25 June 2019

Beautiful Fister, Wonderful Field Us. It's an About Right Force Awesome, You let Jew Toss Them Out."

Bitch didn't let Jew toss them out, Bitch was unable to convince ordinary American workers to stop funding the many varieties of assaults upon us all.

Might it be the lingering effects of Bitch committing the deadly sin of insult 7 years ago that has prevented fair Bitch from getting any help from American workers to stop the war? Or is it the "rare" that the Jews are known for that has allowed them to use free workers created money to assault us out of existence in a brimstone war to the death?

Or could it be with the lies the Jews have spread about Bitch they are hoping for a gullibility factor to win so that American workers will not take the good extraterrestrial advice to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Or is it fear of the menacing threatening Jews that is holding workers from getting the deuce management off of Americans? Or is it the alcohol that numbs the survival instinct. Might it be a combination of all of these things?

Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad? Job 2:10

While our good God will never harm us, are we aware that He did not have His angels shut Hitachi-GE down days before they knew the Tsunami was going to hit?

The Tsunami that was the cover for the Jews to start firing their atomic cannon at us here in comfortable America. Their brimstone waste cannon they have refused to shut down and are still shooting on us over 8 years later with the deadliest poison ever introduced into the environment, brimstone nuclear waste. Our children now, generation MOX.

Our life form easily wiped out of existence by the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews on free money we gift them with. Did such a thing happen to illiterate villagers on some remote shore?

No, it happened to the wealthiest people of them all, Americans. People with access to all sorts of information if we care to look into it.

"Beam on. 5.24 pm

Beam, off." 5.49 pm

That was in yesterday's post. Judee shot Bitch with his satellite microwave beam Sunday for 25 minutes. In the past Bitch would feel unwell for about 3 days after getting shot with that satellite microwave beam.

He has two car batteries sitting in a copper pan in his top dresser drawer that he gets on the floor and pushes his head up against them and they stop about 90 to 95% of the microwave beam force. Still not pleasant, but he continues on well.

The beam that shot Bitch Sunday was one of Judee's new satellites that he launched from India not long ago. It turns on immediately and is quite powerful whereas the satellite beams he has been shooting Bitch with for over a decade are getting weak in comparison. They usually take about 10 minutes now to get their beam strength up.

Bitch figures there are 5 satellites shooting him. Two American satellite weaps and the three Indian satellite weaps.

Why is India assaulting Bitch's peaceful head? Might it be because Bitch keeps informing our family in India about the crypto-Jews that are holding sway there that they intend to try and get those hydrogen bombs exploding over their heads?

The hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Jew shells that pretend they are real Indians that are holding management there now. Washing peoples feet and practicing yoga while they plot the destruction of the human race using the Jewishly invented nuclear blast and waste.

The ones that have built an elaborate nuclear war machine including sub launched intercontinental ballistic missiles to give some real genocidal hell.

Once American labor ends funding the nuclear war fighting Jews in America might the Replicon Jew shells in India not be out of management here too? Certainly, they will with their genocidal Jewish atomic energy too.

"Replicons," is what our extraterrestrial elders call the Fornian look alike Jew shells. Will American workers not please end funding their hell?

While on the subject of Judah assaulting us, and in particular assaulting the Bitch, yesterday Bitch had his usual breakfast. Four slices of toast, a banana, and warm cereal.

Something wasn't right. He thought maybe he just ate too much and let it go. Then while going to bed 12 hours later at 7 pm, it still wasn't right so he took a little baking soda.

Upon waking at 3 am he noticed a pain in his right side. Then he heard elder say: "Your bread may be no good."

Could that be what caused the stomach upset all day?

So he took a heaping tablespoon of bentonite clay and mixed it into a nice wet clay and ate it all up. It is 4.50 am now and just in the last ten minutes, he noticed the pain in the right side of his stomach is going away now.

Bitch ate two different brands of bread so he is not sure which one it is that caught him. Though might we note, even knowing of Judee's old basalt pancreatic cancer tricks, it didn't reach his mental what it was until elder spoke to him early today?

Can we only wonder how many people eat something and they get a little heartburn and they toss it off and never guess they may have eaten old basalt mixed in?

The industrial bakery in Chicago Bitch worked in way back in 1978 and he wondered why we threw so much bread away. Why not give the tons of returned bread to the farmers to feed to the pigs?

Then an old-timer at the plant informed him the farmers used to do just that but it killed their pigs so the returned bread was taken to the dump. At the time Bitch wondered what could be in the bread that could kill the pigs? Might we guess now it was old basalt the Jews cooked in?

Can we only wonder how many people have died from an assortment of digestive cancers due to what the Jews put into our bread and other manufactured food products?

Bitch often times pulls the word "noodle" from the Jews reverse facial speech. Recently he purchased some noodles that were on sale. Then later that same day on a local news broadcast a speaker said in reverse facial speech that Bitch shopped "minorial noodles."

"Minorial noodles?" What's that?

V--- card has an office in Vienna Virginia that monitors our credit debit we shop on their cards. As Bitch has sent the Jews out of management by publishing the Mercury report, might we figure he is at the top of the list of looking at what it is that he buys in the food stores?

From what the local broadcaster knew about Bitch buying "minorial noodles," might we surmise that the product code informs of the nature of the product involved?

That is might we guess that the UPC tells if the product is clean or not? Might the UPC even reveal what type of contaminate is in the food? Cancer or merely dull wits?

While a product could be taken after the factory, opened and contaminated in a variety of ways, that the product was known as "minorial noodles," as the broadcaster said in RS, would that not indicate that it was marked contaminated from the factory shipping it that way? Could it all be hidden in the UPC?

So what could be the implications of such thing as that?

Might it be that right after labor completes the STRIKE, our grocers can get the list of UPCs that are fooled with in some way and get them off of our shelves the very same day?

Might we set our cash registers to ring a bell and show the products that are not good to eat? Do workers see how you will be doing yourselves and your families a good deal by taking the authority to issue our money away from the Jews?

"Old basalt. Asbestos," by another name. "Porcelain" the pathologists describes it when they find it at autopsy. Smooth and polished from being in the digestive organs of our stomachs. Once in, it is permanent. Waiting for only a big enough build up to trigger cancer and finish us off then.

Might some of us feel that feeding people is an act of love? Just looked at some quotes to see who may have said something like that.

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate." One quote said.

“Hate feeds on itself, while love will always find itself fed.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough


"Food is the ingredient that binds us together."

Isn't that a nice quote? And is it not so true? How about we say some prayers for our farmers who are in this wet weather war the Jews are still shooting on them and us too? Can we not hope workers take the authority to issue workers money away from the Jews before they put our farmers in a drought later this year?


"I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry."

MIght Bitch have been hungry when he insulted you guys and gals? Sorry for what I said.


"Your attitude determines your direction."

Bitch attitude is to fix things up. Apologize and make amends for whatever it is. Bitch attitude is the same since November of 1965 when he knew we had to get to peace somehow. Will workers not make peace your direction and force out the war?


"The secret ingredient is always love."

Might we amend that to read, "The secret ingredient is always love, except when Judah bribed the chef?"

Something that Bitch has noticed now that he is tuned in to how seriously the Jews have been poisoning our kids with candy and bubble gum and all sorts of sweet treats we like to eat. The late Jim Majors that sought Bitch out to befriend for the Jews to mine him for social data they could use to amplify and mix lies in with to hurt his family and friends.

Jim did not do well in school. Something held him back, all his years.

Bitchie did notice on occasion how peculiarly Jim would squint when he was thinking about something. He has noticed the same sort of peculiar squint occasionally on many other people.

Might that peculiar squint that is seen when thinking be a marker of the Jews poisoning our kids' wits when they were just little kids in school or before?

Will American workers not get the wit dulling stuff out of our children's food sources? How about getting the wit dulling stuff and cancer out of our own food and beverage sources too?

Bitch just getting ready for the 6 am Judee news from Japan to read the reverse facial speech of the opinion makers in our world to see what sorts of sports they have planned for these days ahead.

Just read this RS from some local Judee guy:

"I just do victimly, the cops sported so I'm out."

Will labor not bring our grand juries in and close all of the sports out of here please?

Their feelings towards us. Do we notice they say the same things in so many different ways, they hate us every day and want us dead?

While hating us, might we consider it is their right? Who cares what they think of us?

But that they are aggressive killers of ordinary simple people, and also some big people too, might we see we need to have protection from their rule?

The authority to issue our money. Will American workers not take it away from them and throw their genocide rule out?

"Bitch has got an Econoline way where my source is not your bedroom," Judee say.

The way of our good God Almighty. Will American workers not act right away and try to salvage the good of the beautiful nation we have, the United States of America, land of the free?

The promising new nation the Jews invaded with a preformed plan to enslave and then destroy us in war. Though we’ve heard this already haven't we? So must we not act to let them off right?

"Strategize you for a full Russia coming in. We're out Germany because of our foul."

Just found that RS in the Japan news. Will American workers not break their strategy of bringing the Russians in to police us here?

"If you're not chapped properly you'll core my ship."

Will workers not take the good advice from our elders from the stars and STRIKE THEM OUT and end their chapping us properly?

Will workers not get smart, get the paper, put our grand juries in and core their deadly, murderous genocidal ship properly?

Tele receives:

"The police, they raped us. 6.50 pm

It's an about right face.

Awesome you let Jew toss them out. 11.53 pm

ORGANIZE yourselves, outrageous sale.

Busted velocity and transitioned you to history. 1.34 am

Your bread may be no good.

Beautiful fister, wonderful field us. 3.41 am

They screw you for benefits.

A particle shed guts.

An awscher right is holding us.

A deathany has befallen us.

It's your skin sensor.

Terrible fiends are finishing us up. 7.24 am

They assault you off the table awful riceler.

It's failed war.

Jerk this tiger out of here. 7.51 am

From the people comes all.

You do rate falling them.

They're dying us completely." 8.12 am

The rule of the human race on earth, as always directed by who issues our money. Are we understanding that the love of God wills that the common people now issue our money, and therefore rule our nation? Must workers not take God 's will as our own and issue our workers' money for us here?

Must we not get smart and STOP THE WAR?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Tuesday, June 25 — Psalm 78:56–64
Isaiah 6,7; Galatians 4:17–27

For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I will gather you. Isaiah 54:7

Jesus said, “I will not leave you orphaned; I am coming to you.” John 14:18

Remind us today, Holy Spirit, that your presence is always with us to comfort, to guide, and to strengthen us always. Sometimes on life’s journey, we feel like we are on a pilgrimage alone, forgetting that you have promised to never forsake us or turn your back against us. May we always rely on you, Holy Spirit, to remind us of God’s established covenant. Amen

1.15 pm

"We've got a sale on you yet. 9.07 am

Your cow is sold assaulted.

From their great bear rape you failed to save us, Patrick.

They're judging your moral fitness rather than trying to save their lives.

Have the heroes stop hacking us, Patrick.

Field sport us out witless.

You failed to save us, Patrick, the tootsie rolls got us."

UFO Encounters over Wytheville, Virginia - 1987

Published: 5:36 PM 12/16/2009

Wytheville, Virginia - 10-07-87

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three policeman.

On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff. This was a routine call that Gordon received to gather news each day.


However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told - three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former military, had seen a UFO.

A report such as this was normally relegated to the end of Gordon's news cast, as a tongue-in-cheek report. This was the case with the UFO report, but it would not remain humorous long.

Almost immediately after the broadcast, telephone switchboards were overloaded with UFO reports. Obviously, the three deputies were not the only witnesses to UFOs.

On October 21, Gordon, along with his friend Roger Hall, a commercial pilot, took a drive to the southern part of Wythe County, where most of the UFO reports had originated. They were armed with both still and video cameras.

For about two hours they searched the skies for something unusual, but saw nothing. Their luck would change on their drive home. Gordon saw a strange object in the sky, and alerted Hall.


They quickly pulled off the road, and piled out. Both men could clearly see a large, domed, wingless object moving toward them. The right side of the UFO was illuminated with various colored lights.


Hall reported that the object was the size of two football fields in length. He could see three windows on the craft, light from the inside.

Continues at:

Also, he was shocked to see a red ball moving toward what he felt was a mother ship.

Soon, the larger ship slowly moved into a cloud bank, with the red ball joining it. Both men thought the other was taking photos or video of the object. They were both so taken by what they were seeing, neither man had grabbed a camera.

The very next night, the two sky watchers again searched for the UFO. They were rewarded this time with photographs. Although the photos were not yet developed, a press conference was called for the following day.

The night before the conference, Gordon received an anonymous call, warning him that the Federal Government was very much interested in what Gordon and Hall had seen. Gordon continued to receive calls, warning him to back off of the UFO subject.

After the conference was held, Gordon arrived at his home only to find that someone had broken in. Nothing was taken, but Gordon believed that someone was trying to find his UFO photos.

Gordon would get a second chance to capture a UFO with his camera. Six weeks after the conference, he, along with his wife and daughter, were leaving a local mall after doing some shopping. Suddenly, they heard a roar of voices coming from a Wythe school bus which was sitting in the parking lot.

The reason for the student's excitement was soon discovered. Hovering in plain sight was a large group of four unknown lights. This time Gordon had his camera ready and snapped several photographs.

After the photos were developed, it could be clearly seen that the four lights changed shapes.

Continues at:

The sightings in and around Wytheville continued. By the end of December, approximately 1,500 reports had been filed. These described various shapes and sizes, with most of the objects seeming to be noiseless.

On March 19, 1988, Gordon, while packing for a Broadcaster's Conference in Virginia Beach, where he would discuss the UFO sightings over Wytheville, he received a telephone call from a retired Military Intelligence Officer.

The officer told Gordon to tape the call because if something was to happen to Gordon, he would have proof that Gordon had been warned to cease publicizing the UFO sightings. The officer threatened Gordon and his family.

Naturally, Gordon was frightened, but also maddened by the threats. Approximately a month later, Gordon had a visit from two men. They claimed to be from a newspaper. One of the men interviewed Gordon about the sightings for about 45 minutes, while the second visitor roamed around the house, taking photographs.

Gordon has been promised a copy of the interview, but after a suitable time passed with no information, Gordon called the paper where the two men claimed to work. Gordon was informed that the men were not employees of the paper.

A few weeks later, Gordon got a chance to go back through all of the photos he had taken of the UFOs. He discovered that although some of the negatives remained, one set in particular was missing - the photos taken over the shopping mall.

The threatening phone calls, the visits by bogus newsmen, and the breaking in of his home finally took their tool on Gordon. Two weeks after he discovered the missing set of photos, he keeled over.

His wife rushed him to a local Emergency Room, where it was first thought that he was suffering a heart attack. It would soon be discovered that he was suffering from exhaustion.

Gordon his health at rich, finally decided to back off of his ardent search for the mystery of the UFO sightings over Wytheville, Virginia, and gave this advice to others: "Don't look up."

What can be said about the mysterious lights / objects in the Virginia skies in the late 1980s? Were they from the stars? or were they some highly classified military experiment?

We may never know for certain. The mystery continues.

written by B J Booth

The meta transiliatory communication, the MARKING over Wytheville Virginia in 1987. How about we try to decode what our extraterrestrial elders may have been saying to us?

Bitch looked in the area Wytheville and didn't find any military things that we might need to concerned about. So what could be there that could help us?

George Wythe (1726 –1806) was the first American law professor, a noted classics scholar, and a Virginia judge. The first of the seven Virginia signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence, Wythe served as one of Virginia's representatives to the Continental Congress and the Philadelphia Convention.[1] Wythe taught and was a mentor to Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Henry Clay and other men who became American leaders.

For those who read law, might many of us without a doubt consider that the most significant theoretical advance in law came from George Wythe? Yes, no doubt.

The legal theory that George proposed so advanced and irrefutably correct, that it was not allowed to be taught in college level law classes two centuries after Georges death. process. The theory that was put into our bill of rights and made the law of our land in 1791.

George's theory that precedes the jury theory in that it is more important than a right to a jury, the grand jury that precedes it.

George's legal theory, his explanation that a book can not have a crime committed against it, so the laws on the books need to go to a grand jury before the state can carry forward with an arrest or prosecution. So simple it seems, might we wonder why someone didn't come up with such a theory earlier that?

The grand jury put into service in Poland in 1430 that brought about the fertile conditions of liberty and freedom that afforded our family in Poland the opportunity to become wealthy. And then did in what was called the "Golden Age of Poland." Only to be smashed down in war and the great economic and social benefits of grand jury process all but forgotten in the centuries ahead until the United States Constitution made the Polish Grand jury our law.

That combined with the rights of Englishmen to have a trial by a jury of peers before life, liberty or property could be taken from anyone.

The rights to trial by jury that were given to Dred Scott in 1854 that set him free from his master. Overthrown by appointed clerks on the bench and Jewish racist law put in by judges on the bench that ended the jury rights for not only men of color but now all men on American shores.










13 FEB 2019


'Look behind you': May mocks Corbyn in panto piece at PMQs



An indication of how the relentless character assassination of Corbyn is being coordinated was hinted at early on, months after his election as Labour leader in 2015. A British military general told the Times, again anonymously, that there would be “direct action” – what he also termed a “mutiny” – by the armed forces should Corbyn ever get in sight of power. The generals, he said, regarded Corbyn as a national security threat and would use any means, “fair or foul”, to prevent him implementing his political programme.



The Vicious Foul Joke Government of the Jews, by the Jews and for the Jews is when they are the only ones holding the authority to privately issue the money of a nation.

'Look behind you': May mocks Corbyn in panto piece at PMQs

Wednesday 19 December 2018 1

Bitch, reading reverse facial speech reports, it worked, May's death threat to Corbyn has caused him to break. England is now ready to lead Jewish hired Soviet forces for the war inside of America.

And to think, it can all be brought to an end in a day when American workers STRIKE THEM OUT and get rid of the vicious foul joke government is when only Jews hold the Organizing Principle of Society,the authority to issue our money.

Did we notice money for the wall now includes funds for building a gulag to hold hundreds of thousands of detainees? Can we only wonder might immigrant imprisonment be a cover for beginning the build-up of the gulag concentration camps that in time will hold regular Americans?

Secretary of Education Betty Devos baby brother, Erik Prince now signed up to build concentration camps in China.

Blackwater Mercenary Prince Has a New $1 Trillion Chinese Boss
By Blake Schmidt
February 9, 2019,

Prince's FSG has drawn international attention for a signing ceremony to build a training center in far western China, where the Chinese government has detained as many as a million Uighur Muslims in political camps. The statement, made in Chinese, was subsequently removed from the firm’s website. Prince distanced himself from the region in a statement to Bloomberg.

Proud American’

“I am a businessman, not a politician, but I am also a proud American who would never do anything against my country’s national interest,” Prince said in a phone interview.

Prince is no stranger to controversy. He’s made headlines recently by suggesting the Trump administration privatize the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

Still, there are risks. Prince wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in 2017 that called for a viceroy to run a privatized war in Afghanistan, and referenced the colonial-era East India Company.

A Takeover From Within

Once headed by Prince, Frontier Services Group is now stacked with Chinese investors and leadership

Might we translate 'Chinese investors and leadership' as hybrid transplant look alike Fornian weap Judah kid's?

The great historical Euro-bum corporations that served the Jews by assaulting our family on every shore. Will American workers not free us of their Magnificant fraud?

While it is certain he will never do anything against the interests of his country are there some of us who think his country is Israel and not America? Have our extraterrestrial elders not let us see clearly enough the Jewish hybrid transplant Replicons that have infested us for free that we will not let them off now?

Our Bibles tell us no, we will perish now as is the way that mild people have always done when held by the Jews and their innerspring 5th columnists throughout all the lands of the mild people of the north.

Federation's computer simulations at the time of Jesus and Abe Lincoln, 80/20 to 70/30% chance the Jews will die mild white people off fair. So why keep on writing every day if we are going to perish anyways? Might it be that 20% to 30% chance that a mild peoples STRIKE will happen due to the luck of the Irish?

Just last night the thought impressions came to Bitch that there is now an honor guard standing by Father. Bitch previously thought Father would be with us into the year 2020. Bitch is sad that Father may be leaving us sooner than that.

Could the sadness and tears of losing his white children to the Jews nuclear brimstone waste war have caused Father to lose a year of life? Will precious sweet Father be passing this year?

Precious Father is 2,200 years of age. He has been our Father since 800 AD after Father Christopher passed away. Father prepared our bibles for us at the time of Jesus when he was 200 years of age. Father Christopher sent His only begotten son Jesus to save us. Father Baldec preceded Father Christopher and flew in to talk to Moses and give him the rules of the road.

The Jews were so mental, tricky and murderous even at the time of Jesus that the Federation concluded from their computer simulations that the Jews would succeed in destroying a third of the human race when they left to go into their underground shelters.






Continues at:


Stanley Krzak, 26, was taken into custody Thursday at his home in the Andersonville neighborhood on the North Side and was charged with two felony counts of armed robbery with a firearm, Chicago police said.


APFN Post with pictures of a car that was hit with a space-based laser killing a 16-year-old Iowa girl. 


And another story that Judah media is selling of a 13-year-old girl that was purportedly kidnapped.




"They're Destroying The White Men. Patrick Pulled Their Ruse Off. Pull Out Fiend Rules."

Those a few Tele receives of what is happening here.

Their ruse that has kept the United States of America involved full time in war ever since 1913 when they took over the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money.

For those that pray will we not keep praying that Labor takes over the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money and acts to STOP THE WAR?

"Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen."

The last words of the hail Mary prayer. "Now and at the hour of our death Amen."

Generations of Americans have now been born, lived and died and not had a day of peace in our world ever since weap Judah took over private control of the Organizing Principle of Society. Has Judah somehow normalized the acceptance of war as an ordinary social institution?

Our creator force, our good God Almighty in heaven above who has afforded us the opportunity to live in peace if we want to. Will we not pray that workers at all levels will choose peace and not more Jewish sports war and genocide?

The 3rd Edition of Galacticans now on the bridge of the Galactic Federation of Light standing by ready to take away the righteous to safety as earth undergoes the passing of a third of the human race out due to inhaling Jewish electricity created brimstone waste.

Electricity, the energy we need to so much, hooked to the infernal machines that will die us off without a fight.

Electricity that can be had from the high-speed travel of planet earth through the universe using inexpensive circuit cards.

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy," Dr. Mallove said after he published his letter to the world in May of 2004.

Boom, Boom they shot him dead in only a short time later.

Planet earth sailing through the universe at over 2 million miles per hour. Might we try to imagine how much free energy is to be had from such high-speed motion?

Materials that are prohibitively expensive now due to the large amounts of energy needed to produce them. Might we appreciate with free energy, new advanced materials will be low-cost products available to us in our new economy of peace? Certainly they will.

A new era of wealth and abundance for all of God's children on earth. Will Labor not bring in our era of permanent peace?

And how do we know it will be an era of permanent peace?

Once weap Judah no longer holds the organizing principle of society in his hands privately and instead it is held in the hands of a Labor committee of the whole, is there any chance that workers will be funding sports war and genocide? Seems highly unlikely, doesn't it? Certainly.

A refugee from war-torn Sudan working as a Uber driver shot to death on the streets of Chicago. For 15 years he has been sending money home to his family in Sudan to help them survive the privation of war. A family man, an ordinary simple working man shot down and not able to help anyone any more.

South Sudanese immigrant, 33, shot dead in West Roger Park

CHICAGO — A man was fatally shot in a West Rogers Park robbery late Thursday, police said.

The attack happened around 11 p.m. Thursday in the 6100 block of North Talman Avenue, according to the Chicago Police Department. Two men walked up to the victim, shot him twice in the back and ran away. Police on Friday said the shooting was part of a robbery. The attack was likely not linked to other recent Rogers Park homicides.

The victim was later identified as Ali Kahbab, a 33-year-old man who moved to Chicago from South Sudan roughly 15 years ago. He often would send money back to Sudan to help family and friends, and recently began working as an Uber driver. His friends in Chicago said they are now heartbroken.

Is there some understanding this killing was coordinated with the Jewish 911 emergency system? Are we aware enough of weap Judah's criminal mode of operation to recognize when he does his shootings on the street?

And on the same page of news we have this:

Family sues after SWAT team raids apartment by mistake in Back of the Yards

CHICAGO -- A family in the city's Back of the Yards has filed a federal lawsuit against the city for a mistaken police SWAT team raid on their apartment.

The suit says during the Aug. 9 incident, SWAT team members pointed assault rifles at members of the Tate family, including four children, ages 4 to 13.

A gun was pointed at the chest of Ebony Tate while she held her 4-year-old.

The family's Attorney, Al Hofeld Jr. says the family was ordered out of the apartment and onto the street for more than an hour, Grandmother Cynthia Eason dressed only in a T-shirt and underwear.

Ebony Tate suffered a panic attack and required medical attention.

The children were reportedly traumatized by the incident and have had a hard time sleeping since

Should innocent victims of such a harrowing wrongful event not be compensated for the multiples of a wrong done to them? Would most fair-minded people not say, "yes?" Sure.

But can we only wonder knowing how Judah likes to work the system, might that have all been staged with the intent to bourse up a poor family of weap Judah folks from the deep pockets of the taxpayers?

Illinois Supreme Court denies motion for new Bethune murder trial
ISAAC SMITH The Southern Nov 7, 2018 Updated Nov 8, 2018

MURPHYSBORO — According to prosecutors in the case, the Illinois Supreme Court has denied a motion asking for time to file a petition for a new trial against Gaege Bethune in the 2014 death of Pravin Varughese.

Reverse facial speech that revealed Pravin Varughese is, in reality, a weap Judah guy that ghosetd out in a clever operation making a claim he was hit on the head and of hyperthermia. The family set now to sue the police for letting him die out in the cold. Is that not a pretty nifty ruse as he is likely still alive and living with an assumed name now?

How could such a ruse be pulled on us? Might it be the absence of a real grand jury process that lets such fabulous Judah ruses slip by?

Not only is Pravin no longer available for any court process in India where he came from, he is now set for his family for a nice settlement for the police botching not helping him the night he was purportedly struck on the head and died from hypothermia out in the cold.

Will Labor not help us and put American Law in once again?

In yesterdays post Bitch speculated on whether or not a police officer was shot at the bar shooting in California that claimed thirteen lives. Upon reflection, Judah has shot dozens of his municipals rather than letting them ghost away with a new name. With our real American Law in might, we appreciate that we will get the truth when Labor hires the grand juries to investigate for us?

Instead of remote-controlled guns that did some of the shooting inside that bar massacre, might Judee have had two or three concealed guys with pistols in place to help get the numbers up?

Is there a general acceptance that when our money for whatever is to happen in any governmental process is held in the hands of weap Judah privately, that we will not get any useful truth? Seems likely, doesn't it? Are we seeing why we need Labor to issue our money and not nuclear war fighting weap Judah?

BItch still barred by APFN so no need to put any pictures up. APFN published the pictures in the post. Other sites require much more time to put pictures in.

Bitch surprised that pictures of a car that was shot with a space-based laser weapon that had a 16-year-old weap Judah girl in it that died would end his time posting at APFN.

Might such a fact if perceived by ordinary Americans, that Judah has space-based lasers and is using them to burn us up on the street and blast us while driving our cars, be something that could wake Labor to act to take over the issue of our money?

APFN Post with pictures of a car that was hit with a space-based laser killing a 16-year-old Iowa girl.

And another story that Judah media is selling of a 13-year-old girl that was purportedly kidnapped.

13-year-old girl kidnapped in front of home before school, Amber Alert issued


Bitchie read several videos for reverse facial speech and found the kidnapped 13-year-old girl is a hoax, it is a Judee opp.

"Set you great dumb. White people of peace I fist them fine, can is my assault route. I just waste you out Sycophant. I'm not a human and that's why I force you, despot fish. I set your liberty to take it away with my right rule. Our arrogance sealed us in for our stuffing."

And are we understanding why Judah does such things as stage the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl?

Might we see that is what gives him his rights to go out and hunt these bad people that do such things as kidnap 13-year old girls?

Is that not how he got his rights to begin this latest series of wars in 2001, by blowing up some old white elephant buildings in New York for gigantic insurance collections and claiming Muslims did it?

The advanced technology of our extraterrestrial elders from the Federation that precious sweet Father sent in to prevent weap Judah from exterminating our race in an all-out nuclear blast war that he attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

With such advanced technology as our elders have does it not seem that it would be easy to throw Judah and his complex out? Certainly. So why doesn't the Federation just start dumping Judah and his cannibal cult sports kids into the local rivers?

Are we not aware that our extraterrestrial elders do not fight?

Even with Judah now set to die the majority of Americans off in the next few years as part of the third of the human race set to die out now, is there some understanding that our elders will not take Judah out of here?

Yet they pulled all of the 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads off of us that Judah tried to exterminate our race with, so why will they not help us now to shut the atomic bomb at Hitachi-GE down?

But they have helped us to shut the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE down. Do some of us recall 7 years ago that Sir Jason, our technical representative from the Federation advised us to, "cement it in?"

Elders might come in and shut it down if they could do it without having to fight with Judah. Are we not certain though that Judah would attack our elders if they tried to shut that dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE down?

Certainly, Judah would attack them if they tried to shut that exterminating dirty bomb down. Do we see elders will not shut that atomic bomb down as long as we continue to fund Judah to assault and attack us and our elders' rescue mission from the Galactic Federation of light?

"You failed to give the wise fish a view," elder said to BItch years ago.

The most unwise fish of them all, those that fund and fight Jewish sports wars and commit genocide. Is there some understanding that our die is fair? Will, there be any to complain they just didn't know that this brimstone waste war we are financing for Judah would cost us our children's lives?

Will there be any who will claim to not have known that the mumps for us is all part of Judah government joke?

Our precious sweet Father in heaven who has set us now to be done with their Jewish breeze and to forever live in peace. Will, we not take the gift of peace that Father has given us and go with it now?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Bitch disrespect nearly 7 years ago. His deathly insult to you's, is that why Labor chooses to not try it now?

God knew two thousand years ago when he was preparing our bibles for us that Bitch would insult you's in the end times of the Beast with us and so He put into the bible that the prudent, sensible, the wise ignore an insult.

Our family in California that is getting quite a burnout. Can we only wonder if those space-based lasers helped start the many fires that are burning out of control in so many places? Might that have been why APFN pulled the plug on Bitchie's posting with them, reporting about firebug Judah's satellite laser sports?

The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all. Titus 2:11

The salvation our good God has had His angels deliver to us by pulling every single nuclear warhead out of the sky that Judah has shot at us. Will, we not praise the glory of our good God? Will, we not soothe the love of God with a general American Labor STRIKE?

Judah who turned his face against our good God. Will Labor not respond with a general STRIKE?

Might workers not want to think about this, this plea to you is not to do good things to our fellow human Beings, it is a plea to you to stop doing bad things to our fellow human beings?

Tele receives:

"SALE! 7.25 a.m.

You fair us message. 8.21 a.m.

The driver threw us completely off.

You bet! 9.53 a.m.

This guy is telling us what is going on here, you'll be smart to listen to what he's got to say. 9.59 a.m.

They're hell corrupt.

Bubblegum strange us here.

True penaling here.

I'm a goose wit to fest you only disgruntled.

An hour possessed us.

They're dying us text full.

We urge your goal.

We're thiefed catastrophe.

They fiber opped you here. 2.45 p.m.

Error cracked you right. 6.08 p.m.

Get them out they're a great threat to us. 6.53 p.m.

Tray's shooting a guy. 7.01 p.m.

Desport. 7.37 p.m.

Wrinkles the cats failed.

Take them off, they're suffering us mal influence. 12.15 a.m.

You're supposed to be in truth form, can't you save us, can't you be our friend?

Save us, Patrick; Save our field.

In 1856 I punished your field, I ended it.

Wrench fizzle canceled us nice.

You've got a psyche against your file, because of ax you fail.

New improved Druid will be issuing violence sadly.

Horrible field to let you down seriously. 2.50 a.m.

Vegetable very die folding out now.

Criminals snatch you off.

Lecherous hydrogen failed me.

You joyed us, Oh Patrick you failed us, you failed suckers here.

They tossed us out of here, they tossed us out field.

City hall refused for graftable cede.

U.S. big insure.

With the dumbest things I'm annoying you." 6.53 a.m.

The sins of America on Jewish privately held and directed bourse. So heinous that God Almighty will let us go to our Jew decided fate.

And what is the fate that the Jews decided upon for the mild people of the north? Is it any other than to die out in permanent Jewish sports war?

God Almighty who sent His angels in who let us see clearly the true Jewish fist.

"Cash ball is for forfeitism."

Might that explain why they put cashball in? Might thinking about winning a big prize be a way to keep us from looking at the reality where workers can participate in our government in a real way by acting to serve us honestly?

Is it not certain that workers will put in an economically, politically and socially just government for us? That's what this author thinks will happen once Labor has the authority to issue our money.

The thought that our actions affect others not unlike ourselves, might that sobering thought not help us to focus on what we are doing in life?

Has master Judah not shot himself well enough that labor will not now step in and carry the spirit of his tomb out right?

The destruction that tiny Israel is doing to us now with only the promise of even more foul.

Romans 16:19 Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I rejoice over you. But I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. 20 The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Will Labor not take over the concession to issue our money and crush the satan of war?

Will American Labor not get the Jews Eastern ruse off and get Americans off of the steppes of Russia?

The complete catastrophe the international Jews that only make war and commit genocide have us set for now. Will Labor not somehow intervene for us now and end free funding it?

Bitchie who put himself in the garbage for being a soft movement. Will Labor not get around Bitch fail and try to save us from being massively perished out now? Will workers not get a view of the promise of peace and bypass Bitch numb, please?

We need you Labor, will you not help us now? Will Labor not get the syndicate off of us and end them holding us snail?

Will American Labor not act to prevent them from taking us with a goose sale? Will American workers not prevent the embassy from giving us a great fall?

The fires in California found this reverse facial speech from a Judee talker:

"Because you's ain't godly I'm taking you's out all Cicero."

The cat who is slaying us with a bounty. Will working people not take the free labor cash away from Judah and end their ability to put bounties on our heads?

If so must American labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, November 10 — Psalm 122
1 Kings 6; John 13:18–30

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalm 106:1

The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all. Titus 2:11

“Hosanna,” we cry, “Save us, O Lord, we beg you.” Lord, you listened. You responded. You granted salvation. In you we find redemption—the forgiveness of our sins—and eternal life. Our hearts brim over with thankfulness as we bathe in your loving kindness. Amen.

Continues at:

APFN Post with pictures of a car that was hit with a space-based laser killing a 16-year-old Iowa girl.

Trotsky argues: "All historical experience [...] shows that the peasantry are absolutely incapable of taking up an independent political role".

Will American Labor not overcome all historical experience and take the concession to issue our money into your own hands?

Isaac Deutscher (1907-1967)
In "The Israeli Arab War, June 1967" (1967), Deutscher wrote:

“Still we must exercise our judgment and must not allow it to be clouded by emotions and memories, however deep or haunting. We should not allow even invocations of Auschwitz to blackmail us into supporting the wrong cause.” (Quoted in Prophets Outcast, Nation Books, 2004, p. 184)

Isaac believed,

"To justify or condone Israel’s wars against the Arabs is to render Israel a very bad service indeed and to harm its own long-term interest. Israel’s security, let me repeat, was not enhanced by the wars of 1956 and 1967; it was undermined and compromised by them. The ‘friends of Israel’ have in fact abetted Israel in a ruinous course.”

Might such a surprising view for a Jew have had something to do with Isaac's sudden and unexpected death at 60-years of age in Rome? By pointing out that Israel's security is undermined by making war help us to see why the Jews at the top make war? That is, have they not always set the ordinary jews up for hard falls all of the time?

Are we understanding that is just what weap Judah done here in America, set us up for a hard fall by making war?

"Individual biological opportunity." The strategy that is employed that helps explain why the jews always set Jews up for hard falls. Will Labor not take over the concession to issue our bourse and turn their individual biological opportunity switches off?