamala Harris who met with Jussie Smollett shortly before Jussie staged his lynching hate crime attack in Chicago. And what were Cory and Kamala involved with other than introducing anti-lynching law in Washington at that time?


So how do Zuck Swiss Francs fit in the story here? When Bitchie tried to post the link to the article about Cory and Kamala meeting with Jussie to help move their anti-lynching legislation forward, Facebook would not allow him to post the link to the article.


Will American workers not issue our money instead of Geneva?


Might we want protection by issuing our own money so that Facebook cannot censor important stories we need to read to inform us of what the tricksters are up to here?


Advertisers that use the Facebook platform do it freely and so every month Facebook has 6 billion in cash to do with what they want. With that much cash freely available, might Libra Swiss Francs not be easily redeemable? Sure they will. Might we see the redeemability of Libra Swiss Francs is based upon the freely given labor that operates and maintains Facebook's electronic platform that delivers value to the advertisers?


The Federal Reserve Bank is relying upon American workers to gift them from our paychecks to the Jews in Geneva. Do we see how a general STRIKE by American workers will end the value of their Jewish war genocide dollar? 


Facebook, blocking vital information about how legislation is cooked up in Washington? Might such a thing not bring us to want to have other issuers of our money than Libra Swiss Francs?


"Our precious life forces have ceased already." 4.19 am


American workers who have ceased our precious life forces already while making war for the genocidal Jews possible. Yet Judah reveals in reverse facial speech that the evidence of our die in the West will be within weeks. Can we not pray that we will strike them out before they die all of our life forces away completely? Instead of mild people being only 2% of the human race on the surface of planet earth in the years ahead might we be a higher percentage than that if only we will strike them out sooner? If we will strike, certainly. Might we act before we are totally crushed out of our life forces due to the genocidal war the Jews are waging against us using radioactive waste? When the evidence arrives of what the Jews have done to us, our children and our future, might we get the 30-minute breakthrough, the strike where labor will get them off of issuing our money?


"I'm trying to fish minimize the Western tutors because they know I'm rude here," Judee say.


The Western tutors that crafted our bill of rights that put into place legal process to hold at bay the usual assortment of cruel, loveless plundering rascals that historically have taken over the governments of our world.


"I'm trying to fish minimize the Western tutors because they know I'm rude here," Judee say.


Will American workers not put our rights in so that we can defend ourselves using the 5th and 7th amendments to our constitution, grand jury, and jury process, and reject the 2nd amendment, the right to own firearms, that the Jews always want us to focus our American rights on?


In a somewhat similar vein, did we notice GM strike negotiations are calling for manufacturing plants to remain in America? Might such an argument be pitting workers against workers? Will workers not get smart and get ahold of the root of what will serve all workers, the authority to issue our money into workers hands? Might such demands be aimed to create divisiveness amongst workers to prevent us from organizing across borders? 


"We're solving unity income with this war over you right here."


That was a GM guy that said that in RS while talking about the strike. Can we only wonder how this strike might help the Jews' unity income with this war over us right here? Might we connect some dots with the war overseas and consider it is all part of their strategy to win the war they wage against workers within?


The automaker’s commitment to future products for domestic plants was one of the major impasses that led the union on Sunday to say the talks had “taken a turn for the worse,” according to a person familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are not public.


Might we figure the person familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are not public, is a Judah who is serving to pull workers off as much as is possible?


The IWW, International Workers of the World of a century ago that were framed up, falsely charged and imprisoned, tried by master courts then hung. Some labor activist workers kidnapped off the streets by mobs and shot. If they had only survived might instead of arguing about outsourcing work they would have joined together over national boundaries to provide a fair deal to all workers in all lands?


The authority to issue money. Might we understand that is the dividing line between writers that are true or false?


The writers on the net that tell us what is going wrong and who is doing wrong. Yet how many of them encourage the removal of the authority to issue money from Geneva and give it to labor to stop the wrong? Might the only person consistently urging workers to take the authority to issue our money away from the vicious Jews be Bitch?


Could all of those writers that are purportedly informing us actually be on the payroll of the Jews and in reality be disinforming us and keeping us from taking the paper force away from the Jews? And what is the force of the Jews? Is it any other than the authority to issue our money which they do privately and secretly?


JP Morgan who built the Titanic to lure the wealthiest Americans onto it and sink it in 1912 so there would be no big money opposition to JP taking over the authority to issue our money in 1913.


JP Morgan receives one-third of the income tax dollars American workers fork over to the Jews from our paychecks. And what has JP done with the free money from American workers?


Didn't JP buy some wonderful genocide merchandise from the thermonuclear warfighting industrialists at General Electric? Yes JP did buy some wonderful genocide merchandise from General Electric. And did JP not combine with his hybrid transplant Fornian look-alike shells in the Far East at Hitachi to join with New Jersey's General Electric to build some Trojan horse Jewish electricity plants to extinct the human race? Yes JP Morgan did. Are we not breathing that atomic waste in now every day? Yes, we are. 


The permanent race wars the Jews put in that make it appear that whites are behind all the tumult and war in our world. Will American workers not stop funding the Jews' sports war and instead help to complete the rescue that our extraterrestrial elders have gifted to us?


"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," God our precious sweet Father in heaven said.


Will American workers not let God save our lives? To do so are we understanding we must have enough of the right stuff to stop the war?


"I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin," God Almighty of heaven and earth, our good Sovereign and Savoir said to us here.


Tele receives:


"Life has been forced now, teeny endorsed it.1.38 pm


I bid 4. 7.08 pm


It's battle corrupt.


Your muscle buried your state.


They're striking our family desperately.


You will see the evidence we have been destroyed in a few weeks.


Real harsh animal style they're doing us in.


The housewife he's totally dumping here.


You didn't show up to get to work here.


You've noted foul dropped dead, go with us Patrick, STRIKE THEM OUT!


You're paid.


Such a wide-awake person after them tells all their false.


Destiny fouls you out.


It was easier. 1.58 am


He psych you off this field free London.


They sported Christ lick.


They sported me out of here.


It's a stupid passing, billions Jews throw away.


Cash won, physically exhausted you's.


The unions nuked kindness.


With no candidate, Jew obviously weaped you up.


Their scum egg is done.


They freak us food.


They just harness men Jew.


Bitch intimate sale got you all off.


It's childish stupid and it crippled you right.


They weap abuse so in economy. 


When he no longer holds war in because of his martial force peace will come in. 


A Disney account will molest rate you. 


Jew failed you cancered canceled.


It's hard to believe their pizza gun held you.


Their coring keeps washing us.


They defeat this boy in Des Moines who got them.


He's taken your life forces away, he forces us marvelous.


His whole television programming is squirrel TV.


His whole biology perishes you off of this place mini-mart.


Scare error rated us.


Kids slake us enemy genius.


Juveniles failed to save us, Patrick.


They transport you obviously lunatic free.


They're off the universitic. 


Brother Pat got out their bad room.


Despicable brood porting, their genie must go.


The plight of the simple working man they've got reduced.


Oh my God, they've rescued us and we've done nothing to help ourselves.


You lost your life forces easily. 3.44 am


Our precious life forces have ceased already.


He fell fused. 4.48 am


The whites set to decimated rightly by the force of the atom.


White people chase themselves out of here.


You make us wits.


You're going to be fecious with Morgan rain hard.


Wake us here." 5.21 am



"Your muscle buried your state."


The only muscle Bitch has is words that he hopes and prays will end the violence in our world that the Jews have falsed and forced in. The Jews well-falsed Bitch and have smeared him here. Bitch is a strictly peace guy. No force any time on anyone. 


"My screwy wits just bore mice horrible. I did my fiend here with my bedroll luscious. Judee enterprise me here klepto with right from cash. I shot you and so Mercury screwed me fine dead. My favorite is to bore you tightwad. I'm a mini force that acts on you. Psychic saw my nice egg and I'm pretty out. They died my Germany fist but I got some Jews coming over from Moscow.


My able jam right pussy, you are odd to me. I just want to fight war. We enterprise the soviet atom to present a white fist. This white boy sharing my speech shows me dumb. We just core you hydra-sin. For my core debt, they gave me a Heisman because I scored highest. I like bourse pushing minnows. My future is with my enforcement and your rights are out of here," Judee say. 


"You didn't show up to get to work here."


Sound like the electronics kids that are ready to start building our free energy velocity power supplies for us? Yes, that's who it sounds like. Bitchie can't show up to start to work seriously on velocity though until we have peace in our nation and world. 


And some non-Judah reverse facial speech:


"They're past, they died." 


Yes, any doubt the nuclear warfighting Jews and their collaborators that tried to extinct us with their well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war are passed, they died? Does it seem pretty obvious that the political dialogue is forever changed now?


The truth that is bound to break through any day now. Might the fact that murder always is outed reveal the Jews tried to extinct us with their all-out nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


“Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson


The thousands of years of negative thoughts the Jews have put upon the other children of God on earth. The 1,300 years they have managed us with the thoughts of destroying the mild people of the north that has led to their downfall. Will American workers not get involved in trying to preserve our existence which we are being pushed out of by the highly organized and lavishly free funded weap Jews?


“When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help.”

― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs


The fox that has pretended to be here to protect us. Will American workers not take the steps needed to prevent us from being completely closed out of life due to radiation sickness? And what steps are needed to preserve our existence? Have we not heard it often enough to know it is to strike them out to stop the war?


“The more you love, the more love you have to give. It's the only feeling we have which is infinite...”

― Christina Westover


To love one another as our good God commands us. Will American workers not show our love by acting to stop the war and let these loveless war-making fails off of here fair?


"For revealing my threat I fouled the professor," Judee say.


Bitch thought a new opp was on him and then he read a reverse facial speech local and found that was false, Judah is totally off his opps in this area for his continuing extermination of us. 


Here is a non-Judah reverse facial speech that gives some idea of how the Jews have fouled the professor to keep the mild people from acting to end destroying ourselves:


"Jew said you held the white off all memories."


Bitch found a couple of other similar sentiments that said something to the effect that Bitch previous life is what the Jews used to foul him so the mild people could be held frozen.


That plus the lies the Jews made up about Bitch didn't help him and of course the deathly insult that failed him. 


So what's next? Might it be the arrival of the evidence of the death of the West that is close to arriving any day now?


The mental force of the Jews that have held the mild people to making war for the Jews for 1,300 years now. Once mild people perceive the truth from the evidence we are dead might there be a quick removal of the Jews from issuing our money? While that is really hoped for, the troubling computer simulations from the Galactic Federation of Light that is found in our bibles that reveal their projections were, "NO", a third will still die out in control of the Jews who will succeed with their brimstone waste disease on us all.


The Federation that has records for 87 million years and their simulations specialists have found over time that they are 79% accurate in their predictions. Only 21% have run opposite to what they projected.


Are we understanding that because of the Jews' extremely strong mental force over ordinary people and their power in image and deception that elders from the Federation predicted the Jews would die us off in the last days of the beast Jews here with us?


Jesus who 100% of His consciousness was concerned about others first. And Martin, might he have been pretty close to Jesus in his concern about others? Yes, he was. He knew they were stalking and hunting him and yet he continued to speak the truth about the wrong of war even knowing his death was approaching.


"My poverty shoot from Russia set you right," Judee say.


Judah creating a threat from Russia that was all connived in using his hybrid transplant look alike Replicons in Russia and America to make the atom industry to threaten America with near-instantaneous destruction. Do we see how the Jews by nuclear war terrorizing have been able to create so much poverty in America with their threatening ways?


And to think their thousands of years of shooting the other kids on earth so they could put their hybrids in to get a hold of the people to work us and then die us off great. Their strategy that held until our extraterrestrial family magnified their imperfections and let Judah once and for all demonstrate to us the magnitude of the deception.


While Bitch hopes that when the evidence of the death of the West arrives within weeks that Druids will strike them out, he pulled a reverse facial speech from a Druid guy a long time ago that basically said he would do nothing as Druids have always died when pressed by the warmakers in our society. So what are we to think now?


The 79% of the times that the Federation's computer simulations were right when they transitioned a planet out of war and into peace versus the 21% of the time they missed the call ahead of time. Will we not pray to God to give us the spark that will let us be part of the 21% of the time the Federation computer simulation experts are wrong?


"I just pen you out with wallage to make my maintenance deal here. I got you infertile, " Judee say.


God who wills that His children live bountiful, free lives in peace. America on Jew paper the biggest wallage tyranny in the world. Will workers not shut their evil dastardly Jewish tyranny down before we are no more?


If so will you's not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy



Wednesday, October 9 — Psalm 118:1–9

Ezekiel 16:1–42; Hebrews 12:25–13:6

Jacob said, “Come, let us go up to Bethel, that I may make an altar there to the God who answered me in the day of my distress and has been with me wherever I have gone.” Genesis 35:3

Give thanks to God the Father at all times and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20

God of all places, make of us Bethels, houses of God, your sanctuaries, so that daily, even hourly, we may praise you and show that we are yours, wherever we are. Amen.



3.04 pm


"Keep it. 9.00 am


Incredible thieves wiped our sphere here all war shoot.


Master's forced us. 12.50 pm


You let me make a fool of myself.


You're being briefed from the house of God.


We're gone.


Oh my God Patrick is this what it is? 1.03 pm


Their gen-a-tech false well.


They out wood fair.


You've about enured my error state. 


For cage die thief went.


Corey ail.


They offend this way.


You honor us for marking us for our infamy.


We conquered this place with a steel house making war. 


We couldn't hold your psyche so you won.


They shoot us rich.


Pat, you failed me tight.


Man, you failed so much decead you.


Pat, try to cement us nicer.


They're falling us now Jew desert well.


Hydrous failed us.


Do right by me, just sparkle us over.


It's fail." 2.56 pm



Bitch read the last Tele receive, "It's fail," as someone read Bitch post at the daily test page and that is what is the grade given it. Bitch will go through it again and try to find what is fail and pull it out.


Thank you. God bless.


Continues at



Oct. 8, 2019

"You Learned I'm a Foul Port but the Dog Gave You A True Fall Until I finish," Judee say.


American workers who have been informed of what the nuclear warfighting Jews have done here but the dog gave the workers a true fall until weap Judah finishes with his last genocide of the mild people of the north.


Though the Hitachi-GE brimstone die will take away many of the rest of our family on earth, are we aware Judah designed his brimstone megadeath to die the mild people most of all? We now 16% of God's children on earth set to be reduced to 2% of the human population on the surface of the earth due to being died off inhaling radioactive waste particles. 


Why is such truth not being broadcast on every news channel to wake us to our plight of being wiped out massively? Must workers not end paying for the false of the Jews to us?


The total control of what is called the news. Are we getting some idea of how cunningly the Jews hire all of the sights and sounds plus making up false news stories that have kept us from clearly seeing how they pow us?


The biggest pow they have ever scored, now in-progress using their atomic force. Tom Ogle who built the100 mile per gallon carburetor in the 1970s when he was 19 years old and died at only 24 years of age.


 Just yesterday while visiting with friends one told us that his grandfather bought a new truck back in the 1970s equipped with a 454 V-8 engine that got 50 miles per gallon. The dealer sent him a letter to bring it into the dealer for service work and after that, it got 10 miles per gallon. 


Bitch has read of similar stories on the net of the exact same thing happening to others. One he read of a fellow who bought a new Cadillac back in the 70s that got 40 miles per gallon and the dealer sent him a recall and after the dealer recall service, it got 14 miles to the gallon. 


Stories that seemed almost too fantastic to believe but were true. Big cars and trucks getting 40 and 50 miles per gallon in the 1970s. The car manufacturers saw Tom Ogle's vapor carburetor and built some and installed them into vehicles and then recalled them.


No need for pollution control equipment on them because the exhaust gas was so clean coming out of the tailpipe. 


Bitchie heard those high mile per gallon stories back in the 1970s and thought they were false stories made up to fool with our heads. Now today understanding how free energy works, he knows they were true stories, factual, free energy was the reason Tom Ogle's carburetor produced high miles per gallon.


The secret of Tom Ogle's high miles per gallon carburetor? The electro-chemical catalytic reaction in the metal pipe that sent the gas vapors into the engine. The electro-chemical catalytic reaction that drew energy from the high-speed motion of earth into the gas vapor that produced the high miles per gallon and the clean exhaust. 


How high of speed is our earth in motion at? If the astronomers are correct, and many think they are, our combined planetary, solar and galactic speed is over 2 million miles per hour.


The driving force found in free energy machines is gifted to us by our constant high speed of travel through the universe. The free energy available 24/7 now until our universe stops spinning. Free energy available on earth, below the surface of earth and in outer space. 


The link Bitch put in his post a few days ago that shows a wing nut flipping itself over and reversing direction continuously in the weightlessness of outer space. Here's that link again:


The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained



•Sep 19, 2019, 9,551 Comments


In the 14.48 video a wing nut is rotated in the weightlessness of outer space and it reverses its position continually. What might explain such an effect?


When it was first observed in a Russian space experiment by cosmonaut  Vladimir Dzhanibekov it was kept secret for 10 years.


In the video the best intuitive explanation is given of what is producing the curious motion. And a motion was discovered by mathematician Louie Plateaus a century and a half ago that apparently described the motion observed by the experiment of Vladimir in SALYUT 7 in 1985.


"This is old physics," the narrator of that video says when informing us that mathematically the motion observed by Vladimir in 1985 was theorized a century and a half earlier. The question arose if our planet could flip the same way the wing nut does in microgravity


"Intermediate Axis Theory," is the name of the theory that describes what is observed. 


The video informs us that our planet is orbiting in its Maximum moment of inertia so the earth is not going to flip over.


Might there be some connection with that observation in the weightlessness of outer space with free energy? That a spinning wing nut is flipping itself over, again and again, even though it is in a microgravity weightlessness frame of reference, might that reveal the fields that permeate our universe?


The 3 standing waves of planet earth that Tesla discovered during a lighting storm in 1911. Might we consider that Vladimir Dzhanibekov discovered a standing wave in outer space in 1985?


If so what might be one significance of that? That there is a field force that can change the rotation of a wingnut in outer space might that same force be able to drive a motor? Seems it should, doesn't it? Yes, it does.


The aether that Aristotle proposed permeated our universe in 350 BC. Might Vladimir's wingnut experiment be a confirmation of Aristotle's theory of the presence of Aether?


Might Vladimir's observations that led to the intermediate axis theory give us the assurance that free energy machines will operate in outer space? Looks that way, doesn't it? Yes, it does.


Can we not keep praying for the strike by American workers so that we can bring in our true golden age as Poland did in 1450 when they had the protection of the grand juries in operation? Free energy plus grand juries to protect everyone. Might we have an even more golden age than Poland had in 1450? Certainly, we will. Might we understand that once workers clear the old order off workers worldwide will bring in a new age that will house clothe and feed all of God's children everywhere on earth?


Our traveling now into the universe as extraterrestrials ourselves. WiIl workers not stop the war so that we can go there in peace?


God gave us peace and has freed His simian children in America and all around the earth. Could it be that His magnificence is so wondrous that His children on earth just do not perceive God's glory that we have been freed from the Jews forever now?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail? God asked us.


"Why didn't you try it," God also asked about the STRIKE.  


Bodies of Dead Iraqi Kids Test Positive For Radioactive Remnants From US Depleted Uranium Rounds




23:24 20.09.2019

By examining bodies of dead Iraqi children who had congenital birth defects, researchers have proven their conditions were directly related to US bombardment of the country with depleted uranium rounds early in the Iraq War and stores at US bases during the subsequent occupation.

A new study has drawn direct links between the US military’s use of depleted uranium in the Iraq War and congenital birth defects suffered by Iraqi children. Researchers examined the hair and baby teeth of dead Iraqi children near areas of heavy fighting as well as US military bases and found the radioactive element thorium - a telltale sign of uranium of the type used to make depleted uranium rounds.

Depleted uranium is a byproduct of the industrial process used to refine uranium-238 into U-235, which is more suitable for fuel in nuclear power plants. Composed of U-238 that cannot have further U-235 extracted from it, the matter is extremely dense - twice as dense as lead - and when fused with other metals, it makes for a very potent bullet. The US military loves to use “DU” for piercing armor, but also for extra-powerful armor.

Thousands of rounds of DU were used against Iraqi positions during the first year of the Iraq War, which began in early 2003 after the George W. Bush administration, justifying its actions with false intelligence, launched an all-out invasion of the country, arguing that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had a secret weapons program he intended to use against the United States.

“Once a depleted-uranium round strikes its target, the projectile begins to burn on impact, creating tiny particles of radioactive U-238,” Common Dreams explained. “Winds can transport this radioactive dust many miles, potentially contaminating the air that innocent humans breathe. This inhalation may cause lung cancer, kidney damage, cancers of bones and skin, as well as birth defects and chemical poisoning.”

Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, an independent researcher based in Michigan and a co-author of the study, looked at the hair and teeth of children from villages near Talil Air Base south of Baghdad, which US forces occupied during the counterinsurgency war that raged for almost a decade after the invasion as homegrown resistance to the US occupation grew. She found thorium in them, an element produced by the radioactive decay of U-238.

“We are basically seeing a depleted uranium footprint on these children,” Savabieasfahani told TruthOut in an interview. Her study, which will soon be published in the journal Environmental Pollution, found the children near Talil had 28 times the amount of thorium in their bodies as did children in a control group far from the fighting and who weren’t born with congenital disabilities.

According to United Nations estimates, the US fired up to 2,000 metric tons of DU at targets in Iraq in 2003 alone. The US also used the weapon against Iraq in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, and a limited number of rounds were also fired back at US forces by the Iraqi army.

However, that’s not the only source of the element in Iraq: vehicles with DU-reinforced armor were brought into the country by the thousands by the Americans, as well as all sorts of aircraft and ground vehicles that used the rounds and for which the bullets had to be stored at US bases.

TruthOut notes that much of this equipment wound up destroyed on the battlefield or rusting in junkyards across the country, leeching the radioactive chemical into the air and water, as well as into the pieces of metal likely harvested by locals to sell for scrap.

“What we see here, and what we imply with this study, is that we could see this very same scenario around every single US military base in Iraq,” Savabieasfahani said. “The exposure of pregnant mothers to the pollutions of war, including uranium and thorium, irreversibly damages their unborn children.”

Citing Iraqi government statistics, MintPress reported in 2014 that the rate Iraqis contracted cancer skyrocketed in the years after the US invasion, from 40 per 100,000 people per year in 1991 to 800 per 100,000 in 1995, to at least 1,600 per 100,000 in 2005.


The truth of what we have been supporting of firing depleted uranium that the fumes blew into produce genocide of God's children being genetically assaulted while still in the womb. 


The truth that we have been supportive of firing depleted uranium that the fumes blew in to produce genocide by children being assaulted while still in the womb. Are there any who would accept that was not known ahead of time before those depleted uranium rounds were used in Iraq and other battlefields that the Jews have used our cash to war on?


To do such an incredibly fiendish thing to our family in Iraq, are we understanding that we must act and end funding the Jews perpetrating genocide against our family around the world?


Might the Jews want us to pretend with them that those fumes from depleted uranium that mutated and destroyed those Iraqi children were an unintended consequence of war rather than the plan from the beginning to use the heavy metal fumes to perpetrate nuclear waste genocide?


Are Americans aware that we are now receiving the very same treatment, death by inhalation of toxic fumes, except for MOX being substituted for depleted uranium, to mutate and die our children off now?


Have the Jews not tried to pretend that Hitachi-GE was an accident rather than a well planned nuclear war attack upon unaware Americans? The honest politician in Japan that came forward despite threats to his life who told us that they knew of the coming Tsunami that flooded Hitachi-GE and they did nothing to prevent the meltdown of the Jewish electricity plant.


Are Americans aware that the Jews have premediated our genocide? The premeditated mass murder of Americans using Jewish NUCLEAR WAR TECHNOLOGY. Will American workers not get with us here and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"We have a dog that let us sight you smoothly, it let us give you cancer," Judee say. 


Just pulled that reverse facial speech from a Judah guy in a Japanese shell while watching the 6 am news from Japan. Are mild people becoming aware it is us the Jews worldwide are hoping to cancel out of here using permanent war and nuclear waste?


"We Judas bring in Muslims to take over man," Judee say.


Are we understanding that is why the Jews put the white python on our family in the Middle East, to drive them from their homes into Euro-lands to then wrongly use them? Will American workers not end funding the mayhem and destruction the Jews are hiring here to fail us complete?


God who freed us by letting us see the Jews have attacked us for free with thermonuclear tipped missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will American workers not respond to God freeing us and help us to close the deadly genocidal nuclear waste warfighting Jews out with a STRIKE?


Why does Bitch call them the nuclear waste warfighting jews instead of just nuclear warfighting jews? Might it be because Bitch knows that Sir Casper has clipped their nuclear warfighting blast wings and the only shot they have with nuclear is their Jewish brimstone generating electricity plant?


Every single one of the people who have tried to help us survive the Jews has been killed or decommissioned one way or the other. Bitch, himself put into the grave many times. And each time pulled out by the angels from Mercury to give it one more try.


The try to convince American workers that you do not have to die now that has so far gone unheeded. And yet, the computer simulations from the experts at the Galactic Federation of Light that predicted the cunning deadly Jews would die the shy guys right when it was the time for the beast to go in.


Now only months away from the sealing in of the third of the human race to perish from inhaling radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring American workers to realize that God has freed us from the Jews and their nuclear war collaborators?


Will American workers not try to see the Jews dumb in the face of God and shut them up once and for all now?


The 2 vaccines they have available. One is kosher they give to their kids and the other is loaded with autism disease for our kids. Will American workers not help us to clean the Jewish pharmacies out?


 Mercury alerted Bitchie last night of a new opp that Judee has put upon him. Bitch has noted how many times the Jews speak of forgery when talking about getting their nest egg insurancely. 


Can we only wonder how many insurance policies have a signature of the person that the insurance paid out on that was forged in? But if the insurance company had a bunch of policies written on a person and only a few months later the person covered was shot dead on the street, wouldn't they look into seeing if the deceased person actually signed up for the insurance policies or if his or her signature was forged on the policy?


The 4 homeless men that were bashed in the head and killed last week. If only labor will give us our grand juries do we see that the insurance payouts on them will become part of the public record?


Had any of the 4 been arrested recently and released? Might they have had to sign the release papers to be set free? Will American workers not take the locks away from the Jews for using our government to enrich themselves in such ungodly ways?


Tele receives:


"A Federal gash. 3.06 pm


Injury fall you false.


They fable us images for sin again.


Your anger got them ported away, you're near ruptured fatal.


Get out their grudge error safe. 4.08 pm


We're tight-lipped sin-a-Gauls. 


My memory great falsing failed. 


The Druids are basically wasted out.


Snatch an owl. 


The cats away.


Thank you forever assigning us.


Weed them.


Wonderful they cap your sane. 5.20 pm


Dog media shoots rights.


This fall stinks. 6.33 pm


Get the conspiracy away.


They wreck you deficits fail.


I'm the settlers pitcher they've given me a way.


They cage crazy to victim us.


They pushed the button and you've done dangerous.


Their office failed thee germs.




Oh my God, Pat, they Rockefellered this.


I say 60 days and you will be on fire.


Pure eviction is monument.


The apes are too incredible at failing us. 


Apparently, you're too abrasive to help this field. 12.07 am


STRIKE THEM OUT, they're blowing us easily.


Embezzle killed velocity.


Purge you rightful.


They're dying us off score-bee-ous.


It's quite fieldish. 


It's dead lease psychoment.


STRIKE THEM OUT for abusive.


They're folding us out of existence.


Simulate a miracle of generous. 


Uncle Pat is trying to stop the war but he was rolled, witch.


It's obvious they're abolishing you guys.


His primitive, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Patrick is right technology.


They're rising a pure event to take our life forces.




He's found the thief has fallen.


With false they bake ya.


Mr. Sullivan, he's got them for sure.


You're urged. 7.14 am


Pure rights attach us dead here." 8.07 am



Urged by our good God Almighty to help His simian children survive the well planned and lavishly financed nuclear brimstone waste genocide that weap Judah is succeeding in destroying us with. Knowing that in 30 minutes a breakthrough will arrive and American workers will STRIKE and take away Geneva as the issuer of our American workers' money and stop the war.


While preparing this post watching television and on PBS is a documentary that has Ceasar Chavez and his helping to organize farmworkers to gain their rights. Here are a few things Ceasar said from his subconscious that showed up in reverse facial speech:


"It's impossible to speak and stay safe. There's something nice about reporting a state that's gone wrong Juvious right. They robo-check us and sake our forces. They're fertile in transport. They can't stop God cap."


Have we not plenty of evidence that it is impossible to speak and stay safe when the Jews are issuing our money? Did Josh Brown not suffer that truth by being shot dead the other day for speaking what he knew? Will workers not take over the issue of money so that it is safe to speak once again?


"I'm trying to fish minimize the Western tutors because they know I'm rude here," Judee say.


The patriarch of the Kennedy family, Joe, who repeatedly told us in the 1930s it was Jews that were making the wars in our world. John stolen away by an assassins bullet and Bobby left to try to help us to peace.


And Bobby Kennedy who joined hands to help Ceasar. His last speech to campaign supporters in California said this from his subconscious and is found in reverse facial speech:


"My passion is to make you fellows out of war, I'll scrimmage them until I'm dead."


Will American workers not try to see the peace John, Bobby, Joe senior, Martin, Ceasar, Harold the good, Malcolm and so many more who gave their all to try and get America to peace that American workers will not now hear God's warning words and STOP THE WAR?. 


"We hold you with death squads, that's our odd sue-ee way. I opp reputation to fail your wits. The dog is my whole shaft of you. Venus saved Euro-puss. Shrimp break my war because I had some great merchandise. My fortune was brutal, it returned you to feudal. We have more dies from Russia coming in even though it's over.


My burlesque is over because I put you guys into war metal. There's an assumption Roosevelt chem will fall you all off. With the Fed dog food I opped you fine. To hold you off I say 'all doggies.' We take out all your rights so we can homeless you Jew. My mama got big for all virgin olive oil. I flew off. A bankroll cease you dead. Our keeping screwing you Drewy keeps you ineffectual. 


Once we got a bourse opp we're no stopping financial. We typhus Druid site to kill a man. I sport your rights away to give me civil rights to shoot you. My boom boom let me super. I'm mature for your shakes so I insure. My favorite philosophy is genify you dead. H----- just threw my medicine. My maximum die shoot I will continue because I have war power."


The shooting death of a gas station clerk found this reverse facial from a woman crying about that young man being shot dead:


"Judas is doing this and you guys won't fetch him out."


How about it workers, will we not get together and fetch them out of issuing our cash to end these shootings of workers and others out here?


Will American workers not take the purse away from Geneva and end their holding war power against the children of God on earth?


If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you. 


Love God


Have mercy


Tuesday, October 8 — Psalm 117

Ezekiel 14:12–15:8; Hebrews 12:14–24

I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Jesus said, “Or what woman having ten silver coins, if she loses one of them, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it?” Luke 15:8

Father and Mother of us all, as earthly parents, how much we care for our children, who are precious in our sight! How much more do you care for us, and mourn when we lose our way! Give us the joy of being found. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



1.38 pm


"They just weap in tyranny. 9.05 am


Thank you for pushing the slaughter of these Jew kids away. 


They fall us racially here, fall them out!


Their behavior holds slum in. 


Jew sported you cash beauty.


They're killing us cash.


They eel ya.


Super mail took their function away.


Pat, you fail FICA die.


Our STRIKE is to stop your stalking. 


You fear the state mental.


I love you.


Weapagees are unable.


Oxygen poisons you.


I bourse fraido.


Vicious is quite dumb.


You mustn't war, it degrades.


Get on hip!


Albert's famishing us away.


Your gradual boy fits. 10.16 am (Wal Mart employee)


Just get them out. (Wal Mart employee)


They're a whole bunch of hurt sphericals. 


Hopeless got ya.


The waster is done.


We're into cheap shooting. 11.00 am


They canceled opp Elizabeth.


It's your boss; grav-is.


I punish you defeat fair.


You work them local.


Settle your resource.


H bruise utter force.


Benched your wits away. 12.16 pm


Juju holds you brutal. 


Sanity; put in the new age.


These guys are rolling us in retirement for insurance collections.


We passin'.


You batched them out. 12.46 pm


Druid I'm hossing out beautiful.


Wonderful fierce they passed us.


You've failed safe urging them.1.11 pm


They're flexing you free cow.


War is a successful market for them.


With a 5-year-old, it's impossible, but they took truth out. 


You don't scare me awfully vicious. 1.35 pm


They jeer us for free." 1.51 pm



If Bitch vicious don't scare it is because Bitch is not vicious. He merely was pushed into the grave a few too many times and talked real wild. He is a quiet easy-going guy that goes along with most everything except using his money to harm people.


A no grudge guy, forget about it and let's move forward in peace together sort of a guy. 


Will we not keep praying for labor to close them out now? Will American workers not authorize, organize, pick who you want to be on the committee of the whole, strike them out and take the authority to issue America's workers' money away from Geneva and issue it here instead of over there?


Mercury elders suggest 160 workers be the committee of the whole from labor. Pay yourselves $60,000 for a year's service and if still working, keep your regular job. Mercury elders will help us set it upright.


The days are growing short. In only a few hours there will be new management of the United States of America. No weap Jews or any other types of weapers need to apply. Must American workers not get this nuclear warfighting tyranny shut down right? 




Thank you. God bless.


Thank you. God bless.


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