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The health and wits destroying food and beverage products the merchants have in our supply pipeline. Will workers not hire our grand juries to clean the foul out for us now?

Bitch was hit in the pancreas last week and he was trying to figure out which product it was that caught him serious. And then he had some instant mashed potatoes the other day and woke up with a pain in his right side. His pancreas had been hit by the instant mashed potatoes he ate with his eggs.

Bitch examined the instant potatoes and opened a different brand of instant potatoes and but a pile of each next to each other in a green bowl. Then he shined a flashlight in to the potatoes and snapped some pictures.

When magnified there are reflective white dots in the potatoes that caused the pancreas shot. The potatoes from the other box of instant potatoes have no reflective dots at all. Here are some of the pictures of the potatoes: